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54899: SMITH-MASTERS J E - Confirmation: analysis outlines (The Catechism Method)
12911: MASURE E - Sacrifice of the Mystical Body
30919: MASURE E - Christian Sacrifice
48559: LE MAT L A F - Textual critcism and exegesis of Psalm XXXVI: a contribution to the study of the Hebrew Book of Psalms
54702: MATAJI V - Jesus the Christ: Who is he? What was his message
34369: "MATERA F J" - "Galatians" "(Sacra Pagina)"
54623: MATHE J - Atlantic Coast of France
55124: MATHERS E - Cloisters of Iona Abbey
64432: GIBBS J & MATHERS D - Six studies in the revelation of St John
51133: MATHESON A - In his image: understanding and embracing the poor
34682: "MATHESON P" - "Profile of love:" "towards a theology of the just peace"
51394: MATHESON P E - Life of Hastings Rashdall D.D.: Dean of Carlisle, Fellow of the British Academy, Honorary Fellow of New College
52045: MATHEW D - Lord Acton and his times
46490: MATHEW D - Acton: formative years
52023: MATHEW D - Age of Charles I
12914: "MATHEWS B" - "Fascinated child:" "talks with boys and girls"
12918: "MATHEWS S" - "Social teaching of Jesus:" "an essay in Christian Sociology"
12919: "MATHIAS P" - "Teachers' handbook for social studies"
34189: "MATHIESON T" - "Theodore:" "letters from the Oxford Mission in India 1946-1993 edited by Gillian Wilson"
68272: "MATHIS, M J & MEYER N W" - "PASTORAL COMPANION:" "handbook of Canon Law"
61065: BLACK MATTHEW - SCROLLS AND CHRISTIAN ORIGINS: studies in the Jewish background of the New Testament
61840: BYRNE MATTHEW - WAY IT WAS: the narrative of the Birth of Jesus
12949: MATTHEWS W R - Our faith in God
12961: "MATTHEWS W R ET AL" - "William Temple:" "an estimate and an appreciation [Contributors include: SC Carpenter, Carl Heath, F Harrison, WG Peck, AE Baker]"
47280: MATTHEWS M - Hidden journey: reflections on a dream by Thomas Merton
12948: MATTHEWS W R - Memories and Meanings
12928: "MATTHEWS A G" - "Mr Pepys and Non-conformity"
12930: "MATTHEWS C H S" - "Parson in the Australian bush"
12931: "MATTHEWS E, FR" - "Popular guide to the New Mass"
26919: "MATTHEWS J" - "Unity scene"
27107: MATTHEWS M - Both alike to Thee: the retrieval of the mystical way
12940: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Dogma in history and thought:" "studies by various writers [W R Matthews, E J Bicknell, R S Franks, Charles Gore, Claude Jenkins, Richard Hanson, Maurice Relton]"
12944: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Gospel and the modern mind"
12945: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Hope of Immortality"
12951: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Psychological approach to religion"
12954: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Search for perfection"
12956: "MATTHEWS W R" - "Strangers & Pilgrims:" "some sermons preached during the war"
12962: "MATTHEWS Z K" - "Responsible government in a revolutionary age"
12937: MATTHEWS W R - Christian Faith: essays in explanation and defence
12952: MATTHEWS W R - Purpose of God
12943: MATTHEWS W R - God in Christian thought and experience
51440: MATTHEWS V H - Manners and customs in the Bible
12963: "MATTILL A J & M B" - "Classified Bibliography of Literature on the Acts" "of the Apostles"
56485: MATTINGLY G - Renaissance diplomacy
44297: MATTISON B T - Unsigned Hype: a novel
35292: "MATTOX R" - "Christian employee"
36330: "MATTUCK I I" - "Essentials of liberal Judaism"
49110: MATURIN B W - Sermons and sermon notes
54606: MATZ T - Daybook of saints: a celebration of saints throughout the year
11764: "LEWIS R & MAUDE A" - "English Middle Classes"
55254: MAUDUIT - Architect in Italy
47090: MAUNDER J H - Blessed be the name of the Lord: anthem for harvest, Setuagesima and for festival and general use
74478: "MAUNDEVILE J [HALLIWELL]" - "Voiage and travaile of Sir Jonn Maundevile, KT" "...Way to Hierusalem; and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes reprinted from edition of 1725 with intro, notes & glossary by J O Halliwell"
12974: "MAUREN M L" - "Creating Communities of Good News:" "a handbook for small group facilitators"
41482: "MAURER, WENDLAND & SCHUMANN" - "Luther und die Schwarmer (Wilhelm Maurer); Gesetz und Geist," "zum problem des Schwarmertums bei Paulus (Heinz-Dietrich Wendland); Schwarmerei als Gegenwartige versuchung der kirche (Friedrich Karl Schumann)[Schriften des Theologischen Konvents Augsburgi
44014: "MAURIAC F" - "Stumbling block: la pierre d'achoppement" "translated by Gerard Hopkins"
56484: MAURIAC F - Frontenac mystery
56483: MAURIAC F - Therese (English text): containing Therese Desqueyroux, Therese chez le docteur, Therese a l'hotel and La fin de la nuit
51635: MAURICE F D - Epistles of St John: a series of lectures on Christian ethics
12990: MAURICE F D - Theological Essays
25021: MAURICE F D - Prophets and kings of the Old Testament: a series of sermons preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn
37638: "MAURICE F D" - "Gospel of St John:" "a series of discourses"
12976: MAURICE F D - Christmas Day and other sermons
54395: MAURICE F - History of the Scots Guards (2 volume set): from the creation of the regiment to the eve of the Great War
30430: MAURICE F D - Kingdom of Christ (Volume II only) or hints on the principles, ordinances and constitution of the Catholic Church (2 volume set) (EL)
12982: MAURICE F D - Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven: a course of lectures on the gospel of St Luke
12991: "MAUROIS A" - "Disraeli:" "a picture of the Victorian age"
40473: "MAUROIS A" - "Prométhée ou la vie de Balzac"
12996: MAWBY C - Songs for many seasons: nine anthems for the church year
53252: CLARK A C & MAWSON M - Ontology and ethics: Bonhoeffer and contemporary scholarship
47383: VANN P & MAXEINER D - Schonsten autos der welt
28106: "MAXIMOV A" - "Maximov's companion" "to the 1996 Russian presidential elections, election results, facts and figures"
36350: "MAXWELL I & M" - "All of my life:" "a world book of prayers for children"
38776: "MAXWELL W D" - "Book of Common Prayer and the worship of the" "non-Anglican churches (Friends of Dr Williams's Library third lecture, 1949)"
12998: "MAY B" - "Russia, America, the bomb & the fall" "of Western Europe"
13002: "MAY R" - "Paulus:" "reminiscences of a friendship"
45437: GRAHAM W C & MAY H G - Culture and conscience: archaeological study of the new religious past in ancient Palestine
31737: MAY D - Hannah Arendt [the remarkable thinker who shed new light on the crises of the twentieth century](Lives of modern women)
13008: MAYCOCK A L - Papacy (Benns Sixpenny Library)
13007: MAYCOCK A L - Apocalypse
49033: MAYCOCK A - Chronicles of Little Gidding
34665: "MAYER C" - "In quest of a new ethics"
47386: MAYER R - Spieltraining Fussball: 120 Programme fur Angriff und Abwehr
53581: MAYER F ET AL - Orthodox Church in Russia: a milennial celebration: The Russian Orthodox Church: a milennial celebration (Sections by Archbishop Pitrim of Volokolamsk, Archimandrite Longin of Dusseldorf, Leonid Uspensky, Bishop Serafim of Zurich and V Feodorov) Book weighs 2.5 kilos so additional postage may be needed for overseas
20807: "MAYFIELD T" - "Spirit of Jesus"
13022: "MAYHEW P" - "Theology of force & violence"
45979: MAYHEW P - All Saints: birth and growth of a community
7814: "MAYLED J" - "Religious Topics series (8 books):" "Pilgrimage, Holy Books, Religious Food, Death Customs, Religious Teachers and Prophets, Religious Art, Religious Buildings, History of Religions"
51170: KEYNES JOHN MAYNARD - Collected writings: Volume IV Tract on monetary reform
27974: "MAYNARD T" - "Introduction to primary mentoring"
51168: KEYNES JOHN MAYNARD - Collected writings Volume V and Volume VI: Treatise on money in two volumes - 1. Pure theory of money; 2. Applied theory of money
40576: "MAYNE B" - "Prayer books of the Church of Ireland 1551-2004" "by Michael Kennedy, Richard Clarke, Edgar Turner and Brian Mayne"
52320: MAYNE B - Confident in Christ we pray: daily prayer for Lent and Easter (Year C)
13026: MAYNE M - Year lost and found
54275: MAYNE M - God's consoling love: sermons and addresses
13032: "MAYO S" - "Living with the Story:" "bible studies for group participation"
49741: MAYOR J B - Sketch of ancient philosophy from Thales to Ciciero
45560: MAYOR J B - Handbook of modern english metre
13034: MAYOR S - Churches and the Labour movement
13037: MAYS J L - Hosea: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
13040: "MAYS J L" - "Leviticus, Numbers" "(LBC)"
31152: MAYS J L - Leviticus, Numbers (LBC)
13038: MAYS J L - Hosea a commentary (Old Testament Library)
49014: MAZZIOTA R - We pray to the Lord: general intercessions based on the scriptural readings for Sundays and holy days
13045: MBITI J S - Introduction to African Religion
15138: "PARTRIDGE W G MC D" - "Portrait of an African School"
13047: "MCADOO H R" - "Anglican heritage:" "theology and spirituality"
32114: MCADOO H R - Mystery of the eucharist in Anglican tradition: what happens at Holy Communion?
13052: MCALL K - Healing the family tree
28144: "ROSE R & MCALLISTER I" - "Loyalties of voters:" "a lifetime learning model"
52541: MCARDLE J - Word in your ear: whispering on Christian living
13054: "MCARTHUR H K" - "In Search of the Historical Jesus"
13053: "MCARTHUR H K" - "In search of the historical Jesus"
68353: "MCASTOCKER D P" - "Little virtues"
47444: BELL B & MCAULEY L - Dublin [Insight city guides]
68358: "MCBAIN D" - "Discerning the spirits:" "checking for truth in signs and wonders"
68360: "MCBIRNIE W S" - "Search for the tomb of Jesus"
27059: "HAVARD M & MCBRIDE P" - "Using accountancy software in business"
52673: CLAYDON T & MCBRIDE I - Protestantism and national identity: Britain and Ireland c1650 - c1850
56515: MCBRIDE D - Seasons of the world: reflections on Sunday readings
52648: MCBRIEN R P - Encyclopedia of Catholicism
22622: MCBRIEN R P - Catholicism
13058: "MCBRIEN R P" - "Church in the thought of Bishop John Robinson"
30934: MCBRIEN R P - Catholicism
55328: MCCABE H - God Christ and us
49994: MCCABE J - Saint Augustine and his age
28883: "MCCAFFERTY J" - "Info skills book two:" "library and research skills"
68367: "MCCAFFREY E" - "Confessors of Nuns and Sisters"
56101: MCCAFFREY J ET AL - Biblical prayer journey in the Holy Land
53368: MCCANN D J - Saint Benedict
13064: "MCCANN D J" - "Saint Benedict"
34293: "MCCARRAHER J" - "Story of the City Hall [Salisbury]:" "Part one - the cinema years 1937-1961"
55283: MCCARRY C - Double eagle: Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, Larry Newman
74377: "MCCARTHY S" - "Celebrating the earth:" "an earth-centered theology of worship with blessings, prayers, and rituals"
54689: MCCARTHY F - Let the light shine: the gospel story
42808: MCCARTHY M - Vietnam
44939: "HANSON R P C & MCCAUGHEY J D" - "Chruch's unity:" "study outline"
13073: "MCCAUGHEY J D" - "Christian Obedience in the University:" "studies in the life of the Student Christian Movement of Great Britain and Ireland 1930-1950"
48187: MCCAUGHEY T P - Memory and redemption: church politics and prophetic theology in Ireland
54605: MCCAUGHREAN G - Jesse tree
13074: "MCCAULEY G" - "God of the group:" "influence of being-in-a-group on doing theology"
68370: "MCCAULEY G" - "Sacraments for secular man"
33150: "MCCHEYNE R M" - "From the preacher's heart"
13075: MCCLAIN F M - Maurice: man and moralist 1805-1872
42809: MCCLEAN L - What's the problem?
42810: MCCLELLAND V A - English Roman Catholics and higher education 1830-1903
13079: MCCLENDON J - Biography as Theology: how life stories can remake today's theology
27022: "MCCLENNAN C" - "Celebrity pets" "biographies in words and photographs of dogs and cats who befriend the famous, drawings by Linda Thurlow & Dawn Warnock"
42811: MCCLURE E - Chapter in English Church history: being the minutes of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for the years for the year Rev Dr Bray for founding clerical libraries and supporting negro schools with memoir
68390: "MCCOMB A P" - "Moments remembered"
13083: MCCONNACHIE J - Barthian Theology: and the man of to-day
13084: "MCCONNACHIE J" - "Significance of Karl Barth"
42814: MCCONNELL F J - Prophetic ministry
21830: MCCONVILLE J G - Grace in the end: a study in Deuteronomic theology
52260: MCCORMACK M K - Brief outline of the Sikh faith
52259: MCCORMACK M K - Introduction to Sikh belief
52564: MCCORMACK A - God the man of his word
68394: "MCCORMICK A O" - "Vatican Journal 1921 - 1954:" "compiled and edited by Marion Turner Sheehan"
52758: MCCORMICK R A - How brave a new world?: dilemmas in bioethics
25319: "MCCRACKEN S" - "Banker's remedy of set-off"
42816: MCCREA A - Work of Jesus in Christian thought
68399: "MCCREARY A" - "Good, the bad, and the barmy"
68398: "MCCREARY A" - "Profiles of hope"
25922: "HELSBY G & MCCULLOCH G" - "Teachers and the National Curriculum" "(Teacher Development)"
13095: "MCCULLOCH J" - "Trumpet shall sound"
68406: "MCCURDY R" - "Who is god?" "what reason can tell us (Where we stand series)"
68408: "MCDERMOTT R P" - "Anglican interpretation of the fourth commandment" "(Theology Occasional papers, new series No 9)"
13102: "MCDONAGH S" - "Greening of the Church"
13100: "MCDONAGH E" - "Gift and call:" "towards a Christian theology of morality"
31710: "MCDONAGH E" - "Invitation and response:" "essays in Christian moral theology"
30873: "MCDONAGH E" - "Moral theology renewed:" "papers of the Maynooth Union Summer School 1964"
37184: "MCDONAGH S" - "Passion for the earth:" "the Christian vocation to promote justice, peace and the integrity of creation"
13101: MCDONAGH E - Roman Catholics and unity
30844: "MCDONAGH E" - "Doing the truth:" "the quest for moral theology"
68409: "MCDONAGH E ET AL" - "Church is mission"
49416: MCDONAGH G - St Augustine of Hippo
68417: "MCDONALD H D" - "Church and its glory:" "an exposition of Paul's letter to the Ephesians"
31711: "MCDONALD J I H" - "Biblical interpretation and Christian ethics" "(New studies in Christian ethics)"
22951: "THOMPSON A & MCDONALD I" - "Key advances in effective management of multiple sclerosis"
68415: "MCDONALD H D" - "Christian view of man" "(Foundations for faith)"
13105: MCDONALD J I H - Resurrection: narrative and belief
48792: MCDONALD J I H - Gospel of Matthew
68420: "MCDONNELL K" - "Restless Christian"
68421: "MCDOUGAL H" - "Secrets of success:" "glimpses of everyday life of the Apostle Paul (Master Keys Series)"
45917: MCDOUGALL W - Frontiers of psychology
13111: "MCDOWALL S A" - "Evolution and Spiritual Life"
42819: MCDOWALL S A - Evolution and the need of atonement
50700: MCENHILL P - Theology: reformed and reforming
68435: "MCEVOY H" - "New every moment"
55252: MCEWAN J - Verdict of the court: passing judgment in law and psychology
13114: MCEWAN D - Women experiencing church: a documentation of alienation
55139: MCEWAN D ET AL - Making liturgy: creating rituals for worship and life
68439: "MCFADYEN J F" - "Message of the Parables"
13119: "MCFADYEN J E" - "Message of Israel:" "(Chalmers lectures 1931)"
68438: "MCFADYEN J E" - "Wisdom books:" "(Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes) also Lamentations and the Song of Songs in modern speech and rhythmical form"
13118: MCFADYEN J E [DAVIDSON] - Key to the exercises in A B Davidson's revised Introductory Hebrew Grammar
42821: MCFADYEN J E - Interest of the bible
42822: MCFADYEN J E - Jeremiah in modern speech
34139: "MCFAGUE S" - "Super, natural Christians:" "how we should love nature"
13122: MCFAGUE S - Models of God: theology for an ecological, nuclear age
55137: MCFAGUE S - Life abundant: rethinking theology and economy for a planet in peril
24850: "MCFARLAN D M" - "Bible Readers' reference book"
56592: MCFARLANE K B - Wycliffe and English non-conformity
34152: MCGANN D - Journeying within transcendence: a Jungian perspective on the Gospel of John
47915: MCGARRY M S - Woman's book of faith; 2000 years of inspirational writing by and for women
47999: MCGEHEE P - Sweetheart
68449: "MCGERR P" - "Martha, Martha:" "a Biblical novel"
39546: "MCGIFFERT A C" - "Martin Luther:" "the man and his work"
34609: MCGIFFERT A C - History of Christian thought in two volumes: Vol 1: Early and Eastern from Jesus to John of Damascus, Vol 2: The West from Tertullian to Erasmus
56375: MCGIFFERT A C - History of Christian thought (Volume II only): The West from Tertullian to Erasmus
13126: "MCGIFFERT A C" - "History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age" "(ITL)"
53501: MCGILVRAY J C - Quest for health and wholeness
54295: MCGINN B - Foundations of mysticism: Origins to the fifth century (Presence of God: history of Western Christian mysticism Vol I)
23523: "MCGINN C" - "Ethics evil and fiction"
22515: MCGINN B - Growth of mysticism: Gregory the Great to 12th century: (Presence of God: history of Western Christian mysticism Vol 2)
29023: MCGINN B - Foundations of mysticism: Origins to the fifth century (Presence of God: history of Western Christian mysticism Vol I)
68451: MCGLADE J - Church on mission
55031: MCGLASSON P C - Church doctrine: the faith and practice of the Christian Community Volume II - God
55032: MCGLASSON P C - Church doctrine: the faith and practive of the Christian Community Vol I - Canon
68452: MCGOEY J - Nor scrip nor shoes
35091: "MCGOLDRICK D F" - "Fostering development:" "a critique, in tabloid, on the exercise of religious authority"
56374: MCGONIGLE H B - Sufficient saving grace: John Wesley's evangelical arminianism (Paternoster Biblical and Theological Monographs)
15382: "PERRIS C & MCGORRY P" - "Cognitive Psychotherapy of Psychotic and Personal Disorders" "handbook of theory and practice"
68455: MCGOUGH D - Calming word
55995: MCGOVERN J ET AL - Java web services architecture
55138: MCGOWAN A - Eucharistic epicleses: speaking of the spirit in eucharistic prayer (Alcuin Club Collections 89)
44458: MCGRATH A E - Introduction to Christianity
26462: MCGRATH A - Knowing Christ
35249: MCGRATH A - Christian Theology: an introduction
46182: MCGRATH A - Twighlight of atheism: rise and fall of disbelief in the modern world
33821: "MCGRATH A" - "Cloud of witnesses:" "ten great Christian thinkers"
31436: "GREEN M & MCGRATH A" - "How shall we reach them?" "[defending and communicating the Christian belief to nonbelievers]"
39513: MCGRATH A - Renewal of Anglicanism
13140: MCGRATH A - Understanding Jesus: who Jesus is any why he matters
35258: MCGRATH A E - Iustitia Dei: a history of the Christian doctrine of justification Volume II from 1500 to the present day
41161: MCGRATH A - Christian Theology: an introduction
30543: MCGRATH A - NIV bible commentary: a one-volume introduction to God's world
23195: MCGREAL W - Aylesford (Pilgrim Guide)
52300: MCGREEVY M - Death is only an horizon: thoughts in time of bereavement
26741: "MCGREGOR J ET AL" - "Simple C"
55596: MCGREGOR G P - Bishop Otter College and policy for teacher education 1839 - 1980
54233: MCGUCKIN J A - St Cyril of Alexandria: the christological controversy: its history theology and texts
60689: "MCGUIGGAN J" - "God of the towel:" "knowing the tender heart of God"
13146: MCGUINNESS B - Wittgenstein a life: young Ludwig (1889-1921)
53493: COSGROVE A & MCGUIRE J I - Parliament and community: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians Dublin May 1981 (Historial studies XIV)
53052: MCHARDY A K - Clerical poll-taxes of the Diocese of Lincoln 1377 - 1381 (Lincoln Record Society 81)
53048: MCHARDY A K - Royal writs addressed to John Buckingham: Bishop of Lincoln 1363 - 1398: Lincoln register 12B: a calendar (Lincoln Record Society 86)
27541: "MCIAN R R" - "Clans of the Scottish Highlands:" "the costumes of the clans"
51744: MCILHON J J - Forty days plus three: daily reflections for Lent and Holy Week
13157: "MCINTYRE J" - "Christian doctrine of history"
32867: "MCINTYRE J" - "Faith theology and imagination"
40572: "MCINTYRE D M" - "Faith's title-deeds"
13159: MCINTYRE J - Shape of Christology (Annie Kinkead Warfield lectures 1965)
42826: MCINTYRE M - Eucharist: our communal celebration
13167: MCKAY R - John Leonard Wilson: Confessor for the Faith
44182: "ROGERSON J W & MCKAY J W" - "Psalms 51 -100:" "CBCNEB"
13173: MCKEATING H - The books of Amos, Hosea and Micah (CBCNEB)
68469: MCKEATING H - Ezekiel (Old Testament Guides)
25103: "MCKELVEY R J" - "Millennium and the Book of Revelation"
53182: MCKELVEY R J - Pioneer and priest: Jesus Christ in the epistle to the Hebrews
50793: MCKENNA M - Not counting women and children: neglected stories from the Bible
34184: "MCKENNA M" - "Rites of justice:" "the sacraments and liturgy as ethical imperatives"
53181: MCKENNA D L - Christ-centred higher education: memory meaning and momentum for the twenty-first century
55136: MCKENNA M - New stations of the cross: the way of the cross according to scripture
56153: EARLEY C & MCKENNA G - Actions speak louder: a source book for social ministry
68483: "MCKENTY, NEIL" - "IN THE STILLNESS DANCING: the journey of John Main"
32503: "MCKENZIE H" - "You alone care" "(Care and counselling)"
13177: "MCKENZIE J G" - "Psychology psychotheraphy and evangelicalism"
13178: "MCKENZIE J L" - "Second Isaiah" "(Anchor Bible)"
61649: "MCKENZIE P" - "Christians:" "their beliefs and practices"
13179: "MCKENZIE P" - "Christians: their practices and beliefs" "-an adaption of Friedrich Heiler's ""Phenomenology of religion"""
28966: "MCKENZIE W" - "Unlocking company reports and accounts"
68485: "MCKENZIE J G" - "Nervous disorders and religion:" "study of souls in the making"
68490: "MCKENZIE J L" - "Authority in the Church"
55407: MCKENZIE J L - World of the judges
45926: MCKENZIE S L - King David: a biography
38452: "MCKEON R" - "Selections from Medieval philosophers" "Vol I: Augustine to Albert the Great (Modern Student's Library)"
54386: OATES J C T & MCKITTERICK D - Cambridge University Library: a history (2 volume set) Vol 1 From the beginnings to the copyright act of Queen Anne Vol 2 Ther eighteenth and nineteenth century [No additional UK or EU postage]
64508: GILLING T & MCKNIGHT J - Trial and error: Mordechal Vanunu and Israels nuclear bomb
56373: MCKUEN R - Stanyan Street and other sorrows
21145: WILSON R MCL - Gnosis und Neues Testament [German text]
21141: WILSON R MCL - Gospel of Philip: translated from the Coptic text with an introduction and commentary
21142: WILSON R MCL - Hebrews (NCBC)
21143: WILSON R MCL - Studies in the Gospel of Thomas
23291: "MCLAREN J S" - "Turbulent times?" "Josephus and scholarship on Judaea in the first century CE (JSPSS 29)"
51503: MCLAREN B D - Finding faith: a self discovery guide for your spiritual guide
47980: MCLAREN B D - Generous orthodoxy
50039: MCLAREN B D - Last word and the word after that: a tale of faith, doubt, and a new kind of Christianity
49076: MCLAREN B - New kind of Christianity: ten questions that are transforming the faith
52981: MCLAREN R B - World of philosophy: an introduction
42836: MCLAUGHLIN P - Necessity of worship
44637: "MCLEAN A M" - "Work of William Barlowe;" "including Bishop Barlowe's dialogue on the Lutheran factions"
53099: MCLEAN G R D - Prayers of the Western Highlanders: a new collection
40350: "MCLEHOSE W C" - "Correspondence between Burns and Clarinda:" "with a memoir of Mrs McLehose (Clarinda)"
36628: "MCLEISH E" - "Careers in teaching:" "your questions and answers (Questions & answers careers book)"
13189: "MCLELLAN D" - "Simone Weil:" "utopian pessimist"
68508: MCLEMAN J - Birth of the Christian faith
13190: "MCLEOD G" - "We shall Re-build: the work of the Iona Community" "on mainland and on island"
43619: "MCLEROY L" - "Sacred ordinary:" "embracing the holy in the everyday: 112 daily meditations"
55131: MCRAE-MCMAHON D - Liturgies for the young in years
55130: MCRAE-MCMAHON D - Prayers for life's particular moments
55132: MCRAE-MCMAHON D - Liturgies for the journey of life
55133: MCRAE-MCMAHON D - Liturgies for high days
56100: MCRAE-MCMAHON D - Liturgies for daily life
56492: MCMAHON D M - Enemies of the enlightenment: the French counter-enlightenment and the making of modernity
48311: MCMAKIN J - Doorways to Christian growth
30888: MCMANNERS J - Oxford illustrated history of Christianity
53363: MCMANUS J - Ministry of deliverance in the Catholic tradition (Reflections on Renewal II)
13196: "MCMASTER M" - "Vision the Quest and the Goal:" "the story of St Luke's Oxford and its Founder"
34157: "MCMULLEN M" - "Clouds of heaven:" "learning to pray with the early Christians"
13199: "MCMURTRY L" - "Last picture show" "large print edition"
13202: "MCNAMARA W" - "Human Adventure:" "the art of contemplative living"
22774: "MCNAUGHTON N" - "Civil Service" "[Access to Politics]"
25017: "MCNAUGHTON N" - "Prime Minister and Cabinet Government" "(Access to politics)"
28391: "MCNAUGHTON N" - "Prime Minister and Cabinet Government" "(Access to Politics)"
22247: "MCNEIL G" - "Fingerprints:" "an anthology of poetry and prose"
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53302: PEVSNER N & METCALF P - Cathedrals of England (3 volumes): the south east, the west and midlands, the north and east anglia (No additional UK postage. Postage to EU countries £15. Other countries please ask for a quotation)
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22419: "MICKS M H" - "Deep Waters:" "an introduction to Baptism"
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53098: MIDDLETON A - Prayer in the workaday world
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32489: "MIDGLEY M" - "Wickedness:" "a philosophical essay"
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43743: MILES J - Christ: crisis in the life of God UNCORRECTED PROOF NOT FOR SALE
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13431: MILLER A - Christian significance of Karl Marx
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23336: "MILLS J" - "Europe's economic dilemma"
43571: "MILLS B" - "God is still speaking:" "sparking a strategic prayer revival throughout the Church"
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41975: ROPER W & MORE T [ROWSE A L] - Man of singular virtue: being a life of Sir Thomas More by his son-on-law William Roper and a selection of More's letters [Image available on request]
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13774: MORLEY F - Church to which you belong
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13787: MORRICE W G - Durham New Testament Greek Course: a three month introduction
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46998: MORRIS J - My animal friends (Book One)
46087: MORRIS J - Contemporary creed: mini-course in Christianity for today
61051: BISHOP MORRIS - BLAISE PASCAL: a biography of the great French scientist and theologian, with selections from his writings
56469: MORRIS J - Cities
25561: "FODEN D & MORRIS P" - "Search for equity:" "welfare and security in the global economy"
13792: "MORRIS A" - "Straight course to God"
39864: "MORRIS B" - "Ritual murder:" "essays on liturgical reform"
13795: "MORRIS C" - "Hammer of the Lord:" "signs of hope"
21749: "MORRIS C" - "Raising the dead:" "the art of the preacher as public performer"
37145: "MORRIS C" - "Tudors"
13801: "MORRIS E" - "Refugee Survey Quarterly Volume 16 Number 4 1997"
13802: "MORRIS J" - "Against nature and God:" "the history of Women with Clerical Ordination and the Jurisdiction of Bishops"
37626: "MORRIS J" - "Ask and receive:" "how liturgy responds to life (Third Millennium 3)"
38699: "MORRIS J" - "Catholicism and folk religion" "(Affirming Catholicism)"
40060: "MORRIS J" - "Pax Britannica:" "the climax of an empire"
68955: "MORRIS J" - "SEX AND THE CHRISTIAN TRADITION" "(Affirming Catholicism)"
38918: "MORRIS J" - "Vision or revision:" "seeing through the sacraments"
25228: "MORRIS J R" - "Health and safety:" "a guide for the newly appointed (Management Skills)"
13806: "MORRIS L" - "1st & 2nd Epistles to the Thessalonians (NICNT)"
31992: "MORRIS L" - "Cross of Jesus"
13808: MORRIS L - Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians: intro & commentary
13814: "MORRIS R M" - "Gerald of Wales"
35395: "MORRIS R P" - "Theological book list:" "produced by the Theological Education Fund of the International Missionary Council for Theological Seminaries and Colleges in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Southwest Pacific"
33867: "NEWMAN-MORRIS G" - "This world but once:" "a man, his life and his work with Red Cross. The autobiography of Sir Geoffrey Newman-Morris"
54168: MORRIS C - Let God be God
51585: MORRIS L - Revelation of St John (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries)
56317: MORRIS J - Faith and freedom: exploring radical orthodoxy (Affirming Catholicism/Third Millennium)
48845: MORRIS L - 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, James: Understanding the New Testament
44341: MORRIS L - Cross in the New Testament
13805: MORRIS J - New ways with the ministry: based on the Keble Conference on the ministry 1960
55000: DORMOR D & MORRIS J - Acceptable sacrifice: homosexuality and the Church
44968: MORRIS W - Prose and Poetry 1856 - 1870
47278: MORRIS L - Apocalyptic
68957: MORRIS L - Studies in the fourth gospel
46870: MORRIS C - Starting from scratch
68947: MORRIS C - Week in the life of God: if God kept a diary
55592: MORRIS R B - Encyclopedia of American history
22957: "MORRISON G" - "Savour of Scotland:" "a photographic & gastronomic tour of Scotland a century ago"
29400: "MORRISON G H" - "Morning sermons"

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