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4606: COGGINS R & KNIBB M A - First and Second Books of Esdras (CBCNEB)
45880: KNIBB M A - Qumran community [Cambridge commentaries on writings of the Jewish and Christian world 200BC to AD200 2]
11043: "KNICKERBOCKER C H" - "Hide and seek:" "the effect of mind body and emotion on personality and behaviour in ourselves and others"
52467: KNIGHT G A F - New Israel: a commentary on the Book of Isaiah 56 - 66 (International Theological Commentary)
35224: KNIGHT D M - Lift up your eyes to the mountain: as guide to the spiritual life
58111: KNIGHT G W - New Testament teaching on the role relationship of men and women
11046: "KNIGHT D" - "Beyond the pale:" "the Christian political fringe"
44859: KNIGHT G A F - Servant theology: commentary on the book of Isaiah 40 - 55 (International theological commentary)
36262: "KNIGHT C" - "London (set of 6 volumes)" "with illustrations on steel and wood"
30316: "KNIGHT D A" - "Tradition and theology in the Old Testament," "with contributions by W Harrelson, H Ringgren, W Zimmerli, P R Ackroyd, J L Crenshaw et at"
11048: "KNIGHT G A F" - "Esther, Song of Songs, Lamentations:" "introduction and commentary (TBC)"
11053: KNIGHT G A F - Leviticus (DSB)
11058: KNIGHT G A F - Psalms: Vol 2
37485: "KNIGHT H T" - "Structure of the 1928 liturgy" "(with fold-out chart)"
38672: "KNIGHT J" - "Luke's Gospel" "(New Testament readings)"
23677: "KNIGHT P T" - "Masterclass:" "learning teaching and curriculum in taught Master's degrees"
51298: KNIGHT D M - Cloud by day fire by night (Volume II): the meaning and choice of religious poverty
57058: KNIGHT H H - Future for truth: evangelical theology in a postmodern world
66976: KNIGHT D - Why Jesus?: basic questions and answers on Jesus' life and teachings
52701: KNIGHT G A F - Hosea (Torch Bible Commentary)
47753: GILBERT J G & KNIGHT R - Last waltz of the evening
41918: KNIGHT H J C - Temptation of our Lord: considered as related to the ministry and as a revelation of his person
41919: KNIGHT W - Easter anthology: collected, arranged and edited by William Knight
41921: KNIGHT S - Life of Dr John Colet: Dean of St Paul's in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII and founder of St Paul's school with an appendix containing soem account of the masters and more eminent scholars of that foundation and several original papers relating to the said life
27342: "KNIGHTS L C" - "Further explorations:" "essays in criticism"
44057: "KNOTT J R" - "Encouraging word:" "renewed hearts, renewed church"
66987: KNOTT P - Living in grace
65428: HAYDON-KNOWELL R - How to lead a house group: a training manual on house groups and house group leadership
11069: KNOWLES D - Christian Centuries vol 2: The Middle Ages
28629: "KNOWLES D J" - "Escape from catastrophe:" "1940 Dunkirk"
54379: KNOWLES D - Monastic order in England: a history of its development from the times of St Dunstan to the fourth Lateran council 940 - 1216
11079: KNOWLES D - What is Mysticism
11078: KNOWLES D - Thomas Becket
11074: KNOWLES D - Religious Orders in England set of 3 volumes [No additional postage for UK and EU]
58034: KNOWLES D - English mystical tradition
11067: KNOWLES D - Bare ruined choirs: the dissolution of the English Monasteries (abridges edition of The Religious Orders in England III: the Tudor age)
35009: KNOWLING R J - Epistle of St James with an introduction and notes
11081: "KNOX A A" - "Green bough:" "and other poems"
11082: "KNOX E A" - "Reminiscences of an Octogenarian 1874-1934:" "with 24 illustrations"
33070: "KNOX I" - "100 instant faith sharing talks" "[practical hints and outlines for all occasions]"
11084: "KNOX J" - "Church and the reality of Christ"
11088: "KNOX J" - "Ethic of Jesus in the teaching of the church:" "its authority and its relevance"
11096: "KNOX M" - "Action" "(Muirhead lib of philosophy)"
24554: KNOX R A - Occasional sermons.. edited by Philip Caraman
11119: "KNOX W L" - "Penitence and forgiveness" "with a memoir of the author by HE Wynn"
45079: KNOX R A - Memories of the future: being memoirs of the years 1915 - 1972 written in the year of grace 1988 by Opal, Lady Porstock and edited by Ronald A Knox
36963: KNOX R - In soft garments: a collection of Oxford conferences
32672: KNOX R A - Creed in slow motion
54384: KNOX R A - Stimuli
30245: KNOX R A - Lightning meditations
24259: KNOX J - Humanity and divinity of Christ: a study pattern in Christology
67016: KNOX W H - Gospel of John: Talks to young people of any age
57542: KNOX J [DICKINSON W C] - John Knox's History of the Reformation in Scotland (Volume One and Volume Two)
11085: KNOX J - Church and the reality of Christ
23349: "KNUDSEN H" - "Employee participation in Europe"
67017: KNUDSON A C - Doctrine of God
54004: KNYFF M-G DE - Helpers of the Holy Souls
11126: "KOCH H-G" - "Abolition of God:" "materialistic Atheism and Christian religion"
11125: KOCH H-G - Abolition of God: materialistic Atheism and Christian religion
56517: KOENIG J - Rediscovering New Testament prayer: boldness and blessing in the name of Jesus
11135: KOENIGSBERGER H G - Europe in the Sixteenth Century
48234: KOERTGE N - House built on sand: exposing postmodernist myths about science
44469: "KOESTER H" - "Ephesos Methopolis of Asia:" "interdisciplinary approach to its archaeology, religion, and culture"
53393: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament volume 1 History culture and religion of the Hellenistic age & Volume 2 History and literature of early Christianity
11137: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament: Volume one: History culture and religion of the Hellenistic Age
11140: "KOESTLER A" - "Arrival and Departure"
24946: "KOFTA M ET AL" - "Personal control in action:" "cognitive and motivational mechanisms (Plenum series in Social/Clinical Psychology)"
7758: GOODRICK E W & KOHLENBERGER JR - NIV complete concordance: the complete English concordance to the NIV Anglicised ed
33373: KOHLENBERGER J R - NRSV concordance unabridged including the Apocryphal/Deuterocanical books [an exhaustive index of all occurrences of all words in the New Revised Standard version
25865: "BARKER T & KOHLER J" - "International competitiveness and environmental" "policies (International studies in environmental policy making)"
40014: "JOLLY J & KOHLER E" - "Gay letters"
11144: KOHLER L - Hebrew Man: lectures delivered at the invitation of the University of Tubingen December 1-16, 1952 with an appendix on Justice in the Gate
27637: "KOHMOTO K ET AL" - "Pathogenesis and host specificity in plant diseases:" "histopathological, biochemical, genetic and molecular bases (3 volume set)"
52238: KOKKINOU S - Greek mythology
33808: KOLAKOWSKI L - Bergson (Past Masters)
37556: KOLBELL E - Were you there?: finding ourselves at the foot of the cross
11147: "KOLLAR R" - "Return of the Benedictines to London:" "a history of Ealing abbey from 1896 to Independence"
51006: STEINBICHLER H & KONIG S - Deutschen Alpen und ihr Vorland (Les Alpes allemandes) (The German Alps)
45673: KONIGS W - Erlauterungen zu Goethes Iphigenie auf Tauris
11154: KONSTANT D - Jesus Christ: the way the truth and the light: a daily prayer book
50240: KOONCE K - Parenting the way God parents: refusing to recycle your parents' mistakes
44062: "KOONTZ T" - "Godward:" "personal stories of grace"
11155: "KOOPMAN L" - "Guide to ecclesiastical:" "illustrated by Jack Wiens"
11160: "KORAN, ENGLISH" - "Essential Koran, the heart of Islam:" "introductory selection of readings from the Qur'an trans by T Cleary"
52766: KORAN [ABDULLAH YSUSF ALI] - Glorious Qur'an
23678: "KORNAI J" - "Struggle and hope:" "essays on stabilization and reform in a post-socialist economy"
41991: KORNFELD W - Studien zum Heiligkeitsgesetz
56399: KOROLEVSKY C - Living languages in Catholic worship: an historical enquiry
48128: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [piano solo]
48129: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [soprano in F]
38008: "KOSMALA H" - "Hebraer - Essener - Christen:" "Studien zur Vorgeschichte der frühchristlichen Verkündigung (Studia Post-Biblica 1)"
27941: "KOSSOFF D" - "You have a minute, Lord?:" "a sort of a prayer book, including the three pieces 'Words for Paul'"
11168: "KOSSOFF D" - "Little Book of Sylvanus:" "illus C Keeping"
57502: KOSTENBERGER A J - Theology of John's Gospel and Letters: biblical theology of the New Testament
49854: KOSTENBERGER A J - Da Vinci code: is Christianity true?
40546: KOSTLIN J - Life of Luther: with illustrations from authentic sources
44631: "KOSZUL A" - "Was Bishop William Barlow Friar Jerome Barlow?" "a propos of 'Rede me and be not wroth' and other early Protestant dialogues (Reprinted from 'Review of English Studies, vol iv no. 13. Jan 1928)"
52333: KOTKER N - Holy Land in the time of Jesus
11173: "KOVEL J" - "Complete guide to therapy:" "from psychoanalysis to behaviour modification"
49607: KOWIT S - In the palm of your hand: the poet's portable workshop
23748: KOYAMA K - No handle on the cross: an Asian meditation on the crucified mind
11175: "KOYAMA K" - "Waterbuffalo theology"
55011: KOYZIS D T - We answer to another: authority office and the image of God
39087: "KRAELING E G" - "Bible atlas"
11177: KRAELING E G - Four Gospels: the clarified New Testament Vol 1
11178: KRAELING E G - Old Testament since the Reformation
11185: KRAEMER H - World Cultures and World Religions: the coming dialogue based on the Stone lectures, Princeton 1958
67065: KRAEMER H - Theology of the Laity: Hulsean lectures
44842: "KRAILSHEIMER A J" - "Three sixteenth-century conteurs"
25816: "KRAMER W" - "Christ, Lord, Son of God" "(Studies in Biblical Theology 50)"
12474: "MAGEE J & KRAMER J" - "Concurrency State Models and Java Programs"
49577: KRAMER K P - Death dreams: unveiling mysteries of the unconscious mind
52584: GIBB H A R & KRAMERS J H - Shorter encyclopaedia of Islam
67070: KRAMNICK I - Essays in the history of political thought
11189: "KRAMP W" - "Prophecy" "(RBC 89)"
42047: "KRAUS H J" - "People of God in the Old Testament:" "[World Christian Books No. 22]"
53202: KRAUS C N - On being human: sexual orientation and the image of God
57856: KRAUS H-J - Psalms 1-59 a commentary: Psalms 60-150 a commentary [2 volume set]
11191: "KRAUS H-J" - "Gottesdienst in Israel:" "Grundriss einer Geschichte des alttestamentlichen Gottesdienstes"
58137: KRAUS C N - Authentic witness
40434: "KRAUS H-J" - "Gottesdienst in Israel:" "studien zur geschichte des laubhuttenfestes (Beitrage zur evangelischen theologie 19)"
51093: KRAUSE D G - Way of the leader
55035: KREGLINGER G H - Storied revelations: parables, imagination, and George MacDonald's Christian fiction
32925: KREIDER A - Origins of Christendom in the West
58030: SHAW J & KREIDER A - Culture and the nonconformist tradition
36863: "KREITZER L J" - "Epistle to the Ephesians"
32553: KREITZER L J - Pauline images in fiction and film: on reversing the hermeneutical flow (Biblical seminar 61)
11198: "KRENTZ E" - "Historical-critical method"
43718: "KRIEGER D J" - "New Universalism:" "foundations for a global theology (Faith meets faith series)"
27185: "KRISTEN C" - "Local ghost trails"
44686: "KRITZINGER J D W" - "Qehal Jahwe;" "wat dit is en wie daaraan mag behoort"
30063: OSWALD R M & KROEGER O - Personality type and religious leadership
49576: KROLL U - Lament for a lost enemy
11205: "KROLL U" - "Flesh of my flesh"
26991: "KROLL U" - "Spiritual exercise book"
11207: "KROLL U" - "Trees of life:" "the prayer of intercession and its cost illustrated by Rebecca Abrey"
40366: "KRONHAUSEN P & E" - "Sexual response in women"
40509: "KRONHAUSEN E & P" - "Walter, the English Casanova:" " a presentation of his unique memoirs 'My Secret Life'"
46479: KROPF R W - Faith security and risk: dynamics of spiritual growth
40515: "KRUGER P" - "Hellenismus und Judentum im neutestamentlichen Zeitalter"
35168: "KRUSE R J" - "To the ends of the earth:" "Christ here and now"
53389: KUBO S - Reader's Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and a beginner's guide for the translation of New Testament Greek
56283: KUCHLER M - Fruhjudische Weisheitstraditionen zum Fortgang weisheitlichen Denkens im Bereich des fruhjudischen Jahwegaubens (Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 26)
11214: KUHL C - Old Testament: its origins & composition
52465: KUHLMAN K - Nothing is impossible with God
55716: KUHLMANN B - Der heilige Bonifatius: Apostel der Deutschen
29498: KUHRT G - Introduction to Christian ministry: following your vocation in the Church of England
51318: KUHRT W - Interpreting the Bible
37166: KUHRT G W - Ministry issues for the Church of England: mapping the trends
39954: "KUITERT H M" - "Jesus:" "the legacy of Christianity"
11225: "KUITERT H M" - "I have my doubts:" "how to become a Christain without being a fundamentalist"
23335: "BREDOW W V JAGER T & KUMMEL G" - "European security"
45888: KUMMEL W G - Theology of the New Testament (New Testament Library)
11227: KUMMEL W G - Introduction to the New Testament
56111: KUN J - Exodus: God to the rescue: a guided discovery for groups and individuals
33810: KUNG H - Infallible?: an enquiry
43278: KUNG H - Eternal life?
11235: KUNG H - Council and reunion
11238: "KUNG H" - "Eternal life?"
11248: "KUNG H" - "Truthfulness:" "the future of the church"
11250: KUNG H - Why Priests?
45887: KUNG H - Theologian and the church [Theological meditations 1]
42085: "KUNG H" - "Church and freedom:" "[theological meditations 6]"
29824: KUNG H - On being a Christian
11240: KUNG H - Global responsibility: in search of a new world ethic
11232: KUNG H - Christianity & the world religions: paths of dialogue with Islam, Hinduism, & Buddhism
36011: KUNG H - My struggle for freedom: memoirs
38253: KUNG H - Justification: the doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic reflection, with a new introductory chapter by the author and the original response by Karl Barth
33674: "KUPFERBERG H" - "Opera"
22309: KUPFERMANN J - When the crying's done: journey through widowhood
67141: "KURICHIANIL J" - "Before Thee face to face:" "a study on prayer in the Bible"
11255: "KURTZ I" - "Loneliness"
58006: KURUVILLA A - Vision for preaching: understanding the heart of pastoral ministry
34534: KUNG H & KUSCHEL K J - Global ethic: the declaration of the parliament of the world's religions
29575: "HARING H & KUSCHEL K-J" - "Hans Kung. Weg und Werk:" "chronik, essays, bibliographie"
11256: "KUSCHEL K-J" - "Laughter:" "a theological essay"
26914: "KUSCHEL K-J" - "Abraham:" "a symbol of hope for Jews, Christians and Muslims"
29495: KUSCHEL K-J - Born before all time?: the dispute over Christ
50490: KUSCHEL K-J - Poet as mirror: human nature, God and Jesus in twentieth century literature
11257: "KUSHNER H" - "Who needs God"
38923: "KWATERA M" - "Liturgical ministry of deacons"
51321: KYSAR R - John (Augsburg commentary on the New Testament)
46452: KYSAR R - John's story of Jesus
50488: LAAN R V - Early church discovery guide
57958: LABORDE E D - Western Europe
34706: "LABRIOLLE P DE" - "Histoire de la litterature Latine Chretienne" "(Collection D'Etudes Anciennes)"
54648: LABRIOLLE P DE - History and literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius
58578: LABROUSSE E - Bayle (Past Masters)
23210: "PARK S H & LABYS W C" - "Industrial development and environmental degradation:" "source book on the origins of global pollution"
58280: LACAN J - Works of Jacques Lacan
11271: "LACEY T A" - "Conscience of Sin: six lenten sermons" "(Handbooks of Catholic Faith and Pratice)"
68303: "MAY G LACEY" - "WINGS OF AN EAGLE:" "an anthology of Caroline Preachers with 60 extracts from their sermons"
11274: LACEY T A - Liturgical interpolations and the revision of the Prayer Book (Alcuin Club Prayer Book revision pamphlets I)
43081: "LACEY T A" - "Use and abuse of isolated facts in controversy" "(Church Historical Society publication no. 68)"
11269: LACEY T A - Authority in the Church: a study of principles
11279: "LACHMAN B" - "Journal of Hildegard of Bingen:" "a novel"
67148: LACROIX J - Meaning of modern atheism
35284: "LACY M" - "Woman wants God"
42636: LADD G E - New Testament and Criticism
11289: LADD G E - Theology of the New Testament
32255: "GREGORY LADY" - "Voyages of St Brendan the navigator and stories of the" "Saints of Ireland forming a book of saints and wonders"
67151: LAFERRIERE P M - New and Eternal Testament
56728: LAFLEUR W R - Liquid life: abortion and Buddhism in Japan
43661: "LAFON M" - "15 days of prayer with Saint Jeanne Jugan"
47460: LAFUENTE J P - Visitor's guide - the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
39338: "LAGARDE P DE" - "Librorum Veteris Testamenti Canonicorum:" "pars prior I, Graece (Greek)"
34705: LAGARDE A - Latin Church in the Middle Ages (International Theological Library)
40323: GARRIGOU-LAGRANGE P - Three ways of the spiritual life
28980: "MASON P & LAING R" - "Sathya Sai Baba:" "the embodiment of love"
67161: "LAIRD J" - "Our minds and their bodies:" "(World's manuals)"
56727: LAIRD A - Epic of America: an introduction to Rafael Landivar and the Rusticatio Mexicana
67162: LAISHLEYA L - Stained glass of York
25212: "LAKE F" - "With respect:" "a doctor's response to a healing Pope"
11306: LAKE F - Clinical theology: a theological and psychiatric basis to clinical pastoral care with figures and charts prepared by ER Swain
34722: "LAKE K" - "Earlier Epistles of St Paul:" "their motive and origin"
56725: LAKE F ET AL - We must love one another or die: lecture on love, sex and morality given in Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge
52976: LAKE P - Moderate Puritans and the Elizabethan Church
67167: "LAKELAND P" - "Freedom in Christ:" "an introduction to political theology"
31429: "LAKELAND P" - "Postmodernity:" "Christian identity in a fragmented age (Guides to theological inquiry)"
52258: LALVANI K T - Guru Nanak: poet, philosopher, singer, saint
45767: DALAI LAMA - Ancient wisdom, modern world: ethics for the new millennium
48653: LAMARTINE A DE - Jocelyn
49622: LAMARTINE A DE - Confidences
50998: LAMB C & M - Charles and Mary Lamb: the Augustan books of English poetry (second series, number sixteen)
11316: LAMB J W - Archbishopric of Canterbury: the early years
11317: "LAMB P J" - "Bible below belief"
11311: LAMB C - Last essays of Elia
67173: "LAMB P J" - "Drama of the Bible"
40339: "LAMB C A" - "Jesus through other eyes:" "Christology in multi-faith context (Latimer Studies 14)"
49406: LAMB C - Mixed-faith marriage: a case for care
43745: LAMBERT T - Resurrection of the Chinese church
57099: LAMBERT W G - Babylonian Wisdom Literature
58431: LAMBERT A J - Chapel on the hill
50654: LAMBERTS E - Christian democracy in the European Union {1945/1995]: proceesdings of the Leuven Colloquium 15 - 18 November 1995
52077: LAMBETH J R - Prayer with Saint John
56286: LAMBRECHT J - L'Apocalypse Johannique et l'apocalyptique dans le Nouveau Testament [essays in English, French & German] (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium LIII)
56108: LAMDIN K - Finding your leadership syle
41866: LAMERTON R - Care of the dying: [The Care and welfare library]
67187: LAMIRANDE E - What is the Communion of Saints?: [faith and fact book 26]
53537: TAYLOR M C & LAMMERTS D C - Grave matters
54515: LAMONT R - God who leads us on: story meditations on salvation
34709: "LAMONT C" - "Philosophy of humanism" "(Human bookshelf)"
37541: "LAMONT G & R" - "Children aloud!" "(some pages photocopiable)"
45014: LAMONT W - Puritanism and the origins of the English civil war
50487: LAMPARD J - Such a feast: spiritual nourishment and the churches
26519: LAMPE G - Holy Spirit: the text of a paper read in July 1974 at the York Conference of Anglican Religious Communities (FP 41)
11354: "LAMPE G W H" - "I believe"
11357: LAMPE G W H - Reconciliation in Christ (Maurice Lectures 1955)
11358: "LAMPE G W H" - "Reconciliaton in Christ" "(Maurice Lectures 1955)"
11359: "LAMPE G W H" - "Reconciliaton in Christ" "(Maurice Lectures 1955)"
11361: LAMPE G W H - Some aspects of the New Testament ministry
29058: LAMPE G W H - God as spirit: Bampton Lectures 1976
11350: LAMPE G - Explorations in Theology 8
56703: LAMPEDUSA G T DI - Childhood memories and other stories
39260: LAMPERT E - Divine realm: towards a theology of the sacraments
67192: "LANCASHIRE A" - "Journeys of faith"
53383: LANCE H D - Old Testament and the archaeologist
11372: "LANDAU R" - "Letter to Andrew"
11373: "LANDAU R" - "The wing:" "confessions of a R.A.F. officer"
56722: LANDAU R - God is my adventure: a book on modernmystics masters and teachers
49518: LANDER J R - Conflict and stability in fifteenth-century England
51973: LANDON E H - Manual of Councils of the Holy Catholic Church: new and revised edition in 2 volumes (Westminster library)
45614: LANDOR W S - Hellenics and Gebir: (Temple classics)
46775: LANDOR W S [ED SIDGWICK] - Shorter poems of Walter Savage Landor
16326: "RELIGION IN COMMUNIST LANDS" - "Vol 12 No 2 Summer 1984"
36419: LANDY F - Beauty and the enigma and other essays on the Hebrew Bible (JTOT SS312)
11378: "LANDY F" - "Hosea"
45889: LANE B C - Landscapes of the sacred: geography and narrative in American Spirituality
39770: "LANE C A" - "Descriptive lantern lectures on English church history"
11380: "LANE C A" - "Illustrated notes on English Church History Vol 1:" "from the earliest times to the dawn of the reformation"
36998: "LANE J I" - "Story of Bernadette" "(B384)"
23266: "LANE J-E" - "Public sector reform:" "rationale, trends and problems"
58549: LANE A N S - John Calvin: student of the Church Fathers
67201: LANE G E - Henry Danvers: contender for religious liberty
30487: LANE B C - Solace of fierce landscapes: exploring desert and mountain spirituality
8385: GUSTAFSON J M & LANEY J T - On being responsible: issues in personal ethics
11384: LANEY J C - Concise Bible Atlas: comprehensive geographical survey of the Bible Lands
11386: "LANG A" - "Politics of Aristotle:" "introductory essays"
67208: "LANG J M" - "Gideon and the Judges:" "a study, practical and historical"
11387: LANG B - Anthropological Approaches to the Old Testament (IRT8)
67204: LANG A - Myth, rituals and religion: volume 2 only
49201: LANG A - True story book
44253: "LANGFORD M J" - "Liberal theology for the twenty-first century:" "a passion for reason"
35829: LANGFORD M J - Good and the true: an introduction to Christian ethics
11398: LANGFORD M J - Unblind faith
36865: "LANGFORD T A" - "In search of foundations:" "English theology 1900-1920 (Inscription by author on front flyleaf)"
52463: LANGFORD M J - Unblind faith: a new approach for the twenty-first century
11397: LANGFORD M J - Providence
44690: "ABERNETHY G L & LANGFORD T A" - "Philosophy of religion;" "a book of readings"
58301: LANGFORD T A - Methodist theology (Exploring Methodism)
46731: LANGLAND W [SKEAT] - Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman according to the version revised and enlarged by the author about AD 1377 edited by Walter W Skeat
24288: LANGLEY M - Ethical dialogue with other religions (GE27)
45153: PARIS G & LANGLOIS E - Chrestomathie du moyen age: extraits publies avec des traductions, des notes, une introduction grammaticale et des notices litteraires
54381: LANGTON E - History of the Moravian church: the story of the first international protestant church
36064: LANKSHEAR W - Preparing for inspection in a church school
39547: "LANKSHEAR D W" - "Churches serving schools"
67220: LANKSHEAR D W - Churches serving schools: helping churches to support their local schools
53382: LANTRY J - Saint Teresa on prayer (Living Flame Series Volume Fourteen)
37741: "LAPIDE C A" - "Great commentary of Cornelius a Lapide in 8 volumes" "S. Matthew's Gospel in 3 vols, S. Luke in 1 vol, S John's Gospel and Epistles I, II and III, in 2 vols, Corinthians I, Corinthians II & Galatians in 2 vols trans T W Mossman & W E Cobb (Cath standard
52764: LAPIDUS I M - History of Islamic societies
4661: "COLLINS L & LAPIERRE D" - "Fifth Horseman"
33442: LAPLACE J - Experience of life in the spirit: ten days in the tradition of the spiritual exercises
11410: "LAPLACE J" - "Direction of Conscience"
54380: LAPPENBERG J M - History of England under the anglo-saxon kings (2 volume set)
67224: "LAPSANSKI D V" - "First Franciscans and the Gospel"
49808: LAPSLEY M - Priest and Partisan: a South African journey with foreword by Nelson Mandela
29893: LAPWOOD R - When babies die (GPS36)
67227: LARGE J E - Ministry of healing
23474: "LARKIN M" - "Religion, politics & preferment in France since 1890:" "La Belle Epoque and its legacy"
55713: LARKIN E E ET AL - Spiritual renewal of the American priesthood
11415: "LAROS M" - "Confirmation in the modern world"
57897: LAROUSSE [MONTAGNE P] - New Larousse gastronomique: the world's greatest cookery reference book
55921: LAROUSSE - Petit Larousse illustre 2005
28213: "LARSEN H H" - "Cases in marketing"
11418: "LARSON M" - "Why can't we talk?" "(Prayers for parents and teenagers)"
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54619: LAURENCE R - Attempt to illustrate those articles of the Church of England which the Calvinists improperly consider Calvinistic: in eight sermons preached before the University of Oxford in the year MDCCCIV (Bampton lectures)
24459: LAURENCE R - Attempt to illustrate those articles of the Church of England which the Calvinists improperly consider Calvinistic: in eight sermons preahed before the University of Oxford in the year MDCCCIV
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42708: LELAND J - View of the principal Deistical Writers: that have appeared in England in the last and present century, with observations upon them and account of the answers that have been published against them in several letters to a friend with an appendix by W L Brown and an introduction comprising a succinct view of the subsequent history of the controversy by C R Edmonds
42710: LELAND J - View of the principal Deistical writers that have appeared in England during the last two centuries: with observations upon them, and some account of the answers that have been published against them reprinted verbatim from the fourth and last edition, with the latest corrections of the author [includes Appendix 'Reflections on the present state of things in these nations']
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25908: "LEMOS G" - "Racial harassment:" "action on the ground"
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11638: LEMPRIERE J - Biliotheca Classica: or classical dictionary containing a copious account of the proper names mentioned in ancient authors re-edited by EH Barker from 7th American edition by Charles Anthon
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51450: LEPP I - From Karl Marx to Jesus Christ
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38746: "LESLIE E A" - "Jeremiah chronologically arranged, translated," "and interpreted"
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11668: LESLIE R, HUNTER A & ROBERTSON - Antisense Technology in the Central Nervous System
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11674: "LETTA C G M" - "Listen to the Emerging Markets of Southern Asia" "Long term strategies for effective partnerships"
52099: LETTS W M & LETTS M F S - Helmet and cowl: stories of monastic and military orders
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57068: LEVERING M - Scripture and metaphysics: Aquinas and the renewal of trinitarian theology
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53374: LEWIS J P - English Bible from KJV to NIV: a history and evaluation (second edition with new chapters on the NKJV, REB and NRSV)
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11711: LEWIS C S - Grief observed
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67479: LEWIS E - Philosophy of the Christian revelation
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24637: LEYS M D R - Catholics in England 1559-1829: a social history
35392: "MIDDLETON H & LEYSER H" - "Invasion and integration" "(Presenting the past: Book 1)"
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571: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XXIV Early Liturgies and Other Documents
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70416: ANGLICAN PULPIT LIBRARY - ANGLICAN PULPIT LIBRARY 11 volumes (lacks Volume 2) Very heavy set. Please enquire for postage costs
56919: AVEMARIE F & LICHTENBERGER H - Auferstehung - Resurrection: the fourth Durham-Tubingen research symposium: resurrection, transfiguration aand exaltation in Old Testament, ancient Judaism and early Christianity (Tubingen September 1999)
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11805: LIDDON H P - Easter in St Pauls: Sermons bearing chiefly on the resurrection of Our Lord in 2 vols
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14393: LIDGETT J S - Fatherhood of God in Christian truth and life
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54636: PHILIPPONNAT O & LIENHARDT P - Life of Irene Nemirovsky 1903-1942
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38781: "LIETZMANN H" - "Klementinische liturgie aus den Constitutiones" "Apostolorum VIII nebst Anhangen (Liturgische Texte VI)"
38783: "LIETZMANN H" - "Sachsische agende im Auszug" "(Liturgische Texte VIII)"
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57989: LIEU J - Second and Third Epistles of John: history and background
50171: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Poverty: being the English version of La Pauvrete in Problemes de la Religieuse d'aujourd'hui (Religious Life IV)
50195: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Obedience: being the English version of L'obeissance et la religieuse d'aujourd'hui (Religious Life III)
6508: "EUCHARISTIC LIFE:" - "addresses by Oxford Mission Brothers of the Epiphany" "at the Students' Conference of Syrian Christian Church at Kottayam May 1916"
24971: "LIFE" - "Life of Bishop Patteson"
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50194: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Doctrinal instruction of religious sisters: being the English version of Formation doctrinale des religieuses (Religious Life VI)
50192: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Chastity: being the English version of La chastete in Problemes de la religieuse d'aujourd'hui (Religious Life V)
58063: LIGHT A W - Bunhill Fields: written in honour and to the memory of the many saints of God whose bodies rest in this old London cemetery...with chart of ground and many illustrations
11836: LIGHTFOOT J B - Historical essays
11849: LIGHTFOOT R H - Locality and Doctrine in the Gospels
51505: LIGHTFOOT J B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Colossians and to Philemon: a revised text with introductions, notes, and dissertations
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37641: LIGHTFOOT J B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Philippians: a revised text with intro, notes, and dissertations
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52760: LIGHTFOOT R H - Gospel message of St Mark
39877: LIGHTFOOT J B - Sermons preached on special occasions
11845: LIGHTFOOT J B - St Paul's Epistle to the Galatians a revised text with intro, notes and dissertations
11839: LIGHTFOOT J B - Ordination addresses and counsels to clergy
26527: LIGHTLEY J W - Jewish Sects and Parties in the time of Jesus
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44027: "LIGHTWOOD J T" - "Hymn-tunes and their story"
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11857: LILJE H - Valley of the Shadow (RBC 75)
42743: LILLEY A L - Religion and revelation: a study of some moments in the effort of Christian Theology to define their relations
47834: LILLEY A L - Sacraments: a study of some moments in the attempt to define their meaning for Christian worship
11860: LILLIE W - Studies in New Testament ethics
67537: LILLIE, WILLIAM - Introduction to ethics
28105: "LIMB A ET AL" - "Road to incorporation"
57916: LIMBURG J - Jonah: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
41877: LIMBURG J - Jonah (Old Testament Library)
39316: "LIMOURIS G" - "Justice, peace and the integrity of creation:" "insights from orthodoxy"
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53194: LINCOLN A T ET AL - Bible and spirituality: exploratory essays in reading scripture spiritually
30886: "LINCOLN F" - "First Christmas:" "extracts from the Authorized (King James) Bible text & illus Frances Lincoln from paintings in the National Gallery London"
57063: LINCOLN A T - Hebrews: a guide
58352: LINCOLN A T - Truth on trial: the lawsuit motif in the fourth Gospel
56622: LINDARS B - New Testament Apologetic: doctrinal significance of the Old Testament quotations
47468: LINDARS B - Jesus son of man: fresh examination of the Son of Man sayings in the Gospels in the light of modern research
28019: LINDARS B - Gospel of John (New Century Bible)
11865: LINDARS B - Behind the Fourth Gospel (Studies in Creative Criticism 3)
44252: "LINDBECK G A" - "Church in a postliberal age:" "[Radical Traditions]"
58293: LINDBERG C - Reformation theologians: an introduction to theology in the early modern period
25831: "LINDBLAD J T" - "Foreign investment in Southeast Asia" "in the twentieth century"
11874: LINDBLOM J - Prophecy in Ancient Israel
44321: "LINDECK J" - "Mysterious ways"
54255: CONZELMANN H & LINDEMANN A - Interpreting the New Testament: an introduction to the principles and methods of New Testament exegesis
56293: LINDEMANN A - Sayings source Q and the historical Jesus (Bibliotheca Ephermeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium CLVIII)
38748: "LINDEN G" - "Jigsaw" "[a novel about one homosexual, and a novel about us]"
33044: "LINDEN I" - "Liberation theology:" "coming of age?"
11880: "LINDLEY J" - "Seeking and finding:" "life of Emile Cammaerts"
47399: LINDLEY G - Michael Ramsey 14 November 1904 - 23 April 1988, Joan Ramsey 16 September 1909 - 13 February 1995
11887: LINDSAY T M - History of the Reformation in two volumes
67542: LINDSAY G - Champion of the faith: Sermons of John Alexander Dowie
74300: "LINDSLEY J E" - "Church Club of New York:" "the first hundred years"
41841: "LINER A C" - "Hope for the hopeless"
11888: LING T - History of Religion East and West: an introduction and interpretation
26074: LING T - History of Religion East and West: an introduction and interpretation
33556: LINGS G - New ground in church planting: a personal commentary on 'Breaking new ground', the report commissioned by the House of Bishops on church planting (GEv27)
56103: LINK M - In the stillness is the dancing
35236: "LINK M" - "Psalms for today:" "praying an old book in a new way"
11895: "LINNELL C" - "Some East Anglican Clergy"
21852: "LINNELL C" - "Some East Anglican Clergy"
11897: LINNEMANN E - Parables of Jesus: introduction and exposition
67570: LINSKY L - Referring: international library of philosophy and scientific method
40161: "LINTON O" - "Synopsis historiae universalis:" "om en middelalderlig skoletraditions forudsaetninger I bibelsk-jodisk, graesk-hellenistisk og oldkirkelig tradition"
44486: LINZEY A - Animal rites: liturgies of animal care
55598: LINZEY A - Has Anglicanism a future: a response to the Windsor Report
67590: LION A - Idealistic conception of religion: vico hegel gentile
11912: "LIONEL F" - "Revolution in consciousness"
53966: LIPMAN V D - History of the Jews in Britain since 1858
45909: LIPSON E - Economic history of England Volume 1: Middle Ages
47964: LIPSON I - Twelve words Jesus knew
19083: THERESE OF LISIEUX - Saint Therese of Lisieux: the Little Flower of Jesus a rev trans of the definitive Carmelite ed of Her Autobiography and Letters Together with the Story of Her TN Taylor
37611: "THERESE OF LISIEUX" - "Poems" "translated by Alan Bancroft"
36012: "THERESE OF LISIEUX [BACKHOUSE]" - "Autobiograhy of Therese de Lisieux edited by" "Robert Backhouse (Spiritual lives)"
19080: THERESA OF LISIEUX - Collected letters of St Therese of Lisieux: translated by FJ Sheed
29953: THERESE OF LISIEUX - Autobiography of a Saint: the complete and authorised text of 'L'Histoire d'une Ame' newly trans by Ronald Knox
41062: THERESE OF LISIEUX - Story of a Soul: the autobiography...a new translation from the original manuscripts by John Clarke
57216: THERESE OF LISIEUX - Little white flower: the story of St Therese of Lisieux: a translation of her autobiography by the Right Rev Mgr Thomas N Canon Taylor 1873 - 1963, witness before the tribunal of her canonisation
56851: CLERGY LIST - Clergy list for 1846: containing alphabetical list of the clergy, list of the clergy of the Scottish Episcopal Church, list of benefices with post town, list of cathedral establishments, benefices arranged under their ecclesiastical divisions ... list of ecclesiastical preferments in the patronage of the Crownm the bishops, deand and chpaters
11916: "LISTON A" - "Choice is yours;" "a book of sermons"
30254: "CHRISTIAN LITERATURE" - "Christian literature: evidences, consisting of articles by" "Watson, Paley, Jenyns, Leslie, Chandler, Lyttleton, Campbell, Sherlock & West with prefatory memoirs by Memes"
11917: "LITERATURE" - "Literature for the Anglican Communion:" "survey of the need & opportunities for the printed word in the world mission of the church"
11918: "LITHERLAND J" - "Clown ministry handbook"
39696: "LITHGOW R M" - "Parabolic Gospel:" "or Christ's parables, a sequence and synthesis"
57789: LITTELL F H - Historical atlas of Christianity
42095: "LITTLE K L" - "Negroes in Britain:" "a study of racial relations in English society"
41880: "LITTLE B [KERSTING A F]" - "Portrait of Cambridge:" "a selection of photographs by A F Kersting"
39704: "LITTLE J K" - "Conflict of ideals in the Church of England"
11928: "LITTLE W J K" - "Treasury of Meditation:" "or suggestions as aids to those who desire to live a devout life"
17667: LITTLE W, FOWLER H & COULSON - Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles prepared by William Little, HW Fowler & J Coulson revised and edited by CT Onions in 2 large volumes
67595: LITTLE C E - 10,000 topical illustrations from the Bible: a valuable resource for speakers, writers and preachers
67594: LITTLE A - Christ unconquered
11930: "LITTLEDALE R F" - "Plain reasons against joining the Church of Rome"
31555: LITTLEDALE R F - Offices from the service-books of the Holy Eastern Church with translation, notes and glossary
11929: "LITTLEDALE" - "Holy Eastern Church:" "a popular outline of its history, doctrines, liturgies, and vestments by a priest of the English Church"
28496: "LITTLEJOHN A" - "Company to company:" "a communicative approach to business correspondence in English (Teacher's Book)"
39253: "LITTLETON A" - "Latin dictionary complete in one volume" "containing I: English-Latin, II: Latin-Classical, III: Latin-Proper, IV: Latin-Barbarous"
37642: "LITTLETON C J" - "Office and work of a priest"
67599: LITTLETON C J - Handmaid of the Lord
46884: STUDIA LITURGICA - Studia liturgica Vol IV Nos 1-4 1965, Vol V Nos 1-4 1966, Vol 7 Nos 1-4, Vol 8 Nos 1-4 1971/1972 International ecumenical quarterly for liturgical research and renewal
58616: JEWISH LITURGY [DAVIS & ADLER] - Service of the Synagogue (6 volume set): Passover; New Year; Tabernacles, Pentecost, Day of Atonement I & 2: a new edition of the festival prayers with an English translation in prose and verse No additional UK postage. Please ask for a quote for overseas postage.
12973: "LITVINOFF S" - "Relate guide to better relationships:" "practical ways to make your love last from the experts in marriage guidance"
26191: "LIVERMORE A" - "Scenes from Spanish life c.1930" "with a memoir by Harold Livermore"
45457: LIVERMORE H - History of Spain
54007: LIVERSIDGE J - Britain in the Roman Empire
11935: "LIVERSIDGE J" - "Everyday life in the Roman Empire" "drawings by Eva Wilson"
23844: "LIVES" - "Lives of the British Reformers" "from Wickliff to Foxe"
11936: LIVES - Lives of the Saints: the voyage of St Brendan Bede, Life of Cuthbert Eddius Stephanus, Life of Wilfrid
67604: LIVINGSTON P H - This blessed mess: finding hope amidst life's chaos
11942: "LIVINGSTONE R" - "Education for a world adrift"
11945: "LIVINGSTONE W P" - "Mary Slessor of Calabar:" "pioneer missionary"
51625: LIVY [ED STOUT & COLLINS] - Livy: Book II Chaps 1 - 50: text and notes
10779: "LLEWELLYN R" - "Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul [Washington]" "photography by Robert Llewellyn introduction by John Chancellor"
54494: LLEWELLYN W - Worship in song (Full music edition)
32894: LLEWELYN R - Memories and reflections
22983: LLEWELYN R - Circles of silence: explorations in prayer with Julian Meetings
32914: LLEWELYN R - Prayer and contemplation (originally published as Fairacres Publication 46)
29880: LLOYD T ET AL - Introducing Promise of His Glory (GW116)
11972: LLOYD R B - Christianity history and civilization
8241: LLOYD T - Institutions and inductions (GBMW15)
35647: "LLOYD C" - "Atlas of maritime history"
23412: "LLOYD C" - "Discourses of antiracism in France"
27542: "LLOYD H A" - "Collector's dictionary of clocks"
24955: "LLOYD J E" - "Sir Harry Reichel 1856-1931:" "a memorial volume with two photographs"
11961: "LLOYD R" - "Beloved community"
11962: "LLOYD R" - "Borderland:" "an exploration of theology in English Literature"
11968: "LLOYD R" - "Letters from the Early Church"
30682: "LLOYD R" - "Peter Abelard:" "the orthodox rebel"
11971: "LLOYD R" - "Revolutionary religion:" "Christianity Fascism and Communism"
11973: "LLOYD R B" - "Christianity, History and Civilization"
34702: "LLOYD S" - "Notes on the corrected English New Testament:" "a revision of the ""Authorised"" Version by Nestle's Resultant Greek Testament. Origin, history & features of the work, with illustrative passages"
67624: LLOYD T - Twelve apostles [Vine Series 1]
55952: LLOYD T - Rites surrounding death: the Palermo Statement of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation 2007 (Joint Liturgical Studies 74)
46858: LLOYD T, STEVEN J &TOVEY P - Social science research methods in contemporary liturgical research: an introduction (Joint Liturgical Studies 69)
8215: LLOYD T - Evangelicals, obedience and change: a comment on NEAC (Nottingham 1977) and its statement (GMW 50)
46089: LOADER L - In the diary of my mind/X, Whose Son was He?/When darkness came/For our grandchildren? More of the same?
56005: LOADER W - Jesus' attitude towards the law
48343: BROWN D & LOADES A - Sense of the sacramental: movement and measure in art and music, place and time
39898: BROWN D & LOADES A - Christ: sacramental word [incarnation, sacrament and poetry] (Contributors include John Macquarrie, Frances Young, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Rowan Williams, Stephen Sykes)
11989: LOADES A - Searching for lost coins: explorations in Christianity and feminism
52186: LOADES A - Spiritual classics from the late twentieth century [an anthology]: Helen Oppenheimer, Janet Soskice, Margaret Spufford, Carlo-Maria Martini, Jacques Pohier, Kenneth Leech
58050: LOANE M L - Mary of Bethany
11996: "LOANE M L" - "Archbishop Mowll:" "the biography of HWK Mowll Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of Australia"
11999: LOANE M L - Pioneers of the Reformation in England
22726: LOANE M L - Crown of thorns
48532: LOBB K M - Drama in school and church: a short survey
26915: "LOCHHEAD D" - "Dialogical imperative:" "a Christian reflection on interfaith encounter"
12003: "LOCHMAN J M" - "Encountering Marx:" "bonds and barriers between Christians and Marxists"
12006: "LOCK W" - "John Keble:" "a biography"
40849: "LOCKARD W D" - "Unheard Billy Graham"
27741: "SAVILL S & LOCKE E" - "Pears encyclopaedia of myths and legends:" "the Ancient Near and Middle East; Classical Greece and Rome"
27671: "LOCKER F" - "London lyrics"
58044: LOCKERBIE D B - Liberating word: art and the mystery of the Gospel
55143: LOCKETT E - Tales of grace: 50 five minute stories for all-age talks, sermons and assemblies
67657: "LOCKHART D" - "ST. COLUMBA'S COMPANION to the Scottish Liturgy"
12011: LOCKHART J G - Cosmo Gordon Lang
55597: LOCKYER R - Tudor and Stuart Britain 1471 - 1714
45141: LODGE D - Practice of writing: essays, lectures, reviews and a diary
12016: "LODGE O" - "Substance of Faith Allied with Science:" "a catechism for parents and teachers"
12018: "LODGE R" - "History of Modern Europe:" "from the capture of constantinople 1453 to the treaty of Berlin 1878"
12023: "LOEN A E" - "Secularization:" "science without God?"
39694: LOENERTZ R J - Apocalypse of Saint John: authorised translation by Hilary J Carpenter
42356: LOEW M R - Mission to the poorest with introduction and epilogue by Maisie Ward
38742: "LOEWE H" - "Mosaic revelation:" "presidential address to the Society for Old Testament Study (Lectio No 5)"
12024: "LOEWE R" - "Position of Women in Judaism"
14647: "OESTERLEY W O E & LOEWE H (ED)" - "Judaism and Christianity Volumes 1 & 2" "Vol 1 Age of Transition, Vol 2 The Contact of Pharisaism With Other Cultures"
39762: "LOEWENICH W VON" - "Modern Catholicism" "translated by Reginald H Fuller"
39693: "LOEWENICH W VON" - "Paul:" "his life and work"
22144: "LOFTHOUSE J" - "Thousand miles from a Post Office, or" "Twenty years' life and travel in the Hudson's Bay regions"
12026: "LOFTHOUSE W F" - "Christianity in the Social State"
12028: "LOFTHOUSE W F" - "Israel after the Exile:" "sixth & fifth century B.C. (CB)"
53065: LOGAN F D - Medieval court of arches (Canterbury & York Society Vol XCV)
46454: LOH I - African songs of worship
39135: LOHFINK N - The Christian meaning of the Old Testament
29785: "LOHMENER E" - "Kritisch exegetischer Kommentar uber das Neue Testament" "Neunte Abteilung, 2 Halfte - 8. Auflage: Die Briefe and die Kilosser und an Philemon"
12038: LOHMEYER E - Lord's Prayer: trans by J Bowden
39661: LOHSE E - Colossians and Philemon (Hermeneia)
38085: "LOHSE B" - "Die Passa-Homilie des Bischofs Meliton von Sardes" "(Textus Minores Vol XXIV)"
12039: "LOHSE E" - "Geschichte des Leidens und Sterbens Jesu Christi"
12041: "LOHSE E" - "Martyrer und Gottesknecht 2" "(gothic script)"
35140: "LOISY A" - "Religion of Israel"
41999: LOISY A - Consolation d'Israel: traduction nouvelle avec introduction et notes
51216: FITZGERALD-LOMBARD C - Downside Abbey: a guide to the church of St Gregory the Great
12056: LONG B O - Images of Man & God: Old Testament short stories in literary focus
44070: "LONG G D C" - "Passion and reason:" "womenviews of Christian life"
12058: "LONG E L" - "Survey of Christian ethics"
33421: "LONG E L" - "Survey of Christian ethics"
23466: "LONG T G" - "Preaching and the literary forms of the Bible"
41041: "LONG J P A" - "Genealogical handbook of English history showing the" "dynasties of all the English sovereigns, tracing the direct descent of Queen Victoria from Egbert, setting forth the most important events, battles, enactments etc."
58090: LONGENECKER B W - 2 Esdras
53190: LONGENECKER B W - Hearing the silence: Jesus on the edge and God in the gap (Luke 4 in narrative perspective)
12061: "LONGENECKER" - "Christology of early Jewish Christianity" "(SBTSS17)"
22538: LONGENECKER R N - Galatians (Word Biblical Commentary 41)
56296: LONGENECKER B W - Rhetoric at the boundaries: the art and theology of the New Testament chain-link transitions
27888: "LONGFORD E" - "Wellington:" "pillar of state"
12067: "LONGFORD F P" - "Life of Jesus Christ"
26021: "LONGHURST J W S" - "Air pollution VIII: Air pollution 2000" "Eight international conference on air pollution organised by Wessex Institute of Technology UK"
27605: "LONGLEY D" - "Health care constitutions"
53371: LONGLEY E - Over the mountains of Ethiopia: stories of pioneer endeavour in the Christian cause
27020: "LACEY C & LONGMAN D" - "Press as public educator:" "cultures of understanding, cultures of ignorance"
30557: DILLARD R B & LONGMAN T - Introduction to the Old Testament
40291: "LONGRIDGE W H" - "Draw near with faith:" "concerning some difficulties in the practice of frequent confession and communion"
12073: LONGRIDGE W H - Normal Development of Ordinary Mental Prayer
67684: "LONGUS S" - "DAPHNIS and CHLOE:" "translated from the Greek by Jack Lindsay with fourteen decorations by Lionel Ellis and with a critical essay by the author illustrated from original Grecian sources"
38741: "LONGUS S" - "DAPHNIS and CHLOE:" "translated out of the Greek by George Thornley, with an introduction by George Sainsbury (Abbey Classicss XIII)"
16659: ROBSON J & LONSDALE D - Can Spirituality be Taught?: exploratory essays
41894: "LONYAY C" - "Rudolf:" "the tragedy of Mayerling"
56382: VAN LOO G - Victorian parson: the life and times of Thomas Prankerd Phelps, Ridley, Kent, Rector 1840 - 1893
57126: LOOFS F - Nestorius and his place in the history of Christian doctrine
67688: VAN LOON H W - Liberation of mankind: the story of man's struggle for the right to think
44913: CAMPBELL H A & LOOY H - Science and religion primer
29116: "VAN LOOY B ET AL" - "Services management:" "an intergrated approach"
22311: "LOPEZ B" - "About this life:" "journeys on the threshold of memory"
53188: LOPEZ A - Gift and unity of being
54969: LORD A - Transforming renewal: Charismatic renewal meets Thomas Merton
40076: "KILBRANDON LORD" - "Other people's law"
9945: "ROSEBERY LORD" - "Miscellanies literary and historical" "edited by John Buchan in 2 volumes"
17758: SING TO THE LORD - Sing to the Lord: a collection of twelve anthems
29773: HARLECH LORD - Illustrated regional guides to ancient monuments in the ownership or guardianship of the Ministry of Works, Volume V: North Wales
67693: LORD F T - Acts of the Apostles: (Missionary message of the New Testament series)
42082: LOREN J - Shifting shadows of supernatural power
34695: "LORENTZEN H C" - "Hovedlinjer af anglikansk hymnodi:" "Parts I & II bound together (Saertryk af Dansk teologisk tidsskrift)"
12088: LORENZ K - Civilized man' s eight deadly sins
56088: LORENZEN T - Resurrection and discipleship: interpretive models, biblical reflections, theological consequences
40140: "LORENZETTI G" - "Ca'Rezzonico"
40131: "LOSCH R R" - "Many faces of faith:" "a guide to world religions and christian traditions"
48692: LOTI P - Ramuntcho (French text)
50477: LOTT D B - Conflict management in congregations
52469: LOTZ A G - Pursuing more of Jesus
51305: LOTZ J B - Problem of loneliness
43506: LOTZ A G - Magnificent obsession: discovering the God-filled life
47577: LOTZ J - Interior prayer: exercise of personality
67697: LOUDEN S H - Chaplains in conflict: the role of Army Chaplains since 1914
36378: LOUGH A G - John Mason Neale: priest extraordinary
12101: LOUGH A G - Influence of John Mason Neale
12115: LOUTH A - Wilderness of God
58607: LOUTH A - Wilderness of God
31649: LOUTH A - Wilderness of God
53984: LOVAT L - Maurice Baring: a postscript with some letters and verse
57942: LOVAT A - Life of Saint Teresa: taken from the French of a Carmelite Nun
26361: "LOVEGROVE A" - "Bank rehabilitation in Croatia:" "interim report & conclusions...successful use of process approach...multilateral structural adjustment..."
51095: LOVELACE R F - Homosexuality and the church
12119: LOVELL G - Church and community development: an introduction
12122: "LOVELL K" - "Educational psychology:" "and children"
12123: "LOVELL T" - "Number One Millbank:" "the financial downfall of the Church of England"
54389: LOVELOCK D - While I remember: Christmas Island, Customs and Excise and the Church Commissioners
33696: "DYSON A E & LOVELOCK J" - "Masterful images:" "English poetry from metaphysicals to romantics"
52611: LOVELOCK R T - Job: a study of the book and its message
28362: "LOVESEY P" - "Bertie and the crime of passion"
12124: "LOW S" - "Governance of England"
57056: LOW A - Love's architecture: devotional modes in seventeenth-century English poetry
33462: LOWE M - Church without walls: the local church - world facing and world affirming (GP63)
12128: "LOWE J" - "Saint Peter"
67709: LOWE K - Opening eyes and ears: new connections for Christian communication
27795: "LAYNE C E & LOWE C" - "Study guide to cxc mathematics general proficiency paper 11"
12127: "LOWE J" - "Lord's Prayer"
52672: LOWE M - People land and state of Israel: jewish and christian perspectives
12130: "LOWELL J R" - "Poetical works of James Russell Lowell:" "including the Biglow papers with prefatory memoir, notes, glossary, etc"
42772: LOWNDES G A N - Silent social revolution: an account of the expansion of public education in England and Wales 1895-1935
22192: LOWRIE W - Short life of Kierkegaard
12132: LOWRY C W - Trinity and Christian Devotion (Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 1946)
52138: LOWRY C W - First theologians
67715: LOYD P - Teach me thy statues: the one hundred and nineteenth psalm paraphrased and arranged as a handbook of Christian discipline
55334: LOYD P - By faith with thanksgiving: devotions for use before and after Holy Communion
58550: LOYER K M - God's love through the spirit: the Holy Spirit in Thomas Aquinas and John Wesley
45008: LOYN H R - Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman conquest
9873: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA [KEANE] - Text of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: translated from the original Spanish
9876: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA - Spiritual exercises (tr A Mottola intro RW Gleason)
18103: "SOUTHERN TELEVISION LTD" - "For all to see:" "enthronement of the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury"
54620: STACY-MARKS LTD - Exhibition of nineteenth century and contemporary paintings at the Carlton Hotel Bournemouth
43639: LUBICH C - God loves you immensely
12140: "LUBICH C" - "Christian eye"
12141: "LUBICH C" - "Life for Unity"
12144: LUBICH C - Why Have you Forsaken Me: the key to unity
51128: LUBICH C - Living dialogue: Chiara Lubich on Christian unity
55942: LUBICH C - Art of loving
35209: "DE LUCA G" - "Altar, gift and gospel:" "53 meditations on certain gospel passages"
67723: "LUCAS R C" - "FULLNESS AND FREEDOM:" "the message of Colossians and Philemon (Bible speaks today)"
46365: LUCAS J - Lucas on life
67724: LUCAS W W - How Christ bore the sin of the world
56257: LUCAS B - Conversations with Christ: a biographical study
67721: "LUCAS J" - "Elijah:" "anointed and stressed [Character and Charisma series]"
46680: LUCAS E V - Wanderer in Holland: with twenty illustrations in colour by Herbert Marchall and thirty-four illustrations after dutch masters
67725: LUCE C B - Saints for now
67726: LUCE H K - Religions of mankind
51637: LUCIAN [TR S T IRWIN] - Six dialogues of Lucian
67729: "LUCK G C" - "Second Corinthians"
69528: "LUCKOCK H M" - "Footprints of the son of man as traced by Saint Mark:" "being eighty portions for private study, family reading, and instructions in church"
54387: LUCRETIUS [WINSPEAR] - De rerum natura: set in English verse by Alban Dewes Winspear
12157: "LUDEMANN G" - "Early Christianity according to the Traditions in Acts:" "a commentary"
12158: "LUDEMANN G" - "Great deception" "and what Jesus really said and did"
28781: "LUDEMANN G" - "Unholy in Holy Scripture:" "the dark side of the Bible"
12159: LUDEMANN G - Resurrection of Jesus: history, experience, theology
67740: "LUEBERING C" - "To comfort all who mourn:" "a parish handbook for ministry to the grieving"
12162: "LUFF P" - "Simple guide to Maastricht"
29375: "LUFFMAN G ET AL" - "Business policy:" "an analytical introduction"
57853: LUHRMANN D - Galations: a Continental Commentary
36299: "LUKE C" - "Celtic treasury:" "the art and history of the Celts"
56300: LULL D J - Spirit in Galatia: Paul's interpretation of 'pneuma' as divine power (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series 49)
12165: LULL R [E ALLISON PEERS] - Art of contemplation: translated from the Catalan... with an introductory essay by E Allison Peers

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