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10671: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
10676: "KEBLE J" - "On eucharistical adoration:" "with considerations suggested by a late Pastoral Letter (1858) on the doctrine of the most holy Eucharist"
10686: "KEBLE J" - "Sermons, occasional and parochial" "(sermon titles neatly hand-written against sermon numbers throughout contents list)"
10687: "KEBLE J" - "Speaking life:" "John Keble and the Anglican Tradition of Ministry and Art edited by Charles R Henery"
56605: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year with a memoir of the author by W Temple
54355: KEBLE J - Sermons for Christmas and Epiphany
45870: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
66693: KEBLE J - Psalter in English verse
54358: KEBLE J - National apostasy: considered in a sermon preached at St Mary's Oxford before His Majesty's Judges of Assize on Sunday July 14th 1833
45624: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year together with additional poems
54353: KEBLE J - Sermons for Easter to Ascension Day
54354: KEBLE J - Sermons for Advent to Christmas Eve
66694: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year with a memoir of the author by W Temple
10669: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
54367: KEBLE J - Sermons for Ascension Day to Trinity Sunday
54368: KEBLE J - Sermons for Advent to Christmas Eve
54369: KEBLE J - Sermons for Septugesima to Ash Wednesday with sermons for confirmation and on the litany (Sermons for the Christian Year Volume III)
37554: KEBLE J - Sermons for the Saints' Days and other festivals (Sermons for the Christian Year Vol X)
10678: KEBLE J - Letters of spiritual counsel and guidance: edited by R F Wilson [122 letters]
45623: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
45625: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
41985: KEBLE J - Sermons on the Litany: the Church one, Catholic, Apostolic and Holy and the communion of saints
26093: "KECK L E" - "Church confident"
10690: KECK L E - Future for the historical Jesus: the place of Jesus in preaching & theology
10691: KECK L E - Future for the historical Jesus: the place of Jesus in preaching & theology
24012: "KECK L E" - "Paul and his letters" "(Proclamation Comm)"
56087: KECK D - Forgetting whose we are: Alzheimer's disease and the love of God
66698: KECK L E - Taking the bible seriously
50954: KEDDIE K M G - Action with the elderly: a handbook for relatives and friends
48647: KEDWARD H R - Resistance in Vichy France: a study of ideas and motivation in the southern zone 1940 - 1942
33450: KEE H C - Origins of Christianity: sources and documents
66707: "KEE A (ED)" - "Seeds of liberation:" "spiritual dimensions to political struggle"
10700: KEE H C - Community of the New Age: studies in Mark's Gospel
45871: KEE H C - Community of the New Age (New Testament Library)
66712: KEE H C - Making ethical decisions: [Layman's Theological Library]
66713: KEE H C - Jesus in history: an approach to the study of the Gospels
10701: "KEE H C" - "Good news to the end of the earth:" "the theology of Acts"
26504: KEE H C ET AL - Cambridge companion the the Bible
10699: KEE H C - Christian origins in sociological perspective
66711: KEE H C - Who are the people of God?: Early Christian models of community
50241: KEE H C - Beginnings of Christianity: an introduction to the New Testament
45872: KEEBLE N H - Literary culture of nonconformity in later seventeenth-century England
47258: KEEBLE B - On the nature and significance of the crafts: W R Lethaby, Edward Johnston, Ananda K Coomaraswamy
55950: KEECH D - Gaudentius of Brescia on baptism and the eucharist (Joint Liturgical Studies 76)
10704: "KEEGAN J" - "Face of battle"
28305: "KEEGAN W" - "2066 - and all that" "illustrations by Trog"
38478: "KEELER M F" - "Bibliography of British history, Stuart period, 1603-1714" "issued under the direction of the American Historical Association and the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain"
10707: KEELING M - Morals in a free society
24377: "KEEN S" - "Gabriel Marcel" "(Makers of Contemporary Theology)"
53207: KEEN C - Transgression of the integrity of God: essays and addresses
25693: "KEENAN D" - "Smith and Keenan's company law for students"
29256: "KEENE R" - "Times winning chess"
25018: "KEENE R" - "Winning moves 2"
53205: KEENER C S ET AL - But these are written: essays on Johannine literature in honor of Professor Benny C Aker
40437: KEET C C - Liturgical study of the psalter: a consideration of some liturgical and ceremonial aspects of Jewish worship exhibited in the Book of Psalms
66725: KEIDEL L - Stop treating me like God!!
41986: KEIFER R A - To give thanks and praise: general instruction of the Roman Missal: with commentary for musicians and priests
41987: KEIL C F - Book of the Kings: [Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament]
55443: KEIR T H - Word in worship: preaching and its setting in common worship
74599: "YANDELL KEITH E" - "CHRISTIANITY AND PHILOSOPHY" "(Studies in a Christian world view)"
66728: KELDANY H - ABC of the Vatican council
10728: "KELLER E & M-L" - "Miracles in dispute:" "a continuing debate"
50006: KELLER T - Prodigal God
66732: KELLER H - Heart of Mary
66729: KELLER A - Karl Barth and Christian unity: influence of the Barthian movement upon the churches of the world
34717: "KELLETT E E" - "Religion and life in the early Victorian age"
10732: "KELLETT E E" - "Short history of religions"
10734: "KELLETT E E" - "Short History of the Jews:" "down to the Roman Period"
35214: "KELLEY K E" - "Guilt: issues of emotional living in an age of stress" "for clergy and religious. Contributors: Agudo, Bush, Sammon, Bilotta III, Hart, Franasiak (Fifth Psychotheological Symposium)"
66743: KELLEY F C - Blood-drenched altars: a catholic commentary on the history of Mexico
50001: KELLOGG J - Dark prophets of hope
10741: KELLY G - Medico-moral problems
46956: KELLY W - Epistles of Peter [Vol 1 & 2 combined]
66760: KELLY J - Comfort and joy
22310: "DOWNEY M & KELLY A V" - "Theory and practice of education:" "an introduction"
8548: "HAMERTON-KELLY R G" - "Pre-existence, wisdom and son of man:" "a study of the idea of pre-existence in the NT (SNTS 21)"
29179: "HUNTER P & KELLY P" - "Minimum wage handbook:" "a guide to the UK's legislation that explains how low paid workers can exercise their rights"
10736: "KELLY A D" - "Claims of spirituality:" "can they be harmonized with science, morals and religion?"
22468: "KELLY A D" - "Cultus of the sacramental presence in the eucharist" "and in the reserved sacrament"
10740: "KELLY G" - "Guidance for Religious"
10742: "KELLY H" - "Aim and methods of theological study" "second edition revised"
10744: "KELLY H" - "Continuation of study"
10747: KELLY H - No pious person: autobiographical recollections
39475: "KELLY J" - "Belling the cats:" "selected speeches and articles of John Kelly edited by John Fanagan"
10749: KELLY J N D - Aspects of the Passion
39708: "KELLY W" - "Minor prophets:"
26188: "MUELLER G G & KELLY L" - "Introductory financial accounting" "(rev edition of A New Introduction to Financial Accounting)"
53398: KELLY J F - Why is there a New testament?
51291: KELLY K B - Grains of wheat
10738: KELLY B H - Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job (Layman's Bible Commentary)
52452: KELLY J N D - Commentary on the Epistles of Peter & Jude (Black's New Testament Commentary)
66766: KELLY W - Preaching to the spirits in prison: 1 Peter 3:18-20
66759: KELLY J C - Drink freely of love: a study of Christian life and prayer
66748: KELLY G A (ED) - Catholic ministries in our time
66745: KELLY B J - Thy kingdom come: the principles and practices of the spiritual life
49359: KELLY E - Meaningful funerals: meeting the theological and pastoral challenge in the postmodern era
52773: KELLY K T - Life and love: towards a Christian dialogue on bioethical questions
48783: KELLY J N D - Early Christian doctrines
29995: KELLY J N D - Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus
21854: KELLY J N D - Early Christian Creeds
10754: KELLY J N D - Early Christian Doctrines
41912: KELLY H - History of the Church of Christ: [Vol I & Vol II]
41915: KELLY B - Sacraments in daily life
50616: KELLY C M - Brocks: a family of Cambridge artists and illustrators
42387: "KELMAN J" - "Thoughts on things eternal:" "(Ephemera Eternitatis) a book of short studies in life here and hereafter, arranged for the sundays of the Christian year"
41885: "KELMAN J" - "Whyte of St George's:" "a sermon delivered in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church New York City Sunday January 16 1921"
29062: "KELMAN J H" - "Stories from the life of Christ" "selected for the children with ictures by F D Bedford"
10763: "KELMAN J" - "Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson"
31810: "KELSEY M T" - "Other side of silence:" "a guide to Christian meditation"
10770: "KELSEY M T" - "Sacrament of sexuality"
10771: "KELSEY M T" - "Through defeat to victory:" "stories and meditations of spiritual rebirth"
10773: "KELSEY M T" - "Transcend:" "guide to the Spiritual Quest"
10766: KELSEY M T - Christo-psychology
10767: KELSEY M T - Encounter with God: a theology of Christian experience
48283: KELSEY M T - Speaking with tongues: an experiment in spiritual experience
49578: KELSEY M - Discernment: a study in ecstasy
42048: "KEMBLE J" - "Idols and invalids"
54016: KEMP E W - Life and letters of Kenneth Escott Kirk (Bishop of Oxford 1937 - 1954)
10781: "KEMP E W" - "Introducton to Canon Law:" "in the Church of England (Lichfield Divinity Lectures 1956)"
10784: "KEMP E W" - "Man: fallen & free:" "Oxford essays on the condition of man"
13228: "KEMP G" - "Sermons"
66770: KEMP C F - Preaching Pastor
53067: KEMP B R - Register of John Morton Archbishop of Canterbury 1486 - 1500: Volume III Norwich sede vacante 1499 (Canterbury & York Society Vol LXXXIX)
53066: KEMP B R - Twelfth-century English archdiaconal and vice-archdiaconal acta (Canterbury & York Society Vol LXCII)
47154: KEMP B R - Reading Abbey Cartularies: British Library manuscripts: Egerton 3031, Harley 1708 and Cotton Vespasian E xxv (Camden fourth series vol 33) II Berkshire documents, Scottish Charters and miscellaneour documents
51616: KEMPE J E - Classic preachers of the English church: lectures delivered at St James's Church in 1877
19131: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Prayers and Meditations on the Life of Christ: translated from the text of the edition of Michael Joseph Pohl by W Duthoit
52745: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Of the imitation of Christ
37235: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Of the Imitation of Christ: in four books - a new edition
42322: "THOMAS A KEMPIS" - "Of the imitation of Christ:" "and The valley of Lilies (People's library)"
19113: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Imitation of Christ (Everyman's Library)
19125: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Of the Imitation of Christ
37818: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Imitation of Christ: with reproductions of famous paintings
42032: KEMPSON F C - Church in modern England: a study of the place in Christendom and the distinctive mission to the world of the Anglican communion
41911: KEMPSON F C - Future life and modern difficulties
28886: "KEMPTON C" - "Music show:" "musical activities for 7-11 year olds"
10792: KEN T - Prose works of Thomas Ken: now first collected & edited with a biographical notice by W Benham (AMLTL)
34995: "KENDAL E" - "Bible:" "the book for to-day"
7609: GILL R & KENDALL L - Michael Ramsey as theologian
10793: "KENDALL A" - "Medieval Pilgrims"
10794: "KENDALL E" - "End of an Era:" "Africa and the Missionary"
10797: "KENDALL E L" - "Living sacrifice: a study of reparation" "(Library of history and doctrine)"
10800: "KENDALL K" - "Father Steuart:" "Priest of the Society of Jesus A Study of His Life and Teaching"
51767: KENDALL L - Mind in the heart: Michael Ramsey: theologian and man of prayer
66787: KENDALL K - Spiritual teaching of Father Steuart: notes of his retreats and conferences
66784: KENDALL E L - Gospel is good news
10799: KENDALL E L - Watchmen upon thy Walls: European Masters of the Spiritual Life
10796: KENDALL E L - City not forsaken: English masters of the spiritual life
33448: KENDRICK R A - Setting the foundations: a guide to the study of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as presented in the first three Gospels
66202: KENDRICK G - Make way: public praise: handbook and street songs
66791: KENDRICK G - SHINE JESUS SHINE: celebrating Jesus on the streets of the world
66796: KENDRICK R - In the steps of Jesus: insights into the life and world of Christ
10802: "KENEALLY T" - "Moses the Lawgiver"
46595: KENEALLY T - Memoirs from a young republic
34296: KENNEALLY C - Stations of the cross
50722: KENNEDY H A A - Philo's contribution to religion
21974: "CLARK-KENNEDY A E" - "Man, medicine and morality"
24906: "KENNEDY A L" - "Salisbury 1830-1903:" "portrait of a statesman"
39266: "KENNEDY E" - "Crisis counselling:" "the essential guide for nonprofessional counsellors"
10806: "KENNEDY E" - "On becoming a counsellor:" "a basic guide for non-professional counsellors"
35005: "KENNEDY J" - "Aid to the textual amendment of the Old Testament"
39451: "KENNEDY J" - "British civilians and the Japanese war in Malaya and" "Singapore, 1941-45"
10810: "KENNEDY J" - "Towards a theocracy"
74660: "KENNEDY M" - "Eyes on the cross:" "a guide for contemplation"
18570: "STUDDERT KENNEDY G A" - "New man in Christ"
18580: "STUDDERT KENNEDY H" - "Visitor:" "an inspiring book about love and truth"
53397: KENNEDY P - Catholic Church in England and Wales 1500 - 2000
10805: KENNEDY E - On becoming a counsellor: a basic guide for non-professional counsellors
10808: KENNEDY H A A - Theology of the Epistles
35007: "KENNEDY H A A" - "St Paul and the mystery-religions"
18573: STUDDERT KENNEDY G A - Unutterable Beauty:
41909: KENNEDY H A A - St Paul's conceptions of the last things
10821: "KENNETT J" - "Rise of Communist China:" "with a brief history of Japan"
10822: "KENNETT R H" - "Ancient Hebrew social life and custom as indicated in law" "narrative and metaphor (Schweich lectures 1931)"
10823: "KENNETT R H" - "Composition of the book of Isaiah:" "in the light of history and archaeology (The Schweich Lectures 1909)"
10824: "KENNETT R H" - "Old Testament Essays"
41908: KENNETT R H - Servant of the Lord
57155: KENNING M - Closer walk with God: Christian insights from the novels of Jane Austen; a series of sermons given at St Nicholas Steventon 1994 - 1998
34295: "KENNY A" - "Wittgenstein"
34719: "KENNY J P" - "Principles of medical ethics"
26681: "KENNY N" - "Proficiency passkey" "Workbook"
20169: KENNY A - Thomas More (Past masters)
56738: KENNY A - Unknown God: agnostic essays
66810: KENNY J & M - Happy parenting!: from infancy to young adulthood: practical answers to questions about kids
66809: KENNY J P - Roman Catholicism, Christianity and anonymous Christianity: [Theology Today Series No 44] the role of the Christian today
54728: STACPOOLE KENNY L M - Francis de Sales: a study of the gentle saint
38492: KENNY A - Will, freedom and power
66815: KENSIT J A - Our protestant throne: Britain's fight for her civil and religious liberties
39702: "KENT C F" - "Sermons, epistles and apocalypses of Israel's prophets:" "from the beginning of the Assyrian period to the end of the Maccabean struggle"
52704: KENT C F - History of the Hebrew people from the division of the kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC
28937: "KENT A M" - "Voices from West Barbary:" "an anthology of Anglo-Cornish poetry 1549-1928"
26554: "KENT C F" - "History of the Hebrew people" "from the division of the kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC"
10830: "KENT H H" - "Architect Preaches"
66816: KENT J - From Darwin to Blatchford: the role of Darwinism in Christian apologetic 1875 - 1910 [Friends of Dr. Williams's Library 20th lecture]
41939: KENT C F - Narratives of the beginnings of Hebrew history: from the creation to the establishment of the Hebrew kingdom
41940: KENT C F - History of the Jewish people: during the Babylonian, Persian and Greek periods
41941: KENT C F - Historical Bible in 6 vols: Heroes and crises of early Hebrew history; Founders and rulers of United Israel; Kings and Prophets of Israel and Jusah; Makers and Teachers of Judaism; Life and teachings of Jesus; Work and Techniques of the Apostles
41942: KENT C F - Growth and contents of the Old Testament
41943: KENT C F - Israel's historical and biographical narratives
41944: KENT C J - Israel's laws and legal precedents
41945: KENT C F - Songs, hymns, and prayers of the Old Testament
55599: KENT J - Wesley and the Wesleyans: religion in eighteenth century Britain
66820: KENWRICK J - Religious quest: a study in the development of the religious sentiment
36513: "KENYA" - "Origins and growth of Mau Mau: an historical survey" "by the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya (Sessional Paper No 5 of 1959/60) with map"
34243: KENYON F G - Recent developments in the textual criticism of the Greek bible (Schweich lectures of the British Academy 1932)
48913: KENYON K M - Bible and recent archaeology
24804: "KENYON F G" - "Bible and modern scholarship"
38070: "KENYON E C" - "Centenary life of Wesley"
10837: KENYON F G - Handbook to the textual criticism of the New Testament
25755: "KENYON M" - "Whole hog" "(Black Dagger Crime)"
47307: KENYON K M - Jerusalem: excavating 3000 years of history
66821: KENYON E W - Wonderful name of Jesus
38194: KENYON J P - Stuart Constitution 1603-1688: documents and commentary
10843: KENYON K M - Archaeology in the Holy Land
53361: KER J - Psalms in history and biography
46753: KER W P - English Literature Medieval
24596: KER I - Achievement of John Henry Newman
66826: KER I - Newman and the fullness of Christianity
10846: KERIN D - Fulfilling: a sequel to 'The living touch'
66832: KERKHOFS J - Horizon of kindly light: a spirituality for those with questions
24641: ALTER R & KERMODE F - Literary guide to the Bible
66835: KERNS V (ED) - St Margaret Mary: her autobiography
50984: KERR J - Shakespeare's flowers (illustrated by Anne Ophelia Dowden)
10163: "JARRETT-KERR M" - "African pulse:" "scenes from an African hospital window"
39257: "KERR H T" - "Calvin's Institutes:" "a new compend"
34718: "KERR H T" - "Positive Protestantism:" "an interpretation of the gospel"
33447: "KERR J S" - "Mystery and magic of the occult"
23680: "KERR S" - "Global emissions trading:" "key issues for industrialized countries"
24944: "KERR W S" - "Handbook on the papacy"
29713: KERR W F - Student pocket guide to the bible: the basic reference book for students (originally published in 1982 as Kerr's handbook to the bible)
22907: "KERRY T" - "Mastering deputy headship:" "acquiring the skills for future leadership"
54855: AMBROSE G & KERSHAW S - Come to the feast: a companion to Common Worship Holy Communion
66843: KERSTEN L L - Lutheran ethic: the impact of religion on laymen and clergy
24687: "KESICH V" - "First day of the new creation:" "the resurrection and the Christian faith"
66844: KESICH V & L W - Treasures of the Holy Land: a visit to places of Christian origins
66846: KESSLER D (ED) - Together on the way: official report of the eigth assembly of the World Council of Churches
41749: KETELBEY A W - In a monastery garden: characteristic intermezzo for the piano arranged for the organ
53203: KETTLE D J - Western culture in Gospel context: towards the conversion of the West: theological bearings for mission and spirituality
35686: "KETTLE E" - "That they might live"
29888: KETTLE P - Staying sane under stress (GPS31)
10860: "KEW C W" - "Salvation Army" "(Christian denominations)"
49837: KEW R - Brave new church: what the future holds
45873: KEY - Key to Part II and Part IV of advanced Greek unseens
47237: KEYES F P - I the king
10861: KEYES F P - St Teresa of Lisieux
47011: KEYNES M - Essays on John Maynard Keynes
66861: KHAN H I - Mysticism of sound and music: Vol 2: a Sufi message of spiritual liberty
23330: "KHATIB H" - "Financial and economic evaluation of projects" "in the electricity supply industry"
49206: KHAYYAM O [FITZGERALD] - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: translated into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald
22536: "KHAYYAM O" - "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" "rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald and Persian Miniatures (ISBN 0 517 282844)"
53201: KHOBNYA S - Father who redeems and the Son who obeys: consideration of Paul's teaching in Romans
24285: KIBBLE D G - Moral education in a secular school (GE22)
27275: "KIBBY G" - "Mushrooms and Toadstools:" "illus by S Milne a field guide"
10865: KIDD B J - Documents illustrative of the Continental Reformation
10868: "KIDD B J" - "Later Mediaeval doctrine of the eucharistic sacrifice" "(Church Historical Society XLVI)"
10869: "KIDD B J" - "Roman Primacy to AD 461"
57148: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 in 3 volumes: Volume I to A.D. 313 ONLY
42590: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 in 3 volumes: Volume III A.D. 408-461 ONLY
42587: KIDD B J - Documents illustrative of the history of the church: Vol 1: to A.D.313 (Translations of Christian literature series VI)
52984: KIECKHEFER R - Repression of heresy in medieval Germany
30710: KIELING J T - Gift of prayer: a treasury of personal prayer from the world's spiritual traditions
24183: "ARMISTEAD C & KIELY J" - "Effective organizations:" "looking to the future"
66866: KIELY J - Instructions on Christian morality: for preachers and teachers
52986: KIELY B - Drink to the bird: a memoir
56212: KIERKEGAARD S - Concept of irony with constant reference to Socrates
10878: KIERKEGAARD S - Concept of dread: translated with introduction & notes by W Lowrie
753: "KIERKEGAARD" - "[Selections] intro by W H Auden"
10890: "KIERKEGAARD S [CLIMACUS]" - "Philosophical fragments or a fragment of philosophy:" "by Johannes Climacus, translated by David F Swenson"
10882: KIERKEGAARD S - Either/or: volume 1 and volume 2 [vol 1 trans by DF & LM Swenson vol 2 trans by W Lowrie with revisions and foreword by HA Johnson]
52770: KIERKEGAARD S - For self-examination and judge for yourselves!: and three discourses 1851 translated by Walter Lowrie
28028: KIERKEGAARD S - Works of love:
10886: KIERKEGAARD S - Journals of Kierkegaard 1834 to 1854: a selection edited and translated byAlexander Dru
53199: KIERKEGAARD S [PATTISON & JENSEN] - Kierkegaard's pastoral dialogues (adapted by G Pattison and H M Jensen)
10887: KIERKEGAARD S - Journals of Soren Kierkegaard: a selection edited and translated byAlexander Dru
10879: KIERKEGAARD S - Concluding unscientific postscript: trans by D F Swenson and W Lowrie
26380: "KILBERY L" - "Skilful:" "an integrated skills course (Teracher's Book 2)"
26665: "KILBEY L" - "Skilful:" "an integrated skills course - Teacher's Book 1"
52383: BALL-KILBOURNE G L - Get acquainted with your Bible
52384: BALL-KILBOURNE G L - Get acquainted with your Bible: Leader's guide
10895: "KILDAHL J P" - "Psychology of speaking in tongues"
40068: "KILEM A J JR" - "Speaking the Christian God:" "the Holy Trinity and the Challenge of Feminism"
40027: "GEDEN A S & KILGOUR R" - "Introduction to the Ginsburg edition of the Hebrew Old" "Testament [Bible House Paper No. XIII]"
10896: "KILLGALLON" - "Becoming Catholic even if you happen to be one"
51156: KILLICK J - Talking with past hours: the Victorian diary of William Fletcher of Bridgnorth
52039: KILMISTER C A A - Good church guide: a church-goers companion
43445: "KILNER J F" - "Bioethics and the future of medicine:" "a christian appraisal"
25267: "KILPATRICK A" - "Discrimination and housing:" "law and practice in the management of social housing"
10902: KILPATRICK G D - Origins of the Gospel according to St Matthew
66889: KILPATRICK T B - Redemption of man: [the Short Course series]
40219: "CARTEY W & KILSON M" - "Africa Reader:" "Colonial Africa"
55293: KIM Y S - Truth, testimony and transformation: a new readingof the 'I am' sayings of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel
23386: "KIM J Y" - "Cost of capital, Q model of investment and" "capital accumulation: tax reform, cost of capital and capital accumulation"
55289: KIM Y S - Resurrecting Jesus: the renewal of New Testament theology
66891: KIM H-D - Type of ministry for Church growth
53198: KIM Y S - Theological introduction to Paul's letters: exploring a threefold theology of Paul
45848: SPEAR T & KIMAMBO I N - East African expressions of Christianity (Eastern African studies)
45616: KIMBALL R - Lives of the mind: the use and abuse of intelligence from Hegel to Wodehouse
63917: "KIMHI R D" - "Longer commentary of R David Kimhi on the First book of" "Psalms (I-X, XV-XVII, XIX, XXII, XXIV)"
35876: "KINCAID M" - "How to improve learning in RE"
10613: KINDRED M - Once upon a group...: a book to help members of groups (That's all of us!)
26638: HARRIS-DOUGLAS J & KINDRED M - To play and pray: twenty ideas for teachers
10934: KING R H - Meaning of God (LPT)
47069: KING R - Song of paradise (piano solo)
10917: KING E - Easter Sermons: preached in Lincoln Cathedral, ed BW Randolph
26411: "KING A" - "Guide to languages and careers:" "how to continue your languages into further and higher education"
66895: KING E - LOVE AND WISDOM OF GOD: being a collection of sermons
10924: KING E G - Early religious poetry of the Hebrews
10929: "KING M L" - "Chaos or community?"
10932: "KING M L" - "Works of Martin Luther King:" "with introductions and notes (vol 2)"
10936: "KING S A" - "Dr Barnes and the Lord's supper"
13742: "MORGAN C T & KING R A" - "Introduction to psychology"
40340: "KING U" - "Seeing the divine in Hinduism and Christianity:" "Lambeth interfaith lecture (CSRS pamphlet library no. 11)"
66894: KING C - Our Celtic heritage: looking at our own faith in the light of Celtic Christianity
27412: KING P - Dark night spirituality: Thomas Merton, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Etty Hillesum (contemplation & the new paradigm)
10937: KING T G - Readers: a pioneer ministry
54130: KING U - Faith and praxis in a postmodern age
47385: KING S - Es [German text]
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10922: KING E - Spiritual Letters: ed BW Randolph
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66898: KING H C - Ethics of Jesus: being the William Belden Noble lectures for 1909
49562: KING F H H - History of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Volumes II, III & IV
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38623: "KINGDON H T" - "Fasting communion historically investigated from" "the Canons and Fathers, and shown to be not binding in England"
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43528: "KINGS G" - "Signs and seasons:" "a guide for your Christian journey"
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50000: KINGSBURY J D - Parables of Jesus in Matthew 13: study in redaction critcism
45876: KINGSBURY T L - Spiritual sacrifice and Holy Communion: seven sermons preached during the Lent of 1867, at the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, St. Leonard's on Sea
54365: KINGSFORD C L - Stonor letters and papers 1290 - 1483
42068: KINGSLEY A - Golden hours of favourite piano solos (Book 5):
10946: "KINGSLEY C" - "Westward Ho!:" "or the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh Knight or Burrough in the County of Devon in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth"
10944: KINGSLEY C - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life: edited by his wife (in 2 vols)
41879: KINGSLEY C - Works of...Collected edition published in 29 vols: 20 volumes available, details on request
56402: KINGSLEY C - Village sermons and town and country sermons
56403: KINGSLEY C - Westminster sermons
10945: KINGSLEY C - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life (in 2 vols) edited by his wife
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41906: KINGSLEY C - Works of Charles Kingsley: Vol XII: The Hermits
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56667: KINLOCH T F - Life and works of Joseph Hall
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62758: "CRAWFORD J & KINNAMON M" - "IN GOD'S IMAGE:" "reflections on identity, human wholeness and the authority of scripture"
66917: KINNS S - Graven in the rock in 2 vols: or the historical accuracy of the Bible: confirmed, by reference to the Assyrian and Egyptian monuments in the British museum and elsewhere
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28343: "KINSERDAL A" - "Financial accounting:" "an international perspective"
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10979: KIRK P - One army strong?
49757: KIRK J A - Loosing the chains: religion as opium and liberation
41922: KIRKALDY D - Theological education in the Anglican Church of Australia
48530: RUBIN I & KIRKENDALL L A - Sex in the adolescent years: new directions in guidign and teaching youth
52985: LINZEY A & KIRKER R - Gays and the future of anglicanism: responses to the Windsor report
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50494: KIRKPATRICK B - Going forth: a practical and spiritual approach to dying and death
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37988: "KIRKPATRICK H F" - "Mary and the saints" "(Congress Books: 47)"
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10985: "KIRKUP T" - "Progress and the Fiscal Problem"
48228: KISHLANSKY M A - Parliamentary selection: social and political choice in early modern England
39792: "KITA B" - "What prize awaits us:" "letters from Guatemala"
10990: KITAMORI K - Theology of the pain of God
43613: KITCH A E - Taking the plunge: baptism and parenting
43635: KITCHEN M ET AL - Word among us: insights into the Scripture readings for Sundays and major Holy Days
32921: "KITCHEN M ET AL" - "Word in our time:" "insights into the scripture readings for Sundays and Holy Days - Year C"
39173: "KITCHEN M ET AL" - "Word of truth:" "a commentary on the lectionary readings for the principal service on Sundays and major Holy Days"
46657: KITCHEN M - Europe between the wars: a political history
66949: KITCHEN J H - Holy fields: an introduction to the Historical Geography of the Holy Lands
10994: KITCHENER M - Victory of Hope: a journey from Good Friday to Easter
56401: KITCHIN G W - History of France (3 volume set): Vol I BC 58 - AD 1453, Vol II AD 1453 - 1625, Vol III AD 1624 - 1792
41925: KITE R - Evil and suffering
41926: KITS A - Pastor is een vrouw
41713: KITSON C H - Prelude on ""Irish"": Cramer's library of organ music by British composers edited by Martin Shaw
10996: "KITSON M" - "Infant Praise"
28563: "DALIN P & KITSON K" - "School development:" "theories and strategies, an international handbook (School Development)"
10997: KITTEL G - Theological Dictionary of the New Testament volumes 1-9 NO INDEX VOLUME
35002: "KITTS E J" - "In the days of the Councils:" "a sketch of the life and times of Baldassare Cossa (afterwards Pope John the Twenty-Third)"
25894: "KIVINEN M" - "Kalamari union: middle class in East and West"
25861: "KIZILYALLI H" - "Economics of transition: a new methodology for" "transforming a socialist economy to a market-led economy and sketches of a workable macroeconomic theory"
57070: KLAIBER W - Call and response: biblical foundations of a theology of evangelism
53204: KLASSEN J D - Paradox of hope: theology and the problem of Nihilism
66963: KLAUCK H-J - Apocryphal Gospels: an introduction
61160: "BOCKMUEHL KLAUS" - "LISTENING TO THE GOD WHO SPEAKS:" "reflections on god's guidance from scripture and the lives of God's peope"
51334: KLAVER R - Our sanctification in Christ
11009: "KLEIN A F" - "Role playing in leadership training of group" "problem solving"
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11016: "KLEIN V" - "Britain's married women workers" "(ILSSR)"
11017: "KLEIN V" - "Feminine character:" "history of an ideology (ILSSR)"
11029: "KLEIN V" - "Feminine character:" "history of an ideology (ILSSR)"
45879: KLEINCLAUSZ A - Pays d'art la Bourgogne
11019: KLEINKNECHT H ET AL - Wrath: (Bible key Words)
11021: "KLEISER G" - "World's Great Sermons vols I, III & V"
45667: KLEIST H VON - Prinz Friedrich von Homburg
33162: "KLEMKE E D" - "Meaning of life"
54639: KLICKMANN F - Girl's Own Annual [Volume XLIV picture of lady feeding the birds in the snow laid to front board]
41916: KLIJN A F J - Introduction to the New Testament
11025: "KLINEBERG O" - "Social psychology"
11027: KLINK J - Still small voice
50725: KLOPPENBORG J - Q Parallels: synopsis critical notes and concordance (Foundations and facets reference series)
56795: KLOPPENBORG J - Formation of Q: trajectories in Ancient Wisdom Collections (Studies in Antiquity and Christianity)
57156: KLOPSTOCK - Messiah: translated from the German of Mr Klopstock
11032: KLOSTERMAIER K - Hindu and Christian in Vrindaban
11033: KLOSTERMAIER K - Hindu and Christian in Vrindaban
41917: KLOSTERMANN E - Markusevangelium: [Handbuch zum Neuen Testament 3]
11034: "KLUG B" - "Reflections in Rhyme"
33807: KLUGMANN J - Dialogue of Christianity and Marxism [contributors include D MacKinnon, A Ecclestone, T Corbishley, D Runcorn]
46125: KNACKFUSS H - Raphael: (Monographs on artists) with 128 illustrations from pictures and drawings
66973: KNEALE W - Probability and induction
48236: KNELLER K A - Christianity and the leaders of modern science: contribution to the history of culture during the nineteenth century with an introductory essay by Stanley L Jaki
54982: KNETSCH R L - Darkened reading: a reception history of the Book of Isaiah in a divided church
4606: COGGINS R & KNIBB M A - First and Second Books of Esdras (CBCNEB)
45880: KNIBB M A - Qumran community [Cambridge commentaries on writings of the Jewish and Christian world 200BC to AD200 2]
11043: "KNICKERBOCKER C H" - "Hide and seek:" "the effect of mind body and emotion on personality and behaviour in ourselves and others"
56730: KNIGHT G - Dion Fortune and the inner light
52467: KNIGHT G A F - New Israel: a commentary on the Book of Isaiah 56 - 66 (International Theological Commentary)
35224: KNIGHT D M - Lift up your eyes to the mountain: as guide to the spiritual life
11046: "KNIGHT D" - "Beyond the pale:" "the Christian political fringe"
48687: KNIGHT G A F - Christian Theology of the Old Testament
44859: KNIGHT G A F - Servant theology: commentary on the book of Isaiah 40 - 55 (International theological commentary)
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30316: "KNIGHT D A" - "Tradition and theology in the Old Testament," "with contributions by W Harrelson, H Ringgren, W Zimmerli, P R Ackroyd, J L Crenshaw et at"
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38672: "KNIGHT J" - "Luke's Gospel" "(New Testament readings)"
23677: "KNIGHT P T" - "Masterclass:" "learning teaching and curriculum in taught Master's degrees"
51298: KNIGHT D M - Cloud by day fire by night (Volume II): the meaning and choice of religious poverty
57058: KNIGHT H H - Future for truth: evangelical theology in a postmodern world
66976: KNIGHT D - Why Jesus?: basic questions and answers on Jesus' life and teachings
52701: KNIGHT G A F - Hosea (Torch Bible Commentary)
47753: GILBERT J G & KNIGHT R - Last waltz of the evening
41918: KNIGHT H J C - Temptation of our Lord: considered as related to the ministry and as a revelation of his person
41919: KNIGHT W - Easter anthology: collected, arranged and edited by William Knight
41921: KNIGHT S - Life of Dr John Colet: Dean of St Paul's in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII and founder of St Paul's school with an appendix containing soem account of the masters and more eminent scholars of that foundation and several original papers relating to the said life
55671: KNIGHT J - Orthodoxies in Massachusetts: rereading American puritanism
27342: "KNIGHTS L C" - "Further explorations:" "essays in criticism"
44057: "KNOTT J R" - "Encouraging word:" "renewed hearts, renewed church"
66987: KNOTT P - Living in grace
65428: HAYDON-KNOWELL R - How to lead a house group: a training manual on house groups and house group leadership
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11075: KNOWLES D - Religious Orders in England (Volume I only)
28629: "KNOWLES D J" - "Escape from catastrophe:" "1940 Dunkirk"
55070: FURNIVAL J & KNOWLES A - Archbishop Derek Warlock: his personal journey
11079: KNOWLES D - What is Mysticism
11078: KNOWLES D - Thomas Becket
11074: KNOWLES D - Religious Orders in England set of 3 volumes [No additional postage for UK and EU]
11067: KNOWLES D - Bare ruined choirs: the dissolution of the English Monasteries (abridges edition of The Religious Orders in England III: the Tudor age)
11087: "KNOX J" - "Death of Christ:" "the cross in the New Testament history and faith"
35132: "KNOX J" - "Death of Christ:" "the cross in New Testament history and faith"
11081: "KNOX A A" - "Green bough:" "and other poems"
11082: "KNOX E A" - "Reminiscences of an Octogenarian 1874-1934:" "with 24 illustrations"
33070: "KNOX I" - "100 instant faith sharing talks" "[practical hints and outlines for all occasions]"
11084: "KNOX J" - "Church and the reality of Christ"
11088: "KNOX J" - "Ethic of Jesus in the teaching of the church:" "its authority and its relevance"
11095: KNOX J - Philemon: among the letters of Paul
11096: "KNOX M" - "Action" "(Muirhead lib of philosophy)"
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11119: "KNOX W L" - "Penitence and forgiveness" "with a memoir of the author by HE Wynn"
45079: KNOX R A - Memories of the future: being memoirs of the years 1915 - 1972 written in the year of grace 1988 by Opal, Lady Porstock and edited by Ronald A Knox
32672: KNOX R A - Creed in slow motion
54383: KNOX R A - Open-air pulpit
54384: KNOX R A - Stimuli
30245: KNOX R A - Lightning meditations
24259: KNOX J - Humanity and divinity of Christ: a study pattern in Christology
67016: KNOX W H - Gospel of John: Talks to young people of any age
11101: KNOX R A - Enthusiasm: a chapter in the history of religion with special reference to the XVII and XVIII centuries
11085: KNOX J - Church and the reality of Christ
23349: "KNUDSEN H" - "Employee participation in Europe"
67017: KNUDSON A C - Doctrine of God
54004: KNYFF M-G DE - Helpers of the Holy Souls
11126: "KOCH H-G" - "Abolition of God:" "materialistic Atheism and Christian religion"
11125: KOCH H-G - Abolition of God: materialistic Atheism and Christian religion
56517: KOENIG J - Rediscovering New Testament prayer: boldness and blessing in the name of Jesus
11135: KOENIGSBERGER H G - Europe in the Sixteenth Century
48234: KOERTGE N - House built on sand: exposing postmodernist myths about science
44469: "KOESTER H" - "Ephesos Methopolis of Asia:" "interdisciplinary approach to its archaeology, religion, and culture"
53393: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament volume 1 History culture and religion of the Hellenistic age & Volume 2 History and literature of early Christianity
11137: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament: Volume one: History culture and religion of the Hellenistic Age
11140: "KOESTLER A" - "Arrival and Departure"
24946: "KOFTA M ET AL" - "Personal control in action:" "cognitive and motivational mechanisms (Plenum series in Social/Clinical Psychology)"
7758: GOODRICK E W & KOHLENBERGER JR - NIV complete concordance: the complete English concordance to the NIV Anglicised ed
33373: KOHLENBERGER J R - NRSV concordance unabridged including the Apocryphal/Deuterocanical books [an exhaustive index of all occurrences of all words in the New Revised Standard version
25865: "BARKER T & KOHLER J" - "International competitiveness and environmental" "policies (International studies in environmental policy making)"
40014: "JOLLY J & KOHLER E" - "Gay letters"
11144: KOHLER L - Hebrew Man: lectures delivered at the invitation of the University of Tubingen December 1-16, 1952 with an appendix on Justice in the Gate
27637: "KOHMOTO K ET AL" - "Pathogenesis and host specificity in plant diseases:" "histopathological, biochemical, genetic and molecular bases (3 volume set)"
52238: KOKKINOU S - Greek mythology
37556: KOLBELL E - Were you there?: finding ourselves at the foot of the cross
11147: "KOLLAR R" - "Return of the Benedictines to London:" "a history of Ealing abbey from 1896 to Independence"
51006: STEINBICHLER H & KONIG S - Deutschen Alpen und ihr Vorland (Les Alpes allemandes) (The German Alps)
45673: KONIGS W - Erlauterungen zu Goethes Iphigenie auf Tauris
11154: KONSTANT D - Jesus Christ: the way the truth and the light: a daily prayer book
45552: KONSTANT D - Bread broken
50240: KOONCE K - Parenting the way God parents: refusing to recycle your parents' mistakes
44062: "KOONTZ T" - "Godward:" "personal stories of grace"
11155: "KOOPMAN L" - "Guide to ecclesiastical:" "illustrated by Jack Wiens"
11160: "KORAN, ENGLISH" - "Essential Koran, the heart of Islam:" "introductory selection of readings from the Qur'an trans by T Cleary"
52766: KORAN [ABDULLAH YSUSF ALI] - Glorious Qur'an
50123: KORAN [SALE] - Koran commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed translated into English from the original Arabic with explanatory notes taken from the most approved commentators...preliminary discourse by George Sale (Sir John Lubbock's Hundred Books)
67049: ANGLICAN CHURCH IN KOREA - KOREAN LITURGY [being] the order for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist according to the use of the Anglican Church in Korea - authorised English version
23678: "KORNAI J" - "Struggle and hope:" "essays on stabilization and reform in a post-socialist economy"
41991: KORNFELD W - Studien zum Heiligkeitsgesetz
56399: KOROLEVSKY C - Living languages in Catholic worship: an historical enquiry
48128: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [piano solo]
48129: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [soprano in F]
38008: "KOSMALA H" - "Hebraer - Essener - Christen:" "Studien zur Vorgeschichte der frühchristlichen Verkündigung (Studia Post-Biblica 1)"
56998: REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO - March pogrom in Kosovo and Metohija March 17 - 19 2004
27941: "KOSSOFF D" - "You have a minute, Lord?:" "a sort of a prayer book, including the three pieces 'Words for Paul'"
11168: "KOSSOFF D" - "Little Book of Sylvanus:" "illus C Keeping"
49854: KOSTENBERGER A J - Da Vinci code: is Christianity true?
40546: KOSTLIN J - Life of Luther: with illustrations from authentic sources
44631: "KOSZUL A" - "Was Bishop William Barlow Friar Jerome Barlow?" "a propos of 'Rede me and be not wroth' and other early Protestant dialogues (Reprinted from 'Review of English Studies, vol iv no. 13. Jan 1928)"
44518: "KOTESKEY R L" - "Psychology from a Christian perspective"
52333: KOTKER N - Holy Land in the time of Jesus
11173: "KOVEL J" - "Complete guide to therapy:" "from psychoanalysis to behaviour modification"
49607: KOWIT S - In the palm of your hand: the poet's portable workshop
23748: KOYAMA K - No handle on the cross: an Asian meditation on the crucified mind
11175: "KOYAMA K" - "Waterbuffalo theology"
55011: KOYZIS D T - We answer to another: authority office and the image of God
39087: "KRAELING E G" - "Bible atlas"
11177: KRAELING E G - Four Gospels: the clarified New Testament Vol 1
11178: KRAELING E G - Old Testament since the Reformation
11185: KRAEMER H - World Cultures and World Religions: the coming dialogue based on the Stone lectures, Princeton 1958
11182: KRAEMER H - Theology of the Laity
67065: KRAEMER H - Theology of the Laity: Hulsean lectures
56729: KRAFT W F - Sexual dimensions of the celibate life
44842: "KRAILSHEIMER A J" - "Three sixteenth-century conteurs"
25816: "KRAMER W" - "Christ, Lord, Son of God" "(Studies in Biblical Theology 50)"
12474: "MAGEE J & KRAMER J" - "Concurrency State Models and Java Programs"
49577: KRAMER K P - Death dreams: unveiling mysteries of the unconscious mind
52584: GIBB H A R & KRAMERS J H - Shorter encyclopaedia of Islam
67070: KRAMNICK I - Essays in the history of political thought
11189: "KRAMP W" - "Prophecy" "(RBC 89)"
45885: KRASS A C - Applied Theology 1: Go... and make disciples [TEK Study Guide 9]
42047: "KRAUS H J" - "People of God in the Old Testament:" "[World Christian Books No. 22]"
53202: KRAUS C N - On being human: sexual orientation and the image of God
11191: "KRAUS H-J" - "Gottesdienst in Israel:" "Grundriss einer Geschichte des alttestamentlichen Gottesdienstes"
40434: "KRAUS H-J" - "Gottesdienst in Israel:" "studien zur geschichte des laubhuttenfestes (Beitrage zur evangelischen theologie 19)"
51093: KRAUSE D G - Way of the leader
55035: KREGLINGER G H - Storied revelations: parables, imagination, and George MacDonald's Christian fiction
36863: "KREITZER L J" - "Epistle to the Ephesians"
32553: KREITZER L J - Pauline images in fiction and film: on reversing the hermeneutical flow (Biblical seminar 61)
11198: "KRENTZ E" - "Historical-critical method"
43718: "KRIEGER D J" - "New Universalism:" "foundations for a global theology (Faith meets faith series)"
27185: "KRISTEN C" - "Local ghost trails"
44686: "KRITZINGER J D W" - "Qehal Jahwe;" "wat dit is en wie daaraan mag behoort"
30063: OSWALD R M & KROEGER O - Personality type and religious leadership
49576: KROLL U - Lament for a lost enemy
11205: "KROLL U" - "Flesh of my flesh"
26991: "KROLL U" - "Spiritual exercise book"
11207: "KROLL U" - "Trees of life:" "the prayer of intercession and its cost illustrated by Rebecca Abrey"
11208: KROLL U - Vocation to Resistance: contemplation and change
40366: "KRONHAUSEN P & E" - "Sexual response in women"
40509: "KRONHAUSEN E & P" - "Walter, the English Casanova:" " a presentation of his unique memoirs 'My Secret Life'"
46479: KROPF R W - Faith security and risk: dynamics of spiritual growth
40515: "KRUGER P" - "Hellenismus und Judentum im neutestamentlichen Zeitalter"
35168: "KRUSE R J" - "To the ends of the earth:" "Christ here and now"
53389: KUBO S - Reader's Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and a beginner's guide for the translation of New Testament Greek
56283: KUCHLER M - Fruhjudische Weisheitstraditionen zum Fortgang weisheitlichen Denkens im Bereich des fruhjudischen Jahwegaubens (Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 26)
11214: KUHL C - Old Testament: its origins & composition
52465: KUHLMAN K - Nothing is impossible with God
55716: KUHLMANN B - Der heilige Bonifatius: Apostel der Deutschen
29498: KUHRT G - Introduction to Christian ministry: following your vocation in the Church of England
51318: KUHRT W - Interpreting the Bible
37166: KUHRT G W - Ministry issues for the Church of England: mapping the trends
39954: "KUITERT H M" - "Jesus:" "the legacy of Christianity"
11225: "KUITERT H M" - "I have my doubts:" "how to become a Christain without being a fundamentalist"
23335: "BREDOW W V JAGER T & KUMMEL G" - "European security"
11227: KUMMEL W G - Introduction to the New Testament
43320: "KUMMEL W G" - "Introduction to the New Testament:" "(Study Edition)"
45888: KUMMEL W G - Theology of the New Testament (New Testament Library)
56111: KUN J - Exodus: God to the rescue: a guided discovery for groups and individuals
33810: KUNG H - Infallible?: an enquiry
43278: KUNG H - Eternal life?
11235: KUNG H - Council and reunion
11238: "KUNG H" - "Eternal life?"
11248: "KUNG H" - "Truthfulness:" "the future of the church"
45887: KUNG H - Theologian and the church [Theological meditations 1]
42085: "KUNG H" - "Church and freedom:" "[theological meditations 6]"
11237: KUNG H - Does God exist? an answer for today
29824: KUNG H - On being a Christian
55081: KUNG H - Reforming the church today: keeping hope alive
11240: KUNG H - Global responsibility: in search of a new world ethic
11232: KUNG H - Christianity & the world religions: paths of dialogue with Islam, Hinduism, & Buddhism
36011: KUNG H - My struggle for freedom: memoirs
38253: KUNG H - Justification: the doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic reflection, with a new introductory chapter by the author and the original response by Karl Barth
39256: KUNNETH W - Theology of the resurrection (Preacher's Library)
33674: "KUPFERBERG H" - "Opera"
67141: "KURICHIANIL J" - "Before Thee face to face:" "a study on prayer in the Bible"
11255: "KURTZ I" - "Loneliness"
34534: KUNG H & KUSCHEL K J - Global ethic: the declaration of the parliament of the world's religions
29575: "HARING H & KUSCHEL K-J" - "Hans Kung. Weg und Werk:" "chronik, essays, bibliographie"
11256: "KUSCHEL K-J" - "Laughter:" "a theological essay"
26914: "KUSCHEL K-J" - "Abraham:" "a symbol of hope for Jews, Christians and Muslims"
29495: KUSCHEL K-J - Born before all time?: the dispute over Christ
50490: KUSCHEL K-J - Poet as mirror: human nature, God and Jesus in twentieth century literature
11257: "KUSHNER H" - "Who needs God"
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37707: LEECH K - Politics and the faith today: Catholic social vision for the 1990s (Affirming Catholicism)
11587: LEECH K - Sky is red: discerning the signs of the times
11585: LEECH K - Pastoral care and the drug scene (LPC)
23826: LEECH K - Social God
11583: LEECH K - Eye of the storm: spiritual resources for the pursuit of justice
11596: LEECH K - True prayer: introduction to Christian spirituality
51430: LEECH K - Practical guide to the drugs scene
34207: "LEEN J" - "By Jacob's well:" "a planned retreat"
67368: LEEN E - My last retreat
67370: LEEN J - By Jacob's well: a planned retreat
24674: CULLMANN O & LEENHARDT F J - Essays on the Lord's Supper (Ecumenical Studies in Worship 1)
11604: "LEENHARDT F J" - "Two Biblical faiths:" "Protestant and Catholic"
44524: "FLESSEMAN-VAN LEER E" - "Grace abounding:" "Comparison of Frederick Denison Maurice and Karl Barth"
23242: "LEER A" - "Masters of the wired world:" "cyberspace speaks out"
51375: FLESSEMAN-VAN LEER E - Bible: its authority and interpretation in the ecumenical movement (Faith and Order Paper 99)
47463: MOSER A & LEERS - Moral theology: dead ends and ways forward (Liberation and theology 9)
11606: "LEESON S" - "Christian Education:" "being 8 lectures delivered before the U of Oxford in the 1944 on the foundation of the Rev. John Bampton, Canon of Salisbury (Bampton lectures 1944)"
67378: LEESON S - Study of the Gospel of Christ
11609: "LEEUWEN A TH VAN" - "Christianity in World History:" "the meeting of the faiths of East and West"
39218: "LEEUWEN C V" - "Développement du sens social en Israël"
11610: "LEEUWEN M S VAN" - "After Eden:" "facing the challenge of gender reconciliation"
11611: "LEFEBURE M" - "Human experience & the art of counselling:" "further conversations between a doctor & a priest"
67381: LEFEBVRE D G - Mystery of God's love
51874: LEGAUT M - Patience et passion d'un croyant
67385: LEGAUT M - Meditations of a believer
11618: "LEGENDA" - "Legenda Monastica and other poems" "second edition"
18090: "SOUTH ENGLISH LEGENDARY" - "South English Legendary, Vol 3 Introduction and glossary" "by Charlotte D'Evelyn (Early English Text Society original series No 244)"
67502: "LEGG J W" - "Some principles and services of the prayer book historically" "considered"
11619: "LEGG J W" - "English church life from the Restoration" " to the Tractarian Movement considered in some of its neglected or forgotten features"
27900: "WICKHAM LEGG L G" - "Dictionary of National Biography 1941-1950:" "with an index covering the years 1901-1950 in one alphabetical series"
22437: "LEGG J W" - "Essays liturgical and historical" "(Studies in Church History)"
43083: "LEGG L G W" - "Law of the Concordat (Loi du 18 Germinal, an X) (April 8, 1802)" "(Church Historical Society publication no. 91)"
27161: "LEGGE G" - "In between talking about the football"
48039: LEHAR F ET AL - Eight famous valses by popular composers
67392: LEHMANN L H - Out of the labyrinth
53376: LEHMBERG S E - Cathedrals under siege: cathedrals in English society 1600 - 1700
67393: LEIBNIZ G W - Discourse on metaphysics correspondence with Arnauld and Monadology with an introduction by Paul Janet, member of the French institute
11626: "LEICESTER" - "Leicester Diocesan Synod on Confirmation To-day:" "held in Leicester Cathedral on October 22nd 1946"
11628: "LEIDT W E" - "Anglican Mosaic"
42703: LEIGHTON R [DODDERIDGE/MIDDLETON] - Genuine works of R Leighton (VOLUME I ONLY): with a preface by Philip Doddridge to which is now prefixed the life of the author by Erasmus Middleton
11630: LEIGHTON R [PEARSON] - Whole works of the most Reverend Father in God Robert Leighton D.D. Archbishop of Glasgow (Volumes II, III & IV only): to which is prefixed the life of the author by The Rev. John Norman Pearson
38851: "LEIGHTON R" - "Eighteen sermons, first published in 1692... and now" "reprinted... with an appendix at the end containing explications of the disputed points of justification, assurance etc, and an index of the most material things"
11629: "LEIGHTON R" - "Practical commentary upon the First Epistle of St Peter:" "and other expository works to which is prefixed a life of the author by Revd JN Pearson Vol II"
36358: "LEIGHTON R" - "Works of Robert Leighton, Archbishop of Glasgow" "to which is prefixed a life of the author"
39080: "LEIGHTON W H" - "Wyclif and Lollardy in England"
42705: LEIGHTON R - Expository works with other remains of Robert Leighton in two volumes
49998: LEIGHTON J - Lift high the cross: a history of the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry: training new leaders to make Christ known

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