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061058: G F H BERKELEY; J BERKELEY - Italy in the Making 1815-1848
023562: GRANTLEY F. BERKELEY - Reminiscences of a Huntsman
046808: GRANTLEY F. BERKELEY - Anecdotes of the Upper Ten Thousand
033931: THE HON. GRANTLEY F. BERKELEY - My Life and Recollections
062376: [GEORGE BERKELEY] - The Analyst or a Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician
057747: LOUIS BERMAN - The Personal Equation
047172: L C BERNACCHI - Saga of the Discovery
028549: GEORGES BERNANOS - The Open Mind
015022: WILLIAM LEIGH BERNARD - The Irish Church Acts, 1869 & 1872
051135: LAURE BERNARD - Les Mythologies de Tous Les Peuples Racontees
048143: LOUIS BERNARD - Chefs-D'Oeuvre de Peinture
052420: PIERRE JOSEPH BERNARD - Oeuvres Completes de Bernard
021452: THALES BERNARD - La Lisette de Beranger: Souvenirs Intimes
042428: CLAUDE BERNARD - De la
020771: SOTHERBY PARKE BERNET AND CO - Important Nineteenth Century and Modern Prints: The Collection of the Late Sir Rex de C. Nan Kivell
063255: LOUIS DE BERNIERES - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
064974: LOUIS DE BERNIERES - Red Dog
021822: LOUISE BERNIKOW - Abel
045515: WALTHER BERNT - Die Niederlandischen Zeichner Des 17. Jarhnderts
045509: WALTHER BERNT - The Netherlandish Painters of the Seventeenth Century
045528: WALTHER BERNT - Die Niederlandischen Maler Des 17. Jahrhunderts
053990: AAGE BERNTSEN - Digte: Fjerde Samling
054237: AAGE BERNTSEN - Ungkarlens Visebog Og Aegtemandens Salmebog
048302: ARNAUD BERQUIN - L'Ami Des Enfants
046066: JASON BERRY - Lead Us Not Into Temptation
058860: L. V. BERTABERLLI - Lazio
045162: EMILE BERTAUX - Rome.
064816: BERTHA - Bertha's Journal During a Visit to Her Uncle in England
039954: A. MARAVAL-BERTHOIN - Chants Du Hoggar
015432: CLAUDE LOUIS BERTHOLLET - Elements of the Art of Dyeing. Volume II
015719: S. HENRY BERTHOUD - Les F?Eries de la Science
058060: JAMES G. BERTRAM - The Harvest of the Sea Including Sketches of Fisheries & Fisher Folk
028033: WALTER BESANT - To Call Her Mine
028085: WALTER BESANT - The Orange Girl
031585: WALTER BESANT - A Fountain Sealed
028226: WALTER BESANT AND JAMES RICE - Sir Richard Whittington Lord Mayor of London
027510: WALTER BESANT - Uncle Jack Etc.
027686: WALTER BESANT - The Holy Rose
027442: WALTER BESANT - The Master Craftsman
027708: WALTER BESANT - The Changeling
027706: WALTER BESANT - Beyond the Dreams of Avarice
028015: WALTER BESANT - The Lady of Lynn
028032: WALTER BESANT - The Alabaster Box
054313: SIR WALTER BESANT - London
062080: SIR WALTER BESANT - London in the Eighteenth Century
059218: WALTER BESANT - London in the Time of the Tudors London in the Time of the Stuarts
021710: AINE BESCHERELLE - Dictionnaire National Ou Dictionnaire Universel de la Langue Francaise
042888: BASILIUS BESLER - Hortus Eystettensis
029250: THE EARL OF BESSBOROUGH - A Place in the Forest Being the Story of Stansted in Sussex
048122: MRS BESSET. - The Lost Child, a Tale of London Streets, and Other Stories, in Words of Two Syllables.
063530: [HENRY DIGBY BESTE] - Italy As It Is; or, Narrative of an English Family's Residence for Three Years in That Country
024335: HENRY BESTON - The Book of Gallant Vagabonds
046684: MARY D. BETHUEN - The River Mole,
052821: MAXIMILIAN DE BETHUNE - Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune
041798: MAXIMILIEN DE BETHUNE - Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of Sully
039673: JOHN BETJEMAN - Old Lights for New Chancels
039417: JOHN BETJEMAN - Archie and the Strict Baptists
057620: JOHN BETJEMAN - Continual Dew a Little Book of Bourgeois Verse
030161: BETTINA - For the Leg of a Chicken
044365: FRANCOIS-SULPICE BEUDANT - 1821 Francois Sulpice Beudant Essai D'Un Cours Elementaire General Sciences
006252: CHARLES AUGUSTIN SAINTE-BEUVE - Causeries Dulundi
022921: C. A. SAINTE-BEUVE - Poesies Completes de Sainte-Beuve
064325: CHARLES AUGUSTIN SAINTE-BEUVE - Causeries Du Lundi
064341: FRANCOISE BERTAUT DE MOTTEVILLE; M. F. RIAUX; M. SAINTE-BEUVE - Memoires de Mme de Motteville Sur Anne D'Autriche Et Sa Cour
023613: C. A. SAINTE-BEUVE - Portraits Litteraires
049652: CHARLES AUGUSTIN SAINTE-BEUVE - Causeries Du Lundi, Volumes VII to XIII, & Table
051640: C A SAINTE-BEUVE - Portraits Litteraires
043994: C A SAINTE-BEUVE - Causeries Du Lundi
040931: WILLIAM BEVERIDGE - Private Thoughts, in Two Parts Complete
065088: WILLIAM BEVERIDGE - The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, with an Exposition on the First Thirty Articles; Founded Upon Principles of Reason, and Agreeable to the Sense of Scripture and Fathers
052653: WILLIAM BEVERIDGE - Private Thoughts Upon Religion
053602: WILLIAM BEVERIDGE - Private Thoughts in Two Parts
061272: ALBERT J. BEVERIDGE - Americans of to-Day and to-Morrow
026553: RICHARD JOHNSON; ILLUSTRATED BY I. BEWICK - The Blossoms of Morality; Intended for the Amusement and Instruction of Young Ladies and Gentlemen
016578: THOMAS BEWICK - A General History of Quadrupeds
024546: THOMAS BEWICK AND RALPH BEILBY - A General History of Quadrupeds
061421: THOMAS BEWICK - A General History of Quadrupeds
064244: THOMAS BEWICK - The History of British Birds
041668: THOMAS BEWICK - A General History of Quadrapeds
024536: THOMAS AND JOHN BEWICK, - Select Fables;
064247: THOMAS BEWICK - A General History of Quadrupeds
043843: MOHAMMED ESSAD-BEY - Nicholas II. Prisoner of the Purple
052921: L R KOOLEMANS BEYNEN - De Reis Der Pandora Naar de Noordpoolgewesten in Den Zomer Van 1875
058365: THEODORO BEZA (TANSLATION) - Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Interprete Theodoro Beza
057839: THEODORO BEZA (TRANS.) - Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi
052686: THEODORO BEZA - Jesu Chrisit
048477: THEODORE BEZA - Jesu Christi,
053933: DR FRIEDRICH VON BEZOLD - Geschichte Der Deutschen Reformation
016763: SUDHINDRA NATH BHATTACHARYYA - A History of Mughal North-East Frontier Policy
055106: J C BOWMAN; M BIANCO - Tales from a Finnish Tupa
057127: E. BIBER - Henry Pestalozzi, and His Plan of Education; Being an Account of His Life and Writings; with Copious Extracts from His Works and Extensive Details Illustrative of the Practical Parts of His Method
025913: LON OF THE BIBLE - The First of the Empires
043801: MINIATUR-BIBLIOTHEK - Englischer Dolmetscher
054383: EDGAR M BICK - Classics of Orthopaedics
022361: JOHN BICKERDYKE - The Book of the All-Round Angler
014019: R. BICKERSTETH - The Weekly Visitor and Christian Family Reader. January to June 1851. July to December 1851.
054244: EDWARD BICKERSTETH - A Treatise on Prayer
058008: REVEREND EDWARD BICKERSTETH - A Treatise on Prayer; Designed to Assist in the Devout Discharge of That Duty
059830: R. BICKERSTETH (ED.) - The Weekly Visitor, and Christian Family Reader. January to June, 1854.
038213: FRANCIS BICKLEY - Where Dorset Meets Devon
053685: ANTHONY J DREXEL BIDDLE - The Madeira Islands
062249: CHRISTOPHER BIDEN - Naval Discipline Subordination Contrasted with Insubordination
038712: J. P. BIDLAKE - Exercises in Orthography and Derivation
030971: OSCAR BIE - Das Klavier Und Seine Meister
039370: J BIGLAND - Letters on English History for the Use of Schools
016965: THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACTS (AMENDMENT) BILL - Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Public Health Acts (Amendment) Bill (H.L. ): Together with the Proceedings of the Committee. Minutes of Evidence.
016954: THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE EDUCATION (PROVISION OF MEALS) BILL - Special Report and Report from the Select Committee on the Education (Provision of Meals) Bill, 1906, and the Education (Provision of Meals) (Scotland) Bill, 1906: Together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence and Appendix
054599: DAN BILLANY - The Trap
058637: ELISABETH BILLARD - Pauline; Ou, la Vertueuse
058904: LA BILLARDIERE - Relation de Voyage a la Recherche de la Perouse, Fait Par Ordre de L'Assemblee Constituant, Pendant Les Annees 1791, 1792, Et Pendant la 1st Et la 2nd Anee de la Republique Francoise
065025: MARK BILLINGHAM - Sleepyhead
016308: CAPTAINS JOSEPH BILLINGS AND GAVRIIL SARYCHEV - 1980 Siberia & Nw America Journal Carl Heinrich Merck
064963: RACHEL BILLINGTON - All Things Nice
062873: LUDOVICO BILLOT; [LOUIS BILLOT] - Disquisitio de Natura Et Ratione Peccati Personalis Sive Introductio Ad Tractatum de Poenitentia Ex Prima Secundae, Quaest. LXXI - LXXXIX de Deo Uno Et Trino Commentarius in Primam Partem S. Thomae Tractatus de Ecclesia Christi Sive Continuatio Theologiae de Verbo Incarnato de Ecclesiae Sacramentis Commentarius in Tertiam Partem S. Thomae de Virtutibus Infusis Commentarius in Secundam Partem S. Thomae
017387: JOHNANN GUSTAV FRIEDRICH BILLROTH - Vorlesungen Uber Religionsphilosophie
022838: CHARLES RENE BILLUART - Summa S. Thomae Hodiernis Academiarum Moribus Accomodata, Sive Cursus Theologiaead Usum Scholarum Thomisticarumin Nineteen Volumes.
054455: BILL BILTON - Hendergaust and Umtilla
054005: RUDOLF G BINDING - Gedenkrede Auf Beethoven
063398: R P ESTIENNE BINET - Abrege Des Views Des Principaux Fondatevrs Des Religions de L'Eglise Representex Dans le Choevr de L'Abbaie de S Lambert de Liessies En Haynaut Avec Les Maximes Spirituelles de Chaque Fondateur.
062681: NINA B. BINGHAM - The Modern Cuisine and Book of Household Receipts, Original and Collected
059799: RICHARD BINGHAM - Sermons, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental
048920: JOHN BINGHAM - Brock
048917: JOHN BINGHAM - The Third Skin
048656: CAPT. THE HON. D. BINGHAM - The Bastille
033967: CAPT. THE HON. D. BINGHAM - The Bastille
019073: J. BINGLEY - Bingley's Select Vocalist. Two Volumes Bound As One
052658: [REV WILLIAM BINGLEY] - [Modern Travels Through Every Important Country
030466: L. E. ELLIOTT-BINNS, D.D., F.R.HIST.S - English Thought 1860-1900
054250: ROBERT LAURENCE BINYON - The Sirens an Ode
042906: LAURENCE BINYON - Painting in the Far East
064343: LAURENCE BINYON - The Golden Treasury of Modern Lyrics
058644: G. C. B. A BIOGRAPHY - Admiral of the Fleet Sir Geoffrey Phipps Hornby G.C. B. A Biography
061561: J. B. BIOT - Precis Elementaire de Physique Experimentale
064189: THOMAS BIRCH - The History of the Royal Society of London for Improving of Natural Knowledge, from Its First Ride. In Which the Most Considerable of Those Papers Communicated to the Society, Which Have Hitherto Not Been Published, Are Inserted in Their Proper Order, As a Supplement to the Philosophical Transactions
016372: THOMAS BIRCH. - A Complete Collection of the Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous Works of John Milton
062647: MRS. RUNDELL; E. BIRCH - A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed Upon Principles of Economy, and Adapted to the Use of Private Families
046415: GEORGE H. BIRCH - London Churches of the Xviith and Xviiith Centuries
016929: SUMNER W. BIRCHLEY - British Birds for Cages, Aviaries and Exhibition
012802: ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD, M.D. - The Adventures of Robin Day
035210: ISABELLA L. BIRD - Six Months Among the Palm Groves, Coral Reefs, and Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands
044011: BIRDS - A Book of Baby Birds
060900: MORRIS BIRKBECK - Notes on a Journey Through France, from Dieppe Through Paris and Lyons, to the Pyrennees, and Back Through Toulouse, in July, August and September, 1814, Describing the Habits of the People, and the Agriculture of the Country
030598: JAMES BOSWELL; EDITED BY GEORGE BIRKBECK - Boswell's Life of Johnson
016900: GEORGE A. BIRMINGHAM - The Lighter Side of Irish Life
030715: MAISIE BIRMINGHAM - Sleep in a Ditch
064260: SIR ANDREW BIRNIE - A Compend or Abbreviat of the Most Important Ordinary Securities of and Concerning Rights Personal and Real. Of Common Use in Scotland
030073: BIRO - Bumpy's Holiday
034068: C. S. FORESTER; WRAPPER DESIGN BY BIRO - Randall and the River of Time
064791: CHARLES LAMB; AUGUSTINE BIRRELL - The Essays of Elia the Last Essays of Elia
034172: AUGUSTINE BIRRELL - In the Name of the Bodleian and Other Essays
061532: ROBERT BROWNING; AUGUSTINE BIRRELL (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning
006407: MORRIS BISHOP - Champlain
033735: THE BISHOP - A Catechism; That Is to Say, an Instruction to Be Learned of Every Person Before He Be Brought to Be Confirmed by the Bishop
027786: LAFCARDIO HEARN; EDITED BY ELIZBETH BISLAND - The Japanese Letters of Lafcadio Hearn
046675: HUBERT E.J. BISS - Bailli?Re's Popular Atlas of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Human Body
064580: J BISSET - Critical Essays on the Dramatic Excellencies of the Young Roscus
059671: PAUL JÉRÉMIE BITAUBÉ - Joseph. Par M. Bitaube, de L'Academie Royale Des Sciences Et Belles-Lettres de Berlin, Et de Celle Des Inscriptions Et Belles-Lettres de Paris. Cinquieme Edition.
010458: JETHRO BITHELL - The Minnesingers
044580: ADAM AND CHARLES BLACK (ED) - Who Was Who 1961-1970
017951: C. B. BLACK - North-France: From the English Channel to the Loire, and from the Bay of Biscay to the Rhine, Exclusive of Paris
030806: INGRID BLACK - The Dark Eye
051810: WILLIAM BLACK - Sunrise
056901: ADAM AND CHARLES BLACK - Black's Guide to the County of York
044574: A&C BLACK (ED) - Who Was Who
042168: CELEMNTINA BLACK - The Cumberland Letters
038107: FRANCIS BLACKBURNE - Remarks on Johnson's Life of Milton
042955: THE REVEREND BEAVER H. BLACKER - Monumental Inscriptions in the Parish Church of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
039403: MRS BLACKFORD - The Scottish Orphans
061235: ROBERT J. BLACKHAM - The Soul of the City London's Livery Companies Their Storied Past Their Living Present
049269: THOMAS BLACKLOCK - Poems on Several Occasions
062959: MALORIE BLACKMAN - Knife Edge Double Cross
021314: RICHARD DODDRIDGE BLACKMORE - Perlycross: A Tale of the Western Hills
020981: RICHARD DODDRIDGE BLACKMORE - Cripps the Carrier: A Woodland Tale
050363: VERGIL. TRANSLATED BY R. D. BLACKMORE - The Georgics of Vergil
020980: RICHARD DODDRIDGE BLACKMORE - Cripps, the Carrier: A Woodland Tale
054898: RICHARD DODDRIDGE BLACKMORE - Lorna Doone a Romance of Exmoor
062833: R.D. BLACKMORE - Lorna Doone a Romance of Exmoor
059977: R. D. BLACKMORE - Lorna Doone a Romance of Exmoor
021344: RICHARD DODDRIDGE BLACKMORE - Kit and Kitty: A Story of West Middlesex
054846: R D BLACKMORE - Lorna Doone a Romance of Exmoor
044813: A & C BLACKS - Blacks County Maps of Scotland
005952: THOMAS BLACKWELL) - An Enquiry Into the Life and Writings of Homer
058282: [THOMAS BLACKWELL] - An Enquiry Into the Life and Writing of Homer
050256: WILLIAM BLACKWOOD AND SONS - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
020102: ALGERNON BLACKWOOD - Dudleyand Gilderoy a Nonsense
064975: CAROLINE BLACKWOOD - Great Granny Webster
060528: ALGERNON BLACKWOOD - Full Circle
064894: DR JOHN LANGHORN; F. BLAGDON - The Fables of Flora
061996: C. H. HUNTER BLAIR (ED.) - Archaeologia Aeliana or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity
026404: DAVID BLAIR - The Universal Preceptor
038833: C. H. HUNTER BLAIR - Archaeologia Aeliana
028133: HUGH BLAIR - Sermons
026716: JOHN BLAIR - The Chronology and History of the World
036130: THE REV. DAVID BLAIR - The Universal Preceptor; or, General Grammar or Arts, Sciences, and Useful Knowledge
047806: THE REV. JOHN BLAIR - The History of the Rise and Progress of Geography
026279: SOPHIA JET BLAKE - A Visit to Some American Schools and Colleges
030441: E. O. BLAKE, PH.D. - Lieber Eliensis
037052: S. F. BLAKE AND ALICE C. ATWOOD - Geographical Guide to Floras of the Worldin Two Volumes
064751: WILLIAM BLAKE - Songs of Innocence
064958: NICHOLAS BLAKE - A Penknife in My Heart
042449: THOMAS BLAKE AND BIANCHI TAYLOR - Oh Peaceful Lake! Lines Written on the Lake of Windermere.
017271: ROBERT BLAKEY - Old Faces in New Masks
038924: ROBERT BLAKEY - History of Moral Science
056572: J. BLAKSLEY - Travels, Trips and Trots, on and Off Duty, from the Tropics to the Arctic Circle
040925: M LOUIS BLANC - Histoire de Dix Ans 1830-1840
045853: CHARLES BLANC - L'Art Dans la Parure
011620: M. CHARLES BLANC - Histoire Des Peintres de Toutes Les ?Coles
048141: CHARLES BLANC - Les Artistes de Mon Temps
059335: H. J. BLANCH - A Century of Guns: A Sketch of the Leading Types of Sporting and Military Small Arms
044747: E.L. BLANCHARD - The Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales
060479: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK; LAMAN BLANCHARD - George Cruikshank's Omnibus Illustrated with One Hundred Engravings on Steel and Wood
051517: PIERRE BLANCHARD (EDITOR) - Le Robinson Suisse Ou Recit D'Un Pere de Famille
023528: REVEREND ROBERT BLAND - The Four Slaves of Cythera
013929: STELLA BLANDY - Le Petit Roi
063575: FILIPPO PANANTI; EDWARD BLAQUIERE - Narrative of a Residence in Algiers
034133: JOAN CORDER; EDITED BY JOHN BLATCHLY - A Dictionary of Suffolk Crests
028900: RAYMOND BLATHWAYT - The Darling of the Gods
063195: WILLIAM PETER BLATTY - The Exorcist
015832: SEBASTIEN BLAZE - Memoires D'Un Apothicaire Sur la Guerre D'Espagne
025187: ALAN BLEASDALE - Scully
006473: VICTOR DU BLED - La Soci?T? Fran?Aise
023334: ALBERT TAYLOR BLEDSOE, LL. D. - A Theodicy;
039955: WILLIAM H. L. BLEEK - The Library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, K.C. B.
064242: NICOLAS DE BLEGNY - Monatliche Neueroffnete Anmerckungen Uber Alle Theile Der Artzney-Kunst Zusammen Gebrachy IM Jahr 1679
051906: JOHN BLENKARN - Practical Specifcations of Works Executed in Architecture, CIVIL and Mechanical Engineering, and in Roadmaking and Sewering
057401: LADY BLENNERHASSETT - Madame de Stael Her Friends, and Her Influence in Politics and Literature
037742: STEEN STEENSON BLICHER - St. St. Blicher Samlede Noveller Og Skitser
016845: THE DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE ON THE WELFARE OF THE BLIND - Report of the Departmental Committee on the Welfare of the Blind. Minutes of Evidence, Appendices and Index
063298: JAMES BLISH - Selected Works of James Blish
062995: JAMES BLISH - The Day After Judgement
064743: DOUGLAS PERCY BLISS - A History of Wood Engraving
047272: PHILIP BLISS - Reliquiae Hearnianae:
021138: ) HENRI BLOCH ET PAUL ROQUES - Memoires Du Chancelier Prince Du Bulow
064979: LAWRENCE BLOCK - The Burglar in the Library
039973: ALLAN BLOCK - In Noah's Wake
063419: PAUL KAVANAGH [LAWRENCE BLOCK] - The Triumph of Evil
042106: MME BLOCQUEL - Art de Confectionner Les Fleurs Artificielles
056476: ERIC BLOM - Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
057357: REV. EZEKIEL BLOMFIELD - Lectures on the Philosophy of History
051103: E. BLOMFIELD - The Holy Bible,
038283: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - When Strangers Meet
053571: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - Rural Tales Ballads and Songs
017298: RICHARD BLOOMFIELD - Richard and Kate; or, Fair Day, a Suffolk Ballad
049648: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - May Day with the Muses
049146: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - The Banks of Wye: A Poem in Four Books
047761: GEORGIANA BARONESS BLOOMFIELD - Reminiscences of Court and Diplomatic Life
052715: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - Farmer's Boy: Rural Tales Ballads and Songs
065206: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - The Banks of Wye: A Poem
059835: ROBERT BLOOMFIELD - The Farmer's Boy a Rural Poem; Wild Flower or Pastoral and Local Poetry; Rural Tales Ballads and Songs
045964: SIMON BLOW - Broken Blood
020536: E. E. BLOXAM - Little Pageant Plays for Children
039957: LEON BLUM - Stendhal Et le Beylisme
057687: WALTER HART BLUMENTHAL - The Pepper Shaker
019400: JOE WHITLOCK BLUNDELL - The Plums of P.G. Wodehouse
010105: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Cricket Country
043516: EDMUND BLUNDEN - A Summer's Fancy
064962: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Christ's Hospital a Retrospect
060583: EDMUND BLUNDEN - In Summer the Rotunda of the Bishop of Derry
060529: EDMUND BLUNDEN - A Summer's Fancy
032136: THE LATE REV. HENRY BLUNT, A.M. - Nine Lectures Upon the History of Saint Peter
040141: RICHARD BLUNT - Random Rhymes
019313: WILFRID BLUNT - Pietro's Pilgrimage
052574: WILFRID SCAWEN BLUNT - My Diaries
048994: THE REV. HENRY BLUNT - Eight Lectures Upon the History of Jacob
061582: LADY ANNE BLUNT - A Pilgrimage to Nejd the Cradle of the Arab Race a Visit to the Court of the Arab Emir and 'Our Persian Campaign'
064638: J. J. BLUNT - Undesigned Coincidences in the Writings Both of the Old and New Testament, an Argument of Their Veracity: With an Appendix, Containing Undesigned Coincidences between the Gospels and Acts, and Josephus
064650: HENRY BLUNT - Eight Lectures Upon the History of Jacob; Delivered During Lent, 1828, at the Church of St. Luke, Chelsea Twelve Lectures Upon the History of Abraham Twelve Lectures Upon the History of Saint Paul, Delivered During Lent, 1831, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Upper Chelsea
059911: REV. GILBERT WHITE; EDWARD BLYTH - The Natural History of Selborne, with Its Antiquities; Naturalist's Calendar, &C.
065134: ESTELLE BLYTH - When We Lived in Jerusalem
041476: ENID BLYTON - Five Fall Into Adventure
043217: ENID BLYTON - The Fifth
048914: JOHN BOARDMAN - Greek Gems and Finger Rings
042898: JOHN BOARDMAN - Greek Gems and Finger Rings
016608: JOHN BOARDMAN - Greek Gems and Fingers Rings
039000: HENRY HODGKINSON BOBART - Reocrds of the Basketmakers' Company
019140: TIM BOBBIN AND TIM BOBBIN THE SECOND, A.K.A. JOHN COLLIER AND ROBERT WALKER - The Miscellaneous Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq. , and Plebelan Politics
041390: JEAN BOCACE (GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO) - Contes de J. Bocace
063855: [JEAN-JAQUES BARTHELEMY]; M. BARBIE DU BOCAGE - Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins, Illustrative of the Travels of Anacharsis the Younger, in Greece, During the Middle of the Fourth Century, Before the Christian Era
047837: MANUEL MARIA BARBOSA DU BOCAGE - Obras Poeticas de Bocage
051579: GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO - Decamerone
050173: GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO - Stories of Boccaccio
041813: GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO - Decameron
044847: GEROLAMO BOCCARDO - Trattato
025853: MR. EDWARD BOCQUET - Junius
028072: WILHELM VON BODE - Die Sammlung Oscar Huldschinksy
048944: THOMAS BODKIN - Hugh Lane and His Pictures
038756: -BODY - Nonsense for Somebody Anybody or Everybody Particularly the Baby-Body
036009: JOHN B. BODY - Catalogue of the Show of Horses and Dogs;
014621: M. A. BOEGNER - Livre D'or de la Mission Du Lessouto - Soixante-Quinze Ans de L'Histoire D'Une Tribu Sud-Africaine 1833-1908
054387: MAX VON BOEHN - Modes and Manners
043019: MAX VON BOEHN - Modes and Manners
065213: ARTHUR W CRAWLEY-BOEVEY - The Perverse Widow Being Passages from the Life of Catharina Wife of William Boevey Esq
063528: DIRK BOGARDE - An Orderly Man
051840: C H V BOGATZKY - A Golden Treasury for the Children of God
058968: MRS E. BOGER [CHARLOTTE G. BOGER] - Myths, Scenes, and Worthies of Somerset
054965: HENRY G BOHN - A Dictionary of Quotations from the English Poets
051197: BEAUMARCHAIS AND BOILEAU - Oeuvres de Beaumarchais
051140: BOILEAU, E FOURNIER (EDITOR) - Oeuvres de Boileau
049307: JACQUES BOILEAU - Remarques D'Un Theologiensur le Traite Historique de L'Etablissement Et Des Perogatives de L'Eglise de Rome Et Des Ses Eveques
022402: FELIX BOILLOT - Le Vrai Mai Du Traducteur Anglais-Francais Et Francais-Anglais
049266: A DE BOISLISLE - Memoires
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023529: GEORGIO BULLO [GEORGE BULL] - Defensio Fidei Nicaenae
050839: JOHN BULL (CHARLES LAMB) - The Laughing Philosopher
059803: A. H. BULLEN (ED.) - Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age
055797: GEORGE BULLEN (ED) - Caxton Celebrations, 1877. Catalogue of the Loan Collection of Antiquities, Curiosities, and Appliancesconnected with the Art of Printing
050015: A H BULLEN - Lyrics
060606: FRANCIS DAVISON; A H BULLEN - Davison's Poetical Rhapsody
021094: MARGARET H. BULLEY - Art and Everyman: A Basis for Appreciation, Forming a General Introduction to the Study of Art of All Types, Ages and Countries
063141: ELEANOR BULLEY - Great Britain for Little Britons
056170: CECIL HENRY BULLIVANT - Because of the Woman
021394: THE REVEREND CHARLES BULLOCK - Home Words for Heart and Hearth. Belle Isle. Volume IX (Numbers I-XII)
045225: ALBERT EDWARD BULLOCK - Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church
054434: ALBERT E BULLOCK - Grinling Gibbons and His Compeers
057049: GEORGE BERTRAM BULMER - Architectural Studies in Yorkshire
021915: PATER ALBERTOA. BULSANO - Expositio Regulae Ff. Minorum S.P. Francisci Assis
019518: ALBERTO A BULSANO - Expositio Regulae Ff. Minorum Francisci Assisiensisauctore P. Alberto a Bulsanoordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum Definitore Generalieditio Novissimaaccurate Correctacodici Iuris Canonici Et Hodiernae Legistlationi Ordinis Accommodata Iussur. MI P. Melchioris a Benisa Ministri Generalis Eiusdem Ordinis
055839: CHARLES BULTER - Reminiscences
037899: HENRY LYTTON BULWER - France, Social, Literary, Political
013823: EDWARD LYTTON BULWER - The Disowned and Rienzi
062795: SIR HENRY LYTTON BULWER - Historical Characters: Talleyrand Cobbett Mackintosh Canning
041918: HENRY LYTTON BULWER - The Monarchy of the Middle Classes.
059475: HENRY LYTTON BULWER - France Social, Literary, Political
025661: DR ERNST BUMM - Grundriss Zum Studium Der Geburtshulfe
025844: J. W. WILLIS BUND - Episcopal Registers
024604: L. BUNGENER - The Priest and the Huguenot; or Persecution in the Age of Louis XV
045987: EDWARD BUNKER - Little Boy Blue
055466: ALFRED BUNN - The Stage Both Before and Behind the Curtain
011019: H. C. BUNNER - Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere
059840: FRANCES BARONESS BUNSEN - A Memoir of Baron Bunsen
010808: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress and Other Works
021018: JOHN BUNYAN - Taith Y Pererin; Neu Ymdaith Y Gwir Gristion O Ddinas Dystryw I Deyrnas Y Gogoniant. Tan Rith Breuddwyd
038767: JOHN BUNYAN - The Jerusalem Sinner Saved:
033226: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progressas Bunyan Published It.
058229: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come.
016140: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
046623: JOHN BUNYAN (NOTES AND TRANSLATIONS BY GEORGE B. CHEEVER) - Taith Y Pererin a Gweithiau Eraill Gan
035740: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
034990: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
051718: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
051486: JOHN BUNYAN, REV GEORGE B CHEEVER (EDITOR) - The Pilgrim's Progress and Other Works
048184: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
052334: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrims Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
039661: JOHN BUNYAN - A Book for Boys and Girls; or Country Rhymes for Children
039217: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
043725: JOHN BUNYAN - A Book for Boys and Girls;
020025: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
060278: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream. Wherein Is Discovered the Manner of His Setting out, His Dangerous Journey, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country
042090: EDWARD A. BUNYARD - The Anatomy of Dessert
047061: H. A. BURBERRY - The Amateur Orchid Cultivators' Guide
004485: S. BURDER - Defodau Dwyreinol:
020322: REV. S. BURDER - Defodau Dwyreiniol: Yn Cael Eu Cymmwyso Er Egluro Yr Ysgrythyrau Santaidd.
025799: J. BURDIN, M.D. - A Course of Medical Studies Containing a Comparative View of the Anatomical Structure of Man and of Animals
024575: NICHOLAS BURDIN - Essai Medico-Legal Sur Les Empoisonnemens
015407: THEODOSE BURETTE - Histoire de France, Depuis L'Etablissement Des Francs Dans la Gaule Jusqu'En 1830. In Two Volumes
023015: GOTTFRIED AUGUST BURGER - Sammtliche Werke
048951: [MARY ANNE BURGES] AND JOHN OWEN AND GEORGE HORNE - The Progress of the Pilgrim Good Intent in Jacobinical Times
060837: J. TOM BURGESS - Historic Wawickshire: Its Legendary Lore, Traditionary Stories, and Romantic Episodes

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