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034106: JOHN MACKAY WILSON - The Vacant Chair and Other Tales
053548: WILLIAM CARUS WILSON - The Friendly Visitor
037236: COLIN WILSON - Religion and the Rebel
030364: G. F. WILSON - The County Anthologies
040734: H. W. WILSON - With the Flag to Pretoria
054806: THOMAS WILSON - A Short and Plain Instruction for the Better Understanding of the Lord's Supper with the Necessary Preparation Required for the Benefit of Young Communicants and of Such As Have Not Well Considered This Hold Ordinance
022797: JOHN WILSON - The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay
030291: DAVID ALEC WILSON - Carlyle
045827: THE RIGHT REVEREND FATHER IN GOD THOMAS WILSON, D.D. - Sermons, by the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas Wilson, D.D.
029330: SIR HERBERT MAXWELL;ILLUSTRATED BY MARY G. W. WILSON - Scottish Gardens; Being a Representative Selection of Different Types, Old and New
053896: JOHN WILSON AND ALEXANDER LEIGHTON - Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland Historical Traditionary and Imaginative
050024: ROMER WILSON - Latterday Symphony
036188: EDMUND WILSON - The Little Blue Light
030395: G. F. WILSON - The County Anthologies
044075: COLIN WILSON - The Mind Parasites
043649: SAMUEL GRISWOLD GOODRICH; EDITED BY REV. T. WILSON - Peter Parley's Tales About the World
042659: REV. JOHN M. WILSON - The
064771: ANTHONY TUCK; DUDLEY WILSON - Sixteen Contemporary Wood Engravers
058808: CHARLES TOWNSHEND WILSON - James the Second and the Duke of Berwick
059333: JAMES WILSON - The Rod and the Gun Being Two Treatises on Angling and Shooting
021033: JOHN WILTSHIRE - Samuel Johnson in the Medical World
031096: GEORGE AND BERNARD WINCHCOMBE - Shakespeare's Ghost-Writer(S)
047621: ELHANAN WINCHESTER - The Three Woe Trumpets
041233: CLARENCE WINCHESTER - Shipping Wonders of the World
061116: , WINCHESTER - Public Schools of Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Winchester
045468: EDGAR WIND - Giorgione's Tempesta
052395: BLANCHE WINDER - Once Upon a Time
058262: AUTHORS & ARTISTS WHOSE WORKS ARE PUBLISHED AT THE SIGN OF THE WINDMILL - The Windmill; Stories, Essays, Poems & Pictures by Authors & Artists Whose Works Are Published at the Sign of the Windmill
057349: FATHER JOSEPH OHRWALDER; MAJOR F. R. WINGATE (TRANS). - Ten Years' Captivity in the Mahdi's Camp 1882-1892 from the Original Manuscripts of Father Joseph Ohrwalder Late Priest of the Austrian Mission Station at Delen, in Kordofan
062200: RUDOLF C SLATIN; F R WINGATE - Fire and Sword in the Sudan a Personal Narrative of Fighting and Serving the Dervishes 1879-1895
046612: MAJOR F WINGATE - Ten Years Captivity in the Mahdi's Camp
029747: R. D. WINGFIELD - Winter Frost
030235: R. D. WINGFIELD - Hard Frost
029739: R. D. WINGFIELD - Night Frost
063959: BERNHARD CHRISTOPH BREITKOPF; JOHANN HEINRICH WINKLER - Die Verschiedenen Meynungen Einiger Weltweisen Von Der Existenz Der Seelen Der Thiere in Einer Gesellschaft Guter Freunde Untersucht Die Frage, Ob Die Seelen Der Thiere Verstand Haben in Einer Gesellschaft Guter Freunde Untersucht Philosophische Untersuchung Der Frage, Ob Die Seelen Einiger Thiere Einen Gewissen Grad Der Vernunft Haben, in Einer Gesellschaft Guter Freunde Angestellet Philosophische Untersuchung Der Frage, Ob Die Seelen Der Thiere Mit Ihren Leibern Sterben? in Einer Gesellschaft Guter Freunde Angestellet
042992: BENJAMIN WINKLES - Winkle's Architectural
029191: SUSANNA WINKWORTH - Life and Letters of Barthold George Niebuhr, and Selections from His Minor Writings
051767: CATHERINE WINKWORTH - Lyra Germanica
015560: HENRY WINSLOW - Henry Winslow: Poems
038126: PAULINE GLEN WINSLOW - The Strawberry Marten
048919: PAULINE GLEN WINSLOW - The Witch Hill Murder
043386: FREDERICK WINTER - Die Kamme Allerzeiten Von Der Steinzeit Bis Zur Gegenwart
041711: BEVIS WINTER - The Dead Sleep for Keeps
039480: JEANETTE WINTERSON - Sexing the Cherry
053720: JEANETTE WINTERSON - The World and Other Places
053716: JEANETTE WINTERSON - Gut Symmetries
053609: JEANETTE WINTERSON - Tanglewreck
053608: JEANETTE WINTERSON - Art and Lies
064952: JEANETTE WINTERSON - Sexting the Cherry
047420: TIM WINTON - Dirt Music
022105: DAVID WISE AND THOMAS ROSS - The Espionage Establishment
048343: THOMAS JAMES WISE - The Ashley Library
052063: JOHN R WISE - The New Forest
019102: NICHOLAS WISEMAN - Twelve Lectures on the Connexion between Science and Revealed Religion. Delivered in Rome. In Two Volumes
028890: OWEN WISTER - Lady Baltimore
052525: GEORGE WITHER - A Collection of Emblemes
062410: HARRY F WITHERBY - Bird Hunting on the White Nile
059616: WILLIAM WITHERS - The Acacia Tree, Robinia Pseudo Acacia: Its Growth, Qualities, and Uses, with Observations on Planting, Manuring, and Pruning More Facts Relative to the Culture, Qualities, and Uses of the Acacia, Being a Supplement to Mr. Withers's Work on That Valuable Tree
040791: CORNELIUS DE WITT - Histoire de Washington Et de la Fondation de la Republique Des Etats-Unis
057561: HENRIETTE GUIZOT DE WITT - Charles VII Et Louis XI la Premiere Guerre D'Italie Guerre D'Italie D'Apres Les Chroniqueures de Monstrelet a Commines
040710: P G WODEHOUSE - Bachelors Anonymous
040674: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Young Men in Spats
040657: P. G. WODEHOUSE - A Gentleman of Leisure
040652: P. G. WODEHOUSE - A Century of Humour
056671: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Ice in the Bedroom
044840: P G WODEHOUSE - Louder and Funnier
044778: P G WODEHOUSE - 1933 P G Wodehouse the Great Sermon Handicap
040705: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Hot Water
040693: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Eggs, Beans and Crumpets
062009: P. G. WODEHOUSE - William Tell Told Again
053498: PG WODEHOUSE - Service with a Smile
049202: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Jill the Reckless
023586: P. G. WODEHOUSE - L'Inimitable Jeeves
041139: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Full Moon
041136: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Quick Service
041135: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Wodehouse on Wodehouse
041133: P. G. WODEHOUSE AND GUY BOLTON - Bring on the Girls
041130: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Money in the Bank
041102: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Ice in the Bedroom
041093: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Much Obliged Jeeves
041094: P G WODEHOUSE - A Damsel in Distress
041092: P. G. WODEHOUSE - A Pelican at Blandings
041086: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin
041087: P G WODEHOUSE - Summer Moonshine
041080: P.G. WODEHOUSE - Lord Emsworth and Others
051496: MADAME WOILLEZ - Le Robinson Des Demoiselles
020826: JOHN WOLCOT (PETER PINDAR) - The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. , a Distant Relation to the Poet of Thebes: To Which Are Prefixed, Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Author (Presumed)
031648: PETER PINDAR [JOHN WOLCOT] - The Lousiad
049560: JOHN WOLCOT - The Works of Peter Pindar Esq.
054184: PETER PINDAR [JOHN WOLCOT] - The Works of Peter Pindar Esq
049724: FRIEDRICH AUGUST WOLF - Von Einer Milden Stiftung Tragan's
063017: GENE WOLFE - The Citadel of the Autarch
053438: TOM WOLFE - From Bauhaus to Our House
060602: ROBERT HERRICK; HUMBERT WOLFE - The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick
044103: HUMBERT WOLFE - The Uncelestial City
053811: [HENRY DRUMMOND WOLFF] - The Island Empire
037497: TOBIAS WOLFF - Hunters in the Snow
042561: GERALD WOLLASTON AND GEORGE BELLEW - Knights Bachelor 1939-46
048408: C VON WOLTMANN AND LA MOTTE FOUQUE - The White Lady and Undine
062304: JAMES WOLVERIDGE - Speculum Matrics; or, the Expert Midwives Handmaid
055104: LAWSON WOOD - The Old Nursery Rhymes
040583: STELLA WOOD AND GEOFFREY MASEFIELD - This Springing Wilderness: Poems of Uganda
034302: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - The Dictionary of Victorian Painters
021051: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - The Dictionary of Victorian Painters
040296: MARGARET E. WOOD - The Archaeological Journal
044773: EDWARD WOOD - A Complete Body of Conveyancing in Theory and Practice
044751: EDWARD WOOD - A Complete Body of Conveyancing in Theory and Practice
058041: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - The Dictionary of Victorian Painters
014322: CHARLES WATERTON; J.G. WOOD (ED) - Wanderings in South America, in the North West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820, and 1824: With Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds, Etc, for Cabinets of Natural History
019565: MRS HENRY WOOD - East Lynne
033171: REV. J. G. WOOD - The Brook and Its Banks
046363: J G WOOD - Man and His Handiwork
028111: LAWSON WOOD - Prehistoric Proverbs
046353: CHARLES W WOOD - In the Valley of the Rhone
047223: FRANCIS WOOD. - Sanitary Engineering: A Practical Manual of Town Drainage and Sewage and Refuse Disposal
050833: MRS HENRY WOOD - The Argosy
050755: REVEREND J G WOOD - Homes without Hands
049442: MRS HENRY WOOD - The Argosy Volume XXV
049254: MRS HENRY WOOD - The Argosy
060404: ALPHONSE KARR; J. G. WOOD (ED.) - A Tour Round My Garden Translated from the French of Alphonse Karr
048424: WILLIAM WOOD - Death-Bed Scenes and Pastoral Conversations
047706: REV. J.G. WOOD - The Common Moths of England
035819: WILLIAM WOOD - Index Entomologicus, or, a Complete Illustrated Catalogue, Consisting of 1944 Figures, of the Lepidopterous Insects of Great Britain
056908: WALTER WOOD - North Sea Fishers and Fighters
045457: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - The Dictionary of Victorian Painters
043293: MRS. HENRY WOOD - Collected Works of Mrs. Henry Wood
041644: THE REV. THEODORE WOOD - Out-of-the-Way Pets
041563: THE REV. J. G. WOOD - Homes without Hands
043022: J. G. WOOD - The Boy's Modern Playmatea Book of Sports, Games and Pastimes
061047: CHARLES W. WOOD - Through Holland
062919: RHONDA BROUGHTON; MARILYN WOOD - Rhonda Broughton's Ghost Stories and Other Tales of Mystery and Suspence
061268: M. E. WOOD - Laurence and Eleanor Hutton Their Books of Association
030489: AUDREY M. WOODCOCK - Cartulary of the Priory of St. Gregory, Canterbury
036956: JOHN WOODCOCK - Wisden Cricketers' Alamanack
016739: REV. JAMES WOODFORDE - Woodeford
057735: CHRISTOPHER WOODFORDE - Stained Glass in Somerset 1250 - 1830
058990: CHRISTOPHER WOODFORDE - Stained Glass in Somerset 1250 - 1830
063368: GEORGE WOODHEAD - Atmosphere: A Philosophical Work
034864: T. W. WOODHEAD - History of Huddersfield Water Supply
061101: [JOHN WOODHOUSE] - A Short Account of Lichfield Cathedral; More Particularly of the Painted Glass with Which the Windows Are Adorned, and the Monuments: Intended Principally for the Information of Strangers
062584: L.G.O. WOODHOUSE AND G.M.R. HENRY - The Butterfly Fauna of Ceylon
059376: G. F. WOODHOUSE - The Journal of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District
046331: RICHARD WOODMAN - The Flying Squadron
046315: RICHARD WOODMAN - The Shadow of the Eagle
042319: SELINA MARY WOODROOFFE - Pedigree of Woodrooffe with Memorials and Notes
030454: G. F. WOODS - A Defence of Theological Ethics
062259: NICHOLAS AUGUSTUS WOODS - The Past Campaign: A Sketch of the War in the East, from the Departure of Lord Raglan to the Capture of Sevastpol.
021926: ROBIN W. WOODS - Guide to Birds of the Falkland Islands
059698: JOSEPH WOODS - The Tourist's Flora: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Flowering Plans and Ferns of the British Islands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Italian Island
053149: J WOODS - The Tourist's Flora
020591: G. R. WOODWARD - Tart and Homely Gibes of Greek Epigrammatists
020613: THE REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - A Garland of Spiritual Flowers
020601: REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - Some Remnants of Greek Comedy
021889: THE REV. G. R. WOODWARD - Greek Epigrams, Religious and Dedicatory Part I
020618: THE REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - Five and Forty Example of the Epigram Sepulchral
020594: G. R. WOODWARD - Translations of Italian, French and German Poems
047150: SIR LLEWELLYN WOODWARD - British Foreign Policy in the Second World War
020573: GEORGE WOODWARD - Acta Sanctorum
020623: G. R. WOODWARD - Tales of Sea-Sorrow from the Greek Anthology
020625: THE REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - Five and Forty Examples of the Epigram Sepulchral
020603: REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - The Story of Arion and the Dolphin
041608: MARCUS WOODWARD - Gerard's Herball
043067: JOHN WOODWARD - A Treatise on Heraldry
020589: REVEREND G. R. WOODWARD - Gleanings from Ancient Olive-Yards
063083: GERARD WOODWARD - I'LL Go to Bed at Noon
057849: JOHN WOOLMAN - The Works of John Woolman in Two Parts
006295: HUMPHRY W. WOOLRYCH - A Treatise of
061514: HUMPHRY W WOOLRYCH - A Treatise of the Law of Rights of Common
060740: DAVID WOOSTER (ED.) - Alpine Plants: Figures and Descriptions of Some of the Most Striking and Beautiful of the Alpine Flowers
016305: EMMA JANE WORBOISE - Helen Bury;
025496: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - The White Doe of Rylstone, or, the Fate of the Nortons
029804: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - Selected Poems
029950: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH - Ecclesiastical Biography:
063683: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - The Excursion
050069: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - Lyrical Ballads
063685: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH - The Recluse
020182: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH - Ecclesiastical Biography
057683: JOHN W. WORK (ED) - American Negro Songs and Spirituals
058201: RON'S WORKS - Byron's Works
046033: RON'S POETICAL WORKS - Byron's Poetical Works
016369: T. WORLIDGE - A Select Collection of Drawings from Curious Antique Gems; Most of Them in the Possession of the Nobility and Gentry of This Kingdom
062480: OLE WORM - Danicorum Monumentorum Libri Sex: E Spissis Aniquitatum Tenebris Et in Dania Ac Norvegia Extantibus Ruderibus Eruti Ab Regum Daniae Series Duplex Et Limitum Inter Daniam & Sueciam Descriptio. Ex Vetustissimo Legum Scanicarum Literis Runicis in Membrana Exarto Codice Eruta
059708: KATHERINE PRESCOTT WORMELEY (TRANSLATOR) - Memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon on the Times of Louis XIV and the Regency.
065153: HUGH CLARK; THOMAS WORMULL - A Short and Easy Introduction to Heraldry, in Two Parts. Part I. The Use of Arms and Armor, Rules of Blazon and Marshalling Coats of Armour, with Engraved Tables Upon a New Plan, for the Instruction of Those Who with to Learn the Science. Part II. A Dictionary of Heraldry, with an Alphabetical Lift of Its Terms in English, French, and Latin: Also the Different Degrees of the Nobility and Gentry of England, with Tables of Precedency.
018726: RALPH NICHOLSON WORNUM - Some Account of the Life and Works of Hans Holbein, Painter of Augsburg
051805: RALPH N WORNUM - Analysis of Ornament
059527: EDWARD SALMON; JAMES WORSFOLD - The British Dominions Year Book 1918
039856: PROFESSOR J. WORTLEY - The Horse
062373: THOMAS WOTTON - The English Baronets. Being a Genealogical and Historical Account of Their Families
065078: THOMAS WOTTON - The English Baronets
052826: SIR N WILLIAM WRAXALL - Historical Memoirs Ofmy Own Time
032797: SIR N. WILLIAM WRAXALL - Historical Memoirs of My Own Time
043589: NATHANIEL WILLIAM WRAXALL - The History of France
061135: INIGO JONES; SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN ET AL - London Churches of the Xviith and Xviiith Centuries a Selection of the Most Remarkable Ecclesiastical Buildings
060343: LOYS DELTEIL; HAROLD J. L. WRIGHT - Catalogue Raisonne of the Etchings of Charles Meryon
032052: GEOFFREY GLOVER-WRIGHT - Whitefire
061110: JOHN WRIGHT - The Fruit Grower's Guide
060951: REV G. N. WRIGHT - The Gallery of Engravings
051029: FARNSWORTH WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Weird Tales Magazine
039070: SEAN WRIGHT - Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar
028929: S. S. VAN DINE [WILLARD HUNTINGTON WRIGHT] - The Greene Murder Case
044276: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Life of William Cowper
045854: THOMAS WRIGHT - Histoire de la Caricature Et Du Grotesque
013951: THOMAS WRIGHT - A Volume of Vocabularies with a Second Volume of Vocabularies
016328: WILLIAM ALDIS WRIGHT - 1891-93 9vols Shakespeare Works Cambridge Ed Wright
016569: CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT - Poussin: Paintings, a Catalogue Raisonne
065089: ISAAC NEWTON; JOHN WRIGHT - Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica
027392: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Land of Souls
064028: G. N. WRIGHT - The Life and Reign of William the Fourth
027370: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Acid Sisters
051003: FARNSWORTH WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Weird Tales Magazine
033647: THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A. - A Caricature History of the Georges
046768: C.E. WRIGHT AND RUTH C. WRIGHT - The Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726
031180: S. FOWLER WRIGHT - The County Series of Contemporary Poetrykent
028927: S. S. VAN DINE [WILLARD HUNTINGTON WRIGHT] - The Bishop Murder Case
035123: S. FOWLER WRIGHT - The County Series of Contemporary Poetry
051006: FARNSWORTH WRIGHT (EDITOR) - Weird Tales
049190: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Royal Dictionary-Cyclopaedia for Universal Reference
048370: C.E. WRIGHT AND RUTH C. WRIGHT - The Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726
047757: THOMAS WRIGHT - Caricature History of the Georges
036963: GRAEME WRIGHT - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack
043489: C. E. WRIGHT AND RUTH C. WRIGHT - The Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726
042960: THOMAS WRIGHT - Wanderings of an Antiquary
042705: THOMAS WRIGHT - Biographia Britannica Literaria; or Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, Arranged in Chronological Order
058101: THOMAS WRIGHT - Caricature History of the Georges. Or, Annals of the House of Hanover, Compiled from the Squibs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time.
058085: REVEREND G. N. WRIGHT - The Life and Reign of William the Fourth
062774: JAMES BOSWELL; JOHN WILSON CROKER; JOHN WRIGHT - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Including His Tour to the Hebrides, Correspondence with Mrs. Thrale, &C. &C.
020191: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Archaeological Albumor the Museum of National Antiquities
064645: FRANCIS BACON; W. ALDIS WRIGHT - Bacon's Essays and Colours of Good and Evil
056384: H. C. SEPPINGS WRIGHT - With Togo the Story of Seven Months' Active Service Under His Command
059834: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Celt, the Roman and the Saxon
060503: THOMAS WRIGHT (ED.) - Songs and Ballads with Other Short Poems, Chiefly of the Reign of Philip and Mary Edited from a Manuscript in the Ashmolean Museum
057040: FRANCIS WRIGLEY - The History of the Yorkshire Congregational Union a Story of Fifty Years 1873-1923
031436: THE SAME WRITER, UNDER OTHER SIGNATURES (NOW FIRST COLLECTED) - Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer, Under Other Signatures (Now First Collected)
052779: THE SAME WRITER, UNDER OTHER SIGNATURES (NOW FIRST COLLECTED) - Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer, Under Other Signatures (Now First Collected)
020724: FOURTEEN WRITERS - Andrew Young
030470: ENGLISH WRITERS - Seventeen Steps to 221b
044771: VARIOUS WRITERS - The English Poets
049324: VARIOUS WRITERS - The English Poets
039137: RON ON THE IMMORALITY OF HIS WRITINGS - Cato to Lord Byron on the Immorality of His Writings
036715: RON ON THE IMMORALITY OF HIS WRITINGSBOUND WITH;ODE TO NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE - Cato to Lord Byron on the Immorality of His Writingsbound with;Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte
046765: HERBERT E WROOT - The Persons & Places of the Bront? Novels
038718: GEORGE WROTTESLEY - Crecy and Calais; from the Original Records in the Public Record Office
053174: FRANZSEPP WURTENBERGER (TRANSLATED BY MICHAEL HERON) - Mannerism: The European Style of the Sixteenth-Century
061632: AD. WURTZ - The Atomic Theory
038544: WILLIAM WYCHERLEY - The Country Wife,
005783: WYD - Annogaethau Efangylaiddi Sancteiddrwydd Bywyd
014890: JAMES WYLD - A New Map of England and Wales, Projected Upon the Trigonometrical Operations Made for the General Survey of the Kingdom
053909: JAMES WYLDE - The Circle of the Sciences
033837: ELINOR WYLIE - The Orphan Angel
006268: HENRY PENRUDDOCKE WYNDHAM - The Diary of George Bubb Dodington
039318: FRANCIS M. WYNDHAM - Wild Life on the Fjelds of Norway
046622: HENRY PENRUDDOCKE WYNDHAM - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington
055538: JOHN WYNDHAM - Jizzle
055537: JOHN WYNDHAM - Consider Her Ways
055539: JOHN WYNDHAM - The Kraken Wakes
055534: JOHN WYNDHAM - Web
058075: GEORGE BUBB DODINGTON; HENRY PENRUDDOCKE WYNDHAM - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761. With an Appendix Containing Some Curious and Interesting Papers, Which Are Either Referred to, or Alluded to, in the Diary
018954: JOHANN DAVID WYSS AND ISABELLE DE MONTOLIEU - Le Robinson Suisse, Ou Journal D'Un Pere de Famille Naufrage Avec Ses Enfans. In Five Volumes, Bound As Three
044033: J. R. WYSS - Le Robinson Suisse
043877: G. ANTHONY YABLON AND JOHN R. TURNER - A Bronte Bibliography
047592: DAVID YALLOP - In God's Name
024995: JAMES YARDLEY - A Kiss a Day Keeps the Corpses Away
037294: HERBERT O. YARDLEY - The Education of a Poker Player
044804: WILLIAM YARRELL - A History of British Birds
057728: WILLIAM YARRELL - A History of British Fishes
064384: DOREEN YARWOOD - English Costume from the Second Century Bc to 1972
030362: MAY YATES - A Lancashire Anthology
018195: THE YEAR - FOR THREE YEARS - OR ON THE LEASE. - The English Laws Respecting Landlords, Tenants and Lodgers.
020870: JOHN YEATS, LL.D - Growth and Vicissitudes of Commerce in All Ages
064809: W. B. YEATS - The Oxford Book of Modern Verse 1892-1935
049811: A. W. YEFIMOV - Atlas of Geographical Discoveries in Siberia and North West America, 17th to 18th Centuries.
056397: L. YEFIMOVA AND R. BELOGORSKAYA - Russian Embroidery and Lace
062246: I. BURNEY YEO - The Therapeutics of Mineral Springs and Climates
046618: YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO - Wild Berries
058718: LIONEL YEXLEY - The Great War Edition of the Fleet Annual and Naval Year Book 1915
065115: JACOB BABA YOHANNAN - Woman in the Orient
056503: CHARLOTTE YONGE - The Heir of Redclyffe
040379: CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE - The History of Thomas Thumb
021416: CHARLOTTE M. YONGE - Landmarks of History
009043: CHARLOTTE M. YONGE AND CHRISTABEL R. COLERIDGE - The Christmas Number of the Monthly Packet
041491: CHARLOTTE M. YONGE - The Slaves of Sabinus
060527: CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE - The Treasures in the Marshes
060295: [CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE] - The Little Duke, or, Richard the Fearless
060324: CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE - Love and Life: An Old Story in Eighteenth Century Costume
033254: MR. YORICK - A Sentimental Journey Throughfrance and Italyby Mr. Yorick
019678: THE AUTHOR OF YORK AND LANCASTER - Steamers V. Stages;
057078: MOOR AND FELL LANDSCAPES AND LANG-SETTLE LORE FROM WEST YORKSHIRE - By Moor and Fell Landscapes and Lang-Settle Lore from West Yorkshire
021122: KARL YOST - A Bibliography of the Works of Edna St. Vincent Millay
059737: [ARTHUR YOUNG] - Rural Oeconomy or Essays on the Practical Parts of Husbandry
009511: ROBERT E. YOUNG - First Steps in Scouting
032882: EDWARD YOUNG - The Poetical Works of Edward Youngin Two Volumes
032702: SIR GEORGE YOUNG - The Dramas of Sophocles
032447: ANDREW YOUNG - Winter Harvest
009105: EDWARD YOUNG - The Complaint
040118: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - The Tragic Bride, the Black Diamond and Wood-Smoke
040139: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Five Degrees South
040015: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - The Christmas Box
040016: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - The Christmas Box
039901: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - The Island, Wistanslow and Far Forest
056588: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Black Roses
058196: ARTHUR YOUNG - 1768 Farmer's Letters to the People of England Arthur Young Second Edition
029849: G. M. YOUNG - Mr. Gladstone
010509: ERNEST YOUNG - North American Excursion
019461: DESMOND YOUNG - Fountain of the Elephants
024312: ROBERT FITZGIBBON YOUNG - Comenius in England
052187: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Francis Brett Young Collection of Novels
033925: JOHN YOUNG, LL.D., EDIN. - The Province of Reason: A Criticism of the Bampton Lecture on the Limits of Religious Thought
060563: A. J. YOUNG - The Adversary
031701: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Portrait of a Village
060799: ARTHUR YOUNG - The Farmer's Calendar: Containing the Business Necessary to Be Performed on Various Kinds of Farms During Every Month of the Year
050757: EDWARD YOUNG - The Complaint
052082: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - This Little World
053893: EDWARD YOUNG - The Works of the Reverend Edward Young
049347: [EDWARD YOUNG] - The Brothers
060587: EDWARD YOUNG ET AL. - The Aldine Edition of the British Poets the Poetical Works of Edward Young the Poetical Works of Samuel Butler the Poetical Works of Charles Churchill
048697: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - The City of Gold
048698: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Dr. Bradley Remembers, Deep Sea and They Seek a Country
036569: THE REVEREND DR. EDWARD YOUNG - The Poetical Works of the Reverend Dr. Edward Young
052568: LAMBTON J H YOUNG - Sea-Fishing As a Sport: Being an Account of the Various Kinds of Sea Fish, How, When, and Where to Catch Them in Their Various Seasons and Localities
040856: EDWARD YOUNG - The Poetical Works of Edward Young
044102: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Jim Redlake
041156: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - White Ladies
041155: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Black Roses
042814: ANDREW YOUNG - A Prospect of Britain
063796: EDWARD YOUNG - The Complaint: Or, Night Thoughts
057475: [EDWARD YOUNG] - Love of Fame the Universal Passion in Seven Characteristical Satires
057405: JULIAN CHARLES YOUNG - A Memoir of Charles Mayne Young, Tragedian with Extracts from His Son's Journal
063133: FILSON YOUNG - The Wagner Stories
061506: G. M. YOUNG (ED) - Early Victorian England 1830-1865
061429: C. P. SKRINE; SIR. FRANCIS YOUNGHUSBAND (INTRO.) - Chinese Central Asia
016281: CHARLES YRIARTE - Florence: L'Histoire - Les Medicis - Les Humanistes - Les Lettres - Les Arts
063938: CHARLES YRIARTE - Cesar Borgia Sa Vie Sa Captivite Sa Mort
043730: CHARLES YRIARTE - Autour Des Borgia
041751: CHARLES YRIARTE - Venice
052682: COLONEL SIR HENRY YULE - The Book of Ser Marco Polo
046372: LIN YUTANG - Lady Wu
037603: Z - The Death and Life of Bobby Z
062895: FRANCESCO ZABARELLA - Consilia Eminentissimi I.V. Interpretis D. Francisci Zabarellae . : Quibus Nunc Recens Accesserunt Celeberrimorum Collegiorum Bononiensis, Paduani, & Ferrariensis, & Baptistae Cacialupi a? S. Seuerino, de Dignitate & Praerogatiua Monacorum Consilia Singula: Una? Cum Dialogo in Primis Frugifero, & Annotationibus Eo?Dem Pertinentibus, Bartholomaei Camerary? Beneuentani in Causa Matrimoniali Consilium Unum.
029413: FRANCISCI ANTONII ZACCARIA - De Rebus Ad Historiam Atque Antiquitates Ecclesiae Pertinentibus
043260: SHEYKH-ZADA - The History of the Forty Vezirs
025243: ZANTIN - Manuel D'Art Byzantin
019744: PHILIPPO ZAZZERA - Ss Ecclesiae Rituum Divinorumque Officiorum
040349: KAROL ZBYSZEWSKI - The Fight for Narvik
037975: ROGER ZELAZNY - A Rose for Ecclesiastes
063000: ROGER ZELAZNY - Creatures of Light and Darkness
063014: ROGER ZELAZNY - Nine Princes in Amber
063006: ROGER ZELAZNY - The Doors of His Face the Lamps of His Mouth and Other Stories
063295: ROGER ZELAZNY - Selected Works of Roger Zelazny
018399: TALLERES A. ZERKOWITZ - Photocard Album of Mallorca
057890: HORATII FLACCI; WILLIAM BAXTER; JOHANN MATTHIAS GESNER; C. ZEUNIUS - Q. Horatii Flacci Eclogae, Cum Scholiis Veteribus. Castigavit Et Notis Illustravit Guilielmus Baxterus: Varias Lectiones Et Observationes Addidit Jo. Matthais Gesnerus; Quibus Et Suas Adspersit Jo. Carolus Zeunius
022628: JULIUS ZEYER - Tri Legendy O Krucifixu
043757: GUSTAVE ZIDLER - Le Livre de la Douce Vie
039110: RICHARD ZIEGLER - The Widow of Bethulia
058355: Z ZIMMERMAN - Solitude Considered in Regard to Its Influence Upon the Mind and Heart Written Originally in German by Z Zimmerman
056843: J G ZIMMERMAN - Solitude or the Effect of Occasional Retirement or the Mind, the Heart, General Society, an Exile, an Old Age & on the Bed of Death. In Which the Question Is Considered, Whether It Is Easier to Live Virtuously in Society or in Solitude
043027: JOHN GEORGE ZIMMERMANN - An Examination of the Advantages of Solitude; and of Its Operation on the Heart and Mindin Two Volumes
038824: F. BARHAM ZINCKE - A Month in Switzerland
019321: MAURICE ZINKIN - Development for Free Asia
061955: JEAN RHODES ZIVKOVIC - In Praise of Swinbrook Poetry and Prose
059085: FEDOR VON ZOBELTITZ - Belgien 1915 Ein Skizzenbuch Von Luigi Kasimir Text Von Fedor Von Zobeltik
039547: EMILE ZOLA - Paris
039465: EMILE ZOLA - Le Reve
016361: THOMAS ZOUCH - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip Sydney
054999: HENRI ZSCHOKKE - Le Chateau D'Aarau
031483: STEFANO ZUFFI - Italian Painting Artistsand Their Masterpieces Throughout the Ages
037151: HARI ZUNZRU - The Impressionist
040762: BEAT FIDEL ANTOINE DOMINIQUE ZURLAUBEN AND JEAN-BENJAMIN DE LA BORDE - Tableaux Topographiques, Pittoresques, Physiques, Historiques, Moraux, Politiques, Litteraires, de la Suisse
028290: G. A. HENTY; ILLUSTRATED BYJ. B. ZWECKER - Out on the Pampas

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