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052877: VARIOUS - Superworld Comics
052836: VARIOUS - A General Collection of Treatys Declarations
051974: VARIOUS - The Times 1861-1862
051816: VARIOUS, THOMAS MOORE - Irish Melodies
051671: VARIOUS - Theforty-Thirdreport of the Department of Science and Art of the Committee of Council on Education
051584: VARIOUS - Music Scores from Various Operas
051512: VARIOUS - The Christian Chaplet
051510: VARIOUS - A Collection of the Public General Statutes Passed in the Ninth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Year of Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth and Her Majesty Queen Victoria
051421: VARIOUS - The Public General Acts
051185: VARIOUS - Tales from Blackwood
051112: VARIOUS - A Travers le Monde
035394: VARIOUS - Webster's Royal Red Book:
050283: VARIOUS - The Navy Records Society Series, Volumes XC, XCVI, XCVII, XCVIII, C, CI, CIV, CV, CVII
050277: VARIOUS - Personal Collection of Poetry and Drawings.
050274: VARIOUS - The Navy Records Society, Volumes 136, 139-40, 143, 145-51, 153, 155, 157
050267: VARIOUS, ANONYMOUS - A Bound Collection of Moral and Instructive Stories for Children
034935: VARIOUS - Cassell's Family Magazine
050234: VARIOUS - The London Encyclopaedia or Universal Dictionary, Volume 1-7, 10, 11, 17, 18, 20
063648: VARIOUS - The Illustrated London News the Graphic
049183: VARIOUS - The Black and White Budget, Vol. IV - No. S 52-76
061440: VARIOUS - The Primitive Methodist Magazine for the Year of Our Lord, 1850
056445: VARIOUS - The Student Magellan in Which You Will Find Written and Pictured Something of the Story of the Ryndam and the First Annual College Cruise Around the World
056902: VARIOUS - Nelsons' Pictorial Guide Books Scarborough and Its Neighbourhood -
048887: VARIOUS - Thegolden Annual for Girls 1927 and 1928
062505: EDMUND BURKE; VARIOUS - The Annual Register
048804: VARIOUS - Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, Legatees, &C.
048779: VARIOUS - The Girl's Own Paper
048775: VARIOUS - The Gentleman's
048701: VARIOUS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge
064920: THOMAS SHEPPARD; THOMAS WILLIAM WOODHEAD; VARIOUS - The Naturalist: A Monthly Journal of Natural History for the North of England
048092: VARIOUS - A Shakespeare Bibliography: The Catalogue of the Birmingham Shakespeare Library
055975: VARIOUS - Royal Naval College Eaton Chester/Dartmouth the List of the Officers, Masters and Cadets at the College Published Every Term
047624: VARIOUS - The Quarterly Review. Volume Ixmarch and July 1813
063616: MOWBRAY MORRIS; VARIOUS - Poet's Walk an Introduction to English Poetry
057163: VARIOUS - Key Environments Galapagos Sahara Desert Madagascar Amazonia Antarctica Red Sea Western Mediterranean Malaysia
061573: JOSEPH GREGO; VARIOUS - Cruikshank's Water Colours
064632: CHARLES HOLME; VARIOUS - The Studio
064369: VARIOUS - The Architectural Review: For the Artist & Craftsman
036404: VARIOUS - Select Library Prose
052052: VARIOUS - The Picture Scrap Book
035813: VARIOUS - The Magazine of Art
035712: VARIOUS - Novum Testamentum
051648: VARIOUS - The Youth's Magazine or Evangelical Miscellany
023360: VARIOUS - Odes Upon Cash, Corn, Catholics and Other Matters
057223: VARIOUS - New Comical Nursery Rhymes and Funny Stories
021759: VARIOUS - The Liberal Year Book for 1913 and 1917. Two Volumes
012960: VARIOUS - The Connoisseur: An Illustrated Magazine for Collectors
036870: VARIOUS - Archiv F?R Wissenschaftliche Und Praktische Tierheilkunde
028419: VARIOUS - Flora Bryophytorum Sinicorum
037801: VARIOUS - Das Neue Universum,
051274: VARIOUS - Selecta E Scriptoribus Latinis
026552: VARIOUS - The Public General Acts
027149: VARIOUS - Christian Lyrics, Chiefly Selected from Modern Authors
057663: VARIOUS - Cassier's Magazine Engineering Illustrated Volume X May, 1896- October, 1896 Vol X. September, 1896. No. 5. Vol X. October, 1896. No. 6.
056164: VARIOUS - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations Expenditures and Condition of the Institution for the Year 1861/ 1862
029869: VARIOUS - The Times
029879: VARIOUS - The Liverpool Review
030991: VARIOUS - The Sixty-Eighth Annual Report of the British & Foreign Sailors' Society
033151: VARIOUS - Johnsoniana; or, Supplement to Boswell:
056140: VARIOUS - Far Eastern Approaches H.M. S. Newcastle Magazine 1954-55
052695: VARIOUS - Hymns for the Young.
044291: VARIOUS - The Windsor Magazine
044372: VARIOUS - Antiquity: A Quarterly Review of Archaeology
042368: VARIOUS - Records of the School of Mines and of Science Applied to the Arts
050487: VARIOUS - Flora de la Real Expedicion Botanica Del Nuevo Reino de Granada (1783-1816)
014401: VARIOUS - A Collection of Thirty-Nine Botanical Pamphlets
028856: VARIOUS - 1762 Collection of Theatrical Works Ambrose Philips, Nicholas Rowe, Lillo
044038: VARIOUS - My Fine Big Book
043987: VARIOUS - Theologia Moralis
043965: VARIOUS - Plaisir de la Maison
043954: VARIOUS - The Open Window
043945: VARIOUS - ICI- Bas- Au Dela
043938: VARIOUS - Messes Et Vepres
043740: VARIOUS - People's Friend
043298: VARIOUS - The Illustrated Pocket Library of Plain and Coloured Books
042356: VARIOUS - Royal Exchange Assurance: Prospectus and Diary 1883
043418: VARIOUS - Listes Des Titres de Noblesse, Chevalerie Et Autres Marques D'Honneur
043413: VARIOUS - Christmas with the Poets
043003: VARIOUS - Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
043001: VARIOUS (NOTABLY LORD ACTON) - The Cambridge Modern History - Volume V: The Age of Louis XIV; Volume VIII: The French Revolution; Volume XIII: Tables and General Index.
041302: VARIOUS - Elegant Extracts in Prose, Poetry and Epistlesselected for the Improvement of Young Persons
042448: VARIOUS - The Leisure Hour 1868
042456: VARIOUS. - The Bible Class and Youth's Magazine Volume XI
042953: VARIOUS - The
041287: VARIOUS - Meisterwerke Mittel Und Suddeutscher Fayencekunst Aus Deutschem Privatbesitz
041273: VARIOUS - Selected Titles of the Victorian and Edwardian Britain Series
041265: VARIOUS - A Collection of Poems in Four Volumes - Volume IV
042287: VARIOUS - The Girl's Own Annual
042276: VARIOUS - The Girl's Own Paper
042278: VARIOUS - The Girl's Own Paper
042279: VARIOUS - The Girl's Own Paper
042713: VARIOUS - Archaeologia Cantiana, Volume XIX. , Being the General Index, and a Catalogue of the Collections (at Maidstone) of the Kent Archaeological Society.
041221: VARIOUS - A Collection of Music
042706: VARIOUS - The Saturday Magazine
041752: VARIOUS - The Wide World Magazine
041935: VARIOUS - American Forestry: Collected Articles
041166: VARIOUS - Country Life
042854: VARIOUS - The Cricketer
042672: VARIOUS - Octobre 1898 - Lectures Pour Tous Revue Universelle Et Populaire, Illustree, 1re Annee - Numero 1.
042639: VARIOUS - All the Year Round
042977: BLACKWOOD AND VARIOUS - Blackwood's Magazine- 14 Volumes
042067: VARIOUS - The Lady's Companion
041010: VARIOUS - Report from the Select Committee on Tobacco Trade
041888: VARIOUS - Cope's Smoke-Room Booklets
043178: VARIOUS - The English Guernsey Cattle Society's Herd Book
041882: VARIOUS - Archivo Espanol de Arte Y Arqueologia
040999: VARIOUS - A Collection of Improvement Acts for Newcastle Upon Tyne 1837-1871
042893: VARIOUS - The Rivers of Great Britain
028588: VARIOUS. - Papers Read at the Auctioneers' Institute
029488: VARIOUS - Little Guides Collection
035262: VARIOUS - The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book 1939-1945
020128: VARIOUS - The Liberal Magazine: A Periodical for the Use of Liberal Speakers and Canvassers
064688: VARIOUS - Album of Engravings and Bookplates
057513: VARIOUS - Songs and Duets
057466: VARIOUS - Old English Plays; Being a Selection from the Early Dramatic Writers. Volume I. Containing: Doctor Faustus. Lust's Dominion. Mother Bombie. Midas. Volume II. Containing: Endymion; or, the Man in the Moon. History of Antonio and Mellida. What You Will. Parasitaster; or, the Fawn. Volume III. Containing: The Wonder of a Kingdom Old Fortunatus. Bussy D'Ambois. Monsieur D'Olive. Volume IV. Containing: May Day. The Spanish Gipsy. The Changeling. More Dissemblers Besides Women.
061534: VARIOUS - The Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal, Enlarged
061709: VARIOUS - Favourite English Poems of Modern Times
064904: VARIOUS - The Illustrated Exhibitor a Tribute to the World's Industrial Jubilee
061741: VARIOUS - The Modern Tramway
064639: VARIOUS - Hymns Ancient and Modern for Use in the Services of the Church
064812: EDITHA JENKINSON; VARIOUS - The Malory Verse Book a Collection of Contemporary Poetry for School and General Use
064871: VARIOUS - Heath's British Engravings
057804: VARIOUS - A Century of Journalism the Sydney Morning Herald. And Its Record of Australian Life 1831-1931
056297: VARIOUS - Humoristisch-Satyrischer Volks-Kalender Des Kladderadatsch
055550: VARIOUS - The Walpole Society Annual
055613: VARIOUS - The British Anthology; or, Poetical Library
056228: VARIOUS - The Wide World Magazine an Illustrated Monthly of True Narrative. Adventure Travel Customs and Sport.
055704: VARIOUS - Cassell's Encyclopaedia a Storehouse of General Information
056875: VARIOUS - Excursions British Association for the Advancement of Science
063108: VARIOUS - Plates from European Magazine
058459: VARIOUS - Mr Wind and Madam Rain Arabian Nights Aladdin Sindbad Alibaba Granny's Wonderful Chair the Heroes a Saxon Mind
058471: VARIOUS - La Diable a Paris Paris Et Les Parisiens Moeurs Et Coutumes, Caracteres Et Portraits Des Habitants de Paris, Tableau Complet de Leur Vie Privee, Publique, Politique, Aristique, Litteraire, Industrielle, Ect. Ect.
058479: VARIOUS - The Beauties of the Lyric Muse; a Collection of Poetry, Comprising the Choicest Productions of the British Lyre.
058607: VARIOUS - Report of the First and Second Meetings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science at York in 1831 and at Oxford in 1832
058700: VARIOUS - The Italian Navy in the World War 1915 - 1918 Facts and Figures
058738: VARIOUS - The Grouse
058748: VARIOUS - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
058862: VARIOUS - The Traveller's Handbook to Algeria and Tunisia with Maps and Plans
059849: VARIOUS - The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists
059848: VARIOUS - The Spectator
058981: VARIOUS - The Leicestershire Domesday. ; Domesday Book. Studies. ; the Leicestershire Domesday. Folios and Maps; Leicestershire: Folios 230-237.
059034: VARIOUS - The Sussex County Magazine
059083: VARIOUS - Seren Gomer Neu Gyfrwng Gwybodaeth Gyffredinawl I'r Cymry, Am Y Flwyddyn 1853
059086: VARIOUS - The Prize for Girls and Boys
059101: VARIOUS - The Jameson Raid a Centennial Retrospective
059202: VARIOUS - Eton College Chronicle
065094: VARIOUS - Collezione Di Monografie Illustrate Serie I. Italia Artistica
059463: VARIOUS - The Badminton Library Hunting Fishing: Salmon and Trout Fishing: Pike and Coarse Fish Shooting: Moor and Marsh Golf Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Racket Fives Skating, Figure-Skating, Curling Ect.
059476: VARIOUS - Picturesque Europe Divisions I-II: The British Isles
059576: VARIOUS - Series II: Vol. CXI English Privateering Voyages to the West Indies 1588-1595. Series II: Vol. CXIII the Troublesome Voyage of Captain Edward Fenton 1582-1583 Series II: Vol. CXVIII the Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete 1616-1686 Volume I Series II: Vol. CXIX the Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete 1616-1686 Volume II Series II: Vol. CXX the Cabot Voyages and Bristol Discovery Under Henry VII Series II: Vol. CXXXVI the Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter 1606-1609 Volume I Series II: Vol. CXXXVII the Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter 1606-1609 Volume II
060286: MAX BELOFF; VARIOUS - History Mankind and His Story
061673: TELFORD VARLEY - Hampshire
059163: TELFORD VARLEY - Hampshire
059252: REV TELFORD VARLEY - Hampshire
064234: GIORGIO VASARI - Le Vite de Piu Eccellenti Pittori, Scultori Et Architetti
049138: ROBERT VAUGHAN - British Antiquities Revived or a Friendly Contest Touching the Soveraignty of the Three Princes of Wales
023910: CHR VAUPELL - Planterigets Naturhistorietil Skolebrug
023668: M. CH. MOREAU-VAUTHIER - Les Chefs-D'Oeuvre Des Grands Maitres
050334: VAUVENARGUES - Ouvres de Vauvenargues;
046481: FRANCES BOWYER VAUX - The Happy Travellers
046908: ROBERT VAVRA - Tiger Flower
048700: LAJO VAYER - Master Drawings
049512: M DE LA VEAUX - Les Nuits Champetres
042987: JEAN CHARLES JOSEPH DE VEGIANO - Nobiliare Des Pay-Bas Et Du Comte de Bourgogne
061706: JOHN VEITCH - The Method, Meditation, and Selections from the Principles of Descartes. Translated from the Original Texts with a New Introductory Essay, Historical and Critical
054535: A VELPEAU - Traite Des Maladies Du Sein
038546: HERMANNI VENEMA - Commentarius
014031: 'S VENGEANCE - Martin Conisby's Vengeance
035910: THE THEATRE OF VENICE - IL Teatro Moderno Applaudito Ossia Raccolta
053508: JOHN VENN - The Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in St Michael's Parish, Cambridge 1538-1837
058950: VIRGIL; GIOVANNI FABRINI; CARLO MALETESTA; FILIPPO VENUTI - L'Opere Di Virgilio Mantoano Cioe la Bucolica, la Georgica, E L'Eneide Commentate in Lingua Volgare Toscana Con Ordine Che L'Espositione Volgare Dichiara la Latina & la Latina la Volgare Et E Utile Tanto a Chi in Questo Poema Uvole Imparar la Lingua Latina, Quanto a Chi Cerca D'Apprendere la Volgare Nuouamente Stampate & Diligentemente Corrette Con Privilegii
063080: VERAX - Expostulatory Epistle to the Welch Knight, on the Late Revolution in Politicks; and the Extraordinary Conduct of Himself and His Associates
017058: O. VERBECK - Der Erste Beste, Die Neuenhofer Klukce, and Maria Neander, with Einsam.
052407: FRANCIS VERE - The Commentaries of Francis Vere
012304: HARRY VERELST - A View of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the English Government in Bengal:
032590: GIOVANNI VERGA - Mastro-Don Gesualdo
016050: LOUIS-LISABETH DE LA VERGNE, LE C - Extraot de Roland L'Amoureux de Matheo Maria Boyardo
023992: EMILE VERHAEREN - Choix de Poemes
043214: EMILE VERHAEREN - Poemes
042568: E DE V VERMONT - America Heraldic
022718: JULES VERNE - The Master of the World
012545: JULES VERNE - Les Tribulations D'Un Chinois En Chine
045702: JULES VERNE - Round the World in Eighty Days
024805: JULES VERNE - Les Voyages Extraordinaires
036094: JULES VERNE AND ANDRE LAURIE - Salvage from the Cynthia
036169: JULES VERNE - The Chase of the Golden Meteor
044034: JULES VERNE - Michel Strogoff
029494: GERALD VERNER - The Ghost Man
029711: GERALD VERNER - The Heel of Achilles
030426: GERALD VERNER - Sorcerer's House
031519: GERALD VERNER - I Am Death
029548: GERALD VERNER - The Jockey
031522: GERALD VERNER - The Shadow Men
029587: GERALD VERNER - The River Men
019323: MAJOR-GENERAL G. L. VERNEY - The Devil's Wind
024267: JOHN RICHARD VERNON - The Harvest of a Quiet Eye,
028118: VERNON WILSON, F. B. A. WELCH, AND G. W. GREEN - The Geology of the Country Around Bridport and Yeovil
032688: ABBE DE VERTOT - Histoire Des Revolutions Arrivees Dans le Gouvernement de la Republique Romaine
053576: L'ABBE DE VERTOT - The History of the Revolutions of Portugal
041301: RENE AUBER DE VERTOT - Histoire Des Revolutions
021242: LOUIS VEUILLOT - Le Parfum de Rome
033256: LOUIS VEUILLOT - Les Pelerinagesde Suisseswiss Walks
051053: LOUIS VEUILLOT - Rome Pendant le Concile
057306: J. VIAL - Histoire Abregee Des Campagnes Modernes
043875: BORIS VIAN - Revue Obliques
051068: THEOPHILE DE VIAU - La Maison de Sylvie
052392: ERIK VIBORG - Kort Efterretning Om Snive, Qaerke Og Hestekopper
040394: CAPTAIN HEDLEY VICARS - Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars, Ninety-Seventh Regiment
034962: VINCENTE CADENAS Y VICENT - Armeria Patronimica Espanola
034961: VICENTE CADENAS Y VICENT - Titulos Del Reino Concedidos Por Los Monarcas Carlistas
018795: A VICTIM - The Battle of the Roosters
054010: VIDA - A Collection of Elastics and Shoelaces
026142: VIDI VIDII [VIDUS VIDIUS, GUIDO GUIDI] - De Curatione Membratim
040030: L. GAUTIER VIGNAL - Le Chant D'Ilse
061620: H. VIGNERON - Précis de Chimie Physique
023267: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Poesies
032995: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Poesies
018503: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Cinq-Mars
054734: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Theatre Complet
022552: F. VIGOUROUX - Manuel Biblique
056322: J.B GLAIRE; F VIGOUROUX - La Sainte Bible Selon la Vulgate Traduite En Francais, Avec Des Notes Par L'Abbe J. -B. Glaire Des Introduction, Note Complementaires Et Appendices Par F. Vigouroux Pretre de Saint-Sulpice Professeur D'Ecriture a la Faculte Catholique
056152: FELIX MORNAND; J VILBORT - Voyage Illustre Dans Les Deux Mondes D'Apres Les Relations Authentiques Les Plus Nouvelles
053663: FRANCESCO ALBERTI DI VILLANOVA - Nuovo Dizionaro Italiano-Francese
043159: PROFESSOR PASQUALE VILLARI - Life and Times of Girolamo Savonarola
012646: P. VILLARS - Le Monde Pittoreque Et Monumentall'Angleterre, L'?Cosse Et L'Irlande
028631: T. R. P. GEORGES DE VILLEFRANCHE - Exposition de la Regle Des Freres Mineurs
023888: M. VILLEMAIN - Etudes D'Histoire Moderne
050997: ABEL-FRANCOIS VILLEMAIN - Tableau de la Litterature Au Moyen Age
015582: L'ABBE F. D'ALBERTI DE VILLENEUVE - Dictionaire Francais-Italien, Et Italien-Francais. In Two Volumes
044419: B. DE VILLENVENUE - L'Oeuvre Libertine de L'Abbe de Voisenon
015822: LEON DE VILLERAN - Le Marchepied
027362: FRANCOIS VILLON AND JOHN PAYNE - The Poems of Master Francois Villon of Paris
031433: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information
044882: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates
016102: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information Relating to All Ages and Nations
021218: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information: Relating to All Ages and Nations
021288: BENJAMIN VINCENT. - Hadyn's
050444: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Hadyn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information
042697: BENJAMIN VINCENT - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information
022465: CHARLES VINER - A General Abridgment of Law and Equity
045788: ELFRIDA VIPONT - A Little Bit of Ivory
028324: P. VIRGILII MARONIS [VIRGIL] - Bucolica
041291: CHARLES VIRMAITRE - Dictionnaire D'Argot
044871: PETER VISCHER - Die Wichtigsten
037867: AUGUSTE VITU - Paris IL Y a Cent Ans
060873: THE HON. CLAUD VIVIAN - Richard Hussey Vivian First Baron Vivian a Memoir
048755: WILLIAM VIVIAN - A Captive Missionary in Mendiland
041718: FRANCIS VIVIAN - The Laughing Dog
050521: MAY VIVIENNE - Travels in Western Australia
045908: COLETTE VIVIER - La Maison Sens Dessus Dessous
065079: HENRY VIZETELLY - Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines, Collected During Numerous Visits to the Champagne and Other Viticultural Districts of France, and the Principal Remaining Wine-Producing Countries of Europe
035534: STEVE VOAKE - The Web of Fire
035559: STEVE VOAKE - The Dreamwalker's Child
056051: PER VOGT - Fridtjof Nansen Explorer - Scientist - Humanitarian
021318: E.M. DE VOGUE - Coeurs Russes
044822: ABBE VOISENON - Les Exercises de Devotion
011712: M. VOLNEY. - The
032792: VOLTAIRE - Theatre de Voltaire
021165: VOLTAIRE - M?Moires de Voltaire
022189: VOLTAIRE - Theatre de Voltaire
053320: M DE VOLTAIRE - The Philosophy of History
049493: VOLTAIRE - La Henriade
052393: VOLTAIRE - La Henriade
035666: VOLTAIRE - Lettres Choisies de Voltaire
043576: VOLTAIRE - The History of Charles XII King of Sweden
041820: M. DE VOLTAIRE - La Pucelle D'Orleans
057442: VOLTAIRE - The History of Charles XII King of Sweden
064063: VOLTAIRE - The Works of Monsieur de Voltaire
064854: VOLTAIRE - Le Temple Du Gout
059037: MOLIERE; FELIX LEMAISTRE; VOLTAIRE - Oeuvres Completes de Moliere Nouvelle Edition Accompagnee de Notes Tirees de Tous Les Commentateurs
032406: QUOTATIONS FROM THE BEST AUTHORITIESIN TWO VOLUMES - A New Dictionary of the English Language Combining Explanation with Etymology and Illustrated by Quotations from the Best Authoritiesin Two Volumes
027654: RON. IN TWELVE VOLUMES - Works of Lord Byron. In Twelve Volumes
015425: WILLIAM COWPER OF THE INNER TEMPLE. IN TWO VOLUMES - Poems by William Cowper of the Inner Temple. In Two Volumes
015544: RON. IN FIVE VOLUMES - Memoires de Lord Byron. In Five Volumes
014897: EXAMPLES FROM THE BEST WRITERS. IN TWO VOLUMES - A Dictionary of the English Language: In Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals, and Illustrated in Their Different Significations by Examples from the Best Writers. In Two Volumes
057362: JOSEPH GREGO IN TWO VOLUMES - The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow Being Anecdotes of the Camp, Court, Clubs, and Society 1810-1860 with Portrait Four Woodcuts, and Twenty Etched and Aquatint Illustrations from Contemporary Sources by Joseph Grego in Two Volumes
019141: FREDERICK BOUTERWEK. IN TWO VOLUMES - History of Spanish and Portugese Literature by Frederick Bouterwek. In Two Volumes
034413: WILLIAM COWPER ESQ. OF THE INNER TEMPLEIN TWO VOLUMES - Poems by William Cowper Esq. Of the Inner Templein Two Volumes
050336: ; WATERLOO. IN THREE VOLUMES. - The Lady of the Lake; Marmion; Rokeby; Waterloo. In Three Volumes.
020017: THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. IN FOUR VOLUMES - An Essay on the Proper Lessons Appointed by the Church of England. In Four Volumes
049701: CONSTANTIN VONTISCHENDORF - Novum Testamentum Latine Interprete Hieronymo
041275: VOSGIEN - Dictionnaire Geographique Portatif
033379: GERARDUS IOHANNIS VOSSIUS - Theologia Gentili Et Phsyiologia Christianalibri IX
020267: THE DEATH OF MR. JOHN VOWELL - In a Funeral Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Mr. John Vowell
020184: G. G. VREEDE - Correspondance Diplomatique Et Militaire
050159: C E VULLIAMY - James Boswell
062642: S. W. - The New London Cookery Adapted to the Use of Private Families
015136: DR. WAAGEN - Treasures of Art in Great Britain: Being an Account of the Chief Collections of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Illuminated Mss &C. In Three Volumes
016615: ALAN WACE - The Marlborough Tapestries at Blenheim Palace and Their Relation to Other Military Tapestries of the War of the Spanish Succession
054811: HELEN WADDELL - Beasts and Saints
054136: JOHN WADDINGTON - John Penry the Pilgrim Martyr
033883: MRS STACY WADDY - The Camerons of Niddry
040376: JOHN WADE - The Black Book: An Exposition of Abuses in Church and State, Courts of Law, Municipal Corporations, and Public Companies; with a Precis of the House of Commons, Past, Present, and to Come
010289: PETER WADE - Every Australian Bird Illustrated
030614: RICHARD WADE - A Sketch of the Origin and History of the Lower Mosley Street Day and Sunday Schools
057162: JOHN WADE - The Black Book; or, Corruption Unmasked! Being an Account of Places, Pensions and Sinecures . The Whole Forming a Complete Exposition of the Cost, Influence, Patronage and Corruption of the Borough Government
043850: D. COLLETT WADGE - Women in Uniform
055878: ARDASER SORABJEE N WADIA - The Message of Moses
016539: THOMAS WADSWORTH - Dwys Ddifrifol Gyngor I Hunan Ymholiad
038192: THE REV. A. D. WAGNER - A Letter to the Most Reverend the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury
021600: ADOLF WAGNER - Bailey - Fahrenkruger's Worterbuch Der Englischen Sprache. Erster Theil. Englisch - Teutsch.
050327: RICHARD WAGNER - Richard Wagner's Werke
061820: ANTHONY RICHARD WAGNER - A Catalogue of English Mediaeval Rolls of Arms
026572: ALFRED DE WAILLY - Nouveau Vocabulaire Fran?Ais
054932: LOUIS WAIN - A Cat Alphabet
045507: JOHN WAIN - Professing Poetry
037821: JOHN WAIN - Nuncle and Other Stories
063765: ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE - A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars Magna Latomorum) and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites Literature and History
063763: ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE - A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars Magna Latomorum) and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites Literature and History
039786: WILLIAM WAKE AND NATHANIEL LARDNER - The Apocryphal New Testament
063831: [JERNINGHAM WAKEFIELD] - The Hand-Book for New Zealand: Consisting of the Most Recent Information Compiled for the Use of Intending Colonists
046079: DAN WAKEFIELD - Under the Apple Tree
060773: ANNIE WAKEMAN - The Autobiography of a Charwoman
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047163: F D WALKER - The Call of the Dark Continent
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062623: CHANDOS LEIGH HUNT WALLACE - 366 Menus. Each Consisting of a Soup, a Savoury Course, a Sweet Course, a Cheese Course, and a Beverage, (with All Their Suitable Accompaniments) for Every Day in the Year, No Dish or Beverage Being Once Repeated, All Arranged According to the Season, and without the Introduction of Fish, Fish, Fowl, or Intoxicants. With 'a Cook's Guide' for the Production of the Dishes
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026488: FLORENCE WARDEN - My Child and I
064571: WILLIAM WARDEN - Letters Written on Board His Majesty's Ship the Northumberland, and at Saint Helena; in Which the Conduct and Conversations of Napoleon Buonaparte, and His Suite, During the Voyage, and the First Months of His Residence in That Island, Are Faithfully Described and Related
055650: LEE WARDLAW - Tales of Grandpa Cat
057810: G L WARDLE - A Circumstantial Report of the Evidence and Proceedings Upon the Charges Preferred Against His Royal Highness the Duke of York in the Capacity of Commander in Chief in the Month of February 1809 and March 1809
062597: LADY E. WARDLE - 366 Easy and Inexpensive Dinners for Young Housekeepers
064888: G L WARDLE - A Circumstantial Report of the Evidence and Proceedings Upon the Charges Preferred Against His Royal Highness the Duke of York in the Capacity of Commander in Chief in the Months of February and March 1809
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059314: H J WARNER - A History of Yealmpton
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034307: ROYAL WARRANT - Roll of the Baronetsas Authorized by Royal Warrant
034311: ROYAL WARRANT - Roll of the Baronetsas Authorized by Royal Warrant
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054630: SHIRLEY WATKINS - This Poor Player
056310: J H SCHUBERT; J A DUFOUR; MARC VIRIDET; HENRY GEORGE WATKINS - Notice Sur Bernard Overberg, Directeur Du Seminaire Ecclesiastique Et Instituteur a L'Ecole Normale de Munster [with] de L'Enseignement Mutuel Comme IL Est Impose a Toutes Les Ecoles Primaires Du Canton de Geneve Et Formule Par le Manuel Public En 1827 [with] Considerations Sur le But de L'Instruction Populaire Et Les Objets D'Enseignement Dont Elle Doit Se Composer Ou Essai de Reponse [with] le Miroir Des Instituteurs Ou Conseils Sur L'Education [with] Affectionate Advice to Apprentices and Other Young Persons Engages in Trades or Professions
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057106: JOHN WATKINS - A Biographical, Historical and Chronological Dictionary: Containing Accurate Accounts of the Lives, Characters and Actions, of the Most Eminent Persons of All Ages and All Countries; Including Also the Revolution of States, and the Success of the Sovereign Princes.
041018: CHARLES WATKINS - A Treatise on Copyholds
041000: CHARLES WATKINS - A Treatise on Copyholds
040998: CHARLES WATKINS - A Treatise on Copyholds
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054555: GEORGE WATT - The Wild and Cultivated Cotton Plants of the World
057762: H E HURST; D A F WATT - The Measurement of the Discharge of the Nile Through the Sluices of the Aswan Dam Final Conclusions and Tables of Results
057761: H E HURST; D A F WATT - The Measurement of the Discharge of the Nile Through the Sluices of the Aswan Dam Final Conclusions and Tables of Results
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057219: ISAAC WATTS - Divine and Moral Songs
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041050: ALARIC A. WATTS - The Literary Souvenir
065188: EVELYN WAUGH - Scott-King's Modern Europe
039675: EVELYN WAUGH - Unconditional Surrender
026151: EVELYN WAUGH - Unconditional Surrender
024836: EVELYN WAUGH - Unconditional Surrender
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018225: EVELYN WAUGH - Scott-King's Modern Europe
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027811: EVELYN WAUGH - The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold
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053341: EVELYN WAUGH - A Little Learning
055496: EVELYN WAUGH - Scott-King's Modern Europe
055497: EVELYN WAUGH - A Little Something
055500: EVELYN WAUGH - Helena
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055504: AUBERON WAUGH - The Foxglove Saga
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061246: THE AUTHOR OF 'WAVERLEY, KENILWORTH &C' - The Fortunes of Nigel by the Author of 'Waverley, Kenilworth &C'
060542: THE AUTHOR OF 'WAVERLEY, KENILWORTH ETC' - Peveril of the Peak by the Author of 'Waverley, Kenilworth Etc'
058097: N. WILIAM WAXALL - Historical Memoirs of My Own Time.
063070: WAY OF EGYPT, SYRIA, AND THE HOLY LAND - Adventures During a Journey Overland to India, by Way of Egypt, Syria, and the Holy Land
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019869: FRANCIS WAYLAND - The Elements of Moral Science
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042983: WAYS - Highways and Byways
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016482: F. E. WEATHERLY - The Maids of Lee
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042001: JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
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063698: C J WHITTING - History of the Lodge of Hengist
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057192: TYLER WHITTLE AND CHRISTOPHER COOK - Curtis's Flower Garden Displayed 120 Plates from the Year 1787-1807 with New Descriptions by Tyler Whittle and Christopher Cook
056903: A SERIES OF VIEWS BY N WHITTOCK - A New and Complete History of the County of York Illustrated by a Series of Views by N Whittock
063840: RICHARD WHITWORTH - The Advantages of Inland Navigation or Some Observations Offered to the Public to Shew That an Inland Navigation May Be Easily Effected between the Three Great Ports of Bristol, Liverpool and Hull
022941: THE REV. ALFRED WHYMPER - The Evangelist Monthly, a Church Magazine,
055853: F WHYMPER - The Sea Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril and Heroism
055872: F WHYMPER - The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril & Heroism
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064261: WILLIAM WHYTE - A Short and Plain Instruction for the Better Understanding of the Lord's Supper; with the Necessary Preparation Required, for the Benefit of Young Communicants, and of Such As Have Not Well Considered This Holy Ordinance; to Which Is Annexed the Office of the Holy Communion; with Proper Helps and Directions for Joining in Every Part Thereof with Understanding and Benefit
030205: GEORGE WICKES - Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller
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064653: ALEXANDER WICKSTEED - Ten Years in Soviet Moscow
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034296: F. J. WIDGERY - A Vision of Dartmoor
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056943: ARNOLD WIENHOLT - The Story of Lion Hunt with Some of the Hunter's Military Adventures During the War
054582: LEON WIESELTIER - Kaddish
043269: JOHANNES WIGGERS - Divi Thomae Aqvinatis
040127: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland
035074: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's English Experiences
035099: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's English Experiences
036892: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's Irish Experiences
043120: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's Experiences in Scotlandbeing Extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton
043118: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Penelope's Irish Experiences
030682: WILLIAM P. D. WIGHTMAN - The Growth of Scientific Ideas
040388: W. KNOX WIGRAM - The Justices' Note-Book
057569: SAMUEL WILBERFORCE - A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America
061322: SAMUEL WILBERFORCE - A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America
005625: ROBERT ISAAC WILBERFORCE - A Second Letter to the Most Noble the Marquis of Lansdowne, on the System of Inspection Best Adapted for National Education.
024506: HARRY WILCOX - White Stranger
040148: OSCAR WILDE - Salome
032504: ERNST VON WILDENBRUCH - Kinderthr?Nen - Einzwei Erz?Hlungenkinderthr?Nen - a New Fairytale
016658: GEORGES WILDENSTEIN - The Paintings of J.A. D. Ingres
054031: HERMAN WILDENVEY - Samlede Dikt
044168: LOUISE BEEBE WILDER - Colour in
063816: CARL WILDMAN - The Infernal Machine
052942: R H WILENSKI - The Modern Movement in Art
052941: R H WILENSKI - English Painting
044408: PRINS WILHELM - Amerika Fran Estraden
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064986: SIR DAVID WILKIE - Sir David Wilkie
018836: GEORGE WILKINS - The Two Rectors
057088: W H WILKINS - Edward the Peacemaker the Story of His Life
053428: CHRISTOPHER WILKINS - The Horizontal Instrument
046647: CYRIL H. WILKINSON - A Handlist of English Plays and Masques Printed Before 1750
048942: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND HODGE - Catalogue of a Small Collection of Fine Illuminated Manuscripts and Rare Early Printed Books
044872: SPENSER WILKINSON - The Nation's Awakening
056997: THEON WILKINSON - Two Monsoons
035044: NEVILE WILKINSON - Grey Fairy
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048085: SPENSER WILKINSON - Britain at Bay
042165: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND CO. - Catalogue of the Huth Collection of Printed Books and Illuminated Manuscripts
041945: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND HODGE - Catalogue of a Selected Portion of the Renowned Library at Wilton House, Salisbury
042133: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND CO. - Catalogue of the Huth Collection of Printed Books and Illuminated Manuscripts
043259: SPENSER WILKINSON - The Great Alternative
042105: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND CO. - Catalogue of the Huth Collection of Printed Books and Illuminated Manuscripts
041912: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND HODGE - Catalogue of a Small Collection of Fine Illuminated Manuscripts and Rare Early Printed Books
041872: SOTHEBY, WILKINSON AND HODGE - Catalogue of an Interesting Portion of the Valuable Collection of Illuminated and Other Manuscripts
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022607: M. P. WILLCOCKS - Aman of Genius
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057750: W WILLCOCKS - The Nile a Reservoir Dam at Assuan and After
057746: SIR WILLIAM WILLCOCKS - The Assuan Reservoir and Lake Moeris
018506: WILLIAM - Historic Survey of German Poetry. Volumes I and II Only
017423: THOMAS WILLIAM - Dyfroedd Bethesda, or, Waters of Bethesda
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018076: ISAAC WILLIAMS - The Baptistery, or, the Way of Eternal Life
062502: H. NOEL WILLIAMS - Brood of False Lorraine Queen Margot Rival Sultanas Princess of Adventure Gallant of Lorraine a Fair Conspirators Love Affairs of the Condes
006423: H. NOEL WILLIAMS - Madame Du Barry
056860: ALEXANDER DE HUMBOLDT; AIME BONPLAND; HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS - Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent During the Years 1799-1804 . With Maps, Plans &C.
021038: DAVID WILLIAMS - Advertise for Treasure
027847: VERA MC WILLIAMS - Lafcadio Hearn
018179: DAVID WILLIAMS - Prescription for Murder
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047584: NIGEL WILLIAMS - My Life Closed Twice
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053482: CHARLES WILLIAMS - Window of the Night
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048922: DAVID WILLIAMS - Copper, Gold and Treasure
048331: IOLO A. WILLIAMS - Seven Xviiith Century Bibliographies
052373: FREDERICK S WILLIAMS - The Midland Railway: Its Rise and Progress
050536: GWENETH WILLIAMS AND BESSIE THREADGILL - South Australian Exploration to 1856; South Australian Land Exploration 1856-1880
024764: JOHN WILLIAMS - A Glossary of Terms Used for Articles of British Dress and Armour
059814: ROBERT WILLIAMS - Selections from the Hengwrt Mss. Preserved in the Peniarth Library
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052144: DR ANN WILLIAMS (EDITOR) AND R W H ERSKINE (GENERAL EDITOR) - The Gloucestershire Domesday
043834: ALFRED ROWBERRY WILLIAMS - Forward Youth
042826: EMLYN WILLIAMS - George
042979: DAVID E. JOHNSTON, AUDREY WILLIAMS ET AL. - Select Journals on Barrows and Burial Sites Reprinted from Archaeological Journals
062543: H NOEL WILLIAMS - Last Loves of Henri of Navarre
063169: T. H. WILLIAMS - The Environs of Exeter a Description of Fordland, Ugbrooke, Chudleigh, Watcombe, and Babbacombe, Dawlish, Lushcome, and Teignmouth
064064: C WYE WILLIAMS - An Elementary Treatise on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke Chemically and Practically Considered
058379: ANON; CHARLES HANBURY WILLIAMS - The Foundling Hospital for Wit Intended for the Reception and Preservation of Such Brats of Wit and Humour Whose Parents Chuse to Drop Them Containing All the Satires, Odes, Ballads, Epigrams &C. That Have Been Wrote Since the Change of the Ministry, Many of Which Have Never Before Been Printed
058848: PROFESSOR L. F. RUSHBROOK WILLIAMS - A Handbook for Travellers in India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon
059010: DR ANN WILLIAMS - The County Edition Domesday Book Alecto Historical Editions
032458: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Pathway
060537: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Dandelion Days
039735: CAPTAIN JAMES WILLIAMSON - The Clyde Passenger Steamer
050988: JACK WILLIAMSON & JAMES E. GUNN - Star Bridge
064977: GEORGE CHARLES WILLIAMSON - Ye Roll of Ye Members of Ye Sette of Odd Volumes from Ye Tyme of Remot Antiquity to Ye Present Tyme, Tellinge Ye Reader Who Were Members of Ye Sette and What Each Did Do for Its Welfare Ye Roll of Ye Members of Ye Sette of Odd Volumes Wherein It Is States What Ye Members Did Occupy Themselves with, During Ye Great War, Especially the Brother Singer Who Did Stay in Germany, and Telleth of His Travail There in Entertaining Fashion, and with a Brief Account of All Ye Members That Have Died Since Ye Issue of Ye First Volume of What They Did Do
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012234: GEORGE C. WILLIAMSON, LITT.D. - The History of Portrait Miniatures
018636: WALLICE WILLIAMSON - Ideals of Ministry
034017: GEORGE C. WILLIAMSON - Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers
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046500: ANNE WILLIAMSON - A Patriot's Progres: Henry Williamson and the First World War
054139: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Salar the Salmon
052938: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Dream of Fair Women
050048: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Devon Holiday
052396: GEORGE C WILLIAMSON - Pietro Vannucci
052264: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Scandaroon
039643: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Linhay on the Downs
043772: GEORGE C. WILLIAMSON - George Morland
034367: ARTHUR WILLINK - The World of the Unseen
023085: N. P. WILLIS - Melanie and Other Poems
015812: JOHN R. WILLIS, ESQ. - Carleton; or, Duty and Patriotism. A Tale of the American Revolution.
005867: R. A. WILLIS - Pathology of Tumours
050435: N.P WILLIS, J STIRLING COYNE, W.H BARTLETT - The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland
031405: WILLIAM WILLIS - The Baconian Mint: Its Claims Examined
026454: W. ADDINGTON WILLIS - Housing and Town Planning in Great Britain
030645: DOROTHY WILLIS - The Estate Book of Henry de Brayof Harleston, Co. Northants(C. 1289-1340)
053399: GEORGE WILLIS - A Catalogue of an Interesting Collection of Ancient and Modern Books
052050: FANNY FERN [SARA PAYSON WILLIS] - Fern Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio
005892: JOHN WILLISON - The Afflicted Man's Companion
062836: ERNEST WILLMOTT - English House Design a Review Being a Selection and Brief Analysis of Some of the Best Achievements in English Domestic Architecture from the 16th to the 20th Centuries Together with Numerous Examples of Contemporary Design
055996: ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT - The Poets of the Nineteenth Century
017878: REVERAND ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT - The Poets of the Nineteenth Century
027429: REV. ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT - The Poetical Works of William Cowper
053870: ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT - The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray, Thomas Parnell, William Collins, Matthew Green and Thomas Wharton
008626: ROBET ARIS WILLMOTT - Conversations at Cambridge.
064864: VARIOUS; ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT - The Poets of the Nineteenth Century
037438: TIM WILLOCKS - Bad City Blues
063304: TIM WILLOCKS - Green River Rising
037153: TIM WILLOCKS - Bad City Blues
037178: TIM WILLOCKS - Bad City Blues
037378: TIM WILLOCKS - Bad City Blues
063214: TIM WILLOCKS - Bad City Blues
063405: MIKE HAILWOOD; PETER CARRICK; VIC WILLOUGHBY - Bikes Thirty Years and More of the Motor-Cycle World Championships
052125: EDWIN ELIOTT WILLOUGHBY - A Printer of Shakespeare
038260: RONALD WILLS - The
047286: BECKLES WILLSON - America's Ambassadors to England (1785-1928)
040803: COLETTE WILLY - Sept Dialogues de Betes
043236: COLETTE WILLY - L'Entrave
018157: SIR JOHN EARDLEY WILMOT - Notes of Opinions and Judgements Delivered in Different Courts
024925: CAPTAIN S. EARDLEY-WILMOT - Life of Vice-Admiral Edmund, Lord Lyons
057616: CAPTAIN S. EARDLEY-WILMOT - Our Fleet to-Day and Its Development During the Last Half-Century Revised Edition of 'the Development of Navies During the Last Half-Century'
047149: JOHN WILMOT - The Life of the Rev. John Hough, D.D.
049328: SIR JOHN E EARDLEY-WILMOT - Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith Esq.
058751: JOHN EARDLEY WILMOT - Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Sir John Eardley Wilmot, Knt. Late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Commons Pleas, and One of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council: With Some Original Letters
045336: W L WILMSHURST - The Meaning of Masonry
059074: A. B. WILSE - Norske Vinterbilleder Efter Fotografier Af A.B. Wilse
031969: THOMAS WILSON - Theknowledge and Practice of Christianity Made Easy to the Meanest Capacities: Or, an Essay Towards an Instruction for the Indians
037159: COLIN WILSON - The World of Violence
037161: COLIN WILSON - The World of Violence
033273: ROMER WILSON - Latterday Symphony
029370: JOHN WILSON - The Poetical Works of Professor Wilson
038251: ANGUS WILSON - Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
063264: ROBERT WILSON - The Big Killing
044528: JAMES GRANT WILSON - Thackeray in the United States 1852-3, 1855-6
043064: PHILIP WHITWELL WILSON - The Greville Diary
063271: ROBERT WILSON - Blood Is Dirt
044633: PHILIP WHITWELL WILSON - The Greville Diary
061020: GEORGE HERBERT WILSON - The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa
055986: ARTHUR AUSTIN; PROFESSOR WILSON - Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life a Selection from the Papers of the Late Arthur Austin
046142: A. N. WILSON - Penfriends from Porlock
026570: ALEXANDER PHILLIPS WILSON - A Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Including Intermitting, Remitting and Continued Fevers
018984: ARTHUR J. WILSON - Australia to-Day from a Visitor's Point of View
025783: THE REV. WILLIAM WILSON - The Philosophy of Physic; or the Natural History of Diseases, and Their Cure.
056828: JOHN MARIUS WILSON - The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales; Embracing Recent Changes in Counties, Dioceses, Parishes, and Boroughs: General Statistics: Postal Arrangements: Railway Systems, &C; and Forming a Complete Description of the Country.

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