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4261: SAVONIUS, MOIRA - All Colour Book of Mushrooms and Fungi
5103: SAWARD, DUDLEY - Victory Denied: The Rise of Air Power and the Defeat of Germany 1920-45
33737: SAWKINS, HAROLD (ED) - The Artist Volume IX March 1935 - August 1935
33748: SAWKINS, HAROLD (ED) - The Artist Volume XI March 1936 - August 1936
29296: SAWYER, TOM - Only Owls and Bloody Fools Fly at Night
893: SAYER, PAUL - Howling at the Moon
33217: SAYER, IAN; BOTTING, DOUGLAS - Nazi Gold: The Story of the World's Greatest Robbery - and Its Aftermath
25541: SCAMMELL, W M - The International Economy Since 1945
7156: SCANLON, NOEL - Quinn and the Desert Oil
14114: SCANLON, JOAN (ED) - Surviving the Blues; Growing Up in the Thatcher Decade
27393: SCANNELL, VERNON - The Apple-Raid and Other Poems
37344: SCARRE, CHRIS (ED) - The Times Archaeology of the World
29897: SCHAAF, FRED - Comet of the Century: From Halley to Hale Bopp
23444: SCHACHT, WILHELM - Rock Gardens and Their Plants
11205: SCHAEFER, JACK - The Kean Land and Other Stories
22870: SCHAMA, SIMON - Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution
27209: SCHIFF, HILDA (ED) - Contemporary Approaches to English Studies
7379: SCHILLER - Mary Stuart
36375: SCHIPFLINGER, THOMAS - Sophia-Maria: A Holistic Vision of Creation
34250: SCHLAUCH, M - Antecedents of the English Novel 1400-1600
34001: SCHLEUSNER, J FRIEDER; CAREY, JOANNES - Lexicon Graeco-Latinum in Novum Testamentum
16771: SCHLIEPHAKE, HANFRIED - The Birth of the Luftwaffe
35811: SCHLOTZHAUER, JOYCE M - Cutting Up with Curves
36617: SCHMIDT, ERIC; COHEN, JARED - The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business
31822: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - Lives of the Poets
6959: SCHNECK, MARCUS; CARAVAN, JILL - The Cat Owner's Handbook
2058: SCHNEER, JONATHAN - London 1900: The Imperial Metropolis
32269: SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY; SCHNEIDER, CARL J - The ABC-Clio Companion to Women in the Workplace
4816: SCHNEIDER, NORBERT - The Art of the Portrait: Masterpieces of European Portrait Painting 1420-1670
16886: SCHNEIDER, WOLF - Babylon Is Everywhere; the City As Man's Fate
9497: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Casanova's Homecoming
2529: SCHODER, RAYMOND V - Ancient Greece from the Air
3252: SCHOFIELD, GUY - The Men That Carry the News; a History of United Newspapers Limited
6359: SCHOFIELD, GUY - The Purple & the Scarlet, Ad 39-155: The Historical Sequel to the New Testament
12451: SCHOLES, PERCY - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
27272: SCHOLES, PERCY A - The Oxford Companion to Music
27904: SCHOLES, PERCY A - The Oxford Companion to Music
6202: SCHONFIELD, HUGH - Those Incredible Christians; a New Look at the Early Church
22847: THE MUSIC-MASTERS OF UPPINGHAM SCHOOL - Songs of Uppingham School: A Collection of Part-Songs and Choruses
36881: SCHRODINGER, ERWIN - Space-Time Structure
26140: SCHUBERT, INGRID; SCHUBERT, DIETER - The Monster Problem
33613: SCHUDDEKOPF, OTTO-ERNST - Fascism (Revolutions of Our Time)
17097: SCHULZ, JULIUS D - Handbuch Fur Sportflieger
20815: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL - Crossroads; the Life and Music of Eric Clapton
15298: SCHWARTZ, GARY - Rembrandt: His Life, His Paintings
47: SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH - The Creative Moment, How Science Made Itself Alien to Modern Culture
32519: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - Christianity and the Religions of the World: Lectures Delivered at the Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham, February 1922
33440: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Critical Study of Its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede
37436: SCIAKY, LEON - Farewell to Salonica: City at the Crossroads
36189: SCIRE (GERALD B GARDNER) - High Magic's Aid
28259: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Talisman
21728: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Old Mortality; a Legend of Montrose
27600: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
7628: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Poetical Works
3435: SCOTT, WALTER S - White of Selborne
12527: SCOTT, PETER - A Coloured Key to the Windfowl of the World
12568: SCOTT, T H; STOKOE, W J - The Bride of Lammermoor; the Heart of Mid-Lothian
13036: SCOTT, WALTER S - White of Selborne
33796: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
14898: SCOTT, JOHN H MACCALLUM - Eastern Journey
19810: SCOTT, ANGUS - Drawing in Pen and Ink
20096: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe
36279: SCOTT, M K C; HENDERSON, J A - Birds Shown to the Children
28297: SCOTT, A F - The Stuart Age (Every One a Witness)
19005: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; NOYES, ALFRED (ED) - The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border
6601: SCOTT, A F - The Stuart Age (Every One a Witness)
30540: SCOTT, MARTIN - The Restoration of Windmills and Windpumps in Norfolk
36615: SCOTT, ALWYN - Stairway to the Mind: The Controversial New Science of Consciousness
29978: SCOTT, MALCOLM (COMP) - The Second Book of Leigh and Bransford
35277: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Bride of Lammermoor; the Heart of Midlothian
22977: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
16234: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
29452: SCOTT, AMORET; SCOTT, CHRISTOPHER - Collecting Bygones
21729: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Pirate; the Fortunes of Nigel
26090: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; CECIL, LORD DAVID - Short Stories (World's Classics)
6673: SCOTT, W S (ED) - The Trial of Joan of Arc: Being the Verbatim Report of the Proceedings from the Orleans Manuscript
35200: SCOTT, STUART R - Battle-Axe Blenheims: 105 Squadron Raf at War 1940-1
34580: SCUTTS, JERRY - Us Medium Bomber Units of World War 2: Northwest Europe
1911: SCUTTS, JERRY - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, the Operational Record
24285: SCUTTS, JERRY - Wolfpack: Hunting Migs over Vietnam
34239: SCUTTS, JERRY - B-17 Flying Fortress: Classic Aircraft, Their History and How to Model Them
37514: SEAGER, REV JOHN - Bos' Greek Ellipses, Abridged and Translated Into English from Professor Schaefer's Edition, with Notes by the Rev John Seager
35136: SEAGO, EDWARD - Tideline: The Ebb and Flow of Memory and Experience
23982: SEAGO, EDWARD (INTRODUCES) - The Paintings of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis
31736: SEAL, JEREMY - Treachery at Sharpnose Point: Unraveling the Mystery of the Caledonia's Final Voyage
9947: SEAMAN, L C B - A New History of England 410-1975,
22803: SEAMAN, BARBARA - The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth
8543: SEAMAN, L C B - A New History of England 410-1975,
32882: SEAMER, ROBERT - The Floating Inferno: The Story of the Loss of the Empress of Britain
4106: SEARLE, MURIEL - Bathing Machines and Bloomers (Heritage of the Past)
6436: SEARLE, RONALD - Something in the Cellar...
23176: SEARLE, MURIEL V - Down the Line to Bristol
15201: SEARLE, RONALD - Ronald Searle in Perspective
8351: SEATON, ALBERT - Stalin As Military Commander
940: SEAVER, GEORGE - Albert Schweitzer: The Man & His Mind,
20837: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson: Nature Lover
23476: SEAVER, GEORGE - Albert Schweitzer: The Man & His Mind,
5094: SEBASTIAN, TIM - The Spy in Question
5185: SEBASTIAN, TIM - Saviour`S Gate,
6903: SECCOMBE, THOMAS; ALLEN, J W - The Age of Shakespeare: Volume 2 (Bell's Handbooks of English Literature)
30605: SECREST, MERYLE - Leonard Bernstein, a Life
36235: SEDDON, RICHARD - Philosophy As an Approach to the Spirit: An Introduction to the Fundamental Works of Rudolf Steiner
26960: SEDGWICK, JOHN P - Rhythms of Western Art
8920: SEEBER, GERD CHRISTIAN - The Abduction
34077: SEEBOHM, FREDERIC - Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law: Being an Essay Supplemental to (1) the English Village Community (2) the Tribal System in Wales
37972: SEGESTA, ABITARE - Abitare Annual 2
36613: SEGEV, TOM - One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate
34379: SEITZ, RAYMOND - Over Here
7348: SELBY, BETTINA - Like Water in a Dry Land; a Journey Into Modern Israel
9463: SELBY, JOHN - Over the Sea to Skye, the Forty-Five
9874: SELBY, JOHN - The Road to Yorktown
20370: SELBY, BETTINA - Riding to Jerusalem
32027: SELBY, JOHN - Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets of the World's Greatest Teachers
11145: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA - Weather, How to See It, How to Paint It
16992: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA - Painting Murals; Images: Ideas and Techniques
37974: SELIGMAN, MARTIN E P - Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being
7665: SELJOUK, M A - Corpses,
15004: SELLECK, R J W - James Kay-Shuttleworth: Journey of an Outsider
7411: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in George III's London
34007: SELZNICK, DAVID O (PRODUCED) - The Film Story of Gone with the Wind
21148: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
21149: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
10502: SEMMLER, CLEMENT - Kenneth Slessor (Writers and Their Work)
29878: SEN, MALA - Death by Fire: Sati, Dowry Death and Female Infanticide in Modern India
36230: SENCOURT, ROBERT - Spain's Ordeal: A Documented History of the CIVIL War
2832: SENIOR, MICHAEL - Myths of Britain
35764: SEPHARIAL - The New Manual of Astrology in Four Books Treating of the Language of the Heavens, the Reading of a Horoscope, the Measure of Time, and of Hindu Astrology
28249: SERENY, GITTA - The German Trauma: Experiences and Reflections 1938-2000
15640: SERGEANT, JOHN - Give Me Ten Seconds
37638: LITTLE TOT SERIES - The Captain of the School and Other Stories
16667: SEROTA, NICHOLAS - Fernand Leger: The Later Years
27484: SERVER, LEE - Ava Gardner: Love Is Nothing
4350: SERVICE, ROBERT - Collected Verse of Robert Service
22421: INCOMES DATA SERVICES - Recruitment, Training and Development (European Management Guides)
9036: SESHADRI - The Twilight of India's Life
825: SETON, ANYA - Avalon
7318: SETON, ANYA - Green Darkness
12220: SEVERIN, TIM - The Sinbad Voyage
21885: SEWARD, DESMOND - Prince of the Renaissance, the Life of Francois I
22253: SEWARD, DESMOND - The Hundred Years War; the English in France 1337-1453
18356: SEWARD, DESMOND - Napoleon and Hitler: A Comparative Biography
24307: SEWELL, ALBERT - The Observer's Book of Soccer
34420: SEWILL, RUTH; LANE, ELISABETH - The Free Men of Charlwood
25440: SEXTON, ANNE - Making Teddy Bears: With Step-by-Step Instructions and Full Size Templates
19850: SEYD, MARY - Introducing Beads
7457: SEYFFERT, OSKAR - The Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Religion, Literature, and Art
8218: SEYMOUR, PATRICK (DESIGNED) - The Literary Almanac; the Best of the Printed Word 1900 to the Present; Bestsellers, Nobel Prizes for Literature, Pulitzer Prizes, Newbery and Caldecott Medalists, Reviews and Biographies
30869: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles in Britain and Their Political Background, 1066-1746
6165: SEYMOUR, BEATRICE KEAN - The Children Grow Up
5133: SEYMOUR, GERALD - The Heart of Danger
3925: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Sovereign Legacy; an Historical Guide to the British Monarchy
16048: SEYMOUR, MIRANDA - Mary Shelley
17823: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Sovereign Legacy; an Historical Guide to the British Monarchy
21339: SEYMOUR, MIRANDA - Mary Shelley
22866: SEYMOUR, MARY - Draw Interiors (Draw Books)
2881: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Forgotten Arts: A Practical Guide to Traditional Skills
16047: SEYMOUR, MIRANDA - Robert Graves: Life on the Edge
38000: SHAFRITZ, JAY M; GIBBONS JR, E F; SCOTT, GREGORY E J - Almanac of Modern Terrorism
37622: SHAFTESBURY, EDMUND - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
16797: SHAGAN, STEVE - The Formula
5543: SHAH, IDRIES - Kara Kush: The Gold of Ahmad Shah
36983: SHAH, IDRIES - Special Problems in the Study of Sufi Ideas
36402: SHAHRAD, CYRUS - Secrets of the Vatican
36500: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; CRAIG, W J; DOWDEN, EDWARD - The Comedies of Shakespeare (Oxford Standard Authors)
26229: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; THOMPSON, ANN (ED) - The Taming of the Shrew (the New Cambridge Shakespeare)
11380: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Henry VI Parts One, Two and Three
11425: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Julius Caesar
20596: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Richard III
21297: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Antony and Cleopatra
33694: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; HUMPHREYS, A R (ED) - King Henry IV, Part 1 (Arden Shakespeare)
7808: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; CRAIG, W J; DOWDEN, EDWARD - The Tragedies of Shakespeare (Oxford Standard Authors)
26784: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The History Plays
36949: SHAKESPEARE, NICHOLAS - Bruce Chatwin (Signed)
34149: SHANES, ERIC - Turner's Rivers, Harbours and Coasts
33496: SHANES, ERIC - Turner's Rivers, Harbours and Coasts
31794: SHANES, ERIC - Turner's Rivers, Harbours and Coasts
34148: SHANES, ERIC - Turner's Picturesque Views in England and Wales 1825-1838
12654: SHANKLAND, PETER - Death of an Editor; the Caillaux Drama
13334: SHANKLAND, PETER - Byron of the Wager
591: SHANKLAND, PETER - Murder with a Double Tongue; the Enigma of Clarissa Manson
34426: SHANNON, PAUL - British Railways Past and Present No 24: Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and West Hertfordshire
32493: SHANNON, RICHARD - Gladstone: Peel's Inheritor 1809-1865
34648: SHANNON, DELL - Murder Most Strange
4204: SHAPIRO, LAWRENCE E - An Ounce of Prevention: How Parents Can Stop Childhood Behavioral and Emotional Problems Before They Start
4520: SHAPIRO, ALAN - Tantalus in Love
20812: SHAPIRO, HARRY - Slowhand; the Story of Eric Clapton
28596: SHAPLEY, FERN RUSK - Italian Paintings from the Samuel H Kress Collection: Italian Schools XVI-XVIII Century
31256: SHARE, BERNARD - Naming Names: Who, What, Where in Ireland
11493: SHARKEY, JOHN - Celtic Mysteries; the Ancient Religion
18290: SHARKEY, JOHN - Celtic Mysteries; the Ancient Religion
6361: SHARP, MARGERY - The Turret
15775: SHARP, DAVID (ED) - Ramblers' Ways
33901: SHARP, W E - Common Beetles of Our Countryside
25749: SHARP, JEAN (COMP) - Kendal: A Photographic Recollection
26376: SHARP, R FARQUHARSON - A Short History of the English Stage from Its Beginnings to the Summer of the Year 1908
32668: SHARP, WILLIAM (ED) - Sonnets of the Nineteenth Century
32767: SHAW, FRANK; SHAW, JOAN (COMP) - We Remember D-Day
6484: SHAW, BERNARD - Everybody's Political What`S What?
1652: SHAW, IRWIN - Evening in Byzantium
3907: SHAW, IRWIN - The Top of the Hill
26123: SHAW, CHARLES MACMAHON - Bernard's Brethren
30421: SHAW, BERNARD - Two Plays for Puritans: The Devil's Disciple, Caesar and Cleopatra
35161: SHAW, BILL EGLON (COMP) - Frank Meadow Sutcliffe: A Second Selection
26634: SHAW, BERNARD; SMITH, WARREN S (ED) - Bernard Shaw's Plays (Norton Critical Edition)
25977: SHAW, SIR NAPIER - The Drama of Weather
29011: SHAW, GEORGE - Sheffielder: A Life in the City
6508: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Murdoch; Ringmaster of the Information Circus
35186: SHAWZIN, STELLA - Stella Shawzin: Recent Sculpture
52: SHAYLOR, JOSEPH (COMP) - In Friendship's Garden
14630: SHEASBY, ANNE - The High-Energy Cookbook
6568: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Dorothy & Red: The Story of Dorothy Thompson and Sinclair Lewis
11011: SHEED, WILFRID - Frank and Maisie; a Memoir with Parents
33381: SHEEHY, GAIL - Pathfinders
34094: SHEERAN, JOHN; SARA, MARY - Margaret Firth
22142: SHELBOURN, COLIN - Lake District (Great Walks)
22756: SHELBOURN, COLIN - Lake District (Great Walks)
1651: SHELDEN, MICHAEL - Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
6939: SHELDEN, MICHAEL - Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
15273: SHELDRAKE, RUPERT - Seven Experiments That Could Change the World; a Do-It-Yourself Guide to Revolutionary Science
2930: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - The Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley
12496: SHELLEY, MARY - Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus
31678: SHELTON, ROBERT - No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan
22498: SHENNAN, J H - The Parlement of Paris
4767: SHEPARD, GRAHAM - Tea Tray in the Sky
26262: SHEPHERD, DAVID - A Brush with Steam: David Shepherd's Railway Story (Signed)
23002: SHEPHERD, CHRISTOPHER - German Aircraft of World War II
3847: SHEPHERD, E W - The Story of Southend Pier and Its Associations (Signed Copy)
10881: SHEPHERD, DAVID - The Man Who Loves Giants: An Artist Among Elephants and Engines (Signed)
29362: SHEPHERD, JOHN; WESTAWAY, JOHN; LEE, TREVOR - A Social Atlas of London
16858: SHEPHERD, PETER - The Saturn Experiment
33816: SHEPHERD, DAVID - David Shepherd: The Man and His Paintings
30071: SHEPPERD, ALAN - The King's Regiment (Men-at-Arms)
2051: SHER, ANTONY - Middlepost
37363: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - Complete Plays (Collins Pocket Classic)
7468: SHERMAN, WILLIAM T - From Atlanta to the Sea (Folio Society)
27987: SHERRIFFS, ROBERT STEWART - Salute If You Must: An Essay in Words and Pictures
31017: SHERWOOD, PHILIP - The History of Heathrow
7503: SHIEL, M DAVIES - Victorian and Edwardian Lake District from Old Photographs
23327: SHIFLETT, SHAWN - Hidden Place
1976: SHINE, BETTY - My Life As a Medium
16239: SHINE, BETTY - Mind Waves
23301: SHINE, BETTY - Mind Magic: The Key to the Universe
34529: SHINN, CHARLES; SHINN, DORRIE - The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China
29850: SHIPMAN, CATHY; JACKSON, DON - Dacorum - Within Living Memory
17520: SHIRER, WILLIAM L - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a History of Nazi Germany
18292: SHIRER, WILLIAM L - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a History of Nazi Germany
30712: SHIRLEY, DAVID (ED) - Hertfordshire; a Guide to the Countryside
20910: SHIRLEY, DAVID (ED) - Hertfordshire; a Guide to the Countryside
35273: SHLAIN, LEONARD - The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict between Word and Image
28127: SHONE, RICHARD - Sisley
16625: SHONE, RICHARD - The Century of Change: British Painting Since 1900
23026: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Duel for the Sky
35489: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Regia Aeronautica: A Pictorial History of the Italian Air Force 1940-1943
15977: SHORT, EIRIAN - Quilting; Technique, Design and Application
37456: SHORT, BRIAN (ED) - The English Rural Community: Image and Analysis
30634: SHORT, BASIL; SALES, JOHN - The Book of Bridport (Signed)
29022: SHORT, BERNARD C - The Isle of Purbeck
11009: SHORTER, CLEMENT - Victorian Literature; Sixty Years of Books and Bookmen
30705: SHORTER, A H; RAVENHILL, W L D; GREGORY, K J - Southwest England
26914: SHORTER, EDWARD - The Making of the Modern Family
30074: SHORTT, JAMES G - The Special Air Service (Men-at-Arms)
2311: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - Murder in the Rain Forest; the Chico Mendes Story
32983: FILM SHOW - Film Show Annual
34610: SHOWELL, JAK P MALLMANN - U-Boats in Camera: Archive Photographs from the U-Boot-Archiv, Germany
28315: SHREEVE, JAMES - The Neandertal Enigma: Solving the Mystery of Modern Human Origins
5184: SHULMAN, SANDRA - Nightmare
892: SHULMAN, NEVILLE - Exit of a Dragonfly
3271: SHUTE, NEVIL - The Rainbow & the Rose
6797: SHUTE, NEVIL - A Town Like Alice (Special Film Edition)
33039: SIBREE, REV JAMES - Fifty Years' Recollections of Hull: Or Half-a-Century of Public Life and Ministry
35197: SICRE, JOSE GOMEZ - Spanish Drawings XV-XIX Centuries
19758: SIDAWAY, IAN - Creative Pastel Techniques; 15 Inspiring Step-by-Step Projects
15604: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - King's Oak
50: SIDEY, HUGH - John F Kennedy: Portrait of a President
36839: SIEBERT, RUDOLF J - The Critical Theory of Religion: The Frankfurt School
8799: SIEGEL, JAN - Prospero's Children
37246: SIEGEL, DANIEL R; SIEGEL, DIANE F - The Futures Markets: Arbitrage, Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies
3422: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - Quo Vadis (Whither Goest Thou?)
37386: SIEVERT, KAREN - Prairie-Point Pizzazz: Quilts with New Dimension
30126: SIFTON, ELISABETH - The Serenity Prayer: Faith and Politics in Times of Peace and War
26338: NICHOLAS OF CUSA; SIGMUND, PAUL E (ED) - The Catholic Concordance (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
374: SIGNORET, SIMONE - Adieu Volodia
11440: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - The Hidden Scrolls; Christianity, Judaism, and the War for the Dead Sea Scrolls
37661: SILLITOE, ALAN - Men Women and Children
36370: SILLS, FRANKLYN - The Polarity Process: Energy As a Healing Art
34916: SILVER, A HENRY - What Handwriting Reveals
4550: SILVERMAN, RABBI MORRIS (ED) - Heaven on Your Head; Interpretations, Legends and Parables, Comments on the Torah and the Holidays
37537: SILVERMAN, DAVID - Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analysing Talk, Text and Interaction
35991: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - Uncle Shelby's Zoo: Don't Bump the Glump and Other Fantasies
28724: SILVERSTONE, PAUL H - Us Warships of World War II
33379: SIM, VERE - The Quest of the Star
5330: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D - The Visitors
7877: SIMCOX, CARROLL E - They Met at Philippi: A Devotional Commentary on Philippians
2649: SIMMONS, CHARLES - The Belles Lettres Papers,
3514: SIMMONS, DAN - Lovedeath; Five Tales of Love and Death
9130: SIMMONS, JACK (COMP) - Railways, an Anthology
15270: SIMMONS, JACK (ED) - Rail 150; the Stockton and Darlington Railway and What Followed
21751: SIMMONS, NORMAN - How to Go Railway Modelling
26827: SIMMONS, SUE (ED) - The Military Horse
1940: SIMMONS, MATTHEW R - Twilight in the Desert; the Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy
9116: SIMON, OLIVER - Introduction to Typography,
9537: SIMON, SYLVIE - The Tarot
18024: SIMON, HENRY W - The Festival of Opera; the Dramatic Stories and Musical Highlights of 129 Famous Operas
8467: SIMON, EDITH - The Anglo-Saxon Manner: The English Contribution to Civilization
27833: SIMON, ROBERT (ED) - Buckingham Palace: A Complete Guide
36987: SIMON, BERNARD - The Essence of the Gnostics
36726: SIMONS, HERBERT W (ED) - Rhetoric in the Human Sciences
15465: SIMPSON, JOHN - Strange Places, Questionable People; Updated with a New Chapter on Kosovo
17131: SIMPSON, JOHN - Strange Places, Questionable People
19493: SIMPSON, DIANE - The Analysis of Handwriting, Personality and Character
20546: SIMPSON, JOE - The Water People
27757: SIMPSON, IAN (ED) - Painter's Progress: An Art School Year in Twelve Lessons
32149: SIMPSON, MARGARET H - The Quaker Tapestry Guide in Colour 1981-1992
27122: SIMPSON, IAN (ED) - Painter's Progress: An Art School Year in Twelve Lessons
31034: SIMPSON, MRS SYDNEY - A Mystic Diary
25772: SIMPSON, LIZ - The Book of Crystal Healing
15195: SIMS, LOWERY STOKES - Stuart Davis, American Painter
36423: SINASON, VALERIE (ED) - Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse
36410: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - The Secret Scroll
8599: SINCLAIR, HUGH M; HOLLINGSWORTH, DOROTHY F - Hutchison's Food and the Principles of Nutrition
436: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Dynasty, the Astors and Their Times
27316: SINCLAIR, JOHN R - The Other Universe
37665: SINCLAIR, JOSEPH - Arteries of War: A History of Military Transportation
29020: SINCLAIR, J B; FENN, R W D - Llanfair Ym Muallt Builth Wells (Towns and Villages of England)
29084: SINCLAIR, MICK - The Thames, a Cultural History
20835: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Mazel and Shlimazel or the Milk of a Lioness
37060: SINGER, MARIAN - Witchcraft (Everything You Need to Know About)
31391: SINGER, ILANA - Emotional Recovery After Natural Disasters: How to Get Back to a Normal Life
2394: SINGER, I J - The Brothers Ashkenazi
7850: SINGH, ARJAN - Tiger Haven
37971: SINGLETON, WILLIAM A (ED) - Studies in Architectural History Volume II
11512: SINGLETON, FRANK - The English Lakes
37970: SINGLETON, WILLIAM A (ED) - Studies in Architectural History
14737: NEVILLE-SINGTON, PAMELA - Robert Browning: A Life After Death
3829: SIRE, GLEN - The Deathmakers
32384: SIRE, GLEN - The Deathmakers
32906: SIRINGO, CHARLES A - A Texas Cow Boy: Or Fifteen Years on the Hurrican Deck of a Spanish Pony
16138: SISMAN, ADAM - Boswell's Presumptuous Task
16570: SISMAN, ADAM - Boswell's Presumptuous Task
3035: SITWELL, OSBERT - Collected Stories
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27391: SPINDLER, KONRAD - The Man in the Ice: The Preserved Body of a Neolithic Man Reveals the Secrets of the Stone Age
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19542: STEEGMAN, JOHN - Cambridge
21620: STEEGMAN, JOHN - Victorian Taste: A Study of the Arts and Architecture from 1830 to 1870
8082: STEEL, RODNEY - Crocodiles
16065: STEEL, DUNCAN - Eclipse; the Celestial Phenomenon Which Has Changed the Course of History
16115: STEEL, DUNCAN - Eclipse; the Celestial Phenomenon Which Has Changed the Course of History
24835: STEEL, DAVID I A - A Lincolnshire Village: The Parish of Corby Glen in Its Historical Context
6785: STEELE, R C/WELCH, R C (EDS) - Monks Wood,
34084: STEELE, ROBERT (ED) - Kings' Letters: From the Days of Alfred to the Accession of the Tudors
2130: STEEN, MARGUERITE - The Swan
6475: STEEN, MARGUERITE - Anna Fitzalan
36609: STEEN, LYNN ARTHUR; SEEBACH JR, J ARTHUR - Counterexamples in Topology
34083: STEHLI, ANNABEL - The Sound of a Miracle: A Child's Triumph over Autism
30842: STEIN, JANICE GROSS; LANG, EUGENE - The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar
15189: STEIN, SUSAN ALYSON (ED) - Van Gogh, a Retrospective
20936: STEIN, RICK - Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide' Recipes Inspired by a Coastal Journey
24209: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Grapes of Wrath
36431: STEINER, RUDOLF; BENESCH, FRIEDRICH - Reverse Ritual: Spiritual Knowledge Is True Communion
36464: STEINER, RUDOLF - Christ and the Spiritual World and the Search for the Holy Grail
24539: STEINHOFF, JOHANNES; PECHEL, PETER; SHOWALTER, DENNIS - Voices from the Third Reich: An Oral History
33738: STEINMANN, ERNST - Botticelli (Monographs on Artists)
24362: STENSVOLD, MIKE - In-Camera Special Effects (Master Class Photography Series)
7176: STENTON, SIR FRANK - Anglo-Saxon England
28443: STEPHAN, RENATE - Empress Elisabeth of Austria 1837-1898: The Fat of a Woman Under the Yoke of the Imperial Court
14855: STEPHEN, DAVID - The Illustrated Six Pointer Buck
2096: STEPHEN, LESLIE - Hours in a Library, 3 Volumes
33858: STEPHEN, G A - 100 Pictures of Norwich: The City of Gardens, Churches and Antiquities
32620: STEPHEN, G M - British Warship Designs Since 1906
6934: STEPHENS, M D (ED) - Education and Entrepreneurs
27696: STEPHENS, REBECCA - On Top of the World
32305: STEPHENSON, JONATHAN - Paint with the Watercolour Masters: A Step-by-Step Guide to Materials and Techniques for Today's Artists
12882: STEPPLER, GLENN A - Britons, to Arms! the Story of the British Volunteer Soldier
18649: STERN, ROBERT A M; MELLINS, THOMAS; FISHMAN, DAVID - New York 1960; Architecture and Urbanism between the Second World War and the Bicentennial
14091: STERN, G B - Mosaic
28069: STERNBERG, ROBERT J - The Psychologist's Companion: A Guide to Scientific Writing for Students and Researchers
36837: STERNBERG, ROBERT J; ZHANG, LI-FANG (EDS) - Perspectives on Thinking, Learning, and Cognitive Styles
36084: STERRY, PAUL - Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe (Country Guides)
31732: STEVENS, GARY - The Perfect Ride
26595: STEVENS, MICHAEL - V Sackville-West: A Critical Biography
35498: STEVENS, HALSEY - The Life and Music of Bela Bartok
30070: STEVENS, JOAN; JEE, NIGEL - The Channel Islands (New Shell Guides)
22397: STEVENS, MICHAEL - V Sackville-West, a Critical Biography
21851: STEVENS, JOAN; JEE, NIGEL - The Channel Islands (New Shell Guides)
35612: STEVENS, R - Laggard
27692: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Vailima Letters: Being Correspondence Addressed by Robert Louis Stevenson to Sidney Colvin November 1890 - October 1894
2615: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - Blood Royal, the Illustrious House of Hanover
11793: STEVENSON, LIONEL - The English Novel, a Panorama
16286: STEVENSON, MIKE - Illingworth
19420: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Master of Ballantrae
21724: STEVENSON, LIONEL - The English Novel, a Panorama
1318: STEVENSON, R L - A Child's Garden of Verses (Chameleon Books)
28721: STEVENSON, RONALD (ED) - Alan Bush: An 80th Birthday Symposium
37961: STEWART, JACKIE - Winning Is Not Enough
32782: STEWART, DAVID (ED) - Sup38b London Area Registration Index March 1997
30384: STEWART, JACKIE - World Champion
8679: STEWART, DARRYL - From the Edge of Extinction: Endangered Species in North America
7053: STEWART, MICHAEL - Far Cry
36815: STEWART, IAN - Galois Theory
15520: STEWART, MARY - Touch Not the Cat
16152: STEWART, MICHAEL - Far Cry
16913: STEWART, JOYCE - Orchids
18624: STEWART, IAN - Nature's Numbers; Discovering Order and Pattern in the Universe
23298: STEWART, R J (ED) - The Elements of Prophecy
25832: STEWART, J I M - James Joyce (Writers and Their Work)
5789: STEWART, JAMES B - Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries
30014: STEWART, J I M - Eight Modern Writers
36775: STEWART, JACKIE - World Champion
33327: STEWART, DAVID (ED) - Sup38b London Area Registration Index March 1997
37549: STICKLAND, IRINA (ED) - The Voices of Children 1700-1914
36803: STIERER, BARRY; MAYBIN, JANET - Language, Literacy and Learning in Educational Practice
18980: STINE, R L - Sunburn
37204: STINTON, HARRY; MAYO, VIRGINIA - Harry's War: Experiences in the Suicide Club in World War One
31032: STIRLING, A M W - Ghosts Vivisected: An Impartial Inquiry Into Their Manners, Habits, Mentality, Motives and Physical Construction
15776: STOCK, CHARLOTTE (ED) - Rock Plants (Royal Horticultural Society Plant Guide)
35770: STOCKHARDT, DR JULIUS ADOLPH; HEATON, C W - Experimental Chemistry: A Handbook for the Study of the Science by Simple Experiments
20677: STOKER, HUGH - West Dorset Walks
3466: STOKES, SEWELL - Personal Glimpses
13921: STOKES, H G - English Place-Names
36463: STOKES, ADRIAN - Practical Landscape Painting
30709: FOLLIOTT-STOKES, A G - The Cornish Coast and Moors
24926: STOKES, REV H P - Outside the Barnwell Gate
5533: STOKES, CEDRIC - The Staffordshire Assassins
11488: STOKOE, W J - The Observer's Book of Ferns
8898: STONE, BRIAN (TRANS) - Medieval English Verse
16165: STONE, IRVING - Depths of Glory, a Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
20082: STONE, GENE - Stephen Hawking's a Brief History of Time, a Reader's Companion
21165: STONE, IRVING - The Passionate Journey
21613: STONE, IRVING - Adversary in the House
24026: STONE, JEAN - Voices from the Waterways
6649: STONE, WILLIAM S - The Ship of Flame
29259: STONE, RICHARD - Tamworth, a History
35442: STONE, DOUGLAS - Our Fenland Heritage (Signed)
33964: STONEBACK, BRUCE; STONEBACK, DIANE - Matchbox Toys: A Guide to Selecting, Collecting and Enjoying New and Vintage Models
24918: STOPPARD, TOM - Shipwreck: The Coast of Utopia Part II
21991: JACKSON-STOPS, GERVASE - The Country House in Perspective
34359: STORER, JOHN H - The Web of Life: A First Book of Ecology
29092: STOREY, NEIL R - A Century of Norwich: Events, People and Places over the 20th Century
30209: STOREY, EDWARD - Letters from the Fens
30390: STOREY, NEIL R - Around Norwich (Britain in Old Photographs)
22122: STOREY, EDWARD - The Solitary Landscape
36898: STOREY, EDWARD - Fen Boy First
29636: STOREY, NEIL R - Norfolk at War (Britain in Old Photographs)
22879: STOREY, EDWARD - The Solitary Landscape
17634: STORR, WILL - Will Storr Vs the Supernatural: One Man's Search for the Truth About Ghosts
28213: STORRY, MIKE; CHILDS, PETER (ED) - British Cultural Identities
10051: STORY, SOMMERVILLE - Rodin Sculptures
14390: STORY, RONALD - Guardians of the Universe
6555: STOTT, ROWENA - The Hedgehog Feast
32179: STOTT, CAROLE (ED) - Images of the Universe
4104: STOUGHTON, JOHN - Shades and Echoes of Old London
37906: STOURNARAS, STEPHANOS S - Meteora: The Sacred Rocks and Their History
35460: STOURNARAS, STEPHANOS S - Meteora: The Sacred Rocks and Their History
18248: STOVER, LEON E; KRAIG, BRUCE - Stonehenge and the Origins of Western Culture
9016: STOVIN, G H T - Verdant Memories
35985: STOVIN, G H T - Verdant Memories
605: STRACHAN, IAN - The Flawed Glass
26711: STRACHEY, MARJORIE - The Nightingale
975: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Queen Victoria
9054: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda
478: STRACHEY, MARJORIE - The Fathers without Theology
195: STRACHEY, ISOBEL - A Summer in Buenos Aires
16134: STRANDH, SIGVARD - A History of the Machine
5083: STRANG, TOM - The Northern Highlands
32075: STRANGE, RICHARD LE - A Complete Descriptive Guide to British Monumental Brasses
31500: STRANGE, PHILIP G - Brain Biochemistry and Brain Disorders
8901: STRANGER, JOYCE - Never Tell a Secret
33477: STRASMAN, PETER G - Fiat Panda Owners Workshop Manual: 1981 to 1987
33188: STRATA, ALBERTO - Rome: Colours of Time
6826: STRATTON, D - Bear Land, a Collection of over 500 Teddy Bears,
16923: STRATTON, PETER; HAYES, NICKY - A Student's Dictionary of Psychology
12387: STRAVINSKY, THEODORE - Catherine and Igor Stravinsky
28413: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; CRAFT, ROBERT - Igor and Vera Stravinsky: A Photograph Album 1921 to 1971
15940: STRAWSON, JOHN - A History of the Sas Regiment
30855: STREEK, S J - The Upper Holme Valley
36315: STREET, A G - Feather Bedding
8561: STREET, PHILIP - Wildlife Preservation
23034: STREET, SEAN (ED) - A Remembered Land: Recollections of Life in the Countryside 1880-1914
25045: STREET, SEAN (ED) - A Remembered Land: Recollections of Life in the Countryside 1880-1914
27168: STREET, H E; OPIK, HELGI - The Physiology of Flowering Plants: Their Growth and Development
7521: STREETER, EDWARD - As You Were, Bill
2484: STREETON, RICHARD - P G H Fender
19094: STREGE, JOHN - Tiger
35627: STRETTON, JOHN - British Railways Past and Present No 47: Leicestershire
37610: STREUBERT, HELEN J; CARPENTER, DONA R - Qualitative Research in Nursing: Advancing the Humanistic Imperative
16040: STRIBLEY, MIRIAM (COMP) - The Calligraphy Source Book
7066: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Transformation, the Breakthrough
36664: STROGATZ, STEVEN - Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
34578: STROHFUS, ELIZABETH; YOUNG, CHERYL J - Love at First Flight: One Woman's Experience As a Wasp in World War II... And Fifty Years Later, She's Still Flying (Signed)
4221: STRONG, L A G - The Doll
6104: STRONG, L A G - The Director
12058: STRONG, ROY - Lost Treasures of Britain; Five Centuries of Creation and Destruction
15100: STRONG, ROY - The Elizabethan Image; Painting in England 1540-1620
17259: STRONG, ROY - The Story of Britain, a People's History
24001: STRONG, COLIN; HART-DAVIS, DUFF - Fighter Pilot
10097: STROOBANT, FRANK - One Man's War (Signed)
33724: STROUD, JEAN - Special Correspondent
16156: STRUBLE, JOHN WARTHEN - The History of American Classical Music, Macdowell Through Minimalism
29246: STRUDWICK, IVY LINDA - Pulborough: A Pictorial History
1615: STUART, ALEXANDER - Tribes
5701: STUART, DOROTHY MARGARET - The Children's Chronicle
2363: STUART, JAMES - Within the Fringe
12157: STUART, SIMON - New Phoenix Wings; Reparation in Literature
29170: STUART, DENIS - County Borough: History of Burton Upon Trent: Part I Edwardian Burton
3714: STUART, DOROTHY MARGARET - The Boy Through the Ages
29714: STUART, DENIS - County Borough: History of Burton Upon Trent: Part I Edwardian Burton
10065: STUBBINGS, FRANK - Emmanuel College Chapel 1677-1977
35148: STUBBS, WILLIAM - Registrum Sacrum Anglicanum: An Attempt to Exhibit the Course of Episcopal Succession in England, from the Records and Chronicles of the Church
15200: STUCKEY, CHARLES F (ED) - Monet Water Lilies
37886: STUDLEY, VANCE - The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
2233: STURDY, DAVID; STURDY, FIONA - Historic Monuments of England and Wales
29631: STURDY, DAVID; STURDY, FIONA - Historic Monuments of England and Wales
35454: STYAN, J L - The Elements of Drama
1: STYLES, SHOWELL - First on the Summits
14735: STYRON, WILLIAM - The Confessions of Nat Turner
33981: SUBUH, BAPAK MUHAMMAD - Subud in the World
33558: SUDJIC, DEYAN - The Edifice Complex: How the Rich and Powerful Shape the World
37927: SUDO, KUMIKO - Omiyage: Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition
37640: BORISUTHIBUNDIT, SAIFHON; COOK, SUE ET AL - Cross Stitch Myth and Magic
2318: LE SUEUR, FRANCES - A Natural History of Jersey
35955: SUGDEN, JOHN - Sir Francis Drake
6963: SULLIVAN, GEORGE - Modern Fighter Planes (Military Aircraft)
8559: SULLIVAN, SIR EDWARD (DESCRIBES) - The Book of Kells
12388: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Cave Temples of Maichishan
15393: SULLIVAN, SIR EDWARD (DESCRIBES) - The Book of Kells
19700: SULLIVAN, HERBERT; FLOWER, NEWMAN - Sir Arthur Sullivan, His Life, Letters and Diaries
26950: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Arts of China
27517: SULLIVAN, K E - Impressionists (Discovering Art)
34927: SULSTON, JOHN; FERRY, GEORGINA - The Common Thread: A Story of Science, Politics, Ethics and the Human Genome
35365: SUMMERHAYS, R S - The Observer's Book of Horses and Ponies
25657: SUMMERHAYS, R S; WALKER, STELLA A - The Controversial Horse
27110: SUMMERHAYS, R S - The Observer's Book of Horses and Ponies
28653: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - The Geography of Witchcraft
2518: SUMMERS, GEORGE J - New Puzzles in Logical Deduction
9037: SUMMERS, ANNE - The Thursday Shop: An Antique Dealer's Diary (Signed)
29057: SUMMERS, NORMAN - A Prospect of Southwell: An Architectural History of the Church and Domestic Buildings of the Collegiate Foundation
27265: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - The Werewolf
28629: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - The History of Witchcraft and Demonology
16874: SUMNER, HEYWOOD - Cuckoo Hill: The Book of Gorley
27667: SUNDERLAND, JOHN - Painting in Britain 1525 to 1975
34488: SUNDERMANN, TERRELL - Pieced Roman Shades: Turn Your Favorite Quilt Patterns Into Window Hangings
18076: SUPER, ARTHUR SAUL; HALPERN, JOSEPH - Storytime; a Jewish Children's Story-Book
354: SUPPLE, BARRY - The Royal Exchange Assurance,
26612: SURTEES, R S - Hawbuck Grange or the Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott Esq
35880: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Historical Map and Guide: Hadrian's Wall
35879: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Historical Map and Guide: Roman Britain, South Sheet
35781: ORDNANCE SURVEY - One-Inch Map of England and Wales: Swindon, Sheet 157
6817: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Historical Map and Guide: Ancient Britain, South Sheet
23416: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY - Outcast
10261: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - The Striding Dales
13987: SUTCLIFFE, RAY (ED) - Chronicle; Essays from Ten Years of Television Archaeology
20591: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - A Benedick in Arcady
23854: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - By Moor and Fell in West Yorkshire: Landscapes and Lang-Settle Lore from West Yorkshire
5101: SUTHERLAND, JAMES - Restoration Literature 1660-1700: Dryden, Bunyan, and Pepys
15929: SUTHERLAND, JAMES - Early Eighteenth Century Poetry
2821: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY - Lapland Journey
28846: SUTHERLAND, GRAHAM - Francis Frith's Warwick (Photographic Memories)
37731: SUTHERLAND, PAUL (ED) - Tundra Gap: A Creative Response to a Very Special Landscape
37700: SUTHERLAND, PAUL - Journeying (Signed)
28839: SUTHERS, TERENCE - Hull Old and New
9060: SUTTON, DAVID - Settlements
16820: SUTTON, HENRY - The Voyeur
23249: SUTTON, DENYS - Pierre Bonnard: Royal Academy of Arts Winter Exhibition 1966
23250: SUTTON, DENYS - Pierre Bonnard: Royal Academy of Arts Winter Exhibition 1966
37459: SUTTON, EDNA; MOSELEY, MARY - Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Lace
37592: SUTTON, S L; BEAUMONT, H E (EDS) - Butterflies and Moths of Yorkshire: Distribution and Conservation
11066: SUYIN, HAN - A Mortal Flower
11873: SVEVO, LIVIA VENEZIANI - Memoir of Italo Svevo
18592: SWAAN, WIM - The Gothic Cathedral
20410: SWAAN, WIM - Art and Architecture of the Late Middle Ages; 1350 to the Advent of the Renaissance
20899: SWAHN, J O - The Lore of Spices: Their History, Nature and Uses Around the World
29307: SWAIN, ERIC R - Faversham in Old Photographs
790: SWAN, ANNIE S - Towards the Dawn: A Book of Encouragement for Dark Days
23868: SWAN, MICHAEL - Henry James (Writers and Their Work)
34468: SWAN, VIVIEN G - Pottery in Roman Britain (Shire Archaeology)
27070: SWANLAND, SHELLEY - Machine-Stitched Cathedral Windows: Updating an Old Favorite
7358: SWANN, AMELIA - The Victorian Kitchen Book of Jams and Jellies
6392: SWANTON, E W - As I Said at the Time; a Lifetime of Cricket
16313: SWANTON, E W - Gubby Allen, Man of Cricket,
24603: SWAYNE, W S - Parson's Pleasure
15237: SWEARINGEN, BEN E - The Mystery of Hermann Goering's Suicide
27321: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - True Christian Religion: Containing the Universal Theology of the New Church
13645: SWEENEY, CHARLES - Jebels by Moonlight
37491: SWEENEY, KIERAN; GRIFFITHS, FRANCES (ED) - Complexity and Healthcare, an Introduction
33099: SWEENEY, JAMES JOHNSON - Irish Illuminated Manuscripts of the Early Christian Period
36946: SWEET, MATTHEW - The West End Front: The Wartime Secrets of London's Grand Hotels
26731: SWEET, HENRY - A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader: Archaic and Dialectal
31956: SWEET, MATTHEW - The West End Front: The Wartime Secrets of London's Grand Hotels
34559: SWEETING, C G - Hitler's Squadron: The Fuehrer's Personal Aircraft and Transport Unit 1933-45
31361: SWEETMAN, JOHN - The Dambusters Raid
18600: SWEPSON, RUTH MARIA - Creative Knits; Designer Patterns for the Practical Knitter
25988: SWIFT, JONATHAN; CRAIK, HENRY (ED) - Swift: Selections from His Works 2 Volumes
11893: SWIFT, JONATHAN; GUTHKELCH, A C; NICHOL SMITH, D - A Tale of a Tub to Which Is Added the Battle of the Books and the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit
13246: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Waterland
18479: SWIFT, PENNY; SYMANOWSKI, JANEK - Build Your Own Walls and Fences
35088: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels and Selected Writings in Prose and Verse
9113: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - A Note on Charlotte Bronte
26348: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON - Songs Before Sunrise
16094: SWINDELLS, PHILIP - The Harlow Car Book of Herb Gardening
2812: SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - The Romantic Journey, the Story of Thomas Cook and Victorian Travel
15576: SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - Glorious Britain; a Guide to the Festivals, Fairs and Pageantry of the British Isles
31146: SWINNERTON, H H - Outlines of Palaeontology
2184: SWINNERTON, FRANK - English Maiden, Parable of a Happy Life
34323: SWINSON, CYRIL - Dancers and Critics
33515: SWITHINBANK, ANNE - A Handbook of Greenhouse and Conservatory Plants
28696: SWYNNERTON, REV CHARLES - Folk Tales from the Upper Indus
32047: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON - The National Trust Country House Album
3169: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON - The National Trust Country House Album
6483: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER - Troubled Loyalty: A Biography of Adam Von Trott
6938: SYKES, JOHN - Down Into Egypt; a Revolution Observed
22259: SYKES, EGERTON - Who's Who in Non-Classical Mythology
5712: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER - Two Studies in Virtue
26245: SYKES, JOHN - The Quakers: A New Look at Their Place in Society
37857: SYKES, PAT - You Don't Know John Cain? (Signed)
4268: SYMMES, PATRICK - The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro's Classmates from Revolution to Exile
8986: SYMMONS, SARAH - Goya
15974: SYMONS, JULIAN - The Criminal Comedy of the Contented Couple
6570: SYMONS, JULIAN - Between the Wars; Britain in Photographs
4401: SYMONS, ARTHUR - A Pageant of Elizabethan Poetry
12389: SYMONS, JULIAN - Critical Occasions
25090: SYMONS, ARTHUR - A Sixteenth-Century Anthology
35115: SYNGE, JOHN M - Plays
31808: SYNGE, LANTO - Antique Needlework
37905: SYNGE, V M - Royal Guides: A Story of the 1st Buckingham Palace Company
30424: R M T - A Book of Preparation for the Coming Light
5661: TABORI, PAUL - Companions of the Unseen
23203: TACK, ALFRED - The New Manager
35783: TAFFRAIL - Blue Star Line at War 1939-45
22230: TAGGART, PAUL - Art Workshop with Paul Taggart; Your Painting Companion
22245: TAGGART, PAUL - Art Workshop with Paul Taggart; Watercolour Painting
21098: TAGGART, PAUL - Art Workshop with Paul Taggart; Watercolour Painting
7010: TAHMANKAR, D V - Sardar Patel
28301: TAILLANDIER, YVON - P Cezanne
28529: TAILLANDIER, YVON - Rodin
17474: TAILOR, HEATHER - Easy Onglaze Techniques for China Painters and Potters
27630: SOUTHBY-TAILYOUR, EWEN - Reasons in Writing: A Commando's View of the Falklands War
1788: SOUTHBY-TAILYOUR, EWEN - Reasons in Writing: A Commando's View of the Falklands War
27463: TAIT, HUGH - Porcelain
4582: TAKATCH, GORAN (ED) - The Ioc Best of Sport Photographic Contest
7327: TALBOT, A (ED) - Woodworker Annual Volume 81; January 1977-December 1977
15516: TALBOT, GODFREY - Ten Seconds from Now; a Broadcaster's Story

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