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2108: PORTER, PETER - A Porter Portfolio
10304: PORTER, JOHN - The Making of the Central Pennines
22039: STREET-PORTER, JANET - Coast to Coast; from Dungeness to Weston-Super-Mare and from Cardiff to Conwy
35370: PORTER, STEPHEN - The Great Fire of London
22404: PORTER, VALERIE - Tales of the Old Woodlanders
37200: PORTER, J R - Jesus Christ: The Jesus of History, the Christ of Faith
34310: PORTER, JOHN - The Making of the Central Pennines
29797: PORTER, JOHN - The Making of the Central Pennines
34231: PORTER, LINDSAY - Guide to Purchase and Diy Restoration Mgb
31153: PORTER, VALERIE - English Villagers: Life in the Countryside
7764: PORTER, ELEANOR H - Pollyanna Grows Up
29668: PORTER, LINDSEY - The Staffordshire Moorlands: Pictures from the Past
37343: PORTER, CATHERINE - Collecting Modern Books
38185: PORY, JOHN; ALTHAM, EMMANUEL; RASIERES, ISAACK DE; JAMES JR, SYDNEY V (ED) - Three Visitors to Early Plymouth: Letters About the Pilgrim Settlement in New England During Its First Seven Years
2598: POSNER, GERALD - Killing the Dream; James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr
35237: POST, DESMOND - Around Historic Devon and Cornwall
1819: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Hunter & the Whale
14982: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Admiral's Baby
16561: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Admiral's Baby
28857: LANCASHIRE EVENING POST - Images of Preston
30945: JERSEY EVENING POST - Images of Jersey
25930: MILITARY POSTCARDS - Souvenir Fort Sam Houston and Army Camps
33884: POSTLETHWAITE, ALAN - Adventurous Model Railway Plans
35428: POSTMA, THIJS - Fokker: Aircraft Builders to the World
1175: POTTER, JEREMY - Pretenders: Claimants to the Throne
5082: POTTER, SIMEON - Language in the Modern World (Language Library)
12173: POTTER, SIMEON (COLL) - Essays and Studies 1968; Being Volume Twenty-One of the New Series of Essays and Studies Collected for the English Association
29616: POTTER, T W - Roman Britain
19193: POTTER, BILL - The South Central Bus Handbook
23688: POTTER, SIMEON - Modern Linguistics (Language Library)
33518: POTTERTON, HOMAN - Pageant and Panorama; the Elegant World of Canaletto
22022: POTTERTON, HOMAN - Pageant and Panorama; the Elegant World of Canaletto
38099: POTZSCH, OLIVER - The Hangman's Daughter
10195: POUCHER, W A - Skye
7075: POUCHER, W A - Lakeland Fells
10193: POUCHER, W A - The Highlands of Scotland
14204: POUCHER, W A - The Peak and Pennines, from Dovedale to Hadrian's Wall; a Constable Pictorial Guide for Walkers and Climbers
19182: POUCHER, W A - The Lake District
20905: POUCHER, W A - Ireland
20925: POUCHER, W A - The Lake District
15972: POUCHER, W A - The Scottish Peaks: A Pictorial Guide to Walking in This Region and to the Safe Ascent of Its Most Spectacular Mountains
18623: POULIN, BERNARD - The Complete Coloured Pencil Book
36965: POWEL, T ROWLAND - The Psychic Message of the Scriptures
34680: POWELL, DON - Victorian Pontypridd and Its Villages
30519: POWELL, W R (ED) - Hornchurch and Romford: An Extract from Volume VII of the Victoria History of of the County of Essex Originally Published in 1978 for the University of London Institute of Historical Research
38452: POWELL, CECILIA - Turner in Germany
38529: POWELL, BOB; WESTACOTT, NIGEL - Women's Land Army 1939-1950 (Britain in Old Photographs)
5574: POWELL, HUGH - German Studies & the Literary Historian,
7740: POWER, EILEEN - Medieval People
239: POWICKE, SIR MAURICE - The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307 (Oxford History of England)
7262: POWYS, A R - The English Parish Church
386: POWYS, LAURENCE - At the Harlot's Burial
21720: POWYS, LLEWELYN - The Verdict of Bridlegoose
35894: POYNDER, MICHAEL - The Price Guide to Jewellery 3000 Bc - 1950 Ad
4384: POYNTER, DAN/BINGHAM, MINDY - Is There a Book Inside You?
34681: PRAGNELL, LORNA; BECK, BARBARA - The Bryn and Llangattock-Nigh-Usk
27958: PRANGE, GORDON W; GOLDSTEIN, DONALD M; DILLON, KATHERINE V - Dec 7 1941: The Day the Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor
429: PREBBLE, JOHN - The King's Jaunt: George IV in Scotland, 1822
2647: PREBBLE, JOHN - The Lion in the North: A Personal View of Scotland's History
9455: PREBBLE, JOHN - The Lion in the North: A Personal View of Scotland's History
34444: PREEDY, NORMAN - Steam Around Gloucester
35292: PRENDERGAST, JOHN - Prender's Progress: A Soldier in India 1931-1947
31893: PRENDERGAST, JOHN - Prender's Progress: A Soldier in India 1931-1947
7973: PRESCOTT, W H - The Conquest of Mexico
26359: PRESCOTT, W H - History of the Reign of Philip the Second; Volumes First and Second Complete in One Volume
34792: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM; KIRK, JOHN FOSTER (ED) - History of the Conquest of Peru: With a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas
26739: PRESLAND, JOHN - Belisarius: General of the East
12169: PRESS, JOHN - The Fire and the Fountain; an Essay on Poetry
13903: PRESS, JOHN - The Chequer'd Shade, Reflections of Obscurity in Poetry
5603: PRESS, JOHN - The Chequer'd Shade: Reflections of Obscurity in Poetry
37303: PRESTAGE, EDGAR - The Portuguese Pioneers
33187: PRESTON, DIANA - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania
28155: PRESTON, ANTONY - The World's Great Submarines
3159: PRESTON, ANTONY - Destroyers
7784: PRESTON, RAYMOND - Chaucer
25029: PRESTON, DIANA - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania
26044: PRESTON, ANTONY - The World's Great Submarines from the American CIVIL War to the Present Day
32351: PRESTON, JAMES - Country Talk
1327: PRICE, ALAN - Synge and Anglo-Irish Drama
4432: PRICE, PETTY OFFICER HARRY - The Royal Tour 1901, or the Cruise of Hms Ophir
20674: PRICE, ALFRED - Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day 18 August 1940
20878: PRICE, ALFRED - Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day 18 August 1940
21031: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire at War
21212: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire at War: 2
22939: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire, a Documentary History
22940: PRICE, ALFRED - Spitfire at War
11255: PRICE, BERNARD - The Story of English Furniture
23758: PRICE, TAFF - Taff Prices's Stillwater Flies, Book 1: A Modern Account of Natural History, Flydressing and Fishing Techniques
23759: PRICE, TAFF - Taff Prices's Stillwater Flies, Book 2: A Modern Account of Natural History, Flydressing and Fishing Techniques
24159: PRICE, ALFRED - The Legendary Spitfire Mk I/II 1939-41 (Aircraft of the Aces)
34569: PRICE, ALFRED - The Luftwaffe in Camera 1939-1945
27916: PRICE, CLIVE - Rail Rambles Around Greater Manchester: South Manchester
27917: PRICE, CLIVE - Rail Rambles Around Greater Manchester: Peak District
36387: PRICE, NORMAN - Somerset House: A Biography of a Building
31019: PRICHARD, JOHN A - A History of Erith, Vols 1 - 3
10422: PRIDE, NIGEL - A Butterfly Sings to Pacaya; Travels in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize
131: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Something Understood
6125: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Priestland Right & Wrong
9738: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - Something Understood
9792: PRIESTLAND, GERALD - The Unquiet Suitcase (Signed)
27938: PRIESTLEY, MIKE - Mike Priestley's Walks in Yorkshire 3
38202: PRIESTLEY, J B - Man and Time
3362: PRIESTLEY, J B - Literature & Western Man
10810: PRIESTLEY, J B - The English Comic Characters
16176: PRIESTLEY, HENRY B - Halifax in the Tramway Era
34614: PRIESTLEY, J B - English Journey (Jubilee Edition)
21169: PRIESTLEY, J B - The Good Companions
25330: PRIESTLEY, J B - English Journey: Being a Rambling But Truthfull Account of What One Man Saw and Heard and Felt and Thought During a Journey Through England During the Autumn of the Year 1933
5553: PRINCE, HARRY - Half-Hours in Old London
30683: PRINCE, BRIAN; PRINCE, SHIRLEY - Woodhall Spa on Old Picture Postcards (Yesterday's Lincolnshire)
16846: PRINCE, MICHAEL - Murderous Places
36290: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress: Science, Obsession and the Everlasting Dead
28117: PRINS, HERSCHEL - Offenders, Deviants or Patients?
3568: PRIOR, ALLAN - Affair (Signed)
35224: PRIOR, A G - Mansfield Parish Church
1054: PRITCHETT, V S - Lasting Impressions
224: PRITCHETT, V S - At Home and Abroad
14962: PRITCHETT, V S - Lasting Impressions
26159: PRITCHETT, V S - When My Girl Comes Home
3004: PRITCHETT, V S (ED) - The Oxford Book of Short Stories
27859: PROAL, LOUIS - Passion and Criminality: A Legal and Literary Study
6541: PROBYN, CLIVE T - English Poetry
30836: PROCOPIOU, ANGELO - Athens, City of the Gods: From Prehistory to 338 Bc
5992: PROCTOR, ALAN - Visitor's Guide Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire
26403: BECKET PROJECT - Emotional Breakdown of Priests: A Report Into the Occurrence and Causes of Emotional Breakdown Among Catholic Priests in England and Wales with Recommendations for Prevention and Treatment
28878: NORWICH HERITAGE PROJECTS - A Market for Our Times: A History of Norwich Provision Market
16104: PROKOSCH, FREDERIC - Voices: A Memoir
36722: PROPHET, ELIZABETH CLARE - Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations
17912: PROST, ALAIN - Life in the Fast Lane, an Autobiography
38504: PROULX, E ANNIE - Heart Songs
32471: PROZAN, CHARLOTTE KRAUSE - The Technique of Feminist Psycho-Analytic Psycho-Therapy
33812: PRYCE, HUW (ED) - Hobbies: Useful Occupations for Practical Chaps
5835: PRYOR, SEAN - Lester, a Biography
31549: PROFILE PUBLICATIONS - Aircraft Profiles 1-24
25909: ESTATE PUBLICATIONS - Leisure Map: South Wales de Cymru
25910: ESTATE PUBLICATIONS - Official Tourist Map: Cotswolds Wyedean
6883: PUDNEY, JOHN (ED) - Pick of Today's Short Stories 13
15732: PUDNEY, JOHN - Beyond This Disregard
24276: PUDNEY, JOHN - The Smallest Room
7672: PUDOVKIN, V I; DOVZHENKO, ALEXANDER - Two Russian Film Classics; Mother, & Earth
26813: PUGH, PETER - The Magic of a Name: The Rolls-Royce Story 3 Volumes
14022: PUGH, HARRY - Wild Justice; the Lynn Siddons Murder
5008: PUGSLEY, STEVEN (ED) - Devon Gardens: An Historical Survey
6081: PULLAN, LEIGHTON - The Church of the Fathers: Being an Outline of the History of the Church from Ad98 to Ad461
2843: PULLAR, PHILIPPA - Gilded Butterflies: The Rise and Fall of the London Season
4545: PULLMAN, PHILIP - Clockwork: Or All Wound Up (Signed)
7588: PULVER, JEFFREY - Machiavelli: The Man, His Work and His Times
18011: PURCELL, WILLIAM - Pilgrim's England
8501: PURDY, W A - The Church on the Move: The Characters and Policies of Pius XII and John XXIII
1947: PURSGLOVE, GLYN - Francis Warner and Tradition, an Introduction to the Plays
18743: PUSHMAN, MURIEL GANE - We All Wore Blue
38071: PUTNAM, BILL; WOOD, JOHN EDWIN - The Treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau: A Mystery Solved
37139: PUTTICK, ELIZABETH - 7 Personality Types: Discover Your True Role to Achieve Success and Happiness
38340: PUTTOCK, COLONEL A G - A Dictionary of Heraldry and Related Subjects
28523: PUYVELDE, LEO VAN - The Sketches of Rubens
29471: PYE, N (ED) - Leicester and Its Region
37424: PYKE, ERNEST LIONEL - Desperate Germany
4017: PYLE, ANDREW (ED) - Key Issues: Agnosticism, Contemporary Responses to Spencer and Huxley
33399: PYLES, LISE - Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome: Real Help for Parents Anywhere and on Any Budget
16943: PYMAN, KIT (ED) - Every Kind of Smocking
35812: PYMAN, KIT (ED) - The Madeira Book of Gold and Silver Embroidery
28279: Q - Poison Island
36819: WU YONG-QI (ED) - Bronze Chariots and Horses of Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum
37300: QUARRIE, BRUCE - Encyclopaedia of the German Army in the 20th Century
6135: QUARRIE, BRUCE (ED) - Modelling Miniature Figures
5839: QUAYLE, H I; JENKINS, STANLEY C - Branch Lines Into the Eighties
14534: QUEANT, OLIVIER (ED) - Styles de France, Meubles Et Ensembles de 1610-1920
26651: QUEFFELEC, HENRI - Frontier of the Unknown
4026: QUEIROZ, ECA DE - The Illustrious House of Ramires
906: LE QUESNE, A L - After Kilvert
36112: QUIARO, ROBERT DEL - The Marquis de Sade: A Biography and a Note of Hope
3245: QUIGLEY, DAVID - Second Founding: New York City, Reconstruction, and the Making of American Democracy
24970: QUILLIN, PATRICK - Healing Nutrients
35953: QUINCY, THOMAS DE; SACKVILLE-WEST, EDWARD (ED) - Confessions of an English Opium-Eater Together with Selections from the Autobiography of Thomas de Quincy
38551: QUINE, WILLARD VAN ORMAN - Set Theory and Its Logic
36723: QUINE, W V - Quiddities: An Intermittently Philosophical Dictionary
17887: QUINLAN, RAY - Canal Walks of England and Wales
36305: QUINN, PHIL - Holy Wells of Bath and Bristol Region
15930: QUINTANA, RICARDO - Swift; an Introduction
36835: QUTB, SEYYID - Milestones
2564: SHARROCK, J T R AND E M - Rare Birds in Britain & Ireland
22582: RABAN, SANDRA (ED) - The White Book of Peterborough; the Registers of Abbot William of Woodford, 1295-99 and Abbot Godfrey of Crowland, 1299-1321
36056: RABAN, JONATHAN - The Society of the Poem
30954: RABE, JOHN; WICKERT, ERWIN (ED) - The Good German of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe
14475: RABELAIS, FRANCIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel
34144: RACHEWILTZ, BORIS DE - Egyptian Art, an Introduction
4248: RACHEWILTZ, BORIS DE - An Introduction to Egyptian Art
31381: RACHLIN, HARVEY - The Making of a Detective
1200: RACINE - Confessions: Unpublished Sonnets
4060: RADELL, NICK; VINES, MIKE - Lancaster, a Bombing Legend
2589: RADFORD, KENNETH - Fire Burn; Tales of Witchery
36426: RADFORD, BRIAN - Midland Line Memories: A Pictorial History of the Midland Railway Main Line between London (St Pancras) and Derby
25747: RADFORD, JOAN - Family Aromatherapy
38569: RADIN, DEAN - Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality
36920: RADNITZKY, GERARD - Contemporary Schools of Metascience: Anglo-Saxon Schools of Metascience; Continental Schools of Metascience
8190: RADNOR, JOHN - It All Happened Before: The Home Guard Through the Ages
26632: RADNOR, ALAN - Paranormal or Normal?
16471: RADNOR, ALAN - Paranormal or Normal?
21605: RADZINSKY, EDVARD - Rasputin; the Last Word
26006: RADZIWILL, PRINCESS CATHERINE - The Intimate Life of the Last Tsarina
22572: RAE, JANET - The Quilts of the British Isles
859: RAE, HUGH C - Skinner
18599: RAEBURN, MICHAEL (ED) - Architecture of the Western World
35703: RAFTER, NICOLE HAHN; HEIDENSOHN, FRANCES (EDS) - International Feminist Perspectives in Criminology: Engendering a Discipline
15414: RAILTON, ARTHUR - The Beetle, a Most Unlikely Story
35056: LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY - London and North Western Railway Time Tables: October 3rd 1921 and Until Further Notice
23010: RAINBIRD, G M - Inns of Kent
16008: RAINE, KATHLEEN - William Blake
23477: RAINE, KATHLEEN - William Blake
23876: RAINE, KATHLEEN - William Blake (Writers and Their Work)
34463: RAINE, JAMES WATT - The Land of Saddle-Bags: A Study of the Mountain People of Appalachia
12174: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - Industrial Archaeology
30238: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - The Pennine Dales
13892: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - West Riding of Yorkshire
4952: RAJNAI, MIKLOS (ED) - John Sell Cotman 1782-1842
9067: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER - The Last Fight of the Revenge
37175: RAM, ATMA - Woman As a Novelist: A Study of Jane Austen
37036: RAMACHARAKA, YOGI - The Science of Psychic Healing
37577: RAMALA - The Revelation of Ramala
31971: RAMET, ADELE - Creative Writing: How to Unlock Your Imagination, Develop Your Writing Skills - and Get Published
28615: RAMSAY, A MELVIN; EMOND, RONALD T D - Infectious Diseases
33849: RAMSAY, JOHN - John Ramsay's British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue 8th Edition
28732: RAMSDEN, CHARLES - London Book Binders 1780-1840
16533: RAMSEY, GLORIA - Couching; Decorative Laid Thread Embroidery
30512: RANCE, DAPHNE - St Ippolyts: A Country Parish in the Nineteenth Century
30600: RANDLE, DAVE - Hertfordshire in Old Photographs
36538: RANDLE, KEVIN - Project Blue Book Exposed
6302: RANDLES, JENNY; HOUGH, PETER - Spontaneous Human Combustion
1423: RANDLES, JENNY/WARRINGTON, PETER - Ufos, a British Viewpoint,
37564: RANDLES, JENNY; WARRINGTON, PETER - Ufos, a British Viewpoint
19724: RANDLES, JENNY; HOUGH, PETER - Life After Death and the World Beyond; Investigating Heaven and the Spiritual Dimension
23013: RANKIN, DON - Answers to 50 of the Most Often Asked Questions About Watercolour Glazing Techniques
13095: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Rod and Line
8919: RANSOME, CHRIS - Power Base
33886: RANSON, RON - Watercolour Painting: The Ron Ranson Technique
35537: RANSON, RON - Big Brush Watercolour
35765: RANSON, RON - Big Brush Watercolour
2792: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Somerset Maugham & His World
24129: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Of Gods and Men
38331: RAPIER, BRIAN J - White Rose Base
36655: RAPOPORT, ANATOL - Certainties and Doubts: A Philosophy of Life
27483: RAPPOPORT, ANGELO S - Royal Lovers and Mistresses: The Romance of Crowned and Uncrowned Kings and Queens of Europe
37699: RAPSON, CYNTHIA - Embroidery on Paper
15607: RASKIN, BARBARA - Hot Flashes
34387: RATCLIFF, ROSEMARY - Dear Worried Brown Eyes
3529: RATCLIFFE, PATRICIA - Silk Bonsai
9937: RATCLIFFE, DOROTHY UNA - The Dales of Arcady
23880: RATHBONE, JULIAN - Kings of Albion
24698: RATHBONE, JULIAN - The Mutiny
30677: RAUSCH, D A; VOSS, C H - World Religions: A Simple Guide
32778: RAVEN, JOHN; WALTERS, MAX - Mountain Flowers
29076: RAVEN, MICHAEL - A Shropshire Gazetteer
4162: RAVENSDALE, JACK - The Domesday Inheritance
3954: RAWCLIFFE, CAROLE - Medicine and Society in Later Medieval England
25700: BROWN AND RAWCLIFFE - Album of Views of Blackpool
2909: RAWICZ, SLAVOMIR - The Long Walk
36705: RAWLINS, RUTH PARMELEE; WILLIAMS, SOPHRONIA R; BECK, CORNELIA KELLY (EDS) - Mental Health - Psychiatric Nursing: A Holistic Life-Cycle Approach
31062: RAWLINS, F I G; TAYLOR, A M - Infra-Red Analysis of Molecular Structure
36217: RAWLINS, COSMO W H - Family Quartette
5377: RAWNSLEY, S L; SINGLETON, F B - A History of Yorkshire
8026: RAWSON, JESSICA - Ancient China, Art and Archaeology
30531: RAY, JOHN - The Battle of Britain: New Perspectives, Behind the Scenes of the Great Air War
15539: RAY, ROBIN (COMP) - Words on Music
6588: RAY, GORDON N - H G Wells & Rebecca West
2022: RAYMOND, E T - Mr Balfour: A Biography
1640: RAYMOND, ERNEST - The Witness of Canon Welcome
12630: RAYMOND, PATRICK - A Matter of Assassination
22838: RAYMOND, STUART - Cornwall: A Genealogical Bibliography (British Genealogical Bibliographies)
22840: RAYMOND, STUART; GIBSON, JEREMY - English Genealogy: An Introductory Bibliography (British Genealogical Bibliographies)
36212: RAYMOND, ROBERT S - A Yank in Bomber Command
29308: MORTON-RAYMONT, CHRISTINE - Padstow in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
25488: RAYNES, JOHN; RAYNES, JODY - How to Draw the Human Figure: A Complete Guide
29445: RAYSKA, URSZULA; CARR, ANTHONY - Telford Past and Present
26772: REA, DOMENICO; GIORDANO, CARLO - Naples and Pompeii
34530: REA, DOMENICO; GIORDANO, CARLO - Naples and Pompeii
9040: READ, ANTHONY; FISHER, DAVID - The Fall of Berlin
2495: READ, ANTHONY; FISHER, DAVID - The Proudest Day: India's Long Road to Independence
17135: READ, HERBERT - A Concise History of Modern Painting
19073: READ, MISS - Celebrations at Thrush Green
19075: READ, MISS - Affairs at Thrush Green
19077: READ, MISS - Farewell to Fairacre
20570: READ, MISS - The Year at Thrush Green
27867: READ, ANTHONY; FISHER, DAVID - The Proudest Day: India's Long Road to Independence
36362: READ, A B - Lighting the Home
36148: READ, PIERS PAUL - The Templars
34499: READE, COMPTON - The Smith Family: A Popular Account of Most Branches of the Name from the 14th Century
21114: READE, CHARLES - Peg Woffington
31394: READE, CHARLES - It Is Never Too Late to Mend: A Matter-of-Fact Romance
31629: READE, BRIAN - Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha
6849: READER, JOHN - Missing Links
145: REANNEY, DARRYL - The Death of Forever: A New Future for Human Consciousness
31100: THEOPHAN THE RECLUSE - Raising Them Right: A Saint's Advice on Raising Children
20181: REDFERN, T H - The Work and Worth of Mme Blavatsky
1159: REDGRAVE, MICHAEL - In My Mind's Eye, an Autobiography
17893: REDGRAVE, DEIRDRE - To Be a Redgrave; the Inside Story of a Marriage
18530: REDHEAD, BRIAN; GOODDIE, SHEILA - The Summers of Shotton
18731: REDHEAD, BRIAN - The National Parks of England and Wales
883: REED, KATHLEEN - Holiday to East Africa
31158: REED, A W - Aboriginal Myths, Legends and Fables
6575: REED, KIT - Armed Camps
6425: REED, LANGFORD - Nonsense Tales: For the Young from Seven to Seventy
18394: REED, JOHN - Ten Days That Shook the World, the Illustrated Edition
30313: REED, MICHAEL - A History of Buckinghamshire
22751: REED, LANGFORD - Mr Punch's Limerick Book
23779: REED, LANGFORD - The Indiscreet Limerick Book: 200 New Examples
8808: REED, BRIAN - Crewe Locomotive Works and Its Men
36924: REED, BRIAN - 150 Years of British Steam Locomotives
29156: REED, MICHAEL - The Buckinghamshire Landscape
17568: REEKIE, JENNIE - Chocolate
4980: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Torpedo Run
7394: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Dust on the Sea
20597: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - For Valour
21014: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Badge of Glory
13642: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - The Iron Pirate
32180: REES, MARTIN - Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others
5473: REES, J AUBREY - The English Tradition: The Heritage of the Venturers, a Survey of Six Centuries
670: REES, JOAN - Profligate Son: Branwell Bronte and His Sisters
6123: REES, NIGEL - The Graffiti File
15695: REES, DAI - The Key to Golf
1584: REES, SIAN - The Floating Brothel: The Extraordinary True Story of an 18th-Century Ship and Its Cargo of Female Convicts
37434: REES, NELLI - Glass Bead Jewelry Projects
23932: REES, LAURENCE - Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution
24120: REES, MARTIN - Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others
25033: REESE, TERENCE - Bridge Conventions, Finesses and Coups
20769: REEVE, F A - Cambridge
38413: REEVES, COMPTON - Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England
12105: REEVES, JAMES - The Shadow of the Hawk
35092: REEVES, DAVID - Furniture, an Explanatory History
17610: REEVES, DAVID - Furniture, an Explanatory History
35854: REEVES, COMPTON - Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England
28873: REEVES, NORMAN C - The Leon Valley: Three Herefordshire Villages: Kingsland, Monkland and Eardisland
34613: REGER, JANET; FLACK, SHIRLEY - Janet Reger, Her Story
922: REGNELL, HANS (ED) - Readings in Analytical Philosophy
37730: REHN, K GOSTA - Ufos Here and Now!
28967: REID, RICHARD - The Shell Book of Cottages
4497: REID, HARRY - Dear Country: A Quest for England
13385: REID, BERYL - So Much Love, an Autobiography
8152: REID, MAJOR PAT; MICHAEL, MAURICE - Prisoner of War
26995: REID, W STANFORD (ED) - The Reformation: Revival or Revolution? (European Problem Studies)
29545: REID, CHARLES - John Barbirolli
33087: REIK, THEODOR - The Unknown Murderer
333: REILLY, S M PARACLITA - Aubrey de Vere: Victorian Observer
35362: REILLY, S M PARACLITA - Aubrey de Vere: Victorian Observer
34258: REILLY, ROBIN - Pitt the Younger 1759-1806
16969: PROBST-REINHARDT, HEDI - Applique Ideas
33262: REISNER, ROBERT - Bird: The Legend of Charlie Parker
34119: REISS, HANS - The Writer's Task from Nietzsche to Brecht
38123: REITZ, DENEYS - Trekking on
38109: RENAUD, GEORGES; KAHN, VICTOR - The Art of Checkmate
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2723: ROBIE, VIRGINIA - By-Paths in Collecting, Being Aids in the Quest of Rare and Unique Things Such As Old China, Furniture, Pewter, Copper, Brass, Samplers and Sun-Dials with Comments on Their Age, Decoration and Value
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16472: ROGO, D SCOTT - Psychic Breakthroughs Today; Fascinating Encounters with Parapsychology's Latest Discoveries
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2402: ROMAINS, JULES - The Body's Rapture
2122: ROMAN, HOWARD - Pitfall in August
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22254: ROMER, JOHN - Testament, the Bible and History
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32355: ROOM, ADRIAN - Dictionary of True Etymologies
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19578: ROOME, HOLDAR - The Holy Thorn & Other Poems
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14374: ROSE, GEORGINA - A Countrywoman's Year
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16569: ROSE, MICHAEL R - Darwin's Spectre; Evolutionary Biology in the Modern World
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36683: ROSEN, ROBERT - Life Itself: A Comprehensive Inquiry Into the Nature, Origin and Fabrication of Life
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15545: ROSENFELD, LULLA - Bright Star of Exile; Jacob Adler and the Yiddish Theatre
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13492: ROTHERY, GUY CADOGAN - Concise Encyclopedia of Heraldry
22088: ROTHSCHILD, MRS JAMES DE - The Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor
33821: ROTTMAN, GORDON - Us Army Air Force: 2
33822: ROTTMAN, GORDON - Us Army Air Force: 1
21652: ROTTMAN, GORDON L - Warsaw Pact Ground Forces
2158: ROUDYBUSH, ALEXANDRA - The House of the Cat
34422: ROUND, J H - The Commune of London and Other Studies
20913: O'ROURKE, P J - Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut 1970-1995
35479: O'ROURKE, MICHAEL - Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animation: Modeling, Rendering and Animating with 3d Computer Graphics
13402: ROUSE, E CLIVE - The Church of St John the Evangelist Corby, Lincolnshire and Its Mural Paintings
30314: ROUSSELL, CHRIS - Wilton (Towns and Villages of England)
36511: ROUTH, C R N - Who's Who in Tudor England
6480: ROUTLEDGE, PAUL - Madam Speaker: The Life of Betty Boothroyd
15676: ROVIN, JEFF - Vespers
33533: ROW, SANDY - Surviving the Special Educational Needs System: How to Be a Velvet Bulldozer
13312: ROWDON, MAURICE - The Spanish Terror; Spanish Imperialism in the Sixteenth Century
35438: ROWE, LYNDON W - Municipal Buses of the 1960s
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31301: ROWLANDS, M L J; BEAVIS, L C - Tunbridge Wells: A Second Selection in Old Photographs
30158: ROWLANDS, DEREK J - Understanding the Electrocardiogram: Section 2: Morphological Abnormalities
36675: ROWLEDGE, J W P; REED, BRIAN - The Stanier 4-6-0s of the Lms
9616: ROWLES, GEORGE - The Technique of the Church Magazine
6243: ROWLEY, ALLEN - Right Royal Occasions
29512: ROWLEY, ALLEN - Memory Lane: Leeds 1
37081: ROWNTREE, DEREK - Teaching Through Self-Instruction: How to Develop Open Learning Materials
2365: ROWSE, A L - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
2737: ROWSE, A L; HEDGECOE, JOHN - In Shakespeare's Land; a Journey Through the Landscape of Elizabethan England
2724: ROWSE, A L - The First Colonists: Hakluyt's Voyages to North America, a Modern Version
4474: ROWSE, A L - Shakespeare the Man
36075: ROWSE, A L - The Cornish in America
22277: ROWSE, A L - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
12881: ROWSE, A L - Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses
28671: ROXBURGH, DAVID J (ED) - Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600
35174: VIRGIL; ROYDS, T F (TRANS) - The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil (Everyman)
36359: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Last Days of the Raj
1773: ROYLE, TREVOR - Winds of Change; the End of Empire in Africa
1776: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Best Years of Their Lives; the National Service Experience 1945-63
37722: ROYLE, JOE - Joe Royle the Autobiography (Signed)
34638: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Best Years of Their Lives; the National Service Experience 1945-63
25344: RUARK, ROBERT - Poor No More
11166: RUBIN, DAVID - The Greater Darkness, a Novel of India
37006: RUBINSTEIN, W D - Capitalism, Culture, and Decline in Britain 1750-1990
31486: RUBNER, ALEX - The Price of a Free Lunch: The Perverse Relationship between Economists and Politicians
37557: RUDDOCK, J G; PEARSON, R E - The Railway History of Lincoln
23570: RUDDOCK, J G; PEARSON, R E - The Railway History of Lincoln
31285: RUDDOCK, J G - Alesia de Lacy: Countess of Lincoln and Salisbury
28930: RUDERMAN, ARTHUR; FILMER, RICHARD - Ashford: A Pictorial History
30575: RUDERMAN, ARTHUR; FILMER, RICHARD - Ashford: A Pictorial History
6279: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Barbarians; Secrets of the Dark Ages
37551: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Secrets of the Stone Age: A Prehistoric Journey with Richard Rudgley
38487: LE RUEZ, NAN - Jersey Occupation Diary: Her Story of the German Occupation, 1940-45 (Signed)
16390: RUFFER, J E M - Good Shooting
36558: RUFFIN, C BERNARD - The Shroud of Turin: The Most Up-to-Date Analysis of All the Facts Regarding the Church's Controversial Relic
28057: RULAND, WILHELM - The Finest Legends of the Rhine
14722: RULE, MARGARET - The Mary Rose, the Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
38318: RULE, FIONA - London's Docklands: A History of the Lost Quarter
32207: RUMBOLD, SIR HORACE - Final Recollections of a Diplomatist
11520: RUNCIMAN, JAMES - Joints in Our Social Armour
36477: RUNES, DAGOBERT D (ED) - The Wisdom of the Torah
5073: RUPERT - Rupert and Uncle Bruno (Rupert Adventure Series No 2)
5074: RUPERT - Rupert Annual 1979
37607: RUPERT - Rupert Annual 1979
31981: RUSH, PHILIP - Apprentice at Arms
13662: RUSHBY, KEVIN - Chasing the Mountain of Light; Across India on the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond
20355: RUSHBY, KEVIN - Chasing the Mountain of Light; Across India on the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond
29113: ROTARY CLUB OF RUSHDEN - Old Rushden
31365: ROTARY CLUB OF RUSHDEN - Old Rushden
37135: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Joseph Anton, a Memoir
24884: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Fury
22358: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
26372: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Shame
35052: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Queen of the Air, Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm
35071: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Two Paths: Being Lectures on Art and Its Application to Decoration and Manufacture Delivered in 1858-9
30619: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Seven Lamps of Architecture (National Trust Classic)
24177: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers, a Legend of Styria
35069: RUSKIN, JOHN - A Joy for Ever (and Its Price in the Market) Being the Substance (with Additions) of Two Lectures on the Political Economy of Art
34508: RUSSELL, REX C - Living and Learning in Lindsey, Lincolnshire: 1830-1890: A History of Adult Education in North Lincolnshire
1426: RUSSELL, FRANCIS - President Harding: His Life and Times 1865-1923
7617: RUSSELL, ANDY - Grizzly Country
7419: RUSSELL, COLIN; GOODMAN, DAVID (EDS) - Science in Europe 1500-1800, Volume 1
7652: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - The Hunting Animal
7345: RUSSELL, JOHN - Shakespeare's Country
5928: RUSSELL, MARY - The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt, Women Travellers and Their World
6005: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD - My CIVIL War Diary 1861-62
10468: RUSSELL, A G - Colour, Race and Empire
37208: RUSSELL, REX - Living and Learning in Lindsey, Lincolnshire 1830-1890: A History of Adult Education in North Lincolnshire (Signed)
14495: RUSSELL, REX - Headstones in Lincolnshire Part Two
15907: RUSSELL, COLIN; GOODMAN, DAVID (EDS) - Science in Europe 1500-1800, 2 Volumes
30121: RUSSELL, LEE E - The Us Marine Corps Since 1945
35646: RUSSELL, A K - Liberal Landslide: The General Election of 1906
38481: RUSSELL, JEFFREY B - A History of Witchcraft; Sorcerers, Heretics and Pagans
27203: RUSSELL, BETH - Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint
26635: RUSSELL, JOHN - Rouault
34619: RUSSELL, REX - Headstones Near Horncastle - Popular Art
38358: RUTHERFORD, WARD - The Druids and Their Heritage
21508: RUTHERFORD, MEG - A Pattern of Herbs; Herbs for Goodness, Food and Health and How to Identify and Grow Them
37569: RUTTER, VIOLET - The Teachings of the Mandarin: Taken from Recordings Made Through the Deep Trance Mediumship of Mary Absolum
36312: RUTTER, JOHN - Delineations of the North West Division of the County of Somerset
12065: GATT-RUTTER, JOHN - Writers and Politics in Modern Italy
14197: RUTTER, OWEN - Triumphant Pilgrimage; an English Muslim's Journey from Sarawak to Mecca
36663: RYAN, PAUL - Birth and Death and Cybernation: Cybernetics of the Sacred
8634: RYCROFT, CHARLES - The Innocence of Dreams
36246: RYDER, PETER F - Medieval Buildings of Yorkshire
1433: RYDER, HAROLD - The Steel Square: Its Use and Mechanism
16447: RYDER, JUDITH; SILVER, HAROLD - Modern English Society, History and Structure 1850-1970
32870: RYRIE, ALEC - The Sorcerer's Tale: Faith and Fraud in Tudor England
5577: RYTASHA - Alchemy
30908: RALLS, S & J - Royston 1900: A Year in the Life of a Small Market Town
6987: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Lost King
25390: SABATINI, RAFAEL - St Martin's Summer
6441: SACHS, MAURICE - Witches' Sabbath
38226: SACKETT, TERENCE - British Life a Cent Ury Ago: Images from the Francis Frith Collection
11920: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Trollope, a Commentary
29132: SADLER, A G - The Indents of Lost Monumental Brasses in Surrey and Sussex: Appendix
10: SAGAN, ELI - The Honey and the Hemlock; Democracy and Paranoia in Ancient Athens and Modern America
9057: SAGITTARIUS - Sagittarius Rhyming
35575: SAHN, SEUNG - Only Don't Know: Selected Teaching Letters of Zen Master Seung Sahn
24758: SAINSBURY, JOHN - John Sainsbury's Router Workshop
16941: SALAH, SAID - Panorama of Saudi Arabia
3053: SALAMAN, MALCOLM C; HOLME, CHARLES (ED) - Old English Mezzotints
1747: SALAMANCA, J R - Embarkation
18935: SALAS, XAVIER DE - Goya
7170: SALE, KIRKPATRICK - The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy
34501: SALGADO, GAMINI - The Elizabethan Underworld
38036: SALISBURY, HARRISON - Black Night, White Snow: Russia's Revolutions 1905-1917
7889: SALISBURY, CAROLA - The Winter Bride
6170: SALMON, ARTHUR - Bath and Wells
38405: SALT, BERYL; COOKE, WNG CDR PETER; SYKES, GP CAPT BILL - A Pride of Eagles: The Definitive History of the Rhodesian Air Force 1920-1980
6018: SALTEN, FELIX - A Forest World
34210: SALTER, ELIZABETH - The Last Years of a Rebel: A Memoir of Edith Sitwell
37485: SALTER, BRIAN - The New Politics of Medicine
36736: SALTZ, ELI - The Cognitive Bases of Human Learning
11892: SALVEMINI, GAETANO - The French Revolution 1788-1792
33638: SALVINI, ROBERTO - The Hidden Michelangelo
29393: SAMBOURNE, R C - Exeter: A Century of Public Transport
32577: SAMPSON, GEORGE - The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature
2631: SAMPSON, ANTHONY - The Money Lenders
20621: SAMPSON, WING COMMANDER R W F - Spitfire Offensive; a Fighter Pilot's War Memoir
37339: SAMPSON, HENRY (ED) - World Railways 1952-53
37249: SAMS, ERIC - The Songs of Hugo Wolf
34039: SAMS, ERIC - The Real Shakespeare: Retrieving the Early Years, 1564-1594
27157: SAMUELSON, DAVID W - Motion Picture Camera Techniques (Media Manuals)
28823: SANCHO, JOSE LUIS - Guide Real Sitio de Aranjuez
6513: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - The Crow's Nest
3630: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - The Timothy Files
3803: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - The Case of Lucy Bending
4760: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - The Eighth Commandment
25476: SANDERSON, JOHN - An Interpretation of the Political Ideas of Marx and Engels (Monographs in Politics)
16184: SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Clapton; Edge of Darkness
37740: SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Mcqueen, the Biography
2928: SANDILANDS, G S (INTRO) - Richard Parkes Bonington (Famous Water-Colour Painters)
9911: SANDOR, FRIGYES (ED) - Musical Education in Hungary
37558: SANDREA, RAFAEL; NIELSEN, RALPH - Dynamics of Petroleum Reservoirs Under Gas Injection
33612: SANDS, RONALD - Portrait of the Wordsworth Country (Signed)
160: SANDS, RONALD - Portrait of the Wordsworth Country
7136: PINDAR; SANDYS, SIR JOHN - The Odes of Pindar Including the Principal Fragments
1933: SANDYS, OLIVER - Sir Boxer
13828: SANECKI, KAY N - The Book of Herbs; How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Your Own Herbs
1338: SANFORD, RICHARD - The Calling
36696: SANFORD, ANTHONY J - The Mind of Man: Models of Human Understanding
35195: SANSOM, SIR GEORGE - A History of Japan 1334-1615
3021: SANSOM, WILLIAM - Christmas
31113: SANSOM, SIR GEORGE - A History of Japan to 1334
13275: CORRIN, SARA AND STEPHEN (EDS) - The Faber Book of Favourite Fairy Tales
16522: SARGENT, CARL - The Astrology of Rising Signs; How to Find Your Rising Sign and Determine Its Significance for Your Life
27520: SARGENT, MAJOR-GENERAL H N - The Marvels of Bible Prophecy
30363: SARGOOD, LISA - Peterborough (Britain in Old Photographs)
12842: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems
2126: SATTIN, ANTHONY - Shooting the Breeze
37381: SAUER, MARTIN - An Account of a Geographical and Astronomical Expedition to the Northern Parts of Russia
4995: SAUL, NIGEL (ED) - England in Europe 1066-1453
1462: SAUL, NIGEL (ED) - The National Trust Historical Atlas of Britain: Prehistoric to Medieval
560: SAUL, JOHN - Shadows
37201: SAUL, NIGEL (ED) - The National Trust Historical Atlas of Britain: Prehistoric to Medieval
35242: SAUL, NIGEL - The Batsford Companion to Medieval England
38194: SAUNDERS, ANDREW - Book of Channel Defences
27616: SAUNDERS, RICHARD - Collecting and Restoring Wicker Furniture
3182: SAUNDERS, BEATRICE - Tchehov the Man
22745: SAUNDERS, LEONARD - Poetry Every Time
29528: SAUNDERS, ANDREW - Devon and Cornwall (Exploring England's Heritage)
30235: SAUNDERS, FRANCES STONOR - Hawkwood: Diabolical Englishman
27144: SAUNDERS, J T; MANTON, S M - A Manual of Practical Vertebrate Morphology
15795: SAUS, RAMIRO FERNANDEZ - Travelling without Moving
35739: LE SAUX, F H M; HARRIS, ANTHEA (EDS) - Reading Medieval Studies Vol XXXI
6291: SAVAGE, SIR WILLIAM - The Making of Our Towns
16691: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Witch; the Wild Ride from Wicked to Wicca
36415: SAVAGE, CANDACE - Witch: The Wild Ride from Wicked to Wicca
36702: SAVAGE, DAVID - The Secret of Astral Projection
23992: SAVANT, MARILYN VOS; FLEISCHER, LEONORE - Brain Power: The 12-Week Mental Training Programme
29764: SAVIDGE, ALAN - Royal Tunbridge Wells
4989: SAVIN, RICHARD - Vakil Abad; Iran, a Survivor's Story
4261: SAVONIUS, MOIRA - All Colour Book of Mushrooms and Fungi
5103: SAWARD, DUDLEY - Victory Denied: The Rise of Air Power and the Defeat of Germany 1920-45
38514: SAWFORD, ERIC - Eastern Steam in Retrospect
33737: SAWKINS, HAROLD (ED) - The Artist Volume IX March 1935 - August 1935
33748: SAWKINS, HAROLD (ED) - The Artist Volume XI March 1936 - August 1936
29296: SAWYER, TOM - Only Owls and Bloody Fools Fly at Night
893: SAYER, PAUL - Howling at the Moon
25541: SCAMMELL, W M - The International Economy Since 1945
7156: SCANLON, NOEL - Quinn and the Desert Oil
27393: SCANNELL, VERNON - The Apple-Raid and Other Poems
37344: SCARRE, CHRIS (ED) - The Times Archaeology of the World
29897: SCHAAF, FRED - Comet of the Century: From Halley to Hale Bopp
23444: SCHACHT, WILHELM - Rock Gardens and Their Plants
11205: SCHAEFER, JACK - The Kean Land and Other Stories
22870: SCHAMA, SIMON - Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution
27209: SCHIFF, HILDA (ED) - Contemporary Approaches to English Studies
7379: SCHILLER - Mary Stuart
36375: SCHIPFLINGER, THOMAS - Sophia-Maria: A Holistic Vision of Creation
34250: SCHLAUCH, M - Antecedents of the English Novel 1400-1600
34001: SCHLEUSNER, J FRIEDER; CAREY, JOANNES - Lexicon Graeco-Latinum in Novum Testamentum
16771: SCHLIEPHAKE, HANFRIED - The Birth of the Luftwaffe
35811: SCHLOTZHAUER, JOYCE M - Cutting Up with Curves
36617: SCHMIDT, ERIC; COHEN, JARED - The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business
31822: SCHMIDT, MICHAEL - Lives of the Poets
6959: SCHNECK, MARCUS; CARAVAN, JILL - The Cat Owner's Handbook
2058: SCHNEER, JONATHAN - London 1900: The Imperial Metropolis
32269: SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY; SCHNEIDER, CARL J - The ABC-Clio Companion to Women in the Workplace
4816: SCHNEIDER, NORBERT - The Art of the Portrait: Masterpieces of European Portrait Painting 1420-1670
16886: SCHNEIDER, WOLF - Babylon Is Everywhere; the City As Man's Fate
9497: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Casanova's Homecoming
2529: SCHODER, RAYMOND V - Ancient Greece from the Air
3252: SCHOFIELD, GUY - The Men That Carry the News; a History of United Newspapers Limited
6359: SCHOFIELD, GUY - The Purple & the Scarlet, Ad 39-155: The Historical Sequel to the New Testament
12451: SCHOLES, PERCY - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
27272: SCHOLES, PERCY A - The Oxford Companion to Music
27904: SCHOLES, PERCY A - The Oxford Companion to Music
6202: SCHONFIELD, HUGH - Those Incredible Christians; a New Look at the Early Church
22847: THE MUSIC-MASTERS OF UPPINGHAM SCHOOL - Songs of Uppingham School: A Collection of Part-Songs and Choruses
36881: SCHRODINGER, ERWIN - Space-Time Structure
26140: SCHUBERT, INGRID; SCHUBERT, DIETER - The Monster Problem
33613: SCHUDDEKOPF, OTTO-ERNST - Fascism (Revolutions of Our Time)
17097: SCHULZ, JULIUS D - Handbuch Fur Sportflieger
20815: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL - Crossroads; the Life and Music of Eric Clapton
15298: SCHWARTZ, GARY - Rembrandt: His Life, His Paintings
47: SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH - The Creative Moment, How Science Made Itself Alien to Modern Culture
32519: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - Christianity and the Religions of the World: Lectures Delivered at the Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham, February 1922
33440: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Critical Study of Its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede
37436: SCIAKY, LEON - Farewell to Salonica: City at the Crossroads
21728: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Old Mortality; a Legend of Montrose
27600: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
7628: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Poetical Works
3435: SCOTT, WALTER S - White of Selborne
12527: SCOTT, PETER - A Coloured Key to the Windfowl of the World
12568: SCOTT, T H; STOKOE, W J - The Bride of Lammermoor; the Heart of Mid-Lothian
13036: SCOTT, WALTER S - White of Selborne
33796: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
14898: SCOTT, JOHN H MACCALLUM - Eastern Journey
19810: SCOTT, ANGUS - Drawing in Pen and Ink
20096: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe
36279: SCOTT, M K C; HENDERSON, J A - Birds Shown to the Children
28297: SCOTT, A F - The Stuart Age (Every One a Witness)
6601: SCOTT, A F - Every One a Witness: The Stuart Age, Commentaries of an Era
30540: SCOTT, MARTIN - The Restoration of Windmills and Windpumps in Norfolk
36615: SCOTT, ALWYN - Stairway to the Mind: The Controversial New Science of Consciousness
29978: SCOTT, MALCOLM (COMP) - The Second Book of Leigh and Bransford
35277: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Bride of Lammermoor; the Heart of Midlothian
22977: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
16234: SCOTT, PETER - Observations of Wildlife
29452: SCOTT, AMORET; SCOTT, CHRISTOPHER - Collecting Bygones
21729: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Pirate; the Fortunes of Nigel
26090: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; CECIL, LORD DAVID - Short Stories (World's Classics)
35200: SCOTT, STUART R - Battle-Axe Blenheims: 105 Squadron Raf at War 1940-1
34580: SCUTTS, JERRY - Us Medium Bomber Units of World War 2: Northwest Europe
1911: SCUTTS, JERRY - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, the Operational Record
24285: SCUTTS, JERRY - Wolfpack: Hunting Migs over Vietnam
34239: SCUTTS, JERRY - B-17 Flying Fortress: Classic Aircraft, Their History and How to Model Them
35136: SEAGO, EDWARD - Tideline: The Ebb and Flow of Memory and Experience
23982: SEAGO, EDWARD (INTRODUCES) - The Paintings of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis
31736: SEAL, JEREMY - Treachery at Sharpnose Point: Unraveling the Mystery of the Caledonia's Final Voyage
9947: SEAMAN, L C B - A New History of England 410-1975,
22803: SEAMAN, BARBARA - The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth
8543: SEAMAN, L C B - A New History of England 410-1975,
32882: SEAMER, ROBERT - The Floating Inferno: The Story of the Loss of the Empress of Britain
4106: SEARLE, MURIEL - Bathing Machines and Bloomers (Heritage of the Past)
15201: SEARLE, RONALD - Ronald Searle in Perspective
8351: SEATON, ALBERT - Stalin As Military Commander
940: SEAVER, GEORGE - Albert Schweitzer: The Man & His Mind,
5094: SEBASTIAN, TIM - The Spy in Question
5185: SEBASTIAN, TIM - Saviour`S Gate,
6903: SECCOMBE, THOMAS; ALLEN, J W - The Age of Shakespeare: Volume 2 (Bell's Handbooks of English Literature)
30605: SECREST, MERYLE - Leonard Bernstein, a Life
36235: SEDDON, RICHARD - Philosophy As an Approach to the Spirit: An Introduction to the Fundamental Works of Rudolf Steiner
26960: SEDGWICK, JOHN P - Rhythms of Western Art
8920: SEEBER, GERD CHRISTIAN - The Abduction
34077: SEEBOHM, FREDERIC - Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law: Being an Essay Supplemental to (1) the English Village Community (2) the Tribal System in Wales
37972: SEGESTA, ABITARE - Abitare Annual 2
36613: SEGEV, TOM - One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate
34379: SEITZ, RAYMOND - Over Here
7348: SELBY, BETTINA - Like Water in a Dry Land; a Journey Into Modern Israel
9463: SELBY, JOHN - Over the Sea to Skye, the Forty-Five
9874: SELBY, JOHN - The Road to Yorktown
20370: SELBY, BETTINA - Riding to Jerusalem
11145: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA - Weather, How to See It, How to Paint It
16992: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA - Painting Murals; Images: Ideas and Techniques
7665: SELJOUK, M A - Corpses,
15004: SELLECK, R J W - James Kay-Shuttleworth: Journey of an Outsider
7411: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in George III's London
34007: SELZNICK, DAVID O (PRODUCED) - The Film Story of Gone with the Wind
38547: SEMASHKO, LEO M - Children's Suffrage: Democracy for the 21st Century, Priority Investment in Human Capital As a Way Toward Social Harmoy
38370: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
21148: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
21149: SEMBACH, KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau, Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
10502: SEMMLER, CLEMENT - Kenneth Slessor (Writers and Their Work)
29878: SEN, MALA - Death by Fire: Sati, Dowry Death and Female Infanticide in Modern India
36230: SENCOURT, ROBERT - Spain's Ordeal: A Documented History of the CIVIL War
2832: SENIOR, MICHAEL - Myths of Britain
35764: SEPHARIAL - The New Manual of Astrology in Four Books Treating of the Language of the Heavens, the Reading of a Horoscope, the Measure of Time, and of Hindu Astrology
28249: SERENY, GITTA - The German Trauma: Experiences and Reflections 1938-2000
15640: SERGEANT, JOHN - Give Me Ten Seconds
37638: LITTLE TOT SERIES - The Captain of the School and Other Stories
16667: SEROTA, NICHOLAS - Fernand Leger: The Later Years
27484: SERVER, LEE - Ava Gardner: Love Is Nothing
4350: SERVICE, ROBERT - Collected Verse of Robert Service
22421: INCOMES DATA SERVICES - Recruitment, Training and Development (European Management Guides)
9036: SESHADRI - The Twilight of India's Life
825: SETON, ANYA - Avalon
12220: SEVERIN, TIM - The Sinbad Voyage
21885: SEWARD, DESMOND - Prince of the Renaissance, the Life of Francois I

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