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19341: LEWIS, OSCAR - A Death in the Sanchez Family
21509: LEWIS, HILDA - Strange Story
22833: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Book Collecting: A New Look
22978: LEWIS, PETER - The British Bomber Since 1914
7408: LEWIS, ROY - Cock of the Walk: A Mid-Victorian Rumpus
36567: LEWIS, H SPENCER - Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life
37682: LEWIS, MARTYN - Tears and Smiles: The Hospice Handbook (Signed)
26988: LEWIS, WILMARTH SHELDON - Horace Walpole: The a W Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts 1960
34483: LEWIS, LAURENCE - Guido Cantelli: Portrait of a Maestro
32941: LEWIS, C DAY - Selected Poems (New Hogarth Library)
13868: LEWIS, PETER - The Genius of Puritanism
35515: LEWIS, MATTHEW - Journal of a Residence Among the Negroes in the West Indies
29368: LEWIS, ROY; ANSLOW, JOAN - Stafford in Old Picture Postcards
32817: LEWIS, CHARLES - The Mid-Hants Watercress Line Stock List 1983
4225: LHOTE, HENRI - The Search for the Tassili Frescoes: The Story of the Prehistoric Rock-Paintings of the Sahara
37124: LHOTE, HENRI - The Search for the Tassili Frescoes: The Story of the Prehistoric Rock-Paintings of the Sahara
29385: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE LIBRARIES - Life in Old Northampton : A Selection of Old Photographs, Prints, Paintings, Posters and Drawings of Historical Interest
4398: BRITISH LIBRARY - A Directory of Acronyms and Abbreviations Derived from the British Library's Catalogue of Conference Proceedings
36167: WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY LIBRARY - Picture Postcard Warwickshire: 2 Rugby and Surrounding Villages
11906: LIDDELL, ROBERT - A Treatise on the Novel
35994: LIDDELL, ROBERT - Byzantium and Istanbul
37322: LIDDICOAT, ANTHONY J - An Introduction to Conversation Analysis
8864: LIDDLE, PETER H - Voices of War; Front Line and Home Front
27287: LIDSTONE, R A - Studies in Symbology
2367: LIEBERMAN, HERBERT - The Climate of Hell
37021: LIEBLING, A J - The Earl of Louisiana
34735: LIEPMANN, HEINZ - Death from the Skies: A Study of Gas and Microbial Warfare
37150: LIGGETT, DONALD R - Sport Hypnosis
1136: LIGHTFOOT, DAVID - Winterman's Company (Signed)
37950: LIMB, MELANIE; DWYER, CLAIRE (EDS) - Qualitative Methodologies for Geographers: Issues and Debates
36422: LINCOLN, HENRY - The Holy Place: The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau - Discovering the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World
36451: LINDEMANN, ADAM - Collecting Contemporary Art
28398: LINDEMANN, GOTTFRIED - Prints and Drawings: A Pictorial History
37888: LINDOP, GREVEL - The Opium-Eater: A Life of Thomas de Quincey
9073: LINDOP, GREVEL - Fools' Paradise
8795: LINDSAY, JACK - George Meredith, His Life and Work
406: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Hurlygush
3753: LINDSAY, PHILIP - For King or Parliament
31939: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Burns: The Man, His Work, the Legend
10112: LINDSAY, NORMAN - The Cautious Amorist
27824: LINDSAY, JACK - Gustave Courbet: His Life and Art
484: LINDSEY, DAVID L - Heat from Another Sun
9196: LINDSTROM, THAIS - A Concise History of Russian Literature: Volume 1, from the Beginnings to Chekhov
35366: LINECAR, HOWARD - The Observer's Book of British Coins
31805: LINECAR, HOWARD - The Observer's Book of Coins (Cyanamid)
13561: LING, TREVOR - A History of Religion East and West
37145: LING, EDGAR R - A Textbook of Dairy Chemistry, 2 Volumes
2651: LINGARD, JOAN - The Women's House
26652: LINGG, ANN M - Mozart: Genius of Harmony
2782: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Survival of Scotland; a Review of Scottish History from Roman Times to the Present Day
37393: LINTOTT, PAM; LINTOTT, NICKY - Jelly Roll Dreams
37377: LINTOTT, PAM; LINTOTT, NICKY - Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts
956: LIP, GERALD - Around Historic Sussex
6613: LIPMAN, MAUREEN - Thank You for Having Me
37140: LIPMAN, MAUREEN - How Was It for You? Home Thoughts from a Broad (Signed)
978: LIPSIUS, FRANK - Alexander the Great
3335: LISSNAR, IVAR - The Living Past: The Great Civilizations of Mankind
14454: LISTER, RAYMOND - The Paintings of Samuel Palmer
29314: LISTER, MARTIN; MOORE, PETER - Saltash Town and About
12486: LITTELL, ROBERT - An Agent in Place
24142: LITTELL, MARCIA SACHS (ED) - Holocaust Education: A Resource Book for Teachers and Professional Leaders
16222: BROOKE-LITTLE, J P - Boutell's Heraldry
8483: LITTLE, BRYAN - English Historic Architecture
29225: LITTLE, BRYAN; WERBA, HERBERT - St Ives in Huntingdonshire
16036: LITTLE, DARAN; HILL, BRIAN - Weatherfield Life; a Portrait of Coronation Street
28937: LITTLE, BRYAN - Exeter: Crediton, Cullompton, Exmouth, Ottery St Mary, Tiverton, and Topsham
23427: LITTLE, BRYAN - The City and County of Bristol: A Study in Atlantic Civilisation
23610: LITTLE, BRYAN - English Historic Architecture
3605: LITTLE, ARTHUR - The Nature of Art: Or the Shield of Pallas
5156: LITTLETON, C SCOTT (ED) - The Sacred East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto
25671: LITVINOFF, BARNET - The Burning Bush: Antisemitism and World History
1379: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Passing on
4720: LIVINGS, HENRY - Pennine Tales
13093: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID; MACNAIR, DR JAMES I (ED) - Livingstone's Travels
92: LLEWELLYN, CHARLES - The MILL's Life: From the Domesday Book to the Millenium
4019: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - None But the Lonely Heart
15173: LLINAS, JOSE - Josep Maria Jujol
36450: LLOYD, CAROL - Creating a Life Worth Living: A Practical Course in Career Design for Aspiring Writers, Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians, and Others Who Want to Make a Living from Their Creative Work
33001: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER; BIRD, RICHARD - The Cottage Garden
34017: LLOYD, ALAN - The Wickedest Age: The Life and Times of George III
1178: LLOYD, ALAN - Marathon: The Story of Civilizations on Collision Course
7766: LLOYD, ALAN - The Hundred Years War,
8098: LLOYD, ALAN - The War in the Trenches,
8079: LLOYD, CLARE - The Travelling Naturalists
26965: LAING, LLOYD AND JENNY - The Picts and the Scots
12512: LLOYD, A R - Dragon Pond; Volume 3 of the Kine Saga
13744: LLOYD, SETON - The Art of the Ancient Near East
13788: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Capture of Quebec
17118: LLOYD, SETON - The Art of the Ancient Near East
37800: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - Captain Marryat and the Old Navy
23110: LAING, LLOYD AND JENNIFER - Anglo-Saxon England (Britain Before the Conquest)
14537: LLOYD, SELWYN - Suez 1956: A Personal Account
36864: LLOYD, BETH - De Gruchys: The History of Jersey's Department Store of Distinction
37717: LLOYD, GRAHAME - One Hell of a Season: Imps, Pilgrims and Tales of the Unexpected (Signed)
3905: LLOYD, MICHAEL - Portrait of Lincolnshire
28909: LLOYD, DAVID W - Historic Towns of Hampshire and Surrey
26436: LOB, LADISLAUS - From Lessing to Hauptmann: Studies in German Drama
20255: WARD LOCK - The Wonder Book of How It's Done
35772: WARD LOCK - Guide to Belgium, Including the Ardennes and Luxemburg
2406: LOCKE, WILLIAM - The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne
16940: LOCKE, ANGELA - Search Dog
32773: LOCKHART, R H BRUCE - Scotch; the Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story
12466: LOCKHART, R H BRUCE - My Scottish Youth
14330: LOCKHART, R H BRUCE - Scotch; the Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story
13037: LOCKLEY, R M - The Golden Year
35201: LOCKLEY, RONALD M - Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
12432: LOCKWOOD, PRIMROSE - One Winter's Night
30583: LOCKWOOD, HERBERT HOPE - Barking 100 Years Ago
37084: LOCKWOOD, FRED (ED) - Open and Distance Learning Today
24427: LODEWIJKS, J M - Tropical Fish in the Aquarium
1978: LODGE, DAVID - Paradise News
33405: LODGE, DIANA - Quilting (Traditional Needle Arts)
36111: UNITED GRAND LODGE - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons Under the United Grand Lodge of England: Containing the General Charges, Laws and Regulations
11238: LODS, ADOLPHE - The Prophets and the Rise of Judaism
3417: LOEWENFELD, CLAIRE - Herb Gardening; Why and How to Grow Herbs
13577: LEOPOLD OF LOEWENSTEIN, PRINCE - A Time to Love... A Time to Die
14372: LOFTHOUSE, JESSICA - The Curious Traveller Through Lakeland: Historic Ways North from Kendal and Cartmel to Keswick and Penrith
22990: LOFTS, NORAH - Crown of Aloes
391: LOFTS, NORAH - The Homecoming
395: LOFTS, NORAH - A Rose for Virtue: The Very Private Life of Hortense, Step-Daughter of Napoleon I, Mother of Napoleon III
403: LOFTS, NORAH - The King's Pleasure
34180: LOGAN, R W - Haiti and the Dominican Republic
14834: LOGAN, DAVID - Half-Sick of Shadows
32013: LOMAS, GEOFF - Omniology
32133: LOMASK, MARTHA - Low, Slow, Delicious: Recipes for Casseroles and Electric Slow-Cooking Pots
23648: LOMBA, MARGARET - It's Time to Learn to Fire (Just Thought You'd Like to Know)
4247: LONDON, TODD (ED) - Contemporary American Monologues for Men
30653: LONG, CHARLES - Oxford: The City and County As It Used to Be
9821: LONG, LIEUT-GEN ROBERT BALLARD - Peninsular Cavalry General 1811-13
20571: LONG, JEAN - Practical Chinese Painting; Colour Nature Essence
37860: LONG, P W - Other Ranks of Kut
35644: LONGCROFT, ADAM (ED) - Recent Research Into Vernacular Buildings and Parish Churches: Case Studies from Norfolk
9219: LONGFELLOW, H W - The Poetical Works of Longfellow,
9924: LONGFELLOW, H W - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
21050: LONGFELLOW, H W - Evangeline, a Tale of Acadie
1285: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - The Royal House of Windsor
13590: LONGFORD, LORD - Nixon; a Study in Extremes of Fortune
21067: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Wellington: Pillar of State
23007: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Wellington: Pillar of State
24375: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Wellington: Pillar of State
1386: LONGFORD, FRANK - The Bishops: A Study of Leaders in the Church Today
36492: LONGLEY, ELIZABETH - Great Works of Egyptian Art
32046: LONGMATE, NORMAN - If Britain Had Fallen
33783: LONGSTAFF, REGINALD - Submarine Command: A Pictorial History
22583: LONSDALE, ROGER (ED) - Sphere History of Literature: 4, Dryden to Johnson
34374: LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN - The Grail: From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol
7824: LOOMIS, STANLEY - The Fatal Friendship: Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen, and the Flight to Varennes
16022: ARISTOTLE; LOOMIS, LOUISE ROPES (ED) - On Man in the Universe: Metaphysics, Parts of Animals, Ethics, Politics, & Poetics
5588: LOON, HENDRIK VAN - The Arts (Updated)
4951: LOOSLEY, WILLIAM ROBERT - An Account of a Meeting with Denizens of Another World
30971: LORAND, ARNOLD - Old Age Deferred: The Causes of Old Age and Its Postponement by Hygienic and Therapeutic Measures (Signed)
35188: LORANT, STEFAN (ED) - The Lilliput Pocket Omnibus
33725: LORD, SUZANNE - The Cliff Villages at War
24875: LORD, SHIRLEY - Small Beer at Claridge's
2685: LORD, WALTER - Lonely Vigil; Coastwatchers of the Solomons
19023: LORD, WALTER - The Miracle of Dunkirk
22893: LORD, WALTER - The Miracle of Dunkirk (Wordsworth Military Library)
24073: ABERDARE, LORD ET AL - The Lonsdale Book of Sporting Records
24795: LORD, WALTER - The Miracle of Dunkirk
31191: LORD, EVELYN - Derby Past
36170: LORD, EVELYN - The Knights Templar in Britain
35789: LORD, EVELYN - Investigating the Twentieth Century: Sources for Local Historians
16157: LORIE, PETER - Superstitions; the Book of Ancient Lore
23676: LORIE, PETER; GARRATT, COLIN - Ironhorse: A History of the Steam Train
10306: LOTH, DAVID - The Erotic in Literature
37667: LOTT, TIM - The Scent of Dried Roses
32759: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - An Inland Voyage; Travels with a Donkey; the Amateur Emigrant; Together with the Old and New Pacific Capitals, and the Silverado Squatters
34024: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - In the South Seas
5885: LOUIS, ANDRINA (ED) - Trailblazers: A Tribute to the Early Lives of Jamaicans Now Living in Nottingham, Through Reminiscence
1470: LOVAT, LAURA - Maurice Baring, a Postscript with Some Letters & Verse
31331: LOVE, BRIAN - Great Board Games: Over 40 Games That You Can Play 1895-1955
33550: LOVECKY, DEIRDRE V - Different Minds: Gifted Children with Ad/Hd, Asperger Syndrome, and Other Learning Deficits
8013: LOVEGROVE, ROGER - River Birds: Bird Life from Mountain Stream to Estuary
25383: LOVELL, MARY S - A Hunting Pageant
16572: LOVELOCK, JAMES - Homage to Gaia; the Life of an Independent Scientist
16573: LOVELOCK, JAMES - Homage to Gaia; the Life of an Independent Scientist
32958: LOVELOCK, JAMES - The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning
4553: LOVER, SAMUEL - Further Stories of Ireland
32405: LOVERING, PAT - Royal Houghton: The Story of Houghton Regis Befordshire
30548: LOVESEY, NENIA - Reflections on Lace
3250: LOW, D M (SEL) - A Century of Writers 1855-1955
23215: LOWE, EVELYN - The Magic Fish: The Story of the Adventures of a Large China Fish (Assisted by David)
19347: LOWELL, ROBERT - History
21254: LOWELL, ROBERT - Life Studies
3246: LOWES, E L - Chats on Old Silver
37736: LOWNDES, MRS BELLOC - Mary Pechell
28143: LOWREY, ARNOLD - Sea and Sky in Watercolour (Leisure Arts)
7515: LOWTHER, E H N - A Bird Photographer in India,
26181: LOXTON, HOWARD - Pilgrimage to Canterbury
35512: LOXTON, HOWARD - Pilgrimage to Canterbury
12721: LOYE, DAVID - The Sphinx and the Rainbow; Brain, Mind and Future Vision
32992: TRUE NORTH BOOKS LTD - More Memories of Bradford
26522: EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONS LTD - Scenes from a Signal Box: A Social History of Britain's Railways
27972: LUBAC, HENRI DE - The Religion of Teilhard de Chardin
35980: LUCAS, JOHN - England and Englishness: Ideas of Nationhood in English Poetry 1688-1900
4372: LUCAS, ALICE - Talmudic Legends: Hymns and Paraphrases
3064: LUCAS, JAMES - Last Days of the Reich; the Collapse of Nazi Germany May 1945
18631: LUCAS, JAMES - Last Days of the Reich; the Collapse of Nazi Germany May 1945
22874: LUCAS, JAMES - War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945: The German Soldier in Russia
23924: LUCAS, JAMES - Kommando: German Special Forces of World War Two
24314: LUCAS, JAMES - The Last Year of the German Army: May 1944 - May 1945
21607: LUCAS, E V (ED) - Her Infinite Variety; a Feminine Portrait Gallery
34440: LUCAS, E V - A Wanderer in Florence
19873: LUCAS, E V - A Wanderer in London
35666: LUCAS, JAMES - The Last Year of the German Army: May 1944 - May 1945
27800: LUCAS, JAMES - Storming Eagles: German Airborne Forces in World War Two
30963: KEITH-LUCAS, BRYAN - Parish Affairs: The Government of Kent Under George III
33076: LUCAS, JAMES - War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945: The German Soldier in Russia
17947: LUCE, J V - The End of Atlantis; New Light on an Old Legend
37890: LUCKHURST, NIGEL; AMIS, JOHN, BUTT, RICHARD, SCARFE, NORMAN (EDS) - A Photographer at the Aldeburgh Festival
17358: LUCKIN, JOYCE - Character Handmade Dolls
19212: LUCKIN, JOYCE - Character Handmade Dolls
23642: LUCKIN, JOYCE - Character Handmade Dolls
36884: LUDEMANN, GERD; OZEN, ALF - What Really Happened to Jesus: A Historical Approach to the Resurrection
36941: LUDEMANN, GERD - The Unholy in Holy Scripture: The Dark Side of the Bible
37427: LUFF, DAVID - Mollison, the Flying Scotsman; the Life of Pioneer Aviator James Allan Mollison
34072: LUGG, VICKY; WILLCOCKS, JOHN - Heraldry for Embroiderers
73: LUKAS, MARY; LUKAS, ELLEN - Teilhard
4758: ST LUKE - The Nativity According to Saint Luke
37935: LUKE, BETTY - Sadi Thread and Shisha Glass Embroidery
8380: LUMB, REV T W - Authors of Greece
30790: LUMLEY, D - Peeps Into the Past of the North Country
37813: LUNDE, HENRIK O - Hitler's Wave-Breaker Concept: An Analysis of the German End Game in the Baltic
31972: LUNDQUIST, JOHN M - The Temple: Meeting Place of Heaven and Earth
36137: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
34114: LUNN, ARNOLD - A Saint in the Slave Trade: Peter Claver (1581-1654) (Ark Library)
36350: LUNT, JAMES - The Arab Legion 1923-1957
36334: LUNT, JAMES - The Barren Rocks of Aden
11447: LUPIERI, EDMONDO - The Mandaeans: The Last Gnostics
36610: LURIA, A R - The Working Brain: An Introduction to Neuropsychology
3325: LUSTBADER, ERIC VAN - French Kiss
16967: LUSTBADER, ERIC VAN - Angel Eyes
8988: LUSTY, ROBERT - Bound to Be Read
31550: LUTYENS, MARY (ED) - Effie in Venice: Unpublished Letters of Mrs John Ruskin Written from Venice between 1849-1852 (Signed)
8448: LUXTON, ELSIE - The Technique of Honiton Lace
36460: LUXTON, ELSIE - Honiton Lace Patterns
36996: LUXTON, ELSIE - The Technique of Honiton Lace
7406: LYALL, GAVIN - Venus with Pistol
35207: LYDON, JAMES (ED) - The English in Medieval Ireland: Proceedings of the First Joint Meeting of the Royal Irish Academy and the British Academy, Dublin, 1982
23398: LYE, KEITH - Philip's Atlas of the World
23551: LYE, KEITH - Compact World Atlas
2807: LYLES, ANNE; PERKINS, DIANE - Colour Into Line: Turner and the Art of Engraving
4652: LYNAM, DES - Sport Crazy
32462: LYNDON, NEIL - No More Sex War: The Failures of Feminism (Signed)
6079: LYNN, MARGARET - Sweet Epitaph
16776: LYNTON, NORBERT - The Story of Modern Art
25332: LYNTON, NORBERT - The Story of Modern Art
36372: LYONS, NICK - Scunthorpe: A Photographic History of Your Town
36579: LYONS, JOHN - Chomsky (Fontana Modern Masters)
25722: LYONS, C P - Milestones on the Mighty Fraser
15800: LYTE, CHARLES - The Herb Garden
3501: LYTE, CHARLES - Sir Joseph Banks: 18th Century Explorer, Botanist and Entrepreneur
8581: LYTTON, THE EARL OF - The Stolen Desert; a Study of Uhuru in North East Africa
31155: LYTTON, LORD - The Last Days of Pompeii
37488: ENEFER, D; MCGARRY, K; BROADLEY, M ET AL - The Green Hornet Annual
1568: MAAS, JOACHIM - The Gouffe Case
1806: MAAS, PETER - Made in America
15581: MAASS, EDGAR - The Dream of Philip II
2639: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT (ED) - Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
7455: MACALPINE, JOAN - The Shadow of the Tower: Henry VII and His England
37287: MACAN, T T; WORTHINGTON, E B - Life in Lakes and Rivers
36109: MACAULAY, DONALD - George Washington Wilson in the Hebrides
22327: MACAULAY, ROSE - Life Among the English
22710: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABBINGTON - The History of England in the Eighteenth Century
26573: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABBINGTON - The History of England in the Eighteenth Century
3994: MACAULAY, ROSE - They Were Defeated
8023: MACDONALD, LYN - To the Last Man; Spring 1918
6847: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915: The Death of Innocence
34459: MACDONALD, MERYL - The Long Trail: Kipling Round the World
31125: MACDONALD, A G - Physiological Aspects of Deep Sea Biology
5060: MACDONALD, GUS - Victorian Eyewitness
8031: MACDONALD, LYN - 1914-1918 Voices and Images of the Great War,
7838: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - The Birds of Brewery Creek
13463: MACDONALD, DONALD - Lewis, a History of the Island
16232: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915; the Death of Innocence
21007: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915; the Death of Innocence
22423: MACDONALD, LYNDA - Sensitive Issues in Employment (the Blackhall Guides)
18681: MACDONALD, NANCY ELLIOTT - Winding Ways Quilts, a Practically Pinless Approach
32840: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915; the Death of Innocence
37895: MACDONALD, JAIMIE - Jewellery from Recycled Materials
35514: MACDONNELL, KEVIN - A Photographer's Guide to Sussex
29028: MACDOUGALL, PHILIP - The Book of Medway: The Story of Rochester, Chatham and Strood
5338: MACDOUGALL, PHILIP - Phantoms of the High Seas
34354: MACDOUGALL, A K - An Anthology of Classic Australian Folklore
37942: MACDOWELL, MARSHA - Great Lakes Great Quilts, from the Michigan State University Museum
34940: MACDUFFEE, MELODY - Beaded Edgings
5400: MACFALL, HALDANE - The Wooings of Jezebel Pettyfer
18856: MACFARLANE, NEIL - Sport and Politics, a World Divided
26869: MACGINTY, TOM - The Irish Navy: A Story of Courage and Tenacity
37064: MACGREGOR, TRISH - Spells and Charms (Everything You Need to Know About)
27823: MACH, ELYSE - Great Pianists Speak for Themselves
34960: MACHEN, ARTHUR - Dog and Duck: A London Calendar Et Caetera (Travellers' Library)
5218: MACINTYRE, LORN - Cruel in the Shadow
26592: MACINTYRE, DONALD; BATHE, BASIL W - Man of War: A History of the Fighting Vessel
25306: MACINTYRE, ANDREW - Business and Politics in Indonesia (Asian Studies Association of Australia)
22136: MACINTYRE, DONALD - Jutland
26098: MACINTYRE, DONALD - The Naval War Against Hitler
17354: MACK, LORRIE; HAYLEY, GEOFFREY - Restoring Upholstered Furniture
37051: MACKAY, CHARLES; VEGA, JOSEPH DE LA - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds; Confusion de Confusiones
28242: MACKAY, JAMES - In My End Is My Beginning: A Life of Mary Queen of Scots
33751: MACKAY, JAMES - Railway Antiques
24665: MACKAY, JAMES - An Introduction to Small Antiques
35919: MACKAY, JAMES - Michael Collins, a Life
27414: MACKENZIE, ANDREW - Dracula Country: Travels and Folk Beliefs in Romania
6481: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Windsor Tapestry: Being a Study of the Life, Heritage and Abdication of Hrh the Duke of Windsor
1909: MACKENZIE, FAITH COMPTON - The Crooked Wall
18709: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Indian Myth and Legend
36190: MACKENZIE, ANDREW - Hauntings and Apparitions
5177: MACKIE, EUAN - The Megalith Builders
10714: MACKIE, MARY - Dry Rot and Daffodils; Behind the Scenes in a National Trust House
10919: MACKIE, J L - Das Wunder Des Theismus; Argumente Fur Und Gegen Die Existenz Gottes
35089: MACKIE, R L (ED) - A Book of Scottish Verse (World's Classics)
32681: MACKIE, EUAN - The Megalith Builders
21094: MACKSEY, KENNETH - The Hitler Options; Alternate Decisions of World War II
25444: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Military Errors of World War Two (Cassell Military Paperback)
20918: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Rommel: Battles and Campaigns
18178: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Technology in War: The Impact of Science on Weapon Development and Modern Battle
25995: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Technology in War: The Impact of Science on Weapon Development and Modern Battle
33310: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - You Can Get There from Here
19370: MACLAREN, LEON - Nature of Society
13249: MACLAURIN, C - Post Mortem; Essays, Historical and Medical
60: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - The Golden Gate
57: MACLEAN, RORY - The Oatmeal Ark; from the Western Isles to a Promised Sea
10420: MACLEAN, WILLIAM P - Modern Marlinspike Seamanship; Knots, Splices, Cordage Terminals and Rigging
56: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Bear Island
21439: MACLEAN, FITZROY - A Concise History of Scotland
37137: MACLEAN, FITZROY - Bonnie Prince Charlie
25026: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Caravan to Vaccares
3874: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - San Andreas
11364: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Captain Cook
15878: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Seawitch
119: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - River of Death
1548: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - The Way to Dusty Death
15877: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Caravan to Vaccares
25896: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Caravan to Vaccares
25897: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - River of Death
37976: MACLEAN, FITZROY - Eastern Approaches
21087: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Riders on the Earth; Essays and Recollections
30728: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE - An Owl Too Many
14485: MACLEOD, DAWN - The Gardener's London; Four Centuries of Gardening, Gardeners and Garden Usage
30729: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE - Vane Pursuit
22762: MACLEOD, DAWN - Oasis of the North: A Highland Garden
37336: MACLEOD, ROBERT - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Architect and Artists
15: MACMILLAN, HAROLD - The Blast of War, 1939-45
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37103: MCCARTHY, LARAINE (ED) - Modern Machine Knitting Baby Collection
7553: MCCARTHY, WILSON - The Detail
32191: MCCARTHY, DENNIS - Woolly Jumper: The True Story of an Eccentric Water Spaniel (Signed)
13568: MCCARTHY, MARY - A Charmed Life
18876: MCCARTHY, ALBERT - The Dance Band Era; the Dancing Decades from Ragtime to Swing: 1910-1950
36179: MCCARTHY, CHRISTINE - Some Ghostly Tales of Shropshire
34797: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - All the Pretty Horses
32192: MCCARTHY, DENNIS - Gone to the Dogs: An Autobiography (Signed)
13806: MCCOMBIE, IAN - The Piano Handbook
15286: MCCONKEY, KENNETH - British Impressionism
7873: MCCONNELL, J D R - Eton Repointed: The New Structures of an Ancient Foundation
23226: MCCONNELL, R B (ED) - Art, Science and Human Progress: The Richard Bradford Trust Lectures
23231: MCCORMACK, MARK H - What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School
9775: MCCORMICK, DONALD - Love in Code; or How to Keep Secrets
35676: MCCORMICK, BERNARD - Troubled Collieries (Signed)
35694: MCCORMICK, BERNARD - Northern Folk 2 (Signed)
33795: MCCRARY, CAPT JOHN R (TEX); SCHERMAN, DAVID E - First of the Many: A Journal of Action with the Men of the Eighth Air Force
8252: MCCRINDLE, JEAN; ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA (EDS) - Dutiful Daughters; Women Talk About Their Lives
5232: MCCRONE, JOHN - The Ape That Spoke
18068: MCCRONE, IAN - Make Money Freelance News Writing
36616: MCCRUM, ROBERT - Globish: How the English Language Became the World's Language
9392: MCCRUM, ROBERT - A Loss of Heart
1611: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Ladies of Missalonghi
15264: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The First Man in Rome
15265: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Grass Crown
9986: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Great Yachts
15111: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Burn-out
37721: MCDERMID, VAL - Killing the Shadows (Signed)
32888: MCDERMOTT, JAMES - England and the Spanish Armada: The Necessary Quarrel
3324: MCDONALD, OONAGH - Parliament at Work
6911: MCDONALD, JAMES - Wordly Wise
30195: MCDONALD, J G - Rhodes: A Life
35945: MCDONALD, KENDALL - Shipwrecks of the South Hams: The Wreckwalker's Guide to the Coast Path from Erme to Dart
37940: MCDOUGALL, CHRISTOPHER - Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen
37724: MCDOUGALL, KEITH - A Special Kind of Light: Norfolk and Scottish Landscapes (Signed)
29665: MCDOUGALL, DONALD (ED) - Fifty Years a Borough 1886-1936: The Story of West Ham
14641: MCENROE, JOHN - Serious
37325: MCENTEE, HOWARD G - The Model Aircraft Handbook
34909: MCEWAN, GRAHAM J - Freak Weather
37991: MCFARLANE, K B - Lancastrian Kings and Lollard Knights
36294: MCFEELY, ELIZA - Zuni and the American Imagination
29815: MCGARVIE, MICHAEL - The Book of Frome, a History
5274: MCGEOCH, IAN - An Affair of Chances: A Submariner's Odyssey 1939-44
16267: MCGHEE, FRANK - England's Boxing Heroes
35455: MCGIVERN, CAROLYN - The Lost Films of John Wayne
32790: MCGLADE, SHIRLEY - Daddy, Where Are You?: The Moving Story of a Daughter's Search for Her Gi Father
34796: MCGOUGH, ROGER - Gig
27050: MCGOWAN, IAN (ED) - Macmillan Anthologies of English Literature Volume 3: The Restoration and Eighteenth Century
15207: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPHER - The Raptor and the Lamb; Predators and Prey in the Living World
24108: MCGOWRAN, TOM - Newhaven-on-Forth: Port of Grace
16956: MCGRATH, MELANIE - Silvertown, an East End Family Memoir
37387: MCGRAY, KIMBER - 175 Fresh Card Ideas: Designs to Make and Give Throughout the Year
7706: MCGREAL, WILFRID - John of the Cross (Fount Christian Thinkers)
18099: MCGREGOR, SHEILA - The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting,
19445: MCGREW, ANTHONY (ED) - The United States in the Twentieth Century: Empire
31752: MCGUANE, JOHN; FITZPATRICK, MEGAN - The Essential Pine Book
37913: MCGUFF, DOUG; LITTLE, JOHN - Body by Science: A Research-Based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week
21317: MCHOY, PETER - Successful Gardening; Garden Design, Garden Features, Best Plants, Planting, Propagation, Maintenance, Seasonal Tasks
35082: MCILWRAITH, A K (ED) - Five Stuart Tragedies (World's Classics)
36186: MCINTYRE, IAN - Garrick
7858: CHUGOKU NEWSPAPER; MCIVOR, KIRSTEN - Exposure: Victims of Radiation Speak out
27037: MCKECHNIE, SUE - Jacob Spornberg: 18th Century Artist from Finland
25097: MCKEE, DAVID - The Magician and the Crown
25681: MCKELVIE, COLIN (ED) - Beloved Land: A Richard Jefferies Anthology
551: MCKENNA, N A - Theoretical Electrochemistry
33754: MCKERROW, RONALD B - An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
3886: MCKILLOP, A B - The Spinster and the Prophet: H G Wells, Florence Deeks, and the Case of the Plagiarized Text
8052: MCKINNON, MICHAEL - Arabia, Sand Sea Sky
13396: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - Andrew Lloyd Webber, a Biography
12564: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - The Shell Book of Inland Waterways
37285: MCLAGAN, JENNIFER - Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes
14070: MCLAREN, MORAY - Bonnie Prince Charlie
35081: MCLAREN, MORAY - A Dinner with the Dead and Other Stories
2775: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - The Coward's Weapon
5995: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE - First Steps in Family History
7243: MCLAUGHLIN, JOSEPH - An Outline and Manual of Logic
34332: MCLEAN, ALASDAIR - Western European Military Space Policy
29954: MCLEAN, TERESA - Medieval English Gardens
36559: MCLEAN, ADAM (ED) - A Treatise on Angel Magic: Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks
33225: MCLEISH, KENNETH - Myths and Folk Stories of Britain and Ireland
5438: MCLEISH, KENNETH; MCLEISH, VALERIE - Stravinsky (Composers and Their World)
14910: MCLEISH, KENNETH (ED) - Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought; Ideas That Shaped the World
24937: MCLEISH, KENNETH (ED) - Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought; Ideas That Shaped the World
28719: MCLEOD, HUGH - Religion and the People of Western Europe 1789-1970
319: MCLOUGHLIN, TIM (ED) - Brooklyn Noir 2: The Classics
7997: MCLYNN, FRANK - Carl Gustav Jung
4505: MCMAHON, THOMAS J - The Orient I Found
3179: MCMAHON, VANESSA - Murder in Shakespeare's England
35582: MCMICHAEL, PHILIP (ED) - Food and Agrarian Orders in the World-Economy
18898: MCMULLEN, ALEX - Motor Boating
1550: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Anything for Billy
10339: MCMURTRY, LARRY/OSSANA, DIANA - Pretty Boy Floyd
37696: MCNAB, ANDY - Recoil (Signed)
35406: MCNAB, CHRIS - 20th Century Military Uniforms
17647: MCNEESE, TIM - Illustrated Myths of Native America, 2 Volumes, Comprising: Vol 1, the Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, and Great Plains; Vol 2, the Southwest, Western Range, Pacific Northwest and California
3826: MCNEILL, JANET - Just Turn the Key and Other Stories
33976: MCNEILL, MOYRA - Pulled Thread Embroidery
2093: MCNICHOLS, CHARLES L - Crazy Weather
37509: MCNULTY, TERRY; FERLIE, EWAN - Reengineering Health Care: The Complexities of Organizational Transformation
4391: MCPHEE, JOHN - The Crofter and the Laird
3071: MCPHERSON, BIMBASH - A Life in Egypt
35450: MCPHERSON, CONOR - Dublin Carol
15226: MCQUILLAN, MELISSA - Impressionist Portraits
31927: MCQUILLAN, MELISSA - Van Gogh (World of Art)
25102: MCRAE, BARRY - The Jazz Handbook
35852: MCRONALD, MALCOLM - The Irish Boats Volume 2: Liverpool to Cork and Waterford
7198: MCSHANE, YOLANDE - Daughter of Evil: The True Story
19120: MCSMITH, ANDY - John Smith, a Life 1938-1994
30983: MCSPADDEN, J WALKER - The Stories of Wagner's Operas
34723: MCVICAR, DON - More Than a Pilot
8273: MCWHORTER, JOHN - Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care
4687: MEADEN, GEORGE TERENCE - The Stonehenge Solution; Sacred Marriage and the Goddess
32109: MEADEN, TERENCE - Stonehenge: The Secret of the Solstice
29833: MEADOWS, ERIC - Bedfordshire: A Pictorial Guide
7255: MEARA, DAVID - Victorian Memorial Brasses
16711: MEATES, LT-COL G W - The Lullingstone Roman Villa; Volume 1 - the Site
16712: MEATES, LT-COL G W - The Lullingstone Roman Villa; Volume 1 - the Site
37181: POPULAR MECHANICS - Popular Mechanics Farm Manual
36855: MEDINA, JOHN - Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School
5486: MEDLAND, J C - Shipwrecks of the Wight
8835: MEDVEDEV, ZHORES - 10 Years After Ivan Denisovitch
7785: MEDVEDEV, ROY - On Soviet Dissent; Interviews with Piero Ostellino
35952: MEE, ARTHUR - Oxfordshire (King's England New Format)
37989: MEE, ARTHUR - Oxfordshire, County of Imperishable Fame
11366: MEE, ARTHUR - Cornwall; England's Farthest South
11369: MEE, ARTHUR - Berkshire; Alfred's Own Country
11437: MEE, ARTHUR - Surrey; London's Southern Neighbour
14712: MEE, ARTHUR - Somerset, County of Romantic Splendour
14713: MEE, ARTHUR - Oxfordshire, County of Imperishable Fame
19843: MEE, ARTHUR - Middlesex; Little Home County
30764: MEE, ARTHUR - The Children's Bible
11451: MEE, ARTHUR - Durham; Twixt Tyne and Tees
11350: MEE, ARTHUR - Lake Counties; Cumberland Westmorland
37988: MEE, ARTHUR - Yorkshire: East Riding with York
33204: MEE, ARTHUR - Lincolnshire: A County of Infinite Charm (King's England)
32998: MEE, ARTHUR - Worcestershire (King's England New Format)
35944: MEE, ARTHUR - Gloucestershire (King's England New Format)
36073: MEE, ARTHUR - Sussex (King's England New Format)
14106: MEEHAN, AIDAN - Celtic Design; Illuminated Letters
14105: MEEHAN, AIDAN - Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual
37579: MEEK, GEORGE W (ED) - Healers and the Healing Process
37263: MEGAW, T M; BARTLETT, J V - Tunnels: Planning, Design, Construction Volume 1
12047: MEIN, MARGARET - A Foretaste of Proust; a Study of Proust and His Precursors
21651: MEISNER, ARNOLD; RUSSELL, LEE - Modern American Soldier (Uniforms Illustrated)
2544: MEISSNER, ERICH - Confusion of Faces: The Struggle between Religion and Secularism in Europe: A Commentary on Modern German History 1517-1939
27549: MELBA, NELLIE - Melodies and Memories
2088: MELCHIOR, IB - The Watchdogs of Abaddon
2448: MELDEN, A I (ED) - Ethical Theories: A Book of Readings
8236: MELENDEZ, FRANCISCO - The Mermaid and the Major: The True Story of the Invention of the Submarine
29043: MELLER, HUGH - Exeter Architecture
31382: MELLER, HUGH - Exeter Architecture
36156: MELLERSH, H E L - The Hutchinson Chronology of World History Volume 1: The Ancient and Medieval World, Prehistory - 1491
34659: MELLING, ELIZABETH (ED) - Kentish Sources I: Some Roads and Bridges
30374: MELLOR, DAVID - David Mellor Kitchen Guide: A Good Cook's Catalogue
24669: MELLOR, DR DAVID - Cecil Beaton
27525: MELLY, GEORGE - Don't Tell Sybil: An Intimate Memoir of E L T Mesens
3667: MELTZER, BRAD - The Tenth Justice
37037: MELVILLE, FRANCIS - The Secrets of High Magic
23463: MELVILLE, ALAN - Myself - When Young
37038: MELVILLE, FRANCIS - Defence Against the Dark Arts
1683: MELVILLE, SIR JAMES; DONALDSON, GORDON (ED) - The Memoirs of Sir James Melville of Halhill
31778: MELVILLE, FRANCIS - The Book of Angels
33430: MELWON, EVA R - A First Book of Embroidery Design
3793: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
16221: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
21738: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
22967: MENDENHALL, CHARLES A - Deadly Duo: The B-25 and B-26 in Ww-II
16830: MENDL, R W S - The Divine Quest in Music
36444: MENGHI, GIROLAMO - The Devil's Scourge: Exorcism During the Italian Renaissance
26716: MENUHIN, YEHUDI; DAVIS, CURTIS W - The Music of Man
28243: MENUHIN, YEHUDI - Unfinished Journey
506: MENUHIN, YEHUDI - Unfinished Journey
9615: MENZIES, SIR ROBERT - The Measure of the Years
13465: MENZIES, SIR ROBERT - Afternoon Light: Some Memories of Men and Events
7782: MERCER, F A; HAY, ROY (EDS) - Rock Wall and Water (Gardens and Gardening)
37765: MERCER, PATRICK - To Do and Die
18079: MERCIER, VIVIAN (ED) - Classic Irish Short Stories
29520: LEICESTER MERCURY - Leicester in the Fifties
37526: MEREDITH, BRIAN - Escape on Skis
3958: MEREDITH, H O - Economic History of England
35245: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Everyman)
35132: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Beauchamp's Career (World's Classics)
28030: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Rhoda Fleming
31979: MEREDITH, ARNOLD - Easy Money; the Book of the Film
13321: MERQUIOR, J G - Foucault
34606: MERRICK, K A - German Aircraft Markings 1939-1945
30794: MERRIMAN, HENRY SETON - Barlasch of the Guard
20454: MERRIMAN, MARCUS - The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1551
425: MERRYWEATHER, REV E A - Some Notes on the Family of Merrryweather of England & America
5158: MERTON, THOMAS - Love and Living
16320: MERVYN, LEONARD - The Dictionary of Vitamins; the Complete Guide to Vitamins and Vitamin Therapy
8202: MERWIN, W S - The Ends of the Earth: Essays
23770: MERWIN, JOHN (ED) - Stillwater Trout
15136: MERZ, MARIO - Mario Merz Disegni, Arbeiten Auf Papier
10448: MESCHERY, JOANNE - In a High Place
36866: MESSENT, JAN - Embroidery and Architecture
15703: MESSENT, JAN - Embroidery and Animals
12307: MESSENT, JAN - Wool'n Magic
37395: MESSENT, JAN - Embroidered Portraits: Ideas, Inspiration and Techniques
34276: MESSENT, JAN - Design Sources for Pattern
18196: MESSENT, JAN - Have You Any Wool? the Creative Use of Yarn
34744: MESSENT, JAN - Designing with Pattern (Signed)
37391: MESSENT, JAN - Wool'n Magic
34674: MESSENT, JAN - The Embroiderer's Workbook
34317: MESSENT, JAN - Designing for Embroidery from Ancient and Primitive Sources
37057: METCALF, EILEEN - Dolman Design
206: WASHINGTON-METCALFE, T - The Life and Adventures of Aloysius O'Callaghan
11057: METCALFE, JEAN - Sunnylea; a 1920s Childhood Remembered
31721: METCALFE, JOHN (ED) - Divine Meditations of William Huntington
1025: METHLEY, VIOLET M - The Busy B's
35768: METZGER, PHIL - Drawing Landscapes in 10 Easy Lessons
37305: MEYER, MARVIN - The Gnostic Discoveries: The Impact of the Nag Hammadi Library
9185: MEYER, CHARLES; ALLEN, IAN (EDS) - Source Materials in Chinese History
4587: MEYER, GORDON - The River and the People
10980: MEYER, MICHAEL (ED) - Summer Days; Cricket Writing
31414: MEYER, JOYCE - Secrets to Exceptional Living: Transforming Your Life Through the Fruit of the Spirit
8429: MEYLER, DESIREE - The Gods Are Just
3938: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Sussex
20110: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Sussex
34971: MEYNELL, ALICE - Wayfaring (Travellers' Library)
37919: MEZRICH, BEN - Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I. T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions
37982: MIALL, AGNES M - Treasure at the Youth Club
5203: WHITE, MICHAEL AND GRIBBIN, JOHN - Stephen Hawking, a Life in Science
12484: HARDWICK, MICHAEL & MOLLIE - Writers' Houses; a Literary Journey in England
16296: PARKINSON, MICHAEL AND HALL, WILLIS (ED) - Football Final; Selected Writings on Soccer
20453: WHITE, MICHAEL AND GRIBBIN, JOHN - Stephen Hawking, a Life in Science
10156: MICHAELS, FERN - Vegas Rich
8894: MICHEL, DAN - Ayenbite of Inwyt, Volume 2,
3613: MICHELET, CLAUDE - Firelight & Woodsmoke, a Saga of Provincial France
30366: MICHELL, RON; GOULD, DAVID - East Grinstead - Then and Now (Signed)
37843: MICHELL, JOHN - The View over Atlantis
34939: MICHLER, J MARSHA - Crazy Quilts by Machine
9091: MIDDA, SARA - Growing Up and Other Vices
37217: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Fight for the Malvinas: The Argentine Forces in the Falklands War (Signed)
20964: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Battle of Hamburg: Allied Bomber Forces Against a German City in 1943 (Signed)
20992: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Nuremberg Raid; 30-31 March 1944 (Signed)
16521: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - Operation Corporate: The Story of the Falklands War, 1982 (Signed)
31998: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Nuremberg Raid; 30-31 March 1944 (Signed)
20664: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission; American Raids on 17 August 1943 (Signed)
3003: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - After a Fashion
6284: MIDDLETON, JOHN; WALTHAM, TONY - The Underground Atlas, a Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions
12077: MURRY JOHN MIDDLETON - The Problem of Style
34687: MIDDLETON, JUDY - Around Haywards Heath in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
28827: MIDDLETON, TOM - The Book of Maidenhead: The Story of the Town
36885: MIDDLETON, C H; HEATH, AMBROSE - From Garden to Kitchen
26603: MIDDLETON, THOMAS - Hengist, King of Kent, or the Mayor of Queenborough
33200: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The Great Rebellion: The Emergence of the American Conscience
4536: MIGNOT, CLAUDE - Architecture of the 19th Century
5249: SMITH, DR MIKE AND IONA - How to Save Your Child's Life; the Unique Guide to Help Children Survive, 24 Hours a Day
18894: HAYMAN, BERNARD; LYNSKEY, MIKE ET AL - Navigation, an Rya Manual
34491: MIKES, GEORGE - The Land of the Rising Yen: Japan
7480: MIKES, GEORGE - Arthur Koestler, the Story of a Friendship
6012: MIKES, GEORGE - Charlie
35520: MIKESH, ROBERT C - B-57 Canberra at War 1964-1972
13327: MIKKELSEN, EJNAR - Two Against the Ice
16841: MILAN, MICHAEL - The Squad; the Us Government's Secret Alliance with Organized Crime
22097: HADFIELD, MILES AND JOHN - Gardens of Delight
31621: MILES, BERYL - Candles in Denmark
34697: MILLAR, OLIVER - Van Dyck in England
9768: MILLAR, T G - Long Distance Paths of England and Wales,
25374: MILLAR, GEORGE - The Bruneval Raid: Stealing Hitler's Radar (Cassell Military Paperback)
35744: MILLAR, OLIVER - Zoffany and His Tribuna
30432: MILLARD, SUE - The Complete Book of Candlewick Embroidery
30109: PERSHORE MILLENIUM - Pershore: A Short History
33804: MILLER, DAVID; FOSS, CHRISTOPHER F - Modern Land Combat
3670: MILLER, HARRY - Service to the Services; the Story of Naafi
2045: MILLER, JONATHAN - The Body in Question
15325: MILLER, EVELYN - Miniature Pinschers
33602: MILLER, TERRY - Beating the Bounds: Walks and Rides in Lincolnshire in the Millenium Year
16034: MILLER, DOUGLAS T - Jacksonian Aristocracy; Class and Democracy in New York 1830-1860
17688: MILLER, BRUCE W - Chumash, a Picture of Their World
36535: MILLER, LISA - Counselling Skills for Social Work
35600: MILLER, RICHARD W - Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power
7914: MILLER, HENRY - The Cosmological Eye
22815: MILLER, ALICE - Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child
14208: MILLER, THOMAS - Our Old Town
24544: MILLER, RUSSELL - Behind the Lines: The Oral History of Special Operations in World War II
29795: MILLER, JOHN; WADDELL, SID - Roots of England
8427: MILLER, ELISE ABRAMS - Star Craving Mad
36883: MILLER, DANIEL R; SWANSON, GUY E - Inner Conflict and Defense
5230: MILLER, MARTIN - Antiques, the Collector's Guide
36708: MILLER, JOHN H; PAGE, SCOTT E - Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life
1653: MILLETT, ROBERT W - The Vultures and the Phoenix; a Study of the Mandrake Press Edition of the Paintings of D H Lawrence
11794: MILLETT, FRED B - Contemporary British Literature
3751: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - A Dustbin of Milligan, or Concentrated Rubbish; Approved by the Council and Spike Milligan
14293: MILLIGAN, SPIKE/HOBBS, JACK (ED & COMP) - Milligan's Ark
14603: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Monty, His Part in My Victory
27513: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Murphy
37738: MILLINGEN, JULIUS R VAN - Peeps at Many Lands: Turkey
35436: MILLINGTON, VIC - Reading between the Lines... A Philanthropic But Earthy View of One Railwayman
29799: MILLS, A D - The Place-Names of Dorset: Part Two: The Hundreds of Cogdean, Loosebarrow, Rushmore, Combs Ditch, Pimperne, Badbury, Cranborne, Wimborne St Giles, Knowlton, Monkton Up Wimborne
37873: MILLS, SUSAN WINTER - 700 Traditional Patchwork Patterns
35068: MILLS, L J (ED) - The Textile Educator, a Comprehensive Practical and Authoritative Guide for All Engaged in the Textile Industries, 3 Volumes
30395: MILLS, MARIAN - A Riverhead Century 1894-1994
25716: MILLWARD, ROY; ROBINSON, ADRIAN - The Welsh Borders (Regions of Britain)

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