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33388: MALONE, MAGGIE - Quilting Shortcuts
15914: MALONEY, F J TERENCE - Glass in the Modern World, a Study in Materials Development
3116: BECKS-MALORNY, ULRIKE - Kandinsky 1866-1944, the Journey to Abstraction
16137: MALORY, SIR THOMAS - Sir Thomas Malory's Tales of King Arthur
35217: MALORY, SIR THOMAS - Le Morte D'Arthur 2 Volumes
39281: MALORY, SIR THOMAS - Le Morte Darthur 4 Volumes
1035: MALPASS, ERIC - The Lamplight and the Stars
31190: MALSTER, ROBERT - Lowestoft: A Pictorial History
31268: MALSTER, ROBERT - Lowestoft: A Pictorial History
35876: MAN, JOHN - The Penguin Atlas of D-Day and the Normandy Campaign
37411: A MERE MAN - The Domestic Blunders of Women
7620: MANDEL, GEORGE - The Wax Boom
39195: MANDER, W J; SELL, ALAN P F (GEN EDS) - The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Philosophers 2 Volumes
36641: MANJI, IRSHAD - Allah, Liberty and Love
38566: MANKELL, HENNING - An Event in Autumn
38434: MANKELL, HENNING - The Pyramid
38424: MANKELL, HENNING - The Troubled Man
38587: MANKELL, HENNING - The Man Who Smiled
205: MANN, F O - Three the Drive, a Comedy of Adolescents
627: MANN, F O - Blow & Clee
509: MANN, F O - The Old Woman Talks
27861: MANN, CAROL - Modigliani (World of Art)
39360: MANN, THOMAS - Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family
33210: MANN, J D - East Anglian Steam Gallery (Part One)
5013: MANNERING, DOUGLAS - The Masterworks of Monet
20522: MANNERING, DOUGLAS - The Masterworks of the Impressionists
19957: MANNERS, ERROL - Ceramics Source Book; a Visual Guide to the World's Great Ceramic Traditions
2249: MANNIN, ETHEL - Confessions and Impressions
25066: MANNIN, ETHEL - England My Adventure
10741: MANNING, BERNARD L - The Hymns of Wesley and Watts: Five Informal Papers
25231: MANNING, S A - Nature in the West Country: Somerset, Deveon and Cornwall
38996: MANNING, MATTHEW - The Healing Journey: A Complete Guide to Healing Yourself and Others
40155: MANNING, S A - Portrait of Broadland
31854: MANNON, WARWICK - Devotion
33911: MANNON, WARWICK - When the Bough Breaks
33912: MANNON, WARWICK - A Stolen Life
31975: MANNON, WARWICK - Spring in Park Lane; the Book of the Film
6656: MANSEL, PHILIP - Pillars of Monarchy: An Outline of the Political and Social History of Royal Guards 1400-1984
5425: MANSEL, PHILIP - Paris between Empires 1814-1852
4719: MANSER, MARTIN - Dictionary of Eponyms
15670: MANSER, MARTIN - A Dictionary of Everyday Idioms
18051: MANSER, MARTIN (ED) - Good Word Guide; Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Jargon and Buzz Words
30327: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; DAVIN, D M (ED) - Selected Stories (Oxford World's Classics)
39417: MANSFIELD, PETER - Kuwait, Vanguard of the Gulf
35836: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; O'SULLIVAN, VINCENT; SCOTT, MARGARET (EDS) - The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield Volume 1 1903-1917
13647: MANSO, PETER - Brando
15779: MANSOUR, DIANA (ED) - French Style Quilting, Patchwork and Applique
38968: MANTEL, HILARY - Bring Up the Bodies
38906: MANTEL, HILARY - Bring Up the Bodies
30237: MANTEL, HILARY - Wolf Hall
14843: MAPLE, ERIC - Supernatural England
23568: MAPLE, ERIC - Supernatural England
24234: DEL MAR, NORMAN - A Companion to the Orchestra
12480: MARAINI, FOSCO - Secret Tibet
40150: MARBOT, JEAN-BAPTISTE-MARCELIN, BARON DE - The Memoirs of Baron de Marbot, 2 Volumes
36048: MARCH, PETER R - The Real Aviation Enthusiast II
37490: MARCH, JENNY - The Penguin Book of Classical Myths
35615: MARCHANT, SIR JAMES (ED) - The Madonna, an Anthology
4489: MARCHINGTON, JOHN - Shooting: A Complete Guide for Beginners
4531: MARCHINGTON, JOHN - Game Shooting: Management and Economics
26197: MARCUCCI, LUISA; MICHELETTI, EMMA - Medieval Painting (History of European Painting)
9083: MARCUSE, LUDWIG - Obscene: The History of an Indignation
33083: MARDON, MICHAEL - A Circus Year
40140: MARE, WALTER DE LA - O Lovely England and Other Poems
553: MARE, WALTER DE LA - O Lovely England and Other Poems
7477: MARE, WALTER DE LA - Motley and Other Poems
22832: MARE, WALTER DE LA - Motley and Other Poems
22279: MARE, WALTER DE LA - The Burning-Glass and Other Poems
8939: MARGOLIS, JONATHAN - The Big Yin: The Life and Times of Billy Connolly
36733: MARGOLIS, JOSEPH - Texts without Referents: Reconciling Science and Narrative
29443: MARGOLIS, JONATHAN - Michael Palin, a Biography
32112: MARINI, GIULIO - Florence Art and Life
18852: MARJORAM, HANNAH - My Dad and I
19115: MARK, ROBERT; PORTUGAL, BUDDY - Victories of the Heart, the Inside Story of a Pioneer Men's Group
31477: MARKLAND, J H - Remarks on English Churches: And on the Expediency of Rendering Sepulchral Memorials Subservient to Pious and Christian Uses
8512: MARKS, RICHARD; PAYNE, ANN (EDS) - British Heraldry from Its Origins to C 1800
16312: MARKS, VIC - Somerset County Cricket Scrapbook
31583: MARKS, DAVID F (ED) - The Health Psychology Reader
4288: MARKSTEIN, GEORGE - Ferret
2087: MARKSTEIN, GEORGE - Tara Kane
25139: MARKUS, RIXI - Common-Sense Bridge
15190: PRATHER, MARLA AND STUCKEY, CHARLES F (EDS) - Gauguin, a Retrospective
14807: MARLOW, LOUIS - Welsh Ambassadors: Powys Lives and Letters
39364: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER; MARNAU, FRED (ED) - Selected Poems (Crown Classics)
13118: MARQUAND, J P - Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport, Mass; First in the East, First in the West, and the Greatest Philosopher in the Western World
495: MARQUESS, WILLIAM HENRY - Lives of the Poet; the First Century of Keats Biography
35080: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - The General in His Labyrinth
32052: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - The General in His Labyrinth
40168: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Love in the Time of Cholera
4441: MARQUISS, RICHARD - In the Season of the Year; a Diary of the Nottinghamshire Countryside and Its Wildlife
33164: MARR, ANDREW - The Making of Modern Britain from Queen Victoria to Ve Day
31250: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Chelmsford (Britain in Old Photographs)
30961: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Chelmsford (Britain in Old Photographs)
30898: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Bygone Brentwood
29994: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Witham, Kelvedon, Hatfield Peverel, Silver End and Rivenhall: A Pictorial History
28880: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Colchester: A Pictorial History
30311: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Colchester: A Pictorial History
29256: MARRIAGE, JOHN - Chelmsford: A Pictorial History
26097: MARRIOT, LEO - Treaty Cruisers: The First International Warship Building Competition
38838: MARRIOTT, GUY; ELLIS, BOB (EDS) - Sherlock Holmes in Switzerland
9802: MARRIOTT, MICHAEL - Mountains and Hills of Britain: A Guide to the Uplands of England, Scotland and Wales
14193: MARRIOTT, MICHAEL - The Footpaths of Britain; a Guide to Walking in England, Scotland and Wales
21259: MARRIOTT, LEO - Titanic
34313: MARRIOTT, TREVOR - Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation
29575: MARRIOTT, JOHN - Disaster at Sea
16849: MARS, ALASTAIR - British Submarines at War 1939-1945
36713: MARSDEN, COLIN J - British Rail Operations in the 1980s
32674: MARSDEN, COLIN J - 100 Years of Electric Traction
36753: MARSDEN, COLIN J - Diesels on the Regions: Southern Region
37044: MARSH, PAUL; BARWISE, PATRICK; THOMAS, KATHRYN; WENSLEY, ROBIN - Managing Strategic Investment Decisions in Large Diversified Companies
33275: MARSH, JAN - The Pre-Raphaelites: Their Lives in Letters and Diaries
8119: MARSH, HARRY (ED) - Bury St Edmunds Official Guide
30422: MAITLAND-MARSH, OLIVE - Uplifting Humanity (Signed)
18879: MARSH, DAVE - Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s
23830: MARSH, JAMES - Bizarre Birds and Beasts
39751: MARSH, PAUL - Short-Termism on Trial (Signed)
38800: MARSH, JAN - Back to the Land: The Pastoral Impulse in Victorian England from 1880 to 1914
38679: MARSH, GERTRUDE M - Saints, Ships and Suspense: My Norwegian Pilgrimage (Signed)
8904: MARSHALL, JAMES VANCE - A River Ran out of Eden
35887: MARSHALL, P J (ED) - The Cambridge Illustrated History of the British Empire
3442: MARSHALL, ARTHUR - Life's Rich Pageant
6175: MARSHALL, JOHN - Headingley
3303: MARSHALL, MICHAEL - Gentlemen & Players; Conversations with Cricketers
5449: MARSHALL, DOROTHY - Industrial England 1776-1851
20100: MARSHALL, IAN - Armored Ships; the Ships, Their Settings, and the Ascendancy That They Sustained for 80 Years
20108: MARSHALL, IAN - Ironclads and Paddlers
26425: MARSHALL, REV ALFRED - New Testament Greek Primer
36940: MARSHALL, MICHAEL - Top Hats and Tails: The Story of Jack Buchanan (Signed)
11392: MARTEILHE, JEAN - Galley Slave: The Autobiography of Jean Marteilhe
36393: MARTIN, RONALD E - One Long Experiment: Scale and Process in Earth History
4786: MARTIN, DAVID; MULLEN, PETER (EDS) - Unholy Warfare: The Church and the Bomb
5314: MARTIN, COLIN; PARKER, GEOFFREY - The Spanish Armada
38: MARTIN, RALPH G - Lady Randolph Churchill
8812: MARTIN, A D - A Plain Man's Life of Christ
7442: MARTIN, G H - The Royal Charters of Grantham 1463-1688
38521: MARTIN, FRED - Model Railway Electrics: A Guide to Wiring Your Layout for the Novice and the Expert
30156: MARTIN, ANTHONY - Problems in Geriatric Medicine
11761: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD - Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart
10286: MARTIN, RHONA - Goodbye, Sally
14789: MARTIN, JAY - Nathanael West, the Art of His Life
21271: MARTIN, LAURA C - Laura C Martin's Southern Gardens; a Gracious History and a Traveler's Guide
6526: MARTIN, NANCY - Young Farmers at Gaythorne
23766: MARTIN, G H - The Royal Charters of Grantham 1463-1688
32307: MARTIN, JUDY - Airbrush Painting Techniques: A Practical Guide to Creative Airbrushing
36369: MARTIN, SEAN - The Cathars
38866: MARTIN, GERALD - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Life
10799: MARTIN, KINGSLEY - The Crown and the Establishment
24612: MARTINEAU, JANE; ROBISON, ANDREW (EDS) - The Glory of Venice: Art in the Eighteenth Century
2105: MARTINEAU, MRS PHILIP - Roumania and Her Rulers
29304: MARTINS, SUSANNA WADE - Norfolk: A Changing Countryside 1780-1914
31578: MARUISH, MARK E (ED) - The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcome Assessment
23091: MARVELL, ANDREW; CROZIER, ANDREW - The Works of Andrew Marvell (Wordsworth Poetry Library)
39574: MARVELL, ANDREW; AITKEN, G A - Satires of Andrew Marvell, Sometime Member of Parliament for Hull
17067: MARVEN, NIGEL - Incredible Journeys; Featuring the World's Greatest Animal Travellers
29401: MARX, HARALD - Masterpieces from Dresden
38758: MASCHLER, TOM - Publisher
33598: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Letters to Reyna
1650: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Captain Margaret (Bow Street Library)
27994: MASEFIELD, JOHN; BETJEMAN, JOHN - Selected Poems
35032: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Multitude and Solitude (Travellers' Library)
34607: MASON, FRANCES NORTON - John Norton and Sons: Merchants of London and Virginia
37606: MASON, J (PUB) - The Youth's Instructer and Guardian for 1833 Volume XVII
5552: MASON, MICHAEL (ED) - London Review of Books: Anthology Two
24794: MASON, FRANCES (ED) - Creation by Evolution: A Concensus of Present-Day Knowledge As Set Forth by Leading Authorities in Non-Technical Language That All May Understand
36888: MASON, REX - Propaganda and Subversion in the Old Testament
22317: MASON, JAMES - Bernardino Luini (Masterpieces in Colour)
25711: MASON, JILL - Way of the Gamekeeper
25922: MASON, SANDRA - The Flow of Funds in Britain: An Introduction to Financial Markets
30951: MASON, IAN - Essex at War 1939-45
38766: MASON, KENNETH - Abode of Snow: A History of Himalayan Exploration and Mountaineering from Earliest Times to the Ascent of Everest
31720: MASON, HERBERT MOLLOY - To Kill Hitler: The Attempts on the Life of Adolf Hitler
34693: MASON, MARTIN; SANDERS, MALCOLM - The City of York Companion
4353: MASPERO, G - The Dawn of Civilization, Egypt and Chaldea
504: MASSEY, RAYMOND - A Hundred Different Lives, an Autobiography
4895: MASSIE, ALLAN - The Ragged Lion
35251: MASSIE, ALLAN - Change and Decay in All Around I See
20473: MASSIE, ROBERT K - Nicholas & Alexandra; an Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs
24697: MASSIE, ALLAN - The Ragged Lion
37353: MASSINGBERD, HUGH - Daydream Believer: Confessions of a Hero-Worshipper
24915: MASSINGER, PHILIP - A New Way to Pay Old Debts (New Mermaids)
19508: MASSINGHAM, HUGH - The English Countryman: A Study of the English Tradition
1367: MASSON, JEFFREY - The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats; a Journey Into the Feline Heart
18037: MASSON, GEORGINA - A Concise History of Republican Rome
2708: MASSY, BARON CHRISTIAN DE - Palace: My Life in the Royal Family of Monaco
24859: MASTERS, BRIAN - Great Hostesses
10538: MASTERS, JOHN - Man of War
22273: MASTERS, JOHN - The Ravi Lancers
27804: MASTERS, JOHN - The Venus of Konpara
14959: MASTERS, JOHN - Now, God Be Thanked
35356: MASTERS, BRIAN - The Mistresses of Charles II
27169: MASTERSON, STEPHEN - Angel of History: Paintings by Stephen Masterson
6432: MASTERTON, GRAHAM - Solitaire
9741: MATHER, BERKELY - The Gold of Malabar
10436: MATHER, MARSHALL - John Ruskin, His Life and Teaching
18152: MATHER, JOHN C; BOSLOUGH, JOHN - The Very First Light; a Scientific Journey Back to the Dawn of the Universe
5059: MACGREGOR-MATHERS, S L (TRANS) - The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
11786: MATHERS, E POWYS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night; Volume Nine
39904: MATHEW, DAVID - The Social Structure in Caroline England
33362: MATHEW, BRIAN - Growing Bulbs: The Complete Practical Guide
39510: MATHEWS, M M - A Survey of English Dictionaries
39562: MATHIAS, PETER - The First Industrial Nation: An Economic History of Britain 1700-1914
34326: MATLOCK, NEIL A - Sentinel Diesel Lorries: A Pictorial Record
38542: MATON, MICHAEL - Honour the Air Forces: Honours and Awards to the Raf and Dominion Air Forces During Wwii
24975: MATTHEISSEN, PETER - Under the Mountain Wall: A Chronicle of Two Seasons in Stone Age New Guinea
531: MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER - Loosely Engaged, Further Pages from the Diary of a Somebody,
6293: MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER - A Different World, Stories of Great Hotels
33503: MATTHEWS, DENIS - Beethoven (the Master Musicians)
3239: MATTHEWS, JOHN (ED) - The Household of the Grail
27806: MATTHEWS, JOHN - The Celtic Shaman: A Handbook
21987: MATTHEWS, JOHN - King Arthur and the Grail Quest; Myth and Vision from Celtic Times to the Present
23631: MATTHEWS, RUPERT - Frederic Remington
24249: MATTHEWS, THOMAS - The Splendid Art: A History of the Opera
24722: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN; MATTHEWS, JOHN - The Arthurian Book of Days: The Greatest Legend in the World Retold Throughout the Year
30142: MATTHEWS, HUGH - Burgess Hill
34810: MATTHEWS, RUPERT - Heroes of Bomber Command: Lincolnshire
29044: MATTHEWS, HUGH - Burgess Hill
30411: MATTHEWS, G FORRESTER - The Isles of Scilly: A Constitutional, Economic and Social Survey of the Development of an Island People from Early Times to 1900
1468: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada,
6864: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
25423: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
32714: MATURIN, CHARLES; GRANT, DOUGLAS (ED) - Melmoth the Wanderer (Oxford World's Classics)
33652: MAUDE, AYLMER - Tolstoy and His Problems: Essays
37209: MAUDE, COLONEL F N - The Leipzig Campaign 1813
38846: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - The Collected Plays, 3 Volumes
32529: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET; WHITEHEAD, JOHN (ED) - A Traveller in Romance: Uncollected Writings 1901-1964
40030: MAULE, HENRY - Caen: The Brutal Battle and the Break-out from Normandy
8851: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - The Necklace and Other Stories
39147: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Bed 29 and Other Stories
33968: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Bel-Ami
3281: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE; SLOMAN, H N P (TRANS) - The Mountain Inn and Other Stories
36980: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - The Lamb
8977: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - A Woman of the Pharisees,
8694: MAURIER, DAPHNE DU - The Winding Stair; Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall
34441: MAURIER, DAPHNE DU - The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte
4620: MAURIER, DAPHNE DU - Vanishing Cornwall
21120: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Prometheus: The Life of Balzac
21226: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Byron
34537: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Three Musketeers: A Study of the Dumas Family
3158: NORRIE, MAVIS & IAN (EDS) - The Book of Hampstead,
39620: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - The Ladies of Llangollen: A Study in Romantic Friendship
39702: MAWER, GRANVILLE ALLEN - Ahab's Trade: The Saga of South Seas Whaling
34802: MAXSON, ASA C - Principal Insect Enemies of the Sugar Beet in the Territories Served by the Great Western Sugar Company
22791: MAXWELL, JOHN - The Mary Celeste
25217: MAXWELL, D FYFE; PATRICK, P S - The English Heather Garden
18156: MAXWELL, W H - Life of the Duke of Wellington
3589: MAY, JULIAN - The Earliest Memory
14917: MAY, G LACEY - Wings of an Eagle; an Anthology of Caroline Preachers
19249: MAY, HERBERT (ED) - Oxford Bible Atlas
38349: MAY, JACQUES M - A Doctor in Siam
37368: MAY, JEFFREY - Prehistoric Lincolnshire
38622: MAY, ROLLO - Power and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence
35832: MAY, W E - The Boats of Men-of-War
16227: PILKINGTON, J MAYA AND THE DIAGRAM GROUP - Who Were You? Unlock the Timeless Secrets of Reincarnation
38534: MAYER, MARTIN - Madison Avenue Usa: The Inside Story of American Advertising
6240: MAYHEAD, ROBIN - Understanding Literature
18212: MAYNARD, KENNETH - Lamb in Command
34201: MAYO, ROBERT D - The English Novel in the Magazines 1740-1815: With a Catalogue of 1375 Magazine Novels and Novelettes
39602: MAYO, JEFF - How to Read the Ephemeris; the Astrologer's Handbook Series No 2
39746: MAYOR, EDWARD - The Kinema in the Woods: The Story of Woodhall Spa's Unique Cinema (Signed)
25665: MAYS, MARIANNE - Cats (Factfinder Guide)
13562: MAZZOLANI, LIDIA STORONI - The Idea of the City in Roman Thought; from Walled City to Spiritual Commonwealth
37211: MAZZUCCHELLI, MARIO - The Nun of Monza
18483: MCALEAVY, HENRY - A Dream of Tartary; the Origins and Misfortunes of Henry P'u Yi
3104: MCALLISTER, ANGELA - Paradise Park
26141: MCALLISTER, ANGELA - The Christmas Wish
28034: MCAULEY, ROB - The Liners
33815: MCAULEY, ROB - The Liners
293: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Pegasus in Flight
18444: MCCALL'S (EDS) - Mccall's Big Book of Quilts and Other Treasures
2144: MCCANN, PATRICK - An Ideal Life for Man: Educational and Other Essays
37103: MCCARTHY, LARAINE (ED) - Modern Machine Knitting Baby Collection
7553: MCCARTHY, WILSON - The Detail
32191: MCCARTHY, DENNIS - Woolly Jumper: The True Story of an Eccentric Water Spaniel (Signed)
13568: MCCARTHY, MARY - A Charmed Life
39298: MCCARTHY, E T - Incidents in the Life of a Mining Engineer
18876: MCCARTHY, ALBERT - The Dance Band Era; the Dancing Decades from Ragtime to Swing: 1910-1950
38011: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - The Somme: The Day-by-Day Account
39521: MCCLINTOCK, F H; AVISON, N HOWARD - Crime in England and Wales
38967: MCCLOSKEY, DEIRDRE N - Crossing, a Memoir
13806: MCCOMBIE, IAN - The Piano Handbook
38693: MCCONACHIE, SHEILA; HARVEY, GRAHAM - The Whisky Kitchen: 100 Ways with Whisky and Food (Signed)
15286: MCCONKEY, KENNETH - British Impressionism
7873: MCCONNELL, J D R - Eton Repointed: The New Structures of an Ancient Foundation
23226: MCCONNELL, R B (ED) - Art, Science and Human Progress: The Richard Bradford Trust Lectures
39716: MCCONNELL, J D R - Eton Repointed: The New Structures of an Ancient Foundation
23231: MCCORMACK, MARK H - What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School
9775: MCCORMICK, DONALD - Love in Code; or How to Keep Secrets
35676: MCCORMICK, BERNARD - Troubled Collieries (Signed)
35694: MCCORMICK, BERNARD - Northern Folk 2 (Signed)
33795: MCCRARY, CAPT JOHN R (TEX); SCHERMAN, DAVID E - First of the Many: A Journal of Action with the Men of the Eighth Air Force
8252: MCCRINDLE, JEAN; ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA (EDS) - Dutiful Daughters; Women Talk About Their Lives
5232: MCCRONE, JOHN - The Ape That Spoke
18068: MCCRONE, IAN - Make Money Freelance News Writing
36616: MCCRUM, ROBERT - Globish: How the English Language Became the World's Language
9392: MCCRUM, ROBERT - A Loss of Heart
1611: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Ladies of Missalonghi
15264: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The First Man in Rome
15265: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Grass Crown
9986: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Great Yachts
15111: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Burn-out
37721: MCDERMID, VAL - Killing the Shadows (Signed)
32888: MCDERMOTT, JAMES - England and the Spanish Armada: The Necessary Quarrel
3324: MCDONALD, OONAGH - Parliament at Work
6911: MCDONALD, JAMES - Wordly Wise
35945: MCDONALD, KENDALL - Shipwrecks of the South Hams: The Wreckwalker's Guide to the Coast Path from Erme to Dart
37724: MCDOUGALL, KEITH - A Special Kind of Light: Norfolk and Scottish Landscapes (Signed)
29665: MCDOUGALL, DONALD (ED) - Fifty Years a Borough 1886-1936: The Story of West Ham
39061: MCDOWELL, ERNEST R - Checkertails: The 325th Fighter Group in the Second World War
14641: MCENROE, JOHN - Serious
37325: MCENTEE, HOWARD G - The Model Aircraft Handbook
34909: MCEWAN, GRAHAM J - Freak Weather
36294: MCFEELY, ELIZA - Zuni and the American Imagination
39101: MCGANN, JEROME J (ED) - The New Oxford Book of Romantic Period Verse
5274: MCGEOCH, IAN - An Affair of Chances: A Submariner's Odyssey 1939-44
16267: MCGHEE, FRANK - England's Boxing Heroes
32790: MCGLADE, SHIRLEY - Daddy, Where Are You?: The Moving Story of a Daughter's Search for Her Gi Father
34796: MCGOUGH, ROGER - Gig
27050: MCGOWAN, IAN (ED) - Macmillan Anthologies of English Literature Volume 3: The Restoration and Eighteenth Century
15207: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPHER - The Raptor and the Lamb; Predators and Prey in the Living World
24108: MCGOWRAN, TOM - Newhaven-on-Forth: Port of Grace
16956: MCGRATH, MELANIE - Silvertown, an East End Family Memoir
38102: MCGRAW, MARY JO - Creative Cardmaking, a Complete Guide
37387: MCGRAY, KIMBER - 175 Fresh Card Ideas: Designs to Make and Give Throughout the Year
7706: MCGREAL, WILFRID - John of the Cross (Fount Christian Thinkers)
19445: MCGREW, ANTHONY (ED) - The United States in the Twentieth Century: Empire
31752: MCGUANE, JOHN; FITZPATRICK, MEGAN - The Essential Pine Book
35082: MCILWRAITH, A K (ED) - Five Stuart Tragedies (World's Classics)
38442: MCINNES, I; WEBB, J V - A Contemptible Little Flying Corps: Being a Definitive and Previously Non-Existent Roll of Those Warrant Officers, Ncos and Airmen Who Served in the Royal Flying Corps Prior to the Outbreak of the First World War
36186: MCINTYRE, IAN - Garrick
7858: CHUGOKU NEWSPAPER; MCIVOR, KIRSTEN - Exposure: Victims of Radiation Speak out
27037: MCKECHNIE, SUE - Jacob Spornberg: 18th Century Artist from Finland
25097: MCKEE, DAVID - The Magician and the Crown
39572: MCKERROW, RONALD B - An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
33754: MCKERROW, RONALD B - An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
13396: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - Andrew Lloyd Webber, a Biography
12564: MCKNIGHT, HUGH - The Shell Book of Inland Waterways
37285: MCLAGAN, JENNIFER - Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes
14070: MCLAREN, MORAY - Bonnie Prince Charlie
39400: MCLAREN, MARTHA - British India and British Scotland, 1780-1830: Career Building, Empire Building, and a Scottih School of Thought on Indian Governance
35081: MCLAREN, MORAY - A Dinner with the Dead and Other Stories
2775: MCLAUGHLIN, TERENCE - The Coward's Weapon
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18898: MCMULLEN, ALEX - Motor Boating
1550: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Anything for Billy
10339: MCMURTRY, LARRY/OSSANA, DIANA - Pretty Boy Floyd
37696: MCNAB, ANDY - Recoil (Signed)
35406: MCNAB, CHRIS - 20th Century Military Uniforms
39264: MCNAMARA, DENIS R - How to Read Churches: A Crash Course in Christian Architecture
3826: MCNEILL, JANET - Just Turn the Key and Other Stories
2093: MCNICHOLS, CHARLES L - Crazy Weather
37509: MCNULTY, TERRY; FERLIE, EWAN - Reengineering Health Care: The Complexities of Organizational Transformation
3071: MCPHERSON, BIMBASH - A Life in Egypt
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31927: MCQUILLAN, MELISSA - Van Gogh (World of Art)
25102: MCRAE, BARRY - The Jazz Handbook
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4687: MEADEN, GEORGE TERENCE - The Stonehenge Solution; Sacred Marriage and the Goddess
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29833: MEADOWS, ERIC - Bedfordshire: A Pictorial Guide
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16711: MEATES, LT-COL G W - The Lullingstone Roman Villa; Volume 1 - the Site
16712: MEATES, LT-COL G W - The Lullingstone Roman Villa; Volume 1 - the Site
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37989: MEE, ARTHUR - Oxfordshire, County of Imperishable Fame
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11369: MEE, ARTHUR - Berkshire; Alfred's Own Country
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2679: A MEMBER OF THE SCHOOL IN 1835, '36, AND '37 - Echoes Far Off: Or, Part I Memories of Arnold and Rudby Sixty Years Ago, by a Member of the School in 1835, 36, and 37; and Part II Afterwards
38093: MENDELSON, BERT - Introduction to Topology
3793: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
16221: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
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18079: MERCIER, VIVIAN (ED) - Classic Irish Short Stories
37526: MEREDITH, BRIAN - Escape on Skis
3958: MEREDITH, H O - Economic History of England
39829: MEREDITH, MICHAEL (SEL) - Challenge and Change: 100 Books and Manuscripts Acquired by Eton College Library Since 1965
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28030: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Rhoda Fleming
31979: MEREDITH, ARNOLD - Easy Money; the Book of the Film
38379: MERICKA, VACLAV - Orders and Decorations
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34606: MERRICK, K A - German Aircraft Markings 1939-1945
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37057: METCALF, EILEEN - Dolman Design
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3938: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Sussex
20110: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Sussex
34971: MEYNELL, ALICE - Wayfaring (Travellers' Library)
37982: MIALL, AGNES M - Treasure at the Youth Club
5203: WHITE, MICHAEL AND GRIBBIN, JOHN - Stephen Hawking, a Life in Science
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40072: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission; American Raids on 17 August 1943
38377: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Fight for the Malvinas: The Argentine Forces in the Falklands War (Signed)
38375: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - Arnhem 1944; the Airborne Battle 17-26 September (Signed)
6800: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The First Day on the Somme: 1 July 1916 (Signed)
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3003: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - After a Fashion
6284: MIDDLETON, JOHN; WALTHAM, TONY - The Underground Atlas, a Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions
12077: MURRY JOHN MIDDLETON - The Problem of Style
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28827: MIDDLETON, TOM - The Book of Maidenhead: The Story of the Town
36885: MIDDLETON, C H; HEATH, AMBROSE - From Garden to Kitchen
26603: MIDDLETON, THOMAS - Hengist, King of Kent, or the Mayor of Queenborough
33200: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The Great Rebellion: The Emergence of the American Conscience
4536: MIGNOT, CLAUDE - Architecture of the 19th Century
5249: SMITH, DR MIKE AND IONA - How to Save Your Child's Life; the Unique Guide to Help Children Survive, 24 Hours a Day
18894: HAYMAN, BERNARD; LYNSKEY, MIKE ET AL - Navigation, an Rya Manual
34491: MIKES, GEORGE - The Land of the Rising Yen: Japan
7480: MIKES, GEORGE - Arthur Koestler, the Story of a Friendship
6012: MIKES, GEORGE - Charlie
35520: MIKESH, ROBERT C - B-57 Canberra at War 1964-1972
38707: MIKESH, ROBERT C - Broken Wings of the Samurai: The Destruction of the Japanese Airforce
13327: MIKKELSEN, EJNAR - Two Against the Ice
16841: MILAN, MICHAEL - The Squad; the Us Government's Secret Alliance with Organized Crime
22097: HADFIELD, MILES AND JOHN - Gardens of Delight
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9768: MILLAR, T G - Long Distance Paths of England and Wales,
35744: MILLAR, OLIVER - Zoffany and His Tribuna
30432: MILLARD, SUE - The Complete Book of Candlewick Embroidery
30109: PERSHORE MILLENIUM - Pershore: A Short History
38283: MILLER, KRISTIE - Isabella Greenway, an Enterprising Woman
33804: MILLER, DAVID; FOSS, CHRISTOPHER F - Modern Land Combat
3670: MILLER, HARRY - Service to the Services; the Story of Naafi
2045: MILLER, JONATHAN - The Body in Question
39326: MILLER, JOHN - Charles II
15325: MILLER, EVELYN - Miniature Pinschers
33602: MILLER, TERRY - Beating the Bounds: Walks and Rides in Lincolnshire in the Millenium Year
16034: MILLER, DOUGLAS T - Jacksonian Aristocracy; Class and Democracy in New York 1830-1860
17688: MILLER, BRUCE W - Chumash, a Picture of Their World
35600: MILLER, RICHARD W - Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power
22815: MILLER, ALICE - Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child
14208: MILLER, THOMAS - Our Old Town
24544: MILLER, RUSSELL - Behind the Lines: The Oral History of Special Operations in World War II
38145: MILLER, WALTER - Saint Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
29795: MILLER, JOHN; WADDELL, SID - Roots of England
8427: MILLER, ELISE ABRAMS - Star Craving Mad
39258: MILLER, AMOS C - Sir Richard Grenville of the CIVIL War
39778: MILLER, HUGH - My Schools and Schoolmasters; or the Story of My Education
40009: MILLER, DAVID - Richard the Lionheart, the Mighty Crusader
5230: MILLER, MARTIN - Antiques, the Collector's Guide
11794: MILLETT, FRED B - Contemporary British Literature
3751: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - A Dustbin of Milligan, or Concentrated Rubbish; Approved by the Council and Spike Milligan
14293: MILLIGAN, SPIKE/HOBBS, JACK (ED & COMP) - Milligan's Ark
35436: MILLINGTON, VIC - Reading between the Lines... A Philanthropic But Earthy View of One Railwayman
29799: MILLS, A D - The Place-Names of Dorset: Part Two: The Hundreds of Cogdean, Loosebarrow, Rushmore, Combs Ditch, Pimperne, Badbury, Cranborne, Wimborne St Giles, Knowlton, Monkton Up Wimborne
37873: MILLS, SUSAN WINTER - 700 Traditional Patchwork Patterns
35068: MILLS, L J (ED) - The Textile Educator, a Comprehensive Practical and Authoritative Guide for All Engaged in the Textile Industries, 3 Volumes
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31156: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN - Little Folk of Many Lands
39471: MILNE, ALEXANDER TAYLOR - A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Royal Historical Society 1868-1968 and of the Former Camden Society 1838-1897
15926: MILNE, JULIA - Samplers, How to Create Your Own Designs
34908: MILNE, JAMES - Travels in Hope: A Book of Wayfaring Essays
23220: MILNE, DANNY - The Clouded Glass
39771: MILNEI, A A - Winnie Ille Pu
33272: MILNER, FRANK - The Pre-Raphaelites: Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Drawings in Merseyside Collections
34465: MILNER, CHRIS; BANKS, CHRIS - British Railways Past and Present No 10: The East Midlands
7510: MILNES, BRIAN; WRIGHT, MYRON - Alaska and the Yukon
25122: MILNES, E; LUKACS, P - Learn to Play Bridge
29609: MILTON, JOHN; BUSH, DOUGLAS (ED) - Poetical Works
39738: MILTON, GILES - The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest Traveller
38894: MILTON, GILES - Samurai William: The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan
8088: MIN, ANCHEE - The Last Empress
19093: MINGHELLA, ANTHONY - On the Line
31783: MINKOFF, HARVEY (INTRODUCES) - The Missing Books of the Bible 2 Volumes
5816: MINNEY, R J - The Edwardian Age
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3348: MINTA, STEPHEN - Love Poetry in Sixteenth-Century France
31337: MIRAMS, MICHAEL DAVID - Old Margate
35845: MIRO, JOAN; LAMPERT, CATHERINE; MALET, ROSA MARIA; JEFFETT, WILLIAM - Joan Miro: Paintings and Drawings 1929-41
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31610: MISCHEL, HARRIET N; MISCHEL, WALTER - Readings in Personality
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9013: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
1921: MITCHAM, GILROY - The Man from Bar Harbour
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11815: MITCHELL, GILES - The Art Theme in Joyce Cary's First Trilogy
13515: MITCHELL, DONALD - The Language of Modern Music
14481: MITCHELL, W R - Highland Winter
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26248: MITCHELL, ADRIAN - The Baron on the Island of Cheese: More Adventures of Baron Munchausen
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25212: MITCHELL, ADRIAN - The Baron Rides out: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
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39550: MITCHISON, ROSALIND - Essays in Eighteenth Century History from the English Historical Review
5704: MITCHISON, NAOMI - When We Become Men
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10262: MITFORD, JESSICA - The American Way of Birth,
22677: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
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30406: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Our Village (Illustrated Edition)
16291: MITTON, SIMON (ED) - Daytime Star; the Story of Our Sun
39210: MIZENER, ARTHUR - F Scott Fitzgerald, a Biographical and Critical Study
1493: MO, TIMOTHY - The Redundancy of Courage
1692: MO, TIMOTHY - Sour Sweet
38073: MOAD, ELIZABETH - The Paper Crafter's Bible
33104: W & H MODELS - W & H Models Catalogue of Scale Model Equipment and Accessories
18253: MODES ET TRAVAUX - A Sampler of Alphabets
18627: MODES ET TRAVAUX - A Sampler of Alphabets
39828: MODLESKI, TANIA - The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory
11027: MOFFAT, ALISTAIR - The Edinburgh Fringe
2034: MOFFITT, IAN - The Retreat of Radiance
37077: MOHADDESSIN, MOHAMMAD - Islamic Fundamentalism: The New Global Threat
26094: MOINEVILLE, HUBERT - Naval Warfare Today and Tomorrow
28551: MOIR, THOMAS L - The Addled Parliament of 1614
5854: MOLAJOLI, BRUNO - Florence
23379: MOLDEA, DAN E - The Killing of Robert F Kennedy: An Investigation of the Motive, Means, and Opportunity
36865: MOLEN, S J VAN DER - The Lutine Treasure: The 150-Years Search for Gold in the Wreck of the Frigate Lutine
39800: MOLESWORTH, MRS - The Oriel Window
20245: MOLESWORTH, MRS - The Christmas Child
20275: MOLESWORTH, MRS - Grandmother Dear
20384: MOLESWORTH, MRS - Four Winds Farm
21391: MOLESWORTH, MRS - The Old Pincushion
39796: MOLESWORTH, MRS - Two Little Waifs
6764: MOLESWORTH, MRS - Carrots: Just a Little Boy
37086: MOLLO, ANDREW - Uniforms of the Ss Volume 6: Waffen-Ss Clothing and Equipment 1939-1945
29207: MOMBER, COLIN - Bristol Seaport: A Pictorial History from the 1950s to the Present Day
35072: MOMBERT, OTTO - The Second Book of Wool Rhymes
22382: MOMSEN, JANET H - Women and Change in the Caribbean; a Pan-Caribbean Perspective
31877: MONAHAN, PATRICIA - Painting Landscape in Watercolour (Studio Vista Beginner's Guides)
27726: MONCRIEFF, A R HOPE - Surrey
30999: MONASTERY OF THE VISITATION OF PARAY-LE-MONIAL - Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary
39792: MONIE, JO - Australian Impressionists, Our Heritage in Stamps
28974: MONK, W J - History of Burford
34738: MONK, F V; WINTER, H T - Adventure Above the Clouds
13137: MONK, MARIA - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, As Exhibited in a Narrative of Her Sufferings
23264: MONNERY, DAVID; ARMSTRONG, DOUG - Sas Stories of Heroes VIII
28469: MONSAINGEON, BRUNO - Sviatoslav Richter: Notebooks and Conversations
13193: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Richer Than All His Tribe
25210: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Time Before This
40096: MONTAGNE, PROSPER (ED) - Larouse Gastronomique Recipe Collection, 4 Vols: Meat, Poultry and Game; Fish and Seafood; Vegetables and Salds; Deserts, Cakes and Pastries
35897: MONTAGUE, C E - Fiery Particles
1559: MONTAGUE, C E - Fiery Particles
7108: MONTAGUE, C E - A Writer's Notes on His Trade
18014: MONTAGUE, C E - Rough Justice
18015: MONTAGUE, C E - Fiery Particles
34938: MONTANO, JUDITH - Crazy Quilt Odyssey: Adventures in Victorian Needlework
27429: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG - Prince of Princes: The Life of Potemkin
28590: MONTET, PIERRE - Eternal Egypt
38221: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - A Field-Marshall in the Family
39487: MONTGOMERY, HUGH - The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
21572: MONTGOMERY, L M - Anne of Ingleside
27453: MONTGOMERY, TOM - Bradford: A Centenary City
3523: MONTGOMERY, BISHOP - The Light of Melanesia: A Record of Fifty Years Mission Work in the South Seas
3312: MONTGOMERY, FIELD MARSHALL - El Alamein to the River Sangro,
19973: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F; KANE, PATRICIA E (EDS) - American Art: 1750-1800 Towards Independence
21519: MONTGOMERY, L M - The Story Girl
29379: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of Historical Monuments in the County of Cambridge: Volume I West Cambridgeshire
22593: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton: Volume IV Archaeological Sites in South-West Northamptonshire
30044: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting-Houses: Shropshire and Staffordshire
29381: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Huntingdonshire
39244: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - York, Historic Buildings in the Central Area
24870: MOODY, T W (ED) - Historical Studies VI
32023: MOODY, HARRY R; CARROLL, DAVID - The Five Stages of the Soul: Charting the Spiritual Passages That Shape Our Lives
1113: MOODY, RON - Very Very Slightly Imperfect (Signed)
34216: MOOI, HETTY - Creative Work with Textiles
22233: MOON, BOB; MAYES, ANN SHELTON (EDS) - Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School
37729: MOONEY, RICHARD - Colony: Earth; Extraterrestrial Life and Our Origins?
37566: MOORE, GERALD - Singer and Accompanist: The Performance of Fifty Songs
39006: MOORE, RICHARD - In Search of Robert Millar
26165: MOORE, CAPTAIN JOHN E - Warships of the Royal Navy
3650: MOORE, F FRANKFORT - The Life of Oliver Goldsmith
5945: MOORE, PATRICK - Countdown! or How Nigh Is the End?
34204: MOORE, PETER - The Restorations of Ely Cathedral
32137: MOORE, PATRICK - Mission to the Planets: The Illustrated Story of Man's Exploration of the Solar System
32200: MOORE, PATRICK - The Sky at Night 9
33437: MOORE, DOROTHEA - The Making of Ursula
11519: MOORE, BRIAN - Lies of Silence
35093: MOORE, GEORGE - Esther Waters (World's Classics)
17197: MOORE, JOHN - Motor Makers in Ireland (Signed)
14291: MOORE, HENRY - 80th Birthday Exhibition
19107: MOORE, HENRY - Carvings 1961-1970 Bronzes 1961-1970
19408: MOORE, EMILY E - Travelling with Thomas Story; the Life and Travels of an Eighteenth-Century Quaker
24583: MOORE, ROBERT J - American Indians: The Art and Travels of Charles Bird King, George Catlin and Karl Bodmer
24847: MOORE, A W - The Alps in 1864: A Private Journal, 2 Volumes
8402: MOORE, SUSANNA - The Big Girls
25956: MOORE, VAL - Fledgling Confidence
34022: MOORE, HENRY - With Henry Moore: The Artist at Work
26099: MOORE, J E; COMPTON-HALL, R - Submarine Warfare Today and Tomorrow
30751: MOORE, MARGARET - Dangerous Conceits
31776: MOORE, A - The Complete Guide to Cosmic Ordering
33616: MOORE, CHARLOTTE - Hancox: A House and a Family
24081: MOOREHEAD, CAROLINE - The Lost Treasures of Troy
24745: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Gallipoli
4821: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - The Blue Nile
6928: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - To the Frontier
11414: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - Imperial City; the Rise and Rise of New York
23613: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - To the Frontier
7564: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - India Britannica
39476: MOORMAN, JOHN R H - Church Life in England in the Thirteenth Century
39433: MOORMAN, J R H - A History of the Church of England
38034: MOOSE, CHARLES A; FLEMING, CHARLES - Three Weeks in October: The Hunt for the Washington Sniper
37545: MORAN, JAMES - Clays of Bungay
6160: MORAN, DIANA; FRANKS, HELEN - Bone Boosters: Natural Ways to Beat Osteoporosis (Signed)
15227: MORARIU, MODEST - Douanier Rousseau
35491: MORATH, PETER - Photo Art for Modellers: Creating Realistic Scenes for Your Aircraft and Train Models
17539: MORE, JASPER - The Land of Italy
991: MORGAN, BRIGADIER-GENERAL J H - Assize of Arms: Being the Story of the Disarmament of Germany and Her Rearmament 1919-1939, Volume 1
36537: MORGAN, KEITH - The Truth About Witchcraft: A True Account of the Beliefs and Practises of Witches Today
5903: MORGAN, BRYAN - Railway Relics
1878: MORGAN, PAUL - Natural Remedies for Allergies: Safe Self-Help Measures for Treating a Wide Range of Modern Allergies
18092: MORGAN, GWYN - Traditional Knitting in the British Isles
29102: MORGAN, GLYN H - Forgotten Thameside
38959: MORGAN, CHARLES - The House of Macmillan (1843-1943)
39878: MORGAN, KENNETH O - The People's Peace: British History 1945-1989
29745: MORGAN, GLYN H - Secret Essex
31067: MORGAN, GILBERT T; BURSTALL, FRANCIS HEREWARD - Inorganic Chemistry: A Survey of Modern Developments
9723: MORGAN, PAULINE - Special Houses
639: MORIARTY, DENIS - Buildings of the Cotswolds
29956: MORIER, JAMES; JENNINGS, RICHARD - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
1623: MORISON, JAMES COTTER - The Life and Times of Saint Bernard: Abbot of Clairwaux Ad 1091-1153
31161: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - The European Discovery of America: The Northern Voyages Ad 500-1600
39087: MORITZ, CARL PHILIPP - Travels of Carl Philipp Moritz in England in 1782
3016: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Man Who Made Friends with Himself,
6756: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Robert My Father
14523: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Gladys Cooper, a Biography
17884: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Katharine Hepburn: A Celebration
20400: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Tales from the Holloywood Raj; the British Film Colony on Screen and Off
6384: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Translations from the Chinese
7977: MORLEY, SHERIDAN; HEALD, TIM (SEL) - The Best of the Raconteurs
39056: MORLEY, IRIS - Soviet Ballet
36405: MORNINGSTAR, SALLY - Ayurveda Made Simple: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to the Ancient Indian System of Health and Diet by Body Type
38688: MORNU, NATHALIE - Knit and Wrap: 25 Capelets, Cowls and Collars
36324: MORPURGO, MICHAEL (ED) - Because a Fire Was in My Head: 101 Poems to Remember
10793: MORPURGO, J E (ED) - Life Under the Stuarts (Falcon Histories)
27336: MORPURGO, J E (ED) - Life Under the Tudors (Falcon Histories)
3133: MORRELL, DAVID - The League of Night & Fog
39013: MORRIS, JOHN (ED); CALDWELL, CLARE - Domesday Book: Oxfordshire
34368: MORRIS, CHARLES (SEL) - Half-Hours of Travel at Home and Abroad: Asia
36070: MORRIS, RICHARD - Harry Price: The Psychic Detective
5777: MORRIS, ERIC - Blockade: Berlin and the Cold War
1686: MORRIS, DESMOND - Catlore
3079: MORRIS, ELIZABETH - Stained and Decorative Glass
27213: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Stories in Prose, Stories in Verse, Shorter Poems, Lectures and Essays
37702: MORRIS, DESMOND - Animal Days (Signed)
40133: MORRIS, JOHN (ED) - Domesday Book: Hampshire
12799: MORRIS, DESMOND; COLLETT, PETER; MARSH, PETER; O'SHAUGHNESSY, MARIE - Gestures: Their Origins and Distribution
14278: MORRIS, JOHN - Eating the Indian Air: Memories and Present-Day Impressions
38990: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - King's College, a Short History
20775: MORRIS, JOHN - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
21703: MORRIS, JOHN - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
27489: MORRIS, JOHN - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
35105: MORRIS, C R - Locke Berkeley Hume
40137: MORRIS, JOHN (ED) - Domesday Book: Surrey
5260: MORRISH, REGINALD - The Police & Crime-Detection Today (Pageant of Progress)
7315: MORRISON, EMMELINE - The Glittering Serpent
4777: MORRISON, TONY - Pathways to the Gods; the Mystery of the Andes Lines
2808: MORRISON, TONY - Pathways to the Gods, the Mystery of the Andes Lines
15365: MORRISON, VENETIA - The Art of George Stubbs
18501: MORRISON, VENETIA - The Art of George Stubbs
23624: MORRISON, ARTHUR - The Hole in the Wall
31978: MORRISON, ALEX - The Unfaithful: The Book of the Film
5801: MORROW, HONORE - Great Captain: The Lincoln Trilogy: Forever Free, with Malice Toward None, the Last Full Measure
26647: MORSE, ARTHUR D - While Six Million Died
14179: MORSE, DR MELVYN - Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People's Lives
36085: MORSE, DR MELVYN - Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People's Lives
38319: ANDERSON-MORSHEAD, A E M - The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa 1859-1896
6144: MORT, GRAHAM - Snow from the North
39016: MORT, TERRY - The Hemingway Patrols: Ernest Hemingway and His Hunt for U-Boats
27216: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Summer of a Dormouse
411: MORTIMER, JAMES E/ELLIS, VALERIE - A Professional Union
2046: MORTIMER, JOHN - Like Men Betrayed
10130: MORTIMER, JOHN - Dunster
10683: MORTIMER, JOHN - Paradise Postponed
37780: MORTIMER, GAVIN - The Sas in World War II, an Illustrated History
3188: MORTIMER, JOHN - Titmuss Regained
17890: MORTON, STELLA - Listen Beloved
19394: MORTON, JAMES - Fast Dyeing and Dyes
28439: MORTON, ANDREW - Diana: Her New Life (Signed)
4996: MORTON, H V - In the Steps of the Master
116: MORVAN, F - Legends of the Sea
30466: MOSBY, J E G; AGAR, P E - Wymondham Old and New: A Survey of Its Town and Parish with Rambles Further Afield
38416: MOSELEY, CHARLES; WILMER, CLIVE - Cambridge Observed, an Anthology
5458: MOSES, DEREK - Buses of the World
21475: MOSES, BELLE - Louisa May Alcott; Dreamer and Worker, a Story of Achievement
5855: MOSS, H ST L B - The Birth of the Middle Ages 395-814
35838: MOSS, ROBERT F - Rudyard Kipling and the Fiction of Adolescence
8509: MOSSMAN, KEITH - The Shell Book of Rural Britain
40149: MOTION, ANDREW - Keats
6420: MOTION, ANDREW - Wainewright the Poisoner
3676: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - History of the United Netherlands: From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years' Truce 1609 - Volume 4
1917: MOTTRAM, R H - The English Miss
37878: MOULY, GEORGE J - Psychology for Effective Teaching
29849: MOUNTFORD, HARRY - Discovering Canterbury: A Geographical and Historical Guide to the City
37384: MOUSNIER, ROLAND - The Assassination of Henry IV: The Tyrannicide Problem and the Consolidation of the French Absolute Monarchy in the Early 17th Century
15859: MOWAT, R B - The Victorian Age
23822: MOWAT, FARLEY - Ordeal by Ice
36840: MOXON, STEVE - The Great Immigration Scandal
31860: MOYERS, BILL - Healing and the Mind
24318: MOYES, PHILIP J R - Heinkel He111 P and H: Aerodata International No 12
37311: MOZDZYNSKI, MAREK - The Daniel Code
39769: MOZLEY, DOROTHEA (ED) - Newman Family Letters
37848: BIGGS-DAVISON MP, JOHN - The Uncertain Ally 1917-1957 (Signed)
35414: MRAZEK, JAMES E - Fighting Gliders of World War II
16536: MUCHERY, GEORGES - The Astrological Tarot
37536: MUCKELROY, KEITH (ED) - Archaeology Under Water: An Atlas of the World's Submerged Sites
18976: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Things Past
19799: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM; VIDLER, ALEC - Paul, Envoy Extraordinary
9752: MUIR, RICHARD - Shell Guide to Reading the Celtic Landscapes
10077: MUIR, RICHARD - Traveller's History of Britain and Ireland
17858: MUIR, RICHARD - Shell Guide to Reading the Celtic Landscapes
19625: MUIR, RICHARD - Traveller's History of Britain and Ireland
23563: MUIR, PERCY H - Book-Collecting: More Letters to Everyman
8802: MUIR, RICHARD - Traveller's History of Britain and Ireland
25615: MUIR, RICHARD - The English Village
11195: MUIR, RICHARD; WELFARE, HUMPHREY - The National Trust Guide to Prehistoric and Roman Britain
29678: MUIR, RICHARD - Shell Guide to Reading the Landscape
16354: MUIR, RICHARD - Traveller's History of Britain and Ireland
34125: MUIR, KENNETH - Last Periods of Shakespeare, Racine and Ibsen
31628: MULDOON, PAUL - The End of the Poem: Oxford Lectures on Poetry
21338: MULLALLY, FREDERIC - Primo; the Story of Man Mountain Carnera, World Heavyweight Champion
31431: MULLALLY, FREDERIC - Primo; the Story of Man Mountain Carnera, World Heavyweight Champion
16268: MULLAN, HARRY - Ring Wars; a Pictorial History of Boxing
34673: MULLER, MARCIA; PRONZINI, BILL (EDS) - Detective Duos
4749: MULLIN, CHRIS - The Year of the Monkey
39250: MULLINS, GERRY; LANGE, DOROTHEA - Dorothea Lange's Ireland
30663: MULLINS, SAM; STOCKDALE, DAVID - Talking Shop: An Oral History of Retailing in the Harborough Area During the 20th Century
37924: MULVANY, CLARE - One Wild Life: A Journey to Doscover People Who Change Our World
30145: MUNBY, LIONEL M (ED) - Life and Death in Kings Langley: Wills and Inventories 1498-1659
23269: MUNCH, EDVARD - Edvard Munch: The Graphic Work: A Loan Exhibition from the Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway 1972-1973
568: MUNDY, JOHN H - Europe in the High Middle Ages 1150-1309
35745: MUNOZ, ANTONIO J - The Forgotten Legends: Obscure Formations of the Waffen Ss 1943-1945
38691: MUNRO, FRANCES - A Pathway Through Jesus (Signed)
34318: MUNSON, KENNETH - German War Birds: From World War 1 to Nato Ally
26822: MUNSON, KENNETH - U S Commercial Aircraft
34588: MUNSON, KENNETH - American Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
35312: MUNSON, KENNETH - German Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
34226: MUNSON, KENNETH - German Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
28619: MUNSON, KENNETH - Fighters and Bombers of World War II
35457: MUNSON, KENNETH - German Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
711: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Kafka on the Shore
39839: MURASHIMA, KUMIKO - Katazome: Japanese Paste-Resist Dyeing for Contemporary Use
1647: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
6046: MURDOCH, IRIS - An Unofficial Rose
10493: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Book and the Brotherhood
36442: WALLACE-MURPHY, TIM - Cracking the Symbol Code: The Hidden Message Within Church and Renaissance Art
9251: MURPHY, BEVERLEY A - Bastard Prince; Henry VIII's Lost Son
4380: MURPHY, DERVLA - Muddling Through in Madagascar
9234: MURPHY, DERVLA - Cameroon with Egbert,
30252: MURPHY, BEVERLEY A - Bastard Prince; Henry VIII's Lost Son
30441: MURPHY, NATALIE - Central Bridgend Around Elder Street (Archive Photographs)
38018: MURPHY, MAURA - Don't Wake Me at Doyles, a Memoir
35853: MURPHY, J K - The Lincoln Gunboats
28382: MURPHY, ARTHUR; ISAAC BICKERSTAFF; NICHOLAS ROWE; GEORGE COLMAN - Sharpe's British Theatre Volume VI: The Way to Keep Him; the Hypocrite; the Fair Penitent; Folly Honeycombe
33280: MURPHY, CARYLE - Passion for Islam: Shaping the Modern Middle East: The Egyptian Experience
8363: MURRAY, AMELIA JANE - A Regency Lady's Faery Bower
6408: MURRAY, HUGH - The African Continent; a Narrative of Discovery and Adventure
35493: MURRAY, ROSEMARY - Practical Modern Weaving
34454: MURRAY, NICHOLAS - A Life of Matthew Arnold
12874: MURRAY, LINDA - The High Renaissance and Mannerism; Italy, the North and Spain 1500-1600
35588: EURIPIDES; MURRAY, GILBERT - The Iphigenia in Taurus
13983: MURRAY, JENNI - The Woman's Hour; 50 Years of Women in Britain
35587: EURIPIDES; MURRAY, GILBERT - The Alcestis
35562: AESCHYLUS; MURRAY, GILBERT - The Oresteia
29546: MURRAY, CATHERINE - Oxfordshire to Buckinghamshire (Exploring England's Heritage)
20083: MURRAY, GRACE A - Ancient Rites and Ceremonies
30477: MURRAY, JOHN - Handbook for Travellers in Kent
35559: MENANDER; MURRAY, GILBERT - The Arbitration: The Epitrepontes of Menander
35586: AESCHYLUS; MURRAY, GILBERT - The Seven Against Thebes (Septem Contra Thebas)
35557: EURIPIDES; MURRAY, GILBERT - Hippolytus
29180: MURRAY, PAMELA; FROST, ROBERT - Victorian and Edwardian Staffordshire from Old Photographs
2769: MURRAY, MARGARET - The Splendour That Was Egypt
17761: MURRAY, LINDA - The High Renaissance
37762: MURRAY, AL - Watching War Films with My Dad
35799: MURRAY, VENETIA (ED) - Where Have All the Cowslips Gone?
16009: MURRAY, PETER; MURRAY, LINDA - The Art of the Renaissance
39411: MURRAY, M A - Petra, the Rock City of Edom
12629: MURRAY, SIMON - Legionnaire: An Englishman in the French Foreign Legion
8756: MURRY, KATHERINE MIDDLETON - Beloved Quixote: The Unknown Life of John Middleton Murry
9588: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Europe in Travail
37212: MUSCATINE, DORIS - Old San Francisco, the Biography of a City from Early Days to the Earthquake
17784: MUSCHENHEIM, WILLIAM - Elements of the Art of Architecture
33090: DESIGN MUSEUM - Fifty Hats That Changed the World
22346: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Indian Art (Large Picture Book)
15673: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD - Royal Pavilion: A Study in the Romantic
5887: MUSGROVE, GORDON - Pathfinder Force: A History of 8 Group
34391: MUSGROVE, FRANK - The North of England: A History from Roman Times to the Present
25243: MUSIKER, REUBEN - South African Bibliography: A Survey of Bibliographies and Bibliographical Works
35589: MUSSELMAN, M M - Get a Horse! the Story of the Automobile in America
38288: MUSSNER, FRANZ - Tractate on the Jews: The Significance of Judaism for Christian Faith
31150: MUSURILLO, HERBERT A - The Fathers of the Primitive Church (Mentor)
18213: MYATT, FREDERICK - British Sieges of the Peninsular War
34260: MYERS, CAROLE ROBBINS - A Primer of Left-Handed Embroidery
1830: MYHILL, HENRY - The Loire Valley: Plantagenet and Valois
31309: MYNARD, DENNIS; HUNT, JULIAN - Newport Pagnell: A Pictorial History
6394: NABARRO, SIR GERALD - Nab1, Portrait of a Politician
37683: NAHMAD, CLAIRE - Angel Healing: Invoking the Healing Power of Angels Through Simple Ritual
1661: NAIPAUL, V S - Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples
36352: NAIPAUL, V S - Guerrillas
39552: NAMIER, SIR LEWIS - 1848: The Revolution of the Intellectuals
4811: NANDA, B R - The Nehrus, Motilal and Jawaharlal
23048: NAPHY, WILLIAM; SPICER, ANDREW - The Black Death and the History of Plagues 1345-1730
424: NAPIER, PRISCILLA - Barbarian Eye; Lord Napier in China, 1834, the Prelude to Hong Kong
12309: NAPIER, MARY - Woman's Estate
2656: NASH, JAY R - Look for the Woman
2938: NASH, ROY - Hampton Court: The Palace and the People
38446: NASH, JOHN - Vermeer
39573: NASH, OGDEN - Ave Ogden! Nash in Latin
8622: PUBLIUS OVIDIUS NASO - Ars Amatoria
39293: NASR, VALI - The Shia Revival: How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape the Future
36618: NASR, VALI - The Shia Revival: How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape the Future
12032: NATAN, ALEX (ED) - Expressionism and After
26921: NATAN, ALEX (ED) - German Men of Letters: Twelve Literary Essays
26848: NATAN, ALEX; KEITH-SMITH, BRIAN (EDS) - German Men of Letters Volume VI: Literary Essays
614: NAUGHTIE, JAMES - The Accidental American: Tony Blair and the Presidency
2305: NAYDLER, MERTON - The Penance Way, the Mystery of Puffin's Atlantic Voyage
28567: NAYLOR, ROBERT - Medication Errors: Lessons for Education and Healthcare (Signed)
14995: NAYLOR, GILLIAN (ED) - William Morris by Himself; Designs and Writings
14996: NAYLOR, GILLIAN (ED) - Bloomsbury; the Artists, Authors and Designers by Themselves
33639: NAYMAN, ANATOLY - Remembering Anna Akhmatova
7736: NEAL, ERNEST - Uganda Quest
40152: NEAL, ROY - The Roy Neal Survey of Organ Registrations and Techniques (Signed)
22188: NEALE, DONALD; ADAMS, ISOBEL - Common Foot Disorders
38626: NEAVE, AIREY - Saturday at M.I. 9; a History of Underground Escape Lines in North-West Europe in 1940-45 by a Leading Organiser at M.I. 9
27782: MCCALL'S NEEDLEWORK AND CRAFTS - Country Quilting
37035: NEELY, KIRK H - When Grief Comes: Finding Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow
14623: NEESAM, MALCOLM G - Exclusively Harrogate
27268: NEGRIN, S (ED) - The Great Harmony: Teachings and Observations of the Way of the Universe
34106: O'NEILL, RICHARD - Suicide Squads of World War II
39441: NEILL, STEPHEN - The Interpretation of the New Testament 1861-1961
4154: O'NEILL, HELEN (ED) - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1992
20440: O'NEILL, AMANDA - The Art of Chinese Watercolours; a Compilation of Works from the Bridgeman Art Library
38991: O'NEILL, JIM - The Growth Map: Economic Opportunity in the Brics and Beyond
33421: O'NEILL, JASMINE LEE - Through the Eyes of Aliens: A Book About Autistic People
4596: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Hundred Years War
36529: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - A Fighting Retreat: The British Empire 1947-97
38585: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Bomber War: Arthur Harris and the Allied Bomber Offensive 1939-1945
36069: NEIMAN, CAROL; GOLDMAN, EMILY - Afterlife; the Complete Guide to Life After Death
20045: NEIMAN, CAROL; GOLDMAN, EMILY - Afterlife; the Complete Guide to Life After Death
38335: NEISSER, ULRIC - Cognition and Reality: Principles and Implications of Cognitive Psychology
27769: NEL, MARTINI; LAURIE, VIA - Patchwork and Applique Patterns
35895: NELSON, IAN - Durham As It Was
5591: NELSON, MICHAEL - Alive at the Core: Exemplary Approaches to General Education in the Humanities
37931: NELSON, NOELLE C; CALABA, JEANNINE LEMARE - The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life
36011: NEMECEK, VACLAV - The History of Soviet Aircraft from 1918
37862: NERET, GILLES - Angels
936: NERET, GILLES (ED) - Description of Egypt (Icons)
37598: NERET, GILLES - Devils
36851: NERVAL, GERARD DE - Journey to the Orient
38324: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Coastal Command in Action 1939-1945
13846: NESS, EVALINE (DES) - Victorian Paper House to Cut out and Colour
18324: NETHERWOOD, BRYAN A (ED) - Medley Macabre; an Anthology of Stories of the Supernatural, Being Ghosts, Psychical Phenomena, Uncanny Mysteries
6429: NETTEL, REGINALD - The Orchestra in England, a Social History
38921: NEUBAUER, LINDA - Making Accessories: Inspiring Designs for Bags, Scarves and Other Accessories
4127: NEUBURG, VICTOR - The Batsford Companion to Popular Literature
4212: NEUNZIG, HANS A - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, a Biography
7647: NEVILL, JOHN CRANSTOUN - Thomas Chatterton
8459: NEVINSON, H W - Essays, Poems and Tales of H W Nevinson
8113: NEWARK, TIMOTHY - Medieval Warfare
29788: NEWBERY, JEAN (INTRO) - Edwinstowe: A Guide Past and Present
7862: NEWBY, ERIC - Great Ascents, a Narrative History of Mountaineering
11602: NEWBY, ERIC - Round Ireland in Low Gear,
30408: NEWBY, ERIC - What the Traveller Saw
36149: NEWBY, ERIC - What the Traveller Saw
31493: NEWBY, P H - The Barbary Light
20444: NEWBY, ERIC - A Book of Lands and Peoples
17453: NEWCOMB, FRANC JOHNSON - Navaho Folk Tales
38582: NEWELL, ALLEN - Unified Theories of Cognition
36351: NEWELL, PETER - The Rocket Book
17469: NEWHALL, ARTHUR - Calligraphy and Lettering Design
11769: NEWHOUSE, NEVILLE H - Joseph Conrad
36868: NEWMAN, JAMES (ED) - The World of Mathematics 4 Volumes
24866: NEWMAN, ERNEST - The Man Liszt: A Study of the Tragi-Comedy of a Soul Divided Against Itself
38571: NEWMAN, PAUL - A History of Terror: Fear and Dread Through the Ages
7811: NEWMAN, KENNETH - Birdlife in Southern Africa
1785: NEWMAN, BERTRAM - Edmund Burke
30096: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY; WILSON, A N - Prayers, Poems, Meditations
9873: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Secrets of German Espionage
4419: NEWMAN, ROBERT - Corbie
7260: NEWMAN, PAUL - Gods and Graven Images: The Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain
39379: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - Apologia Pro Vita Sua (Everyman)
2295: NEWTON, ERIC - Style and Vision: Five Broadcasts on European Painting by Eric Newton
19735: NEWTON, MICHAEL - Armed and Dangerous; a Writer's Guide to Weapons
39605: NEWTON, DOUGLAS - Catholic London

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