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36971: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L - Rendering in Pen and Ink
1110: GURGANUS, ALLAN - White People
31054: GURNEY, R W - Ions in Solution
16527: GURNEY, COLONEL GENE - Vietnam, the War in the Air; a Pictorial History of the Us Air Forces in the Vietnam War, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines
30747: GURNEY, NORMAN; SHELDRICK, ALBERT - Ashwell: Village Life in War and Peace 1939-1975 (Signed)
24098: GUTERSON, DAVID - East of the Mountains
30341: GUTHRIG, SYLVIA - The Manors of Woodford and Borington
31737: GUTTRIDGE, LEONARD F - Icebound: The Jeannette Expedition's Quest for the North Pole
8624: GUY, JOHN - Greek Life, Egyptian Life, Viking Life, Roman Life; 4 Volumes Snapping-Turtle Guides
24585: GUY, ALAN J (ED) - The Road to Waterloo: The British Army and the Struggle Against Revolutionary and Napoleonic France 1793-1815
15427: GWYNN, KATE - Painting in Watercolour
17904: GWYNN, KATE - Painting in Watercolour
25764: GYATSO, GESHE KELSANG - Universal Compassion: A Commentary to Bodhisattva Chekhawa's Training the Mind in Seven Points
27232: P H - Trodden Steps to the Selfless Life
34449: CHAPMAN, A P F; FENDER, P G H ET AL - The Game of Cricket (Lonsdale Library)
34533: HAAN, DAVID DE - Antique Household Gadgets and Appliances C 1860 to 1930
27653: HAAS, HARRY; CONG, NGUYEN BAO - Vietnam: The Other Conflict
7230: HABAKKUK, J F; POSTAN, M (EDS) - The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, Volume VI, the Industrial Revolutions and After, Parts 1 & 2 in 2 Volumes; Incomes, Population and Technological Change, I & II
32362: HABE, HANS - Anatomy of Hatred: The Wounded Land
34617: HABETS, BILL - High Blood Pressure: The Complete Guide to Hypertension
33277: HABETS, BILL - The Asthma Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Treating Asthma
37199: HACCHE, JOHN - Economics of Money and Income
976: HACKETT, FRANCIS - Francis the First
37893: HACKETT, J T (ED) - My Commonplace Book
1299: HACKFORTH, NORMAN - And the Next Object...
26584: HADDEN, J CUTHBERT - The Master Musicians: A Book for Players, Singers and Listeners
30140: HADDEN, CUTHBERT - The Boy's Life of Nelson
28451: HADDEN, J CUTHBERT - The Modern Musicians: A Book for Players, Singers and Listeners
21295: HADDON, CELIA - The Yearbook of Love and Wisdom
28595: HADELN, DETLEV BARON VON - Titian's Drawings
8475: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - Everyman's Book of English Love Poems
15481: HADFIELD, MILES - An English Almanac
21761: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - The Shell Book of English Villages
23243: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - The Shell Book of English Villages
32469: HADFIELD, MILES - Gardening in Britain
14815: HADINGHAM, EVAN - Secrets of the Ice Age: The World of the Cave Artists
22195: HADINGHAM, EVAN - Circles and Standing Stones; an Illustrated Exploration of the Megalith Mysteries of Early Britain
28672: HADOW, SIR W H - English Music (English Heritage)
6254: HAFTER, DARYL M (ED) - European Women and Preindustrial Craft
34602: HAGEDORN, DANIEL P - Central American and Caribbean Air Forces
3868: HAGEN, VICTOR VON - Search for the Maya: The Story of Stephens and Catherwood
13374: HAGEN, VICTOR VON - Search for the Maya
16102: HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG VON (SEL & ED) - South America, the Green World of the Naturalists; Five Centuries of Travel and Exploration in South America
21066: HAGEN, LOUIS - Arnhem Lift
34721: HAGENBACH, ARNOLD - Pilot Tex: The Adventures of a Californian Transport Pilot
21485: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Eric Brighteyes
7679: HAGGARD, WILLIAM - The Hardliners
3565: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Benita, an African Romance
16510: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
23697: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
23698: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
29664: HAIGH, DOUGLAS - Old Park in the Manor of Enfield
32575: HAILSHAM, LORD - A Sparrow's Flight: Memoirs
1574: HAILSHAM, LORD - A Sparrow's Flight: Memoirs
21084: HAINES, GREGORY - Destroyers at War
23793: HAINES, GREGORY - Destroyers at War
23310: HAINING, PETER (COMP) - A Dictionary of Ghosts
37807: HAINING, PETER - The Chianti Raiders: The Extraordinary Story of the Italian Air Force in the Battle of Britain
34240: HAINING, PETER (ED) - The Mg Log
34891: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
35310: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
34928: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
13008: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Tudor Venturers: Selected from the Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or over Land
1547: HALBERSTADT, HANS - Army Aviation (Landpower 3006)
15527: HALDANE, A R B - New Ways Through the Glens; Highland Road, Bridge and Canal Makers of the Early 19th Century
1572: HALE, JOHN - The Whistle Blower
1981: HALE, JOHN (ED) - Settlers: Being Extracts from the Journals and Letters of Early Colonists in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand
21194: HALE, JOHN - The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
3207: HALE, DON - Mallard: How the Blue Streak Broke the World Speed Record
28063: HALES, GERALD (ED) - Beyond Disability: Towards an Enabling Society
5003: HALEY, ALEX - A Different Kind of Christmas
31116: HALIFAX, LORD - The Conversations at Malines 1921-1925
37918: HALIK, NIK - The Thrillionaire: Make Your Life an Epic Extraordinary Adventure
26163: COMPTON-HALL, RICHARD - The Underwater War 1939-1945
7693: HALL, JUDY - Deja Who? a New Look at Past Lives
2864: HALL, JOHN - Staffordshire Portrait Figures
8595: HALL, N JOHN - Trollope: A Biography
6779: HALL, RICHARD - Stanley: An Adventurer Explored
37963: HALL, JAMES - A History of Ideas and Images in Italian Art
25236: HALL, NINA (ED) - The New Scientist Guide to Chaos
4900: HALL, PETER - Making an Exhibition of Myself: The Autobiography of Peter Hall
4601: HALL, HUBERT - Court Life Under the Plantagenets
7526: HALL, R N; NEAL, W G - The Ancient Ruins of Rhodesia; Monomotapae Imperium
13578: HALL, GREGORY - The Dark Backward
16432: HALL, PIERRE E - The Winged Messenger
6338: HALL, RADCLYFFE - The Well of Loneliness
35625: HALL, MIKE - Lost Railways of Middlesex
32592: HALL, PHOEBE; LAND, HILARY; PARKER, ROY; WEBB, ADRIAN - Change, Choice and Conflict in Social Policy (Signed)
24429: HALL, VANCE - A History of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society 1837-1987
29548: HALL, WADE - Greetings from Kentucky: A Post Card Tour 1900-1950
19171: HALL, ROBIN - Cartoonists' and Illustrators' Trade Secrets
18387: HALL, ALAN W - Raf Fighters of World War 2
26850: COMPTON-HALL, RICHARD - Submarine Versus Submarine: The Tactics and Technology of Underwater Confrontation
37786: HALL, ALVIN - What Not to Spend (Signed)
32422: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - Domesday Book Through Nine Centuries
3216: HALLAM, HENRY - View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages, 3 Volumes
24743: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
19611: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
17107: HALLBERG, WILLIAM (ED) - Perfect Lies, a Century of Great Golf Stories
20962: HALLBERRY, ANDY (ED) - British Grand Prix at Silverstone 1996
23980: HALLE, ARMIN - Tanks: An Illustrated History of Fighting Vehicles
9654: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD - The Flying Carpet
7656: HALLIDAY, TIM - Vanishing Birds: Their Natural History and Conservation
30968: HALLIDAY, WILFRID J; UMPLEBY, ARTHUR STANLEY (EDS) - White Rose Garland of Yorkshire Dialect Verse and Local Folk-Lore Rhymes
32464: HALLS, VICKY - Cat Confidential: The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read
37272: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Ghost Stations 4
7482: HALPERIN, JOHN - Novelists in Their Youth: Henry James, Thomas Hardy, George Gissing, Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Edith Wharton
31886: HALPERIN, JOHN (ED) - The Theory of the Novel: New Essays
34074: HALSEY, MIKE; YOUNGMARK, LORE - Foundations of Weaving
32671: HAMBLEY, JOHN A S - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1946
32742: HAMBLEY, JOHN A S - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1948
32638: HAMBLEY, JOHN A S - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1950
32661: HAMBLING, DAVID - Weapons Grade: Revealing the Links between Modern Warfare and Our High-Tech World
32835: HAMBLY, PETER - Race Under Sail
36909: HAMEL, CHRISTOPHER DE - A History of Illuminated Manuscripts
37379: HAMEL, FRANK - Jean de la Fontaine
23192: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT - Etching and Etchers
32726: HAMILTON, RUSSELL G - Voices from an Empire: A History of Afro-Portuguese Literature
34622: HAMILTON, ANTHONY - Memoirs of the Comte de Gramont
6374: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
4911: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - The Year Returns; Recollections of Longleat
4521: HAMILTON, JOHN - War at Sea 1939-1945
13830: HAMILTON, ALAN - The Royal Handbook
14123: HAMILTON, CATHERINE - The West Country Is a Garden: A Wayfarer's Companion
15635: HAMILTON, DENIS - Editor-in-Chief; Fleet Street Memoirs
27559: HAMILTON, JULIE - Candlelight Dinners: Romantic Meals for Two
17010: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
18465: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Making of a General, 1887-1942
32279: HAMILTON, GEORGE HEARD - The Pelican History of Art: Painting and Sculpture in Europe 1880-1940
33384: HAMILTON, CAROLINE - Decorative Dolls' Houses: Original Interiors for Twenty Five Dolls' Houses
21178: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
29343: HAMILTON, ALAN - Essential Edinburgh
33227: HAMILTON, JOHN - Sail Training: The Message of the Tall Ships
36107: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - The Warwickshire Scandal (Signed)
37929: HAMILTON, DAVID R - Destiny Vs Free Will: Why Things Happen the Way They Do
32108: HAMILTON, CAROLINE - Decorative Dolls' Houses: Original Interiors for Twenty Five Dolls' Houses
33530: HAMILTON, LYNN M - Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help
25900: HAMILTON, DAVID S M - Through the Waters: Baptism and the Christian Life
20329: HAMILTON, ROBERT - W H Hudson: The Vision of Earth
27071: HAMILTON, LADY ANNE - Secret History of the Court of England from the Accession of George the Third to the Death of George the Fourth
32038: HAMKE, LEIF - Blue Two... Bale out!
13701: HAMLYN, D W - A History of Western Philosophy
14110: HAMMERTON, THOMAS - Tunisia Unveiled
34153: HAMMOND, ION (COMP) - The Film Book
36330: HAMMOND, GERALD (ED) - The Metaphysical Poets, a Casebook
17149: HAMMOND, P W; EGAN, HAROLD - Weighed in the Balance; a History of the Laboratory of the Government Chemist
19507: HAMMOND, REGINALD (ED) - Yorkshire Dales; Harrogate, Ilkley, Ripon, Bolton Abbey, Fountains Abbey Etc
33105: HAMMOND, NIGEL - Rural Life in the Vale of the White Horse 1780-1914: A Berkshire Book
34289: HAMMOND, PAUL - French Undressing: Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
28773: HAMPSHIRE, A CECIL - The Blockaders
13968: HAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER - Against the Current
19191: HANCOCK, GRAHAM - Underworld; the Mysterious Origins of Civilization
16326: HANCOCK, GRAHAM; BAUVAL, ROBERT; GRIGSBY, JOHN - The Mars Mystery; a Tale of the End of Two Worlds
34809: HANCOCK, T N - Bomber County: A History of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire
36806: HANCOCK, GRAHAM - The Sign and the Seal: A Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant
31537: HANCOCK, T N - Bomber County: A History of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire (Signed)
12703: HANFLING, OSWALD (ED) - Fundamental Problems in Philosophy
15300: HANKS, DAVID A - Frank Lloyd Wright; Preserving an Architectural Heritage: Decorative Designs from the Domino's Pizza Collection
34887: HANLEY, HOPE - Needlepoint
13569: HANLEY, JAMES - The Ocean
11309: HANLON, EMILY - Petersburg
4449: HANNIGAN, DES - Ancient Tracks: Walking Through Historic Britain
26951: HANNIGAN, DES - Ancient Tracks: Walking Through Historic Britain
29294: HANNIGAN, DES - Ancient Tracks: Walking Through Historic Britain
447: HANNINGTON, WAL - The Problem of the Distressed Areas
25238: HANSARD, CHRISTOPHER - The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking: Skilful Thought for Successful Living
4202: HANSEN, I V - By Their Deeds: A Centenary History of Camberwell Grammar School 1886-1986
16224: HANZHANG, GENERAL TAO - Sun Tzu's Art of War; the Modern Chinese Interpretation
1702: O'HARA, JOHN - The Ewings
1543: O'HARA, JOHN - Ourselves to Know
25038: O'HARA, JOHN - Appointment in Samarra
1542: O'HARA, JOHN - The Big Laugh
37365: O'HARA, JOHN - Pipe Night: Short Stories
16351: O'HARA, JOHN - The Big Laugh
3083: HARCLERODE, PETER - Fighting Dirty; the Inside Story of Covert Operations from Ho Chi Minh to Osama Bin Laden
4560: HARCOURT, PALMA - Dance for Diplomats
17384: HARCOURT, MELVILLE (ED) - Thirteen for Christ
28434: HARDIE, WILLIAM - The Glasgow School of Painting
9971: HARDING, MIKE - Walking the Dales
332: HARDING, D W - Experience Into Words
3407: HARDING, RACHEL; DYSON, MARY (EDS) - A Book of Condolences: Classic Letters of Bereavement
7342: HARDING, JAMES - Cochran
31786: CAMPBELL-HARDING, VALERIE - Textures in Embroidery
24007: HARDING, ALISON - Ornamental Alphabets and Initials
28325: HARDING, BERTITA - Concerto: The Story of Clara Schumann
37091: HARDING, COOPER; WYON, PETER - Around Thirsk (Britain in Old Photographs)
37008: HARDLE, W - Applied Nonparametric Regression
32501: HARDMAN, DAVID - Telscombe: A Village in Sussex
30588: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
24269: HARDY, THOMAS - The Thomas Hardy Omnibus
16419: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
33197: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Yorkshire; Photographic Memories
1499: HARDY, ROBERT - A Matter of Conscience
6789: HARDY, T J - Books on the Shelf
29006: HARDY, CLIVE; BROWN, RUSS - Derby at War: A Pictorial Account 1939-45
26544: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major; John Loveday a Soldier in the War with Buonaparte and Robert His Brother (the Scholar's Library)
20426: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
21116: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - Village Symphony and Other Poems
21273: HARDY, ROBERT - A Matter of Conscience
35445: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Around Harrogate
22738: HARDY, EVELYN - The Countryman's Ear and Other Essays on Thomas Hardy
37414: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Around Bradford; Photographic Memories
37627: HARDY, ERIC - The Naturalist in Lakeland
32697: HARDY, BRIAN - L.P. T.B. Rolling Stock 1933-1948
28206: HARDY, M; HEYES, S; CREWS, J; ROOKES, P; WREN, K - Studying Child Psychology
30052: HARDY, CLIVE - Lancashire
34013: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the Greenwood Tree or the Mellstock Quire (Library Edition)
30383: HARDY, THOMAS - The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: The Story of a Man of Character
36010: HARDY, CLIVE - Elizabethan Lincoln: 50 Golden Years
31205: HARE, CHRIS - Historic Worthing: The Untold Story
3560: HARE, JOHN - The Lost Camels of Tartary; a Quest Into Forbidden China
26605: HARE, DAVID - Strapless
26604: HARE, DAVID - Paris by Night
27793: HARE, BILL - Antina Verboom: Recent Paintings
3848: HARE, CYRIL - Tragedy at Law
30789: HARE, AUGUSTUS; BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Years with Mother (Century Lives and Letters)
37392: HARGRAVE, HARRIET - Heirloom Machine Quilting
7786: HARGRAVE, BASIL (COMP) - The Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases and Names
5727: HARGREAVES, ELIZABETH - Time's Silent Foot
18408: HARGREAVES, B - A First Book of Pattern Design with Some Examples of Historic Craft Work
32391: HARGREAVES, JOHN - A Guide to Acts
25073: HARGREAVES, ROBERT - Superpower: America in the 1970s
8998: HARKER, MARGARET F - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs (Collectors Guides)
28818: HARKER, SYDNEY - The Book of Evesham
31203: HARKER, GAIL - Machine Embroidery
37519: HARKNESS, JACK - Roses
19592: HARLECH, LORD - Ancient Monuments Illustrated Regional Guide No 1 Northern England
25310: HARLEY, TREVOR A - The Psychology of Language: From Data to Theory
32859: HARMAR, HILARY - Dogs - Modern Grooming Techniques
31304: HARMER, ROB - Chichester in Old Photographs
32105: HARPER, MAURICE - Make Your Own Dolls' House Furniture
16586: HARPER, GRAEME (ED) - Colonial and Postcolonial Incarceration
32786: HARPER, PAMELA - The Story of a Garden
37795: HARPER, DAVID M; FERGUSON, ALASTAIR J D (EDS) - The Ecological Basis for River Management
34839: HARPER, HARRY - Twenty-Five Years of Flying: Impressions, Recollections, and Descriptions
36789: HARRINGTON, HANNAH K - Holiness: Rabbinic Judaism and the Graeco-Roman World
8916: HARRINGTON, R E - The Seven of Swords
35708: HARRINGTON, A P - Judo Guide to Black Belt
28130: HARRINGTON, JON - Organizational Structure and Information Technology (Business Information Technology)
25290: HARRINGTON, JOHN P (ED) - Modern Irish Drama (Norton Critical Edition)
27654: HARRIS, TIM - Revolution: The Great Crisis of the British Monarchy 1685-1720
6390: HARRIS, BRUCE - In Quest of the Ashes 1950-51
6937: HARRIS, NICK - I Wish I'd Said That!
26832: HARRIS, MELVIN - Itn Book of Firsts
9993: HARRIS, ROBERT - Enigma
16276: HARRIS, HARRY - Ruud Gullit; the Chelsea Diary
19934: HARRIS, SARAH (ED) - Indian Vegetarian Cooking; Indian Recipes for the Adventurous Cook
20680: HARRIS, WALTER B - East Again: The Narrative of a Journey in the Near, Middle and Far East
22814: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - The Life and Works of Lautrec
33189: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - History of Ancient Rome
25662: HARRIS, CATHERINE - Practical Pony Keeping
37582: HARRIS, H G - Handbook of Watch and Clock Repairs
17935: HARRIS, JONATHAN - Byzantium and the Crusades
12313: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Privies Galore (Signed)
36120: HARRIS, G EDWARD - Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Taylors of Ongar and Stanford Rivers
16340: HARRIS, BRUCE - Jardine Justified: The Truth About the Ashes
37629: HARRIS, BERTHA - Journey Into Spirit World
37827: HARRISON, ANNE MARIE J - A Danish Patchwork Primer
8840: HARRISON, FRANK - Tobruk; the Great Siege Reassessed
7460: HARRISON, HARRY (ED) - Backdrop of Stars: The Craft of Science Fiction
7954: HARRISON, REX - Rex: An Autobiography
2235: HARRISON, SHIRLEY - The Channel; Dividing Link between Britain and France
9181: HARRISON, DAVID - Along Hadrian's Wall
11784: HARRISON, HAZEL - An Introduction to Painting in Watercolour
12405: HARRISON, T S - Handbook of Analytical Control of Iron and Steel Production
13832: HARRISON, SIR RICHARD/BRYDEN, M M (CONS EDS) - Whales Dolphins and Porpoises; an Illustrated Encyclopedic Survey by International Experts
16765: HARRISON, SHIRLEY (ED & NARRATIVE) - The Diary of Jack the Ripper; the Discovery, the Investigation, the Debate; Includes the Full Text of the Diary and the Arguments for and Against Its Authenticity
18144: HARRISON, DON - Watercolour Troubleshooter; Practical Solutions to Common Painting Problems
34665: HARRISON, DAVID (ED) - Bristol between the Wars: A City and Its People 1919-1939
27378: HARRISON, HAZEL - Pastels: Step-by-Step Teaching Through Inspirational Projects (Art School)
24076: HARRISON, FREDERICK - Life in a Medieval College: The Story of the Vicars-Choral of York Minster
24709: HARRISON, STEPHANIE; KLEINER, BARBARA - The Crystal Wisdom Book: Cast the Crystals for Healing, Insight and Divination
36639: HARRISON, S G - Garden Shrubs and Trees
23899: HARRISON, HAZEL - Watercolour Step-by-Step
36505: HARRISON, IAN - British Battles
32335: HARRISON, HAZEL - Watercolour Step-by-Step
35825: HARRISON, CHARLES - Ben Nicholson: The Tate Gallery 19 June - 27 July 1969
33052: HARRISON, STEPHEN (ED) - Nafferton: A Living Past (Signed)
34649: HARRISON, A R W (PREFACE) - Merton College Register 1900-1964: With Notices of Some Older Surviving Members
22984: LIDDELL HART, B H - History of the Second World War
29812: HART, RICHARD - Pictures Past and Present: A Rare Collection of over 200 Pictures Showing the History of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade and Surrounding Area (Signed)
37852: HART, H G - The New Annual Army List, and Militia List for 1860
24472: HART, NORMAN A - Industrial Publicity
26270: HART, A TINDAL - The Curate's Lot: The Story of the Unbeneficed English Clergy
37687: HART, GEORGE - The Punch and Judy Murders (Signed)
29586: HART, GWEN - A History of Cheltenham
25058: HARTE, BRET - The Poetical Works of Bret Harte Including Some Later Verses (Fine Paper)
28484: HARTHAN, JOHN - Books of Hours and Their Owners
35444: HARTHAN, JOHN - Books of Hours and Their Owners
34247: HARTINK, A E - The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers
37089: HARTREE, D R - Numerical Analysis
371: HARTSHORNE, ANNA C - Japan and Her People, 2 Volumes
21289: HARTSHORNE, REV CHARLES HENRY - Memoirs Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Northumberland; Volume 2 Feudal and Military Antiquities
8009: HARTT, FREDERICK - Art, a History of Painting, Sculpture Architecture, 2 Volumes; Volume 1 Prehistory, Ancient World & Middle Ages; Volume 2 Renaissance, Baroque & Modern World
7949: HARTWELL, LORD - William Camrose,
33162: HARVEY, JOHN H; MILLER, ERIC D - Give Sorrow Words: Perspectives on Loss and Trauma
34885: HARVEY, WILLIAM - An Anatomical Disquisition on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals
5886: HARVEY, GRAHAM - Living Landscapes: Parkland
30646: HARVEY, PETER - Sheffield Since 1900: Ninety Years of Photographs
24812: HARVEY, SIR PAUL (ED) - The Oxford Companion to English Literature,
33624: HARVEY, ROBERT - Cochrane: The Life and Exploits of a Fighting Captain
6457: HARVEY, JOHN - The Plantagenets
36195: HARVEY, W J - The Art of George Eliot
3270: HARWOOD, RONALD - The Guilt Merchants
8971: HARWOOD, RONALD - Mandela
17797: HARWOOD, RONALD (ED) - The Ages of Gielgud, an Actor at Eighty
35452: HARWOOD, RONALD - All the World's a Stage
2028: HASKELL, ARNOLD - Balletomania
29694: HASKER, LESLIE - The Place Which Is Called Fulanham: An Outline History of Fulham from Roman Times Until the Start of the Second World War
34731: HASKINS, JENNY - Victorian Pansies: Embroidery and Pastimes for the 21st Century
12477: HASLER, JULIE - Kate Greenaway Cross Stitch Designs
13613: HASLER, JULIE - Kate Greenaway Cross Stitch Designs
31202: HASLER, JULIE - The Crafty Cat Workbasket
37833: HASSALL, KEVIN - A Vague History of the Kings and Queens of England
36967: HASSETT, JAMES; WHITE, KATHLEEN M - Psychology in Perspective
17215: HASSRICK, PETER - Frederic Remington; Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W Richardson Foundation Collections
7445: MACGREGOR-HASTIE, ROY - Never to Be Taken Alive: A Biography of General Gordon
30: HASTINGS, MAX - Editor; an Inside Story of Newspapers
4776: HASTINGS, MAX/JENKINS, SIMON - The Battle for the Falklands,
1355: HASTINGS, MICHAEL - The Voyage of the San Marcos
34999: HASTINGS, A C G - Nigerian Days (Travellers' Library)
37658: HATCH, PETER - Barf's Bumper Book of Thirsk (Signed)
5: HATELEY, MARK; GALLACHER, KEN - Top Mark! an Autobiography
34926: HATLEY, VICTOR A (ED) - The Church in Victorian Northampton: Visitation Records of Bishop Magee 1872-1886
35226: HATLEY, VICTOR A (ED) - The Church in Victorian Northampton: Visitation Records of Bishop Magee 1872-1886
4183: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Nelson
11595: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Buster's Diaries
24352: HATTON, NORMAN - Schwartzblacknoir
3946: HAUBRICH, ALICE CLARK - Becky: Grandmother of New Hampshire
7146: HAUSER, THOMAS - The Beethoven Conspiracy
37685: HAUXWELL, HANNAH; COCKCROFT, BARRY - Seasons of My Life: The Story of a Solitary Daleswoman (Signed)
32125: HAWES, JAMES - Excavating Kafka
1837: HAWKES, JOHN - Death, Sleep & the Traveller
1507: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Providence Island
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4138: HILLABY, JOHN - Journey Through Love
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21336: HILTON, CHRISTOPHER - Nigel Mansell; the Makings of a Champion
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30492: HINTON, DAVID A - Alfred's Kingdom: Wessex and the South 800-1500 (History in the Landscape)
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27180: HOCOMBE, SARAH - Fresco Painting for Home and Garden
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16688: HODGE, PAUL - Higher Than Everest; an Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System
16689: HODGE, PAUL - Higher Than Everest; an Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System
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15691: HODGKINSON, LIZ - Spiritual Healing; Everything You Want to Know
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13238: HODGSON, RAY/MILLER, PETER - Selfwatching; Addictions, Habits, Compulsions: What to Do About Them
5303: HODSON, H V (ED) - The Annual Register: World Events in 1976
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6328: HOFFMAN, ALICE - Here on Earth
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1419: HOGGART, SIMON - America: A User's Guide
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6326: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - The Tarnished Crown; Crisis in the House of Windsor
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36243: HOLDGATE, MARTIN - A History of Appleby, County Town of Westmorland
32338: HOLDICH, BRIAN - India Revisited: The Golden Vision (Signed)
31480: HOLDING, NORMAN - World War 1 Army Ancestry
3493: HOLDSWORTH, ANGELA - Out of the Dolls House, the Story of Women in the Twentieth Century
10783: HOLE, CHRISTINA - English Custom and Usage
1719: HOLE, CHRISTINA - English Folk Heroes
37932: HOLFORD, PATRICK - Patrick Holford's New Optimum Nutrition Bible
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34489: HOLLAND, JULIAN; SPAVEN, DAVID - The Times Britain's Scenic Railways
27911: HOLLAND, HENRY SCOTT; ROCKSTRO, W S - Memoir of Madame Jenny Lind-Golschmidt: Her Early Art-Life and Dramatic Career 1820-1851; 2 Volumes
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1718: HOLLAND, JAMES - Italy's Sorrow: A Year of War, 1944-45
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35119: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Stranger's Child (Signed)
8181: HOLLINGS, MICHAEL - Hearts Not Garments,
37096: HOLLINGSWORTH, MARK; MITCHELL, SANDY - Saudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-Up Inside the House of Saud
32813: HOLLINS, HOLLY - The Tall Ships Are Sailing: The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races
37342: HOLLINS, PETER; DAWSON, ALEX - Leicester: Moments in Time
23865: HOLLIS, CHRISTOPHER - G K Chesterton (Writers and Their Work)
23938: HOLLIS, GERTRUDE - A Slave of the Saracen
35572: HOLLIS, CHRISTOPHER - The Ayes and the Noes
25834: HOLLIS, MARTIN (ED) - The Light of Reason: Rationalist Philosophers of the 17th Century
6780: HOLLOWAY, DAVID - Playing the Empire; the Acts of the Holloway Touring Theatre Company
34274: HOLLOWAY, HILTON; BUCKLEY, MARTIN - The a-Z of Cars, the Century's Classic Automobiles
30280: HOLLOWAY, ROLAND - Roland Holloway's Northamptonshire: Fifty Years of Photographs 1924-1974
33064: HOLLOWAY, SALLY - London's Noble Fire Brigades 1833-1904
23437: HOLM, JEAN; BOWKER, JOHN (EDS) - Women in Religion (Themes in Religious Studies)
11442: HOLMAN, GORDON - The King's Cruisers
37697: HOLMBOE, KNUD - Desert Encounter: An Adventurous Journey Through Italian Africa
19855: HOLME, BRYAN (ED) - A Present of Laughter; Wit and Nonsense in Pictures and Verse
37371: HOLMES, CLIVE - Seventeenth-Century Lincolnshire
37390: HOLMES, VAL - The Machine Embroiderer's Workbook
12551: HOLMES, RICHARD - The Western Front
4597: HOLMES, MAJORIE - Writing Articles from the Heart; How to Write and Sell Your Life Experiences
33881: HOLMES, TONY - Aircraft of the Aces: Legends of World War 2
5098: HOLMES, MRS MARY J - Rose Mather: A Tale of the Late American War
6235: HOLMES, RONALD - The Legend of Sawney Bean
37781: HOLMES, RICHARD - Soldiers: Army Lives and Loyalties from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors
12485: HOLMES, REVD G H - The Wind in the West Door (Signed)
16557: HOLMES, HEATHER - As Good As a Holiday; Potato Harvesting in the Lothians from 1870 to the Present
16558: HOLMES, HEATHER - As Good As a Holiday; Potato Harvesting in the Lothians from 1870 to the Present
22402: HOLMES, RICHARD - Battlefields of the Second World War
36403: HOLMES, RICHARD - War Walks: From Agincourt to Normandy
37615: HOLMES, RICHARD - Redcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
35336: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge: Darker Reflections
23489: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge: Darker Reflections
34794: HOLMES, REG - Ely Inns
37464: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Bernard Shaw, Complete, Five Volumes Bound As Four
35249: HOLT, J C - Past and Present: A Journal of Historical Studies 57 and 65 (Author's Copy)
34861: HOLT, ALAN L - West Somerset: Romantic Routes and Mysterious Byways (Signed)
36202: HOLTZAPFFEL, CHARLES - Turning and Mechanical Manipulation Volumes1 - 3
36424: HOLZER, HANS - Witches: True Encounters with Wicca, Wizards, Covens, Cults, and Magick
37591: HOLZER, HANS - Ghosts I'Ve Met
21805: HOM, KEN - Ken Hom's Hot Wok; over 150 One-Pan Wonders
34064: HOME, GORDON - Stratford-on-Avon: A Sketch Book
22410: HOME, GORDON - What to See in England; a Guide to Places of Historic Interest, Natural Beauty or Literary Association
27229: HOMO, NOVUS - Triune Man: His Origin and Destiny: Immortality Proved; the Message of Ka-Ra-Om
35039: HONDERICH, TED (ED) - The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
30278: HOOD, NANCY - Wantage, Faringdon and the Vale Villages in Old Photographs
6509: HOOD, SINCLAIR - The Home of the Heroes; the Aegean Before the Greeks
19742: HOOD, ANN - Creating Character Emotions; Writing Compelling, Fresh Approaches That Express Your Characters' True Feelings
19743: HOOD, ANN - Creating Character Emotions; Writing Compelling, Fresh Approaches That Express Your Characters' True Feelings
28165: HOOG, MICHEL - Robert Et Sonia Delaunay (Inventaire Des Collections Publiques Francaises)
34395: HOOLE, K - Railways in the Yorkshire Dales
17031: HOOLE, JOHN (INTRO) - Bacon's Eye; Works on Paper Attributed to Francis Bacon from the Barry Joule Archive
33586: HOOLE, K - The East Coast Main Line Since 1925
33874: HOOPER, DOROTHY MORLAND - The Springer Spaniel
3648: HOOTON, TED - Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I-XVI in Raf, Saaf, Raaf, Rnzaf, Rcaf and Foreign Service (Aircam Aviation Series No 4)
7074: HOOVER, THOMAS - Caribbee
7603: HOPCRAFT, ARTHUR - Mid-Century Men
35601: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda: Being a History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
8618: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda
3279: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER - Kruger's Alp
36643: HOPE, SEBASTIAN - Outcasts of the Islands: The Sea Gypsies of South East Asia
16278: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
16750: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
37307: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
36991: HOPE, MURRY - The Ancient Wisdom of Atlantis
31013: HOPKINS, JOHN - A History of Hendon
12796: HOPKINS, JOHN - Nick Faldo in Perspective
36850: HOPKINS, ANDREA - Knights
37298: HOPKINS, HARRY - The Strange Death of Private White: A Victorian Scandal That Made History
26369: HOPKINS, ANDREA - Most Wise and Valiant Ladies
20548: HOPKINSON, CHARLES - Herefordshire Under Arms; a Military History of the County
26924: HORE, CAPTAIN PETER - The Habit of Victory: The Story of the Royal Navy 1545 to 1945
3334: HORE, CAPTAIN PETER - The Habit of Victory: The Story of the Royal Navy 1545 to 1945
28751: HORN, MAURICE (ED) - Contemporary Graphic Artists 2
4318: HORN, CAPT TRADER - Way for a Sailor: A Real Life Saga of the Sea
6748: HORNAK, ANGELO; KEATES, JONATHAN - Leeds Castle: An Illustrated Guide
18007: HORNBECK, JAMES S (ED) - Stores and Shopping Centers: An Architectural Record Book
34988: HORNBLOWER, SIMON; SPAWFORTH, ANTONY (EDS) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
37134: HORNBLOWER, SIMON; SPAWFORTH, ANTONY (EDS) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
7971: HORNE, ALISTAIR; MONTGOMERY, DAVID - Monty: The Lonely Leader 1944-45: A Biography of Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery
9593: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Macmillan: The Official Biography, 2 Volumes; 1894-1956; 1957-1986
1621: HORNE, ALISTAIR - The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916
33243: HORNE, ALISTAIR - A Bundle from Britain
34913: HOROWITZ, HELEN LEFKOWITZ - Rereading Sex: Battles over Sexual Knowledge and Suppression in Nineteenth-Century America
36117: HORROBIN, DAVID F - A Guide to Kenya and Northern Tanzania
18666: HORSHAM, MICHAEL - Shaker Style; a Celebration of the Beautiful Workmanship of the Shaker Movement
29121: HORSLEY, P M - Eighteenth-Century Newcastle
27541: HORTON, JAMES - Learn to Draw the Figure (Collins Learn to Paint)
26994: HORTON, JAMES - Sketching with James Horton (Artist's Sketchbook)
523: HORWOOD, WILLIAM - The Stonor Eagles
299: HORWOOD, WILLIAM - Duncton Tales
27138: HORWOOD, WILLIAM - Duncton Rising
20498: HORWOOD, WILLIAM - The Wolves of Time: Journeys to the Heartland
27410: HOSALI, NINA - Children of Allah: Poems of North Africa
219: HOSKING, GEOFFREY - Beyond Socialist Realism; Soviet Fiction Since Ivan Denisovich
37529: HOUBEN, H H - Christopher Columbus: The Tragedy of a Discoverer
20937: HOUDRET, JESSICA - Practical Herb Garden; a Comprehensive a-Z Directory and Gardener's Guide to Growing Herbs Successfully
37656: HOUFE, SIMON - John Leech and the Victorian Scene
32762: HOUGH, RICHARD - The Great Admirals
1040: HOUGH, RICHARD - The Blind Horn's Hate; Cape Horn and the Uttermost South
3084: HOUGH, RICHARD - Edwina: Countess Mountbatten of Burma
26645: HOUGH, P M - Dutch Life in Town and Country
20519: HOUGH, MARION - How to Write for Children
32522: HOUGH, RICHARD - Fighting Ships
9015: HOUGH, RICHARD; RICHARDS, DENNIS - The Battle of Britain: The Jubilee History
1322: HOUSE, JOHN; STEVENS, MARY ANNE; BOWNESS, ALAN - Post-Impressionism: Cross-Currents in European Painting,
20144: HOUSE, HUMPHRY - Coleridge; the Clark Lectures 1951-52
21232: HOUSE, JOHN; STEVENS, MARY ANNE; BOWNESS, ALAN - Post-Impressionism; Cross-Currents in European Painting,
26380: HOUSE, HUMPHRY - Aristotle's Poetics: A Course of Eight Lectures
3219: HOUSEHOLD, G A/SMITH, L M H (EDS) - To Catch a Sunbeam
19837: HOUSEHOLD, G A; SMITH, L M H (EDS) - To Catch a Sunbeam; Victorian Reality Through the Magic Lantern
15512: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY - Hostage: London: The Diary of Julian Despard
13713: HOUSMAN, A E - A Shropshire Lad (Dover Thrift)
32114: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - Angels and Ministers and Other Victorian Plays (Travellers' Library)
31050: HOUSTON, R A - A Treatise on Light
23466: HOVING, THOMAS - Tutankhamun: The Untold Story
33182: CICERO; HOW, W W; CLARK, A C - Cicero: Select Letters: With Historical Introduction, Notes and Appendices: Volume II: Notes
26456: HOWARD, HUGH - Dr Kimball and Mr Jefferson: Rediscovering the Founding Fathers of American Architecture
6277: HOWARD, THOMAS - C S Lewis, Man of Letters; a Reading of His Fiction
1131: HOWARD, ELIZABETH JANE - Odd Girl out
12231: HOWARD, ANTHONY - Behind the Scenes in Motor Racing
13933: HOWARD, PHILIP - Weasel Words
14845: HOWARD, PHILIP - A Word in Time
20070: HOWARD, MICHAEL (ED) - The Impressionists by Themselves
22698: HOWARD, KEN (ED) - Art Class: A Beginner's Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing
23196: HOWARD, GODFREY - Can You Put It on a T-Shirt?
23644: HOWARD, ROGER - Ancient Rivers
23964: HOWARD, MICHAEL; LOUIS, WM ROGER (EDS) - The Oxford History of the Twentieth Century
30051: HOWARD, DIANA; LAWRENCE, NICHOLAS - Richmond Bridge and Other Thames Crossings between Hampton and Barnes: A Short History Together with the Catalogue of the Richmond Bridge Bicentenary Exhibition
2950: HOWARTH, PATRICK - The Dying Ukranian
37144: HOWARTH, DAVID - The Greek Adventure: Lord Byron and Other Eccentrics in the War of Independence
24592: HOWARTH, DAVID; HOWARTH, STEPHEN - Nelson: The Immortal Memory
17530: HOWAT, POLLY - Ghosts and Legends of Lincolnshire and the Fen Country
34412: HOWE, ROBIN - Rice Cooking
37647: HOWE, FISHER - Turkey, Greece, and Palestine in 1853
37331: HOWE, ELLIC - The Black Game: British Subversive Operations Against the Germans During the Second World War
28901: HOWELL, CHRIS - Wells in Old Photographs
30598: HOWELL, KEITH - Francis Frith's Hertfordshire: Photographic Memories
30046: HOWELL, CHRIS; BROWN, MARTYN - A Somerset Camera, 2 Volumes: 1859-1914, 1914-1945
12461: HOWELLS, W D - The Altrurian Romances
37275: HOWES, W J - Fly-Fishing for Coarse Fish, Theory and Technique
8854: HOYLE, WILLIAM - Our National Resources and How They Are Wasted - an Omitted Chapter in Political Economy
26153: HOYT, EDWIN P - The House of Morgan
35943: HOYT, EDWIN P - The Invasion Before Normandy: The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands
14312: HUBACHER, HERMANN - Rodin
31230: HUBBARD, LIZ - Thread Painting
3292: HUBBARD, L RON - Images of a Lifetime, a Photographic Biography
4064: HUBBARD, L RON - Fundamentals of Thought
11069: HUBBARD, LIZ - Thread Painting
36768: HUBBARD, L RON - The Way to Happiness: A Common Sense Guide to Better Living
36302: HUBBARD, L RON - Advanced Procedure and Axioms
36289: HUBBARD, L RON - Self Analysis
36303: HUBBARD, L RON - Scientology 8-8008
36551: HUBBARD, L RON - Handbook for Preclears
17866: HUBERT, HENRI - The Rise of the Celts
36754: HUBEY, H M - The Diagonal Infinity: The Problems of Multiple Scales
32187: HUCKNALL, DAVID - Engine Sheds in Camera
4488: HUDSON, DAVID - The Roughshooter's Handbook
8305: HUDSON, KENNETH - The Language of the Teenage Revolution: The Dictionary Defeated
5850: HUDSON, KENNETH - Exploring Our Industrial Past (Teach Yourself)
7519: HUDSON, W H - The Naturalist in la Plata
12147: HUDSON, DEREK (COLL) - Essays and Studies 1961; Being Volume Fourteen of the New Series of Essays and Studies Collected for the English Association
12595: HUDSON, ROGER (COMP) - The Jubilee Years 1887-1897
13164: HUDSON, ROGER (ED) - Nelson and Emma
13780: HUDSON, W H - The Illustrated Shepherd's Life
21748: HUDSON, ROGER (ED) - Inventing the Modern World; Technology Since 1750
28863: HUDSON, KENNETH - Industrial Archaeology of Southern England (Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, and Gloucestershire East of the Severn
25597: HUDSON, ROGER (ED) - The Folio Society Book of Days
25677: HUDSON, KENNETH - Handbook for Industrial Archaeologists
30282: HUDSON, JOHN - Thornbury to Berkeley in Old Photographs
4591: HUETHER, ANNE - Glass and Man
35146: HUFTON, OLWEN (COMP) - History, the Journal of the Historical Association: Index to Volumes I-L (1916-65) (Signed)
32197: HUFTON, OLWEN - The Prospect Before Her: A History of Women in Western Europe, Volume 1, 1500-1800
23592: HUGGETT, FRANK E - Life Below Stairs: Domestic Servants in England from Victorian Times
25524: HUGGETT, FRANK E - The Past, Present and Future of Life and Work at Sea: A Documentary Enquiry
11570: HUGGETT, FRANK E - Cartoonists at War
32625: HUGHES, G T - Eichendorff: Aus Dem Leben Eines Taugenights (Studies in German Literature)
29423: HUGHES, PAT; HURLEY, HEATHER - The Story of Ross
31315: HUGHES, DAVID - The Maldonians: Voices of Maldon 1872-1914
34113: HUGHES, BERNARD; HUGHES, THERLE - After the Regency: A Guide to Late Georgian and Early Victorian Collecting 1820-1860
6461: HUGHES, EMRYS - Macmillan: Portrait of a Politician
844: HUGHES, MARYANNE R; CHADWICK, A - Progress in Avian Osmoregulation
2956: HUGHES, Q; LYNTON, N - Renaissance Architecture (Simpson's Architectural Development)
1560: HUGHES, RICHARD - The Wooden Shepherdess
12838: HUGHES, TED - Crow; from the Life and Songs of the Crow
16591: HUGHES, JOHN - Lines of Flight; Reading Deleuze with Hardy, Gissing, Conrad, Woolf
16592: HUGHES, JOHN - Lines of Flight; Reading Deleuze with Hardy, Gissing, Conrad, Woolf
1916: HUGHES, GLYN - The Antique Collector
29169: HUGHES, TREVOR - 80 Years on Call
14504: HUGHES, ROSEMARY - Haydn String Quartets
33121: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's Schooldays
28962: HUGHES, MATTHEW; MANN, CHRIS - Inside Hitler's Germany: Life Under the Third Reich
32009: HUGHES, M V - A London Family 1870-1900 Illustrated Edition
37793: HUGHES, GEOFFREY - Words in Time: A Social History of the English Vocabulary
37160: HUGHES, THOMAS P - Rescuing Prometheus
34854: HUGHES, THERLE - English Domestic Needlework 1660-1860
30566: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's Schooldays
35509: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's Schooldays
33224: HUGHES, GEOFFREY - Lner (with Letter)
36632: HUGHES, BRYAN - John Laycock, Weaver and Organbuilder
28454: HUIE, SHIRLEY FENTON - Home to England: 49 Days to London
4967: HULBERT, HUGH R - In the Footsteps of William & Dorothy
14143: HULBERT, ANNE - Machine Quilting and Padded Work
18740: HULBERT, JACK - The Little Woman's Always Right
19779: HULBERT, H H - Eurhythm, Thought in Action; the Principles and Practice of Vocal and Physical Therapy
34947: HULBERT, ANNE - The Complete Crazy Patchwork: From Victorian Beginnings to Contemporary Designs
28954: HULL, FELIX - Guide to the Berkshire Record Office
1132: HULME, KERI - The Bone People
23254: HULME, F EDWARD - The History, Principles and Practice of Heraldry
30437: HULTON, PAUL; SMITH, LAWRENCE - Flowers in Art from East and West
25075: HULTON, PAUL; SMITH, LAWRENCE - Flowers in Art from East and West
2191: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL - Towards a Civilisation of Love: Being Church in Today's World
35868: HUMPHREYS, NOEL; JONES, OWEN - The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages
25885: HUMPHREYS, EMYR - A Man's Estate
27743: HUMPHREYS, JOHN - The Complete Gundog
13378: HUMPHRIES, JOHN - Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries
14532: HUMPHRIS, TED - Garden Glory
23798: HUMPHRY, DEREK - Dying with Dignity: Understanding Euthanasia
8938: HUNT, MARSHA - Joy
15313: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest,
36322: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest,
30271: HUNT, IRVINE - Fenty's Album
28849: HUNT, JULIAN - Chesham: A Pictorial History
33956: HUNT, ALBERT - Arden: A Study of His Plays
34670: HUNT, DAVE - Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust
35900: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa
1646: HUNTER, A M - According to John
7357: HUNTER, WILLIAM - The Novels and Stories of T F Powys
4203: HUNTER, STEPHEN - The Master Sniper
10487: HUNTER, JOHN - Clocks
11759: HUNTER, JIM - The Metaphysical Poets
14507: HUNTER, ALLAN - Faye Dunaway
16806: HUNTER, STEPHEN - The Day Before Midnight
19322: HUNTER, JOANNA - A Century in Photographs, a Portrait of Britain 1900-1999
20158: HUNTER, TOM - A Guide to the West Highland Way
28336: HUNTER, JIM - The Metaphysical Poets
29666: HUNTER, JUDITH - The Story of Slough
30200: HUNTLY, MOIRA - Draw Nature
10015: HURD, DOUGLAS/LAMPORT, STEPHEN - The Palace of Enchantments
17699: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
2545: HUROK, S - Impresario
9027: HURST, RONALD; HURST, LESLIE (EDS) - Pilot Error; the Human Factors
27671: HURST, BERNICE - The Perfect Cook: A Selection of Recipes
24363: HURTER, BILL - Techniques of Portrait Photography (Master Class Photography Series)
31145: HUSAIN, SHAHRUKH - The Goddess: Power, Sexuality and the Feminine Divine
9556: HUSON, PAUL - The Keepsake
12140: HUSSEY, GEMMA - Ireland Today: Anatomy of a Changing State
30268: HUSSEY, S S - Chaucer: An Introduction
28368: HUTCHEON, ROBIN - Souvenirs of Auguste Borget
32120: HUTCHINGS, ELIZABETH - Discovering the Sculptures of George Frederick Watts
5529: HUTCHINSON, F E - Medieval Glass at All Souls College: A History and Description Based on the Notes of G M Rushforth
1528: HUTCHINSON, R C - March the Ninth
9589: HUTCHINSON, GEORGE - Edward Heath
12577: HUTCHINSON, F E - Milton and the English Mind
2517: HUTCHISON, KEITH - The Decline & Fall of British Capitalism
35611: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Canada, Tomorrow's Giant
36606: HUTTON, WILL; GIDDENS, ANTHONY (EDS) - On the Edge: Living with Global Capitalism
2923: HUTTON, EDWARD - Florence
7429: HUTTON, HELEN - Textile Structures
33309: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of London
31528: HUTTON, HELEN - Mosaic Making Techniques
28416: HUXLEY, PAUL (ED) - Exhibition Road: Painters at the Royal College of Art
10399: HUXLEY, JULIAN - From an Antique Land; Ancient and Modern in the Middle East
20839: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Their Shining Eldorado, a Journey Through Australia
28733: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Memories
25081: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Four Guineas: A Journey Through West Africa
26223: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Adonis and the Alphabet and Other Essays
2520: HUXLEY, MICHAEL (ED) - The Root of Europe: Studies in the Diffusion of Greek Culture
27613: HUXLEY, PAUL (ED) - Exhibition Road: Painters at the Royal College of Art
20007: HUYGHE, RENE - Gauguin
36102: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Speaking Garden
21993: HYAMS, JOHN - The Batsford Colour Book of Dorset
26769: HYAMS, EDWARD - Dionysus: A Social History of the Wine Vine
7329: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Story of England's Flora
13958: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Changing Face of Britain
25331: HYAMS, EDWARD - Capability Brown and Humphrey Repton
37735: HYATT, ALFRED H (COMP) - The Charm of Paris, an Anthology
2772: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - An International Casebook of Crime
2460: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - Oscar Wilde
8470: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - A Tangled Web, Sex Scandals in British Politics and Society
9913: FIELD-HYDE, F C - The Art and Science of Voice Training
36025: HYDE, GEORGE - Circular Walks Around Bakewell: 100 Miles in the Peak District
35959: HYDER, CLYDE K (ED) - Swinburne As Critic
33245: HYLAND, PAUL - Purbeck: The Ingrained Island
31188: HYLTON, STUART - Reading Past and Present
34060: STEIG, W; KLEIN, I ET AL - The Stag at Eve
15094: CHRISTIE, IAN AND ELLIOTT, DAVID (EDS) - Eisenstein at Ninety
35982: IBSEN, HENRIK - Peer Gynt (Everyman)
35184: IBSEN, HENRIK - Brand: A Dramatic Poem (Everyman)
37247: IBSEN, HENRIK; MCFARLANE, JAMES WALTER (ED) - Ibsen Volume II: The Vikings at Helgeland, Love's Comedy, the Pretenders
33877: IDRIESS, ION L - The Great Boomerang
4829: BOATNER III, MARK M - The Biographical Dictionary of World War II
15438: BRYAN III, J; MURPHY, CHARLES J V - The Windsor Story
32869: ILES, JANE (ED) - Embroidery Projects Book
19972: ILES, JANE - Wild Flowers in Cross Stitch
36188: ILLES, JUDIKA - The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete a-Z for the Entire Magical World
2061: ILLINGWORTH, JOHN; ROUTH, JANE (EDS) - Reginald Farrar: Dalesman, Planthunter, Gardener
13655: IMMS, A D - Insect Natural History (New Naturalist)
9341: INGE, W R - Christian Ethics and Modern Problems
20024: INGLIS, BRIAN - Coincidence; a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
36514: INGLIS, BRIAN - The Power of Dreams
12713: INGLIS, BRIAN - Trance; a Natural History of Altered States of Mind
13995: INGLIS, BRIAN - A History of Medicine
12773: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends
6451: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Nonpareil Victoria Ingoldsby; the Ingoldsby Legends
18571: INGPEN, ROBERT; PERHAM, MOLLY - Heroes and Heroines
33892: INGWERSEN, WILL - Ingwersen's Manual of Alpine Plants
36657: INHELDER, BARBEL; PIAGET, JEAN - The Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence: An Essay on the Construction of Formal Operational Structures
6057: INNES, HAMMOND - Solomon's Seal
381: INNES, HAMMOND - Medusa

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