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1499: HARDY, ROBERT - A Matter of Conscience
29006: HARDY, CLIVE; BROWN, RUSS - Derby at War: A Pictorial Account 1939-45
26544: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major; John Loveday a Soldier in the War with Buonaparte and Robert His Brother (the Scholar's Library)
21116: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - Village Symphony and Other Poems
21273: HARDY, ROBERT - A Matter of Conscience
20426: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
35445: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Around Harrogate
22738: HARDY, EVELYN - The Countryman's Ear and Other Essays on Thomas Hardy
37414: HARDY, CLIVE - Francis Frith's Around Bradford; Photographic Memories
37627: HARDY, ERIC - The Naturalist in Lakeland
32697: HARDY, BRIAN - L.P. T.B. Rolling Stock 1933-1948
28206: HARDY, M; HEYES, S; CREWS, J; ROOKES, P; WREN, K - Studying Child Psychology
38857: HARDY, THOMAS - The Trumpet Major (Library Edition)
30052: HARDY, CLIVE - Lancashire
34013: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the Greenwood Tree or the Mellstock Quire (Library Edition)
30383: HARDY, THOMAS - The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: The Story of a Man of Character
39538: HARDY, THOMAS - Wessex Tales, Strange, Lively, and Commonplace
36010: HARDY, CLIVE - Elizabethan Lincoln: 50 Golden Years
31205: HARE, CHRIS - Historic Worthing: The Untold Story
39131: HARE, R M - The Language of Morals
26605: HARE, DAVID - Strapless
30789: HARE, AUGUSTUS; BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Years with Mother (Century Lives and Letters)
40038: HARESNAPE, BRIAN - Railway Liveries 1923-1947
37392: HARGRAVE, HARRIET - Heirloom Machine Quilting
7786: HARGRAVE, BASIL (COMP) - The Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases and Names
5727: HARGREAVES, ELIZABETH - Time's Silent Foot
18408: HARGREAVES, B - A First Book of Pattern Design with Some Examples of Historic Craft Work
32391: HARGREAVES, JOHN - A Guide to Acts
25073: HARGREAVES, ROBERT - Superpower: America in the 1970s
39317: HARING, BERNARD - The Christian Existentialist: The Philosophy and Theology of Self-Fulfillment in Modern Society
8998: HARKER, MARGARET F - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs (Collectors Guides)
28818: HARKER, SYDNEY - The Book of Evesham
31203: HARKER, GAIL - Machine Embroidery
37519: HARKNESS, JACK - Roses
19592: HARLECH, LORD - Ancient Monuments Illustrated Regional Guide No 1 Northern England
38395: HARLING, ROBERT - The Enormous Shadow
40394: HARLING, ROBERT (ED) - House and Garden Book of Holiday and Weekend Houses
38620: HARLING, ROBERT - The Dark Saviour
38134: HARLOW, EVE - The New Anchor Book of Crewel Stitches and Patterns
38133: HARLOW, EVE - The New Anchor Book of Canvaswork Stitches and Patterns
40187: HARMAN, ALEC (ED) - The Oxford Book of Italian Madrigals
32859: HARMAR, HILARY - Dogs - Modern Grooming Techniques
38749: HARMON, MAURICE (ED) - The Irish Writer and the City
39917: HARNEY, DESMOND - The Priest and the King: An Eyewitness Account of the Iranian Revolution
32105: HARPER, MAURICE - Make Your Own Dolls' House Furniture
16586: HARPER, GRAEME (ED) - Colonial and Postcolonial Incarceration
32786: HARPER, PAMELA - The Story of a Garden
37795: HARPER, DAVID M; FERGUSON, ALASTAIR J D (EDS) - The Ecological Basis for River Management
34839: HARPER, HARRY - Twenty-Five Years of Flying: Impressions, Recollections, and Descriptions
8916: HARRINGTON, R E - The Seven of Swords
35708: HARRINGTON, A P - Judo Guide to Black Belt
28130: HARRINGTON, JON - Organizational Structure and Information Technology (Business Information Technology)
25290: HARRINGTON, JOHN P (ED) - Modern Irish Drama (Norton Critical Edition)
40051: HARRIS, MICHAEL - British Main Line Services in the Age of Steam 1900-1968
6390: HARRIS, BRUCE - In Quest of the Ashes 1950-51
6937: HARRIS, NICK - I Wish I'd Said That!
26832: HARRIS, MELVIN - Itn Book of Firsts
9993: HARRIS, ROBERT - Enigma
16276: HARRIS, HARRY - Ruud Gullit; the Chelsea Diary
19934: HARRIS, SARAH (ED) - Indian Vegetarian Cooking; Indian Recipes for the Adventurous Cook
20680: HARRIS, WALTER B - East Again: The Narrative of a Journey in the Near, Middle and Far East
22814: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - The Life and Works of Lautrec
38942: HARRIS, J P - Douglas Haig and the First World War
33189: HARRIS, NATHANIEL - History of Ancient Rome
25662: HARRIS, CATHERINE - Practical Pony Keeping
17935: HARRIS, JONATHAN - Byzantium and the Crusades
12313: HARRIS, MOLLIE - Privies Galore (Signed)
38536: HARRIS, MICHAEL - British Main Line Services in the Age of Steam 1900-1968
36120: HARRIS, G EDWARD - Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Taylors of Ongar and Stanford Rivers
16340: HARRIS, BRUCE - Jardine Justified: The Truth About the Ashes
37827: HARRISON, ANNE MARIE J - A Danish Patchwork Primer
8840: HARRISON, FRANK - Tobruk; the Great Siege Reassessed
7954: HARRISON, REX - Rex: An Autobiography
2235: HARRISON, SHIRLEY - The Channel; Dividing Link between Britain and France
9181: HARRISON, DAVID - Along Hadrian's Wall
11784: HARRISON, HAZEL - An Introduction to Painting in Watercolour
12405: HARRISON, T S - Handbook of Analytical Control of Iron and Steel Production
39073: HARRISON, ROSS - Hobbes, Locke, and Confusion's Masterpiece: An Examination of Seventeenth-Century Political Philosophy
18144: HARRISON, DON - Watercolour Troubleshooter; Practical Solutions to Common Painting Problems
34665: HARRISON, DAVID (ED) - Bristol between the Wars: A City and Its People 1919-1939
27378: HARRISON, HAZEL - Pastels: Step-by-Step Teaching Through Inspirational Projects (Art School)
36639: HARRISON, S G - Garden Shrubs and Trees
23899: HARRISON, HAZEL - Watercolour Step-by-Step
36505: HARRISON, IAN - British Battles
32335: HARRISON, HAZEL - Watercolour Step-by-Step
38022: HARRISON, JOHN - The Money Making Magic of a Funfair Goldfish and Other Get Rich Secrets of a Mattress-Bound Millionaire (Signed)
33052: HARRISON, STEPHEN (ED) - Nafferton: A Living Past (Signed)
34649: HARRISON, A R W (PREFACE) - Merton College Register 1900-1964: With Notices of Some Older Surviving Members
40156: TATE, HARRY ET AL - The Old Time Stars' Book of Comedy Sketches
22984: LIDDELL HART, B H - History of the Second World War
39564: HART, GWEN - A History of Cheltenham
29812: HART, RICHARD - Pictures Past and Present: A Rare Collection of over 200 Pictures Showing the History of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade and Surrounding Area (Signed)
37852: HART, H G - The New Annual Army List, and Militia List for 1860
40489: HART, H L A - Definition and Thery in Jurisprudence, an Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford on 30 May 1953
40058: HART, H L A - Punishment and Responsibility: Essays in the Philosophy of Law
40309: HART, H L A - The Concept of Law
24472: HART, NORMAN A - Industrial Publicity
26270: HART, A TINDAL - The Curate's Lot: The Story of the Unbeneficed English Clergy
37687: HART, GEORGE - The Punch and Judy Murders (Signed)
38995: LIDDELL HART, B H - History of the First World War
38411: HARTCUP, ADELINE - Below Stairs in the Great Country Houses
25058: HARTE, BRET - The Poetical Works of Bret Harte Including Some Later Verses (Fine Paper)
38997: HARTE, NEGLEY; NORTH, JOHN - The World of Ucl 1828-2004
34247: HARTINK, A E - The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers
39468: HARTLEY, DOROTHY - Food in England
39320: HARTON, F P - The Elements of the Spiritual Life: A Study in Ascetical Theology
37089: HARTREE, D R - Numerical Analysis
371: HARTSHORNE, ANNA C - Japan and Her People, 2 Volumes
8009: HARTT, FREDERICK - Art, a History of Painting, Sculpture Architecture, 2 Volumes; Volume 1 Prehistory, Ancient World & Middle Ages; Volume 2 Renaissance, Baroque & Modern World
7949: HARTWELL, LORD - William Camrose,
33162: HARVEY, JOHN H; MILLER, ERIC D - Give Sorrow Words: Perspectives on Loss and Trauma
5886: HARVEY, GRAHAM - Living Landscapes: Parkland
40481: HARVEY, MAURICE - The Allied Bomber War 1939-45
30646: HARVEY, PETER - Sheffield Since 1900: Ninety Years of Photographs
24812: HARVEY, SIR PAUL (ED) - The Oxford Companion to English Literature,
33624: HARVEY, ROBERT - Cochrane: The Life and Exploits of a Fighting Captain
36195: HARVEY, W J - The Art of George Eliot
3270: HARWOOD, RONALD - The Guilt Merchants
8971: HARWOOD, RONALD - Mandela
17797: HARWOOD, RONALD (ED) - The Ages of Gielgud, an Actor at Eighty
35452: HARWOOD, RONALD - All the World's a Stage
39987: HASKELL, ARNOLD - In His True Centre, an Interim Autobiography
2028: HASKELL, ARNOLD - Balletomania
34731: HASKINS, JENNY - Victorian Pansies: Embroidery and Pastimes for the 21st Century
12477: HASLER, JULIE - Kate Greenaway Cross Stitch Designs
13613: HASLER, JULIE - Kate Greenaway Cross Stitch Designs
40533: HASLIP, JOAN - Marie Antoinette
36967: HASSETT, JAMES; WHITE, KATHLEEN M - Psychology in Perspective
17215: HASSRICK, PETER - Frederic Remington; Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W Richardson Foundation Collections
7445: MACGREGOR-HASTIE, ROY - Never to Be Taken Alive: A Biography of General Gordon
40353: HASTINGS, MAX - Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914
30: HASTINGS, MAX - Editor; an Inside Story of Newspapers
4776: HASTINGS, MAX/JENKINS, SIMON - The Battle for the Falklands,
1355: HASTINGS, MICHAEL - The Voyage of the San Marcos
37658: HATCH, PETER - Barf's Bumper Book of Thirsk (Signed)
34926: HATLEY, VICTOR A (ED) - The Church in Victorian Northampton: Visitation Records of Bishop Magee 1872-1886
35226: HATLEY, VICTOR A (ED) - The Church in Victorian Northampton: Visitation Records of Bishop Magee 1872-1886
4183: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Nelson
11595: HATTERSLEY, ROY - Buster's Diaries
3946: HAUBRICH, ALICE CLARK - Becky: Grandmother of New Hampshire
7146: HAUSER, THOMAS - The Beethoven Conspiracy
39390: HAVIGHURST, ALFRED (COMP) - Modern England 1901-1970 (Bibliographical Handbooks)
32125: HAWES, JAMES - Excavating Kafka
1837: HAWKES, JOHN - Death, Sleep & the Traveller
1507: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Providence Island
361: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Dawn of the Gods
19008: HAWKEY, R B - Newer Angles on Squash
1691: HAWKEY, R; BINGHAM, R - Wild Card
37884: HAWKEY, ARTHUR - Black Night Off Finisterre: The Tragic Tale of an Early British Ironclad
40458: HAWKING, STEPHEN; MLODINOW, LEONARD - A Briefer History of Time
22191: HAWKING, STEPHEN; PENROSE, ROGER - The Nature of Space and Time
10665: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Hardy at Home; the People and Places of Wessex
21871: HAWKINS, GERALD S - Beyond Stonehenge
40485: HAWKINS, MAC - Lswr West Country Lines Then and Now
30771: HAWKINS, JOHN - Herne Bay in Old Photographs
40475: HAWKINS, MAC - The Great Central Then and Now
40510: HAWKS, ELLISON - Stars Shown to the Children
4997: HAWLEY, WALTER A - Oriental Rugs Antique and Modern
23441: HAWORTH, JAMES (ED) - Walking in Derbyshire: A Rambler's Guide to the Peak Country
27438: HAWTHORNE, ROSEMARY - Oh... Knickers!: A Brief History of Unmentionables
30837: HAY, IAN; KING-HALL, STEPHEN - The Middle Watch
21279: HAY, DENYS - Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
23838: HAY, DENYS - Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
32892: HAY, MARY - I Saw a Ship a'Sailing
37864: HAY, IAN - Their Name Liveth: The Book of the Scottish National War Memorial
39929: HAYDEN, ARTHUR; BUNT, CYRIL (REV) - Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture
20208: HAYDEN, MARTIN - The Book of Bridges; the History, Technology and Romance of Bridges and Their Builders
17098: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on Old Furniture, a Practical Guide for Collectors
1631: HAYDN, HIRAM - The Hands of Esau
8700: HAYDON, A L - The Trooper Police of Australia
36687: HAYEK, F A - The Sensory Order: An Inquiry Into the Foundations of Theoretical Psychology
23258: HAYES, JOHN - Thomas Gainsborough
1157: HAYES, JOSEPH - The Desperate Hours
39856: HAYES, DEAN - The Who's Who of Cardiff City
33476: HAYNES, J H; STRASMAN, P G - Fiat 126 Owners Workshop Manual: 1973 to 1977, 594cc, Standard, L and Sunroof Models
33318: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP - The Colonial Wars Source Book
20073: HAYWARD, J F - English Desks and Bureaux
40132: HAYWARD, ARTHUR L - The Dickens Encyclopaedia
39697: HAYWARD, JOEL (ED) - Air Power, Insurgency and the "War on Terror"
12295: HAYWOOD, MARTYN; WELLS, SUE - The Interpret Manual of Marine Invertebrates; Selecting, Maintaining and Identifying a Wide Variety of Tropical Marine Invertebrates Suitable for the Home Aquarium
25632: HAYWOOD, MARTYN - Popular Marine Fish for Your Aquarium
34181: HAZARD, SAMUEL - Santo Domingo Past and Present with a Glance at Hayti
39724: HEADLAM, WALTER - A Book of Greek Verse
35723: HEALD, TIM - The Best After-Dinner Stories
16546: HEALEY, EDNA - Emma Darwin, the Inspirational Wife of a Genius
9133: HEALEY, DENIS - When Shrimps Learn to Whistle; Signposts for the Nineties
13318: HEALEY, EDNA - The Queen's House: A Social History of Buckingham Palace
22555: HEALEY, EDNA - Coutts & Co, 1692-1992, the Portrait of a Private Bank
38286: HEALY, DAVID - Psychiatric Drugs Explained
34431: HEALY, JOHN M C - History of the Chiltern Line
37874: HEALY, JOHN M C - The Last Days of Steam in Leicestershire and Rutland
36595: HEAP, ROBERT - Life's Challenge, a Guide to Successful Living
26247: HEARD, GERALD - A Dialogue in the Desert
14128: HEARN, PETER - The Sky People; a History of Parachuting
29175: HEARNSHAW, F J C - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
29918: HEATH, JOHN; CHRISTIAN, ROY - Yesterday's Town: Derby
5359: HEATH, RICHARD - The Victorian Peasant
13818: HEATH, EDWARD - Sailing; a Course of My Life
30772: HEATH, CYRIL - The Book of Amwell
30717: HEATH, CYRIL - The Book of Amwell
30914: HEATH, CYRIL - The Book of Ware: A Portrait of the Town
34782: HEATHCOTE, BERNARD; HEATHCOTE, PAULINE - Pioneers of Photography in Nottinghamshire 1841-1910
37053: HEATHFIELD, DAVID F; WIBE, SOREN - An Introduction to Cost and Production Functions
24939: HEDLEY, OLWEN - Round and About Windsor and District
3410: HEDLEY, OLWEN - Windsor Castle
34724: HEEL, W H DUDOK VAN - Sound and Cetacea
32254: HEER, FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe from 1100-1350 (History of Civilisation)
14059: HEER, FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe from 1100-1350 (History of Civilisation)
12831: HEER, FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe 1100-1350
26628: HEER, FRIEDRICH - The Medieval World: Europe from 1100-1350 (History of Civilisation)
1510: HEFFERNAN, THOMAS FAREL - Mutiny on the Globe; the Fatal Voyage of Samuel Comstock
38727: HEGARTY, NEIL - Dublin: A View from the Ground
17542: HEINE, WILLIAM C - Historic Ships of the World
37073: HEINE, HEINRICH - Prose and Poetry, a Selection
31453: HEINEY, PAUL - Farming Times
31046: HEITLER, W - Elementary Wave Mechanics
39629: HELD, LAWRENCE - Held's Guide to the Game of Checkers, a Complete Guide for Beginners
40363: HELD, JULIUS S; POSNER, DONALD - 17th and 18th Century Art: Baroque Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
36814: HELINE, CORINNE - Healing and Regeneration Through Colour: Includes Healing and Regeneration Through Music
18867: HELLEMANS, ALEXANDER; BUNCH, BRYAN - The Timetables of Science; a Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Science
36684: HELLER, REINHOLD - Munch His Life and Work
18519: HELLER, STEVEN; FINK, ANNE - Low Budget High Quality Design; the Art of Inexpensive Visual Communication
21372: HELLER, JOSEPH - Good As Gold
635: HELLER, JOSEPH - Good As Gold
1360: HELLER, JOSEPH - Good As Gold
7933: HELLER, JOSEPH - God Knows
28423: HELLER, NANCY G - Women Artists: An Illustrated History
37190: HELLIWELL, TANIS - Decoding Destiny: Keys to Mankind's Spiritual Evolution
22711: HELMS, RANDEL - Tolkien's World
15366: HELSTON, MICHAEL - Painting in Spain During the Later Eighteenth Century
38777: HELTERMAN, JEFFREY - Understanding Bernard Malamud
14720: HEMANS, MRS FELICIA - Poems
24086: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST; BAKER, CARLOS (ED) - Selected Letters 1917-1961
17258: HEMMING, JOHN - Red Gold: The Conquest of the Brazilian Indians
1768: HEMPHILL, C DALLETT - Bowing to Necessities: A History of Manners in America 1620-1860
875: HENDERSON, MEG - Daisy's Wars
31115: HENDERSON, MARINA - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
39859: HENDERSON, JOHN - Juvenal's Mayor, the Professor Who Lived on 2d a Day
16179: HENN, JOHN - Introduction to Painting and Drawing
39403: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES - Sins of the Fathers: The Atlantic Slave Traders 1441-1807
37726: HENNESSY, PETER - The Secret State: Preparing for the Worst 1945-2010 (Signed)
40351: HENNESSY, PETER - Having It So Good: Britain in the Fifties
40432: HENNESSY, PETER - The Hidden Wiring: Unearthing the British Constitution
18749: HENNIG, FRANK - Cheerio Frank Cheerio Everybody; the Gardening World of Fred Streeter
37636: HENRY, A M - The Holy Spirit
5822: HENRY, ALAN - The Turbo Years
39391: HENRY, W P - Greek Historical Writing: A Historiographical Essay Based on Xenophon's Hellenica
40459: HENRY, GERRIT - Janet Fish
40399: HEPBURN, JAMES CURTIS - A Japanese and English Dictionary with an English and Japanese Index
8213: HEPPER, F NIGEL (ED) - Kew: Gardens for Science and Pleasure
22523: HEPWORTH, BARBARA - Barbara Hepworth; a Pictorial Autobiography
39899: HERBERT, GEORGE - The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
2756: HERBERT, A P - Light the Lights
10144: HERBERT, JAMES - '48
37407: HERBERT, A P - She-Shanties
15139: HERBERT, JOHN (ED) - Christie's Review of the Season 1981
39177: HERBERT, IVOR - Red Rum
37422: HERBERT, A P - Mr Gay's London
31576: HERBERT, THEODORE T - Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
15886: HERBERT, JAMES - The Ghosts of Sleath
1117: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Linda Condon
20681: HERIZ, ENRIQUE DE - Lies
28793: HERMAN, JOSEF - The Early Years in Scotland and Wales
40147: HERMAN, GARY - Rock'n'Roll Babylon
14334: FONDATION DE L'HERMITAGE - De Cezanne a Picasso Dans Les Collections Romandes
22234: HERNE, STEVE; JESSEL, JOHN; GRIFFITHS, JENNY (EDS) - Study to Teach; a Guide to Studying in Teacher Education
37948: HERRIOT, JAMES - Every Living Thing
37952: HERRIOT, JAMES - Every Living Thing
38782: HERRMANN, FRANK - Low Profile: A Life in the World of Books
28489: HERRMANN, LUKE - Turner: Paintings, Watercolours, Prints and Drawings
31659: HERSEY, JOHN - Life Sketches
34964: HERVEY, ARTHUR - Rubinstein (Mayfair Biography)
31048: HERZBERG, GERHARD; SPINKS, J W T (TRANS) - Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure
1267: HETHERINGTON, P B - Mosaics (Colour Library of Art)
4137: HEWETT, PETER - Owslebury Bottom
19731: HEWINS, ANGELA (ED) - The Dillen; Memories of a Man of Stratford Upon Avon
9956: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege: Literary Life in London 1939-45
32843: HEWISON, W S - This Great Harbour: Scapa Flow (Aspects of Orkney)
38726: HEWITSON, JIM - Papa Westray: Island at the Rainbow's End (Signed)
33176: HEWITT, RACHEL - Map of a Nation: A Biography of the Ordnance Survey
13282: HEWITT, PEGGY - These Lonely Mountains; a Biography of the Bronte Moors
31762: HEWSON, DAVID - Travels in Spain: Granada and Eastern Andalucia
30976: HEY, DAVID - Yorkshire from Ad 1000 (a Regional History of England)
5258: HEY, DAVID - The Oxford Guide to Family History
19250: HEY, DAVID - Family Names and Family History
22111: HEY, DAVID - The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History
33282: HEY, DAVID - A History of Yorkshire: County of the Broad Acres
28825: HEY, DAVID - Buildings of Britain 1550-1750: Yorkshire
17746: HEYDEN, THOMAS; SCHMIDT, ALEXANDER; WACHTER, CLEMENS; WINDSHEIMER, BERND - Gelandebegehung; Das Reichsparteitagsgelande in Nurnberg
36995: HEYLIGHEN, FRANCIS - Representation and Change: A Metarepresentational Framework for the Foundations of Physical and Cognitive Science
37167: HEYLIN, CLINTON (ED) - All Yesterday's Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971
8730: HEYWOOD, TERENCE; LOWBURY, EDWARD - Facing North; Part One, Poems and Pictures of the North; Part Two, Trolls - a Fairy Tale; Part Three, North Discoveries, an Anthology
33485: HIBBARD, HOWARD - The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
1383: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Making of Charles Dickens
4224: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Personal History of Samuel Johnson
28472: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Napoleon: His Wives and Women
30506: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations
33110: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Napoleon: His Wives and Women
39952: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Disraeli and His World
27578: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The English: A Social History 1066-1945
33548: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cavaliers and Roundheads: The English at War 1642-1649
33261: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cavaliers and Roundheads: The English at War 1642-1649
36297: HICKEY, COLONEL MICHAEL - The Unforgettable Army: Slim's Xivth Army in Burma
16368: HICKLING, HUGH - The English Flotilla
33120: HICKLING, MICHAEL (ED); PHINN, GERVASE - Yorkshire in Particular: An Alternative a-Z (Signed)
35021: HICKMAN, KATIE - Daughters of Britannia: The Lives and Times of Diplomatic Wives
35831: HICKMAN, DOUGLAS - Warwickshire: A Shell Guide
30073: HICKMAN, TREVOR - Melton Mowbray in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
17940: HICKMAN, JULIA - Tapestry and Beadwork; Canvaswork Projects for the Home
29622: HICKMAN, TREVOR - Melton Mowbray in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
40200: HICKMAN, TOM - The Call-Up: A History of National Service
39219: HICKS, CAROLA - The King's Glass: A Story of Tudor Power and Secret Art
35223: HIDE, EDWARD - Nothing to Hide
3230: HIGGINS, JACK - Drink with the Devil
16110: HIGGINS, JACK - Eye of the Storm
36380: HIGGINS, JACK - Storm Warning
36516: HIGGINS, JACK - Luciano's Luck
552: HIGGINS, JACK - Day of Judgment
3875: HIGGINS, JACK - Storm Warning
36381: HIGGINS, JACK - Day of Judgment
6141: HIGHAM, ROGER - Kent
100: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Kate, the Life of Catherine Hepburn
30822: HIGHAM, ROGER - Berkshire and the Vale of the White Horse
23372: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Rose: The Life and Times of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
26915: HIGHT, GEORGE AINSLIE - Richard Wagner, a Critical Biography, Volume 1
35511: HILDEBRANDT, DIETER - Pianoforte: A Social History of the Piano
6203: HILDICK, WALLACE - Children and Fiction; a Critical Study of the Writing of Fiction for and About Children
27925: HILL, IAN BARRAS - Baroque and Rococo: Paintings of the Western World
38026: HILL, GEOFFREY; HAYNES, KENNETH (ED) - Geoffrey Hill, Collected Critical Writings
40172: HILL, RUPERT - Winchester, an Illustrated Stroll Through City and College
32766: HILL, TONY - The Concise Guide to Car Numbers
4193: FALES-HILL, SUSAN - Always Wear Joy: My Mother Bold and Beautiful
3139: HILL, CECILIA - Fifty Miles Round Paris
3439: HILL, R LANCE - The Evil That Men Do
4823: HILL, SUSAN (ED) - The Walker Book of Ghost Stories
6757: HILL, SUSAN - Mrs de Winter; the Sequel to Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca
26705: HILL, J R - British Sea Power in the 1980s
34915: HILL, BARBARA - Graphology
17597: HILL, BEATRICE - Drovers Bridge
18626: HILL, SUSAN - Mrs de Winter; the Sequel to Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca
21462: HILL, ADRIAN - The Beginner's Book of Oil Painting
22108: HILL, ADRIAN - Sketching and Painting out of Doors
33115: HILL, DAVID - In Turner's Footsteps: Through the Hills and Dales of Northern England
25299: HILL, HAL; MACKIE, JAMIE - Indonesia's New Order: The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Transformation
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4139: HILLABY, JOHN - Journey to the Gods
4138: HILLABY, JOHN - Journey Through Love
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38754: HILTON, DELLA - Who Was Kit Marlowe? the Story of the Poet and Playwright
21336: HILTON, CHRISTOPHER - Nigel Mansell; the Makings of a Champion
31429: HILTON, TIMOTHY - The Pre-Raphaelites
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37926: HINEY, MARY JO - Beautiful Quiltagami: New Ideas for Fabric Folding
7508: HINTON, DAVID A - Alfred's Kingdom: Wessex and the South 800-1500 (History in the Landscape)
30492: HINTON, DAVID A - Alfred's Kingdom: Wessex and the South 800-1500 (History in the Landscape)
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16687: HODGE, PAUL - Higher Than Everest; an Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System
16688: HODGE, PAUL - Higher Than Everest; an Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System
16689: HODGE, PAUL - Higher Than Everest; an Adventurer's Guide to the Solar System
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37096: HOLLINGSWORTH, MARK; MITCHELL, SANDY - Saudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-Up Inside the House of Saud
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16558: HOLMES, HEATHER - As Good As a Holiday; Potato Harvesting in the Lothians from 1870 to the Present
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23489: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge: Darker Reflections
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19742: HOOD, ANN - Creating Character Emotions; Writing Compelling, Fresh Approaches That Express Your Characters' True Feelings
19743: HOOD, ANN - Creating Character Emotions; Writing Compelling, Fresh Approaches That Express Your Characters' True Feelings
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17031: HOOLE, JOHN (INTRO) - Bacon's Eye: Works on Paper Attributed to Francis Bacon from the Barry Joule Archive
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33586: HOOLE, K - The East Coast Main Line Since 1925
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16278: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
16750: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
37307: HOPE, MURRY - The Sirius Connection; Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt
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26369: HOPKINS, ANDREA - Most Wise and Valiant Ladies
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3334: HORE, CAPTAIN PETER - The Habit of Victory: The Story of the Royal Navy 1545 to 1945
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38336: HORN, PAMELA - The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Servant
4318: HORN, CAPT TRADER - Way for a Sailor: A Real Life Saga of the Sea
38436: HORN, PAMELA - Victorian Countrywomen
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38291: HORN, PAMELA - The Victorian and Edwardian Schoolchild
38263: HORN, PAMELA - The Victorian Country Child
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37134: HORNBLOWER, SIMON; SPAWFORTH, ANTONY (EDS) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
38668: HORNBLOWER, SIMON; SPAWFORTH, ANTONY (EDS) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
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38714: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Back Into Power: A Report on the New Germany (Signed)
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34913: HOROWITZ, HELEN LEFKOWITZ - Rereading Sex: Battles over Sexual Knowledge and Suppression in Nineteenth-Century America
36117: HORROBIN, DAVID F - A Guide to Kenya and Northern Tanzania
18666: HORSHAM, MICHAEL - Shaker Style; a Celebration of the Beautiful Workmanship of the Shaker Movement
29121: HORSLEY, P M - Eighteenth-Century Newcastle
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26994: HORTON, JAMES - Sketching with James Horton (Artist's Sketchbook)
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39568: HOWE, P P - The Life of William Hazlitt
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1916: HUGHES, GLYN - The Antique Collector
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4967: HULBERT, HUGH R - In the Footsteps of William & Dorothy
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18740: HULBERT, JACK - The Little Woman's Always Right
19779: HULBERT, H H - Eurhythm, Thought in Action; the Principles and Practice of Vocal and Physical Therapy
34947: HULBERT, ANNE - The Complete Crazy Patchwork: From Victorian Beginnings to Contemporary Designs
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23254: HULME, F EDWARD - The History, Principles and Practice of Heraldry
38543: HULME, CONROY - Dawn Behind the Tamarisks
38043: HULSE, LYNN (ED) - Text: For the Study of Textile Art, Design and History, Vol 38, 2010-11
38044: HULSE, LYNN (ED) - Text: For the Study of Textile Art, Design and History, Vol 39, 2011-12
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2191: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL - Towards a Civilisation of Love: Being Church in Today's World
30642: HUMPHREY, GEORGE - Wartime Eastbourne: The Story of the Most Raided Town in the South-East
35868: HUMPHREYS, NOEL; JONES, OWEN - The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages
13378: HUMPHREYS, JOHN - Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries
25885: HUMPHREYS, EMYR - A Man's Estate
27743: HUMPHREYS, JOHN - The Complete Gundog
23798: HUMPHRY, DEREK - Dying with Dignity: Understanding Euthanasia
38253: HUNN, DAVID - Goodwood
8938: HUNT, MARSHA - Joy
15313: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest,
30271: HUNT, IRVINE - Fenty's Album
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28849: HUNT, JULIAN - Chesham: A Pictorial History
33956: HUNT, ALBERT - Arden: A Study of His Plays
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4203: HUNTER, STEPHEN - The Master Sniper
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11759: HUNTER, JIM - The Metaphysical Poets
14507: HUNTER, ALLAN - Faye Dunaway
16806: HUNTER, STEPHEN - The Day Before Midnight
19322: HUNTER, JOANNA - A Century in Photographs, a Portrait of Britain 1900-1999
20158: HUNTER, TOM - A Guide to the West Highland Way
28336: HUNTER, JIM - The Metaphysical Poets
38752: HUNTER, IAN - Nothing to Repent, the Life of Hesketh Pearson
29666: HUNTER, JUDITH - The Story of Slough
40162: HUNTER, JACK D - The Loss of the Princess Victoria
30200: HUNTLY, MOIRA - Draw Nature
17699: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
2545: HUROK, S - Impresario
9027: HURST, RONALD; HURST, LESLIE (EDS) - Pilot Error; the Human Factors
40205: HURST, ALEX A - A Succession of Days
40100: HURT, FRED; BARRATT, JOAN - Lincoln War Diaries
9556: HUSON, PAUL - The Keepsake
12140: HUSSEY, GEMMA - Ireland Today: Anatomy of a Changing State
28368: HUTCHEON, ROBIN - Souvenirs of Auguste Borget
32120: HUTCHINGS, ELIZABETH - Discovering the Sculptures of George Frederick Watts
5529: HUTCHINSON, F E - Medieval Glass at All Souls College: A History and Description Based on the Notes of G M Rushforth
1528: HUTCHINSON, R C - March the Ninth
9589: HUTCHINSON, GEORGE - Edward Heath
39512: HUTCHINSON, JOHN HELY; CARROLL, W G (ED) - Commercial Restraints of Ireland Considered in a Series of Letters to a Noble Lord, Containing an Historical Account of the Affairs of That Kingdom, Dublin, 1779
38560: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT - The Last Days of Henry VIII: Conspiracy, Treason and Heresy at the Court of the Dying Tyrant
39294: HUTCHINSON, LUCY - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
2517: HUTCHISON, KEITH - The Decline & Fall of British Capitalism
35611: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Canada, Tomorrow's Giant
39434: HUTCHISON, HAROLD F - Henry V
38923: HUTT, JULIA - Understanding Far Eastern Art: A Complete Guide to the Arts of China, Japanand Korea - Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Prints, Lacquer, Textiles and Metalwork
36606: HUTTON, WILL; GIDDENS, ANTHONY (EDS) - On the Edge: Living with Global Capitalism
2923: HUTTON, EDWARD - Florence
7429: HUTTON, HELEN - Textile Structures
33309: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of London
31528: HUTTON, HELEN - Mosaic Making Techniques
28416: HUXLEY, PAUL (ED) - Exhibition Road: Painters at the Royal College of Art
20839: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Their Shining Eldorado, a Journey Through Australia
28733: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Memories
25081: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Four Guineas: A Journey Through West Africa
38348: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Evolution: The Modern Synthesis
2520: HUXLEY, MICHAEL (ED) - The Root of Europe: Studies in the Diffusion of Greek Culture
27613: HUXLEY, PAUL (ED) - Exhibition Road: Painters at the Royal College of Art
20007: HUYGHE, RENE - Gauguin
38016: HUYGHE, RENE - Watteau
21993: HYAMS, JOHN - The Batsford Colour Book of Dorset
26769: HYAMS, EDWARD - Dionysus: A Social History of the Wine Vine
7329: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Story of England's Flora
13958: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Changing Face of Britain
25331: HYAMS, EDWARD - Capability Brown and Humphrey Repton
37735: HYATT, ALFRED H (COMP) - The Charm of Paris, an Anthology
2772: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - An International Casebook of Crime
2460: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - Oscar Wilde
8470: HYDE, H MONTGOMERY - A Tangled Web, Sex Scandals in British Politics and Society
9913: FIELD-HYDE, F C - The Art and Science of Voice Training
36025: HYDE, GEORGE - Circular Walks Around Bakewell: 100 Miles in the Peak District
35959: HYDER, CLYDE K (ED) - Swinburne As Critic
31188: HYLTON, STUART - Reading Past and Present
34060: STEIG, W; KLEIN, I ET AL - The Stag at Eve
35982: IBSEN, HENRIK - Peer Gynt (Everyman)
35184: IBSEN, HENRIK - Brand: A Dramatic Poem (Everyman)
37247: IBSEN, HENRIK; MCFARLANE, JAMES WALTER (ED) - Ibsen Volume II: The Vikings at Helgeland, Love's Comedy, the Pretenders
33877: IDRIESS, ION L - The Great Boomerang
38759: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Human Rights As Politics and Idolatry
15438: BRYAN III, J; MURPHY, CHARLES J V - The Windsor Story
4829: BOATNER III, MARK M - The Biographical Dictionary of World War II
32869: ILES, JANE (ED) - Embroidery Projects Book
19972: ILES, JANE - Wild Flowers in Cross Stitch
13655: IMMS, A D - Insect Natural History (New Naturalist)
9341: INGE, W R - Christian Ethics and Modern Problems
39788: INGE, W R - Our Present Discontents
39532: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems by Jean Ingelow
39248: INGLETON, ROY - The Gentlemen at War: Policing Britain 1939-45
20024: INGLIS, BRIAN - Coincidence; a Matter of Chance - or Synchronicity?
36514: INGLIS, BRIAN - The Power of Dreams
12713: INGLIS, BRIAN - Trance; a Natural History of Altered States of Mind
12773: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends
6451: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Nonpareil Victoria Ingoldsby; the Ingoldsby Legends
18571: INGPEN, ROBERT; PERHAM, MOLLY - Heroes and Heroines
33892: INGWERSEN, WILL - Ingwersen's Manual of Alpine Plants
36657: INHELDER, BARBEL; PIAGET, JEAN - The Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence: An Essay on the Construction of Formal Operational Structures
38406: INKELES, ALEX - Public Opinion in Soviet Russia: A Study in Mass Persuasion
6057: INNES, HAMMOND - Solomon's Seal
381: INNES, HAMMOND - Medusa
2324: INNES, BRIAN - Death and the Afterlife
10760: INNES, HAMMOND - The Strode Venturer
17681: INNES, R A - Costumes of Upper Burma and the Shan States, in the Collections of Bankfield Museum, Halifax
15925: INNES, HAMMOND - Levkas Man
30266: INNES, HAMMOND - The Black Tide
5692: MEDICAL INSTITUTE - A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments and Their Treatment by Nature's Remedies
37670: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Sipri Yearbook 1987: World Armaments and Disarmament
26093: ROYAL UNITED SERVICES INSTITUTE - Brassey's Defence Yearbook 1981
38151: CHESHIRE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUTES - Cheshire Village Memories II Being Extracts from Thirty-Nine Scrap Books and Jottings of Local History Made by Members of the Women's Institutes
35060: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUTES - Northamptonshire, a Century in Photographs
38502: INWOOD, STEPHEN - Historic London, an Explorer's Companion
3916: IOANNOU, NORIS - Masters of Their Craft; Tradition and Innovation in the Australian Contemporary Decorative Arts
39305: OPIE, IONA AND PETER (EDS) - I Saw Esau, the Schoolchild's Pocket Book
39757: OPIE, IONA AND PETER - The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren
17707: OPIE, IONA AND PETER - A Nursery Companion
35738: OPIE, IONA AND PETER - A Nursery Companion
24916: IONESCO, EUGENE - Plays Volume 5: Exit the King, the Motor Show, Foursome
8147: IRELAND, BERNARD - Cruisers
34933: IRESON, TONY - Old Kettering - a View from the 1930s: Book 3
31647: IRONSIDE, ROBIN; GERE, JOHN - Pre-Raphaelite Painters
10515: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Thomas Henry Huxley (Writers and Their Work)
11965: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Thomas Henry Huxley (Writers and Their Work)
40254: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Old Christmas
3750: IRVING, JOHN - The Hotel New Hampshire
1495: IRWIN, MARGARET - The Bride; the Story of Louise and Montrose
1501: IRWIN, MARGARET - Royal Flush; the Story of Minette
17153: IRWIN, HUGO - Garlands Galore; Recollections of an Oil Merchant in the East
12680: IRWIN, MARGARET - None So Pretty
24749: ISAACS, ROISIN - Ragdale Hall: The Life and Times of an English Country House
37947: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - A Meeting by the River
40078: ISHOVEN, ARMAND VAN - Messerschmitt Bf109 at War
40239: ISHOVEN, ARMAND VAN - The Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain
15699: IVES, SUZY - Patterns for Patchwork Quilts and Cushions
17639: IVES, SUZY - Patterns for Patchwork Quilts and Cushions
8398: IVIMEY, ALAN - Who Slept Here? a New Guide to the Romantic South-Eastern Counties
8585: D'IVRY, URSULA - Dzokuti in the Bush
27427: SCHENSUL, JEAN J; LECOMPTE, MARGARET; NASTASI, BONNIE K; HESS JR, G ALFRED; BERG, MARLENE J ET AL - Using Ethnographic Data: Interventions, Public Programming, and Public Policy
40123: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J ET AL - The Impact of the Russian Revolution 1917-1967: The Influence of Bolshevism on the World Outside Russia
34253: JACK, KENNETH - The Flinders Ranges, South Australia
34254: JACK, KENNETH - The Flinders Ranges, South Australia
39081: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
39547: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
30018: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
3566: JACKMAN, SYDNEY WAYNE - Man of Mercury: An Appreciation of the Mind of Henry St John, Viscount Bolingbroke
32467: JACKSON, JOHN - Introduction to Drawing
2382: JACKSON, JOHN - Private 12768
13448: JACKSON, ASHLEY - Painting in the Open Air: Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolour (Signed)
27133: JACKSON, JOHN - An Introduction to Drawing
36316: JACKSON, ALAN A - The Middle Classes 1900-1950
12979: JACKSON, ROSIE - Frieda Lawrence
12980: JACKSON, ROSIE - Frieda Lawrence
19711: JACKSON, EVE - Jupiter, an Astrologer's Guide
20295: JACKSON, ALAN A - London's Local Railways
33801: JACKSON, ROBERT; WINCHESTER, JIM - Dogfight: Air Combat Adversaries - Head to Head
38994: JACKSON, ANDREW - The Book of Life: One Man's Search for the Wisdom of Age
24385: JACKSON, ROBERT - Britain's Greatest Aircraft
24772: JACKSON, JACK; CRAMPTON, ELLEN - The Asian Highway: The Complete Overland Guide from Europe to Australia
35423: JACKSON, ROBERT - Combat Legend: De Havilland Mosquito
28621: JACKSON, ALICE F - A Tale of Two Cities Retold for Children
36099: JACKSON, JULIAN - The Fall of France: The Nazi Invasion of 1940
6396: JACOB, NAOMI - Honour's a Mistress
13659: JACOBS, ARTHUR - The Penguin Dictionary of Musical Performers
38496: JACOBS, PETER - The Lancaster Story
33831: JACOBS, TIMOTHY (ED) - The History of the Baltimore and Ohio : America's First Railroad
32976: JACOBSEN, BENJAMIN - Oh Sir, You'Ve Shot Her!: Recollections of a Copenhagen Childhood
37766: JACOBSEN, PAULA - Asperger Syndrome and Psychotherapy: Understanding Asperger Perspectives
4592: JACQUES, BRIAN - Outcast of Redwall
34634: JACQUES, BRIAN - The Pearls of Lutra: A Tale of Redwall
2827: JAEGER, CHARLES DE - The Linz File; Hitler's Plunder of Europe's Art
39549: JAFFE, JAMES A - The Struggle for Market Power: Industrial Relations in the British Coal Industry, 1800-1840
32317: JAFFE, PETER G; WOLFE, DAVID A; WILSON, SUSAN KAYE - Children of Battered Women
27548: JAFFE, PATRICIA - Drawings by George Romney from the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge
18461: JAKUBOWSKI, MAXIM - The Rock Album Volume One, the Year's Rock Releases Reviewed
36905: JALDEMARK, JIMMY - Participation in a Boundless Activity: Computer-Mediated Communication in Swedish Higher Education (Signed)
2559: JAMES, HENRY; ZABEL, MORTON DAUWEN (ED) - In the Cage and Other Tales
7712: JAMES, T G H - An Introduction to Ancient Egypt
3641: JAMES, E O - The Ancient Gods: The History and Diffusion of Religion in the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean
4830: JAMES, NAOMI - At Sea on Land
7615: JAMES, SIAN - Yesterday
11941: JAMES, D G - The Romantic Comedy; an Essay on English Romanticism
40416: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Philosophy of William James Selected from His Chief Works
35541: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON - Watch and Ward
21558: JAMES, HENRY - The Wings of a Dove
22821: JAMES, HENRY - Daumier Caricaturist (Miniature Books)
23419: JAMES, T G H - An Introduction to Ancient Egypt
33704: JAMES, LAWRENCE - Mutiny: In the British and Commonwealth Forces, 1797-1956
24987: SCOTT-JAMES, ANNE - The Language of the Garden: A Personal Anthology
25086: JAMES, RICHARD - Botticelli: Florentine School
39463: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Rosebery
39268: JAMES, HENRY - The Portrait of a Lady (World's Classics)
39292: JAMES, LAWRENCE - Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India
11737: SCOTT-JAMES, R A - The Making of Literature; Some Principles of Criticism Examined in the Light of Ancient and Modern Theory
40233: JAMES, HENRY - Collected Stories 2 Volumes (Everyman)
35547: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON (ED) - Selected Letters of Henry James
362: JAMESON, STORM - The Decline of Merry England
15072: HUTTON-JAMIESON, IAIN - Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques
21711: JAMIL, PROFESSOR TAHIR - Transcendentalism in English Romantic Poetry
23522: JANE'S - Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II
30651: FISHER, JANET AND DEREK; FORD, MILDRED AND FRANCIS - Bristol on Old Postcards (Signed)
9279: PHILLIPS, JANET & PETER - Victorians at Home and Away
15935: BORD, JANET & COLIN - Ancient Mysteries of Britain
30648: FISHER, JANET AND DEREK; FORD, MILDRED AND FRANCIS - Bristol on Old Postcards: Volume Two (Signed)
19923: JANITCH, VALERIE - The Fairytale Doll Book
2660: JANNER, GREVILLE - Janner's Complete Letterwriter
36833: JANSON, TORE - Speak: A Short History of Language
28508: JANSSON, MAIJA - Two Diaries of the Long Parliament
39319: JANTZEN, GRACE - Julian of Norwich, Mystic and Theologian
39461: JARDINE, LISA; STEWART, ALAN - Hostage to Fortune: The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon 1561-1626
32265: JARMAN, DEREK - Derek Jarman's Garden
38269: JARVIS, S D; JARVIS, D B - The Cross of Sacrifice 3: Officers Who Died in the Service of British Commonwealth and Colonial Navies, Regiments and Corps and Air Forces 1914-1919
1450: JASINOWSKI, JERRY; HAMRIN, ROBERT - Making It in America; Proven Paths to Success from 50 Top Companies
14060: RAWLINS, JAY AND MERIDEL - Gates of Brass; the Voice of Russian Jews Denied Exit Visas to Israel
40492: JEANS, J S - Jubilee Memorial of the Railway System: A History of the Stickton and Darlington Railway and a Record of Its Results
39874: JEBB, MILES - Walkers
38948: JEBB, MILES - The Colleges of Oxford
39249: JEBB, MILES - The Thames Valley Heritage Walk
40049: JEFFERSON, JAN; GORDON, MAGGI MCCORMICK - The Quilter's Guide to Amish Quilts
31935: JEFFERY, KEITH - Mi6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949
6594: JEFFREY, WILLIAM - Selected Poems
2689: JEFFRIES, DAVID R; EVANS, BILL; REYNOLDS, PETER - Training for Total Quality Management
39736: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE; THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART (ED) - Colour in the Flower Garden
32299: JELBERT, WENDY; MASSEY, CAROLE; HYDE, DAVID - Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step
28163: JELBERT, WENDY; SIDAWAY, IAN - Mastering the Art of Watercolour
38518: JELF, WILFRID - Sport in Silhouette
35482: JENKINS, MCKAY - White Death: In the Path of an Avalanche
6148: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Princes in the Tower
33334: JENKINS, ROY - Churchill
28952: JENKINS, ROBIN - Leicestershire: The Photographic Collection
28951: JENKINS, ROBIN - Leicestershire: The Photographic Collection
28840: JENKINS, ROBIN - Leicestershire: The Photographic Collection
9988: MARTIN-JENKINS, CHRISTOPHER - Ball by Ball; the Story of Cricket Broadcasting
39703: JENKINS, SIMON - England's Thousand Best Churches
32118: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Mystery of King Arthur
36673: JENKINSON, DAVID - Historical Railway Modelling
36034: JENKINSON, DAVID - Historical Railway Modelling
5100: JENNETT, SEAN - The Loire
9815: JENNETT, SEAN - Munster
11360: JENNETT, SEAN - The West of Ireland
39144: JEREMIAH, JOSEPHINE - The River Nene, a Pictorial History
2577: JEROME, WELLS - Sons of the Eagle
17553: JEROME, JEROME K - My Life and Times
5211: JEROME, JEROME K - Diary of a Pilgrimage
33010: JERVIS, SIMON (INTRO) - Art and Design in Europe and America 1800-1900
28530: JESSEL, GEORGE - Elegy in Manhattan
29820: JESSUP, MARY - A History of Oxfordshire
30482: JESTY, CHRIS - East Anglian Town Trails
10788: JETTMAR, KARL - Art of the Steppes; the Eurasian Animal Style
39055: JEWELL, HELEN M - English Local Administration in the Middle Ages
2099: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN; HALL, S C - The Stately Homes of England: Second Series
1522: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Poet & Dancer
1521: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Three Continents
18108: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Three Continents
18109: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Poet & Dancer
18110: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Poet & Dancer
18111: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Three Continents
18112: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - In Search of Love and Beauty
37987: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - In Search of Love and Beauty
37465: XIAOPENG JIANG - The Art of Creating Chinese Crafts
12612: TYRELL JNR, R EMMETT/ANONYMOUS - The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton; a Political Docu-Drama
17002: GREENOFF, JANE; KEYES, BRENDA; VERSO, JO ET AL - The Embroiderers' Guild Practical Library: Making Samplers
28708: JOACHIMEDES, CHRISTOS M; ROSENTHAL, NORMAN (EDS) - American Art in the 20th Century: Painting and Sculpture 1913-1993
36831: JOACHIMIDES, CHRISTOS M; ROSENTHAL, NORMAN; SCHMIED, WIELAND (EDS) - German Art in the 20th Century: Painting and Sculpture 1905-1985
37131: AUSTEN-LEIGH, JOAN ET AL (EDS) - Persuasions 19, December 16 1997
37132: AUSTEN-LEIGH, JOAN ET AL (EDS) - Persuasions 18, December 16 1996
5465: JOBY, R S - The Railwaymen
5427: JOBY, R S - East Anglia; Regional Railway Handbook No 2
15140: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Contemporary California Architects
40101: ST JOHN, GRAHAM - Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of Dmt
5190: FOWLES, JOHN ET AL - Steep Holm, a Case History in the Study of Evolution
8146: JOHN, EVAN - Time Table for Victory: A Brief and Popular Account of the Railways and Railway-Owned Dockyards of Great Britain and Noethern Ireland During the Six Years War of 1939-1945
32388: JOHN, EVAN - Crippled Splendour
17039: SPENCER, JOHN AND ANNE - The Encyclopedia of the World's Mystical and Sacred Sites
24920: SPENCER, JOHN AND ANNE - The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits
15254: THOMAS, DAVID ST JOHN AND WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK - The Great Days of the Country Railway
38106: SPENCER, JOHN AND ANNE - The Ghost Handbook
25635: DAVENPORT & SONS, JOHN - Fifty Years of Progress: Being a Description of the House of Davenport with Illustrations from Photographs of the Organisation
37540: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Cattle: History, Myth, Art
36262: JOHNS, REV C A; BLAKELOCK, R A (ED) - Flowers of the Field
33286: JOHNS, FRANCIS A - A Bibliography of Arthur Waley
34320: JOHNSON, JOHNNIE; LUCAS, LADDIE - Winged Victory: The Recollections of Two Royal Air Force Leaders
28119: JOHNSON, JULIA; SLATER, ROBERT (EDS) - Ageing and Later Life
8627: JOHNSON, JOHNNIE; LUCAS, LADDIE - Winged Victory: The Recollections of Two Royal Air Force Leaders
2509: JOHNSON, GENE - Ship Model Building
33436: JOHNSON, DONALD MCI - A Doctor Reflects: Miracles and Mirages
30295: JOHNSON, F J (ED) - Victorian Cheadle 1841 to 1881
23548: JOHNSON, BRIAN D - Railway Country: Across Canada by Train
39740: JOHNSON, R BRIMLEY (SEL) - The Letters of Mrs Thrale
25741: JOHNSON, JOHNNIE - The Story of Air Fighting
35435: JOHNSON, FREDERICK - Liberator Lore: Air Museum Journal Volume 1: The Art of Flying, Drawings from the Official Manuals
29894: JOHNSON, PETER D (ED) - Painting with Pastels
38090: JOHNSON, JACK - Jack Johnson - in the Ring and out
29211: JOHNSON, W BRANCH (ED) - Memorandums for... : The Carrington Diary
38673: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C - A Pool of Reflections for the Refreshment of Travellers on the Spiritual Path
34434: JOHNSON, PETER (ED) - Railway World Annual 1988
36310: KNOX-JOHNSTON, ROBIN - The Cape of Good Hope: A Maritime History
31767: JOHNSTON, LARRY (ED) - Stanley Complete Decks
8690: FORDE-JOHNSTON, JAMES - Hadrian's Wall
26252: JOHNSTON, CARYL - Consecrated Venom: The Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge
14195: FORDE-JOHNSTON, JAMES - Hadrian's Wall
38130: JOHNSTON, DANIEL - Oil Company Financial Analysis in Nontechnical Language (Signed)
26748: JOHNSTON, T L; BUXTON, N K; MAIR, D - Structure and Growth of the Scottish Economy
7076: JOHNSTON, CARYL - Consecrated Venom: The Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge
53: JOHNSTON, BRIAN - It's a Funny Game... (Signed)
32846: KNOX-JOHNSTON, ROBIN - The Columbus Venture
31482: JOHNSTON, F C - The Complete Oil Painter
39001: JOHNSTONE, SCOTT; BROWN, HAMISH; BENNET, DONALD (EDS) - The Corbetts and Other Scottish Hills: Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalker's Guide Volume Two
36741: JONASSEN, DAVID H; LAND, SUSAN M (ED) - Theoretical Foundations of Learning Environments
36799: JONASSEN, DAVID H; BEISSNER, KATHERINE; YACEI, MICHAEL - Structural Knowledge: Techniques for Representing, Conveying, and Acquiring Structural Knowledge
40089: JONES, G F TREVALLYN - Saw-Pit Wharton: The Political Career from 1640 to 1691 of Philip, Fourth Lord Wharton
29952: JONES, ARTHUR - Uxbridge Sketchbook
40232: JONES, GEOFFREY - Night Flight: Halifax Squadrons at War
6002: JONES, ANTHEA - Tewkesbury
40456: SEYMOUR-JONES, CAROLE - Painted Shadow: A Life of Vivienne Eliot
35240: JONES, ANTHEA - A Thousand Years of the English Parish; Medieval Patterns and Modern Interpretations
29355: JONES, DONALD - Bristol: A Pictorial History (Signed)
40039: JONES, RICHARD - West Somerset Railway: A View from the Past
39018: JONES, JOHN; VINEY, SALLY (EDS) - The Balliol College Register 1930-1980
32002: JONES, MICHAEL J - Roman Lincoln: Conquest, Colony and Capital
39029: JONES, OWEN - Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class
39815: JONES, MICHAEL K; UNDERWOOD, MALCOLM G - The King's Mother: Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby
7594: JONES, D F - Xeno
2308: JONES, CELIA L - Navy Mixture
6052: JONES, NEAL T (ED) - A Book of Days for the Literary Year
2876: JONES, NERYS - Godiva
20584: JONES, LAWRENCE E - The Observer's Book of Old English Churches
9744: GETHYN-JONES, ERIC - Trevisa of Berkeley, a Celtic Firebrand
10079: JONES, TERRY (ED) - Private Viewing
11207: JONES, EVAN (ED) - The Father, Letters to Sons and Daughters
13097: JONES, J V - Master and Fool

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