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33017: FISH, MICHAEL; MCCASKILL, IAN; HUDSON, PAUL - Storm Force: Britain's Wildest Weather (Signed)
1483: FISHER, JOHN - The World of the Forsytes
7070: FISHER, STANLEY - English Ceramics; Including a Section on Welsh Factories
39659: FISHER, NIGEL; HORAN, CHRIS - Post-War Scunthorpe and District
11287: FISHER, JOE; COMMINS, PETER - Predictions
15558: FISHER, CATHERINE - The Dog; an Illustrated Guide to 135 Breeds
16271: FISHER, BOB (ED) - Small Boat Racing with the Champions; 505, Tempest, Flying Dutchman, Laser, Soling, Finn, 470, Enterprise, Tornado, Fireball and Others
18921: FISHER, BOB - The Armchair Sailor
21457: FISHER, STANLEY - A Dictionary of Watercolour Painters 1750-1900
39517: FISHER, PAUL - House of Wits: An Intimate Portrait of the James Family
2819: FISHLOCK, TREVOR - Out of Red Darkness: Reports from the Collapsing Soviet Empire (Signed)
158: FISHMAN, JACK - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
5304: FISHMAN, JACK - My Darling Clementine; the Story of Lady Churchill
39208: FISK, ROBERT - The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East
5444: FISSON, PIERRE - No Memorial
38682: FITCH, BARBARA - Decorative Straw Craft: Swiss Straw Work, Embroidery and Marquetry (Signed)
39991: FITTER, ALASTAIR - Collins New Generation Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe
27750: FITTER, RICHARD; FITTER, MAISIE - The Penguin Dictionary of British Natural History
2990: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Some New Letters of E F
17748: FITZGERALD, MICHAEL - Storm-Troopers of Satan: An Occult History of the Second World War
20915: FITZGERALD, MIKE; SIM, JOE - British Prisons
23454: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - It's My Delight
36547: FITZGIBBON, THEODORA - A Taste of London in Food and Pictures
2596: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE - Through the Minefield
38882: FITZHERBERT, KATRIN - True to Both My Selves: A Family Memoir of Germany and England in Two World Wars
15887: MONSON-FITZJOHN, G J - Quaint Signs of Olde Inns
34227: FITZSIMONS, BERNARD - Fighters of World War II, Part 1 and Part 2
1250: FITZWALTER, BERNARD; HENRY, RAYMOND - Dark Stars; Invisible Focal Points in Astrology
27224: FIX, WM R - Pyramid Odyssey
16731: FLAGGE, INGEBORG (ED) - Ackermann Und Partner; Buildings and Projects 1978-1998
16732: FLAGGE, INGEBORG (ED) - Ackermann Und Partner; Buildings and Projects 1978-1998
35005: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - The Informer (Travellers' Library)
4589: FLANAGAN, RICHARD - The Unknown Terrorist
30387: FLANAGAN, P J; MAC AN TSOIR, C B - Dublin's Buses
38785: FLANDERS, JUDITH - A Circle of Sisters: Alice Kipling, Georgiana Burne-Jones, Agnes Poynter and Louisa Baldwin
39224: FLANDERS, JUDITH - The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime
31436: FLAVELL, SUE - Where the Brook and River Meet: Memories of a Lincolnshire Childhood (Signed)
23084: FLECKER, JAMES ELROY; ASTBURY, ANTHONY (ED) - Poems by James Elroy Flecker
7906: FLEGG, JIM - Oakwatch, a Seasonal Guide to the Natural History in and Around the Oak Tree
29316: FLEMING, GUY - Plymouth: More Pictures from the Past
29315: FLEMING, GUY - Plymouth: Pictures from the Past
7922: FLETCHER, INGLIS - The Wind in the Forest
8800: MORLEY-FLETCHER, HUGO - Porzellan Aus Meissen
11631: FLETCHER, DAVID - Rainbows End in Tears
33020: FLETCHER, H L V - Herbs
33937: FLETCHER, NICHOLA - Charlemagne's Tablecloth: A Piquant History of Feasting
17038: FLEURE, J J; DAVIES, M - A Natural History of Man in Britain
11029: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - The Young Hamilton
8162: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - Washington: The Indispensable Man
27891: FLIEDL, GOTTFRIED - Gustav Klimt 1862-1918: The World in Female Form
17208: FLINDERS, T G - On the Settle and Carlisle Route
7456: FLOWER, RAYMOND - This Business of Writing: The Victoria College Lectures
9932: FLOWER, NEWMAN - Franz Schubert
13831: FLOWER, RAYMOND - Year of the Tiger; the Raffles Centenary
37715: FLOYD, KEITH - A Feast of Floyd
39085: FLOYD, KEITH - Stirred But Not Shaken, the Autobiography
36648: FLYGT, CARL H - Conversation: A New Theory of Language
36873: FODOR, JERRY A - Representations: Philosophical Essays on the Foundations of Cognitive Science
18795: FOGG, H G WITHAM - The Complete Handbook of Bulbs
32847: FOGG, H G WITHAM - Cut Flowers and Foliage Plants
28391: FOISTER, SUSAN; GIBSON, ROBIN; ROGERS, MALCOLM; SIMON, JACOB - The National Portrait Gallery Collection
295: FOLLETT, KEN - The Man from St Petersburg
345: FOLLETT, KEN - The Bear Raid
5109: FOLLETT, KEN - On Wings of Eagles
9987: FOLLETT, KEN - The Third Twin
20437: FOLLETT, KEN - Jackdaws
32616: FONTAINE, ANDRE - History of the Cold War from the October Revolution to the Korean War 1917-1950
38579: FONTANA, DAVID - The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols and Their Meanings
37999: FOOT, MICHAEL - The History of Mr Wells
24853: FOOT, SARAH - Secret Devon
3877: FORBES, COLIN - Whirlpool
15844: FORBES, COLIN - Precipice
13666: FORD, BORIS (ED) - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain, 2: The Middle Ages
33622: FORESTER, C S - The Sky and the Forest
25571: FORESTER, C S - The Sky and the Forest
25581: FORESTER, C S - Randall and the River of Time
5655: FORMAN, JOAN - The Golden Shore, a Durvey of the Evidence for Death-Survival
16311: FORMAN, JOAN - The Golden Shore, a Durvey of the Evidence for Death-Survival
39960: FORREST, W G - The Emergence of Greek Democracy: The Character of Greek Politics, 800-400 Bc
31619: FORSHAW, MARK - Essential Health Psychology
39766: FORSTER, E M - A Passage to India (Everyman)
1006: FORSTER, MARGARET - The Battle for Christabel
341: FORSTER, MARGARET - Mothers' Boys
12755: FORSTER, MARGARET - Daphne Du Maurier
18383: FORSTER, MARGARET - Daphne Du Maurier
38495: FORTEY, RICHARD - Life; an Unauthorised Biography; a Natural History of the First 4,000,000,000 Years of Life on Earth
13285: FORTEY, RICHARD - Life; an Unauthorised Biography; a Natural History of the First 4,000,000,000 Years of Life on Earth
37646: FORTNEY, MARY T - Treating Your Back Problems
28720: FORTY, GEORGE - Land Warfare
7454: FORTY, GEORGE - Desert Rats at War; Europe
24185: FORTY, GEORGE - Desert Rats at War; Europe
20958: FORTY, GEORGE - The First Victory: General O'Connor's Desert Triumph Dec 1940-Feb1941
33819: FORTY, GEORGE - Called Up: A National Service Scrapbook
28112: FORTY, GEORGE - A Photo History of Armoured Cars in Two World Wars
6639: FOSS, MICHAEL - Chivalry
16220: FOSS, MICHAEL - Chivalry
19683: FOSS, MICHAEL (ED) - Poetry of the World Wars
36191: FOSS, MICHAEL - People of the First Crusade
11109: FOSTER, GEORGE - Indian File
15973: FOSTER, JULIA - Julia Foster's Patchwork, Her Own Ideas for You to Make
36307: FOSTER, DONALD - Landscape with Arabs: Travels in Aden and South Arabia
29985: FOSTER, ANTHONY M - A Brief History of Hitchin Markets and Fairs
7778: FOSTER, LYNN - The Exiles (Signed)
28992: FOSTER, R C G - Mayfield: A History
34986: FOSTER, PETER R - Strike Command at Nato's Front Line
24802: FOTHERBY, LESLEY - Gardens: Drawing and Painting in Watercolour
34174: FOUNTAIN, PAUL - The River Amazon from Its Sources to the Sea
8715: FOURTOUNI, ELENI (TRANS) - Contemporary Greek Women Poets
3576: FOWLER, LEO - Brown Conflict: A Take of White Man and Maori 1861-62
17146: FOWLER, GENE - Schnozzola, the Story of Jimmy Durante
18972: FOWLER, W WARDE - Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero
39725: FOWLER, LAURENCE; FOWLER, HELEN (COMP) - Cambridge Commemorated, an Anthology of University Life
18137: FOWLES, JOHN - Daniel Martin
20927: FOWLES, JOHN - Lyme Regis Camera
25573: FOWLES, JOHN - A Maggot
23347: FOWLES, JOHN; DRAPER, JO - Thomas Hardy's England
2578: FOWLES, JOHN - Daniel Martin
31352: FOX, LEVI - Stratford Past and Present: A Pictorial Record of the Ancient Town of Stratford
6774: FOX, ROBIN LANE - The Unauthorized Version; Truth and Fiction in the Bible
9756: FOX, WILLIAM W - Arthritis; Is Your Suffering Really Necessary?
17816: FOX, ANGELA - Slightly Foxed by My Theatrical Family
23284: FOX, JAMES - The Langhorne Sisters
13526: FOX, LEVI - The Borough Town of Stratford-Upon-Avon
24572: FOX, JAMES - The Langhorne Sisters
25121: FOX, G C H - The Daily Telegraph Book of Bridge
4055: FOX, JAMES - Comeback: An Actor's Direction
37817: FOX, JAMES - The Langhorne Sisters
6812: FOY, WHITFIELD (ED) - Man's Religious Quest; a Reader
33734: FRAMP, CHARLIE - Crimson Skies: The History of a Twentieth Century English Working Man
3581: FRANCE, ANATOLE; STEWART, D B (TRANS) - On Life and Letters: Third Series
2700: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Marguerite
37733: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Count Morin Deputy
27834: FRANCILLON, RENE J - Sky Warriors (Osprey Colour)
4421: FRANCIS, DICK - Driving Force
346: FRANCIS, DICK - Reflex
15803: FRANCIS, RICHARD - Jasper Johns
15920: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt
15921: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt
15922: FRANCIS, DICK - The Danger
20205: FRANCIS, DICK - Longshot
20776: SAINT FRANCIS - The Writings of St Francis
23513: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt
6006: FRANCIS, DICK - Break in (Signed)
29835: FRANK, BRYN - Short Walks in English Towns
15137: FRANK, ELIZABETH - Jackson Pollock
38162: FRANK, THOMAS - The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule
37286: FRANKEL, ERNST G - Project Management in Engineering Services and Development
31911: FRANKEN, ROSE - The Marriage of Clausia
1013: FRANKEN, ROSE - The Quiet Heart
2188: FRANKEN, ROSE - Those Fragile Years
9572: FRANKEN, ROSE - From Claudia to David
37443: FRANKL, VIKTOR E - Man's Search for Meaning
20854: FRANKLIN, OLGA - Born Twice
34974: FRANKLIN, M J (ED) - The Cartulary of Daventry Priory
10975: FRANKS, NORMAN - Dark Sky, Deep Water; First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in Wwii
38332: FRANKS, NORMAN; ZIMMERMAN, ERIC - U-Boat Versus Aircraft
38478: FRANKS, NORMAN - Buck Mcnair, Canadian Spitefire Ace: The Story of Group Captain R W Mcnair Dso, Dfc and 2 Bars, Ld'h, Cdg, Rcaf
38326: FRANKS, NORMAN - Claims to Fame: The Lancaster
38573: FRANKS, NORMAN; GIBLIN, HAL; MCCRERY, NIGEL - Under the Guns of the Red Baron: The Complete Record of Von Richthofen's Victories and Victims Fully Illustrated
6841: FRASER, ANTONIA - Political Death
6943: FRASER, ANTONIA - Boadicea's Chariot: The Warrior Queens
10279: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Weaker Vessel: Woman's Lot in Seventeenth Century England
11961: FRASER, G S - P H Newby (Writers and Their Work)
12540: FRASER, FLORA - The English Gentlewoman
18628: FRASER, ANTONIA (ED) - The Pleasure of Reading
22145: FRASER, JOHN LLOYD - John Constable 1776-1837, the Man and His Mistress
40142: FRASER, GORDON - Mastering the Nymph
17265: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Gunpowder Plot: Terror and Faith in 1605
39944: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - Pictures from the Balkans
39025: FRASER, DOUGLAS - Primitive Art
36124: FRASER, COLIN - Avalanches and Snow Safety
35632: FRASSANITO, WILLIAM A - America's Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam 1862
3773: FRAZEE, STEVE - Cheyenne and the Lost Gold of Lion Park
6691: FRAZIER, CHARLES - Thirteen Moons
13362: FREDERICKS, PIERRE G - The Sepoy and the Cossack
17838: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Andre Previn
23792: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Katharine Hepburn
31630: FREEMAN, EDWARD A - Historic Towns: Exeter
37196: FREEMAN, JEAN - Jane Austen in Bath
38384: FREEMAN, ROGER A - Bases of Bomber Command Then and Now
39095: FREEMAN, MICHAEL; HARRISON, MICHAEL (EDS) - Law and Philosophy: Current Legal Issues Volume 10
34429: FREEZER, C J - The Railway Modeller Book of Track Plans No 1 for Various Locations
18500: FRENCH, NICCI - Secret Smile
19015: FRENCH, SEAN (ED) - The Faber Book of Writers on Writers
30085: FRENCH, CHRISTOPHER C; COLMAN, ANDREW M (EDS) - Cognitive Psychology (Longman Essential Psychology)
17881: FRERE, SHEPPARD - Britannia, a History of Roman Britain
17882: FRERE, SHEPPARD - Britannia, a History of Roman Britain
18948: FRERE, SHEPPARD - Britannia, a History of Roman Britain
39753: FRESE, DOLORES WARWICK - An Ars Legendi for Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: Re-Constructive Reading
12182: FREUD, SIGMUND; MOLNAR, MICHAEL (ED) - The Diary of Sigmund Freud 1929-1939: A Record of the Final Decade
39129: FREUD, SIGMUND; STRACHEY, JAMES (ED) - Civilization and Its Discontents
38233: FRIAR, STEPHEN - A Companion to the English Parish Church
39764: FRICKER, JOHN - Battle for Pakistan: The Air War of 1965
39583: FRIDLANDER, DAVID - Mirrors and Reflections
33715: FRIEDA, LEONIE - Catherine de Medici: A Biography
12188: FRIEDAN, BETTY - The Fountain of Age; Revolutionises Our Ideas About Age and How We Live Our Lives
8233: FRIEDENTHAL, RICHARD - Goethe: His Life and Times
26719: FRIEDLANDER, IRA - The Whirling Dervishes: Being an Account of the Sufi Order Known As the Mevlevis and Its Founder the Poet and Mystic Mavlana Jalalu'Ddin Rumi
37050: FRIEDMAN, MILTON - From Galbraith to Economic Freedom
8328: FRIEDMAN, LEONARD J - Virgin Wives: A Study of Unconsumated Marriages
26879: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN - Seapower and Space: From the Dawn of the Missile Age to Net-Centric Warfare
15782: FRIEDMAN, MILDRED (ED) - De Stijl: 1917-1931, Visions of Utopia
26627: FRIEDMAN, IRVING S - Inflation: A World-Wide Disaster
39119: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS - The World Is Flat: A Brief Histry of the Globalized World in the 21st Century
5902: FRIEND, DAVID - Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11
1553: FRIENDLY, AUNT - Kate Darly: Or It Will All Come Right
37210: FRIPP, EDGAR I - Master Richard Quyny, Bailiff of Stratford-Upon-Avon and Friend of William Shakespeare
16743: FRISBY, JOHN - Anybody's Day
1101: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Bardot: An Intimate Biography
4917: FRITH, W P - A Victorian Canvas
16262: FRITH, DAVID - The Fast Men; a 200-Year Cavalcade of Speed Bowlers
36394: FRITH, FRANCIS - Canals and Waterways: With Classic Photographs from the Francis Frith Collection
884: FROHLICH, KARL; CHATELAIN, MADAME DE - Karl Frohlich's Frolicks with Scissars and Pen
36852: FROM, FRANZ - Perception of Other People
5123: FROST, ROBERT - Family Letters of Robert & Elinor Frost
34209: FROST, S W - Insect Life and Insect Natural History
38430: FRUGONI, CHIARA - Inventions of the Middle Ages
38586: FRUGONI, CHIARA - Inventions of the Middle Ages
31428: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - Can You Find Me: A Family History
11249: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - Curtmantle
11250: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - A Phoenix Too Frequent
11251: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Firstborn
11259: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Lady's Not for Burning
11260: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Dark Is Light Enough
11261: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - A Sleep of Prisoners
33019: FRY, GLADYS WINDSOR - Embroidery and Needlework: Being a Textbook on Design and Technique with Numerous Reproductions of Original Drawings and Works by the Author
36013: FRYER, BERT - Life in Lincs 1908 (Signed)
17388: FRYER, GEOFFREY - The Freshwater Crustacea of Yorkshire, a Faunistic and Ecological Survey (Signed)
39416: FRYER, JONATHAN - Andre and Oscar: Gide, Wilde and the Gay Art of Living
10497: FULFORD, ROGER - Osbert Sitwell (Writers and Their Work)
23875: FULFORD, ROGER - Osbert Sitwell (Writers and Their Work)
26154: FULFORD, ROGER - The Prince Consort (Papermac)
15726: FULLER, ROY - The Middle of a War
24423: FULLER, PETER - Marches Past
20873: FULLER, JOHN G - The Ghost of 29 Megacycles; a New Breakthrough in Life After Death
37776: FULLER, GAVIN (ED) - The Telegraph Book of the First World War: An Anthology of the Telegraph's Writing from the Great War
24401: FULLOM, S W - The Marvels of Science and Their Testimony to Holy Writ
37518: FULOP, NAOMI; ALLEN, PAULINE; CLARKE, AILEEN; BLACK, NICK (EDS) - Studying the Organisation and Delivery of Health Services Research Methods
14570: FURGER, ANDRES/MULLER, FELIX - Helvetian Gold, Celtic Treasures from Switzerland
35564: FURLONG, MONICA - Zen Effects: The Life of Alan Watts
33764: FUSSELL, G E - The English Countryman: His Life and Work from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age
21644: FYLEMAN, ROSE - Eight Little Plays for Children
35886: COOKSLEY, PETER G ET AL - Classic Fighters and Bombers of World War II
22910: COOKSLEY, PETER G ET AL - Classic Fighters and Bombers of World War II
39102: GABRIELI, FRANCESCO - Muhammad and the Conquests of Islam
31585: GACONO, CARL B; MELOY, J REID - The Rorschach Assessment of Aggressive and Psychopathic Personalities
31608: GACONO, CARL B (ED) - The Clinical and Forensic Assessment of Psychopathy: A Practitioner's Guide
39279: GADD, DAVID - The Loving Friends: A Portrait of Bloomsbury
9231: GADD, DAVID - The Loving Friends: A Portrait of Bloomsbury
33890: GADD, DAVID - The Loving Friends: A Portrait of Bloomsbury
9272: GADNEY, REG - Constable and His World
14162: GADNEY, REG - Kennedy
36467: GADNEY, REG - Constable and His World
35392: GAGE, JOHN - J M W Turner: A Wonderful Range of Mind
36147: GAIL, ABBE - Realize Your Psychic Power
4063: GAINES, STEVEN - Philistines at the Hedgerow: Passion and Property in the Hamptons
32340: GAIR, ANGELA - Watercolour: A Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Techniques (Letts Practical Art)
32285: GAIR, ANGELA - The Drawing Course; a Step-by-Step Guide
32278: GAIR, ANGELA - The Watercolour Course: A Step-by-Step Guide
32329: GAIR, ANGELA - The Oil Painting Course: A Step-by-Step Guide
13429: GAIR, ANGELA - Drawing, a Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Techniques
23893: GAIR, ANGELA - Perspective for Artists
16493: GAIR, ANGELA - How to Draw Anything: A Complete Guide
25514: GAIR, ANGELA - How to Draw Anything: A Complete Guide
26991: GAIR, ANGELA - Watercolour: A Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Techniques (Letts Practical Art)
3878: GAISFORD, JOHN (ED) - Times Gone by: A Photographic Record of Great Britain 1856-1956 from the Archives of the Radio Times Hulton Picture Library
3146: GALANTE, PIERRE - Hitler Lives: And the Generals Die
35125: GALBRAITH, V H - Historical Research in Medieval England
39798: GALBRAITH, V H - An Introduction to the Use of the Public Records
6228: GALE, ZONA - Miss Lulu Bett and Stories
10334: GALLAGHER, STEPHEN - Down River
38787: GALLAY, ALAN - The Formation of a Planter Elite: Jonathan Bryan and the Southern Colonial Frontier
32233: MANCHESTER CITY ART GALLERIES - A Picture Book of English Paintings in the Manchester City Art Galleries, 3 Volumes, 1600-1800, 1800-1870, 1900-1930
32106: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - G F Watts: The Hall of Fame; Portraits of His Famous Contemporaries
17768: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD - The Romantic '90s
12431: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - End of the Chapter
1103: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Castles in Spain and Other Screeds
32039: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Ten Famous Plays
6499: GALT, JOHN - The Provost
37732: GALVIN, LISA - Making Leather Purses and Totes
39926: HUGHES-GAMES, S - Thekla and Other Poems (Signed)
35807: GAMMELL, C J - Lms Branch Lines England and Wales
35413: GANDER, TERRY; CHAMBERLAIN, PETER - American Tanks of World War 2
35485: GANDER, TERRY - Military Archaeology: A Collector's Guide to 20th Century War Relics
40003: GANDERTON, LUCINDA - Heirloom Gifts: Making Keepsakes with Love to Last Forever
34154: GANDY, WALTER - The Romance of Glass-Making: A Sketch of the History of Ornamental Glass (Presentation Copy)
29857: GANDY, IDA - The Heart of a Village: An Intimate History of Aldbourne
1114: GANGULI, TARAKNATH - The Brothers
38651: GANTZ, IDA - Signpost to Eyrecourt: Portrait of the Eyre Family Triumphant in the Cause of Liberty Derbyshire, Wiltshire, Galway C 1415-1856
3181: GANZEL, DEWEY - Fortune and Men's Eyes: The Career of John Payne Collier
31673: GANZEL, DEWEY - Fortune and Men's Eyes: The Career of John Payne Collier
21250: GARBETT, MIKE; GOULDING, BRIAN - Lancaster at War 2
35766: GARBETT, CYRIL - Church and State in England
21248: GARBETT, MIKE; GOULDING, BRIAN - Lancaster at War: 3
34668: DU GARD, ROGER MARTIN - Notes on Andre Gide
36409: GARDINER, PHILIP; OSBORN, GARY - The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life
6516: GARDINER, JULIET - The Brontes at Haworth, a Life in Letters, Diaries and Writings
37742: GARDINER, WREY - The Dark Thorn
9731: GARDINER, LESLIE - Curtain Calls; Travels in Albania, Romania and Bulgaria
5488: GARDINER, STEPHEN - The House: Its Origins and Evolution
36959: GARDINER, ROBIN - Titanic, the Ship That Never Sank?
28299: GARDNER, HELEN (ED) - The New Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1950
7193: GARDNER, A H - Outline of English Architecture; an Account for the General Reader of Its Development from Early Times to the Present Day
4563: GARDNER, L T - Fastnet '79: The Story of Ailish III
15060: GARDNER, ALBERT TEN EYCK - Winslow Homer, American Artist: His World and His Work
18192: GARDNER, LAURENCE - Bloodline of the Holy Grail; the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed
7056: GARDNER, JOHN - The Sunlight Dialogues
37954: GARDNER, BRIAN (ED) - The Terrible Rain: The War Poets 1939-45
2142: DES GARETS, THE COMTESSE - The Tragic Empress: Being an Account of the Life and Exile of the Empress Eugenie of France
7402: GARFIELD, SIMON - The Last Journey of William Huskisson
31548: GARFIELD, SIMON - Private Battles: How the War Almost Defeated Us
38895: GARFIELD, SIMON - The Last Journey of William Huskisson
11318: GARHAMMER, JOHN - Sports Illustrated Strength Training
36036: DE GARIS, MARIE - Folklore of Guernsey
34002: GARNER, PHILIPPE - The Contemporary Decorative Arts from 1940 to the Present Day
37506: GARNER, ALAN - Elidor
28342: GARNETT, HENRIETTA - Anny: A Life of Anne Thackeray Ritchie (Signed)
9799: GARNETT, RICHARD - Life and Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson
38068: GARNIER, PETER (COMP) - Triumph Sports Compiled from the Archives of Autocar
37851: CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY - The Worst Journey in the World; Antarctic 1910-1913
14589: GARRARD, PETER JOHN - Learn to Paint with Oils
20411: GARRARD, PETER JOHN - Learn to Paint with Oils (Collins Learn to Paint)
20216: GARRAWAY, ALLAN - Garraway Father and Son
5131: GARRETT, A A - History of the Society of Incorporated Accountants 1885-1957
3725: GARRETT, LESLEY - Notes from a Small Soprano
31157: GARRETT, J R; HARRISON, J D; STOWARD, P J (EDS) - Histochemistry of Secretory Processes
15506: WAITE, GARTH AND VICKY - Island; Diary of a Year on Easdale
16033: GARWOOD, DARRELL - Crossroads of America; the Story of Kansas City
27022: GASH, NORMAN; SOUTHGATE, DONALD; DILKS, DAVID; RAMSDEN, JOHN; BUTLER, LORD (ED) - The Conservatives: A History from Their Origins to 1965
40119: GASH, NORMAN - Politics in the Age of Peel: A Study in the Technique of Parliamentary Representation 1830-1850
39988: GASKELL, MRS - The Life of Charlotte Bronte
37861: GASTON, PETER - Korea 1950-1953 Prisoners of War: The British Army
18067: GATER, DILYS - Practical Novel Writing
376: GATTEY, CHARLES NELSON - Gauguin's Astonishing Grandmother: A Biography of Flora Tristan
34366: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Court Painting in England from Tudor to Victorian Times
35829: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Court Painting in England from Tudor to Victorian Times
28396: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Marine Painting: An Historical Survey
28593: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Impressionists
15649: GAUTIER, JEAN-JACQUES - Skin Deep
2712: GAVIN, CATHERINE - The Sunset Dream
8744: GAVIN, CATHERINE - Give Me the Daggers
8759: GAVIN, DENIS - Quiet Jungle Angry Sea; My Escapes from the Japanese
34538: GAY, STEPHEN - Through Kirton Tunnel: A Railway Journey from Sheffield to Cleethorpes
24613: GAY, FRANCO; CIANO, CESARE - The Ships of Christopher Columbus (Nuova Raccolta Columbiana)
31849: GAYE, PHOEBE FENWICK - John Gay: His Place in the Eighteenth Century
7696: GEAR, NORMAN - Gertie's Golden Days
35416: GEARY, L - Ford Military Vehicles
33948: GEARY, L - Railway Road Vehicles
6156: GEDDES, PHILIP - Inside the Bank of England
4339: GEDDES, SHEILA - Self Development with Astrology
16025: GEDDES, PHILIP - Inside the Bank of England
39682: GEDULD, HARRY M; GOTTESMAN, RONALD (EDS) - Sergei Eisenstein and Upton Sinclair: The Making and Unmaking of Que Viva Mexico!
39678: GEE, H L - Up Hill and Down: A Springtime Pilgrimage in Sunshine and Shower
29981: GEE, RALPH - Nottingham Then
39677: GEE, H L - The Shining Highway: An Account of a Plain Man's Pilgrimage
39675: GEE, H L - Winter Journey: Some Account of a Friendly Man's Adventures
9186: GEELMUYDEN, HANS - Oceans Free
23649: GEIRINGER, KARL - Brahms: His Life and Work
16275: GELB, MICHAEL - Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
20481: GELLER, URI; PLAYFAIR, GUY LION - The Geller Effect
24818: GENDERS, ROY - The Scented Wild Flowers of Britain
25797: GENDERS, ROY - Hardy Perennials from Seed
39623: GENET, JEAN-PHILIPPE (ED) - Four English Political Tracts of the Later Middle Ages
30900: GENT, JOHN B (ED) - Croydon Old and New
8172: GENT, C J VAN - Fighter Meet: Air Show Colour Schemes
19289: GILBERT AND GEORGE - Gilbert and George; the Complete Pictures 1971-1985
33406: GERBER, RICHARD - Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: A Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation
22959: GERBIG, WERNER - Six Months to Oblivion: The Eclipse of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force
36918: GERGEN, KENNETH J - An Invitation to Social Construction
36917: GERGEN, KENNETH J - Social Construction in Context
39522: GERIN, WINIFRED - Anne Thackeray Ritchie, a Biography
32737: GERIN, WINIFRED - The Young Fanny Burney (Signed)
39454: GERIN, WINIFRED - Elizabeth Gaskell
3112: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - Beautiful London
4457: GERRITS, H A - Pheasants: Including Their Care in the Aviary
503: GETTINGS, FRED - The Secret Lore of the Cat
39548: GEYL, PIETER - The Revolt of the Netherlands 1555-1609
33079: GEYL, PIETER - Orange Stuart 1641-1672
22719: GHADIALLY, F N - The Fighting Fish of Siam
1093: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - Don Bueno
3363: GHOSH, J C - Bengali Literature
36193: GIANTURCO, CAROLYN - Mozart's Early Operas
39614: GIBB, H A R; BOWEN, HAROLD - Islamic Society and the West Volume I Islamic Society in the Eighteenth Century Part I
9526: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
35754: GIBBON, MONK - Austria
2752: GIBBS, A HAMILTON - A Half-Inch of Candle
35010: GIBBS, J ARTHUR - A Cotswold Village: Or Country Life and Pursuits in Gloucestershire (Travellers' Library)
37183: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - A Tear and a Smile
39835: GIBSON, HENRY J C - The Story of the Old Infirmary with a Short Account of More Recent Years (Dundee Royal Infirmary 1798 to 1948)
36108: GIDDENS, ANTHONY - The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love and Eroticism in Modern Societies
34807: GIDDINGS, MALCOLM - A Lancaster at Derwent
9401: GIDE, ANDRE - The Coiners
25927: GIDE, ANDRE - Afterthoughts: A Sequel to Back from the Ussr
34679: GIDE, ANDRE; CLAUDEL, PAUL - The Correspondence between Paul Claudel and Andre Gide
40120: GIDE, ANDRE; BUSSY, DOROTHY; TEDESCHI, RICHARD (ED) - Selected Latters of Andre Gide and Dorothy Bussy
35369: GIDLEY, M - With One Sky Above Us: Life on an Indian Reservation at the Turn of the Century
39090: GIDVANI, M M - Shah Abdul Latif
17845: GIELGUD, JOHN - An Actor & His Time
30953: GIFFORD, PHILIP - Yesterday's Town: Colchester
17708: GIGGAL, KENNETH - Great Classic Sailing Ships
3785: GILBERT, W S - The Bab Ballads, with Which Are Included Songs of a Savoyard
3863: GILBERT, ADRIAN G - Magi: The Quest for a Secret Tradition
3786: GILBERT, W S; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Songs of Two Savoyards
29938: GILBERT, BERNARD - Tattershall Castle, a Novel
13153: GILBERT, FELIX/GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R (EDS) - Historical Studies Today
14132: GILBERT, JAMES - The Great Planes
17327: GILBERT, MARTIN - The Day the War Ended
20513: GILBERT, W S - The Bab Ballads, with Which Are Included Songs of a Savoyard (Thin Paper Edition)
39262: GILBERT, MARK - Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable
38592: GILBERT, MARTIN - Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction
21513: GILBERT, W S - The Bab Ballads
7142: GILCHRIST, RUPERT - Guns of Dragonard
36550: GILCHRIST, CHERRY - Everyday Alchemy: How to Use the Power of Alchemy for Daily Change and Transformation
31656: GILES - Giles 10
35139: GILES, A K - Owner, Occupier and Tenant: Reading University at Churn Farm 1969-1996 (Signed)
3778: GILES - Giles 13
16974: GILES - Giles 12
31662: GILES - Giles 18
24750: GILES - Giles 8
33835: GILES - Giles 7
33836: GILES - Giles 1
31696: GILES - Giles 5
16975: GILES - Giles 19
16973: GILES - Giles 16
24746: GILES - Giles 4
31670: GILES - Giles 11
3777: GILES - Giles 14
31666: GILES - Giles 17
27993: GILES - Giles 10
3779: GILES - Giles 11
31840: GILES - Giles 8
24829: GILL, ALEC - Lost Trawlers of Hull: Nine Hundred Losses between 1835 and 1987 (Signed)
31211: GILL, WALTER (ED) - Hartlepool Trail: Three Walks Within the Borough Boundaries Issued by the Hartlepool CIVIC Society
29910: GILL, CRISPIN - Plymouth, a New History: Ice Age to the Elizabethans
37288: GILL, ANDY - Classic Bob Dylan 1962-1969: My Back Pages
34020: GILLARD, DAVID - Beryl Grey, a Biography
21527: GILLEGHAN, JOHN - Worship North and East of Leeds; Harrogate, Leeds, Selby, Wetherby, York, a Local History
37836: LEEPER, GILLIAN AND BARKER, CHRISTINE - Beautiful Counted Beadwork
30662: GILLIES, A D - Those Dark Satanic Mills: An Illustrated Record of the Industrial Revolution in South Lancashire
38736: GILLMAN, PETER - In Balance: Twenty Years of Mountaineering Journalism
21438: GILLOW, NORAH (INTRO) - William Morris; Designs and Patterns
37984: GILMOUR, PATIENCE - The Cygnets Sail out
4844: GIOVANNI, NIKKI (ED) - Grand Mothers: Poems, Reminiscences, and Short Stories About the Keepers of Our Traditions
12505: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the English Country House; a Social and Architectural History
13704: GIROUARD, MARK - A Country House Companion
29235: GISH, LILIAN - The Movies, Mr Griffith and Me
32746: GISSING, VERA - Pearls of Childhood
25420: GITTINGS, ROBERT - Famous Meeting: Poems Narrative and Lyric
25159: GITTINGS, ROBERT - Thomas Hardy 2 Vols: Young Thomas Hardy, the Older Hardy
37449: GITTINGS, ROBERT; MANTON, JO - Dorothy Wordsworth
17315: GLASS, JUSTINE - The Story of Fulfilled Prophecy
37323: GLAZIER, KEN - London Bus File 1940-45
37980: GLEES, ANTHONY - The Stasi Files: East Germany's Secret Operations Against Britain
38779: GLEESON, JOHN F M; MCGORRY, PATRICK D (EDS) - Psychological Interventions in Early Psychosis, a Treatment Handbook
36737: GLEICK, JAMES - The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood
38225: GLEN, A R - Young Men in the Arctic: The Oxford University Arctic Expedition to Spitsbergen 1933
502: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA - Jonathan Swift
23827: GLENNY, MISHA - The Balkans 1804-1999: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers
34787: GLIDDON, GERALD - The Battle of the Somme: A Topographical History
17186: GLIDDON, GERALD - The Battle of the Somme: A Topographical History
7048: GLINERT, ED - Martyrs and Mystics
35976: GLINES, CARROLL V; MOSELEY, WENDELL F - The Legendary Dc-3
27027: GLOAG, JOHN - The Englishman's Castle
379: GLOAG, JOHN - The Englishman's Castle
36270: GLOAG, JOHN - Victorian Comfort: A Social History of Design from 1830-1900
39974: GLOAG, JOHN - Victorian Taste: Some Social Aspects of Architecture and Industrial Design from 1820-1900
35344: GLOAG, JOHN - Victorian Taste: Some Social Aspects of Architecture and Industrial Design, from 1820-1900
3214: GLOB, P V - The Mound People: Danish Bronze-Age Man Preserved
36601: GLOB, P V - The Bog People: Iron-Age Man Preserved
19949: GLOVER, MICHAEL - The Napoleonic Wars: An Illustrated History 1792-1815
10803: GLOVER, C GORDON - Parish Pump
29926: GOAMAN, MURIEL - Old Bideford and District
35301: GOBINEAU, COMTE DE - The Crimson Handkerchief and Other Stories (Travellers' Library)
29748: GODBER, JOYCE - The Story of Bedford: An Outline History
37049: GODDARD, L S - Mathematical Techniques of Operational Research
3432: GODDARD, NICHOLAS - Harvests of Change: The Royal Agricultural Society of England 1838-1988
38741: GODDARD, JOHN - Trout Fly Recognition
8783: GODDARD, LILY - Coalhole Rubbings; the Story of an Artefact in Our Streets
37816: GODDARD, NICHOLAS - Harvests of Change: The Royal Agricultural Society of England 1838-1988
38104: GODDEN, RUMER - Coromandel Sea Change
37406: GODDEN, RUMER - The Dark Horse
3448: GODWIN, MALCOLM - Angels: An Endangered Species
35169: GOEBEL, JULIUS - The Struggle for the Falkland Islands: A Study in Legal and Diplomatic History
24913: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Kindred by Choice
27768: GOGUEN, JOSEPH A; MYIN, ERIK (EDS) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 Nos 8/9
27763: GOGUEN, JOSEPH A (ED) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 No 7
27765: GOGUEN, JOSEPH A (ED) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 No 10
27762: GOGUEN, JOSEPH A (ED) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 No 5
27767: GOGUEN, JOSEPH A (ED) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 No 6
5007: GOHM, RICHARD VAN DE - Collecting Small Antiques and Bygones
29480: GOLAN, MATTI - Shimon Peres: A Biography
12835: GOLBY, J M (ED) - Culture and Society in Britain 1850-1890; a Source Book of Contemporary Writings
38122: GOLD, JACQUELINE - Good Vibrations: The True Story of Ann Summers
1115: GOLD, HERBERT - Salt
1104: GOLD, HERBERT - Waiting for Cordelia
31068: GOLDBERG, LEO; ALLER, LAWRENCE H - Atoms, Stars, and Nebulae
28250: GOLDBERG, CARL - In Defense of Narcissism: The Creative Self in Search of Meaning
28085: GOLDEN, CHARLES J - Clinical Interpretation of Objective Psychological Tests
30241: GOLDHAGEN, DANIEL JONAH - Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity
35814: GOLDIN, KAT - Crochet at Play: 30 Fun Hats, Scarves, Clothes and Toys for Kids to Enjoy
11824: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Fire Down Below
22310: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Double Tongue
6750: GOLDMAN, JAMES - Myself As Witness
36521: GOLDMAN, JONATHAN - Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics
37914: GOLDMAN, NIGEL - Great Gambling Scams
11887: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG - Rembrandt
14251: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG - Leonardo Da Vinci
14569: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG - Michelangelo; Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture
5620: LION-GOLDSCHMIDT, DAISY; MOREAU-GOBARD, JEAN-CLAUDE - Arts de la Chine; Bronze, Jade, Sculpture, Ceramique
10968: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
20052: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
25552: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield (Pocket Classics)
35386: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY - Wall at Storm King
33036: LE GOLIF, LOUIS - The Memoirs of a Buccaneer
37380: GOMBRICH, E H - A Little History of the World
35338: GOMES, P E SALLES - Jean Vigo
15736: GOMES, ROSALIE - Buried Treasures; the Black-and-White Work of Maxfield Parrish 1896-1905
24040: GOMEZ - Liquid Skin
22626: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE (ED) - The Gentleman's Magazine Library: Being a Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of the Gentleman's Magazine from 1731 to 1868; English Topography, (Befordshire-Buckinghamshire)
39578: GOOCH, G P - The Second Empire
10586: GOOD, TIMOTHY (ED) - The Ufo Report 1991
23395: GOOD, TIMOTHY (ED) - The Ufo Report 1991
23446: GOOD, TIMOTHY (ED) - The Ufo Report 1991
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40159: GOODALL, JOHN S - An Edwardian Christmas
2829: GOODCHILD, PETER - J Robert Oppenheimer: Shatterer of Worlds
24105: GOODCHILD, PETER - J Robert Oppenheimer: Shatterer of Worlds
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8028: GOODERS, JOHN - The Practical Ornithologist (Facts on File)
8677: GOODFELLOW, PETER - Birds As Builders
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36755: GOODLAD, SINCLAIR - The Quest for Quality: Sixteen Forms of Heresy in Higher Education
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28123: GOODSON, JAMES A - Tumult in the Clouds
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38121: GOODWIN, J MARTIN - Barnack in the County of Cambridgeshire (Signed)
2885: GOODWIN, CLAYTON - Caribbean Cricketers, from the Pioneers to Packer
4508: GOODWIN, RICHARD - Leontyne: By Barge from London to Vienna
39539: GORDO, D J - W B Yeats, Images of a Poet: My Permnent or Impermanent Images
39274: GORDON, LYNDALL - Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life
32386: GORDON, NOAH - The Death Committee
11716: GORDON, IAN A - The Movement of English Prose
37565: GORDON, STUART - The Book of Curses; True Tales of Voodoo, Hoodoo and Hex
14177: GORDON, STUART - The Book of Curses; True Tales of Voodoo, Hoodoo and Hex
26976: GORDON, GEORGE - The Discipline of Letters
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4676: GORDON, ALEXANDER - Addresses Biographical and Historical
27966: GORDON, MICHAEL R; TRAINOR, GENERAL BERNARD E - Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq
29018: GORDON, CATHERINE - Chipping Camden (Towns and Villages of England)
37437: GORDON, JOHN - The Spitfire Grave and Other Stories
34904: GORDON, PETER (ED) - The Red Earl: The Papers of the Fifth Earl Spencer, 2 Vols 1835-1910
29176: GORE, L L - The History of Hunstanton (Signed)
9787: GORE, JOHN (ED) - Creevey
14377: GORER, RICHARD - Living Tradition in the Garden
32964: GORER, GEOFFREY - Africa Dances: A Book About West African Negroes
28111: GORING, ROSEMARY (ED) - Scotland, the Autobiography: 2000 Years of Scottish History by Those Who Saw It Happen
4188: GORING, LORIS - Start with a Hull: Fitting out a Grp Hull from Start to Finish
27851: GORKY, MAXIM - Foma Gordeyev
30942: GOSLING, GERALD - Exe to Axe: The Story of East Devon
39580: GOSSE, EDMUND; HEPBURN, JAMES (ED) - Father and Son,a Study of Two Temperaments
4072: GOSSE, EDMUND - Xviith Century Studies
38709: GOSSE, EDMUND - Father and Son
2940: GOSSE, EDMUND - Father and Son
32095: GOSSE, EDMUND - Leaves and Fruit
20063: GOSTELOW, MARY - Embroidery of All Russia
6659: GOTT, B - Tancred, a Tragedy of Salerno, the Castle of Monte Petroso and Other Poems
39933: GOTTLIEB, BEATRICE - The Family in the Western World: From the Black Death to the Industrial Age
38744: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Heart of the Family
29036: GOUDIE, FRANK; STUCKEY, DOUGLAS - Railways and Transport of Hammersmith and West London
34824: GOUGH, TERRY - The Tarka and Dartmoor Lines: A Past and Present Companion; a Nostalgic Journey by Train from Exeter to Barnstaple and Okehampton
26567: GOUGH, RICHARD - The History of Myddle
34836: GOUGH, TERRY - The Tamar and Tavy Valleys: A Past and Present Companion; a Nostalgic Trip Along the Former Southern Railway Lines in the Tamar and Tavy Valleys
22843: BARING-GOULD, SABINE - In Troubadour Land: A Ramble in Provence and Languedoc
32308: GOULD, TED (ED) - Introduction to Painting Landscapes
33949: GOULD, TONY - In Limbo: The Story of Stanley's Rear Column
39464: BARING-GOULD, SABINE - A Book of the Cevennes
26688: GOWAN, LEO - The Craft of Stickmaking
35257: GOWER, LORD RONALD SUTHERLAND - Sir Joshua Reynolds: His Life and Art
17223: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Master Paintings from the Phillips Collection, Washington
21034: GRAAFF, HERMAN J DE - Fuchsias
14404: GRABER, G S - History of the Ss
38127: GRACE, ALAN - The Link with Home: Sixty Years of Forces Radio (Signed)
39634: GRACE, W G - Wg Cricketing Reminiscences and Personal Recollections
36734: GRADDOL, DAVID; MAYBIN, JANET; STIERER, BARRY - Researching Language and Literacy in Social Context
36802: GRADDOL, DAVID; BOYD-BARRETT, OLIVER (EDS) - Media Texts: Authors and Readers
30805: GRAEF, HILDA - The Story of Mysticism
668: GRAEME, BRUCE - The Story of Buckingham Palace
27488: GRAF, DIETER - Master Drawings of the Roman Baroque from the Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf
35298: GRAFTON, SUE - T Is for Trespass
35711: GRAFTON, SUE - S Is for Silence
12904: GRAFTON, SUE - M Is for Malice
15504: GRAFTON, SUE - P Is for Peril
37681: GRAFTON, SUE - S Is for Silence (Signed)
35327: GRAFTON, SUE - R Is for Ricochet
37944: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER (ED) - Banners, Ribbons and Scrolls: An Archive for Artists and Designers
4451: GRAHAM, WINSTON - Angell, Pearl and Little God
16020: GRAHAM, DAVID - Colour Calligraphy
38299: GRAHAM, ANNE E; EMMAS, CAROL - The Last Victim: The Extraordinary Life of Florence Maybrick, the Wife of Jack the Ripper
34091: GRAHAM, ILSE - Goethe and Lessing: The Wellsprings of Creation
11448: GRAHAM, PHYLLIS - The Jesus Hoax
26839: GRAHAM, VIRGINIA - Consider the Years
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36502: GRAHAM, FRANK - Hadrian's Wall in the Days of the Romans
22384: GRAHAME, IAIN - Ruffled Feathers
36285: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Golden Age
30621: GRAMATTE, WALTER - Walter Gramatte 1897-1929: Bilder, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Graphil
17482: GRANGE, JANE DES (INTRO) - Draft-Book of Centennial Carriages Displayed in Philadelphia at the International Exhibition of 1876
38852: GRANT, DOUGLAS (ED) - Dryden: Poetry, Prose and Plays
12909: GRANT, MICHAEL - Readings in the Classical Historians
37100: GRANT, MICHAEL - A Short History of Classical Civilization
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32138: GRANT, MICHAEL (ED) - Roman Readings: Translations from Latin Prose and Poetry
10543: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Fall of the Roman Empire: A Reappraisal
8548: GRANVILLE, A B - Spas of England and Principal Sea-Bathing Places: 2 the Midlands and South
33631: GRANVILLE, JOHN (INTRO) - A Short History of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment (the 10th Foot)
39084: GRANVILLE, A B - Spas of England and Principal Sea-Bathing Places, 2 Volumes: 1 the North; 2 the Midlands and South
10902: GRAPHIS - Photography Selected from the Graphis Annuals
24351: GRAPHIS - Photography Selected from the Graphis Annuals
24353: GRAPHIS - Best of Graphis: Photo I
39644: GRASS, GUNTER - Crabwalk
36974: GRASS, GUNTER - Peeling the Onion, a Memoir
28190: GRATZER, WALTER - The Undergrowth of Science: Delusion, Self-Deception and Human Frailty
33994: GRAVES, ROBERT - Proceed, Sergeant Lamb
1526: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCIVAL - Robert Graves, the Assault Heroic, 1895-1926,
6298: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCIVAL - Richard Hughes: A Biography
1362: GRAVES, ROBERT - Greek Myths, the Illustrated Edition
39687: GRAVES, ROBERT - Count Belisarius
16672: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCIVAL - Richard Hughes: A Biography
23434: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCIVAL - The Brothers Powys
2281: GRAVES, ROBERT; HODGE, ALAN - The Long Week-End: A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939
39947: GRAVES, EDGAR B - A Bibliography of English History to 1485
38078: GRAVES, ROBERT - Occupation Writer
39143: GRAY, JULIA D - Beginner's Guide to Traditional Japanese Embroidery
2389: GRAY, MARTIN - A Dictionary of Literary Terms
6329: GRAY, JOHN - Archaeology and the Old Testament World,
39793: GRAY, ARTHUR; BRITTAIN, FREDERICK - A History of Jesus College Cambridge
9353: GRAY, THOMAS - Poetical Works,
5455: GRAY, PETER - The Mistress Cook
29039: GRAY, PETER; PERCY, KAY (EDS) - Blechingley Explored: A Guide to the Village and Conservation Areas
39362: GRAY, RONALD - Franz Kafka
35947: GRAY, ADRIAN - Lincolnshire Headlines
28888: GRAY, ARTHUR B - Cambridge Revisited
37771: GRAY, NIGEL - Life Sentence (Signed)
10020: GRAY, ADRIAN - Lincolnshire Headlines
32617: GRAY, RONALD - Brecht the Dramatist
39438: GRAY, RONALD - The German Tradition in Literature 1871-1945
30786: GRAYDON, ELIZABETH - Air Dog to Top Dog: The Memoirs of an Air Force Dog
6977: GRAZIANI, RENE (ED) - The Naked Astronaut: Poems on Birth and Birthdays
8733: ALBERT THE GREAT - On Union with God (Ways of Mysticism)
38789: GREATREX, JOAN (ED) - Account Rolls of the Obedientiaries of Peterborough
1088: GREAVES, A E - Stendhal's Italy; Themes of Political and Religious Satire
19726: GREAVES, MARGARET - Regency Patron: Sir George Beaumont
1118: GREELEY, ANDREW M - Thy Brother's Wife
34914: GREEN, WILLIAM - Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Augsburg Eagle, a Documentary History
36939: GREEN, HERBERT - Forgotten Lincoln; a History of the City from Earliest Times
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35948: GREEN, HOWARD - The Battlefields of Britain & Ireland (Constable Guide)
27113: GREEN, WILLIAM - The Observer's Book of Aircraft, 1979 Edition
9102: GREEN, FRANCIS (COMP) - Calendar of Deeds and Documents 2, the Crosswood Deeds
1523: GREEN, DAVID - Queen Anne
5515: GREEN, GEORGE DAWES - The Juror
6171: GREEN, HOWARD - The Battlefields of Britain & Ireland (Constable Guide)
30899: GREEN, CLAIRE - Portslade: A Pictorial History
26358: GREEN, F C - Jean-Jacques Rousseau: A Critical Study of His Life and Writings
17832: GREEN, STANLEY - The Great Clowns of Broadway
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23189: GREEN, KENNETH R - Old Cottingham Remembered
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38214: GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT (ED) - Betjeman's Britain
38827: GREEN, WILLIAM - Bombers and Reconnaissance Air Craft: War Planes of the Second World War, Volume Nine
32364: TYRRELL-GREEN, E - Parish Church Architecture
31423: GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT (ED) - Betjeman's Britain
34570: GREEN, WILLIAM - Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Augsburg Eagle, a Documentary History
26938: GREEN, WILLIAM - The Observer's Book of Aircraft, 1967 Edition
39348: GREEN, CLIFFORD - Karl Barth, Theologian of Freedom
4388: GREEN, JULIAN - The Distant Lands
32803: BWODEN-GREEN, JULIAN (INTRO) - ABC London's Buses 1979 Edition
31063: TYRRELL-GREEN, E - Parish Church Architecture
36607: GREEN, GEORGIA M - Pragmatics and Natural Language Understanding
30084: GREENALL, R L - A History of Kettering
999: GREENAWAY, PETER VAN - Suffer! Little Children
30257: GREENBANK, ANTHONY - Enjoy Your Rock Climbing
20155: GREENBANK, ANTHONY - Walking, Hiking and Backpacking
22804: GREENBERG, ROSALIE - Bipolar Kids: Helping Your Child Find Calm in the Mood Storm
28256: GREENBERG, JAY - Oedipus and Beyond: A Clinical Theory
37811: GREENE, ANNIE - Bright River Trilogy
1084: GREENE, ANNIE - Bright River Trilogy
10540: GREENE, LAURENCE - America Goes to Press; the News of Yesterday
16504: GREENE, ANNIE - Bright River Trilogy
17906: GREENE, PATRICIA; COLLINGWOOD, CHARLES; NIKLAUS, HEDLI - The Book of the Archers (Signed)
27941: GREENE, NORMAN N - Jean-Paul Sartre: The Existentialist Ethic
6838: GREENFELD, KARL TARO - Speed Tribes: Children of the Japanese Bubble
29786: GREENHILL, BASIL (ED) - The National Maritime Museum
33329: GREENHILL, BASIL - Archaeology of the Boat: A New Introductory Study
23339: GREENOAK, FRANCESCA - God's Acre: The Flowers and Animals of the Parish Churchyard
38874: GREENSPAN, STANLEY I; POLLOCK, GEORGE H (EDS) - The Course of Life, 3: Middle and Late Childhood
38883: GREENSPAN, STANLEY I; POLLOCK, GEORGE H (EDS) - The Course of Life, 1: Infancy
39891: GREENWOOD, DOUGLAS - Who's Buried Where in England
15724: HADFIELD, GREG AND SKIPWORTH, MARK - Class; Where Do You Stand?
12476: GREGG, PAULINE - Oliver Cromwell
38908: GREGG, PAULINE - Oliver Cromwell
28695: GREGG, PAULINE - King Charles I
35425: GREGORY, BARRY - Amphibious Operations
13876: GREGORY, RICHARD L (ED) - The Oxford Companion to the Mind
38394: GREGORY, RICHARD L - Mind in Science: A History of Explanations in Psychology and Physics
38493: GREGORY, NORMA - Pyrography Designs
37594: GREGORY, JOHN - The Neoplatonists: A Reader
30082: GREGORY, RICHARD L; COLMAN, ANDREW M (EDS) - Sensation and Perception (Longman Essential Psychology)
32570: GREGORY, KENNETH (ED) - The Third Cuckoo: More Classic Letters to the Times 1900-1985
36784: GRELLER, WOLFGANG - Dentals in the Insular-Celtic Languages (Signed)
6635: GRENDEL, FREDERIC - Beaumarchais: The Man Who Was Figaro
33354: GRENFELL, DIANA - The Gardener's Guide to Growing Daylilies
2503: GREVILLE, GEORGE - Memories of an Old Etonian 1860-1912
34755: GREY, C G - The CIVIL Air War
32051: GRIBBIN, JOHN - Companion to the Cosmos
27: GRIBBIN, JOHN - Our Changing Universe: The New Astronomy
18814: GRIBBIN, JOHN - In Search of the Double Helix; Darwin, Dna and Beyond
39723: GRIBBIN, JOHN; CHERFAS, JEREMY - The Monkey Puzzle, a Family Tree
833: GRICE, ELIZABETH - Rogues & Vagabonds: Or the Actors' Road to Respectability
39618: GRIERSON, SIR HERBERT J C (ED) - Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth Century: Donne to Butler
35630: GRIERSON, HERBERT J C - Rhetoric and English Composition
19800: GRIERSON, SIR HERBERT (ED) - And the Third Day... A Record of Hope and Fulfilment
32578: GRIERSON, EDWARD - King of Two Worlds: Philip II of Spain
16618: GRIFFIN, NICHOLAS - Caucasus; in the Wake of Warriors
26639: GRIFFIN, A H - The Roof of England
35334: GRIFFIN, PENNY (ED) - St Hugh's: One Hundred Years of Women's Education in Oxford
26633: GRIFFIN, GLEN C; CASTELLI, WILLIAM P - Good Fat Bad Fat: How to Lower Your Cholesterol and Beat the Odds of a Heart Attack
30020: GRIFFITH, ANNA N - Collins Guide to Alpines and Rock Garden Plants
33371: GRIFFITHS, MARK - Index of Garden Plants: The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary
16729: GRIFFITHS, ANTONY; CAREY, FRANCES - German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe
16728: GRIFFITHS, ANTONY; CAREY, FRANCES - German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe
38983: GRIFFITHS, GARETH - Women's Factory Work in World War I
19319: GRIFFITHS, JOHN - Three Tomorrows: American, British and Soviet Science Fiction
7853: GRIFFITHS, PAUL - A Concise History of Modern Music: From Debussy to Boulez
37445: GRIFFITHS, ROGER; HOOPER, JOHN - Great Northern Railway Engine Sheds, Volume 3 Yorkshire and Lancashire
36825: GRIFFITHS, DAVID - Psychology and Medicine
19978: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - English Drawing from Samuel Cooper to Gwen John
25124: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - The Living Rocks (Nature and Art)
15605: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Old Silent
34365: GRIMM, BROTHERS - Household Tales
23618: GRIMSON, JOHN - The Channel Coasts of England
1614: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Street Lawyer
4230: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Street Lawyer
31267: GRIST, BETTY; FOXTON, DEREK - Edwardian Hereford (Signed)
35864: GRISTWOOD, SARAH - Elizabeth and Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics
37849: GROCOTT, TERENCE - Shipwrecks of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Eras
2960: GROETHUYSEN, BERNARD - The Bourgeois: Catholicism Versus Capitalism in 18th Century France
32959: GROH, GEORGE W - Gold Fever: Being a True Account, Both Horrifying and Hilarious, of the Art of Healing (So-Called) During the California Gold Rush
7937: GROLLENBERG, LUCAS - A Bible for Our Time: Reading the Bible in the Light of Today's Questions
17104: GROLLENBERG, L H - Atlas of the Bible
15206: GRONBERG, T A (ED) - Manet, a Retrospective
6178: GRONDONA, L - Australia in the 1960's
11747: GROSE, M W - Chaucer
12293: GROSER, JOHN - Atlantic Venture
23946: GROSS, JOHN (ED) - The Oxford Book of Essays
26464: GROSSMAN, ANNA JANE; WAINESS, FLINT - It's Not Me, It's You: The Ultimate Breakup Book
34819: GROSSMAN, LEONID - Dostoevsky
37578: GROSSMANN, F - Bruegel: The Paintings, Complete Edition
33370: GROUNDS, ROGER - The Plantfinder's Guide to Ornamental Grasses (Signed)
33429: GROUNDS, ROGER - Ornamental Grasses
38365: NARBOROUGH AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP - The Great Government Aerodrome: Rfc Narborough, the Story of a First World War Airfield (Signed)
38238: WRAGBY HERITAGE GROUP - Where Five Roads Meet: A History of Wragby Lincolnshire
26288: GROUT, DONALD JAY - A History of Western Music (Revised)
35323: GROVE, VALERIE - Laurie Lee: The Well-Loved Stranger
22741: GROVE, VALERIE - Dear Dodie; the Life of Dodie Smith
3898: GRUNFELD, FREDERIC V - The Hitler File: A Social History of Germany and the Nazis 1918-45
27454: GRUZINSKI, SERGE - Kaminer: Las Cuatro Tierras, the Four Lands
26745: GRYPHIUS, ANDREAS; POWELL, HUGH (ED) - Cardenio Und Celinde
28246: GUDJONSSON, G H; HAWARD, L R C - Forensic Psychology: A Guide to Practice
13924: GUENTHER, CONRAD - Darwinism and the Problems of Life; a Study of Familiar Animal Life
19940: GUERBER, H A - The Norsemen
30431: GUERRIER, KATHARINE - How to Create Beautiful Quilts
39527: GUERRIER, KATHARINE - Scrap Quilt Sensation
3: GUGLER, JOSEF; FLANAGAN, WILLIAM G - Urbanization and Social Change in West Africa
24771: MICHELIN GUIDE - The Green Guide: New England
39462: GUILLEN, MICHAEL - Five Equations That Changed the World: The Power and Poetry of Mathematics
29281: GUILMANT, AYLWIN - Bexhill-on-Sea, a Pictorial History
29780: GUILMANT, AYLWIN - Bexhill-on-Sea, a Pictorial History
30161: GUILMANT, AYLWIN - Bygone Battle
37992: GUILMANT, AYLWIN - Bexhill-on-Sea, a Pictorial History
742: LE GUIN, URSULA - Searoad; Chronicles of Klatsand
3731: GUITRY, SACHA - If I Remember Right
29885: GUNBY, NORMAN - A Potted History of Ilford: Including Its Association with Barking of Which, Until 1888, It Was Part (Signed)
5526: GUNN, NEIL M - The Key of the Chest
34316: GUNSTON, BILL (ED) - The Illustrated Directory of Fighting Aircraft of World War II
40075: GUNSTON, BILL - Phantom (Raf Aircraft Today)
26005: GUNSTON, BILL (ED) - Modern Carriers (Combat Arms)
9590: GUNTHER, JOHN - Roosevelt in Retrospect: A Profile in History
39918: GUPPY, SHUSHA - The Blindfold Horse: Memories of a Persian Childhood
36971: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L - Rendering in Pen and Ink
31054: GURNEY, R W - Ions in Solution
16527: GURNEY, COLONEL GENE - Vietnam, the War in the Air; a Pictorial History of the Us Air Forces in the Vietnam War, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines
30747: GURNEY, NORMAN; SHELDRICK, ALBERT - Ashwell: Village Life in War and Peace 1939-1975 (Signed)
24098: GUTERSON, DAVID - East of the Mountains
30341: GUTHRIG, SYLVIA - The Manors of Woodford and Borington
31737: GUTTRIDGE, LEONARD F - Icebound: The Jeannette Expedition's Quest for the North Pole
8624: GUY, JOHN - Greek Life, Egyptian Life, Viking Life, Roman Life; 4 Volumes Snapping-Turtle Guides
24585: GUY, ALAN J (ED) - The Road to Waterloo: The British Army and the Struggle Against Revolutionary and Napoleonic France 1793-1815
38341: ALLTHORPE-GUYTON, MARJORIE - Henry Bright 1810-1873: Paintings and Drawings in Norwich Castle Museum
15427: GWYNN, KATE - Painting in Watercolour
17904: GWYNN, KATE - Painting in Watercolour
25764: GYATSO, GESHE KELSANG - Universal Compassion: A Commentary to Bodhisattva Chekhawa's Training the Mind in Seven Points
27232: P H - Trodden Steps to the Selfless Life
39477: DODD. A H - The Growth of Responsible Government from James the First to Victoria
34533: HAAN, DAVID DE - Antique Household Gadgets and Appliances C 1860 to 1930
7230: HABAKKUK, J F; POSTAN, M (EDS) - The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, Volume VI, the Industrial Revolutions and After, Parts 1 & 2 in 2 Volumes; Incomes, Population and Technological Change, I & II
32362: HABE, HANS - Anatomy of Hatred: The Wounded Land
34617: HABETS, BILL - High Blood Pressure: The Complete Guide to Hypertension
33277: HABETS, BILL - The Asthma Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Treating Asthma
37199: HACCHE, JOHN - Economics of Money and Income
976: HACKETT, FRANCIS - Francis the First
37893: HACKETT, J T (ED) - My Commonplace Book
26584: HADDEN, J CUTHBERT - The Master Musicians: A Book for Players, Singers and Listeners
30140: HADDEN, CUTHBERT - The Boy's Life of Nelson
28451: HADDEN, J CUTHBERT - The Modern Musicians: A Book for Players, Singers and Listeners
21295: HADDON, CELIA - The Yearbook of Love and Wisdom
28595: HADELN, DETLEV BARON VON - Titian's Drawings
39876: HADFIELD, CHARLES - British Canals, an Illustrated History
8475: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - Everyman's Book of English Love Poems
15481: HADFIELD, MILES - An English Almanac
21761: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - The Shell Book of English Villages
23243: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED) - The Shell Book of English Villages
32469: HADFIELD, MILES - Gardening in Britain
14815: HADINGHAM, EVAN - Secrets of the Ice Age: The World of the Cave Artists
22195: HADINGHAM, EVAN - Circles and Standing Stones; an Illustrated Exploration of the Megalith Mysteries of Early Britain
39553: HAFFENDEN, PHILIP S - New England in the English Nation 1689-1713
6254: HAFTER, DARYL M (ED) - European Women and Preindustrial Craft
34602: HAGEDORN, DANIEL P - Central American and Caribbean Air Forces
13374: HAGEN, VICTOR VON - Search for the Maya
16102: HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG VON (SEL & ED) - South America, the Green World of the Naturalists; Five Centuries of Travel and Exploration in South America
21066: HAGEN, LOUIS - Arnhem Lift
34721: HAGENBACH, ARNOLD - Pilot Tex: The Adventures of a Californian Transport Pilot
7679: HAGGARD, WILLIAM - The Hardliners
3565: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Benita, an African Romance
39958: HAGUE, WILLIAM - William Pitt the Younger
38911: HAGUE, PAUL - Naval Wargaming: From Ancient Galleys to Modern U-Boats
16510: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
23697: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
23698: HAHN, EMILY - Indo
29664: HAIGH, DOUGLAS - Old Park in the Manor of Enfield
40071: HAIGH, JANET - Crazy Patchwork
32575: HAILSHAM, LORD - A Sparrow's Flight: Memoirs
1574: HAILSHAM, LORD - A Sparrow's Flight: Memoirs
39881: HAIN, PETER - Outside in
21084: HAINES, GREGORY - Destroyers at War
23793: HAINES, GREGORY - Destroyers at War
23310: HAINING, PETER (COMP) - A Dictionary of Ghosts
37807: HAINING, PETER - The Chianti Raiders: The Extraordinary Story of the Italian Air Force in the Battle of Britain
34240: HAINING, PETER (ED) - The Mg Log
34891: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
35310: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
34928: HAINSWORTH, D R; WALKER, CHERRY (EDS) - The Correspondence of Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton and Francis Guybon His Steward 1697-1709
39412: HAKLUYT, RICHARD; QUINN, DAVID B, QUINN, ALISON M (EDS) - Virginia Voyages from Hakluyt
13008: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Tudor Venturers: Selected from the Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or over Land
1547: HALBERSTADT, HANS - Army Aviation (Landpower 3006)
15527: HALDANE, A R B - New Ways Through the Glens; Highland Road, Bridge and Canal Makers of the Early 19th Century
1572: HALE, JOHN - The Whistle Blower
1981: HALE, JOHN (ED) - Settlers: Being Extracts from the Journals and Letters of Early Colonists in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand
21194: HALE, JOHN - The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
3207: HALE, DON - Mallard: How the Blue Streak Broke the World Speed Record
28063: HALES, GERALD (ED) - Beyond Disability: Towards an Enabling Society
40043: HALEVY, ELIE - England in 1815
5003: HALEY, ALEX - A Different Kind of Christmas
40136: HALFORD, FREDERICK M - The Dry-Fly Man's Handbook
18386: HALL, ALAN W - American Fighters of World War 2
2864: HALL, JOHN - Staffordshire Portrait Figures
8595: HALL, N JOHN - Trollope: A Biography
6779: HALL, RICHARD - Stanley: An Adventurer Explored
37963: HALL, JAMES - A History of Ideas and Images in Italian Art
4900: HALL, PETER - Making an Exhibition of Myself: The Autobiography of Peter Hall
4601: HALL, HUBERT - Court Life Under the Plantagenets
7526: HALL, R N; NEAL, W G - The Ancient Ruins of Rhodesia; Monomotapae Imperium
13578: HALL, GREGORY - The Dark Backward
16432: HALL, PIERRE E - The Winged Messenger
40067: HALL, ADAM - Quiller Kgb
32592: HALL, PHOEBE; LAND, HILARY; PARKER, ROY; WEBB, ADRIAN - Change, Choice and Conflict in Social Policy (Signed)
24429: HALL, VANCE - A History of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society 1837-1987
29548: HALL, WADE - Greetings from Kentucky: A Post Card Tour 1900-1950
39152: HALL, ALVIN - What Not to Spend (Signed)
19171: HALL, ROBIN - Cartoonists' and Illustrators' Trade Secrets
26850: COMPTON-HALL, RICHARD - Submarine Versus Submarine: The Tactics and Technology of Underwater Confrontation
37786: HALL, ALVIN - What Not to Spend (Signed)
38636: HALL, ADAM - The Striker Portfolio
32422: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - Domesday Book Through Nine Centuries
19611: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
17107: HALLBERG, WILLIAM (ED) - Perfect Lies, a Century of Great Golf Stories
20962: HALLBERRY, ANDY (ED) - British Grand Prix at Silverstone 1996
23980: HALLE, ARMIN - Tanks: An Illustrated History of Fighting Vehicles
38440: HALLEY, JAMES J - The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force and Commonwealth 1918-1988
9654: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD - The Flying Carpet
38120: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Ghost Stations (Signed)
39790: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Aaargh! (Signed)
37272: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Ghost Stations 4
38163: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - An English Town: Market Rasen
7482: HALPERIN, JOHN - Novelists in Their Youth: Henry James, Thomas Hardy, George Gissing, Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Edith Wharton
34074: HALSEY, MIKE; YOUNGMARK, LORE - Foundations of Weaving
39289: HAM, PAUL - 1914: The Year the World Ended
32671: HAMBLEY, JOHN A S - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1946
32742: HAMBLEY, JOHN A S - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1948
32661: HAMBLING, DAVID - Weapons Grade: Revealing the Links between Modern Warfare and Our High-Tech World
32835: HAMBLY, PETER - Race Under Sail
37379: HAMEL, FRANK - Jean de la Fontaine
23192: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT - Etching and Etchers
34622: HAMILTON, ANTHONY - Memoirs of the Comte de Gramont
38572: HAMILTON, MAURICE (ED) - Autocourse 1987/88
38017: HAMILTON, DAVID R - It's the Thought That Counts: The Astounding Evidence for the Power of Mind over Matter
6374: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
4911: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - The Year Returns; Recollections of Longleat
13830: HAMILTON, ALAN - The Royal Handbook
15635: HAMILTON, DENIS - Editor-in-Chief; Fleet Street Memoirs
27559: HAMILTON, JULIE - Candlelight Dinners: Romantic Meals for Two
17010: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
18465: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Making of a General, 1887-1942
32279: HAMILTON, GEORGE HEARD - The Pelican History of Art: Painting and Sculpture in Europe 1880-1940
33384: HAMILTON, CAROLINE - Decorative Dolls' Houses: Original Interiors for Twenty Five Dolls' Houses
21178: HAMILTON, ALEXANDRA - Nefertiti, the Lady of Grace
40040: HAMILTON, J A B - Trains to Nowhere: British Steam Train Accidents 1906-1960
29343: HAMILTON, ALAN - Essential Edinburgh
33227: HAMILTON, JOHN - Sail Training: The Message of the Tall Ships
36107: HAMILTON, ELIZABETH - The Warwickshire Scandal (Signed)
32108: HAMILTON, CAROLINE - Decorative Dolls' Houses: Original Interiors for Twenty Five Dolls' Houses
33530: HAMILTON, LYNN M - Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help
20329: HAMILTON, ROBERT - W H Hudson: The Vision of Earth
39689: HAMILTON, ANDY; HAMILTON, DAVE - The Self Sufficient-Ish Bible: An Eco-Living Guide for the 21st Century
27071: HAMILTON, LADY ANNE - Secret History of the Court of England from the Accession of George the Third to the Death of George the Fourth
32038: HAMKE, LEIF - Blue Two... Bale out!
38488: HAMLIN, JOHN - Always Prepared: The Story of 207 Squadron Royal Air Force
13701: HAMLYN, D W - A History of Western Philosophy
14110: HAMMERTON, THOMAS - Tunisia Unveiled
34153: HAMMOND, ION (COMP) - The Film Book
36330: HAMMOND, GERALD (ED) - The Metaphysical Poets, a Casebook
17149: HAMMOND, P W; EGAN, HAROLD - Weighed in the Balance; a History of the Laboratory of the Government Chemist
19507: HAMMOND, REGINALD (ED) - Yorkshire Dales; Harrogate, Ilkley, Ripon, Bolton Abbey, Fountains Abbey Etc
39936: HAMMOND, WALTER R - Cricketers' School
33105: HAMMOND, NIGEL - Rural Life in the Vale of the White Horse 1780-1914: A Berkshire Book
34289: HAMMOND, PAUL - French Undressing: Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
39995: HAMPSHIRE, GWEN (ED) - The Bodleian Library Account Book 1613-1646
28773: HAMPSHIRE, A CECIL - The Blockaders
13968: HAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER - Against the Current
4702: HANCOCK, T N - Bomber County 2
39737: HANCOCK, GRAHAM; BAUVAL, ROBERT; - Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith
19191: HANCOCK, GRAHAM - Underworld; the Mysterious Origins of Civilization
16326: HANCOCK, GRAHAM; BAUVAL, ROBERT; GRIGSBY, JOHN - The Mars Mystery; a Tale of the End of Two Worlds
34809: HANCOCK, T N - Bomber County: A History of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire
36806: HANCOCK, GRAHAM - The Sign and the Seal: A Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant
31537: HANCOCK, T N - Bomber County: A History of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire (Signed)
38483: HANCOCK, RUTHERFORD M - Flight Cadet: Royal Air Force College, Cranwell
12703: HANFLING, OSWALD (ED) - Fundamental Problems in Philosophy
15300: HANKS, DAVID A - Frank Lloyd Wright; Preserving an Architectural Heritage: Decorative Designs from the Domino's Pizza Collection
34887: HANLEY, HOPE - Needlepoint
11309: HANLON, EMILY - Petersburg
39710: HANNAH, IAN C - Arms and the Map, a Study of Nationalities and Frontiers
26951: HANNIGAN, DES - Ancient Tracks: Walking Through Historic Britain
447: HANNINGTON, WAL - The Problem of the Distressed Areas
25238: HANSARD, CHRISTOPHER - The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking: Skilful Thought for Successful Living
4202: HANSEN, I V - By Their Deeds: A Centenary History of Camberwell Grammar School 1886-1986
16224: HANZHANG, GENERAL TAO - Sun Tzu's Art of War; the Modern Chinese Interpretation
1702: O'HARA, JOHN - The Ewings
1543: O'HARA, JOHN - Ourselves to Know
1542: O'HARA, JOHN - The Big Laugh
37365: O'HARA, JOHN - Pipe Night: Short Stories
16351: O'HARA, JOHN - The Big Laugh
38076: O'HARA, JOHN - Pal Joey
3083: HARCLERODE, PETER - Fighting Dirty; the Inside Story of Covert Operations from Ho Chi Minh to Osama Bin Laden
4560: HARCOURT, PALMA - Dance for Diplomats
17384: HARCOURT, MELVILLE (ED) - Thirteen for Christ
39954: HARDEN, EDGAR F - The Emergence of Thackeray's Serial Fiction
28434: HARDIE, WILLIAM - The Glasgow School of Painting
9971: HARDING, MIKE - Walking the Dales
332: HARDING, D W - Experience Into Words
3407: HARDING, RACHEL; DYSON, MARY (EDS) - A Book of Condolences: Classic Letters of Bereavement
7342: HARDING, JAMES - Cochran
31786: CAMPBELL-HARDING, VALERIE - Textures in Embroidery
24007: HARDING, ALISON - Ornamental Alphabets and Initials

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