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7703: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Drake
489: BRADFORD, SARAH - Disraeli
30753: BRADFORD, SARAH - Sacheverell Sitwell: Splendours and Miseries
33294: BRADLEY, JAMES - Flyboys: A True Story of Courage
34071: BRADLEY, LIONEL - Sixteen Years of Ballet Rambert
11068: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - The Firebrand
36264: BRADLEY, A G - The Romance of Northumberland
2502: BRADLEY, ELIZABETH - Decorative Victorian Needlework
39099: BRADLEY, F H - Writings on Logic and Metaphysics
2975: BRADY, HENRY - Memoirs 1929-1937
9992: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Maid of Buttermere,
28525: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Adventure of English: 500ad to 2000; the Biography of a Language
27574: BRAGG, NORIKO - Kuma's Christmas: A Kuma the Bear Story (Signed)
34137: BRAHMS, CARYL - Robert Helpmann, Choreographer
14679: BRAIDA, CHARLENE A - Glorious Garlic, a Cookbook
26484: BRAINERD, HOMER N - A History of Golden Rule Lodge No 5, Af and Am, Qr: From 1906 to 1963
35185: BRAMSON, ALAN - Pure Luck: The Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith, 1888-1989
37360: BRAMSON, ALAN; BIRD, NEVILLE - The Tiger Moth Story
30110: BRAMWELL, MARTYN (ED) - The World Atlas of Birds
20539: BRANCH, RAMUS - Harry Edwards; the Life Story of the Great Healer
7732: BRANCH, GIGI - Painting Birds on China
37964: BRAND, VIOLET; BRAND, GEOFFREY - Brass Bands in the 20th Century
39227: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Lady and the Unicorn
10374: BRANDER, MICHAEL - The Making of the Highlands
21536: BRANDER, MICHAEL (ED) - The Sword and the Pen; a Selection of Military Diaries
23871: BRANDER, LAURENCE - Tobias Smollett (Writers and Their Work)
30574: BRANDON, DAVID; KNIGHT, JOHN - Peterborough Past: The City and the Soke
34906: BRANDON, REIKO MOCHINAGA; STEPHAN, BARBARA B - Spirit and Symbol: The Japanese New Year
18041: BRANDT, ANTHONY (ED) - The North Pole: A Narrative History
8412: BRANGHAM, A N - The Naturalist's Riviera
24934: BRANGHAM, A N - The Naturalist's Riviera
5340: BRANIGAN, KEITH - Roman Britain: Life in an Imperial Province
28838: BRANN, CHRISTIAN - Kemble, Ewen and Poole Keynes: Three Villages by the Infant Thames
38474: BRANSBY, LESLIE - I Went a-Roving
36357: BRANTINGHAM, P JEFFREY; KUHN, STEVEN L; KERRY, KRISTOPHER (EDS) - The Early Upper Paleolithic Beyond Western Europe
18457: BRAUN, EMILY (ED) - Italian Art in the 20th Century
25326: BRAUN, HUGH - The Centuries Look Down
30734: BRAUNBEHRENS, VOLKMAR - Mozart in Vienna 1781-1791
39121: BRAUNMULLER, A R; HATTAWAY, MICHAEL (EDS) - The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama
34131: BRAUNSWEG, JULIAN - Braunsweg's Ballet Scandals: The Life of an Impresario and the Story of Festival Ballet
25518: BRAUNSWEG, JULIAN - Braunsweg's Ballet Scandals: The Life of an Impresario and the Story of Festival Ballet
29517: BRAY, JOHN - Bray's Exeter Street Directory: 1983-84
5901: BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE (ED) - Seeds in the Wind: 20th Century Juvenilia from W B Yeats to Ted Hughes
35629: BREARS, PETER - Images of Leeds
31291: BREARS, PETER - Images of Leeds 1850-1960
34451: BREARS, PETER C D - The Collector's Book of English Country Pottery
36398: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Nehru: A Political Biography
21304: BRECHT, BERTOLT - The Caucasian Chalk Circle
14831: BREEZE, DAVID J - The Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain
12207: BREFFNY, BRIAN DE - The Land of Ireland
12986: BRENDON, PIERS - Hurrell Froude and the Oxford Movement
33671: BRENER, MILTON - Opera Offstage: Passion and Politics Behind the Great Operas
20084: BRENNAN, RICHARD - The Alexander Technique; Natural Poise for Health
7159: BRENT, GERRY - Housing the Pig
30297: BRESLER, FENTON - The Mystery of Georges Simenon, a Biography
25580: BRETECHER, CLAIRE - Agrippina Throws a Wobbly
30834: BRETON, REV H HUGH; LANG, MIKE - Beautiful Dartmoor and Its Interesting Antiquities
1967: BRETT, SIMON (COMP) - Take a Spare Truss; Tips for Nineteenth Century Travellers
15369: BRETT, BERNARD - A History of Watercolour
18462: BRETTELL, RICHARD R - Impression: Painting Quickly in France 1860-1890
28826: BRETTELL, RICHARD R - Impression: Painting Quickly in France 1860-1890
36758: BREWSTER, D E - Edwardian Postcards of Road and Rail Transport
18004: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Yellow Admiral
22047: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Hussein; an Entertainment
8773: BRIARD, JACQUES - The Bronze Age in Barbarian Europe: From the Megaliths to the Celts
33021: BRIARD, JACQUES - The Bronze Age in Barbarian Europe: From Megaliths to the Celts
38419: BRICE, W C (ED) - Inscriptions in the Minoan Linear Script of Class a
1589: BRICKHILL, PAUL - The Deadline
23470: BRIDGE, ANTONY - The Crusades
890: BRIDGES, ROBERT - Selected Poems (Sesame Books)
30676: BRIDGES, TIM; MUNDY, CHARLES - Worcester: A Pictorial History
20114: BRIDGES, ROBERT - The Testament of Beauty
32253: O'BRIEN, DEIRDRE - Moonlight Cruise
5345: O'BRIEN, PATRICK (ED) - New Illustrated World History
18055: O'BRIEN, EDNA - House of Splendid Isolation
2850: BRIER, BOB - The Murder of Tutankhamen; a 3000-Year-Old Murder Mystery
37358: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
9769: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
9770: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
5284: BRIGGS, ASA - Marks and Spencer 1884-1984; a Centenary History
11165: CURRER-BRIGGS, NOEL; GAMBIER, ROYSTON - Debrett's Family Historian; a Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry
23028: CURRER-BRIGGS, NOEL - Worldwide Family History
31192: BRIGGS, J H Y - A History of Longton: 1 the Birth of a Community
25209: BRIGGS, ASA - The Power of Steam: An Illustrated History of the World's Steam Age
15645: BRIGGS, ASA - Marks and Spencer 1884-1984; a Centenary History
15511: BRIGHAM, RICHARD - The Countryside Diary; a Rural Year
17251: BRIGHT, HENRY A - A Year in a Victorian Garden
22485: BRIGHT, MORRIS; ROSS, ROBERT - Mr Carry on; the Life and Work of Peter Rogers
22507: BRIGHT, MORRIS; ROSS, ROBERT - Mr Carry on; the Life and Work of Peter Rogers
24400: BRIGHT, MICHAEL - Whale Odyssey: A Humpback Whale's First Perilous Year
36165: BRIGHTON, SIMON - In Search of the Knights Templar: A Guide to the Sites in Britain
8637: BRILL, EDITH - Portrait of the Cotswolds
39060: BRINDLE, STEVEN - Paddington Station, Its History and Architecture
37428: BRINDLEY, W H (ED) - The Soul of Manchester
14001: BRION, MARCEL - Pompeii & Herculaneum: The Glory and the Grief
23874: BRISSENDEN, R F - Samuel Richardson (Writers and Their Work)
13431: BRITT, DAVID (ED) - Modern Art; Impressionism to Post-Modernism
31982: BRITTON, ERIC (ADAPTS) - Piccadilly Incident; the Book of the Film
34664: BROAD, DAVID A - The History of Little Paxton
9270: BROCKIE, KEITH - The Silvery Tay; Paintings and Sketches from a Scottish River
33792: BROCKIE, KEITH - One Man's River: Paintings and Sketches from a Scottish River
19270: BROCKMAN, JOHN (ED) - The Next Fifty Years; Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century
38681: BRODRIBB, GERALD - Next Man in: A Survey of Cricket Laws and Customs
1487: BROMBERT, VICTOR - Trains of Thought: Memories of a Stateless Youth
1540: BROME, VINCENT - J B Priestley
38461: BROMLEY, ROSEMARY D F; THOMAS, COLIN J (EDS) - Retail Change, Contemporary Issues
17902: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre
39173: BROOK, DENIS; HINCHLIFFE, PHIL - The Alternative Pennine Way
710: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems
7127: BROOKE, RUPERT - Augustan Books of Poetry: Rupert Brooke
38107: BROOKE, XANTHE - The Lady Lever Art Gallery Catalogue of Embroideries
25689: BROOKE, GEOFFREY - Horsemanship: The Way of a Man with a Horse (Lonsdale Library)
5492: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER - The Saxon & Norman Kings
39122: BROOKE, IRIS - A History of English Costume
38258: BROOKES, PETER - The Best of Times...
31672: BROOKES, EWART - To Endless Night
15705: BROOKESMITH, PETER - Ufo, the Government Files
9238: BROOKNER, ANITA - Lewis Percy
214: BROOKNER, ANITA - Fraud
22135: BROOKNER, ANITA - Fraud
32579: BROOKS, TERRY - The Elves of Cintra: Genesis of Shannara Book Two
36005: BROOKS, ROBIN J - Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Airfields in the Second World War
11706: BROPHY, JOHN - The Front Door Key
26932: BROPHY, JOHN - Body and Soul
28308: BROSNAN, JOHN - The Primal Screen: A History of Science Fiction Film
17956: BROSNAN, JOHN - The Primal Screen: A History of Science Fiction Film
24865: BROSTER, D K - Ships in the Bay!
29051: BROUGHTON, JUNE - The Past in Pictures: A Further Collection of Photographs of the London Borough of Sutton over the Last Century
8997: BROWN, R J - The English Country Cottage
36071: YEATS-BROWN, F - Golden Horn
31760: BROWN, FRANCESCA - My Whispering Angels
38985: BROWN, NEVILLE - Dissenting Forbears: The Maternal Ancestors of J M Keynes
37764: BROWN, HOWARD - Journey Through Darkness (Signed)
36469: BROWN, MARIANNE K - Watercolor by Design: Classic Designs to Inspire New Creative Directions
4128: BROWN, BALDWIN - The Art of the Cave Dweller: A Study of the Earliest Artistic Activities of Man
7825: BROWN, BENJAMIN P (ED) - Techniques of Christian Writing,
3445: BROWN, MARY GIFFORD - Reflections: Images of British Women in Their Own Words
4931: BUCHANAN-BROWN, JOHN (ED) - The Illustrations of William Makepeace Thackeray
38199: BROWN, JAMES - Gamlingay: Six Hundred Years of Life in an English Village
7695: BROWN, LUANNE; RACHID, SIDNA - Egyptian Carpets, a Practical Guide
38453: BROWN, DAVID BLAYNEY - The Art of J M W Turner
11756: BROWN, G E - George Bernard Shaw (Literature in Perspective)
13525: BROWN, B MEREDITH - The Brewer's Art
13808: BROWN, CRAIG/CUNLIFFE, LESLEY - The Book of Royal Lists
15688: BROWN, PAULINE - Embroidery: A Complete Course in Embroidery Design and Technique
29380: BROWN, PATRICK - Buildings of Britain 1550-1750: South West England
16912: BROWN, JEAN - Embroidery in Miniature
23217: BROWN, PETER (SEL) - The Book of Kells
34900: BUCHANAN-BROWN, JOHN (ED) - The Illustrations of William Makepeace Thackeray
38984: BROWN, HAMISH - The Last Hundred: Munros, Beards and a Dog
33383: BROWN, IVOR - The Way of My World
33861: BROWN, GREGORY - How to Draw Trees
31293: BROWN, ROBERT - Basingstoke's Pictorial Past
25165: BROWN, SANDY; BINNS, DAVID (ED) - The Mcjazz Manuscripts: A Collection of the Writings of Sandy Brown (Signed)
38703: BROWN, DAVID - Tchaikovsky, the Man and His Music
30197: GRAHAM-BROWN, R A C; MONK, B E (EDS) - Skin Disorders in the Elderly
33594: BROWN, STEWART J - Buses in Britain
32206: BROWN, PETER LANCASTER - Megaliths, Myths and Men: An Introduction to Astro-Archaeology
28886: BROWN, A F J - Essex at Work 1700-1815
28321: BROWN, MALCOLM - The Imperial War Museum Book of 1918, Year of Victory
27640: BROWN, DAVID - Learn to Draw
33665: BROWN, DAVID; ABRAHAM, GERALD; LLOYD-JONES, DAVID - The New Grove Russian Masters 1: Glinka, Borodin, Balakirev, Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky
28588: BROWN, J - Tourist Rambles in the Northern and Midland Counties: Second Series
31354: BROWN, GEORGE J - Eastleigh Railway Institute Centenary 1891-1991: A Resume of Eastleigh Railway Institute
38716: BROWN, R DOUGLAS - East Anglia 1940
36008: BROWN, SARAH - Stained Glass at York Minster
34167: BROWNE, ROBERT - Beyond the Cape of Hope
2604: BROWNE, ROBERT - Beyond the Cape of Hope
37013: BROWNE, SYLVIA - The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond
31498: BROWNE, HARRY - You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis
27593: BROWNE, JANET - Roses: A Guide to Cultivation
8556: BROWNE, G LATHOM - Nelson: The Public and Private Life of Horatio Viscount Nelson
9890: GWYNN-BROWNE, A - F S P: An Nco's Description of His and Others' First Six Months of War, January 1st - June 1st 1940
6140: CAVE-BROWNE, J - The History of Brasted, Its Manor, Parish, and Church
32528: BROWNE, K R G - Huntin', Shootin' and Fishin'
5146: BROWNING, D C - Everyman's Dictionary of Quotations and Proverbs
26581: BROWNING, ROBERT - Balaustion's Adventure: Including a Transcript from Euripides
26586: BROWNING, ROBERT - Ferishtah's Fancies
26588: BROWNING, ROBERT - Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in Their Day
26590: BROWNING, ROBERT - Fifine at the Fair
26621: BROWNING, ROBERT - Jocoseria
29222: BROWNING, IAIN - Petra
38773: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Sonnets from the Portuguese
28569: BROWSE, LILLIAN - Forain the Painter 1852-1931
36150: BRUCE, JOHN COLLINGWOOD - The Bayeux Tapestry: The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest
33077: BRUCE, ERROLL - Deep Sea Sailing
34877: BRUCE, COLIN JOHN - Invaders: British and American Experience of Seaborne Landings 1939-1945
5825: BRUCE, J R; COLMAN, J S; JONES, N S - Marine Fauna of the Isle of Man
9833: BRUCE, MARIE LOUISE - The Making of Henry VIII
34484: BRUCE, WILLIAM NAPIER - Life of General Sir Charles Napier
18151: BRUCE, DAVID - Sun Pictures; the Hill-Adamson Calotypes
37840: BRUCE, J M - De Havilland, Aircraft of World War One
32844: BRUCE, ERROLL - Cape Horn to Port
37195: BRUCE, J M - Fighters, Volume Three: War Planes of the First World War
33324: BRUCE, PAUL - The Nemesis File:
35809: BRUCE, DONALD - Radical Doctor Smollett
28794: BRUCK, AXEL - Painting and Drawing with Liquid Colours
36564: BRUNER, JEROME S - The Relevance of Education
14311: BRUNHAMMER, Y - La Faience Francaise
21888: BRUNNER, JOHN - The Days of March
23743: BRUNTON, PAUL - The Wisdom of the Overself
37621: BRUTON, ERIC - Collector's Dictionary of Clocks and Watches
3093: BRYAN, C D B - Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind; Alien Abduction and Ufos - Witnesses and Scientists Report
31294: BRYAN, ANTHONY - Francis Frith's Windmills and Watermills
35851: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Years of Victory: 1802-1812
31973: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Elizabethan Deliverance
38669: BRYANT, ASHLEY - Riverside Journey: A Portrait of the Derwent
7322: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Samuel Pepys: The Saviour of the Navy
38176: BRYANT, JOHN - Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy
10908: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Story of England: Makers of the Realm
13499: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Turn of the Tide, 1939-1943; a Study Based on the Diaries and Autobiographical Notes of F M Viscount Alanbrooke
5622: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Medieval Foundation
944: BRYNN, EDWARD - Crown and Castle: British Rule in Ireland 1800-1830
3032: BUCH, HANS CHRISTOPH - The Wedding at Port-Au-Prince
8411: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Blanket of the Dark
15934: BUCHAN, URSULA - Wall Plants and Climbers
5694: BUCHAN, URSULA; COLBORN, NIGEL - The Classic Horticulturalist
27247: BUCHAN, URSULA; COLBORN, NIGEL - The Classic Horticulturalist
33281: BUCHAN, JOHN - Salute to Adventurers
18969: BUCK, CLAIRE (ED) - Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature; from Sappho to Atwood, Women's Writing Through the Ages and Throughout the World
31695: BUCKINGHAM, JOHN - Tales from the Weighing Room: A Life in Racing
37966: BUCKLAND, ELFREDA - The World of Donald Mcgill
23418: BUCKLAND, JOHN - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Freshwater Game Fishing
35855: BUCKLAND, RAY - Practical Colour Magick
28711: BUCKLE, E MARGARET - Stone Wall Country
11997: BUCKLE, RICHARD - In the Wake of Diaghilev, Volume 2 of His Autobiography
18744: BUCKLEY, SARAH - Practical Watercolour Techniques
1942: BUCKMAN, DAVID - Martin Leman: A World of His Own
4634: BUCKNALL, GEOFFREY - Reservoir Trout Fishing
571: BUCKNELL, PETER A - Entertainment & Ritual 600-1600,
38252: BUCKTON, HENRY (ED) - By Royal Command: An Account of Their Service by Members of the Royal Household and Representatives of Her Majest Queen Elizabeth II
37278: BUCQUOY, CDT E-L - Les Uniformes Du Premier Empire: La Garde Imperiale, Troupes a Cheval
37215: BUCQUOY, CDT E-L - Les Uniformes Du Premier Empire: La Garde Imperiale, Troupes a Pied
38677: BUDGE, E A WALLIS - The Nile: Notes for Travellers in Egypt
6110: BUDGE, E A WALLIS - Egyptian Religion; Ideas of the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
23421: BUDGE, E A WALLIS - Egyptian Religion; Ideas of the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
34846: BUDWORTH, GEOFFREY - The Complete Book of Knots
20068: BUECHNER, THOMAS S - Norman Rockwell, a Sixty Year Retrospective
3450: BUEL, JESSE - Jesse Buel Agricultural Reformer
35940: BUETTNER, BRIGITTE - Boccaccio's Des Cleres Et Nobles Femmes: Systems of Signification in an Illuminated Manuscript
16786: BUGLIOSI, VINCENT - The Manson Murders; an Investigation Into Motive
5320: BUHET, GIL - The Grand Catch
27878: BULLARD, E JOHN - Mary Cassatt: Oils and Pastels
2326: BULLETT, GERALD - George Eliot: Her Life and Books
6803: BULLOCK, ALAN/STALLYBRASS, OLIVER/TROMBLEY, STEPHEN (ED) - The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought
5960: BULLOUGH, EDWARD (ED) - Cambridge Readings in Italian Literature
30412: BULMAN, CRAIG - The Vulcan B Mk2 from a Different Angle (Signed)
1457: BULMER, MARTIN (ED) - Mining and Social Change; Durham County in the Twentieth Century
30205: BULSON, ROY - Roy Bulson's Munster Inns and Taverns
23473: BUMPUS, T FRANCIS - A Guide to Gothic Architecture
38628: BUNCE, GORDON - Lucas in Birmingham (Signed)
36473: BUNSON, MATTHEW - The Vampire Encyclopedia
8967: BUNTING, MADELEINE - The Model Occupation; the Channel Islands Under German Rule 1940-1945
32741: BUNYAN, JOHN; KEEBLE, N H (ED) - The Pilgrim's Progress (Oxford World's Classics)
34636: BURBIDGE, T H (ED) - Durham School Register: Third Edition to December 1939 (with Editor's Letter)
22501: BURBIDGE, W F - On Rolling Wheels in the West
34190: BURBIDGE, PAULINE - Making Patchwork for Pleasure and Profit
18920: BURCH, GEOFF - Go It Alone! the Streetwise Secrets of Self-Employment (Signed)
5080: BURCHMAN, JERROLD - Reductions/Removals (Signed)
739: BURDETT, DAVID LLEWELLYN - Hix Nix Stix Pix: A Kaleidoscope of Talk and Events
5790: BURDICK, JOHN - William Morris; Redesigning the World
31834: WRITERS BUREAU, THE - Creative Writing: The Writers Bureau Course
28050: BURGESS, ANTHONY - On Going to Bed
32370: BURGESS, THORNTON W - Billy Mink (Bedtime Story-Books)
38973: BURK, KATHLEEN - Troublemaker: The Life and History of a J P Taylor
34050: BURKE, A F - Farnborough 1959 Public Programme
3795: BURKE, JOHN - Life in the Castle in Medieval England
7098: BURKE, MARTYN - The Commissar's Report
39069: BURKE, EDMUND - Reflections on the Revolution in France
33988: BURKE, A F - Farnborough 1958 Programme
9953: BURKE, JOHN - Musical Landscapes
37419: BURKE, JOHN - Life in the Castle in Medieval England
19519: BURKE, JOHN - Look Back on England
37439: BURKHOLDER, MARK A; JOHNSON, LYMAN L - Colonial Latin America
17869: BURL, AUBREY - Prehistoric Avebury
20284: BURLAND, C A - Peoples of the Sun: The Civilizations of Pre-Columbian America
9963: BURLAND, C A - Peoples of the Sun: The Civilizations of Pre-Columbian America
32675: BURMAN, ALAN - Northampton: Images of Wartime
8498: BURMEISTER, JON - The Unloved Ones
39204: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A God and His Gifts
39137: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A Heritage and Its History
39118: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - Pastors and Masters
15177: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A Heritage and Its History
16741: BURNETT, JUNE (ED) - The Common Thread; Writings by Working-Class Women
30277: BURNETT, DAVID - Salisbury: The History of an English Cathedral City
31289: BURNETT, DAVID - A Dorset Camera 1855-1914
38211: BURNETT, DEAN - The Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head Is Really Up to
39112: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - The Last and the First
683: BURNINGHAM, JOHN - England
6345: BURNS, C DELISLE - The First Europe: A Study of the Establishment of Medieval Christendom Ad 400-800
28950: BURNS, PEGGY - Memories of Leicester
7319: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Roosevelt the Soldier of Freedom 1940-1945
14545: BURNS, KEVIN - Eastern Philosophy
15213: BURNS, JAMES - The Christ Face in Art
5944: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Past at Work
28959: BURTON, S H - Exmoor
3037: BURTON, PHILIP - You, My Brother
5009: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Changing River; an Account of Some British Waters and Their History
7751: BURTON, RICHARD (TRANS); ARCHER, W G (ED) - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
19332: BURTON, ANTHONY - Slow Roads; a Leisurely Journey Through England, Scotland and Wales
21727: BURTON, RICHARD - The Land of Midian (Revisited), 2 Volumes
22144: BURTON, ANTHONY - Josiah Wedgwood, a Biography
24815: BURTON, ELIZABETH - The Early Victorians at Home
24971: BURTON, ELIZABETH - The Early Victorians at Home
16182: BURTON, MAURICE - The Observer's Book of Wild Animals
37778: BUSBY, BRIAN (ED) - In Flanders Fields and Other Poems of the First World War
36032: BUSCOMBE, EDWARD (COMP) - The Bfi Companion to the Western
31390: BUSFIELD, JOAN - Health and Health Care in Modern Britain
31363: BUSH, ROBIN - The Book of Exmouth: Portrait of a Resort (Signed)
38804: BUSH, JUNE - The Warner Letters: The Experiences of Two English Brothers During the Indian Rebellion of 1857-1859
19239: BUSHELL, PETER - London's Secret History
18730: BUSSBY, FREDERICK - Winchester Cathedral 1079-1979
11923: BUTHLAY, KENNETH - Hugh Macdiarmid
30617: BUTLER, DEREK - Canterbury in Old Photographs: A Second Selection (Britain in Old Photographs)
9087: BUTLER, REV D - Gothic Architecture, Its Christian Origin and Inspiration
31130: BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER; CHADWICK, HENRY; CLARK, ALAN; KNAPP-FISHER, EDWARD; RUNCIE, ROBERT - Towards Unity in Truth: A Series of Lectures Given During Lent 1981 in Westminster Abbey
18275: BUTLER, MARGARET G; GREVES, BERYL S - Fabric Furnishings
4891: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Erewhon
26865: BUTLER, P H (ED) - British Isles Airfield Guide
29280: BUTLER, SIMON - The Exeter Book: A Pictorial Study
30819: BUTLER, ROBERT N - The Longevity Revolution: The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life
25979: BUTLER, PATRICK - The Healing Hand Book: Training and Developing the Power to Heal
39156: BUTLER, PATRICK - Develop the Power to Heal
27475: BUTLIN, MARTIN - William Blake (1757-1827): A Catalogue of the Works of William Blake in the Tate Gallery
27010: BUTT, REV G E - My Travels in North West Rhodesia: Or a Missionary Journey of 16000 Miles (Signed)
33095: BUTT, DR JOHN (ED) - Industrial Archaeology Volume 9: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology
10503: BUTTER, PETER - Francis Thompson (Writers and Their Work)
38201: BUTTERS, WES; DAVIES, RUSSELL - Kenneth Williams Unseen: The Private Notes, Scripts and Photographs
35484: BUTTERTON, HARRY - Edwardian Derby: A Panorama of Provincial Town Life 100 Years Ago
16303: BUTTLAR, JOHANNES VON - The Ufo Phenomenon
31900: BUXTON, DAVID - Ripley and Codnor (Archive Photographs)
14850: BUZAN, TONY - Master Your Memory
24011: BUZZI, GIANCARLO - The Life and Times of Caesar (Portraits of Greatness)
17316: BYATT, A S - Possession
39288: BYNG, JOHN, VISCOUNT TORRINGTON - Rides Round Britain
6711: BYNG, JOHN, VISCOUNT TORRINGTON - Rides Round Britain
37231: BYRDE, PENELOPE - A Frivolous Distinction: Fashion and Needlework in the Works of Jane Austen
364: BYRNE, MURIEL ST CLARE - The Lisle Letters
4437: BYRNE, GERRY - Ruby
36021: BYRNE, RHONDA - Secret the Power
28261: BYRON, LORD - The Shorter Poems of Byron
23074: BYRON, LORD; ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Poetry of Byron
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81: CAMERON, KENNETH - English Place Names
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16620: ZALESKI, CAROL AND PHILIP (EDS) - The Book of Heaven; an Anthology of Writings from Ancient to Modern Times
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12883: CAVALIER, ROBERT - Plato for Beginners
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34351: MOLYNEUX-CHILD, J W - The Evolution of the English Manorial System (Signed)
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39299: CHOLERIC, BROTHER - Last Cracks in Legendary Cloisters
38131: CHOO, CHUN WEI - The Knowing Organization: How Organizations Use Information to Construct Meaning, Create Knowledge, and Make Decisions
24861: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Synchro Destiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles
36975: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Magical Mind Magical Body: Mastering the Mind/Body Connection for Perfect Health and Total Well-Being (Cassettes)
38608: CHORLEY, W R - Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1943
38591: CHORLEY, W R - Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1939-1940
38605: CHORLEY, W R - Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1945
38619: CHORLEY, W R - Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War 1944
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1853: CHOY, WAYSON - All That Matters
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16944: CHROPOVSKY, BOHUSLAV - The Slavs; Their Significance, Political and Cultural History
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12452: CHURCH, RICHARD - The Growth of the English Novel
20111: CHURCH, RICHARD - Kent
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39259: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Unrelenting Struggle
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39213: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Dawn of Liberation
38552: CHURCHMAN, C W; ACKOFF, R L; ARNOFF, E L - Introduction to Operations Research
3855: CHURTON, TOBIAS - The Gnostics
36548: CHURTON, TOBIAS - The Gnostics
37489: CILLIERS, PAUL - Complexity and Postmodernism: Understanding Complex Systems
39352: CIPOLLA, CARLO M - Cristofano and the Plague: A Study in the History of Public Health in the Age of Galileo
38433: PSV CIRCLE - Current Fleets of Bus and Coach Operators: Republic of Ireland, Part One - Major Operators
35622: CITRON, STEPHEN - Noel and Cole: The Sophisticates
17016: CLAIBORNE, ROBERT - The Life and Times of the English Language
6224: CLAMP, H M E - Jerramy Green-Eyes
9323: CLANCY, TOM - Clear & Present Danger
10149: CLANCY, TOM - Rainbow Six
10963: CLANCY, TOM; HORNER, GEN CHUCK - Every Man a Tiger
11597: CLANCY, TOM - Rainbow Six
7277: CLAPHAM, WALTER - Night Be My Witness
4762: CLAPHAM, ALFRED W; GODFREY, WALTER H - Some Famous Buildings and Their Story, Being the Results of Recent Research in London and Elsewhere
25395: CLAPHAM, A W; TUTIN, T G; WARBURG, E F - Excursion Flora of the British Isles
32365: CLARE, WALLACE; FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY - A Simple Guide to Irish Genealogy
38772: DANIEL, CLARENCE ET AL - Eyam, the Plague and an 1858 Ramble
39075: CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, EARL OF - The History of the Great Rebellion
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8747: CLARK, SIR GEORGE (ED) - The Oxford History of England, 17 Volumes
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10160: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS - We'LL Meet Again
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14846: CLARK, GEORGE H; MALTE, M OSCAR - Fodder and Pasture Plants
36374: CLARK, ANTHONY - Seeing Beneath the Soil: Prospecting Methods in Archaeology
23049: CLARK, KENNETH - Feminine Beauty
24281: CLARK, DAVID - Fuchsias for Greenhouse and Garden (Kew Gardening Guides)
33418: CLARK, DAVID - Fuchsias for Greenhouse and Garden (Kew Gardening Guides)
19185: CLARK, ALAN - Diaries: Into Politics
20449: CLARK, RONALD H - An Illustrated History of M & G N J R Locomotives
35875: CLARK, DAVID - Battlefield Walks: The South
39067: CLARK, CHRISTOPHER - Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600-1947
28687: CLARK, STUART - Universe in Focus: The Story of the Hubble Telescope
35399: CLARK, BAS - Rainbows in Puddles: Pam Ramsden's Families
32884: CLARK, HAZEL - Fibres to Fabrics: Techniques and Projects for Handspinners
39311: CLARK, G KITSON - The Making of Victorian England
4984: CLARKE, ARTHUR C; MCQUAY, MIKE - Richter 10
30658: CLARKE, RICHARD C - In Praise of Bishop's Stortford and the Herts: Essex Border Country
38992: CLARKE, PETER - Mr Churchill's Profession: Statesman, Orator, Writer
16439: CLARKE, LINDA; IVES, JOHN; RANKIN, STUART; SIMONS, PAUL - Aspects of Railway Architecture
37455: CLARKE, PATRICIA - The Governesses: Letters from the Colonies 1862-1882
37435: CLARKE, AMY C; ATKINS, ROBIN - Beaded Embellishment: Techniques and Designs for Embroidering on Cloth
34587: CLARKE, R M (COMP) - Allied Military Vehicles: Collection No 1
25529: CLARKE, FRANK - Frank Clarke's Paintbox: Teaches You to Paint with Watercolours
22100: CLARKE, J N - Country Gleanings from the Lincolnshire Wolds
38362: CLARKE, JOHN D - Gallantry Medals and Decorations of the World
30695: CLARKE, BRIAN - Paul Mccartney: Paintings
36267: CLARKE, GRAHAM (ED) - Thomas Hardy: Critical Assessments 4 Volumes
35458: CLARKE, R M (COMP) - Allied Military Vehicles: Collection No 2
6255: CLARKE, BASIL; BETJEMAN, JOHN - English Churches
39039: CLARKE, MARY; CRISP, CLEMENT - The Ballet Goer's Guide
38792: CLARKE, GARY - Candlewicking and Beyond, Embroidery Designs
28991: UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL EXTRA-MURAL CLASS - Wrington Village Records: Studies of the History of a Somerset Village
5348: CLAY, JOHN F (ED) - Essays in Steam; an Anthology of Articles from the Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society
35049: CLAY, JOHN - Maconochie's Experiment
38454: CLAYTON, MICHAEL - The Chase: A Modern Guide to Foxhunting
20371: CLAYTON, PETER (ED) - A Companion to Roman Britain
20620: CLAYTON, TIM; CRAIG, PHIL - Finest Hour
10385: CLAYTON, PETER (ED) - A Companion to Roman Britain
15032: CLEARWATER, BONNIE/KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - Edward Ruscha, Lannan Museum
746: CLEARY, JON - Vortex
31127: CLEARY, MICHAEL - The Jesus Prayer Rosary: Biblical Meditations for Praying with Beads
27740: CLEARY, JON - The Fall of an Eagle
39206: CLEARY, JON - Forests of the Night
13369: CLEGG, MICHAEL - Seal Song (Signed)
21824: CLEGG, DONALD - Celebrating the Seasons in Watercolour
35379: CLEGG, MICHAEL - Porpoise Song (Signed)
37118: CLEMEN, WOLFGANG H - The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery
6023: CLEMENTS, FRANK - T E Lawrence a Reader`S Guide
36176: CLEMENTS, JONATHAN - Pirate King: Coxinga and the Fall of the Ming Dynasty
38969: CLEMENTS, PAUL - Marc Isambard Brunel
38565: CLERY, PETER - The Wealth and Estates of Glastonbury Abbey at the Dissolution in 1539
475: CLEUGH, JAMES - Love Locked out
14386: CLEUGH, JAMES - Love Locked out
16060: CLEWES, HOWARD - I, the King
16095: CLEWES, HOWARD - I, the King
728: CLEWES, WINSTON - The Violent Friends
1792: CLIFT, JOHN R - The Alienation Box
31260: CLIGMAN, JUDITH; CROWE, NIGEL - Hertfordshire to Norfolk (Exploring England's Heritage)
6049: CLINCH, GEORGE - Antiquarian Jottings Relating to Bromley, Hayes, Keston, and West Wickham, in Kent
24854: CLINCH, ROSEMARY - Supernatural in Somerset
8180: CLISSOLD, STEPHEN (COMP) - The Wisdom of the Spanish Mystics
37986: CLIVE, MARY - Jack and the Doctor: John Donne 1572-1631
6256: CLIVE, JOHN - Not by Fact Alone: Essays on the Writing and Reading of History
8127: CLODFELTER, MICHEAL - The Pawns of Dishonor (Signed)
33096: CLODFELTER, MICHEAL - The Pawns of Dishonor (Signed)
38315: CLOSE, COL SIR CHARLES - The Early Years of the Ordnance Survey
12117: CLOSS, AUGUST - Twentieth Century German Literature; Volume IV in the Introductions to German Literature
29623: CLOUGH, TIM - Rutland in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
13730: CLOUGH, ARTHUR HUGH - Selections from the Poems of Arthur Hugh Clough
29198: CLOUGH, TIM - Rutland in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
31434: CLOUSE, WENDY - Acrylics (Step by Step Art School)
32331: CLOUSE, WENDY - Painting Landscapes in Acrylics
6097: CLOUSTON, BRIAN; STANSFIELD, KATHY (EDS) - Trees in Towns; Maintenance and Management
12676: CLOWES, G S LAIRD - Sailing Ships, Their History and Development As Illustrated by the Collection of Ship-Models in the Science Museum, 2 Vols
31562: CLUCAS, JOY - Your Machine Embroidery (Signed)
31634: CLUNN, HAROLD - An Analysis of Life: An Attempt to Conduct an Independent Enquiry Into the Leading Problems Which Confront Mankind
37193: CLUTTERBUCK, RICHARD - Drugs, Crime and Corruption
6149: CLUTTON, CECIL; STANFORD, JOHN - The Vintage Motor-Car
33710: CLYMAN, TOBY W; VOWLES, JUDITH (EDS) - Russia Through Women's Eyes: Autobiographies from Tsarist Russia
6995: SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of Fine Lithographs and Drawings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
28860: COATES, KEN; SILBURN, RICHARD - St Ann's: Poverty, Deprivation and Morale in a Nottingham Community
27331: COATES, JAMES - Human Magnetism or How to Hypnotise: A Practical Handbook for Students of Mesmerism
24661: COATES, TIM ED) - The Battle of Egypt (Uncovered Editions War Facsimiles)
31898: COATES, TOM - Creating a Self Portrait
36497: COATS, PETER - Smocking and Quilting
34959: COATS, PETER - The Gardens of Buckingham Palace
29215: COBB, REV J - History and Antiquities of Berkhamsted
36937: COBBOLD, MARIKA - Frozen Music
37899: COBEN, HARLAN - Gone for Good (Signed)
37507: COCHRANE, JAMES - A Book of Saints
16699: COCHRANE, JAMES - A Book of Saints
26420: COCKBURN, CLAUD - Crossing the Line: A Second Volume of Autobiography
25890: COCKBURN, ANDREW - The Threat: Inside the Soviet Military Machine
28980: COCKBURN, ELIZABETH O - The Almshouses of Dorset
36: COCKETT, F B - Peter Monamy 1681-1749 and His Circle
37151: COCKSHOTT, ALEX; SHILLITOE, DENISE - Ilkley Past and Present (Britain in Old Photographs)
11888: COCKSHUT, A O J - Anthony Trollope; a Critical Study
12108: COCKSHUT, A O J - Truth to Life; the Art of Biography in the Nineteenth Century
22637: COCKWILL, PETER - Trout from Small Stillwaters
14984: COCTEAU, JEAN - Jean Cocteau, the Graphic Artist
7051: COFFEY, FRANK - The Shaman
8073: COFFEY, FRANK (ED) - Modern Masters of Horror
32921: COGGLE, BERTRAND J; BYRNES, JOHN P K - Christian Social Ethics: A Methodist Approach (Signed)
15679: COGHLAN, RONAN - The Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
15167: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - Bonnard
36958: COHEN, GILLIAN - Memory in the Real World
2032: COHEN, DANIEL - The Encyclopedia of Monsters
7514: COHEN, IRENE E - The Predators
12787: COHEN, MARTIN - 101 Philosophy Problems
23352: COHEN, DANIEL - The Encyclopedia of Ghosts
32175: COHEN, MORRIS R - A Preface to Logic
35492: COHEN, STAN - East Wind Rain: A Pictorial History of the Pearl Harbour Attack
2908: COLBECK, MAURICE - Yorkshire, the Dales
8173: COLBECK, MAURICE - Made in Yorkshire Second to None
10050: COLBECK, MAURICE - Village Yorkshire
22175: COLBECK, MAURICE - Yorkshire, the Dales
33519: COLBORN, NIGEL - Plant Solutions
34302: COLCHESTER, L S - A Short History of the Organs in the Cathedral Church of St Andrew in Wells
30812: COLE, THOMAS R; ACHENBAUM, W ANDREW; JAKOBI, PATRICIA L; KASTENBAUM, ROBERT - Voices and Visions of Aging: Towards a Critical Gerontology
37907: COLE, NICK; SMITH, DENNIS - The Naked Feet of Nicaragua (Signed)
18397: COLE, CHRISTOPHER; GRANT, RODERICK - But Not in Anger; the Raf in the Transport Role
24118: COLE, HERBERT - Heraldry Decoration and Floral Forms
38443: COLE, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Royal Flying Corps Communiques 1915-1916
37853: COLE, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Royal Air Force Communiques 1918
36896: COLE, HUBERT - The Black Prince
38627: COLE, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Royal Air Force Communiques 1918
38539: COLE, CHRISTOPHER - Mccudden VC
35740: COLEMAN, RICHARD; RAJCZONEK, JOE - Steaming Into Northamptonshire (Signed)
8046: COLEMAN, TERRY - The Railway Navvies,: A History of the Men Who Made the Railways
19814: COLEMAN, ROGER - Learn to Paint Portraits
23409: COLEMAN, ROGER - Learn to Paint Portraits
6234: COLEMAN, LIEUTENANT E C - The Royal Navy in Lincolnshire
37220: COLEMAN, TERRY - The Railway Navvies,: A History of the Men Who Made the Railways
32700: COLEMAN, RICHARD; RAJCZONEK, JOE - Railway Images Around Northamptonshire
32004: COLEMAN, LIEUTENANT E C - The Royal Navy in Lincolnshire
18579: COLENBRANDER, JOANNA - A Portrait of Fryn; a Biography, of F Tennyson Jesse
5384: COLES, C R L - Railways Through London
15510: COLES, K ADLARD - Creeks and Harbours of the Solent, Needles to Chichester
39110: COLETTE - Claudine Married
39124: COLETTE - My Apprenticeships and Music-Hall Sidelights
39113: COLETTE - Ripening Seed
39109: COLETTE - Break of Day
7140: COLIJN, G JAN; LITTELL, MARCIA S (EDS) - The Netherlands and Nazi Genocide: Papers of the 21st Annual Scholars' Conference (Signed)
16438: COLLECTION, THE VANESSA-ANN - A Signature in Time, Contemporary Samplers to Stitch
7676: COLLENETTE, ERIC J - Sea-Wolf Hunter
246: COLLETT, BILL - The Last Mutiny
35728: COLLIER, RICHARD - The War That Stalin Won
2306: COLLIER, RICHARD - Eagle Day, the Battle of Britain August 6 - September 15 1940
30547: COLLIER, ANN - Colour in Lace
10155: COLLIER, PETER - The Fondas, a Hollywood Dynasty
31626: COLLIER, HELEN V - Counseling Women: A Guide for Therapists
34261: COLLIER, ANN - Creative Design in Bobbin Lace
27718: COLLIN, RODNEY - The Theory of Conscious Harmony: From the Letters of Rodney Collin
37686: COLLINGWOOD, CHARLES - Brian and Me: Life on - and 0ff - the Archers (Signed)
15002: COLLINS, NORMAN - The Governor's Lady
3744: COLLINS, OWEN (ED) - The Definitive Bible Commentary; Including Calvin, Luther, Wesley and Many Others in One Volume
37018: COLLINS, ROYAL EUGENE - Flow of Fluids Through Porous Materials
18308: COLLINS, ANDREW - Gods of Eden; Egypt's Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilisation
20966: COLLINS, MARTIN - The Visitor's Guide to Normandy
32740: COLLINS, WILKIE; PETERS, CATHERINE (ED) - Hide and Seek (Oxford World's Classics)
24738: COLLINS, DORIS - The Power Within
24885: COLLINS, ANDREW - Gods of Eden; Egypt's Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilisation
32718: COLLINS, WILKIE; TAYLOR, JENNY BOURNE (ED) - The Law and the Lady (Oxford World's Classics)
32719: COLLINS, WILKIE; PAGE, NORMAN; SASAKI, TORU (EDS) - Miss or Mrs? the Haunted Hotel; the Guilty River (Oxford World's Classics)
32692: COLLINS, WILKIE; PAGE, NORMAN (ED) - Man and Wife (Oxford World's Classics)
32693: COLLINS, WILKIE; GOLDMAN, DOROTHY (ED) - Basil (Oxford World's Classics)
32691: COLLINS, WILKIE; PETERS, CATHERINE (ED) - Armadale (Oxford World's Classics)
32751: COLLINS, WILKIE; NADEL, IRA B (ED) - The Dead Secret (Oxford World's Classics)
32696: COLLINS, WILKIE; PETERS, CATHERINE (ED) - Poor Miss Finch (Oxford World's Classics)
37532: COLLINS, DORIS - A Woman of Spirit: The Autobiography of a Psychic
38936: COLLOMB, ROBIN G - Maritime Alps, Vesubie Basin and Argentera: A Selection of Popular and Recommended Climbs
6183: COLLOMS, BRENDA - Charles Kingsley
10421: COLLOMS, BRENDA - Victorian Country Parsons
22460: COLLYMORE, PETER - House Conversion and Renewal
30081: COLMAN, ANDREW M (ED) - Applications of Psychology (Longman Essential Psychology)
31437: COLYER, CHRISTINA - Lincoln: The Archaeology of an Historic City
8805: COMAY, JOAN - The Hebrew Kings
5341: COMAY, JOHN - The Hebrew Kings
5286: COMBEN, JOHN - A Question of Confidence
12947: COMLEY, NANCY R/HAMILTON, DAVID/KLAUS, CARL H/SCHOLES, ROBERT/SOMMERS, NANCY - Fields of Writing; Readings Across Disciplines
26828: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE (ED) - Illustrated History of the American CIVIL War
35054: IMPERIAL WAR GRAVES COMMISSION - Introduction to the Registers of the Ypres (Meningate) and Tyne Cot, Passchendaele, Memorials Belgium
28832: ISLEHAM PROJECT 2000 COMMITTEE - Isleham 2000
18098: COMPTON, RAE - The Complete Book of Traditional Knitting
28077: CONDUIT, BRIAN - Heritage Trails in North-West England
34708: CONDUIT, BRIAN; BROOKS, JOHN - Cotswold Walks (Pathfinder Guide)
34709: CONDUIT, BRIAN; BROOKS, JOHN - Surrey and Sussex Walks (Pathfinder Guide)
34710: CONDUIT, BRIAN; BROOKS, JOHN - Kent Walks (Pathfinder Guide)
37012: CIBA FOUNDATION CONFERENCE - The Evaluation of Scientific Research
33007: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Comedies of William Congreve
1060: CONIL, JEAN - The Epicurean Book
13552: O'CONNELL, CAROL - Judas Child
26650: O'CONNELL, JOHN P; MARTIN, JEX - The Missal: Containing All the Masses for Sundays and for the Holy Days of Obligation
38722: CONNELY, WILLARD - Laurence Sterne As Yorick
33891: CONNERY, DONALD S - The Irish
24290: CONNOLLY, CYRIL (ED) - Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art, Vol VII No 39 1943
24291: CONNOLLY, CYRIL (ED) - Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art, Vol VIII No 48 1943
24294: CONNOLLY, CYRIL (ED) - Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art, Vol X No 57 1944
38381: CONNON, PETER - An Aeronautical History of the Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway Region: Part 2, 1915 to 1930 (Signed)
38330: O'CONNOR, MIKE - Airfields and Airmen: Somme
17846: O'CONNOR, GARRY - Ralph Richardson; an Actor's Life
27821: O'CONNOR, GARRY - The Pursuit of Perfection: A Life of Maggie Teyte (Signed)
38732: O'CONNOR, ULICK - The Ulick 'Connor Diaries 1970-1981: A Cavalier Irishman
34534: CONQUEST, R H - Horses in the Kitchen: True Tales of Outback Australia
25005: CONQUEST, ROBERT (ED) - Agricultural Workers in the Ussr (Soviet Studies)
32841: CONQUEST, R - Power and Policy in the Ussr: The Study of Soviet Dynastics
7950: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Heart of Darkness
22202: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Heart of Darkness
33750: CONRADI, PETER J - Iris Murdoch: A Life
33308: TIETZE-CONRAT, E - Mantegna: Paintings, Drawings, Engravings; Complete Edition
31577: CONROY, JOHN - Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture
1218: CONSTABLE, F C - Personality and Telepathy
15513: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN - Adolphe and the Red Note-Book
28369: CONSTANTINO, MARIA - Art Nouveau
35941: COOGAN, MICHAEL D (ED) - The Oxford History of the Biblical World
27026: COOK, A M - Boston (Botolph's Town): A Short History of a Great Parish Church and the Town Around It
31522: COOK, BERYL - Private View
11210: COOK, G H - The English Mediaeval Church
14422: COOK, R M - Greek Art, Its Development, Character and Influence
16946: FRERE-COOK, GERVIS (ED) - The Decorative Arts of the Christian Church
30773: COOK, JEAN; ROWLEY, TREVOR (EDS) - Dorchester Through the Ages
36522: COOK, BRIDGET M - Introduction to Bobbin Lace Patterns
37296: COOK, E T (ED) - Sweet Violets and Pansies, and Violets from Mountain and Plain
32871: COOK, BRIDGET M; STOTT, GERALDINE - Introduction to Bobbin Lace Stitches
37653: COOK, DR FREDERICK A - My Attainment of the Pole: Being the Record of the Expedition That First Reached the Boreal Center 1907-1909 with the Final Summary of the Polar Controversy
37245: COOK, A M - Lincolnshire Links with the Usa
29667: COOK, ROBERT - Around Peterborough
30861: COOK, JEAN; TAYLOR, LESLIE (EDS) - A Village Within a City: The Story of Old Headington, Oxford
3798: COOKE, GRACE - The Shining Presence
33438: COOKE, KATHARINE - Coleridge
38505: COOKE, HEREWARD LESTER - Painting Techniques of the Masters
3811: WHITE EAGLE; COOKE, GRACE - The Still Voice; a White Eagle Book of Meditation
468: COOKE, ALISTAIR - The Americans; Fifty Letters from America on Our Life and Times
21935: COOKE, GRACE - The Jewel in the Lotus; Meditation Volume II
731: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Catherine Cookson Country; Her Pictorial Memoir
29263: COOKSON, EDWARD W - From Garden to Gateway: The Changing Face of Kent Photographed by the People of Kent
7667: COOKSON, B M - Dairy Cows and Their Management
4346: COOMES, DAVID - Dorothy L Sayers: A Careless Rage for Life
19066: COONTS, STEPHEN - The Intruders
5457: COONTS, STEPHEN - Flight of the Intruder
32800: SHEWELL-COOPER, W E - Herbs, Salads and Tomatoes
3346: COOPER, JACKIE (ED) - Mackintosh Architecture; the Complete Buildings and Selected Projects
4632: COOPER, LETTICE - Fenny
20711: COOPER, ALAN - Air Battle of the Ruhr; Raf Offensive March to July 1943
38473: COOPER, GORDON - The Globetrotter's Bedside Book
37754: COOPER, ALISON - The Rapallo Legacy (Signed)
38816: COOPER, PETER - Poisoning by Drugs and Chemicals: An Index of Toxic Effects and Their Treatment
37789: COOPER, JASPER - The Silver Well: The Kingdom of Gems Book 2 (Signed)
36901: COOPER, ROBERT L D - Cracking the Freemason's Code: The Truth About Solomon's Key and the Brotherhood
38423: COOPER, SUSAN - Over Sea, Under Stone
37692: COOPER, SUSAN - King of Shadows (Signed)
36810: COOPER, ROBERT L D - Cracking the Freemason's Code: The Truth About Solomon's Key and the Brotherhood
37712: COOPER, GUY; TAYLOR, GORDON - The Curious Gardeners: Obsession and Diversity in 45 British Gardens (Signed)
20385: COOTE, STEPHEN - Royal Survivor; a Life of Charles II
4619: COOTS, STEVE - Samuel Beckett, a Beginner's Guide
37844: COPE, SIR WILLIAM H - The History of the Rifle Brigade (the Prince Consort's Own) Formerly the 95th
31593: COPE, WENDY - Serious Concerns
35024: COPPARD, A E - Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (Travellers' Library)
36395: COPPOCK, J T - An Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales
36646: CORBALLIS, MICHAEL C - The Reursive Mind: The Origins of Human Language, Thought, and Civilization
39217: CORBETT, JIM - Jungle Lore
37863: CORCORAN, ADELE; WILKINSON, CAROLINE - Mini Quilts from Traditional Designs
24046: CORCORAN, ADELE; WILKINSON, CAROLINE - Mini Quilts from Traditional Designs
3232: CORDINGLY, DAVID - Life Among the Pirates; the Romance and the Reality
26957: COREN, MICHAEL - The Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H G Wells
37949: COREN, ALAN - The Lady from Stalingrad Mansions
18205: CORLETT, WILLIAM; MOORE, JOHN - The Hindu Sound
18206: CORLETT, WILLIAM; MOORE, JOHN - The Judaic Law
811: CORLEY, JAMES - Benedict's Planet
3647: CORMACK, A J (ED) - Famous Pistols & Hand Guns
38825: CORMACK, ROBIN - Icons
38328: CORMACK, ANDREW - British Air Forces 1914-18 (2)
37967: CORNEBISE, ALFRED E (ED) - Doughboy Doggerel: Verse of the American Expeditionary Force 1918-1919
14538: CORNWALL, BARBARA - The Bush Rebels, a Personal Account of Black Revolt in Africa
37121: CORNWALL, IAN - Ice Ages: Their Nature and Effects
32130: CORNWALL, JULIAN (ED) - Tudor Rutland: The County Community Under Henry VIII
27020: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Escape: Richard Sharpe and the Bussaco Campaign, 1810
38930: CORNWELL, BERNARD - 1356
84: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Cause of Death
9367: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Unnatural Exposure
9368: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Black Notice
15842: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Cause of Death
20093: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Gallows Thief
20715: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Havoc: Richard Sharpe and the Campaign in Northern Portugal, Spring 1809
22029: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Havoc: Richard Sharpe and the Campaign in Northern Portugal, Spring 1809
22101: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Escape: Richard Sharpe and the Bussaco Campaign, 1810
38928: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Heretic (Grail Quest)
22351: CORNWELL, JOHN - Powers of Darkness Powers of Light; Travels in Search of the Miraculous and the Demonic
23009: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Trafalgar: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1905
23052: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Fury: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Barrosa, March 1811
24748: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Trafalgar: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1905
22027: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Triumph: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Assaye, September 1803
27676: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sword Song
20641: CORNWELL, BERNARD - The Bloody Ground (the Starbuck Chronicles)
17813: CORNWELL, BERNARD - The Winter King
27710: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Heretic (Grail Quest)
16760: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - From Potter's Field
38932: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000bc
33359: CORRAN, DAVID - Watercolours of Norfolk Past
162: CORRIE, EUAN - Tales from the Old Inland Waterways
2608: CORSER, REV THOMAS - Collectanea Anglo-Poetica Part VI: A Bibliographical and Descriptive Catalogue of a Portion of a Collection of Early English Poetry with Occasional Extracts and Remarks Biographical and Critical
26468: CORSER, REV THOMAS - Collectanea Anglo-Poetica Part XI: A Bibliographical and Descriptive Catalogue of a Portion of a Collection of Early English Poetry with Occasional Extracts and Remarks Biographical and Critical
34008: CORYN, MARJORIE - Power Instead
22033: COSFORD, J S - Line of Lost Lives (Signed)
2345: COSGRAVE, PATRICK - The Strange Death of Socialist Britain: Post-War British Politics
5741: COSS, MELINDA - Art Masters in Needlepoint: 20 Projects from the World's Great Museums
17262: COSS, MELINDA; SOUDAN, SYLVIE - Magic Carpets: A Guide to Creative Rug Making
23277: COSS, MELINDA - Country Woolwork: 25 Simple Wool Embroidery Projects
24831: COSSEY, ROSALINDE - Golfing Ladies: Five Centuries of Golf in Great Britain and Ireland
22280: COSSONS, NEIL - The Bp Book of Industrial Archaeology
18125: COSSONS, NEIL; TRINDER, BARRIE - The Iron Bridge; Symbol of the Industrial Revolution
35922: COSSONS, NEIL - The Bp Book of Industrial Archaeology
20678: COST, MARCH - The Year of the Yield
6949: COSTAIN, THOMAS - The Darkness & the Dawn
5631: COSTELLO, DAVID F - The Prairie World
36622: COTTERELL, MAURICE M - The Supergods: They Came on a Mission to Save Mankind
26967: COTTERELL, ARTHUR - East Asia: From Chinese Predominance to the Rise of the Pacific Rim
3051: COTTERILL, H B - Ancient Greece
24784: COTTERILL, H B - Ancient Greece: A Sketch of Its Art, Literature and Philosophy Viewed in Connexion with Its External History from Earliest Times to the Age of Alexander the Great
36828: COTTERILL, RODNEY - Enchanted Looms: Conscious Networks in Brains and Computers
37841: COTTON, E J - They Need No Candle (Signed)
10761: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Mountains of Pharaoh; 2000 Years of Pyramid Exploration
35477: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Mountains of Pharaoh: 2000 Years of Pyramid Exploration
20171: QUILLER-COUCH, A - Adventures in Criticism
38240: COULT, DOUGLAS - A Prospect of Ashridge
29790: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Walks in Nottinghamshire: Series 2
34783: LUTON BOROUGH COUNCIL - Luton's Heritage: Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest
30903: HIPPERHOLME URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Hipperholme Urban District Council: Minutes May 1913 to April 1914
29921: KING'S LYNN BOROUGH COUNCIL - King's Lynn Official Guide
29908: SOUTH YORKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - South Yorkshire Statistics: 1981
37666: COURCY, ANNE DE - The Fishing Fleet: Husband-Hunting in the Raj
9122: COURLANDER, HAROLD - Negro Folk Music Usa
39162: COURTHION, PIERRE - Paris D'Autrefois

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