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003549: TRIER, EDUARD. - The Sculpture of Marino Marini. Photographs by Helmut Lederer, text by Eduard Trier.
018540: TRIMMER, MRS SARAH , - A Description of a Set of Prints of Roman History Contained in a Set of Easy Lessons
014711: TRIOLET, ELSA. - Qui Est Cet étranger Qui N Est Pas D ICI Ou le Mythe de la Baronne Mélanie.
025999: TRIOLET, ELSA. - The Inspector of Ruins. Translated by Norman Cameron.
012480: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY. - A Christmas Day At Kirkby Cottage. A Greetings Book.
020920: TROLLOPE, WILLIAM REV. - The New Testament in Greek, Chiefly from the Text of MILL; with Copious English Notes... .
009456: TROVA. - Trova. Hanover Gallery, London 24 March-1 May 1970/Gimpel Hanover Galerie, Zurich 15 May-27 June 1970.
020704: TROVA. - Trova. Private View Invitation. Pace Gallery, New York 5-7pm 2nd February (1965).
011986: TROWBRIDGE, STODDARD,TAYLOR, - Brave ballads for American Children by Popular Author. The Famous Discoverer. The Wonderful Sleeper, The Brave Patriot. The Good President. Richly Illustrated with Sixteen Full Page Pictures.
006850: TROYON. - Messr. Boussod, Valadon & Co. request the honour of the presence of N.S. Marks Esq. R.A. at a Private View of a number of Paintings by Troyon, on Saturday, June 16th, 1894. The Goupil Gallery, 5, Regent Street, Pall Mall, S.W.
600029: TRYPANIS, C.A. - The Elegies of a Glass Adonis
021837: TSCHICHOLD, JAN. - Leben Und Werk Des Typographen Jan Tschichold Mit Einer Einleitung Von Werner Klemke, Der Bibliographie Aller Schriften Und Fünf Grossen Aufsätzen Von Jan Tschichold.
019183: TSUNAO MIYAJIMA. - Contribution à L’étude Du Théâtre Japonais de Poupées. 2ème édition revue et augmentée.
000827: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker.
6272: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker. Sculpture 1970-1973. Serpentine Gallery.
009498: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - Michael Kidner, Paintings. William Tucker, Sculpture. 28 March-21 April 1962.
002693: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - Rilke. Sonnets to Orpheus I: I-x Drawings by William Tucker.
010568: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker. Sculpture 1970-1973. Serpentine Gallery.
017980: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - Proof for ‘Sonnets to Orpheus 1: I-X’ An off-set lithograph by William Tucker .
014249: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker. Sculpture. Rowan Gallery, 4-26 July 1963.
018106: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker. Recent Work. Kasmin Limited, 2 May 1969.
025731: TUCKER, WILLIAM. - William Tucker. Exhibition of Collaged Screenprints. Private View Thursday 10 April 3-6pm at Leslie Waddington Prints Ltd 8 Vigo Street, London W1.
019256: TUER - Dame Wiggins of Lee. The Leadenhall Press Series of Forgotten Picture Books for Children
010569: TUNNARD, JOHN. - John Tunnard 1900-1971.Royal Academy of Arts 5 March-11 April 1977. Etc.
010570: TUNNARD, JOHN. - The Arts. No.1.
010571: TUNNARD, JOHN. - Tunnard. 15 Dicembre 1962.
010870: TUNNARD, JOHN. - John Tunnard. Paintings and Gouaches. Private View, Thursday, November 26th, 1959 3.0 p.m. to 6.0 p.m..
011736: TUNNARD, JOHN. - John Tunnard 1900-1971. Paintings and Gouaches.
009754: TUNNICLIFFE, CHARLES. - Bird Drawings by C.F.Tunnicliffe R.A.Diploma Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts. 3 August-29 September 1974.
014299: TUNNICLIFFE, CHARLES. - Charles F. Tunnicliffe, R.A. The Composition Drawings. Bunny Bird Fine Art, The Tryon and Moorland Gallery, 5-25 March 1986.
017049: TUNNICLIFFE, C.F. - Sketches of Bird Life. Edited with an introduction by Robert Gillmor.
022006: TUPITSYN, MARGARITA. - El Lissitzky: Beyond the Abstract Cabinet: Photography, Design Collaboration.
014460: TURCATO, GUILIO. - Guilio Turcato. London 1961. The New Vision Centre Gallery, January 30th to February 19th, 1961.
011320: TURGENEV. - Gedichte in Prosa. Deutsche Ãœbertragung von Th. Comicahu. Buchschmuck von H. Vogeler, Worpswede.
010231: BERR DE TURIQUE, MARCELLE - Raoul Dufy.
000633: TURKISH ART. - Guzel Sanatlar. No.1.
004718: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull: Heads and Figures 1953-1956. Rare Works on Paper from a Private Collection. 23 September-12 November 2004.
003945: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull. New Sculpture and Paintings. ICA Gallery, London 25 September-2 November 1957.
010573: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - The Garden of Caresses. Translated from the Arabic by Franz Toussaint. Rendered into English by Christopher Sandford. Text of the poems reprinted by permission of the Golden Cockerel Press. Drawings by William Turnbull.
018189: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull. Drawings. Waddington and Tooth Galleries II. 4 July to 29 July 1978.
025728: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull. Bilder 1960-1964. Galerie Muller Stuttgart, 20. Februar 1965 ab 18.30 Uhr. Dauer der Ausstellung bis 2. April 1965.
016856: TURNBULL,ALISON. - Alison Turnbull : Houses Into Flats
016810: TURNBULL, ALISON. - Alison Turnbull : Houses Into Flats. Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, 2000.
014090: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull. Paintings. Molton Gallery, August 10-September 3, 1960.
014046: TURNBULL, WILLIAM. - William Turnbull. Paintings. New Gallery, Bennington College, Dec.2-17, 1965.
014669: TURNER, ANNIE. - Annie Turner. Galerie Besson. 28 April-27 May 2004.
017795: TURNER, NICHOLAS & PLAZZOTTA., CAROL. - Drawings by Guercino from British Collections with an Appendix Describing the Drawings by Guercino, His School and and His Followers in the British Museum.
014508: TURNER-DURRANT, ROY. - Roy Turner-Durrant. Paintings and Drawings. New Vision Centre Gallery, June 25th to July 13th 1957.
013929: TURRELL, JAMES. - Eclipse. With a text by Richard Bright and CD by Paul Schutze.
017211: TURRINI, G. - Millenium Scriptorii Veronensis Dal IV Al XV Secolo. Esempi Di Scrittura Veronese Scelti Dai Preziosi Tesori Della Biblioteca Capitolare Di Verona Con Una Introduzione Italiano-Inglese. A Cura Di Giuseppe Turrini.
012306: TURVEY, R. - I Am The Clock. "I never sleep. At 1a.m. when the children are in bed and the house is quiet the mice begin to arrive for the party".
021948: TUTTLE, RICHARD - Works 1964-1985. Institute of Contemporary Arts, london 30 October-8 December 1985.
017245: TWAIN, MARK. - The Prince and the Pauper - a Tale for Young People of All Ages A New Impression with one hundred and ninety illustrations.
017149: TWICE A YEAR. - Twice a Year. A Book of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties. Double number V-VI, Fall-Winter 1940/Spring-Summer 1941.
017131: TWICE A YEAR. - Twice a Year. Double Number X-XI, Spring-Summer 1943/Fall-Winter 1943.
017136: TWICE A YEAR. - Twice a Year. A Book of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties. Double number XII-XIII. Spring-Summer 1945/Fall-Winter 1945.
017098: TWICE A YEAR. - Twice a Year. A Book of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties. Vol.VII, Fall-Winter 1941.
017132: TWICE A YEAR. - Twice a Year. A Semi-Annual Journal of Lierature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties. Special Double issue, III-IV, Fall-Winter 1939/Spring-Summer 1940.
005000: TYPOGRAPHY. - Typographische Mitteilungen. Zeitschrift des bildungsverbandes der deutschen buchdrucker. Berlin, Mai 1928. XXV Jahrgang.
019703: TYSON, IAN. - Ian Tyson. The 2nd Artists Book Fair. Poster. Royal Festival Hall, London April 22-23, (1996).
021787: TYSON, IAN. - Seal of Approval. Tower Block Wolkenkrabber 1 Imprints.
019756: TYSSIER, CLAUDE. - Claude Tyssier. Procenium Galleries, London 12th June 1968.
001092: TYTGAT, EDGARD. - Edgard Tytgat. First Exhibition in England.
014904: TYTLER, ANN, FRASER. - Maria En Flora of Ernst En Luim Naar Het Engelsch Van Ann Fraser Tytler Volgens Den Derden Druk Met Platen
012397: TZARA, TRISTAN. - Dokumentations-Bibliothek III. Teile der Bibliothek und Sammlung Tristan Tzara, Paris. Auktion in Bern, 12. Juni 1968.
021046: UBAC,RAOUL. - An Original Colour Lithograph. 'Rythme' 1962.
016646: UGLOW, EUAN. - Euan Uglow. Drawings. Browse & Darby, 2 July-1 August 2003.
020269: UGLOW, EUAN. - Euan Uglow. Drawings. Browse & Darby, 2 July-1 August 2003.
021613: UKERS, WILLIAM H. - All About Coffee.
011840: ULF HÅRD AF SEGERSTAD. - Modern Finish Design.
001634: ULLIRSCH, E. - Goethe Als Dadaist. (1919). Kleine Texte 1.
010718: ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY. - River of the Sun.
005559: ULRICHS, TIMM. - Ich Als Kunstfigur. 'Oder:was das ganze theater soll'.
016499: UMANSKIJ, KONSTANTIN. - Neue Kunst in Russland. Vorwort von Dr. Leopold Zahn.
012248: UNDERHILL, D.C. - Underhill's New Table-Book: or, Tables of Arithmetic Made Easier
025958: UNDERWOOD, LEON. - Leon Underwood. A Retrospective Exhibition. The Minories, Colchester, 1969.
025959: UNDERWOOD, LEON. - The Cycle of Style in Art, Religion, Science and Technology.
010548: UNGARETTI, GIUSEPPE. - Vita d'un Uomo II. Sentimento del tempo 1919-1935.
000015: UNIT ONE. - Unit One: Spirit of the 30's.
021753: UNIT ONE. - The Architectural Review. A Magazine of Architecture & Decoration. Vol. LXXIV, October 1933. No.443.
021755: UNIT ONE. - Unit One. Sculptors: Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth: Painters: John Armstrong, John Bigge, Tristram Hillier, Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson, Edward Wadsworth: Architects: Wells Coates, Colin Lucas: Edited by Herbert Read.
020454: UNIT ONE. - Unit One: Spirit of the 30's. Mayor Gallery, London May-June 1984.
025709: UNIVISION GALLERY. - Some Important Modern Paintings. An Exhibition of Abstract-Tachiste Paintings. The Univision Gallery, Royal Court Grill, Bigg Market, Newcastle, Aug.10th-August 31st 1957.
027429: UNKNOWN POLITICAL PRISONER. - The Unknown Political Prisoner. International Sculpture Competition. Tate Gallery 14 March to 30 April (1953). International Exhibition of Grand Prize Winner and other prize-winning entries and runners-up.
018215: UNKNOWN POLITICAL PRISONER. - The Unknown Political Prisoner. International Sculpture Competition. British Preliminary Exhibition, New Burlington Galleries, 15th to 30th January 1953.
025523: UNLIMITED. - Unlimited, Widcombe Manor, Bath, England. New Works in Unlimited Editions by Liiane Lijn and Mary Martin. A Preview of Future Iunlimted Editions by Lygia Clark, Robert Filiou, Kenneth Martin and Neal Small and a Review of Current Works by Takis. You are invited to a private view on Tuesday 18 March 2 to 7 pm. Robert Fraser Gallery, London, 19 March to 5 April 1969.
008379: UNSWORTH, PETER. - Peter Unsworth. Paintings. 26th October-13th November 1965.
009877: UNSWORTH, PETER. - Unsworth.
007303: UPTON, BERTHA. - The Golliwog's Bicycle Adventure.
007304: UPTON, BERTHA. - The Golliwog's Bicycle Club.
012079: URQUHART, JANE. - A Hymn to Love. The Art of Jane Urquhart 91947-83). By John Ward, Jeremy Cooper and Jonathan Benington.Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum 15 December 1990 to 26 January 1991.
010519: URSULA. - Ursula. Neue Bilder, Objekte, Bronzen, Collagen, Zeichnungen. 12. Januar-25. Februar 1967.
016419: URSULA. BERNARD SCHULTZE. - Usula. Dromen in Veren En Bont. Bernard Schultze. Het Woud Der Migofs. Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2 februari-17 maart 1974.
017493: UTZINGER, RUDOLF. - Masken. Orbis Pictus, Band 13.
020016: VACCHETTA, GIOVANNI. - Modelli Dell'Arte Del Ferro Di Epoche E Tecniche Diverse. Corso di Disegno. 52 Tavole.
017623: VACHON, MARIUS. - Pour Devenir Un Artiste. Maximes, Conseils Et Exemples D'Après Les Maîtres Français Contemporains. 50 Illustrations Par A. Hotin.
000114: VACHTOVA, LUDMILA. - Frank Kupka. Introduction By J.P.Hodin
020298: VAGLIERI, GIUSTINO. - Vaglieri. Galleria George Lester. Roma, dal 12 maggio al 5 giugno 1962.
000831: VAJDA, LAJOS. - Lajos Vajda (1908-1941).
018729: VAL BAKER, DENYS. - The Timeless Land. The Creative Spirit in Cornwall.
020299: VALENTI, ITALO. - Italo Valenti. The Waddington Galleries, London, 30 June to 25 July 1964.
009402: VALENTI, ITALO. - Italo Valenti. May 1962.
005663: VALENTIN, CURT. - Reg Butler, Bruno Cassinari, Jan Cox, Irving Kriesberg, Alton Pickens. May 26-June 19, 1953.
007074: VALENTIN, CURT. - Exhibitions 1952-1953. Curt Valentin Gallery.
019880: VALENTIN, CURT. - Curt Valentin. New Publications.
008590: VALÉRY, PAUL. - Durtal ou les Points d'une Conversion par Paul Valery de l'Académie Française.
012371: VALÉRY, PAUL. - Petit recueil de paroles de circonstance. Collection de 'Plaisir de Bibliophile',
008137: VALLANCE, AYMER. - William Morris. His rrt, his writings and his public life. a record by Aymer Vallance.
005162: VALLEJO, FELIPE. - Vallejo.
021835: VALLOTTON, FELIX. - Felix Vallotton. Catalogue for the exhibition, organized by Sash M. Newman, presented at the Yale University Art Gallery (October 24, 1991-January 5, 1992); Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (January 31-March 29, 1992); Indianapolis Museum of Art (April 25-June 21, 1992); Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (August 27-November 1, 1992); and Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne (November 21, 1992-January 31, 1993)
019472: VALLOTTON, FÉLIX. - FéLIX Vallotton. Dessins Et Xylographies. La Galerie Paul Vallotton, Lausanne 30mai au 22 juin 1991.
012396: VALLOTTON, FELIX. - The Vallotton Collection. Prints and Preparatory Drawings. Gravures et Dessin Preparatoires. Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich, 4 June 1997.
019605: VALLOTTON, FELIX. - Felix Vallotton. Huiles Et Xylographies. La Galerie Paul Vallotton, Lausanne, du 2 au 25 mai 1985.
019604: VALLOTTON, FELIX. - Felix Vallotton Et la Russie, Ainsi Qu'Un Choix D'Huiles Et Gravures de L'Artiste. La Galerie Paul Vallotton, Lausanne, du 12 février au 7 mars 1987.
011556: VALOGNE, CATHERINE. - Roberta Gonzales. Le musée de poche.
018209: VAN SAUN, JOHN. - John Van Saun. Richard Feigen Gallery, New York City, March 23, 1969.
014513: VAN CAILLE, MARCELLE. - Van Caille. New Vision Centre Gallery, Nov.30th-Dec.14th, 1964.
014691: VAN DER BURGT, FLIP. - Terre Des Hommes. Galerie Kristiaan, Amsterdam (1969).
014672: VAN KESTEREN, MARIA. - Maria Van Kesteren. Private View, Thursday 23 September 1999, Barrett Marsden Gallery.
014642: VAN KESTEREN, MARIA. - Maria Van Kesteren. New Work. Private View Thursday 16 January 2003 Barrett Marsden Gallery.
013905: VAN DIEREN, BERNARD. - Epstein. Illustrated with Fifty Reproductions in Collotype of the Sculptor's Work.
014666: VANGSØ, HANS. - Hans Vangsø. Galerie Besson, 15 September-14 October 1999.
021679: VARDANEGA, GREGORIO. - Original Photograph of 'Monde de Transparences 1960, Plexiglas Avec Lumières Coloées, Glode Au Centre En Mouvement, Illuminé Et Coloré'.
021681: VASARELY. - Original Photograph of 'Bellatrix IV 1957, Tempera'. With the stamp of Brook Street Gallery Ltd.
019830: VASARELY, VICTOR. - Vasarely. Textes de Victor Vasarely.
000628: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Retrospective Exhibition.
016333: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - 'Painter's Purpose': Keith Vaughan. The Studio, August 1958.
018650: VAUGHAN, FRANK A. - Again to the Life of Eternity: William Blake's Illustrations to the Poems of Thomas Gray.
009875: VAUGHAN, MICHAEL. - Michael Vaughan. Paintings, Constructions, Drawings.
010608: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Retrospective Exhibition.
006036: VAUGHAN, DAVID. - 'Dead Angel'. An exhibition of recent paintings by David Vaughan. June 23-July 18.
003445: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Retrospective Exhibition.
006857: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Extracts from a Journal. The London Magazine. July 1962. Vol.2, No.4
010612: VAUGHAN, MICHAEL. - Michael Vaughan. New Paintings and Gouaches. Private View , Thursday 11 February 1971.
025945: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Ark , Number 28. Journal of the Royal College of Art. Spring 1961.
025818: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Drawings 1945-1960. Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London 11 June-23 July 2010.
013814: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Some Notes on Painting. The London Magazine, October 1964, Vol. 4, No. 7.
021068: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Early Drawings and Gouaches 1940-1955. Agnew, London October 15-November 8, 1985.
011907: VAUGHAN, MICHAEL. - About the House. Vol.3, No.1, March 1969.
025771: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Norman Marshall the Other Theatre.
016627: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. Paintings, Gouaches, Watercolours and Drawings 1936-1976. Austin/Desmond Fine Art, Sunninghill, 1978.
025961: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan 1912-1977. An exhibition of paintings and drawings within the Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia London, 26 February-3 March 2002.
027432: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan. A Selection of Work I. Oil, Gouache, Watercolour and Drawings. II. Prints, Monoprints, Linocuts, and Book Illustrations. Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London.
027435: VAUGHAN, KEITH. - Keith Vaughan: Drawings and Paintings. New Grafton Gallery, London April 1-25, 1987.
014105: VAUX, MARC. - Marc Vaux. Paintings. Hamilton Galleries, November 24-december 11, 1965.
021963: VEDOVA, EMILIO. - Emilio Vedova. Grafica E Didattica. Aosta Regione Valle d'Aosta 1975.
021641: VEDRÈS NICOLE - Un Siècle D'éLégance Française. Préface de Léon-Paul Fargue. Texte de Nicole Védrès. Couverture de Christian Bérard. Frontispice de Lucha Truel.
020316: VENETIAN ART. - Contemporary Venetian Artists. A Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings and Mosaics. Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 30 May-30 June 1956.
005169: VENTO. - Vento.
005171: VENTO. - Vento. Pintura.
027451: VENTURES. - Ventures. Clive Barker, Mark Boyle, Barry Flanagan, Peter Green, Mihael Harvey, Colin Lanceley, John Latham, Richard Loncraine. Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, 25 February-18 March 1967, travelling.
010528: VENTURI, LIONELLO. - Georges Rouault.
021731: VERA, ENRIQUE VILORIA. - Rolano PeñA. Compilación de Textos 1991-1997.
014786: VERCORS. - Lettre Ouverte à Monsieur le Garde de Sceaux. Europe, Revue Mensuelle, 31e Année, Mars 1953, supplément au No.87.
019669: VERLON. - Verlon. Poster. Österreichische Galerie im Obern Belvedere. Wien, 28 April bis 29. August 1976.
005601: VERLON. - Perspectum. 12 Lithographies Originales de Verlon.
005602: VERLON. - Verlon. "Situation Humaine". First New York Exhibition of Paintings and Collages.
005603: VERLON. - Verlon. Mai 1963.
005605: VERLON. - Verlon.
005609: VERKAUF-VERLON, WILLY. - Mit Scharfer Optik.
005614: VERLON. - Andre Verlon. 4.mai bis 3. juni 1962. Kunstverein fur die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Dusseldorf Kunsthalle Grabbeplatz.
005617: VERLON. - Verlon. Situation humaine. Introduction/Einleitung von P.M.T. Sheldon-Williams.
020133: VERNET, HORACE. - Horace Vernet 1789-1863. Incroyables Et Merveilleuses. 25 Watercolours from the Collection of the Duchesse de Berry. Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox, London 6 to 21 June 1991.
004064: VERTES. - Vertes. April 1953.
009972: VERTOV. - Dsiga Wertow. Publizist und Poet des Dokumentarfilms.
005312: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay. Paintings and Constructions. 9 April-16 May 1987.
005364: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay 1892-1984. Early work 1909-1939. 20 April-27 May 1988.
010610: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay and Andre Masson. Paintings and Works on Paper 1928-1934. 30 November-21 December 1989.
020906: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay & Andre Masson. Paintings and Works on Paper 1928-1934. England & Co., London 30 November-21 December 1989.
012945: VÉZELAY, PAULE. - Madame Jeanne Bucher et Madame Cuttoli vous invitent à l'exposition Paule Vézelay. Toiles, Sculpture Graphiques, Objets. Vernissage Jeudi 4 Mars de 16 à 20h.
009016: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay. Retrospective, Drawings, Collages, Paintings, Sculptures and Constructions 1916-1968. 22 October-16 November 1968.
020187: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay. Master of Line. England & Co., London 9 June-7 July 1988.
012009: VEZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vezelay. Retrospective. 9 November-5 December 2000.
018296: VÉZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vézelay 1892-1984. Jane Roberts, Max Rutherston. 31st October to 17th November 1989.
018304: VÉZELAY, PAULE. - Paule Vézelay 1892-1984. Earle Work 1909-1939. Michael Parkin Fine Art Ltd, 20 April-27 May 1988.
018756: VICTOR JANSEN, J. - De Trobriand Eilanden. Een Door Erfelijke Aristocratie Beherrste Maatschappij. Museum voor Land, en Volkenkunde, Rotterdam 1961.
002485: VICTORIA, SALVADOR. - Salvador Victoria.
017405: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. - The Victoria and Albert Museum (Art Division). Report of the Committee of Re-Arrangement. Board of Education (Adopted Ju;ly 29th, 1908).
016398: VICTORIAN ART. - The Artistsic Interior. Studios and Rooms in English and European Art Circa 1850-1920. Christopher Wood Gallery, March 5th-28th, 1991.
006444: VICTORIAN ART. - Catalogue of the exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs entitled 'The Victorian Scene'. With a foreward by Graham Reynolds. Exhibition No. 1088, April 1956.
2095: VICTORIAN COLOUR PRINTING. - Merry Games. Aunt Louisa's Home Toy Book IV.
019556: VICTORIAN ART. - Victorian Paintings, Drawings and Water-Colours. Maas Gallery, London 26th. November-20th. December 1979.
009964: VICTORIAN CHILDREN'S BOOK. - Little Rosy's Voyage of Discovery. Undertaken in company with her Cousin Charley. With Forty-eight Illustrations by Lorenz Frolich.
010777: VICTORIAN ART. - Victorian Paintings, Drawings and Water-Colours. 19th.March-6th.April 1979.
004163: VICTORIAN ART. - An Exhibition of High Victorian Art. Leighton House.
016617: VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Hill/Adamson Albums. A Selection of Victorian Prints.
020714: VIEILLARD, ROGER. - 'Arbre de NoëL'. Engraved Christmas Card by Roger Vieillard. 1957.
004063: VIEILLARD, ROGER. - Gravure and grace. The engravings of Roger Vieillard. Edited by P.M.S. Hacker.
016498: VIEIRA DA SILVA. - Vieira Da Silva. Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian
010583: VIEW. - VIEW The Modern Magazine. Tropical Americana Presented by Paul Bowles. Series V, No.2 May 1945.
020131: VIGNOLES, ANDRÉ. - André Vignoles. Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd, London May 2nd-May 27th, 1961.
016220: VIGNON, CLAUDE. - Vingt Jours En Espagne.
018496: VILA GRAU, JOAN. - Joan Vila Grau. Galeria AS, Barcelona (1969).
005517: VILACASAS. - Sis Contes.
017625: VILLARI, L. - Giovanni Segantini. The story of his life together with 75 reproductions of his pictures in half tone and photogravure.
002979: VILLON, JACQUES. - Jacques Villon. Introduction de Jacques Lassaigne. Peintres et Sculpteurs d'Aujourd'hui. Collection "Signe".
007011: VILLON, JACQUES. - Jacques Villon ou l'Art Glorieux. Paul Eluard, Rene-Jean.
021555: VINE, FREDK T. - Saleable Shop Goods for Counter-Tray and Window; Including Popular Penny Cakes.
016716: VIOLA, BILL. - Going Forth by Day. Katalog. Deutsche Guggenheim, 2002
020674: VIOLA, BILL. - Going Forth by Day. Katalog. Deutsche Guggenheim, 2002
019612: VIOLLIER, JEAN. - An Exhibition of Paintings and Etchings by Jean Viollier. The Mayor Gallery, London april 8-may 17, 1975.
020233: VISEUX, CLAUDE. - Viseux. Sculptues 1958-1966. Texte de Claude Viseux. Galerie D. Benador, Genève, Septembre 1966.
001761: VISIE. - Visie. Tijdschrift Voor Bouwen En Wonen. No.4, Jaargang 1957.
005993: VISSER, CAREL. - Carel Visser. Staircase. Edition Seriaal, 1971.
005994: VISSER, CAREL. - Carel Visser. Presenteert-in de serie 'facetten abstract' van 28 oktober tot 19 november 1970.
020300: VIVARELLI, CARLO. - Carlo Vivarelli. Galerie Suzanne Bollag, Zürich, 23.mai-24. juni 1969.
017246: VIVIAN LIFF , IVOR NEWTON AND JOHN GIELGUD . - A Souvenir of Yvonne Printemps (1894-1977) .
019614: VIVIN, LOUIS. - Louis Vivin: His Paris. Perls Galleries, New York, April 6-May 1, 1971.
026125: VIVIN, LOUIS. - Monte-Carlo Casino. . Oil on Board. Signed.
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002937: WOLFE, EDWARD. - Edward Wolfe R.A.
009007: WOLFE, EDWARD. - You are cordially invited to a Private View of Wolfe R.A. A selling exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Edward Wolfe R.A., including a selection from the artist's personal collection at the Millinery Works Gallery on Tuesday 4 March
010675: WOLFE, EDWARD. - Edward Wolfe ARA. A retrospectice exhibition of paintings and drawings.
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006847: WYLLIE, W.L. - Netherland Waterways. Robt. Dunthorne has the honour to invite Dr.Propert to the Private View of Water Colours painted by W.L.Wyllie, on a Cruise from Hoo to the Islands of Zeeland, Brabant and the Zuyder Zee. The Rembrandt Head. Saturday 14th
006721: WYLLIE, W.L. - On Summer Seas. Robt. Dunthorne has the honour to invite Dr. Propert to a Private View of Water Colours by W.L.Wyllie at The Rembrandt Head, 5 Vigo Street London W. 11 June 1887.
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005009: WYNKYN DE WORDE. - A Symposium by Chris Colebrook, Kenneth Day, Bernard Roberts on 21 Years. The Stationers' Hall, London EC4, 30 November 1978.
005013: WYNKYN DE WORDE. - Some Odd Characters.
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010868: WYNTER, BRYAN. - Bryan Wynter. Recent Paintings. Priavte View Tuesday 10th March 3 pm- 6 Pm.
011350: WYNTER, BRYAN. - West Country Landscape. The Arts Council, South Western Region. 1953.
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021873: YOHJI YAMAMOTO - Y's Yohji Yamamoto
017957: YORKE, MALCOLM. - Mervyn Peake. My Eyes Mint Gold.
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021678: YVARAL. - Original Photograph of 'Acceleration Optique 1963, Relief Fils Oinyriques'. Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel.
021994: YVES KLEIN. RESTANY, PIERRE. - Yves Klein.
021995: YVES KLEIN. RESTANY, PIERRE. - Yves Klein.
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