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008462: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Contemporary British Sculpture 1960.
008473: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Camels, Cobwebs and Honeysuckle. A Brush with Nature. Edwin Alexander 1870-1926, Joseph Crawhall 1861-1913. Eddinburgh Festival, 10th August-31st August 1985. London 9th September-4th October 1985.
016977: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - Figures and Objects. Recent Developments in British Sculpture. John Hansard Gallery, The University, Southanpton, February-March 1983.
008498: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Owl. Vol.2 (of 2).
008504: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Umeni Soucasne Francie. 158. Vystava S.V.U. Manes.
008505: MODERN SWISS ART. - Werk. Die Schweizer Monatsschrift Fur Kunst, Architektur, Kunstlerische Gewerbe. 35. Jahrgang 1948. 1-12.
020055: MODERN CERAMICS. - Pottery Quarterly. Vol.4,No.15 1957.
003667: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - Vanguard American Painting. American Embassy, London. USIS Gallery.
008666: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - Modern American Painting 1930-1958. Organised by The City Art Museum of St.Louis Missouri, 1959. Circulated by the US Information Agency. City of York Art Gallery, August 15-September 20, 1960.
008676: MODERN ITALIAN ART. - Contemporary Italian Art. Wakefield City Art Gallery, 1954.
008758: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Art Review. A survey of British Art in all its branches during the year 1934.
008808: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Chow. De Orfé, Weatherson. I.C.A. Gallery 5th August-15th August 1964.
008819: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Study for an Exhibition of Violence in Contemporary Art. Institute of Contemporary Arts. February 20-March 26 1964.
008833: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Items for Collectors. An exhibition of drawings, water-colours, collages, small sculptures and paintings, all of which are for sale. ICA Gallery, 17-18 Dover Street, London W1. 5th August to 4th September.
008836: MODERN BRITISH ART. - ICA Screen-print Project. I.C.A. 10-28 November 1964.
008837: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - Some Paintings from the E.J.Power Collection. ICA 17-18 Dover Street London W1. 13 March to 19 April 1958.
008838: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Young Painters. I.C.A. 17 Dover Street W1. 23 October-22 November 1952.
008842: MODERN ART. - Twentieth Century Paintings and Sculptures lent by collectors in England. Private View Thursday 9th June.
008843: MODERN BRITISH ART. - ICA Picture and Sculpture Fair 1961. 22nd November-13th December 1961.
008863: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - American Paintings and Water Colors with Rooms of Recent Work By Max Weber, Karl Knaths, Morris Graves. March 15-31, 1942. Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington, D.C.
019235: MODERN GERMAN ART. - Exhibition of Twentieth Century German Art. New Burlington Galleries, London, Jul;y 1938.
008933: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Etchings from the Arts Council Collection.
008936: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Twenty-Five Paintings from Manchester City Art Gallery.
008943: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Blackwell Family Collection. 25th March to 19th April, 1947. Cheltenham Art Gallery.
008944: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Cheltenham Art Club. Fifth Annual Exhibition, March 12th to April 5th 1951. Cheltenham Art Gallery.
008964: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. Sixty-Fourth Annual Exhibition Held at the R.W.S. Galleries. February 11th-March 14th 1946.
008965: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers 1960.
008967: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. Ninety Third Annual Exhibition 1975. The R.W.S. Galleries, London. 8th-26th March 1975.
020892: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 9 Painters from England. Galleria Trastevere of topazia alliata, Piazza in Piscinula 13, Roma. May 1962.
008968: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. Ninetieth Annual Exhibition 1972. R.W.S.Galleries, London 11th-29th March 1972.
008989: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Three Tees-Side Painters. The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 16th October-5th November 1954.
008990: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Four Tees-Side Painters. County Borough of Gateshead, Shipley Art Gallery. 7th February-1st March.
009013: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Seven British Painters. 5-29 Sept. 1962.
019574: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Colour? Upper Gallery, Whitechapel Art Gallery 1970
019674: MODERN ITALIAN SCULPTURE. - Eleven Italian Sculptors. Poster. Circle Gallery, London April 7-May 9, 1970.
009046: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Upper Street Gallery. Joan Moore. Madelaine Pearson. Wendy Yeo.
009051: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 20th Century British Painting. Forthcoming Exhibitions October 1977-March 1978.
009065: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Arts Council Collection. Part 1.
009072: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Exhibition arranged by the Midland Group of Artists for the occasion of the opening of Tawney House, Matlock on September 27th 1962.
009094: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Paintings of the past 50 Years. November-December 1947.
009117: MODERN BRITISH ART. - An Exhibition of British Graphic Art. During October 1940. Arranged by the Authorities of Rugby School and Rugby Public Library and showing in the Public Library Gallery.
009122: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The New English Art Club. Catalogue of the Ninety-Sixth Exhibition February 24th to March 18th, 1945. Royal Academy Galleries, Piccadilly.
009193: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Drawings for Pictures. An exhibition illustrating the various ways in which contemporary artists use their drawings in the creation of a painting.
009240: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Art d'Aujoud'hui. Revue Mensuelle D'art Contemporain. Série 2, Numéro 4, Mars 1951.
020462: MODERN ENGLISH ART. - Some 20th Century English Paintings & Drawings. W. R Sickert, P.W. Steer, Duncan Grant, Mark Gertler, Stanley Spencer. The Arts Council of Great Britain. Wales 1950
009332: MODERN FRENCH ART. - The Niarchos Collection of Paintings. Tate Gallery, 23rd May-29th June 1958
009388: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Drawings towards Painting 2. Arts Council 1967.
009394: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Granta. Modern Art Issue, Nov.30, Vol.68, No.1231, 1963.
009459: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Art and the Modern Movement 1930-40. An Exhibition at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff 13 October to 25 November 1962.
009561: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Aspects of Abstract Painting in Britain 1910-1960. Talbot Rice Art Centre, University of Edinburgh, 17 August-14 September, 1974. Exhibtion arranged by Annely Juda Fine Art and Alexander Postan Fine Art.
009642: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Summer Exhibition. Modern Sculpture and Sculptors' Drawings. July-October 1963.
009651: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Chile. Britain. Museo Nacional De La Solaridad. The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London July-August 1973.
009655: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Art Anglais d'Aujourd'hui. Collection de la Tate Gallery, Londres. Musée Rath, Genève, 4 juillet-14 septembre 1980.
009660: MODERN SWEDISH ART. - Aspects of Figurative Painting in Sweden. 21/2-16/3 1963.
020177: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - The New American Painting. Arranged by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Arts Council of Great Britain. Tate Gallery, London 24 February-22 March 1959.
016946: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Bad Behaviour. From the Arts Council Collection. Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 7 November 2003-11 January 2004.
016870: MODERN FRENCH ART. - La Galerie de France à Londres. The Redfern Gallery, London 5th June-5th July 1962.
020054: MODERN CERAMICS. - Pottery Quarterly. A Review of Crafts Pottery. Vol. 8, No.30 1965.
012792: MODERN CZECH ART. - Tchecoslováquia. Tapeçaria Ceramica. 12 Bienal de São Paulo.
012965: MODERN GERMAN ART. - Deutscher Künstlerbund Köln 1929. Mai-September 1929 im Staatenhaus.
012773: MODERN CZECH ART. - Venko Kolev. Keramika. Marin Varbanov. Tapiserie. Galerie Art Centrum, Praha. 5.Dubna-6.Kvetna 1973.
020374: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - Transformations. New Sculpture from Britain. Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Alison Wilding, Bill Woodrow. XVII Bienal de São Paulo, 1983 : Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, 1984
009860: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Sculpture in the home. Second Exhibition 1950-51.
009947: MODERN FRENCH ART. - AFTERMATH. France 1945-54. New Images of Man.
009004: MODERN BRITISH ART. - One. No.5, November 1974.
009005: MODERN BRITISH ART. - One. No.1, October 1973.
018013: MODERN ENGLISH ART. - Un Certain Art Anglais... . . Musique, Films, Jazz, Poésie. ARC Paris. Musée d'art moderne de la ville de paris, 20 janvier-12 mars 1979.
010125: MODERN SPANISH ART. - La Pintura Informalista en España a través de los críticos.
019772: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - West Coast Hard-Edge. Four Abstract Classicists. . I.C.A. in collaborationw ith U.S.I.S., march-april 1960.
014518: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - American Painters in Britain. New Vision Centre Gallery, July 7th-26th, 1958.
008818: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 4 Young Artists. Institute of Contemporary Arts, 18th September-19th October 1963.
010365: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Hamilton Painters and Sculptors 1963. Ausut 12-September 14, 1963.
010377: MODERN POLISH ART. - A decorated New Years card designed by Zbigniew Makowski.
010386: MODERN IRISH ART. - An exhibition of the work of two painters. Camille Souter and Barrie Cooke, from the Collection of Sir Basil Goulding, Bt. Ulster Museum, January 28-February 27, 1965.
010396: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 5 Young British Artists. Anthony Donaldson, Jeffrey Harris, Terry Jones, John Rich, Brian Young.
010417: MODERN FURNITURE. - An Important collection of 20th century furniture by Pierre Legrain, Eileen Gray and Eyre De Lanux. A Philip Johnson Townhouse. Auction, Satuday, May 6, 1989. Sotheby's New York.
006569: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts 1924. The One Hundred and Fifty-Sixth.
020754: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - What Abstract Art Means to Me; Statements by Six American Artists: George L.K. Morris, Willem de Kooning, Alexander Calder, Fritz Glarner, Robert Motherwell, Stuart Davis. Museum of Modern Art Bulletin, Volume XVIII [18], No. 3 (Spring 1951).
014289: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Contemporary British ~Painting and Sculpture. Some Unusual Juxtapositions. Arthur Jeffress (Pictures). 29th May-29th June 1956.
003714: MODERN GERMAN ART. - Pan 1. Dritter Jahrgang 1897.
012539: MODERN CERAMICS. - Figurative Clay Sculpture Northern California. The Quay Gallery, San Francisco
020398: MODERN SCOTTISH ART. - Twenty by Fifty Seven. Twenty Young Scottish Artists Presented by the New 57 Gallery. William Robertson Building, George Square Edinburgh. 23rd Edinburgh International Festival, 23rd August-13th September 1969.
017329: MODERN MEXICAN ART. - Exposicion de Pintura Mexicana. Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Domingo 17 de Junio al Domingo 8 de Julio 1956.
016873: MODERN DESIGN. - Classics of Modern Design. A Camden Arts Centre Exhibition, 28 October-18 December 1977.
010560: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Croydon College of Art. Student/Staff Travelling Exhibition. University of Kent, Thursday 1st May to Tuesday 20th May 1969.
005139: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Exhibition of National War Pictures. War Artists' Advisory Committee. October 13-November 25.
010590: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Our Wonderful Culture. No.2. Winter 1987/88.
010595: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Textes et Images. Revue Trimestrielle. Printemps 1951. Animateur Marcel Boin.
010593: MODERN SWEDISH ART. - Paletten. 3-72.
010597: MODERN ARCHITECTURE. - The Architecture of Australia. Special Number of the Architectural Review. Vol.CIV, July 1948.
010613: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Shelagh Wakely. Alison Wilding. July 14-August 5.
003170: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Cafe Royalists. An Exhibition of Cafe Royal Artists.
010704: MODERN BRITISH ART. - An exhibition of Works by Whistler, Sickert and Their Circle. 17th June-9th July 1988.
010705: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Printmakers 1850-1940. 21 May to 17 June 1975.
010706: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Printmakers 1820-1940. 10th to 30th May 1978.
010709: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Royal Society of British Artists. One Hundred and Tenth Exhibition 1898-99. Suffolk Street, Pall Mall.
005200: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Third United Artists' Exhibition. In Aid of H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St. John Fund. Royal Academy of Arts 1943.
006315: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Exhibition of Contemporary French Prints Under the Auspices of L'Association Francaise d'Expansion et d'Echange Artistiques. May 10th to June 20th, 1927.
006289: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Catalogue of the works of some of the Most Eminent French Painters of To-day. November 1924. Arranged by Messrs. Lefevre & Son and Mr. Alex. Reid (of Glasgow).
016512: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 20th Century British Drawings. Wolseley Fine Arts, 5 November-19 December 2003.
007229: MODERN BRITISH ART. - English Portraits 1850-1950. Arts Council. Southern Regional Office, May-August 1950.
009159: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John. A Memorial Exhibtion. The Tate Gallery and the Arts Council. 7 May to 15 June 1952.
010726: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The National Gallery, British Art. The Tate Gallery. Illustrated Catalogue with Turner Supplement.
010727: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Royal College of Art. Annual Exhibition 1939.
009138: MODERN FRENCH ART. - Braque and Rouault. The Tate Gallery. An Exhibition under the auspices of the British Council, La Direction Generale des Relations Culturelles and l'Association Français d'Action Artistique.
003432: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Decade 1910-20.
010772: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Prints 1920-70. 15 November-14 December 1997.
010773: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Prints 1920-80. 25 April-24 May 1998.
010776: MODERN BRITISH ART. - People and Places. Catalogue of an exhibition of pictures by Rachel Caulfield, Geoffrey E.Browne, J.E.Caulfield & Arthur Norris. The Dudley Galleries, 169 Piccadilly, W. July 1912.
004162: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Impressionism. Nottingham Castle Museum.
003431: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Decade 1890-1900.
004518: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Corporation of Blackburn. Exhibition of Pictures on the Opening of the New Art Gallery. Descriptive Catalogue. 1894.
004485: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours. Autumn Exhibition. The 211 Exhibition of the Society 1938. Nov. 19th to Dec. 17th.
004486: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. Winter Exhibition 1935. October 26th to November 30th.
004487: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Founed in 1804. Winter Exhibition 1933. (The 201st of the Society.) At the Gallery 5a, Pall Mall East, S.W.
004488: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Royal Society of Painters in Water-colours. Spring Exhibition. The 212 Exhibition of the Society 1939. Mar. 25th to April 28th.
010843: MODERN IRISH ART. - The Delighted Eye. Irish Painting and Sculpture of the Seventies selected by Dr. Frances Ruane. A Touring exhibition arranged by the Arts Councils in Ireland.
010865: MODERN IRISH ART. - Two Exhibitions. Three Painters; Ivon Hitchens, Jack B.Yeats, Roderic O'Conor and Colour Form and Line. Private View 3 pm Thursday the 3rd July.
010871: MODERN IRISH ART. - Catalogue of the Dublin Painters.
010875: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Fifty Years Ago. An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Manuscripts and Mementos of the Great War Era. June 8th-28th, 1965.
018188: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 4 Young Artists 1965. Victor Burgin, Roger Dade, Peter Millband, David Wise. Institute of Contemporary Arts.
010892: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British artists of the second world war.
003122: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Appalling Loss. An Exhibition of 1914-18 War Artists.
001265: MODERN BRITISH ART. - War Pictures by British Artists No.2. Blitz.
010891: MODERN BRITISH ART. - War Artists. No.1 in a series of catalogues of the collection.
002777: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Harkness Fellows. Catalogue of an exhibition of recent paintings, drawings and sculpture 1958-1966 by the Harkness Fellows.
007331: MODERN BRITISH ART. - First Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by The Regent Street Group. 10th September to 30th September 1953.
010913: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Coronation Fare. May-June 1953.
010919: MODERN IRISH ART. - The MacGeough Bond Collection. An exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture from the Collection of W.A.N.MacGeough Bond, Esq. Ulster Museum, Belfast 24 March-16 April 1966.
010921: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Exhibition of Sacred Art 1962. Sponsored by The East of Scotland Guild of Sacred Art, The Grail, The Scottish Guild of Catholic Artists. Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. 21st August-6th September 1962.
005035: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Experiment in Form. Grosvenor Gallery, 6-29 July 1966.
010931: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Matrix. Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol 11 June-8 July 1971. Welsh Arts Council Gallery, Cardiff 11 September-2 October 1971. Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury 25 October-12 November 1971.
010935: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Made Strange. Új Brit Szobrászat. New British Sculpture. Ludwig Múzeum Budapest, Június 3-Augusztus 1, 1993.
010936: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Interior Motives. An Exhibition Sponsored By Crown Wallcoverings and the Contemporary Art Society. Reed House, London 1978.
010942: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - Daedalus Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Winter 1960. Special Issue, The Visual Arts To-day.
010943: MODERN SPANISH ART. - La Nueva Pintura de España. Ten Contemporary Spanish Painters. Cuixart, Feito, Lago, Lucio, Mendez, Millares, Saura, Tapies, Tharrats, Vila-Casas. 19 January to 13 February 1960.
010950: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Modern British Portraits. Arts Council of Great Britain 1960-61. Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, 12 November-3 December 1960; Newcastle Laing Art Gallery, 10 December-31 December 1960; Torquay Torre Abbey, 7 January-28 January 1961; Nottingham
010951: MODERN BRITISH ART. - EXhibition of Paintings by 10 Royal Academicians. Norman Blamey, William Bowyer, Robert Buhler, Sir Robin Darwin, Richard Eurich, Frederick Gore, Norman Hepple, William Roberts, Ruskin Spear, Carel Weight. 26th September to 15th October 1983.
016473: MODERN DUTCH ARCHITECTURE. - Voorbij Het Gangbare. Werkgroep 5x5. Een pleidooi voor de kwaliteit van volkshuisvesting en stedebouw.
004535: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Executive Committee of the Contemporary Art Society requests the pleasure of your company at an Evening Party. Tate Gallery on Wednesday, February 29th, 1956 for a special preview of the Contemporary Art Society's exhibition "The Seasons".
004624: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Some Aspects of British Painting 1890-1945. A selection from the Permanent Collection. Summer Exhibition 1972.
011003: MODERN SCULPTURE. - Ten Sculptors. Anthony Caro, Wessel Couzijn, Angel Ferrant, Tadeusz Koper, Brigite meier-Denninghoff, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Pablo Serrano, Shinkichi Tajiri, William Turnbull, Hans Uhlmann.
011004: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - 26 Young Sculptors. Abramovitch, Annesley, Arnatt, Atkins, Barclay, Carruthers, Davison, Demonchaux, Hatwell, Lane, Lim, Macdonald, Morland, Robson, Ruddick, Rugg, Schettini, Scott, Sheppard, Stanford, Stocker, Tucker, Ward, Webb.31 August-7
011006: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - Sculpture. An open air exhibition organised by the London County Council in association with the Arts Council of Great Britain at Battersea Park May to September 1951.
011008: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - Contemporary British Sculpture. An open-air exhibition arranged by The Arts Council of Great Britain.
011010: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - Towards Art II. Sculptors from the Royal College of Art. An Arts Council Exhibition 1965.
020899: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Process, Mark Making, Structure, Space, Scale in British Abstraction in the Sixties. Tate Gallery Education Department, January 1973.
011017: MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE. - The Alistair McAlpine Gift. David Annesley, Michael Bolus, Phillip King, Tim Scott, William Tucker, William Turnbull, Isaac Witkin. The Tate Gallery, 30 June-22 August 1971.
011027: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Messrs. Ernest Brown & Phillips Announce Their February Exhibitions: Stephen Bone "Urban Landscapes", Charles McCall 'First Exhibition, Fred Uhlman 'Recent Paintings'. Private View, Thursday, February 9th, 1950.
011028: MODERN BRITISH ART. - New Year Exhibition 19th and 20th Century Artists. Private View, Wednesday, January 7th 1948.
000224: MODERN BRITISH ART. - An Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings.
000608: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Chromatic Sculpture. The Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge.
002102: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Paintings by British Women. A Selection from the Annual Exhibition of the Women's International Art Club.
002056: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Contemporary British Landscape.
021264: MODERN BELGIAN ART. - Ausstellung Belgischer Kunst. Berlin 1908. Unter Dem Protektorate Der Belgischen Regierung. Veranstaltet Durch Die Gesellschaften Art Contemporain - Antwerpen - Und Societe Royale Des Beaux- Arts. Brüssel Lokal der Sezession Kurfürstendamm 208/9 - Berlin. MDCCCCVIII. 1. Oktober - 1. November.
007327: MODERN CERAMICS. - The Wellington Potters 1960 Exhibition. Augut 15 to August 19.
010798: MODERN CERAMICS. - Aldermaston Pottery.
002014: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Loan Exhibition of Modern English and French Paintings at the City Literary Institute.
011090: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Exhibition of Gloucestershire Artists. Work selected by John Ward.
002044: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Exhibition of Oil Pictures and Water-colours by Living Artists.
011091: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Courier, Exhibition of Fine Art. At the galleries of the Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours, 26 Conduit Street, W.1. 3rd to 12th April.
011102: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Contemporary British Art, Fifth Year. Grundy Art Gallery, 17th July to 24th September 1949.
016979: MODERN BRAZILIAN ART. - VIVências. Dialogues between the Works of Brazilian Artists from 1960s-2002. The New Art Gallery, Walsall, 5 April-9 June 2002.
016611: MODERN BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHY. - Metamorphosis of the Image. Recent Photographic Strategies in Britain. International Month of Photography, Athens, May 1989.
003449: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Modern English Graphics. A Holbourne Institute exhibition.
019854: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The New Generation: 1964. Whitechapel Gallery: London, March-May, 1964. With a Preface by David Thompson.
011124: MODERN FILM. - Film Today. Books: Screen and Audience. An occasional miscallany devoted to the contemporary cinema.
018441: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Icascreen-Print Project. ICA, London 10-28 November 1964.
011214: MODERN CINEMA. - Film-makers' Cooperative Catalogue No.3.
016370: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Decade '40s. Painting, Sculpture and Drawing in Britain 1940-49. Whitechapel Art Gallery, London November 1-26, 1972.
012932: MODERN AUSTRIAN ART. - Ver Sacrum. Neue hefte fur Kunst und Literatur.
019585: MODERN BRITISH ART. - New Painting 58-61. Arts Council, London 1961.
011386: MODERN IRISH ART. - Five Irish Painters. Thurloe Conolly, Gerard Dillon, Nevill Johnson, Colin Middleton, Daniel O'Neill. May 22nd-June 16th 1951.
011393: MODERN IRISH ART. - Four Ulster Painters. Arnolfini Gallery catalogues, second series number 18.
011402: MODERN WELSH ART. - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works By Certain Modern Artists of Welsh Extraction. December 1913, to February 1914. Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru. National Museum of Wales.
020057: MODERN CERAMICS. - Pottery Quarterly. A Review of Crafts Pottery. Vol. 9, No.33 1965.
011427: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 5. Arnolfini Gallery, Catalogues, second Series Number 27. Exhibition 5 March-30 March 1966.
011439: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Sculpture 1966. Woodstock Gallery 17th Jan to 15th Feb.
020052: MODERN CERAMICS. - Pottery Quarterly. A Review of Crafts Pottery. Vol. 8, No.32 1966.
018095: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Modern British Artist As Printmaker. Catalogue 3. Austin/Desmond Contemporary Books, Sunninghill.
014540: MODERN POLISH ART. - Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain. Drian Galleries, September 1968.
011635: MODERN GREEK ART. - Six Greek Painters. Dekoulakos. Kanaginis. Lefakis. Piladakis. Shainis. Xenakis. February 4-28 1964.
018474: MODERN SWISS ART. - Quelques Peintres Suisses. Hodler, Burnand,Fontanez, Forestier, Giacometti, Giron, Ihly, Menn, Pahnke, Vibert.
012266: MODERN GERMAN ART. - Die Graphischen Künste. XVII. Jahrgang.
016389: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Painting 1979: A Crisis of Function? London Magazine April/May 1979, Vol.19, No.1 & 2.
013815: MODERN BRITISH ART. - J. Maclaren-Ross. Some Painters of the Forties. The London Magazine, January 1965, Vol. 4, No. 10.
019173: MODERN AMERCAN ART. - 12 Peintres Et Sculpteurs Américains Contemporains. Paris: Musée Nationale d'Art Moderne, 1953
016482: MODERN CERAMICS. - Attenuation. A Making Thin or Slender in British Contemporary Crafts.
011482: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Drawing Towards Painting 2. Arts Council 1967.
014382: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Summer Exhibition. Beaux Arts Gallery, July 22nd to September 16th 1955.
014530: MODERN NORWEGIAN ART. - Norwegian Group. Astrup, Berle, Böe, Lefdal, Stabell, Sylte. New Vision Centre Gallery, Dec.10th-29th 1962.
011494: MODERN GERMAN ART. - Der Stichel. Original Holzschnitte der Kunstgewerbeschule Essen. Jahrgang 1, Heft 3 u.4.
020662: MODERN AMERICAN ART. - Eight American Artists. Paintings and Sculpture. Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves, Mark Tobey, David Hare, Seymour Lipton, Rhys Caparn, Ezio Martinelli. City of York Art Gallery. I.C.A. London 1957.
012105: MODERN BRITISH ART. - The Society of Graphic Art. Catalogue of the Fifteenth Exhibition. July 6 to July 30, 1935. At the Royal Institute Galleries.
011533: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Chelsea River. Parkin Gallery. May 2nd until May 26th.
011536: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Artists and Writers. An Exhibition of Watercolours, Drawings and Etchings. October 8 to November 7, 1976.
011542: MODERN BRITISH ART. - Summer Exhibition 1949.
018004: MODERN BRITISH ART. - 7 British Painters of Today. Davie, Frost, Heron, Hilton, Pasmore, Richards, Vaughan. An Arts Council Welsh Committee Exhibition 1959.Cardiff, national museum of wales July 4th-July 25th.
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011676: MODERN BRITISH ART. - British Design and Illustration. Sally Hunter Fine Art 3rd-14th November 2004.
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018495: PICASSO, PABLO. - On the Occasion of the Picasso Exhibition, Organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain, the Institute of Contemporary Arts Honours Pablo Picasso by a Party at the Tate Gallery, by Kind Permission of the Trustees, Which Hrh the Duke of Edinburgh Has Graciuosly Consented to Attend.
018494: PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso and Concrete. New Techniques and Photographs by Carl Nesjar. ICA Gallery, London 11 January-11 February 1967.
020728: PICASSO, PABLO. - Le Ministre D'état Chargé Des Affaires Culturelles. Le Président Du Conseil Municipal. Le Préfet de Paris Chargé Des Fonctions de Préfet de la Seine Vous Prient de Leur Faire L'Honneur D'Assiter Au Vernissage de L'Exposition Hommage à Pablo Picasso. Le vendredi 18 november 1966, Grand Palais à 10 heures, Petit Palais à 11 heures.
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000175: PICTURES OF GREAT HEROES. - The Story of Columbus. Picture Lives of Great Heroes.
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