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013924: MCGOLDRICK, JAMES EDWARD - God's Renaissance Man: The Life and Work of Abraham Kuyper
014038: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - A Life of John Calvin: A Study in the Shaping of Western Culture
509293: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity
014039: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - Reformation Thought: An Introduction
423292: MCINTOSH, ANDY - Genesis for Today: Showing the Relevance of the Creation/Evolution Debate to Today's Society
437408: MCKENNA, DAVID L - Job: The Communicator's Commentary: Volume 12
504360: MCLAREN, ELIZABETH T - Dr John Brown and his Sisters Isabella and Jane
013129: MCLEAN, JOHN - The Presence of the Past: Christian Heritage Sites in the Rhins of Galloway
445271: MCNEILL, JOHN - The Twenty-Third Psalm
441025: MCNEILL, JOHN - Bread to the Full: Striking Addresses Blessed to Thousands the World Over
504370: MCNEILL, JOHN - The Twenty-Third Psalm
423515: MEETER, H. HENRY; MARSHALL, PAUL A. - The Basic Ideas of Calvinism
425236: VAN DER MEIDEN, L H - God's Yea and Your Amen
009711: MENTEATH, MRS A STUART - Lays of the Kirk and Covenant
013981: MEYER, FREDERICK BROTHERTON - Christian Living
495550: MEYER, FREDERICK BROTHERTON - Great Verses Through the Bible: A Devotional Commentary on Key Verses (also Published as "Our Daily Homily")
464854: MICHAEL, CHARLES D - John Gibson Paton, DD, The Missionary Hero of the New Hebrides
438053: MICKELSEN, ANTON BERKELEY - Interpreting the Bible
472292: MIDDLETON, JEREMY - Staying Alive: 12 Part Course for Discipling New Believers
421740: MILLER, HUGH; DAVIDSON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Leading Articles on Various Subjects
011265: MILLER, CALVIN - The Singer
465098: MILLER, KARL - Cockburn's Millennium
465160: MILLER, HUGH - My Schools and Schoolmasters; or the Story of My Education
423488: MILNE, BRUCE - Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief
210091: MILNER, REV JOSEPH; MILNER, ISAAC - The History of the Church of Christ (complete in one volume)
464911: MILTON, JOHN - The Poems of John Milton: With Introductory Memoir, Notes, Bibliography Etc (The Chandos Classics series)
504585: MILTON, MICHAEL A - What God Starts, God Completes: Gospel Hope for Hurting People
465027: MILTON, JOHN; GORSE, FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Paradise Lost: Book 1: Edited with Life, Introduction, Notes, &c. by F.Gorse, M.A. (Blackie's School Milton)
504411: MILTON, MICHAEL A - Small Things, Big Things: Inspiring Stories of Everyday Grace
441249: MITCHELL, DAVID GIBB - Sermons in Braid Scots
429906: MITCHELL, GEORGE JAMES - Born Free: Studies in Galatians
006489: MOHON, W ROY - The Bible: Its Necessity, Qualities & Use
200112: MOHON, WILLIAM ROY - Cosmic War Survival: The True Gospel Distinguished from the Global Apostasy by Reference to the Early Ages of Man
445309: MONCRIEFF, J FORBES - Our Giving: What it Is, and What it Ought to Be: A Plea for Increased Liberality on the Part of God's People
446203: MONCRIEFF, HENRY WELLWOOD (SIR) - A Vindication of the Free Church Claim of Right ... With an Appendix Relating to Alleged Facts
421923: MONOD, ADOLPHE - Adolphe Monod's Farewell to His Friends and to His Church
434207: MOODY, JOSH - The God-Centred Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for Today
013369: MOORE, T M - God's Prayer Program: Passionately Using the Psalms in Prayer
441411: MOORE, THOMAS VERNER - A Commentary on Zechariah (Geneva Series of Commentaries)
210114: MOORE, MARTIN - Boston Revival 1842: A Brief History of the Evangelical Churches of Boston, together with a More Particular Account of the Revival of 1842
446329: MOORE, THOMAS VERNER - A Commentary on Haggai and Malachi: The Geneva Series of Commentaries
423616: MORGAN, G CAMPBELL - The Westminster Pulpit: Set of 10 Volumes in 5
446393: MORGAN, G CAMPBELL - Behold He Cometh! Sunrise: An Introduction to a Study of the Second Advent
509351: MORGAN, G CAMPBELL - The Analysed (Analyzed) Bible: Old Testament: Genesis to Esther
509308: MORGAN, EDWARD; ELIAS, JOHN - John Elias: Life, Letters and Essays
429314: MORRIS, LEON - Apocalyptic
493150: MORRIS, LEON - The Revelation of St John: An Introduction and Commentary: TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
421962: MORRIS, LEON - The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians: An Introduction and Commentary: TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
424257: MORRISH, REGINALD - To Whom Ye Yield: C.I.D. Man Throws Spotlight on Britain
421907: MORTIMER, FAVELL LEE - Line Upon Line: Part 2
468199: MORTON, HENRY V - In the Steps of the Master
480289: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - Peter the Great
014160: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - Ephesian Studies: Expository Readings on the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Ephesians
014163: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - The Second Epistle to Timothy: Short Devotional Studies on the Dying Letter of St Paul (A Devotional Commentary series)
014164: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - Outlines of Christian Doctrine (The Theological Educator series)
014181: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - Philippian Studies: Lessons in Faith and Love from St Paul's Epistle to the Philippians (The Expositor's Library)
014180: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - The Epistle to the Romans: The Expositor's Bible
014166: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - Christus Consolator: Words for Hearts in Trouble
010052: MOULE, HANDLEY CARR GLYN - To My Younger Brethren: Chapters on Pastoral Life and Work
425252: MOULTON, JAMES HOPE - An Introduction to the Study of New Testament Greek; plus A First Reader in New Testament Greek
013952: MOUW, RICHARD J - Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction
210006: MOYER, ELGIN SYLVESTER; CAIRNS, EARLE E (REVISER) - Wycliffe Biographical Dictionary of the Church
465203: MOZLEY, JOHN KENNETH - Eight Lectures on Miracles Preached before the University of Oxford in the Year 1865
495744: MUFFET, PETER; COTTON, JOHN - A Commentary on the Whole Book of Proverbs; A Brief Expostition with Practical Observations Upon the Whole Book of Ecclesiastes; A Brief Exposition of the Whole Book of Canticles or Song of Solomon (Nichol's Series of Commentaries)
009077: MUHR, MARLENE - Along Unfamiliar Paths: Proclaiming God's Light in Man's Night: The Story of Gospel Recordings Europe
464792: MUIR, PEARSON M'ADAM - The Church of Scotland: A Sketch of its History
442092: MULLER, GEORGE (MUELLER, MÜLLER) - A Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with George Müller, Written By Himself: Sixth Part
442093: MÜLLER, SUSANNAH GRACE; MÜLLER, GEORGE (PREFACE) - The Preaching Tours and Missionary Labours of George Müller (of Bristol)
429277: MUNRO, JAMES - A Shorter History of Great Britain: from the Coming of the Romans to the Present Time
421622: MURCH, WILLIAM HARRIS (PREFACE) - Essays on the Christian Ministry: Selected from the American "Biblical Repository" and other American Periodicals
210116: MURDOCK, KENNETH BALLARD - Increase Mather: the Foremost American Puritan
446363: MURRAY, GORDON J; KENDALL, R T; MURRAY< JOHN J; LOGAN, SAMUEL T; COOK, PAUL E G - Preaching and Revival: Westminster Conference 1984
422398: MURRAY, ANDREW - The School of Obedience: Addresses at the Students' Convention at Stellenbosch, 28th to 31st July 1898
422397: MURRAY, ANDREW; LILLEY, JAMES PHILIP (TRANSLATOR) - The Lord's Table: A Help to the Right Observance of the Lord's Supper
008947: MURRAY, ANDREW - Holy In Christ: Thoughts on the Calling of God's Children to be Holy as He is Holy
446162: MURRAY, IAIN H - John Knox: The Annual Lecture of the Evangelical Library for 1972
423818: MURRAY, IAIN H - The Life of Arthur W Pink
422353: MURRAY, ANDREW - Let Us Draw Nigh! The Way to a Life Abiding Continually in the Secret of God's Presence: Meditations on Hebrews 10: 19-25
210068: MURRAY, IAIN H - The Life of John Murray
438020: MURRAY, ALEXANDER; MACDONALD, FRASER; MACQUEEN, J P; MACKAY, A F; SINCLAIR, ROBERT R; MACLEAN, DONALD; MACSWEEN, M; COLQUHOUN, JOHN - Quater-Cententary of the Scottish Reformation, as Commemorated by the Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, at Edinburgh, May 1960, by the Reading of Papers on the Reformation of 1560
210170: MURRAY, JOHN - Christian Baptism
444513: MURRAY, IAIN H - David Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years 1899-1939
464652: MURRAY, EUNICE GUTHRIE - The Church of Cardross and its Ministers
461439: MURRAY, IAIN H - The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones 1899-1981
440151: NAISMITH, ARCHIE - Songs of Priests and Pilgrims: A Devotional Study of Some Favourite Psalms
425249: NAJAPFOUR, BRIAN G - The Very Heart of Prayer: Reclaiming John Bunyan's Spirituality
014002: NAYLOR, PETER - Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists: A Study of English Calvinistic Baptists from the Late 1600s to the Early 1800s (Studies in Baptist History and Thought: Volume 7)
493133: NEILL, STEPHEN (EDITOR); ANDERSON, GERALD H (EDITOR); GOODWIN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission (World Christian books)
210245: NESOM, JOE B (EDITOR) - Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs
210148: NETTLES, THOMAS J. - By His Grace and for His Glory: A Historical, Theological, and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life
498309: NEWTON, GEORGE - An Exposition with Notes, Unfolded and Applied, of John XVII. Delivered in Sermons, Preached Weekly, on the Lord's Day, to the Congregation in Taunton Magdalene (Nichol's Series of Commentaries)
445057: NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS - Moses: The Child of Faith
445056: NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS - Jerusalem: Its Future History
482320: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - The Bible Student's Companion
432513: NICKERSON, RONALD W (EDITOR) - Covenanter Witness: 5 Issues from 1972 and 1973
008316: NICOLL, WILLIAM ROBERTSON (ED) - The Expositor: Third Series: Volume 2
504440: NICOLL, WILLIAM ROBERTSON; STODDART, JANE T; MOFFAT, JAMES - The Expositor's Dictionary of Texts (set of 2 Volumes bound in 4)
493144: NISBET, ALEXANDER - An Exposition of 1 & 2 Peter (Geneva Commentaries Ser.)
437871: NISWONGER, RICHARD L - New Testament History
509092: NOBLE, FREDERICK ALPHONSO - Typical New Testament Conversions
445318: NOEL, BAPTIST WRIOTHESLEY - Essay on the External Act of Baptism, Enjoined by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
437996: OAK, JOHN H - Healthy Christians Make a Healthy Church
498295: TEACHER'S OFFERING - The Teacher's Offering for 1857
011760: SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE - Indexes - No 63: Index to Particular Register of Sasines for Sheriffdoms of Inverness, Ross, Cromarty and Sutherland preserved in Her Majesty's General Register House: Volume II 1661-1721
461320: OLSON, ROGER E - The SCM Press A-Z of Evangelical Theology
442134: OOSTEN, L H - Wat is een Oprecht Geloof?
210279: ORR, JAMES - The Problem of the Old Testament: Considered with Reference to Recent Criticism
402119: ORTIZ, JORGE RUIZ - Biblical Praise
512015: OSBECK, KENNETH W - My Music Workbook
210293: OSBORN, GORDON - Cowper Country: An Introduction to the Town of Olney and the Immediate Neighbourhood
469221: OTTLEY, AGNES M; BELL, KENNETH (EDITOR) - The Way of History: Third Book (1660-1815) (The New World series)
210233: OVERTON, JOHN HENRY - John Wesley
472355: OWEN, JOHN; PACKER, JAMES I (INTRO) - The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
498365: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Volume 7: Apostasy, Grace & Duty of Being Spiritualy Minded, Dominion of Sin & Grace
498369: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Volume 13: Duty of Pastors & People Distinguished; Eshcol: A Cluster of the Fruit of Canaan; Of Schism (several treatises); Truth & Innocence Vindicated; Magistrates, Nonconformists, Etc
446113: OWEN, GEORGE FREDERICK - The Holy Land
013752: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Set of 16 Volumes
493146: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Volume 16: True Nature of a Gospel Church; Divine Original of the Scriptures; Integrity and Purity of the Hebrew & Greek Text; Several Other Pieces; Indexes
498374: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Volume 14: Animadversions on Fiat Lux & Vindication, Church of Rome No Safe Guide, Union Among Protestants, Nature of Protestant Religion
498371: OWEN, JOHN - The Works of John Owen: Volume 15: Liturgies and Their Imposition; Evangelical Love, Church Peace and Unity; Original, Nature, Institution, Power, Order, and Communion of Evangelical Churches; Answer to Stillingfleet on Separation; Worship & Discipline
446396: OWEN, JOHN; TOON PETER (EDITOR) - The Correspondence of John Owen (1616-1683): With an Account of his Life and Work
008852: OXENDEN, ASHTON - The Pathway of Safety: or Counsel to the Awakened
421942: OXENDEN, ASHTON - The Home Beyond: or A Happy Old Age
502330: OXENHAM, JOHN (DUNKERLEY, WILLIAM ARTHUR) - Inasmuch: Some Thoughts Concerning the Wreckage of the War
437631: PACKER, JAMES I - A Passion for Holiness
420108: PAGE, ISAAC E - Fulness of Grace: The Believer's Heritage
423562: PALMER, BENJAMIN MORGAN - The Life and Letters of James Henley Thornwell
431430: PALMER, BENJAMIN MORGAN; ALEXANDER, JAMES W - The Family, in Its Civil and Churchly Aspects; Thoughts on Family Worship (2 Books in 1)
423505: PARKER, THOMAS HENRY LOUIS - Calvin's Preaching
514725: PARKER, JOSEPH - Studies in Texts: for Family, Church, and School: Volume 1 (only, of 6)
514726: PARKER, JOSEPH - Studies in Texts: for Family, Church, and School: Volume 2 (only, of 6)
512199: PARKER, JOSEPH - Studies in Texts: for Family, Church, and School: Vol 4 (only, of 6)
464524: PASCAL, BLAISE; PÉRIER, MADAME (MEMOIR); NICOLE, PIERRE - Pensées de Pascal, Précédées de sa Vie par Mme Périer, sa Soeur; Suivies d'un Choix des Pensees de Nicole et de son Traité de la Paix avec les Hommes
437876: PATE, C MARVIN - Luke (Moody Gospel commentary)
476416: PATON, ROBERT - The Scottish Church and Its Surroundings, in Early Times
478107: PATON, JOHN G; PATON, JAMES (EDITOR) - John G Paton, Missionary to the New Hebrides: Second Part (only, of 2 volumes)
210254: PATON, JOHN G - John G. Paton - Missionar auf den neuen Hebriden. Eine Selbstbiographie
476345: PATTON, WILLIAM J - Pardon and Assurance
472456: PAUL, ARTHUR - Latter-Day Light on the Apocalypse: A New Method Exegetical and Historical
013949: PAUW, AMY PLANTINGA - The Supreme Harmony of All: The Trinitarian Theology of Jonathan Edwards
210179: PAYNE, ERNEST ALEXANDER - The Baptist Union: A Short History
441440: PEACE, RICHARD; PETERSEN, RANDY; BRISCOE, STUART - Facing Your Fears About Sharing Your Faith (Christian Lifestyle series)
445390: PEMBER, GEORGE HAWKINS; LANG, GEORGE HENRY (EDITOR) - Mystery Babylon the Great and the Mysteries of Catholicism: An Exposition of Revelation 17 and 18 and an Account of the Rise of the Roman Catholic Church under Pagan Influences
422331: PENN, WILLIAM - No Cross, No Crown: A Discourse Shewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ; to which are added the Living and Dying Testimonies of Many Persons of Fame and Learning Both of Ancient and Modern Times, in Favour of this Treatise
210070: PERKINS, WILLIAM - The Art of Prophesying (Puritan Paperbacks)
451036: PERRIN, MIKE - Upon High Places: Stories from the Mountains of Wales
012806: PERRY, GEORGE GRESLEY - The Christian Fathers
010180: PERSEGHETTI, JACKIE - Faith Factor OT: Thru-the-Bible Devotions
400382: PETERKIN, ALEXANDER (EDITOR) - An Abridgment of the Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, from 1560 to 1830 Inclusive (etc etc) (A Compendium of the Laws of the Church of Scotland, Part Second - only, of 2)
492755: PETERKIN, ALEXANDER (EDITOR) - An Abridgment of the Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, from 1560 to 1840
014114: PETERSON, ROBERT A - Our Secure Salvation: Preservation and Apostasy (Explorations in Biblical Theology)
007985: PHILIP, ROBERT - Eternity Realized: A Guide to the Thoughtful
495661: PHILIP, ADAM - Thomas Chalmers: Apostle of Union
437921: PHILIP, GEORGE MACKENZIE - Lord from the Depths I Cry: a Study in the Book of Job (Didasko series)
437525: PHILIP, JAMES - The Westminster Confession of Faith: An Exposition: Part 4: Chapters 27-33
495694: PHILIP, JAMES - The Epistle to the Romans: A Commentary
492713: PHILIP, ADAM - Thoughts on Worship and Preaching: The Preachers' Lectureship, 1930
437881: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Exploring Here and There: Gleanings Over Many Years: 100 Sermon Starters & Devotional Studies: Vol 1
437863: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Exploring Acts
437882: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Exploring Here and There: Gleanings Over Many Years: 100 Sermon Starters & Devotional Studies: Vol 2
444486: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Exploring Hebrews
444028: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Exploring Genesis
445322: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - The Advance of Popery in This Country Viewed Under Both its Religious and Political Aspect
453130: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - Sermons By the Late Joseph Charles Philpot: Volume 4: Sermons 18-23
495659: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - Sermons by the Late Joseph Charles Philpot: Volume 6: Sermons 31-37
422327: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - The Early Sermons of Mr J C Philpot MA: Vol 4 (only, of 4)
445337: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - Answers to Inquiries in the Gospel Standard (1850-1866)
421984: PHILPOT, J C [JOSEPH CHARLES] - Meditations on Matters of Christian Faith and Experience
441322: PICKERING, HENRY - One Thousand (1000) Subjects for Speakers and Students
440160: PIERSON, ARTHUR TAPPAN - George Müller (Muller, Mueller) of Bristol
423770: PIERSON, JIM; TUCKER JONES, LOUISE; VERBAL, PAT - Special Needs - Special Ministry: For Children's Ministry
210291: PIGGIN, STUART; ROXBOROUGH, JOHN - The St Andrews Seven: The Finest Flowering of Missionary Zeal in Scottish History
210111: PIKE, G HOLDEN - The Life & Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Set of 2 Volumes
009210: PINK, ARTHUR W - The Life of Elijah
495723: PINK, ARTHUR W - The Divine Inspiration of the Bible
423630: PINK, ARTHUR W - Studies in the Scriptures, 1947
444170: PINK, ARTHUR W - Practical Christianity
013735: PINK, ARTHUR W - Gleanings in Exodus
461375: PINK, ARTHUR W - Spiritual Growth: Growth in Grace, or Christian Progress
461393: PINK, ARTHUR W - The Satisfaction of Christ: Studies in the Atonement
461441: PINK, ARTHUR W - Studies in the Scriptures, 1946
461341: PINK, ARTHUR W - The Holy Spirit
472366: PIPA, JOSEPH A - The Root and Branch: A Penetrating Look Into the Person and Work of Jesus Christ
437690: PIPER, JOHN - A Godward Life: Savoring the Supremacy of God in All of Life: 120 Daily Readings
472389: PIPER, JOHN - The Pleasures of God: Meditations on God's Delight in Being God
472373: PIPER, JOHN - Finally Alive: What Happens When We are Born Again
446302: PLUMER, WILLIAM SWAN - Psalms: A Critical and Expository Commentary with Doctrinal and Practical Remarks: Geneva Series
442321: POLLARD, ELIZA FANNY - Florence Nightingale: The Wounded Soldier's Friend
010302: POLLOCK, ALGERNON J - Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass
495793: POOLE, MATTHEW - A Commentary on the Holy Bible: v. 2: Psalms-Malachi
504357: PORTEUS, BEILBY; BOYD, JAMES - A Summary of the Principal Evidences for the Truth and Divine Origin of the Christian Revelation
421987: COMMON PRAYER, SCOTTISH GAELIC - Leabhar Na H-Urnuigh Choitchionn
425111: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the Conquest of Peru (Everyman's Library series)
013452: PRESTON, JOHN - Life Eternall: or, A Treatise of the Knowledge of the Divine Essence and Attributes. Delivered in XVIII. Sermons
429180: PRIME, DEREK - Pastors and Teachers: The Calling and Work of Christ's Ministers
400613: MODERN SCOTTISH PULPIT - The Modern Scottish Pulpit: Sermons by Ministers of Various Denominations: Volume 1
011585: PURKISER, W T - Know Your Old Testament
465204: QUICK, OLIVER C - The Christian Sacraments (The Library of Constructive Theology series)
437787: RADMACHER, EARL D - Salvation (Swindoll Leadership Library)
010037: RAINY, ROBERT - The Epistle to the Philippians (The Expositor's Bible series)
011565: RAMM, BERNARD - The Evangelical Heritage: A Study in Historical Theology
441156: RAMPINI, CHARLES - A History of Moray and Nairn (The County Histories of Scotland)
499150: RAMSAY, JOHN - Sermons on Various Subjects with Occasional Prayers: also An Enquiry into the Causes of the Infidelity of the Present Times
425172: RAMSAY, WILLIAM; LANCIANI, RODOLFO (REVISER) - A Manual of Roman Antiquities
441402: RAMSAY, R GUY - Christ's Portrait of a Christian: A Series of Studies on the Sermon on the Mount
482083: RAMSAY, EDWARD BANNERMAN - Diversities of Faults in Christian Believers
210027: RAMSBOTTOM, BENJAMIN A - William Gadsby
210258: RANDALLS, ANDREW G - Today's Gospel and Apostolic Exhortations: A Study in the Presentation of the Gospel
482283: [RANYARD, ELLEN HENRIETTA WHITE] [AS L N R] - The Book and Its Story: a Narrative for the Young
013955: RASMUSSEN, LARRY (EDITOR) - Reinhold Niebuhr: Theologian of Public Life (Making of Modern Theology)
461330: ANON [SAID TO BE READE, THOMAS SHAW BANCROFT] - Christian Experience as Displayed in the Life and Writings of St Paul
464809: READE, CHARLES - The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
014127: REDDING, GRAHAM - Prayer and the Priesthood of Christ: In the Reformed Tradition (Academic Paperback)
423522: REDIGER, G. LLOYD - Fit to Be a Pastor: A Guide to Personal and Professional Fitness
210198: ANON; REED, ANDREW - Christian Biography: Containing the Lives of Rev Samuel Kilpin of Exeter, John Howard the Philanthropist, Rolls Plumbe: An Authentic Memoir of a Child
465192: REED, RICHARD CLARK - The Gospel as Taught by Calvin
012784: REES, PAUL STROMBERG - Prayer and Life's Highest
012277: REES, PAUL STROMBERG - The Adequate Man: Studies in Philippians
492822: O'REILLY, ALAN - Britain Under Siege
423502: REITH, GEORGE MURRAY - Reminiscences of the United Free Church General Assembly (1900-1929)
423778: RENDELL, KINGSLEY G - Samuel Rutherford: A New Biography of the Man and his Ministry
464351: EVANGELICAL REPOSITORY - The Evangelical Repository: A Quarterly Magazine of Theological Literature (Fourth Series Nos 1-16 - Vols 1-4 in one volume)
482114: GENERAL BAPTIST REPOSITORY - The General Baptist Repository, and Missionary Observer: Vol 9
423509: REYMOND, ROBERT - John Calvin: His Life and Influence
437901: REYMOND, ROBERT L - A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith
438029: RICE, JOHN R - Filled with the Spirit: A Verse-by-Verse Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles
210249: RICHARD, JAMES WILLIAM - Philip Melanchthon: The Protestant Preceptor of Germany: 1497-1560 (Heroes of the Reformation Vol 2)
437986: RICHARDS, LAWRENCE O - Small Group Member's Commentary: On the New Testament and Selected Psalms
493041: RICHARDS, LAWRENCE O (LARRY) - The Teacher's Commentary
422329: RICHARDSON, JOHN - Gospel Unities: Practical Remarks on Ephesians 4: 4-6
490512: RIDDERBOS, JAN - De Kleine Profeten: Opnieuw Uit de Grondtekst Vertaald en Verklaard: Deel 2: Obadja - Zefanja (Korte Verklaring)
013989: RIDDERBOS, HERMAN N; TOGTMAN, RAY (TRANSLATOR) - Matthew (The Bible Student's Commentary Series) (translation of Korte Verklaring)
482327: RIDLEY, WILLIAM HENRY - The Holy Communion : Part I, its Nature and Benefits, with a Notice of Some Common Objections to Receiving it ; Part II, An Explanation of what is Required of them who come to the Lord's Supper, in Plain Language
445389: RIHBANY, ABRAHAM MITRIE - The Syrian Christ
013882: RITCHIE, DANIEL F N - The Regulative Principle of Worship: Explained and Applied
445300: RITCHIE, JOHN - The Works of John Ritchie: Assembly Writers Library Vol 7: Daniel, Romans, Galatians, Revelation
009971: ROBBINS, NANCY E - God's Madcap: The Story of Amy Carmichael (Stories of Faith and Fame)
509271: PAGE-ROBERTS, WILLIAM - Law and God
013628: ROBERTSON, DAVID - Awakening: The Life and Ministry of Robert Murray Mccheyne
476161: ROBERTSON, JOHN A - A Creed to Proclaim
437952: ROBERTSON, O PALMER - Psalms in Congregational Celebration
512455: ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD THOMAS - Epochs in the Life of Jesus: a Study of Development and Struggle in the Messiah's Work
423813: ROBERTSON, O PALMER - The Final Word: A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues and Prophecy Today
465178: ROBINSON, FORBES - Letters to His Friends
461325: ROBINSON, WILLIAM CHILDS - The Word of the Cross: The 1938 Lectures Delivered in the Free Church College, Edinburgh
210192: ROBINSON, HENRY WHEELER - The Life and Faith of the Baptists
493166: ROBINSON, JOSEPH ARMITAGE - St Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: A Revised Text and Translation with Exposition and Notes
437545: ROBINSON, GODFREY; WINWARD, STEPHEN - Our Returning King: The Message of 1 & 2 Thessalonians for Today
012181: ROBINSON, PETER - The Union under Fire: United Ireland Framework Revealed
435353: ROBSON, JOHN - The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete: A Study of the Work of the Holy Spirit in Man
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200073: BANNER OF TRUTH - Banner of Truth Magazine Issues 352-363: Set of 11 Issues for 1993
509311: TYLER, BENNET; BONAR, ANDREW A (EDITOR) - Nettleton and His Labours: The Memoir of Dr Asahel Nettleton (The Life and Labours of Asahel Nettleton)
210107: TYLER, BENNET - New England Revivals, as they Existed at the Close of the Eighteenth, and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries
509234: TYNDALE, WILLIAM; DUFFIELD, GERVASE E (EDITOR); BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE (PREFACE) - Work of William Tyndale (Courtenay Library of Reformation Classics: 1)
498213: ULLMANN, CARL; MENZIES, ROBERT (TRANSLATOR) - Reformers Before the Reformation: Principally in Germany and the Netherlands: Volume 2 (only, of 2) [Clark's Foreign Theological Library, New Series, Volume 8]
210149: UNDERWOOD, ALFRED CLAIR - A History of the English Baptists
490532: UPRICHARD, HARRY - A Son is Revealed: Discovering Christ in the Gospel of Mark
441283: UPRICHARD, HARRY - A Son is Promised: Christ in the Psalms
490531: UPRICHARD, HARRY - A Son is Given: Christ in Isaiah
464856: URQUHART, JAMES - The Life and Teaching of William Honeyman Gillespie of Torbanehill
013548: VARIOUS - Sabbath Bells Chimed by the Poets
492735: VARIOUS - Short Biographies for the People Vol 1: Nos 1-12
421741: VARIOUS - Canada Presbyterian Church Pulpit: Second Series
492981: VARIOUS - Expository Sermons and Outlines on the Old Testament: The Clerical Library Vol 6
445130: VARIOUS - The Merchant of Heaven and Other Salvationist Verse
422348: VARIOUS - Horatius Bonar, DD: A Memorial
011490: VARIOUS - Disruption Worthies of the Highlands: Another Memorial of 1843
446958: VARIOUS - Sermons of the Great Ejection
482334: VARIOUS - The Weekly Visitor, for 1833
504460: VARIOUS - Three Hundred Outlines of Sermons on the New Testament (The Clerical Library, Vol 1)
437850: VAUGHAN, CLEMENT READ - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: To Unbelievers and Believers
421843: VAUGHAN, CHARLES J - Plain Words on Christian Living
490514: VAN 'T VEER, M B - De Beide Boeken der Koningen (De Bijbel Toegelicht voor het Nederlandse Volk)
490516: VELDKAMP, HERMAN - De Profeet Ezechiel (De Bijbel Toegelicht voor het Nederlandse Volk)
490515: VELDKAMP, HERMAN - De Profeet Ezechiel (De Bijbel Toegelicht voor het Nederlandse Volk)
493151: VENN, JOHN - A Commentary on the Epistle of St Paul to the Galatians
009278: VERWER, GEORGE - Drops from a Leaking Tap
501751: VICKERS, DOUGLAS - Now That You Have Believed: An Exploration of the Life and Walk of Faith
472351: VICKERS, DOUGLAS - The Fracture of Faith: Recovering Belief of the Gospel in a Postmodern World
014115: VICKERS, BRIAN - Justification by Grace through Faith (Explorations in Biblical Theology)
476074: VIGILIO, MARGARIDA; HENTSCHEL, LIZ; FORBES, JEAN - Whoever You Are: Margarida, Liz, Jean: Three Ordinary Women - Three Stories of an Amazing God
472458: VINCENT, JOHN HEYL - The Lesson Commentary on the International Lessons for 1880 (Vincent's Lesson Series)
441359: VINE, W E [WILLIAM EDWY] - Isaiah: Prophecies, Promises, Warnings
482324: VINET, ALEXANDER (ALEXANDRE RODOLPHE) - Pastoral Theology: The Theory of a Gospel Ministry
014016: VOLLENHOVEN, DIRK H T - Introduction to Philosophy
446206: VOS, GEERHARDUS; VOS, JOHANNES G (ED) - The Teaching of the Epistle to the Hebrews
200002: DE VRIES, PIETER - Het Zout der Aarde: Geloven en Belijden in een Geseculariseerde Samenleving
444310: WADDELL, P HATELY; TULLOCH, GRAHAM (INTRODUCTION) - The Psalms in Scots (The Psalms: Frae Hebrew intil Scottis)
461381: WAGNER, ROGER - Tongues Aflame: Learning to Preach from the Apostles
493122: WAKEFIELD, GORDON STEVENS - Puritan Devotion: Its Place in the Development of Christian Piety
011591: WAKEMAN, HENRY OFFLEY - The Church and the Puritans: 1570-1660 (Epochs of Church History, v. 8)
014110: WALDRON, SAMUEL C - A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith
464687: WALKER, ROBERT - Expostulatory Letters to Free Church Ministers, on the Secession from the Church of Scotland
495683: WALKER, WILLISTON - A History of the Christian Church
446122: WALKER, WILLISTON - A History of the Christian Church
509385: WALKER, JAMES - The Theology and Theologians of Scotland 1560-1750
444514: WALL, ROBERT W - Colossians & Philemon (IVP New Testament Commentary)
210187: WALL, WILLIAM - The History of Infant Baptism in Two Parts: Part II: Containing Several Things That Do Help to Illustrate the Said History
442316: WALLACE, RONALD S; SEARLE, DAVID C (ED) - The Gospel of John. Chapters 1 - 21. Pastoral and Theological Studies
504264: WALLACE, MARGARET - Emblems of Nature
013475: WALLS, ANDREW FINLAY - A Guide to Christian Reading: A Classified List of Selected Books
480185: WARBURTON, ELIOT - Darien, or the Merchant Prince
423788: WARD, ROWLAND S (EDITOR) - A Witness for Christ: The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia: 1846-1996
210161: WARNS, JOHANNES; LANG, GEORGE HENRY (TRANSLATOR) - Baptism: Studies in the Original Christian Baptism; Its History and Conflicts; Its Relation to a State or National Church; and Its Significance for the Present Time
013760: WATSON, THOMAS - The Art of Divine Contentment: An Exposition of Philippians 4:11
012654: WATSON, THOMAS; BEEKE, JOEL R (EDITOR) - Heaven Taken by Storm: Showing the Holy Violence a Christian is to Put Forth in the Pursuit after Glory
437931: WATSON, DAVID C C - Myths and Miracles: A New Approach to Genesis 1-11
509381: WATSON, JEAN LOGAN - The Pastor of Ettrick: The Life and Times of Thomas Boston
476204: WATSON, CHARLES - Prayers for the Use of Families
492533: WATSON, THOMAS; LOVE, CHRISTOPHER - Neamh air a ghlacadh le Garbh-Ionnsuidh ... / Miann a naoimh a bhi maille ri Criosd ; bound together with Mu Dhreuchd agus Mu Fhrithealadh nan Aingil do Oighreachaibh na Slainte: maille ri tri litrichean agus cunntas mu bheatha an Ughdair
495593: WATSON, THOMAS - The Lord's Prayer
472384: WATSON, THOMAS - Harmless as Doves
444424: WATSON, THOMAS - The Ten Commandments
509388: WATT, HUGH - Representative Churchmen of Twenty Centuries
014007: WATTS, ISAAC - The Psalms of David Imitated in the Language of the New Testament, and Applied to the Christian State and Worship.
210278: WEBSTER, WILLIAM - The Church of Rome at the Bar of History
011751: WEIS, FREDERICK LEWIS - The Colonial Clergy and the Colonial Churches of New England
432071: WELLS, ANN R - First Impressions of God, Or, Emily Tappan: Children's Heritage Series 1 Vol 3
423417: WENDEL, FRANÇOIS (FRANCOIS); MAIRET, PHILIP (TRANSLATOR) - Calvin: The Origins and Development of His Religious Thought
504627: WENHAM, ALFRED EBENEZER - Ruminations on the General Epistle of James; Ruminations on the First Epistle General of John
493069: WESLEY, JOHN - Sermons on Several Occasions: Volume 3 (only, of 3)
210199: WESLEY, JOHN - A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists: With a New Supplement
493152: WESTCOTT, BROOKE FOSS - The Epistle to the Hebrews: The Greek Text with Notes and Essays
441367: WESTCOTT, BROOKE FOSS - The Gospel according to St John: the Authorised Version, with Introduction and Notes
013799: WHITAKER, WILLIAM - A Disputation on Holy Scripture against the Papists, Especially Bellarmine and Stapleton
461336: WHITE, JOHN G - The Book of Books (Essays on the Scriptures in Honor of Johannes G. Vos)
520410: WHITE, HENRY - Elements of Universal History, on a New and Systematic Plan; from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of Vienna. To which is added, a summary of the leading events since that period. For the use of schools and of private Students
011817: WHITE, PAUL - Get Moving! : Motivation For Living
495711: WHITECROSS, JOHN - The Shorter Catechism Illustrated from Christian Biography and History
476415: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE - George Whitefield's Journals
210240: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE - The Works of the Reverend George Whitefield ... Vol 1 (only, of 6)
210241: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE - The Works of the Reverend George Whitefield ... Vol 3 (only, of 6)
422376: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE - Select Sermons of George Whitefield: With an Account of His Life by J C Ryle
461327: WHITELAW, THOMAS - Commentary on John
482269: WHITING, JOHN - Persecution Exposed, in Some Memoirs Relating to the Sufferings of John Whiting, and Many others of the People called Quakers, for Conscience Sake, in the West of England, &c
444422: WHITLEY, ELIZABETH - The Two Kingdoms
465039: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF; HODGKIN, HOWARD (INTRODUCTION) - Selections from the Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier: In Two Parts
434285: WHITWORTH, PATRICK; SOPER, JON; RAWLINSON, NIGEL; PERRY, ANDREW; COUCHMAN, SARAH - Meetings with Jesus: Men and Women from the Gospels Come Face to Face with the Son of God
444425: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - Bible Characters: Volume 2: The New Testament
444270: WHYTE, ALEXANDER; TURNBULL, RALPH G (ED) - The Best of Alexander Whyte (previously The Treasury of Alexander Whyte)
482346: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - A Commentary on the Shorter Catechism (Hand-books for Bible Classes series)
509389: WHYTE, ALEXANDER - Samuel Rutherford and Some of His Correspondents: Lectures Delivers in St George's Free Church, Edinburgh
437368: WIERSBE, WARREN W - Being a Child of God: Your Guide for the Adventure
476270: WILCOCK, MICHAEL - The Message of Luke's Gospel: The Saviour of the World: BST Bible Speaks Today Series
495781: WILES, JOSEPH PITTS - Half-Hours with Isaiah
476226: WILKINS, JAMES - Grandpa, Teach Me to Pray: Jesus Commanded, "When Ye Pray, Say..."
009753: WILLCOCKS, MARY PATRICIA - Bunyan Calling: A Voice from the Seventeenth Century
446311: WILLIAMS, PETER - From Despair to Hope: Insights into the Book of Job
446236: WILLIAMSON, GERALD IRVIN - The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes
431919: WILLIAMSON, GERALD IRVIN - The Shorter Catechism: Set of 2 Volumes
014013: WILLIAMSON, GERALD IRVIN - The Heidelberg Catechism: A Study Guide
423219: WILLIAMSON, GERALD IRVIN - The Shorter Catechism: Set of 2 Volumes
464887: [ASSOCIATE PRESBYTERY]; WILLISON, JOHN; BONAR, JOHN - Act, Declaration, and Testimony, for the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government, of the Church of Scotland ...; PLUS Acts of the Associate Presbytery; PLUS The Duty and Advantage of Religious Societies
464719: WILLISON, JOHN - An Example of Plain Catechising upon the Assembly's Shorter Catechism
423459: WILSON, THOMAS - A Short and Plain Instruction for the Better Understanding of the Lord's Supper ...
423390: WILSON, DANIEL - The Divine Authority and Perpetual Obligation of the Lord's Day
011420: WILSON, HENRY ALBERT - The Ten Commandments (English Church Manuals No 26)
469214: WILSON, CAROL GREEN (EDITOR) - Calvary through the Years: Compiled in Commemoration of Seventy-Five Years of Service in the City of San Francisco
464511: WILSON, WILLIAM DEXTER - The Church Identified, by a Reference to the History of its Origin, Perpetuation, and Extension, into the United States
423460: WILSON, THOMAS - The Principles and Duties of Christianity; Plus: Plain and Short Directions and Prayers
468350: WILSON, ARTHUR STANLEY - Definite Experience: Convention Aid and Deterrents
482126: WINKS, JOSEPH FOULKES (EDITOR) - The Baptist Reporter, and Missionary Intelligencer: New Series Vol 5 (Vol 22): 1848
444510: WINSLOW, OCTAVIUS - No Condemnation in Christ Jesus: As Unfolded in the Eighth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans
422383: WINSLOW, OCTAVIUS - The Inner Life, Its Nature, Relapse, and Recovery
438032: WISEMAN, LUKE HOLT - Practical Truths from Judges
445373: WITHERS, JAMES - The Messiah King
472368: WITHROW, MINDY; WITHROW, BRANDON - Rescue and Redeem: Chronicles of the Modern Church (History Lives Vol 5)
469341: WITSIUS, HERMAN; FRASER, DONALD (TRANS/NOTES) - Sacred Dissertations on What is Commonly Called the Apostles' Creed: Volume 2 (only, of 2)
437890: WODROW, ROBERT; M'CRIE, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Correspondence of the Rev Robert Wodrow: Vol 1 (only, of 3)
437891: WODROW, ROBERT; M'CRIE, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Correspondence of the Rev Robert Wodrow: Vol 2 (only, of 3)
210289: WOLEVER, TERRY (COMPILER); WILKIN, MARTIN HOOD; ALEXANDER, JOHN; BANE, JOHN - The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn: Vol 1: Joseph Kinghorn, of Norwich: A Memoir (Wilkin); Funeral Sermon (Alexander); Sermon Occasioned by ... Death (Bane)
210290: WOLEVER, TERRY; GANO, JOHN - The Life and Ministry of John Gano, 1727-1804: Vol 1 (The Philadelphia Association series)
421338: ANON (THOUGHT TO BE WOOD, JOHN - ADVOCATE) - Sacred History, in the Form of Letters: Comprising the Period from the Appointment of Joshua to the Death of David (i.e. Second Series)
520401: WOOD, HENRY K (A GLASGOW MERCHANT) - The Highway of Salvation
012213: WOOD, DOUGLAS C - Such a Candle: The Story of Hugh Latimer
469101: WOODWARD, BERNARD BOLINGBROKE; CATES, WILLIAM LEIST READWIN - Encyclopaedia of Chronology, Historical and Biographical
210084: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER - Some Remarks on Bishop Lightfoot's Dissertation on the Christian Ministry; also Prospects of Reconciliation Between Presbytery and Episcopacy: A Synodal Address
210101: WORSLEY, HENRY - The Dawn of the English Reformation: Its Friends and Foes
011593: WORTS, FREDERICK ROBERT - Modern Industrial History (New Teaching series)
210024: WRIGHT, THOMAS - Isaac Watts and Contemporary Hymn-Writers (The Lives of the British Hymn-Writers: Vol 3)
465023: WRIGHT, CHARLES HENRY HAMILTON - Roman Catholicism: or the Doctrines of the Church of Rome Briefly Examined in the Light of Scripture
465179: [WRIGHT, THOMAS - OF BORTHWICK] - The Morning and Evening Sacrifice; or Prayers for Private Persons and Families
441038: WRIGHT, DAVID LIVINGSTON - Preaching The Word - Faith Comes By Hearing
210112: WRIGHT, MARY EMILY - The Missionary Work of the Southern Baptist Convention
014178: WUEST, KENNETH S - Studies in the Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament for the English Reader: Word Studies in the Greek New Testament: Volume 8
014179: WUEST, KENNETH S - Treasures from the Greek New Testament for the English Reader: Word Studies in the Greek New Testament: Volume 3
014177: WUEST, KENNETH S - Bypaths in the Greek New Testament for the English Reader: Word Studies in the Greek New Testament: Volume 2
429318: WUEST, KENNETH S - Wuest's Word Studies: Vol 10: Mark in the Greek New Testament for the English Reader
464548: WYLIE, JAMES AITKEN - Disruption Worthies: A Memorial of 1843: With an Historical Sketch of the Free Church of Scotland from 1843 down to the Present Time
200017: WYLIE, JAMES AITKEN - The Modern Judea, Compared with Ancient Prophecy. With Notes Illustrative of Biblical Subjects (Collins Select Library)
013921: WYLIE, JAMES AITKEN - Disruption Worthies: A Memorial of 1843
520408: WYNNE, FREDERICK RICHARDS - Plain Proofs of the Great Facts of Christianity: For the Help of Minds Perplexed with Difficulties
461412: WYSONG, RANDY L - The Creation - Evolution Controversy (Implications, Methodology and Survey of Evidence) Toward a Rational Solution
495716: YOUNG, EDWARD J - An Introduction to the Old Testament
446960: YOUNG, ROBERT - Analytical Concordance to the Holy Bible
423530: YUILLE, GEORGE - History of the Baptists in Scotland from Pre-reformation Times
472353: ZAYAS, JOSE - Airborne: Getting your Faith off the Ground
441181: ZENOS, ANDREW C - Compendium of Church History
423601: ZODHIATES, SPIROS - The Complete Word Study New Testament: King James Version
437944: ZODHIATES, SPIROS - Faith, Love, Hope: An Exposition of James 1:1-5:20 (3-Volume Boxed Set)
437942: ZODHIATES, SPIROS - A Richer Life for You in Christ: An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 1, Based Upon the Original Greek Text (Corinthians Exegetical Commentary)
437778: ZORN, RAYMOND O - Christ Triumphant: Biblical Perspectives on His Church and Kingdom

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