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023196: LEPPARD, M J - 100 Buildings of East Grinstead
19063: LEPPARD, M J - A History of East Grinstead
19268: LEWIS, DAVID. - Landscape Painting Techniques. Learn How to Master Oil and Watercolour Techniques to Create Your Own Successfull Landscape Paintings.
022036: CARROLL LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
021817: LEYMARIE, JEAN. - Watercolors from Durer to Balthus.
20736: D.M.C. LIBRARY - Samplers. A Journey Through Embroidery.
20075: D.M.C. LIBRARY - Die Netzstickerie
023070: D.M.C. LIBRARY - Point de Croix Nouveau Dessins. 4me Serie
022999: LIDDIARD, MABEL. - The Most Beautiful Women
21395: LINDLEY, CHARLES VISCOUNT HALIFAX - Lord Halifax's Ghost Book. A Collection of Stories of Haunted Houses, Apparitions and Supernatural Occurrences
19076: CUST, LIONEL. AND OTHERS - Shakespears England an Account of the Life and Manners of His Age. 2 Vols.
022030: LIPSCOMBE, JF - White Africans
022754: LITTLE, W. - Staffordshire Blue. Underglaze Blue Transfer-Printed Earthenware.
20476: LITTLEJOHN, PHILIP. - Titanic. "Waiting for Orders". The Story of Alexander James Littlejohn, Steward to W.T. Stead.
022163: LITTLEJOHN, JEAN - Fabrics for Embroidery.
023477: LOEWENFELD, CLAIRE - Herb Gardening
19206: LOFTIE, W.J. - Westminster Abbey.
21400: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.
20294: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.
21469: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Garden
022354: LORANT, TESSA. - Knitted Quilts and Flounces.
20889: WALSINGHAM, LORD AND SIR RALPH PAYNE-GALLWEY - Shooting. Field and Covert
022813: TELLIER-LOUMAGNE, FRANCOISE. - The Art of Felt. Inspirational Designs, Textures and Surfaces.
20766: LOUYS, PIERRE. - Collected Works of Pierre Louys.
021947: LOWER,, MARK ANTONY - The Worthies of Sussex. Biographical Sketches Af the Most Eminent Natioves Or Inhabitants of the County, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time;with Incidental Notices Illustrative of Sussex History
022760: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects
19760: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - Ants Bees and Wasps. A Record of Observationson the Habits of the Social Hymenoptera
022265: LUBELL, CECIL. - Textile Collections of the World. Volume 2 United Kingdom and Ireland.
21382: LUCAS, E.V - Highways and Byways in Sussex.
21540: LUCAS, E.V. - A Wanderer in Venice.
023166: LUCAS, E.V - Highways and Byways in Sussex.
21375: LUCAS, E.V. - A Wanderer Among Pictures. A Companion to the Galleries of Europe
21470: LUCAS, E.V. - A Wanderer in London.
21017: LUCK, PETER - Canberra Sketchbook
022792: LUTHER, MARTIN - Die Bibel,Oder,Die Ganze Heilige Schrift Des Alten Und Nuen Testaments Nach Dr Martin Luthers Uebersetzung; Stereotyp-Ausgabe, Mit 12 Staahlstichen
022868: LUTZ, LIBERT - Tobacco, Snuff-Boxes and Pipes
022624: LYLE, R C. - Brown Jack
023547: MONK, LYNDA & CAROL MCFEE. - Stitiching the Textured Surface.
19751: A.H.M. - Ulysses, Or de Rougemont of Troy.
20175: KELLY, FRANCIS M. AND RANDOLPH SCHABE. - A Short History of Costume and Armour Chiefly in England. 1066-1800.
021709: PERRINS. DR CHRISTOPHER M. - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Birds. The Definitive Guide to Birds of the World
021604: MABEY, RICHARD - Destroying Beauty : The Cultural History of the Weed
21511: MABEY, RICHARD - Flora Britannica. The Concise Edition
021821: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England from 1485 to 1685.
20404: MACAULAY, DAVID - Mill
21112: MACAULAY, LORD. - The Lays of Ancient Rome
20883: MACDONALD, ALISTAIR. - The History of Langley Park Golf Club 1910-1985
022631: MACDONALD, GREVILLE - Reminiscences of a Specialist
023084: MACFADDEN, BERNARR - The Truth About Tobacco, How to Break the Habit
20856: MACHIAVELLI, NICOLO. - The Prince.
023354: MACKENZIE, IAN - British Prints : Dictionary and Price Guide
023388: MACKIE, J. D. - The Earlier Tudors, 1485-1558. The Oxford History of England
022688: MACKINNON, CHARLES OF DUNAKIN. - The Observer's Book of Heraldry.
19627: MACKINSTRY, ELIZABETH. - Puck in Pasture.
023432: MACKINSTRY, ELIZABETH. - Puck in Pasture.
021999: MACLAREN, IAN. - A Doctor of the Old School
20139: MACNAB, ROY - Gold, Their Touchstone. Gold Fields of South Africa 1887-1987. A Centenay Story
021842: MAGAZINE - Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes. June 1889
20720: MAGAZINE. - The Friendly Companion. A Magazine for Youth and the Home Circle.
022800: RAILWAY MAGAZINE - The Rainway Magazine Vol Lx1 July to December 1927
20013: MAGAZINE. - Great Thoughts from Master Minds.
023299: GOURMET MAGAZINE - The Gourmet Cookbook, 2 Volumes.
20921: PUNCH MAGAZINE. - Punch. Vol Cxx1v January-June 1903
023482: MAGAZINE - Little Folks. The Young People's Magazine
023481: MAGAZINE - Little Folks. The Young People's Magazine
021772: MAGAZINES. - Camouflage & Markings. U.S. A. & A.A. F. 1937-1945. Vols 13-22
19064: MAGRATH, JOHN RICHARD - The Queen's College. 2 Vols. Vol. 1 1341-1646. Vol 11 1646-1877
021988: GORMAN, MAJOR AND C B RUTLEY - Advntures By Land and Sea
023456: MANDER, RAYMOND; AND JOE MITCHENSON, - Pantomime: A Story in Pictures
19405: MANKOWITZ, WOLF. - Wedgwood
19449: MANKOWITZ, WOLF. - Wedgwood.
022660: MANLEY, RAY - Collecting Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts.
023593: MANWHIRTER, JOHN. - Sketches from Nature.
022946: MAP - England and Wales . Divided Into Parlaimentary Divisions and Pieces Showing the Principle Roads, Railways, Rivers and Canals, the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry with the Distance of Each Town from the General Post Office, London
022659: MAPS. - The World War in Maps. Third, Fourth and Fifth Years.
20335: MARCHANT, BESSIE. - Two on Their Own
20547: CROUCH, MARCUS & WYN BERGESS. - Victorian & Edwardian Kent in Old Photographs.
023467: MARDON, MICHAEL - A Circus Year
023020: MARE, ERIC DE - The Victorian Woodblock Ilustrators
022280: FAWDRY, MARGUERITE & DEBORAH BROWN. - The Book of Samplers.
023095: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA. - Memories of My Melancholy Whores
023117: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA. - Living to Tell the Tale
023551: MARSH, E. L. - Laundry Work in Theory and Practice.
021921: MARSH, JEAN - The Illuminated Language of Flowers
023235: MARTEL,YANN - Life of Pi. A Novel with Illustrations
021742: MARTIN, BRIAN P. - Tales of the Old Countrymen
023352: MARTIN, BRIAN P. - Tales of the Old Countrymen
022794: PAYTON, MARY AND GEOFREY - The Observer's Book of Pottery and Porcelain
023231: MASON, GERTRUDE - New Life for Old Clothes
022275: MATHEWS, KATE, EDITOR. - Fiberarts Design. Book Three.
023574: MATHISON, DIANE. - Decorative Paper
20552: MAUNDER, SAMUEL. - The Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference.
023309: MILBOURNE, MAURICE AND EVELYN - Understanding Miniature British Pottery and Porcelain 1730-Present Day
19547: MAUROIS, ANDRE. - Chelsea Way.
19060: MAXWELL, GORDON S. - Unknown Surrey
19570: MAXWELL, DONALD. - More Adventures Among Churches.
20222: MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT. - Sixty Years a Queen. The Story of Her Majesty's Reign
21527: MCALPINE, DANIEL. - The Botanical Atlas. A Guide to the Practical Study of Plants.
021943: MCCOOEY, CHRIS - Southborough and High Brooms
19782: MCCULLOCH, DEREK. - Hank. A Dog's Life.
023203: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement
022847: MCIVER, J R - Gems, Minerals and Rocks in Southern Africa
023382: MCKISACK, MAY - The Fourteenth Century, 1307-1399. The Oxford Histroy of England
21077: MCLEAN, RUARI - Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Paper
023282: MCLEAN,DONNEL - He Leadeth Me
022278: MCNEILL, MOYRA. - Drawn Thread Embroidery.
023341: MCNIFF, SHAUN - Trust the Process. An Artist's Guide to Letting Go.
21549: HAY, ROY, F R MCQUOWN AND G AND K BECKETT. - The Dictionary of Indoor Plants in Colour.
21105: MCTAGGART, LIEUT-COL M.F. - Stable and Saddle
20562: MEE, ARTHUR. - The King's England. Sussex. The Garden By the Sea.
19909: MEECH, SANDRA. - Contemporary Quilts. Design, Surface and Stitch.
21058: MEHTA, DR JIVRAJ N. FOREWORD - India 1965
022824: MELLLER, SUSAN - Russian Textiles. Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia
022675: MELROSE, A.R. - The Pooh Dictionary. The Complete Guide to the Words of Pooh and All the Animals in the Forest
21405: MELVILLE, G J WHYTE - Hunting Poems
022339: MENDELSSOHN. - Violin Concerto in E Minor
022887: MENDENHALL, WALTER L - Harvard Health Talks. Tobacco
023349: MENPES, DOROTHY. - World's Children
022527: MEREDITH, HUGH - East Anglia
021609: MESSENT, JAN - Embroidery & Animals
022816: MESSENT, JAN. - Have You Any Wool? the Creative Use of Yarn.
023566: MESSENT, JAN - Embroidery and Architecture
022247: MESSENT, JAN. - The Embroiderers Workbook
022234: MESSENT, JAN. - Embroidery and Nature.
022385: MEYER, FRANZ SALES - A Handbook of Ornament
023221: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays
21460: MICKLETHAIT, LUCY. - I Spy Numbers in Art.
022783: MIDDA, SARA. - In and out of the Garden.
023218: MIDDLEMORE, MRS. S G C - Round a Posada Fire. Spanish Legends
021743: READ, MIKE & JAKE ALLSOP. - The Barn Owl.
023075: MIKSZATH, KALMAN - St Peters Umbrella
21064: MILLER, HENRY. - Greece
022259: MILLER, CORLISS. - Machine Embroidery for the Home.
023313: MILLER,PHILIP - Teapots and Coffee Pots
20224: MILLEVOYE, CHARLES - L'amour Maternel. Poem By Millevoye
20136: MILLIGAN, SPIKE. - The Family Album. An Illustrated Autobiography.
20875: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
022102: MILNE, A A - Toad of Toad Hall. A Play from Kenneth Grahame's Book the Wind in the Willows
20876: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
20249: MILNE, A A - The World of Christopher Robin. The Complete When We Were Very Younf and Now We Are Six
19706: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works of John Milton.
19708: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works of John Milton with Introductory Memoir, Notes, Bibliography Etc.
023276: MILTON, JOHN - L'allegro and Il Penseroso
022372: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books
021682: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND. - The Poetical Works of John Milton.
20854: MINGAY, GORDON. - The Book of Proverbs.
023541: 2 BY THE AUTHOR OF LITTLE BLACK MINGO - Pat and the Spider. The Biter Bit
20793: MINIATURE - The New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ Translated out of the Original Greek.
20795: MINIATURE - Illustrated Bible Also Verses Entitled Railway to Heaven
20820: MINIATURE - L'ambigu Du Parnasse, Nouvel Almanach Chantant.
20809: MINIATURE. - Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern
20819: MINIATURE. - The Golden Door.
20818: MINIATURE. - Daily Fragments; Or, a Text for Everyday Selected from the Services of the Several Days of the Year.
20792: MINIATURRE. - Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats.
20017: MINTER, DAVIDE C. EDITOR. - Modern Needlecraft.
022425: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village.
022791: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
20152: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village.
21109: MITFORD, NANCY. - Madame de Pompadour
19118: MITTON, G. E. - Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
20149: MODES &TRAVAUX. - A Sampler of Alphabets.
20337: MOLESWORTH, MRS., ILLUSTRATED BY H. R. MILLAR. - The Wood-Pigeons and Mary.
20339: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - 'carrots' Just a Little Boy.
023240: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE. - Romance & Legend of Chivalry
20954: MONCRIEFF, ELSPETH. - Monet's Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism.
20688: ROYAL COMMISSION OF HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Ancient & Historical Monuments in the County of Gloucester.
19149: MOORE, THOMAS. - Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance.
21232: MOORE, CLEMENT. - Sport and the English Countryside. The World of John Moore.
022777: MOORE, N. HUDSON. - The Lace Book
023518: MOORHOUSE, PAUL - Albert Irvin : Painting in to Life
20643: MORE, HANNAH - Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education with a View of the Principles and Conduct Prevalent Among Women of Rank and Fortune. Vol. 2
19548: MORGAN, OLGAR - The Twins a B C
20927: MORLEY, SAM., ILLUSTRATED BY JO VARNEY. - If It Wasn't for Golf. . . ! People, Places, Parties, Pictures, Joined By a Common Link.
022580: MORLEY, F V - Travels in East Anglia
022463: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Miss Wirtles Revenge
022464: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Miss Wirtles Revenge
20915: MORRICE, ALEXANDER - A Practical Treatise on Brewing the Various Sorts of Malt Liquor with Examples of Each Species and the Mode of Using the Thermometr and Saccharometer
21256: MACGREGOR-MORRIS, PAMELA EDITOR. - The Complete Book of the Horse.
021845: MORTIMER, RAYMOND - A Letter Onthe French Pictures. A Letter to Harriet.
19659: MORTON, H. V. - In Search of England
19157: MORTON, LYN. - Tatting Patterns
022047: MORTON, H.V. - In Search of South Africa
19657: MORTON, H. V. - Through Lands of the Bible.
19660: MORTON, H. V. - In the Steps of the Master.
19246: MOSCHINI, VICTORIO. - Francesco Guardi.
20976: MOULE, THOMAS - The County Maps of Old England
023094: MOXON, P. R. A. - Gundogs: Training and Field Trials.
022645: MOXON, P. R. A. - Training the Roughshooters Dog
022327: MOZART. - Symphony No. 4 in G Minor.
19684: HALL, MR & MRS S.C. - The Book of the Thames from Its Rise to Its Fall.
022642: MUDIE, ROBERT - The Feathered Tribes of the British Isles. Volume the First
20664: MUIR, RICHARD. - Riddles in the British Landscape.
20334: MULHOLLAND, ROSA. ( LADY GILBERT) - Fair Noreeen.
023468: MULLALY, COLONEL B R - Bugle and Kukri. The Story of the 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles
19433: MUMFORD, JOHN KIMBERLY. - Oriental Rugs.
023223: MUNCASTER, MARTIN - The Wind in the Oak. The Life Work and Philosophy of the Marine and Landscape Artist Claude Muncaster. Includes Twelve Etchings Loose in Hardback Folder. Thus 2 Vols.
19406: MUNDY, MAJOR R.G. - English Delft Pottery.
023319: MUNDY, MAJOR R.G. - English Delft Pottery.
20229: MUNSON, KENNETH. - Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Colour. Fighters. Attack & Training Aircraft.
021899: MURRAY, W. - Let Me Write
023310: MURRAY, SHEILAGH - The Peacock and the Lions. The Story of Pressed Glass of the North East of England
19178: MUSIC. - Songs for My Little Ones from 'punch'.
20182: MUSIC - Glees, Four-Part Songs.
21243: MYERS, A. WALLIS. - Lawn Tennis Its Principles and Practice.
023383: MYRES, J.N.L. - The English Settlements. Oxford History of England
021803: BEANEY, JA.N & JEAN LITTLEJOHN. - In Action. Dvd
021779: NEAL, ERNEST - The Natural History of Badgers
022173: NEEDLEWORK. - Anchor Manual of Needlework.
19849: NELSON, CHRISTINE. - Contemporary British Quilt Art.
022092: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Fire in the Blood
022670: NENCIONI, ANNY TALLI - Erico Nagai ( Contemporary Gold Jewellery Artists Series )
023288: NESS,PATRICK. - A Monster Calls
022744: NETTA, IRENE - Vermeer's World. An Artist and His Town
022977: NEUBURG, VICTOR. E - The Penny Histories. A Study of Chapbooks for Young Readers over Two Centuries
19401: NEVILL, RALPH. - The World of Fashion 1837-1922.
21100: NEWBOLD, HARRY BRUANT. - House and Cottage Construction. 3 Volumes.
022605: NEWBOLT, HENRY - Poems: New and Old
21072: NEWNES, GEORGE, EDITOR. - The Strand Magazine Vol Ix January to June 1895
20665: NICHOLLS, G.F - Cornwall Water Colours
20834: ANDERSON, E.B. ETC., ILLUSTRATED BY B.E. NICHOLSON & MICHAEL WALLIS. - The Oxford Book of Garden Flowers.
022821: FORDER, NICK & ESTHER. - Dolls' House Soft Furnishings in 1/2 Scale.
20539: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Kent.
022115: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letters 1930-1962. 3 Vols
21563: KUZNETSOV, Y, N NIKULIN AND Y RUSAKOV - The Hermitage Museum
022522: NISTER, ERNEST. - Jolly Times By the Sea.
20731: NISTER, ERNEST. - Animal Tales. A Reproduction of an Antique Book.
021800: KINGSBURY. NOEL - The Wild Flower Garden
022812: NORBURY, JAMES. - Counted Thread Embroidery on Linens and Canvas.
022186: NORDFORS, JILL DENNY. - Needle Lace & Needleweaving. A New Look at Traditional Stitches.
021826: NORTH, ANTHONY. - Five Fables. The Fairy Gift. The Monkeys. The Parrot and the Singing Birds. The Young Lady and the Pig. The Bee and the Butterfly.
022785: NORTHCOTE, JAMES. - One Hundred Fables, Original and Selected By James Northcote, R.A. Etc Etxc.
023316: NOTLEY, RAYMOND - Carnival Glass
20923: NUTTALL, G CLARKE. - Beautiful Flowering Shrubs
19762: OBERMEIER, BARBARA - Wild Ducks. How to Rear and Shoot Them.
021808: GATEFOLD BOOK OF... - World War 11 Warplanes
19681: OGILVY, JAMES S - A Pilgrimage in Surrey. 2 Vols
023421: OGILVY, JAMES S - A Pilgrimage in Surrey. 2 Vols
022926: OGLEY, BOB - In the Wake of the Hurricane. October 16, 1987. National Edition
023521: OGLEY, BOB - In the Wake of the Hurricane. October 16, 1987. National Edition
022923: GOLDSMITH OLIVER. - The Works of Oliver Goldsmith. Vicar of Wakefield, Select Poems and Comedies.
023570: OLIVER, STEFAN. - Paint Your Own Illuminated Letters.
21187: OLIVER, FREDERICK SCOTT - Ordeal By Battle
023422: OLIVER, STEPHEN - Rambles in Northumberland and on the Scottish Borders.
022854: OMAN, C.C. - English Domestic Silver.
19469: OPIE, JAMES, EDITOR. - The Collector's Guide to 20th Century Toys.
21313: ORCZY, BARONESS - The First Sir Percy. An Adventure of the Lauging Cavalier
21312: ORCZY, BARONESS - Leatherface. A Tale of Old Flanders
21045: ORCZY, BARONESS - The Scarlet Pimpernel
022942: OXFORD. - Oxford. Hirty Camera Studies. A Photochrom Book.
20174: OXLEY, JOHN - Down Where No Lion Walked. The Story of Western Deeplevels
20765: M. A. P. - The World in Verse,
022491: PACKER, WILLIAM - Henry Moore. An Illustrated Biography
022672: PAINE, SHEILA - Embroidery from Afganistan.
19935: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER. - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language Together with One Hundred Additional Poems ( to the End of the Nineteenth Century )
023580: PALLISER, MRS BURY. - A History of Lace.
022788: PALMER, ALAN. - The Banner of Battle. The Story of the Crimean War
022898: PALMER, STUART - The Puzzle of the Briar Pipe
19743: PALMER, ROBIN. - Ship's Dog.
022691: HURLE, PAMELA AND JOHN WINSOR - Portrait of Malvern
20050: PAPER. - Papercraft of the World.
21043: A CITIZEN OF PARIS. - Australia As It Is. Facts and Features, Sketches As Incidents of Australia and Australian Life. With Oices of New Zealand
19280: PARRAMON, J. M. - The Complete Book of Watercolours.
20056: PASS, OLIVIA. - Dorset Feather Stitch
021729: BURGESS, PAT AND ANDY SAUNDERS - Blitz over Sussex 1941-1942
021730: BURGESS, PAT AND ANDY SAUNDERS - Battle over Sussex 1940
021731: BURGESS, PAT AND ANDY SAUNDERS - Bombers over Sussex 1943-45
19853: PATCHWORK. - Quilts: The State of an Art.
20844: PATERSON, ALLEN. - Herbs in the Garden
023546: WARDLE PATRICIA. - Guide to English Embroidery
21231: WEAVER, PAUL AND BRUCE TALBOT. - The Longest Journey. The Inside Story of Sussex's Championship Triumph.
21229: PAWSON, TONY. - Competitive Fly Fishing
022443: PEACH, L DUPEACOCK, PRIMROSE. - Buttons for the Collector.
20446: PEACH, L DU GARDE., ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN KENNEY - Stone Age Man in Britain. An Adventure in History.
19612: PEACOCK, W. - Selected English Essays.
022862: PEARCE, ERICA LADY. - The Permissive Garden
022861: PEARCE, ERICA LADY. - The Permissive Garden
21076: PEARSON, EDWIN - The Anglers Garland and Fishers Delight for 1871
022307: FIELD, PEGGY & JUNE LINSLEY. - Canvas Embroidery
022780: PENNELL, H CHOLMONDELEY - Fishing. Salmon and Trout. Badminton Library
023236: PEPPER, DENNIS, EDITOR - The Oxfrd Book of Christmas Stories
20750: PERAULT, M. TRANSLATED BY G. M. GENT. - Histories Or Tales of Past Times Told By Mother Goose with Morals.
19259: PERCY. - Four Hundred Years of Children's Costume from the Great Masters 1400-1800.
19879: PERFITT, P. W. - The Pathfinder, a Journal of Independent Religios Reform. Vol 11.
022831: PERKINS, S C - Standard Guide Book of British Medals 1793 - 1973
19481: PERKINS, BEN - On Foot on East Sussex Downs. 18 Short, Medium and Long Walks Near Brighton, Eastbourne and Lewes.
023339: PERKINS, BEN - Pub Walks in the South Downs
021945: PERRAULT, CHARLES - Old Time Stories Told By Master Charles Perrault, Translated from the French By A.E. Johnson with Illustrations By . . .
19393: PERRY, EVAN. - Collecting Antique Metalware.
20111: PESEL, LOUISA F. - Practical Canvas Embroidery
023457: COTES, PETER AND THELMA NICKLAUS - The Little Fellow the Life and Work of Charles Spencer Chaplin
022830: SEABY, PETER AND FRANK PURVEY (EDS ) - Coins of England and the United Kingdom
022257: DANCE, S PETER AND GEOFFREY N SWINNEY - Classic Natural History Pints. Fish
20074: PETERSEN, GRETE. - Borders for Embroidery.
023500: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Evolution of Useful Things
21341: STOCKLEY, PHILLIPPA AND ADRIAN HODGKINS. EDITOR AND DESIGNER - Images 12. The Association of Illustrators Twelfth Annual
022054: PHILLIPS,JOHN - Dear Parrot. Pertaining to the Care Nurture and Befriending of Man's Oldest Pet
021745: PICKUP, MADELEINE. - All About the German Shepherd Dog.
021969: PICON, GAETAN - Surrealism 1919-1939
19442: PIGOT & CO. - Pigot & Co's and British Atlas Comprising the Counties of England.
022633: PILE, C.C.R. - Cranbrook a Wealden Town.
19914: PINNELL, JUDITH. - Take Silk. A Guide to Silk 'paper' for the Creative Fibre Artist.
022940: PIPER, A. CECIL. - Alfriston. The Story of a Sussex Downland Village.
022266: PISCHEL, EMY - Jean Louis Prevost Bouquets
022874: PLAYERS - From Plantation to "Players "
20959: POE, EDGAR ALLEN - Complete Stories and Poems
022687: POND, GRACE. - The Observer's Book of Cats
023381: POOLE, AUSTIN L. - From Domesday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-1216. The Oxfodr History of England
19555: POPE, ALEXANDER. - A Letter to Lord Bathurst.
19851: PORCELLA, YVONNE. - A Colorful Book.
023019: PORTER, CATHERINE. - Miller's Collecting Books
19702: PORTER, ROY - England in the Eighteenth Century.
021741: PORTER, VALERIE. - Tales of the Old Woodlanders.
021830: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tailor of Gloucester.
022930: POTTER, BEATRIX. - Two Bad Mice
022927: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.
19391: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
20304: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Pie and the Patty Pan.
023433: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. (ED) - Boswell in Holland 1763 - 1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen ( Zelide )
19507: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. (ED) - Boswell in Holland 1763 - 1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen ( Zelide )
023490: PRAEGER - The Child's Picture Grammar
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19294: PEPIN PRESS - Signs and Symbols
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022805: HOLLANDS. RAY - Along the Sussex Coast
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023332: RUSH, JAMES. - A Beilby Odyssey.
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021636: RUSSELL, PAT. - Lettering for Embroidery.
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023486: RUSSELL, JAMES - Ravilious Wood Engravings
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022651: SHANES, ERIC - Turner's Human Landscape
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21486: PENGUIN SPECIAL - Penguin 60s Classics
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022882: KING JAMES 1ST. - A Counter-Blaste to Tobacco. James 1.
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21528: STRAKER, ERNEST - Wealden Iron. A Monograph of the Former Iron Works in the Counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, Comprising a History of the Industry from the Earliest Times to Its Cessation, Together with a Topographical Survey of the Existing Remains
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20401: SULLIVAN, CHARLES - Dancing in the Wind. Poetry and Art of the British Isles
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20785: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. - Enoch Arden
20755: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Enoch Arden
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021660: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Newcomes. Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family
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022485: BAINES, THOMAS AND WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN - Lancashire and Cheshire, Past and Present: A History and a Description of the Palatin Counties of Lancaster and Chester Forming the North Wetern Division of England from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time (1867)
21069: THOMPSON, FRANCIS - The Poems of Francis Thompson
20753: THOMPSON, FRANCIS - Shelley
21391: THURSFIELD, REAR ADMIRAL H. G. - Action Stations. The Royal Navy at War
022877: TIDSWELL, HERBERT H - The Tobacco Habbit. Its History and Pathology. A Study in Birth Rates. Smokers Compared with Non Smokers
023526: THE TIMES - The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World
022475: THE TIMES - The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World
21057: TINDALL, GILLIAN - City of Gold. The Biography of Bombay
022914: GOODEARL, TOM AND MARILYN. - Engraved Glass. International Contemporary Artists
023334: GOODEARL, TOM AND MARILYN. - Engraved Glass. International Contemporary Artists
023115: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Samuel Pepys. The Unequalled Self.
20088: TOMALIN, CLAIRE - Samuel Pepys. The Unequalled Self.
023025: TOOVEY, JAMES - A Catalogue Ofbooks in Various Languagesremarkable for Beauty of Condition on Sale By James Toovey,177 Piccadilly, Opposite Burlington House, London
022716: TORRES, CAMILO. - Revolutionary Priest. The Complete Writings and Messages of Camilo Torres.
21593: TORY, PETER - Giles a Life in Cartoons. The Authorised Biography of Britain's Leading Cartoonist
022541: TOURTEL, MARY. - A Horse Book
023208: TOWLE, TIM - The Seven Deadly Sins
023508: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD. EDITOR. - Cities of Destiny
20788: TRACT - Blind Boy That Could See
20375: TREASE, GEOFFREY. - The Chocolate Boy.
022397: TREHANE, DAVID - A Plantsman's Guide to Camellias
022258: TRESEDER, NEIL G - The Book of Magnolias
19691: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH. - Shades of the Alhambra
19701: TREVELYAN, G. M. - England Under the Stuarts.
20566: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK. - The Other Side of the Lantern. An Account of a Commonplace Tour Round the World.
19671: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK. - The Other Side of the Lantern. An Account of a Commonplace Tour Round the World
023042: TREVOR, WILLIAM - The Stoy of Lucy Gault
023043: TREVOR, WILLIAM - A Bit on the Side. ( a Dozen Short Stories )
19647: TRISTRAM, H B - Phineas Finn. The Irish Member.
19649: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Dr. Wortle's School.
022303: TROTT, PAT. - Three-Dimensional Embroidery Stitches.
022105: HSUEH-CHIN, TSAO AND KAO NGO - A Dream of Red Mansions Vol 1 and 2.
022839: TUNNICLIFFE, C.F. - A Sketchbook of Birds.
022071: TUNNICLIFFE, C.F. - Sketches of Bird Life.
023527: TUNNICLIFFE, C.F. - A Sketchbook of Birds.
023548: TURNER, THOMAS - Thomas Turners Diary 1754 - 1763
20669: TURNER, THOMAS. - The Diary of Thomas Turner of East Hoathly 1754 - 1765
022242: TURNER, THOMAS. - The Diary of a Village Shopkeeper 1754-1765
022449: TURNER, MICHAEL R - The Diary of a Village Shopkeeper 1754-1765
20367: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
20000: TYRRELL, ESTHER QUESADA. - Hummingbirds. Their Life and Behavior. A Photographic Study of the North American Species.
023472: UGLOW, JENNY - Natures Engraver- a Life of Thomas Bewick
21431: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Squirrel Goes Skating
022576: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Wise Owl's Story
20524: UTTLEY, ALISON. - Wise Owl's Story.
19661: MORTON. H V - Middle East
19150: VALENTIN, F. - Les Ducs de Bourgogne, Histoire Des X1v Et Xv Siecles.
023344: SCOTT, VALERIE AND HUGH BARTY-KING. - County Maps and Histories- Sussex.
023343: SCOTT, VALERIE AND HUGH BARTY-KING. - County Maps and Histories- Sussex.
023471: VALLANCE, AYMER - William Morris. His Art His Writings and His Public Life
20255: VERRINDER, PAULINE. FIBREFUSION - Beyond Boundaries.
20256: VERRINDER, PAULINE. FIBREFUSION - Evolutions. A Stitcher's Evolutionary Workbook.
023502: HILLS, IRIS M. FOR VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - An Introduction to Practical Embroidery
21465: ( QUEEN VICTORIA ) ?? - Alice in Wonderland. Formerly Entitled Queen Victoria's Diaries
20762: VIEWS. - Ricordo Di Genova. 36 Vedute.
022689: VIEWS. - Kent Curiosities
20717: DE VIGNY, ALFRED. - Servitude Et Grandeur Militaires. (Oevres Completes de Alfred de Vigny. ).
19221: VINCE, JOHN. - Calligraphy. Creating Pictures.
20341: VINCENT, ADRIAN. - Victorian Watercolours. Children.
21463: VISMAN, PENNY - Sussex. A Visitor's Sketchbook
20677: VOAKE, CHARLOTTE. - First Things First. A Baby's Companion. Abc, Rhymnes and Pictures. E
20390: DE VRIES, LEONARD. - Little Wide-Awake. An Anthology of Victorian Children's Books and Periodicals.
19806: WARD, A.W. & A.R. WALLER. - Flora of the British Isles.
19522: ELLIOTT, J W AND M L ELLIOTT - National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs Set to Original Music
022713: DE WAAL, EDMUND. - The Pot Book.
021677: WADDELL, HELEN. - Lyrics from the Chinese.
022686: WAGNER, RICHARD. - The Dusk of Gods. Music-Drama in 3 Acts and a Prelude.
20190: WAGNER, RICHARD - Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg
022338: WAGNER - Siegfried Iddyll.
023049: WAINWRIGHT, MARTIN - The Guardian Book of April Fool's Day
20154: WAKE, ROY. - The Nightingale Training School 1860-1996.
022113: WALEY, ARTHUR TRANSLATIONS - One Hundred & Seventy Chinese Poems
022360: WALKER, MICHELE. - The Passionate Quilter. Ideas Ans Techniques from Leading Quilters.
022419: WALKER, MICHELE. - The Passionate Quilter. Ideas Ans Techniques from Leading Quilters.
023158: WALLER, IRENE. - Thread: An Art Form.
022657: WALTERS, J CUMING - Romantic Cheshire
20815: WALTON, IZAAK - The Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbertt and Sanderson
20546: WARD, GORDON. - The Belgic Britons. Men of Kent in B.C. 55.
021793: WARD, JOHN - Hitler's Stuka Squadrons. The Ju 87 at War 1936 - 1945
023331: WARD, ROLAND. - The Price Guide to the Models of W.H. Goss.
022518: SWINFEN, WARDEN AND DAVID ARSCOTT. - People of Hidden Sussex
023145: WARNICKE , RETHA M. - The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn. Family Politics at the Court of Henry Viii
022197: WARREN, GEOFFREY - A Stitch in Time. Victorian and Edwardian Needlecraft
20970: WARREN, VERINA. - Landscape in Embroidery.
021983: WATERHOUSE, ELLIS K. - Painting in Britain 1530 -= 1790
023347: WATNEY, SIMON. - 20 Sussex Churches
022369: WATNEY, BERNARD M - Longton Hall Porcelain
022365: WATNEY, BERNARD M - Liverpool Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century
19511: WATSON, E. L. GRANT., - Departures
21513: WATSON, JAMES FLETCHER- - The Magic of Watercolour
023394: WATTS, PAMELA. - Embroidered Flowers.
21309: WAUGH, EVELYN. - The Loved One. An Anglo-American Tragedy.
022040: WAYNE, JOAN. EDITED BY - A Foot on Three Daisies
022060: WEDMORE, FREDERICK. - On Books and Art
20828: WEIDENFELD - Private Gardens of England
19231: WEIG, STEFFEN. - The Woman in Egyptian Art.
19665: WELLS, A. W. - South Africa. A Planned Tour of the Country to-Day Describing Its Towns, Its Scenic Beauties, Its Wild and Its Historic Places, and Telling of the Men Who Made Or Discovered Them.
022123: TUNBRIDGE WELLS - Royal Tunbridge Wells.
20036: RAMSHAW, WENDY AND DAVID WATKINS. - The Paper Jewelry Collection. Easy to Wear and Ready to Make Pop out Artwear
20611: WEST, TRUDY. - New Life for an Old House.
022596: WETTON, W - The Miscellany Or Evenings Occupation
19967: WHEATLEY, HENRY B (EDITOR) - The Diary of Samuel Pepys. 8 Vols.
19288: WHEELER, DAVID. - The Penguin Book of Garden Writing.
022709: WHEELER, DAVID. - By Pen and Spade. An Anthology of Garden Writing from "Hortus"
021672: WHISTON, WILLIAM. - The Complete Works of the Learned and Authentic Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus: Comprising the Antiquities of the Jews, a History of the Jewish Wars, Three Dissertations Concerning Jesus Christhn the Baptist Etc and the F Josephus ,
022613: WHITE, JAMES. - A Treatise of Veterinary Medicine; Vol. 2 Materia Medica and Pharmacopoeia
022853: WHITE, GWEN. - Toys Dolls Automata. Marks and Labels.
023327: WHITE, JOHN TALBOT. - Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries.
023328: WHITE, JOHN TALBOT. - Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries.
20040: WHITE, NICOLA. - Vesace.
023325: WHITE, MATT. - Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries.
023326: WHITE, MATT. - Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries.
022470: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER - Durer the Artist and His Drawings
022252: WHITFORD, FRANK - Gustav Klimt
21426: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems of Whittier
022120: WHJITE, GILBERT - The Illustrated Natural History of Selborne
021644: WHYTE, KATHLEEN. - Design in Embroidery.
19664: WHYTE, FREDERIC. - A Wayfarer in Sweden.
19942: WHYTE, KATHLEEN. - Design in Embroidery.
022682: WICKHAM, GLYNNE - Early English Stages. Volume One, 1300 T0 1576
21286: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER. - Three Women.
21396: WILDE, OSCAR - For the Love of the King. A Burmese Masque
19699: WILDE, OSCAR. - Salome
022722: WILDE, OSCAR - De Profundis. The Complete Text
022833: WILDER, F L - How to Identify Old Prints
20594: WILDVANCK, JOHANNA - Hansje't Bessenland.
022515: WILLARD, BARBARA. - Sussex
022584: WILLARD, BARBARA. - Sussex.
023452: WILLEFORD, WILLIAM - The Fool and His Scepter: A Study in Clowns and Jesters and Their Audience
20779: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - King Richard 111.
021904: WILLIAMS, GUY R - The World of Model Trains
20556: WILLIAMS, ANDY - Sussex. A Portrait in Colour
20144: WILLIAMS, GORDON - Bewick to Dovaston: Letters 1824 - 1828
023587: WILLIAMS, JANICE. - Lettering in Embroidery.
022495: WILLIAMS, KIT. - Kit Williams
21273: WILLIAMSON, REGINALD ROSS. - Ackermann's Cambridge.
19774: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - The Old Stag. Stories.
021762: ARCHER-WILLIS, ANTHONY. - The Water Gardener. A Complete Guide to Designing, Constructing and Planting Water Features.
21242: WILLOCK, COLIN, EDITOR. - The Abc of Fishing. A Complete Guide to Angling for Coarse, Sea and Game Fish.
21207: WILSON, MICHAEL. - The English Country House and Its Furnishings
21225: WILTON, ANDREW. - Turner Abroad. France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland.
021963: WOLSELEY, VISCOUNTESS - Some Sussex Byways
19102: WOLSELEY, VISCOUNTESS - Some Sussex Byways
19424: WOOD, CYRIL WILLIAMS- - English Transfer Printed Pottery and Porcelain,. A History of Overglaze Printing
21428: WOOD, LAWSON. - Mrs Polly. Her Visit to the Farm
20470: WOODFORDE, JAMES. - The Observer's Book of Furniture.
022623: WOODHOUSE, BARBARA - Difficult Dogs
022944: WOODNER. - Master Drawings. The Woodner Collection.
021784: WOODWARD, IAN. - Lives of the Great Composers.
023465: WOODWARD, IAN - The Story of Clowns
21208: WOODWARD, H W - The Story of Edinburgh Crystal
022519: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. - The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth.
19637: WORDSWRORTH, WILLIAM. - The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth.
022715: WRIGHT, RICHARD. - Black Boy. A Record of Childhood and Youth.
21251: WRIGHT, GRAHAM. EDITOR - Wisden Cricketer's Almanack 1988
023078: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - Warm and Snug. The History of the Bed
022509: WYMER, NORMAN - Companion Into Sussex
023393: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI & BELKISS BALPINAR - One Hundred Kilims Masterpieces from Anatolia
022090: YARWOOD, DOREEN. - English Costume from the Second Century to 1952.
022039: YARWOOD, DOREEN. - The English Home. A Thousand Years of Furnising and Decoration
022392: YEO, PETER F - Hardy Geraniums
021668: YGLESIAS, DOROTHY - The Cry of a Bird
022010: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Heir of Redclyffe
20682: YONGE, DR JAMES. - Plymouth Memoirs. A Manuscript By Dr James Yonge Mayor of Plymouth 1694-95 Who Died in the Year 1721
021652: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT. - The Christmas Box.
21000: MARQUIS OF ZETLAND - The Letters of Disraeli to Lady Bradford and Lady Chesterfield 2vols
20061: ZNAMIEROWSKI, NELL. - Weaving. A Complete Introduction to the Craft of Weaving.

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