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109277: WEBB, G. A. - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 16
109276: WEBB, GRAHAM A. - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 25
109274: WEBB, GRAHAM A. - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 24
109275: WEBB, G. A. - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 15
109268: WEBB, GRAHAM A. - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 19
415089: WEBB, C. C. J. - Religious Thought in the Oxford Movement
108740: WEBB, E.A. - The Book of the Foundation of the Church of St. Bartolomew, London Rendered into Modern English
447068: WEBB, ROBERT H.; BOYER, DIANE E.; TURNER, RAYMOND M. (EDS.) - Repeat Photography: Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences
110762b: WEBB, SIDNEY; WEBB, BEATRICE - Soviet Communism : A New Civilisation?; Two Volume Set
112954: WEBB, TODD - Gold Strikes and Ghost Towns
064988a: WEBB, C. R. - Automatic Control: An Introduction
016010: WEBB, WILFRED MARK - The Heritage of Dress: Being Notes on the History and Evolution of Clothes
168769: WEBB, ROBERT K. - Modern England : From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
082642: WEBB, JONTHAN R. - Assessment of a Patient With Lung Disease
141188: WEBB, GEOFFREY & MASON, EDWARD J. - The Archers of Ambridge
306038: WEBB, MARY - The Spring of Joy: Poems, Some Prose Pieces and the Unfinished Novel, Armour Wherein he Trusted
451496: WEBB, PETER - The Erotic Arts
442166: WEBB, C. C. - A Guide to Parish Records in the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research
409948: WEBB, ROSEMARY (ED.) - Cross-Curricular Primary Practice: Taking a Leadership Role
245662: WEBB, JUSTIN - Have a Nice Day
297366: WEBB, CHARLES - Home School
265030: WEBB, KATE (ED.) - Lilliput Goes to War
249292: WEBB, G.A. (EDITOR) - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol 101: Section B: Organic Chemistry
249293: WEBB, G.A. (EDITOR) - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol 101: Section C: Physical Chemistry
249294: WEBB, G.A. (EDITOR) - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol 102: Section B: Organic Chemistry
249295: WEBB, G.A. (EDITOR) - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol 102: Section C: Physical Chemistry
249296: WEBB, G.A. (EDITOR) - Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Vol 103: Section C: Physical Chemistry
434911: WEBB, SIDNEY; WEBB, BEATRICE - The History of Liquor Licensing Principally from 1700 to 1830 (English Local Government; Volume 11)
032572: WEBBER, TONI - Riding for All
016312: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016313: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016314: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016315: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016316: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016317: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
016318: WEBBER, JOHN - Over the Air Plays
094129: WEBBY, ELIZABETH; EDITOR - Southerly
261040: WEBER, SAMUEL; SUSSMAN, HENRY (EDS) - Glyph 4 Johns Hopkins Textual Studies
291870: WEBER, HERMANN - SED: Chronik Einer Partei 1971-1976
415899: WEBER, MAX - The City
196737: WEBER, GERDA; WEBER, HERMANN - Lenin : Life and Works (Macmillan Chronology Series)
179088: WEBER, MAX - The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations
292361: WEBER, EUGEN - The Hollow Years: France in the 1930s
203542: WEBER, A. - Interpretationen Zu Wolfgang Borchert
451880: WEBER, CLARK - Clark Weber's Rock and Roll Radio : The Fun Years: 1955-1975
019482: WEBER,RONALD(ED.) - America in Change: Reflections on the 60's and 70's
207229: WEBER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Lasers: A Collection of Reprints with Commentary (Volume 10a of the International Science Review series)
094696: WEBER, MATTHIAS; SIMONS, MARTIN; LAFONTAINE, CHRISTINE - The Generic Development Language Deva: Presentation and Case Studies (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 738)
239090: WEBER, GEORGE (ED.) - Advances in Enzyme Regulation; Volume 10
239091: WEBER, GEORGE (ED.) - Advances in Enzyme Regulation; Volume 7
239092: WEBER, GEORGE (ED.) - Advances in Enzyme Regulation; Volume 8
078236: WEBER, HANS-RUEDI - Experiments with Bible Study
438455: WEBER, JON N. (ED.) - Geochemistry of Germanium (Benchmark Papers In Geology)
240623: WEBER, GEORGE (ED.) - Advances in Enzyme Regulation, Volume 9
433684: WEBER, SAMUEL; SUSSMAN, HENRY (EDS.) - Glyph: John Hopkins Textual Studies; 5
433683: WEBER, SAMUEL; SUSSMAN, HENRY (EDS.) - Glyph: John Hopkins Textual Studies; 4
433682: WEBER, SAMUEL; SUSSMAN, HENRY (EDS.) - Glyph: John Hopkins Textual Studies; 2
422804: WEBER, ERIC THOMAS - Rawls, Dewey, and Constructivism: On the Epistemology of Justice
256516: WEBER, WENDELL W. - Pharmacogenetics
176382: WEBER, MAX - Basic Concepts in Sociology
261039: WEBER, SAMUEL; SUSSMAN, HENRY (EDS) - Glyph 5 Johns Hopkins Textual Studies
454957: WEBER, BRUCE; BUSH, NAN; KILCER, NATHANIEL (EDS.) - All American VI: Larger than Life
446038: WEBER, JEAN-PAUL - The Psychology of Art
447943: WEBER, MAX - The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations (Foundations of History Library)
444994: WEBER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Masers: A Collection of Reprints with Commentary
441082: WEBSTER, LESLIE; BACKHOUSE, JANET (EDS.) - The Making of England: Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture, AD 600-900
454570: WEBSTER, R.T.; YOUNG, C.S. (EDS.) - Industrial Applications of Titanium and Zirconium: Third Conference
300966: WEBSTER, ROGER (ED.) - Expanding Suburbia: Reviewing Suburban Narratives
301127: WEBSTER, ALISON - Wellbeing
455032: WEBSTER, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - The Practice of Architecture: Eight Architects, 1830-1930
455031: WEBSTER, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - The Practice of Architecture: Eight Architects, 1830-1930
030484: WEBSTER, DOUGLAS - Yes to Mission
199262: WEBSTER, JULIET - Shaping Women's Work : Gender, Employment and Information Technology (Longman Sociology Series
444171: WEBSTER, NOAH - A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language: A Facsimile of the First (1806) Edition
213808: WEBSTER, JASON - Duende : A Journey into the Heart of Flamenco
113309: WEBSTER, ALEC; BEVERIDGE, MICHAEL; REED, MALCOLM - Managing the Literacy Curriculum : How Schools Can Become Communities of Readers and Writers
094169: WEBSTER, T. B. L - Everyday Life in Classical Athens
204953: WEBSTER, HUTTON - Taboo: A Sociological Study
151457: WEBSTER, TAYLOR, BRAZIER - Timber Selection By Properties - The Species for the Job: Volume 2 Furniture
430356: WEBSTER, TOBY; ROTHSCHILD, EVA - EAST International 2003
102235: WEBSTER, CHARLES - Caring for Health: History and Diversity
295257: WEBSTER, JOHN (ED.) - The Possibilities of Theology: Studies in the Theology of Eberhard Jungel
143562: WEBSTER, CHARLES - The Health Services since the War; Vol. 2 : Government and Health Care: The National Health Service, 1958-1979
004308: WEBSTER, K. G.T. & NEILSON, W.A. [EDITORS] - Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, Piers The Ploughman
232042: WEBSTER, JOHN; MULRYNE, J. R. (ED.) - The White Devil
293258: WEBSTER, T. B. L. (ED.) - Sophocles: Philoctetes (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics)
277071: WEBSTER, A.D. - London Trees
278154: WEBSTER, FRANK; ROBINS, KEVIN - Information Technology: A Luddite Analysis
015493: WEBSTER, CHRISTOPHER. BEN-ARON, MARK. HUCKER, STEPHEN. H - Dangerousness: Probability and Prediction, Psychiatry and Public Policy
422548: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - The Violin
228295: WECHSLER, ANDREAS - Geschichtsbild und Apostelstreit : Eine Forschungsgeschichtliche und exegetische Studie uber den Antichenischen Zwischenfall
063234: WECHSLER, HERMAN J. - French Impressionists and Their Circle (Fontana Pocket Library of Great Art)
278201: WECHSLER, JUDITH (ED.) - On Aesthetics in Science
098002: WEDD, MARY R. (ED.) - The Charles Lamb Bulletin: The Journal of the Charles Lamb Society; New Series No. 58, April 1987
442050: WEDDELL, MARGARET - Child Care Pioneers
180692: WEDDERBURN, DOROTHY - Redundancy and the Railwaymen
423222: WEDDING, CHRISTOPH - Christoph Wedding: Teils Teils
444820: WEDDUP, JAN - Edgehill: Poems
429973: WEDEKIND, KADIDJA - Konig Ludwig Und Sein Hexenmeister: Tatsachenroman
163418: WEDEKIND, FRANK - Gesammelte Briefe Zweiter Band
182366: WEDEKIND, FRANK - Erdgeist Die Buchse der Pandora
437186: WEDEKIND, FRANK - Wedekind: Gesammelte Briefe, Erster Band
206187: WEDGEWOOD, C. V. - Velvet Studies
062270: WEDGWOOD, C. V. - The King's Peace, 1637-1641
248508: WEDGWOOD, BARBARA; WEDGWOOD, HENSLEIGH - The Wedgwood Circle, 1730-1897: Four Generations of a Family and Their Friends
180404: WEDGWOOD, A. J. - A Guide to the Financial Services ACT 1986
096098: WEDGWOOD, MARILYN - Tackling Biology Projects
435736: WEEDEN, CURT - How Women Can Beat Terrorism
022225: WEEKES, A. R. & R. K. - White Hands Cannot Offend
424916: WEEKLY, MONTAGUE (ED.) - A Memoir of Thomas Bewick
263032: WEEKS, EDWARD - Writers and Friends
448792: WEEKS, GERALD R.; CAMBESCIA, NANCY; JENKINS, ROBERT E. - Treating Infidelity: Therapeutic Dilemmas and Effective Strategies
107851: WEEKS, ALAN - Comprehensive Schools: Past, Present, and Future
112948: WEEKS, DAVID R. - A Glossary of Sociological Concepts (The Sociological Perspective : A Second Level Course)
448985: WEEKS, TODD BRYANT - Luck's In My Corner: The Life and Music of Hot Lips Page
456987: WEEKS, DANIEL J.; CHUA, ROMEO; ELLIOTT, DIGBY (EDS.) - Perceptual-Motor Behavior in Down Syndrome
453863: WEEMAELS, MATHIEU - Mathieu Weemaels: Huiles et Pastels, 1994-2009
265940: WEEMS, MIKE (ED.) - Basics of Audio and Visual Systems Design
442556: WEERAWARDANA, I. D. S. - Ceylon General Election 1956
232952: WEEREKOON, LLOYD - Raja Maha Viharas of Kandy
449417: WEERERATNE, EDITH - Winged Visitor and Other Stories of Sri Lanka
286992: WEERMANN, WOLFGANG - Hortexte Wirtschaftsdeutsch
286991: WEERMANN, WOLFGANG - Hortexte Wirtschaftsdeutsch
091848: WEETMAN, ANTHONY P. - Endocrine Autoimmunity & Associated Conditions (Immunology and Medicine Ser.)
252989: WEETMAN, PAULINE - Financial and Management Accounting: An Introduction
144946: WEETMAN, PAULINE - Management Accounting : An Introduction
253746: WEGELE, FRANZ X. - Dante Alighieri's Leben Und Werke
096096: WEGELIUS, OTTO; PASTERNACK, AMOS - Amyloidosis: Proceedings of the Fifth Sigrid Juselius Foundation Symposium
453093: WEGENER, E. P. (ED.) - Some Oxford Papyri (P. Oxford)
306916: WEGERIF, RUPERT; DAWES, LYN - Thinking and Learning with ICT: Raising Achievement in Primary Classrooms
408814: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Polaroids
455770: WEHLER, HANS-ULRICH - Die Neue Umverteilung: Soziale Ungleichheit in Deutschland
453983: WEHLI, TUNDE - Painting in Medieval Spain
033405: WEHRHAHN, H.R. - Was wächst und blüht in meinem Garten?
440997: WEHRLI, MAX - Minnesang Vom Kurenberger Bis Wolfram (Altdeutsche Ubungstexte, Band 4)
419035: WEHRMACHTPROPAGANDAGRUPPE - Nacht unter Sternen: Weihnachtsbuch fur den Deutschen Soldaten in Norwegen
268163: WEI, LI - Three Generations, Two Languages, One Family: Language Choice and Language Shift in a Chinese Community in Britain (Multilingual Matters)
457524: WEI-MING, TU - Humanity and Self-Cultivation: Essays in Confucian Thought
285809: WEI, LINDSEY - The Valley Spirit: A Story of Daoist Cultivation
270720: WEI, LI; COOK, VIVIAN (EDS.) - Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 2: Language for the Real World
456823: WEI-MING, TU - Humanity and Self-Cultivation: Essays in Confucian Thought
263367: WEI, TAN TAI - The Concept of Education, Educational Conceptions, and Liberal Education
188797: WEICHERT, ERNST - Von Den Treuen Begleitern. Über Vier Gedichte Von Claudius Goethe Hölderlin Und Mörite
095222: WEICHSELBERGER, KURT & POHLMANN, SIGRID - A Methodology for Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 419)
145433: WEIDEGER, PAULA - Gilding the Acorn : Behind the Facade of the National Trust
448824: WEIDEN, PETER J.; ET AL - Breakthroughs in Antipsychotic Medications
294941: WEIDENFELD, A.G.; DE C HASTINGS, H (EDS.) - First Spring of Peace
293142: WEIDENFELD, A.G. - The Public's Progress
449471: WEIDENFELD, GEORGE - Remembering My Good Friends: An Autobiography
100423: WEIDENFELD, A. G. (EDITED BY) - World of Neighbours
202039: WEIDENFIELD - The Decline of Rome
019545: WEIDMAN, JEROME . - Praying for Rain.
290445: WEIDNER, EDWARD W. - Technical Assistance in Public Administration Overseas: The Case for Development Administration
290463: WEIDNER, ANDREAS - D. Iunii Iuuenalis: Saturae
455172: WEIE, EDVARD - Edv. Weie: Statens Museum for Kunst, 28. marts - 24. maj 1987: Aarhus Kunstmuseum 5. juni - 16. august 1987 (Danish edition)
408863: WEIERMAIR, PETER (ED.) - Das Bild Des Korpers
423822: WEIERMAIR, PETER - Oliveiro Rainaldi: "Caduti"
061744: WEIGAND, WILHELM - Briefe eines Unbekannten
213663: WEIGELT, KARL - The Signified World: The Problem of Occasionality in Husserl's Phenomenology of Meaning
445863: WEIGER, JOHN G. - The Valencian Dramatist's of Spain's Golden Age
415365: WEIGHT, R. A. H. - Great Northern Locomotives, 1847-1947
168155: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN - Picture Post Britain
270558: WEIHER, ECKHARD - Der Negative Vergleich in der Russischen Volkspoesie
304025: WEIJEL, J.A. - Psychiatry in General Practice
421151: WEIK, BERNHARD - Der Philipper-Brief Ausgelegt Und Die Gefchichte Feiner Auslegung
264390: WEIKERT, HEIDRUN-EDDA - Tom Stoppards Dramen: Untersuchungen zu Sprache und Dialog
450403: WEIL, SIMONE - Dichiarazione Degli Obblighi Verso L'Essere Umano
000007: WEIL-MALHERBE, H & SZARA, S - The Biochemistry of Functional and Experimental Psychoses
034480: WEIL, BOB; BARON, CHRIS - Drag 'n' Drop CGI: Enhance Your Web Site Without Programming
450237: WEIL, SIMONE - Selected Essays, 1934-43
440628: WEIL, ERIC - Problemes Kantiens
450526: WEIL, SIMONE; REES, RICHARD (ED.) - On Science, Necessity, and the Love of God
254059: WEIL, JOSH - The New Valley
179164: WEIL, ROMAN L.; DAVIDSON, SIDNEY; STICKNEY, CLYDE F. - Financial Accounting : An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses
282105: WEIL, FREDERICK D.; GAUTIER, MARY; LEE, MATTHEW (EDS.) - Research on Democracy and Society; Volume 3: Extremism, Protest, Social Movements, and Democracy
024160: WEILEMANN, P.R., BRUNNER, G., TOKES, R.L. (EDS.) - Upheaval against the Plan: Eastern Europe on the Eve of the Storm.
446410: WEILER, GERSHON - Mauthner's Critique of Language
176346: WEILER, HANS N.;INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATIONAL PLANNING - Educational Planning and Social Change: Report on an IIEP Seminar
211647: WEILL, ASHER (ED.) - Ariel: The Israel review of Arts and Letters. Number 95, 1994
228547: WEIMAR, PETER - Untersuchungen zur Redaktionsgeschichte des Pentateuch
027626: WEINBERG, JULIUS R.; YANDELL, KEITH E. - Philosophy of Religion (Problems in Philosophical Inquiry, Volume IV)
027627: WEINBERG, JULIUS R.; YANDELL, KEITH E. - Metaphysics (Problems in Philosophical Inquiry, Volume II)
098061: WEINBERG, MARTHA WAGNER - Managing the State
292366: WEINBERG, STEVEN - Dreams of a Final Theory
001866: WEINBERG, MARTIN S. & WILLIAMS, COLIN J. - Male Homosexuals: Their Problems and Adaptations
416466: WEINBERG, JESHAJAHU; ELIEL, RINA - The Holocaust Museum in Washington
151403: WEINBERG, DANA BETH - Code Green : Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing
267414: WEINBERG, ELIZABETH ANN - The Development of Sociology in the Soviet Union
280363: WEINDLING, PAUL; CROWTHER, ANNE (EDS.) - Social History of Medicine; Volume 6, Number 1, April 1993
449925: WEINDLING, PAUL (ED.) - International Health Organisations and Movements, 1918-1939
002210: WEINER, H - Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine: Duodenal Ulcer
002207: WEINER, HERBERT - Psychobiology of Essential Hypertension
147424: WEINER, SHELLEY - A Sister's Tale
443863: WEINER, WILLIAM J.; LANG, ANTHONY E. (EDS.) - Advances in Neurology: Volume 65: Behavioral Neurology of Movement Disorders
292506: WEINER, JONATHAN - The Next One Hundred Years: Shaping the Fate of Our Living Earth
306056: WEINGARTNER, RUDOLPH H.; FIGURA, STARR - Prints by Sculptors: The Rudolph H. and Fannia Weingartner Collection at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art
163779: WEINMAN, LYNDA - Adobe after Effects 6 Hands-on Training
253348: WEINMAN, J (ED); JOHNSTON, M (ED); MOLLOY, G (ED). - Health Psychology: Volume I; Theoretical Models and Frameworks
262040: WEINRICH, PETER - Social Protest from the Left in Canada 1870-1970: A Bibliography
154934: WEINSHALL, THEODORE D. - Culture and Management : Selected Readings
260941: WEINSHEIMER, JOEL - Philosophical Hermenutics and Literary Theory
103686: WEINSTEIN, BRIAN - The Civic Tongue: Political Consequences of Language Choices (Longman Professional Studies in Political Communication and Policy)
292304: WEINSTEIN, LAUREN R. - The Goddess of War: Volume One
147266: WEINSTEIN & GREEN - Quantum Chemistry in Biomedical Sciences (Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences Volume 367)
453465: WEINSTEIN, GAL - Roof
423883: WEINSTEIN, LEO - The Subversive Tradition in French Literature, Volume II: 1870-1971
287307: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY; CRAWFORD, FRED D. (EDS.) - Shaw, Volume 10: The Annual Of Bernard Shaw Studies
043220: WEINTRAUB, MICHAEL - Hysterical Conversion Reactions
009248: WEINTRAUB, LEWIS R.; EDWARDS, CORWIN Q. & KRIKKER, MARGARET - Hemochromatosis: Proceedings of the First International Conference
443850: WEINTRAUB, KARL J. - Visions of Culture
455321: WEIQUN, CHEN (ED.) - Liu Jin
027415: WEIR, TONY - A Casebook on Tort
451612: WEIR, BOB - Buck Clayton Discography
212283: WEIR, LORNA - Pregnancy, Risk and Biopolitics: On the Threshold of the Living Subject
186852: WEIR, D. M. - Handbook of Experimental Immunology Volume 3 Application of Immunological Methods
217284: WEIR, ALISON - The Captive Queen
097336: WEIR, ELIZABETH - Heath's New German Dictionary
277667: WEIR, TOM - The Scottish Lochs 2
285403: WEIR, WILLIAM - Soldiers in the Shadows: Unknown Warriors Who Changed the Course of History
241000: WEIR, ALISON - Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
021474: WEIR, STUART & HALL, WENDY - EGO-TRIP: Extra-governmental Organisations in the United Kingdom and Their Accountability
093836: WEIS, ERICH; MATTUTAT, HEINRICH - The New Schoffler-Weis Compact German and English Dictionary
031450: WEIS, OTHMAR & SHAFER, INGRID (TRANSLATOR) - Oberammergau Passion Play 2000 (Textbook English / Textbuch Deutsch)
021223: WEIS, OTHMAR - The Oberammergau Passion Play, 1980
166421: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P.; SHAW, JENNIFER L. - Paris and the Countryside : Modern Life in Late-19th-Century France
166420: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P.; SHAW, JENNIFER L. - Paris and the Countryside : Modern Life in Late-19th-Century France
201406: WEISBERG, BARRY - Ecocide in China: The Ecology of War
454536: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Art Nouveau Bing: Paris Style 1900
456094: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Images of Women: Printmakers in France from 1830 to 1930
455204: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Stile Floreale: The Cult of Nature in Italian Design
455066: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P.; BECKER, EDWIN; POSSEME, EVELYNE (EDS.) - The Origins of L'Art Nouveau: The Bing Empire
148858: WEISBUCH, GERARD - Complex Systems Dynamics
238521: WEISCHET, WOLFGANG; CAVIEDES, CESAR N. - Persisting Ecological Constraints of Tropical Agriculture
079974: WEISE, M. - Experimental and Clinical Aspects of Proteinuria
037087: WEISE, OSKAR - Wanderungen Auf Dem Gebeite Der Deutschen Sprachgeschichte Und Wortbedeutung
445361: WEISENHAUS, DOREEN - Hong Kong Media Law: A Guide for Journalists and Media Professionals
106614: WEISER, HARRY BOYER (ED.) - Colloid Symposium Monograph : Papers Presented at the Fifth National Symposium on Colloid Chemistry, University of Michigan, June, 1927; Volume V
106615: WEISER, HARRY BOYER (ED.) - Colloid Symposium Monograph : Papers Presented at the Sixth Symposium on Colloid Chemistry, University of Toronto, June, 1928; Volume VI
230088: WEISER, DAVID K. - The Prose Style of John Jewel (Elizabethan Studies: 9)
295790: WEISGAL, MEYER W. - The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann, Volume II, Series A, November 1902 - August 1903
302736: WEISINGER, HERBERT - Tragedy and the Paradox of the Fortunate Fall
002287: WEISKRANTZ, L. [EDITOR] - Analysis of Behavioral Change
019544: WEISS, MIRIAM STRAUSS - A Lively Corpse: Religion in Utopia.
058562: WEISS, LEONARD W - Concentration and Price
079180: WEISS, DAVID W. - Tumor Antigenicity and Approaches to Tumor Immunotherapy - An Outline
088017: WEISS, ANITA M. (ED.) - Islamic Reassertion in Pakistan: The Application of Islamic Laws in a Modern State
063020: WEISS, H. (ED.) - Solid State Devices, 1979 (The Institute of Physics. Conference Series; No. 53)
203288: WEISS, GILBERT (ED.); WODAK, RUTH (ED.) - Critical Discourse Analysis : Theory and Disciplinarity
192803: WEISS, JOHN - The Origins of Modern Consciousness
165412: WEISS, KENNETH A. - Genetic Variation and Human Disease : Principles and Evolutionary Approaches
191492: WEISS, ROBIN ET AL - RNA Tumor Viruses No. 1 : Text
257613: WEISS, A; ABEL, T; HILL, V (EDS.) - The First Stars: Proceedings of the MPA/ESO Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 4-6, August 1999
436517: WEISS, PAUL A. - Bio-Medical Excursions: A Biologist's Probings Into Medicine
006727: WEISS, SAMUEL A. - Drama in the Modern World: Plays and Essays
231460: WEISS, H. (ED.) - Solid State Devices, 1979: Nine Invited Papers Presented at the Ninth European Solid State Research Conference ... Munich, 1979
447381: WEISS, ROBERT S. - The Experience of Retirement
110358: WEISS, EARLE B.; STEIN, MYRON; SEGAL, MAURICE S. - Bronchial Asthma : Mechanisms and Therapeutics
247187: WEISSBERGER, RUTH E. - The Cure for Remembering: A Dr. Nora Sternberg Mystery
218491: WEISSKOPF, WALTER A. - Alienation and Economics
082570: WEISSKOPF, KURT - The Agony of Czechoslovakia '38/'68
213959: WEISSMAN, DAVID - Styles of Thought: Interpretation, Inquiry and Imagination
198726: WEISZ, JOHN R.; WEISS, BAHR - Effects of Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents
203416: WEIT, ERWIN - Eyewitness : The Autobiography of Gomulka's Interpreter
448547: WEITEN, WAYNE - Psychology: Themes and Variations
264596: WEITHMAN, PAUL - Why Political Liberalism?: On John Rawls's Political Turn (Oxford Political Philosophy)
439865: WEITZ, MORRIS - Hamlet and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism
001570: WEITZ, HENRY - Behavior Change Through Guidance
100832: WEITZEL, ANNEMARIE - Vegetarian Visitor: Where to Stay and Eat in Britain
457495: WEIWEI, ALI; SIGG, ULI; CHANG, YUNG HO; PAKESCH, PETER (EDS.) - Art and Cultural Policy in China
426845: WEIYE, CHEN; LANWEI, JI; WEI, MA (EDS.) - Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix: An Introduction to Selected Chinese Minority Folk Dances
005775: WEIZSACKER, CARL VON - The Apostolic Age of the Christian Church, Volume I & II (Theological Translation Library)
216966: WEIZSÄCKER, ROBERT K. VON - A Theory of Earnings Distribution
268890: WEKKER, HERMAN (ED.) - Creole Languages and Language Acquisition
409227: WELBOURN, RICHARD B.; FIENNES, ALBERIC; KINSMAN, ROBIN; WALTON, PETER - First National Bariatric Surgery Registry Report to March 2010
096841: WELBURN, ANDREW J. - Power and Self-Consciousness in the Poetry of Shelley
446015: WELCH, RICK - Physiology: The Language of Life and Nature
230416: WELCH, ANN; WELCH, LORNE; IRVING, F.G. - The Soaring Pilot
193780: WELCH, ALAN J.; CHAPMAN, STEPHEN K. (EDS.) - The Chemistry of the Copper and Zinc Triads
145894: WELCH, CHARLES - Numismata Londinensia / Medals Struck By the Corporation of London to Commemorate Important Municipal Events 1831 to 1893
155559a: WELCH, EDWIN - Two Calvinistic Methodist Chapels, 1743-1811 : The London Tabernacle and Spa Fields Chapel (London Record Society 11)
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252856: WHITE, STEPHEN; BATT, JUDY; LEWIS, PAUL G. (EDS.) - Developments in Central and East European Politics
285991: WHITE, WILLIAM ALANSON - Mechanisms Of Character Formation - An Introduction To Psychoanalysis
434445: WHITE, S. J. (ED.) - Irish Writing; Volume 31: W. B. Yeats
448995: WHITE, DANIEL E. - From Little London to Little Bengal: Religion, Print, and Modernity in Early British India, 1793-1835
445265: WHITE, JOHN - The Raphael Cartoons
458275: WHITE, ERIC WALTER - Stravinsky: A Critical Survery, 1882-1946
424789: WHITE, H. P. - A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, Volume III: Greater London
458126: WHITE, ADAM (ED.) - The Everyday Life of the State: A State-in-Society Approach
032819: WHITEAR, GREG - The NVQ Handbook
230037a: WHITEBROOK, MAUREEN - Identity, Narrative and Politics
031897: WHITECHURCH, VICTOR L - The Canon's Dilemma and Other Stories
279763: WHITED, MILTON H. - Durham's Heritage: Men and Homes of Early Durham
424384: WHITEFORD-ENGHOLM, SYLVIA - Roll-Ups & Teacups
011598: WHITEFORD, BARBARA & POLDEN, MARGIE - Postnatal Exercises: A Six Month Fitness Programme for Mother and Baby
187549: WHITEHAND, JEREMY W. - The Changing Face of Cities : A Study of Development Cycles and Urban Form
173547: WHITEHEAD, TONY - In the Service of Old Age: The Welfare of Psychogeriatric Patients; Second Edition
420348: WHITEHEAD, MAURICE (ED.) - Held in Trust: 2008 Years of Sacred Culture
075551: WHITEHEAD, DONALD HENRY - Stagflation and Wages Policy in Australia
093362: WHITEHEAD, GEOFFREY - Bookkeeping and Accounting: Keeping Track of the Growing Business
189382: WHITEHEAD, A. N. - The Concept of Nature
011413: WHITEHEAD, G. & UPSON, A. - Success in Accounting : Problems and Projects
254933: WHITEHEAD, JOHN - Thangliena: The Life of T.H. Lewin: Amongst Wild Trives on India's North East Frontier
019204: WHITEHEAD, BARBARA DAFOE - The Divorce Culture
093359: WHITEHEAD, KEN - Employee Relations: An Introduction
454573: WHITEHEAD, CHRISTOPHER - The Public Art Museum in Nineteenth Century Britain: The Development of the National Gallery
036380: WHITEHEAD, LYDIA - Guide to the European Parliament, EIA Guides to EU Institutions Series, Number 2
009076: WHITEHEAD, M. L. & SCHENKEL, L. (EDITORS) - Transdermal Hormone Replacement : Long Term Effects
106227: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - Boston: A Topographical History
111182: WHITEHORN, KATHARINE - Cooking in a Bedsitter
249547: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID - English Cameo Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass
096036: WHITEHOUSE, CHRIS - Revenue Law: Principle and Practice
194707: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD - The Craftsmanship of Books
165721: WHITEHOUSE, P. B.; SNELL, J. B. - Narrow Gauge Railways of the British Isles
306250: WHITEHOUSE, W. J.; PUTMAN, J. L. - Radioactive Isotopes: An Introduction to Their Preparation, Measurement and Use
090080: WHITEHOUSE, RUTH D., ED. - The Macmillan Dictionary of Archaeology
017865: WHITEHOUSE, H. L. K. - Genetic Recombination: Understanding the Mechanisms
297133: WHITEHOUSE, LUCIE - Before We Met
158946: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD - Vindication of Ruskin
449466: WHITEHOUSE, R. H.; GROVE, A. J. - The Dissection of the Dogfish
410706: WHITEHURST, E. A. - Evaluation of Concrete Properties from Sonic Tests (ACI Monograph Series)
223078a: WHITELAW, BILLIE - Billie Whitelaw...Who He? : An Autobiography
186657: WHITELAW, R.R.P. - Marketing and Economics: An Introduction to the Use of Economic Indicators
193884: WHITELAW, THOMAS A. - An Introduction to Linear Algebra
223080a: WHITELAW, BILLIE - Billie Whitelaw...Who He? : An Autobiography
236279: WHITELEGG, JOHN (ED.) - Transport for a Sustainable Future: The Case for Europe
435921: WHITELEY, JON - Drawings By Contemporaries of Voltaire: Eighteenth-century French Drawings from the Print Room of the Ashmolean
268295: WHITELEY, PETER M. - Rethinking Hopi Ethnography
445842: WHITELEY, F. - Gear Manufacture, Book I
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154904: WHITELEY, J L. - Titus Livius: Book Thirty
268731: WHITELEY, W. H. (ED.) (FORDE, DARYLL) - Language Use and Social Change: Problems of Multilingualism with Special Reference to Eastern Africa
016078: WHITELOCK, DOROTHY - The Beginnings of English Society
269492: WHITEMAN, MARCIA FARR (EDS.) - Reactions to Ann Arbor: Vernacular Black English and Education
451286: WHITEMAN, PAUL - Records for the Millions
093291: WHITENECK, LAWRENCE L.; HOCKNEY, LESTER A. - Structural Materials for Harbor and Coastal Construction
414471: WHITEREAD, RACHEL - Rachel Whiteread
093336: WHITESIDE, NOEL - Bad Times: Unemployment in British Social and Political History
414457: WHITESIDE, ANNA; ISSACHAROFF, MICHAEL (EDS.) - On Referring in Literature
237590: WHITESIDE, KERRY H. - Divided Natures: French Contributions to Political Ecology
436858: WHITFIELD, PETER - Cities of the World
163035: WHITFIELD, R.C. (ED.) - Disciplines of the Curriculum
264642: WHITFIELD, DEXTER - Global Auction of Public Assets: Public Sector Alternatives to the Infrastructure Market and Public Private Partnerships
411075: WHITFIELD, PETER - Cities of the World
411076: WHITFIELD, PETER - Cities of the World
206405: WHITFIELD, I. C. - An Introduction to Electronics for Physiological Workers
031116: WHITFIELD, JOY V.; ETC. - After the Vote: Men and Women Together in Ministry (Grove Pastoral Series No. 53)
411093: WHITFIELD, PETER - Stadte der Welt in Historischen Karten
411827: WHITFIELD, PETER - Stadte der Welt in Historischen Karten
411842: WHITFIELD, PETER - Stadte der Welt in Historischen Karten
443893: WHITFIELD, PETER - The Mapping of the Heavens
456445: WHITFIELD, CLOVIS; PERETTI, FERDINANDO; PERMAN, RAY - Italian Landscapes and Vedute
436578: WHITFIELD, PHILIP J. - The Biology of Parasitism
270034: WHITFIELD, PETER - The Charting of the Oceans: Ten Centuries of Maritime Maps
025228: WHITING, LILIAN - The World Beautiful
038502: WHITING, H. T. A. (ED.) - Reading in Human Performance (The Human Movement Series)
020675: WHITING, LILIAN - The World Beautiful
456180: WHITING, JOHN W.M.; CHILD, IRVIN L. - Child Training and Personality
202699: WHITING, J. R. S. - A Handful of History
209250: WHITING, CHARLES - The Last Assault: The Battle of the Bulge Reassessed
243516: WHITING, JOHN - The Devils
000126: WHITING, H.T.A. [EDITOR] - Readings in Sports Psychology
000129: WHITING, H.T.A. [EDITOR] - Readings in Sports Psychology 2
020347: WHITINGER, RALEIGH - Johannes Schlaf and the German Naturalist Drama
210904: WHITLEY, JACQUELINE (ED.) - The Alco: Strategic Issues in Asset/Liability Management
205869: (ED.) WHITLEY, RICHARD & KRISTENSEN, PETER HULL - Governance at Work : The Social Regulation of Economic Relations
299751: WHITLEY, K. B. - A Fire in the Place: Lyrical Observations
447105: WHITLEY, JAMES - Style and Society in Dark Age Greece: The Changing Face of a Pre-Literate Society 1100-700 BC
239813: WHITLOCK, F. A. - Death on the Road: A Study in Social Violence
005555: WHITLOCK, F.A. - Criminal Responsibility and Mental Illness
005010: WHITMAN, WALT - Democratic Vistas, and Other Papers
174414: WHITMAN, EDMUND S. & SCHMIDT, W. JAMES - Plant Relocation: A Case History of a Move
451215: WHITMAN, EDWARD W. - The Influence of the Houses: Astro-Kinetics, Volume I
301542: WHITMAN - Denying Human Rights and Ethnic Identity: The Greeks of Turkey
159347: WHITMARSH W. F. H. - Essential French Vocabulary
443550: WHITMONT, EDWARD C. - Psyche and Substance: Essays on Homoeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology
436717: WHITMONT, EDWARD C. - Psyche and Substance: Essays on Homoeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology
084009: WHITMORE, CLIVE - Eighth Report of the Committee for Monitoring Agreements on Tobacco Advertising and Sponsorship
098646: WHITMORE, RICHARD - Hertfordshire's Queen: Celebration of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's Special Bond with Her Home County
453387: WHITNEY, J. P. - Hildebrandine Essays
206095: WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART - Drawing Acquisitions, 1981-1985
105279: WHITNEY, BEN - The Truth about Truancy
447435: WHITNEY, ARTHUR H. - Colloquial Hungarian
254953: WHITNEY, JANET - Abigail Adams
221967: WHITNEY, R. D. JONES - David Williams: The Anvil and the Hammer
417185: WHITNEY, KATHLEEN - Catherine Lee: Clad Works
302824: WHITT, JAN - Dangerous Dreams: Essays on American Film and Television (Framing Film: the History and Art of Cinema, Volume 13)
084026: WHITTAKER, STELLA (ED.) - First Steps: Local Agenda 21 in Practice - Minicipal Strategies for Sustainability as Presented at Global Forum 94 in Manchester
285016: WHITTAKER, JOSEPH - The Almond Tree and Other Poems
292942: WHITTAKER, E.T.; WATSON, G. N. - A Course of Modern Ananlysis: An Introduction to the General Theory of Infinitive Processes and of Analytic Functions; with an Account of the Principal Transendental Functions
436751: WHITTAKER, EDMUND - From Euclid to Eddington: A Study of Conceptions of the External World
070712: WHITTAKER, J. A. - Leukaemia

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