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301916: SHIRAISHI, YUKO; HUNT, IAN - Signal: 11 September - 26 October 2013
417188: SHIRAISHI, YUKO - Yuko Shiraishi: Assemble - Disperse
196904: SHIRAZI, J. K. M. - Life of Omar Al-Khayyami
472215: SHIREBY, D. - A Digest of Elementary Chemical Thermodynamics
193883: SHIRI, KEITH (ED.) - Africa at the Pictures
471410: SHIRLEY, RODNEY W. - Early Printed Maps of the British Isles: A Bibliography 1477-1650
140395: SHIRLEY-SMITH, H. - The World's Great Bridges
Am233: SHIRLEY GEOK-LIN LIM - Writing South East/Asia in English: Against the Grain, Focus on Asian English-language Literature (Skoob Pacifica)
264575: SHIRLOW, PETER; TONGE, JONATHAN; MCAULEY, JAMES; MCGLYNN, CATHERINE - Abandoning Historical Conflict? Former Political Prisoners and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
470284: SHIRRAS, G. FINDLAY; ROSTAS, L. - The Burden of British Taxation
449473: SHIRYAEV, A. N. - Optimal Stopping Rules
111842: SHISHKO, ROBERT - NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
151753: SHISHKOV, V. - Children of Darkness
010608: SHIVES, LOUISE REBECCA - Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
102705: SHIVES, T. ROBERT; WILLARD, WILLIAM A. (EDS.) - Prevention of Failures in Coal Conversion Systems (NBS Special Publication; No. 468) Mechanical Failures Prevention Group
216075: SHLONSKY, HAGIT AND HALEVI, HAVA - Extensions of Remand in Custody in Israeli Military Courts During 2006
469216: SHMANSKE, STEPHEN - Public Goods, Mixed Goods, and Monopolistic Competition (Texas A&M University Economics Series)
045000: SHMELEV, G. N. (ED.) - Akty Tsarstvovaniya Ekateriny II: Uchrezhdeniya dlya Upravleniya Gubernii I Zhalovannyya Gramoty Dvoryanstvu i Gorodam'.
045464: SHNEIBERG, L. YA.; KONDAKOV, I. V. - Ot Gor'kogo do Solzhenitsyna: Posobie dlya postupayushchikh v vuzy.
235083: SHNEIDMAN, N. N. - Russian Literature, 1995-2002 : On the Threshold of the New Millennium
000553: SHNEIDMAN, EDWIN S. & ORTEGA, MAGNO J. [EDITORS] - Aspects of Depression
262035: SHOBINGER, JEAN-PIERRE - Die Philosophie Des 17.Jahrhunderts 2: Frankreich und Niederland: Erster & Zweiter Halbband
431029: SHOEMAKER, SYDNEY - Identity, Cause, and Mind: Philosophical Essays
262363: SHOEMAKER, SYDNEY - Physical Realization
467787: SHOEMAKER, INNIS HOWE - Mad for Modernism: Earl Horter and His Collection
151619: SHOHAM, SHLOMO GIORA - Sex As Bait: Eve, Casanova, and Don Juan
248507: SHOJI, MASAKAZU - The Dynamics of Digital Excitation
453214: SHOKRANIAN, SALAHODDIN - The Selberg-Arthur Trace Formula: Based on Lectures By James Arthur
452835: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL; STEVENS, H. C. (TRANS.) - One Man's Destiny and Other Stories, Articles and Sketches, 1923-1963
415396: SHONE, RICHARD; BIAZWICK, IWONA - Abigail Lane
079105: SHONE, SIR ROBERT MINSHULL - Price and Investment Relationships: A Study in Applied Economics
025924: SHONE, RICHARD - The Post-Impressionists
183700: SHONFIELD, ANDREW (ED.); SHAW, STELLA (ED.) - Social Indicators and Social Policy
110537: SHOOLMAN, REGINA; SLATKIN, CHARLES E. - Six Centuries of French Master Drawings in America
429180: SHORAKA, KIRSTEN - Human Rights and Minority Rights in the European Union
455602: SHORE, ZACHARY - What Hitler Knew: The Battle for Information in Nazi Foreign Policy
471051: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER; WILLIAMS, CLIVE (EDS.) - Aces High: The Fighter Aces of the British and Commonwealth Air Forces in World War II
469927: SHORROCKS, ANTHONY; VAN DER HOEVEN, ROLPH (EDS.) - Growth, Inequality, and Poverty: Prospects for Pro-Poor Economic Development (UNU-Wider Studies in Development Economics)
247015: SHORT, CLARE - An Honourable Deception? : New Labour, Iraq, and the Misuse of Power
026772: SHORT, ERNEST - Introducing the Theatre
196535: SHORT, K. R. M. AND DOLEZEL, STEPHEN - Hitler's Fall : The Newsreel Witness
199694: SHORT, THOMAS - New Observations on City, Town and Country Bills of Mortality
049058: SHORT, ERNEST H - The Painter in History
074261: SHORT, A; LEWIS, R. I. - Studies on bridge-deck systems (National building studies, research papers;nos. 21, 31 & 37)
415575: SHORT, CONSTANCE; CARROLL, TONY (EDS.) - Eddie's Own Aquarius
417813: SHORT, DAVID - World Bibliographical Series: Volume 68: Czechoslovakia
026166: SHORT, ROBERT - The Parables of Peanuts
437847: SHORTER, ALFRED H. - Papermaking in the British Isles: A Historical and Geographical Study
453460: SHORTER, ALFRED H. - Papermaking in the British Isles: A Historical and Geographical Study
190016: SHORTHOUSE, J. H. - The Countess Eve
303633: SHORTHOUSE, J.S. - The Little Schoolmaster Mark
303634: SHORTHOUSE, J.S. - Blanche, Lady Falaise
303635: SHORTHOUSE, J.S. - Sir Percival
303636: SHORTHOUSE, J.S. - A Teacher of the Violin and Other Tales
442891: SHORTO, RUSSELL - Saints and Madmen: Psychiatry Opens Its Door to Religion
305079: SHORTZ, WILL (ED.) - The New York Times Daily Crossword Puzzles: Volume 55
462163: SHOTTER, JOHN - Conversational Realities: Constructing life through Language
290988: SHOULSON, JEFFREY S. - Milton and the Rabbis: Hebraism, Hellenism, and Christianity
299239: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Sexual Anarchy: Gender and Culture at the "Fin de Siecle"
143651: SHOWER, DENNIS J.; DEHESA, GUILLERMO DE LA (EDS.) - Unemployment Policy : Government Options for the Labour Market
154618a: SHPENKOV, GEORGE P. - Friction Surface Phenomena (Tribology Series)
458283: SHRADER-FRECHETTE, KRISTIN - What Will Work: Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear Power (Environmental Ethics and Science Policy Series)
471389: SHRADER-FRECHETTE, K.S.; MCCOY, E.D. - Method in Ecology: Strategies for Conservation
253154: SHRAEDER, PETER J. - Djibouti
220551: SHRAGGE, ERIC - Pensions' Policy in Britain : Socialist Analysis
016798: SHREEVE, CAROLINE - A Healthy Heart for Life: The Secret from the Sea
451523: SHREIDER, YU. A. (ED.) - The Monte Carlo Method: The Method of Statistical Trials
442351: SHRESHTHA, KUSUM - Monarchy in Nepal, Tribhuvan Era: Imprisonment to Glory
442381: SHRESHTHA, B.P.; JAIN, S.C. - Regional Development in Nepal: An Exercise in Reality
442311: SHRESHTHA - An Introduction to Nepalese Economy
243847: SHREVE, ANITA - Body Surfing
466194: SHREVE, ANITA - A Change in Altitude
454565: SHRIGLEY, DAVID - Human Achievement
473280: SHRIGLEY, DAVID - Why We Got the Sack from the Museum
268051: SHRINIVASAN, S. (ED.) - New Century's Comprehensive Dictionary English-English-Tamil
268050: SHRINIVASAN, S. (ED.) - New Century's Comprehensive Dictionary English-English-Tamil
163487: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The Post-Birthday World
222814: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The Post-Birthday World
415184: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The Post-birthday World
440644: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The Post-Birthday World
242291: SHROPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Shropshire Parish Documents
181670: SHRUBSALL, F.C.; WILLIAMS, A.C. - Mental Deficiency Practice
048195: SHTAL', I. V. (ED.) - KLASSICHESKAYA FILOLOGIYA na sovremennom etape: Sbornik nauchnykh statei (RAN, Institut Mirovoi Literatury, Tsentr izucheniya antichnosti)
473568: SHTEIR, RACHEL - Gypsy: The Art of the Tease
463173: SHU-WEN, HSIAO (ED.) - New Minds - Artistic Creations in Motion
460219: SHU, YANG (ED.) - A Dip Interview with 103
268685: SHUBERT, ADRIAN - A Social History of Modern Spain
463204: SHUBIK, MARTIN - The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions: Volume 2
456689: SHUCKBURGH, E.S.; CICERO, TULLIUS (EDS.) - Cato Maior: A Dialogue on Old Age
187054: SHUCKBURGH, JULIAN (EDITOR) - The Second Bedside Book : An Anthology
282141: SHUCKBURGH, EVELYN; CHARMLEY, JOHN - Descent to Suez: Diaries 1951-56
037854: SHUCKSMITH, JANET; HENDRY, L.B. - Health Issues and Adolescents: Growing Up, Speaking Out
457583: SHUE, HENRY - Fighting Hurt: Rule and Exception in Torture and War
467317: SHUGAR, D. (ED.) - Genetic Elements: Properties and Function
153315: SHUGARMAN, DAVID P. - Thinking about Change: Essays
197336: SHUKLA, R. B. AND BROOKS, D. EDS. - Guide to the Care of the Elderly
036273: SHUKLA, R.B - Care of the Elderly
456392: SHULIN, ZHAO; MING, JIANG (EDS.) - At Night: Han Qing 2003-2006
195853: SHULMAN, KENNETH; TOHEN, MAURICIO; KUTCHER, STANLEY P. (EDS.) - Mood Disorders across the Life Span
002196: SHULMAN, BERNARD H. - Essays in Schizophrenia
468079: SHULTZ, EDWARD J. - Generals and Scholars: Military Rule in Medieval Korea
073784: SHUMAKER, SALLY A.; CZAJKOWSKI, SUSAN M. (EDS.) - Social Support and Cardiovascular Disease (The Plenum Series in Behavioral Psychophysiology and Medicine)
158088: SHUMAN, AMY - Storytelling Rights : The Uses of Oral and Written Texts by Urban Adolescents (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture; 11)
158242: SHUMAN, AMY. - Storytelling Rights: The Uses of Oral and Written Texts By Urban Adolescents
471247: SHUMWAY, WALDO; ADAMSTONE, F.B. (EDS.) - Introduction to Vertebrate Embryology
261472: SHUMWAY, DAVID R. - Michel Foucault
267470: SHUPING, WU - China Panorama: Intermediate Chinese; Book III
101934: SHUR, MICHAEL; FJELDLY, TOR A.; YTTERDAL, TROND; LEE, KWYRO - Semiconductor Device Modeling for VLSI
270293: SHUSTA, ROBERT M.; LEVINE, DEENA R.; HARRIS, PHILIP R.; WONG, HERBERT Z. - Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society
020669: SHUTE, NEVIL - The Rainbow and the Rose
061267: SHUTE, NEVIL - Ketten die nicht reißen
442708: SHUTE, STEPHEN; GARDNER, JOHN; HORDER, JEREMY (EDS.) - Action and Value in Criminal Law
021065: SHUTE, NEVIL - The Far Country
006371: SHUTTLE, PENELOPE - The Child-Stealer
090861: SHUVAL, HILLEL I. - Developments in Water Quality Research
423559: SHUY, ROGER W. - The Language of Sexual Misconduct Cases
444508: SHUY, ROGER W.; SMITH, DAVID M. - Sociolinguistics in Cross-Cultural Analysis
272907: SHUY, ROGER W. (ED.) - 23rd Annual Round Table: Sociolinguistcs: Current Trends and Prospects; Number 25, 1972
181747: SHUY, ROGER W. (EDITED BY) - Linguistic Theory: What Can It Say About Reading?
299986: SHUY, ROGER W. - The Language of Perjury Cases
272506: SHUY, ROGER W.; SHNUKAL, ANNA (EDS.) - Language Use and the Uses of Language
272903: SHUY, ROGER W.; SHNUKAL, ANNA (EDS.) - Towards Tomorrow's Linguistics
046756: SHVARTZ, ANATOLY - Mikhail Bulgakovs Liv och Doed
046300: SHVEITSER, A. - Upadok i vozrozhdenie kul'tury. Izbrannoe
446967: SHWAYDER, D. S. - The Stratification of Behaviour: A System of Definitions Propounded and Defended (International Library of Philosophy and Scientific Method)
043322: SHYAMASUNDAR, R K - Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science: 13th Conference, Bombay, India, December 15-17, 1993. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 761)
090949: SIAMAKES, KONSTANTINOS - Hoi Ekphyloi: A
240159: SIBELIUS, JEAN - The Swan of Tuonela Op. 22. Number 3
468694: SIBELIUS, JEAN - Sibelius: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra D minor/d-Moll/Re Mineur Op. 47 (Edition Eulenburg)
037494: SIBERT, JO - Accidents and Emergencies in Childhood: Papers Based on a Conference Held at the Royal College of Physicians
169853: SIBINGA, C. T.; DAS, P. C.; VAN LOGHEM, J. J. EDS - Blood Transfusion and Problems of Bleeding
027549: SIBLEY, F. N. (ED.) - Perception:a Philosophical Symposium: A Philosophical Symposium
444975: SICARI, ANTONIO MARIA - Le Grand Atlas Des Saints
451435: SICKERT, ROBERT (ED.) - The Bird in Song: A Collection of Poems
211455: SIDAWAY, JAMES D. - Imagined Regional Communities: Integration and Sovereignty in the Global South
452457: SIDDIQUI, YASMEEN M. - A Perfect Home: The Bridge Project
209406: SIDDIQUI, KAMAL UDDIN (EDITED BY) - Bangladesh Fairs and Festivals
468352: SIDEBOTTOM, HARRY - Throne of the Caesars: Iron & Rust
074621: SIDELL, MOYRA; JONES, LINDA; KATZ, JEANNE; PEBERDY, ALISON (EDS.) - Debates and Dilemmas in Promoting Health: A Reader
439038: SIDEN, KARIN; HERDER, JANNA (EDS.) - Passioner
452666: SIDÉN, ANN-SOFI; BEPLER, JONATHAN - Curtain Callers
040276: SIDES, MARIAN B.; CAILLES, NANCY BACKUS - Nurse's Guide to Successful Test-Taking
110580: SIDEY, HUGH - John F. Kennedy: Portrait of a President
107658: SIDGWICK, NEVIL VINCENT - The Electronic Theory of Valency
469722: SIDGWICK, HENRY - The Methods of Ethics
098428: SIDGWICK, J. B. (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - The Shorter Poems of Walter Savage Landor
260310: SIDGWICK, A. H. - The Promenade Ticket: A Lay Record of Concert-Going
237117: SIDHU, WAHEGURU PAL SINGH - Enhancing Indo-US Strategic Cooperation (Adelphi Paper 313)
276467: SIDIS, BORIS - Symptomatology, Psychognosis, and Diagnosis of Psychopathic Diseases
246762: SIDNELL, MICHAEL - Dances of Death: The Group Theatre of London in the Thirties
411858: SIDNEY, SAMUEL - Extracts from Gauge Evidence 1845
110879: SIDNEY, C. - Fundamental Mathematics
100581: SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP - The Defence of Poesie 1595
091904: SIDNEY, C. - Fundamental Mathematics: The Principles and Their Application to Basic Topics
432971: SIDNEY, JASMINE - Transactions of the Zoological Society of London: Volume 30, 1965
436647: SIDWELL, ROBERT - The Blood of Enniskillen
100835: SIEBEL, THOMAS M.; MALONE, MICHAEL S. - Virtual Selling: Going Beyond the Automated Sales Force to Achieve Total Sales Quality
232239: SIEBENBURGISCHES ARCHIVE - Studien Zur Geschicte Und Landeskunde Siebenburgens (Siebenburgisches Archiv, Band 7)
222558: SIEBER, NIKLAS (ED.) - An Annotated Bibliography on Rural Transport
463073: SIEBERS, TOBIN - The Mirror of Medusa
060017: SIEBERT, HORST (ED.) - Overcoming the Transformation Crisis: Lessons for the Successor States of the Soviet Union
469675: SIEBERT, H.; EICHBERGER, J.; GRONYCH, R.; PETHIG, R. - Trade and Environment: A Theoretical Enquiry
218374: SIEGAL, MICHAEL - Knowing Children : Experiments in Conversation and Cognition
450930: SIEGAL, IRVING J. - A Lawyer's Versus
435280: SIEGBAHN, KAI (ED.) - Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
305910: SIEGBAHN, KAI (ED.) - Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Volume 189: October/November 1981
251675: SIEGEL, SCOTT NICHOLAS - The Political Economy of Noncompliance: Adjusting to the Single European Market
451560: SIEGEL, KATY - Terry Winters: Cricket Music, Tessellation Figures and Notebook
105954: SIEGEL, MARILYN J - Pediatric Body CT: Contemporary Issues in Computer Tomography
198058: SIEGEL, ROBERT - Dispatches from the Tenth Circle : The Best of the Onion
094542: SIEGEL, P.; KRUSE, R. (EDS.) - Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Uncertainty: European Conference Ecsqau Marseille, France, October 15-17, 1991 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 548)
255399: SIEGEL, MARCIA B. - The Shapes of Change: Images of American Dance
458807: SIEGEL, DONALD S.; WILLIAMS, LEIGHTON VAUGHAN (EDS.) - The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Gambling
251676: SIEGEL, SCOTT NICHOLAS - The Political Economy of Noncompliance: Adjusting to the Single European Market
409385: SIEGEL, LINDA (ED.) - nternational Journal of Behavioral Development, Volume 18, Number 2, June 1995
290401: SIEGEL, LEE - Falling Upwards: Essays in Defense of the Imagination
166735: SIEGFRIED DUCRET - Die Landgrafliche Porzellanmanufaktur Kassel 1766-1788
009571: SIEGHART, PAUL - AIDS & Human Rights: A UK Perspective
037665: SIEGMAN, ARON WOLFE; DEMBROSKI, T.M. - In Search of Coronary Prone Behaviour: Beyond Type-A
256890: SIEGMAN, ANTHONY E. - Lasers
182634: SIEGRIST, CHRISTOPH - Albrecht Von Haller. Realienbücher Für Germanisten. Abteilung Literaturgeschichte
409671: SIEGRIST, J.; HALHUBER, M.J. (EDS.) - Myocardial Infarction and Psychosocial Risks
190227: SIEH, KERRY; LEVAY, SIMON - The Earth in Turmoil : Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Their Impact on Humankind
303746: SIEKMANN, JORG H. (ED.) - 8th International Conference on Automated Deduction (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 230)
423710: SIELMANN, HEINZ - My Year with the Woodpeckers
450085: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK; DREZMAL, MAX A. - In Desert and Wilderness
200787: SIERPINSKI, WACLAW - General Topology : Mathematical Expositions No. 7
233170: SIERRA, JUSTO - The Political Evolution of the Mexican People
077211: SIERRA, ENRIQUE - Tres Ensayos De Estabilizacion En Chile
294188: SIERRA, JAVIER - The Secret Supper
467148: SIERSEMA, DICK; ET AL - 'The Master of Ceremonies Has Let the Play Begin': (6): Jan Wiegers 1893-1959
236695: SIEVEKE, FRANZ GUNTER (ED.); GRIMMELSHAUSEN, HANS JACOB CHRISTOPH - Grimmelshausen: Des Durchleuchtigen Printzen Proximi Und Seiner Ohnvergleichlichen Lympidae Liebs-Geschicht-erzehlung
150220: SIEWIOREK, DANIEL P.; KOOPMAN, PHILIP J., JR. - The Architecture of Supercomputers : Titan Case Study
094511: SIFAKIS, J. (ED.) - Automatic Verification Methods for Finite State Systems: International Workshop, Grenoble, France, June 12-14, 1989 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 407)
242987: SIFIANOU, MARIA - Politeness Phenomena in England and Greece : A Cross-Cultural Perspective
304270: SIGAL, LEON V. - Nuclear Forces in Europe: Enduring Dilemmas, Present Prospects
298977: SIGAL, PHILLIP - Judaism: The Evolution of a Faith
467752: SIGALA, MARIA - "The Parishes Were Rid of Dry Thirst": Fountains in the Town of Rhodes
176312: SIGCHI (GROUP : U.S.);REDDY, MARTIN;SIGGRAPH;SIGGROUP (GROUP) - CVE 2000: September 10-12, 2000, San Francisco, CA Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Collaborative Virtual Environments
158836: SIGEL, IRVING E.; HOOPER, FRANK H. (EDS.) (INHELDER, BARBEL) - Logical Thinking in Children : Research Based on Piaget's Theory
144618: SIGERUS, EMIL; KIEWE, HEINZ EDGAR - Folk Cross-Stitch Design: 195 Enchanting Patterns in Colour with an Illustrated Introduction to Their Origin and the Role of the Mediaeval Saxon Colonists of Transylvania
192740: SIGFRIED, ANDRE - European Sociology: La France De L'ouest, Sous La Troisieme Republique
419604: SIGG, PABLO - Microhistorias Y Macromundos, Volume 2
258499: SIGLER, SCOTT - Nocturnal
169815: SIGNORET, J. P. ED. - Welfare and Husbandry of Calves : Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Vol. 19
239510: SIGNOS UNIVERSITARIOS (JOURNAL) - Signos Universitarios, Años XXIII, Número 40. 2004: Migraciones y Migrantes II
144131: SIGOURNEY, LH - Mary Rice and Other Tales
282173: SIGRIST, FLORE - Flore Sigrist: 1993-2005
439937: SIGURDSON, OLGA (ED.) - Culture and Health: A Wider Horizon
427309: SIGURDSON, J - Rural Industrialization in China (Harvard East Asian Monographs; 73)
271223: SIGURDSSON, HANNES (ED) - Andrew Rogers: Rhythms of life l-Vll
271224: SIGURDSSON, HANNES (ED) - Andrew Rogers : Rhythms of Life, l-Vll
271222: SIGURDSSON, HANNES (ED) - Andrew Rogers: Rhythms of Life, l-Vll
206687: SIH, G.C. (ED.); NISITANI, H. (ED.); ISHIHARA, T. (ED.) - Role of Fracture Mechanics in Modern Technology : Proceedings of the Internat. Conf. Fukuoka, Japan, 2-6 June, 1986
157335: SIHERA, ELAINE - Managing the Diversity Maze
076538: SIITERI, PENTTI (ED.) - Endocrine Reviews; Volume 8, Number 1, February 1987
471386: SIITONEN, ARTO - Problems of Aporetics
460136: SIK, ENDRE - The History of Black Africa: Volume I
175274: SIKDAR, SUDIP - Multiple-choice Questions in Basic Sciences for the MRCPsych, Part II
231674: SIKDAR, SUDIP - MCQs in Basic Sciences for the MRCPsych, Part II
230203: SIKRI, RAJIV - Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India`S Foreign Policy
470085: SILBER, JACQUES - Handbook on Income Inequality Measurement
263134: SILBER, JOHN - Straight Shooting: What's Wrong with America and How to Fix It
256466: SILBER, GUS - Madam & Eve's South African Survival Handbook With Mad & Eve Characters By S. Francis and Rico
021884: SILBER, IRWIN - Socialism: What Went Wrong?
431320: SILBERFELD, CAROLYN - UEL Early Childhood Studies Reader
418326: SILBERGELD, JEROME - Contradictions: Artistic Life, the Socialist State and the Chinese Painter Li Huasheng
101841: SILBERMAN, CHARLES E. - Crisis in Black and White
001545: SILBERMANN, R.M. - Cham: A Classification of Psychiatric States
190502: SILBERSTAIN, S. D.; LIPTON, R. B.; DALESSIO, D. J. - Wolff's Headache and Other Head Pain
101496: SILBERSTON, DOROTHY - Youth in a Technical Age - a Study of Day Release
468861: SILCOCK, ARNOLD - Introduction to Chinese Art and History
042950: SILCOCK, M. M. - The Challenge of Ageing
464580: SILER, JULIA FLYNN - Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America's First Imperial Adventure
464579: SILER, JULIA FLYNN - Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America's First Imperial Adventure
452356: SILJA, ANJA - Die Sehnsucht nach dem Unerreichbaren: Wege und Irrwege
269655: SILKIN, JON - Nature With Man
456103: SILKIN, JON - The Lens-Breakers
256820: SILKIN, JON - Poems New and Selected
436328: SILLARD, ROBERT M. - Barry Sullivan and His Contemporaries: A Historic Record, Volume I-II
200313: SILLER, CURTIS A. - Sonet/SDH : A Sourcebook of Synchronous Networking
454787: SILLIMAN, JAEL; KING, YNESTRA (EDS.) - Dangerous Intersections: Feminism, Population and Environment
170452: SILLITOE, ALAN F. - Britain in Figures : a Handbook of Social Statistics
306199: SILLITOE, ALAN - A Tree on Fire
436414: SILLITOE, ALAN - Somme
450455: SILLITOE, ALAN - The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
439062: SILLITOE, PAUL - Made in Niugini: Technology in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
441153: SILLITOE, ALAN - Storm
281375: SILONE, IGNAZIO - Emergency Exit
469758: SILVER, MITCHELL - A Plausible God: Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology
407514: SILVER, J. D.; PEACOCK, N. J. (EDS.) - The Physics of Highly Ionised Atoms
095163: SILVER, HAROLD - Good Schools, Effective Schools: Judgements and Their Histories
174023: SILVER, ROGER - Health Service Public Relations : A Guide to Good Practice
197668: SILVER, ARCHIE A.; HAGIN, ROSA A. - Disorders of Learning in Childhood
188563: SILVER, A. DAVID - Inside Raider
083198: SILVER, HAROLD - Education, Change and the Policy Process
170269: SILVER, MELVIN J.; SMITH, J. BRYAN; KOCSIS, JAMES J. (EDS.) - Prostaglandins in Hematology : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Prostaglandins in Hematology, Philadelphia, March 4-5, 1976 (Monographs of the Physiological Society of Philadelphia; 3)
443426: SILVER, ROLLO G. - Typefounding in America, 1787 - 1825
433584: SILVER, ROLLO G. - The American Printer, 1787 - 1825
108380: SILVER, ROGER - Health Service Public Relations: A Guide to Good Practice
082245: SILVER, ROGER (ED.) - Health Service Public Relations: A Guide to Good Practice
418972: SILVER, FREDERICK H. - Biomaterials, Medical Devices and Tissue Engineering: An Integrated Approach
144231: SILVERA, MIKE; KAPASI, RUKSHANA - Health Advocacy for Minority Ethnic Londoners : Putting Services on the Map?
305229: SILVERBERG, ROBERT (ED.) - Beyond Control: Seven Stories of Science Fiction
156263: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Challenge of Climate: Man and His Environment
449089: SILVERMAN, JERRY (ED.) - Folk Blues: One Hundred and Ten American Folk Blues Compiled, Edited, and Arranged for Voice, Piano, and Guitar with a Chart of Basic Guitar Chord Fingering Patterns and a Fill Bibliography and Discography
000333: SILVERMAN, HIRSCH LAZAAR (ED.) - Marital Therapy: Moral, Sociological and Psychological Factors
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031761: SMITH, HENRY - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on The Books of Samuel

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