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472981: RIPPLE, EZRA HOYT; SNELL, MARK A. (EDS.) - Dancing Along the Deadline: The Andersonville Memoir of a Prisoner of the Confederacy
411469: RIPPON, STEPHEN - Beyond the Medieval Village: The Diversification of Landscape Character in Southern Britain
152733: RIPPY, J. FRED - Latin America in World Politics : An Outline Survey
158439: RISCHBIETER, HENNING - Peter Weiss
162658: RISCHBIETER, HENNING - Brecht I (Band 13)
207900: RISHE, NAPHTALI - Database Design Fundamentals: A Structured Introduction to Databases and a Structured Application Design Methodology
290243: RISKA, EKIANNE; WEGAR, KATARINA (EDS.) - Gender, Work and Medicine: Women and the Medical Division of Labour (SAGE Studies in International Sociology; 44)
271384: RISSANEN, MATTI; KYTO, MERJA; HEIKKONEN, KIRSI (EDS.) - Grammaticalization at Work: Studies of Long-Term Developments in English (Topics in English Linguistics; 24)
270309: RISSANEN, MATTI; KYTO, MERJA; PALANDER-COLLIN, MINNA (EDS.) - Early English in the Computer Age: Explorations Through the Helsinki Corpus
268876: RISSANEN, MATTI (EDITOR), AND KYT, MERJA (EDITOR), AND HEIKKONEN, KIRSI (EDITOR) - English in Transition: Corpus-Based Studies in Linguistic Variation and Genre Styles (Topics in English Linguistics, 23)
446778: RIST, J. M. - Stoic Philosophy
231893: RIST, RAY C. (ED.) - Finding Work: Cross National Perspectives on Employment and Training
301263: RISTOW, GUNTER - The Nativity
250096: RITCHIE, M. - Women's Studies : A Checklist of Bibliographies
084447: RITCHIE, J M - Periods in German Literature
040649: RITCHIE, ANDREW CARNDUFF - Masters of British Painting 1800-1950
163078: RITCHIE, J. G. - Lawn Tennis, the Modern Game
168916: RITCHIE, GRAEME L. R. - Voltaire
186253: RITCHIE, ANNE - Records of Tennyson, Ruskin and Browning
182058: RITCHIE, J. M. (ED) - Periods in German Literature
182059: RITCHIE, J. M. (ED) - Periods in German Literature Volume II: Texts and Contexts
283812: RITCHIE, ADRIAN C. - Newspaper French: A Vocabulary of Administrative and Commerical Idiom
090468: RITCHIE, W. TAIT, A. WOOD, M. WRIGHT, R - Mapping for Field Scientists: A Problem Solving Approach
451060: RITCHIE, LAURA (ED.) - Four Turns of a Key: Metalwork By Elma Johnston McKay
301217: RITCHIE, A. D. - British Philosophers
020014: RITCHIE & MOORE - French Prose from Calvin to Anatole
458310: RITCHIE, CHARLES - Gemini G.E.L.: Recent Prints and Sculpture
209703: RITCHIN, FRED (ED.); NAGGAR, CAROLE (ED.) - Mexico Through Foreign Eyes / Visto Por Ojos Extranjeros, 1850-1990
218903: RITSCHARD, GILBERT - Contribution a L'analyse Des Structures Qualitatives Des Modeles economiques
182651: RITSCHER, HANS - Lessing. Nathan Der Weise. Grundslagen Und Gedanken Zum Verstandnis Klassisher Dramen
236965: RITSEMA, COEN J. - Flow and Transport in Water Repellent Sandy Soils
186192: RITSEMA, A. REINIER; GURPINAR, AYBARS - Seismicity and Seismic Risk in the Offshore North Sea Area: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Held at Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 1-4, 1982
236964: RITSEMA, COEN J. - Flow and Transport in Water Repellent Sandy Soils
000348: RITSON, BRUCE & HASSALL, CHRISTINE - The Management of Alcoholism
462543: RITTAUD-HUTINET, JACQUES - La Vision d'Un Futur Ledoux et Ses Theatres
462544: RITTAUD-HUTINET, JACQUES - La Vision d'Un Futur Ledoux et Ses Theatres
455759: RITTER, GERHARD A.; WENDE, PETER (EDS.) - Rivalitat Und Partnerschaft: Studien Zu Den Deutsch-Britischen Beziehungen Im 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert
450159: RITTER, DANIEL P. - The Iron Cage of Liberalism: International Politics and Unarmed Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa
165616: RITTER, JAMES M.; LEWIS, LIONEL D.; MANT, TIMOTHY G. - A Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology
450165: RITTER, DANIEL P. - The Iron Cage of Liberalism: International Politics and Unarmed Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa
272667: RITTER, SCOTT - Endgame: Solving the Iraq Problem - Once and for All
454128: RITTER, GERHARD A.; WENDE, PETER - Rivalitat und Partnerschaft: Studien zu den deutsch-britischen Beziehungen im 19. und 20 Jahrhundert
428698: RITTER, HEINZ - Der Unbekannte Novalis
454125: RITTER, GERHARD A. - Der Preis der deutschen Einheit: Die Wiedervereinigung und die Krise des Sozialstaats
461432: RITTER, ULRICH PETER - Vergleichende Volkswirtschaftslehre
165617: RITTER, JAMES M.; LEWIS, LIONEL D.; MANT, TIMOTHY G. - A Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology
454127: RITTER, GERHARD A.; WENDE, PETER - Rivalitat und Partnerschaft: Studien zu den deutsch-britischen Beziehungen im 19. und 20 Jahrhundert
461446: RITTER, ULRICH PETER - Vergleichende Volkswirtschaftslehre
469826: RITTER, GERHARD A. - Social Welfare in Germany and Britain: Origins and Development
454169: RITTER, GERHARD A. - German Refugee Historians and Friedrich Meinecke: Letters and Documents, 1910-1977
466481: RITTERBAND, OLLY - Kaddish: Mindebon Efter Min Far
292791: RITTERBUSH, PHILIP C. (ED.) - Technology as Institutionally Related to Human Values, The Prometheus Series on Contemporary Institutions, Second Serie, No. 3
182606: RITZER, MONIKA; THOMSEN, HARGEN - Hebbel Jahrbuch 63/2008
247454: RIVAILLE, LOUIS - Les Debuts De P. Corneille
439086: RIVAL, LAURA M.; WHITEHEAD, NEIL L. (EDS.) - Beyond the Visible and the Material: The Amerindianization of Society in the Work of Peter Riviere
253970: RIVAS, MANUEL - Vermeer's Milkmaid: And Other Stories
412518: RIVERA, JORGE E. - Business and Public Policy: Responses to Environmental and Social Protection Processes
263549: RIVERA, CHARLENE (ED.) - An Ethnographic-Sociolinguistic Approach to Language Assessment
419739: RIVERA, TANI - O Avesso Do Imaginario: Arte Contemporanea e Psicanalise
263512: RIVERA, CHARLENE (ED.) - Communicative Competence Approaches to Language Proficiency Assessment: Research and Application
263548: RIVERA, CHARLENE (ED.) - Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement
031620: RIVERS, JAMES; HARVEY, E. R. H. - Macdonald Medley
303623: RIVERS, CAROL - A Sister's Shame
201540: RIVERS, WILLIAM L.; PETERSON, THEODORE; JENSEN, JAY W. - The Mass Media and Modern Society
457919: RIVERSTONE - Nagarya Part 2: "The Lost Continent"
457918: RIVERSTONE - Nagarya Part 2: "The Lost Continent"
457917: RIVERSTONE - Nagarya Part 2: "The Lost Continent"
446709: RIVIERE, WILLIAM - Borneo Fire
466101: RIVIERE, JACQUES - The Ideal Reader: Selected Essays
161178: RIVLIN, GARY - Drive-By
421717: RIVLIN, RICHARD - Desert Capitalists: How Merchant Families and Private Equity Investors are Changing the Middle East
470074: RIVLIN, ALICE M.; TIMPANE, P. MICHAEL (EDS.) - Ethical and Legal Issues of Social Experimentation
196672: RIX, BRIAN - All About Us! The story of People with a Learning Disability and Mencap
459988: RIZVI, FAZAL - Ethnicity, Class and Multicultural Education (Sociology of the School)
202212: RIZZARDI, VICTOR A.;STRANAHAN, JUDY D.;FARR, GLORIA - Understanding Map: Manufacturing Automation Protocol
407447: RIZZI, ALFREDO (ED.) - Monte Carlo Studies on Robustness
463453: RIZZI, LUIGI (ED.) - The Structure of CP and IP: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 2
455776: RIZZI, GIONATA - Herculaneum: Understanding a Monument in Ruins
285738: RIZZO, SILVIA - Catalogo Del Codici Della Pro Cluentio Ciceroniana
453810: RIZZO, PATRICIA; ET AL - Endemoniados
469252: RIZZO, ILDE - The 'Hidden' Debt
303533: RIZZONI, GIANNI (ED.) - Pete Turner (I Grandi Fotografi)
462614: RIZZUTO, ANA-MARIA - Why Did Freud Reject God? A Psychodynamic Interpretation
111871: ROAB, LOUIS - Dictionary of Modern Business: Spanish-English; English-Spanish
146997: ROACH, ERIC - Belle Fanto (Caribbean Plays, Medium-Length Play 4)
439254: ROACH, G. F. (ED.) - Mathematics in Medicine and Biomechanics (Shiva Mathematics Series 7)
441601: ROACH, ROBERT C.; WAGNER, PETER D.; HACKETT, PETER H. (EDS.) - Hypoxia: Through the Lifecycle
436860: ROAF, CHRISTINA (ED.) - Collezione di Opere Inedite o Rare: Vol. 128: Bartolomeo Cavalcanti: Lettere Edite e Inedite
111035: ROAF, ROBERT - Spinal Deformities
436859: ROAF, CHRISTINA (ED.) - Collezione di Opere Inedite o Rare: Vol. 128: Bartolomeo Cavalcanti: Lettere Edite e Inedite
063579: ROAF, ROBERT; HODKINSON, LEONARD J. - The Paralysed Patient
052453: ROALF, PEGGY - Dancers (Looking at Paintings)
264133: ROARK, JAMES L. - Masters Without Slaves: Southern Planters in the Civil War and Reconstruction
074298: ROBARDS, MARTIN F. - Running a Team for Disabled Children and their Families
437393: ROBARDS, MARTIN F. - Running a Team for Disabled Children & Their Families
459386: ROBARDS, KAREN - Darkness
444695: ROBB, BOB - Elk Essentials
196648: ROBB, PRESTON - Epilepsy Updated : Causes and Treatment
455452: ROBB, BRIAN - 12 Adventures of the Celebrated Baron Munchausen: Selected and illustrated by Brian Robb
303068: ROBB BENNE, REBECCA; WHITCHER, ANNA - Smart English: A2, Part A, Units 1-6
303067: ROBB BENNE, REBECCA; WHITCHER, ANNA - Smart English: A2, Part A, Units 1-6
454995: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN - Last Year at Marienbad
419101: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN - The House of Assignation: A Novel
277522: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN - Topology of a Phantom City
295983: ROBBINS, K. G. (ED.) - History: The Journal of The Historical Association; Volume 71, Number 231, February 1986
412649: ROBBINS, MICHAEL W. (ED.) - IA: The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology: Volume 5, Number 1, 1979
163655: ROBBINS, JUDD - Mastering DOS 6.2 : Special Edition
213390: ; ROBBINS, LIONEL (FOREWORD) - The Economics of inflation: A Study of Currency Depreciation in Post-war Germany
173236: ROBBINS, JOY ED. - Caring for the Dying Patient and the Family
442818: ROBBINS, SARA (ED.) - Law: A Treasury of Art and Literature
418611: ROBBINS, K.A. (ED.) - History: The Journal of The Historical Association: Volume 65, Number 213, February 1980
462898: ROBBINS, KEITH - Sir Edward Grey: A Biography of Lord Grey of Fallodon
079072: ROBBINS, PETER - Guide to Non-Ferrous Metals and Their Markets
253423: ROBBINS, JEFFREY W.; MAGEE, NEAL (EDS.) (CAPUTO, JOHN D.; ZIZEK, SLAVOJ) - The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the United States
144106: ROBBINS, CHRISTOPHER - Health Promotion in North America, Implications for the UK
144107: ROBBINS, CHRISTOPHER - Health Promotion in North America, Implications for the UK
231361: ROBBINS, LAWRENCE D. - Management of Headache and Headache Medications
078545: ROBBINS, DIANA - Child Care Policy: Putting It in Writing - A Review of English Local Authorities Child Care Policy Statements
255850: ROBBINS, LIONEL - An Essay on the Nature & Significance of Economic Science
297176: ROBBINS, MICHAEL - George & Robert Stephenson
422037: ROBBINS, MICHAEL - The Railway Age
185141: ROBECK, MILDRED C.; WALLACE, RANDALL R. - The Psychology of Reading: An Interdisciplinary Approach
211079: ROBERGE, GASTON - Communication, Cinema, Development: From Morosity to Hope
Am406: ROBERT A. BOWIE - Dignity and Human Rights Education: Exploring Ultimate Worth in a Post-Secular World (Religion, Education and Values)
Am630: ROBERT R. EDWARDS - Invention and Authorship in Medieval England (Interventions: New Studies Medieval Cult)
Am651: ROBERT D. AGUIRRE - Mobility and Modernity: Panama in the Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Imagination
Am455: ROBERT CRAIG; INA LINGE - Biological Discourses: The Language of Science and Literature Around 1900 (Cultural History & Literary Imagination)
470570: ROBERT-BLUNN, JOHN; NUTTALL, JEFF - Bohuslav Barlow: Visual Alchemy
166823: ROBERT A. CARROLL - The Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment of Irish Middle Managers
170569: ROBERT CANZONERI - Barbed Wire and Other Stories
262240: ROBERT, MARTHE - The Psychoanalytic Revolution: Sigmund Freud's Life and Achievement
440666: ROBERT, LUCIE - Cadenza Pour Saxophone et Piano
064412: ROBERTET, G. - L'oeuvre De A. De Lamartine. Extraits
161015a: ROBERTO, V. (ED.) - Intelligent Perceptual Systems: New Directions in Computational Perception (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 745)
236402: ROBERTO, FEDERICO DE - La Sorte
006440: ROBERTS, PETER - Theatre in Britian: a Playgoer's Guide
024427: ROBERTS, CECIL - And So to America
093247: ROBERTS, PAUL WILLIAM - The Demonic Comedy: The Baghdad of Saddam Hussein
471854: ROBERTS, DAVID - The Plan of the Town of Cambridge as it Ought to be Reformed
472435: ROBERTS, ANTHONY - Sowers of Thunder: Giants in Myth and History
468073: ROBERTS, MATTHEW - Political Movements in Urban England, 1832-1914 (British History in Perspective)
196703: ROBERTS, B.C. - Labour in the Tropical Territories of the Commonwealth
293982: ROBERTS, JENNY - Making Sense of English in Psychology
412872: ROBERTS, ANTHONY DAVID - The Role of Metalinguistic Awareness in the Effective Teaching of Foreign Languages (Rethinking Education, Volume 10)
237347: ROBERTS, DAVID - The Ba'th and the Creation of Modern Syria
255576: ROBERTS, SALLY - Turning Away: Collected Poems, 1952-1968
438896: ROBERTS, B. C. - Trade Unions in a Free Society
074219: ROBERTS, YVONNE - Mad About Women: Can There Ever Be Fair Play Between the Sexes?
435923: ROBERTS, JEFF; PINES, MALCOLM (EDS.) - The Practice of Group Analysis
243164: ROBERTS, MICHELE - The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene
472107: ROBERTS-GOODSON, BRUCE - Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding
436028: ROBERTS, RUTH - Trollope: Artist and Moralist
185457: ROBERTS, WESS - Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun
152742: ROBERTS, DAVID - Art and Enlightenment : Aesthetic Theory after Adorno
222821: ROBERTS, H.A. - A Treatise on Elementary dynamics, dealing with Relative Motion Mainly in Two Dimensions
140931: ROBERTS, HELEN - Doing Feminist Research
140932: ROBERTS, HELEN - Doing Feminist Research
031488: ROBERTS, D. FRANCIS - Hagai a Secharia
038491: ROBERTS, B. C. (ED.) - Industrial Relations: Contemporary Problems and Perspectives
149522: ROBERTS, SHIRLEY - Sophia Jex-Blake : A Woman Pioneer in Nineteenth-Century Medical Reform
424075: ROBERTS, B.C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXIV, Number 3, November 1986
187692: ROBERTS, I; LISS, P; SAUNDERS, P - Power Generation and the Environment
441288: ROBERTS, ROBERT C. - Rudolf Bultmann's Theology: A Critical Interpretation
255980: ROBERTS, J. M; HOLMES, G. A; MACINTYRE, A. D (EDS.) - The English Historical Review (Volume XCIII, 1978)
257724: ROBERTS, STEVAN; FEIT, MICHELLE; BLY, ROBERT W. - Internet Direct Mail: The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
101743: ROBERTS, D. F. & HARRISON, G. A. - Natural Selection in Human Populations (Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology Volume II)
087802: ROBERTS, GEOFFREY R. - Reading in Primary School (Students Library of Education)
096159: ROBERTS, N.; CLARKE, D. - CRUS, Occasional Paper No. 17 (British Library R & D Report 5960): Information Analysis and Acquisition: Case Studies of Manufacturing Firms
035457: ROBERTS, HELEN - Women's Health Matters
461027: ROBERTS, JULIAN - German Philosophy: An Introduction
035071: ROBERTS, D. FRANCIS - Changing Patterns of Conception and Fertility, Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium on the Eugenics Society London 1979
472619: ROBERTS, JANE; PEDRETTI, CARLO; CLARK, KENNETH - Leonardo da Vinci: The Codex Hammer, Formerly The Codex Leicester & Nature Studies from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle
187608: ROBERTS, J.M. - Civilization: Journey to the Modern World
179535: ROBERTS, CYNTHIA; ROBERTS, DENIS - Europe - First Continent of Lasting Peace
293305: ROBERTS, W.; WARD, HUMPHRY - Romney: A Biographical and Critical Essay with a Catalogue Raisonne of His Works, Volumes I and II
074252: ROBERTS, YVONNE - Mad about Women
460631: ROBERTS, RICHARD H. - Religion, Theology and the Human Sciences
471173: ROBERTS, WARREN; BOULTON, JAMES T.; MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH (EDS.) - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence: Volume IV: 1921-24
473982: ROBERTS, HAYDEN - Mother Mountain
447300: ROBERTS, JOHN - Bill Woodrow: Fools' Gold
185147: ROBERTS, J. A.; PEMBREY, M. E. - An Introduction to Medical Genetics
189944: ROBERTS, SIMON; PALMER, MICHAEL; PALMER, DAVID - Dispute Processes : ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision Making
188158: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - The Estate of Man
186813: ROBERTS, MICH»LE - Impossible Saints
245560: ROBERTS, ADAM - Splinter : A Voyages Extraordinaire
446714: ROBERTS, MICHELE - Fair Exchange
304850: ROBERTS, FREDERICK T. - The Harveian Oration: Delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London on June 21st, 1905
109733: ROBERTS, BECHHOFFER - Bread and Butter
078216: ROBERTS, B. C. - Roberts Biochemistry of Dementia
186942: ROBERTS, T.A. - The Concept of Benevolence: Aspects of Eighteenth-Century Moral Philosophy
468002: ROBERTS, MICHAEL (ED.) - Michael Roberts' The Faber Book of Modern Verse
193562: ROBERTS, JOHN A. - Bill Woodrow : Fools' Gold
059981: ROBERTS, G. G.; MORANT, M. J. (ED.) - Insulating Films on Semiconductors, 1979: Invited and Contributed Papers from the Conference on Insulating Films on Semiconductors (INFOS 79) Held at the University of Durham, 2-4 July 1979
470313: ROBERTS, DAVID R. - Executive Compensation
096158: ROBERTS, N.; CLIFFORD, B. - CRUS, Occasional Paper No. 13: Regional Variations in the Demand and Supply of Business Information: A Study of Manufacturing Firms
425153: ROBERTS, AUDREY; THOMPSON, IRENE (EDS.) - The Road Retaken: Women Reenter the Academy
424076: ROBERTS, B.C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXV, Number 2, July 1987
424077: ROBERTS, B.C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXVI, Number 1, March 1988
243163: ROBERTS, MICHELE - The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene
059092: ROBERTS, R.G. - The Structure of the Proton: Deep Inelastic Scattering
424074: ROBERTS, B.C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXIV, Number 1, March 1986
421638: ROBERTS, GEOFFREY K. - Party Politics in the New Germany
106690: ROBERTS, PAT - Living Images : Styling Yourself for Success
305905: ROBERTS, M.W.; THOMAS, J.M. - Surface and Defect Properties of Solids: Volume 6
458246: ROBERTS, PAUL - The Ancient Romans: Their Lives and Their World
190082: ROBERTS, NEIL - The Changing Global Environment
473313: ROBERTS, E. - The County of Anglesey: Soils and Agriculture
186111: ROBERTS, MARGARET - Stephanie's Children
263184: ROBERTS, SAM - Who We Are: A Portrait of America Based on the Latest U.S. Census
423957: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; March 1985, Volume XXIII, Number 1
099838: ROBERTS, J. A.; PEMBREY, M. E. - An Introduction to Medical Genetics
200515: ROBERTS, R.S - Fit to Govern: The Native Intelligence of Thabo Mbeki
417881: ROBERTS, L.E.J. (ED.) - MTP International Review of Science: Solid State Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry, Series One, Volume 10
029855: ROBERTS, JOHN MORRIS - Revolution and Improvement: The Western World, 1775-1847
234714: ROBERTS, K.; JOHNSTON, A.W.B.; LLOYD, C.W.; SHAW, P.; WOOLHOUSE, H.W. (ED.) - The Cell Surface in Plant Growth and Development: Proceedings of the Sixth John Innes Symposium, Norwich 1984 (Journal of Cell Science, 1985)
424073: ROBERTS, B.C.; RICHARDSON, RAY (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXIII, Number 3, November 1985
428339: ROBERTS, MARK - Northern Air: A Prose-Poem Novel
032654: ROBERTS, HARRY - English Gardens (Britain in Pictures)
420887: ROBERTS, ADAM - Nations in Arms: The Theory & Practice of Territorial Defence
070149: ROBERTS, HENRY L. (MCCLOY, JOHN J.) - Russia and America: Dangers and Prospects
085028: ROBERTS, D. F. (EDITOR); BITTLES, A. H. (EDITOR) - Minority Populations : Genetics, Demography, & Health
431688: ROBERTS, S. C. - Essays and Studies By Members of the English Association, Volume XXIII
438649: ROBERTS, JOHN R. (ED.) - Essential Articles for the Study of John Donne's Poetry
256769: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - Fighters and Flowers
060463: ROBERTS, CAROLYN - Taking Responsibility: Promoting Sustainable Practice Through Higher Education Curricula: Sport, Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism (Environmental Agenda S.)
016064: ROBERTS, ROBERT - The Classic Slum: Salford Life in the First Quarter of the Century
277771: ROBERTS, ALAN - The Self-Managing Environment
442220: ROBERTS, H.D. - Hope Street Church, Liverpool, and the Allied Nonconformity
458445: ROBERTS, PRUDENCE F.; BOYDEN, IAN H. (EDS.) - Frank Boyden: Prints and Books
423964: ROBERTS, B. C.; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; March 1989, Volume XXVII, Number 1
423963: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; November 1988, Volume XXVI, Number 3
423962: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; July 1988, Volume XXVI, Number 2
198084: ROBERTS, STEPHEN; HILL, STEPHEN A. - Cost Management for Library and Information Services
196956: ROBERTS, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Faber Book of Comic Verse
423435: ROBERTS, RICHARD B. (ED.) - Microsomal Particles and Protein Synthesis
438414: ROBERTS, NORMAN H. - Mathematical Methods in Reliability Engineering
109692: ROBERTS, DENYS KILHAM (ED.) - Penguin Parade : New Stories, Poems, Etc., by Contemporary Writers
443802: ROBERTS, GARETH - Doctor Who: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams: Shada
423960: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; March 1987, Volume XXV, Number 1
423959: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; July 1986, Volume XXIV, Number 2
263975: ROBERTS, J.M. - The Triumph of the West
291363: ROBERTS, CECIL - Eight for Eternity
460996: ROBERTS, BRYAN R. - Organizing Strangers: Poor Families in Guatemala City
240834: ROBERTS, B.C. - Reluctant Militants: a Study of Industrial Technicians
248551: ROBERTS, GORDON W.; LU, ALBERT K. - Analog Signal Generation for Built-in-Self-Test of Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
099153: ROBERTS, J. V. - Houldsworth's Cheetham's Psalmody with Supplement
460140: ROBERTS, HARRY - British Rebels and Reformers
262409: ROBERTS, ANDREW - Eminent Churchillians
423961: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; November 1987, Volume XXV, Number 3
423958: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; July 1985, Volume XXIII, Number 2
423956: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; July 1984, Volume XXII, Number 2
423955: ROBERTS, B. C.; RICHARDSON, RAY (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations; March 1984, Volume XXII, Number 1
277848: ROBERTS, MICHELE - Paper Houses: A Memoir of the '70s and Beyond
187466: ROBERTS, PETER - Better Cycling
411098: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Mirror of Alchemy
268696: ROBERTS, DAVID - Hidden Magdalen
424079: ROBERTS, B.C.; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXVII, Number 3, November 1989
093168: ROBERTS, GEOFFREY K. - Superwahljahr : The German Elections in 1994
093180: ROBERTS, BRAD (EDITOR) - The New Democracies : Global Change & U. S. Policy
424078: ROBERTS, B.C.; METCALF, DAVID (EDS.) - British Journal of Industrial Relations: Volume XXVII, Number 2, July 1989
437545: ROBERTS, DAVID; THOMSON, PHILIP (EDS.) - The Modern German Historical Novel: Paradigms, Problems, Perspectives (Berg European Studies Series)
465185: ROBERTS, SIMON - Landscapes of Innocence & Experience
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281248: ROSEBERRY'S - Quarterly Fine Art Auction
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009214: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN E. - Winter Blues : Seasonal Affective Disorder: What It Is and How to Overcome It

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