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7952: [MCDONOGH (FELIX)]: - The Wandering Hermit, By the Author of The Hermit in London.
8198: [MEARS (JOHN)]: - A Short Explanation of the End and Design of the Lord's Supper; With suitable Meditations and Prayers, and a Preface, Recommending a Due Attendance on that Sacews Institution; To which is added A Postscript Concerning Self-Examination, with a few Forms of Prayer for the Use of those who need or desire such Helps.
6662: MEIKLE (JAMES): - Metaphysical Maxims: Or, Thoughts on the Nature of the Soul, Free Will, and the Divine Prescience.
3503: MELMOTH (WILLIAM): - The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered; To which are added some Morning and Evening Prayers. A New Edition, With a Memoir of the Author Prefixed, and Four Appendices: I. Miscellaneous Notes. II. Remarkable Persons buried in the Cloister under Lincoln's Inn Chapel. III. Short Notices of Prelates and Eminent Divines who have been Preachers to the Society of Lincoln's Inn. IV. Sermons preached at the Warburtonian Lecture in Lincoln's Inn Chapel which have been printed. By Charles Purton Cooper.
8421: MELVILLE (GEORGE JOHN WHYTE-): - Uncle John. A Novel. New Edition.
8713: MERULA ((GIORGIO): - Enarrationes vocum priscarum in libris de re rustica per Georgium [Merulam] Alexandrinum. Philippi Beroaldi in libros XIII Columellae annotationes. Aldus de Dierum generibus, simulque de umbris et horis, quae apud Palladium.
7352: METCALF (JOHN): - The Life of John Metcalf; commonly called Black Jack of Knaresbrough; with many entertaining anecdotes of His Exploits in Hunting, Card Play, &c. some particulars relative to the Expedition against the Rebels, in 1745, In which he bare a Personal Share; and also, a succinct account of his various contracts of Making Roads, Erecting ridges, and Other Undertakings. In Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and Cheshire. Which, for a series of years have brought him into a most Extraordinary Characters. The Fifth Edition, with considerable Additions and Amendments.
6286: METHOLD (WILLIAM) [PURCHAS (SAMUEL)]: - Naauw-keurige Aanteekeningen van William Methold President van de Engelsse Maatschappy, Gehouden op sijn Voyagie, in het Jaar 1619. Aangaande de Koningrijken van Golconda, Tanassary, Pegu Arecan en meer andere Landen, geleegen langs de Kust van den Zee-boesen van Bengale; als mede den Koophamdel, die door de Engelsse in die Land-streeken gedreeven word. Beneffens den Gods-dienst, Aart, Zeden en Gewoontens omtrent de Stammen deser Volkeren, Huwelijken, Verbranding der Vrouwen met hare Mannen; ook op wat wijse de Diamanten uyt des selfs Mijn aldaar gehaalt worden, door den Schrijver selfs ondersogt en besien; Van hem in het Engels beschreeven, en nu alder-eerst uyt die spraak vertaalt. Met Noodig Register en Konst-Printen verrijkt.
3238: MIDDLETON (CONYERS): - Dr. Middleton's Introductory Discourse to a Larger Work, Designed hereafter to be Published, concerning the Miraculous Powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church, from the earliest Ages, through several successive Centuries...With a Postscript, containing Some Remarks on an Archidiaconal Charge, delivered the last Summer by the Reverend Dr. Chapman, to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury. The Second Edition.
7644: MIDDLETON (CONYERS): - The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. The Fourth Edition.
5836: MILL (JAMES): - Elements of Political Economy. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected.
3875: MILL (JOHN STUART): - An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions discussed in his Writings. Fourth Edition.
3839: MILL (JOHN STUART): - Inaugural Address delivered to the University of St. Andrews Feb. 1st 1867. People's Edition.
8508: MILLAR (JOHN): - Observations concerning the Distinction of Ranks in Society. Under the following heads: I. Of the Rank and Condition of Women in different Ages. II. Of the Jurisdiction and Authority of a Father over his Children. III. Of the Author of a Chief over the members of a Tribe or Village. IV. Of the Power of a Sovereign over an extensive Society. Of the Authority of a Master over his Servants. The Second Edition, greatly enlarged.
7164: MILTON (JOHN). GILLIES (JOHN), EDITOR: - Milton's Paradise Lost Illustrated with Texts of Scripture by John Gillies, D. D. The Second Edition, with Additions.
8325: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Lost A Poem in Twelve Books. With a Biographical and Critical Account of the Author and his Writings.
5110: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The Seventh Edition, With Notes of various Authors, By Thomas Newton, D. D.
3496: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Lost. A Poem. In Twelve Books. The Eighth Edition, With notes of various Authors, By Thomas Newton. [AND] Paradise Regained. A Poem in Four Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes: And Poems upon Several Occasions. A New Edition, With Notes of various Authors, By Thomas Newton.
5109: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Regain'd. A Poem in Four Books. To which is added Samson Agonistes: And Poems upon Several Occasions. A New Edition. With Notes of various Authors, By Thomas Newton, D. D.
5737: MILTON (JOHN). ADDISON (JOSEPH): - Notes upon the Twelve Books of Paradise Lost. Collected from the Spectators. Written by Mr. Addison. To which is prefixed A Critical and Biographical Account of the Author and his Writings.
2261: MILTON (JOHN). [NEVE (PHILIP)]: - Cursory Remarks on some of the Ancient English Poets, Particularly Milton.
5074: MILTON (JOHN). SYMMONS (CHARLES): - The Life of John Milton. Third Edition.
6193: MILTON (JOHN). [TOLAND (JOHN)]: - The Life of John Milton, Containing, besides the History of his Works, Several Extraordinary Characters of Men and Books, Sects, Parties, and Opinions.
8871: MILTON (JOHN): - The Poetical Works of John Milton, With Notes of Various Authors. To which are added Illustrations. And some Account of The Life and Writings of Milton, by the Rev. Henry J. Todd.... The Second Edition, with Considerable Additions, and with a Verbal Index to the Whole of Milton's Poetry. In Seven Volumes.
8670: MINIATURE. PSALMS. - The Book of Psalms.
8501: MINIATURE. [MAUNDER (SAMUEL)]: - The Little Linguist; or, a Complete Guide to English Philology: comprising a Grammar in Miniature, with all the rules of syntax; verbal distinctions, &c. and Numerous English Examples. The Whole Designed to Promote a habit of Perspicuity in Speaking and Writing the Language.
8567: MINIATURE. [FORSTER (BENJAMIN MEGGOT)]: - Botanical Illustrations of the Twenty-Four Classes in the Linnaean System of Vegetables, By Select Specimens of English Plants.
7702: MINIATURE. - Les Delices des Champs Etrenes Chantantes Pour l'An 1810.
8502: MINIATURE. [MAUNDER (SAMUEL)]: - The Little Classic, and Chronological Companion. Being a Guide to the Study of Mythology, Ancient History, and Ancient Geography; With the Lading Events of General History, alhabetically arranged. To which is added, The Miniature Law Dictionary. The whole extracted from Maunder's treasure of Knowledge. Sold by all Booksellers.
8632: MINIATURE. JOHN. NEW TESTAMENT. - The Epistles General of St. John.
7608: MINIATURE. BRYCE (JOHN), PRINTER - The Smallest English Dictionary in the World. Comprising, besides the ordinary and newest words in the language short explanations of a large number of scientific, philosophical, literary and technical terms.
8472: MINIATURE. HISTORY OF ENGLAND - Miniature History of England.
8089: MINIATURE. - Les Fleurettes.
5697: MINOR POETS. - The Works of the most celebrated Minor Poets. Namely, Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon; Charles, Earl of Dorset; Charles, Earl of Halifax; Sir Samuel Garth; George Stepney, Esq; William Walsh, Esq; Thomas Tickell, Esq. Never before collected and publish'd together.
4448: MIRABEAU (HONORÉ GABRIEL DE RIQUETTI, COMTE DE): - The Secret History of the Court of Berlin; or, The Character of the Present King of Prussia, his Ministers, Mistresses, Generals, Courtiers, Favourites, and The Royal Family of Prussia. With numerous Anecdotes of the Potentates of Europe.... In a Series of Letters, translated from the French; a Posthumous Work. To which is added, A Memorial, presented to the present King of Prussia, on the day of his Accession to the Throne.
1407: MIRABEAU (VICTOR DE RIQUETTI), MARQUIS: - L'Ami des Hommes, ou Traite de la Population. Troisieme Edition.
6020: MISCELLANIES. - Miscellanies Historical and Philological: Being a Curious Collection of Private Paper Found in the Study of a Noble-Man, Lately Deceas'd.
5781: MOLIERE (JEAN BAPTISTE): - Oeuvres de Moliere, avec des Remarques Grammaticales, des Avertissemens et des Observations sur chaque Piece. Par M. Bret.
6434: MONBODDO (JAMES BURNETT), LORD: - Of the Origin and Progress of Language. Second Edition [volumes 1 and 3]. With large Additions and Corrections. To which are annexed, Three Dissertations, Viz. 1. Of the Formation of the Greek Language. 2. Of the Sound of the Greek Language. 3. Of the Composition of the Ancients; and particularly of that of Demosthenes [volume 2 only].
7831: MONDEJAR (GASPAR IBÁÑEZ DE SEGOVIA; PUBLICADAS POR GREGORIO MAYANS Y SISCAR, MARQUES DE): - Obras Chronologicas de Don Gaspar Ibanez de Segovia Per alta I Mendoza, Cavallero de la Orden de Alcantara, Marques de Mondejar, de Valhermoso, i de Agropoli, Conde de Tendilla, Alcaide que sue de la Alhambra, i Capitan General de la Ciudad, de Granada, &c. Las Publica de Orden, i a Expensas de la Academia Valenciana....
7707: MONIER (PIERRE): - The History of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Graving, And Of those who have Excell'd in them: In Three Books. Containing their Rise, Progress, Decay, and Revival; With an Account of the most considerable Productions of the best Artists in all Ages: And how to distinguish the true and regular Performances, from those that are otherwise.
6804: MONTAGU (MARY WORTLEY), LADY: - The Poetical Works Of the Right Honourable Lady M--y W-----y M-------e.
6313: [MONTELEONE (ISIDORO CASADO DE AVEZEDA DE ROSALES). - Remarks upon Mr. S--------y C------s's letter to the Marquis of Monteleone, &c.
2837: MONTESQUIEU (CHARLES LOUIS DE SECONDAT), BARONE DE LA BRÈDE: - Oeuvres de...Montesquieu, Nouvelle Edition, revue, corrigée, & considérablement augmentée par l'auteur.
7008: [MONTESQUIEU (CHARLES-LOUIS DE SECONDAT]: - De l'Esprit des Loix. Nouvelle Edition, Avec les dernieres Corrections & Illustrations de l'Auteur.
4941: MONTGAILLARD (JEAN GABRIEL MAURICE ROCQUES DE), COMTE: - Mémoire Concernant la Trahison de Pichegru, dans les Années 3,4 et 5 Rédigé en l'an 6 par M. R. de Montgaillard, Et dont l'Original se trouve aux Archives du Gouvernement
7036: [MOORE (JOHN)]. - A Treatise on Domestic Pigeons; Comprehending all the different species known in England; describing the Perfections and Imperfections of each, agreeable to the Improvement and great Perfection they are at this Time arrived at; together with the Method of Building and Furnishing a Lost, Area, Trap, &c. The Method of Breeding the most curious and valuable Sorts, as practised by the best Fanciers. The Generation of Pigeons in general, with a Philosophical Description and Progress of the Egg. With Observations and Remarks on their Diet. The Distempers they are chiefly subject to, and the Method of Curing them as practised with Success. The fraudulent Methods used in the Sale of bad Pigeons, clearly and fully demonstrated, &c. &c. &c. Carefully compiled from the best authors. To which is added, a most ample description of that celebrated and beautiful Pigeon called The Almond Tumbler. The whole calculated, as well for the Use of those Gentlemen who are Fanciers, as those who are utterly unacquainted with their Perfections and Properties, which are here set forth in the clearest Manner. Illustrated with a frontispiece, and cuts elegantly and accurately engraved from Life by the most able and eminent Artists, under the immediate Inspection of very experienced Fanciers
6896: MOORE (ARTHUR WILLIAM): - Manx Ballads and Music. With a Preface by the Rev. T. E. Brown
4287: MOORE (EDWARD): - Fables for the Female Sex. The Fourth Edition.
3187: [MOORE (JOHN)]: - Zeluco. Various View of Human Nature, taken From Life and Manners, Foreign and Domestic.
8536: MOORE (EDWARD): - Solomon. A Serenata. Taken from the Canticles. The Music composed by Doctor Boyce. The Words, by Mr. Moore.
8653: MORE (HANNAH): - Remarks on the Present Mode of Educating Females; Being a Copious Abridgement of Miss Hannah More's Strictures on Female Education.
3600: [MORE (HANNAH)]: - Coelebs in Search of a Wife. Comprehending Observations on Domestic Habits and Manners, Religion and Morals. The Seventh Edition.
7333: MOREHEAD (ROBERT): - A Series of Discourses on the Principles of Religious Belief, as connected with Human Happiness and Improvement. Third Edition [volume 1].
4475: MORGAN (NATHANIEL): - Grammaticae Quaestiones: Or a Grammatical Examination, By Question only; For the Use of Schools; particularly those Where the Eton Grammar is taught. Humbly offered to the Public, as the most effectual Way of laying a solid classical Foundation; and obviating the many Inconveniences arising from a superficial Knowledge of the Grammar. Fifth Edition, with Improvements.
3188: MORGAN (SIR THOMAS CHARLES): - Sketches of the Philosophy of Morals.
3937: MORGAN (THOMAS): - A Collection of Tracts, Relating to The Right of Private Judgment, the Sufficiency of Scripture, and the Terms of Church-Communion; upon Christian Principles: Occasion'd by the late Trinitarian Controversy. And now revised and published all together; With a Preface: By the Author.
4549: MORLAND (GEORGE). DAWE (GEORGE): - The Life of George Morland, with Remarks on his Works.
8731: [MORRIS (CORBYN)]: - An Essay Towards Fixing the True Standards of Wit, Humour, Raillery, Satire, and Ridicule. To which is Added, an Analysis Of the Characters of An Humourist, Sir John Falstaff, Sir Roger De Coverly, and Don Quixote. Inscribed to the Right Honorable Robert Earl of Orford. By the Author of a Letter from a By-Stander.
4988: MORRIS (ROBERT): - A Letter to Sir Richard Aston, Knt. One of the Judges of his Majesty's Court of King's Bench, and late Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland; Containing a Reply to his scandalous Abuse, and some Thoughts on the Modern Doctrine of Libels. The Fourth Edition.
8615: MOSCHELES (FELIX). [COLERIDGE (ARTHUR DUKE)], TRANSLATOR: - Life of Moscheles, with selections from His Diaries and Correspondence. By his Wife. Adapted from the Original German by A. D. Coledridge.
9001: MOSTYN-OWEN (DAVID): - Poems.
7860: MOTHER. - A Mother's Portrait: Sketched soon after her Decease, for the Study of her Children, by their Surviving Parent.
7601: MOTHERWELL (WILLIAM): - Poems Narrative and Lyrical.
3941: MOTLEY (JOHN LOTHROP): - The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History.
4571: MOTLEY (JOHN LOTHROP): - The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History. New Edition in Three Volumes.
7252: [MOTTLEY (JOHN), COMPILER]: - Joe Miller's Jests: Or, the Wits Vade-Mecum. Being a Collection of the most Brilliant Jests; the Politest Repartees; the most Elegant Bons Mots, and most pleasant short Stories in the English Language....
8684: MOXON (ELIZABETH): - English Housewifery, Exemplified in Above Four Hundred and Fifty Receipts, giving directions in most parts of Cookery; And how to prepare various Sorts of Soops [sic], Made Dishes, Pates, Pickles, Cakes, Creams, Jellies, Made Wines, &c. &c. &c..... With an Appendix, Containing upwards of Eighty Receipts, of the most valuable kind (many never be fore printed).... The Thirteenth Edition, Corrected.
6496: MOZART. JAHN (OTTO): - Life of Mozart. Translated from the German by Pauline D. Townsend. With a Preface by George Grove.
6026: MOZART (LEOPOLD): - [Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule] Leopold Mozarts Hochfürstl. Salzburgisch Vice-Kapellmeisters grünliche Violinschule, mit vier Kupfertaflen und einer Tabelle. Vierte vermehrte Auflage.
3335: MOZART. NOHL (LUDWIG): - The Life of Mozart Translated from the German Work of Dr Ludwig Nohl. By Lady Wallace.
6028: MOZART (WOLFGANG AMADEUS): - The Letters of Mozart & His Family. Chronologically Arranged, Translated and Edited with an Introduction, Notes and Indices by Emily Anderson. With Extracts from the letters of Constanze Mozart to Johann Anton André translated and edited by C. B. Oldman.
8428: [MULOCK (DINAH MARIA) LATER MRS. CRAIK]: - A Woman's Thoughts about Women. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," &c. &c.
8777: MURRAY (THOMAS): - The Literary History of Galloway. Second Edition.
7100: MURRAY (LINDLEY): - Abridgment of Murray's English Grammar. With an Appendix, containing exercises In Orthography, In Parsing, In Syntax, And in Punctuation. Designed for the Younger Classes of learner. The Twentieth Edition, Corrected.
7415: MUSIC MANUSCRIPT. [GAIL (SOPHIA)]: - A rectangular volume of 55 leaves of manuscript music of songs, with lyrics in French, on recto and verso, in the same hand throughout, measuring 220 x 140 mms., with a blank leaf before the first leaf of music, and another blank leaf at the end, with two leaves (one folded) of verse in English (one dated 1840) of in rectangular format, with neatly drawn and coloured ownership label on front paste-down endpaper, and another coloured drawing on rear end-paper, attractively bound in green morocco, with lyre in gilt on both covers and gilt roll borders, all edges gilt.
8594: MUSIC TRIO. - Concert Spirituel
6079: MUSICAL MAGAZINE. BENNETT (THOMAS), PUBLISHER: - The Musical Magazine, or Compleat Pocket Companion For the Year 1767. Consisting of Songs and Airs for the German Flute, Violin, Guittar and Harpsichord. By the Most Eminent Hands. Volume I [II].
6960: NANNINI - FLORENTIO (REMIGIO): - Orationi Militari. Raccolte per M. Remigio, Fiorentino, da tutti gli Hhistorici Greci e Latini, antichi e moderni. Con gli argomenti, che dichiarano l'occasioni, per le quali elle furono fatte. Con gli effetti, in questa seconda edizione, che elle fecero ne gli animi di coloro, che l'ascoltarono, dove sommariamente si toccano l'Historie di tutti i tempi. Con l'Aggiunta de moltic Historici, et Oration, non impresse nella prima. Dal medesimo Autore diligentemente corrette. Com Prvilegio.
8050: NARDI (FRANCESCO) [RUSSEL (JOHN)], LORD: - Scritti a Difesa Della Santa Sede de Monsignor Francesco Nardi, Prelato Domestico di sua Santita Uditore di S. Rosta e Consultore della S. C. di Propaganda.
8804: NARES (ROBERT): - Elements of Orthoepy: Containing a Distinct View of the Whole Analogy of the English Language; so far as it relates to Pronunciation, Accent, and Quantity.
7975: [NEALE (JAMES)], CURATE OF RAUNDS. - Religious Correspondence: Or, Letters addressed to a Lady of Distinction, on Conversion to God, &c. Wherein some particulars of the Israelites in Egypt, and their travel through the wilderness to the promised land, are spiritualized , and applied to the Christian's travail during his pilgrimage towards with heavenly world: with Some Notice of the History of the Bible; Communications on other Useful Topics; Two Letters on the Subjects and Mode of Christian Baptism; and Brief Memoirs of the Author's life. By the Curate of Raunds.
2846: NELSON (ROBERT): - An Address to Persons of Quality and Estate. To which is added, an Appendix Of some Original and Valuable Papers.
6982: NEO-LATIN POETRY. [FLAMINIO (MARCANTONIO)]: - Carmina Qvinqve Illvstrivm Poetarvm; Quorum nomina in sequenti pagina continentur. Additis Nonnvllis M. Antonii Flaminii libellus nunquam antea impressis.
8004: NEWTON (RICHARD); - University Education: Or, An Explication and Amendment of the Statute Which, Under a Penalty Insufficient and Eluded, prohibits the Admission of Scholars coming from One Society to Another without the Leave of their respective Government, or of their Chancellor, Humbly Propos'd to the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford, as a Means Necessary to the Good Education of Youth in the said University: On Occasion Of the late irregular Admission of William Seaman, Commoner of Hart-Hall, into Oriel College.
5425: NEWTON (THOMAS): - Dissertations on the Prophecies, Which have remarkably been fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling in the world. The Eleventh Edition.
8960: NIBBY (ANTONIO): - Del Foro Romano Della via Sacra dell'Anfiteatro Flavio e de' Luoghi Adjacenti Opera di Antonio Nibby Membro Ordinaria dell'Accademia Romana di Archeologia.
7398: NICHOLSON (PETER). HAY (JOHN): - Nicholson's New Carpenter's Guide; Being A complete Book of Lines for Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, and Workmen in General. An Enlarged and Improved Edition, By John Hay, Esq. Architect. The Theory and Practice Explained by Numerous Engravings.
8281: NOEL (GERARD THOMAS): - Sermons chiefly intended for the Use of Families.
7493: NON-CONFORMITY. 4 TRACTS. DE LAUNE (THOMAS): - A Plea for the Non-Conformists. In Three Parts. A New Edition Enlarged.
8453: NORRIS (JOHN): - An Essay Towards the Theory of the Ideal or Intelligible World. Design'd for Two Parts. The First considering it Absolutely in itself, and the Second in Relation to Human Understanding.
1302: NORTH (ROGER): - The Lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, Baron Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, under King Charles II. and King James II. The Hon. Sir Dudley North, Commissioner of the Customs...and The Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Clerk of the Closet to King Charles II. A New Edition, With Notes and Illustrations, Historical and Biographical.
3267: NORTH (ROGER): - Memoirs of Music.... Now first Printed from the Original MS. and edited, with Copious Notes, by Edward F. Rimbault.
6153: NORTH-COUNTRY GENTLEMAN (A): - A Panegyric on the Town of Paisley. By a North-Country Gentleman.
8556: NORTH (MS. J. S.): - (Original.) Poems and Essays.
5964: NORTON [NÉE FREKE], FRANCES: - The Applause of Virtue. In Four Parts. Consisting of several Divine and Moral Essays Towards the Obtaining of True Virtue. [AND] Memmento Mori: Or, Meditations on Death.
8391: NOSTRADAMUS. - Les Propheties De M. Michel Nostradamus. Medecin du Roy Charles IX. & l'vn des plus excellens Astronomes qui furent iamais.
6061: NOVELIST'S MAGAZINE. - The Novelist's Magazine
2850: OBSERVATIONS. - OBSERVATIONS on the Conduct of Great-Britain, with Regard to the Negociations and other Transactions Abroad.
7559: OFFENBACH (JACQUES): - The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein, Comic Opera, The English Words by Charles Lamb Kenney. The Music by J. Offenbach.
6319: OGILVIE (JOHN): - Rona, A Poem. In Seven Books, Illustrated with a Correct Map of the Hebrides, and Elegant Engravings.
5689: OLDHAM (JOHN): - The Compositions in Prose and Verse of Mr. John Oldham. To which are added Memoirs of his Life, and Explanatory Notes upon some Obscure Passages of his Writings. By Edward Thompson.
4601: OPIE (AMELIA): - The Warrior's Return, and Other Poems. The Second Edition.
4682: ORIEL (JOHN FOSTER), BARON: - Speech of the Right Honorable John Foster, Speaker of the House of Commons of Ireland; Delivered in Committee of the Whole House On Thursday the 11th of April, 1799.
2456: OSSIAN. M'CALLUM (HUGH AND JOHN): - An Original Collection of the Poems of Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, And Other Bards, who flourished in the same age. Collected and Edited by Hugh and John M'Callum.
8703: OSSIAN. CLARK (JOHN): - An Answer to Mr Shaw's Inquiry into the Authenticity of the Poems ascribed to Ossian.
7051: OVID. - P. Ovidii Opera quae extant.
7026: OWEN (JOHN): - Epigrammatum: Editio postrema, correctissima, & posthumis quibusdam adaucta.
3665: OWEN (JOHN): - Les Pensées Ingenieuses ou Les Epigrammes d'Owen, Traduites en Vers Francois, Par Mr. le B. Avec le Latin a Cote.
3349: PAINE (THOMAS): - A Letter addressed to the Abbe Raynal, on the Affairs of North-America. In which the Mistakes in the Abbe's Account of the Revolution of America are Corrected and Cleared Up.
7827: PALEY (WILLIAM). HOWARD (ALFRED): - Beauties of Paley, Consisting of Selections from his Theological, Moral, and Political Works.
8750: PALEY (WILLIAM). PEARSON (EDWARD): - Remarks on the Theory of Morals: In which is contained an examination of the theoretical part of Dr. Paley's "Principles of Moral and Political PHilosophy."
8849: PALGRAVE (FRANCIS T.): - The Golden Treasury. Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and arranged with Notes. Revised and Enlarged
8271: PALLADIO (ANDREA): - Le Terme dei Romani diegnate da Andrea Palladio e Ripubblicate con La Giunta di Alcune Osservazioni da Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi giusta l'esemplare de Lord Conte di Burlington Impress in Londra l'Anno 1732
8054: [PALM SUNDAY.] - Office du Dimanche des Rameaux, Latin et Francois, a l'usage de Rome.
2852: PALMER (CHARLES): - A Collection of Select Aphorisms and Maxims; With several Historical Observations: Extracted from the most Eminent Authors.
7694: [PAOLI (GIOVANNI ANTONIO DE)]: - Sommario delle Vite de Gl'Imperadori Romani, Cavato dall'Historie Antiche, et Moderne, con le Loro Effigie, Ritratte Dalla Medaglie, Et anco in nomi de' Pontefici, che a quei tempi furono.
7630: PARADISI (AGOSTINO): - Elogio del Principe Raimondo Montecuccoli.
4265: PARKER (SAMUEL): - Bishop Parker's History Of His Own Time. In Four Books. Faithfully Translated from the Latin Original, By Thomas Newlin.
4498: PARSON (COUNTRY): - The Country-Parson to the Country-People, Or, a Short Exposition of the Church-Catechism, By way of Question and Answer.
1440: PARSONS (JAMES): - Philosophical Observations on the Analogy between the Propagation of Animals and that of Vegetables: In which are answered Some Objections against the Indivisibility of the Soul, which have been inadvertently drawn from the late curious and useful Experiments upon the Polypus and other Animals. With An Explanation of the Manner in which each Piece of a divided Polypus becomes another perfect Animal of the same Species.
6848: PARSONS (LAWRENCE), SECOND EARL OF ROSSE: - Observations on the Bequest of Henry Flood, Esq. To Trinity College, Dublin: With a Defence of the Ancient History of Ireland. By Sir Lawrence Parsons, Bart.
3156: PASCAL (BLAISE): - Thoughts on Religion, And other curious Subjects. Written Original in French by Monsieur Pascal. Translated into English By Basil Kennet, D. D. The Fourth Edition.
6016: [PEACOCK (LUCY)]: - The Adventures of the Six Princesses of Babylon, in their Travels to the Temple of Virtue: An Allegory. Dedicated, by Permission, To her Royal Highness the Princess Mary. The Second Edition.
8372: PEARCH (GEORGE), EDITOR: - A Collection of Poems. In Two [Four] Volumes. By Several Hands.
7925: PEARSON (SUSANNA): - Essays and Letters, Humbly and Affectionately Presented to the Church of Christ. Second Edition, with an Additional Essay on the Throne of Grace.
7687: [PEDDER (JAMS)]: - The Yellow Shoe-Strings; or, the Good Effects of Obedience to Parents.
7916: PEDIANUS (QUINTUS ASCONIUS): - Asconii Pediana Patavani commentationes in aliquot orations M. Tullii Ciceronis. In treis Verrinas, & quartae initium. In Orationem pro C. Cornelio. In Orationem contra C. Antonium, & L. Catilinam. In Orationem contra L. Pisonem. In Orationem pro M. Scauro. In Orationem pro Milone. Francisci Hotomani stuido & diligetia post omnes omnium editiones quam emendatissimae. Indes rerum & verborum memorabilium multis qua anthac partibus & melior & emedatior. Eiusdem Hotomani expositiones suae in Asconium operae & diligentiae.
1511: PELLING (EDWARD): - A Practical Discourse upon Charity, In it several Branches: And of the Reasonableness and Useful Nature of this Great Christian Virtue.
7870: [PEMBERTON (HENRY)]: - A View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy.
9028: PEMBERTON (HENRY): - Observations on Poetry, Especially the Epic: Occasioned by The Late Poem upon Leonidas.
8234: PENMANSHIP. - Specimens of Penmanship, written at Mr. Jackson's Academy
6946: PENN (JAMES): - Various Tracts.
6152: PENROSE (THOMAS): - Poems by the Rev. Thomas Penrose late rector of Beckington and Standerwick, Somersetshire.
8962: PERCIVAL (THOMAS): - A Father's Instructions; Consisting of Moral Tales, Fables, and Reflections; designed to promote the Love of Virtue, a Taste for Knowledge, and an early acquaintance with the Works of Nature. The Seventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
8842: PERCY (THOMAS M.): - Iron and Steel Manufacture. A Lecture Delivered at the Mining School, Wigan, on Saturday, March 17th, 1894, by Thomas M. Percy, Member of the Iron and Steel Institute. Alfred Hewlett, Esq., in the Chair.
7656: PERCY (THOMAS): - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our earlier Poets, (Chiefly of the Lyric kind.) Together with some few of later Date. The Second Edition.
5830: PERCY (THOMAS): - The Hermit of Warkworth. a Northumberland Ballad. Henry and Emma. Upon the model of The Nut Brown Maid by Matw Prior, &c.
7989: PERESI (GIOVANNI CAMILLO): - Il Maggio Romanesco Overo Il Palio Conquistato Poema Epigiocoso Nel Linguaggio dei Volgo di Roma.... Dedicato all'Eminentissimo e Reverendissimo Prencipe Il Sig. Cardinale Francesco Maria de Medici.
8796: PERINI (LODOVICO): - Trattato della pratica di Geometria. In cui oltre i principi di essa vi sono molti insegnamenti intorno alle varie Misure di Terre, Acque, Fieni, Pietre, Grani, Fabbbriche, ed Altor, Seconde l'uso di Verona, e dit altre Citta d'Italian, raccolti dall'Opere di molti Autori, e dall' Experienza a comodo degli Studiosi di tal Profession da Lodovico Perini Pubblico Ingegnere, ed Architetto Veronese
6526: [PERIODICAL]. CAECILIA. - Caecilia. Eine Zeitschrift für die musicalische Welt, herausgegeben von einem Vereine von Gelehrten, Kunstverständigen und Künstlern. Nr. 1 Mit 1 Portrait, 1 Musikblatt, und Intelligenzblatt.
8186: PERIODICAL. MUSICAL WORLD. - The Musical World, A Weekly Record of Musical Science, Literature, Intelligence. Vol. I [- XIII], From March 15, to June 10, 1836.
6169: [PERNARELLI (ODORISIO): - Istituzioni di Canto Fermo. Composte per Use degil Ecclesiastici Secondo lo Stile del Moderno Sistema e La Pratica della Chiesa Romana da un Sacerdote della congregazione della Missione. Dedicate al Reverendissimo Signore D. Giovanni Battista Etienne Superior Generale della Medesima Congregazione.
7399: PERRIN (JOHN): - Le Guide du Traducteur. Or, The Entertaining and Instructive Exercises Rendered into French.
4460: PERRIN (JEAN BAPTISTE): - Entertaining and Instructive Exercises, with the Rules of the French Syntax. By John Perrin. The Sixth Edition.
4014: PERRIN (JEAN BAPTISTE): - Fables Amusantes, Avec Une Table Génerale & Particulière des Mots & de leur Significaiton en Anglois, Selon l'Ordre des Fables, Pour un rendre la Traduction plus facile à l'Ecolier. Cinquième Edition.
5999: PERSIUS. - The Satires of Persius Translated into English Verse; with some Occasional Notes and the Original Text corrected. The Second Edition; To which is now prefixed, The Life of the Author.
7111: PERSIUS. - The Satires of Persius Translated into English Verse; with some Occasional Notes; and the Original Text corrected. The Second Edition, To which is now prefixed, The Life of the Author.
7457: PERSIUS. - The Satires of Persius. Translated by William Drummond, Esq. M. P.
7311: PERSPECTIVE. - The Art of Drawing in Perspective: Wherein the Doctrine of Perspective is clearly and concisely treated of, upon Geometrical Principles; and a Mechanical Method of Perspective and Designing invented, for the Benefit of such as are Strangers to Mathematics. Illustrated with Variety of Copper-Plate Figures. To which are annexed, The Arts of Painting upon Glass, and Drawing in Crayons; with Directions for making Crayons after the French and Italian Manner: Also the Art of Etching; and that of Japanning upon Wood, or any Metal, so as to imitate China; with Instructions for making Black or Gilt Japan Ware, both beautiful and light; and for making the hardest and most transparent Varnishes. And, to which is added, A Method of casting Amber in any Form whatever. The Sixth Edition.
8521: PERTHES (JUSTUS), PUBLISHER: - Gothaischer genealogischer Hof-Kalender auf das Jahr 1826
7640: PETRARCA (FRANCESCO): - Sonnets, and Odes Translated from the Italian of Petrarch; with original Text, and an Account of his Life.
7568: PETRONIUS. - T. Petronij Arbitri, eqvitis Romani, Satyricon. In Capita dissectum, Cum omnibus omnium Interpretvm Obseruationibus, Notis, & Commentariis: Hactenus sigallatim, Nunc tandem sub vnum conscpectum, ad calcern cuiusque capitis, collocatis. Cum novo insuper & locupletissimo Rerum & verborum Indice. Accedunt & alla nonjulla Petroniorum Fragment aVetervmque Poetarvm Ctalecta, Svipici AEquve Vita et Satyra.
8969: PEZAY (ALEXANDRE FRÉDÉRIC JACQUES DE MASSON), MARQUIS DE: - Zelis au bain Poeme En quatre Chants.
7441: PHILIPOT (THOMAS): - A Brief Historical discourse of the Origin and Growth of Heraldry, Demonstrating upon what rational Foundations, that Noble and Heroick Science is established.
8458: [PHILIPS (AMBROSE), EDITOR]: - A Collection of Old Ballads. Corrected from the best and most Ancient Copies Extant. With Introductions Historical and Critical.
4444: PHILIPS (AMBROSE): - Pastorals, Epistles, Odes, and other Original Poems, With Translations from Pindar, Anacreon, and Sappho.
2975: [PHILIPS (JOHN)]: - Cyder. A Poem. In Two Books. With the Splendid Shilling. Paradise Lost, and two Songs, &c.
8574: PHILLIPS (SIR THOMAS): - The Phillipps Manuscrpts. Catalogus Liborum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca D. Thomae Phillipps, Bt. Impressum Typis Medio-Montanis 1837 - 1871. With an Introduction by A. N. L. Munby....
1775: PHILLIPS (JOHN): - Poems attempted In the Style of Milton. The Tenth Edition.
8597: PHILLIPS (CASPAR JACOBSZ) - Uitvoerig Onderwys in de Perspectiva, of Doorzichtkunde. Voor alle Liefhebbers Dezer aangenaame en nutte Weetenschap, en inzonderheid voor degeenen, die dezelve noodzaakelyk dienen te oeffenen, Als: Teekenaars, Schilders, Plaatsnyders, Architecten, Steenhouwers, Timmerlieden, metzelaars, enz. Naar eene zeer gemakkelyke en verstaanbaare Methode Opgestheld, en in 60 Konst-Plaaten afgehandeld door Caspar Philips Jacobsx.
2660: PIKE (NICHOLAS): - The New Complete System of Arithmetick, Composed for the Use of the Citizen of the United States. Abridged for the Use of Schools. Fifth Edition.
8324: PILKINGTON (MARY): - New Tales of the Castle; or, The Noble Emigrants, A Story of Modern Times. By Mrs. Pilkington. Second Edition.
7784: [PINKERTON (JOHN)]: - An Essay on Medals.
8880: PIOZZI (HESTER LYNCH [THRALE]): - Retrospection: Or a Review of the Most Striking and Important Events, Characters, Situations, and Their Consequences, Which the Last Eighteen Hundred Years Have Presented to the View of Mankind.
7562: PITTS (J.), PRINTER: - Vocal Repository. The Gallant Soldier; being a Collection of Choice Songs relating to the Soldier's Life
5612: PLATO. - Phedon; or, A Dialogue of the Immortality of the Soul. From Plato, the Divine Philosopher.
8916: PLAYFORD (JOHN): - The Whole Book of Psalms: With the Usual Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Together With all the Ancient and Proper Tunes sung in Churches, with some of Later Use. Composed in Three Parts, Cantus, Medius, & Bassus: In a more Plain and Useful Method than hat been formerly Published. The Third Edition, Corrected and Amended.
9025: PLIMPTON (FRANCIS T. P.) - Reunion Runes. Being Verses Read at the 25th Reunion of the Harvard Law School Class of 1925 on April 29, 1950. Privately Printed for Distribution to the Class of 1925.
3718: PLUCHE (NOEL-ANTOINE): - Spectacle de la Nature: Or Nature display'd. Being Discourses On such Particulars of Natural History As were thought most proper to Excite the Curiosity, and From the Minds of Youth. Illustrated with Copper Plates. Translated from the Original French, By Mr. Humphreys. The Seventh Edition, Revised and Corrected.
7221: PLUMPTRE (JAMES): - A Collection of Songs, Moral, Sentimental, Instructive, and Amusing. Selected and Revised by The Rev. James Plumptre.
3708: PLUMSTEAD (W. H.): - The Beauties of Melody; A Collection of the most popular Airs, Duets, Glees, &c. of the Most Esteemed Authors, Ancient and Modern, comprising those of Arne, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Winter, Weber, Bishop, &c. Also a selection of the best and most approved Irish Melodies; with appropriate words, written expressly for them. The Symphonies and Accompaniments entirely new and composed for this work. Interspersed with many of the beautiful Scotch Melodies, singing at the Theatres, Consorts, &c. Arranged for the Voice, with an Accompaniment for the Piano-Forte, &c. To which is prefixed, Observations and Instructions on Music, particularly Vocal and Accompaniment. The whole compiled, composed, selected and arranged, by W. H. Plumstead.
7089: PLUTARCH. - Les Oeuvres Morales et Meslees de Plutarque, Traduictes de Grec en Francois, reueues & corrigees en plusieurs passages par Maistre Jacques Amiot Conseiller du Roy & grand Aumosnier de Frances. Divisees en due Tomes, et Enrichies en cette edition de Annotations en marge, avec deu Indiece. Le primier des traites, Le second des choses memorables mentionees esdites Oeuvres.
8791: PLUTARCH. - Alcuni Opusculetti de le Cose Morali del Divino Plutarco. In questa lingua nuovamente tradotti, Nuovamente ristampati, & corretti; Con la gionta di una tabola delle sentenze piu notibili, che in quelli si contengono.
5688: PLUTARCH. - Plutarch's Lives, translated from the original Greek, with Notes, Historical and Critical; And A Life of Plutarch. By John Langhorne and William Langhorne. A New Edition, carefully corrected, and the index much amended, and accurately revised throughout.
7106: POETICAL MISCELLANY - The Poetical Miscellany; Consisting of Select Pieces From the Works of the following Poets, viz. Milton, Dryden, Pope, Addison, Gay, Parnel [sic], Young, Thomson, Akenside, Philips, Gray, Wharton, Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Wilkie, &c. &c. For the use of Schools. The Second Edition..
8855: POETRY. ANTHOLOGY. - The Muse's Mirrour: Being a Collection of Poems, Written by the following Authors: Mr. Pope Swift Churchill Gray Colman Wilkes Lloyd Thornton Garrick Ansty Jernyngham C. Denis Sheridan Cumberland Cunningham Edmund Waller Julius Mickle Schomberg J. Philips Law. Sterne Newell-Puddicombe T. Vaughan Mr. Soam Jenyns H. Kelly Fowkes Woty Aaron Hill Bryant Edwards McMillan Cha. Crawford Wm. Whitehead Paul Whitehead Evelyn Meadows Dr. Parnell Young Goldsmith Berkley Landhorne S. Johnson Sheridan Burton Rev. Mr. Mason Caswal P. Stockdale Rev. Mr. Ogilvie Nath. Lloyd Lord Carlisle Lyttelton Palmerston Sir Tho. H. Williams Alex Schomberg Hon. C. Townshend Mr. Fitzpatrick C. Fox Mr. Erskine Capt. Thompson Rice Lady M. W. Montague Mrs. Montague Lady Craven Mrs. Vaughan Lennox Greville Miss Sally Carter H. Moore Aikin. Second Edition.
7475: POETS (MOST EMINENT) [SIC]: - The Muse in Good Humour: Or a Collection of Comic Tales. By the most Eminent Poets. The Sixth Edition
8741: POLENI (GIOVANNI): - Memorie Istoriche della Gran Cupola del Tempio e de' danni di essa, e de'; ristoramenti loro, Divise in Libri Cinque. Alla Santita' di Nosro Signore Papa Benedetto XIV.
1896: POLIGNAC (MELCHIOR), CARDINAL DE: - L'Anti Lucrece, Poeme sur la Religion Naturelle...De la Traduction de M. de Bugainville.
7915: POLIGNAC (DIANE), COMTESSE - Memoires sur La Vie et le Caractere de Mme La Duchesse de Polignac. Avec des Anecdotes Interessantes sur La Revolution Francoise, et sur La Personne de Marie-Antoinette, Reine de France.
7920: POLWHELE (RICHARD): - The Influence of Local Attachment, With Respect to Home. A Poem, in seven books. The Third Edition.
7105: POMEY (FRANCESCO): - Methode pour apprendre l'Histoire des faux Dieux de l'Antiquité ou le Pantheon Mytyque. Composé en Latin par le Pere Pomey, & traduit en francois par Monsieur Tenand.
8774: PONTANO (GIOVANNI GIOVIANO): - Ioannis Ioviani Pontani amorum libri II. e amore coniugali III. Tumulorum II, qui in superiore aliorum poematon editione desyderabantur. Lyrici I. Eridanorum II. Eclogae duae Coryle & Quinquennius superioribus quatuor additae. Calpurnij Siculi Eclogae VII. Aurelij Nemesiani Eclogae IIII. Explicatio locorum omnium abstrusorum Pontani authore Petro Summontio viro doctissimo. Index rerum quae in his Pontani lusibus contineantur.
8614: POPE (ALEXANDER): - The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. [And]: The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. Vol. II.
8991: POPE (WILLIAM): - The Triumphal Chariot of Friction Or A Familiar Elucidation of the Origin of Magnet Attraction &c. &c. With Plates from Drawings made by the Author.
5829: POPE (A.) GOLDSMITH (O.), INTER ALIA: - The Pleasures and Pursuits of Human Life By Alexr Pope Esq. Edwin and Angelina by Oliver Goldsmith. The Traveller, or a prospect of Society by Do. Evening Contemplations in a College imitated from Gray's Elegy, with notes and Illustrations by the Author of Solitary Walks [George Wright] &c.
8803: POPE (ALEXANDER): - The Rape of the Lock. An Heroi-Comical Poem by A. Pope. Adored with Plates.
8210: POPE (ALEXANDER): - Miscellaneous Poems and Translations. By Several Hands. Particularly, I. Windsor-Forest, with the Messiah. II. Essay on Criticism. III. Rape of the Lock. IV . Ode on St. Cecilia's Day. V. Verses to the Memory of a Lady. VI. To Mr. Jervas, with Fresno's Art of Painting. VII. To a young Lady, with the Works of Voiture. VIII. Eloisa to Abelard [Volume I.]. Dr. King, late of the Commons. Mr. Smith, late of Christ Church. Revd Mr. Dibben. Mr. Eiisha Fenton. Revd Dr. Yalden. Mr. Rowe. Mr. Southcot. Revd. Mr. Broome. Revd. Mr. James Ward. And the Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Daniel [Volume II]. The Fourth Edition.
7213: POPE (ALEXANDER): - Les Principes de la Morale et du Gout. Traduits de l'Anglois de M. Pope Par M. du Resnel .... Nouvelle edition, Augmentee de la Boucle de Cheveux Enlevee, Poeme Heroi-Comique. [And] Examen de l'Essay de M.Pope sur l'Homme, Par M. de Crousaz.
8212: POPE (ALEXANDER). URIE (ROBERT): - An Essay on Man. Carefully Corrected.
7907: PORTA (GIAMBATTISTA), DELLA - Della Fisonomia di Tutto il Corpo Humano del S. Gio Batta Della Porta Acc Linceo. Lkibri Quattro Ne'e' quali si tratta di quanto intorno a questa materia n'hanno i Greci, Latini, e gli Arabi scritto ; hora breuemente in tauole sinottiche ridotta et ordinata da Francesco Stelluti acc Linceo da Fabriano
3602: PORTEUS (BEILBY): - Beauties of Porteus... Containing A Digest of the Faith, Duties, and Privileges, of A Christian. Including a View of the Evidences of the Christian Religion, with Notes of Observations and Reflections. Third Edition.
2856: PORTEUS (BEILBY): - Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew; Delivered in the Parish Church of St. James, Westminster, in the Years 1798, 1799, 1800, and 1801.
2860: PORTEUS (BEILBY). HODGSON (ROBERT): - The Life of the Right Reverend Beilby Porteous, D. D. Late Bishop of London.
7523: PRECEPTOR. - The Polite Preceptor: Or a Collection of Entertaining and Instructive Essays; Selected from The best English Writers, and Arranged in the most natural Order; with A View to inspire into the Minds of Youth the Love of Virtue, and the Principles of true Taste and just Reasoning.
7432: PRECEPTOR. - The Elegant Preceptor; or, An Introduction to the Knowledge of the World. Containing, Instructions in Morality, and in Useful and Oranmental Accomplishments. Selected From the Works of the most eminent Writers. The Third Edition.
3800: PRESCOT (KENRICK): - Letters concerning Homer The Sleeper in Horace: With Additional Classic Amusements.
3930: PRESCOTT (WILLIAM H.): - History of the Conquest of Mexico, With a preliminary view of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortes. New and Revised Edition, with the Author's Latest Corrected and Additions. Edited by John Foster Kirk.
5901: PRICE (CHARLES). - Histoire de Charles Price, Fameux Escroc de Londres, connu sous differens noms: traduire de l'Anglois sur la sixieme Edition.
9019: PRICE (RICHARD): - A Review of the Principal Questions in Morals. Particularly Those respecting the Origin of our Ideas of Virtue, its Nature, Relation to the Deity, Obligations, Subject-Matter, and Sanctions. The Third Edition Corrected, and Enlarged by an Appendix, containing Additional Notes, and a Dissertation On the Being and Attributes of the Deity.
5803: PRIESTLEY (JOSEPH): - Discourses on Various Subjects, including several on Particular Occasions.
3459: PRIESTLEY (JOSEPH): - A General History of the Christian Church, to the Fall of the Western the Present Time.
4105: PRIESTLEY (JOSEPH): - Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion. To which is prefixed An Essay on the Best Method of Communicating Religious Knowledge to the Members of Christian Societies. The Fourth Edition.
8522: PRIOR (MATTHEW): - Poems on Several Occasions.
7998: PRIOR (MATTHEW): - Poems on Several Occaions.
6021: PRIOR (MATTHEW): - Poems on Several Occasions.
2494: [PROCTOR (BRIAN WALLER)]: - Mirandola. A Tragedy. By Barry Cornwall. Second Edition.
8221: PROLOGUES AND EPILOGUES. - Prologues and Epilogues, celebrated for their Poetical Merit.
6508: PROSPECTUS. NEWCASTLE PRESS - Prospectus to the People. In the Course of a Few Weeks will be Published, The first Number of a New Weekly Newspaper, to be called the Newcastle Press.
8417: PSALMS. - A New Version of the Psalms of David, By N. Tate & N. Brady. Together with some Hymns as adapted to Christian Worship, selected from J. Stennet; Js. Watts, S. Browne: andJ. Mason, as used in the English established Church in Amsterdam. And set to Musick By J. Z. Triemer. With Priviledge for the Beneft of the Poor.
7572: PSALMS. DAVID. - The Psalms of David in Metre. Allowed by the Authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, And appointed to be sung in Congregations and Families.
8730: PSALMS. DAVID. - The Psalms of David, in Metre; Newly translated, and diligently compared with the Original Text, and former Translations. More plain, smooth and agreeable to the Text, than any heretofore.
7273: PSALMS. DAVID. - The Whole Book of Psalmes. Collected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins. W. Whittingham, and others: conferred with the Hebrew. . Newly set forth, and allowed to be sung in all Churches of all the people together, before and after Morning and Evening prayer, and also before and after Sermons. Moreover, in private houses, for their godly solace and comfort: laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads, which may tend only to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth
4725: PSALMS. HYMNS. - Select Psalms and Hymns For the Use of the Parish-Church and Chapels Belonging to the Parish of St. James Westminster. With proper Tunes in three parts.
4206: PSALMS. STERNHOLD (THOMAS) AND HOPKINS (JOHN): - The Whole Book of Psalms, Collected into English Metre, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, And Others; Conferred with the Hebrew.
7097: PSALMS. MERRICK (JAMES): - The Psalms, Translated or Paraphrased In English Verse.
3913: [PULTENEY (WILLIAM)]. - A Letter to Mr. P** On Occasion of his late Letter In Answer to the Remarks, &c.
4730: [PULTENEY (WILLIAM) EARL OF BATH]: - The Case of the Sinking Fund, and the Right of the Publick Creditors to it considered at large; with some Farther Observations on the National Debts, the Civil List, the Bank Contract, Votes of Credit, and other extraordinary Grants of Money. Being a Defence of an Enquiry into the Conduct of our Domestick Affairs, and, A Full Reply to a late Pamphlet, intitled, Some Considerations concerning the Publick Funds, &c. In a Letter to the Author.
4962: [PULTENEY (WILLIAM), EARL OF BATH]: - An Enquiry into the Conduct of our Domestick Affairs, From the Year 1721. to the present Time. In which the Case of our National Debts; the Sinking Fund, and all Extraordinary Grants of Money, are particularly considered. Being a Sequel to Politicks on both Sides.
6897: PURCELL (HENRY): - Te Deum et Jubilate, for Voices and Instruments Perform'd before the Sons of the Clergy at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul. [And]: ARNE (Thomas): [King Arthur].
7799: PYE (HENRY JAMES): - Poems on Various Subjects. Ornamented with Frontispieces.
8335: QUEEN OF HEARTS. - Grandmamma Easy's New Story of the Queen of Hearts.
6940: QUINTILIAN - M. Fabii Qvintilian Oratoris eloquentissimi, Institutionum oratorium Libri XII,
7609: QUINTUS CURTIUS RUFUS - De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni Editio prioribus correctior.
6756: RADCLIFFE (SIR GEORGE). WHITAKER (THOMAS DUNHAM): - The Life and Original Correspondence of George Radcliffe, Knight, LL. D. The Friend of the Earl of Strafford.
8686: RAFFALD (ELIZABETH): - The Experienced English Housekeeper, For the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. Written purely from Practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton, Whom the Author lately served as Housekeeper: Consisting of near seveeral Hundred Original Receipts, most of which never appeared in print. Part I. Lemon Pickle, Browning for all Sorts of made Dishes, Soups, Fish, Plain Meat, Game, made Dishes, both hot and cold, Pyes, Puddings, &c. Part II. All Kinds of Confectionary, particularly the Gold and Silver Web for covering of Sweetmeats, and a Desert of Spun Sugar; with Directions to set out a Table in the most elegant Manner, and in the modern Taste; Floating Islands, Fish-Ponds, Transparent Puddings, Trifles, Whips, &c. Part III. Pickling, Potting, and Collaring, Wines, Vinegars, Catchups, Distilling; with two most value Receipts, one for refining Malt Liquors, the other for curing Acid Wines; and a correct List of every Thing in Season for every Month in the Year. A New Edition. In which are inserted some celebrated Receips by other modern Authors.
8685: RAFFALD (ELIZABETH): - The Experienced English Housekeeper, For the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. Written purely from Practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton, Whom the Author lately served as Housekeeper: Consisting of near Nine Hundred Original Receipts, most of which never appeared in print. Part I. Lemon Pickle, Browning for all Sorts of made Dishes, Soups, Fish, Plain Meat, Game, made Dishes, both hot and cold, Pyes, Puddings, &c. Part II. All Kinds of Confectionary, particularly the Gold and Silver Web for covering of Sweetmeats, and a Desert of Spun Sugar; with Directions to set out a Table in the most elegant Manner, and in the modern Taste; Floating Islands, Fish-Ponds, Transparent Puddings, Trifles, Whips, &c. Part III. Pickling, Potting, and Collaring, Wines, Vinegars, Catchups, Distilling; with two most value Receipts, one for refining Malt Liquors, the other for curing Acid Wines; and a correct List of every Thing in Season for every Month in the Year. The Tenth Edition, with an Engraved Head of the Author; Also Two Plans of a Grand Table of Two Covers; and A curious new invented Fire Stove, wherein any common Fuel may be burnt instead of Charcoal.
8192: RAILWAYS. RAILROADS. - Hodge-Podge for Railway Travellers; or How to Shorten a Long Journey.
7351: RAMSAY (ALLAN): - Poems on Several Occasions.
8829: RAMSAY (JOHN), OF KILDALTON: - Sammelband: Address on the Opening of the Suez Canal. Diaries of Trips to Egypt and America, inter alia.
7967: RAMSAY (ANDREW MICHAEL, "THE CHEVALIER"): - The Travels of Cyrus. To which is annexed, a Discourse upon the Theology and Mythology Of the Ancients. The Fifth Edition much enlarged.
5618: RAMSAY (ALLAN): - The Gentle Shepherd, a Pastoral Comedy; With Illustrations of the Scenary [sic]: An Appendix, Containing Memoirs of David Allan, the Scots Hogarth, besides original, and other poems connected with the illustrations. To which are prefixed, An Authentic Life of Allan Ramsay, and an Inquiry into the Origin of Pastoral Poetry; the Propriety of the Rules Prescribed for it; and the Practice of Ramsay.
6494: RAMSAY (ALLAN): - The Tea-Table Miscellany: A Collection of Choice Songs, Scots and English. The Eighteenth Edition.
2097: RAMSAY (ANDREW MICHAEL), "THE CHEVALIER": - Les Voyages de Cyrus, Avec un Discours sur la Mythologies.
2586: RAMSAY (ANDREW MICHAEL, "THE CHEVALIER"): - Les Voyages de Cyrus; avec un discours sur la Theologie et La Mythologie des Anciens. Seconde Édition, avec la signification des mots les plus difficiles en Anglois au bas de chaque page. Revue et Soigneusement corrigée Par N. Wanostrocht.
7439: RAMSAY (ALLAN): - Poems by Allan Ramsay.
2496: RAMSAY (ALLAN): - The Monk and the Miller's Wife, A Tale. With a Translation into Latin Rhyme.
8657: RANDOLPH (GEORGE): - An Enquiry into the Medicinal Virtues of Bristol-Water: and the Indication of Cure which it answers.
8060: RAUTHEMEL (RICHARD): - Antiquiates Bremetonacenses: or The Roman Antiquities of Overborough.
3122: RAVENSHAW (THOMAS F.): - Antiente Epitaphes (From A. D. 1250 to A. D. 1800), Collected & sett forth in Chronologicall order
8416: [ RAWYNSLEY (ELEANOR FOSTER) NÉE ELEANOR FOSTER SIMPSON]: - Cuckoo Time. A Drama of Westmorland Village Life in Four Acts.
5634: REASONS. - Reasons for the Neutrality of Great-Britain, Deduced From her Exploits for the House of Austria.
8763: REID (THOMAS): - Essays on the Powers of the Human Mind.
5919: RERESBY (JOHN): - The Memoirs Of the Honourable Sir John Reresby, Bart. And last Governor of York. Containing several Private and Remarkable Transactions From the Restoration to the Revolution Inclusively. To which is added a Copious Index.
8512: REYNOLDS (GEORGE W. M.): - Robert Macaire; Or, the French Bandit in England. With Twenty Wood Engravings.
5748: REYNOLDS (EDWARD): - A Treatise of the Passions and Faculties of the Soule of Man. With the severall Dignities and Corruptions thereunto belonging.
3729: REYNOLDS (FREDERICK): - The Blind Bargain: Or, Hear it Out; A Comedy, in five acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden.
3264: REYNOLDS (SIR JOSHUA). HILLES (FREDERICK WHILEY): - The Literary Career of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
8263: RICCI (MICHELE): - Di Michele Riccio Napolitano De Re di Francia Librii. De Re d'Ispagnia. Libri III. De Re di Gierusalem Lib I. De Re di Napoli, & di Sicilia. Lib IIII. De Re di Vngaria. Libri II. Dal Latino, tradotti in questa nostra lingare da M. Giovanni Tatti Florentino. Con Priuilegio dell'Illustrissimo Veneto, per anni dieci.
8147: RICHARDS (GEORGE): - An Essay on the Characteristic Differences between Ancient and Modern Poetry. And the Several Causes from which they result.
2870: RICHARDSON (JOSEPH): - Literary Relics of the late Joseph Richardson... consisting of The Comedy of The Fugitive, and a Few Short Poems; With A Sketch of the life of the Author by an Intimate Friend; in which those numbers of the Rolliads and Probationary Odes written by Mr. Richardson are particularized. The whole Collected and Prepared for the Press by Mrs. Richardson, His Widow.
1989: RICHARDSON (SAMUEL): - The History of Sir Chas. Grandison, in A Series of letters.
8495: RICHMOND (LEGH): - The Annals of the Poor.
7859: RITSON (ANNE): - Exercises for the Memory: An Entire new Set of Improving Enigmas, being The Forty English and Twelve Welch Counties, in Verse; Including upwards of Three Hundred Different Events and Anecdotes. Selected from the Grecian, Roman, and English Histories, Mythology, Poetical and Dramatic Authors, also the Most Public Buildings and Places in and about London and Westminster.
7802: RIVARD ( FRANÇOIS DOMINIQUE): - Traité de la Sphère et du Calendrier. Cinquieme Edition. Revue et augmentée par Jerome de Lalande, Dikrecteur de l'Observatoire: &c.
8273: ROBERTSON (WILLIAM): - The History of America.
8178: ROBERTSON (THOMAS): - An Inquiry into the Fine Arts. Volume the First [all published].
2594: ROBERTSON (WILLIAM): - The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. With a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. The Eleventh Edition.
8016: ROBERTSON (WILLIAM), INTER ALIA: - An Abridgement of the History of Scotland, from Robertson, Stuart, &c. In the Manner of Goldsmith's Abridgement of the Histories of England, Rome, and Greece. (For the Use of School.)
7814: ROBERTSON (ALEXANDER), OF STRUAN: - The History and Martial Atchievements, of the Robertson's of Strowan. As it is Selected from the works of the best historians that have written of the Origin and valiant Atchievements of this Honourable Family, and their descendants. And the Poems On Various Subjects and Occasions, By the Honourable Alexaner Robertson of Strowan, Esq.
2341: [ROBINS (BENJAMIN)]: - An Address to the Electors, and other Free Subjects of Great Britain; Occasion'd by the Late Secession.In which is contain'd A particular Account of all our Negotiations with Spain, and their Treatment of Us, for above Ten Years past. The Second Edition.
3763: ROBINSON (MARY): - Memoires de Mistriss Robinson, célèbre actrice de Londres, contenant des détails curieux sur sa carrière dramatique et littéraire, ses amours avec le prince de Galles; son voyage en France, et ses relations avec le duc d'Orlenas et plusieurs personages celebres; écrits par elle-même; traduit de l'anglais sur la dernière édition.
5635: ROBINSON (ROBERT): - A Discourse on Sacramental Tests. Delivered at Cambridge Thursday, October 30th, 1788, at a General Meeting of Deputies of the Congregations of Protestant Dissenters in the County of Cambridge.
4098: ROBINSON (ROBERT): - The History of Baptism.
5885: ROBINSON (THOMAS): - Scripture Characters: or, A Practical Improvement of the Principal Histories in the Old and New Testament. In Four Volumes. The Third Edition.
2930: ROCHE (REGINA MARIA): - The Children of the Abbey, A Tale.
4987: ROCHESTER. (PARSONS (THOMAS [SIC, FOR ROBERT]): - A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral Of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester, who Died at Woodstock-Park, July 26. 1680. and was Buried at Spilsbury in Oxfordshire, Aug. 9. By Thomas [sic] Parsons, M. A. Chaplain to the Right Honourable Anne Countess-Dowager of Rochester. The Fourteenth Edition.
8554: ROCK (RICHARD), DR.: - A Letter from Dr. Rock, In Answer to the Epistle from a Physician at Bath.
7480: RODOLPHE (JEAN JOSEPH): - Solfeges, Ou, Nouvelle Methode de musique Par Demandes et Réponses Divisées en deux Parties: La premiere contient la Théorie de cet Art: La seconde, les Leçons avec la Basse et les Gradations nécessaires pour parvenir aux difficultés.... Seconde Edition revue et corrigee par l'Auteur.
8924: ROGERS (CHARLES): - The Modern Scottish Minstrel, or The Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century. With Memoirs of the Poets, and Sketches and Specimens in English Verse of the most Celebrated Modern Gaelic Bards.
8449: ROGERS ([WILLIAM] SHOWELL): - Christmas Greetings and Other Verses.
8473: ROGERS (HESTER ANN): - The Experience and Spiritual Letters of Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers: With a Sermon preached on the occasion of her Death. By the Rev. Thomas Coke LL. D. Also An Appendix Written by Her Husband.
7931: ROHAULT (JACQUES): - Rohault's System of Natural Philosophy, Illustrated with Dr. Samuel Clarke's Notes Taken mostly out of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy. Done into English By John Clarke. The The Third Edition.
8172: ROLLAND (ROMAIN): - Some Musicians of Former Days.
9003: ROLLESTON (SAMUEL): - A Philosophical Dialogue concerning Decency. To which is added A Critical and Historical Dissertation on Places of Retirement for necessary Occasions, Together With an Account of the Vessls, being a Lecture read before a Society of Learned Antiquaries. By the Author Of the Dissertation on Barley Wine.
8426: [ROSCOE (JANE ELIZABETH)]: - Poems, by one of the Authors of "Poems for Youth, by a Family Circle."
8381: ROSCOMMON (WENTWORTH DILLOR), EARL OF AND DUKE (RICHARD): - Poems by the Earl of Roscommon. To which is added, An Essay on Poetry, By the Earl of Mulgrave, now Duke of Buckingham. Together with Poems By Mr. Richard Duke.
5371: ROSCOMMON (WENTWORTH DILLON), EARL OF: - The Poetical Works Of the Right Honourable Wentworth Dillon, Earl of Roscommon.
7316: ROSE (WILLIAM): - The History of Joseph. A Poem. In Six Books. With Cuts proper to each Book
7296: ROSINUS (JOANNES): - Antiquitatum Romanarum Corpus Absolutissimum, in quo praeter ea quae Ioannes Rosinus delineaverat, infinitia supplentur, mutantur, adduntur: ex Criticis, et Omnibus utriusque linguae auctoribus collectum: Poetis, Oratoribus, Historicis, Jurisconsultiis, qui laudati, explicate, correctiq: Thoma Dempstero... Edition Postrema, emendatior.
6763: ROSSINI. [STENDHAL. MARIE-HENRI BEYLE]: - Memoirs of Rossini. By the Author of The Lives of Haydn and Mozart.
8984: ROTARY CLUB. GRACEY (WILLIAM ADOLPHE): - Our Trip to Vienna. An Account of the Tour of Members of the 27th and 28th Rotary Districts to the International Rotary Convention, at Vienna, Austria, June 22-26, 1931. Eleven Countries Visited, 13,000 to 14,000 Miles Travelled in Six Weeks' Time. What Was Seen and Done. Written and Published by William Adolphe Gracey of the Geneva, New York, Rotary Club, for and at the Request of Members of the Party.
5491: ROUSSEAU (JEAN JACQUES): - Dictionnaire de Musique. Collections Complete des Oeuvres de J. J. Rousseau, ave Figures en taille-douce. Nouvelle Edition, Soigneusement revue & corrigée. Tome Dixieme [&] Onzieme.
5144: ROUSTAN (ANTOINE JACQUES): - A Catechism upon a New and Improved Plan; Translated from the French of Monsieur Roustan.
4923: ROWE (ELIZABETH): - Friendship in Death: In Twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living. To which are added, Letters Moral and Entertaining, In Prose and Verse: In Three Parts.
6591: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS. - The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, M.DCC.XCIII. The Twenty-Fifth [1793]. [AND]. The Twenty-Sixth. The Twenty-Seventh. The Twenty-Eighth. The Twenty-Ninth. The Thirtieth. The Thirty-First. The Thirty-Second. The Thirty-Third. The Thirty-Fourth. The Thirty-Fifth. The Thirty-Sixth. The Thirty-Seventh. The Thirty-Eighth. The Thirty-Ninth [1807].
6689: RUDDIMAN (WALTER), EDITOR: - A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Valuable Pieces, Both in Verse and Prose; Chiefly selected From the fugitive Productions of The most eminent Wits of the present Age.
7158: RUDDIMAN (WALTER), EDITOR: - A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Valuable Pieces, Both in Verse and Prose; Chiefly selected From the fugitive Productions of The most eminent Wits of the present Age.
7486: RUGGLE (GEORGE): - Ignoramus, Comoedia; Scriptore Georgio Ruggle, A. M. Aulae Clarensis, apud Cantabrigienses. Olim Sociio; nunc denuo in lucem edita cum Notis Historicis et Cdriticis: quibus in super Praeponitur Vita Auctioris, et Subjicitur Glossarium Vocabula Forensia Dilucide Exponens; accurante Johanne Sidneio Hawkins.
4634: RUMFORD (SIR BENJAMIN THOMPSON), COUNT OF: - Essays, Political, Economical and Philosophical. The Third Edition. [Volume 1].
2465: RUSH (JAMES): - The Philosophy of the Human Voice: Embracing its Physiological History; together with a System of Principles by which Criticism in the Art of Elocution may be rendered inteligible, and instruction, definite and comprehensive. To which is added a Brief Analysis of Song and Recitative. Seventh Edition, Revised.
6093: RUSSEL (JOHN): - The Reasons of our Lord's Agony in the Garden, and the Influence of Just Views of Them on Universal Holiness. In A sermon.
6097: RUTHERFORTH (THOMAS): - An Essay on the Nature and Obligations of Virtue. 
7566: SADOLETO (JACOPO): - De liberis recte instituendis, liber.
7505: [SAEL (GEORGE)]: - Moral Biography; Or, The Worthies of England Displayed: Containing the Lives of Persons Eminently Distinguished for Their Virtues and Talents. Designed for the Use of Private Families and Public Schools. Second Edition, Improved. Embellished with a fine Engraving.
8174: SAINSBURY (JOHN S.): - A Dictionary of Musicians, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Comprising the most Important Biographical Contents of the works of Gerber, Choron, and Fayolle, Count Orloff, Dr. Burney, Sir John Hawkins, &c. &c. Together with upwards of a Hundred Original Memoirs of the most Eminent Living Musicians; and a Summary of the History of Music. Second Edition.
6697: SAINSBURY (JOHN S.): - A Dictionary of Musicians, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Comprising the most Important Biographical Contents of the works of Gerber, Choron, and Fayolle, Count Orloff, Dr. Burney, Sir John Hawkins, &c. &c. Together with upwards of a Hundred Original Memoirs of the most Eminent Living Musicians; and a Summary of the History of Music. Second Edition.
7291: SAINT PAUL. ADDINGTON (STEPHEN): - The Life of Paul the Apostle. With Critical and Practical Remarks on his Discourses and Writings.
6929: SAINTE-MARTHE (SCÉVOLE DE): - Paedotrophia; Or, the Art of Nursing and Rearing Children. A Poem, in Three Books. Translated from the Latin of Scevole de St. Marthe. With Medical and Historical Notes; with the Life of the Author, from the French of Michel and Niceron; his Epitaph; his Dedication of this Poem to Henry III. of France; and the Epigram written on the visit he had the Honour to receive from Charles I. of England, when Prince of Wales. By H. W. Tytler, M. D. Translator of Callimachus, and Fellow of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.
7766: SALLUST. - C. Sallustii. Crispi Conjuratio Catiline et Bellum Jugurthinum Fragmenta eiusdem historiarum, e scriptorib. antiquis ab Aldo Manutio, Paulli F. collecta; Scholia Aldi Manutii Index, rerum & verbor. memorabilium. Aldus. Mantius. Pavlli. F. A. n.
8559: SALLUST. - C. Crispii Sallustii De conivratione Catilinæ historia. Eivsdem De Bello Ivgvrthino. Portij Latronis Declamatio contra L. Catilinam. Fragmenta quædam ex libris Historiarum C. Crispi Sallustij. Ex uestuiss.codicibus Omnia emendatiora: & ad fine, uariæ lectiones annotatæ.
3275: SALLUST. - Caius Crispus Sallustius the Historian Translated into English. To which are prefixed The Life and Character of the Author and His Works. By John Rowe. The Fourth Edition, Revised and Corrected Throughout.
4438: SALLUST. - The History of Catiline's Conspiracy, and the Jugurthine War. By C. C. Sallust. With a New Translation of Cicero's Four Orations against Catiline. To which is prefixed, The Life of Sallust. By William Rose.
8607: SAMMELBAND. MORE (HANNAH): - Essays on Various Subjects. Principally Designed for Young Ladies. A New Edition. With A Memoir of the Author.
8820: SAMMES (AYLETT): - Britannia Antiqua Illustrata: Or, The Antiquities of Ancient Britain, Derived from the Phœenicians: Wherein the Original Trade of this Island is discovered, the Names of Places, Offices, Dignities, as likewise the Idolatry, Language, and Customs of the Primitive Inhabitants are clearly demonstrated from that Nation, many old Monuments illustrated, and the Commerce with that People, as well as the Greeks, plainly set forth and collected out of approved Greek and Latin Authors. Together with a Chronological History of this Kingdom, from the first Traditional Beginning, until the Year of our Lord 800, when the Name of Britain was changed into England; Faithfully collected out of the best Authors, and disposed in a better Method than hitherto hath been done; with the Antiquities of the Saxons, as well as Phœnicians, Greeks, and Romans. The First Volume [All Published]. By Aylett Sammes, of Christ's Colledge in Cambridge. Since, of the Inner-Temple
3905: SANDYS (WILLIAM) AND SIMON ANDREW FORSTER: - The History of the Violin and other instruments played on with the bow from the remotest times to the present. Also, an account of the principal makers, English and foreign, with numerous illustrations.
8609: SANNAZARO (JACOPO): - Arcadia di Messer Giacopo Nobile Napolitano. Nuouamente con gionta ristampata , & con somma dilegenza corretta.
3048: SAVAGE (RICHARD): - The Works of Richard Savage, Esq. Son of The Earl Rivers. With an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, by Samuel Johnson. A New Edition.
2878: SAY (JEAN-BAPTISTE): - A Treatise on Political Economy; Or the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth. Translated from the Fourth Edition of the French, By C. R. Prinsep. With Notes by the Translator. New American Edition. Containing a Translation of the Introduction, and Additional Notes, By Clement C. Biddle.
8827: [SCHALCH (PHILLIS)]: - Grandmamma's Recollections and Letters Addressed to her Eldest Grandchild.
6661: SCHMIDT (ERASMUS): - Novi Testamenti Jesu Christi Græci, Hoc Est, Originalis Linguæ Tameion (aliis Concordantiæ) Hactenus Usitato Correctius, Ordinatius, Distinctius, Plenius, Jam dudum a pluribus desideratum: Ita Concinnatum, Ut Et Loca reperiendi, & Vocum veras Significationes; & Significationum diversitates per Collationem investigandi, Ducis instaresse possit. Opera Erasmi Schmidii, Graec. L. & Mathem. Prof. Cum gratia & Privilege Elect. Saxon. Wittebergae.
8432: SCHOONEBEEK (ADRIAAN): - Nette Afbeeldingen Der Eyge Dragten Van alle Geestelyke Orders, Nevens Een kort Aantekening van haar begin, instelders, en bevestiging. In't koper gebracht door Adriaan Schoonebeek.
8082: SCHOPPERUS (HARTMANN): - The Crafty Courtier: or the Fable of Reinard the Fox: Newly done into English Verse from the Antient Latin Iambics of Hartm. Schopperus, And by him Dedicated to Maximilian then Emperor of Germany.
6947: SCOTTISH HERRINGBONE BINDING. - The Book of Common Prayer. And Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be Sung or Said in Churches.
8764: SCUDERY (MADELÈNE ): - The Female Orators: 0r, the Courage and Constancy of divers Famous Queens, and Illustrious Women, Set forth in their Eloquent Orations, and Noble Resolutions: Worthy the Perusal and Imitation of the Female Sex. English'd from the French Edition of Monsieur de Scudery
8316: SECRET HISTORY. - The Secret History of the Reigns of K. Chales II. and K. James II.
8457: [SEDAINE (MICHEL JOHN)]: - La Tentation de S. Antoine, Ornée de Figures et de Musique.
5603: SELLON (WILLIAM): - Sermons on Various Subjects.
8737: [SEMPLE (ADAM (FL. 1870S)]: - Testimonials Testimonials in Favour of the Rev. Adam Semple, M.A., B.D., Candidate for the Office of Examiner in Mental Science in the University of Glasgow.
5624: SENAULT (JEAN-FRANCOIS): - The Use of Passions. Written in French By J. F. Senault. And Put into English by Henry Earl of Monmouth.
7385: SENIOR (WILLIAM NASSAU): - Two Lectures on Population, delivered before the University of Oxford, in Easter Term, 1828. To which is added a Correspondence between the Author and the Rev. T.R. Malthus.
8410: [SERLE (EDIS)]: - Little Joe and His Strawberry Plant. By the author of "Little Charlotte's Home," "Bunch of Grapes," "Donald's Hamper."
8782: SEVEN ALMANACS. 1808 - The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository; An Almanack For the Year of our Lord 1808: Being Bissextile or Leap Year. Containing many useful and entertain Particulars, peculiarly adapted to the ingenious Gentlemen engaged in the delightful Study and Practice of the Mathematicks. The Sixty-eight Almanack published of this Kind; and the Fifty-sixth of the New Style in England.
8781: SEVEN ALMANACS. 1806. - The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository; An Almanack For the Year of our Lord 1806: Being The Second after Bissextile or Leap Year. Containing many useful and entertaining Particulars, peculiarly adapted to the ingenious Gentlemen engaged in the delightful Study and Practice of the Mathematicks. The Sixty-sixth Almanack published of this Kind; and the Fifty-fourth of the New Style in England.
8012: SEVERUS (SULPICIUS): - Opera Omnia extant, ex Optimis editionibus accurate recognita.
2298: SEVILLE. B. (A.): - The Treaty of Seville, and the Measures that have been taken for the Four Last Years, Impartially Considered. In a Letter to a Friend.
2881: SEWEL (WILLIAM): - The History of the Rise, Increase, and Progress of the Christian People called Quakers. Intermixed with Several Remarkable Occurrences. Written Originally in Low Dutch, and also translated by himself into English. The Fifth Edition.
6511: SEWELL ([MARY]), MRS.: - The Rose of Cheriton. A Ballad. By Mrs Sewell, Author of "Mother's Last Words," "Thy Poor Brother," "Homely Ballads," etc
7043: SEYER (SAMUEL): - On the Syntax of the Latin Verb: Designed for the Use of Students.
1689: SHAIRP (JOHN CAMPBELL): - Studies in Poetry and Philosophy.
3715: SHAKESPEARE. - Shakespeare's England. An Account of the Life and Manners of his Age.
4508: SHAKESPEARE. PARR (WOLSTENHOLME): - The Story of the Moor of Venice. Translated from the Italian. With Two Essays of Shakespeare, and Preliminary Observations.
4318: SHAKESPEARE. [TAYLOR (EDWARD)]: - Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians.
2499: SHAKESPEARE. WALTER (JAMES): - Shakespeare's True life. Illustrated by Gerald E. Moira.
2657: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM): - The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare, In Six Volumes; With Notes by Joseph Rann.
7194: SHAKESPEARE. SEYMOUR (E. H.): - Remarks, Critical, Conjectural, and Explanatory, upon the Plays of Shakespeare; resulting from A Collation of the Early Copies, with that of Johnson and Steevens, edited by Isaac Reed. Together with Some Valuable Extracs from the Mss. of the Late Right Honourable Joh, Lord Chedworth. Dedicated to Richard Brinsely Sheridan.
7195: SHAKESPEARE. [HEATH (BENJAMIN)]: - A Revisal of Shakespear's Text, wherein The Alterations introduced into it by the modern Editors and Critics, are particularly considered.
7192: SHAKESPEARE. DOUCE (FRANCIS): - Illustrations of Shakspeare [sic], and Ancient Manners. With Dissertations on the Clowns and Fools of Shakspeare; on the Collection of Popular Tales entitled Gesta Romanorum; and on the English Morris Dance. The Engravings on Wood by J. Berryman.
8407: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM): - Shakespeare Szonettjei. Forditotta Szabo Lorinc. Masodik Kiadas
8886: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM): - The Beauties of Shakespeare; Selected from his Works. To which are added, the principal Scenes in the same Author. The Third Edition corrected, revised and enlarged.
6315: SHARP (GRANVILLE): - An Account of the Ancient Division of the English Nation into Hundreds and Tithings: the happy effects of that excellent institution; -that it would be equally beneficial to all other Nations and Countries, as well under monarchical as republican establishments;-and that, to the English Nation in particular, it would afford an effectual means of reforming the Corruption of Parliaments by rendering the Representation of the People perfectly equal, in exact numerical Proportion, to the total Number of Householders throughout the whole Realm. Intended as an Appendix to several Tracts on National Defence, &
6239: SHAW (FERDINANDO): - A Summary of the Bible: Or, the Principal Heads of Natural, and Revealed Religion; Alphabetically disposed in the Words of Scripture only. With Marginal Readings and Parallel Texts. Adapted to the Uses of a Scripture-Dictionary, Common-Place Book, Concordance and Comment.
1827: SHAW (JAMES): - Sketches of the History of the Austrian Netherlands: With Remarks on the Constitution, Commerce, Arts, and General State of these Provinces.
8014: SHEMAYA (EBN), PSEUD FOR JAMES DAVID PARKES: - The Star; Being a Complete System of Theoretical and Practical Astrology. Containing Rules and Astronomical Diagrams, for finding the right ascensions, ascensional differences, declinations, &c. of the planets and fixed stars. The Whole Art of Directions, according to principles strictly mathematical, with an easy method of rectifying Nativities. Rules to erect a theme of the heavens for any latitude, by trigonometry and the celestial globe. Precepts for Judging Nativities, whereby every important event in life may be discovered from the cradle to the tomb. The whole illustrated by the Nativity of the Author, with several other remarkable genitures, with many hundreds of directions calculated in full.
6131: [SHENSTONE (WILLIAM)]: - The Judgment of Hercules, A Poem. Inscribed to George Lyttelton Esq.
5222: SHENSTONE (WILLIAM): - The Poetical Works of William Shenstone. With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan. The Text edited by Charles Cowden Clarke.
6595: SHENSTONE (WILLIAM): - The Works in Verse and Prose, of William Shenstone, Esq. The Fifth Edition [volumes 1 and 2]. A New Edition [volume 3].
7341: SHERIDAN (THOMAS): - British Education: Or, The Source of the Disorders of Great Britain. Being An Essay towards proving, that the Immortality, Ignorance, and false Taste, which so generally prevail, are the natural and necessary Consequences of the present defective System of Education. With An Attempt to shew, that a Revival of the Art of Speaking, and the Study of our own Language, might contribute, in a great measure, to the Cure of those Evils. In Three Parts. I. Of the Use of these Studies to Religion, and Morality; as also, to the Support of the British Constitution. II. Their absolute Necessity in order to refine, ascertain, and fix the English Language. III. Their Use in the Cultivation of the Imitative Arts: shewing, that were the Study of Oratory made a necessary Branch of this Education of Youth; Poetry, Musick, Painting, an Sculpture, might arrive at as high a Pitch of perfection in England, as ever they did in Athens or Rome.
8030: SHERIDAN (THOMAS): - A Rhetorical Grammar of the English Language. Calculated solely for the Purposes of Teaching Propriety of Pronunciation, and Justness of Delivery, in That Tongue, by the Organs of Speech.
5463: SHERIDAN (RICHARD BRINSLEY): - A Trip to Scarborough, A Comedy. As performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Altered from Vanbrugh's Relapse; or, Virtue in Danger.
8679: SHERIDAN (THOMAS): - A Course of Lectures on Elocution: Together with Two Dissertations on Language; and Some Other Tracts relative to those Subjects. A New Edition.
7233: [SHERIDAN (RICHARD BRINSLEY), INTER ALIA]: - [The Rival Beauties: A Poetical Contest. Containing, The Bath Picture; or, a sketch of its beauties in 1771. Clio's protest, or, the picture varnished. And Pindar's reply. To which is added, The Ridotto of Bath, a panegyric.]
7911: SHERLOCK (WILLIAM): - The Present State of the Socinian Controversy, and the Doctrine of the Catholick Fathers Concerning a Trinity in Unity.
5083: SHERLOCK (THOMAS): - Several Discourses Preached at the Temple Church. The Third Edition.
2317: SHERLOCK (THOMAS): - A Vindication of the Corporation and Test Acts. In Answer to the Bishop of Bangor's Reasons for the Repeal of Them. To Which is added: A Second Part, Concerning the Religion of Oaths. By Tho. Sherlock, Dean of Chichester, and Master of the Temple.
6201: SHERLOCK (WILLIAM): - A Discourse Concerning the Knowledge of Jesus Christ, And Our Union and Communion with him, &c.
6198: SHERLOCK (WILLIAM): - A Practical Discourse concerning a Future Judgment. The Fifth Edition.
6200: SHERLOCK (WILLIAM): - A Practical Discourse concerning a Future Judgment. The Sixteenth Edition.
8769: SHERWOOD (MRS. [ [NÉE BUTT], MARY MARTHA): - The History of Little Henry and his Bearer. Tenth Edition.
2978: [SHIPPEN (WILLIAM)]: - Faction Display'd. A Poem. From a Corrected Copy.
3911: SIDDONS. CAMPBELL (THOMAS): - Life of Mrs. Siddons.
6905: SIDNEY (SIR PHILIP): - The Miscellaneous Works of Sir Philip Sidney, Knt. With a life of the author and illustrative notes By William Gray.
3770: SIDNEY [SYDNEY] (ALGERNON): - The Works of Algernon Sydney. A New Edition.
7578: SIDNEY (SIR PHILIP): - Aphorisms of Sir Philip Sidney; With Remarks by Miss [Jane] Porter, (Author of Thaddeus of Warsaw).
3992: [?SILLIMAN (BENJAMIN)]: - Letters of Shahcoolen, a Hindu philosopher residing in Philadelphia, to his friend El Hassan, an inhabitant of Delhi.
7521: SILVESTER (TIPPING): - Original Poems and Translations. Consisting of The Microscope, Piscatio, or Angling, the Beau and Academic. With A Poem on the approaching Marriage of the Prince of Orange with the Princess Royal, &c. Published by George Silvester, Gent.
6513: SIME (D.), EDITOR: - The Edinburgh Musical Miscellany: A Collection of the most approved Scotch, English, and Irish Songs, Set to Music.
7314: SIMSON (ROBERT): - Sectionum Conicarum Libre Quinque. Editio Secunda, Emendatior & Auctior.
7935: SINGING. - The London Minstrel a selection of favorite Songs, Duetts, Glees &c. Set to Music fo rthe Voice, Violin & Flute with an Introduction to Singing.
6865: SISSON (JOSEPH LAWSON): - The Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar: to which are added A Praxis and Vocabulary.
4117: SKEFFINGTON (HON. AND REV. T. C.): - Handy-Book of Musical Art; With some Practical Hints to Students.
3073: SKELTON (PHILIP): - Ophiomaches: Or Deism Revealed. With a new Introduction by David Berman.
8581: SKINNER (JOHN): - Amusements of Leisure Hours: or Poetical Pieces, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect: by the late Reverend John Skinner; at Longside, Aberedeenshire. To which is Prefixed, A Sketch of the Author's Life, with some Remarks on Scottish Poetry.
8542: SKITTLES. - Rules and Instructions for Playing at Skittles. By a Society of Gentlmen.
8718: SLAUGHTER (EDWARD): - Grammatica Hebraica Auctore Edwardo Slaughter S. I. Item Chaldaica. Auctore Io. Dav. Michaelis.
6863: SMETIUS (HENRICUS OR HENDRIK): - Henrici Smetii Alostani Prosodia in Novam Forma Digesta: In qua voces plurimae de novo additae: pleraeque etiam ad similia remissiones, novis exemplis suppletae: Singularum vero syllabarum quantitas, in rudiorum gratiamnotulis productionem brevitatemque earum indicantibus, ad marginem notatur.
5973: SMILES (SAMUEL): - Duty With Illustrations of Courage, Patience, & Endurance
7619: SMITH (ELIZABETH): - Poems on Malvern, and Other Subjects.
8009: SMITH (EGERTON): - The Elysium of Animals: A Dream.
3054: SMITH (ADAM). MOSSNER (ERNEST CAMPBELL): - Adam Smith: The Biographical Approach. Being the thirtieth Lecture on the David Murray Foundation in the University of Glasgow delivered on 3rd March 1969.
3645: SMITH (DAVID NICHOL). - Essays on the Eighteenth Century. Presented to David Nichol Smith in honour of his seventieth birthday.
3710: SMITH (JOHN): - Fruits and Farinacea the Proper Food of Man: Being an attempt to prove, from history, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, that the Original, Natural, and Best Diet of Man is derived from the Vegetable Kingdom. With Notes and Illustrations, by R. T. Trall. From the Second London Edition.
2885: SMITH (JOHN): - Memoirs of Wool, Woolen Manufacture, and Trade, (Particularly in England) From the Earliest to the Present Times; With Occasional Notes, Dissertations, and Reflections. The Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
3879: SMITH (JOHN THOMAS): - Nollekens and his Times: Comprehending a Life of that Celebrated Sculptor: and Memoirs of Several Contemporary Artists, from the time of Roubiliac, Hogarth, and Reynolds, to that of Fuseli, Flaxman, and Blake.
3230: SMITH (ROBERT): - Harmonics, or The Philosophy of Musical Sounds. The Second Edition, Much improved and augmented.
5643: SMITH (ROBERT): - Harmonics, or The Philosophy of Musical Sounds.
2291: SMITH (THOMAS): - Letter to Thomas Smith, Esquire; Occasioned by His Letter to the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Edinburgh. Containing Matter of Serious Consideration for the Public and the Magistrates. By an Inhabitant of Edinburgh.
5916: SMITH (JOHN): - The Art of Painting in Oyl. Wherein is included each particular Circumstance relating to the best and most approved Rules for preparing, mixing, and working of Oyl Colours The whole Treatise being so full Compleat, and so exactly fitted to the meanest Capacity, that all Persons whatsoever, may be able by these Directions, to Paint in Oyl Colours all manner of Timber work; that require either Use, Beauty, or Preservation, from the Violence or Injury of the Weather. The Fifth Impression, with some Alterations, and many Matters added, which are not to be found in the former Editions. To which is added, The whole Art and Mystery of Colouring Maps, and other Prints, with Water-Colours.
8867: SMOLLETT (TOBIAS): - The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves. Cooke's Edition. Two Volumes in One. Embellished with Superb Engravings.
8822: SOCIETY OF THE COURT OF COMUS. - Tales to Kill Time: Or, A New Method to cast off Care, and to cure Melancholy, Vapours, and all Hypochondriacal Complaints. By the Society of the Court of Comus.
8797: SOMERVILLE (THOMAS): - The History of Great Britain during the Reign of Queen Anne. With a Dissertation concerning the Danger of the Protestant Succession; And an Appendix, containing Original Papers.
8807: SONGS. - Le Petit Chansonnier des Deserts.
8525: SONGS. CHANSONS. - Chansons Choisies, avec les airs notés.
8636: SONGS. - Songs sung by Mr. Johnston. Contents. A boat, a boat....
8823: ÆSOP. - Æsop's Fables With Instructive Morals and Reflections. Abstracted from all Party Considerations. Adapted To All Capacities; And design'd to promote Religion, Morality, and University Benevolence. Containing Two Hundred and Forty Fables, with a Cut Engrav'd on Copper to each Fable. And the Life of Æsop prefixed. By Mr. Richardson
5430: SOUTHEY (ROBERT): - The Book of the Church. Second Edition.
4322: SOUTHEY (ROBERT): - Madoc. The Second Edition.
3183: SPENCER (HERBERT). GUTHRIE (MALCOLM): - On Mr. Spencer's Formula of Evolution as an exhaustive statement of the changes of the universe. Followed by a resume of the most important criticism of Spencer's "First Principles."
7107: SPOHR (LOUIS): - Louis Spohr's Celebrated Violin School, Translated from the Original. Dedicated to the Author's Friend Edward Taylor Esqr. Gresham Professor Music. By John Bishop.
4515: SPOTISWOOD (JOHN): - An Introduction To the Knowledge of the Stile of Writs, Simple and Compound, made use of in Scotland; Containing Directions for Drawing Securities, In Cases which most commonly occur; with Examples; according to the best Modern Practice. Written for the Use of the Students in Spotiswood's College of Law, and now Publish'd for the Common Good. The Second Edition with Additions.
6316: SQUIRE (SAMUEL): - Indifference for Religion Inexcusable; Or, a Serious, impartial and practical Review of the Certainty, Importance, and Harmony of Religion both Natural and Revealed.
4953: [ST. JOHN (JOHN)]: - Observations on the Land Revenue of the Crown.
4095: STAFFORD (WILLIAM C.): - A History of Music.
6054: STAFFORD (WILLIAM C.): - History of Music.
6933: STAGG (JOHN): - Miscellaneous Poems, Some of which are in the Cumberland Dialect.
4335: STANHOPE (GEORGE): - The Danger of Hard-heartedness to the Poor. A Sermon Preach'd in the Parish-Church of St. Sepulchers, May 31. 1750. Being Thursday in Whitson Week. At a Meeting of the Gentlemen concerned in Promoting the Charity-Schools in and about the Cities of London and Westminster. At which Time and Place the several Masters and Mistresses of the said Schools appeared with the poor Children under their Care: In Number above Two Thousand. Published at the Request of many Persons concerned in this Charity.
8373: STANHOPE (EUGENIA): - The Deportment of a Married Life; Laid down in a Series of Letters, written by the Honorable E------. S-------, a few years since, to a Young Lady, her relation then lately married. Dedicated to the Countess of Derby. Second Edition.
8721: STEELE (SIR RICHARD): - The Conscious Lovers. Gli Amanti Interni Commedia Inglese del Cavaliere Ricardo Steele.
5053: STEELE (RICHARD). - Remarks upon Mr. Steele's Crisis, Humbly inscrib'd to the Clergy of the Church of England.
4598: STEELE (RICHARD), EDITOR: - The Guardian. A New Edition, Carefully Revised. With Prefaces Historical and Biographical by Alexander Chalmers.
7902: STEELE (SIR RICHARD): - Epistolary Correspondence of Sir Richard Steele. Containing Letters to his Second Wife, Mrs. Mary Scurlock, and Her Two Daughters [volume 1]; Containing Letters to and from His Friends and Patrons [volume 2]. Now first printed from the originals, which are deposited in the British Museum. Illustrated with Literary and Historical Anecdotes By John Nichols.
8519: [STEINBERG (SIGFRID HENRY)]: - The Monotype Recorder. Special Number, Sept. 1940: The Fifth Centennial of the Invention of Typography, The Art of Printing with Movable Types.
7309: STEPHANIUS (STEPHEN HANSEN): - De Regno Daniae et Norwegiae. Insulisque: adjacentibus juxta a de Holsatia Ducatum Sleswicensi et finitimis provincijs, Tractatus varij.
4276: [STEPHENS (WILLIAM)]: - An Account of the Growth of Deism in England.
6107: STERNE (LAURENCE): - A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy. By Mr. Yorick. A New Edition.
4074: STERNE (LAURENCE): - Sermons Choisis de L. Sterne. Traduits de l'Anglais par Mr. D. L. B.
3628: STEVENS (GEORGE ALEXANDER): - A Lecture on Heads, With Additions by Mr. Pilon; As delivered by Mr. Charles Lee Lewis..... To which is added An Essay on Satire. A New Genuine Edition Corrected. With the genuine Edition of G. A. Steven's Songs....
4631: [STEVENS (WILLIAM)], ED.: - The Scholar Armed against the Errors of Infidelity, Enthusiasm, and Disloyalty; or, A Collection of Tracts on the Principles of Religion, Government, and Ecclesiastical Polity.
2612: STEWART (DUGALD): - Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind. In Two Parts. With References, Sectional Heads, Synoptical Table of Contents and Translations of the Numerous Greek, Latin, and French Quotations, &c. By The Rev. G. N. Wright, Editor of the Works of Berkeley, Reid, etc.
2610: STEWART (DUGALD): - Outlines of Moral Philosophy. For the Use of Students in the University of Edinburgh. The Fifth Edition.
2611: STEWART (DUGALD): - Outlines of Moral Philosophy. With a Memoir, a Supplement, and Questions, by James M'Cosh, LL. D.
2614: STEWART (DUGALD): - Philosophical Essays. Third Edition.
2615: STEWART (DUGALD): - Philosophical Essays. Third Edition.
6919: [STILLINGFLEET (EDWARD)]. - Three works (uniformly bound) written against Stillingfleet, viz. To Katholiko [Greek] Stillingfleeton. Or, An account given to a Catholick Friend, of Dr. Stillingfleets late book against the Roman Church. Together with a short Postil upon his Text, in three Letters, by I.V.C. [John Vincent Canes].
7869: STIRLING. RANDALL (M.): - The History of Stirling, From the earliest accounts to the present time. Compiled from the Latest and best Authorities. With a Sketch of a Tour to Callander and the Trosachs, &c. &c. Second Edition.
7924: STONE (EDMUND): - A New Mathematical Dictionary: Wherein is contain'd, not only the Explanation of the Bare Terms, But likewise an History of the Rise, Progress, States, Properties, &c. of Things, Both in Pure Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy, So far as these last come under a Mathematical Consideration. The Second Edition, with Large Additions.
7875: STONE (EDMUND): - A New Mathematical Dictionary: Wherein is contain'd, not only the Explanation of the Bare Terms, But likewise an History of the Rise, Progress, States, Properties, &c. of Things, Both in Pure Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy, So far as these last come under a Mathematical Consideration. The Second Edition, with Large Additions.
8837: STORIES - Short Stories and Poems for Children, Original and Select. With Forty Wood Engravings.
6557: STUART (GILBERT): - The History of the Establishment of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland.
8213: STUART (GILBERT): - An Historical Dissertation concerning the Antiquity of the English Constitution. The Second Edition, corrected.
2890: SULLY (MAXIMILIEN DE BÉTHUNE), DUC DE: - Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of Sully, Prime Minister to Henry the Great. Containing The History of the Life and Reign of that Monarch, And his own Administration under Him. Translated [by Charlotte Lennox] from the French. To which is added, The Tryal of Ravaillac for the Murder of Henry the Great.
8997: SUNDAY SCHOOL OF GRACE CHURCH, ANDOVER, MASS. - Not Lost, but Laid Aside. A True Story.
8028: SUPPER. - A Week's Preparation toward a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper After the Warning of the Church for the Celebration of the Holy Communion. In Meditations and Prayers for Morning and Evening, for every Day in the Week. Also Some Meditations to live well after the Receiving the Holy Sacrament The Forty-Sixth Edition.
7744: SWIFT (JONATHAN): - The Adventures of Captain Gulliver, In a Voyage to Lilliput.
2208: SYDENHAM (THOMAS): - Medecine pratique de Sydenham, avec des notes; Ouvrage traduit en Francois sur la derniere edition Angloise, Par feu M. A. F. Jault.
4690: SYKES (ARTHUR ASHLEY): - The Principles and Connexion of Natural and Revealed Religion Distinctly Considered.
8434: SYMPSON [SIMPSON] (CHRISTOPHER): - A Compendium: Or Introduction to Practical Musick In Five Parts. Teaching, by a New, and Easie Method, 1. The Rudiments of Song. 2. The Principles of Composition. 3. The Use of Discords. 4. The Form of Figurate Descant. 5. The Contrivance of Cannon. The Eighth Edition with Additions: Much more Correct than any former, the Examples being put in the most useful Cliffs.
8524: TAPPARELLI D'AZEGLIO (MASSIMO), MARQUIS: - Hector Fieramosca, or the Challenge of Barletta: an historical tale. Translated from the Italian [by Michael Henry Rankin].
8298: TASSO (TORRQUATO): - Aminta Favola Boscareccia.
4366: TASSO (TORQUATO): - Il Goffredo, overo Gierusalemme Liberata, Poema Heroico...con l'Allegoria Univerale dell'istesso, Et con gli Argomenti del Sig. Horatio Ariosti & di bellissime figure adnorato.
7848: TAYLOR (JANE): - Original Poems for Infant Minds. By Several Young Persons. A New and Revised Edition.
4858: TAYLOR (ISAAC): - Beginnings of European Biography. The Early Ages. From the Decline of the Roman Empire to the Reign of Charlemagne. Illustrated with twenty-four engravings.
1808: [TAYLOR (ISAAC)]: - Fanaticism. By the Author of the Natural History of Enthusiasm.
2892: [TAYLOR (ISACC)]: - Physical Theory of Another Life. By the Author of the Natural History of Enthusiasm.
5838: TAYLOR (JEFFREYS): - Parlour Commentaries on the Constitution and Laws of England; being a Familiar Explanation of the Nature of Government and the necessity of Legal Authority, with some Account of the proceedings in Parliament and Courts of Justice.
6555: TAYLOR (JEREMY). WHEELDON (JOHN): - The Life of Bishop Taylor, and The Purest Spirit of his Writings, Extracted and Exhibited for General Benefit by John Wheeldon.
1591: TERENCE. - The Andria & Eunuchus of Terence, Translated into English, With Notes Critical and Explanatory, by the Rev. William Gardiner.
7772: TERTULLIAN. - The Address of Q. Sept. Tertullian, to Scapula Tertullus, Proconsul of Africa. Translated By Sir David Dalrymple.
8209: TEVO (ZACCARIA): - Il Musico Testore del P. Bac. Zaccaria Tevo M.C. Raccomandato alla benigna et Auttoreuole Protetione dell'Illmo. Eccmo. Sigr. il Sigr. Andrea Statio Veneto Patritio.
3118: THACKERAY (WILLIAM MAKEPEACE): - The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, his Friends and his Greatest Enemy.
2328: THE CRAFTSMAN. [BOLINGBROKE (HENRY ST. JOHN), VISCOUNT]: - A Final Answer to the Remarks on the Craftsman's Vindication; and to All the Libels, Which have come, or may come from the same Quarter against the Person, last mentioned in the Craftsman of the 22nd of May.
5151: THEOCRITUS. - The Idylliums of Theocritus with Rapin's Discourse upon Pastorals. Made English by Mr. Creech. The Second Edition. To which is prefix'd, The Life of Theocritus. By Basil Kennet.
8164: THEOPHRASTUS. - Theophrastou Charakteres ethikoi. Theophrasti Characteres ethici. Ex recensione Petri Needham, et versione Latina Isaaci Casauboni.
3892: THIERS (LOUIS ADOLPHE): - The History of the French Revolution. Translated, With Notes and Illustrations from the Most Authentic Sources.
3212: THOM (WILLIAM), OF INVERURY: - Rhymes and Recollections of a Hand-Loom Weaver. Third Edition, with Additions.
4574: THOMASON (THOMAS): - An Essay tending to shew that The Christian Religion has in its Effects been favourable to Human Happiness.
8584: [THOMPSON (THOMAS PERRONET)]: - The True Theory of Rent, In Opposition to Mr. Ricardo and Others. Beingan Exposition of Fallacies on Rent, Tithes, &c. In the form of a Reveiw of Mr. Mill's Elements of Political Economyh. By the Author of the Catechism on the Corn Laws. Eighth Edition.
6393: THOMPSON (CHARLES): - Rules for Bad Horsemen; Hints to Inexpert Travellers; and Maxims worth remembering by the most Experienced Equestrians. A New Edition, with Modern Additions. By John Hinds, V. S.
6560: THOMSON (JAMES): - The Seasons: and Castle of Indolence.
4830: THOMSON (JOHN): - Tables of Interest, At 4, 4½, and 5 per Cent. From 1 to 365 Days, from 1 to 12 Months, and from 1 to 10 Years. Also, Tables of Exchange and Commission, From 1/8 to 3 per Cent.
4620: THOMSON (WILLIAM): - Orpheus Caledonius: Or, A Collection of Scots Songs. Set to Musick by W. Thomson. The Second Edition.
7080: THRALE (HESTER LYNCH). PINE (ROBERT EDGE). - An oil painting, probably made in the early 20th century, of Hester Lynch Thrale (1741 - 1821), after Robert Edge Pine (1730 - 1788). The original picture of Mrs. Thrale by Pine dating from 1781 was auctioned at Christie's South Kensington in December 2008.
8225: THUMB BIBLE. MINIATURE. - The Bible in Miniature; Or, A Concise History of the Old and New Testaments.
4679: [TICKELL (RICHARD)]: - Anticipation: Containing the Substance of His M-------y's Most Gracious Speech to both H----s of P---l-----t, on the Opening of the approaching Session, Together with a full and authentic Account of the Debate which will take Place in the H----e of C-----s, on the Motion for the Address, and the Amendment. With Notes.
6398: [TICKELL (THOMAS], INTER ALIA: - Probationary Odes for the Laureatship: With a Preliminary Discourse, by Sir John Hawkins.
6830: TILLOTSON (JOHN), ARCHBISHOP. BIRCH (THOMAS): - The Life Of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Compiled chiefly form His Original Papers and letters.
2898: TIRABOSCHI (GIROLAMO): - Histoire de la Littérature d'Italie, Tirée de l'Italien de Mr. Tiraboschi, et abrégée par Antoine Landi, Conseiller & Poëte de cour de Prusse, & Académicien Florentin.
5792: TISSOT (SAMUEL AUGUST DAVID): - Advice to the People in General, With Regard to their Health: But particularly calculated for those, who are the most unlikely to be provided in time with the best Assistance, or upon any sudden inward or outward Accident. With A Table of the most cheap, yet effectual Remedies, and the plainest Directions for preparing them readily. Translated from the French Edition of Dr. Tissot's Avis au Peuple, &c. Printed at Lyons; with all the Notes in the two former English Editions, and a few additional ones. By J. Kirkpatrick, M. D. The Third Edition revised and corrected. With some further additional Notes and Prescriptions, and with the former Appendix.
8292: TITUS. [?HILTON (WILLIAM)]: - Caps Well Fit: or, Select Epigrams. Serious and Comic. By Titus, in Sandgate, and Titus, Everywhere.
8825: TOM THUMB. - Histoire de Tom Pouce
8659: TOMKINS (E. [SIC, FOR THOMAS]): - Poems on Various Subjects; Selected to enforce the Practice of Virtue, and to comprise in one Volume the Beauties of English Poetry. A New Edition, with Vignettes.
7872: [TOPHAM (EDWARD), EDITOR]: - The British Album. Containing the Poems of Della Crusca, Anna Matilda, Arley, Benedict, the Bard, &c. &c. &c. Which were originally published under the Title of The Poetry of the World. Revised and Corrected by their Respective Authors. Second Edition. Also, a Poem, never before published, called The Interview, by Della Crusca. And other Considerable Additions.
6666: TOTTIE (JOHN): - A View of Reason and Passion, as in their original and present state. A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable The Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Sheriffs of the city of London, at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, on Sunday, December 21, 1735.
5609: TOUSSAINT (FRANCOIS VINCENT): - Manners. Translated from the French. The Third Edition.
6335: TOUSSAINT (FRANCOIS VINCENT): - Manners. Translated from the French. The Second Edition.
5054: TRELAWNY (JONATHAN), LORD BISHOP OF EXETER: - A Sermon Preach'd before the Queen, and Both House of Parliament: At the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls Nov. 12, 1703. Being the Day of Thanksgiving: For the Signal Successes Vouchsafed to Her Majesties Forces by Sea and Land: Under the Command of the Earl of Marlborough....
6930: TRESSAN (ABBÉ DE): - Mythologie Comparée avec l'Histoire A l'Usage des Jeunes Personnes et Convenable a Tous Les Ages dédiée a Lady Barbara Pleydell-Bouverie.
2308: TRIENNIAL ACT. [?HUTCHESON (ARCHIBALD)]: - A Speech Made in the House of Commons April the 24th 1716; Against the Bill for the Repeal of the Triennial Act, And for enlarging the Time of Continuance of Parliaments. Never before Printed.
7677: [TRIMMER (SARAH)]: - Instructive Tales, for Young Persons, Intended to Amuse and Inform the youthful mind, comprising, Lascells; or, The Young Soldier. Leland; Or, the Wanderings of Youthful Romance. A New Edition.
2984: TRIPE. - The Swan Tripe-Club: A Satyr, on the High-Flyers; In the Year 1705.
8742: TROJAN WARS. [SETTLE (ELKANAH)]: - The New History of the Trojan Wars And Troy's Destruction. In Four Books. Containing I An Account of the Birth, Life, Death, and Glorious Actions of the Mighty Hercules of Greece. II. The Renowned and Valiant Deeds of the most famous Hector of Troy. III. The Rape of Fair Helen of Greece; together with the last Destruction of Troy, by the Stratagem of the Wooden Horse. IV. The Arrival of Brute in Britain, and how he conquered Albion and his Giants, and built Troynovant, now London. To which is Added, The Siege of Troy, a Tragi-Comedy, as it has been often acted with great Applause.
8956: [TROTTI DE LA CHETARDIE (JOACHIM), CHEVALIER]: - L'Apocalypse Expliquee par l'Histoire Ecclesiastique. Quatrieme Editon, Revue & augmentee de plusiers Notes & Figures. Par Monsieur le Cure de S. Sulpice. Vaeum abut: & ecce veniunt adhuc Duo Vae post haec. La premier malheur a passé: & voicy les deux autres malheurs quie viennent cy-aprés.
6350: TRYDELL (REV. JOHN): - Two Essays on the Theory and Practice of Music. In the First are laid down the Principles of the Science. In the Latter are demonstrated the Rules of Harmony, Composition, and Thorough Bass. To which is added, A new and short Method of attaining to Sing by Note.
7666: TUNSTALL (JAMES): - Lectures on Natural and Revealed Religion, Read in the Chapel of St. John's College, Cambridge.
3804: [TURNER (ELIZABETH)]: - The Daisy; Or Cautionary Stories in Verse adapted to the Ideas of Children from Four to Eight Years Old. Illustrated with Thirty Engravings.
7767: TURNOR (EDMOND): - Description of an Ancient Castle at Rouen in Normandy, Built by Henry V. King of England, &c. &c. Read at the Society of Antiquaries of London, April 1,1784. And published in the Seventh Volumes of the Archaeologia, or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity.
8252: [TYTLER (WILLIAM)]: - Poetical Remains of James the First, King of Scotland. [AND] Dissertation on the Scottish Music.
8749: UDE (LOUIS EUSTACHE): - The French Cook, A System of Fashionable and Economical Cookery, adapted to the Use of English Families. Tenth Edition, Corrected and Enlarged, with an Appendix of Observations on the meals of the day - new methods of giving fashionable suppers at routs and soirees, as practised by the author when with Lord Sefton - history of cookery - rules of carving - on the choice of meats, &c.
2900: UPHAM (THOMAS): - A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on the Will.
7700: VALERIANO (PIERO) [JOANNIS PIERII VALERIANI BELLUNENSIS]: - Hieroglyphica; seu, De sacris Aegyptiorum Aliarumque Gentiuim Literis Commentarii. Summa cum industria exarati, & in libros quinquaginta octo redacti: quibus etiam duo alii ab eruditissimo viro sunt annexi.... Accessere nunn primum perutiles ad marginem Annotatipones nunquam hactenus excusae, una cum Declamatiuncula pro Barbis, ac einsdem Poematibus: eaque a mendis quaeirrepserant, vindicata. Cum Indice Gemino.
7880: VALERIUS MAXIMUS. - Valerius Maximus cum selectis variorum observat et nova recensione A. Thysii.
8505: VALLA (LORENZO): - Laurentii Vallae De linguae latinae elegantia libri sex. Eiusdem de Reciprocatione Sui & Suus, libellus apprimè vtilis. Vna cu[m] Epitomis Iodoci Badij Ascensij, nec non Antonij Mancinelli Lima: His accesserunt perdoctae annotationes eruditissimi viri Ioannis Theodorici Bellouaci: qui locos insuper è variis authoribus à Valla citatos, ex codicum Ciceronis, Quintiliani, Liuii & aliorum fideli collatione reposuit, germanaeq[ue] integritati restituit. Cum Indice multo quam antea locupletiore.
8000: [VALPY (RICHARD)], EDITOR: - Poems, Odes, Prologues, and Epilogues, Spoken on Public Occasions at Reading School. Second Edition.
8084: VALVASONE (ERASMO DI): - La Caccia dell' il. Sig. Erasmo di Valvasone. Ricorretta e di molte stanza ampliata. Con le Annotationi di M. Olimpio Marcucci. Cum privilegio.
8256: VAVASOUR (LADY [?ANNE]: - My Last Tour and First Work: Or, A Visit to the Baths of Wildbad and Rippoldsau. By Lady Vavasour.
8859: VEEN (OTTO VAN): - Amoris Divini Emblemata, Studio et Aere Othonis Vaeni Concinnata.
7371: VEEN (OTTO VAN): - Emblemi di Q. Orazio Flacco adorni di figure incise in rame, ed illustrate con note da Ottone Venio di Leida… Ora di unovo dati in Luce da Stefano Milinari. [Latin title: Q. Horati Flacci Emblemata imaganibus in aes incises notisque illustrate Studio Othono Vaenie Batavolugdunensis. Nunc Cura et Opera Stephani Mulinari Iterum in Lucem edita.]
8715: VEEN (OTTO VAN): - Quinti Horatii Flacci Emblemata. Imaginibus in æs incisis, notisque illustrata. Studio Othonis VænI Batavo-Lugdunensis. Editio nova correctior, & SS. Parrum, Senecae atquae aliorum Philosophorum & Poetarum Sententiis, novilque Versibus auctta.
1941: VERGANI (M. A.): - Grammaire Italienne, simplifiee et redutie a xx lecons, Avec des Themes, des Dialogues, et un petit Recueil de trtis d'histoire en italine, a l'usage des commencans; Sixieme Edition, Corrigee et Augmentee.
7787: VICTORIAN SCRAP ALBUM. - A large Victorian scrap album, 286 X 230 mms.
5984: VILLETTE (CHARLES LOUIS DE): - Essay on the Happiness of the Life to Come.
2045: VINAS Y BARNOYA (NARCIS F. J.): - Essai sure les Passions de l'Ame, Considerees comme Cause de Maladies; Presented et Publiquement souten a la Faculte de Medecine de Montpellier, le 2 Mai 1809.
8778: [VINCENT (JOHN)]: - Fowling, A Poem (In Five Books) Descriptive of Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Woodcock, Duck, and Snipe Shooting.
7247: VINTNER'S COMPANY. MILBOURN (THOMAS): - The Vintner's Company, Their Muniments, Plate, and eminent Members, with some account of The Ward of Vintry. Revised and Edited by Thomas Milbourn.
1800: VIRGIL. - Varietate Lectonis et Perpetua Annotatione illustratus a Chr. Gottl. Heyne accedit index uberrimus. Editio Nova Accurata.
5581: VIRGIL. - The Works of Virgil, in English Verse. The Æneid Translated By the Rev. Mr. Christopher Pitt, The Eclogues and Georgics By the Rev. Mr. Joseph Warton.
9015: VITRUVIUS POLLIO (MARCUS): - De Architectura libri decem nuper decem nuper maxima diligentia castigati atq; excusi, additis, Julij Frontini de aqueductibus libris propter materiae affinitatem.
8548: VIZETELLY (JAMES HENRY), PUBLISHER. CRUIKSHANK (GEORGE). - The Young Lady's Book: A Manual of Elegant Recreations, Exercises, and Pursuits.
3100: VOLTAIRE - The Dramatic Works of M. de Voltaire. Translated from the French by the Rev. David Williams.
6292: VOLTAIRE (FRANCOISE MARIE AROUET DE): - Henriade. An Epick Poem. In Ten Canto's. Translated from the French into English Blank Verse. To which are now added, The Argument to each canto and Large Notes Historical and Critical.
8253: [VOLTAIRE (FRANCOISE MARIE AROUET DE)]: - Le Caffe, ou l'Ecossaise, Comedie. Par Mr. Hume, traduite en Francais.
8549: VULLERS (IOANNES AUGUSTUS): - Grammaticae Arabicae Elementa et Formarum Doctrina per Tabulas Descripta. In Usum Praelectionum digessit Ionnes Augustus Vullers.
8921: WAGNER (RICHARD). CHAMBERLAIN (HOUSTON STEWART): - Richard Wagner. Mit zahlreichern Portraits, Faksimiles, Illustrationen und Beilagen.
7411: WAKEFIELD (PRISCILLA): - Domestic Recreation; Or Dialogues illustrative of Natural and Scientific Subjects.
7504: WAKEFIELD (PRISCILLA): - Domestic Recreation; Or Dialogues illustrative of Natural and Scientific Subjects.
4822: WAKELY (ANDREW): - The Mariner's Compass Rectified: Containing Tables, shewing the True Hour of the Day, the Sun being upon any Point of the Compass: With the true Time of the Rising and Setting of the Sun and Stars, and the Points of the Compass that the Sun and Stars rise and set with: And Tables of Amplitude. All which Tables are Calculated from the Equinoctial to 60 Degrees of Latitude, &c. With the Description and Use of those Instruments most in Use in the Art of Navigation. Also a Table of the Latitude and Longitude of Places. Carefully Corrected, and very much Enlarged with many useful Additions. By J. Atkinson, Teacher of the Mathematicks.
8464: WALKER (ALICE M.): - Poem Read at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Massachusetts State Grange. P. of H.
6330: WALKER (JOHN): - A Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture Proper Names; in which the words are accented and divided into syllables.... To which are added Terminational Vocabularies of Hebrew, Greek and Latin Proper Names....concluding with observations on the Greek and Latin Accent and Quantity.... The Second Edition, with large Additions.
9008: [?WALLACE (MATTHEW)]: - Letters to a Young Nobleman.
7918: [WALPOLE (HORACE)]: - A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, With Lists of their Works. In Two Volumes. The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged.
6779: [WALPOLE (HORACE)]: - A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, With Lists of their Works. In Two Volumes. The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged.
5959: WALPOLE (HORACE): - Il Castello di Otranto. Storia Gotica.
5989: WALPOLE (HORACE): - Il Castello di Otranto. Storia Gotica.
6132: WALPOLE (HORACE). DOBSON (AUSTIN): - Horace Walpole. A Memoir With an Appendix of Books Printed at the Strawberry Hill Press. With Illustrations by Percy and Leon Moran.
2347: [WALPOLE (ROBERT)]: - A Short History of the Parliament.
2327: [WALPOLE (ROBERT), LATER EARL OF ORFORD]: - Observations upon the Treaty Between the Crowns of Great-Britain, France, and Spain, Concluded at Seville on the Ninth of November, 1729, N.S.
8623: WALSH (HARRIET SMITH: - Glacier Verse, The author Harriet Smith Walsh, Apgar Village, Montana.
6083: WARBURTON (WILLIAM). [MORGAN (THOMAS)]: - A Brief Examination of the Rev. Mr. Warburton's Divine Legation of Moses. In which The Mosaic Theocracy, the Nature and Character of the Sacred Writings, the Antiquity of Hero-Gods, and a future, separate State of Animal Life, and Action for Souls after Death; with other Principles and Positions of that learned Writer are occasionally considered and discussed. Address'd to the Author. By a Society of Gentlemen.
6300: WARD (JOHN): - A System of Oratory, Delivered in a Course of Lectures Publicly read at Gresham College, London: To which is prefixed An Inaugural Oration, Spoken in Latin, before the Commencement of the Lectures, according to the usual Custom.
8830: WARD (SAMUEL): - A Modern System of Natural History, Containing Accurate Descriptions and faithful Histories, of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals. Together with Their Properties, and various Uses in Medicine, Mechanics, Manufactures, &c. Illustrated With a great Variety of Copper-Plates, accurately drawn from Nature, and beautifully engraved.
5203: WARDEN (JOHN): - A System of Revealed Religion, Digested under proper Heads, and Composed in the Express Words of Scriptures; containing All that the Sacred Records reveal, with respect to Doctrine and Duty. By the late Reverend John Warden, M. A. Revised and Published By his Son the Reverend Mr John Warden, Minister of the Gospel in Canongate.
6987: WARNER (RICHARD): - The English Diatessaron; or, the History of Our Lord Jesus Christ; from the Compounded Texts of the Four Holy Evangelists; According to the authorized English Version. With Notes Illustrative and Explanatory; Historical and Topographical. Accompanied by a Map of the Holy Land, and copious Indexes.
8200: [WARTON (JANE)]: - Letters Addressed to Two Young Married Ladies, on the Most Interesting Subjects.
4241: WARTON (THOMAS): - The Poems on Various Subjects, of Thomas Warton, B. D. Now First Collected.
7646: [WATERLAND (DANIEL)]: - Scripture Vindicated; In Answer to a Book intituled, Christianity as old as the Creation. Part I. [ II. and III.].
3547: WATKIN (E. I.): - A Philosophy of Form.
3704: WATSON (RICHARD): - A Discourse delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Ely, on May 9th & 10th, 1780.
3706: WATSON (RICHARD): - A Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, on Friday, February 4th, 1780. Being the Day appointed for a General Fast. The Second Edition.
2678: WATSON (RICHARD), BISHOP OF LLANDAFF: - An Address to the People of Great Britain.
3535: WATSON (RICHARD), EDITOR: - A Collection of Theological Tracts.
7560: WATSON (RICHARD): - Two Apologies, One for Christianity, in a Series of Letters addressed to Edward Gibbon, Esq. The Other for The Bible, in answer to Thomas Paine. To which are added Two Sermons, and a Charge, in defence of Revealed Religion.
3943: WATTS (ISAAC): - The Beauties of the late Reverend Dr. Isaac Watts: Containing the most striking and admired Passages in the Works of that justly celebrated Divine, Philosopher, Moralist, and Poet: equally calculated for the communication of Polite and Useful Knowledge, and the Increase of Wisdom and Happiness. To which is added The Life of the Author.
3678: WATTS (ISAAC): - Horæ Lyricæ. Poems, chiefly of the Lyric Kind, In Three Books. Sacred to Devotion and Piety.... A New Edition. To which are added, A Supplement, containing translations of all the Latin Poems, with Notes, by Thomas Gibbons.
2913: WATTS (ISAAC): - The Improvement of the Mind. Or, A Supplement to the Art of Logic: Containing a Variety of Remarks and Rules for the Attainment and Communication of useful Knowledge in Religion, in the Sciences, and in common Life.
8694: WATTS (ISAAC): - Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, adapted for public worship.
8101: WATTS (ISAAC): - Divine Songs attempted in Easy Language for the use of Children.
8646: [WEATHERLY (FREDERIC EDWARD): - Here and There: A Book of Transformation Pictures.
8435: WEBB (DANIEL): - Observations on the Correspondence between Poetry and Music.
6973: WEBB (DANIEL): - Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry.
8484: WEBB (DANIEL): - Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry.
8485: WEBB (DANIEL): - An Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting; And into the Merits of the most Celebrated Painters, Ancient and Modern. The Third Edition.
5835: WEEKS (DELLA JERMAN): - Legends of the War.
6178: WELCHMAN (EDWARD): - Dr. Clarke's Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity Examined. To which are Added Some Remarks on His Sentiments, and A Brief Explanation of his Doctrine by way of Question and Answer.
4503: WELWOOD (ANDREW): - Meditations, representing a Glimpse of Glory: Or Gospel-Discover of Immanuel's Land. Whereunto is subjoined, A Spiritual Hymn, intituled, The dying Saint's Songs; and some of his last Letters. By Mr Andrew Welwood, Brother to Mr John Welwood, late minister of the Gospel in Scotland.
8044: WENDEBORN (GEBHARD FRIEDRICH AUGUST): - A view of England toward the Close of the Eighteenth Century by Fred. Aug. Wendeborn LL. D. Translated from the Original German, by the Author himself.
6417: WESLEY (SAMUEL). - Engraved Portrait
5561: WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH. WESLEY (JOHN): - [Drop-title]: Rules of the Band Societies. Drawn up December 25, 1738. Directions given to the Band Societies, December 25, 1744 [p. 3 drop-title].
6464: WHATELY (RICHARD): - Elements of Logic. Comprising the Substance of the Article in the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana: With Additions, &c. Fourth Edition, Revised.
8386: WHELER (R. B.): - History and Antiquities of Stratford-Upon-Avon: Comprising a Description of the collegiate Church, the Life of Shakespeare, and copies of several Documents relating to him and his Family, never before printed; with a Biographical Sketch of other Eminent Characters, Natives of, or who have resided in Stratford. To which is added, a particular Account of the Jubilee, Celebrated at Stratford, in Honour of our immortal Bard
6948: WHITBY (DANIEL): - A Paraphrase and Commentary on the New Testament. In Two Volumes. The First, containing The Four Gospels, and the Acts of the Holy Apostles. The Second, All the Epistles, with a Discourses of the Millennium. To which is added, A Chronology of the New Testament. A Map, and Alphabetical Table of all the Places Mentioned in the Gospels, Acts, or the Epistles. With Tables to each, Of the Matters contained, and of the Words and Phrases explained throughout the whole Work. The Second Edition.
3226: WHITE (JOHN): - A Letter to Mr. Samuel Chandler; Being A Vindication of some Passages in the Three Letters to a Gentleman dissenting from the Church of England, and the Appendix to the Third of those Letters concerning Subscription. Against His Reflections in his late Book, entitled, The Case of Subscription to Explanatory Articles of Faith, as a Qualification for Admission to the Christian Ministry. With Some Considerations upon the Speech (therein published) of John Alphonso Turretine, previous to the Abolition of all Subscriptions at Geneva.
5724: WHITE (JOHN): - Three Letters To a Gentleman Dissenting from the Church of England.
6573: [WHITEHEAD (WILLIAM)]: - The Goat's Beard. A Fable.
4632: WHYTE (S. AND E. A.): - Miscellanea Nova; Containing amidst a Variety of Other Matters Curious and Interesting, Remarks on Boswell's Johnson; With Considerable Additions, and Some New Anecdotes of that Extraordinary Character; A Critique on Bürger's Leonora; in which she is clearly proved of English extraction; And an Introductory Essay on the Art of Reading and Speaking in Public, In Two Parts. A New Edition.
2928: WILBERFORCE (WILLIAM): - A Practical View of the prevailing religious system of Professed Christians, in the higher and middle classes in this country, contrasted with Real Christianity. The Seventeenth Edition.
6157: WILKES (THOMAS): - The Golden Farmer A Poem. Humbly Inscrib'd to the Right Honourable Wlliam [sic] Lord Craven.
2917: WILKES (JOHN): - The Correspondence of the late John Wilkes, with his Friends, printed from the Original Manuscripts, in which are introduced Memoirs of his Life, by John Almon.
2919: WILKINS (JOHN): - Of the Principles and Duties of Natural Religion: Two Books. To which is added, A Sermon Preached at his Funerals, by William Lloyd. The Seventh Edition.
7397: [WILKINSON (REBECCA)]: - Sermons to Children. To which are added Short Hymns suited to the Subject. By a Lady. The Fifth Edition.
4964: [?WILLES (JOHN), SIR]: - The Present Constitution, and the Protestant Succession Vindicated: In Answer to a late Book Entituled, The Hereditary Right to the Crown of England, Asserted, &c.
4459: WILLIAMS (CHARLES HANBURY): - The Odes of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Knight of the Bath. The Second Edition.
5220: WILLIAMS (JOSEPH): - Extracts from the Diary, Meditations, and Letters, of Mr. Joseph Williams Of Kidderminster. Who died December 21. 1755, Aged 63. A New Edition. To which are now added A Number of Original Letters to the late Rev Mr. R-----ll.
8861: [WILSON CHARLES)]: - St. Cecilia; Or, the Lady's and Gentleman's Harmonious Companion: Being a Select Collection of Scots and English Songs; many of which are originals. Together with a set of Favourite Catches and Glees: Also a Variety of the most Celebrated Toasts and Sentiments.
7930: WILSON (HENRY): - Navigation New Modell'd: Or, A Treatise of Geometrical Trigonometrical Arithmetical Instrumental And Practical Navigation. Teaching How to keep a Reckoning, both in Latitude and Longitude, without Tables or Instruments, by a New Method never yet published: Illustrated with Practical Examples of keeping a Journal, and correcting it by an Observation; with a new Way of Finding the Variation, and Time of High-Water at any known Port. Together with All Necessary Tables, and the Projection of the Sphere Orthographick and Stereographick, Also Current Sailing, with other Pleasant Questions, and how to correct the Longitude by a Solar Observtion. The Third Edition, with the Addition of Spherical Trigonometry, and Astrnomy.
3480: WINSLOW (JAMES BENIGNUS): - An Anatomical Exposition of the Structure of the Human Body. Translated from the French Original, by G. Douglas, M. D. The Fourth Edition, Corrected.
7992: WINSTON (CHARLES): - Memoirs of the Art of Glass-Painting. Illustrated with Engravings from the Author's Original Drawings, by Philip H. Delamotte, P. S. A.
4882: WINTER (CORNELIUS). JAY (WILLIAM): - Memoirs of the Life and Character of the late Reverend Cornelius Winter, compiled and composed by William Jay.
6890: [WIRT (WILLIAM)]: - The Letters of the British Spy.
8382: [WOLCOT (JOHN)]: - The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. Complete. A New Edition.
5819: [WOLCOT (JOHN)]: - Instructions to a Celebrated Laureat; Alias The Progress of Curiosity; Alias a Birth-day Ode; Alias Mr. Whitbread's Brewhouse. By Peter Pindar. The Third Edition.
4081: [WOLLASTON (WILLIAM)]: - A Compendious View of the Religion of Nature Delineated: Being an Abridgment of Mr. Wollaston's Treatise Under that Title. To which is added, An Appendix Concerning the Christian Religion.
1901: WOLLASTON (WILLIAM): - The Religion of Nature Delineated. The Fifth Edition.
2708: WOLLASTON (WILLIAM): - The Religion of Nature Delineated. The Fifth Edition.
3655: [WOLLASTON (WILLIAM)]: - The Religion of Nature Delineated.
4736: [WOLLASTON (WILLIAM)]: - The Religion of Nature Delineated.
9011: WOOD (J.), JUN.: - A Manual of Perspective, Being a Familiar Explanation of the Science, including the rules necessary for the correct representation of object,s the principles of shadows, reflections in water, &c. Adapted more particularly For the Use of Amateurs. Second Edition, with Additions.
4581: WOOD (GEORGE B.): - Introductory to the Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Medicine, in the University of Pennsylvania. Delivered, October 14th, 1858.
1652: WRAXALL (NATHANIEL WILLIAM): - Historical Memoirs of my Own Time. Part the First, from 1772 to 1780. Part the Second, from 1781 to 1784. Second Edition.
8717: WRIGHT (CHARLES): - The Brighton Ambulator, Containing Historical and Topographical Delineations of The Town, from the earliest period to the present time. Dedicated, by Permission, to his Royal Highness The Prince Regent.
6667: WRIGHT (SAMUEL): - Knowledge and Charity considered, separate and united. In a sermon Preach'd at Nottingham July 16, 1732.
4610: WRIGHT (THOMAS), EDITOR: - The Travels of Marco Polo, The Venetian. The Translation of Marsden revised, With a Selection of his Notes.
2925: WYNNE (EDWARD): - Eunomus: Or, Dialogues concerning The Law and Constitution of England. With an Essay on Dialogue. The Third Edition, Corrected.
6871: XIMENEZ (ANDRÉS). THOMPSON (GEORGE): - A Description of the Royal Palace, and Monastery of St. Laurence, called The Escurial; and of the Chapel Royal of the Pantheon. Translated from the Spanish of Frey Francisco de los Santos, Chaplain to his Majesty Philip the Fourth. Illustrated with Copper Plates [AND] Thompson (George): A Description of the Chapel Royal, called, The Pantheon or, Burial Place of the Kings of Spain. Translated from the Spanish of Frey Franciso de los Santos...
6901: [YONGE (J.)]: - Essays and Letters on the Most important and interesting Subjects.
5824: YORK (FREDERICK AUGUSTUS), DUKE OF. TAYLOR (SIR HERBERT): - Memorandum Between the 9th June 1826, & 5th January 1827. [The last Illness and Decease of the Duke of York.]
8897: YORKSHIRE DIALECT. BARON (JOSEPH): - T'Yorksher Lingo A Dickshonary ov Gooid Owd Tykes' Words.
8217: YOUNG (DAVID), OF PERTH: - National Improvements upon Agriculture, in Twenty-Seven Essays.
2399: ZIMMERMAN (JOHANN GEORG): - Solitude considered, With Respect to its Influence upon The Mind and the Heart. Written Originally in German By M. Zimmerman..., Translated from the French of J. B. Mercier. The Eighth Edition. [AND]: Solitude considered with Respect to its Dangerous Influence upon The Mind and Heart. Selected and Translated from the Original German of M. Zimmerman. Being a Sequel to the Former English Translation.

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