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19222: PAULSON, RONALD - Literary Landscape: Turner and Constable
37673: PAVLOV, I.P. - Selected Works
15558: PAYNE, ANTHONY (MANAGING ED.) - New Political Economy Volume 7 Number 1
36644: PAYNE, SHEENA (ED.) - West Midlands Archaeology 49
38207: PAYNE, DAVID F. - Kingdoms of the Lord: A History of the Hebrew Kingdom from Saul to the Fall of Jerusalem
14160: PEACH, LINDEN - Ancestral Lines: Culture & Identity in the Work of Six Contemporary Poets
18040: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE (INTR. GEORGE SAINTSBURY) - The Misfortunes of Elphin and Rhododaphne
13979: PEACOCK, RONALD - Goethe's Major Plays
41398: PEAKMAN, JULIE - Lascivious Bodies: A Sexual History of the Eighteenth Century
36366: PEAR, T.H. - The Moulding of Modern Man: A Psychologist's View of Information, Persuasion and Mental Coercion Today
8756: PEARCE, JIM - Wildfowl Carving (Two Vols. ) Essential Techniques for Carving, Texturing & Painting Wildfowl - Power Tools and Painting Techniques
6949: PEARCE, JAMES J. - Everybody's Polo
35852: PEARCE, BRIAN (TRANS., ANNOT.) - Congress of the Peoples of the East: Baku, September 1920 - Stenographic Report
39720: PEARCE, CHARLES WILLIAM - The Priest's Part of the Anglican Liturgy Choir Offices & Litany
40534: PEARLMAN, ELLEN - Nothing & Everything: The Influence of Buddhism on the American Avant-Garde 1942-1962
13279: PEARMAN, HUGH (FOREWORD ALAN COLQUHOUN) - Rick Mather: Urban Approaches
40677: PEARSALL, ANTHONY B. - The Lovecraft Lexicon: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H.P. Lovecraft
16474: PEARSON, HESKETH - Bernard Shaw: His Life and Personality
32953: PEARSON, EDNA - Two Churches: Two Communities - St Peter's, Bromyard and St James's, Stanford Bishop, Bromyard Parich Registers
34002: PEARSON, LU EMILY - Elizabethan Love Conventions
18603: PEARSON, NICHOLAS - Alec Pearson: A Line Through a Life
37404: PEARSON, KARL - The Grammar of Science
40316: PEARSON, A.C. (REC.) [SOPHOCLES] - Sophoclis Fabulae
17111: PECK, GEORGE K., AND JAMES, ROSS D. - Breeding Birds of Ontario: Nidiology and Distribution (Two Volumes)
8682: PECK, R.D. - Spinning for Duffers - and Salmon
41464: PECK, JAMES - Ideal Illusions: How the U.S. Government Co-Opted Human Rights
40237: PECK, A.L. - This Church of Christ: An Examination of Certain Presuppositions in the Historic Episcopate
21584: PEDELTY, DONOVAN - The Rape of Socialism: How Labour Lost the Millennium
15836: PEDERSEN, LEE, ET AL (EDS.) - A Manual for Dialect Research in the Southern States
6851: PEDROTTI, REMO - Famous Climbs in the Dolomites
35140: PEEBLES, P.J.E. - Principles of Physical Cosmology
12993: PEELE, MICHAEL - Shropshire in Poem and Legend
19502: PEERS, E. ALLISON (ED.) - Liverpool Studies in Spanish Literature - First Series: From Cadalso to Rubén Dario
39582: PEERS, E. ALLISON (TRANS., ED.) - The Complete Works of Sait John of the Cross Doctor of the Church [Three Volumes]
15355: PEET, RICHARD (ED.) - International Capitalism and Industrial Restructuring: A Critical Analysis
41647: PEET, RICHARD - Global Capitalism: Theories of Societal Development
20277: PEFFER, GEORGE ANTHONY (FOREWORD ROGER DANIELS) - If They Don't Bring Their Women Here: Chinese Female Immigration Before Exclusion
32598: PEFFER, R.G. - Marxism, Morality, and Social Justice
16514: PEI, MARIO A., AND GAYNOR, FRANK - A Dictionary of Linguistics
42104: PELCZYNSKI, Z.A. (ED.) - The State and Civil Society: Studies in Hegel's Political Philosophy
40546: PELTRE, CHRISTINE - Orientalism
36001: PEMBER, G.H. - Theosophy, Buddhism, and the Signs of the End
17109: PENGELLEY, ERIC T. - Circannual Clocks: Annual Biological Rhythms
20725: P & O - PENINSULAR AND ORIENTAL - Handbook of Ports and Excursions: S.S. 'Arcadia' Cruises 1958
36174: PENKALA, MARIA - A Correlated History of the Far East: China/Korea/Japan
15298: PENN, ROGER - Class, Power and Technology: Skilled Workers in Britain and America
36763: PENNELL, C.R. - Morocco: From Empire to Independence
35995: PENNEY, NORMAN (ED. FROM THE MSS.) - The Journal of George Fox (First of Two Volumes]
40199: PENNEY, NORMAN (PREP., ED.) - The Journal of George Fox: A Revised Text
32389: PENNIMAN, HOWARD R. (ED.) - Greece at the Polls: The National Elections of 1974 and 1977
34120: PENTON, STEPHEN - The Guardian's Instruction Or the Gentleman's Romance Written for the Diversion and Service of the Gentry
14723: PEPPER, DAVID - Communes and the Green Vision: Counterculture, Lifestyle and the New Age
30793: PEPPER, GORDON - Inside Thatcher's Monetarist Revolution
20355: PEPPER, GORDON - Inside Thatcher's Monetarist Revolution
38294: PERDUE, LEO G., SCOTT, BERNARD BRANDON, AND WISEMAN, WILLIAM JOHNSTON (EDS.) - In Search of Wisdom: Essays in Memory of John G. Gammie
12975: PEREIRA, ANTHONY - Naples, Pompeii and Southern Italy
8857: PERELMAN, S.J. - Westward Ha! Or Around the World in Eighty Clichés
33911: PERIN, F. WILLIAM, ED. C. KIRCHBERGER - Spiritual Exercises of a Dominican Friar Being Ghostly Meditations, and a Near Way to Come to Perfection and a Life Contemplative
12208: PERKIN, HAROLD - The Structured Crowd: Essays in English Social History
39871: PERKINS, JOCELYN - Westminster Abbey Its Worship and Ornaments Volume II
39692: PERKINS, S.C. - The Standard Catalogue War Medals of the World with Valuations 1650-1989
41618: PERKINS, MAUREEN - The Reform of Time: Magic and Modernity
39870: PERKINS, JOCELYN - Westminster Abbey: Its Worship and Ornaments [Three Volumes]
40350: PERKO, LAWRENCE - Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
21220: PERLMAN, SELIG - The Theory of the Labor Movement
41735: DEL PERO, MARIO - The Eccentric Realist: Henry Kissinger and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy
15283: PERRI 6, ND KENDALL, JEREMY (EDS.) - The Contract Culture in Public Services: Studies from Britain, Europe and the Usa
36800: PERRIAM, D.R., AND ROBINSON, J. - The Medieval Fortified Buildings of Cumbria: An Illustrated Gazetteer and Research Guide
14543: PERRY, GEORGE L., AND TOBIN, JAMES (EDS.) - Economic Events, Ideas, and Policies: The 1960s and After
35993: PERRY, THOMAS WALTER - Some Historical Considerations Relating to the Declaration on Kneeling, Appended to the Communion Office of the English Book of Common Prayer &C.
32957: PERRY, GILLIAN - Paula Modersohn-Becker: Her Life and Work
20121: PERTWEE, ROLAND - The Islanders
16541: PESEK, LUDEK - The Log of a Moon Expedition
21776: PETCHESKY, ROSALIND POLLACK - Abortion and Woman's Choice: The State, Sexuality, and Reproductive Freedom
37254: PETER, THURSTAN C. - The Old Cornish Drama with Illustrations from Ancient Cornish Sacred Poems and Miracle Plays of Other Lands (a Lecture)
003203: PETER, MARY, ILLUSTRATED BY JENEFER PETER - Collecting Victoriana
38536: GOULD, PETER AND OLSSON, GUNNAR (EDS.) - A Search for Common Ground
34278: PETERKEN, G.F. - Woodland Conservation and Management
17408: PETERS, IVO - Somewhere Along the Line: Fifty Years Love of Trains
8592: PETERS, R.S. - Psychology and Ethical Development: A Collection of Articles on Psychological Theories Ethical Development and Human Understanding
40885: PETERS, SALLY - Bernard Shaw: The Ascent of the Superman
38699: PETERSEN, JOAN M. - Altar Frontals: Their History and Construction, with Special Reference to English Tradition and Practice
001125: PETERSEN, CAROL MILES (ED.) - Bess Streeter Aldrich: The Collected Short Works 1907-1919
001124: PETERSEN, CAROL MILES (ED.) - Bess Streeter Aldrich: The Collected Short Works 1907-1919
002347: PETERSEN, WILLIAM - Malthus
20084: PETERSEN, GEORGE CONRAD - Palmerston North: A Centennial History
42086: PETERSEN, CAROL MILES - Bess Streeter Aldrich: The Dreams Are All Real
12057: PETERSON, IVARS - The Jungles of Randomness: A Mathematical Safari
32072: PETERSON, STEVEN A. - Political Behavior: Patterns in Everyday Life
20360: PETERSON, M.J. - The General Assembly in World Politics
37030: PETERSON, SPIRO (ED.) - The Counterfeit Lady Unveiled and Other Criminal Fiction of Seventeenth-Century England
40762: PETERSON, ROLAND - Everyone Is Right: A New Look at Comparative Religion and Its Relation to Science
41602: PETERSSON, DAG, AND STEINSKOG, ERIK (EDS.) - Actualities of Aura [Twelve Studies of Walter Benjamin]
17211: PETHICK, DEREK - James Douglas: Servant of Two Empires
18458: PETRAS, JAMES, AND MORLEY, MORRIS - Empire Or Republic? American Global Power and Domestic Decay
21825: PETRIE, CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
001408: PETRIE, GLEN - A Singular Iniquity: The Campaigns of Josephine Butler
36030: PETRIE, W.M. FLINDERS - Personal Religion in Egypt Before Christianity
17646: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Cumberland and Westmorland
39266: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, REVISED BRIDGET CHERRY - The Buildings of England: London - I: The Cities of London and Westminster
39263: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: North-East Norfolk and Norwich
39256: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Bedfordshire and the County of Huntingdon and Peterborough
39247: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, AND WEDGWOOD, ALEXANDRA - The Buildings of England: Warwickshire
42356: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, AND LLOYD, DAVID - The Buildings of England: Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
39279: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Bedfordshire and the County of Huntingdon and Peterborough
39272: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: I - the Cities of London and Westminster
39271: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Berkshire
39270: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, REVISED ENID RADCLIFFE - The Buildings of England: Cornwall
39277: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: North-East Norfolk and Norwich
39265: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Cumberland and Westmorland
38895: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, AND WILSON, BILL - Norfolk I: Norwich and North-East [the Buildings of England]
39254: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Shropshire
39284: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, AND LLOYD, DAVID - The Buildings of England: Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
7347: PEYSER, JOAN - The Music of My Time
32144: PFALLER, ALFRED, GOUGH, IAN, AND THERBORN, GÖRAN (EDS.) - Can the Welfare State Compete? a Comparative Study of Five Advanced Capitalist Countries
13863: PFORR, MANFRED, AND LIMBRUNNER, ALFRED (TRANS. STONEMAN, ED. ROBERTSON) - The Breeding Birds of Europe: A Photographic Handbook (Two Volumes)
33718: PHAIRE, THOMAS - The Boke of Chyldren
21847: PHELIPS, VIVIAN - Modern Knowledge and Old Beliefs Being a Squel to "the Churches and Modern Thought"
14193: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - A Suffolk Christmas
20443: PHILIP, GEORGE - The Presidency in Mexican Politics
12316: TOYNBEE, PHILIP ET AL - The Fearful Choice: A Debate on Nuclear Policy
28349: PHILIP, NEIL (ED.) - D.H. Lawrence: The Heart of Man - an Illustrated Selection
37227: PHILIP, J.A. - Pythagoras and Early Pythagoreanism
17242: PHILLIPPS, WILLIAM J. - Maori Houses and Food Stores
15552: PHILLIPS, D.C. - Philosophy, Science and Social Inquiry: Contemporary Methodological Controversies in Social and Related Applied Fields of Research
15471: PHILLIPS, D.C. - The Social Scientist's Bestiary: A Guide to Fabled Threats to, and Defenses of, Naturalistic Social Science
11522: PHILLIPS, FRED - Caribbean Life and Culture: A Citizen Reflects
10877: PHILLIPS, DAVID - Skyjack: The Story of Air Piracy
33000: PHILLIPS, CHARLIE (ED.) - #1 - Spring 2003
32877: PHILLIPS, D.Z. - From Fantasy to Faith: Morality, Religion and Twentieth-Century Literature
41864: PHILLIPS, RAHAV, SCHWARTZ (EDS.) - Partisan Review Volume XIII No. 1
31953: PHILLIPSON, MICHAEL - Painting, Language, and Modernity
12292: PHILLPOTTS, BERTHA SURTEES - Kindred and Clan in the Middle Ages and After: A Study in the Sociology of the Teutonic Races
33155: LENINGRAD INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY - A Textbook of Marxist Philosophy (Directed Shirokov)
36959: PHILP, BRIAN - The Roman Fort at Reculver
39369: PHILP, ROBERT KEMP - The History of Progress in Britain
34912: PHOENIX, JOANNA - Making Sense of Prostitution
8961: PHYSICK, JOHN - Designs for English Sculpture 1680-1860
35311: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 35
35312: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 34
35314: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 42
35313: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Social Theory - Number 16
35316: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos - Number 37
35308: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 39
35310: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos - Number 30
35309: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos - Number 31
35315: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Social Theory - Number 29
35320: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos - a Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 36
35307: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos - Number 26
35319: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 46
35306: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Social Theory - Number 18
35305: PICCONE, PAUL, ED. - Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought - Number 41
20788: PICK, CHRISTOPHER (COMPILER) - Egypt: A Traveller's Anthology
41091: PICK, DANIEL - Svengali's Web: The Alien Encounter in Modern Culture
15173: PICKERING, J.F., AND COCKERILL, T.A.J. (EDS.) - The Economic Management of the Firm
41983: PICKERING, W.S.F. - Durkheim's Sociology of Religion: Themes and Theories
41235: PICKERING, W.S.F. - Durkheim on Religion: A Selection of Readings with Bibliographies
40690: PICKERING, JOHN (ED.) - The Authority of Experience: Essays on Buddhism and Psychology
42003: PICKERING, W.S.F. (ED.) TRANS. H.L. SUTCLIFFE - Durkheim: Essays on Morals and Educations
35682: PICKERING, GEORGE - Creative Malady: Illness in the Lives and Minds of Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Mary Baker Eddy, Sigmund Freud, Marcel Proust, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
39295: PICKLES, SHEILA (ED.) - Christmas [Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose]
12893: PICKTHALL, MARMADUKE - The Meaning of the Glorious Koran: A Explanatory Translation
21197: PICOLOTTI, ROMINA, AND TAILLANT, JORGE DANIEL (EDS.) - Linking Human Rights and the Environment
19445: PIERCE, ROY - Contemporary French Political Thought
32608: PIERCE, ROY - Chossing the Chief: Presidential Elections in France and the United States
40718: PIERCE, DAVID - Yeats's Worlds: Ireland, England and the Poetic Imagination
35041: PIERCY, ROB - Mynydd Eryri - the Snowdonia Collection
41238: CARTIER, JEAN-PIERRE ET RACHEL - Prophètes D'Aujourd'Hui
40005: DELIGNE, PIERRE ET AL (EDS.) - Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians [Two Volumes]
33191: PIERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Marxist Theory and Democratic Politics
20949: PIERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Socialism After Communism: The New Market Socialism
12708: PIETRONI, PATRICK - The Greening of Medicine
000779: PIGGOTT, REGINALD - Handwriting: A National Survey Together with a Plan for Better Modern Handwriting
36498: PIKE, CHRIS (ED.) TRANS. PIKE AND ANDREW - The Futurists, the Formalists, and the Marxist Critique
18896: PIKE, JIM - Track
15193: PILCHER, JANE - Women in Contemporary Britain: An Introduction
31879: PILISUK, MARC, AND PARKS, SUSAN HILLIER - The Healing Web: Social Networks and Human Survival
7568: PILLINGER, JANE - Feminising the Market: Women's Pay and Employment in the European Community
15766: PILLSBURY, PAUL W. - Descriptive Analysis of Discourse in Late West Saxon Texts
40372: PIMENTEL, GEORGE C., AND SPRATLEY, RICHARD D. - Chemical Bonding Clarified Through Quantum Mechanics
7921: PIMLOTT, BEN, WRIGHT, ANTHONY, AND FLOWER, TONY (EDS.) - The Alternative: Politics for a Change
39883: PINKERTON, JOHN MACPHERSON (ED.) - The Minute Book of the Faculty of Advocates Volume I 1661-1712
21279: PINKNEY, ROBERT - Democracy in the Third World
34986: PINNOCK, W.H. - The Laws and Usages of the Church and the Clergy: The Ornaments and Goods of the Church
17059: PINOWSKI, JAN, AND KENDEIGH, S. CHARLES (ED.) - Granivorous Birds in Ecosystems: Their Evolution, Populations, Energetics, Adaptations, Impact and Control
21530: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA (ED.) - D.H. Lawrence After Thirty Years 1930-1960
30950: PINTO, CNSTANCIO, AND JARDINE MATTHEW - East Timor's Unfinished Struggle: Inside the Timorese Resistance
21529: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - D.H. Lawrence: Prophet of the Midlands
40889: PIPES, DANIEL - Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes from
31906: PIPPIN, ROBERT B. - Modernism As a Philosophical System: On the Dissatisfactions of European High Culture
37427: PITCHER, SEYMOUR M. - The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of the Famous Victories with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play
33375: PITTENGER, MARK ALLEN - Science and the New Social Order: American Socialists and Evolutionary Thought, 1870-1918
12541: PITTIER, JACQUES-MICHEL - The Musician and the Man: Portrait of Victor Desarzens 1908-1986
37923: PITTION, JEAN-PAUL - Taking Liberties: Estampes Satiriques de la Révolution Française
34196: PITTS, MIKE - Hengeworld
41937: PIVCEVIC, EDO - Husserl and Phenomenology
18512: PIVEN, FRANCES FOX (ED.) - Labor Parties in Postindustrial Societies
32445: PIVEN, FRANCES FOX (ED.) - Labor Parties in Postindustrial Societies
42002: BLOCH, ERNST (TRANS. PLAICE, PLAICE AND KNIGHT) - The Principle of Hope [Three Volumes]
35456: PLAMENATZ, JOHN - Karl Marx's Philosophy of Man
13942: PLANCHÉ, J.R. - The Pursuivant of Arms; Or, Heraldry Founded Upon Facts
41572: VAN DER PLAS, ELS, HALASA, MALU, AND WILLEMSEN, MARLOUS (EDS.) - Creating Spaces of Freedom: Culture in Defiance
30116: PLATT, COLIN - The Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: Eight Tours for the Weekend and the Short Break
26490: PLATTS, W. CARTER - Modern Trout Fishing
17377: PLAYFAIR, LYON (PREFACE) - International Exhibition, 1862: Reports By the Juries on the Subjects in the Thirty-Six Classes Into Which the Exhibition Was Divided
42258: PLAZA, MARIA (ED.) - Persius and Juvenal
001573: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great Singers: From Jenny Lind to Callas and Pavarotti
001480: PLEE, H.D. - Karate: Beginner to Black Belt
32199: PLEKHANOV, G. (N. BELTOV) - The Development of the Monist View of History
15266: PLIATZKY, LEO - Getting and Spending: Public Expenditure, Employment and Inflation
36638: PLOMER, WILLIAM (ED.) - Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879: Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert
40412: PLOMER, WILLIAM (ED., INTR.) - Kilvert's Diary: Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert [Three Volumes]
18552: PLOTNITSKY, ARKADY - Reconfigurations: Critical Theory and General Economy
40449: PLUMMER, CHARLES (ED. FROM THE MANUSCRIPTS) - Irish Litanies: Text and Translation
40450: PLUMMER, CHARLES (ED. FROM THE MANUSCRIPTS) - Irish Litanies: Text and Translation
34133: PLUMMER, CHARLES (ED. BASED ON EARLE'S EDITION) - Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel with Supplementary Extracts from the Others: Volume II - Introduction, Notes, and Index
26017: PLYUSHCH, LEONID - History's Carnival: A Dissident's Autobiography
39133: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - The Christian Altar in History and Today
39104: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - Liturgical Vesture: Its Origins and Development (Alcuin Club Tracts, 30)
40329: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - The French Diocesan Hymns and Their Melodies
13252: POCOCK, TOM - Alan Moorehead
13205: POCOCK, TOM - The Young Nelson in the Americas
38543: PODMORE, FRANK - Robert Owen: A Biography [Two Volumes in One]
39077: LOHSE, EDUARD (TRANS. POEHLMANN AND KARRIS) ED. HELMUT KOESTER) - Colossians and Philemon: A Commentary on the Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon [Hermeneia]
14871: POGGI, GIANFRANCO - Images of Society: Essays on the Sociological Theories of Tocqueville, Marx, and Durkheim
31190: [POGGIO ET AL) TRANS. EDWARD STORER - The Facetiae of Poggio and Other Medieval Story-Tellers
33538: POINTER, LARRY - In Search of Butch Cassidy
42044: POIRIER, RICHARD - The Renewal of Literature: Emersonian Reflections
12961: POITRAS, GENELL Y. (TRANS., INTR.) - The Cruel City and Other Korean Short Stories
38192: POLANYI, MICHAEL - The Study of Man
41067: POLIAKOV, LÉON (TRANS. GEORGE KLIN) - The History of Anti-Semitism Volume IV: Suicidal Europe, 1870-1933
14740: POLLACK, SUZANNE - Improving Environmental Performance
32019: POLLACK, BENNY, WITH GRAHAM HUNTER - The Paradox of Spanish Foreign Policy: Spain's International Relations from Franco to Democracy
27013: POLLAK, VIVIAN (ED.) - A Poet's Parents: The Courtship Letters of Emily Norcross and Edward Dickinson
33908: POLLARD, FRANCIS E., ET AL - Democracy and the Quaker Method
11555: POLLARD, SIDNEY - The Development of the British Economy 1914-1980
30858: POLLARD, JAMES E., AND CRANE, E.J. - The Kit-Kat Club of Columbus 1911-1961
39307: POLLARD, MICHAEL (FOREWORD) - Two Hundredth Anniversay 1781-1981 [Calendar, with Prints]
11379: POLLET, MAURICE, TRANS. JOHN WARRINGTON - John Skelton: Poet of Tudor England
41563: POLLITT, HARRY - Serving My Time: An Apprenticeship to Politics
19621: POLLITZER, ANITA (INTR. KAY BOYLE) - A Woman on Paper: Georgia O'Keeffe
000791: POLLOCK, J.C. - The Christians from Siberia
36279: POLLOCK, J.C. - A Cambridge Movement
17578: POLUGAYEVSKY, LYEV (TRANS. KENNETH P. NEAT) - Grandmaster Preparation
19550: POMÈS, MATHILDE (CHOIX, TRAD., COMMS.) - Anthologie de la Poésie Espagnole
15537: POMFRET, RICHARD - Diverse Paths of Economic Development
32119: POMMERIN, REINER (ED.) - Culture in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1995
33838: POMPEN, AURELIUS - The English Versions of the Ship of Fools: A Contribution to the History of the Early French Renaissance in England
31908: POMPER, PHILIP - Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin: The Intelligentsia and Power
37079: PONSONBY, FREDERICK (ED.) - Letters of the Empress Frederick
16917: PONTING, K.G. - A History of the West of England Cloth Industry
42102: MERLEAU-PONTY, MAURICE (ED. JOHN O'NEILL) - Phenomenology, Language and Society: Selected Essays
31881: POOLE, ROSS - Morality and Modernity
19305: POOLE, K.P., AND KEITH-LUCAS, BRYAN - Parish Government 1894-1994
34623: POOLE, REGINALD D., COLL., ED. AUSTIN LANE POOLE - Studies in Chronology and History
40783: POPLAK, RICHARD - The Sheikh's Batmobile: In Pursuit of American Pop Culture in the Muslim World
15196: PORRITT, JONATHON - Playing Safe: Science and the Environment
16772: PORTER, ROY, AND ROUSSEAU, G.S. - Gout: The Patrician Malady
14547: PORTER, PHILIP W., AND SHEPPARD, ERIC S. - A World of Difference: Society, Nature, Development
37298: PORTER, H.C. - Puritanism in Tudor England
39765: PORTER, W.S. - The Gallican Rite
39415: PORTER, J.R. - Moses and Monarchy: A Study in the Biblical Tradition of Moses
34602: PORTER, W.S. - The Gallician Rite (Studies in Eucharistic Faith and Practice)
34899: PORTER, CATHY - Alexandra Kollontai: A Biography
38512: PORTWAY, DOUGLAS - Selected Graphic Works
31905: POST, KEN - Regaining Marxism
21172: POSUSNEY, MARSHA PRIPSTEIN, AND COOK, LINDA J. (EDS.) - Privatization and Labor: Responses and Consequences in Global Perspective
19703: POTTER, NEIL, AND FROST, JACK - Queen Elizabeth 2: The Authorised Story
12730: POTTER, JOHN - Yorkshire Dales Villages
29849: POTTER, ROBERT B. (ED.) - Urbanization, Planning and Development in the Caribbean
38812: POTTER, DAVID M. - The South and the Sectional Conflict
37063: POTTGEISSER, JULIUS (TRANS. JAMES CONWAY) - Sermons for the Sundays and Chief Festivals of the Ecclesiastical Year with Two Courses of Leneten Sermons and a Triduum for the Forty Hours: Vol. I - Sermons for Sundays
40257: POULAIN, A. (TRANS. LEONORA L. YORKE SMITH) - The Graces of Interior Prayer (Des Grâces D'Oraison) a Treatise on Mystical Theology
41826: POULANTZAS, NICO (TRANSLATION ED. TIMOTHY O'HAGAN) - Political Power and Social Classes
31616: POULANTZAS, NICOS (TRANS. DAVID FERNBACH) - Classes in Contemporary Capitalism
42455: POUND, EZRA (INTR. HUGH KENNER) - Translations
11373: POWELL, NEIL - Carpenters of Light: Some Contemporary English Poets
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37502: CONTEMPORARY FILMS PRESENT - Section 2 of the Main Catalogue
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40802: ED. [KATHLEEN RAINE] - Temenos 7 [No. Seven]
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41594: RAPPERT, BRIAN (ED.) - Technology and Security: Governing Threats in the New Millennium
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39679: RATCLIFF, EDWARD C. - The English Coronation Service
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12063: RATIU, ION, INTRODUCTION BY BRIAN CROZIER - Moscow Challenges the World
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21945: RAWLINGS, JOHN, AND PASSMORE, MICHAEL - Die Postgeschichte Der Nûrnbeger Reichsparteitage - the Postal History of the Nuremberg Rallies
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40930: ALLCHIN, RAYMOND AND BRIDGET - The Rise of Civilization in India and Pakistan (Cambridge World Archaeology)
34715: RAYNAL, WILFRID - The Ordinal of King Edward VI. Its History, Theology, and Liturgy
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20467: RAZIN, ASSAF, AND SADKA, EFRAIM (EDS.) - Economic Policy in Theory and Practice
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8316: REA, HOPE - Peter Paul Rubens
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22035: READE, ERIC - History and Heartburn: The Saga of Australian Film 1896 - 1978
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13219: REGAN, TOM (ED.) - Matters of Life and Death: New Introductory Essays in Moral Philosophy
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36074: REICKE, BO - The Disobedient Spirits and Christian Baptism: A Study of 1 Pet. III. 19 and Its Context
14997: REID, GAVIN C. - Theories of Industrial Organization
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38356: RUBY, ROBERT H., AND BROWN, JOHN A. - The Chinook Indians: Traders of the Lower Columbia River
20348: RUDERMAN, DAVID B. (TRANS.) - A Valley of Vision: The Heavenly Journey of Abraham Ben Hananiah Yagel
36588: RUDLAND, E.M. (INTR. ALLARDYCE NICOLL) - Ballads of Old Birmingham & Neighbourhood
40932: RUDNICK, LOIS OALKEN - Utopian Vistas: The Mabel Dodge Luhan House and the American Counterculture
19584: RUÉ, MAURICE - Paris Des Poètes
21211: RUESCHEMEYER, DIETRICH - Power and the Division of Labour
14273: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - Women-Church: Theology and Practice of Feminist Liturgical Communities
15248: RUIGROK, WINIFRIED, AND VAN TULDER, ROB - The Logic of International Restructuring
36850: RUJU, ANGELA ANTONA, AND CERUTI, MARIA LUISI FERRARESE - Il Nuraghe Albucciu E I Monumenti DI Arzachena
33576: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Fall of Constantinople 1453
42095: RUNCIMAN, W.G. - A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science
14026: RUNDELL, MICHAEL - The Dictionary of Cricket
32822: RUNDELL, JOHN F. - Origins of Modernity: The Origins of Modern Social Theory from Kant to Hegel to Marx
38091: RUNIONS, ERIN - How Hysterical: Identification and Resistance in the Bible and Film
001775: RUSBRIDGER, JAMES, AND NAVE, ERIC - Betrayal at Pearl Harbor: How Churchill Lured Roosevelt Into War
18761: RUSH, R.W. - The East Lancashire Railway
002248: RUSH, R.W. - British Electric Tramcar Designs 1885-1950
20516: RUSI, ALPO M. (FOREWORD JOHN EDWIN MROZ) - After the Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture
21326: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Eagle's Nest: Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art, Given Before the University of Oxford in Lent Term, 1872
18171: RUSKIN, JOHN - Works
39299: RUSSELL, G.W.E. - Dr. Liddon (Leaders of the Church 1800-1900)
13088: RUSSELL, DORA - The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love
11513: RUSSELL, DORA - The Tamarisk Tree 3: Challenge to the Cold War
10329: RUSSELL, ALICE - Political Stability in Later Victorian England: A Sociological Analysis and Interpretation
9191: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Unpopular Essays
003163: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - Season on the Plain
41724: RUSSELL, FRANK SANTI - Information Gathering in Classical Greece
41896: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Freedom and Organization 1814-1914
20154: RUSSELL, PETER - Prince Henry 'the Navigator': A Life
17429: LORD JOHN RUSSELL - The Life of William Lord Russell; with Some Account of the Times in Which He Lived
41445: RUSSELL, EDWARD WRIOTHESLEY - Report on Radionics: Science of the Future - the Science Which Can Cure Where Orthodox Medicine Fails
41997: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Education and the Social Order
35708: RUSSELL, BERTRAND A.W. (FOREWORD MORRIS KLINE) - An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry
42123: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Unpopular Essays
42122: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Sceptical Essays
40085: RUSSELL, BERTRAND (ED. EAMES, WITH BLACKWELL) - Theory of Knowledge: The 1913 Manuscript
41996: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - In Praise of Ideleness
37307: RUSSELL, JOYCELYNE G. - The Field of the Cloth of Gold: Men and Manners in 1520
35666: RUSSELL, BERTRAND (ED. ROBERT CHARLES MARSH) - Logic and Knowledge: Essays 1901-1950
14567: RUST, WILLIAM (ED. ALLEN HUTT) - The Story of the Daily Worker
8465: RUSTIN, MICHAEL - For a Pluralist Socialism
35745: RUTHERFORD, W.G. - St. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians and to the Corinthians: A New Translation
27713: RUTHVEN, MALISE - A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam
38934: RUTMAN, DARRETT B. - Winthrop's Boston: Portrait of a Puritan Town 1630-1649
41372: GATT-RUTTER, JOHN - Italo Svevo: A Double Life
41027: RUX, BRUCE - Hollywood Vs. The Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation in UFO Disinformation
11328: DU RY, MARC (ED.) - Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research [Vol. 7]
11325: DU RY, MARC (ED.) - Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research [Vol. 4]
18416: RYAN, ALAN (ED.) - Justice
10343: RYAN, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Derrynaflan Hoard I: A Preliminary Account
8453: RYAN, MICHAEL - Politics and Culture: Working Hypotheses for a Post-Revolutionary Society
42004: RYAN, JOHN (ED.) - A Bash in the Tunnel: James Joyce By the Irish
20352: RYAN, MICHAEL - Politics and Culture: Working Hypotheses for a Post-Revolutionary Society
16166: RYAZANOVA-CLARKE, LARISSA, AND WADE, TERENCE - The Russian Language Today
34460: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - On Adam's House in Paradise: The Idea of the Primitive Hut in Architectural History
37658: RYVES, ELIZABETH - The Hermit of Snowden; Or Memoirs of Albert and Lavinia
16544: SOTHEBY'S - Veteran, Edwardian and Vintage Cars from the Sullivan Collection, Hawaii, Selected Entries, and Automobilia Including the John Carter Collection, Part II
12100: BERGER, ARTHUR S. AND JOYCE (EDS.) - Reincarnation: Fact Or Fable?
41006: PREBISH, CHARLES S.. AND TANAKA, KENNETH K. (EDS.) - The Faces of Buddhism in America
36757: POOL, P.A.S. (WITH A CONTRIBUTION BY PETER LAWS) - The History of the Town and Borough of Penzance
41325: BURNEY, FRANCES (SEL., INTR. SABOR AND TROIDE ET AL) - Journals and Letters
15411: SACHS, IGNACY (TRANS. MICHAEL FINEBERG) - The Discovery of the Third World
35119: SACHS, ARIEH, ED., INTR. - The English Grotesque: An Anthology from Langland to Joyce
33261: SACHS, CURT, ED. JAAP KUNST - The Wellsprings of Music
42389: SAFRANSKI, RÜDIGER (TRANS. SHELLEY FRISCH) - Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography
41613: SAHLINS, MARSHALL - Stone Age Economics
21024: SAID, EDWARD W. - Beginnings: Intention and Method
36858: SAILHAN, PIERRE - La Fortification: Histoire Et Dictionnaire - Cartes de France Des Ouvrages Fortifiés
16911: SAINSBURY, R.M. (TRANS. CSABA FERENC) - Paradoxonok
002409: SAINT, ASSOTO (ED.) - The Road Before Us: 100 Gay Black Poets
39097: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick [Two Volumes]
14373: SAKAKIBARA, EISUKE (INTR. CLYDE PRESTOWITZ) - Beyond Capitalism: The Japanese Model of Market Economics
34057: SAKLATVALA, BERAM - The Christian Island
39201: SALAVILLE, SÉVÉRIEN - An Introduction to the Study of the Eastern Liturgies
39188: SALAVILLE, S. - Liturgies Orientales: Notions Générales éléments Principaux
36450: SALCH, CHARLES-LAURENT, AND FINÓ, J.-F. - Atlas Des Chateaux Forts En France
41332: SALCINES, MANUEL - The Mosque of Cordoba
36345: SALDANHA, C.F. - A Short History of Goa
34400: SALE, A.J.H. (ED.) - Cheltenham Probate Records 1660-1740
9087: SALE, KIRKPATRICK - The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy
37375: DE LA SALE, ANTOINE (TRANS. IRVINE GRAY) - Little John of Saintré - le Petit Jehan de Saintré
38870: SALISBURY, NEAL - Manitou and Providence: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500-1643
20435: SALITAN, LAURIE P. - Politics and Nationality in Contemporary Soviet-Jewish Emigration, 1968-89
18000: SALLIS, JOHN - Being and Logos: Reading the Platonic Dialogues
15290: SALMON, ROBERT (TRANS. LARRY COHEN) - The Future of Management: All Roads Lead to Man
39722: SALMON, GEORGE - The Infallibility of the Church: Lectures Delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin
41869: SALMON, GEORGE - A Treatise on Conic Sections: Containing an Account of Some of the Most Important Modern Algebraic and Geometric Methods
41390: SALMOND, ANNE - Aphrodite's Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti
33943: SALTER, F.R. (ED.) PREF. SIDNEY WEBB - Some Early Tracts on Poor Relief
37659: SALTER, MIKE - Old Parish Churches (a Collection)
19154: SALVESEN, CHRISTOPHER - The Landscape of Memory: A Study of Worsworth's Poetry
38023: SALYER, GARY D. - Vain Rhetoric: Private Insight and Public Debate in Ecclesiastes
35722: SALZER, HERBERT E., RICHARDS, CHARLES H., AND ARSHAM, ISABELLE - Table for the Solution of Cubic Equations
33314: SAMAY, SEBASTIAN - Reason Revisited: The Philosophy of Karl Jaspers
13128: SAMBROOK, JAMES - William Cobbett
13690: SAMPSON, HOLDEN E. - Progressive Creation: A Reconciliation of Religion with Science [Vols. I and II]
40544: SAMSON, JANE (ED.) - The British Empire [Oxford Readers]
40710: SAMUEL, GEOFFREY - Mind, Body and Culture: Anthropology and the Biological Interface
11581: SAMUEL, IAN - An Astonishing Fellow: The Life of General Sir Robert Wilson, K.M. T. , M.P.
7124: SAMUEL, ALAN E. - The Promise of the West: The Greek World, Rome and Judaism
33604: SAMUEL, ATHANASIUS YESHUE - Treasure of Qumran: My Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls
38884: DANIEL, SAMUEL [AND] CAMPION, THOMAS - A Defence of Ryme [and] Observations in the Art of English Poesie
41144: SANDBACH, F.H. - The Stoics
14533: SANDBROOK, RICHARD - The Politics of Africa's Economic Recovery
16799: SANDELL, R.E. (ED.) - Abstracts of Wiltshire Tithe Appointments
11153: SANDEN, EINAR - The Painter from Naissaar: A Biography
28133: SOUTHWELL-SANDER, PETER - Verdi: His Life and Times
42131: SANDER, NICOLAS (TRANS., INTR., NOTES DAVID LEWIS) - Rise and Growth of the Anglican Schism
38721: SANDERS, E.P. - Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People
14232: SANDERS, SOL - Living Off the West: Gorbachev's Secret Agenda and Why It Will Fail
36756: SANDERS, JACQUIN - Freakshow
36121: SANDERS, E.P. - The Tendencies of the Synoptic Tradition
20780: SANDERS, DAVE - Simply the Best: Celebrating 90 Years of New Zealand League
39182: SANDERS, E.P. - Jewish Law from Jesus to the Mishnah: Five Studies
34237: SANDERS, LLOYD (ED.) - Selections from the Anti-Jacobin Together with Some Later Poems By George Canning
39964: SANDILANDS, G.S. (INTR.) - Famous Water-Colour Painters IV - Richard Parkes Bonington
37397: SANDISON, WILLIAM (INTR.) - Shetland Verse: Remnants of the Norn
38795: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Use of Salisbury 3: The Proper of the Mass from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday
39778: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Octave of the Nativity : Essays and Notes on Ten Liturgical Reconstructions for Christmas
38796: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Use of Salisbury: The Ordinary of the Mass
35141: SANDYS, WILLIAM, AND FORSTER, SIMON ANDREW - The History of the Violin, and Other Instruments Played on with the Bow from the Remotest Times to the Present
12115: SANFORD, AGNES - Healing Gifts of the Spirit
35047: SANGER, MARGARET, PREFACE H.G. WELLS - The Pivot of Civilization
41558: SANSONE, LUIGI (CATALOGO A CUA DI) - Norman Bluhm: Opere Su Carta 1948-1999
12631: SANTAYANA, G. - Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion
39918: DI SANTE, CARMINE (TRANS. MATTHEW J. O'CONNELL) - Jewish Prayer: The Origins of Christian Liturgy
41993: SAPERSTEIN, MARC - Jewish Preaching 1200-1800: An Anthology
42460: SARANGAREL - Riding Windhorses: A Journey Into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism
14433: SARAT, AUSTIN, AND VILLA, DANA A. (EDS.) - Liberal Modernism and Democratic Individuality: George Kateb and the Practices of Politics
34033: SARGEAUNT, JOHN (ED., NOTES) - The Poems of John Dryden
38320: SARNA, NAHUM M. - On the Book of Psalms: Exploring the Prayers of Ancient Israel
39601: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Poems Newly Selected 1916-1935
20893: SASSOON, DONALD (ED.) - Looking Left: European Socialism After the Cold War
19080: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man [and] Memoirs of an Infantry Officer [and] Sherston's Progress
36331: SATLIN, JOSEPH - Marxism and the National and Colonial Question
13644: SAUNDERS, CHRISTIAN - Into the Dragon's Lair: A Supernatural History of Wales
29189: SAUNDERS, JAMES H. - Frontiers of Aquarius - the Human Situation: A New Dimension
33465: SAUNDERS, GAIL - Bahamian Society After Emancipation
36519: SAUNDERS, ANDREW (ED.) - Fortress: The Castles and Fortifications Quarterly [18 Issues]
41627: DE SAUSSURE, LOUIS, MOESCHLER, JACQUES, AND PUSKAS, GENOVEVA (EDS.) - Tense, Mood and Aspect: Theoretical and Descriptive Issues
40640: SAUSSY, HAUN - Great Walls of Discourse and Other Adventures in Cultural China
18851: SAUTER, JÖRG - Die Schnellzuglokomotiven Der Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde 01 1066 - 01 509 - 01 1081 - 01 173

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