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31231: TOWNSLEY, W.A. - The Struggle for Self-Government in Tasmania 1842-1856
15356: TOYE, JOHN - Dilemmas of Development: Reflections on the Counter-Revolution in Development Theory and Policy
40554: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD, AND IKEDA, DAISAKU - The Toynbee-Ikeda Dialogue: Man Himself Must Choose
39224: ARISTOTLE (TRANS., NOTES, RICHARD JANKO) - Poetics I with the Tractatus Coislinanus - a Hypothetical Reconstruction of Poetics II - the Fragments of the on Poets
38732: FRIENDS OF HENRY ASHWORTH (TRANS., EDS.) - Christ Our Light [Two Volumes]
42257: LAMA MIPHAM (TRANS., COMMENTARY TARTHANG TULKU) - Calm and Clear [the Wheel of Analytic Meditation, Instructions on Vision in the Middle Way]
41088: SIDONIUS (TRANS., INTR., NOTES W.B. ANDERSON) - Poems and Letters [Volume I Only] Poems; Letters, Books I-11
16642: TRAPNELL, WILLIAM H. - Christ and His "Associates" in Voltarian Polemic: An Assault on the Trinity and the Two Natures
32630: TRENCH, ALAN (ED.) - The State of the Nations 2001: The Second Year of Devolution in the United Kingdom
35204: TRENCH, W.F. - Tom Moore: A Lecture, Now Revised with Additions
36639: TRENEER, ANNE - Happy Button and Other Stories
13760: TRETHOWAN, ILLTYD - Mysticism and Theology: An Essay in Christian Metaphysics
38124: TRIBLE, PHYLLIS - God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality
38123: TRIBLE, PHYLLIS - Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives
33357: TRIGG, ROGER - Reality at Risk: A Defence of Realism in Philosophy and the Sciences
34197: TRIGGER, BRUCE G. - Beyond History: The Methods of Prehistory
38414: TRIGGER, BRUCE G. - The Huron: Farmers of the North
41616: TRIMBLE, JOHN R. - Cunnilingus and Fellatio
37989: TRIPLETT, FRANK (INTR., NOTES JOSEPH SNELL) - The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James
36507: TROTSKY, LEON - The First 5 Years of the Communist International [Two Volumes]
40407: TROTSKY, LEON (ED., TRANS., CHARLES MALAMUTH) - Stalin: An Appraisal of the Man and His Influence
33387: TROTZKY, LEON [TROTSKY] - Lenin
33381: TRUEBLOOD, DAVID ELTON - Philosophy of Religion
31567: TRUMPBOUR, JOHN (ED.) - The Dividing Rhine: Politics and Society in Contemporary France and Germany
40569: TRUNGPA, CHÖGYAM - Journey without Goal: The Tantric Wisdom of the Buddha
18429: TRUSTED, JENNIFER - Inquiry and Understanding: An Introduction to Explanation in the Physical and Human Sciences
14753: TRUSTED, JENNIFER (FOREWORD PETER MEDAWAR) - The Logic of Scientific Inference: An Introduction
41580: TSELENTIS, JASON - Type, Form & Function: A Handbook on the Fundamentals of Typography
41811: MAO TSETUNG - Five Essays on Philosophy
15011: TSOUKALIS, LOUKAS (ED.) - The Political Economy of International Money: In Search of a New Order
14649: TSOUKALIS, LOUKAS - The New European Economy Revisited
18117: ORBISON, TUCKER (ET AL, ED. PREP.) - Collections Volume XII [the Middle Temple Documents Relating to George Chapman's the Memorable Masque &C. ]
13595: TUCKER, GEORGE HUGO - The Poet's Odyssey: Joachim Du Bellay and the Antiquitez de Rome
32341: TUCKER, ROBERT C. - Stalin As Revolutionary 1879-1929: A Study in History and Personality
32555: TUCKER, ROBERT C. (ED.) - Stalinism: Essays in Historical Interpretation
32238: TUCKER, ROBERT C. - Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx
38285: TUCKER, RUTH A. - Another Gospel: Alternative Religions and the New Age Movement
32594: TUCKER, D.F.B. - Marxism and Individualism
38793: TUCKETT, CHRISTOPHER (ED., INTR.) - The Messianic Secret (Issues in Religion and Theology 1)
41653: TUFTE, THOMAS, AND ENGHEL, FLORENCIA (EDS.) - Youth Engaging with the World: Media, Communication and Social Change
41367: TURCHI, PETER - Maps of the Imagination: The Writer As Cartographer
40942: TURDA, MARIUS - Modernism and Eugenics
40941: TURDA, MARIUS - Modernism and Eugenics
42847: TURNBULL, C.M. - A History of Singapore 1819-1975
19564: TURNELL, MARTIN - Baudelaire: A Study of His Poetry
38415: TURNER, FREDERICK (REV., ED.) - Geronimo: His Own Story As Told to S.M. Barrett
32116: TURNER, LOWELL (ED.) - Negotiating the New Germany: Can Social Partnership Survive?
15401: TURNER, IAN - Room for Manoeuvre: Writings on History, Politics, Ideas and Play
31832: TURNER, BRYAN S. (ED.) - Theories of Modernity and Postmodernity
33805: TURNER, VICTOR, AND TURNER, EDITH - Image and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture: Anthropological Perspectives
35027: TURNER, MARGARET NEWMAN - Arthur, Louise and the True Hound of the Baskervilles
35961: TURNER, H.E.W. - The Patristic Doctrine of Redemption: A Study of the Development of Doctrine During the First Five Centuries
34907: TURNER, BRYAN S. - Classical Sociology
20397: TUSSIE, DIANA (ED.) - The Environment and International Trade Negotiations: Developing Country Stakes
42242: TWEED, THOMAS A., AND PROTHERO, STEPHEN (EDS.) - Asian Religions in America: A Documentary History
19077: TWELLS, H.N. - L.M. S. Miscellany: A Pictorial Record of the Company's Activitoes in the Public Eye and Behind the Scenes [Three Volumes]
42639: TWINING, STEPHEN H. - The House of Twining 1706-1956 &C.
40684: TWORKOV, HELEN (ED.) - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - Vol V No. 1
40682: TWORKOV, HELEN (ED.) - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - Vol. I No. 4
40683: TWORKOV, HELEN (ED.) - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - Vol. III No. 3
37487: TYLER, PARKER - Underground Film: A Critical History
42170: TYLOR, CHARLES - The Huguenots in the Seventeenth Century Including the History of the Edict of Nantes from Its Enactment in 1598 to Its Revocation in 1685
35090: TYNDALE, WILLIAM, INTR. F.F. BRUCE, ED. J.I. MOMBERT - William Tyndale's Five Books of Moses Called the Pentateuch Being a Verbatim Reprint of the Edition of M. CCCCC. XXX
35609: TYNDALE, WILLIAM, TRANS. (F.F. BRUCE, NOTES) - The New Testatment [Facsimile of 1526 Edition]
39315: TYNDALE, TRANS. 1534 - Tyndale's New Testament
40275: TYRER, JOHN WALTON - Historical Survey of Holy Week Its Services and Ceremonial
15831: TYRRELL, G.N.M. (FOREWORD H.H. PRICE) - The Nature of Human Personality
14953: TYRRELL, R. EMMETT (ED.) - The Future That Doesn't Work: Social Democracy's Failures in Britain
6449: TYRRELL, CHRISTINA, FROM THE GERMAN OF A. NIEMANN - Ephraim; Or, the Many and the Few
42740: TYRWHITT, R. ST. JOHN - A Handbook of Pictorial Art
42324: TYSON, JOHN R. (ED.) - Charles Wesley: A Reader
34320: UDALL, JOHN, ED. EDWARD ARBER - The State of the Church of England Laid Open in a Conference between Diotrephes a Bishop, Tertullus a Papist &C.
34319: UDALL, JOHN, ED. EDWARD ARBER - A Demonstration of the That Discipline, Which Christ Hath Prescribed in His Word
13502: UDD, ERIC (COORDINATING EDITOR) - Udd Family History
36870: UDRY, ALBERT - Les Vieilles Chansons Patoises de Tous Les Pays de France
42693: UKERS, WILLIAM HARRISON, AND BRETON, JEAN BAPTISTE - Tea in China and Legends of Monkeys Gathering Tea
42679: UKERS, WILLIAM H. - All About Tea - Vol. II [Volume Two]
18275: ULRICH, WERNER - Critical Heuristics of Social Planning: A New Approach to Practical Philosophy
20054: UMEH, MARIE (ED.) - Emerging Perspectives on Flora Nwapa: Critical and Theoretical Essays
39797: UNDERHILL, FRANCIS, AND GILLETT, CHARLES SCOTT (EDS.) - Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Priests' Convention - General Subject: Priestly Efficiency
41151: UNDERWOOD, SANDRA LEE - Charles H. Caffin: A Voice for Modernism 1897-1918
35077: VAN UNNIK, W.C., TRANS. GEORGE OGG - Tarsus Or Jerusalem: The City of Paul's Youth
35674: UNSCHULD, PAUL U. - Medical Ethics in Imperial China: A Study in Historical Anthropology
21293: UNTERMANN, ERNEST - The World's Revolutions
21292: UNTERMANN, ERNEST - Science and Revolution
21291: UNTERMANN, ERNEST - Science and Revolution
19261: UNWIN, FRANCIS SYDNEY - The Decoratve Arts in the Service of the Church
40835: UPLEDGER, JOHN E. - Craniosacral Therapy: What It Is, How It Works
21192: UPTON, DELL - Architecture in the United States [Oxford History of Art]
42376: URBAN, HUGH B. - Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism
42275: URLICHS, L. (HERAUSGEGEBEN UND ERKLAERT) - Chrestomathia Pliniana
36226: URQUHART, DENNIS - The Treatment of Graffiti on Historic Surfaces: Advice on Graffiti Removal Procedures, Antigraffiti Coatings and Alternative Strategies
20425: URQUIDI, VICTOR L. (ED.) - Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development: Volume 1 - Basic Issues
20415: URQUIDI, VICTOR L. (ED.) - Incomes Policies: Papers Prepared for a Conference of the International Economic Association
20414: URQUIDI, VICTOR L. (ED.) - Incomes Policies: Papers Prepared for a Conference of the International Economic Association
18269: URRY, JOHN - The Anatomy of Capitalist Societies: The Economy, Civil Society and the State
18366: URSELL, GILL, AND BLYTON, PAUL - State, Capital and Labour: Changing Patterns of Power and Dependence
17896: USSERIO, JACOBO [JAMES USHER, ARCHBISHOP USSHER] - Britannicarum Ecclesiarum Antiquitates.
34728: USSHER, R[ICHARD] - Neo-Malthusianism: An Enquiry Into That System with Regard to Its Economy and Morality
38368: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846-1890
41664: BROCK-UTNE, BIRGIT - Educating for Peace: A Feminist Perspective
15706: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Swans Fly over
41899: UTECHIN, S.V. (ED.) TRANS. S.V. AND PATRICIA UTECHIN - V.I. Lenin's What Is to Be Done?
18307: VAIL, JOHN, WHEELOCK, JANE, AND HILL, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Insecure Times: Living with Insecurity in Contemporary Society
41174: VALANTASIS, RICHARD (PREF. MARCUS BORG) - The Beliefnet Guide to Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities
35564: VALÉRY, PAUL - Selected Writings
003051: VALLE, JAMES E. - Rocks & Shoals: Naval Discipline in the Age of Fighting Sail
38709: VANAUKEN, SHELDON (TWO VOLUMES) - A Severe Mercy [and] Under the Mercy
36685: VANDENBERG, STEVEN G. (ED.) - Progress in Human Behavior Genetics: Recent Reports on Genetic Syndromes, Twin Studies, and Statistical Advances
20398: VANDER, JUDITH - Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion: Poetry Songs and Great Basin Context
21490: VANDEREYCKEN, WALTER, AND VAN DETH, RON - From Fasting Saints to Anorexic Girls: The History of Self-Starvation
32467: VANHANEN, TATU - Prospects of Democracy: A Study of 172 Countries
33041: VANN, PHILIP (INTR.) - Silence in Painting
9046: VARIOUS - Josef Wittich 16. 2. 1903 - 21. 9. 1982
42788: VARIOUS - Golden Treasury Series of Poets
34335: VARIOUS - Orchards: A Guide to Local Conservation
39394: VARIOUS - Discovering Exeter [Eight Volumes]
39697: VARIOUS - Women in the Priesthood [a Small Collection]
37208: VARIOUS - Chateau Galliard: Etudes de Castellologie Européenne [1962 to 2008: 22 Volumes]
40900: VARIOUS - Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1930s and 40s
40681: VARNEDOE, KIRK, AND GOPNIK, ADAM (EDS.) - Modern Art and Poular Culture: Readings in High & Low
32880: FONDATION DU CHATEAU DE VASCOEUIL - Paul Delvaux [Catalogue]
32215: VÁSQUEZ, ADOLFO SÁNCHEZ, TRANS. MARO RIOFRANCOS - Art and Society: Essays in Marxist Aesthetics
12989: VAUGHAN, HENRY - Silex Scintillans, &C. - Sacred Poems and Pious Ejaculations
33383: VAUGHAN, C.E., ED. A.G. LITTLE - Studies in the History of Political Philosophy Before and After Rousseau: Volume II - from Burke to Mazzini
38864: VAUGHAN, ALDEN T., AND CLARK, EDWARD W. (EDS.) - Puritans Among the Indians: Accounts of Captivity and Redemption 1676-1724
39442: DE VAUX, ROLAND - L'Archéologie Et Les Manuscrits de la Mer Morte
35949: DE VAUX, R. - Archaeology of the Dead Sea Scrolls
37803: VEALE, F.J.P. - Crimes Discreetly Veiled
21841: VEALE, F.J.P. - Advance to Barbarism: The Development of Total Warfare from Serajevo to Hiroshima
32055: VEEN, HANS-JOACHIM, ET AL - The Republikaner Party in Germany: Right-Wing Menace Or Protest Catchall?
16027: VÉGH, JANOS - Fifteenth Century Netherlandish Painting
17159: VEILLETTE, JOHN, AND WHITE, GARY - Early Indian Village Churches: Wooden Frontier Architecture in British Columbia
16860: VELLUZ, LÉON - Maupertuis
34178: HELL, VERA AND HELLMUT, TRANS. ALISA JAFFA, INTR. THOMAS KENDRICK - The Great Pilgrimage of the Middle Ages: The Road to St James of Compostela
19617: VERDI, RICHARD, WITH AN ESSAY BY PIERRE ROSENBERG - Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665
39269: VEREY, DAVID - The Buildings of England: Gloucestershire I: The Cotswolds
36272: VEREY, DAVID - Herefordshire: A Shell Guide
38990: VERGOTE, A., DESCAMPS, A., AND HOUSSIAU, A. - L'Eucharistie: Symbole Et Réalité
32103: VERHEYEN, DIRK, AND SØE, CHRISTIAN (EDS.) - The Germans and Their Neighbors
40734: VERMEULE, EMILY - Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry
37930: VERMONT, E. DE V. (ED.) - America Heraldica: A Compilation of Coats of Arms, Crests and Mottoes of Prominent American Families Settled in Theis Country Before 1800
42840: VERMOREL, FRED (ED.) - Malcolm Poynter Life & Work
41063: VERNIERE, YVONNE - Symboles Et Mythes Das la Pensée de Plutarque: Essai D'Interprétation Philosophique Et Religieuse Des Moralia
41071: VERSLUIS, ARTHUR - American Transcedentalism and Asian Religions
15109: VERSTER, ULRICH - Writing Philosophy (Written Philosophy)
35991: VIA, DAN O. - Kerygma and Comedy in the New Testament: A Structuralist Approach to Hermeneutic
41781: VIAGAS, ROBERT, AND BOTTO, LOUIS - At This Theatre: 110 Years of Broadway Shows, Stories, and Stars
15577: VICKERS, JOHN, AND YARROW, GEORGE - Privatization: An Economic Analysis
21240: VILKOVA, VALENTINA - The Struggle for Power: Russia in 1923
42634: VILLIERS, THOMAS L. - Some Pioneers of the Tea Industry
37035: DE VILLIERS, MELIUS - The Numeral-Words: Their Origin, Meaning, History and Lesson
40756: VINCENT, ROSE (ED.) TRANS. LATIKA PADGAONKAR - The French in India: From Diamond Traders to Sanskrit Scholars
40235: VIPONT, ELFRIDA - The Story of Quakerism 1652-1952
36682: VISSCHER, MAURICE B. (ED.) - Humanistic Perspectives in Medical Ethics
42066: VISWANATHAN, GAURI - Masks of Conquest: Literary Study and British Rule in India
33644: YOGI VITHALDAS - The Yoga System of Health
40593: VITZ, PAUL C. - Sigmund Freud's Christian Unconscious
21726: VIVANTE, LEONE (TRANS. ARTURO VIVANTE) - Essays on Art and Ontology
42310: VLASTOS, STEPHEN (ED.) - Mirror of Modernity: Invented Traditions of Modern Japan
32484: VOGEL, DAVID - The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility
39968: VOGELS, HENR. JOS. (EDITIT) - Codicum Novi Testamenti Specimina: Paginas 51 Ex Codicbus Manuscriptis Et 3 Ex Libris Impressis Collegit Ac Phototypice Repraesentats
14741: VOGLER, JOHN, AND IMBER, MARK F. (EDS.) - The Environment and International Relations
37881: VOGT, HANNAH (TRANS. HERBERT STRAUSS) - The Burden of Guilt: A Short History of Germany, 1914-1945
35023: VOGT, CARL, ED. JAMES HUNT - Lectures on Man: His Place in Creation, and in the History of the Earth
37279: VOKES, F.E. - The Riddle of the Didache: Fact Or Fiction, Heresy Or Catholicism?
32324: MUELLER-VOLLMER, KURT (ED.) - The Hermeneutics Reader: Texts of the German Tradition from the Enlightenment to the Present
40859: VAN VREKHEM, GEORGE - Hitler and His God: The Background to the Nazi Phenomenon
41438: DE VRIES, JAN - Do Miracles Exist?
37132: G.W. - Magazine, Or Animadversions on the English Spelling 1703
39801: WACE, HENRY (PREFACE) - Archbishop Cranmer on the True and Catholic Doctrine and Use of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
20314: WAEVER, OLE, LEMAITRE, PIERRE, AND TROMER, ELZBIETA - European Polyphony: Perspectives Beyond East-West Confrontation
41740: WAGNER, JON, AND LUNDEEN, JAN - Deep Space and Sacred Time: Star Trek in the American Mythos
36288: WAGNER, ANTHONY RICHARD - Heralds and Heraldry in the Middle Ages: An Inquiry Into the Growth of the Armorial Function of Heralds
15762: WAGNER, KARL HEINZ - Generative Grammatical Studies in the Old English Language
37931: WAGNER, ANTHONY - Heralds of England: A History of the Office and College of Arms
36436: WAHAB, SHAISTA, AND YOUNGERMAN, BARRY - A Brief History of Afghanistan
42643: WAINWRIGHT, DAVID - Brooke Bond: A Hundred Years
37439: N.A. [JEAN WAITSON] - Our Native Land Its Scenery and Associations: A Series of Water-Colour Sketches After Rowbotham, Read, Needham, and Other Eminent Artists
41484: WAJCMAN, JUDY - Managing Like a Man: Women and Men in Corporate Management
35482: WAKSMAN, SELMAN A. - The Conquest of Tuberculosis
33969: WALCOTT, ROBERT - English Politics in the Early Eighteenth Century
34703: WALCOTT, MACKENZIE E.C. - The English Ordinal, Its History, Validity, and Catholicity; with an Introduction on the Three Holy Orders of Ministers in the Church
42536: WALDBERG, PATRICK (TRANS. HELEN R. LANE) - Eros in la Belle Epoque
21892: WALENDY, UGO - Truth for Germany: The Guilt Question of the Second World War
34406: WALKER, DAVID (ED.) - The Cartulary of St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol
17830: WALKER, JOHN A. - Work: Ford Madox Brown's Painting and Victorian Life
15308: WALKER, JOE - Environmental Ethics
37663: WALKER, RICHARD - Miniatures: A Selection of Miniatures in the Ashmolean Museum
34969: WALKER, JOHN A., AND CHAPLIN, SARAH - Visual Culture: An Introduction
37494: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Stanley Kubrick Directs
20581: WALKER, ROSE - Views of Transition: Liturgy and Illumination in Medieval Spain
41943: WALKER, JEREMY D.B. - To Will One Thing: Reflections on Kierkegaard's 'Purity of Heart'
36801: WALL, TOM, WEIGHTMAN, JO, AND DAVEY, SIMON - Downton Gorge National Nature Reserve: A Review with Special Reference to Fungi, Lower Plants and Birds
37076: WALL, J. CHARLES - Ancient Earthworks
41803: WALL, ALAN - Burning Babies
20245: WALL, J. CHARLES - Mediaeval Wall Paintings
41802: WALL, ALAN - Badmouth
40105: WALLACE, HELEN RHODES - How to Enter the Silence
38858: WALLACE, DAVID DUNCAN - South Carolina: A Short History 1520-1948
32522: WALLACH, H.G. PETER, AND ROMOSER, GEORGE K. (EDS.) - West German Politics in the MID-Eighties: Crisis and Continuity
41898: WALLAS, GRAHAM - The Great Society: A Psychological Analysis
41886: WALLAS, GRAHAM - Our Social Heritage
10951: WALLER, P.J. - Democracy and Sectarianism: A Political and Social History of Liverpool 1868-1939
15533: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - World Inequality: Origins and Perspectives on the World System
31844: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - The Politics of the World Economy
31859: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - Geopolitics and Culture: Essays on the Changing World System
19864: RANSOME-WALLIS, P. - Train Ferries of Western Europe
19434: WALPOLE, SPENCER (ED.) - Some Unpublished Letters of Horace Walpole
36219: WALSH, JOAN A. - Scottish Slate Quarries (Technical Advice Note 21)
19215: WALSH, W.H. - Kant's Criticism of Metaphysics
35958: WALSH, JOHN EVANGELIST - The Bones of St. Peter: The Fascinating Account of the Search for the Apostle's Body
13829: WALTER, NICOLAS - Blasphemy Ancient & Modern
12298: WALTER, NICOLAS - Blasphemy Ancient & Modern
17893: WALTON, ALAN HULL - Love Recipes Old and New: A Study of Aphrodisiacs Throughout the Ages, with Sections on Suitable Food, Glandular Extracts, Hormone Stimulation and Rejuvenation
35130: WALTON, ISAAC, AND COTTON, CHARLES, ED. JOHN MAJOR - The Complete Angler, Or the Contemplative Man's Recreation
37012: WALTON, ALAN HULL - Stimulants for Love: A Quest for Virility
31959: WALTON, PAUL, AND GAMBLE, ANDREW - From Alienation to Surplus Value
18455: WALZER, MICHAEL - The Company of Critics: Social Criticism and Political Commitment in the Twentieth Century
36931: WALZER, MICHAEL - The Revolution of the Saints: A Study in the Origins of Radical Politics
39730: THE WARBURG AND COURTAULD INSTITUTES (EDS.) - England and the Mediterranean Tradition: Studies in Art, History and Literature
37409: WARD, PETE - Growing Up Evangelical: Youthwork and the Making of a Subculture
17172: WARD, COLIN - Reflected in Water: A Crisis of Social Responsibility
41276: WARD, MAISIE - Early Church Portrait Gallery
33591: DESJARDINS, ARNAUD, TRANS. WARD AND STEWART - The Message of the Tibetans
34493: WARD, JOHN M. - Empire in the Antipodes - the British in Australia: 1840-1860
36973: WARD, S. - Excavations at Chester: The Civil War Siegeworks 1642-6
41746: WARD, PETER D. - Time Machines: Scientific Explorations in Deep Time
34588: WARDROPER, JOHN - Jest Upon Jest: A Selection of the Jestbooks and Collections of Merry Tales Published from the Reign of Richard III to George III
32468: WARE, ALAN (ED.) - Political Parties: Electoral Change and Structural Response
32043: WARE, ALAN - Political Parties and Party Systems
37034: WARE, JAMES R. (TRANS.) - The Sayings of Chuang Chou
37476: WARMINGTON, E.H. (ED., TRANS.) - Remains of Old Latin [Volume I] Ennius and Caecilius
32693: WARNE, GORDON - Reluctant Treasures: The Practice of Analytic Psychotherapy
37866: WARNER, JAY - Notable Moments of Women in Music
40215: WARNER, GEORGE F. (ED.) - The Stowe Missal: Ms. D. II. 3 in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin [Two Volumes in One]
34077: WARNER, JOHN, TRANS. WUCIUS WONG - A Picture-Story of Hong Kong in 1870: Photographs from the Hong Kong Museum of History Collection
42063: WARNOCK, MARY - Imagination
31491: WARREN, SAMUEL - Passages from the Diary of a Late Physician
21800: WARREN, BILL, ED. JOHN SENDER - Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism
32143: WARREN, KENNETH F. - In Defense of Public Opinion Polling
35837: WARREN, F.E. - The Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante-Nicene Church
32917: WARREN, F.E. - The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church
15081: WARTICK, STEVEN L., AND WOOD, DONNA J. - International Business and Society
38875: WASHBURN, WILCOMB E. - The Governor and the Rebel: A History of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
21050: WASIOLEK, EDWARD - Fathers and Sons: Russia at the Crossroads
7172: WATERS, W.G. - Five Italian Shrines: An Account of the Monumental Tombs of S. Augustine at Pavia, S. Dominic at Bologna, S. Peter Martyr at Milan, S. Donato at Arezzo, and of Orcagna's Tabernacolo at Florence with a Prefatory Essay on Tuscan Sculpture
14555: WATKINS, KEVIN - Economic Growth with Equity: Lessons from East Asia
13344: WATKINS, NICHOLAS - Bonnard
32731: WATKINS, EVAN - Everyday Exchanges: Marketwork and Capitalist Common Sense
31665: WATSON, IAN (FOREWORD RICHARD SCHECHNER) - Towards a Third Theatre: Egenio Barba and the Odin Teatret
20841: WATSON, DAVID GALLOWAY - Waiting Night Sketches
31460: WATSON, WENDY M. - Italian Renaissance Maiolica from the William A. Clark Collection
37730: WATSON, G.L. - Integral Quadratic Forms
39829: WATT, DAVID, AND SWALLOW, PETER - Surveying Historic Buildings
42676: WATT, GEORGE, AND MANN, HAROLD H. - The Pests and Blights of the Tea Plant
32152: WATTS, MEREDITH W. - Xenophobia in United Germany: Generations, Modernization, and Ideology
13610: WATTS, CEDRIC - A Preface to Greene
33417: WAUCHOPE, ROBERT - Lost Tribes & Sunken Continents: Myth and Method in the Study of American Indians
42671: WAUGH, ALEC - The Lipton Story: A Centennial Biography
38901: WAUGH, JOHN C. - Reelecting Lincoln: The Battle for the 1864 Presidency
38224: WAXMAN, MEYER - Judaism: Religion and Ethics
35987: WAY, DAVID - The Lordship of Christ: Ernst Käsemann's Interpretation of Paul's Theology
34714: WEALE, B.L. PUTNAM - The Conflict of Colour Being a Detailed Examination of Racial Problems Throughout the World with Special Reference to the English-Speaking Peoples
32945: WEALE, JENNIFER - A History of Bredenbury & Its Landed Estate
19092: WEARING, STANLEY J. - More Beautiful Norfolk Buildings
10887: WEART, SPENCER R. - Never at War: Why Democracies Will Not Fight One Another
8691: WEAVER, MIKE (ESSAY) - Alvin Langdon Coburn 1882-1966 Man of Mark: Centenary
16874: WEBB, CLIFF - London Livery Company Apprenticeship Registers: Volume 9 - Needlemakers' Company 1664-1801 Pinmakers' Company 1691-1723
40091: WEBB, C.C.J. - Religious Thought in the Oxford Movement
32108: WEBB, CAROLE - Eurocommunism and Foreign Policy
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16997: WOOTTON, BARRIE - Images of Thanet: The Photographs of Thomas Page Swaine
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40438: WORDSWORTH, CHR. (ED.) - The Tracts of Clement Maydeston with the Remains of Caxton's Ordinale
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20344: YANNOPOULOS, GEORGE N. (ED.) - European Integration and the Iberian Economies
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41566: YOUNGBLOOD, RONALD F. (GEN. ED.) - Unlock the Bible: Keys to Understanding the Scripture
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