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41560: MASSEY, MICHAEL - Studying Tv Drama
13517: MASSINGBERD, HUGH (ED.) - The Daily Telegraph Third Book of Obituaries: Entertainers
20118: MASSON, ROSALINE - Peeps at Great Cities: Edinburgh
32778: MASTERS, ANTHONY - Bakunin: The Father of Anarchism
31124: MASTNY, VOJTECH (ED.) - Soviet/East European Survey 1984-1985: Selected Research and Analysis from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
40390: MASURE, EUGÈNE (TRANS. ANTHONY THOROLD) - The Sacrifice of the Mystical Body
41440: MATERER, TIMOTHY - Modernist Alchemy: Poetry and the Occult
11321: MATGAMMA, SEAN (INT.) - How Solidarity Can Change the World
42081: MATHESON, PETER (ED.) - Argula Von Grumbach: A Woman's Voice in the Reformation
41974: MATHEWS, NIEVES - Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination
13261: MATHIAS, ROLAND - A Field at Vallorcines
003400: MATRAS, JUDAH - Social Change in Israel
36108: MATSON, WALLACE I. - The Existence of God
20404: MATSUMOTO, KOJI (TRANS. THOMAS I. ELLIOTT) - The Rise of the Japanese Corporate System: The Inside View of a Miti Official
41729: MATSUNAGA, ALICIA - The Buddhist Philosophy of Assimilation: The Historical Development of the Honji-Suijaku Theory
21416: MATTHEWS, JOHN HOBSON (ED.) - Cardiff Records Being Materials for a History of the County Borough from the Earliest Times
16165: MATTHEWS, W.K. - The Structure and Development of Russian
14954: MATTHEWS, KENT - Macroeconomics and the Market
13182: MATTHEWS, RUPERT - Power Brokers: Kingmakers & Usurpers Throughout History
10700: MATTHEWS, PETER (ED.) - The Robert Rose Book of Classic Desserts
10665: MATTHEWS, T.S. - Under the Influence: Recollections of Robert Graves, Laura Riding, and Friends
7280: MATTHEWS, MIKE - Alf Cobb - Mugsborough Rebel: The Struggle for Justice in Edwardian Hastings
37021: MATTHEWS, W.H. - Mazes and Labyrinths: Their History and Development
30190: MATTHEWS, JOHN (SELECTED BY) - From the Isles of Dream: Visionary Stories and Poems of the Celtic Renaissance
39523: MATTHIAE, GUGLIEMO - Le Chiese DI Roma Dal IV Al X Secolo
16478: MATTHIESEN (ED., &C.) - Matthiesen and Newhouse Galleries: Paintings from Emilia 1500-1700 - an Exhibition.
31796: MATTICK, PAUL - Social Knowledge: An Essay on the Nature and Limits of Social Science
15239: MATYAS, ANTAL, TRANS. ISTVAN VEGES - History of Modern Non-Marxia Economics from Marginalist Revolution Through Keynesian Revolution to Contemporary Monetarist Counter-Revolution
20993: MATYAS, ANTAL, TRANS. ISTVAN VEGES - History of Modern Non-Marxian Economics from Marginalist Revolution Through the Keynesian Revolution to Contemporary Monetarist Counter-Revolution
39539: MAUGHAN, H. HAMILTON (INTR., NOTE) - The Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church
35048: MAUNDER, E.WALTER - The Astronomy of the Bible: An Elementary Commentary on the Astronomical References of Holy Scripture
002460: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY (ED. SAXE COMMINS), ILLUSTRATED BY ADOLF DEHN - Selected Tales of Guy de Maupassant
41057: MAURER, CHARLES B. - Call to Revolution: The Mystical Anarchism of Gustav Landauer
35651: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - The Virgin Mistress: A Study in Survival - the Life of the Duchess of Kingston
34062: MAXIM, JAMES L. - A Lancashire Lion
15247: MAXWELL, NICHOLAS - From Knowledge to Wisdom: A Revolution in the Aims and Methods of Science
39831: MAXWELL, WILLIAM D. - The Liturgical Portions of the Genevan Service Book Used By John Knox While a Minister of the English Congregation of Marian Exiles at Geneva, 1556-01559
39764: MAXWELL, WILLIAM D. - The Book of Common Prayer and the Worship of the Non-Anglican Churches
36223: MAXWELL, INGVAL (ED.) - Cost Action C5 "Urban Heritage - Building Maintenance" - Working Group 5 "Lime Technology Workshop on Rendered Facades"
33931: MAXWELL, WILLIAM D. - The Liturgical Portions of the Genevan Service Book Used By John Knox While a Minister of the English Congregation of Marian Exiles at Geneva, 1556-1559
17087: MAY, ROBERT M. (ED.) - Theoretical Ecology: Principles and Applications
13578: MAY, TIM - Situating Social Theory
40699: MAY, ROBERT M. - Cosmic Consciousness Revisited: The Modrn Origins and Development of Western Spiritual Psychology
15407: MAYCOCK, RICHARD - Break the Deadlock: A Proposal for Solving Britain's Economic Problem, and Criticism of Socialist and Marxist Theories
35842: MAYCOCK, A.L., INTR. RONALD KNOX - The Inquisition from Its Establishment to the Great Schism: An Introductory Study
32448: MAYER, MARGIT, AND ELY, JOHN (EDS.) TRANSLATIONS BY MICHAEL SCHATZSCHNEIDER - The German Greens: Paradox between Movement and Party
14766: MAYER, THOMAS - The Structure of Monetarism
7992: MAYER, ADRIAN C. - Caste and Kinship in Central India: A Village and Its Region
20408: MAYES, DAVID G., AND NICHOLAS, CLIVE S. - The Economic Impact of Leasing
38170: MAYES, A.D.H. - Judges (Old Testament Guides)
28971: MAYHEW, HENRY (ED. QUENNELL) - London's Underworld
42489: MAYHEW, A.L., AND SKEAT, WALTER W. - A Concise Dictionary of Middle English from A.D. 1150 to 1580
11864: MAYNE, ALAN J. - Resources for the Future: An International Annotated Bibliography for the 21st Century
38625: MAYO, BERNARD - Henry Clay: Spokesman of the New West
15223: MAYO, MARJORIE - Imagining Tomorrow: Adult Education for Transformation
13343: MAYOR, A. HYATT - Artists & Anatomists
39371: MAYOR, JOSEPH B. - The Epistle of St. James: The Greek Text with Introduction Notes and Comments
35189: MAYOW, JOHN - Medico-Physical Works Being a Translation of Tractatus Medico-Physici
33186: MAZLISH, BRUCE - The Meaning of Karl Marx
15105: MAZUR, ROBERT E. (ED.) - Breaking the Links: Development Theory and Practice in Southern Africa - a Festschrift for Ann W. Seidman
36038: DE' MAZZINGHI, THOMAS JOHN - Sanctuaries
32511: MCALLISTER, IAN (FOREWORD RICHARD ROSE) - The Northern Ireland Social Democratic and Labour Party: Political Opposition in a Divided Society
37320: MCARTHUR, A. ALLAN - The Evolution of the Christian Year
13889: MCBANE, SUSAN (ED.) - The Horse and the Bit
11389: MCCABE, BOB - The Life of Graham: The Authorised Biography of Graham Chapman
42431: MCCALMAN, IAIN - Radical Underworld: Prophets, Revolutionaries and Pornographers in London, 1795-1840
32696: MCCANLES, MICHAEL - The Text of Sidney's Arcadian World
35003: MCCANN, FRANKLIN T. - English Discovery of America to 1585
20772: MCCANN, E. ARMITAGE - Ship Model Making: How to Make Worth-While Models of Decorative Ships
31845: MCCARNEY, JOSEPH - Social Theory and the Crisis of Marxism
19920: MCCART, NEIL - Passenger Ships of the Orient Line
34325: MCCARTHY, M.R., SUMMERSON, H.R.T., AND ANNIS, R.G. - Carlisle Castle: A Survey and Documentary History
37871: MCCAULEY, MARTIN (ED.) - Communist Power in Europe 1944-1949
41157: MCCAW, WILLIAM - Truth Frae 'Mang the Heather; Or, Is the Bible True?
12202: MCCLELLAN, WOODFORD - Revolutionary Exiles: The Russians in the First International and the Paris Commune
001873: MCCLUGGAGE, ROBERT W. - A History of the American Dental Association: A Century of Health Service
9165: MCCOMB, A.K. (ED.) - The Selected Letters of Bernard Berenson
13774: MCCORD, JAMES I., AND PARKER, T.H.L. (EDS.) - Service in Christ: Essays Presented to Karl Barth on His 80th Birthday
12174: MCCORMACK, GAVAN, AND NELSON, HANK (EDS.) - The Burma-Thailand Railway: Memory and History
27040: MCCORMACK, MARK H. - Arnold Palmer: The Man and the Legend
35820: MCCORMICK, DONALD - The Unseen Killer: A Study of Suicide, Its History, Causes and Cures
35391: MCCUMBER, JOHN - Philosophy and Freedom: Derrida, Rorty, Habermas, Foucault
32831: MCCUMBER, JOHN - Poetic Interaction: Language, Freedom, Reason
38429: MCCUSKER, JOHN J., AND MENARD, RUSSELL R. - The Econony of British America, 1607-1789
18854: MCCUTCHEON, CAMPBELL (ED.) - Infantry Training: The National Serviceman's Handbook
20532: MCDERMOTT, ANTHONY - The New Politics of Financing the Un
42025: ST THOMAS AQUINAS (ED. TIMOTHY MCDERMOTT) - Summa Theologiae: A Concise Translation
20909: MCDONALD, LYNN - The Early Origins of the Social Sciences
10441: MCDONALD, H.D. - Freedom in Faith: A Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Galatians
32542: MCDONALD, MICHAEL P., AND SAMPLES, JOHN (EDS.) - The Marketplace of Democracy: Electoral Competition and American Politics
21511: MCDONALD, EDWARD D. (ED.) - Phoenix: The Posthumous Papers of D.H. Lawrence
37534: MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM - National Welfare and National Decay
20885: STEWART-MCDOUGALL, MARY LYNN - The Artisan Republic: Revolution, Reaction, and Resistance in Lyon
34708: MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM - Ethics and Some Modern World Problems
11526: MCELDUFF, COLIN - Trans-Asia Motoring
38107: MCEVENUE, SEAN - Interpreting the Pentateuch
38101: MCEVENUE, SEAN - Interpretation and Bible: Essays on Truth and Literature
40753: MCEVILLEY, THOMAS - Art & Discontent: Theory at the Millennium
40522: MCEVILLEY, THOMAS - The Exile's Return: Toward a Redefinition of Painting for the Post-Modern Era
33002: MCEWEN, JOHN (INTR.) - John Bellany: Enchanted Land
32872: MCFADYEN, PHILLIP - Open Door on Mark: His Gospel Explored
35458: MCFARLAND, J.D. - Kant's Concept of Teleology
41767: MCGAHERN, JOHN - That They May Face the Rising Sun
34645: MCGILL, GREG - Building on the Past: A Guide to the Archaeology and Development Process
13467: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Mcgonagall: A Library Omnibus
16378: MCGRATH, PATRICK - The Merchant Venturers of Bristol: A History of the Society of Merchant Veturers of the City of Bristol from Its Origin to the Present Day
11849: MCGRATH, PATRICK, AND CANNON, JOHN (EDS.) - Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire History: The Centenary Volume of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
42323: MCGRATH, ALISTER E. - Science & Religion: An Introduction
14586: MCGREW, ANTHONY G., AND LEWIS, PAUL G., ET AL - Global Poitics: Globalization and the Nation-State
41683: MCGUCKIAN, MEDBH - Selected Poems 1978-1994
34869: MCGUIGAN, JIM (ED.) - Cultural Methodologies
30313: MCKAY, REG - The Sexing of Rebecca Pine: None So Pretty - the Story of a Changing Life
13130: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Tarquin's Ship: The Etruscan Wreck in Campese Bay
21944: MCKENNEY, THOMAS L., AND HALL, JAMES (ED. FREDERICK WEBB HODGE) AND DAVID I. BUSHNELL - The Indian Tribes of North America with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs [Three Volumes]
14583: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Trust on Trial: How the Microsoft Case Is Reframing the Rules of Competition
34955: MCKENZIE, GEORGE, POWELL, JACKIE, AND USHER, ROBIN (EDS.) - Understanding Social Research: Perspectives on Methodology and Practice
18520: MCKEON, RICHARD (ED. ZAHAVA K. MCKEON), INTR. HOWARD RUTTENBERG - Freedom and History and Other Essays: An Introduction to the Thought of Richard Mckeon
18082: N.A. (PREPARED BY RONALD B. MCKERROW) - The Tragedy of Locrine 1595
15181: MCKINLAY, R.D., AND LITTLE, R. - Global Problems and World Order
38092: MCKINLAY, JUDITH E. - Gendering Wisdom the Host: Biblical Invitations to Eat and Drink
41574: MCKINLEY, RICHARD - Pastel Pointers [Top Secrets for Beautiful Patel Paintings]
34885: MCKNIGHT, DAVID - Beyond Right and Left: New Politics and the Culture Wars
20029: MCKUEN, ROD - The Beautiful Strangers
19857: MCLACHLAN, G.W.P. - Famous Liners of the Eastern Oceans
7009: MCLAREN, PETER - Revolutionary Multiculturalism: Pedagogies of Dissent for the New Millennium
35678: MCLAREN, ANGUS - A History of Contraception from Antiquity to the Present Day
10351: MCLEISH, KENNETH - Myths and Legends of Ancient Rome
42227: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Simone Weil: Utopian Pessimist
33108: MCLELLAN, DAVID, AND SAYERS, SEAN (EDS.) - Socialism and Democracy
39028: MCLELLAND, J.C., AND DUFFIELD, G.E. (INTR., EDS.) - The Life, Early Letters & Eucharistic Writings of Peter Martyr
40139: MCLEOD, HUGH - Class and Religion in the Late Victorian City
20086: MCLINTOCK, A.H. - The History of Otago: The Origins and Growth of a Wakefield Class Settlement
41416: MCMASTER, JUILET (ED.) - Jane Austen's Achievement
40912: MCMEEKIN, SEAN - The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power, 1898-1918
16182: MCMICHAEL, A.J. - Planetary Overload: Global Environment Change and the Health of the Human Species
39738: MCNABB, VINCENT (INTR.) - The Decrees of the Vatican Council
34021: MCNALLY, RAYMOND T. - Dracula Was a Woman: In Search of the Blood Countess of Transylvania
35984: MCNAMARA, MARTIN - Targum and Testament: Aramaic Paraphrases of the Hebrew Bible: A Light on the New Testament
17238: MCNEELY, JEFFERY A. - Economics and Biological Diversity: Developing and Using Economic Incentives to Conserve Biological Resources
40310: MCNEILL, WILLIAM HARDY - The Greek Dilemma: War and Aftermath
38663: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - The Struggle for Equality: Abolitionists and the Negro in the Civil War and Reconstruction
31295: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - The Struggle for Equality: Abolitionists and the Negro in the Civil War and Reconstruction
8625: MCSHANE, JOHN - Cognitive Development: An Information Processing Approach
38525: MEAD, W.R. - Farming in Finland
10624: MEADOWS, ERIC G. (FROM THE WORK OF) - Changes in Our Landscape: Aspects of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns 1947-1992
21772: MEDVEDEV, ROY (TRANS. A.D.P. BRIGGS) - Leninism and Western Socialism
42478: MEECH, JULIA, AND WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Japonisme Comes to America: The Japanese Impact on the Graphic Arts 1876-1925
34800: MEECHAM, HENRY G. - The Oldest Version of the Bible: 'Aristeas' on Its Traditional Origin. A Study in Early Apologetic with Translation and Appendices
40623: MEECHAM, PAM, AND SHELDON, JULIE - Modern Art: A Critical Introduction
20422: MEEHAN, MICHAEL - Liberty and Poetics in Eighteenth Century England
34173: MEERLOO, JOOST A.M. - Dance Craze and Sacred Dance
36806: CASTLES STUDIES GROUP SPRING MEETING - Castles of the West Midlands
36584: DE MEEÜS, ADRIEN (TRANS. G. GORDON) - History of the Belgians
9532: MEGGENDORFER, LOTHAR - Bubenstreiche Ein Verwandlungsbilderbuch
8953: MEHAN, HUGH, ET AL - Constructing School Success: The Consequences of Untracking Low-Achieving Students
42451: MEHTA, P.D. (FOREWORD NOEL KING) - Zarathushtra: The Transcendental Vision
26030: MEIER, HEINZ K. - Freindship Under Stress: U.S. - Swiss Relations 1900 - 1950
35886: MEIKLEJOHN, A. - The Life, Work and Times of Charles Turner Thackrah, Surgeon and Apothecary of Leeds (1795-1833)
21294: MEILY, CLARENCE - Puritanism
36161: MEIN, A.G. - Norman Usk: The Birth of a Town
33262: MEINERTZHAGEN, R. - Pirates and Predators: The Piratical and Predatory Habits of Birds
32024: MEISEL, JOHN - The Canadian General Election of 1957
31554: MEISTER, ROBERT - Political Identity: Thinking Through Marx
33258: MELHUISH, MARTIN - Celtic Tides: Traditional Music in a New Age
21073: MELLER, HELEN E. (ED.) - Nottingham in the Eighteen Eighties: A Study in Social Change
18331: MELLOR, MARY, HANNAH, JANET, AND STIRLING, JOHN - Worker Cooperatives in Theory and Practice
37940: MELLY, GEORGE - It's All Writ out for You: The Life and Work of Scottie Wilson
30381: MELMAN, YOSSI - The Master Terrorist: The True Story Behind Abu Nidal
40780: MELOSH, BARBARA - Engendering Culture: Manhood and Womanhood in New Deal Public Art and Theater
17557: MELTS, MICHAEL - Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3 . [Queen]D6
34867: MELUCCI, ALBERTO - Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age
38762: MELUGIN, ROY F., AND SWEENEY, MARVIN A. (EDS.) - New Visions of Isaiah
19867: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G.J. - Songs and Verses
41321: MENCKEN, H.L. (ED., ANNOT) - A Mencken Chrestomathy
28200: MENEZES, GEORGE - One Sip at a Time
19213: MENKE, CHRISTOPHER (TRANS. NEIL SOLOMON) - The Sovereignty of Art: Aesthetic Negativity in Adorno and Derrida
17167: MENKES, VIVIENNE (ED.) - Paintings from the Muslim Courts of India
21241: MENSHIKOV, STANISLAV - Catastrophe Or Catharsis? the Soviet Economy Today
17754: MERBACK, MITCHELL B. - The Thief, the Cross and the Wheel: Pain and the Spectacle of Punishment in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
17083: MERCER, ALEX - Disease, Mortality and Population in Transition: Epidemiological-Demographic Change in England Since the Eighteenth Century As Part of a Global Phenomenon
14898: MEREDEEN, SANDER - Managing Industrial Conflict: Seven Major Disputes
40759: DE MÈREDIEU, FLORENCE - Histoire Matérielle & Immatérielle de L'Art Moderne
14006: MEREDITH, ANTHONY - The Demon & the Lobster: Charles Kortright and Digby Jephson, Remarkable Bowlers in the Golden Age
19091: MERICK, RICE (ED. JAMES ANDREW CORBETT) - A Booke of Glamorganshires Antiquities
003279: MERINO, BARBARA J., TRUEBA, HENRY T., AND SAMANIEGO, FABIAN A. (EDS.) - Language and Culture in Learning: Teaching Spanish to Native Speakers of Spanish
32404: MERKL, PETER H. (ED.) - West German Foreign Policy: Dilemmas and Directions
32165: MERKL, PETER H. (ED.) - Western European Party Systems: Trends and Prospects
32052: MERKL, PETER H. - German Unification in the European Context
32061: MERKL, PETER H. (ED.) - The Federal Republic of Germany at Forty-Five: Union without Unity
21238: MERNISSI, FATEMA - Scheherezade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems
32769: MERQUIOR, J.G. - From Prague to Paris: A Critique of Structuralist and Post-Structuralist Thought
38994: MERRETT, VICTOR R.J. - The Long Journey Home: Some Memories of 1350 Days in Pow Camps
35487: MERRILL, ROBERT VALENTINE, WITH ROBERT J. CLEMENTS - Platonism in French Renaissance Poetry
34191: MERRILL, JOHN N. - White Peak Aircraft Wreck Walks
35145: MERRITT, ARTHUR TILLMAN - Sixteenth-Century Polyphony: A Basis for the Study of Counterpoint
13663: MERTON, THOMAS - Meditations on Liturgy
17449: MERTON, THOMAS (SELECTED, ED. BRO. THOMAS HART) - The School of Charity: The Letters of Thomas Merton
42042: MERTON, THOMAS - Seeds of Contemplation
38451: MERWICK, DONNA - Possessing Albany, 1630-1710: The Dutch and English Experiences
41018: MERZ, BLANCHE (TRANS. MICHÈLE CARTER BURDET) - Points of Cosmic Energy
36451: MESQUI, JEAN - Châteaux Et Enceintes de la France MéDIévale: De la Défense à la Résidence [Two Volumes]
9935: MESSENGER, MICHAEL - Pottery and Tiles of the Severn Valley
32531: MESSINA, ANTHONY M. - Race and Party Competition in Britain
32829: MESTROVIC, STJEPAN G. - The Barbarian Temperament: Toward a Postmodern Critical Theory
41173: MESTROVIC, STJEPAN G. - The Coming Fin de Siècle: An Application of Durkheim's Sociology to Modernity and Postmodernism
39669: METZGER, BRUCE M. - A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament
38992: METZGER, BRUCE - A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament: A Companion Volume to the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament (Third Edition)
39608: METZGER, BRUCE M. - The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration
38753: ALAND, BLACK, MARTINI, METZGER AND WIKGREN (EDS.) - The Greek New Testament
11474: BRUINSMA, MAX, WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY SJOUKJE VAN DER MEULEN AND WILLEM VAN WEELDEN - Deep Sites: Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design
38751: MEYENDORFF, PAUL (TRANS., INTR., COMMENTARY) - St Germanus of Constantinople on the Divine Liturgy
38746: MEYENDORFF, JOHN - Marriage: An Orthodox Perspective
13068: MEYER, R.W. (TRANS. J.P. STERN) - Leibnitz and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution
37401: MEYER, ENNO - The Bulldog: An Illustrated Standard of the Breed
36028: MEYER, ARNOLD (TRANS. J.R. WILKINSON) - Jesus Or Paul?
42371: MEYERS, JEFFREY - Edgar Allan Poe: His Life and Legacy
33899: MEYERS, RICHARD, HARLIB, AMY, AND PALMER, KAREN AND BILL - Martial Arts Movies: From Bruce Lee to the Ninjas
32670: MEYERS, DIANA TIETJENS - Subjection & Subjectivity: Psychoanalytic Feminism & Moral Philosophy
10204: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Last Poems of Alice Meynell
27634: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell 1847 - 1923: Centenary Edition
11775: MIAO, JIAWEN - Simple Fitness Exercises: Traditional Chinese Movements for Health & Rejuvenation
18284: MICAUD, CHARLES A. - Communism and the French Left
36189: FULFORD, MICHAEL [AND] CORNEY, MARK - Silchester: Excavations on the Defences 1974-80 [and] a Field Survey of the Extra-Mural Territory
35670: MICHANOWSKY, GEORGE - The Once and Future Star
20839: MADAME MICHELET - Nature; Or, the Poetry of Earth and Sea
40156: MICHELL, G.A. - Landmarks in Liturgy
14989: MICHIE, JONATHAN (ED.) - The Economic Legacy 1979-1992
39857: MICKLETHWAITE, J.T. - The Ornaments of the Rubric
39877: MICKLETHWAITE, J.T. - The Ornaments of the Rubric
38939: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals
15474: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH - Power and the Party: Changing Faces of Communism in Western Europe
19788: MIDDLEMISS, N.L. - Furness-Houlder Lines
14561: MIDDLETON, NEIL, AND O'KEEFE, PHIL - Redefining Sustainable Development
12001: MIDDLETON, HAYDN, AND TOORCHEN, ANTHEA - Son of Two Worlds: A Retelling of the Timeless Celtic Saga of Pryderi
9171: MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER - Two Horse Wagon Going By
31484: SAFRONI-MIDDLETON, A. - Sailor and Beachcomber: Confessions of a Life at Sea, in Australia and Amid the Islands of the Pacific
37759: MIDDLETON, BILL (INTR.) - The Laleham Common Place [Commonplace] Book
15743: MIDGLEY, JOHN - Mushrooms on the Menu
14013: MIDWINTER, ERIC - The Illustrated History of County Cricket
29693: MIDWINTER, ARTHUR, KEATING, MICHAEL, AND MITCHELL, JAMES - Politics and Public Policy in Scotland
7060: MIEDER, WOLFGANG - Tradition and Innovation in Folk Literature
36115: MIEGGE, GIOVANNI (TRANS. WALDO SMITH) - The Virgin Mary: The Roman Catholic Marian Doctrine
36461: MIGOS, ATHANASSIOS (HON. ED.) - Fort: The International Journal of Fortification and Military Architecture - Volume 20
36462: MIGOS, ATHANASSIOS (HON. ED.) - Fort: The International Journal of Fortification and Military Architecture - Volume 21
40822: MILÁ, ERNESTO (TRAD. BERNARD DUBANT) - Nazisme Et ésotérisme
9430: MILES, ROSALIND - The Fiction of Sex: Themes and Functions of Sex Difference in the Modern Novel
7572: MILES, ROSALIND - The Rites of Man: Love, Sex and Death in the Making of the Male
6206: MILES, LES - The Welsh Wizard: Howard Winstone
22092: MILES, SUE, ILLUSTRATED BY GEOFF MOON - The River: The Story of the Waikato
001589: MILES, DILLWYN (THE HERALD BARD) - The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
40428: MILES, ARCHIE - The Malvern Hills and Westward: Travels Through the Malverns and East Herefordshire
9320: MILEUR, JEAN-PIERRE - The Critical Romance: The Critic As Reader, Writer, Hero
21210: MILIS, LUDO J.R. - Angelic Monks and Earthly Men: Monasticism and Its Meaning to Medieval Society
15877: MILIVOJEVIC, DRAGAN DENNIS - Current Russian Phonemic Theory 1952-1962
36935: MILLAR, J.P.M., AND LEONARD, DICK (EDS.) - Plebs (Organ of the National Council of Labour Colleges) a Small Collection
19957: MILLAR, J. HALKET - Across the Marble Mountain Radiant Golden Bay Beckons to a Paradise of Restfulness
32776: MILLER, JOHN - Egotopia: Narcissism and the New American Landscape
38455: MILLER, PERRY - Errand Into the Wilderness
38603: MILLER, JOHN CHESTER - The Wolf By the Ears: Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
16275: MILLER, DAVID - Pictures of Mercy: Selected Poems
14943: MILLER, MARGARET, ET AL - Communist Economy Under Change: Studies in the Theory and Practice of Markets and Competition in Russia, Poland and Yugoslavia
13286: MILLER, HELEN HILL - The Case for Liberty
39942: MILLER, KIM HURST - The Making of a New People: A Jungian Perspective on the Development of Early Christian Baptismal Ritual [Dissertation]
36632: MILLER, GEORGE (FOREWORD ANTHONY C. WOOD) - Rambles Round the Edge Hills and in the Vale of the Red Horse
37421: MILLER, RONALD (ED.) - Travels of Mungo Park
30938: MILLER, HUGH GORDON - The Isthmian Highway: A Review of the Problems of the Caribbean
38108: MILLER, DOUGLAS B. - Symbol and Rhetoric in Ecclesiastes: The Place of Hebel in Qohelet's Work
21009: MILLER, DAVID, AND WALZER, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Pluralism, Justice, and Equality
41350: MILLER, DAVID - The World of Jack Aubrey: Twelve-Pounders, Frigates, Cutlasses, and Insignia of His Majesty
39134: MILLER, GEO. C. - Blackburn: The Evolution of a Cotton Town
002624: MILLER, HELEN HILL - The Realms of Arthur
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13939: READING MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY - Reading Exhibition of Heraldry 1963 Arranged By the Heraldry Society
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39878: NEWBOLT, W.C.E. - Consolidation
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12204: ORMEROD, HENRY A. - Piracy in the Ancient World: An Essay in Mediterranean History
40360: ORMEROD, ALLAN - An Industrial Odyssey: Memoirs of an Engineer and Textile Industrialist in a Career Extending from 1936 to 1995
33353: ORR, JAMES - David Hume and His Influence on Philosophy and Theology
13816: ORSO, STEVEN N. - Art and Death at the Spanish Habsburg Court: The Royal Exequies for Philip IV
40003: ORTÍN, TOMÁS - Gravity and Strings
16726: VAN OS, HENK, AT AL - Netherlandish Art in the Rijksmuseum 1400-1600
40174: OSBORN, ARTHUR W. (FOREWORD RAYNOR C. JOHNSON) - The Expansion of Awareness: One Man's Search for Meaning in Living
9675: OSBORNE, JOHN - Look Back in Anger: A Play in Three Acts
39209: OSBORNE, JOHN (ED.) - Bëte Noire: Autumn 1989 - Spring 1990
35271: OSBORNE, PETER, ED. - A Critical Sense: Interviews with Intellectuals
32876: OSHO - When the Shoe Fits: Commentaries on the Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu
18389: OSIATYNSKI, JERZY (TRANS. JAN TOPOROWSKI) - Michal Kalecki on a Socialist Economy
15260: OSTRY, SYLVIA - The Post-Cold War Trading System: Who's on First?
38219: OSWALT, JOHN N. - The Book of Isaiah Chapters 1-39
37159: OTEY AND BRINEY - Otey-Briney Debate between W.W. Otey of Lynn, Indiana and Elder J.B. Briney of Louisvlle, Kentucky
10738: OTT, EDWARD - Rochemerde: A Year in the Life of a Bulgarian Winegrower
20452: OTTOSON, DAVID (ED.) - Duality and Unity of the Brain: Unified Functioning and Specialisation of the Hemispheres
20451: OTTOSON, DAVID, AND ROSTÈNE, WILLIAM (EDS.) - Visualization of Brain Functions
40902: OVERY, RICHARD - The Morbid Age: Britain between the Wars
13775: OWEN, H.P. - The Christian Knowledge of God
11596: OWEN, CHARLES - Plain Yarns from the Fleet: The Spirit of the Royal Navy During Its Twentieth-Century Heyday
8912: OWEN, HUGH - The Elementary Education Act, 1876 (39 and 40 Vict. , C. 79) with Introduction, Notes, and Index (and) an Appendix Containing the Regulations.
37155: OWEN, ROBERT DALE (ED., REV. ANGUS MCARTHUR) - Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World with Narrative Illustrations
21365: OWEN, JOHN (ED. WILLIAM H. GOOLD) - The Works of John Owen: Volume XV - Church Purity and Unity
21371: OWEN, JOHN (ED. WILLIAM H. GOOLD) - The Works of John Owen: Volume XI - Continuing in the Faith
36224: OWEN, OLWYN, MACSWEEN, ANN, AND RITCHIE, MATTHEW - The Future of the Scottish Burgh Survey (Research Report)
15751: OWENS, MAIRE - The Acquisition of Irish: A Case Study
7039: OWER, E., AND NAYLER, J.L. - High-Speed Flight
13047: JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE R.C.P. - The Nomenclature of Disease
42018: MAYER, J.P. ET AL (INTR. R.H. TAWNEY) - Political Thought: The European Tradition
40519: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. ET AL - Japonisme: Japanese Influence on French Art 1854-1910
32653: JONTE-PACE, DIANE - Speaking the Unspeakable: Religion, Misogyny, and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's Cultural Texts
6323: PACKARD, JERROLD M. - Peter's Kingdom: Inside the Papal City
32960: PACKER, WILLIAM - Contemporary British Landscape
41331: PACKER, JAMES E. - The Forum of Trajan in Rome: A Study of the Monuments in Brief
41468: PADEL, O.J. - A Popular Dictionary of Cornish Place-Names
13157: PADFIELD, PETER - Himmler: Reichsfûhrer-Ss
28256: PADFIELD, PETER - Nelson's War
18377: PADGETT, STEPHEN, AND PATERSON, WILLIAM E. - A History of Social Democracy in Postwar Europe
32101: PADGETT, STEPHEN, AND PATERSON, WILLIAM E. - A History of Social Democracy in Postwar Europe
32105: PADGETT, STEPHEN (ED.) - Adenauer to Kohl: The Development of the German Chancellorship
32164: PADGETT, STEPHEN (ED.) - Parties and Party Systems in the New Germany
35895: PADLEY, RICHARD, AND COLE, MARGARET (EDS.) - Evacuation Survey: A Report to the Fabian Society
41436: PAGÁN, VICTORIA EMMA - Conspiracy Narratives in Roman History
17385: PAGE, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Victoria History of the County of Kent - Volume One
14100: PAGE, HENRY - Good Will on a Coral Strand
13282: PAGE, RUTH - Ambiguity and the Presence of God
9177: PAGET, REGINALD - The Human Journey
19994: PAGET, JOHN C. - Naval Powers and Their Policy with Tabular Statements of British and Foreign Ironclad Navies; Giving Dimensions, Armour, Details of Armament, Engines, Speed, and Other Particulars
19554: PAGNOL, MARCEL - Oeuvres Complètes - Tome VI: La Femme Du Boulanger - Regain - Critique Des Critiques
19557: PAGNOL, MARCEL - Oeuvres Complètes - Tome III: La Cinématurgie - César - Merlusse
19555: PAGNOL, MARCEL - Oeuvres Complètes - Tome II: Marius - Fanny
20111: PAISLEYS - Highland Dress
15609: PAL, IZZUD-DIN - Pakistan, Islam, and Economics: Failure of Modernity
19139: GONZÁLEZ-PALACIOS, ALVAR (CATALOGO) - Una Raccolta DI Orologi Antichi
31429: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. (NOTES) - The Treasury of Sacred Song Selected from the English Lyrical Poetry of Four Centuries
38949: PALMER, G.H. (ADAPTED BY) - A Selection of Grails, Alleluyas and Tracts for Sundays and Holy-Days from the Sarum Graduale
41467: PALMER, JUDITH (ED.) - Private Views: Artists Working Today
14139: PALMER, ALFRED NEOBARD - A History of the Older Nonconformity of Wrexham and Its Neighbourhood, Being the Third Part of "a History of the Town and Parish of Wrexham. "
13152: PALMER, ROY (ED.) - The Rambling Soldier: Life in the Lower Ranks, 1750-1900, Through Soldiers' Songs and Writings
38947: PALMER, G.H. (ADAPTED BY) - The Offices, Or Introits for Sundays and Festivals with the Musical Notation from the Sarum Graduale
37670: PALMER, HENRY SPENCER, REVISED SAYCE - Sinai from the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty to the Present Day
42445: PALMER, ROY - Herefordshire Folklore
38948: PALMER, G.H. (ADAPTED BY) - The Offices, Or Introits for Sundays and Festivals with the Musical Notation from the Sarum Graduale
20602: PALMER, JUDITH (ED.) - Private Views: Artists Working Today
14516: PALMERIO, GIOVANNI - Perspectives on Economic Thought
38496: PALUDAN, PHILLIP SHAW - The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln
15205: PANAGARIYA, ARVIND, QUIBRIA, M.G., AND RAO, NARHARI (EDS.) - The Global Trading System and Developing Asia
15055: PANAYIOTOPOULOS, PRODROMOS, AND CAPPS, GAVIN (EDS.) - World Development: An Introduction
11974: PANDIT, M.P. - Studies in the Tantras and the Veda
16339: PANESSO, ANTONIO (ED.) - El Dorado: Museum of Gold
20475: PANIC, M. - National Management of the International Economy
13372: PANIMOLLE, SALVATORE 9ED.) - Like the Deer That Yearns: Listening to the Word and Prayer
33333: PANITCH, LEO - Renewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy, and Imagination
40294: PANTON, J.E. - From Kitchen to Garret: Hints for Young Householders
41737: PAPADAKIS, ELIM - The Green Movement in West Germany
13341: PAPADAKIS, ANDREAS C. (ED.) - The New Romantics
40687: PAPADAKIS, ANDREAS C. (ED.) - German Art Now (an Art & Design Profile)
40626: PAPADAKIS, ANDREAS C. (ED.) - Italian Art and the Southern European Tradition (an Art & Design Profile)
41291: PARADIZ, VALERIE - Clever Maids: The Secret History of the Grimm Fairy Tales
8878: PARBURY, KATHLEEN - Women of Grace: A Biographical Dictionary of British Women Saints, Martyrs and Reformers
16863: DESVIGNES-PARENT, LUCETTE - Marivaux Et L'Angleterre: Essai Sur Une Création Dramatique Originale
40582: PARFITT, WILL - The New Living Qabalah: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Tree of Life
16201: PARFREY, ADAM (ED.) - Apocalypse Culture
42418: PARGETER, WILLIAM (ED. STANLEY W. JACKSON) - Observations on Maniacal Disorders
32308: VAN PARIJS, PHILIPPE - Marxism Recycled
12498: PARIKH, G.D. - General Education in Indian Universities
16536: PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS - The New White Horse Recipe Book
33519: PARK, BONG-SHIK (PREFACE) HAN, MAN-YONG (INTR.) - Traditional Performing Arts of Korea
39937: DARTMOOR NATIONAL PARK - The Archaeology of Dartmoor from the Air
17013: PARKER, DEREK - The Trampled Wife: The Scandalous Life of Mary Eleanor Bowes
34946: PARKER, NOEL, AND SIM, STUART (EDS.) - The a-Z Guide to Modern Social and Political Theorists
37324: PARKER, T.H.L. (ED.) - English Reformers
39460: FITZGEORGE-PARKER, TIM - The Ditch on the Hill: 80 Years of the Cheltenham Festival
42195: PARKER, ROBERT - On Greek Religion
33495: PARKER, D.C. - Some Aspects of Gipsy Music
32240: PARKER, IAN, AND SPEARS, RUSSELL (EDS.) - Psychology and Society: Radical Theory and Practice
36771: PARKER, KEITH - Radnorshire from Civil War to Restoration: A Study of the County and Its Environs 1640-60 in a Regional Setting
32066: PARKES, STUART - Understanding Contemporary Germany
35393: PARKINSON, G.H.R. - Georg Lukács
35536: BRETON, ANDRÉ, TRANS. PARMENTIER AND D'AMBOISE - Free Rein (la Clé Des Champs)
35476: PARNELL, R.W. - Behaviour and Physique: An Introduction to Practical and Applied Somatometry
20085: PARR, W.H. - Port Nelson - Gateway to the Sea: A History of Nelson Harbour Board to 1978
33017: PARRAMÓN, JOSÉ M., TRANS. MONICA KRÜGER - The Landscapes Painting Book in Watercolour and Oils
36248: PARRI, BRYNACH (GOL./ED.) - Brycheiniog Cyfrol/Volume Xl [40]
12089: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY - Sex in the World's Religions
32868: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY - Sexual Morality in the World's Religions
39847: PARROT, ANDRÉ (TRANS. EDWIN HUDSON) - Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
11238: PARROTT, HAYWARD - Aylesbury Town Yesterdays
36995: PARRY, C.J. - Index of Baronetage Creations
36247: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXIX [39]
36238: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXIX [29]
36239: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXI [31]
40468: GAMBIER-PARRY, T.R. (ED.) - The Colbertine Breviary [Two Volumes]
13259: PARRY, WILLIAM - The Old Welsh Evangelist, and Other Poems
13225: PARRY, J.H., AND SHERLOCK, P.M. - A Short History of the West Indies
12765: PARRY, EDWARD ABBOTT (ED.) - Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple (1652-54)
11343: PARRY, JOSEPH (ED. MUSIC), AND ROWLANDS, DAVID (ED. WORDS.) - Cambrian Minstrelsie: (Alawon Gwalia) a National Collection of Welsh Songs [Vol. V]
11341: PARRY, JOSEPH (ED. MUSIC), AND ROWLANDS, DAVID (ED. WORDS.) - Cambrian Minstrelsie: (Alawon Gwalia) a National Collection of Welsh Songs [Vol. III)
11344: PARRY, JOSEPH (ED. MUSIC), AND ROWLANDS, DAVID (ED. WORDS.) - Cambrian Minstrelsie: (Alawon Gwalia) a National Collection of Welsh Songs [Vol. VI]
9328: PARRY, THOMAS (GOLYGWYD) - Gwaith Dafydd Ap Gwilym
36236: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXVII [27]
36234: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXV [25]
36243: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXV [35]
36244: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXVI [36]
36245: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXVII [37]
36246: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXVIII [38]
36237: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXVIII [28]
36242: PARRY, E.G. (ED.) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXIV [34]
40621: PARRY, KEN (ED.) - The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity
15337: PARSONS, JACK - Population Fallacies
38407: PARSONS, ELSIE CLEWS - North American Indian Life: Customs and Traditions of 23 Tribes
34121: PARSONS, ROBERT - The Christian Directory Guiding Men to Their Eternal Salvation
32154: PARSONS, NICK - Employee Participation in Europe: A Case Study in the British and French Gas Industries
21769: PARSONS, STEPHEN - Ungodly Fear: Fundamentalist Christianity and the Abuse of Power
41521: PARTINGTON, S.W. - The Danes in Lancashire
37207: PARTINGTON, WILFRED (APPENDIX GEORGE BERNARD SHAW) - Thomas J. Wise in the Original Cloth: The Life and Record of the Forger of Nineteenth-Century Pamphlets
38509: PARTON, ANTHONY - Mikhail Larionov and the Russian Avant-Garde
38599: PARTON, JAMES - The Life and Times of Aaron Burr [Two Volumes]
18086: N.A. (PREPARED BY A.C. PARTRIDGE AND THE GENERAL EDITOR) - Gentleness and Nobility`
15182: PARTRIDGE, DEREK, AND WILKS, YORICK (EDS.) - The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: A Sourcebook
42474: PARTRIDGE, ERIC (ABRIDGED JACQUELINE SIMON) - The Routledge Dictionary of Historical Slang
37367: PARTRIDGE, RALPH - Broadmoor: A History of Criminal Lunacy and Its Problems
38255: PARTRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER, AND CHRISTIANSON, ERIC (EDS.) - The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture
37500: PARTRIDGE, COLIN - Hitler's Atlantic Wall
32488: PARTRIDGE, P.H. - Consent and Consensus
36175: PARTRIDGE, CLIVE - Skeleton Green: A Late Iron Age and Romano-British Site
26039: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Robert Eyres Landor: Two Volumes in One - Volume 1: A Biographical Sketch By Eric Partridge, Part 2: Selections from Robert Landor Edited By Eric Partridge
34381: MEMBERS OF THE NONCONFORMIST WORKING PARTY - Hallelujah! Recording Chapels and Meeting Houses
6394: PARULSKI, GEORGE R. - Sword of the Samurai: The Classical Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
20578: PASINETTI, LUIGI, AND LLOYD, PETER - Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development: Volume 3 - Structural Change and Adjustment in the World Economy
30869: PASLEY, C.W. (ED. IN THE LIGHT OF THE SCIENCE OF ORGANISATION BY B.R. WARD) - The Military Policy and Institutions of the British Empire
41180: PASSIAN, RUDOLF - Licht Und Schatten Der Esoterik
19512: GOMEZ, JUAN PASTOR (WITH JOSE NAVARRO LATORRE) - San Francisco de Borja 1510-1772 (Un Jesuita, Santo Duque, Del Siglo XVI)
14513: PATAI, DAPHNE, AND KOERTGE, NORETTA - Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies
14475: PATCHEN, KENNETH - The Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer.
15258: PATERSON, WILLIAM E., AND THOMAS, ALASTAIR H. (EDS.) - Social Democratic Parties in Western Europe
41717: PATERSON, DON - Rain
32095: PATERSON, WILLIAM E., AND THOMAS, ALASTAIR A. (EDS.) - The Future of Social Democracy: Problems and Prospects of Social Democratic Parties in Western Europe
39379: PATERSON, T.W. - Canadian Battles & Massacres: 300 Years of Warfare and Atrocities on Canadian Soil
16282: PATON, CALUM - Health Policy and Management: The Health-Care Agenda in a British Political Context
35423: PATON, H.J. - In Defence of Reason
34334: LE PATOUEL, JOHN (ED., INTR.) - The Building of Castle Cornet Guernsey: I - Documents Relating to Tudor Reconstruction
41202: PATRIDES, C.A., NAD WITTREICH, JOSEPH (EDS.) - The Apocalypse in English Renaissance Thought and Literature: Patterns, Antecedents and Repercussions
40228: PATTEN, A. HOPE - Mary's Shrine of the Holy House, Walsingham
37392: PATTERSON, L.G. - God and History in Early Christian Thought: A Study of Themes from Justin Martyr to Gregory the Great
15384: PATTNAYAK, SATYA R. - Globalization, Urbanization, and the State: Selected Studies on Contemporary Latin America
42481: PATTON, SHARON F. - African-American Art
32503: PATTON, DAVID F. - Cold War Politics in Postwar Germany
33038: DYE, PAUL AND PHILIP (FOREWORD) - Barbara Rae Ra
15009: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - The New Social Contract: Essays on Gauthier
14707: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - Equal Opportunity
9446: PAUL, SHERMAN - In Search of the Primitive: Rereading David Antin, Jerome Rothenberg, and Gary Snyder
42105: PAUL, JEFFREY (ED., INTR.) - Reading Nozick: Essays on Anarchy, State, and Utopia
21742: O'DELL, PAUL (WITH ANTHONY SLIDE) - Griffith and the Rise of Hollywood
21071: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - Ethics and Economics
31838: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - Capitalism
31858: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL, ET AL (EDS.) - Liberalism and the Economic Order
39766: PAULIN, ANTOINE - Saint Cyrille de Jérusalem Catéchète
16634: PAULSON, RONALD - Hogarth: Volume 2: High Art and Low

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