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14727: ROPER, JON - Democracy and Its Critics: Anglo-American Democratic Thought in the Nineteenth Century
14566: ROPER, B., AND SNOWDON, B. (EDS.) - Markets, Intervention and Planning
32083: ROPER, BRIAN, AND RUDD, CHRIS (EDS.) - State and Economy in New Zealand
31544: RORTY, RICHARD - Philosophy As Cultural Politics: Philosophical Papers, Volume 4
20064: ROSANDICH, RYAN G. - Intelligent Visual Inspection: Using Artificial Neural Networks
38460: ROSE, WILLIE LEE - Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment
39310: ROSE, MARGARET A. - The Post-Modern and the Post-Industrial: A Critical Analysis
21789: ROSE, JACQUELINE - Sexuality in the Field of Vision
18514: ROSE, MARGARET A. - The Post-Modern and the Post-Industrial: A Critical Analysis
12392: ROSE, J.H., HERFORD, C.H., GONNER, E.C.K., AND SADLER, M.E. - Germany in the Nineteenth Century: Five Lectures
41137: ROSE, H.J. - Some Problems of Classical Religion
20542: ROSE, CLIVE - Campaigns Against Western Defence: Nato's Adversaries and Critics
32046: ROSE, RICHARD (ED.) - Electoral Behavior: A Comparative Handbook
21468: ROSEN, BEN - Type and Typography: The Designer's Type Book - Hot Metal Type
35694: ROSEN, EDWARD (TRANS) - Three Copernican Treatises: The Commentariolus of Copernicus - the Letter Against Werner - the Narratio Prima of Rheticus
34562: ROSEN, GEORGE - Madness in Society: Chapters in the Historical Sociology of Mental Illness
34573: ROSENAU,. HELEN (ED.) - Boullée's Treatise on Architecture
32390: ROSENAU, PAULINE MARIE - Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences: Insights, Inroads, and Intrusions
41075: ROSENAU, HELEN - The Ideal City: Its Architectural Evolution in Europe
21168: ROSENBAUM, S.P. - Victorian Bloomsbury: An Early Literary History of the Bloomsbury Group - Volume 1
40953: SMITH-ROSENBERG, CARROLL - Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America
35419: ROSENBERG, WILLIAM G. (ED.) - Bolshevik Visions: First Phase of the Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia [Two Volumes]
35243: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - The Tradition of the New
33313: ROSENBERG, JUSTIN - The Empire of Civil Society: A Critique of the Realist Theory of International Relations
39301: ROSENBERG, PIERRE, ET THUILLIER, JACQUES - Laurent de la Hyre 1606-1656: L'Homme Et L'Oeuvre
33090: ROSENBERG, PIERRE, ET AL - Chardin
37946: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT, AND ASVARISHCH, BORI I. (ED. SABINE REWALD) - The Romantic Vision of Caspar David Friedrich: Paintings and Drawings from the U.S. S.R.
13622: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN (ED.) - The Misfortunate Margravine: The Early Memoirs of Wilhelmina Margravine of Bayreuth Sister of Frederick the Great
30908: ROSENWALD, LESSING J. - The 19th Book Tesoro de Poveri
12321: ROSHWALD, MORDECAI - Level Seven
40918: ROSKILL, MARK - Klee, Kandinsky, and the Thought of Their Time: A Critical Perspective
21257: ROSS, DAVID O. - Virgil's Aeneid: A Reader's Guide
30268: ROSS, J.E. (ED.) - Radical Adventurer: The Diaries of Robert Morris 1772-1774
20091: ROSS, W.HUGH - Te Kooti Rikirangi: General and Prophet
32617: ROSS, KAREN (ED.) - Women, Politics and Change
42372: ROSSELLI, JOHN - Lord William Bentinck: The Making of a Liberal Imperialist 1774-1839
41065: ROSSELLINI, ISABELLA - In the Name of the Father, the Daughter and the Holy Spirits: Remembering Roberto Rossellini
40505: ROSSELLINI, ISABELLA - In the Name of the Father, the Daughter and the Holy Spirits: Remembering Roberto Rossellini
19185: ROSSMANN, KURT (ESSAY) - Immanuel Kant 1724 / 1974
42732: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Cyrano de Bergerac: Comedie Heroîque En Cinq Actes, En Vers
42769: ROSTAND, EDMOND - L'Aiglon: Drame En Six Actes, En Vers
15485: ROSTOW, W.W. - Why the Poor Get Richer and the Rich Slow Down: Essays in the Marshallian Long Period
20557: ROTBLAT, JOSEPH, AND VALKI, LASZLO (EDS.) - Coexistence, Cooperation, and Common Security: Annals of Pugwas 1986
32491: ROTFELD, ADAM DANIEL, AND STÜTZLE, WALTHER (EDS.) - Germany and Transition in Europe
32525: ROTH, JÜRGEN - Der Deutschland Clan: Das Skrupellose Netzwerk Aus Politikern, Top-Managern Und Justiz
41013: ROTHBERG, DONALD, AND KELLY, SEAN (EDS.) - Ken Wilber in Dialogue: Conversations with Leading Tranpersonal Thinkers
9332: ROTHSCHILD, SOL - It Can Be Done: A True Story
41626: ROTHSCHILD, JOAN - Teaching Technology from a Feminist Perspective: A Practical Guide
41474: ROTTENSTEINER, FRANZ - View from Another Shore [European Science Ficton]
41475: ROTTENSTEINER, FRANZ - View from Another Shore [European Science Ficton]
40962: ROUSSEAU, G.S. (ED.) - The Languages of Psyche: Mind and Body in Enlightenment Thought
19517: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES (INTR. F.C. GREEN) - Discours Sur L'Origine Et Les Fondements de L'inégalité Parmi Les Hommes
18023: ROUSSEL, DIANA EDWARDS - The Castleford Pottery 1790-1821
31962: ROUSSET, DAVID (TRANS. ALAN FREEMAN) - The Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution: Volume I of a Critical History of the Ussr
32247: ROUSSOPOULOS, DIMITRIOS (ED.) - The Anarchist Papers
40570: ROUX, JULIE (COLLABORATION) - Les Cathares
40858: ROUX, JULIE (COLLABORATION) - Les Chemins de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle
41691: ROVELLI, CARLO - Quantum Gravity
28838: ROWBOTHAM, DAVID - The Pen of Feathers
36102: ROWE, VIOLET A. - The First Hertford Quakers
39090: ROWELL, GEOFFREY - The Liturgy of Christian Burial: An Introductory Survey of the Historical Development of Christian Burial Rites
39430: ROWINSKI, FRANCIS C. (FOREWORD) - Ofiara Mszy Swietej I Podanie Wiernym Komunii Swietej - the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and Distribution of Holy Communion
20525: ROWLAND, CHRIS, AND HANN, DANNY - The Economics of North Sea Oil Taxation
38014: ROWLETT, LORI L. - Joshua and the Rhetoric of Violence: A New Historicist Analysis
42537: ROWLEY, H.H. - Dictionary of Bible Personal Names
42538: ROWLEY, H.H. - Dictionary of Bible Place Names
41915: ROWSE, A.L. - Milton the Puritan: Portrait of a Mind
21970: ROWSE, A.L. - Friends and Contemporaries
15343: ROWTHORN, R.E., AND WELLS, J.R. - De-Industrialization and Foreign Trade
20779: ROZ - A Home for Sam & Susie
33004: RUBIN, PATRICIA LEE, AND WRIGHT, ALISON (WITH NICHOLAS PENNY) - Renaissance Florence: The Art of the 1470s
40904: RUBIN, BARRY, AND RUBIN, JUDITH COLP - Hating America: A History
35142: RUBIN, VERA C., AND COYNE, GEORGE V. (EDS.) - Large-Scale Motions in the Universe: A Vatican Study Week
38356: RUBY, ROBERT H., AND BROWN, JOHN A. - The Chinook Indians: Traders of the Lower Columbia River
20348: RUDERMAN, DAVID B. (TRANS.) - A Valley of Vision: The Heavenly Journey of Abraham Ben Hananiah Yagel
36588: RUDLAND, E.M. (INTR. ALLARDYCE NICOLL) - Ballads of Old Birmingham & Neighbourhood
40932: RUDNICK, LOIS OALKEN - Utopian Vistas: The Mabel Dodge Luhan House and the American Counterculture
19584: RUÉ, MAURICE - Paris Des Poètes
21211: RUESCHEMEYER, DIETRICH - Power and the Division of Labour
15248: RUIGROK, WINIFRIED, AND VAN TULDER, ROB - The Logic of International Restructuring
36850: RUJU, ANGELA ANTONA, AND CERUTI, MARIA LUISI FERRARESE - Il Nuraghe Albucciu E I Monumenti DI Arzachena
42095: RUNCIMAN, W.G. - A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science
32822: RUNDELL, JOHN F. - Origins of Modernity: The Origins of Modern Social Theory from Kant to Hegel to Marx
38091: RUNIONS, ERIN - How Hysterical: Identification and Resistance in the Bible and Film
18761: RUSH, R.W. - The East Lancashire Railway
20516: RUSI, ALPO M. (FOREWORD JOHN EDWIN MROZ) - After the Cold War: Europe's New Political Architecture
21326: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Eagle's Nest: Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art, Given Before the University of Oxford in Lent Term, 1872
39299: RUSSELL, G.W.E. - Dr. Liddon (Leaders of the Church 1800-1900)
003163: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - Season on the Plain
41724: RUSSELL, FRANK SANTI - Information Gathering in Classical Greece
41896: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Freedom and Organization 1814-1914
20154: RUSSELL, PETER - Prince Henry 'the Navigator': A Life
17429: LORD JOHN RUSSELL - The Life of William Lord Russell; with Some Account of the Times in Which He Lived
41445: RUSSELL, EDWARD WRIOTHESLEY - Report on Radionics: Science of the Future - the Science Which Can Cure Where Orthodox Medicine Fails
35708: RUSSELL, BERTRAND A.W. (FOREWORD MORRIS KLINE) - An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry
42122: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Sceptical Essays
40085: RUSSELL, BERTRAND (ED. EAMES, WITH BLACKWELL) - Theory of Knowledge: The 1913 Manuscript
37307: RUSSELL, JOYCELYNE G. - The Field of the Cloth of Gold: Men and Manners in 1520
35666: RUSSELL, BERTRAND (ED. ROBERT CHARLES MARSH) - Logic and Knowledge: Essays 1901-1950
14567: RUST, WILLIAM (ED. ALLEN HUTT) - The Story of the Daily Worker
35745: RUTHERFORD, W.G. - St. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians and to the Corinthians: A New Translation
38934: RUTMAN, DARRETT B. - Winthrop's Boston: Portrait of a Puritan Town 1630-1649
41372: GATT-RUTTER, JOHN - Italo Svevo: A Double Life
42650: RUTTER, OWEN - A Brief History of the Firm of Messrs. Davison, Newman & Company &C. [at the Three Sugar Loaves and Crown]
41027: RUX, BRUCE - Hollywood Vs. The Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation in UFO Disinformation
18416: RYAN, ALAN (ED.) - Justice
10343: RYAN, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Derrynaflan Hoard I: A Preliminary Account
42004: RYAN, JOHN (ED.) - A Bash in the Tunnel: James Joyce By the Irish
42867: RYAN, MARIANNE (ED.) - Angry Penguins and Realist Painting in Melbourne in the 1940s
16166: RYAZANOVA-CLARKE, LARISSA, AND WADE, TERENCE - The Russian Language Today
34460: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - On Adam's House in Paradise: The Idea of the Primitive Hut in Architectural History
37658: RYVES, ELIZABETH - The Hermit of Snowden; Or Memoirs of Albert and Lavinia
16544: SOTHEBY'S - Veteran, Edwardian and Vintage Cars from the Sullivan Collection, Hawaii, Selected Entries, and Automobilia Including the John Carter Collection, Part II
41006: PREBISH, CHARLES S.. AND TANAKA, KENNETH K. (EDS.) - The Faces of Buddhism in America
36757: POOL, P.A.S. (WITH A CONTRIBUTION BY PETER LAWS) - The History of the Town and Borough of Penzance
35119: SACHS, ARIEH, ED., INTR. - The English Grotesque: An Anthology from Langland to Joyce
33261: SACHS, CURT, ED. JAAP KUNST - The Wellsprings of Music
42797: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Archdeacon Francis Wrangham 1769-1842
42389: SAFRANSKI, RÜDIGER (TRANS. SHELLEY FRISCH) - Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography
36858: SAILHAN, PIERRE - La Fortification: Histoire Et Dictionnaire - Cartes de France Des Ouvrages Fortifiés
16911: SAINSBURY, R.M. (TRANS. CSABA FERENC) - Paradoxonok
42499: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED.) - Minor Poets of the Caroline Period [Three Volumes]
39097: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick [Two Volumes]
14373: SAKAKIBARA, EISUKE (INTR. CLYDE PRESTOWITZ) - Beyond Capitalism: The Japanese Model of Market Economics
34057: SAKLATVALA, BERAM - The Christian Island
39201: SALAVILLE, SÉVÉRIEN - An Introduction to the Study of the Eastern Liturgies
39188: SALAVILLE, S. - Liturgies Orientales: Notions Générales éléments Principaux
41332: SALCINES, MANUEL - The Mosque of Cordoba
36345: SALDANHA, C.F. - A Short History of Goa
34400: SALE, A.J.H. (ED.) - Cheltenham Probate Records 1660-1740
37375: DE LA SALE, ANTOINE (TRANS. IRVINE GRAY) - Little John of Saintré - le Petit Jehan de Saintré
38870: SALISBURY, NEAL - Manitou and Providence: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500-1643
20435: SALITAN, LAURIE P. - Politics and Nationality in Contemporary Soviet-Jewish Emigration, 1968-89
18000: SALLIS, JOHN - Being and Logos: Reading the Platonic Dialogues
39722: SALMON, GEORGE - The Infallibility of the Church: Lectures Delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin
41869: SALMON, GEORGE - A Treatise on Conic Sections: Containing an Account of Some of the Most Important Modern Algebraic and Geometric Methods
41390: SALMOND, ANNE - Aphrodite's Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti
33943: SALTER, F.R. (ED.) PREF. SIDNEY WEBB - Some Early Tracts on Poor Relief
19154: SALVESEN, CHRISTOPHER - The Landscape of Memory: A Study of Worsworth's Poetry
38023: SALYER, GARY D. - Vain Rhetoric: Private Insight and Public Debate in Ecclesiastes
35722: SALZER, HERBERT E., RICHARDS, CHARLES H., AND ARSHAM, ISABELLE - Table for the Solution of Cubic Equations
33314: SAMAY, SEBASTIAN - Reason Revisited: The Philosophy of Karl Jaspers
13690: SAMPSON, HOLDEN E. - Progressive Creation: A Reconciliation of Religion with Science [Vols. I and II]
40544: SAMSON, JANE (ED.) - The British Empire [Oxford Readers]
40710: SAMUEL, GEOFFREY - Mind, Body and Culture: Anthropology and the Biological Interface
7124: SAMUEL, ALAN E. - The Promise of the West: The Greek World, Rome and Judaism
38884: DANIEL, SAMUEL [AND] CAMPION, THOMAS - A Defence of Ryme [and] Observations in the Art of English Poesie
41144: SANDBACH, F.H. - The Stoics
14533: SANDBROOK, RICHARD - The Politics of Africa's Economic Recovery
16799: SANDELL, R.E. (ED.) - Abstracts of Wiltshire Tithe Appointments
11153: SANDEN, EINAR - The Painter from Naissaar: A Biography
42131: SANDER, NICOLAS (TRANS., INTR., NOTES DAVID LEWIS) - Rise and Growth of the Anglican Schism
38721: SANDERS, E.P. - Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People
14232: SANDERS, SOL - Living Off the West: Gorbachev's Secret Agenda and Why It Will Fail
36756: SANDERS, JACQUIN - Freakshow
36121: SANDERS, E.P. - The Tendencies of the Synoptic Tradition
39182: SANDERS, E.P. - Jewish Law from Jesus to the Mishnah: Five Studies
34237: SANDERS, LLOYD (ED.) - Selections from the Anti-Jacobin Together with Some Later Poems By George Canning
39964: SANDILANDS, G.S. (INTR.) - Famous Water-Colour Painters IV - Richard Parkes Bonington
37397: SANDISON, WILLIAM (INTR.) - Shetland Verse: Remnants of the Norn
38795: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Use of Salisbury 3: The Proper of the Mass from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday
39778: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Octave of the Nativity : Essays and Notes on Ten Liturgical Reconstructions for Christmas
38796: SANDON, NICK (ED.) - The Use of Salisbury: The Ordinary of the Mass
35141: SANDYS, WILLIAM, AND FORSTER, SIMON ANDREW - The History of the Violin, and Other Instruments Played on with the Bow from the Remotest Times to the Present
35047: SANGER, MARGARET, PREFACE H.G. WELLS - The Pivot of Civilization
41558: SANSONE, LUIGI (CATALOGO A CUA DI) - Norman Bluhm: Opere Su Carta 1948-1999
12631: SANTAYANA, G. - Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion
39918: DI SANTE, CARMINE (TRANS. MATTHEW J. O'CONNELL) - Jewish Prayer: The Origins of Christian Liturgy
41993: SAPERSTEIN, MARC - Jewish Preaching 1200-1800: An Anthology
42460: SARANGAREL - Riding Windhorses: A Journey Into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism
14433: SARAT, AUSTIN, AND VILLA, DANA A. (EDS.) - Liberal Modernism and Democratic Individuality: George Kateb and the Practices of Politics
34033: SARGEAUNT, JOHN (ED., NOTES) - The Poems of John Dryden
42618: SARKAR, GOUTAM K. - The World Tea Economy
38320: SARNA, NAHUM M. - On the Book of Psalms: Exploring the Prayers of Ancient Israel
39601: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Poems Newly Selected 1916-1935
20893: SASSOON, DONALD (ED.) - Looking Left: European Socialism After the Cold War
19080: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man [and] Memoirs of an Infantry Officer [and] Sherston's Progress
36331: SATLIN, JOSEPH - Marxism and the National and Colonial Question
13644: SAUNDERS, CHRISTIAN - Into the Dragon's Lair: A Supernatural History of Wales
33465: SAUNDERS, GAIL - Bahamian Society After Emancipation
36519: SAUNDERS, ANDREW (ED.) - Fortress: The Castles and Fortifications Quarterly [18 Issues]
41627: DE SAUSSURE, LOUIS, MOESCHLER, JACQUES, AND PUSKAS, GENOVEVA (EDS.) - Tense, Mood and Aspect: Theoretical and Descriptive Issues
40640: SAUSSY, HAUN - Great Walls of Discourse and Other Adventures in Cultural China
18851: SAUTER, JÖRG - Die Schnellzuglokomotiven Der Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde 01 1066 - 01 509 - 01 1081 - 01 173
17148: SAUVY, ALFRED (TRANS. CHRISTOPHE CAMPOS) - General Theory of Population
19761: SAVILL, DAVID, AND HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Aberdeen and Aberdeen & Commonwealth Lines of George Thompson
34288: SAVILLE, ALAN - Uley Bury & Norbury Hillforts: Rescue Excavations at Two Gloucestershire Iron Age Sites
20482: SAVONA, PAOLO, AND SUTIJA, GEORGE (EDS.) - World Trade: Monetary Order and Latin America
42190: SAWIN, MARTICA - Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School
14768: SAWYER, MALCOLM (MANAGING ED.) - International Review of Applied Economics (Vol. 10 No. 1)
12342: SAWYER, JAMES - Points of Practice in Maladies of the Heart: Lumleian Lectures at the Royal College of Physicians of London
36073: SAWYER, JOHN F.A. - Semantics in Biblical Research: New Methods of Defining Hebrew Words for Salvation
8677: SCHAAR, CLAES - The Golden Mirror: Studies in Chaucer's Descriptive Technique and Its Literary Background
42162: SCHACHT, RICHARD - Alienation
33523: SCHAEF, ANNE WILSON - Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science: A New Model for Healing the Whole Person
21075: SCHAEFFER, NEIL - The Marquis de Sade: A Life
41220: SCHAFF, PHILIP, AND WACE, HENRY (EDS.) - A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicese Fathers of the Christian Church Second Series: Volume VI - St. Jerome: Letters and Select Works
32122: SCHARF, THOMAS - The German Greens: Challenging the Consensus
41994: SCHARFSTEIN, BEN-AMI (ED.) - Philosophy Easty/Philosophy West: A Critical Comparison of Indian, Chinese, Islamic, and European Philosophy
33889: SCHEELE, CARL WILHELM - The Discovery of Oxygen Part 2
41406: SCHELLENBERG, WALTER (INTR. JOHN ERICKSON) - Invasion 1940: The Nazi Invasion Plan for Britain
33396: SCHELLHORN, G. COPE - Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy: And the New Age Great Experiment
40883: SCHEUER, MICHAEL - Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq
12252: SCHEUER, SIDNEY H. - The Ethics of International Economics: An Innovative Approach to World Affairs
36196: LO SCHIAVO, FULVIA - Nuragic Sardinia in Its Mediterranean Setting: Some Recent Advances
31669: SCHIELE, JINNIE - Off-Centre Stages: Fringe Theatre at the Open Space and the Round House 1968-1983
18848: SCHIENDL, WERNER, MIT TYPENSKIZZEN VON HELMUT BRIBITZER - Die Fahrzeuge Der ôsterreichischen Gesellschaft Fûr Lokalbahnen
20035: SCHIFF, WILLIAM, AND FOULKE, EMERSON (EDS.) - Tactual Perception: A Sourcebook
40123: SCHILLER, F.C.S. - Riddles of the Sphinx: A Study in the Philosophy of Evolution
33392: SCHIMMEL, ANNEMARIE, AND FALATURI, ABDOLDJAVAD (EDS.) - We Believe in One God: The Experience of God in Christianity and Islam
32330: SCHLESINGER, RUDOLF - Marx: His Time and Ours
21269: SCHMANDT, JURGEN, AND WARD, C.H. (EDS.) WITH MARILU HASTINGS - Sustainable Development: The Challenge of Transition
36081: SCHMEMANN, ALEXANDER - Of Water and the Spirit: A Liturgical Study of Baptism
40871: SCHMIDT, NINA (ED.) - Roy Stuart Volume III
40603: SCHMIED, WIELAND - De Chirico Und Sein Schatten: Metaphysische Und Surrealistische Tendenzen in Der Kunst Des 20. Jahrhunderts
39499: SCHMITHALS, WALTER (TRANS. JOHN E. STEELY) - Gnosticism in Corinth: An Investigation of the Letters to the Corinthians
40398: SCHMITHALS, WALTER (TRANS. JOHN E. STEELY) - Gnosticism in Corinth: An Investigation of the Letters to the Corinthians
39503: SCHMITHALS, WALTER (TRANS. JOHN E. STEELY) - Paul & the Gnostics
39518: SCHMITHALS, WALTER (TRANS. JOHN E. STEELY) - The Office of Apostle in the Early Church
38412: SCHMITT, MARTIN F. (ED., ANNOT.) FOREWORD JOSEPH C. PORTER - General George Crook: His Autobiography
33475: SCHNABEL, TOM, FOREWORD BRIAN ENO - Rhythm Planet: The Great World Music Makers
39628: SCHNACKENBURG, RUDOLF - God's Rule and Kingdom
39592: SCHNACKENBURG, RUDOLF - The Church in the New Testament
37318: SCHNACKENBURG, RUDOLF - God's Rule and Kingdom
40747: SCHNEIDAU, HERBERT N. - Waking Giants: The Presence of the Past in Modernism
38222: SCHNEIDER, TAMMI J. - Berit Olam: Studies in Hebrew Narrative & Poetry - Judges
41034: SCHNEIDER, CAMILLE - Edouard Schuré: Seine Lebensbegegnungen Mit Rudolf Steiner Und Richard Wag
40937: SCHODT, FREDERIK L. - Dreamland Japan: Writings on Modern Manga
39081: SCHOEDEL, WILLIAM R. (ED. HELMUT KOESTER) - Ignatius of Antioch: A Commentary on the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch [Hermeneia]
18077: N.A. [T.D.] PREPARED BY SAMUEL SCHOENBAUM - The Bloody Banquet 1639
20553: SCHOENBAUM, DAVID, AND POND, ELIZABETH - The German Question and Other German Questions
32451: SCHOENBAUM, DAVID, AND POND, ELIZABETH - The German Question and Other German Questions
40227: SCHOEPS, H.J. - Paul: The Theology of the Apostle in the Light of Jewish Religious History
19804: SCHOFIELD, B.B. - Loss of the Bismarck
37332: SCHOFIELD, GUY - Crime Before Calvary: Herodias, Herod Antipas, and Pontius Pilate: A New Interpretation
21181: SCHOLDER, KLAUS - The Churches and the Third Reich: Volume One - Preliminary History and the Time of Illusions 1918-1934
42280: SCHOLEM, GERSHOM (TRANS. R.J. ZWI WERBLOWSKY - Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah 1626-1676
17977: SCHOLES, ROBERT - Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction
19259: SCHOLES, ROBERT - Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction
40124: SCHOPENHAUER, ARTHUR (TRANS. T. BAILEY SAUNDERS) - The Wisdom of Life Being the First Part of Arthur Schopenhaier's Aphorismen Zur Lebensweisheit
31453: SCHOSULAN, JOANN. MICH. - Dissertatio Inauguralis Medica de Vinis
33870: SCHRADER, PAUL, AND SCHRADER, LEONARD - Mishima [Film Script]
40928: SCHRIFT, ALAN D. (ED.) - Why Nietzsche Still? Reflections on Drama, Culture, and Politics
42369: SCHROEDER, GERALD L. - The Hidden Face of God: How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth
39948: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Thirty Songs for Medium Voice
39943: SCHUBERT, FRANZ (KRITISCH REVIDIERT VON MAX FRIEDLANDER) - Gesänge Fûr Eine Singstimme Mit Klavierbegleitung - Band I: Ausgabe Fûr Tiefen Alt [Oder Bass]
42206: SCHUCHARD, MARSHA KEITH - William Blake's Path to Spiritual Vision
14211: SCHUH, WILLIA, AND ROTH, ERNST (HERAUSGEGEBEN) - Richard Strauss: Gesamtverzeichnis - Complete Catalogue - Catalogue Complet
20311: SCHULL, WILLIAM J., AND NEEL, JAMES V. - The Effects of Inbreeding on Japanese Children
40026: SCHUMACHER, CAROL - Chapter Zero: Fundamental Notions of Abstract Mathematics
34564: SCHÜTZ, JOHN HOWARD - Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority
40727: SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN - From East to West: California and the Making of the American Mind
40749: SCHWARTZ, HILLEL - Century's End: A Cultural History of the Fin de Siècle from the 990s Through the 1990s
41147: SCHWARZ, JACK - Human Energy Systems
33192: SCHWARZSCHILD, LEOPOLD, INTR. ANTONY FLEW (TRANS. MARGARET WING) - The Red Prussian: The Life and Legend of Karl Marx
39984: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT (TRANS. W. MONTGOMERY) - Paul and His Interpreters: A Critical History
32159: SCHWEITZER, CARL-CHRISTOPH, AND KARSTEN, DETLEV (EDS.) - The Federal Republic of Germany and Ec Membership Evaluated
41542: SCHWENK, BERNHARD, AND SEMFF, MICHAEL (EDS.) - P.P. P. - Pier Paolo Pasolini
15988: CZECHOSLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Prague Studies in Mathematical Linguistics 2
15987: CZECHOSLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Prague Studies in Mathematical Linguistics 1
42315: SCOTLAND, NIGEL - John Bird Sumner: Evangelical Archbishop
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40427: SHOESMITH, RON, AND BARRETT, ROGER - The Pubs of Leominster, Kington and North-West Herefordshire
40426: SHOESMITH, RON, AND BARRETT, ROGER - The Pubs of Leominster, Kington and North-West Herefordshire
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18119: N.A. (TRANSCRIBED BY F.P. WILSON FOR THE MALONE SOCIETY) - Collections Volume X [Dramatic Records in the Office of Works]
18116: N.A. (TRANSCRIBED BY F.P. WILSON FOR THE MALONE SOCIETY) - Collections Volume X [Dramatic Records in the Office of Works]
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17827: TAJAN, JACQUES (FOREWORD) - Collections de Son Excellence Ilhamy Hussein Pacha: Première Partie - Vente a Monaco
19695: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - Steamship Conquest of the World
39687: AP TALFAN, ANEIRIN - Welsh Folk Verses Translated for M.M. J.
6928: TALLETT, FRANK, AND ATKIN, NICHOLAS (EDS.) - Catholicism in Britain and France Since 1789
39316: TALLEY, THOMAS J. - Worship: Reforming Tradition
40592: TANAKA, STEFAN - Japan's Orient: Rendering Pasts Into History
42171: TANNER, J.R. (ED.) - The Historical Register of the University of Cambridge Being a Supplement to the Calendar &. 1910
41430: TANNER, MARCUS - The Raven King: Matthias Corvinus and the Fate of His Lost Library
32517: TANNER, MICHAEL D. - Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution
40224: TANNER, NORMAN - The Church in the Later Middle Ages
15118: TAPLIN, KIM - Tongues in Trees: Studies in Literature and Ecology
33873: TARANTINO, QUENTIN (WRITTEN, DIRECTED) - Pulp Fiction: Stories By Quentin Tarantino & Roger Roberts Avery
15315: TARLING, ROGER (ED.) - Flexibility in Labour Markets
35075: TARSKI, ALFRED, TRANS. J.H. WOODGER - Logic, Semantics, Mathematics
38493: TATE, THAD W., AND AMMERMAN, DAVID L. (EDS.) - The Chesapeake in the Seventeenth Century: Essays on Anglo-American History
19404: TAVERNER, NIXIE - Hood's Legacy
14745: TAWNEY, R.H. (PREFACE) - Life and Struggles of William Lovett in His Pursuit of Bread, Knowledge & Freedom.
34935: TAYLOR, A.J. (ED.) - Chateau Gaillard: European Castle Studies - III Conference at Battle, Sussex 19-24 September 1966
20051: INGLIS-TAYLOR, ANDREW - Dictionary of Derivatives
17106: TAYLOR, K., FULLER, R.J., AND LACK, P.C. (EDS.) - Bird Census and Atlas Studies: Proceedings of the VIII International Conference on Bird Census and Atlas Work
13402: TAYLOR, BASIL - Joshua Cristall (1768-1847) Exhibition February - April 1975
21411: TAYLOR, ROBERT - The Maritime Paintings of Robert Taylor
41971: TAYLOR, CHARLES - Hegel and Modern Society
17448: TAYLOR, BARRY - Vagrant Writing: Social and Semiotic Disorders in the English Renaissance
37787: TAYLOR, ISAAC - The Origin of the Aryans: An Account of the Prehistoric Ethnology and Civilisation of Europe
34352: HOPE-TAYLOR, BRIAN - Under York Minster: Archaeological Discoveries 1966-1971
33435: TAYLOR, ERIC - Musical Instruments of South-East Asia
41662: TAYLOR, ANN - Choosing Our Future: A Practical Politics of the Environment
35543: TAYLOR, NORMAN - Plant Drugs That Changed the World
36758: TAYLOR, E. WILFRED, AND WILSON, J. SIMMS - At the Sign of the Orrery: The Origins of the Firm of Cooke, Troughton & Simms, Ltd.
39800: TAYLOR, VINCENT - The Historical Evidence for the Virgin Birth
42262: N.A. [JAMES TAYLOR AND OTHERS] - Eternity to Eternity Being Notes of a Conference at Bristol 1931
38853: TAYLOR, RICHARD (ED. RICHARD B. HARWELL) - Destruction and Reconstruction: Personal Experiences of the Late War
42682: THE REPUBLIC OF TEA - The Book of Tea and Herbs: Appreciating the Varietals and Virtues of Fine Tea and Herbs
21522: TEDLOCK, E.W. (FOREWORD) - The University of New Mexico D.H. Lawrence Fellowship Fund Manuscript Collection
18311: TEEPLE, GARY - Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform: Into the Twenty-First Century
32602: TEICH, MIKULAS, AND PORTER, ROY - The National Question in Europe in Historical Context
32409: TEICHMAN, JENNY, AND WHITE, GRAHAM (EDS.) - An Introduction to Modern European Philosophy
20977: TEICHMAN, JENNY - Philosophers' Hobbies and Other Essays
41721: TEITELBAUM, SCOTT A. - Addiction: A Family Affair - the University of Florida Guide to Understanding, Prevention, and Dealing with Addiction
35997: TELANG, KASHINATH TRIMBAK (TRANS.) - The Bhagavadgita with the Sanatsugatiya and the Anugita
38187: TELFORD, W.R. - Mark (New Testament Guides)
32651: TEMPLE, MICHAEL (ED.) - Meetings with Mallarmé in Contemporary French Culture
39130: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Poetical Works Including the Plays
42803: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The Princess [a Medley]
31817: BROTHERSTONE, TERRY AND DUKES, PAUL (EDS.) - The Trotsky Reappraisal
20059: TERTEROV, MARAT (ED.) - Doing Business with Bahrain: A Guide to Investment Opportunities and Business Practice
37283: TESELLE, EUGENE - Augustine the Theologian
41177: TEUNDROUP, LAMA DENIS - Dialogue Avec Un Lama Occidental: Entretiens Avec Philippe Kerforne
39704: TERTULLIAN (TEXTE, INTR., NOTES R.F. REFOULÉ) TRAD. AVEC M. DROUZY) - Traité Du Baptëme [Sources Chrétiennes]
20770: THACKERAY, W.M. - The History of Henry Esmond Esq
20409: THAKUR, RAMESH (ED.) - The South Pacific: Problems, Issues and Prospects
32118: THAKURTA, PARANJOY GUHA, AND RAGHURAMAN, SHANKAR - A Time of Coalitions: Divided We Stand
20371: THEDE, NANCY, AND BEAUDET, PIERRE (EDS.) - A Post-Apartheid Southern Africa?
38720: A GROUP OF ROMAN THEOLOGIANS - A Critical Study of the New Order of the Mass (Novus Ordo Missae)
33347: THERBORN, GÖRAN - Science, Class and Society: On the Formation of Sociology and Historical Materialism
21779: THERBORN, GORAN - The Ideology of Power and the Power of Ideology
35973: THERON, DANIEL J. - Evidence of Tradition: Selected Source Material for the Study of the History of the Early Church Introduction and Canon of the New Testament
41722: THEROUX, ALEXANDER - Laura Warholic Or, the Sexual Intellectual: A Novel
15957: THIRKELL, ANGELA - County Chronicle
42052: THISELTON, ANTHONY C. - New Horizons in Hermeneutics
20287: BULMER-THOMAS, VICTOR - Studies in the Economics of Central America
40335: THOMAS, EDWARD - Oxford
37868: THOMAS, M. WYNN (ED.) - The Page's Drift: R.S. Thomas at Eighty
42675: THOMAS, EDWARD - Beautiful Wales
16233: THOMAS, DAVID A. - The Atlantic Star 1939-45
14288: THOMAS, J.B.G., AND HARDING, ROWE (EDS.) - Rugby in Wales
12789: THOMAS, D.R. - The Life and Work of Bishop Davies & William Salesbury with an Account of Some Early Translations Into Welsh of the Holy Scriptures and the Prayer Book [&C. ]
40935: THOMAS, NICHOLAS, AND HUMPHREY, CAROLINE (EDS.) - Shamanism, History, and the State
21686: THOMAS, D.M. - Selected Poems
38594: THOMAS, HALSEY (ED.) - The Diary of Samuel Sewall 1674-1729 [Two Volumes in Slip-Case]
20799: VAUGHAN-THOMAS, WYNFORD - Wales: A History
38113: THOMAS, ORAL A.W. - Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics Within a Caribbean Context
33743: THOMAS, MAURICE WALTON - The Early Factory Legislation: A Study in Legislative and Administrative Evolution
32900: THOMAS, R.S. - Selected Poems 1946-1968
33343: THOMAS, R. HINTON - Nietzsche in German Politics and Society 1890-1918
33168: THOMAS, PAUL - Alien Politics: Marxist State Theory Retrieved
21508: THOMAS, EDWARD J. - The History of Buddhist Thought
35494: THOMAS, PAUL - Karl Marx and the Anarchists
35462: THOMAS, PICTON - Guide to Steroid Therapy
41962: THOMAS, R.S. (TRANS. JASON WALFORD DAVIES) - Autobiographies: Former Paths - the Creative Writer's Suicide - No-One - a Year in Llyn
31997: THOMASSEN, JACQUES (ED.) - The Legitimacy of the European Union After Enlargement
40451: THOMPSON, EDWARD MAUNDE (ED.) - Customary of the Benedictine Monasteries of Saint Augustine, Canterbury, and Saint Peter, Westminster [Two Volumes]
17460: THOMPSON, JULIAN - Ready for Anything: The Parachute Regiment at War, 1940-1982
42259: THOMPSON, EDGAR W. - The Word of the Cross to Hindus
14620: THOMPSON, PAUL (ED.) - Renewal [Vol. 2 No. 3]
39040: THOMPSON, A. HAMILTON - The English Clergy and Their Organization in the Later Middle Ages
33683: THOMPSON, H.P. - Thomas Bray
38029: THOMPSON, J. ERIC S. (ED., INTR.) - Thomas Gage's Travels in the New World
32167: THOMPSON, DENNIS F. - Just Elections: Creating a Fair Electoral Process in the United States
33724: THOMPSON, J.M. (ED.) - French Revolution Documents 1789-94
42013: THOMPSON, JOHN B., AND HELD, DAVID (EDS.) - Habermas: Critical Debates
13229: THOMSON, WATSON, FOREWORD BY HENRIK F. INFIELD - Pioneer in Community: Henri Lasserre's Contribution to the Fully Cooperative Society
34681: THOMSON, JAMES, ED. J. LOGIE ROBERTSON - The Complete Poetical Works of James Thomson
34114: THOMSON, ANDREW, AND STRUTHERS, GAVIN - Historical Sketch of the Origin of the Secession Church and the History of the Rise of the Relief Church
21891: THORMANBY - Kings of the Turf: Memoirs and Anecdotes of Distinguished Owners, Backers, Trainers and Jockeys
41347: THORNE, KIP S. - Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy
20554: THORNHILL, CHRIS - Political Theory in Modern Germany: An Introduction
15522: THORNLEY, JENNY - Workers' Co-Operatives: Jobs and Dreams
36129: THORNTON, L.S. - Confirmation: Its Place in the Baptismal Mystery
39837: THORNTON, L.S. - Confirmation: Its Place in the Baptismal Mystery
42555: THORNTON, W.H. - Reminiscences and Reflections of an Old West Country Clergyman
41207: THORNTON, E.M. - The Freudian Fallacy: An Alternative View of the Freudian Theory
19652: THORNTON, E.C.B. - South Coast Pleasure Steamers
35184: THORPE, EDWARD - History of Chemistry: Vol. II - from 1850 to 1910
19993: THORPE, JULIE - Making Jewellery with New Zealand Materials
38943: THORPE, BENJAMIN (LITERAL TRANS., NOTES, GLOSSARY) - The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf, the Scöp Or Gleeman
20718: THORPE, W.A. - A History of English and Irish Glass [Two Volumes]
42819: THORSON, VICTORIA - Rodin Graphics: A Catalogue Raisonné of Drypoints and Book Illustrations
42559: THRAPP, DAN L. - Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography [Three Volumes]
41288: THROWER, NORMAN J.W. - Maps & Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society
37985: THUBRON, COLIN - To a Mountain in Tibet
14557: THUROW, LESTER C. (ED.) - Dangerous Currents: The State of Economics
39808: THURSTON, HERBERT. - The Stations of the Cross: An Account of Their History and Devotional Purpose
36120: THURSTON, HERBERT (ED. J.H. CREHAN) - The Physical Phenomena of Mysticism
13852: TICKNER, JOHN - Leopards in the Cellar: The Memoirs of a Cartoonist
15633: TICKTIN, HILLEL (ED.) - Critique: Ajournal of Socialist Theory (Nos. 20-21)
15630: TICKTIN, HILLEL (ED.) - Critique: A Journal of Socialist Theory (No. 16)
15628: TICKTIN, HILLEL (ED.) - Critique (No. 12)
15627: TICKTIN, HILLEL (ED.) - Critique (No. 7)
21137: TIERNEY, THOMAS F. - The Value of Convenience: A Genealogy of Technical Culture
42381: FRYMER-KENSKY, TIKVA ET AL (EDS.) - Christianity in Jewish Terms
18302: TILES, MARY, AND OBERDIEK, HANS - Living in a Technological Culture: Human Tools and Human Values
35395: WOHLFORTH, TIM [AND] WESTOBY, ADAM - Communists Against Revolution
13992: TIMMERS, J.J.M. - A Handbook of Romanesque Art
42604: TINKER, HUGH - South Asia: A Short History
41750: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN - Pirates of Barbary: Corsairs, Conquests, and Captivity in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean
32852: TINSLEY, JOHN - Tell It Slant: The Christian Gospel and Its Communication
39462: TIRESIAS - The London Dialogues
39805: DE TISCHENDORF, CONSTANTINUS - Synopsis Evangelica
41881: TISSOT, JOSEPH (TRANS. W.H. MITCHELL) - The Interior Life Simplified and Reduced to Its Fundamental Principle
20805: TITCOMBE, COLIN - Treasures of Gwent
9489: TOBIN, RONALD W. - Tarte à la Crème: Comedy and Gastronomy in Molière's Theater
20647: TOBIN, GEORGE (ED. ROY SCHREIBER) - Captain Bligh's Last Chance: An Eyewitness Account of His Return to the South Seas
33776: TODA, KATSUMI - The Ninja Star: Art of Shuriken Jutsu
41817: TODD, NIGEL - The Militant Democracy: Joseph Cowen and Victorian Radicalism
40464: TOLHURST, J.B.L. (ED.) - The Ordinale and Customary of the Benedictine Nuns of Barking Abbey (University College, Oxford, Ms. 169) [Two Volumes]
39440: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses from the Red Book
42278: TOLLEY, A.T. - The Poetry of the Forties
40357: TOLMAN, RICHARD C. - The Principles of Statistical Mechanics
41906: TOLSTOI, LEO - Christ's Christianity
41995: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Law of Violence and the Law of Love
20362: SKANDERA-TOMBLEY, LAURA E. - Mark Twain in the Company of Women
38349: TOMER, JOHN S., AND BRODHEAD, MICHAEL J. (EDS., ANNOT.) - A Naturalist in Indian Territory: The Journals of S.W. Woodhouse, 1849-50
14994: TOMLINSON, JIM - Monetarism: Is There an Alternative?
39340: TOMLINSON, CHARLES - Collected Poems
41506: TONKINSON, A.M. - Macclesfield in the Later Fourteenth Century: Communities of Town and Forest
31983: TOO, LILLIAN - Chinese Numerology in Feng Shui: The Time Dimension
42879: TOOBY, MICHAEL, AND MORLEY, SIMON (ESSAYS) - William Scott: Paintings and Drawings
14827: O'TOOLE, JAMES - The Executive's Compass: Business and the Good Society
37598: TOON, PETER, AND SPICELAND, JAMES D. (EDS.) - One God in Trinity
13770: TOPLADY, A.M. - The Works of the Rev. A.M. Toplady, A.B. (Vol. III)
42842: TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - Fourteen Letters
40745: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA - Primitive Passions: Men, Women, and the Quest for Ecstasy
40868: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA - Gone Primitive: Savage Intellects, Modern Lives
32289: TORMEY, SIMON - Anti-Capitalism: A Beginner's Guide
32359: TORMEY, SIMON - Agnes Heller: Socialism, Autonomy and the Postmodern
36381: TORNÖE, J.KR. - Norsemen Before Columbus: Early American History
42277: TORRANCE, ROBERT M. - The Spiritual Quest: Transcendence in Myth, Religion, and Science
37616: TORRANCE, THOMAS F. - The Ground and Grammar of Theology
42370: TORREY, E. FULLER - Witchdoctors and Psychiatrists: The Common Roots of Psychotherapy and Its Future
35685: TOULMIN, STEPHEN, AND GOODFIELD, JUNE - The Discovery of Time [Ancestry of Science Series]
39068: TOURTEL, MARY - The Little Bear and the Fairy Child
12723: TOWER, CHRISTOPHER - Song of Raymond
14582: TOWNSEND, ALAN R. - Making a Living in Europe: Human Geographies of Economic Change

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