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34653: HARPER, CHARLES G. - The North Devon Coast
41280: HARPUR, PATRICK - The Secret Tradition of the Soul
38545: HARRAL, THOMAS - Henry the Eighth and George the Fourth; Or the Case Fairly Stated in Five Parts
42357: HARRIES, RICHARD - After the Evil: Christianity and Judaism in the Shadow of the Holocaust
42188: HARRINGTON, CHRISTINA OAKLEY (LIT. ED.) - Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies (No. 3) Aleister Crowley - the Palermo Collection
37775: HARRINGTON, JAMES - The Commonwealth of Oceana
33332: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - The Politics at God's Funeral: The Spiritual Crisis of Western Civilization
36502: HARRIS, NIGEL, AND PALMER, JOHN (EDS.) - World Crisis: Essays in Revolutionary Socialism
18446: HARRIS, ABRAM L. - Economics and Social Reform
18035: HARRIS, JOHN, ORGEL, STEPHEN, AND STRONG, ROY (CATALOGUE) - The King's Arcadia: Inigo Jones and the Stuart Court
17823: HARRIS, JOHN - The Mustering of the Hawks
16817: HARRIS, C.G. - Oxfordshire Parish Registers and Bishops Transcripts
14828: HARRIS, HENRY (ED.) - Scientific Models and Man: The Herbert Spencer Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford, 1976
17370: HARRIS, B.E. (ED.) - A History of the County of Chester: Volume III
245: HARRIS, PETER - Foundations of Political Science
003012: HARRIS, NATHANIEL, ILLUSTRATED BY ANDREW FARMER - The Nelsons: The Family of Horatio Nelson
22367: HARRIS, ANDY, ILLUSTRATED BY TERRY HARRIS - A Taste of the Aegean: Greek Cooking and Culture
34680: HARRIS, HELEN B. - The Basis of Membership in the Society of Friends
39061: HARRIS, HELEN B. - The Newly Recovered Apology of Aristides Its Doctrine and Ethics
37179: HARRIS, RENDEL - An Early Christian Psalter
32585: HARRIS, CATHERINE RIEGGER - Karl Marx: Socialism As Secular Theology - a Philosophic Study
34822: HARRIS, J. HENRY - A Romance in Radium
21604: HARRISON, STEPHEN, DUCAMP, EMMANUEL, AND FALINO, JEANNINE - Artistic Luxury: Fabergé - Tiffany - Lalique
18374: HARRISON, BENNETT - Lean and Mean: The Changing Landscape of Corporate Power in the Age of Flexibility
7865: HARRISON, DAVID - Along the South Downs
38885: N.A. (ESSAY BT G.B. HARRISON) - Willobie His Avisa 1594 with an Essay on Willobie His Avisa
36932: HARRISON, FRASER (SEL., INTR.) - The Yellow Book
33248: HARRISON, ROY (TEXT) - Blitz over Westminster: City of Westminster Civil Defence Bomb Incident Photographs 1940-1944
30058: HARRISON, BRETT - Leeds in the News
39327: HARRISON, TONY - Theatre Works 1973-1985
34751: HARRISON, AUSTIN - Frederic Harrison: Thoughts and Memories
34533: HARRISON, KENNETH - The Framework of Anglo-Saxon History to A.D. 900
32544: HARRISON, REGINALD J. - Pluralism and Corporatism: The Political Evolution of Modern Democracies
42388: HARRISON, GEORGE (ED., INTR.) - Raga Mala: The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar
34545: HARRISON, P.N. - Paulines and Pastorals
35465: HARRISON, FRED - Brady and Hindley: Genesis of the Moors Murders
33682: HARROWVEN, JEAN - The Limerick Makers
11645: HART, GWEN - A History of Cheltenham
36943: HART, TOM - Don't Tell Your Mother
21420: HART, RICHARD - Pictures Past and Present: A Rare Collection of over 200 Pictures Showing the History of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade and Surrounding Area
41555: HARTE, WALTER - The History of the Life of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, Surnamed the Great [Two Volumes]
40208: HARTING, JAMES EDMUND - British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times with Some Account of British Wild White Cattle
18544: HARTLEY, JOHN - A Short History of Cultural Studies
38644: HARTLEY, DOROTHY (COLLATED, ED.) - Thomas Tusser 1557 Floruit: His Good Points of Husbandry
9159: HARTMAN, CHARLES O. - The Long View
35449: HARTNACK, JUSTUS, TRANS. M. HOLMES HARTSHORNE - Kant's Theory of Knowledge
27627: HARTSHORNE, KEVIN - Czechoslovakia: From the New World
16780: HARTWELL, CLARE - The History and Architecture of Chetham's School and Library
38339: HARVEY, GRAHAM, AND WATSON, WILFRED G.E. (EDS.) - Words Remembered, Texts Renewed: Essays in Honour of John F.A. Sawyer
17847: HARVEY, JOHN - The Perpendicular Style 1330-1485
16612: HARVEY, RICHARD - A Guide to Genealogical Sources in Guildhall Library
15057: HARVEY, JAMES, AND HOOD, KATHERINE - The British State
13926: HARVEY, GRAHAM - The Killing of the Countryside
35710: HARVEY, WILLIAM (TRANS. GWENETH WHITTERIDGE) - An Anatomical Disputation Concerning the Movement of the Heart and Blood in Living Creatures
36432: HARVEY, A.S. (ARR.) FOREWORD D.H.S. CRANAGE - Ballads, Songs and Rhymes of East Anglia
32884: HARVEY, VAN AUSTIN - The Historian and the Believer: The Morality of Historical Knowledge and Christian Belief
38879: HARVEY, GABRIEL - Foure Letters and Certeine Sonnets, Especially Touching Robert Greene and Other Parties By Him Abused 1592
37359: HARVEY, NANCY LENZ - Elizabeth of York: The Mother of Henry VIII
17067: HASKELL, P.T. (ED.) - Insect Behaviour
36089: HASKINS, SUSAN - Mary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor
18340: HASLETT, D.W. - Capitalism with Morality
37056: HASSÉ, E.R. (INTR. MOULE) - The Moravians
35384: HASSELL, KEITH, ED. - Permanent Revolution 6 (Theoretical Journal of the Workers Power Group)
35383: HASSELL, KEITH, ED. - Permanent Revolution 7 (Theoretical Journal of the Workers Power Group)
40216: HATCH, EDWIN, AND REDPATH, HENRY A. - A Concordance to the Septuagint and the Other Greek Versions of the Old Testament (Including the Apocryphal Books) [Three Volumes in Two]
20057: HATT, SUE - Gender, Work and Labour Markets
21777: HAUG, FRIGGA, AND OTHERS (TRANS. ERICA CARTER) - Female Sexualization: A Collective Work of Memory
34811: HAUGAARD, WILLIAM P. - Elizabeth and the English Reformation: The Struggle for a Stable Settlement of Religion
38019: HAUGE, MARTIN RAVNDAL - Between Sheol and Temple: Motif Structure and Function in the I-Psalms
9697: HAUGLAND, TORLEIF, BERGESEN, HELGE OLE, AND ROLAND, KJELL - Energy Structures and Environmental Futures
38981: HAUKE, MANFRED (TRANS. DAVID KIPP) - Women in the Priesthood? a Systematic Analysis in the Light of the Order of Creation and Redemption
31456: HAUSHALTER, WALTER M. - Mrs. Eddy Purloins from Hegel: Newly Discovered Source Reveals Amazing Plagiarisms in Sience and Health
19279: HAVRAN, MARTIN J. (INTR. A.L. ROWSE) - Caroline Courtier: The Life of Lord Cottington
15082: HAVRYLSHYN, OLEH, AND NSOULI, SALEH M. (EDS.) - A Decade of Transition: Achievements and Challenges
34103: HAWARD, L.R.C. - Forensic Psychology
18359: HAWKEN, PAUL - The Ecology of Commerce: How Business Can Save the Planet
10600: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Cranborne Chase
39718: HAWKINS, JOHN C. - Horae Synopticae: Contributions to the Study of the Synoptic Problem
19745: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets - Britain's Railway Steamers: Scottish & Irish Companies + Macbrayne and Stena
19748: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Holland America Line
19749: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Royal Mail Line & Nelson Line
19750: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Thos. & Jas. Harrison
19758: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Port Line [with Corry, Royden, Tyser and Milburn]
19762: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Canadian Pacific
19741: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets - British India S.N. Co
19740: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets - Blue Star Line
19757: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets: Elder Dempster Lines
14413: HAWTON, HECTOR (ED.) - Question 6 - January 1973
11897: HAY, PETER - Pre-Grouping Trains on British Railways: The Lms Companies
38778: HAY, DAVID M. - Glory at the Right Hand: Psalm 110 in Early Christianity
9616: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Die Jahreszeiten - the Seasons/Les Saisons: Oratorium
9606: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Missa in Augustiis (Mass in D Minor) for Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra and Organ
18990: HAYDOCK, DAVID - High Speed in Europe
12499: HAYDON, BENJAMIN ROBERT, ED. FROM HIS JOURNALS BY TOM TAYLOR - The Autobiography and Memoirs of Robert Benjamin Haydon (1786-1846)
7061: HAYENS, KENNETH C. - Grimmelshausen
11285: HAYES, DEAN - Gloucestershire Cricketing Greats: 46 of the Best Cricketers for Gloucestershire
41421: CHETWYND-HAYES, R. - Ghosts from the Mists of Time
002909: HAYES, DEAN P. - The South Wales Derbies: A History of Cardiff City Versus Swansea City
19978: HAYES, HANAFI - Hayes over New Zealand
35121: HAYES, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Fantastic Tales of Fitz-James O'Brien
22252: HAYES, BABETTE - Australian Country Style Cooking
41423: CHETWYND-HAYES, R. - The King's Ghost
39159: HAYES, DEAN - Bolton Wanderers (Britain in Old Photographs)
33778: HAYES, STEPHEN K. - The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art
002871: HAYES, NICKY, AND TOPLEY, PAULA - Foundations of Psychology: Instructor's Manual
41422: CHETWYND-HAYES, R. - The King's Ghost
41426: CHETWYND-HAYES, R. (ED. STEPHEN LUMLEY) - The Vampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes
21039: HAYES, NICK - Consensus and Controversy: City Politics in Nottingham 1945-66
6655: HAYMAN, SUZIE - Pandora's Book of Sexual Fantasies
002932: HAYMAN, RONALD (ED.) - The German Theatre: A Symposium
40929: HAYMAN, RONALD - Nietzsche: A Critical Life
33351: HAYNES, MICHAEL - Nikolai Bukharin & the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism
33453: HAYNES, ALAN - Invisible Power: The Elizabethan Secret Services 1570-1603
16521: HAYTER, KURUMI - The Noodle Cook Book
002387: HAYTER, WILLIAM - Spooner: A Biography
16549: HAYWARD, MAX, AND CROWLEY, EDWARD L. (EDS.) - Soviet Literature in the Sixties: An International Symposium
14480: HAYWARD, TIM - Ecological Thought: An Introduction
40789: HAYWARD, JEREMY W., AND VARELA, FRANCISCO J. - Gentle Bridges: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on the Sciences of Mind
33256: HAYWARD, PHILIP (ED.) - Sound Alliances: Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Politics and Popular Music in the Pacific
32074: HAZAN, REUVEN Y., AND MAOR, MOSHE (EDS.) - Parties, Elections and Cleavages: Israel in Comparative and Theoretical Perspective
39071: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Faiths and Folklore: A Dictionary &C. [Two Volumes]
41549: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - The Round Table: A Collection of Essays on Literature, Men, and Manners [Two Volumes]
35082: HEAD, R.E. - Royal Supremacy and the Trials of Bishops 1558-1725
41268: HEAD, JOSEPH, AND CRANSTON, S.L. (COMP., ED.) - Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery
36810: HEADEY, BRUCE - British Cabinet Ministers: The Roles of Politicians in Executive Office
31454: HEADLAM, CECIL - Friends That Fail Not: Light Essays Concerning Books
34501: HEADRICK, T.E. - The Town Clerk in English Local Government
11286: HEALY, THOMAS - A Hurting Business
36039: HEAPHY, THOMAS (ED. WYKE BAYLISS) - The Likeness of Christ: Being an Inquiry Into the Verisimilitude of the Received Likeness of Our Blessed Lord
42341: HEARD, BRIAN J. - Forensic Ballistics in Court: Interpretation and Presentation of Firearms Evidence
17373: HEARN, M.F. - Romanesque Sculpture: The Revival of Monumental Stone Sculpture in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
21322: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. - A Survey of Socialism: Analytical, Historical, and Critical
37294: HEASMAN, KATHLEEN - Evangelicals in Action: An Appraisal of Their Social Work in the Victorian Era
40911: HEATH, JOSEPH, AND POTTER, ANDREW - The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't Be Jammed
35989: HÉRING, JEAN, TRANS. HEATHCOTE AND ALLCOCK - The Epistle to the Hebrews
20420: HEATHFIELD, DAVID F. (ED.) - The Economics of Co-Determination
9980: HEATON, PAUL - Not All Coppers Are. ! a Gwent Policeman's Story
39576: HEATON, E.W. - The Book of Daniel: Introduction and Commentary
32879: HEBBLETHWAITE, BRIAN - The Incarnation: Collected Essays in Christology
39993: HEBERT, A.G. - Liturgy and Society: The Function of the Church in the Modern World
32741: HECKER, JULIUS F. - Religion and Communism: A Study of Religion and Atheism in Soviet Russia
38541: HECKSCHER, ELI F. (TRANS. GÖRAN OHLIN) - An Economic History of Sweden
10443: HEDGES, ISOBEL - The Story of Truro Choral Society (Formerly Truro Singers) 1962-2002
35772: HEENEY, BRIAN - Mission to the Middle Classes: The Woodard Schools 1848-1891
33301: HEGEDUS, ANDRAS - Socialism and Bureaucracy
7234: HEGEDUS, ANDRAS, ET AL - The Humanisation of Socialism: Writings of the Budapest School
33088: HEGEDUS, ANDRAS, ET AL - The Humanisation of Socialism: Writings of the Budapest School
41912: HEGEL, G.W.F. (TRANS., INTR., NOTES J.B. BAILLIE) - The Phenomenology of Mind
7336: HEIBEL, YULE F. - Reconstructing the Subject: Modernist Painting in Western Germany, 1945-1950
13560: HEIDENSOHN, FRANCES - Crime and Society
37688: HEIFETZ, ELIAS - The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919
32371: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Marxism: For and Against
7593: HEILBRUN, CAROLYN G. - The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem
42345: HEILLE, GREGORY (ED.) - Theology of Preaching: Essays on Vision and Mission in the Pulpit
40846: RYOMIN, AKIZUKI (TRANS. HEISING AND SWANSON) - New Mahayana: Buddhism for the Modern World
37772: HEITLAND, W.E. - Behind and Before: Two Essays on the Relation of History Politics and Eugenist Warnings
13818: HEIZER, MICHAEL, WITH ESSAY BY DOUGLAS C. MCGILL - Effigy Tumuli: The Reemergence of Ancient Mound Buildings
18363: HELD, DAVID, ET AL - Global Transformations: Politics, Economics and Culture
41645: HELD, DAVID, AND KOENIG-ARCHIBUGI, MATHIAS (EDS.) - Taming Globalization: Frontiers of Governance
32636: HELD, DAVID, AND MCGREW, ANTHONY (EDS.) - Governing Globalization: Power, Authority and Global Governance
32713: HELD, BARBARA S. - Back to Reality: A Critique of Postmodern Theory in Psychotherapy
14659: HELLER, ROBERT (ED.) - The Complete Guide to Modern Management III [Volume 3 Only]
11477: HELLER, STEVEN, AND FINK, ANNE - Low Budget and High Quality Design
41967: HELLER, AGNES (TRANS. JAMES WICKHAM) - A Radical Philosophy
42151: HELLER, AGNES (TRANS. G.L. CAMPBELL) - Everyday Life
42083: HELLER, THOMAS C., SOSNA, MORTON, AND WELLERBY, DAVID E. ET AL (EDS.) - Reconstructing Individualism: Autonomy, Individuality, and the Self in Western Thought
41976: HELLER, AGNES - The Theory of Need in Marx
34223: HELLMAN, ROBERT, AND O'GORMAN, RICHARD (TRANS.) - Fabliaux: Ribald Tales from the Old French
15467: HELM, DIETER (ED.) - Economic Policy Towards the Environment
35812: HELMORE, LEONARD MERVYN - The District Auditor
38185: HELMS, RANDEL - Gospel Fictions
12623: HEMANS, CHARLES I. - A History of Ancient Christianity and Sacred Art in Italy
41316: HEMELRIJK, EMILY A. - Matrona Docta: Educated Women in the Roman élite from Cornelia to Julia Domna
15071: HEMENWAY, DAVID - Prices and Choices: Microeconomic Vignettes
12678: HEMMING, JAMES - Instead of God: A Pragmatic Reconsideration of Beliefs and Values
6034: HEMMINGS, GWYNNETH - Inside Schizophrenia
31691: HENDERSON, JOHN A. - The First Avant-Garde 1887-1894: Sources of the Modern French Theatre
21305: HENDERSON, FRED - The Case for Socialism
18493: COHEN, ROBIN (WITH CHAPTERS BY JEFF HENDERSON AND DAVID MICHAEL) - Contested Domains: Debates in International Labour Studies
15403: HENDERSON, FRED - Capitalism and the Consumer
15151: HENDERSON, HAZEL - Building a Win-Win World: Life Beyond Global Economic Warfare
15099: HENDERSON, ROGER - European Finance
7154: HENDERSON, JAMES L. - The Unbridled Ego: A Diagnosis of Humanism and Education
39546: HENDERSON, W.G. (PREFACE) - Missale Ad Usum Percelebris Ecclesiae Herfordensis
20197: HENDERSON, JIM - Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45: 22 Battalion
38630: HENDRICK, BURTON J. - Lincoln's War Cabinet
38714: HENGEL, MARTIN - The Son of God: The Origin of Christology and the History of Jewish-Hellenistic Religion
37992: VAN OS, HENK (ET AL) TRANS. MICHAEL HOYLE - The Art of Devotion in the Late Middle Ages in Europe 1300-1500
37894: HENN, T.R. - The Living Image: Shakespearian Essays
32134: HENN, MATT - Opinion Polls and Volatile Electorates: Problems and Issues in Polling European Societies
37328: HENNECKE, E., ED. SCHNEEMELCHER, TRANS. WILSON - New Testament Apocrypha: Volume One - Gospels and Related Writings
39605: HENNECKE, E., ED. SCHNEEMELCHER, TRANS. WILSON - New Testament Apocrypha [Two Volumes]
17455: HENNELL, MICHAEL - Sons of the Prophets: Evangelical Leaders of the Victorian Church
15582: HENNING, KAY - The Digital Enterprise: How Digitisation Is Redefining Business
20234: HENRI, ADRIAN - America
41562: HENRI, ERNST - The Anti-Man
38886: CHETTLE, HENRIE [AND] KEMP, WILLIAM - Kind-Hartes Dreame 1592 [and] Nine Daies Wonder 1600
32140: LAYTON-HENRY, ZIG (ED.) - Conservative Politics in Western Europe
41692: HENRYSON, ROBERT (TRANS. SEAMUS HEANEY) - The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
35177: HENSON, NIA - Index of the Probate Records of the Bangor Consistory Court Vol. I: Pre-1700
35951: HEPWORTH, MIKE, AND TURNER, BRYAN S. - Confession: Studies in Deviance and Religion
38062: HERBERT, A.S. - The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Chapters 40-66
17761: HERBERT, EDWARD D., AND TOV, EMANUEL (EDS.) - The Bible As Book: The Hebrew Bible and the Judaean Desert Discoveries
42155: MARCUSE, HERBERT (WITH TRANSLATIONS BY JEREMY J. SHAPIRO) - Negations: Essays in Critical Theory
38959: HERFORD, R. TRAVERS - The Pharisees
31974: HERINGTON, JOHN - Air War Against Germany and Italy [Australia in the War of 1939-45, Series 3, Vol. III)
20492: HERMAN, ELLEN - Psychiatry, Psychology, and Homosexuality
40730: HERMAND, JOST (TRANS. PAUL LEVESUE, WITH STEFAN SOLDOVIERI) - Old Dreams of a New Reich: Volkish Utopias and National Socialism
34648: HERNÀNDEZ, XAVIER, AND BALLONGA, JORDI - Hambeck (Egymediterrán Város a Tôrténelem Sodrában
34647: HERNÀNDEZ, XAVIER, AND COMES, PILAR - Barmi (Egymediterrán Város a Tôrténelem Sodrában
19097: HEROD, GEORGE - Biographical Sketches of Some of Those Preachers Whose Labours Contributed to the Origination and Early Extension of the Primitive Methodist Connexion
28990: HEROLD, J. CHRISTOPHER - Bonaparte in Egypt
40295: HEROLD, J. CHRISTOPHER (ED., TRANS.) - The Mind of Napoleon: A Selection from His Written and Spoken Words
19976: HERON, H.A. - The Centennial History of Wellington College 1867-1967 [New Zealand]
12672: HERRICK, JIM - Against the Faith: Some Deists, Sceptics and Atheists
12223: HERRICK, JIM, FOREWORD BARBARA WOOTTON - Vision and Realism: A Hundred Years of the Freethinker
13404: HERRMANN, LUKE - Paul and Thomas Sandby
30759: HERRMANN, SIEGFRIED - A History of Israel in Old Testament Times
38142: HERRON, ROBERT W. (FOREWORD WILLIAM L. LANE) - Mark's Account of Peter's Denial of Jesus: A History of Its Interpretation
42440: HERSEY, BAIRD (FOREWORD KRISHNA DAS) - The Practice Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound
38574: HERSHKOWITZ, LEO, AND MEYER, ISIDORE S. (EDS.) - The Lee Max Friedman Collection of American Jewish Colonial Correspondence: Letters of the Franks Family (1733-1748)
37994: HERZ, J. HERMANN (PREFACE) - Guide Through Europe
37461: HESIOD, TRANS. HUGH G. EVELYN-WHITE - The Homeric Hymns and Homerica
16965: HESS, DANIEL - Meister Um Das »Mittelalterliche Hausbuch« - Studien Zur Hausbuchmeisterfrage
38103: HESS, RICHARD S., AND WENHAM, GORDON J. (EDS.) - Make the Old Testament Live: From Curriculum to Classroom
31666: HESTER, STEPHEN, AND EGLIN, PETER - A Sociology of Crime
39047: HEURTLEY, CHARLES A. - On Faith and the Creed: Dogmatic Teaching of the Church of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries: Being a Translation of the Several Treatises Contained in the Compilation Entitled de Fide Et Symbolo
42328: HEWER, C.T.R. - Understanding Islam: The First Ten Steps
37593: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Where New Winds Blow: Twelve Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
37591: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Cave of Living Streams: Sixteen Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
37592: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Cave of Living Streams: Sixteen Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
37594: HEWETT, WILLIAM (WORDS) USHER, WILFRED (MUSIC) - Where New Winds Blow: Twelve Songs Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: Introduction and Text
001808: HEWITT, PATRICIA - About Time: The Revolution in Work and Family Life
41505: HEWITT, H.J. - The Building of Railways in Cheshire Down to 1860
40820: HEWITT, NICHOLAS - Les Maladies Du Siècles: The Image of Malaise in French Fiction and Thought in the Inter-War Years
7619: HEWLETT, SYLVIA ANN - A Lesser Life: The Myth of Women's Liberation
30248: HEWLETT, DOROTHY - Harrogate College 1893-1973
37773: HEWLETT, J.H. - Offa's Dyke
17400: HEY, COLIN G. - Rowland Hill: Victorian Genius and Benefactor
9484: VAN HEYNINGEN, CHRISTINA - Clarissa, Poetry and Morals
18068: HEYWOOD, THOMAS (PREPARED BY HENRY D. JANZEN) - The Escapes of Jupiter
37050: HEYWORTH, P.L. (ED.) - Jack Upland, Friar Daw's Reply and Upland's Rejoinder
10655: HIBBETT, HOWARD - The Floating World in Japanese Fiction
8629: HIBBIN, SALLY (ED.) - Politics, Ideology and the State: Papers from the Communist University of London
21268: AL-HIBRI, AZIZAH Y., AND SIMONS, MARGARET A. (EDS.) - Hypatia Reborn: Essays in Feminist Philosophy
21767: HICK, JOHN - The Fifth Dimension: An Exploration of the Spiritual Realm
21398: HIERON, SAMUEL - A Helpe Unto Devotion
33600: HIGGINS, AIDAN - Ronda Gorge & Other Precipices: Travel Writing 1956-1989
20103: HIGHAM, E.S., AND HIGHAM, W.J. - High Speed Rugby
18863: HIGHET, GILBERT - Juvenal the Satirist: A Study
40019: HILBORN, ROBERT C. - Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers
37530: HILL, CLIFFORD, AND MATHEWS, DAVID (EDS.) - Race - a Christian Symposium
20520: HILL, DILYS M., MOORE, RAYMOND A., AND WILLIAMS, PHIL (EDS.) - The Reagan Presidency: An Incomplete Revolution?
20374: HILL, ALLAN G. (ED.) - Population, Health and Nutrition in the Sahel: Issues Ion the Welfare of Selected West African Communities
16205: HILL, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Policy Process: A Reader
10173: HILL, C.W. - Joseph Chamberlain: An Illustrated Life of Joseph Chamberlain 1836-1914
6296: HILL, MAUREEN - Images of War: The Blitz
42160: HILL, W. HENRY, HILL, ARTHUR F., AND HILL, ALFRED E. - Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737)
20565: HILL, JONATHAN D. (ED.) - History, Power, and Identity: Ethnogenesis in the Americas, 1492-1992
34176: HILL, R. KELLY - Ninja Knife Fighting
42344: HILL, CHARLES E., AND JAMES, FRANK A. (EDS.) - The Glory of the Atonement: Biblical, Historical & Practical Perspectives - Essays in Honor of Roger Nicole
21989: HILL, ARCHIE - A Corridor of Mirrors
002055: HILLABY, JOSEPH G., AND PEARSON, EDNA D. - Bromyard: A Local History
42276: HILLER, SUSAN (ED., COMPILED) - The Myth of Primitivism: Perspectives on Art
18632: HILLER, GEOFFREY G. - Poems of the Elizabethan Age: An Anthology
37872: HILLES, FREDERICK WHILEY (COLLECTED, ED.) - Letters of Sir Joshua Reynolds
14075: HILLIER, J. - Utamaro: Colour Prints and Paintings
9540: HILLIER, FAY (AS TOLD TO) - Ooh, You Are Awful. But I Like You! the Life Story of Dick Emery
13682: HILLING, JOHN B. - Cardiff's Temples of Faith
10348: HILLING, JOHN B. - Shire County Guide 31: Glamorgan
42336: HILTON, DONALD - Table Talk: Looking at the Communio Table from the Outside and the Inside
41952: HILTON, BOYD - The Age of Atonement: The Influence of Evangelicalism on Social and Economic Thought, 1795-1865
18447: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - One Nation, Two Cultures
42143: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - On Liberty and Liberalism: The Case of John Stuart Mill
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37039: JONES, ANTHONY - Welsh Chapels
19066: JONES, PETER (ED.) - Shakespeare: The Sonnets - a Casebook
32183: JONES, JOHN MILLER - Assembling (Post)Modernism: The Utopian Philosophy of Ernst Bloch
34013: JONES, E.L., FOREWORD JOHN CHERRINGTON - Seasons and Prices: The Role of the Weather in English Agricultural History
38498: JONES, JOHN B. (CONDENSED, ED., ANNOT. EARL SCHENCK MIERS) - A Rebel War Clerk's Diary [Complete in One Volume]
35702: JONES, RICHARD FOSTER - Ancients and Moderns: A Study of the Scientific Movement in Seventeenth-Century England
40383: JONES, KENNETH CRISP (ED.) - The Silversmiths of Birmingham and Their Marks 1750-1980
41868: BYFORD-JONES, W. - Shropshire Haunts of Mary Webb
40198: JONES, RUFUS M. - The Faith and Practice of the Quakers
37037: JONES, S.R. - Cil-Eos Isaf: A Late Medieval Montgomeryshire Long-House
38654: DE JONGE, C.H. (TRANS. P.S. FALLA) - Dutch Tiles
42374: DE JONGE, ALEX - Nightmare Culture: Lautréamont and Les Chants de Maldoror
18702: JONSON, BEN (ED. J.W. LEVER) - Every Man in His Humour
38887: JONSON, BEN - Discoveries 1641 [and] Conversations with William Drummond of Hawthornden 1619
37302: JONXIS, J.H.P. (ED.) - Abnormal Haemoglobins in Africa
15941: JOOS, MARTIN - The English Verb: Form and Meanings
32327: JOÓS, ERNEST - Lukács's Last Autocriticism: The Ontology
17019: JORDAN, MICHAEL - The Great Abolition Sham: The True Story of the End of the British Slave Trade
6306: JORDAN, ANTHONY J. - To Laugh Or to Weep: A Biography of Conor Cruise O'Brien
19895: JORDAN, ROGER W. - The World's Merchant Fleets 1939: The Particulars and Wartime Fates of 6,000 Ships
33564: JORDAN, W.K. - The Charities of London 1480-1660: The Aspirations and the Achievements of the Urban Society
35864: JORDAN, Z.A. - The Evolution of Dialectical Materialism: A Philosophical and Sociological Analysis
40934: JOSHI, S.T. - The Weird Tale: Arthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Ambrose Bierce, H.P. Lovecraft
40694: JOSHI, S.T., AND SCHULTZ, DAVID E. - An H.P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia
17403: JOSIPOVICI, GABRIEL - The Book of God: A Response to the Bible
32357: JOUGHIN, JOHN J., AND MALPAS, SIMON (EDS.) - The New Aestheticism
36941: JOUVE, NICOLE WARD - The Streetcleaner: The Yorkshire Ripper Case on Trial [the Street Cleaner]
15432: JOVANOVIC, MIROSLAV N. (FOREWORD BY RICHARD G. LIPSEY) - International Economic Integration
15122: JOVANOVIC, MIROSLAV N. (FOREWORD ALEXIS JACQUEMIN) - European Economic Integration: Limits and Prospects
34490: JOYCE, JAMES - Finnegans Wake
8391: WYKES-JOYCE, MAX - Cosmetics and Adornment: Ancient and Contemporary Usage
40287: JOYCE, T.A., CLARK, J. COOPER, AND THOMPSON, J.E. - Report on the British Museum Expedition to British Honduras, 1927
38658: JOYNER, CHARLES - Down By the Riverside: A South Carolina Slave Community
37809: JUDSON, ALEXANDER C. - The Life of Edmund Spenser
19509: JUNCAL, HERNAN POZA - Manual Práctico de Correspondencia Comercial En Español E Ingles - Practical Handbook of Commercial Correspondence in Spanish and English
40601: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychology and Alchemy
32802: JUNG, HWA YOL - Rethinking Political Theory: Essays in Phenomenology and the Study of Politics
42128: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychological Types
42125: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychology and Religion: West and East
41455: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
41456: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Symbols of Transformation: An Analysis of the Prelude to a Case of Schizophrenia
41460: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Two Essays on Analytical Psychology
41461: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychology and Religion: West and East
41462: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Psychology and Alchemy
36694: JUNG, C.G. (TRANS. R.F.C. HULL) - Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies
40231: JUNGMANN, JOSEPH (TRANS. A. PEELER) - The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer
40143: JUNGMANN, J.A. (TRANS. CLIFFORD HOWELL) - Public Worship
21393: JUNIUS - The Letters of the Celebrated Junius a More Complete Edition Than Any Yet Published
9223: JUNNOSUKE, MASUMI, TRANS. LONNY E. CARLILE - Contemporary Politics in Japan
39014: STAUFFER, ETHELBERT (TRANS. K. AND R. GREGOR SMITH) - Christ and the Caesars: Historical Sketches
32476: KAASE, MAX, AND VON BEYME, KLAUS (EDS.) - Elections & Parties
41255: KABBANI, RANA - Europe's Myths of Orient: Devise and Rule
42327: KAC, ARTHUR W. (ED.) - The Messiahship of Jesus: Are Jews Changing Their Attitude Toward Jesus?
40766: KAELBER, WALTER O. - Tapta Marga: Asceticism and Initiation in Vedic India
33352: KAHLER, ERICH - The Meaning of History
7595: KAHN, ADA P., AND HOLT, LINDA HUGHEY - The a-Z of Women's Sexuality
40012: KAHN, PETER B. - Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Linear and Nonlinear Systems
34750: KAKUZO, OKAKURA - The Book of Tea
17961: KALICZ, NÁNDOR (TRANS. BARNA BALOCH, REV. PAUL ASTON) - Clay Gods: The Neolithic Period and Copper Age in Hungary
32064: KALTENHALER, KARL - Germany and the Politics of Europe's Money
33926: KAMAL, AHMAD - The Sacred Journey Being Pilgrimage to Makkah
21046: KAMBOURELI, SMARO, AND MIKI, ROY (EDS.) - Trans. Ca. Lit: Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature
42054: KAMENKA, EUGENE - The Ethical Foundations of Marxism
15064: KAMINSKI, BARTLOMIEJ - The Collapse of State Socialism: The Case of Poland
35703: KAMKE, E., TRANS. FREDERICK BAGEMIHL - Theory of Sets
16691: KAMMEL, KARL (FOREWORD) - Franzôsische Gotik Und Renaissansce in Meisterwerken Der Buchmalerei : Ausstellung Der Handschriften - Und Inkunabelsammlung Der ôsterreichischen Nationalbibliothek - Otto Pächt Gewidmet
40849: KAMMER, REINHARD (ED., ANNOT.) - The Way of the Sword: The Tengu-Geijutsu-Ron of Chozan Shissai
38072: KANARIS, JIM - Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion: From Philosophy of God to Philosophy of Religious Studies
18915: KANDLER, UDO - Elektro-- Und Dieselloks in Deutschland: Technik - Typen - Trassen
6919: KANE, JEANNE, AND WALTMAN, LISA - The Event Groom's Handbook
7102: KANEMOTO, LISA - Dark Mirror
35176: KANES, BAILEY C. - The Complete Bulldog
37186: KANT, IMMANUEL (TRANS. GOERWITZ, ED. SEWALL) - Dreams of a Spirit-Seer Illustrated By Dreams of Metaphysics
41935: KANT, IMMANUEL (TRANS. JAMES CREED MEREDITH) - The Critique of Judgement
19597: KANTERS, ROBERT, ET NADEAU, MAURICE (DIRECTION) - Anthologie de la Poésie Française [Vols. 11 and 12] le Xxe Siècle: Tome I [and] Tome II
19595: KANTERS, ROBERT, ET NADEAU, MAURICE (DIRECTION) - Anthologie de la Poésie Française [Vols. 3 and 4] le Xvie Siècle Tome I [and] Tome II
33298: KANTH, RAJANI - Capitalism and Social Theory: The Science of Black Holes
15477: KANTOR, BRIAN - Understanding Capitalism: How Economies Work
41008: KAPFERER, BRUCE - The Feast of the Sorcerer: Practices of Consciousness and Power
21781: KAPLAN, CORA - Sea Changes: Culture and Feminism
32832: KAPLAN, E. ANN, AND SPRINKER, MICHAEL (EDS.) - The Althusserian Legacy
9277: KAPLAN, FRED - Gore Vidal
40830: KAPLAN, ARYEH - Meditation and the Bible
31549: KAPLAN, E. ANN (ED.) - Postmodernism and Its Discontents: Theories, Practices
41648: KAPLAN, MATTHEW, KUSANO, ATSUKO, TSUJI, ICHIRO, AND HISAMICHI, SHIGERU - Intergenerational Programs: Support for Children, Youth, and Elders in Japan
21717: KARABELL, ZACHARY - Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal
35444: KARATANI, KOJIN, TRANS. SABU KOHSO - Transcritique: On Kant and Marx
13108: KARCHER, CAROLYN L. - The First Woman in the Republic: A Cultural Biography of Lydia Maria Child
42424: KARCHER, EVA (ED. INGO F. WALTHER) - Otto DIX 1891-1969: His Life and Works
40252: KARLIN, DANIEL (ED.) - Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett: The Courtship Corespondence 1845-1846 - a Selection
38425: KARLSEN, CAROL F. - The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England
31633: KARRAN, KAMPTA, AND MACEDO, LYNNE - No Land, No Mother: Essays on the Work of David Dabydeen
34439: KARRER, OTTO - Peter and the Church: An Examination of Cullmann's Thesis
39598: KASPER, WALTER - Theology of Christian Marriage
39414: KATCHATRIAN, A. (AVANT-PROPOS DE ANDRÉ GRABAR) - Les Baptistères Paléochrétiens: Plans, Notices Et Bibliographie
15878: KATICIC, RADOSLAV - A Contribution to the General Theory of Comparative Lingusitics
12632: KATZ, JOHN - The Will to Civilization: An Inquiry Into Principles of Historic Change
41239: KATZ, STEVEN T. (ED.) - Mysticism and Religious Traditions
9194: KAUFMAN, GERALD - Inside the Promised Land: A Personal View of Today's Israel
41961: KAUFMAN, EDWARD (FOREWORD EDWARD J. KHANTZIAN) - Psychotherapy of Addicted Persons
12307: KAUL, R.K. - The Augustans
12314: KAUR, RAJKUMARI AMRIT - The Concept of Social Service: Its Relation to World Needs and Problems
18650: KAVAN, ANNA - Ice
11128: KAVAN, ANNA - A Charmed Circle
12005: KAVANAGH, P.J. - People and Places: A Selection 1975-1987
9092: KAVANAGH, P.J. - Finding Connections
30684: KAVANAGH, MARCUS - The Criminal and His Allies
41231: KAVANAGH, PATRICK (ED. ANTOINETTE QUINN) - A Poet's Country: Selected Prose
41867: KAVANAGH, PATRICK - Collected Poems
37003: KAWASAKI, SHOICHIRO (ED.) - A Call from Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
8898: KAY, JOSEPH - The Social Condition and Education of the People in England and Europe (Two Volumes)
33225: KAY, GEOFFREY - Development and Underdevelopment: A Marxist Analysis
15613: KAZANCIGIL, ALI (ED.) - International Social Science Journal (Vol. Xli, No. 3) Reconciling the Sociosphere and the Biosphere
15565: KAZANCIGIL, ALI (ED.) - International Social Science Journal - Economic Growth Policies
15564: KAZANCIGIL, ALI (ED.) - International Social Science Journal - Thinking About Violence
15314: KAZANCIGIL, ALI (ED.) - International Social Science Journal - Global Environmental Change
21799: KEANE, JOHN B. - Reflections on Violence
15447: KEANE, JOHN, AND OWENS, JOHN - After Full Employment
13472: KEANE, JOHN B. - A Warm Bed on a Cold Night and Other Stories
18263: KEAT, RUSSELL - The Politics of Social Theory: Habermas, Freud and the Critique of Positivism
40187: KECK, LEANDER E., AND MARTYN, J. LOUIS (EDS.) - Studies in Luke-Acts
32839: KEE, HOWARD CLARK - Medicine, Miracle and Magic in New Testament Times
33501: KEEFFE, BARRIE - Gimme Shelter & Abide with Me
33978: KEELE, KENNETH D. - William Harvey: The Man, the Physician, and the Scientist
35677: KEELE, KENNETH D. - The Evolution of Clinical Methods in Medicine Being the Fitzpatrick Lectures Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in 1960-61
17409: KEELEY, R., PREEDY, N.E., AND WAINWRIGHT, S. - Breath of Steam
8929: KEEN, MICHAEL - The Finder: Combined Author/Title Index to Three Reformed Sources.
34208: KEEN, LAURENCE, AND THACKRAY, D. - A Fourteenth-Century Mosaic Tile Pavement with Line Impressed Decoration from Icklingham
34281: KEEN, LAURENCE - Archaeologia Atlantica Volume 1,2 - Illa Mercimonia Que Dicitur Hamwih: A Study in Medieval Urban Development
28130: KEESING, NANCY (SELECTED BY) - The White Chrysanthemum: Changing Images of Australian Motherhood
21595: DE JONG-KEESING, ELISABETH - Inayat Khan: A Biography
37761: THOSE WHO WERE THERS (ED. NANCY KEESING) - History of the Australian Gold Rushes
41225: KEITH, W.J. - The Rural Tradition: William Cobbett, Gilbert White, and Other Non-Fiction Prose Writers of the English Countryside
34229: KEITH, ARTHUR - The Antiquity of Man
40794: KEITH, JIM (ED.) - Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas & Hidden History
42482: KEJARIWAL, O.P. - The Asiatic Society of Bengal and the Discovery of India's Past 1784-1838
7519: KEKEZI, HARILLAQ, AND HIDA, REXHEP (EDS.) - What the Kosovars Say and Demand (Collection of Studies, Articles, Interviews and Commentaries)
37827: KELLEY, E.L., AND BRADEN, CLARK - Public Discussion of the Issues between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Christ (Disciples)
31836: KELLNER, DOUGLAS (ED.) - Baudrillard: A Critical Reader
36907: O'KELLY, OWEN - A History of County Kilkenny
10212: KELLY, MARY - On English Costume
39623: KELLY, J.N.D. - Early Christian Doctrines
40397: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - The Devil at Baptism: Ritual, Theology, and Drama
35408: KELLY, AILEEN - Mikhail Bakunin: A Study in the Psychology and Politics of Utopianism
40153: KELLY, J.N.D. - Early Christian Doctrines
17078: KELSALL, JOHN P. - The Migratory Barren-Ground Caribou of Canada
34478: KELSALL, MOULTRIE R., AND HARRIS, STUART - A Future for the Past
33735: KEMBLE, JAMES - Napoleon Immortal: The Medical History and Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
31883: KEMP, TOM - Marx's 'Capital' Today
39587: KEMP, ERIC WALDRAM - N.P. Williams
20313: KEMP, D.A. - Foundations for Australian Political Analysis: Politics and Authority
33171: KEMP, TOM - Marx's 'Capital' Today
32648: RIMMON-KENAN, SHLOMITH (ED.) - Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature
38510: KENDALL, RICHARD, AND ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Howard Hodgkin: Large Paintings 1984-2002
37561: KENDRICK, T.D. - The Lisbon Earthquake
20285: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Greek Revival America
16358: KENNEDY, H.A. (TEXT), AND HOLME, CHARLES (ED.) - Early English Portrait Miniatures in the Collection of the Duke of Buccleuch
16345: KENNEDY, FRANCES H. (ED.) THE CONSERVATION FUND - The Civil War Battlefield Guide
14893: KENNEDY, GAVIN - Macroeconomics
11932: KENNEDY, CHARLES W. - Early English Christian Poetry Translated Into Alliterative Verse
31214: KENNEDY, REVEL - Cherokee Roses
39868: KENNEDY, W.M. - The "Interpretations" of the Bishops & Their Influence on Elizabethan Episcopal Policy (with an Appendix of the Original Documents)
20562: KENNEDY, DENNIS (ED.) - Living with the European Union: The Northern Ireland Experience
40765: KENNEDY, EMMET - A Cultural History of the French Revolution
40272: KENNEDY, W.M. - The "Interpretations" of the Bishops & Their Influence on Elizabethan Episcopal Policy (with an Appendix of the Original Documents)
20238: KENNEDY, MICHAEL (ED., INTRO.) - The Autobiography of Charles Hallé with Correspondence and Diaries
39881: KENNEDY, W.M. - Elizabethan Episcopal Administration: An Essay in Sociology and Politics [Volume One Only]
39880: KENNEDY, W.P.M. - Elizabethan Episcopal Administration: An Essay in Sociology and Politics [Three Volumes]
20481: KENNEDY, RICHARD - Australian Welfare: Historical Sociology

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