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21611: FALCONER, THOMAS - Education in Usk: An Address [Bound with Others, Pamphlets, Cases in Law, Court Judgements Etc. )
34722: FALCONER, THOMAS - On Surnames and the Rules of Law Affecting Their Change
002243: FALER, KATE - This Is the Abyssinian Cat
7198: FALIGOT, ROGER, AND KROP, PASCAL, TRANS. W.D. HALLS - La Piscine: The French Secret Service Since 1944
18547: FALK, PASI - The Consuming Body
37041: FALKENER, EDWARD - Games Ancient and Oriental and How to Play Them
20163: FALLA, MOLLY - A Kea on My Bed
14570: FANN, K.T., AND HODGES, DONALD C. (EDS.) - Readings in U.S. Imperialism
37243: FARADAY, W. BARNARD - The English and Welsh Boroughs: An Historical Outline
11267: FARBER, DON - Visions of Buddhist Life
42325: MÜLLER-FARENHOLZ, GEIKO - The Kingdom and the Power: The Theology of Jûrgen Moltmann
16236: FARMER, PENELOPE - Two Or the Book of Twins and Doubles: An Autobiographical Anthology
15930: FARMER, DAVID - The All Whites: The Life & Times of Swansea R.F. C.
38296: FARMER, KATHLEEN A. - Who Knows What Is God? a Commentary on the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
37235: FARNELL, LEWIS RICHARD - Greek Hero Cults and Ideas of Immortality
17686: FARQUHAR, DAVID U. - Missions and Society in the Leeward Islands, 1810-1850: An Eccelsiastical and Social Analysis
18199: FARR, DOROTHY M. - John Ford and the Caroline Theatre
35168: FARR, MICHAEL - Berlin! Berlin! Its Culture, Its Times
30401: FARR, ANTHONY - Sartre's Radicalism and Oakeshott's Conservatism: The Duplicity of Freedom
35800: FARR, A.D. - God, Blood and Society
41302: FARRAR, LINDA - Ancient Roman Gardens
15786: FARRELL, JOHN P. - Revolution As Tragedy: The Dilemma of the Moderate from Scott to Arnold
32628: FARRELL, DAVID M. - Comparing Electoral Systems
39658: FARRER, AUSTIN - A Study in St Mark
33602: FARRER, AUSTIN - The End of Man
39653: FARRER, AUSTIN - St Matthew and St Mark
40696: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN (INTR. JOSEPH NEEDHAM) - Greek Science: Its Meaning for Us
40000: FARTHING, GEOFFREY - Exploring the Great Beyond: A Survey of the Field of the Extraordinary
20528: FASCHING, DARRELL J., AND DECHANT, DELL - Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach
32862: FAULKES, ANTHONY (INTR.) - Stories from the Sagas of the Kings
15736: FAULKNER, WILLIAM J. - The Days When the Animals Talked: Black-American Folktales and How They Came to Be
41900: FAUSSET, HUGH L'ANSON - The Lost Dimension
34023: FAWCETT, THOMAS - Hebrew Myth and Christian Gospel
35106: FAWCETT, TIMOTHY J. - The Liturgy of Comprehension 1689: An Abortive Attempt to Revise the Book of Common Prayer
35105: FAWCETT, TIMOTHY J. - The Liturgy of Comprehension 1689: An Abortive Attempt to Revise the Book of Common Prayer
14141: FAWKES, RICHARD - Welsh National Opera
29194: DUNAWAY, FAYE (WITH BETSY SHARKEY) - Looking for Gatsby: My Life
13550: FEATHERSTONE, MIKE (ED.) - Global Culture: Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity
12791: FECHHEIMER, H. (TRAD. DE CHARLOTTE MARCHAND) - La Sculpture égyptienne
42194: FEDER, STUART - The Life of Charles Ives
34119: FEDERER, CHARLES A. (ED.) - The Ballad of Flodden Field: A Poem of the Xvith Century
34952: MAYOR, FEDERICO (WITH JÉRÔME BINDÉ) - The World Ahead: Our Future in the Making
35501: FEENBERG, ANDREW - Lukács, Marx and the Sources of Critical Theory
15772: FEFFER, JOHN - Shock Waves: Eastern Europe After the Revolutions
27958: FEHENEY, MATTHEW J. - A Time of Grace - School Memories: Edmund Rice and the Presentation Tradition of Education
22346: FEHER, ZSUZSA D., AND POGANY, GABOR O. (TRANS. CAROLINE AND ISTVAN BODOCZKY) - Twentieth Century Hungarian Painting
38681: FEHRENBACHER, DON E. (ED.) - History and American Society: Essays of David M. Potter
38481: FEHRENBACHER, DON E. - The Dred Scott Case: Its Significance in American Law and Politics
31581: FEIBLEMAN, JAMES K. - From Hegel to Terrorism and Other Essays on the Dynamic Nature of Philosophy
33334: FEIGL, HERBERT, SCRIVEN, MICHAEL, AND MAXWELL, GROVER (EDS.) - Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science: Volume II - Concepts, Theories, and the Mind-Body Problem
41666: VON FEILITZEN, CECILIA, AND CARLSSON, ULLA (EDS.) - Children, Young People and Media Globalisation
41621: VON FEILITZEN, CECILIA, AND CARLSSON, ULLA (EDS.) - Children in the New Media Landscape: Games, Pornography, Perceptions
16131: FEINSTEIN, CHARLES (ED.) - The Managed Economy: Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance Since 1929
21542: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Lawrence and the Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence
6289: FEIST, AUBREY - The Lion of St Mark - Venice: The Story of a City from Attila to Napoleon
21814: FEKETE, JOHN - The Critical Twilight: Explorations in the Ideology of Anglo-American Literary Theory from Eliot to Mcluhan
18462: FELDMAN, PAUL, AND LOTZ, CORINNA (WITH GOLD AND SHARPE) - A World to Win: A Rough Guide to a Future without Global Capitalism
18071: N.A. (PREPARED BY SYLVIA D. FELDMAN) - A Yorkshire Tradgedy 1608
9294: FELKER, CHRISTOPHER - Reinventing Cotton Mather in the American Renaissance: Magnalia Christi Americana in Hawthorne, Stowe and Stoddard
38736: FELLOWES, EDMUND H. - Memoranda Concerning King Charles I
20455: FELS, GERHARD, AND SUTIJA, GEORGE (EDS.) - Protectionism and International Banking
20958: FELSTEAD, ALAN, AND JEWSON, NICK - Global Trends in Flexible Labour
21434: FELTEN, CHARLES J. - Layout 4 Printing Design + Typography
34402: FENDLEY, JOHN (ED.) - Bishop Benson's Survey of the Diocese of Gloucester 1735-1750
34397: FENDLEY, JOHN (ED.) - Notes on the Diocese of Gloucester By Chancellor Richard Parsons, C. 1700
28284: FENN, TIM (ED.) - From Old Chapel Field: Selected Letters of Robin Tanner 1920 - 1988
40711: FENSTER, MARK - Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture
19890: FENTON, ROY, AND CLARKSON, JOHN (EDS.) - British Shipping Fleets
34902: FENTON, STEVE - Ethnicity: Racism, Class and Culture
37617: FENYO, MARIO D. - Hitler, Horthy, and Hungary: German-Hungarian Relations, 1941-1944
15711: FERGUSON, EUGENE S. - Truxtun of the Constellation: The Life of Commodore Thomas Truxtun, U.S. Navy 1755-1822
8964: FERGUSON, T. REED (ED.) - The 1836 London Diary of James Stratton Carpenter
7358: FERGUSON, W.B. (ED.) - A Memorial Volume Containing an Account of the Photographic Researches of Ferdinand Hurter & Vero C. Driffield.
34804: FERGUSSON, I.L.C., TAYLOR, R.W., AND WATSON, J.M. - Records and Curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
34805: FERGUSSON, I.L.C., TAYLOR, R.W., AND WATSON, J.M. - Records and Curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
17474: FERNS, H.S. - The Argentine Republic 1516-1971
13867: FERNS, P.N., ET AL (EDS.) - The Birds of Gwent
39566: FÉROTIN, D. MARIUS - Le Liber Mozarabicus Sacramentorum Et Les Manuscrits Mozarabes
39565: FÉROTIN, D. MARIUS - Le Liber Ordinum En Usage Dans L'église Wisigothique Et Mozarabe D'Espagne Du Cinquième Au Onzième Siècle
10475: FERRIER, J. TODD - The Herald of the Cross Vol. XXIV (24)
41496: FERRIS, I.M. - Enemies of Rome: Barbarians Through Roman Eyes
32193: FERRY, LUC, AND RENAUT, ALAIN, TRANS. FRANKLIN PHILIP - Heidegger and Modernity
41640: FESHBACH, MURRAY - Ecological Disaster: Cleaning Up the Hidden Legacy of the Soviet Regime (Russia in Transition)
20381: FESSEHATZION, TEKIE - Shattered Illusion, Broken Promise: Essays on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Conflict (1998-2000)
32040: FEUCHTWANGER, E.J. - From Weimar to Hitler: Germany, 1918-33
41140: FEUERSTEIN, GEORG - Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools and Rascal Gurus
20050: FEUS, KIM (ED.) PREFACE MICHEL BARNIER - A Simplified Treaty for the European Union?
32379: FEYERABEND, PAUL - Science in a Free Society
16330: FIEDLER, LESLIE A. - Being Busted
16956: FIELD, JONATHAN (COMPILER), FIELD, MOIRA (ED.) - The Methuen Book of Theatre Verse
21575: FIELD, FRANK - Three French Writers and the Great War: Studies in the Rise of Communism and Fascism
002399: FIELDER, GERAINT D. - 'Excuse Me, Mr. Davies - Hallelujah!' Evangelical Student Witness in Wales 1923-1983
20800: FIELDER, DUNCAN - A History of Bideford
16262: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of His Friend Mr Abraham Adams (Two Volumes)
16261: FIELDING, HENRY - The Life of Mr Jonathan Wild the Great
39792: FIELDING, HENRY (ED., INTR., NOTES AUSTIN DOBSON) - Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
41032: FIGAL, GERALD - Civilization and Monsters: Spirits of Modernity in Japan
38420: FIGGIS, N.P. - Dead Men's Boats: The Early Mediaeval Canoe from Llan-Gors and the Sunken Dug-Outs of Wales and the Marches
33893: FILARDI, PETER - Flatliners (Second Draft)
15712: FINCH, PETER - Real Cardiff
34657: FINCH, WILLIAM COLES - Watermills Windmills: A Historical Survey of Their Rise, Decline and Fall As Portrayed By Those of Kent
40122: FINDLAY, J. ARTHUR - On the Edge of the Etheric Or Survival After Death Scientifically Explain
15462: FINGLETON, JOHN, ET AL - Competition Policy and the Transformation of Central Europe
40897: FINKELSTEIN, NORMAN G. - Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History
38838: FINLAY, ROBERT - Politics in Renaissance Venice
12346: FINN, DAVID, AND HOUSER, CAROLINE - Greek Monumental Bronze Sculpture
6154: FINN, FRANK - Familiar London Birds
39920: FINN, THOMAS M. - The Liturgy of Baptism in the Baptismal Instructions of St. John Chrysostom
10668: FINNEY, BRIAN - The Inner I: British Literary Autobiography of the Twentieth Century
12008: FINUCANE, EDWARD W. - Definitions, Conversions, and Calculations for Occupational Safety Health Professionals
003229: FIRNBERG, DAVID - Cassell's Spelling Dictionary
34992: FIRTH, DOUGLAS - The Case of Augustus D'Esté
38755: FIRTH, GEORGE C. - Chosen Vessels [a Tribute to Those Pioneers in the Care of the Deaf]
34466: FIRTH, RAYMOND - The Work of the Gods in Tikopia
36497: FISCHER, ERNST (TRANS. ANNA BOSTOCK) - Art Against Ideology
32973: FISCHER, HARTWIG, AND RAINBIRD, SEAN (EDS.) - Kandinsky: The Path to Abstraction
38235: FISCHER, ROBERT H. (TRANS.) - The Large Catechism of Martin Luther
13242: FISHBOURNE, EDWARD A. - An Architectural History of the Parish Church of All Saints', Gresford
12563: FISHER, JOHN - Paul Daniels and the Story of Magic
32126: FISHER, JUSTIN, ET AL (EDS.) - British Elections & Parties Review Volume 9
40487: FISHER, J.D.C. - Christian Initiation: The Reformation Period - Some Early Reformed Rites of Baptism and Confirmation and Other Contemporary Documents
9508: FISHGALL, GARY - Against Type: The Biography of Burt Lancaster
39308: FISHWICK, CLIFFORD (INTR.) - Six Churches of Exeter Produced at the College of Art During 1964
32249: FISK, MILTON - The State and Justice: An Essay in Political Theory
13931: FITT, J.A.N. - The 'Bob' Man: A Life with Animals
16583: FITZGERALD, BRIAN - The Anglo-Irish - Three Representative Types: Cork - Ormonde - Swift
41987: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Bodley Head Scott Fitzgerald Vol. IV - the Beautiful and the Damned
41986: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Bodley Head Scott Fitzgerald Vol. III - This Side of Paradise, the Crack-Up and Other Autobiographcal Pieces
20884: FITZGIBBONS, ATHOL - The Nature of Macroeconomics: Instability and Change in the Capitalist System
32483: FITZMAURICE, JOHN - The Politics of Belgium: Crisis and Compromise in a Plural Society
15673: FITZSIMMONS, ROBERT - Physical Culture and Self-Defense
37883: FITZSIMONS, F.W. - The Monkeyfolk of South Africa
16245: FIX, PHILIPPE - Moroccan Myths and Legends
9074: FLANNERY, TIM - Throwim Way Leg: Adventures in the Jungles of New Guinea
13255: FLAVELL, JOHN H. (FOREWORD JEAN PIAGET) - The Developmental Psychology of Jean Piaget
41940: FLEISCHER, HELMUT (TRANS. ERIC MOSBACHER) - Marxism and History
16412: FLETCHER, ANTHONY - The Outbreak of the English Civil War
35707: FLETCHER, JOSEPH (FOREWORD KARL MENNINGER) - Morals and Medicine - the Moral Problems of: The Patient's Right to Know the Truth, Contraception, Artificial Insemination, Sterilization, Euthanasia
18919: FLETCHER, ANTHONY - Reform in the Provinces: The Government of Stuart England
37753: FLETCHER, JOHN, FOREWORD ISABEL WYATT - The Painted Churches of Romania: A Visitor's Impressions
42061: FLEW, ANTHONY - A Rational Animal and Other Philosophical Essays on the Nature of Man
42427: MARINETTI, F.T. (ED., FLINT, TRANS. FLINT AND COPPOTELLI) - Let's Murder the Moonshine: Selected Writings
35559: FLOOD, PETER, ED. (TRANS. MALACHY GERARD CARROLL) - Medical Experimentation on Man: A Cahier laênnec
42267: FLOROS, CONSTANTIN (TRANS. ERNEST BERNHARDT-KABISCH) - Gyôrgy Ligeti: Beyond Avant-Garde and Postmodernism
15560: O'FLYNN, GRAINNE - World Survival: The Third World Struggle
37532: FLYNN, JAMES R. - Race, Iq and Jensen
15168: FODEN, DAVID, AND MORRIS, PETER (ED.) - The Search for Equity
14496: FODEN, BOB, HOFFMANN, JÜRGEN, AND SCOTT, ROB (EDS.) - Globalisation and the Social Contract
15882: FODOR, ISTVAN - The Rate of Linguistic Change: Limits of the Application of Mathematical Methods in Linguistics
32711: FOGEL, GERALD I. (ED.) - The Work of Hans Loewald: An Introduction and Commentary
27473: FOLKES, HAZEL - Sun in Shadow
38576: FONER, ERIC - Tom Paine and Revolutionary America
40032: FONG, PETER - Elementary Quantum Mechanics
8641: DE LA FONTAINE, JEAN, TRANS. GUIDO WALDMAN - Complete Tales in Verse (Contes Et Nouvelles En Vers)
36321: FOOT, MICHAEL - Aneurin Bevan Volume 2
35770: FOOT, PAUL - Who Killed Hanratty?
20349: FOOTE, I.P., ET AL (EDS.) - Oxford Slavonic Papers: New Series - Volume XXI
38361: FORBES, JACK D. - Apache, Navaho, and Spaniard
27774: FORBES, BRYAN - Ned's Girl: The Authorised Biography of Dame Edith Evans
14621: BRAUNTHAL, JULIUS (TRANS. FORD AND MITCHELL) - History of the International 1943-1968 [Vol. III)
6233: FORD, E.B. - The New Naturalist: Butterflies
40399: FORD, EMMA - Falconry: Art and Practice
40528: FORD, BORIS (ED.) - The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain: Volume 8 - Early Twentieth-Century Britain
34628: FOREMAN, JOHN - The Fighte Command War Diaries [Volume Two]
38359: FOREMAN, GRANT (ED., ANNOT.) - A Traveler in Indian Territory: The Journal of Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Late Major-General in the United States Army
39125: FORESTER, C.S. - Captain Hornblower, R.N. - the Happy Return - a Ship of the Line - Flying Colours
39776: PATRIARCH OF ANTIOCH (FOREWORD) - The Divine Liturgy of Our Holy Father John Chrysostom
35583: FORMAN, RON - A Passage in Time: Poems
37652: FORMAN, HENRY JAMES - The Story of Prophecy in the Life of Mankind from Early Times to the Present Day
12164: FORREST, DUNCAN (ED.) - A Glimpse of Hell: Reports on Torture Worldwide
11664: FORSYTH, DEREK (COMPILER) - Pirelli Calendar Classics: Over 100 Remarkable Images from the Legendary Pirelli Calendar
32911: FORSYTH, PETER TAYLOR - Faith, Freedom, and the Future
41376: FORSYTHE, W.J. - Penal Discipline, Reformatory Projects and the English Prison Commission 1895-1939
13447: FORT, ILENE SUSAN - Childe Hassam's New York
42493: FORTE, JOHN - Rock of Ages: The Fascinating Story of Paleocastritsa and Its Monastery
39978: FORTESCUE, ADRIAN - The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy
000705: FORWOOD, MARY - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
38281: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON (ED.) - Great Voices of the Reformation: An Anthology
42179: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Jon Smart: The Man and His Miniatures
18421: FOSTER, JOHN (ED.) - Valuing Nature? Ethics, Economics and the Environment
14017: FOSTER, A.E. MANNING - Auction Bridge for All
13183: FOSTER, WILLIAM - England's Quest of Eastern Trade
21175: FOSTER, JOHN - The Immaterial Self: A Defence of the Cartesian Dualist Conception of the Mind
40828: FOSTER, JOHN WILSON - The Age of Titanic: Cross-Currents in Anglo-American Culture
32323: FOSTER, JOHN BURT - Heirs to Dionysus: A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism
35387: FOSTER, JOHN BELLAMY - Marx's Ecology: Materialism and Nature
40758: FOSTER, HAL - Prosthetic Gods
35475: FOTHERGILL, PHILIP G. - Historical Aspects of Organic Evolution
39940: FORTESCUE-FOULKS, R. (ED.) - Exeter, a City Saved?
31986: FOURNIER, PATRICK, ET AL (EDS.) - When Citizens Decide: Lessons from Citizen Assemblies on Electoral Reform
41295: FOWDEN, GARTH - The Egyptian Hermes: A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind
17236: FOWLER, CARY, AND MOONEY, PAT - The Threatened Gene: Food, Politics, and the Loss of Genetic Diversity
21567: FOWLER, ROGER - Old English Prose and Verse: An Annotated Selection with Introductions and Notes
35492: FOWLER, ALASTAIR, ED. - Silent Poetry: Essays in Numerological Analysis
14380: FOX, WARWICK - Toward a Transpersonal Ecology: Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism
19334: FOX, STEPHEN - Transatlantic: Samuel Cunard, Isambard Brunel, and the Great Atlantic Steamships
002330: FOX, KENNETH - Metropolitan America: Urban Life and Urban Policy in the United States 1940-1980
36554: FOX, LEVI - Leicester Castle
41763: FOXE, JOHN - The Acts [Actes] and Monuments of John Foxe: With a Life of the Martyrologist and Vindication of the Work [Eight Volumes]
31982: FOXTON, DEREK - Hereford Then & Now Volume Two
17065: FRAENKEL, GOTTFRIED S., AND GUNN, DONALD L. - The Orientation of Animals: Kinesis, Taxes and Compass Reactions
36134: FRANCE, ANN - Consuming Psychotherapy
39664: FRANCIS, ARCHBISHOP OF BIRMINGHAM (PREFACE) - Excerpta E Rituali Romano Pro Dioecesibus AngliÆ Et CambriÆ Edita
42454: FRANCIS, DANIEL - The Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture
42321: FRANCIS, LESLIE J., AND ATKINS, PETER - Exploring Luke's Gospel: Personality Type and Scripture
42470: FRANCIS, R.A. - Romain Rolland
33584: FRANCK, FREDERICK - The Christ=Buddha: A Journey to the East in Quest of the True Self and of Human Liberation
18482: FRANKEL, BORIS - The Post-Industrial Utopians
21577: FRANKEL, JONATHAN (ED., INTR.) - Vladimir Akimov on the Dilemmas of Russian Marxism 1895-1903: The Second Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Party [and] a Short History of the Social Democratic Movement in Russia - Two Texts in Translation
36744: FRANKENA, WILLIAM K., ED. K.E. GOODPASTER - Perspectives on Morality: Essays
41731: FRANKENBERG, RONALD (ED.) - Custom and Social Conflict in British Society
36084: FRANKFORT, H. - Ancient Egyptian Religion: An Interpretation
14228: FRANKLIN, ALFRED - Les Rois Et Les Gouvernements de la France de Hugue Capet a 'Année 1906
38484: FRANKLIN, JOHN HOPE - The Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860
38830: FRANKLIN, JOHN HOPE - A Southern Odyssey: Travelers in the Antebellum North
39814: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Works of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Consisting of His Life, Written By Himself; Together with Essays, Humorous, Moral, and Literary
32501: FRANKLIN, MARK N., MACKIE, THOMAS T., VALEN, HENRY, ET AL - Electoral Change: Responses to Evolving Social and Attitudinal Structures in Western Countries
34591: FRANKS, A.H. - Social Dance: A Short History
20684: FRANTI, MICHAEL - Food for the Masses: Lyrics & Portraits
41312: VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE - On Divination and Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance
36928: FRASER, NORMAN (ED.) PREFACE RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, INTR. MAUD KARPELES - International Catalogue of Recorded Folk Music - Catalogue International de la Musique Folklorique Enregistree
13142: FRASER, W. HAMISH - Trade Unions and Society: The Struggle for Acceptance 1850-1880
11282: FRASER, COLIN - The Avalanche Enigma
35907: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers
33139: FRASER, JOHN - An Introduction to the Thought of Galvano Della Volpe
20018: FRASER, T.M. - Fitness for Work: The Role of Physical Demands Analysis and Physical Capacity Assessment
20331: FRASER, T.G. - The Usa and the Middle East Since World War 2
41823: FRASER, W. HAMISH - A History of British Trade Unionism 1700-1998
41441: FRAYN, R. SCOTT - Revelation and the Unconscious
42183: FRAZER, JAMES GEORGE - The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings [Two Volumes]
42182: FRAZER, J.G. - Taboo and the Perils of the Soul
37097: FRAZER, J.G. - Psyche's Task: A Discourse Concerning the Influence of Superstition on the Growth of Institutions
34776: FRÉDÉRIC, LOUIS, INTR. JEAN NAUDOU - Indian Temples and Sculpture
38602: MERK, FREDERICK (WITH LOIS BANNISTER MERK) - The Monroe Doctrine and American Expansionism 1843-1849
40068: HOVENDEN FREDERICK - What Is Life? Or Where Are We? What Are We? Whence DID We Come? and Whither Do We Go?
38684: MERK, FREDERICK (WITH LOIS BANNISTER MERK) - Fruits of Propaganda in the Tyler Adminsitration
7078: FREDRICKSON, GEORGE M. - The Comparative Imagination: On the History of Racism, Nationalism, and Social Movements
7077: FREDRICKSON, GEORGE M. - The Comparative Imagination: On the History of Racism, Nationalism, and Social Movements
21513: FREEDBERG, DAVID, AND DE VRIES, JAN (EDS.) - Art in History History in Art: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Culture
32461: FREEDMAN, DES, FOREWORD ANTHONY SMITH - Television Policies of the Labour Party 1951-2001
38446: FREEHLING, WILLIAM W. - Prelude to Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina 1816-1836
38835: FREEHLING, WILLIAM W. - The Road to Disunion Volume I: Secessionists at Bay 1776-1854
34152: FREEMAN, ARTHUR - Thomas Kyd: Facts and Problems
36271: FREEMAN, T.W. - Pre-Famine Ireland: A Study in Historical Geography
39106: FREEMAN, EDWARD A. - Historic Towns: Exeter
32650: FREEMAN, THOMAS - The Psychoanalyst in Psychiatry
32088: FREEMAN, NICOLA, AND SHAUL, MATTHEW (EDS.) - Do Not Refreeze: Photography Behind the Berlin Wall
39018: FREEMAN, EDWARD A. - History of the Cathedral Church of Wells As Illustrating the History of the Cathedral Churches of the Old Foundation
42358: FREEMAN, LAURENCE - Jesus the Teacher Within
37458: ARISTOTLE (TRANS. JOHN HENRY FREESE) - The "Art" of Rhetoric
39526: FREESTONE, W.H. - The Sacrament Reserved: A Survey of the Practice of Reserving the Eucharist, with Special Reference to the Communion of the Sick, During the First Twelve Centuries
39529: FREESTONE, W.H. - The Sacrament Reserved: A Survey of the Practice of Reserving the Eucharist, with Special Reference to the Communion of the Sick, During the First Twelve Centuries
35478: FREGE, G., TRANS. J.L. AUSTIN - Die Grundlagen Der Arithmetik: Eine Logisch Mathematische Untersuchung ûber Den Begriff Der Zahl - the Foundations of Arithmentic: A Logico-Mathematical Enquiry Into the Concept of Number
34269: FREKE, D.J. - Peel Castle Excavations: Interim Report 1982-83 [and] 1985 [and] 1986
41232: FREKE, TIMOTHY, AND GANDY, PETER - Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians
15539: FRENCH, HILARY - Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization
13885: FRENCH, JO - The Bhsai Course Companion
20702: FRERE, S.S., AND WILKES, J.J. - Strageath: Excavations Within the Roman Fort 1973-86
39525: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD - Studies in Early Roman Liturgy [Three Volumes]
39026: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD (ED.) - Exposition de la Messe from la Legende Dorée of Jean de Vignay with Illuminations Reproduced from Fitzwilliam Ms. 22 (Alcuin Club Collections II)
39974: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD - The Principles of Religious Ceremonial
39540: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD - The Anaphora Or Great Eucharistic Prayer : An Eirenical Study in Liturgical History
40328: FRERE, W.H. - The Primitive Consecration Prayer
34246: FRERE, S.S. (ED.) - Problems of the Iron Age in Southern Britain: Papers Given at a C.B. A. Conference Held at the Institute of Archaeology December 12 to 14, 1958
6714: FRESHWATER, G.J., AND BASTIEN, ALFRED - Pitman's Dictionary of Advertising and Printing: A Complete Work of Reference to the Advertising and Printing Arts
11468: FREUND, JULIEN, TRANS. MARY ILFORD - The Sociology of Max Weber
21304: FREUND, BILL - The African Worker
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18354: IETTO-GILLIES, GRAZIA - Transnational Corporations: Fragmentation Amidst Integration
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33483: GILMORE, CHARLIE - The Leggings and the Bandoliers: A Poem
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32012: GIRVIN, BRIAN (ED.) - The Transformation of Contemporary Conservatism
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16108: GLEIG, G.R. - The Life of Arthur Duke of Wellington
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36891: GOSTIN, LARRY (ED.) - Secure Provision: A Review of Special Services for the Mentally Ill and Mentally Handicapped in England and Wales
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38178: GRABBE, LESTER L. - Wisdom of Solomon (Guides to Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha)
15756: O'GRADY, WILLIAM - Principles of Grammar & Learning
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18688: GODLEY, A.D. (ED. GRAVES AND FLETCHER) - Fifty Poems
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35655: GRAVES, MICHAEL A.R. - The House of Lords in the Parliaments of Edward VI and Mary I: An Institutional Study
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001649: GREEN, TIMOTHY - The World of Diamonds
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20941: GREEN, FRANCIS, AND NORE, PETER (EDS.) - Economics: An Anti-Text
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38891: GREENE, ROBERT - The Third & Last Part of Conny-Catching [and] a Disputation Betweene a Hee Conny-Catcher and a Shee Conny-Catcher [1592]
38892: GREENE, ROBERT - The Blacke Bookes Messenger 1592 [and] 'Cuthbert Conny-Catcher' the Defence of Conny-Catching 1592
38893: GREENE, ROBERT - Groats-Worth of Witte, Bought with a Million of Repentance [and] the Repentance of Robert Greene
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17039: GREENSHIELDS, RENATE - Lucky Girl Goodbye
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31841: GREGOR, A. JAMES - Interpretations of Fascism
36518: GREGOR, A. JAMES - A Survey of Marxism: Problems in Philosophy and the Theory of History
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39744: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND (TRANS. R.W. SETON-WATSON) - The Tombs of the Popes: Landmarks in Papal History
38382: GREGORY, DEREK - Regional Transformation and Industrial Revolution: A Geography of the Yorkshire Woollen Industry
37906: GREGORY, G. - An History of the Christian Church from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time [Two Volumes]
39226: GREGORY, BRUCE - Inventing Reality: Physics As Language
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17068: GRIBBIN, JOHN (ED.) - Climatic Change
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18258: GRIFFITH, GWILYM O. - Makers of Modern Thought
11021: GRIFFITH, JOHN - Edward II in Glamorgan: The Story of the Downfall of the First Prince of Wales, with Side-Lights on the Dicovery of MediÆVal Glamorgan Including a Record of Local Place-Names Mentioned in the Surveys of the Period
14118: GRIFFITHS, JOHN - The Third Man: The Life and Times of William Murdoch 1754-1839 the Inventor of Gas Lighting
12985: GRIFFITHS, W.A. (INTR. H.E.E. PHILIPPS) - Tales from Welsh History and Romance
11504: GRIFFITHS, ANTHONY (ED.) - Landmarks in Print Collecting: Connoisseurs and Donors at the British Museum Since 1753
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001773: GRIFFITHS, JOAN (ED.), ILLUSTRATED BY VARIOUS - My World: Poems from Living Language
39934: GRIFFITHS, D.N. - Prayer-Book Translations Before 1900: Two Articles from the Library
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19683: GRIMWOOD, V.R. - American Ship Models and How to Build Them
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36707: GROPIUS, WALTER - Scope of Total Architecture (World Perspectives)
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41191: GROSS, JENNIFER R. (ED.) - The Société Anonyme: Modernism for America
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41373: DE GRUCHY, JOHN WALTER - Orienting Arthur Waley: Japonisme, Orientalism, and the Creation of Japanese Literature in English
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40665: GUÉNON, RENÉ (TRANS. JOSCELYN GODWIN) - The Multiple States of Being
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39821: GUÉRANGER, PROSPER, ABBÉ DE SOLESMES - L'Année Liturgique I: L'Avent Et Noêl
39823: GUÉRANGER, PROSPER, ABBÉ DE SOLESMES - L'Année Liturgique IV [and] V [Two Volumes] le Temps Après la Pentecöte
20372: GUERTNER, GARY L. - Deterrence and Defence in a Post-Nuclear World
20373: GUERTNER, GARY L. - Deterrence and Defence in a Post-Nuclear World
40028: GUEST, MARTIN A. - From Quantum Cohomology to Integral Systems
41043: GUEST, WILLIAM - Stephen Grellet
20171: GUICHARD, AMI - Automobile Year 1972-73 [No. 20]
9790: OXFORDSHIRE GUIDES - Our History: The First Fifty Years, 1910-1960
37527: BAEDEKER'S TOURING GUIDES - Scandinavia: Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland
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39429: DIOCESE OF GUILDFORD - The Making and Ordaining of Deacons and Priests
38340: GUILLAUMONT, A., ET AL (COPTIC TEXT ESTABLISHED, TRANS.) - The Gospel According to Thomas
39512: GUILLAUMONT, A., ET AL (COPTIC TEXT ESTABLISHED, TRANS.) - The Gospel According to Thomas
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20574: GULLETT, GAYLE - Becoming Citizens: The Emergence and Development of the California Women's Movement, 1880-1911
7438: GULLIVER, P.H. - Social Control in an African Society - a Study of the Arusha: Agricultural Masai of Northern Tanganyika
41773: GUNN, THOM - My Sad Captains and Other Poems
37814: GUNN, HUGH (ED.) - The Dominions and Dependencies of the Empire
21402: GUNNING, PETER - The Paschal Or Lent-Fast Apostolical & Perpetual
29193: GUNSTON, BILL - Attack Aircraft of the West
32392: GUNTHER, RICHARD, SANI, GIACOMO, AND SHABAD, GOLDIE - Spain After Franco: The Making of a Competitive Party System
32453: GUNTHER, RICHARD, ET AL (EDS.) - The Politics of Democratic Consolidation: Southern Europe in Comparative Perspective
17916: GUPTA, S.C. SEN - A Shakespeare Manual
12992: GUPTA, SUNIL (ED.) - An Economy of Signs: Contemporary Indian Photographs
41030: GURDJIEFF - Views from the Real World
38810: GURNEY, SAMUEL (FOREWORD) - Fifty Modern Churches: Photographs, Ground Plans and Information Regarding Thirty-Five Consecrated and Fifteen Dedicated Churches Erected During the Years 1930-1945
35825: GURNEY, JOSEPH JOHN - Observations on the Distinguishing Views & Practices of the Society of Friends
41519: GUSCOTT, S.J. - Humphrey Chetham 1580-1653: Fortune, Politics and Mercantile Culture in Seventeenth-Century England
15790: GUSTAFSON, JAMES M. - Theology and Ethics
35101: GUTERMAN, SIMEONL. - Religious Toleration and Persecution in Ancient Rome
34924: GUY, JOHN - Castles in Sussex
14337: GUY, JOHN R. (ED.) - The Diocese of Llandaff in 1763: The Primary Visitation of Bishop Ewer
20600: GUY, ALAN J. (ED.) - Colonel Samuel Bagshawe and the Army of George II 1731-1762
34590: GWYER, JOHN - Portraits of Mean Men: A Short History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
41855: GWYNDAF, ROBIN - Welsh Folk Tales - Chwedlau Gwerin Cymru
37201: DOUGAL, F.H. & CO. - Index to Advertisements for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, Legatees, &C. , &C. , Who Have Been Advertised for to Claim Money and Property in Great Britain and All Parts of the World
13254: SEGALL, MARSHAL H. (ET AL) - Human Behavior in Global Perspective: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology
40245: FLENDER, HELMUT (TRANS. REGINALD H. AND ILSE FULLER) - St Luke: Theologian of Redemptive History
42422: HAAG, MICHAEL - Alexandria: City of Memory
16703: HAAK, B. - Hollandse Schilders in de Gouden Eeuw
42089: HAAS, WILLIAM S. - The Destiny of the Mind: East and West
11944: HABEL, NORMAN C. (ED.) - Powers, Plumes and Piglets: Phenomena of Melanesian Religion
42101: HABERMAS, JÜRGEN (TRANS. FREDERICK LAWRENCE) - The Philosophical Dicscourse of Modernity: Twelve Lectures
42152: HABERMAS, JÜRGEN (TRANS. JOHN VIERTEL) - Theory and Practice
42014: HABERMAS, JÜRGEN (TRANS. FREDERICK G. LAWRENCE) - Philosophical-Political Profiles
31812: HABERMAS, JÜRGEN (ED., TRANS. FREDERICK G. LAWRENCE) - Philosophical-Political Profiles
42264: EL-HABIB, BÉATRICE RIOTTOT (FOREWORD) - Gustav Adolf Mossa: L'Oeuvre Symboliste 1903-1918
40578: HABITO, RUBEN L.F., AND STONE, JACQUELINE I. (EDS.) - Japanese Journal of Religious Studies - Revisiting Nichiren
9080: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - Meissen and Other Continental Porcelain Faience and Enamel in the Irwin Untermyer Collection
15353: HACKETT, GRAHAM, AND CAUNT, DAVID - Quantitative Methods: An Active Learning Approach
40539: HADAS, MOSES - Hellenistic Culture: Fusion and Diffusion
16137: HADEN, ANDY - Lock, Stock'n'Barrel
37711: HADFIELD, STEPHEN J. - Law and Ethics for Doctors with a Section on General Practice in the National Health Service
36297: HADFIELD, CHARLES, ET AL - The Canals of the British Isles [a Collection]
001709: HADINGHAM, EVAN - Early Man and the Cosmos
41481: HADLEIGH, BOZE - An Actor Succeeds
36012: HADLEY, J.J. - An Introduction to the Apocalypse (Being an Anlysis and Summary of Dr Thomas' "Eureka")
34019: WALLACE-HADRILL, D.S. - Eusebius of Caesarea
34812: HAECKEL, ERNST - The Last Link: Our Present Knowledge of the Descent of Man
41334: HAECKEL, ERNST (INTR. ESSAY OLAF BREIDBACH) - Art Forms from the Ocean: The Radiolarian Atlas of 1862
39203: HAENCHEN, ERNST - The Acts of the Apostles: A Commentary
36078: HAENCHEN, ERNST - The Acts of the Apostles: A Commentary
41745: HAFEZ, SABRY - The Quest for Identities: The Development of the Modern Arabic Short Story
36123: HAGEMAN, HOWARD G. - Pulpit and Table: Some Chapters in the History of Worship in the Reformed Churches
17473: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Allan Quatermain
38505: HAGGETT, PETER, AND CHORLEY, RICHARD J. - Network Analysis in Geography
38648: HAINE, JOAN (INTR.) BEE NILSON (PREFACE) - Annie's Edwardian Cookery Book
38421: HAINES, JOHN - The Owl in the Mask of the Dreamer: Collected Poems
38348: HAINES, FRANCIS (FOREWORD DAVID DARY) - The Buffalo: The Story of American Bison and Their Hunters from Prehistoric Times to the Present
37961: HAJEK, TUBOR - Indian Miniatures of the Moghul School
37429: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - Voyages: Volume Two
36709: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (INTR. JOHN MASEFIELD) - Voyages - Volume Eight
36710: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (INTR. JOHN MASEFIELD) - Voyages - Volume Five
37914: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Voyages Traffiques & Discoveries of Foreign Voyagers with Other Matters Relating Thereto Contained in the "Navigations" [Odd Volume]
36711: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (INTR. JOHN MASEFIELD) - Voyages - Volume Four
37430: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation [Volume Six]
17047: N.A. [JANE MARCET (HALDIMAND)] - Bertha's Visit to Her Uncle in England
14759: HALEVI, JOSEPH, AND FONTAINE, JEAN-MARK (EDS.) - Restoring Demand in the World Economy: Trade, Finance and Technology
33365: HALÉVY, ÉLIE, ED. TAYLOR - Thomas Hodgskin
28914: HALEY, PAT - The Nine Seasons Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes to Get You from Mud Season to Fall Foliage and Back Again
20864: HALFDANARSON, GUDMUNDUR (ED.) - Racial Discrimination and Ethnicity in European History
33904: HALL, A.R. - Ballistics in the Seventeenth Century: A Study in the Relations of Science and War with Reference Principally to England
20053: HALL, PETER A., HAYWARD, JACK, AND MACHIN, HOWARD (EDS.) - Developments in French Politics
14407: HALL, JOHN A. - International Orders
39913: HALL, BASIL - Cranmer's Relations with Erasmianism and Lutheranism [and] Cranmer, the Eucharist and the Foreign Divines in the Reign of Edward VI
39912: HALL, BASIL - Cranmer's Relations with Erasmianism and Lutheranism [and] Cranmer, the Eucharist and the Foreign Divines in the Reign of Edward VI
20775: KING-HALL, STEPHEN - Western Civilization and the Far East
35045: HALL, STEVE, AND MILES, BARRY - The Watercolours of Edward Wesson
39501: HALL, BASIL - Humanists and Protestants 1500-1900
22229: HALL, MICHAEL - Leaving Home: A Conducted Tour of Twentieth-Century Music with Simon Rattle
38919: HALL, BASIL - The Great Polyglot Bibles Including a Leaf from the Complutensian of Alcalá, 1514-17
42207: HALL, CATHERINE (ED.) - Cultures of Empire: Colonizers in Britain and the Empire in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - a Reader
41145: HALL, JOHN A. (ED.) - Rediscoveries
32200: HALL, JOHN R. (ED.) - Reworking Class
39091: HALL, BASIL - The Great Polyglot Bibles Including a Leaf from the Complutensian of Alcalá, 1514-17
21936: HALL, MARSHALL - The Artists of Cumbria
38657: HALL, MICHAEL GARIBALDI - Edward Randolph and the American Colonies 1676-1703
35691: HALL, MARIE BOAS (ED.) - Nature and Nature's Laws: Documents of the Scientific Revolution
38260: HALLBÄCK, GEERT, AND HVITHAMAR, ANNIKA (EDS.) - Recent Releases: The Bible in Contemporary Cinema
11806: HALLER, JAMES - The Blue Strawbery Cookbook
21773: HALLIDAY, FRED, AND MOLYNEUX, MAXINE - The Ethiopian Revolution
20781: HALLIDAY, BRIAN (TEXT BY PAUL POWELL) - Central Otago Paintings
41752: HALLIDAY, FRED - Nation and Religion in the Middle East
37112: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD (ED.) - A Selection from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lydgate
40349: HALMOS, PAUL R. - A Hilbert Space Problem Book [Graduate Texts in Mathematics]
41097: HALPERIN, JOAN UNGERSMA (FOREWORD GERMAINE BRÉE) - Félix Fénéon: Aesthete & Anarchist in Fin-de-Siècle Paris
20030: HALPERIN, JOHN - Eminent Georgians: The Lives of King George V, Elizabeth Bowen, St. John Philby, & Nancy Astor
38221: HALPERN, BARUCH - David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King
20541: VAN HAM, PETER - The Ec, Eastern Europe and European Unity: Discord, Collaboration and Integration Since 1947
6994: HAMBLY, W.D. - Origins of Education Among Primitive Peoples: A Comparative Study in Racial Development
9507: HAMBURG, ERIC (ED.) - Nixon: An Oliver Stone Film
16789: HAMBURGER, JEFFREY F. - Nuns As Artists: The Visual Culture of a Medieval Convent
003428: HAMBURGER, MICHAEL - From Prophecy to Exorcism: The Premisses of Modern German Literature
003351: HAMEL, FRANK - Jean de la Fontaine
34385: HAMELIUS, P. (ED.) - Mandeville's Travels Translated from the French of Jean D'Outremeuse [Two Volumes]
42221: HAMER, JOHN - The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality
31482: HAMILTON, MISS C.J. - A Battle with the Waves; Or, the Herring Boat
17907: HAMILTON, A.C. (ED.) - Essential Articles for the Study of Edmund Spenser
16195: HAMILTON, MALCOLM, AND HIRSZOWICZ, MARIA - Class and Inequality in Pre-Industrial, Capitalist and Communist Societies
18180: HAMILTON, A.C. - The Early Shakespeare
000990: HAMILTON, CARL - Absolut: Biography of a Bottle
31887: HAMILTON, RICHARD F. - The Bourgeois Epoch: Marx and Engels on Britain, France, and Germany
18643: HAMILTON, EDITH, AND CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON (EDS.) - The Collected Dialogues of Plato Including the Letters
20361: HAMILTON, MALCOLM B. (FOREWORD A.H. HALSEY) - Democratic Socialism in Britain and Sweden
30567: HAMILTON, DAVID - The Healers: A History of Medicine in Scotland
38078: HAMLIN, E. JOHN - At Risk in the Promised Land: A Commentary on the Book of Judges
37360: HAMLYN, D.W. - Sensation and Perception: A History of the Philosophy of Perception
40695: HAMM, BERNARD (ED.) - Devastating Society: The Neo-Conservative Assault on Democracy and Justice
39286: HAMMAN, ADALBERT (ED.) TRANS. THOMAS HALTON - The Mass: Ancient Liturgies and Patristic Texts
39911: HAMMAN, A. - Je Crois En Un Seul Baptëme: Essai Sur Baptëme Et Confirmation
37333: HAMMAN, ANDRÉ (ED.) TRANS. THALTONHOMAS - The Mass: Ancient Liturgies and Patristic Texts
39285: HAMMAN, ADALBERT (ED.) TRANS. THOMAS HALTON - The Paschal Mystery: Ancient Liturgies and Patristic Texts
39287: HAMMAN, ANDRÉ (ED.) TRANS. THOMAS HALTON - Baptism: Ancient Liturgies and Patristic Texts
35922: HAMMERTON, A. JAMES - Emigrant Gentlewomen: Genteel Poverty and Female Emigration, 1830-1914
40901: HAMMETT, DASHIEL - Complete Novels
20013: HAMMOND, GRANT T. - Countertrade, Offsets and Barter in International Political Economy
19316: HAMMOND, PAT - Ramsay's Catalogue of British Model Trains
19318: HAMMOND, PAT - Ramsay's Catalogue of British Model Trains
19317: HAMMOND, PAT - Ramsay's Catalogue of British Model Trains
34753: HAMMOND, J.L., AND HAMMOND, BARBARA - James Stansfeld: A Victorian Champion of Sex Equality
40863: HAMMOND, PAUL (ED., INTR.) - The Shadow and Its Shadow: Surrealist Writing on the Cinema
18426: HAMOUDA, OMAR F., AND SMITHIN, JOHN N. (EDS.) - Keynes and Public Policy After Fifty Years - Volume I: Economics and Policy
33960: HAMPDEN, JOHN, ED., SEL. - Francis Drake Privateer: Contemporary Narratives and Documents
8670: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Feeling and Expression
32427: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Freedom of Mind and Other Essays
32253: HAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER - The Ideology of the Text
32469: HANCOCK, M. DONALD, AND WELSH, HELGA A. (EDS.) - German Unification: Process and Outcomes
19651: HANCOCK, H.E. - Semper Fidelis: The Saga of the "Navvies" (1924 to 1948)
28813: HANCOX, JOY - The Queen's Chameleon: The Life of John Byrom - a Study of Conflicting Loyalties
37161: HAND, J.E. (ED.) - Ideals of Science & Faith: Essays By Various Authors
37165: HAND, J.E. (ED.) PREFACE R.B. HALDANE - Science in Public Affairs
12526: HANDLER, ANDREW (TRANS.) - Ararat: A Collection of Hungarian-Jewish Short Stories
38587: HANDLIN, OSCAR - Boston's Immigrants: A Study in Acculturation
17769: HANDS, PETER, AND RICHARDS, COLIN - British Railways Steaming on the Western Region: Volume Two
17413: HANDS, PETER, AND RICHARDS, COLIN - British Railways Steaming on the Southern Region
17412: HANDS, PETER, AND RICHARDS, COLIN - British Railways Steaming on the Ex-Lner Lines: Volume One
9783: HANEGBI, YEHUDA - Why Isaac Laughed: The Biblical Plays of Yehuda Hanegbi
17030: HANEY, T. RONALD - Stations of the Cross: The Story of God's Compassion
37767: HANFF, HELENE - Q's Legacy
14301: HANHO - Combat Strategy - Junsado: The Way of the Warrior
36876: HANMER, JALNA, RADFORD, JILL, AND STANKO, ELIZABETH A. (EDS.) - Women, Policing, and Male Violence: International Perspectives
18403: HANNAH, BARBARA - Striving Towards Wholeness
39016: HANNAH, J. (ED., INTR., NOTES) - The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh Collected and Authenticated with Those of Sir Henry Wotton and Other Courtly Poets from 1540 to 1650
35902: HANNAH, WALTON - Darkness Visible: A Revelation & Interpretation of Freemasonry
41501: HANNIGAN, DAVE - De Valera in America: The Rebel President and the Making of Irish Independence
33219: HÄNNINEN, SAKARI, AND PALDÁN, LEENA (EDS.) - Rethinking Marxism
32329: HANSEN, F.R. - The Breakdown of Capitalism: A History of the Idea in Western Marxism, 1883-1983
37342: HANSON, R.P.C. - Allegory and Event: A Study of the Sources and Significance of Origen's Interpretation of Scripture
39832: HANSON, RICHARD - Christian Priesthood Examined
35933: HANSON, HARRY - The Canal Boatmen 1760-1914
32706: HANZHANG, YA, TRANS. WANG WENJIONG - The Biographies of the Dalai Lamas
40071: HARA, O HASHNU - Practical Theosophy: A Plain Statement of Its Tenets
18635: HARBAGE, ALFRED, REVISED S. SCHOENBAUM - Annals of English Drama 975-1700: An Analytical Record of All Plays, Extant Or Lost, Chronologically Arranged and Indexed By Authors, Titles, Dramatic Companies, &C.
34469: HARBIN, E.O. - Games of Many Nations
38962: HARDEN, J.M. - The Anaphoras of the Ethiopic Liturgy
17063: HARDIN, GARRETT - Stalking the Wild Taboo
14158: HARDING, D.W. - Experience Into Words: Essays on Poetry
7498: HARDING, NEIL (ED.) - The State in Socialist Society
41493: HARDING, STEPHEN - Viking Mersey: Scandinavian Wirral, West Lancashire and Chester
14988: HARDOY, JORGE E., MITLIN, DIANA, AND SATTERTHWAITE, DAVID - Environmental Problems in Third World Cities
42148: HARDY, ALISTER - The Spiritual Nature of Man: A Study of Contemporary Religious Experience
20533: HARE, PAUL G. (ED.) - Systemic Change in Post-Communist Economies
14684: HARE, PAUL, AND SIMPSON, LESLIE (EDS.) - An Introduction to the Uk Economy: Performance and Policy
34331: HARE, J.N. - Battle Abbey: The Eastern Range and the Excavations of 1978-80
12072: HÄRING, HERMANN, TRANS. JOHN BOWDEN - Hans Kûng: Breaking Through
27108: HARLOE, MICHAEL - Swindon: A Town in Transition - a Study in Urban Development and Overspill Policy
41522: CARTLIDGE, J.E. GORDON (WITH HENRY HARLOW AND ERNEST HITCHENS) - Newbold Astbury and Its History: A Descriptive and Historical Account of an Ancient Cheshire Church and Parish
7218: HARMAN, WILLIS - Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century
33150: HARMAN, CHRIS - Bureaucracy and Revolution in Eastern Europe
21698: HARMAN, RICHARD T.C. - Gas Turbine Engineering: Applications, Cycles, Characteristics
15946: HARMON, ALEXANDRA - Indians in the Making: Ethnic Relations and Indian Identities Around Puget Sound
40945: HARMS, DANIEL, AND GONCE, JOHN WISDOM - The Necronomicon Files: The Truth Behind Lovecraft's Legend
41114: HARNER, MICHAEL J. (ED.) - Hallucinogens and Shamanism
21660: HAROLD, ANTHONY - Camera Above the Clouds: The Aviation Photographs of Charles E. Brown (Vols. I and II)
42229: HAROOTUNIAN, HARRY - Overcome By Modernity: History, Culture, and Community in Interwar Japan

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