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41377: BLOFELD, JOHN - Gateway to Wisdom: Taoist and Buddhist Contemplative and Healing Yogas Adapted for Western Students of the Way
41799: BLOFELD, JOHN (CHU CH'AN) TRANS., ED. - The Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind
42308: BLOFELD, JOHN - City of Lingering Splendour: A Frank Account of Old Peking's Exotic Pleasures
35731: BLOMFIELD, JOHN - The Eucharistic Canon with Suggestions for a Possible Revision
32536: BLONDEL, JEAN, AND MÚLLER-ROMMEL, FERDINAND (EDS.) - Cabinets in Western Europe
20530: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Major Literary Characters: Marlow
20390: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Richard Wright's Native Son
40388: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - James Joyce (Modern Critical Views)
35173: BLOOM, ALLAN - Giants and Dwarfs: Essays 1960-1990
33431: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers and the Warden
32252: BLUM, LAWRENCE A., AND SEIDLER, VICTOR J. - A Truer Liberty: Simone Weil and Marxism
33544: BLUM, CAROL - Diderot: The Virtue of a Philosopher
15190: BLUMBERG, PAUL - Inequality in an Age of Decline
19710: BLUNDELL, W.D.G. - Ships of the Modern Royal Navy
41410: BLUNDELL, SUE - Women in Ancient Greece
19797: BLUNDELL, W.D.G. - British Aircraft Carriers
40434: BLUNT, JOHN HENRY (ED.) - The Annotated Book of Common Prayer
35582: BLY, ROBERT - What Have I Ever Lost By Dying? Collected Prose Poems
14977: BLYTON, PAUL, AND TURNBULL, PETER (EDS.) - Reassessing Human Resource Management
37152: BOAG, DAVID (FOREWORD ANGELA YEOMAN) - The Granite Hills of Glensanda & Kingairloch
16491: THE AUSTRALIAN WINE BOARD - Wine for Profit: Knowing, Selling Australian Wine
11713: BWRDD CROESO CYMRU - WALES TOURIST BOARD - Blas Ar Gymru - a Taste of Wales
41401: BOAS, MARY L. - Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
15989: BOASE, WENDY - The Folklore of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
10409: BOASE, ROGER - The Troubadour Revival: A Study of Social Change and Traditionalism in Late Medieval Spain
002811: BOASE, T.R. - The Arts in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem
19705: THE STAFF OF "THE MOTOR BOAT AND YACHTING - The Motor Boat and Yachting Manual: A Practical Handbook for All Who Are Interested in Motor Boats of Any Type
37528: THE STAFF OF "THE MOTOR BOAT AND YACHTING - The Motor Boat and Yachting Manual: A Practical Handbook Devoted to Yachts, Motor Boats, Also Commercial & Naval Motor Craft
34752: BOBART, H.H. - Basketwork Through the Ages
14710: BOBROW, DAVIS. B. - Prospects for International Relations: Conjectures About the Next Millennium
40807: BOCK, JANET - The Jesus Mystery: Of Lost Years and Unknown Travels
18766: BODY, GEOFFREY - British Railways Past and Present Travelling Companion No 1 - the East Coast Main Line: King's Cross to Newcastle
19070: BODY, GEOFFREY - Britain's Rail Routes Past and Present: The East Coast Main Line - King's Cross to Newcastle: The Route of the 'Silver Jubilee'
32459: SCHNEIDER, PETER, TRANS. BOEHM AND HAFREY - The German Comedy: Scenes of Life After the Wall
38760: BOER, RONALD (ED.) - Tracking the Tribes of Yahweh: On the Trail of a Classic
42028: BOGACZEWICZ, ZDZISLAW (ED.) - Maciag: A Family of Artists - Otto, Anna, Ludwik
7253: BOGDANOR, VERNON - Power and the People: A Guide to Constitutional Reform
32025: BOGDANOR, VERNON, AND BUTLER, DAVID - Democracy and Elections: Electoral Systems and Their Political Consequences
32009: BOGDANOR, VERNON (ED.) - Coalition Government in Western Europe
33616: BOGDANOW, FANNI - The Romance of the Grail: A Study of Th Structure and Genesis of a Thirteenth-Century Arthurian Prose Romance
31846: BOGGS, CARL - The Socialist Tradition: From Crisis to Decline
14422: BOGNANNO, MARIO F., AND KLEINER, MORRIS M. (EDS.) - Labor Market Institutions and the Future Role of Unions
20268: BÖHM, THOMAS - Theoria Unendlichkeit Aufstieg: Philosophische Implikationen Zu de Vita Moysis Von Gregor Von Nyssa
36438: BÕHME, HORST WOLFGANG ET AL - Burgen in Mitteleuropa: Ein Handbuch [Two Volumes]
41884: BOISSONADE, P. (TRANS., INTR. EILEEN POWER) - Life and Work in Medieval Europe (Fifth to Fifteenth Centuries)
41189: BOISSONNAS, LUC (VORWORT) - Ferdinand Hodler
20589: BOJE, THOMAS P., AND HORT, SVEN E. OLSSON (EDS.) - Scandinavia in a New Europe
20353: BOJE, THOMAS P., AND HORT, SVEN E. OLSSON (EDS.) - Scandinavia in a New Europe
31631: BOKO, SYLVAIN H., AND SECK, DIERY (EDS.) - New Economic Partnership for African Development and the Future of Economic Policy in Africa
35690: BOLD, BENJAMIN - Famous Problems of Mathematics: A History of Constructions with Straight Edge and Compasses
11298: BOLGER, DOREEN, ET AL - American Pastels in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
38782: BOLIN, THOAMS M. - Freedom Beyond Forgiveness: The Book of Jonah Re-Examined
38777: BOLING, ROBERT G. (INTR., TRANS., COMMENTARY) - Judges (the Anchor Bible)
41656: BOLOGH, ROSLYN WALLACH - Love Or Greatness: Max Weber and Masculine Thinking - a Feminist Inquiry
36923: BOLTON, ARTHUR T. - Description of the House and Museum on the North Side of Lincoln's Inn Fields the Residence of Sir John Soane
37599: BOLTON, GLORNEY - Pétain
003325: BOLY, JOHN R. - Reading Auden: The Returns of Caliban
21143: BONAR, JAMES - Malthus and His Work
39745: BOND, FREDERICK BLIGH - The Mystery of Glaston and Her Immortal Traditions
20047: BOND, MARTYN, AND FEUS, KIM (EDS.) - The Treaty on Nice Explained
002925: BOND, SHELAGH (ED.) - The Chamber Order Book of Worcester 1602-1650
40486: BOND, FRANCIS - The Chancel of English Churches
42180: BOND, FRANCIS - Screens and Galleries in English Churches
37810: BOND, FRANCIS - Dedications & Patron Saints of English Churches: Ecclesiastical Symbolism Saints and Their Emblems
39348: BOND, FRANCIS - Fonts and Font Covers
41734: BONDESON, JAN - Blood on the Snow: The Killing of Olof Palme
20067: BONDI, HERMANN - Science, Churchill and Me: The Autobiography of Hermann Bondi, Master of Churchill College Cambridge
19880: BONE, DAVID W. - Merchantmen-at-Arms: The British Merchants' Service in the War
35371: BONEFELD, WERNER, AND HOLLOWAY, JOHN (EDS.) - Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money
35361: BONEFELD, WERNER, AND TISCHLER, SERGIO (COMP.) - A 100 años Del ¿Qué Hacer? Leninismo, Crítica Marxista Y la Cuestión de la Revolución Hoy
30378: BONG, BAIK - Kim Il Sung: Biography (II) - from Building Democratic Korea to Chullima Flight
34321: BONNAR, ALPHONSUS - Medicine and Men
37194: BONNER, HYPATIA BRADLAUGH (ED., INTR.) - Paine's Political Writings During the American and French Revolutions Including "Common Sense," "the Crisis," and Speecehs Upon the Trial and Death of Louis XVI
40764: BONNEY, RICHARD - False Prophets: The 'Clash of Civilizations' and the Global War on Terror
14818: BONOLI, GIULIANO, GEORGE, VIC, AND TAYLOR-GOOBY, PETER - European Welfare Futures: Towards a Theory of Retrenchment
38823: BONOMI, PATRICIA U. - The Lord Cornbury Scandal: The Politics of Reputation in British America
39900: BONSIRVEN, JOSEPH - Textes Rabbiniques Des Deux Premiers Siècles Chrétiens Pour Servir à L'Intelligence Du Nouveau Testament
37877: BONSOR, N.R.P. (FOREWORD A.C. HARDY) - North Atlantic Seaway: An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New
10484: BOOKER, JOHN - Temples of Mammon: The Architecture of Banking
20761: BOOKER, MIKE, AND IRELAND, MARK - Evangelism - Which Way Now? an Evaluation of Alpha, Emmaus, Cell Church and Other Contemporary Strategies for Evangelism
11949: FREE ASSOCIATION BOOKS - Free Associations: Psychoanalysis, Groups, Politics, Culture: Volume 2, Part 3 (Number 23)
34423: BOOLE, GEORGE - An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, on Which Are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities
10344: BOON, GEORGE C., AND HASSALL, MARK (ED. W.H. MANNING) - Report on the Excavations at Usk 1965-1976: The Coins [and] Inscriptions and Graffiti
38589: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson
14354: BOOTH, GAVIN - Bus Operators 1970: North West England and Yorkshire
14353: BOOTH, GAVIN - Bus Operators 1970: The South-East and Eastern Counties of England
14352: BOOTH, GAVIN - Bus Operators 1970: South-West and Southern England
198: BOOTH, TONY, POTTS, PATRICIA, AND SWANN, WILL (EDS.) - Preventing Difficulties in Learning: Curricula for All
21900: BOOTH, P.H.W., AND CARR, A.D. (EDS.) - Account of Master John de Burnham the Younger, Chamberlain of Chester, of the Revenues of the Counties of Chester and Flint, Michaelmas 1361 to Michaelmas 1362
37408: BOOTH, ARTHUR H. - William Henry Fox Talbot: Father of Photography
19823: TALBOT-BOOTH, E.C. - Waterline Ship Models
41510: BOOTH, P.H.W., AND CARR, A.D. (EDS.) - Account of Master John de Burnham the Younger, Chamberlain of Chester, of the Revenues of the Counties of Chester and Flint, Michaelmas 1361 to Michaelmas 1362
41203: GENERAL BOOTH - In Darkest England and the Way out
19893: TALBOT-BOOTH, E.C. (ED.) - House-Flags & Funnels of British and Foreign Shipping Companies
39323: BOOTH, WAYNE C. - The Rhetoric of Fiction
39324: BOOTH, WAYNE C. - The Rhetoric of Fiction
41508: BOOTH, P.H.W. - The Financial Administration of the Lordship and County of Chester 1272-1377
15614: BOR, MIKHAIL (INTR. MAURICE DOBB) - Aims and Methods of Soviet Planning
14375: VON BORCH, HERBERT (TRANS. MARY ILFORD) - The Unfinished Society
31718: BORER, ALAIN, ED. LOTHAR SCHIRMER - The Essential Joseph Beuys
18405: BORGMANN, ALBERT - Crossing the Postmodern Divide
21054: BORGMANN, ALBERT - Holding on to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium
21539: BORITT, GABOR (ED.) - War Comes Again: Comparative Vistas on the Civil War and World War II
19989: BORMAN, C.A. - Divisional Signals (Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-1945)
17153: BORMANN, F. HERBERT, AND KELLERT, STEPHEN R. (EDS.) - Ecology, Economics, Ethics: The Broken Circle
17405: BORN, ANNE - The Torbay Towns
20474: BORNER, SILVIO (ED.) - International Finance and Trade in a Polycentric World
30704: BORRELL, CLIVE, AND CASHINELLA, BRIAN - Crime in Britain Today
21682: BORROW, GEORGE - Romano Lavo-Lil: Word-Book of the Romany Or, English Gypsy Language
21683: BORROW, GEORGE - Lavengro: The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest
39695: BORROW, GEORGE - Lavengro: The Classic Account of Gypsy Life in Nineteenth-Century England
42330: BOSCH, DAVID J. - Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission
32336: BOSE, ARUN - Marx on Exploitation and Inequality: An Essay in Marxian Analytical Economics
19422: BOSTRIDGE, MARK - Florence Nightingale: The Woman and Her Legend
14315: BOTEACH, SHMULEY - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Judaism
20694: BOTT, ALAN - The Sailing Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company, 1873-1900
39926: BOTTE, BERNARD - La Tradition Apostolique de Saint Hippolyte: Essai de Reconstitution
13633: BOTTOMORE, TOM - The Socialist Economy: Theory and Practice
32352: BOTTOMORE, TOM (ED.) - Modern Interpretations of Marx
42116: BOTTOMORE, T.B. (TRANS., ED.) - Karl Marx: Early Writings
42488: BOTTOMORE, TOM (ED.) - A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
14890: BOULDING, KENNETH E. (ED.) - The Economics of Human Betterment
27039: BOULT, ADRIAN CEDRIC - My Own Trumpet
21499: BOULTON, JAMES T. (ED.) - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence - Volume I: September 1901 - May 1913
18810: BOULTON, D'ARCY JONATHAN DACRE - The Knights of the Crown: The Monarchical Orders of Knighthood in Later Medieval Europe 1325-1520
003431: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL - Opium of the People: The Christian Religion in the U.S. S.R.
38416: BOURKE, JOHN G. - On the Border with Crook
18528: BOURNE, BILL, EICHLER, UDI, AND HERMAN, DAVID (EDS.) - Voices - Modernity and Its Discontents
21399: BOURNE, V[INCENT] - Poematia, Latinae Partim Reddita, Partim Scripta
38706: BOUYER, LOUIS (TRANS. ILLTYD TRETHOWAN) - The Christian Mystery: From Pagan Myth to Christian Mysticism
31878: BOVA, BEN, AND PREISS, BYRON (EDS.) - Are We Alone in the Cosmos? the Search for Alien Contact in the New Millennium
33236: NEGRI, ANTONIO, TRANS. BOVE ET AL, ED. MURPHY - Books for Burning: Between Civil War and Democracy in 1970s Italy
40504: BOVINI, GIUSEPPE (TRANS. Q.T.S.) - Eglises de Ravenne - the Churches of Ravenna
36057: BOWATER, WILLIAM H. - Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour
34678: BOWDEN, JOHN EDWARD - The Life and Letters of Frederick William Faber, D.D.
41727: BOWDER, DIANA - The Age of Constantine and Juilian
20447: BOWEN, ALEX, AND MAYHEW, KEN (EDS.) FOREWORD WALTER ELTIS - Improving Incentives for the Low-Paid
19839: BOWEN, FRANK C. - London Ship Types
42244: BOWERS, MAGGIE ANN - Magic(Al) Realism
40693: BOWERS, FAUBION - Scriabin: A Biography
33541: BOWERS, FAUBION - Theatre in the East: A Survey of Asian Dance and Drama
39338: BOWIE, MALCOLM - Lacan
32326: BOWLE, JOHN - Politics and Opinion in the Nineteenth Century: An Historical Introduction
16212: BOWLER, IAN R. (ED.) - The Geography of Agriculture in Developed Market Economies
32021: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND FARRELL, DAVID M. (EDS.) - Electoral Strategies and Political Marketing
32003: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND GROFMAN, BERNARD (EDS.) - Elections in Australia, Ireland, and Malta Under the Single Transferable Vote
36355: BOWLER, BERJOUHI - The Word As Image
21335: BOWLER, PETER J. - Charles Darwin: The Man and His Influence
32450: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND DONOVAN, TODD - Demanding Choices: Opinion, Voting, and D
32824: BOWMAN, PAUL, AND STAMP, RICHARD (EDS.) - The Truth of Zizek
19854: BOWNESS, EDWARD - The Four-Masted Barque
19855: BOWNESS, EDWARD - The Four-Masted Barque
19653: BOWNESS, EDWARD - Modelling the Archibald Russell
38955: BOX, G.H. (TRANS. FROM SYRIAC) - The Apocalypse of Ezra (II Esdras III-XIV)
35502: BOX, HUBERT S. - The World and God: The Scholastic Approach to Theism
33941: BOYAN, P.A., AND LAMB, G.R. - Francis Tregian: Cornish Recusant
16356: BOYAZOGLU, JAN (INTR.) - Delft: Capitale de la Faîence
7036: BOYCE, BENJAMIN - The Polemic Character 1640-1661: A Chapter in English Literary History
6735: BOYD, FRANCIS LEITH - Law and Love: A Study of Quomodo Dilexi (Psalm CXIX. 97-104)
31314: BOYD, JAMES - Notes to Goethe's Poems Volume I (1749-1786)
31308: BOYD, JAMES - Goethe's Iphigenie Auf Tauris: An Interpretation and Critical Analysis
39246: BOYD, BRIAN [TWO VOLUMES] - Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years [and] Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years
37812: BOYER, CARL B. - The Rainbow: From Myth to Mathematics
14647: BOYLE, CHARLES, WHEALE, PETER, AND STURGESS, BRIAN - People, Science and Technology: A Guide to Advanced Industrial Society
18954: BOYNTON, JOHN - A Century of Railways Around Birmingham and the West Midlands: Volume One - 1900-1947
21643: BOYNTON, JOHN - Rails Through the Hills: Birmingham - Stourbridge - Worcester - Malvern - Hereford
16048: BOZHKOFF, ATANAS (TRANS. JOHN WOODWARD) ED. ALAN BLYTH - Boris Christoff: An Authorized Biography
6352: BOZHKOFF, ATANAS (TRANS. JOHN WOODWARD) ED. ALAN BLYTH - Boris Christoff: An Authorized Biography
37524: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1971-72
37522: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1972-73
37523: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1970-71
32109: BRACHER, KARL DIETRICH (TRANS. THOMAS DUNLAP) FOREWORD ABBOTT GLEASON - Turning Points in Modern Times: Essays on German and European History
30322: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - Southeast Asia's Second Front: The Power Struggle in the Malay Archipelago
36026: BRADBROOK, WILLIAM - The Parish Register
16465: BRADBURY, SUE (INTRODUCED BY) - A Traveller's Christmas
7551: BELYAEV, ALBERT (TRANS. DORIS BRADBURY AND NATALIE WARD) - The Ideological Struggle and Literature: A Critical Analysis of the Writings of Us Sovietologists
35641: BRADEN, WILLIAM - The Private Sea: Lsd and the Search for God
34131: BRADFORD, JOHN - Ancient Landscapes: Studies in Field Archaeology
20901: BRADLEY, FRANCIS - The American Proposition: A New Type of Man
11848: BRADLEY, A.G. - Highways and Byways in the Lake District
18539: BRADLEY, HARRIET - Men's Work, Women's Work: A Sociological History of the Sexual Division of Labour in Employment
34225: BRADLEY, J.W. - Illuminated Manuscripts [Little Books on Art]
40490: BRADSHAW, PAUL. F. - The Anglican Ordinal: Its History and Development from the Reformation to the Present Day
18249: BRADSHAW, R., ET AL (EDS.) - After the Fall: Central and Eastern Europe Since the Collapse of Communism
33918: BRADSHAW, PAUL F. - The Anglican Ordinal: Its History and Development from the Reformation to the Present Day
40819: BRAGHINE, A . - The Shadow of Atlantis
40195: BRAITHWAITE, WILLIAM C. (INTR. RUFUS M. JONES) - The Beginnings of Quakerism
37299: BRAMAH, ERNEST (INTR. GRANT RICHARDS) - The Wallet of Kai Lung
41208: BRAMBLE, J.C. - Persius and the Programmatic Satire: A Study in Form and Imagery
41714: BRAMBLE, J.C. - Persius and the Programmatic Satire: A Study in Form and Imagery
21888: BRAMSTON, M. [MARY] - The Adventures of Denis
8299: BRAND, MICHAEL (ED.) - Traditions of Asian Art Traced Through the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
11216: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Soho for the Colonel: On the Trail of Colonel Thornton
35839: BRANDON, S.G.F. - Creation Legends of the Ancient Near East
33919: BRANDON, S.G.F. - The Fall of Jerusalem and the Christian Church: A Study of the Effects of the Jewish Overthrow of A.D. 70 on Christianity
37343: BRANDON, S.G.F. (ED.) - The Saviour God: Comparative Studies in the Concept of Salvation Presented to Edwin Oliver James
003289: BRANGHAM, A.N., ILLUSTRATED BY J.P. VANDEN EECKHOUDT - The Naturalist's Riviera
36952: BRANN, MARTIN, ET AL - Excavations at Caerlaverlock Old Castle Dumfries and Galloway 1998-9
7613: BRANT, CLARE, AND TOO, YUN LEE (EDS.) - Rethinking Sexual Harrassment
37019: BRANT, SEBASTIAN - The Ship of Fools
36948: DE BRANTOME, ABBE (TRANS. RAYMOND RUDORFF) - More Lives of Amorous Ladies
9465: BRASWELL, WILLIAM - Melville's Religious Thought: An Essay in Interpretation
35539: BRAUDE, MONIQUE C., AND SZARA, STEPHEN, EDS. - Pharmacology of Marihuana: A Monograph of the National Institue on Drug Abuse [Two Volumes]
38978: BRAUNFELS, WOLFGANG - Monasteries of Western Europe: The Architecture of the Orders
18121: BRAUNMULLER, A.R., ET AL (CHECKED FOR THE MALONE SOCIETY) - Collections Volume IX [Drama in Dorset and Suffolk]
18066: N.A. (PREPARED BY A.R. BRAUNMULLER) - The Captive Lady
32004: BRAUNTHAL, GERARD - Political Loyalty and Public Service in West Germany: The 1972 Decree Against Radicals and Its Consequences
36376: BRAY, JOHN FRANCIS - A Voyage from Utopia
34440: BRAY, ALAN - Homosexuality in Renaissance England
21710: BRAYNARD, FRANK O., AND MILLER, WILLIAM H. - Fifty Famous Liners 2
35558: BRAZIER, MARY A.B. - A History of the Electrical Activity of the Brain: The First Half-Century
41873: BRAZIL, ANGELA - A Popular Schoolgirl
13855: BREARLEY, JOAN MCDONALD - This Is the Irish Setter
20354: BREEN, RICHARD, ET AL - Understanding Contemporary Ireland: State, Class and Development in the Republic of Ireland
38680: BREEN, T.H. - Tobacco Culture: The Mentality of the Tidewater Planters on the Eve of Revolution
17843: DE BREFFNY, BRIAN, AND MOTT, GEORGE - The Churches and Abbeys of Ireland
32691: BREGER, LOUIS - Freud's Unfinished Journey: Conventional and Critical Perspectives in Psychoanalytic Theory
12692: BRÉHIER, ÉMILE - Histoire de la Philosophie [L'Antiquité Et le Moyen Age - la Philosophie Moderne] (Seven Volumes)
32622: BREISKY, MICHAEL - Welcome to Post-Globalization: The Politics of Second Enlightenment, Human Scale and the Economy of the Mind
20936: BREITENBACH, HANS, BURDEN, TOM, AND COATES, DAVID - Features of a Viable Socialism
15008: BREMNER, GEOFFREY - Order and Chance: The Pattern of Diderot's Thought
9088: BRENDON, PIERS - Thomas Cook: 150 Years of Popular Tourism
38385: WERLEN, BENNO (TRANS. GAYNA WALLS) ED. BRENNAN AND WERLEN - Society, Action and Space: An Alternative Human Geography
37213: BRENNAN, C.J. (INTR. G.A. WILKES) - Poems [1913]
41561: BRENNAN, MARCIA - Modernism's Masculine Subjects: Matisse, the New York School, and Post-Painterly Abstractuon
38084: BRENNER, ATHALYA, AND FONTAINE, CAROLE (EDS.) - A Feminist Companion to Reading the Bible: Approaches, Methods and Strategies
10381: BRESLER, FENTON - The Mystery of Georges Simenon: A Biography
39300: BRETTELL, RICHARD R., WITH JOACHIM PISSARRO) - Pissarro and Pontoise: The Painter in a Landscape
38082: BRETTLER, MARC ZVI - The Book of Judges
38011: BRETTLER, MARC, AND FISHBANE, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Minah le-Nahum: Biblical and Other Studies Presented to Nahum M. Sarna in Honour of His 70th Birthday
38154: BRETTLER, MARC ZVI - The Creation of History in Ancient Israel
33844: BREUIL, HENRI, AND LANTIER, RAYMOND, TRANS. B.R. RAFTER - The Men of the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic & Mesolithic)
19420: BREWER, JOHN, AND TRENTMANN, FRANK (EDS.) - Consuming Cultures, Global Perspectives: Historical Trajectories, Transnational Exchanges
20363: BREWER, DAVID - English Gothic Literature (Macmillan History of Literature)
32250: BREWER, ANTHONY - A Guide to Marx's Capital
15346: BREZINSKI, HORST, AND FRITSCH, MICHAEL (EDS.) - The Emergence and Evolution of Markets
39914: BRIAND, JEAN (TRANS. MILDRED DEUEL) - The Judeo-Christian Church of Nazareth
36671: BRIANT, KEITH - Marie Stopes: A Biography
27243: BRIARD, JACQUES - The Bronze Age in Barbarian Europe: From the Megaliths to the Celts
39454: BRICE, MARTIN H. - Stronghold: A History of Military Architecture
34552: BRICE, DOUGLAS - The Folk-Carol of England
38582: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Cities in the Wilderness [and] Cities in Revolt
38827: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Fat Mutton and Liberty of Conscience: Society in Rhode Island, 1636-1690
40826: BRIDGE, MAUREEN, AND PEGG, JOHN (EDS.) - The Heart of Totnes: The Guide to One of England's Most Treasured Towns &C.
18938: BRIDGES, CHRIS, AND MUNDY, CHARLES - Worcester: A Pictorial History
39461: BRIDGES, ROBERT - Bridges Poetical Works with the Testament of Beauty But Excluding the Eight Dramas
13216: O'BRIEN, SEAN, AND PLAICE, STEPHEN (EDS.) WITH ISSUE EDITOR, EVA SALZMAN - The Printer's Devil: A Magazine of New Writing [Issue D]
11405: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE - Memoir: My Life and Themes
30700: O'BRIEN, D.P. (ED.) - J.R. Mcculloch: A Treatise on the Principles and Practical Influence of Taxation and the Funding System
41776: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE - God Land: Reflections on Religion and Nationalism
35530: BRIEN, KEVIN M. - Marx, Reason, and the Art of Freedom
35006: O'BRIEN, ERIS, FOREWORD JOHN M. WARD - The Foundation of Australia (1786-1800) a Study in English Criminal Practice and Penal Colonization in the Eighteenth Century
10414: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
35589: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M. (COLLECTED, ED.) PREFACE PHILIP PULLMAN - Folk Tales of Britain: Narratives [Three Volumes in Slip-Case]
33964: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - Goths and Vandals: A Study of the Destruction, Neglect and Preservation of Historical Buildings in England
34290: BRIGGS, GRACE, COOK, JEAN, AND ROWLEY, TREVOR (EDS.) - Archaeology of the Oxford Region
39782: BRIGHT, WILLIAM (INTR.) - Socrates' Ecclesiastical History According to the Text of Hussey
35018: BRIGHT, JOHN, AND ROGERS, JAMES E. THOROLD, EDS.) - Speeches on Questions of Public Policy By Richard Cobden, M.P.
39289: BRIGHT, JOHN (INTR., TRANS., NOTES) - The Anchor Bible: Jeremiah
34005: BRIGHTMAN, F.E., ED. AFTER C.E. HAMMOND - Liturgies Eastern and Western Being the Texts Original Or Translated of the Principal Liturgies of the Church: Vol. I. Eastern Liturgies
39560: BRIGHTMAN, F.E. (ED.) - Liturgies Eastern and Western Being the Texts Original Or Translated of the Principle Liturgies of the Church: Vol. I - Eastern Liturgies
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20863: CIMDINA, AUSMA (ED.) - Religion and Political Change in Europe: Past and Present
35894: CIPOLLA, CARLO M. - Clocks and Culture 1300-1700
37900: CIRLOT, J.E., TRANS. JACK SAGE - A Dictionary of Symbols
37160: ST CLAIR, GEORGE - Darwinism and Design; Or, Creation By Evolution
39622: CLAPP, B.W. - The University of Exeter: A History
41148: CLAPSON, MARK - Suburban Century: Social Change and Urban Growth in England and the United States
39806: FRANCISCUS A. SANCTA CLARA (D. CHRISTOPHER DAVENPORT) - Paraphrastica Exposito Articulorum Confessionis Anglicanae: The Articles of the Anglican Church Paraphrastically Considered and Explained
11797: LATIMER. CLARE - Clare's Kitchen: The All-Party Cookbook
11702: LATIMER. CLARE - The Comfort Food Cook Book
37582: CLARENS, CARLOS - Horror Movies: An Illustrated Survey
16070: CLARK, J. KENT - Goodwin Wharton
14849: CLARK, IAN - Globalization and International Relations Theory
14637: CLARK, JOHN (ED.) - Globalizing CIVIC Engagement: Civil Society and Transnational Action
18361: CLARK, MARY E. - Ariadne's Thread: The Search for New Modes of Thinking
13907: CLARK, ROGER GEORGE - Chelsea Today
11926: CLARK, G.S.R. KITSON - An Expanding Society: Britain 1830-1900
11821: CLARK, MAXINE - Viva Italia! the New Flavours of Italy
9882: CLARK, BRIAN - Group Theatre
9673: CLARK, RELF (ED.) - British Institute of Organ Studies and British Organ Archive - Bios Journal Volume 18
42087: CLARK, J.C.D. - English Society 1660-1832: Religion, Ideology and Politics During the Ancien Regime
41564: CLARK, PETER (ED.) - Emerging Arab Voices: Nadwa I
39002: CLARK, ALBERT C. (INTR., NOTES) - The Acts of the Apostles: A Critical Edition
40219: CLARK, ROGER (ROGER CLARK OF STREET 1871-1961) ED. PERCY LOVELL - Somerset Anthology: Twenty-Four Pieces
37446: CLARK, GEO. T. - Mediaeval Military Architecture in England [Two Volumes]
34330: CLARK, JO, ET AL (GENERAL EDITORS) - Pathways to Europe's Landscape: European Pathways to the Cultural Landscape 2000-2003
42403: CLARK, PETER - Marmaduke Pickthall: British Muslim
39290: CLARK, FRANCIS - Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Reformation
18054: CLARKE, MRS. COWDEN - The Complete Concordance to Shakspere: Being a Verbal Index to All the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet
15563: CLARKE, OLIVA, ET AL (EDS.) - Essays on the Social Relations of Work & Labor: A Special Issue of the Insurgent Sociologist
15033: CLARKE, THOMAS (ED.) - International Privatisation: Strategies and Practices
14484: CLARKE, THOMAS, AND CLEGG, STEWART - Changing Paradigms: The Transformation of Management Knowledge for the 21st Century
8975: CLARKE, ROY - Images of England: Old Harborne
39436: CLARKE, W.K. LOWTHER - A Hundred Years of Hymns Ancient & Modern
41772: CLARKE, ELIZABETH - The Valley
21694: CLARKE, RUPERT - With Alex at War: From the Irrawaddy to the Po 1941-1945
41710: CLARKE, ROBIN (RAPPORTEUR) - London Under Attack: The Report of the Greater London Area War Risk Study Commission
33290: CLARKE, PETER - The Keynesian Revolution in the Making 1924-1936
42415: GOODRICK-CLARKE, NICHOLAS - Hitler's Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism
32017: CLARKE, HAROLD D., AND CZUDNOWSKI, MOSHE M. (EDS.) - Political Elites in Anglo-American Democracies: Changes in Stable Regimes
31759: CLARKE, SIMON, ET AL - One-Dimensional Marxism: Althusser and the Politics of Culture
40378: CLARKE, BASIL F.L. (PREFACE CHARLES NICHOLSON) - Church Builders of the Nineteenth Century: A Study of the Gothic Revival in England
002187: CLARKE, OLGA PYNE - She Came of Decent People
41110: CLARKE, I.F. (ED.) - The Great War with Germany, 1890-1914
21647: CLARKE, R.M. - North American P-51 Mustang Portfolio
21648: CLARKE, R.M. - De Haviland Mosquito Portfolio
35935: CLARKE, BASIL F.L., FOREWORD JOHN BETJEMAN - Anglican Cathedrals Outside the British Isles
41083: CLARKE, I.F. (ED.) - The Tale of the Next Great War, 1871-1914: Fictions of Future Warfare and of Battles Still-to-Come
41127: CLARKE, J.J. - The Tao of the West: Western Transformations of Taoist Thought
41595: CLASSEN, ALBRECHT (ED.) - Violence in Medieval Courtly Literature: A Casebook
001219: CLAUSEN, JEANETTE, AND FRIEDRICHSMEYER, SARA (EDS.) - Women in German Yearbook 8: Feminist Studies in German Literature and Culture
001220: CLAUSEN, JEANETTE, AND FRIEDRICHSMEYER, SARA (EDS.) - Women in German Yearbook 8: Feminist Studies in German Literature and Culture
37089: VON CLAUSEWITZ, CARL (TRANS., ED. HANS W. GATZKE) - Principles of War
37998: CLAY, WILLIAM KEATINGE (ED.) - Private Prayers, Put Forth By Authority During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth
14726: CLAYRE, ALASDAIR (ED.) - The Political Economy of Co-Operation and Participation: A Third Sector
6346: CLAYSON, ALAN - The Quiet One: A Life of George Harrison
39864: CLAYTON, H.J. - Cassock and Gown
13496: CLAYTON, MICHAEL - The Hunter: Horse, Cob and Pony
13456: CLAYTON, MURIEL - The Print Collector
39530: CLAYTON, H.J. - The Ornaments of the Ministers As Shown on English Monumental Brasses
39531: CLAYTON, H.J. - The Ornaments of the Ministers As Shown on English Monumental Brasses
35965: CLAYTON, KEN - Jesus Identified - Or, So I Went to the Library
36178: CLEARY, SIMON ESMONDE - Extra-Mural Areas of Romano-British Towns
14574: CLEAVER, TONY - Understanding the World Economy: Global Issues Facing the Future
37305: CLEBSCH, WILLIAM A. - England's Earliest Protestants 1520-1535
18497: CLEGG, STEWART, BOREHAM, PAUL, AND DOW, GEOFF - Class, Politics and the Economy
35137: CLEGG, IAN - Workers' Self-Management in Algeria
16995: CLEMENTS, PAUL - Marc Isambard Brunel
13898: CLERVAL, ALAIN - La Femme Rebelle: Figures Romanesques Chez George Meredith
12627: CLEVE, WALTER THEODOR (HERAUSGEGEBEN) - Wege Einer Freundschaft: Briefwechsel Peter Wust - Marianne Weber 1927-1939
35604: CLIFF, TONY - Lenin [Three Volumes]
31843: CLIFF, TONY - Neither Washington Nor Moscow: Essays on Revolutionary Socialism
31792: CLIFF, TONY - Russia: A Marxist Analysis
20259: CLIFFORD, DEREK - Watercolours of the Norwich School
20319: CLIFTON, JUDITH - The Politics of Telecommunications in Mexico: Privatization and State-Labour Relations, 1982-95
38133: CLINES, DAVID J.A. (ED.) - The Poetical Books [a Sheffield Reader]
33771: CLITHEROE, JOHN - A Guide to Conducting a Criminal Defence
10741: CLUTTERBUCK, MARTIN R. - The Legend of Siamese Cats
10697: COADY, CHANTAL - The Chocolate Companion: A Conoisseur's Guide to the World's Finest Chocolate
000699: COAPMAN, JOHN - How to Systematize Your Factory: Steps By Which a Run-Down Factory Was Put on a Paying Basis - How Inventory Was Taken. How Waste Space Was Utilized.
21752: COATALEM, JEAN-LUC (TRANS. LIZ HERON) - In Search of Gauguin
21753: COATALEM, JEAN-LUC (TRANS. LIZ HERON) - In Search of Gauguin
14508: COATES, KEN (ED.) - Essays on Socialist Humanism in Honour of the Centenary of Bertrand Russell 1872-1970
18534: COATES, DAVID - Models of Capitalism: Growth and Stagnation in the Modern Era
6662: COATES, ALWYN - Winsome Warriors: A Light-Hearted Selection of Military Uniforms Since the 17th Century
36192: COATES, AUSTIN - A Macao Narrative
001885: COATES, BERWICK - West Buckland School
6974: COATS, MAGGIE - Women's Education
38807: COBB, GERALD - English Cathedrals: The Forgotten Centuries - Restoration and Change from 1530 to the Present Day
39866: COBB, CYRIL S. - The Rationale of Ceremonial 1540-1543
31447: COBBETT, WILLIAM - Journal of a Year's Residence in the United States of America
32855: COBLEY, PAUL, AND JANSZ, LITZA - Semiotics for Beginners
36410: COBLEY, JOHN - Sydney Cove 1788
39406: COCHINI, CHRISTIAN (PRÉFACE DU PÈRE A. STICKLER) - Origines Apostoliques Du Célibat Sacerdotal
21737: COCHRANE, CLAIRE - Shakespeare and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre 1913-1929
21838: N.A. [ROBERT COCHRANE] - Lives and Discoveries of Famous Travellers
35102: COCHRANE, ARTHUR C., ED. - Reformed Confessions of the 16th Century
34908: COCKBURN, CYNTHIA - The Space between Us: Negotiating Gender and National Identities in Conflict
16534: COCKERHAM, WILLIAM C. - Medical Sociology
37107: SOMERS-COCKS, H. - The Mystery of Malvern Mire: A Story of the Druids and Caratacus
10657: COCKSHUT, A.O.J. - Anthony Trollope: A Critical Study
30895: CODD, LEO A. - The American Ordnance Association 1919-1969
6887: CODRINGTON, ANDREA - Kyle Cooper
21867: CODRINGTON, THOMAS - Roman Roads in Britain
17072: CODY, MARTIN L. - Competition and the Structure of Bird Communities
14826: CODY, JOHN, HUGHES, HELEN, AND WALL, DAVID (EDS.) - Policies for Industrial Progress in Developing Countries
15161: COETZEE, JAN K., AND GRAAFF, JOHANN - Reconstruction, Development and People
20547: COFFEY, JOSEPH I., AND BONVICINI, GIANNI (EDS.) - The Atlantic Alliance and the Middle East
38177: COGGINS, RICHARD J. - Sirach (Guides to Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha)
36015: COHEN, CHAPMAN - Religion & Sex: Studies in the Pathology of Religious Development
21290: COHEN, JOS. E. [JOSEPH] - Socialism for Students
32558: COHEN, AVNER, AND DASCAL, MRCELO (EDS.) - The Institution of Philosophy: A Discipline in Crisis
35246: COHEN, JOSH - Interrupting Auschwitz: Art, Religion, Philosophy
14794: COHEN, BENJAMIN J., AND LIPSON, CHARLES (EDS.) - Issues and Agents in International Political Economy: An International Organization Reader
32789: COHEN, MITCHELL - The Wager of Lucien Goldmann: Tragedy, Dialectics, and a Hidden God
42312: COHEN, MARGARET - Profane Illumination: Walter Benjamin and the Paris of Surrealist Revolution
41305: COHEN, I. BERNARD - Revolution in Science
36117: COHN, HAIM - The Trial and Death of Jesus
41854: COHN, DORRIT - Transparent Minds: Narrative Modes for Presenting Consciousness in Fiction
38183: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN - God and the Holocaust
6041: COLAS, ALAIN (TRANS. J.F. BERNARD) - Around the World Alone
18360: COLCLOUGH, CHRISTOPHER, AND MANOR, JAMES - States Or Markets? Neo-Liberalism and the Development Policy Debate
37951: COLDEN, CADWALLADER - The History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Province of New-York in America
17905: COLE, DOUGLAS - Suffering and Evil in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe
14967: COLE, SAM, AND MILES, IAN - Worlds Apart: Technology and North-South Relations in the Global Economy
38611: FRENCH, BENJAMIN BROWN (ED. DONALD B. COLE AND JOHN J. MCDONOUGH) - Witness to the Young Republic: A Yankee's Journal, 1828-1870
37260: COLE, MARGARET I. (ED.) - Beatrice Webb's Diaries 1912-1924
14931: COLEMAN, JANET - Against the State: Studies in Sedition and Rebellion
14792: COLEMAN, WILLIAM D., AND UNDERHILL, GEOFFREY R.D. (EDS.) - Regionalism and Global Economic Integration: Europe, Asia and the Americas
10911: COLEMAN, VERNON - Living in a Fascist Country: Conspiracies, Peak Oil, Greedy Politicians, Endless Religious Wars and Your Disappearing Freedom and Privacy
9868: COLEMAN, VERNON - The Cat Basket
20663: COLEMAN, A.P. - A Special Corps: The Beginnings of Gorkha Service with the British
41384: COLEMAN, STEVE - The Bellringer's Early Companion
34226: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Friend: A Series of Essays to Aid in the Formation of Fixed Principles in Politics, Morals and Religion with Amusements Interspersed
37454: COLERIDGE, EDWARD P. (TRANS. FROM MERKEL) - The Argonautica of Appolonius Rhodius
19297: COLES, ALAN - Invergordon Scapegoat
19862: COLES, JOHN - United Kingdom Airfields
002664: COLES, GLADYS MARY - Liverpool Folio
41581: HART, COLIN (WITH DICK ALLIX) - A Hart Life
9871: KREBS, HANS (IN COLLABORATION WITH ANNE MARTIN) - Reminiscences and Reflections
15117: COLLARD, DAVID - Altruism and Economy: A Study in Non-Selfish Economics
18120: KAHRL, STANLEY J. (COLLECTED AND ED.) - Collections Volume VIII [Records of Plays and Players in Lincolnshire 1300-1585]
14853: RED COLLECTIVE - The Politics of Sexuality in Capitalism
41603: THE O.M. COLLECTIVE - The Organizer's Manual
22001: COLLENETTE, C.L. - A History of Richmond Park
21441: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
40795: COLLINGHAM, E.M. - Imperial Bodies: The Physical Experience of the Raj C. 1800-1947
37085: COLLINGS, JESSE - Land Reform: Occupying Ownership, Peasant Proprietary and Rural Education
38719: COLLINS, WILLIAM EDWARD - Queen Elizabeth's Defence of Her Proceedings in Church and State with an Introductory Essay on the Northern Ireland Rebellion
37571: COLLINS, F. HOWARD (PREFACE HERBERT SPENCER) - Epitome of the Synthetic Philosophy
15811: COLLINS, DAVID - Organizational Change: Sociologica;L Perspectives
15102: COLLINS, BRUCE, AND ROBBINS, KEITH (EDS.) - British Culture and Economic Decline (Debates in Modern History)
7073: COLLINS, DOUGLAS - Photographed By Bachrach: 125 Years of American Portraiture
7033: COLLINS, DOUGLAS - Sartre As Biographer
42146: COLLINS, STEVEN - Selfless Persons: Imagery and Thought in Theravada Buddhism
38290: COLLINS, JOHN J. - The Bible After Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age
21711: COLLINS, L.M. - Great Western Steam in Action
17044: COLLINSON, HUGH - Country Monuments: Their Families and Houses
37943: COLLODI, C. (TRANS. CAROL DELLA CHIESA) - The Adventures of Pinocchio
19619: COLLYER, PETER - South By Southwest: Painting the Channel Islands
33539: COLMAN, PENNY - Corpses, Coffins, and Crypts: A History of Burial
21706: COLSTON, JAMES - Trinity College and Trinity Hospital: A Historical Sketch [Two Volumes]
9803: COLUZZI, GIANSANTI - The Trains on Avenue de Rumine
11277: COMBE, JENNY (ED.) - Jessie's Journey: Triumph and Tragedy in the Andes
17469: COMBER, LEON - Chinese Temples in Singapore
12545: COMFORT, ALEX (TRANS.) - The Koka Shastra Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and Other Medieval Indian Writings on Love
15486: COMMANDER, SIMON, FAN, QIMIAO, AND SCHAFFER, MARK E. (EDS.) - Enterprise Restructuring and Economic Policy in Russia
37926: COMMENT, BERNARD - The Panorama
001164: COMMINS, DOROTHY (ED.) - "Love and Admiration and Respect" the O'Neill-Commins Correspondence
14839: EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Growth, Competitiveness, Employment: The Challenges and Ways Forward Into the 21st Century - White Paper
8445: REPORT OF THE REGIONAL POLICY COMMISSION - Renewing the Regions: Strategies for Regional Economic Development
19173: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION - Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquis of Bath Preserved at Longleat, Wiltshire [Three Volumes in Two]
38734: ARCHBISHOPS' COMMISSION - The Canon Law of the Church of England
7532: MINNESOTA LAWYERS INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE - Human Rights in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania
7531: MINNESOTA LAWYERS INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE - Human Rights in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania
34644: EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - Essays in Honour of Philip B. Chatwin
34072: THE WOMEN'S COMMITTEE, MUSLIM STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION - Parents' Manual: A Guide for Muslim Parents Living in North America
16191: COMMONER, BARRY - Making Peace with the Planet
002779: COMO, JAMES T. (ED.) - C.S. Lewis at the Breakfast Table and Other Reminiscences

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