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35589: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M. (COLLECTED, ED.) PREFACE PHILIP PULLMAN - Folk Tales of Britain: Narratives [Three Volumes in Slip-Case]
33964: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - Goths and Vandals: A Study of the Destruction, Neglect and Preservation of Historical Buildings in England
39782: BRIGHT, WILLIAM (INTR.) - Socrates' Ecclesiastical History According to the Text of Hussey
35018: BRIGHT, JOHN, AND ROGERS, JAMES E. THOROLD, EDS.) - Speeches on Questions of Public Policy By Richard Cobden, M.P.
39289: BRIGHT, JOHN (INTR., TRANS., NOTES) - The Anchor Bible: Jeremiah
34005: BRIGHTMAN, F.E., ED. AFTER C.E. HAMMOND - Liturgies Eastern and Western Being the Texts Original Or Translated of the Principal Liturgies of the Church: Vol. I. Eastern Liturgies
36326: FEZZI, ELDA (TRANS. BRILL AND CARROLL) - Gauguin: The Complete Paintings [Two Volumes]
36349: BRINKLEY, F., WITH BARON KIKUCHI - A History of the Japanese People from the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era
16966: BRINKMANN, BODO - Die Flämische Buchmalerei Am Ende Des Burgunderreichs: Der Meister Des Dresdener Gebetbuchs Und Die Miniaturisten Seiner Zeit [Two Volumes]
34500: BRINTON, ANNA (ED.) - Then and Now - Quaker Essays: Historical and Contemporary By Friends of Henry Joel Cadbury on His Completion of Twenty-Two Years As Chairman of the American Friends Service Committee
18585: BRITNELL, W.J., AND SAVORY, H.N. - Gwernvale and Penywyrlod: Two Neolithic Long Cairns in the Black Mountains of Brecknock
20346: BRIVATI, BRIAN - Hugh Gaitskell
41883: BROAD, C.D. - Five Types of Ethical Theory
40087: BROAD, C.D. - The Mind and Its Place in Nature
16762: BROADLEY, A.M. - The Boyhood of a Great King 1841-1858: An Account of the Early Years of the Life of His Majesty Edward VII
39949: BROADWOOD, LUCY E. (COLLECTED, ED.) - English Traditional Songs and Carols
35468: BROCKINGTON, C. FRASER - Public Health in the Nineteenth Century
19860: BRODIE, IAN - Steamers of the Forth
38042: BRODIE, THOMAS L. - The Gospel According to John: A Literary and Theological Commentary
20065: BRODRIBB, SOMER (ED.) - Reclaiming the Future: Women's Strategies for the 21st Century
36663: BRODY, BARUCH - Abortion and the Sanctity of Human Life: A Philosophical View
41972: BRODY, ELAINE - Paris: The Musical Kaleidoscope 1870-1925
32727: BROGAN, D.W. - Proudhon
13785: BARTH, KARL, (ED. BROMILEY AND TORRANCE, TRANS. BROMILEY) - Church Dogmatics: Volume IV - the Doctrine of Reconciliation [Four Volumes]
32908: BARTH, KARL, ED. BROMILEY AND TORRANCE - Church Dogmatics - Volume I: The Doctrine of the Word of God - Second Half-Volume
33294: BRONNER, STEPHEN ERIC - Socialism Unbound
32405: BRONNER, STEPHEN ERIC (ED.) - Socialism in History: Political Essays of Henry Patcher
42107: BRONTË, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre
32085: BROOK, TOM (FOREWORD ALLAN BLAKENEY) - Getting Elected in Canada
41431: BROOK, TIMOTHY - Mr Selden's Map of China: The Spice Trade, a Lost Chart and the South China Sea
41942: BROOKE, ROSALIND B. (ED., TRANS.) - Scripta Leonis, Rufini Et Angeli Sociorum S. Francisci - the Writings of Leo, Rufino and Angelo Companions of St. Francis
16340: BROOKE, A.E. (ED.) [ROBINSON, J. ARMITAGE, ED.] - Texts and Studies: Contributions to Biblical and Patristic Literature: Vol. I No. 4. The Fragments of Heracleon
20249: CANNON-BROOKES, PETER (ED.) - Paintings from Tabley: An Exhibition of Paintings from Tabley House
38563: BROOKS, NOAH (ED. HERBERT MITGANG) - Washington in Lincoln's Time
20622: BROWN, CANTER - Ossian Bingley Hart: Florida's Loyalist Reconstruction Governor
38057: BROWN, WILLIAM P. (ED.) - Character and Scripture: Moral Formation, Community, and Biblical Interpretation
17150: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - The Whale People
15191: BROWN, RICHARD K. (ED.) - Understanding Industrial Organisations: Theoretical Perspectives in Industrial Sociology
14648: BROWN, MICHAEL BARRATT - Essays on Imperialism
13636: BROWN, SANDFORD - Louis Armstrong
11679: WELCH, COLIN, ED. CRAIG BROWN AND FRANCES WELCH - The Off Thing About the Colonel & Other Pieces
8185: GORDON-BROWN, ALFRED - Pictorial Africana: A Survey of Old South African Paintings Drawings and Prints to the End of the Nineteenth Century with a Biographical Dictionary of One Thousand Artists
31916: BROWN, GEOFF - Sabotage: A Study in Industrial Conflict
37412: BROWN, ROBERT R. - Bigger Than Little Rock
39292: BROWN, JOHN SEELY, AND DUGUID, PAUL - The Social Life of Information
20407: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER P. - The Political and Social Economy of Commodity Control
41525: STEWART-BROWN, R. - Birkenhead Priory and the Mersey Ferry
37567: BROWN, G. BALDWIN - The Arts in Early England: The Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses, the Gospels of Lindisfarne, and Other Christian Monuments of Northumbria
37897: BROWN, HAMISH M. - Hamish's Mountain Walk: The First Traverse of All the Scottish Munros in One Journey
36264: BROWN, MARY GIFFORD - An Illuminated Chronicle: Some Light on the Dark Ages of Saint Milburga's Lifetime
34092: BROWN, CASSIE - Standing Into Danger: A Dramatic Story of Shipwreck and Rescue
38211: BROWN, WILLIAM P. - Ecclesiastes: Interpretation - a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
36327: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER - Rembrandt: The Complete Paintings [Two Volumes]
39492: BROWN, JAMES - Delicately Poised Allies: Greece and Turkey - Problems, Policy Choices and Mediterranean Security
19148: BROWNE, PIERS - An Elegy in Arcady: An Artist's View of Housman's Poetry
34096: BROWNE, O'DONEL T.D. - The Rotunda Hospital 1745-1945
36045: BROWNE, G.F. - The Christian Church in These Islands Before the Coming of Augustine
32049: BROWNE, ERIC C., AND DREIJMANIS, JOHN (EDS.) - Government Coalitions in Western Democracies
42719: BROWNING, E.B - The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning with Prefatory Memoir; New Edition Including "Aurora Leigh"
15813: BROWNLEE, W. ELLIOT (ED.) - Funding the Modern American State, 1941-1995: The Rise and Fall of the Era of Easy Finance
18046: BROWNLOW, F.W. - Two Shakespearean Sequences: Henry VI to Richard II and Pericles to Timon of Athens
39723: BRUCE, MICHAEL, AND DUFFIELD, G.E. (ED.) - Why Not? Priesthood & the Ministry of Women: A Theological Study
35942: BRUCE, F.F. - Promise and Fulfilment: Essays Presented to Professor S.H. Hooke
38117: BRUCE, F.F. - A Mind for What Matters: Collected Essays
41879: BRUCE, JAMES DOUGLAS - The Evolution of the Arthurian Romance from the Beginnings Down to the Year 1300 [Two Volumes]
41357: BRÜDERLIN, MARKUS, AND STOOS, TONI (EDS.) - Alberto Giacometti: The Origin of Space
38331: BRUEGGEMANN, WALTER - In Man We Trust: The Neglected Side of Biblical Faith
31949: BRUGGER, BILL, AND KELLY, DAVID - Chinese Marxism in the Post-Mao Era
14887: BRUNDENIUS, CLAES, AND GORANSSON, BO (EDS.) - New Technologies and Global Restructuring: The Third World at a Crossroads
41353: BRUNIER, SERGE (TRANS. STORM DUNLOP) - Solar System Voyage
21600: BRUNNER, EMIL (TRANS. OLIVE WYON) - The Christian Doctrine of God: Dogmatics Vol. I
16702: BRUNNER, GERHARD (GESTALTUNG) - Dûrer - Holbein - Grûnewald: Meisterzeichnungen Der Deutschen Renaissance Aus Berlin Und Basel
7482: BRUS, WLODIMIERZ - The Economics of Politics and Socialism: Collected Essays
33190: BRUS, WLODIMIERZ, AND LASKI, KAZIMIERZ - From Marx to the Market: Socialism in Search of an Economic System
31934: BRUS, WLODIMIERZ (TRANS. WALKER, REV, THE AUTHOR) - The Market in a Socialist Economy
20518: BRYAN, ANTHONY T., GREENE, J. EDWARD, AND SHAW, TIMOTHY M. (EDS.) - Peace, Development and Security in the Caribbean: Perspectives to the Year 2000
20517: BRYAN, ANTHONY T., GREENE, J. EDWARD, AND SHAW, TIMOTHY M. (EDS.) - Peace, Development and Security in the Caribbean: Perspectives to the Year 2000
39478: BRYANT, CARL - Advanced Ballroom Dancing: The Revised Theory and Technique
39479: BRYANT, CARL - Modern Ballroom Dancing for Amateur Tests
29134: BRYNMOR-JONES, D., WILLIAMS, W. LLEWELYN, BRYANT, D., PHILLIPS, J. LEOLINE, AND PROSSER, HOWELL - Historical Sketches of Glamorgan: A Series of Papers Read Before the Glamorgan Society, London
14855: BRYSON, LOIS - Welfare and the State: Who Benefits?
12382: BUCHANAN, SCOTT - Essay in Politics
35191: BUCHANAN, CLAUDIUS - Christian Researches in Asia: With Notices of the Translation of the Scriptues Into the Oriental Languages
41361: BUCHHART, DIETER (ED.) - Edvard Munch: Signs of Modern Art
42398: BUCHWALD, JED Z., AND JOSEFOWICZ, DIANE GRECO - The Zodiac of Paris: How an Improbable Controversy over an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Provoked a Modern Debate between Religion and Science
17314: BUCK, STEPHANIE - Holbein: Am Hofe Heinrichs VIII.
7127: BUCK, ALEX, AND VOGT, MATTHIAS (EDS.) - Matteo Thun (Designer Monographs 2)
20535: BUCKLEY, PETER J., AND CLEGG, JEREMY (EDS.) - Multinational Enterprises in Less Developed Countries
42722: BUCKLEY, ARABELLA B. - Winners in Life's Race Or the Great Backboned Family
42408: BUCKLEY, LAURENE - Joseph Decamp: Master Painter of the Boston School
41134: BUDD, MICHAEL ANTON - The Sculpture Machine: Physical Culture and Body Politics in the Age of Empire
32492: BUDGE, IAN, AND KEMAN, HANS - Parties and Democracy: Coalition Formation and Government Functioning in Twenty States
38209: BUDGE, IAN, CREWE, IVOR, AND FARLIE, DENNIS (EDS.) - Party Identification and Beyond: Representations of Voting and Party Competition
34544: BUDKER, PAUL - Whales and Whaling
10881: BUEL, RICHARD - In Irons: Britain's Naval Supremacy and the American Revolutionary Economy
10880: BUEL, RICHARD - In Irons: Britain's Naval Supremacy and the American Revolutionary Economy
42390: BUHLE, PAUL - From the Lower East Side to Hollywood: Jews in American Popular Culture
32288: BUKHARIN, NIKOLAI (INTR. DONALD J. HARRIS) - The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class
33374: BUKHARIN, NIKOLAI - The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class
41294: BULKELEY, KELLY (ED.) - Soul, Psyche, Brain: New Directions in the Study of Religion and Brain-Mind Science
6911: BULL, DAVID, AND PLESTERS, JOYCE - The Feast of the Gods: Conservation, Examination, and Interpretation
20808: BULL, DEBORAH, AND LORIMER, DONALD - Up the Nile: A Photographic Excursion: Egypt 1839-1898
19995: BULLOCK, MARGARET - The Wanganui River: Sketch and Story
32147: BULMER, SIMON (ED.) - The Changing Agenda of West German Public Policy
32481: BULMER, SIMON, JEFFERY, CHARLIE, AND PATERSON, WILLIAM E. - Germany's European Diplomacy: Shaping the Regional Milieu
001596: WILLIS-BUND, J.W. (ED.) - An Extent of All the Lands and Rents of the Lord Bishop of St. David's, Made By Master David Fraunceys. Usually Called the Black Book of St. David's
36009: BUND, J.W. WILLIS - The Celtic Church of Wales
9542: BUNYAN, JOHN - Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress
37259: BUNYAN, JOHN - A Book for Boys and Girls; Or, Country Rhymes for Children
20850: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Barren Fig Tree: Or, the Downfall of the Fruitless Professor
33359: BUNYAN, JAMES - The Origin of Forced Labor in the Soviet State 1917-1921: Documents and Materials
19203: BUNYAN, JOHN - A Book for Boys and Girls; Or, Country Rhymes for Children
41874: BUNYAN, JOHN (ED., INTR. ROGER SHARROCK) - Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners and the Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
42529: BURANELLI, VINCENT - The Wizard from Vienna [Franz Anton Mesmer and the Origins of Hypnotism]
18411: BURBACH, ROGER - Globalization and Postmodern Politics: From Zapatistas to High-Tech Robber Barons
21780: BURBACH, ROGER, AND NÚÑEZ, ORLANDO - Fire in the Americas: Forging a Revolutionary Agenda
40910: BURBANK, JANE - Intelligentsia and Revoluion: Russian Views of Bolshevism 1917-1922
38728: BURCKHARDT, JACOB (INTR. HUGH TREVOR-ROPER) - Judgements on History and Historians
41582: BUREN, DANIEL - The Museum That DID Not Exist
36096: BURGE, H.M. - The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Body: Documents Relating to the Question of Heresy Raised Against the Rev. H.D. A. Major, Ripon Hall, Oxford
38800: BURGESS, FRANCIS (ED.) - The Communions for the Liturgical Year
39773: BURGESS, FRANCIS (ED.) - The Ritual Music of the Prefaces According to the Rite of 1662 &C. With Sarum Note
39772: BURGESS, FRANCIS (ED.) - The Ritual Music of the Prefaces According to the Rite of 1662 &C. With Latin Note
41541: BÜRGI, BERNHARD MENDES, AND ZIMMER, NINA (EDS.) - Kunstmuseum Basel: The Masterpieces - Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Installations, and Videos
41540: BÜRGI, BERNHARD MENDES, AND ZIMMER, NINA (EDS.) - Kunstmuseum Basel: The Masterpieces - Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Installations, and Videos
38417: BURGIN, R.V., WITH BILL MARVEL - Islands of the Damned: A Marine at War in the Pacific
30868: AESCHYLUS (TRANS. PETER BURIAN) - The Suppliants
21278: BURK, KATHLEEN (ED.) - The British Isles Since 1945 (the Short Oxford History of the British Isles)
15134: BURKE, T. PATRICK - No Harm: Ethical Principles for a Free Market
35430: BURKE, JOHN P., CROCKER, LAWRENCE, AND LETGERS, LYMAN H. (EDS.) - Marxism and the Good Society
41941: BURKE, JOHN P., CROCKER, LAWRENCE, AND LEGTERS, LYMAN H. (EDS.) - Marxism and the Good Society
41655: BURKE, PETER - History and Social Theory
40896: BURKERT, WALTER (TRANS. PETER BING) - Homo Necans: The Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth
38264: BURKES, SHANNON - Death in Qoheleth and Egyptian Biographies of the Late Period
35455: BURKETT, PAUL - Marx and Nature: A Red and Green Perspective
36488: BURL, H.A.W. - Henges: Internal Features and Regional Groups
36764: BURL, AUBREY - A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany
21909: BURN, JOHN SOUTHERDEN - Registrum Ecclesiae Parochialis - the History of Parish Registers in England
32158: BURNELL, PETER, AND WARE, ALAN (EDS.) - Funding Democratization
39067: BURNET, GILBERT - The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
17436: BISHOP BURNET - Bishop Burnet's Travels Through France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland
42607: BURNETT, THOM (INTR.) - Conspiracy Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories
37345: BURNEY, C.F. - The Poetry of Our Lord: An Examination of the Formal Elements of Hebrew Poetry in the Discourses of Jesus Christ
37798: BURNHAM, JAMES - Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism
31803: BURNHAM, CLINT - The Jamesonian Unconscious: The Aesthetics of Marxist Theory
20383: BURNS, ROB, AND VAN DER WILL, WILFRIED - Protest and Democracy in West Germany: Extra-Parliamentary Opposition and the Democratic Agenda
20382: BURNS, ROB, AND VAN DER WILL, WILFRIED - Protest and Democracy in West Germany: Extra-Parliamentary Opposition and the Democratic Agenda
37728: BURNS, DAWSON - Temeperance in the Victorian Age: Sixty Years of Temperance Toil & Triumph from 1837 to the Great Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria's Reign, 1897
40774: BURNS, SARAH - Inventing the Modern Artist: Art and Culture in Gilded Age America
36205: BURNS, BOB - Excavations at Jerbourg, Guernsey
34918: BURR, VIVIEN - The Person in Social Psychology
38182: BURRIDGE, RICHARD A. - What Are the Gospels? a Comparison with Graeco-Roman Biography
34763: BURRITT, ELIHU - The Mission of Great Sufferings
41596: BURROW, J.A., AND WEI, IAN P. (EDS.) - Medieval Futures: Attitudes to the Future in the Middle Ages
42463: BURROW, J.W. - The Crisis of Reason: European Thought, 1848-1914
20460: BURSTEIN, M.L. - The New Art of Central Banking
20412: BURSTEIN, M.L. - Studies in Banking Theory, Financial History and Vertical Control
20411: BURSTEIN, M.L. - Studies in Banking Theory, Financial History and Vertical Control
34250: BURSTOW, G.P., AND HOLLEYMAN, G.A. (WITH A NOTE ON CARBONIZED CEREALS BY HANS HELBAEK) - Late Bronze Age Settlement on Itford Hill, Sussex
14761: BURTON, JOHN W. - Global Conflict: The Domestic Sources of International Crisis
21592: BURTON, JOHN HILL - A History of the Reign of Queen Anne [Three Volumes]
42239: BURTON, NAOMI, HART, PATRICK, AND LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDS.) - The Asian Journals of Thomas Merton
14454: BURTT, EVERETT J. - Social Perspectives in the History of Economic Theory
19853: BURTT, FRANK - Steamers of the Thames and Medway
36620: BURWICK, FREDERICK (ED.) - The Oxford Handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
40162: BURY, ADRIAN (ED., INTR.) - Rowlandson Drawings
41308: DE BUSBECQ, OGIER GHISLEN - Turkish Letters
15710: BUSCH, BRITON COOPER - Whaling Will Never Do for Me: The American Whaleman in the Nineteenth Century
15463: BUSH, RAY, JOHNSTON, GORDON, AND COATES, DAVID (EDS.) - The World Order: Socialist Perspectives
18217: BUSH, DOUGLAS - Prefaces to Renaissance Literature
11081: BUSH, DUNCAN - Glass Shot
10793: BUSH, CLIVE - Halfway to Revolution: Investigation and Crisis in the Work of Henry Adams, William James and Gertrude Stein
40618: BUSH, CHRISTOPHER - Ideographic Modernism: China, Writing, Media
41685: BUSHE, PADDY (ED.) - Voices at the World's Edge: Irish Poets on Skellig Michael
10613: BUSHELL, ANTHONY (ED.) - Essays in Germanic Studies (Carl Lofmark Memorial Volume)
37082: BUSHNELL, GEORGE HERBERT - Sir Richard Grenville: The Turbulent Life and Career of the Hero of the Little "Revenge"
38674: BUSKIRK, WINFRED (FOREWORD MORRIS E. OPLER) - The Western Apache: Living with the Land Before 1950
34202: BUTCHER, SARNIA - Nornour
40576: BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER - Early Modernism: Literature, Music, and Painting in Europe, 1900-1916
39641: BUTLER, CUTHBERT - Western Mysticism: The Teaching of Ss. Augustine, Gregory and Bernard on Contemplation and the Contemplative Life
15176: BUTLER, EAMONN - Hayek: His Contribution to the Political and Economic Thought of Our Time
13203: BUTLER, TANIS - The Silvered Crown
12224: BUTLER, THOMAS - Memory: History, Culture and the Mind
36956: BUTLER, R.M. - Late Roman Town Walls in Gaul
42064: BUTLER, E.M. - The Myth of the Magus
39508: BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER - The Theology of Vatican II: The Sarum Letters 1966
40069: BUTLER, CUTHBERT - Western Mysticism: The Teaching of Ss Augustine Gregory and Bernard on Contemplation and the Contemplative Life: Neglected Chapters in the History of Religion
33780: BUTLER, HUBERT - The Children of Drancy
32477: BUTLER, DAVID, AND KAVANAGH, DENNIS - The British General Election of 2001
40984: BUTLER, W.E. (ED., COMP. DOLORES ASHCROFT-NOWICKI) - Practical Magic and the Western Mystery Tradition
32466: BUTLER, DAVID, AND RANNEY, AUSTIN (EDS.) - Referendums: A Comparative Study of Practice and Theory
14322: BUTTERWORTH, NEIL (PREFACE ANDRÉ PREVIN) - The Music of Aaron Copland
38507: BUTTINGER, JOSEPH - In the Twilight of Socialism: A History of the Revolutionary Socialists of Austria
21732: BUTTLE, MYRA - Toynbee in Elysium: A Fantasy in One Act
15062: BUTTON, K.J. - The Economics of Urban Transport
41298: BUXTON, RICHARD - Imaginary Greece: The Contests of Mythology
14272: ST. JOHN LUCAS (CHOSEN BY) - Selected Poems of Pierre de Ronsard
37882: BYLER, TED - The Mystery of Christ in the Revelation
003174: BYRNE, L.S.R., AND CHURCHILL, E.L. - The Eton Book of the River with Some Account of the Thames and the Evolution of Boat-Racing
34919: BYRNE, DAVID - Social Exclusion
38690: BYRON, ROBERT (INTR. CHRISTOPHER SYKES) - The Station - Athos: Treasures and Men
18894: ARISTOTLE (REC. L. BYWATER) - Aristotelis: Ethica Nichomachea
40320: ARISTOTLE (REC. I. BYWATER) - Aristotelis Ethica Nichomachea
37164: H.A.C. - How to Trace a Pedigree in the British Isles
38869: WALLACE, ANTHONY F.C. (WITH SHEILA C. STEEN) - The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca
42525: EISEL, JOHN C. [AND] MORGAN, F.C. AND P.E. - The Bells of Hereford Cathedral [and] a Walk Around Hereford Cathedral
34616: CABANÈS, AUGUSTIN - Erotikon Being an Illustrated Treasury of Scientific Marvels of Human Sexuality
39561: CABROL, FERDINAND (TRANS. A BENEDICTINE OF STANBROOK) - Liturgical Prayer: Its History & Spirit
34764: CADBURY, WILLIAM A. - Labour in Portuguese West Africa
39841: CADBURY, HENRY J. - The Book of Acts in History
37140: CADBURY, WILLIAM A. - Labour in Portuguese West Africa
37323: CADOUX, CECIL JOHN - The Case for Evangelical Modernism: A Study of the Relation between Christian Faith and Traditional Theology
40922: CADWALLADER, BARRIE - Crisis of the European Mind: A Study of André Malraux and Drieu la Rochelle
32168: CAIN, BRUCE E., DONOVAN, TODD, AND TOLBERT, CAROLINE J. (EDS.) - Democracy in the States: Experiments in Election Reform
34607: CALAM, RACHEL, AND FRANCHI, CRISTINA - Child Abuse and Its Consequences: Observational Approaches
16265: DE CALATCHI, ROBERT - Oriental Carpets
34498: CALDER, ISABEL M. (ED., INTR.) - Activities of the Puritan Faction of the Church of England 1625-33
34637: CALDWELL, DAVID H. (ED.) - Scottish Weapons and Fortifications 1100-1800
17212: CALDWELL, LYNTON KEITH - Between Two Worlds: Science, the Environmental Movement, and Policy Choice
9574: CALDWELL, LYNTON KEITH - Between Two Worlds: Science, the Environmental Movement and Policy Choice
42771: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Dear and Glorious Physician
33229: CALLINICOS, ALEX - The Revenge of History: Marxism and the East European Revolutions
33230: CALLINICOS, ALEX - Against Postmodernism: A Marxist Critique
41651: CALLINICOS, ALEX - Social Theory: A Historical Introduction
42754: CALVERLEY, CHARLES STUART - Verses and Fly Leaves
42755: CALVERLEY, CHARLES STUART, SENDALL, WALTER J. [MEMOIR] - The Literary Remains of Charles Stuart Calverley
20317: CALVERT, PETER, AND CALVERT, SUSAN - Latin America in the Twentieth Century
35493: CALVERT, E. ROY, INTR. LORD BUCKMASTER - Capital Punishment in the Twentieth Century
35718: CAMAC, C.N.B. (COLLECTED) - Classics of Medicine and Surgery
21219: CAMERON, KENNETH NEILL - Marxism: The Science of Society - an Introduction
36949: CAMMELL, C.R. - Aleister Crowley
20730: CAMP, ANTHONY J. (ED.) - An Index to the Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1750-1800 [Six Volumes, a-Z]
17094: CAMPBELL, BERNARD (ED.) - Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man 1871-1971
15393: CAMPBELL, MIKE - Capitalism in the Uk: A Perspective from Marxist Political Economy
15019: CAMPBELL, TOM D. - Law and Enlightenment in Britain
7523: CAMPBELL, ROBERT W. - Soviet-Type Economies: Performance and Evolution
36814: CAMPBELL, ALASTAIR, AND HAGERTY, BILL (EDS.) - The Alastair Campbell Diaries: Volume 1 - Prelude to Power 1994-1997
42353: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH (ED.) - The Mysteries: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks
32526: CAMPBELL, EDWINA S. - Germany's Past and Europe's Future: The Challenges of West German Forein Policy
34890: CAMPBELL, BEATRIX - Agreement! the State, Conflict and Change in Northern Ireland
20000: CAMPBELL, JOHN LOGAN - Poenamo: Sketches of Early Days in New Zealand: Romance and Reality of Antipodean Life in the Infancy of a New Colony
37040: CAMPBELL, MAURICE - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: A Medical Digression
41991: CAMPBELL, COLIN - The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism
42563: CAMPBELL, STANLEY W. - The Slave Catchers: Enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law, 1850-1860
42866: METHUEN-CAMPBELL, JAMES - Denton Welch: Writer and Artist
32414: CAMPEANU, PAVEL, TRANS. MICHAEL VALE - The Origins of Stalinism: From Leninist Revolution to Stalinist Society
34694: CAMPION, THOMAS, ED. ERNEST THYS - The Lyric Poems of Thomas Campion
40757: CAMPORESI, PIERO (TRANS. DAVID GENTILCORE) - Bread of Dreams: Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Europe
37783: CANDY, HUGH C.H. - Some Newly Discovered Stanzas Written By John Milton on Engraved Scenes Illustratig Ovid's Metamorphoses
12270: CANNADINE, DAVID (ED.) - Patricians, Power and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Towns
8531: CANNAN, EDWARD - Churches of the South Atlantic Islands 1502-1991
37156: CANNAN, EDWIN - The History of Local Rates in England in Relation to the Proper Distribution of the Burden of Taxation
40014: CANNAVO, SALVATOR - Quantum Theory: A Philosopher's Overview
37369: CANNON, H. GRAHAM - Lamarck and Modern Genetics
37411: CANOT, THEODORE (ED. A.W. LAWRENCE) - Memoirs of a Slave-Trader
14200: CANTACUZINO, MARIA - A London Christmas
31598: CAPART, JEAN, WITH MARCELLE WERBROUCK - Thebes: The Glory of a Great Past
39569: CAPELLE, BERNARD - Travaux Liturgiques: De Doctrine Et D'Histoire [Two Volumes Only]
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7203: DAUBE, DAVID - Collaboration with Tyranny in Rabbinic Law
41847: DAVENHILL, RACHAEL (ED.) - Looking Into Later Life: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Depression and Dementia in Old Age
37725: DAVENPORT, CHARLES BENEDICT - Heredity in Relation to Eugenics
20526: DAVID, DORIT DISKIN - Language Change in Child and Adult Hebrew
34357: MARTIN, DAVID AND BARBARA - New Winchelsea, Sussex: A Medieval Port Town
42622: SCHAPIRA, JOEL, DAVID AND KARL - The Book of Coffee
40952: DAVIDSON, JOHN - The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy of Dance
21733: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Special Operations Europe: Scenes from the Anti-Nazi War
39445: DAVIES, W.D. - The Setting of the Sermon on the Mount
14220: DAVIES, B.L. - Hugh Owen 1804-1881
13731: DAVIES, TUDOR - Cofio Tecwyn 'Pregethawr Dan Eneiniad' Y Parch. D. Tecwyn Evans, M.A. , D.D. 1876-1957
13285: DAVIES, HAZEL WALFORD (ED.) - State of Play: Four Playwrights of Wales
12984: DAVIES, DANIEL (FOREWORD) - Wrexham Parish Church Year Book 1913
37415: LORD DAVIES - The Seven Pillars of Peace
34700: DAVIES, STANLEY POWELL (FOREWORD BY FRANKWOOD E. WILLIAMS) - Social Control of the Mentally Deficient
39447: DAVIES, HORTON - Worship and Theology in England from Cranmer to Hooker 1534-1603
20143: DAVIES, BRYN - Maastricht and the Meaning of Money
36440: JONES-DAVIES, J. (PREFACE) - An Address Presented to Professor Emeritus William Rees By the Brecknock Society 12 October, 1968
34542: DAVIES, J.G. - The Origin and Development of Early Christian Church Architecture
19283: DAVIES, RHYS - A Bed of Feathers
42306: DAVIES, STEVIE - Henry Vaughan
39034: DAVIES, J.G. - The Origin and Development of Early Christian Church Architecture
33609: DAVIES, RHYS - One of Norah's Early Days
21038: DAVIES, GAIUS - Genius, Grief and Grace: A Doctor Looks at Suffering and Success
21762: MYVYR MORGANWG (EVAN DAVIES) - Gwyr Yn Erbyn Y Byd: Hynafiaeth Aruthrol Trwn, Neu Orsedd Beirdd Ynys Brydain a'I Barddas
34479: DAVIES, R.T., ED., INTR., NOTES - Medieval English Lyrics: A Critical Anthology
35969: DAVIES, J.G. - The Architectural Setting of Baptism
32296: DAVIS, WALTER A. - Inwardness and Existence: Subjectivity in/and Hegel, Heidegger, Marx, and Freud
14917: DAVIS, JOHN (FOREWORD RONNIE LESSEM) - Greening Business: Managing for Sustainable Development
12695: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - Letters of Max Beerbohm 1892-1956
34676: DAVIS, THOMAS, ED., INTR. CHARLES GAVAN DUFFY - The Patriot Parliament of 1689 with Its Statutes Votes and Proceedings
39828: DAVIS, HENRY - Moral and Pastoral Theology [Four Volumes]
36838: DAVIS, WILLIAM - Three Years Hard Labour: The Road to Devaluation
32242: DAVIS, HORACE B. - Toward a Marxist Theory of Nationalism
34309: DAVIS, HENRY - Eugenics: Aims and Methods
42057: DAVIS, CHARLES - Theology and Political Society: The Hulsean Leactures in the University of Cambridge 1978
21476: DAVIS, FRANCIS - Outcats: Jazz Composers, Instrumentalists and Singers
36139: DAVIS, LARRY - Fighting Colors: P-51 Mustang in Color
32495: DAVIS, STEVE, ELIN, LARRY, AND REEHER, GRANT - Click on Democracy: The Internet's Power to Change Political Apathy Into CIVIC Action
38495: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Cause Lost: Myths and Realities of the Confederacy
38470: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Breckinridge: Statesman - Soldier - Symbol
33279: DAVIS, JIM, HIRSCHL, THOMAS, AND STACK, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Cutting Edge: Technology, Information Capitalism and Social Revolution
40622: DAVIS, ANN - The Logic of Ecstasy: Canadian Mystical Painting 1920-1940
38443: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Look Away! a History of the Confederate States of America
18067: N.A. (PREPARED PETER H. DAVISON) - The Fair Maid of the Exchange 1607
42435: DAVY, M.-M., AND RENNETEAU, J.-P. - La Lumière Dans le Christianisme
33534: DAWE, DONOVAN (ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE BY ADRIAN OSWALD) - 11 Ironmonger Lane: The Story of a Site in the City of London
38829: DAWIDOFF, ROBERT - The Education of John Randolph
20017: DAWISHA, KAREN - Soviet Foreign Policy Towards Egypt
35180: DAWSON, WILLIAM HARBUTT - Richard Cobden and Foreign Policy: A Critical Exposition, with Special Reference to Our Day and Its Problems
37180: DAWSON, E. RUMLEY - The Causation of Sex in Man: A New Theory of Sex Based on Clinical Materials Together with Chapters on Forecasting Or Predicitiong the Sex of the Unborn Child
41214: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER - Religion and Culture
16498: DAY, HARVEY - The Hidden Power of Vibrations
32187: DAY, RICHARD B. - Leon Trotsky and the Politics of Economic Isolation
33480: THOMAS, EDWARD [ESSAYS OF TO-DAY AND YESTERDAY] - Essays of to-Day and Yesterday: Edward Thomas
38007: DAY, LINDA - Three Faces of a Queen: Characterization in the Books of Esther
38228: DEACY, CHRISTOPHER - Faith in Film: Religious Themes in Contemporary Cinema
38119: DEACY, CHRISTOPHER - Screen Christologies: Redemption and the Medium of Film
42236: DEAN, JODI - Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures from Outerspace to Cyberspace
35464: DEAN, GEOFFREY - The Porphyrias: A Story of Inheritance and the Environment
34025: DEANESLEY, MARGARET - The Lollard Bible and Other Medieval Biblical Versions
34336: DEANESLEY, MARGARET - A History of the Medieval Church 590-1500
38448: DEARMENT, ROBERT K. (FOREWORD LEON C. METZ) - George Sacrborough: The Life and Death of a Lawman on the Closing Frontier
38995: DEARMER, PERCY - Dat Boexken Vander Missen "the Booklet of the Mass. " By Brother Gherit Vander Goude, 1507
39879: DEARMER, PERCY - Dat Boexken Vander Missen "the Booklet of the Mass. " By Brother Gherit Vander Goude, 1507
38060: DEASLEY, ALEX R.G. - The Shape of Qumran Theology
32373: DEBRAY, RÉGIS, TRANS. DAVID MACEY, INTR. FRANCIS MULHERN - Teachers, Writers, Celebrities: The Intellectuals of Modern France
34468: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - The English Paracelsians
37908: N.A. [NORRIS DECK] - The Calendar of the Anglican Church Illustrated with Brief Accounts &C.
14134: DECURTIS, ANTHONY - Rocking My Life Away: Writing About Music and Other Matters
15178: DEESE, JAMES - American Freedom and the Social Sciences
42082: DEFOE, DANIEL (INTR. RICHARD LANDON) - A System of Magick
20778: DEGENHARDT, RICHARD K. - Beleek: The Complete Collector's Guide and Illustrated Reference
38676: DEGLER, CARL N. - The Other South: Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century
32757: DEGROOD, DAVID H., RIEPE, DALE, AND SOMERVILLE, JOHN (EDS.) - Radical Currents in Contemporary Philosophy
39094: DEISSMANN, ADOLF (TRANS. LIONEL R.M. STRACHAN) - Light from the Ancient East: The New Testament Illustrated By Recently Discovered Texts of the Graeco-Roman World
42507: DEJONGE, MICHAEL P. - Bonhoeffer's Theological Formation: Berlin, Barth, and Protestant Theology
38883: DEKKER, THOMAS - The Wonderfull Yeare 1603
34231: DEKKER, THOMAS, ED. H.F.B. BRETT-SMITH - The Seven Deadly Sinnes of London
35936: DEKKERS, MIDAS, TRANS. PAUL VINCENT - Dearest Pet: On Bestiality
34095: DELAMAINE, ALEXANDER (COLLECTED) TERRY, TOBIAH (TRANSCRIBED) - VerÆ Fidei Gloria Est Corona VitÆ - a Volume of Spiritual Epistles: Being the Copies of Several Letters Written By the Two Last Prophets and Messengers of God, John Reeve and Lodowicke Muggleton
41665: DELANTY, GERARD - Social Science: Beyond Constructivism and Realism
34007: DELATTE, PAUL, TRANS. JUSTIN MCCANN - The Rule of Saint Benedict: A Commentary By the Right Rev. Dom Paul Delatte, Abbot of Solesmes and Superior-General of the Congregation of Benedictines of France
34215: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - West Country Historic Houses and Their Families - Volume Two: Dorset, Wiltshire and North Somerset
34214: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - West Country Historic Houses and Their Families
35919: DELL, SUSANNE - Murder Into Manslaughter: The Diminished Responsibility Defence in Practice
21261: DELLHEIM, CHARLES - The Disenchanted Isle: Mrs. Thatcher's Capitalist Revolution
14798: DELPHY, CHRISTINE, AND LEONARD, DIANA - Familiar Exploitation: A New Analysis of Marriage in Contemporary Western Societies
13552: DELPHY, CHRISTINE, AND LEONARD, DIANA - Familiar Exploitation: A New Analysis of Marriage in Contemporary Western Societies
19725: DEMARCO, GUY - Ships in Bottles
40527: DEMARIAUX, JEAN-CHRISTOPHE - How to Understand Hinduism
14152: DEMAUS, A.B. - Rys Wanderer: From Aristocrat to Tramp
38144: DEMERS, PATRICA - Women As Interpreters of the Bible
37450: DEMOSTHENES, TRANS. CHARLES RANN KENNEDY - The Orations of Demosthenes on the Crown, and on the Embassy
38360: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Big Bear: The End of Freedom
12986: DEMPSEY, THOMAS - Richard Gwyn Man of Maelor: Martyr Or Traitor?
33590: DENGROVE, EDWARD - Hypnosis and Behavior Therapy
11501: DENKSTEIN, VLADIMIR - Hollar: Drawings
12658: DENNES, WILLIAM RAY - Some Dilemmas of Naturalism
10473: DENNEY, DAVID - Racism and Anti-Racism in Probation
32137: DENNIS, MIKE - German Democratic Republic: Politics, Economics and Society
41871: DENOMY, ALEXANDER J. (INTR. WILLIAM LANE KELEHER) - The Heresy of Courtly Love
40421: DENT, ROBERT K. - Old and New Birmingham: A History of the Town and Its People
15423: DENT, CHRISTOPHER M. - The European Economy: The Global Context
20618: DEROSSI, PIETRO - Modernità Senza Avanguardia - Modernism without Avant-Garde
41858: DERRIDA, JACQUES (ED. DEREK ATTRIDGE) - Acts of Literature
42098: DERRIDA, JACQUES (TRANS. DAVID WILLS) - The Gift of Death
37596: DESAGNEAUX, HENRI (ED. JEAN DESAGNEAUX, TRANS. GODFREY J. ADAMS) - A French Soldier's War Diary 1914-1918
16396: DETHAN, GEORGES - The Young Mazarin
38595: VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. - William Henry Seward
38816: VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. - Thurlow Weed: Wizard of the Lobby
38588: VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. - Horace Greeley: Nineteenth-Century Crusader
33275: DEVA, B. CHAITANYA, FOREWORD SWAMI PRAJNANANANDA - Musical Instruments of India: Their History and Development
35911: DEVEREUX, GEORGE - A Study of Abortion in Primitive Societies: A Typological, Distributional, and Dynamic Analysis of the Prevention of Birth in 400 Preindustrial Countries
37790: DEVIC, L. MARCEL (FROM THE ARABIC OF) TRANS. PETER QUENNELL - The Book of the Marvels of India
38659: DEVOTO, BERNARD - The Year of Decision: 1846
20453: DEVRIES, MARTEN W. (ED.) - The Experience of Psychopathology: Investigating Mental Disorders in Their Natural Settings
34707: DEWAR, DOUGLAS - A Challenge to Evolutionists
34515: DEWHURST, JACK - Royal Confinements
39553: DEWICK, E.S., AND FRERE, W.H. (ED. FROM) - The Leofric Collectar Compared with the Collectar of St. Wulfstan Together with Kindred Documents of Exeter and Worcester: Vol. II [Two]
38855: DEWITT, DAVID MILLER (INTR. STANLEY I. KUTLER) - The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Jackson
36067: DEXTER, T.F.G. - Fire Worship in Britain
31720: DEZSO, KERESZTURY - A Magyar Irodalom Kepeskonyve
17119: DIAMOND, A.W., AND FILION, F.L. (EDS.) - The Value of Birds
17118: DIAMOND, A.W., AND FILION, F.L. (EDS.) - The Value of Birds
39572: DIBELIUS, MARTIN - Gospel Criticism and Christology
37245: DICEY, ALBERT V., AND RAIT, ROBERT S. - Thoughts on the Union between England & Scotland
32903: DICKEN, E.W. TRUEMAN - The Crucible of Love: A Study of the Mysticism of St Teresa of Jesus and St John of the Cross
18370: DICKINSON, TORRY D., AND SCHAEFFER, ROBERT K - Fast Forward: Work, Gender, and Protest in a Changing World
39849: DICKINSON, J.C. - The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
34425: DICKSON, LEONARD EUGENE - On Invariants and the Theory of Numbers
32673: DIEL, PAUL, TRANS. RICHARD GRAVEL - Journal of a Psychoanalysis
21243: DIGGINS, JOHN PATRICK - Thorstein Veblen: Theorist of the Leisure Class
13859: DIGGLE, MARTIN, AND COLGATE, TERRY - Riding a Dressage Test
14928: DIJKSTRA, A. GESKE, AND PLANTENGA, JANNEKE (ED.) - Gender and Economics: A European Perspective
41017: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams
40424: DILKE, CHARLES WENTWORTH - Problems of Greater Britain
37118: DILKE, CHARLES WENTWORTH - Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-Speaking Countries During 1866 and 1867
38061: DILLENBERGER, JOHN, AND WELCH, CLAUDE - Protestant Christianity Interpreted Through Its Development
14562: DILLENBERGER, JOHN, AND WELCH, CLAUDE - Protestant Christianity Interpreted Through Its Development
37204: DILLON, E.J. (TRANS. FROM PRIMITIVE HEBREW) - The Sceptics of the Old Testament: Job - Koheleth - Agur
18204: DILLOW, H.C. - Orts and Scantlings
18205: DILLOW, H.C. - Orts and Scantlings
002492: DIMITROV, GEORGI - Selected Speeches and Articles
41779: DINESEN, ISAK (INTR. DOROTHY CANFIELD) - Seven Gothic Tales
41054: DINGWALL, E.J. - Very Peculiar People: Portrait Studies in the Queer, the Abnormal and the Uncanny
40466: BANNISTER, H.M. (ED., INTR., DIPLOMATIC AND LITURGICAL NOES) - Missale Gothicum: A Gallican Sacramentary Ms. Vatican. Regin. Lat 317. [Two Volumes]
19093: DITCHFIELD, P.H. (ED.) - Memorials of Old Buckinghamshire
39844: DIX, GREGORY (ED.) - The Treatise on the Apostolic Tradition of St Hippolytus of Rome Bishop and Martyr
39838: DIX, GREGORY - The Image and Likeness of God [and] God
37167: DIX, GREGORY (ED.) - The Treatise on the Apostolic Tradition of St Hippolytus of Rome Bishop and Martyr - Volume I
39839: DIX, GREGORY - Jew and Greek: A Study in the Primitive Church
15288: DIXON, JOHN, ET AL - Economic Analysis of Environmental Impacts
15219: DIXON, KEITH - Freedom and Equality: The Moral Basis of Democratic Socialism
42400: DIXON, JOY - Divine Feminine: Theosophy and Feminism in England
41303: DIXON, SUZNNE - Reading Roman Women: Sources, Genres and Real Life
33762: DOBIE, J. FRANK (ED.) - Rainbow in the Morning
40457: DOBLE, G.H. (ED.) - Pontificale Lanaletense (Bibliothèque de la Ville de Rouen A. 27. Cat. 368) a Pontifical Formerly in Use at St. Germans, Cornwall
37381: DOBY, TIBOR - Discoverers of Blood Circulation from Aristotle to the Times of Da Vinci and Harvey
34796: DODDRIDGE, PHILIP - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses with a Devout Meditation, Or Prayer Added to Each Chapter
32470: DODDS, DINAH, AND ALLEN-THOMPSON, PAM (EDS.) - The Wall in My Backyard: East German Women in Transition
18315: DOHERTY, JOE, GRAHAM, ELSPETH, AND MALEK, MO (EDS.) - Postmodernism and the Social Sciences
14709: DOHERTY, BRIAN, AND DE GEUS, MARIUS (EDS.) - Democracy and Green Political Thought: Sustainability, Rights and Citizenship
14275: DOLAN, BRIDGET, AND COID, JEREMY - Psychopathic and Antisocial Personality Disorders: Treatment and Research Issues
21108: DOLLIMORE, JONATHAN - Radical Tragedy: Religion, Ideology and Power in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
42764: VON DÖLLINGER, JOHN IGNATIUS (TRANS. MARGARET WARRE - Studies in European History Being Academical Addresses
41739: DOMINICK, RAYMOND H. - The Environmental Movement in Germany: Prophets & Pioneers, 1871-1971
38569: DONALD, DAVID (INTR. CARL SANDBURG) - Lincoln's Herndon
38583: DONALD, DAVID - Lincoln Reconsidered: Essays on the Civil War Era
39241: DONALD, JAMES (ED.) - Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory: Thresholds
38842: DONALD, DAVID - The Politics of Reconstruction 1863-1867
41880: DONALD, JAMES, AND HALL, STUART (EDS.) - Politics and Ideology: A Reader
38815: DONALD, DAVID (ED.) - Inside Lincoln's Cabinet: The Civil War Diaries of Salmon P. Chase
12418: DONALDSON, CHRISTOPHER - Martin of Tours: Parish Priest, Mystic and Exorcist
37306: DONALDSON, GORDON - The First Trial of Mary, Queen of Scots
40793: DONG, PAUL - The Four Major Mysteries of Mainland China
41827: DONNACHIE, IAN, AND HEWITT, GEORGE - Historic New Lanark: The Dale and Owen Industrial Community Since 1785

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