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A14510: WEBB, DIANA, EDITOR - Saints and Cities in Medieval Italy: Selected Sources
A14271: WEBBER, RICHARD - Fifty Years of Hancock's Half Hour:
A14573: WEBSTER, FRANK - The New Photography: Responsibility in Visual Communication
C10243: WEDIN, CAROLYN - Inheritors of the Spirit: Mary White Ovington and the Founding of the NAACP
C893: WEEKS, JEFFREY - Sex, Politics and Society: the Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800
A2949: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN - The Seaside:
C5064: WEINBAUM, BATYA - The Island of Floating Women: A Collection of Stories
A5560: WEINBERG, SAMANTHA - A Fish Caught in Time: the Search for the Coelacanth
A12520: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Beardsley:
A6515: WEIR, HELEN E - Mining in Cumbria: A Bibliography
J14604: WEIR, ALISON - Elizabeth the Queen:
C4384: WEISENFIELD, JUDITH, & NEWMAN, RICHARD - This Far by Faith: Readings in African-American Women's Religious Biography
A8268: WEISSER, HENRY - British Working-Class Movements and Europe, 1815-48:
A14130: WELLE-STRAND, ERLING - Motoring in Norway: the Motorist's Ideal Holiday Guide
A12742: WELLS, H.G - Short Stories:
A73: WEST, E.G. - Education and the Industrial Revolution:
C795: WEST, JACKIE, ED - Work, Women and the Labour Market:
C952: WEST, DOROTHY - The Living is Easy:
C1301: WEST, REBECCA - A Celebration: Selected from her Writings
C3454: WEST, REBECCA - 1900:
C3756: WEST, REBECCA - Cousin Rosamund:
C5736: WEST, REBECCA - Sunflower:
A9556: WEST, ELLIOTT - Growing Up With the Country: Childhood on the Far Western Frontier
A10521: WEST, JACKIE, ED - Work, Women and The Labour Market:
A10736: WEST, E. G - Education and The Industrial Revolution:
A12795: WEST, JULIUS - A History of the Chartist Movement:
A13350: WEST, JENNY, ED - Windmills and Watermills: Open to View
A4730: WESTALL, OLIVER M., ED - Windermere in the Nineteenth Century:
A11979: WESTALL, OLIVER, ED - Innovation and Labour During British Industrialisation: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Harry Dutton, 1947-1984
A13976: WESTALL, OLIVER M., ED - Windermere in the Nineteenth Century: Ten copies
C12669: WESTAWAY, K. M - Old Girls in New Times: The Story of Some of the Work done by the Old Girls of Bedford High School During Nearly Six Years of War, 1939-1945
C15122: WESTERMARCK, EDWARD - The History of Human Marriage:
A11568: WESTERN, J.R - Monarchy and Revolution: The English State in the 1680s
C12713: WESTWOOD, SALLIE - All Day Every Day: Factory and Family in the Making of Women's Lives
A14995: WETHERED, NEWTON - Mediaeval Craftsmanship and the Modern Amateur: More Particularly With Reference to Metal and Enamel
A13523: WHARTON, MARGARET - Back to Britain: the Holiday Journals of a G.I. Bride
A3855: WHEAL, ELIZABETH-ANNE & POPE, STEPHEN - The Macmillan Dictionary of the Second World War:
C608: WHEATLEY, VERA - The Life and Work of Harriet Martineau:
A10345: WHEELER, WENDY - The Political Subject: Essays on the Self from Art, Politics and Science
A13308: WHEELER, BARRY, ED - Spare the Rod: Journal of a Victorian Schoolmaster in Dorset, 1863 - 64
A8671: WHELAN, ROBERT, ED. (OCTAVIA HILL) - Octavia Hill's Letters to Fellow-Workers, 1872 - 1911: Together with an Account of the Walmer Street Industrial Experiment
A12266: WHERRET, DUNCAN - Jaguar MKII:
A467: WHITAKER, WILFRED B - Victorian and Edwardian Shopworkers: the Struggle to Obtain Better Conditions and a Half-Holiday
A9292: WHITE, JERRY - Rothschild Buildings: Life in an East End Tenement Block, 1887-1920
C3712: WHITE, ANTONIA - Frost in May:
A5407: WHITE, ANDREW - The Buildings of Georgian Lancaster:
A6071: WHITE, ANTONIA - B.B.C. at War:
C15121: WHITE, FLORENCE, ED - How to Wash Clothes at Home: Containing Simple and Complete Instructions
A11656: WHITE, R.J - Waterloo to Peterloo:
A11762: WHITE, ANDREW, ED - A History of Lancaster, 1193-1993:
A12961: WHITE, E. W - British Fishing-Boats and Coastal Crafts: Part I : Historical Survey
A13136: WHITE, KEVIN - The First Sexual Revolution: The Emergence of Male HeteroSexuality in Modern America
Z14715: WHITE, R. F. AND ILES, R - Archaeology in National Parks:
A3291: WHITEHOUSE, P. B., ED - The Last Parade: An Authorised Tribute to British Steam Preservation
A3301: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD - Creative Education at an English School:
A10545: WHITEHOUSE, WES - GLC - The Inside Story:
H13383: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD - Vindication of Ruskin:
A6711: WHITING, CHARLES - Massacre at Malmedy: The Story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group Ardennes, December, 1944
C1011: WHITNEY, JANET - Geraldine S. Cadbury, 1865-1941:
C11320: WHITNEY, JANET - Elizabeth Fry: Quaker Heroine
A3949: WHITSON, ROBLEY EDWARD, ED - The Shakers: Two Centuries of Spiritual Reflection
A11736: WHONE, HERBERT - The Essential West Riding: Its Character in Words and Pictures
A4495: WHYTE, A. GOWANS - The Story of the R.P.A., 1899-1949:
C5582: WHYTE, EDNA GARDNER - Rising Above It: An Autobiography
H13934: WHYTE, ANDREW - Jaguar: The Definitive History of a Great British Car
A14750: WHYTE, JUDITH - Girls into Science and Technology:
A4135: WICKHAM, E.R - Church and People in an Industrial City:
C8414: WICKHAM, ANN - Women and Training:
A14378: WICKHAM, GLYNNE - Early English Stages, 1300 to 1660: Volume One: 1300 to 1576
A2182: WICKS, BEN - No Time to Wave Goodbye: True Stories of Britain's 3,500,000 Evacuees
A13005: WICKS, BEN - When The Boys Came Marching Home: True Stories of the Men Who Went to War and the Women and Children Who Took Them Back
A10045: WIENCEK, HENRY - An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves and the Creation of America
A12784: WIENER, JOEL - William Lovett:
A4973: WIGGLESWORTH, NEIL - Victorian & Edwardian Boating: from old photographs
A13536: WIGGLESWORTH, NEIL - The Evolution of English Sport:
A5148: WIGHAM, ERIC L - Trade Unions:
C2775: WILBUR, SIBYL - The Life of Mary Baker Eddy:
C10298: WILBUR, SIBYL - The Life of Mary Baker Eddy:
A9379: WILCOX, ROBERT - Wings of Fury:
G10840: WILHIDE, ELIZABETH - Laura Ashley Windows:
A11187: WILKINS, JOHN - John Wilkins:
A6531: WILKS, MIKE - The Ultimate Noah's Ark:
C1593: WILLARD, FRANCES E - Glimpses of Fifty Years: the Autobiography of an American Woman
A4316: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR - Welsh Reformation Essays:
A5737: WILLIAMS, JAMES - Give me Yesterday:
A5810: WILLIAMS, HARRY - Quest Beyond the Sahara:
A6645: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Leicester and Education Before 1870:
A6753: WILLIAMS, ERNEST E - The New Public-House:
A7566: WILLIAMS, A SUSAN - Women and Childbirth in the Twentieth Century: A History of the National Birthday Trust Fund, 1928-93
A8852: WILLIAMS, JONATHAN, ED - Money: A History
A10262: WILLIAMS, DAVID - John Frost: A Study in Chartism
A10394: WILLIAMS, GWYN A - Artisans and Sans-Culottes: Popular Movements in France and Britain During the French Revolution
A11012: WILLIAMS, GWYN A - Artisans and Sans-Culottes: Popular Movements in France and Britain During the French Revolution
A11409: WILLIAMS, MRS SHIRLEY - Robbins Plus Twenty: Which Way for Higher Education?
C11665: WILLIAMS, CANON G. A - Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth: 1886-1967. A Short Account of her Life and Work
A11688: WILLIAMS, BILL - The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875:
C12976: WILLIAMS, PROFESSOR LADY WILLIAMS - The Changing Pattern of Women's Employment:
J13028: WILLIAMS, ROSEMARY - The Beginner's Guide to Painting Watercolours:
A14121: WILLIAMS, PETER AND HAYES, JANICE, EDS - Warrington as it Was:
A14366: WILLIAMS, K. J - Ghost Ships of the Mersey: Brief History of Confederate Cruisers with Mersey Connections
A14379: WILLIAMS, LEONARD - The Arts And Crafts Of Older Spain: Volume II only
A15191: WILLIAMS, W. M - The Country Craftsman: A Study of Some Rural Crafts and the Rural Industries Organisation in England
A15400: WILLIAMSON, DR GEORGE AND BUCKMAN, PERCY - The Art of the Miniature Painter:
A9640: WILLIAMSON, D. G - Bismarck and Germany, 1862-1890:
A3127: WILLMOTT, PETER - Adolescent Boys of East London:
A10139: WILLMOTT, H. P - Pearl Harbor:
C15341: WILPUTTE, EARLA A. ED - Eliza Haywood: Three Novellas; Distress'D Orphan, Double Marriage, City Jilt
A5730: WILSON, COLIN - World Famous Gaslight Murder:
C5784: WILSON, MARY - A European Journal: Two Sisters Abroad in 1847
C6864: WILSON, BARBARA KER, ED - Everyone Mattered: The Life and Times of Dame Kitty Anderson
A6913: WILSON, ALEXANDER - The Chartist Movement in Scotland:
A7000: WILSON, IAN - Shakespeare The Evidence: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Man and his Work
A7012: WILSON, CHARLES - England's Apprenticeship, 1603-1763:
A7370: WILSON, ANDREW, ED - The Modern Physician: Being a Complete Guide to the Attainment and Preservation of Health
A8518: WILSON, GRAHAM K - Business and Politics: A Comparative Introduction
A9925: WILSON, DAVID M - The Vikings and their Origins:
C10517: WILSON, S.J - Women, the Family and the Economy:
A11654: WILSON, NEIL - Great Sea Disasters: The World's Worst Sea Accidents
A11865: WILSON, DAVID ALEC AND MACARTHUR, DAVID WILSON - Carlyle in Old Age 1865-1881:
A12029: WILSON, CHARLES - First With the News: The History of W. H. Smith, 1792-1972
A12681: WILSON, JOHN G - The British Isles: Certificate Geography
A15006: WILSON, BRYAN - The Youth Culture and the Universities:
A14256: WILSON, JOAN - A Soldier's Wife: Wellington's Marriage
A7504: WINDSOR, ALAN, ED - Handbook of Modern British Painting, 1900-1980:
A6206: WINGFIELD-STRATFORD, ESME - Before the Lamps Went Out:
A9996: WINNY, JAMES - A Preface to Donne:
A2952: WINSTANLEY, MICHAEL, ED. - Rural Industries of the Lune Valley:
A11487: WINSTANLEY, MICHAEL - Gladstone and the Liberal Party:
C12409: WISE, NANCY BAKER AND WISE, CHRISTY - A Mouthful of Rivets: Women at Work in World War II
A14657: WITTS, FLORENCE - Frances E. Willard: the Story of a Noble Woman
C7877: WOBER, MALLORY - English Girls' Boarding Schools:
C12644: WOBER, MALLORY - English Girls' Boarding Schools:
C7234: WOJTCZAK, HELENA - Women of Victorian Sussex: their Status, Occupations,and Dealings With The Law, 1830-1870
C10266: WOJTCZAK, HELENA - Railwaywomen: Exploitation, Betrayal and Triumph in the Workplace
C13898: WOJTCZAK, HELENA - Notable Sussex Women: 580 Biographical Sketches
A15407: WOLF, EDWARD C. J. - Rowlandson and his Illustrations of Eighteenth Century English Literature:
A11381: WOLFF, C DE, SHIMMIN, S., & MONTMOLLIN, M - Conflicts and Contradictions: Work Psychologists in Europe
J13224: WOLFF, THEODORE F - The Many Masks of Modern Art:
G12272: WOLLASTON, CHARLES - Silkscreen in Schools:
A13347: WOLOCH, ISSER, ED - The Peasantry in the Old Regime: Conditions and Protests
C12699: WOLPE, ANNE-MARIE - Some Processes in Sexist Education:
A15041: FABIAN WOMEN'S GROUP, - Summary of Six Papers and Discussions Upon the Disabilities of Women As Workers:
A11942: HAMPSHIRE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUT, - Hampshire: Within Living Memory
A9821: DALE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE, - Dale: An Illustrated History
A14912: MEMBERS OF THE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE, - History of Mobberley Village:
C8808: WOMEN'S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION, REPLICA BADGE (SUFFRAGETTES) - Sowing the Seeds of Suffrage: Modern Reproduction Suffragette Badge in Enamel
C9537: WOMEN'S STUDIES COLLECTIVE, HUNTER COLLEGE - Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's Studies
C10612: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S STUDIES, - The European Journal of Women's Studies: Volume 3, Issue 4
C2324: WOOD, ETHEL M - The Pilgrimage of Perseverance:
A6602: WOOD, ETHEL M - A History of the Polytechnic:
C6358: WOODFORDE, JOHN - The Strange Story of False Hair:
C13715: WOODHOUSE, ANNIE - Fantastic Women: Sex, Gender and Transvestism
G13104: WOODS, PAMELA - Flowers from Fabrics:
A3521: WOODWARD, D.M - The Trade of Elizabethan Chester:
A11467: WOODWARD, JOHN - To Do The Sick No Harm: A Study of the British Voluntary Hospital System to 1875
A12105: WOODWARD, SIR LLEWELLYN - The Age of Reform, 1815-1870:
C13671: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Orlando:
A6370: WOOTTON, BARBARA - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy: a Study of Contemporary British Wage and Salary Structure
A7961: WOOTTON, GRAHAM - Workers, Unions and the State:
C8864: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY - Illustrated Lakeland Journals: Complete Edition
A2770: WORK, THOMAS S. & ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy:
C13348: GLASGOW LABOUR HISTORY WORKSHOP, - The Singer Strike, Clydebank, 1911:
A13838: WORRALL, ELDON - Precious Vessels: 2000 Years of Chinese Pottery
A3220: WORSWICK, G. D. N. & ADY, P.H. EDS - The British Economy, 1945-1950:
A12540: WORTHERN, JOHN - D.H. Lawrence: The Early Years 1885-1912
A12769: WRENN, C.L., ED - Beowulf: With the Finnesburg Fragment
A4658: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - Clean and Decent: The History of the Bath and Loo and of Sundry Habits, Fashions and Accessories of the Toilet Principally in Great Britain, France & America
A15131: WRIGHT, THOMAS - The Romance of the Lace Pillow: Being The History Of Lace-Making In Bucks, Beds, Northants And Neighbouring Counties, Together With Some Account Of The Lace Industries of Devon And Ireland
A10104: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY - Our Club: Being a Short Sketch of the Boys' Club in the Canongate
A928: WRIGLEY, C.J., ED - The Working Classes in the Victorian Age: Debates on the Issue from 19th Century Critical Journals
A5388: WRIGLEY, E.A - Industrial Growth and Population Change: a Regional Study of the Coalfield Areas of North-West Europe in the Later Nineteenth Century
A8876: WRIGLEY, CHRIS - Arthur Henderson:
A14066: WRIGLEY, AMMON - Those Were the Days:
C14161: WRIGLEY, JULIA, ED - Education and Gender Equality:
A14932: WYATT, CHARLES HENRY - Gardening for Children and Others:
C7041: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife:
A10619: WYLD, ANDREW - English Watercolours, Drawings and Oil Paintings: From Gainsborough to Turner
A7161: WYNIA, GARY W - The Politics of Latin American Development:
C7023: XINRAN, - The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
C13651: YALOM, MARILYN - A History of the Wife:
A1866: YARWOOD, DEREK - Outrages - Fatal & Other: A Chronicle of Cheshire Crime, 1612-1912
A14285: YATES, S. A. THOMPSON - Notes, Mainly Concerning Painted Windows: Made During a Journey in Italy and Switzerland with my brother, Edw. P. Thompson, February 15 to May 5, 1898
A14755: YEO, EILEEN JANES, ED - Radical Femininity: Women's Self-Representation in the Public Sphere
A15204: YEO, STEPHEN - Religion and Voluntary Organisations in Crisis:
A13887: YEO, GEOFFREY, ED - The British Overseas: A Guide to Records of their Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Burials, Available in the United Kingdom
C3743: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Caged Lion:
C6066: YONGE, CHARLOTTE - The Prince and the Page: A Story of the Last Crusade
C6102: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - Chaplet of Pearls:
C6354: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Dove in the Eagle's Nest:
A11165: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Dove in the Eagle's Nest:
C13692: YONGE, CHARLOTTE - The Clever Woman of the Family:
A5695: YOUNG, PAT - Mastering Social Welfare:
A11002: YOUNG, MARY BLAMIRE - Richard Wilton: A Forgotten Victorian
A13179: YOUNG, G. M. ED - Early Victorian England, 1830-1865: Volume 1
A4925: YOUNGSON, A. J - Urban Development and the Royal Fine Arts Commissions:
C8539: YU-NING, LI, ED - Chinese Women: Through Chinese Eyes
A2313: ZACZEK, IAIN - Essential William Morris:
A2989: ZAGORIN, PEREZ - The Court and the Country: the Beginning of the English Revolution
C965: ZAHAVA, IRENE, ED - Feminism: the Third Generation in Fiction
C2165: ZANJANI, SALLY - A Mine of her Own: Women Prospectors in the American West, 1850-1950
C8561: ZANJANI, SALLY - A Mine of her Own: Women Prospectors in the American West, 1850-1950
A12735: ZENTNER, PETER - Social Democracy in Britain: Must Labour Lose?
C13062: ZIEGER, ROBERT H - American Workers, American Unions:
A9576: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - London at War, 1939-1945:

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