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A14917: ROBERTS, JOHN EASTER - North Western Engineman: Recollections of 34 Years on the Footplate
A10160: ROBERTS, ROBERT - A Ragged Schooling: Growing Up in the Classic Slum
A14706: ROBERTS, ELIZABETH, EDITOR. LANCASTER UNIVERSITY - Centre for North-West Regional Studies: Regional Bulletin
A4442: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - Welfare In Trust: A History of the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, 1913 to 1963
A5703: ROBERTSON, CONSTANCE NOYES - Oneida Community: The Breakup, 1876-1881
C15297: ROBERTSON, EMMA - Chocolate, Women and Empire: a Social and Cultural History
A14441: ROBERTSON, JOHN M - The Eight Hours Question:
C2995: ROBINS, ELIZABETH - The Convert:
C9864: ROBINS, ELIZABETH - Where are you Going to?:
C10973: ROBINS, ELIZABETH - The Convert:
C14930: ROBINS, ELIZABETH - Way Stations:
A15392: ROBINSON, W. SYDNEY - Muckraker: The Scandalous Life and Times of W. T. Stead. Britain's First Investigative Journalist
C2624: ROBINSON, JANE - Parrot Pie for Breakfast: An Anthology of Women Pioneers
A15069: ROBINSON, A. H. W - Marine Cartography in Britain: A history of the Sea Chart to 1855
A10714: ROBINSON, H AND BAMFORD., C. G - Geography of Transport:
J11397: ROBINSON-WELSH, DAWN - Memories of Old Yorkshire:
C12560: ROBINSON, LILLIAN S - Sex, Class and Culture:
D13733: ROBY, JOHN - Traditions of Lancashire: Volume II
G13067: ROCHE, TONY AND MONAHAN, PATRICIA - Decorating with Stencils: Innovative Designs Step-by-Step Instructions Templates
A13324: ROCHE, DANIEL - The People of Paris: An Essay in Popular Culture in the 18th Century
F4600: ROCKER, FERMIN - Paintings: 14th June - 2nd July 1988
A2985: RODERICK, GORDON W. & STEPHENS, MICHAEL D - Scientific and Technical Education in Nineteenth-Century England:
A8316: RODHE, SHELLEY - A Private View of L. S. Lowry:
C6237: ROE, F. GORDON - Women in Profile: A Study in Silhouette
A10487: ROETHEL, HANS KONRAD - Modern German Painting:
A4799: ROGERS, STANLEY - Barenetha Rock: A True Drama of the Sea
A7098: ROGERS, JEAN SCOTT - Stage by Stage: the Making of the Theatre Museum
A15251: ROGERS, H. C. B. - Mounted Troops of British Army, 1066 - 1945:
Z14701: ROGERS, PAT, ED - Daniel Defoe: A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain
C10006: ROLLYSON, CARL - Rebecca West: A Saga of the Century
C397: ROMERO, PATRICIA W - E. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical
C746: ROMERO, PATRICIA W - E. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical
A7695: ROOPER, T.G - School and Home Life: Essays and Lectures on Current Educational Topics
A13840: ROOY, MAX VAN - Honderdzes Adressen in Den Haag:
C1405: ROSE, JUNE - Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution:
C8925: ROSE, JUNE - Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution:
A11683: ROSE, JUNE - Modigliani: The Pure Bohemian
A12352: ROSE, MARK H - Cities of Light and Heat: Domesticating Gas and Electricity in Urban America
A13174: ROSE, ANDREA - Pre-Raphaelite Portraits:
A14208: ROSE, FRAN - Cross Stitch: Design Manual
C1077: ROSEN, RUTH & DAVIDSON, SUE, EDS - The Maimie Papers:
A8395: ROSEN, RUTH & DAVIDSON, SUE, EDS - The Maimie Papers:
A12786: ROSENBLATT, FRANK F - The Chartist Movement: In Its Social and Economic Aspects
A3365: ROSENTHAL, JOEL T - Nobles and the Noble Life, 1295-1500:
A5303: ROSS, JAMES - The Power I Pledge: Being a Centenary Study of the Life of William Quarrier and the Work he Pioneered
C12563: ROTHMAN, SHEILA M - Woman's Proper Place: A History of Changing Ideals and Practices, 1870 to the Present
A11730: ROTHSTEIN, THEODORE - From Chartism to Labourism: Historical Sketches of the English Working-Class Movement
A14811: ROTHWELL, CATHERINE - Fleetwood as it Was:
A14872: ROUTLEY, ERIK - The English Carol:
C3962: ROVER, CONSTANCE - Love, Morals & the Feminists:
C2138: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - A Century of Women: the History of Women in Britain and the United States
C503: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Friends of Alice Wheeldon:
C1584: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - A New World for Women: Stella Browne - Socialist Feminist
C4162: ROWBOTHAM, JUDITH - Good Girls Make Good Wives: Guidance for Girls in Victorian Fiction
C6846: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Women's Consciousness, Man's World:
C12592: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - The Past is Before Us: Feminism in Action Since the 1960s
A15368: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love
A10337: ROWE, D. J., ED - London Radicalism: A Selection from the Papers of Francis Place
A14494: ROWLANDS, JOHN - Copper Mountain:
A10189: ROWNTREE, MAURICE - Social Freedom: A Study in the Application of the Ethics of Jesus to Modern Social and Industrial Problems
A13195: ROWNTREE, JOSEPH AND SHERWELL, ARTHUR - The Temperance Problem and Social Reform:
A13344: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM, ED - Betting and Gambling: a National Evil
A13848: ROWNTREE, AMY - The Early Settlement of Sandy Bay:
A12524: ROWSE, A.L - Froude The Historian: Victorian Man of Letters
J12463: ROXBURGH, JAMES M - The School Board of Glasgow, 1873-1919:
A7705: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, AND ROGER LEECH - Early Industrial Housing: the Trinity Area of Frome
H15136: ROYAL NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT, INFORMATION OFFICE - Before We Go Back: Norway's Fight Since April, 1940. A Pictorial Record Of Norway's Fight Against Nazism Both Inside And Outside Germany, With A Postscript By Philip Noel-Baker
C15481: ROYDEN, MAUDE - Women's Partnership in the New World:
A10251: ROYLE, EDWARD - Chartism:
A2181: ROZANOW, Z. & SMULIKOWSKA, E - The Cultural Heritage of Jasna Gora:
C4560: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID - Before the Suffragettes: Women's Emancipation in the 1890s
A8040: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID - Victorian Homes:
A8542: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID - School Attendance in London, 1870 - 1904: A Social History
A14626: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID - Before the Suffragettes: Women's Emancipation in the 1890s
C2085: RUDDOCK, E.H - The Ladies' Manual of Homoeopathic Treatment: in the Various Derangements Incident to her Sex
A10536: RUDDY, JUDY - Yorkshire Innkeepers: A Most Accommodating Family
A3939: RUDE, GEORGE - Ideology and Popular Protest:
C2098: RUIZ, VICKI L. & DUBOIS ELLEN CAROL, EDS - Unequal Sisters: a Multi-Cultural Reader in U.S. Women's History
A7641: RULE, JOHN - The Labouring Classes in Early Industrial England, 1750 - 1850:
C8658: RULE, JANE - Lesbian Images:
A1882: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Ethics of the Dust: Ten Lectures to Little Housewives on the Elements of Crystallization
C6845: RUSSELL, MARY - The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt: Women Travellers and their World
C8996: RUSSELL, DORA - The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love
A10127: RUSSELL, MEG - Must Politics Disappoint:
A15490: RUSSELL, ELBERT - The History of Quakerism:
G10898: RUSSELL, PAT - Lettering for Embroidery:
A14204: RUSSELL, ALICE - The TUC and the Working Time Question: Policy, Action and Outcomes in Twentieth Century Britain
C9967: RUTH, SHEILA - Issues in Feminism: A First Course in Women's Studies
A10147: RUTHERFORD, MARK - The Revolution in Tanner's Lane:
A15305: RYALLS, CHARLES WAGER - Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science: Liverpool Meeting, 1876
A14899: RYAN, JOHN AND JEUDA, BASIL - Railway Postcard Scenes of Cheshire:
C4021: RYAN, MARY P - Women in Public: Between Banners and Ballots, 1825-1880
A10130: RYDER, JUDITH AND SILVER, HAROLD - Modern English Society:
A12986: RYDER, JUDITH AND SILVER, HAROLD - Modern English Society: History and Structure, 1850-1970
A12072: SACKETT, TERENCE - British Life A Century Ago: Images from the Francis Frith Collection
A13972: SACKETT, TERENCE - British Life a Century Ago: Images from the Francis Frith Collection
C5430: SADAT, JEHAN - A Woman of Egypt:
A707: SADLER, MICHAEL E - Report on Secondary and Higher Education in Essex:
A11899: SADLER, ARTHUR - Paper Sculpture:
C7301: SAGE, LORNA - The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English:
A7521: SAHGAL, NAYANTARA AND RAI, E. N MANGAT - Relationship: Extracts from a Correspondence
A14143: SAINSBURY, KEITH - Churchill and Roosevelt at War: The War They Fought and the Peace They Hoped to Make
G8679: SALAMON, FERDINANDO - A Collector's Guide to Prints and Printmakers From Durer to Picasso:
C10691: SALIS, J. R. VON - Rainer Maria Rilke: The Years in Switzerland
A9274: SALISBURY, HARRISON E - Disturber of the Peace: Memoirs of a Foreign Correspondent
C1777: SALMOND, C.A - A Woman's Work: Memorials of Eliza Fletcher
C5422: SALTER, ELIZABETH - Edith Sitwell:
A5565: SAMBROOK, JAMES - William Cobbett:
A3698: SAMPSON, WILLIAM R - John McLoughlin's Business Correspondence, 1847-48:
C10890: SANCTON, THOMAS AND MACLEOD, SCOTT - Death of a Princess:
C1448: SAND, GEORGE - Indiana:
C5967: SAND, GEORGE - My Life: George Sand
C6037: SAND, GEORGE - The Intimate Journal of George Sand:
C6140: SAND, GEORGE - Marianne:
C12317: SANDER, KATHLEEN WATERS - The Business of Charity: The Woman's Exchange Movement, 1832-1900
A10645: SANDERS, KEITH AND HODGINS, DOUGLAS - British Railways, Past and Present: No 9 South East Scotland
A8079: SANDERSON, MICHAEL, ED - The Universities in the Nineteenth Century:
A9374: SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Sting: Demolition Man
C13123: SANDFORD, MRS HENRY - Home Work and Duties:
C4081: SANDS, FREDERICK & BROMAN, SVEN - The Divine Garbo:
A12522: SANDYS, CELIA - The Young Churchill: The Early Years of Winston Churchill
A13173: SANDYS, CELIA - Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive:
A15111: SANGSTER, JOAN - Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Postwar Canada
C7618: SANKOVITCH, TILDE A - French Women Writers and the Book: Myths of Access and Desire
A11268: SAPSFORD, DAVID - Labour Market Economics:
A12891: SARGENT-BAUR, BARBARA NELSON AND COOK, ROBERT FRANCIS - Aucassin et Nicolette: A Critical Bibliography
C7561: SARSBY, JACQUELINE - Missuses and Mouldrunners: An Oral History of Women Pottery Workers at Work and at Home
A15406: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The Heart's Journey:
A10114: SAUL, S. B - Technological Change: The United States and Britain in the Nineteenth Century
C9878: SAUNDERS, BEATRICE - Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough: Her Life and Times
A3835: SAVAGE, KATHARINE - The Story of British Trade Unions:
A14116: SAVAGE, MIKE AND WITZ, ANNE, EDS - Gender and Bureaucracy:
A14863: SAVAGE, HENRY L., ED - St. Erkenwald: a Middle English Poem
A15028: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF SAVANNAH, - Savannah Style: a Cookbook
A7314: SAVILLE, JOHN - Ernest Jones: Chartist: Selections from the Writings and Speeches of Ernest Jones with Introduction and Notes
A10335: SAVILLE, JOHN - 1848: The British State and the Chartist Movement
A12240: SAVILLE, DIANA - Colour:
A12956: SAWYER, REX L - The Bowerchalke Papers: Collett's Village Newspaper, 1878-1924
C2292: SAXTON, MARTHA - Louisa May: a Modern Biography of Louisa May Alcott
C9403: SAXTON, MARTHA - Louisa May: A Modern Biography of Lousia May Alcott
A3969: SAYCE, R. A - Style in French Prose: A Method of Analysis
A2705: SAYERS, R. S - A History of Economic Change in England, 1880-1939:
C4951: SAYERS, PEIG - An Old Woman's Reflections:
C6917: SAYERS, JANET - Sexual Contradictions: Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Feminism
A9994: SAYLES, G.O - The Medieval Foundations of England:
A12778: SAYLES, G.O - The Medieval Foundations of England:
A8115: SAYWELL, SHELLEY - Women in War: First-Hand Accounts From World War II to El Salvador
A6816: SAZONOVA, K - Andrei Mylnikov:
C14152: SCAFFARDI, SYLVIA - Fire Under the Carpet: Working for Civil Liberties in the 1930s
A10309: SCAMMELL, W. M - The International Economy since 1945:
A9628: SCHAMA, SIMON - A History of Britain: The British Wars 1603-1776
A11845: SCHAMA, SIMON - A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World? 300BC-AD1603
C6175: SCHARFF, VIRGINIA - Twenty Thousand Roads: Women, Movement and the West
C15114: SCHARFF, VIRGINIA - Taking the Wheel: Women and the Coming of the Motor Age
C1296: SCHEINFELD, AMRAM - Women and Men:
A13390: SCHER, MARK J. - Japanese Interfirm Networks and Their Main Banks:
C2376: SCHLEINER, LOUISE - Tudor and Stuart Women Writers:
A12359: SCHLERETH, THOMAS J - Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915
A14986: SCHLISSEL, LILLIAN; GIBBENS, BYRD AND HAMPSTEN, E - Far from Home: Families of the Westward Journey
A10426: SCHOFIELD, A. T - Nerves in Order: or the Maintenance of Health
A15038: BOUGHTON MONCHELSEA SCHOOL, - Boughton Monchelsea School: Log Book Extracts, 1863 - 1963
C1821: SCHREINER, OLIVE - Woman and Labor:
C3440: SCHREINER, OLIVE - The Story of an African Farm:
A7948: SCHULMAN, MILTON - Marilyn, Hitler and me: The Memoirs of Milton Schulman
A12954: SCHULMAN, ARLENE - The Prizefighters: An Intimate Look at Champions and Characters
A14345: SCHWARZ, HANS - Painting in Towns and Cities:
A4468: SCHWEIZER, KARL W & OSBORNE, JOHN W - Cobbett in his Times:
A3361: BRITISH ASSOC. ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, - Scientific Survey of South-Eastern Scotland:
C7021: SCINDIA, VIJAYARAJE AND MALGONKAR, MANOHAR - Princess: The Autobiography of the Dowager Maharani of Gwalior
C15001: SCOTT, HILDA - Women and Socialism: Experiences from Eastern Europe
C1191: SCOTT, RICHENDA - Elizabeth Cadbury, 1858-1951: A Biography
C4753: SCOTT, P.J.M - Jane Austen: a Reassessment
C5734: SCOTT, PHILIPPA - Lucky Me:
C7208: SCOTT, J. W. ROBERTSON - The Story of the Women's Institute Movement in England & Wales & Scotland:
A9097: SCOTT, A. F - The Early Hanoverian Age, 1714-1760: Commentaries on an Era
C12628: SCOTT, ANNE FIROR AND SCOTT, ANDREW MACKAY - One Half the People: The Fight for Woman Suffrage
A13381: SCOTT, W. H. ET AL - Coal and Conflict: A Study of Industrial Relations at Collieries
A13825: SCOTT, W. H., MUMFORD, ENID, MCGIVERING, ET AL - Coal and Conflict: A Study of Industrial Relations at Collieries
A13511: SCOTTISH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT - Report: of the Scottish Inter-Departmental Committee on Road Safety among School Children
A7823: SCRASE, TONY - Wells: A Pictorial History
A15151: SCRIVENOR, HARRY - History of the Iron Trade of Great Britain: From the Earliest Records to the Present Period
A9334: SEABROOK, JEREMY - Working-Class Childhood: An Oral History
A9899: SEABROOK, JEREMY - Unemployment:
C3161: SEAGER, JONI & OLSON, ANN - Women in the World: An International Atlas
G5221: SEAGER, DONALD - Glove Puppetry:
C5883: SEAGRAVES, ANNE - High-Spirited Women of the West:
G10511: SEATON, JAMIE AND JESSIE - The Seaton Collection: Exclusive Knitting Designs by Jamie and Jessie Seaton
C11822: SECCOMBE, WALLY - A Millennium of Family Change: Feudalism to Capitalism in Northwestern Europe
J11164: SEDDON, GEORGE AND BICKNELL, ANDREW - The Complete Guide to Conservatory Gardening:
C11411: SEEAR, B.N - Re-Entry of Women to the Labour Market After An Interruption in Employment:
A11221: SELBY, WALFORD D., ED - Lancashire and Cheshire Records Preserved in the Public Record Office, London:
A11222: SELBY, WALFORD, D. ED - Lancashire and Cheshire Records Preserved in the Public Record Office, London:
A15531: SELDON, ANTHONY AND PAPPWORTH, JOANNA - By Word of Mouth: Elite Oral History
C8405: SELLERS, SUSAN - Language and Sexual Difference: Feminist Writing in France
A8667: SELLEY, ERNEST - Village Trade Unions in Two Centuries:
A10779: SEMMEL, BERNARD - The Methodist Revolution:
A11212: SEMPILL, CECILIA - English Pottery and Porcelain:
A10503: SENGOOPTA, CHANDAK - Imprint of the Raj: How Fingerprinting was Born in Colonial India
C9528: SENJEN, RYE, AND GUTHREY, JANE - The Internet for Women:
A13894: GERMAN REPORT SERIES, - The German Campaign in the Balkans (Spring 1941):
A14891: SERVICE, ROBERT W - The Rhymes of a Red-Cross Man:
A5856: BRITISH INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICE, - Progress: Civic, Social and Industrial. The Organ of the British Institute of Social Service
A12750: SERVICE, ROBERT - The Best of Robert Service:
A15147: SETON-WATSON, HUGH - The East European Revolution:
A10943: SETTLE, MARY LEE - All the Brave Promises:
A11402: JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF SEXUALITY, - Journal of the History of Sexuality:
C13604: SEYMER, LUCY RIDGELY - Florence Nightingale:
C12599: SEYMOUR-JONES, CAROLE - Beatrice Webb: Woman of Conflict
C9404: SHADEGG, STEPHEN - Clare Booth-Luce: A Biography
C12758: SHAHAR, SHULAMITH - The Fourth Estate: A History of Women in The Middle Ages
C12432: SHANLEY, MARY LYNDON AND NARAYAN, UMA, EDS - Reconstucting Political Theory: Feminist Perspectives
A11507: SHANNON, RICHARD - Gladstone: Volume One, 1809-1865
C11029: SHAPIRO, ANN-LOUISE - Breaking the Codes: Female Criminality in Fin-de-Siecle Paris
C6498: SHARP, EVELYN - Rebel Women:
A14235: SHARP, THOMAS; GIBBERD, FREDERICK & HOLFORD, W - Design in Town and Village:
C10666: SHARPE, SUE - 'Just Like a Girl': How Girls Learn to be Women
F8464: SHASTID, JACK AND ROACH, GERALDINE M - The Bullmastiff: Peerless Protector
C753: SHAW, MARION, ED - Man Does, Woman Is: an Anthology of Work and Gender
A2903: SHAW, FRANK & JOAN - We Remember Dunkirk: Over 100 Personal Accounts
A3117: SHAW, A.G.L - The Story of Australia:
A5235: SHAW, JENNY - Intellectual Property, Representative Experience and Mass-Observation:
A14092: SHAW, JENNY - Education, Gender and Anxiety:
A14225: SHAXBY, W. J - The Case Against Picketing:
C6069: SHELDRICK, HELEN M - Pioneer Women Teachers of Connecticut, 1767-1970: Two Hundred Years of Creative Service
C2308: SHELLEY, MARY - Maurice: or the Fisher's Cot
C12277: SHELLEY, MARY - Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus
A14951: SHEPARD, LESLIE - The Broadside Ballad: A Study in Origins and Meaning
A5624: SHEPHEARD-WALWYN, CLEMENT CARUS-WILSON - Henry and Margaret Jane Shepheard: Memorials of a Father and Mother
A14396: SHEPHERD, R. G - Gathered Leaves:
A14438: SHEPHERD, R. G - In the Country:
A14601: SHEPHERD, GEORGE H - A Short History of the British School of Painting:
C5912: SHERIDAN, DOROTHY, ED - Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology of Women's Writing, 1937 - 1945
C1657: SHERIDAN, DOROTHY, ED - Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology
C8943: SHERIDAN, DOROTHY, ED - Among You Taking Notes: The Wartime Diary of Naomi Mitchison, 1939-1945
C12624: SHERIDAN, DOROTHY, ED - Wartime Women: A Mass-Observation Anthology: The Experiences of Women at War
C15498: SHERMAN, JANAAN - Walking On Air: The Aerial Adventures of Phoebe Omlie
A14909: SHERRILL, CHARLES H - Mosaics in Italy, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, and Greece:
A5670: SHEWELL-COOPER, W. E - The Royal Gardeners: King George VI and His Queen
F10281: SHIELS, TONY 'DOC' - Monstrum!: A Wizard's Tale. Introduction by Colin Wilson
A11046: SHIPMAN, DAVID - Cinema: The First Hundred Years
C15460: SHIPTON, ELISABETH - Female Tommies: the Frontline Women of the First World War
C463: SHONFIELD, ZUZANNA - The Precariously Privileged: A Professional Family in Victorian London
A14042: SHORT, BASIL AND SALES, JOHN - The Book of Bridport:
C436: SHORTER, E - The Making of the Modern Family:
C13708: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Inventing: Claiming a Feminist Intellectual Heritage
A6512: SHOWLER, BRIAN & SINFIELD, ADRIAN, EDS - The Workless State: Studies in Unemployment
A9573: SHRAPNEL, NORMAN - The Seventies: Britain's Inward March
A13824: SHRIVER, WILLIAM P - Immigrant Forces: Factors in the New Democracy
A6622: SHTURMAN, DORA - The Soviet Secondary School:
A10578: SHUMPETER, J. A - Capitalism and Democracy:
A964: SHUTTLEWORTH, J.K - Thoughts and Suggestions on Certain Social Problems: Contained Chiefly in Addresses to Meetings of Workmen in Lancashire
G12228: SIBBETT, ED., JR - Art Nouveau: Stained Glass Pattern Book
A12200: SILBERSTON, D. M - Youth in a Technical Age: A Study of Day Release
A2891: SILKIN, JON, ED - First World War Poetry:
A341: SILVER, ERIC - Victor Feather, T.U.C:
A2207: SILVER, HAROLD - English Education and the Radicals, 1780-1850:
C2765: SILVER, R & BRANDENBURGER, CAROLINE - Establishment Wives:
A2261: SILVER, PAMELA & HAROLD - The Education of the Poor: the History of a National School, 1824-1974
A11903: SILVER, HAROLD - Education and the Social Condition:
C9343: SILVERSTONE, ROSALIE AND WARD, AUDREY, EDS - Careers of Professional Women:
C15010: SIMEONE, ANGELA - Academic Women: Working Towards Equality
A12067: SIMMONS, JACK - Parish and Empire: Studies and Sketches
A14236: SIMMONS, JACK - Life in Victorian Leicester:
A692: SIMON, BRIAN - Education & the Labour Movement, 1870-1920:
A1964: SIMON, JOHN - Three Speeches on the General Strike:
A4069: SIMON, E.D - The Anti-Slum Campaign:
A5298: SIMON, ROBERT B - From Sacred to Sensual: Italian Paintings, 1400-1750
C6084: SIMON, SIR JOHN - Portrait of My Mother:
C13281: SIMON, RITA J. AND DANZIGER, GLORIA - Women's Movements in America: Their Successes, Disappointments and Aspirations
A14217: SIMON, BRIAN - Does Education Matter?:
C15485: SIMPSON, PATRICIA - Marguerite Bourgeoys and Montreal, 1640-1665:
A14055: SIMPSON, M. A. AND LLOYD, T. H., EDS - Middle Class Housing in Britain:
A14632: SINCLAIR, GEORGINA - At the End of the Line: Colonial Policing and the Imperial Endgame 1945 - 80
A10039: SINCLAIR, J. B AND FENN, R. W. D - Just the Right Man: John Richard Worthington Poole-Hughes, 1916-1988: Bishop of South West Tanganyika, 1962-1974, and Bishop of Llandaff 1975-1985
A13057: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - The Better Half: The Emancipation of the American Woman
A5741: SINEL, LESLIE - Swastika Over Jersey: An Outline of the German Occupation and the Liberation of the Island
C15458: SINGER, DOROTHEA WALEY - Margrieta Beer, 1871 - 1951:
A7919: SINGH, B. P - The Problem of Change: A Study of North-East India
A13404: SISLIAN, JACK, ED - Representative Sadleriana: Sir Michael Sadler (1861-1943) on English, French, German and American Schools and Society - A Perennial Reader for Academics and the General Public
A15536: SISMAN, ADAM - Hugh Trevor-Roper: The Biography
A9080: SIVITER, ROGER - The Settle to Carlisle: A Tribute
A10055: SKELTON, ROBIN - Begging the Dialect: Poems and Ballads
A11857: SKELTON, ROBIN - J. M. Synge and his World:
A10688: SKIDELSKY, ROBERT - Interests and Obsessions: Historical Essays
C7994: SKLAR, KATHRYN KISH - Florence Kelley & the Nation's Work: The Rise of Women's Political Culture, 1830-1900
C13269: SKLAR, KATHRYN KISH, ED - The Autobiography of Florence Kelley: Notes of Sixty Years
A10168: SKOPP, DOUGLAS RICHARD - The Mission of the Volksschule: Political Tendencies in German Primary Education, 1840-1870
A11317: SKRUBBELTRANG, FRIDLEV - The Danish Folk High Schools:
A14198: SLACK, ROY - Advertising the Classics: For Descant Recorder. Book 2
C4929: SLATER, CATHERINE PONTON - Margaret Pow in Foreign Parts:
A13977: SLOCUM, VICTOR - Capt Joshua Slocum: The Adventures of America's Best Known Sailor
A14077: SMART, RICHARD - Trees and Woodlands of Cheshire: a History and Guide
C6011: SMART, CAROL, ED - Regulating Womanhood: Historical Essays on Marriage, Motherhood and Sexuality
A1477: SMILES, SAMUEL - Character:
C3455: SMITH, CHARLOTTE - The Young Philosopher:
A14952: SMITH, CAPTAIN ALEXANDER - A Complete History of the Lives and Robberies of the Most Notorious Highwaymen: Footpads, Shoplifts and Cheats of Both Sexes
C2053: SMITH, CLIFFORD P - Sketches from the Life of Mary Baker Eddy and the History of Christian Science:
F5529: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Fresh Watercolour: Bring Light and Life to Your Painting
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A13347: WOLOCH, ISSER, ED - The Peasantry in the Old Regime: Conditions and Protests
C12699: WOLPE, ANNE-MARIE - Some Processes in Sexist Education:
A15041: FABIAN WOMEN'S GROUP, - Summary of Six Papers and Discussions Upon the Disabilities of Women As Workers:
A11942: HAMPSHIRE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUT, - Hampshire: Within Living Memory
A9821: DALE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE, - Dale: An Illustrated History
A14912: MEMBERS OF THE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE, - History of Mobberley Village:
C8808: WOMEN'S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION, REPLICA BADGE (SUFFRAGETTES) - Sowing the Seeds of Suffrage: Modern Reproduction Suffragette Badge in Enamel
C9537: WOMEN'S STUDIES COLLECTIVE, HUNTER COLLEGE - Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's Studies
C10612: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S STUDIES, - The European Journal of Women's Studies: Volume 3, Issue 4
C2324: WOOD, ETHEL M - The Pilgrimage of Perseverance:
A6602: WOOD, ETHEL M - A History of the Polytechnic:
C6358: WOODFORDE, JOHN - The Strange Story of False Hair:
C15479: WOODHOUSE, A. E., ED - Tales of Pioneer Women:
C13715: WOODHOUSE, ANNIE - Fantastic Women: Sex, Gender and Transvestism
G13104: WOODS, PAMELA - Flowers from Fabrics:
A3521: WOODWARD, D.M - The Trade of Elizabethan Chester:
A11467: WOODWARD, JOHN - To Do The Sick No Harm: A Study of the British Voluntary Hospital System to 1875
A12105: WOODWARD, SIR LLEWELLYN - The Age of Reform, 1815-1870:
C13671: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Orlando:
A6370: WOOTTON, BARBARA - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy: a Study of Contemporary British Wage and Salary Structure
A7961: WOOTTON, GRAHAM - Workers, Unions and the State:
C8864: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY - Illustrated Lakeland Journals: Complete Edition
A2770: WORK, THOMAS S. & ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy:
A13838: WORRALL, ELDON - Precious Vessels: 2000 Years of Chinese Pottery
A3220: WORSWICK, G. D. N. & ADY, P.H. EDS - The British Economy, 1945-1950:
A12540: WORTHERN, JOHN - D.H. Lawrence: The Early Years 1885-1912
A12769: WRENN, C.L., ED - Beowulf: With the Finnesburg Fragment
A15131: WRIGHT, THOMAS - The Romance of the Lace Pillow: Being The History Of Lace-Making In Bucks, Beds, Northants And Neighbouring Counties, Together With Some Account Of The Lace Industries of Devon And Ireland
A10104: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY - Our Club: Being a Short Sketch of the Boys' Club in the Canongate
A928: WRIGLEY, C.J., ED - The Working Classes in the Victorian Age: Debates on the Issue from 19th Century Critical Journals
A5388: WRIGLEY, E.A - Industrial Growth and Population Change: a Regional Study of the Coalfield Areas of North-West Europe in the Later Nineteenth Century
A14066: WRIGLEY, AMMON - Those Were the Days:
C14161: WRIGLEY, JULIA, ED - Education and Gender Equality:
A14932: WYATT, CHARLES HENRY - Gardening for Children and Others:
C7041: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife:
A10619: WYLD, ANDREW - English Watercolours, Drawings and Oil Paintings: From Gainsborough to Turner
A7161: WYNIA, GARY W - The Politics of Latin American Development:
C7023: XINRAN, - The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
C13651: YALOM, MARILYN - A History of the Wife:
A1866: YARWOOD, DEREK - Outrages - Fatal & Other: A Chronicle of Cheshire Crime, 1612-1912
A14285: YATES, S. A. THOMPSON - Notes, Mainly Concerning Painted Windows: Made During a Journey in Italy and Switzerland with my brother, Edw. P. Thompson, February 15 to May 5, 1898
A15204: YEO, STEPHEN - Religion and Voluntary Organisations in Crisis:
A13887: YEO, GEOFFREY, ED - The British Overseas: A Guide to Records of their Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Burials, Available in the United Kingdom
C3743: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Caged Lion:
C6066: YONGE, CHARLOTTE - The Prince and the Page: A Story of the Last Crusade
C6102: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - Chaplet of Pearls:
C6354: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Dove in the Eagle's Nest:
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C13692: YONGE, CHARLOTTE - The Clever Woman of the Family:
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A11002: YOUNG, MARY BLAMIRE - Richard Wilton: A Forgotten Victorian
A13179: YOUNG, G. M. ED - Early Victorian England, 1830-1865: Volume 1
A4925: YOUNGSON, A. J - Urban Development and the Royal Fine Arts Commissions:
A2313: ZACZEK, IAIN - Essential William Morris:
A2989: ZAGORIN, PEREZ - The Court and the Country: the Beginning of the English Revolution
C965: ZAHAVA, IRENE, ED - Feminism: the Third Generation in Fiction
C8561: ZANJANI, SALLY - A Mine of her Own: Women Prospectors in the American West, 1850-1950
A12735: ZENTNER, PETER - Social Democracy in Britain: Must Labour Lose?
C13062: ZIEGER, ROBERT H - American Workers, American Unions:
A9576: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - London at War, 1939-1945:
C15525: ZWEIG, F - Women's Life and Labour:

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