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A13196: DAVIS, LANCE E AND CULL, ROBERT J - International Capital Markets and American Economic Growth, 1820-1914:
A13554: DAVIS, RICHARD - The English Rothschilds:
A11117: DAVY, M. J. B - Henson and Stringfellow: Their Work in Aeronautics: The History of a Stage in the Development of Mechanical Flight, 1840-1868
A3136: DAWES, FRANK VICTOR - Not in Front of the Servants: A True Portrait of Upstairs, Downstairs Life
C7793: DAWLEY, ALAN - Class and Community: The Industrial Revolution in Lynn
H14307: DAWSON, KEITH AND WALL, PETER - Public Health and Housing:
A2713: O'DAY, ROSEMARY - The Family and Family Relationships: England, France & the United States of America
A15394: DAY, LEWIS F. - Enamelling: A Comparative Account of the Development and Practice of the Art
A14027: O'DAY, ALAN, EDITOR. (HUGH HENRICK) - A Survey of the Irish in England (1872):
A14215: DAY, JOHN - The Bosch Book of the Motor Car: its Evolution and Engineering Development
A14957: DAY, C. J - Modern Oxford: a History of the City from 1771
A14734: DAY, LEWIS F - Stained Glass:
C7182: DAYUS, KATHLEEN - All My Days:
A9468: DEACON, BOB, ET AL - The New Eastern Europe: Social Policy, Past, Present and Future
A15222: DEAKIN, NICHOLAS, ED - Colour and the British Electorate, 1964: Six Case Studies
A15215: DEAN, BRENDA - Hot Mettle: Sogat, Murdoch and Me
A7077: DEAN, DAVID - The Thirties: Recalling the English Architectural Scene:
C11099: DEAN, K. A., CONTEH-MORGAN M. AND BRACKEN J.K - The Undergraduate Companion to Women Writers and their Websites:
A11189: DEARDON, TOM - Deardon in Retrospect, 1970-1991:
A2343: DEBO, ANGIE - A History of the Indians of the United States:
A8684: DEEDES, W. F - Dear Bill: W.F.Deedes Reports
A14154: DEEM, ROSEMARY - Work, Unemployment and Leisure:
A14579: MINISTER OF NATIONAL DEFENCE, - The Canadian Army at War: Canada's Battle in Normandy, 6th June - 1 September 1944
A3121: DEIGHTON, K - Coverley Papers From The Spectator:
C7623: DELAMONT, SARA - The Sociology of Women: An Introduction
A12605: DELAMONT, SARA, ED - The Primary School Teacher:
A12835: DELANY, SHEILA - Medieval Literary Politics: Shapes of Ideology
A7434: DELISLE, FRANCOISE - The Return of Havelock Ellis: Or, Limbo or the Dove?
A10571: DEMERATH III, N. J AND PETERSON, RICHARD A - System, Change and Conflict: A Reader on Contemporary Sociological Theory and the Debate over Functionalism
A14831: DEMMIN, AUGUSTE - Weapons of War: Being a History of Arms and Armour From The Earliest Period To The Present Time
C4613: DEMOS, JOHN & BOOCOCK, SARANE SPENCE, EDS - Turning Points: Historical and Sociological Essays on the Family
C9952: DENCH, GEOFF, ED - Grandmothers of the Revolution:
A14879: DENNY, PETER - Buckingham Great Central: 25 Years of Railway Modelling
A5998: DENTON, J. H. AND DOOLEY, J. P - Representatives of the Lower Clergy in Parliament, 1295-1340:
A7169: DENVIR, BERNARD, ED - The Impressionists at First Hand:
A7704: COTTON BOARD RECRUITMENT & TRAINING DEPT, - Education and Training for the Cotton and Rayon Industry: Papers and Dicussions at a Conference in Manchester in September 1946 Organized by the Cotton Board With the Collaboration of the British Rayon Federation, the Textile Institute and the Textile Teachers' Association
A9773: DERRY, T. K. AND JARMAN, T. L - Modern Britain: Life and Work through Two Centuries of Change
C13645: DESALVO, LOUISE - Virginia Woolf: The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on her Life and Work
C6817: DESPARD, MRS M.C. (CHARLOTTE) - Chaste as Ice, Pure as Snow: a Novel
C15171: DESPARD, ANNABELLE, ED - A Woman's Place: Women, Domesticity and Private Life
C4577: DEVAS, NICOLETTE - Susannah's Nightingales:
A14157: DEVAULT, ILEEN A - Sons and Daughters of Labor: Class and Clerical Work in Turn-of-the-Century Pittsburgh
A11469: DEVINE, T. M AND MITCHISON, R., EDS - People and Society in Scotland: Volume 1, 1760-1830
C1335: DEX, SHIRLEY & SHAW, LOIS B - British and American Women at Work: Do Equal Opportunities Policies Matter?
Z15143: DICKENS, MARY ANGELA - Stories of Children from Dickens: by his Grand-daughter and Others
A264: DIGBY, ANNE - Pauper Palaces:
A14618: DIGBY, GEORGE WINGFIELD - French Tapestries from the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries:
A12252: DILLMONT, THERESE DE - Encylopedia of Needlework:
A14220: DILLON, T., ED - British Historical Documents, 1815 - 70:
A12953: DIMBLEBY, DAVID AND REYNOLDS, DAVID - Oceans Apart: The Relationship Between Britain and America in the Twentieth Century
A14185: DIMBLEBY, DAVID - A Picture of Britain:
A12711: DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD AND COPLE JAHR, FREDERICK - The Aliens: A History of Ethnic Minorities in America
A12859: DINSHAW, CAROLYN - Chaucer's Sexual Poetics:
A10425: DINWIDDY, J. R - Chartism:
H13770: DITLEVSEN, TOVE - Early Spring:
A6992: DITTMER, LOWELL - China Under Reform:
C6840: DIVER, MAUD - Candles in the Wind:
A13411: DIX, BERNARD AND WILLIAMS, STEPHEN - Serving the Public: Building the Union: The History of the National Union of Public Employees. Volume 1: The Forerunners 1889-1928
C1291: DIXON, RUTH B - Rural Women at Work: Strategies for Development in South Asia
A15138: DIXON, JOHN AND JARVINEN, J - Historic Walks Around Bleasdale:
A14238: DIXON, CHARLES - British Sea Birds:
A14009: DOCHERTY, MARY - A Miner's Lass: Memoires
A14168: DODGE, MARY MAPES - Hans Brinker: or, the Silver Skates
Z15244: DOHERTY, W. T - Liverpool Constitutional Assocation: Centenary Souvenir, 1848 - 1948
A13813: DOMAR, EVSEY D - Capitalism, Socialism and Serfdom:
A11220: CENTRE D'INVESTIGACIO HISTORICA DONA, - Duoda: Papers de Treball
A15376: DONAHAYE, JASMINE - Whose People?: Wales, Israel, Palestine
A13330: DONALD, JOYCE - The Letters of Thomas Hayton: Vicar of Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. 1821 - 1887
A11959: DONALDSON, FRANCES - Freddy Lonsdale:
J11986: DONALDSON, CHRISTINE - Patchwork Baby: Original Patchwork and Quilted Designs
C10665: DONNELLY, PETER, ED - Mrs Millburn's Diaries: An Englishwoman's Day-to-Day Reflections, 1939-45
C15353: DOODY, MARGARET ANNE - Frances Burney: The Life in the Works
A10937: DOOLEY, DOLORES - Equality in Community: Sexual Equality in the Writings of William Thompson and Anna Doyle Wheeler
A14668: DORE, R. N - Beeston Castle In The Great Civil War 1643-46:
C2588: DORR, RHETA CHILDE - What Eight Million Women Want:
A8564: DOUGHTY, MARTIN, ED - Building the Industrial City:
A12213: DOUGLAS, M. A. AND ASH, C. R - The Godophin School, 1726-1926:
C12591: DOUGLAS, CAROL ANNE - Love & Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories
A14497: DOUGLAS, R.M - Architects of the Resurrection: Ailtiri na HAiserghe and the Fascist 'New Order' in Ireland
A6204: DOUGLASS, FREDERICK - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass:
A13943: DOUST, L. A - How To Sketch From Life:
A11943: DOW, J.C.R - The Management of the British Economy, 1945-60:
A5841: DOWN, MICHAEL - Archie: A Biography of A. C. MacLaren
A13786: DOWN, ARTHUR, EDITOR - A Short Biography of Thomas John Down:
A12341: DOWNES, DAVID ANTHONY - Ruskin's Landscape of Beatitude:
A10005: DRABBLE, MARGARET, ED - The Genius of Thomas Hardy:
C393: DRAKE, BARBARA - Women in Trade Unions:
A533: DRAKE, MICHAEL, ED - Applied Historical Studies: an Introductory Reader
C11304: DRIVER, EMILY AND DROISEN, AUDREY, EDS - Child Sexual Abuse: Feminist Perspectives
C13334: DRONKE, PETER - Women Writers of the Middle Ages: A Critical Study of Texts from Perpetua (203) to Marguerite Porete (1310)
A13110: DRUMMOND, JAMES - Upstairs to Downstairs: Advice to Servant Girls and Weary Mothers. Extracts from the Magazine of the Onward and Upward Association
C10028: DRYSDALE, ANN - A Pig in a Passage:
C9246: DUBINSKY, KAREN - The Second Greatest Disappointment:
A12566: DUBOFSKY, MELVYN - Industrialism and the American Worker, 1865-1920:
C5579: DUBOIS, ELLEN CAROL - Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage:
C9280: DUBOIS, ELLEN CAROL AND RUIZ, VICKI L., EDS - Unequal Sisters: A Multi-Cultural Reader in US Women's History
C12356: DUBOIS, ELLEN CAROL - Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America, 1848-1869
B3237: DUBY, GEORGES - Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West:
C12763: DUBY, GEORGES - Women of the Twelfth Century: Volume Three: Eve and the Church
A14327: DUBY, GEORGES - The Knight, the Lady and the Priest: The Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France
C5602: DUCHEN, C., & BANDHAUER-SCHOFFMAN, I., EDS - When the War was Over: Women, War and Peace in Europe, 1940-1956
A7275: DUCKWORTH, JAMES - A Trip Around the World:
A9693: DUERDEN, DENNIS - African Art:
A13191: DUFF, DAVID - Punch on Children: A Panorama, 1845-1865
A12872: DUGGAN, JOSEPH J - A Guide to Studies on the Chanson du Roland:
C12604: DUNBAR, JANET - The Early Victorian Woman: Some Aspects of her Life (1837-57)
C2184: DUNCKER, PATRICIA - Sisters and Strangers: an Introduction to Contemporary Feminist Fiction
H13029: DUNCKER, PATRICIA - Miss Webster and Cherif:
C2144: DUNLAP, PATRICIA RILEY - Riding Astride: the Frontier in Women's History
A14280: DUNN, HENRY TREFFRY - Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his Circle: Cheyne Walk Life
A11299: DURKHEIM, EMILE - Suicide: A Study in Sociology
A11439: DURKHEIM, EMILE - The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life:
A12358: DUTHIE, ENID L - The Foreign Vision of Charlotte Bronte:
A14249: MINI MASTERMINDS DVD, - Mini Masterminds DVD: Discover Dolphins
C8957: DWORKIN, ANDREA - Letters from a War Zone: Writings, 1976 - 1987
A14246: DWYER, BERNARD - But That's Another Story: Collected Writings of Roscommon Man
A8683: DYER, COLIN - Population and Society in Twentieth Century France:
C1559: DYHOUSE, CAROL - Girls Growing Up in Late Victorian and Edwardian England:
C5789: DYHOUSE, CAROL - Feminism and the Family in England, 1880-1939:
C15089: DYHOUSE, CAROL - Glamour: Women, History, Feminism
A4710: DYMENT, CLIFFORD - The Railway Game: an Early Autobiography
A266: DYOS, H.J., ED - The Study of Urban History: The Proceedings of an International Round Table Conference of the Urban History Group at Gilbert Murray Hall, University of Leicester, Sept. 1966
A687: DYSON, A.E. & LOVELOCK, JULIAN, EDS - Education and Democracy:
A11671: EADE, CHARLES, ED - Churchill: By His Contemporaries
A10700: EARLE, ALICE MORSE - The Sabbath in Puritan New England:
A11266: EARLE, PETER - The World of Defoe:
A14561: EAST, HARRY - Cricket is For Fun: A Second Innings from Yorkshire's Golden Age
C6262: EASTWOOD, G. F - Queen Elizabeth's: A New History of the Ancient Grammar School of Blackburn
A811: EATWELL, ROGER - The 1945-1951 Labour Governments:
A11853: ECKFORD, E. STODDART AND FITZGERALD, M. S - Household Management: A Handbook of Domestic Economy and Hygiene
A11312: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMISTS, - Proceedings of the First International Conference of Agricultural Economists: Held at Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, England, August 26 to September 6 1929
A10126: EDEL, LEON, ED - Edmund Wilson: The Fifties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period
A13850: EDEN, FREDERIC MORTON - The State of the Poor: or, an History of the Labouring Classes in England from the Conquest to the Present Period
C8622: EDGEWORTH, MARIA - Popular Tales:
A1520: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, - Health Education: A Handbook of Suggestions for the Consideration of Teachers and Others Concerned in the Health and Education of Children and Young People
C15097: COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL ON EDUCATION, - Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, With Appendices. 1840 - 41:
C8967: EDWARDIAN-STYLED MODERN BROOCH, IN SUFFRAGETTE COLOURS - Crystal Flower Design Brooch: in Purple, White and Green
C15332: EDWARDS, LOUISE AND ROCES MINA EDS - Women's Suffrage in Asia:
C5964: EDWARDS, AMELIA - Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys: A Midsummer Ramble in the Dolomites
A11867: EDWARDS, H. J - The Evening Institute: Its Place in the Educational System of England and Wales
A15024: EDWARDS, RALPH - A History of the English Chair:
A14087: EDWARDS, ROSALIND - Mature Women Students: Separating or Connecting Family and Education
A14165: EDWARDS, OWEN DUDLEY - Eamon De Valera:
A14783: EDWARDS, AARON - A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party: Democratic Socialism and Sectarianism
C15080: EDWARDS, ELIZABETH - Women in Teacher Training Colleges, 1900 - 1960: a Culture of Femininity
F4606: EGAN, FELIM - The Contemporary Hieroglyph: Exhibition at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 27th April to 15th May 1990
C15095: EGER, ELIZABETH AND PELTZ, LUCY - Brilliant Women: 18th-Century Bluestockings
C14978: EGGINS, HEATHER, ED - Women as Leaders and Managers in Higher Education:
A12630: EGGLESTON, JOHN, ED - Teacher Decision-Making in the Classroom: A Collection of Papers
C13215: EHRENREICH, BARBARA AND ENGLISH, DEIRDRE - Complaints and Disorders: the Sexual Politics of Sickness
C13265: EHRENREICH, BARBARA, HESS, E., AND JACOBS, GLORIA - Re-Making Love: The Feminization of Sex
A14357: EINHORN, BARBARA - Cinderella Goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender and Women's Movements in East Central Europe
C8571: EISENSTEIN, HESTER - Gender Shock: Practising Feminism on Two Continents
A12665: EISSLER, M - The Cyanide Process for the Extraction of Gold: And Its Practical Application on the Witwatersrand Gold Fields in South Africa
A11085: ELAM, ADA M - The Status of Blacks in Higher Education:
C15365: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - The Works of Charlotte Elizabeth. Vol I: With an Introduction by Mrs H. B. Stowe
C5103: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - The Works of Charlotte Elizabeth: Passing Thoughts; Falsehood and Truth
C15364: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - The Works of Charlotte Elizabeth. Vol II: With an introduction by Mrs H. B. Stowe
A14129: ELLACOTT, S.E - The Seaman: Book 1: Illustrated by the Author
C9678: ELLIOT, FAITH ROBERTSON - The Family: Change or Continuity:
A11916: ELLIOT, G.D. AND BOND, J. A - Practical Ironmaking:
A13063: ELLIS, MONICA, ED - Water and Wind Mills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight:
A14920: ELLIS, CHRIS - Practical Model Trains:
A5100: ELLISON, PETER & HOWE, PAULETTE - Talk of the Wash House: 150 Years of Public Health
A14501: ELLISON, NORMAN - The Wirral Peninsula:
C15343: ELLSWORTH, EDWARD W. - Liberators of the Female Mind: The Shirreff Sisters, Educational Reform and the Women's Movement
C3758: ELSHTAIN, JEAN BETHKE - Women and War:
C13686: ELSHTAIN, JEAN BETHKE - Public Man, Private Woman: Women in Social and Political Thought
A12303: ELSTON, FRANK - Organized Games: For the School, The Hall, or the Playground
C6755: ELWES, RICHARD - First Poems:
A10601: THE EMBROIDERERS' GUILD, - Canvas Work:
A10602: THE EMBROIDERERS' GUILD, - Altar Frontals:
J14558: EMERY, JANE - Rose Macaulay: a Writer's Life
A14182: DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT, - Time Rates of Wages and Hours of Work: 1st April 1971
A3946: EMSLEY, CLIVE; MARWICK, ARTHUR; & SIMPSON, WENDY - War, Peace and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Europe:
A829: EMSLEY, CLIVE - Crime and Society in England, 1750-1900:
A7854: EMSLEY, CLIVE AND WALVIN, JAMES, EDS - Artisans, Peasants and Proletarians, 1760 - 1860:
C8508: ENAMEL REPRODUCTION SUFFRAGETTE BADGE, WSPU INTERTWINED INSIGNIA - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: Intertwined Insignia in White Green and Gold
C8952: ENAMEL REPRODUCTION SUFFRAGETTE BADGE, WSPU SHIELD [CHEVRON] - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: WSPU Shield [Chevron] in Purple, Green and White
C8954: ENAMEL REPRODUCTION SUFFRAGETTE BADGE, WSPU LOYAL SERVICE 1913 - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: Loyal Service, WSPU, 1913. Deeds Not Words
A14802: ENGELBACH, R - The Problem of the Obelisks: from a Study of the Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan
A14197: ENGLAND, JOE, EDITOR - Changing Lives: Workers' Education in Wales, 1907 - 2007
A10079: ENNIS, GEORGE PEARSE - Making a Water-Colour:
C5721: ENOCK, ESTHER E - Frances Ridley Havergal: The Christian Poetess
A11832: EREIRA, ALAN - The People's England:
A15067: ESHER, REGINALD VISCOUNT - The Tragedy of Lord Kitchener:
A8522: L'ESPERANCE, JEANNE - The Widening Sphere: Women in Canada 1870-1940
C130: EVANS, MARY, ED - The Woman Question:
A5628: EVANS, W. GARETH - Educational Development in a Victorian Community: A Case Study of Camarthenshire's Response to the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889
C9139: EVANS, MARY AND UNGERSON, CLARE, EDS - Sexual Divisions: Patterns and Processes
A9538: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Spoken History:
A12023: EVANS, E. W - Mabon: (William Abraham 1842-1922): A Study in Trade Union Leadership
A12147: EVANS, ERIC J - Political Parties in Britain, 1783-1867:
C12444: EVANS, W. GARETH - Education and Female Emancipation: The Welsh Experience, 1847-1914
C11116: EVELYN, JOHN - The Life of Margaret Godolphin:
A13892: EVERETT-HEATH, E. J.; MOSS, G. M.; MOWAT, A.; REID, K - Military Helicopters:
C14018: VAN EVERY, JO - Heterosexual Women Changing the Family: Refusing to Be a Wife
A15135: EWBANK, INGA-STINA; LAUSUND, OLAV; TYSDAHL, B - Anglo-Scandinavian Cross-Currents:
A5050: EWING, A. F. - Industry in Africa:
A5011: EXLEY, RICHARD AND HELEN - Grandmas and Grandpas: A Gift Book Written by Grandchildren for their Grandparents
A13452: EXWOOD, MAURICE AND LEHMANN, H. L., EDS - The Journal of William Shellinks' Travels in England, 1661-1663:
A2554: EYKEN, WILLEM VAN DER, ED - Education, the Child and Society: a Documentary History, 1900 - 1973
C15361: EYLES, LEONORA - Unmarried But Happy:
F5353: FAIRBAIRN, W.A - Some Game Birds of West Africa:
C486: FAIRFAX-LUCY, ALICE - Mistress of Charlecote: The Memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy, 1803-1889
G14297: FAIRFIELD, HELEN - Patchwork: Over 20 New and Original Projects for You to Make
C3628: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The Grey Brethren:
A11509: FAITH, NICHOLAS - The World The Railways Made:
A13746: FAITHFULL, EMILY - Three Visits to America:
A12744: FALK, BERNARD - He Laughed in Fleet Street:
C9721: FALUDI, SUSAN - Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women
A11524: FANG, HSIEN-T'ING - The Triumph of the Factory System in England:
C6574: FARAGHER, JOHN MACK AND HOWE, FLORENCE, EDS - Women and Higher Education in American History: Essays from the Mount Holyoke College Sesquicentennial Symposia
A1311: FARMAN, CHRISTOPHER - The General Strike, May 1926:
A13907: FARWELL, BYRON - The Great Boer War:
H11713: FASTNEDGE, RALPH - English Furniture Styles, from 1500-1830:
A10174: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - The Fatal Englishman: Three Short Lives
C1846: FAURE, CHRISTINE - Democracy Without Women: Feminism and the Rise of Liberal Individualism in France
C5097: FAWCETT, MILLICENT GARRETT - Women's Suffrage: a Short History of a Great Movement
C5334: FAWCETT, MILLICENT AND TURNER, E. M - Josephine Butler: her Work and Principles and their Meaning for the Twentieth Century
C6951: FAWCETT, MILLICENT GARRETT - Political Economy for Beginners:
C7544: FAWCETT, HENRY AND MILLICENT GARRETT - The Works of Henry and Millicent Fawcett, 1863-1924:
A14427: FAWCETT, MILLICENT G. AND TURNER, E. M - Josephine Butler: her Work and Principles and their Meaning for the Twentieth Century
J13121: FAZAKERLEY, G.R - Window Display:
A10226: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet
A10464: FEINSTEIN, CHARLES, ED - The Managed Economy: Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance since 1929
A1360: FEINSTEIN, C.H., ED - York, 1831-1981: 150 Years of Scientific Endeavour and Social Change
A14997: FELKIN, WILLIAM AND CHAPMAN, STANLEY D - Felkin's History of the Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufactures:
A15208: FELSTEAD, ALAN AND JEWSON, NICK - In Work, At Home: Towards an Understanding of Homeworking
A9136: FEMINIST REVIEW, ED, - Waged Work: A Reader
A2351: FERGUSON, JOHN, ED - Christianity, Society and Education:
A6533: FERNS, H S AND WATKINS, K W - What Politics is About:
A11210: FERRA, BARTOMEU - Chopin and George Sand in the Cartuja de Valldemosa:
C1415: FERRIER, SUSAN - Marriage:
A2079: FERRIS, PAUL - Sex and the British: a Twentieth-Century History
A11005: FEUCHTWANGER, E. J - Gladstone:
A3728: FFINCH, MICHAEL - Gilbert and Sullivan:
A5317: FIDO, MARTIN - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
C7119: FIELD, JEAN - She Dyed About Midnight: The Story of Landor House, Eastgate and the Cottages in Smith Street, Warwick
A7121: FIELD, JEAN - Kings of Warwick:
A7147: FIELD, JEAN - Landor: A Biography of Walter Savage Landor
C7148: FIELD, JEAN - Mary Dormer Harris: The Life and Works of a Warwickshire Historian
C9028: FIELD, JEAN - Whitnash:
J11635: FIELD, JUNE - Creative Patchwork: An Introduction to Patchwork and Quilting.
A12927: FIELD, FRANK - The Minimum Wage: Its Potential and Dangers
A268: FIENBURGH, WILFRED - 25 Momentous Years, 1930-1955: A 25th Anniversary in the History of the Daily Herald
H14309: FIGES, EVA - Sex and Subterfuge: Women Writers to 1850
C3580: FILBEE, MARJORIE - A Woman's Place: an Illustrated History of Women at Home, From the Roman Villa to the Victorian Town House
A4487: FILBY, P. WILLIAM & NEMEH, KATHERINE H., EDS - Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: A Guide to Published Records of More Than 3,806,000 Immigrants Who Came to the New World Between the Sixteenth and the Mid-Twentieth Centuries
G12238: FIMO, - Fimo: Brilliantly Coloured Material for Creative Modelling
A13507: FINBERG, H.P.R - Roman and Saxon Withington: A Study in Continuity
A9354: FINCH, EDITH - Carey Thomas of Bryn Mawr:
A6073: FINER, S. E - Anonymous Empire: A Study of the Lobby in Great Britain
C2420: FINNEGAN, FRANCES - Poverty and Prostitution: a Study of Victorian Prostitutes in York
A9679: FINNEY, BRIAN - The Inner I: British Literary Autobiography of the Twentieth Century
C5987: FIORENZA, MARY AND EDMONDS, MICHAEL - Women's History Resources at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin:
C4077: FIRMAGER, GABRIELLE M., ED - Eliza Haywood: the Female Spectator: Selections
A10610: FIRTH, GARY - Victorian Yorkshire at Play: A Pictorial History of Yorkshire Sport and Pastimes
A9771: FISCHER, ERNST - Marx in his Own Words:
A4731: FISHER, DAVID - The War Magician: How Jasper Maskelyne and his Magic Gang Altered the Course of World War II
F6158: FISHER, JOHN - Body Magic: Illustrated by Derek Lucas
C13601: FISHER, KATE - Birth Control, Sex, and Marriage in Britain, 1918 - 1960:
C15101: FISHER, DOROTHY CANFIELD - A Montessori Mother:
A7062: FISHWICK, HENRY, ED - Lancashire and Cheshire Church Surveys, 1649 - 1655: In Two Parts. Part I: Parochial Surveys of Lancashire. Part II: Surveys of the Lands, &c, of the Bishop and Dean and Chapter of Chester, and of the Warden and Fellows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester
C12405: FLANAGAN, LAURENCE, ED - Irish Women's Letters:
A3775: FLANDERS, ALLAN - Trade Unions:
B22: FLANDRIN, JEAN-LOUIS - Families in Former Times: Kinship, Household and Sexuality
C2323: FLETCHER, SHEILA - Feminists and Bureaucrats: a Study in the Development of Girls' Education in the Nineteenth Century
A2358: FLETCHER, RONALD, ED - John Stuart Mill: A Logical Critique of Sociology
H2364: FLETCHER, SHEILA - Victorian Girls: Lord Lyttelton's Daughters
A15159: FLETCHER, H. R - Story of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1804 - 1968:
C6593: FLETCHER, SHEILA - Women First: The Female Tradition in English Physical Education, 1880-1980
A11039: FLETCHER, RONALD - The Abolitionists: The Family and Marriage Under Attack
C11436: FLETCHER, RONALD - The Shaking of the Foundations: Family and Society
A12615: FLETCHER, WINSTON - Keeping the Vision Alive: The Story of Barnado's 1905-2005
A270: FLICK, CARLOS - The Birmingham Political Union and the Movements for Reform in Britain,1830-1839:
J12654: FLICK, PAULINE - The Doll's House Book:
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A13787: HUGHES, H.P - Mr T. J. Down's Bands: A Short History of the Origin and Development of the Orchestra and Military Band, Together with a Biography of the Late Mr. T. J. Down
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A5924: HUMPHRIES, STEPHEN - Hooligans or Rebels: An Oral History of Working-Class Childhood and Youth, 1889-1939
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A14392: HYNDMAN, H. M - Economics of Socialism: Being a Series of Seven Lectures on Political Economy
A12557: HYNES, SAMUEL - Edwardian Occasions: Essays on English Writing in the Early Twentieth Century
A2486: ICONOCLAST, - The Man of Tomorrow: J. Ramsay Macdonald
A7723: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - A Just Measure of Pain: the Penitentiary in the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850
A6537: INCE, MARTIN - Space Wars: A Graphic Guide
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A14044: JACOBS, RUTH - Organic Gardening: A Guide for Beginners
A14655: JACOBS, DIANE - Her Own Woman: the Life of Mary Wollstonecraft
A8452: JACOBSEN, JOHN KURT - Chasing Progress in the Irish Republic: Ideology, Democracy and Dependent Development
Z14704: JAFFE, NIGEL ALLENBY - Folk Dance of Europe:
A8755: JAMES, LOUIS - Fiction for the Working Man, 1830 - 50: A Study of the Literature Produced for the Working Classes in Early Victorian Urban England
A11930: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - The British Revolution: British Politics, 1880-1939
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C31: JAMESON, STORM - The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell:
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A14919: JANE, FRED T - The British Battle Fleet: Its Inception and Growth Throughout the Centuries
A12529: JANOSIK, EDWARD G - Constituency Labour Parties in Britain:
A13326: JANSEN, HARRY - The Construction of an Urban Past: Narrative and System in Urban History
C497: JANSSEN-JURREIT, MARIE-LOUISE - Sexism: the Male Monopoly on History and Thought
A5194: JAROSZEWSKI, TADEUSZ S - The Book of Warsaw Palaces:
A12889: JARRETT, BEDE - Social Theories of the Middle Ages, 1200-1500:
G10316: JAXTHEIMER, BODO W - How to Paint and Draw:
A10048: JAY, PETER - Road to Riches: or the Wealth of Man
A14359: JAY, KARLA AND GLASGOW, JOANNE - Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revisions
A15129: JEDIN, HUBERT - A History of the Council of Trent: Volume Two only
A144: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Hodge and his Masters:
A13132: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Hodge and his Masters:
A4354: JEFFERY, CHARLIE - Social Democracy in the Austrian Provinces, 1918-1934: Beyond Red Vienna
A13923: JEFFREY, E - Lake District Sketchbook:
C6517: JEFFREYS, SHEILA - The Spinster and her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality, 1880-1930
A7525: JENKIN, MICHAEL - British Industry and the North Sea: State Intervention in a Developing Industrial Sector
C973: JENKINS, INEZ - The History of the Women's Institute Movement of England and Wales:
A8086: JENKINS, T. A. ED - The Parliamentary Diaries of Sir John Trelawny, 1858-1865:
C9375: JENKINS, PETER - Mrs Thatcher's Revolution: the Ending of the Socialist Era
A10325: JENKINS, GARRY - Daniel Day-Lewis: The Fire Within
A10328: JENKINS, MICK - The General Strike of 1842:
A13852: JENKINS, J. GERAINT - The English Farm Wagon: Origins and Structure
A6421: JENNINGS, RUTH - Lofty Aims and Lowly Duties: Three Victorian Schoolmasters
C12477: JENSEN, JOAN M - One Foot on the Rockies: Women and Creativity in the Modern American West
C13165: JENSEN, JOAN M - Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750 - 1850
A2603: JEPSON, N.A - The Beginnings of English University Adult Education -- Policy and Problems: A Critical Study of the Early Oxford and Cambridge University Extension Lecture Movements between 1873 and 1907 with Special Reference to Yorkshire
A5749: JEREMY, DAVID J - Transatlantic Industrial Revolution: The Diffusion of Textile Technologies Between Britain and America, 1790-1830s
A12546: JEVONS, H. STANLEY - The British Coal Trade:
H8038: JOANNOU, MAROULA - 'Ladies, Please Don't Smash These Windows': Women's Writing, Feminist Consciousness and Social Change, 1918-38
A3502: JOHN, ANGELA V. & EUSTANCE, CLAIRE - The Men's Share?: Masculinities, Male Support and Women's Suffrage in Britain, 1890-1920
A5588: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Finishing Touches:
J11915: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Chiaroscuro: Fragments of Autobiography: First Series
A12128: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Finishing Touches:
C582: JOHNSON, GEORGE W., & LUCY A., EDS - Josephine E. Butler: an Autobiographical Memoir
A7450: JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY - Leigh Hunt:
A9819: JOHNSON, PETER, ED - The Structure of British Industry:
A10643: JOHNSON, MARGARET - Burse, Veil and Stole:
C13322: JOHNSON, CHRIS - Women on the Frontline: Voices from Southern Africa

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