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248871: EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE INTERNATIONALE DE 1900 - Notices sur la Finlande : publiées à l'occasion de l'Exposition universelle à Paris en 1900
248174: B B (1905-1990) - Fisherman's folly / illustrated by D.J. Watkins-Pitchford
248202: B. B - The Challenge of Big carp
166180: E. C. - La Routine Militaire / the Dedication Signed: E. C.
165775: PROBLEMES D'AUJOURD'HUI ; NO.22 - Les Socialistes Animateurs De La Constituante
164934: P. S. B. - Congres Extraordinaire Du P. S. B. Des 4 Et 5 Juillet 1959 : Rapports
164788: C. R. I. F. A. - Commission De Relations De L'Internationale Des Federations Anarchistes ; 3eme Congres De L'I. F. A. a Carrara Italie Du 23 Au 27 Mars 1978
227437: D., D. J. - Bible Pictures and Stories. Old Testament
221887: [WASHBOURN, JOHN] (1760?-1829) - Bibliotheca gloucestrensis: a collection of scarce and curious tracts : relating to the county and city of Gloucester; illustrative of, and published during the civil war / with an historical introduction, notes, and an appendix
191394: (FITZ-GERALD, WILLIAM GEORGE) - Les memoires de Messire Philippe de Commines, Sieur d'Argenton
188678: J. A. (JAMES ALFRED) (1899-?) - The unstable earth : some recent views in geomorphology
187750: EDITOR, THE (ADAMS, JOHN, B.D., OF INVERKEILO) - The Hebrew Prophets and their Message for To-day
187700: E. O. S. - Hungary and its revolutions from the earliest period to the nineteenth century : With a memoir of Louis Kossuth
252780: D. M. T - The soldier's sorrow; or, A tale of true love
252770: J. C. T - Honest Munchin : and other sketches of early Methodism in the Black Country : With the romantic story of the Leek-Seed Chapel
225400: GREGORY LADY 1852-1932 - Seven short plays
157616: H. P. E. - Barbra ; Jan. 1979 Vol 1 No.1
252391: Q - The Blue Pavilions. [A tale.] By Q. [i.e. A. T. Quiller-Couch]
246893: P.J.M - Fishing - A fine kettle of fishy tales and literary quotes
31852: H. , H. - Bits of Talk, about Home Matters
226700: OVID 43 B.C.-17 A.D. OR 18 A.D. - The Heroycall epistles of the learned poet Publius Ovidius Naso / translated into English verse by George Turbervile ; with ten full-page illustrations by Hester Sainsbury ; edited with an introduction and glossary by Frederick Boas
193284: J. W. - Reponse au General Baron de Richemont, depute de l'allier / par un citoyen des Pays-Bas
193382: C. [AUTHOR UNKNOWN] - Quelques reflexions sur l'organisation de l'armee Suedoise : presentees aux amis de la patrie / par C.
225812: MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI 1475-1564 - The complete works of Michelangelo / [foreword] by Mario Salmi
251421: (WALDMEIR, PATTI) - Anatomy of a miracle : the end of apartheid and the birth of the new South Africa / Patti Waldmeir
244123: PROF. V - Religion, atheism, and solipsism : is life a dream?
152797: [KIPLING, RUDYARD (1865-1936) ] - My Pets - (Includes Kipling's Poem, 'Playing Robinson Crusoe, ' on P. [72]-[74])
250200: M., C. G - The Nation's Credit. A précis of Major C. H. Douglas' proposals. By C. G. M
250127: C, J. L. B - Nueva coleccion de piezas en prosa y en versos : sacadas de varios autores españoles, tales son Solis, Cervantes, Quevedo, etc. Tomo primero / por J. L. B. C
216640: BIBLE. ENGLISH. AUTHORIZED. 1830 - The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments : translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command
216537: [BUTLER FAMILY] - Some account of the family of the Butlers, but more particularly of the late Duke of Ormond, the Earl of Ossory his father, and James Duke of Ormond his grandfather
214979: M. D. (LOND.) - Everybody's medical guide, a handbook of reliable medical information and advice
215468: P.E.P. (POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PLANNING) - Planning : a broadsheet issued by P.E.P. (Political and Economic Planning) [24 issues with a selection of titles from the 'Britain Advances' series bound in 1 volume]
215264: H.M.S.O. - Coal : presented by the President of the Board of Trade to Parliament by Command of His Majesty 3rd June, 1942
249546: B B (1905-1990) - The fisherman's bedside book / B Bennion
216546: IL'IN, N. N. - Letopisnaya stat'ya 6523 goda i yeye istochnik (Opyt analiza) [Chronicles the 6523 article, and its source (Experience in the analysis). Language: Russian]
216947: STOWARZYSZENIE 'PAX.' - Schizmy [Language: Polish]
184646: L. U. C. - Pledged to Socialism
243883: ÉLECTIONS LÉGISLATIVES DE 1896 - Élections Législatives de 1896: Plate-Forme Électorale: Réformes: a réaliser par les élus au parlement pendent la durée de leur mandat (1896-1900)
30938: X. 7 - The Return of the Kings; Facts about the Conspiracy for the Restoration of Monarchy in Central Europe, by X.7
172369: J. M. D. - Jean Trouve Ou le Socialisme : Manuscrit Trouve dans les papiers d'un vieux poete
153244: [KING EDWARD THE FOURTH] - The Chronicles of the White Rose of York. a Series of Historical Fragments, Proclamations, Letters, and Other Contemporary Documents Relating to the Reign of King Edward the Fourth. with Notes and Illustrations, and a Copious Index
105383: BIBLE. ENGLISH. AUTHORIZED. 1782 - The Holy Bible. As Printed by Robert Aitken and Approved & Recommended by the Congress of the United States of America in 1782 [2 Volumes in 1]
153265: [STANLEY, EARLS OF DERBY] - The Progress of Nations : Or, the Principles of National Development in Their Relation to Statesmanship : a Study in Analytical History - [The Principles of National Development in Their Relation to Statesmanship ]
23401: ZWEI WELTKRIEGE IM BUCH 1914-1973 - Zwei Weltkriege Im Buch 1914-1973; Etwa 2000 Werke Im Alphabet, Aufgliederung Nach 150 Themen Mit Verweisungen
22933: [RUSSIAN REVOLUTION] - Art of the October Revolution
21739: A GIRT FOR MY MOTHER ANNUAL FOR 1853 - A Gift for My Mother : an Annual for 1853
6468: A. D. - Until the Shadows Flee Away : the Story of C. E. Z. M. S. Work in India and Ceylon
9755: [DEPARTMENT OF THE U. S. ARMY] - U. S. Army Handbook for Germany Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 550-29
149583: [SOZIALISTISCHE PARTEI OSTERREICHS] - Friedrich Adler : Zum Achtzigsten Geburtstag / [Hrsg. ]: Sozialistische Partei Osterreichs
149580: [YORKSHIRE AMALGAMATED COLLIERIES] - Metodi Moderni Di Produzione E Trasporto Del Carbone
149561: [A. LESIGNE] - Un Coup D'Oeil Sur La Ville De Kyoto, Son Industrie Ses Beautes Naturelles
149558: [INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SCIENCE AND FREEDOM, HAMBURG, 1953] - Wissenschaft Und Freiheit. Internationale Tagung Hamburg, 23.-26. Juli 1953
149543: [HUNGARIAN BULLETIN] - The Hungarian Three Year Plan
146509: [THE H. H. TAMMEN CURIO CO] - Among the Rockies : Pictures of Magnificent Scenes in the Rocky Mountains
146507: [M. JACOBS] - Mainz Am Rhein, Einundzwanzig Der Schonsten Bilder Nach Kunstlerischen Photographien
146505: [THE BEATLES] - The Compleat Beatles [Publisher's Single Large Folding Promotional Sheet]
145997: [L'ILLUSTRATION] - L'Illustration; La Guerre, Janvier - Juin 1915, Tome CXLV
145994: [L'ILLUSTRATION] - L'Illustration; La Guerre, Janvier - Juin 1916. Tome CXLVII
145991: [SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, NEWSPAPER] - The Spirit of the Times; a Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Aquatics, Agriculture and the Stage. [Vol. 109, 1885]
145987: [BIBLE. N. T. ENGLISH. TODAY'S ENGLISH. 1974. ] - Good News for Modern Man; Today's English Version New Testament in Color
145984: [MONTGOMERY ART GALLERY] - Printmaking in France, 1850-1950. an Exhibition of Prints from the Collection of Pomona College with Selected Loans from Other Southern California Collections
145982: [ESQUIRE, THE MAGAZINE FOR MEN] - Esquire, the Magazine for Men; July, 1962. Vol. LVIII, No. 1, Whole No. 344
145981: [GLAMOUR INCORPORATING CHARM MAGAZINE] - Glamour Incorporating Charm, September, 1963. Vol. 50, No. 1
145980: [GLAMOUR INCORPORATING CHARM MAGAZINE] - Glamour Incorporating Charm, November [1959]. Vol. 42, No. 3
145978: [GLAMOUR MAGAZINE] - Glamour, November, 1956
146018: [PARKE - BERNET GALLERIES INC] - Important Impressionist and Modern of the Late Elmer Rice and Other Owners ... Public Auction, Wednesday, April 3 At about 8. 45 P. M.
146008: [L'ILLUSTRATION] - L'Illustration; La Guerre, Juillet - Decembre 1914, Tome CXLIVV
146006: [L'ILLUSTRATION] - L'Illustration; La Guerre, Juillet - Decembre 1917, Tome CL
143896: [ THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON ] - An Account of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, with Their Imperial and Royal Majesties the Emperor of all the Russias and the King of Prussia, the The Corporation of London, in June. BOUND with ..... . ....[ an Account of the Entertainment Given to Field Marshal His Grace the Duke of Wellington, by the Corporation of London]
142704: M. , M. - The Benefits Moral and Secular of Assassination : an Essay to Correct Sir Arthur Keith's Eugenical Speculations [In the Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilization] on the Merits of War and Peace with Divers Other Arguments Showing Conclusively... . ..why Murder Must be Rationalised to Save England / Compiled with an Index and Copious Annotation by the Learned Author of Charity As a Career for Girls
142202: [A GROUP OF ECONOMISTS, SCIENTISTS, TECHNICIANS] - Britain Without Capitalists ; a Study of What Industry in a Soviet Britain Could Achieve, by a Group of Economists, Scientists and Technicians
139439: [RIOUFFE, HONORE (1764-1813) ] - Memoires sur les Prisons. Contenant Les Memoires d'un Detenu / par Riouffe; L'Humanite Meconnue, par J. Paris de l'Epinard; L'Incarceration de Beaumarchais....Avec une notice sur la vie de Riouffe, des notes et des eclaircissemens historiques. - [2 VOLS.]
138571: [ BIBLE. PSALMS. DUTCH. METRICAL VERSIONS. STATES GENERAL VERSION ] - Het Boek Der Psalmen, Nevens De Gezangen Bij De Hervormde Kerk Van Nederland in Gebruik; Door Last Van De Hoog Mogende Staaten Generaal Der Vereenigde Nederlanden Uit Drie Berijmingen (Van J. E. Voet, Van T Genootschap Laus Dei Salus Populo, Van H. Ghyse
138517: [ENGLANDS BLACK TRIBUNAL] - England's Black Tribunal : Set Forth in the Tryal of King Charles I. by the Pretended High Court of Justice in Westminster-Hall, Jan 20. 1648. Also a Perfect Relation of the Sufferings, and Death of Divers of the Nobility and Gentry.... . ...from the Year 1642 to 1658. Viz. Earl of Strafford. Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Duke Hamilton. Earl of Holland. Arthur Lord Capel. James Earl of Derby. Marquess of Montross...
136096: U. P. E. - The Financial Policy of the Fascist Government / U. P. E.
136522: J. M. D. - Jean Trouve Ou Le Socialisme : Manuscrit Trouve Dans Les Papiers D'Un Vieux Poete
136353: [EXPOSITION. PARIS, BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE. 1971-1972] - Paul Valéry [Texte Imprimé] : Exposition Du Centenaire, Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale... [26 Octobre 1971-16 Janvier 1972]
134157: [HIGH TREASON] - An Historical Account of all the Tryals and Attainders of High-Treason : from the Beginning of the Reign of King Charles the First, Chronologically Digested. with Many Material Occurrences, for the Better Illustrating Thereof.... The Acts of Attainder At Large. to Which Are Added, the Dying Speeches, or Papers Left by the Suffering Persons
134236: [STIMPSONS BOSTON DIRECTORY] - Stimpson's Boston Directory Containing the Names of the Inhabitants, Their Occupations, Places of Business, and Dwelling Houses, and the City Register, with Lists of the Streets, Lanes and Wharves, the City Officers, Public Offices and Banks....
134396: [NETHERLANDS - GREAT BRITAIN - FOREIGN RELATIONS] - An Important Secret Come to Light : Or, the States General's Reasons for Refusing to Guaranty [Sic] the E-----E of H-----R, and to Act Offensively Against France in the Netherlands, ... Being the Arguments Used by Mynheer ---- .....
126040: [BIBLE; KING JAMES VERSION] - Holy Bible : King James Text : Modern Phrased Version / Designed by Bradbury Thompson
124225: BIBLE. ENGLISH. AUTHORIZED. 1977 - The Holy Bible : (Giant Print) Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty's Special Command, ...
120554: [MORDAUNT, JOHN, SIR (1697-1780) ]. [WALPOLE, ROBERT, EARL OF ORFORD (1676-1745) ] - An Appeal to the Nation : Being a Full and Fair Vindication of Sir John Mordaunt, and the Other Gentlemen Employed in the Conduct of the Late Secret Expedition. in Which the Circumstances Relating to the Miscarriages of That Affair.....
116327: [MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA] - German Prisoners in Great Britain
106670: [LA PETITE ILLUSTRATION] - 'De Charybde En Scylla' I. Le Peril Exterieur, L'Hitlerisme & II. Le Peril Interieur, Le Communisme - Nos. 895 & 897, 12th & 26th November, 1938
102999: [SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION] - Henry's Birthday or Beginning to be a Missionary
161717: M-H-, J-A- - Ludwig Kossuth Und Die Jungste Revolution in Ungarn Und Siebenburgen ... Umfassende Biographie Des Hauptfuhrers Der Magyarischen Bewegung, Von J- A- M- H-
101718: [COMMUNIST REVOLUTION - SPAIN - PRO-FRANCO TEXT] - Los Problemas Planteados Por La Revolución Comunista Española En El Campo Del Seguro Sobre La Vida [Texto Impreso]
99763: BIBLE. ENGLISH. AUTHORIZED. 1970. - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments in the King James Version
94714: [DODD, GEORGE] - Pictorial History of the Russian War, 1854-5-6. with Maps, Plans, and Wood Engravings. [The Preface Signed: G. D. , I. E. George Dodd]
94301: [HORNOT, ANTOINE] - Anecdotes Americaines, Ou, Histoire Abregee Des Principaux Evenements Arrives Dans Le Nouveau Monde Depuis Sa Decouverte Jusqua L'Epoque Presente.
91087: [WELLS, GEOFFREY HARRY] (1900-?) - Annie Besant, by Geoffrey West [Pseud. ]
84745: [SHADWELL, CHARLES] (D. 1726) - The Fair Quaker of Deal: Or, the Humours of the Navy. a Comedy. As it is Acted At the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane - [Bound with the Pilgrim, the Wive's Excuse, and the Amorous Widow - Each with Seperate Title Page and Engraved Frontis]
84670: H. D. (HILDA DOOLITTLE) [1886-1961] - Palimpsest ... [By] H. D. - [Contents: Hipparchia. War Rome (Circa 75 B. C. ) --Murex. War and Post-War London (Circa 1916-1926 A. D. ) --Secret Name. Excavator's Egypt (Circa 1925 A. D. )]
81902: U2 (MUSICAL GROUP) - U2 Portfolio / [Words and Music by U2 ; Edited and Compiled by Marc Marot]
77076: BIBLE. ENGLISH. AUTHORIZED. 1839 - The Complete Family Bible Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments with the Apocyrpha At Large Illustrated with Maps and Plates - with John Brown's Concordance [Revised and Corrected]
76115: HARVARD UNIVERSITY. CLASS OF 1930 - Twentieth Anniversary Report
75433: HARVARD UNIVERSITY. CLASS OF 1912 - Harvard College, Class of 1912; 15th Anniversary Report

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