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164295: PRINGLE, PETER - Those Are Real Bullets : Bloody Sunday, Derry, 1972 / Peter Pringle & Philip Jacobson
107243: PRINGLE, DAVID - Modern Fantasy : the Hundred Best Novels : an English-Language Selection, 1946-1987 / David Pringle
152721: PRINGLE, RALPH W. (B. 1865) - Adolescence and High-School Problems
16881: PRINGLE, PATRICK - Fighting Men
29212: PRINGLE, PATRICK - Buying a House on a Small Income
209639: PRINGLE, JOHN CHRISTIAN (1872-) - British social services : the nation's appeal to the housewife and her response
212077: PRINGLE, PATRICK (ED.) - The Boys' book of cricket
212081: PRINGLE, PATRICK (ED.) - The Boys' book of cricket
48083: PRINS, WINKLER - Grote Wereldgeschiedenis, Deel 5
271269: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. UK HERALDIC PRINT - United Kingdom Heraldic Original 19th century Print: The Arms of All Nations: 28 coats of arms: Great Britain, Belgium, Portugal, Sardinia, Holland, Prince of Wales, Prince Albert, Hanover, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Tuscany, Greece, Prussia, America, Austria, Ionian Isles, Papal States, Brazil, Russia, Bavaria, Naples, Sweden, Mexico, Venezuela, East India Company
279543: PRINTED AND PUBLISHED FOR THE AUTHOR, BY G. PEIRCE - The Government currency pamphlets. No. 1
272828: BRITISH FEDERATION OF MASTER PRINTERS - Tables and data and standard specifications for printers and binders / edited by W.L.Bemrose
220431: SOUTH WESTERN ALLIANCE OF MASTER PRINTERS - Ampersand YMP issue : Journal of the South Western Alliance of Master Printers Associations. Number 74, Winter 1965-66
220434: SOCIETY OF WOOD ENGRAVERS AND RELIEF PRINTERS - The Society of Wood Engravers and Relief Printers : Newsletter. Spring issue 1958, no. 1 [1st issue]
69894: DORIAN PRINTERS - Edward Norman-Butler ( a Memory)
7958: FRENCH PRINTING - A Thousand Years of French Books Catalogue of an Exhibition of Manuscripts, First Editions and Bindings, Arranged by Desmond Flower for the National Book League
194986: UNIVERSITY PRINTS (WINCHESTER, MASS.) - University prints
232495: PRINTZ, KARL HENRIK OPPEGAARD - Contributiones ad floram Asiae interioris pertinentes. Pt. 3 The vegetation of the Siberian-Mongolian frontiers (the Sayansk region) / edidit H. Printz
234709: PRINZ, FRIEDRICH - Monchtum und Gesellschaft im Fruhmittelalter
232978: PRINZ, FRIEDRICH (1928-2003) - Grundlagen und Anfange, Deutschland bis 1056
169502: PRINZ, JOACHIM (1902-1988) - Illustrierte judische Geschichte
140032: PRINZ, JOACHIM (1902-1988) - Illustrierte Judische Geschichte
144372: PRINZ, JOACHIM (1902-1988) - The Dilemma of the Modern Jew
113290: PRIOLEAU, JOHN (1882-) - The Motorist's Companion
266720: PRIOR, MATTHEW (1664-1721) - Poems on several occasions : 1709 / Matthew Prior
264774: PRIOR, EDWARD S. (EDWARD SCHRÖDER) (1852-1932) - A history of Gothic art in England
209459: PRIOR, RICHARD - Deer watch / Richard Prior
155899: PRIOR, COLIN - The world's wild places
128852: PRIOR, MIKE. JOHN MATHEWS. DAN SMITH [ET AL] - Politics and Power. 1 , New Perspectives on Socialist Politics
252574: PRIOR, RUPERT - Honouring the few : the remarkable story of the Battle of Britain heroes and our tribute to them
129628: PRIOR, MATTHEW (1664-1721) - Poems on Several Occasions.
76946: PRIOR, EDWARD SCHRODER (1852-1932) - A History of Gothic Art in England, by Edward S. Prior, M. A. , with Illustrations by Gerald C. Horsley and Many Plans and Diagrams
65489: PRIOR, JAMES, SIR (1790?-1869) - Memoir of the Life and Character of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke; with Specimens of His Poetry and Letters, and an Estimate of His Genius and Talents, Compared with Those of His Great Contemporaries - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
91307: PRIOR, MATTHEW (1664-1721) - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
199318: PRIOR, MATTHEW (1664-1721) - Poems on several occasions
223856: PRIOR, A. N. (ARTHUR N.) 1914-1969 - Papers on time and tense
236762: PRIOULT, A - Balzac avant la Comédie humaine (1818-1829) : contribution à l'étude de la genèse de son oeuvre
128961: PRIOURET, ROGER - Origines Du Patronat Francais
216218: PRISELKOV, M. D. - Troitskaya Letopis' Rekonstruktsiya Teksta [Trinity Chronicle Reconstruction Text. Language: Russian]
242046: PRISME - Baudelaire: La Gigantesque Mystification de Robert Jacquet (1944-198.?): trente-sept ans de mystification litteraire
212581: PRISON MEDICAL REFORM COUNCIL, AFTERWARDS PRISON REFORM COUNCIL (CHISLEHURST). BRITTAIN, VERA (1893-1970) - Prisoners' circle / essays by ex-prisoners. With an introductory essay by Vera Brittain
132742: PRISON SYSTEM ENQUIRY COMMITTEE. HOBHOUSE, STEPHEN. A. FENNER BROCKWAY (EDS.) - English Prisons Today : Being the Report of the Prison System Enquiry Committee / edited by Stephen Hobhouse and A. Fenner Brockway
193023: GREAT BRITAIN. HOME DEPT. COMMITTEE ON EMPLOYMENT OF PRISONERS - Report of the departmental committee on the employment of prisoners
215665: PRISSE D'AVENNES (1807-1879) - Arab art : the complete plates from L'art arabe and the Oriental album / Emile Prisse d'Avennes ; essay by Sheila Blair & Jonathan Bloom ; with a selection of original texts by Emile Prisse d'Avennes & James Augustus
259225: PRIST, PAUL - La France a-t-elle trahi? / Paul Prist
64422: PRITCHARD, WILLIAM H. - Seeing through Everything : English Writers, 1918-1940 / William H. Pritchard
239023: PRITCHARD, P. M. M. (PETER M. M.) - Manual of primary health care : its nature and organization / Peter Pritchard
220472: PRITCHARD, D. BRINE - The right way to play chess (illustrated)
154471: PRITCHARD, R. E. - Odd Tom Coryate : the English Marco Polo
246183: PRITCHARD, TREVOR - Casting for 'Cloopers' - A Collection of Fishing Trials and Tribulations
130481: PRITCHARD, NEIL LAWRENCE - The Presentation of the Old Testament
104228: PRITCHARD, ANTHONY. KEITH DAVEY - The Encyclopaedia of Motor Racing; Compiled by Anthony Pritchard and Keith Davey
71673: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON - Blind Love, and Other Stories
53572: PRITCHETT, V. S. (VICTOR SAWDON) (1900-1997) - Lasting Impressions : Essays, 1961-1987 / V. S. Pritchett
173685: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - Selected stories / V.S. Pritchett
173236: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - Lasting impressions : essays, 1961-1987 / V.S. Pritchett
163993: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - The Tale Bearers : Literary Essays / V. S. Pritchett
163600: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - The Myth Makers : Literary Essays / Victor Sawdon Pritchett
157099: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - A Man of Letters : Selected Essays / V. S. Pritchett
173376: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - Mr. Beluncle : a novel / V.S. Pritchett ; introduction by Darin Strauss
180287: PRITCHETT, V. S. (1900-1997) - The working novelist / V.S. Pritchett
231262: PRITCHETT, ROBERT TAYLOR (1828-1907) - 'Gamle Norge' : rambles and scrambles in Norway by Robert Taylor Pritchett with more than one hundred and twenty illustrations
73267: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - The Living Novel
57094: PRITCHETT, V. S. (VICTOR SAWDON) (1900-1997) - George Meredith and English Comedy [By] V. S. Pritchett
5482: PRITCHETT, VICTOR SAWDON (1900-1997) - The Living Novel
267813: PRITT, D. N. (DENIS NOWELL) (1887-1972) - Ban the bomb : start the talks
267790: PRITT, D. N. (DENIS NOWELL) (1887-1972) - The U.S.S.R. our ally
248792: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-197) - Light on Moscow : Soviet policy analysed
188028: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972). BRITISH PEACE COMMITTEE - Ban the bomb, start the talks
193211: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Revolt in Europe / Denis Nowell Pritt; with an appendix giving a call for revolt, issued by leading anti-Nazi Germans
194378: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - New Light on Korea
193182: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Star-spangled shadow
192283: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (B. 1887) - Light on Korea
216034: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - India our ally?
217105: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Crisis and cure : the socialist way to prosperity and peace / Denis Howell al
245057: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Federal illusion? : an examination of the proposals for federal union
136762: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - The Mosley Case / D. N. Pritt
135112: PRITT, D. N. (DENIS NOWELL). RICHARD FREEMAN - The Law Versus the Trade Unions
133235: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - The Autobiography of D. N. Pritt ; Part Two : Brasshats and Bureaucrats
172447: PRITT, D. N. (DENIS NOWELL) (1887-1972) - India Our Ally?
183817: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Russia is for peace
212394: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - The case of Morton Sobell
184255: PRITT, D. N. (DENIS NOWELL), (1887-1972) - Liberty in chains : an examination of the new McCarthyism
194377: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Light on Korea
206246: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - The Mosley case
210014: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-) - Law in war-time : a workers' guide / with a foreword by D.N. Pritt
210031: PRITT, DENIS NOWELL (1887-1972) - Russia is for peace
27290: PRITTIE, TERENCE - The Velvet Chancellors : a History of Post-War Germany
21148: PRITTIE, TERENCE - Whose Jerusalem?
163607: PRITTIE, TERENCE (1913- ) - The Economic War Against the Jews / Terence Prittie and Walter Henry Nelson
139486: PRITTIE, TERENCE (1913-) - Eshkol of Israel: the Man and the Nation
67247: PRITTIE, TERENCE (1913-) - Eshkol; the Man and the Nation [By] Terence Prittie
133566: PRITTIE, TERENCE (1913-1985) - Cricket North & South
167189: PRITTIE, TERENCE (1913-) - Germany divided : the legacy of the Nazi era / Terence Prittie ; with a foreword by Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick
211046: PRITTIE, TERENCE CORNELIUS FARMER, HON - Middlesex County Cricket Club
211101: PRITTIE, TERENCE CORNELIUS FARMER, HON. (1913-?) - Mainly Middlesex. / T.C.F. Prittie
211755: PRITTIE, TERENCE CORNELIUS FARMER, HON (1913-?) - Mainly Middlesex. / T.C.F. Prittie
166473: PRITZKER, BARRY - Ansel Adams
41265: PRITZKOLEIT, KURT (1904-) - Manner, MacHte, Monopole : Hinter Den Turen Der Westdeutschen Wirtschaft
193273: PRIVAT, EDMOND - La Pologne sous la Rafale
195807: PRIVAT, MAURICE - L'Enigme. Philippe Daudet
71283: BERGENS PRIVATBANK - Kamera-Streiftog, I Norge
231092: KUNSTMUSEUM DUSSELDORF. MEISTERWERKE DER GLASKUNST AUS INTERNATIONALEM PRIVATBESITZ (EXHIBITION) (1968-1969 : DÜSSELDORF) - Meisterwerke der Glaskunst aus internationalem Privatbesitz : Ausstellung in der Städtischen Kunsthalle Düsseldorf 22. November 1968 bis 5. Januar 1969
237855: PRKER, SAMUEL WILLIAM LANGSTON - Digestion and its disorders, considered in reference to the principles of Dietetics and management of the stomach
14741: PRKINS, DEXTER - The American Approach to Foreign Policy
192331: PRNJAT, BRANKO (ED.) - Self-management : human rights and freedoms
127752: PROAL, LOUIS (1843-) - La Psychologie De Jean-Jacques Rousseau / Par Louis Proal
180912: PROAL, LOUIS (1843-) - L'education et le suicide des enfants : etude psychologique et sociologique / par Louis Proal
148923: NEW YORK (STATE). DIVISION OF PROBATION - Twenty-Third Annual Report of the State Division of Probation of the New York State Department of Correction for the Year 1929
63807: PROBST, LEONARD - Off Camera : Leveling about Themselves
243813: PROBUS - Construire
191664: PROBUS - Construire
277528: PROBYN, CLIVE T - The art of Jonathan Swift
270856: PROBYN, CLIVE T - Pall Mall and the wilderness of New South Wales : Samuel Johnson, Watkin Tench and 'six' degrees of separation
228842: PROBYN, JOHN WEBB. COBDEN CLUB (LONDON, ENGLAND) - Local government and taxation : Cobden Club essays
145004: PROBYN, J. W. (JOHN WEBB) - Italy: from the Fall of Napoleon I. , in 1815, to the Death of Victor Emmanuel, in 1878, by John Webb Probyn
186999: PROBYN, JOHN WEBB (ED.) ; COBDEN CLUB - Systems of land tenure in various countries : a series of essays published under the sanction of the Cobden Club / edited by J. W. Probyn
262128: ASSOCIATION OF THE BAR OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. SPECIAL COMMITTEE TO STUDY COMMITMENT PROCEDURES - Mental illness and due process : report and recommendations on admission to mental hospitals under New York law / In cooperation with Cornell Law School
237954: PROCHASKA, FRANK K. PRINCE CHARLES PHILIP ARTHUR GEORGE (B. 1948) PRINCE OF WALES - Philanthropy and the hospitals of London : the King's Fund, (1897-1990) / F.K. Prochaska
118894: PROCHASKA, F. K. - Philanthropy and the Hospitals of London : the King's Fund, 1897-1990 / F. K. Prochaska ; with a Foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales
53246: PROCHNOW, HERBERT VICTOR (1897- ED. ) - The Federal Reserve System
139720: [ BIBLE. O. T. MINOR PROPHETS. ] PROCKSCH, OTTO (1874-1947) - Die Kleinen Prophetischen Schriften Vor Dem Exil / Von O. Procksch
256712: PROCKTER, ADRIAN - The A to Z of Elizabethan London / compiled by Adrian Prockter and Robert Taylor ; introductory notes by John Fisher
246648: PROCKTER, ADRIAN - The A to Z of Elizabethan London / compiled by Adrian Prockter and Robert Taylor ; introductory notes by John Fisher
150933: PROCOPE, HJALMAR JOHAN - Sowjetjustiz Uber Finnland : Prozessakten Aus Dem Verfahren Gegen Die Kriegsverantwortlichen in Finnland / Hjalmar Johan Procope
237797: PROCTER, FRANCIS (1812-1905) - A history of the Book of common prayer with a rationale of its offices
276673: PROCTER, ADELAIDE ANNE (1825-1864) - A chaplet of verses
273425: PROCTER, MIKE - Mike Procter : and cricket
264624: PROCTER, ROSALIE - Told to Patrick. Bible bed-time stories ... Photographs by Ronald Procter
173245: PROCTER, BEN H. - William Randolph Hearst : the early years, 1863-1910 / Ben Procter
134332: PROCTER, RICHARD WRIGHT (1816-1881) - Memorials of Manchester Streets.
152624: PROCTER, RICHARD WRIGHT (1816-1881) - Memorials of Manchester Streets
27433: PROCTER, ARTHUR WYMAN (1889-). SCHUCK, ARTHUR A. - The Financing of Social Work, by Arthur W. Procter ... and Arthur A. Schuck ... with a Foreword by Mortimer L. Schiff
222979: PROCTER, H. R. - The principles of leather manufacture
91342: PROCTER, JOHN - Boers and Little Englanders; the Story of the Conventions
269420: PROCTOR, MARY (1862-1957) - Everyman's astronomy / Mary Proctor
261079: PROCTOR, RICHARD A. (RICHARD ANTHONY) (1837-1888) - Other worlds than ours / [by] Richard A. Proctor
14036: PROCTOR, DAVID MILTON - Pay Day; Letters from Van Cleve Ball, a Missouri Farmer to His Son in College, by David Milton Proctor
246153: PROCTOR, RICHARD ANTHONY (1837-1888) - Myths and marvels of astronomy
105737: PROCTOR, NOBLE - Hummingbirds. Foreword by Dr. Noble Proctor
133172: PROD'HOMME, J. -G. (JACQUES-GABRIEL) - Voltaire Raconte Par Ceux Qui L'Ont Vu, De Paris a Geneve : Souvenirs, Lettres, Documents, Etc ... / Reunis, Annotes Et Accompagnes De Resumes Biographiques Par J. -G. Prod'homme ; Preface De Edouard Herriot
210688: PROD'HOMME, JACQUES-GABRIEL (1871-1956) ED. - Voltaire raconte par ceux qui l'ont vu (de Paris a Geneve); souvenirs, lettres, documents, etc ... reunis, annotes et accompagnes de resumes biographiques par J.-G. Prod'homme. Preface de Edouard Herriot
153653: PRODAN, D. - Supplex Libellus Valachorum; Or, the Political Struggle of the Romanians in Transylvania During the 18th Century
168192: PRODAN, D - Supplex Libellus Valachorum; or, The political struggle of the Romanians in Transylvania during the 18th century [by] D. Prodan. [Translated by Mary Lazarescu]
271371: PRODGER, PHILLIP. REJLANDER, OSCAR GUSTAV (1813-1875). CAMERON, JULIA MARGARET (1815-1879). CARROLL, LEWIS (1832-1898). HAWARDEN, CLEMENTINA LADY (1822-1865). NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY (GREAT BRITAIN) [HOST INSTITUTION]. MILLENNIUM GALLERY (SHEFFIELD, ENG - Victorian giants : the birth of art photography : Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Clementina Hawarden, Oscar Rejlander / Phillip Prodger ; with a foreword by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge
156066: PRODGER, PHILLIP - E. O. Hoppe's Amerika : modernist photographs from the 1920's
133204: NATIONAL JOINT COUNCIL. COMMITTEE ON INQUIRY INTO PRODUCTION - The Waste of Capitalism : [Report] / Foreword by A. A. Purcell
83862: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - The 101 Dalmations Escape
82673: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney Productions Presents the Black Hole
66862: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Disney's Adventure Guide to Florida
65704: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Disney's Mickey and Friends, the Repairman
65707: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Disney's Mickey and Friends, Golfing
268466: JUVENILE PRODUCTIONS - The girl's adventure book
265890: THE AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. MICHAEL BASS PRODUCTIONS - An Evening of The 'Right Medicine' to Benefit John Gary and His Family: West Hollywood, California, June 11, 1991
226581: CHAMPERARD PRODUCTIONS - Champerard 1992. Le guide gastronomique de la France et de L'Europe
221012: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Donald Duck / Walt Disney ; [Foreword by Carl Barks]
139035: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Disney's Mickey and Friends on the Railroad
252893: EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTIONS - Know the game: Angling
237829: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Great moments from the films of Walt Disney
120288: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
111798: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Bedknobs and Broomsticks ... Based on the Popular Motion Picture . .. Based on the Popular Motion Picture
101982: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Storybook Treasury -Little Mermaid
110937: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's Donald Duck : 50 Years of Happy Frustration
169458: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's Weecha the raccoon; a fact-fiction nature story, by Rutherford Montgomery. Illustrated by Lawrence Tyler Dresser
115136: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Disney's Mickey and Friends. the Fireman
237827: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - 1982 Walt Disney's Classics Calendar
238806: ALAN LANDSBURG PRODUCTIONS - Sweet land, sweet liberty! : the story of America as found in the experiences of her people : based on the Alan Landsburg television series The American idea
186943: DE, WAL PROFESSOR J. - Select theses on the laws of Holland and Zeeland; being a commentary of Hugo Grotius' Introduction to Dutch jurisprudence
167534: PROFIZDAT - The Soviet trade-unions during the period of the postwar five-year plan
124484: PROGOFF, IRA - Jung's Psychology and its Social Meaning; an Introductory Statement of C. G. Jung's Psychological Theories and a First Interpretation of Their Significance for the Social Sciences
252102: YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAMME - A chance would be a fine thing / the Youth Opportunities Programme
192387: FRONT NATIONAL PROGRESSISTE - Charte d'action nationale : reglement interieur et code du travail du Front national progressiste
55244: LOWER SWANSEA VALLEY PROJECT - The Lower Swansea Valley Project, Edited by K. J. Hilton
172103: KUWAIT DOCUMENTS PROJECT - Kuwait : statehood and boundaries
211359: BIRMINGHAM SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT - Responsibility in the welfare state? : A study of relationships between the social services and the churches in a city suburb
195254: HARINGEY AND LEWISHAM WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT PROJECTS - Women, where are your jobs going : a study of women's unemployment in Haringey and Lewisham
234357: PROKOF'EV, S. S. PROKOFJEW, SERGE - Aus meinem Leben
218636: PROKOF'YEVA, LYUDMILA SERGEYEVNA - Votchinnoye khozyaystvo v XVII veke, po materialam Spaso-Prilutskogo monastyrya. [Patrimonial Agriculture in 17th century, based on the Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery. Language: Russian]
24306: PROKOFIEV, SERGEI - Materials - Articles - Interviews
164852: PROKOPOVICH, SERGEI NIKOLAEVICH, (1871-1955) - Russlands Volkswirtschaft Unter Den Sowjets / S. N. Prokopovicz
151009: PROKOPOVICZ, S. N. - Der Vierte Funjahrplan Der Sowjetunion 1946-1950
108522: PROKOSCH, FREDERIC (1908-1989) - The Idols of the Cave
234366: PROKSCH, CONSTANCE - Klosterreform und Geschichtsschreibung im Spatmittelalter
183407: PROKUSHEV, YURI - Sergei Yesenin : the man, the verse, the age
257419: PARTITO SOCIALISTA ITALIANO DI UNITA PROLETARIA - XXV Congresso Nazionale del partito socialista italiano di unita proletaria in Roma 9 - 13 gennaio 1947
150731: PRONIER, ERNEST (1896-) - La Vie Et L'Oeuvre De Francois De Curel. Etude Dramatique, Sociale Et Litteraire
203270: PRONIN, V. P. (VIKTOR PETROVICH) - Moscow : our capital
63019: PRONZINI, BILL (ED. ) - Voodoo! : a Chrestomathy of Necromancy / Edited by Bill Pronzini
126100: PRONZINI, BILL. BARRY N. MALZBERG (EDS. ) - Shared Tomorrows : Science Fiction in Collaboration / Edited by Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg
106207: PRONZINI, BILL. BARRY N. MALZBERG - Shared Tomorrows : Science Fiction in Collaboration / Edited by Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg
174721: SOCIETY FOR SOCIALIST INQUIRY AND PROPAGANDA - Facts and figures for labour speakers / issued by The Society for Socialist Inquiry and Propaganda
221492: PROPER, CARL [EDITOR] - People's Popular Monthly : the homecraft magazine. Volume 32, October 1927, Number 10
274111: PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS - Propertius / with an English translation by H. E. Butler
274105: PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS - Propertius / with an English translation by H.E. Butler
100796: PROPES, STEVE - Golden Goodies : a Guide to 50's & 60's Popular Rock & Roll Record Collecting
118232: PROPES, STEVE - Golden Oldies; a Guide to 60's Record Collecting
187453: ISAIAH THE PROPHET; (CHEYNE, T.K.) - The book of the prophet Isaiah, a new Engl. tr. printed in colors exhibiting the composite structure of the book, with explanatory notes by T.K. Cheyne.
218577: PROPP, VLADIMIR [ET AL.] - Russkaya literatyra XIX-XX vekov. [Russian literature 19th-20th century. Language: Russian]
232755: PROPPER, ROLF (1929-) - Die Buhnenwerke Johann Friedrich Reichardts (1752-1814) : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Oper in der Zeit des Stilwandels zwischen Klassik und Romantik, in Verbindung mit dem Verzeichnis der literarischen Werke und einem thematischen Katalog der Buhnenwerke Johann Friedrich Reichardts / von Rolf Propper - Two volumes in one
39437: PROSE, FRANCINE (1947-) - Women and Children First : Stories / Francine Prose
113451: PROSE, FRANCINE (1947-) & HARRIS, MELISSA - Master Breasts : Objectified, Aestheticized, Fantasized, Eroticized, Feminized by Photography's Most Titillating Masters / [Melissa Harris, Editor] ; Introduction, Francine Prose
156035: PROSE, FRANCINE - Anne Frank : the Book, the Life, the Afterlife / Francine Prose
233014: PROSNIZ, ADOLF - Compendium der Musikgeschichte ... fur Schulen und Conservatorien. (Bd. 1. Bis zum Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts. Zweite, verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage) - 2 volumes in 1
180950: PROSPECT UNION ASSOCIATION, (CAMBRIDGE, MASS.) - Boston guide and recreation directory
181148: ROYAL COMMISSION ON CANADA'S ECONOMIC PROSPECTS - Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects : Final report : November, 1957
198499: PROSPERETTI, UBALDO - La costituzione e il sistema elettorale della Nuova Zelanda / a cura di Ubaldo Prosperetti
94536: DE PROSPERIS, GIUSEPPE - Tractatus De Territorio Separato. Cum Qualitate Nullius, Seu De Jurisdictione Locali, in Spiritualibus. Opus Necessarium Archiepiscopis, Episcopis, Aliisque Praelatis Inferioribus, Pro Causis Dirigendis in Foro Ecclesiastico Contentioso.... . .....auctore Josepho De Prosperis ... Cui Accedunt Plures Sacrae Rotae Decisiones Non Antea Impressae
202129: PROSSER, SOPHIE AMELIA, MRS - The Master of Aynhoe
164379: PROST, HENRI, (1874-1959) - Destin De La Roumanie, 1918-1954 / Henri Prost ; Preface D'Albert Mousset
174569: PROST, HENRI. DELAISI, FRANCIS (1873-) - La Bulgarie de 1912 a 1930 : contribution a l'histoire economique et financiere de la guerre et de ses consequences / Henri Prost ; preface de Francis Delaisi
176602: PROST, HENRI (1874-1959) - La Bulgarie de 1912 a 1930 : contribution a l'histoire econ. et financiere de la Guerre et de ses conse?quences
176321: PROST, HENRI (1874-1959) - Destin de la Roumanie, 1918-1954 / Henri Prost ; preface d'Albert Mousset
280480: GREAT BRITAIN. COMMITTEE ON HOMOSEXUAL OFFENCES AND PROSTITUTION - Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution / presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department and the Secretary of State for Scotland by command of Her Majest
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201890: QUINTON, JOHN ALLAN, B. 1817, [ET AL.] - The Workman's testimony to the Sabbath; or, The temporal advantages of that day of rest considered in relation to the working classes : being the first three of one thousand and forty-five competing essays on the Sabbath by working men
181918: QUINTUS QUARLES [PSEUD.]. WRAY, JAMES JACKSON - Nestleton Magna: a story of Yorkshire Methodism
231903: QUIRIN, HEINZ - Einfuhrung in das Studium der mittelalterlichen Geschichte
231817: QUIRIN, HEINZ - Einführung in das Studium der mittelalterlichen Geschichte / Heinz Quirin ; mit einem Geleitwort von Hermann Heimpel
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228964: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J - Jane Wyman : the actress and the woman : an illustrated biography
219292: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Paul Newman, by Lawrence J. Quirk
13032: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Warren Beatty
112065: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Paul Newman
112100: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Warren Beatty
116418: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - The Films of Fredric March, by Lawrence J. Quirk
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246925: QUIRK, DEREK - Bream
49038: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J. - Lauren Bacall, Her Films and Career
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213021: QUIT, AMOSQUIT, AMOS - The Harold Wilson way out book / compiled by Amos Quit
224497: QUITARD, PIERRE-MARIE (1792-) - Dictionnaire etymologique, historique, et anecdotique des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales de la langue francaise, en rapport avec des proverbes et des locutions proverbiales des autres langues / par P.M. Quitard
274072: QUONIAM, PIERRE - Le Louvre / Pierre Quoniam, director of the Louvre Museum ; translation, C. de Chabannes
53811: QURAESHI, SAMINA - Legacy of the Indus; a Discovery of Pakistan
113016: QURESHI, ANWAR IQBAL - State Banks for India : Being a Study of State Banks and Land Mortgage Credit Institutions in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States of America, with Suggestions for Establishing Similar Banks in India/... Anwar Iqbal Qureshi ; ...with an Introduction by A. G. B. Fisher
130346: RüHLE, JURGEN - Literature and Revolution : a Critical Study of the Writer and Communism in the Twentieth Century
93031: RöNBLOM, HANS KRISTER (1901-1965) - Wennerstrom the Spy, by H. K. Ronblom. Translated from the Swedish by Joan Bulman
90462: RöNBLOM, HANS KRISTER - Wennerstrom the Spy, by H. K. Ronblom. Translated from the Swedish by Joan Bulman
52532: RA'ANAN, URI - The USSR Arms the Third World: Case Studies in Soviet Foreign Policy
75410: RAAB, EARL - The Anatomy of Nazism
89504: RAABE, PAUL (ED. ) - RELATED NAME: RITCHIE, J. M - The Era of Expressionism; Edited and Annotated by Paul Raabe, Translated by J. M. Ritchie
264706: RAABE, PETER - Die Musik im Dritten Reich I. Band
198873: RAABE, PAMELA - Imitating God : the allegory of faith in 'Piers Plowman' B / Pamela Raabe
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247310: RAABE, PAUL - Die Zeitschriften und Sammlungen des literarischen Expressionismus ... 1910-1921. [With plates]
140998: RAABE, WILHELM KARL (1831-1910) - Die Chronik Der Sperlingsgasse
242277: RAACH, JOHN H - A directory of English country physicians, (1603-1643)
253116: RAACH, JOHN HOWARD - A directory of English country physicians, 1603-43
219121: RAACH, JOHN H. - A Directory of English country physicians, 1603-1643
152845: RAALTE, ERNST VAN (1892-1975) - The Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
96587: RAALTE, ERNST VAN (1892-1975) - The Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
215859: IZDATEL'STVO ZZSTI RAAMAT - Istoriya tallina s nachala 60-kh godov khkh stoletiya do 1970 goda [Tallinn's history from the early 60-ies of XX century to 1970. Language: Russian]
236295: RAAPHORST-ROUSSEAU, MADELEINE - Colette, sa vie et son art
84398: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old Glory : an American Voyage
258454: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old glory : an American voyage / Jonathan Raban
251566: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old Glory / Jonathan Raban
205439: O'RABARTAIG, TADG - Tiar I Ngleann Ceo [Language: Irish]
194310: RABAUT, PAUL (1718-1794) - Paul Rabaut, ses lettres a Antoine Court (1739-1755) : dix-sept ans de la vie d'un apôtre du desert / avec notes, portrait et autographe par A. Picheral-Dardier ; et une preface par Ch. Dardier - (Complete in 2 volumes)
182052: RABAUT, JEAN-PAUL (1743-1793) - The history of the Revolution of France : Translated from the French of M. Rabaut de Saint-Etienne
250202: OFFICE OF THE CHIEF RABBI - A service of prayer, intercession and thanksgiving in connection with Britain's fight for freedom Sunday March 23, 5701-1941
280781: OFFICE OF THE CHIEF RABBI - A service of prayer and intercession in connection with the second anniversary of the outbreak of hostilities
218115: RABBINOVICZ, RAPHAEL NATHAN NATA - Ma'amar al hadpasat ha-Talmud : toldot hadpasat ha-Talmud [History of the printing of the talmud edited, with corrections, supplements and indexes by A. M. Habermann. Language: Hebrew]
211366: RABBINOWITZ, JOSEPH (1892-) - The prophets of Israel. A brief survey of their times and teachings
260592: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS - The union Prayer-Book for Jewish worship
253972: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS - The Union Prayer=Book for Jewish Worship: part II
253973: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS - The Union Prayer Book for Jewish Worship: part II
217431: RABEI, M. Y. ; BALASHOVA, P. ; GOSUDARSTVENNAYA BIBLIOTEKA SSSR IMENI V.I. LENINA. - Biblioteki RSFSR, bez Moskvy i Leningrada; spravochnik [Library of the Russian Federation without reference Moscow and Leningrad. Language: Russian]
248903: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS - Le tiers livre / François Rabelais ; texte établi et présenté par Jean Plattard
261682: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS - The complete works of François Rabelais: The fourth book of the heroic deeds and sayings of the Good Pantagruel his voyages and wonders
261100: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS APPROXIMATELY (1490-1553) - The fifth and last book of the heroic deeds and sayings of the good Pantagruel : his visit to the Oracle / composed by M. Fran. Rablais ; doctor in medicine
254989: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS APPROXIMATELY (1490-1553) - The Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais ... Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson, etc.
214763: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS (CA. 1490-1553?). BROOKS, WALTER (ILLUS.) - The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel
214189: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS (CA. 1490-1553?). PAPE, FRANK C. (ILLUS.) - The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel ... : Translated and with an introduction by J.M. Cohen
241070: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS (CA. 1490-1553?). URQUHART, THOMAS SIR (1611-1660). MOTTEUX, PETER ANTHONY (1660-1718). ROBINSON, WILLIAM HEATH (1872-1894) - The works of Mr. Francis Rabelais : doctor in physick ; containing five books of the lives, heroick deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his sonne Pantagruel, together with the Pantagrueline prognostication, the Oracle of the divine Bacbuc, and response of the bottle : hereunto are annexed the Navigations unto the Sounding isle and the isle of the Apedefts, as likewise the Philosophical cream with a Limosin epistle / all done by Mr. Francis Rabelais, in the French tongue ; and now faithfully translated into English ... 1653 ; illustrated by W. Heath Robinson
213655: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS (CA. 1490-1553?). URQUHART, THOMAS, SIR (1611-1660) - The works of Mr. Francis Rabelais : doctor in physick ; containing five books of the lives, heroick deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his sonne Pantagruel ... / all done by Mr. Francis Rabelais ... complete in one volume
244419: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS (APPROXIMATELY 1490-1553?) - The heroic deeds and sayings of the good Pantagruel : king of the Dipsodes / composed by M. Fran Rabelais ; doctor in medicine
208302: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS (CA. 1490-1553) - Gargantua und Pantagruel / Meister Franz Rabelais, aus dem Franzosischen verdeutscht durch Gottlob Regis, neu herausgegeben von Wilhelm Weigand [5 bande in 2]
131162: RABELLEAU, CONSEILLER DE PREFECTURE A ORLEANS - Histoire Des Hebreux, Rapprochee Des Temps Contemporains; De La Creation Du Monde Au Dernier Sac De Jerusalem, Sous Vespasien - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
93884: RABENER, JOHANN - Condemned to Live; Translated from the German by Geoffrey Dunlop; a Novel
188785: RABER, B. F. (BENEDICT FREDERICK) - Panel heating and cooling analysis
90203: RABERG, PER G. (1934-) , ED. - The Life Region : the Social and Cultural Ecology of Sustainable Development
233881: RABICH, ERNST - Die Entwicklung der Oper
184853: RABIN, JUDITH - Passover / compiled and edited by Judith Rabin
262994: RABIN, JUDITH - Passover
130053: RABIN, CHAIM - Qumran Studies
140114: RABIN, ISRAEL ABRAHAM (1882-1951) - Jonas Franckel / Von Israel Rabin
216025: RABINOVICH, M. - zhizni Drevney Moskvy [Ancient life in Moscow. Language: Russian]
146931: RABINOVICH, SOLOMON (1904-) - Jews in the Soviet Union
168495: RABINOVICH, ISAIAH (1904-) - Major trends in modern Hebrew fiction / translated from the Hebrew by M. Roston
32119: RABINOVICH, D. - Dmitry Shostakovich
49442: RABINOVICH, V. A. - Thermophysical Properties of Gases and Liquids No. 1
211220: RABINOVICH, SOLOMON (1904-) - Jews in the Soviet Union
170890: RABINOVITCH, BENTON SEYMOUR. CLIFFORD, HELEN - Contemporary silver : commissioning, designing, collecting
10154: RABINOVITCH, BENTON SEYMOUR - Contemporary Silver; Commissioning, Designing, Collecting
19223: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K - Arnold Toynbee on Judaism and Zionism A Critique
127524: RABINOWICZ, TZVI - Hasidism and the State of Israel / Harry Rabinowicz
171728: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. (1902-1969) - Winston Churchill on Jewish problems : a half-century survey
217180: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. (1902-1969) - Winston Churchill on Jewish problems : a half-century survey
171739: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. - Fifty years of Zionism : a historical analysis of Dr. Weizmann's Trial and error
177729: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M. - Treasures of Judaica / [by] Harry M. Rabinowicz.
161517: RABINOWICZ, TZVI (1919- ) - The Jewish Literary Treasures of England and America
207904: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. (1902-1969) - Fifty years of Zionism : a historical analysis of Dr. Weizmann's 'Trial and error.'
90638: RABINOWITZ, DOROTHY - New Lives : Survivors of the Holocaust Living in America / Dorothy Rabinowitz
157247: RABINOWITZ, JACOB J. - Jewish Law : its Influence on the Development of Legal Institutions
161833: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS ISAAC (1906- ) - Soldiers from Judaea : Palestinian Jewish Units in the Middle East, 1941-1943
75700: RABINOWITZ, EZEKIEL (1892-?) - Justice Louis D. Brandeis, the Zionist Chapter of His Life
112767: RABINOWITZ, DOROTHY - New Lives : Survivors of the Holocaust Living in America / Dorothy Rabinowitz
153954: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS I. - Soldiers from Judaea : Palestinian Jewish Units in the Middle East, 1941-1943
122476: RABINOWITZ, DOROTHY - New Lives : Survivors of the Holocaust Living in America / Dorothy Rabinowitz
167812: RABINOWITZ, HYMAN R, (1893-) - Kosher humor

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