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128776: NADAL, OCTAVE - Le Sentiment De L'Amour Dans L'Oeuvere De Pierre Corneille
235717: NADAR, PAUL (1856-1939) [PHOTOGRAPHER]. NEAGU, PHILIPPE [AUTHOR]. BLONDEL, AGNES [AUTHOR]. BERNARD, ANNE-MARIE (1926-) [AUTHOR]. FRANCE. INSPECTION GENERALE DES MUSEES CLASSES ET CONTRÔLÉS - Le monde de Proust : photographies de Paul Nadar : [exposition itinerante] / [organisee par l'Inspection générale des musees classes et controles ; catalogue par Philippe Neagu, Anne-Marie Bernard et Agnes Blondel]
154279: NADEAU, REMI A. - Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of California
235751: NADEAU, MAURICE - L'Annee Litteraire 1972. choix d'articles publies par: la quinzaine
90091: NADEL, SIEGFRIED FREDERICK (1903-1956) - The Foundations of Social Anthropology
193460: NADEL, BARBARA - Deep waters
163781: NADEL, LAURIE (1948- ) - The Great Stream of History : a Biography of Richard M. Nixon
11075: NADEL, NORBERT - Bells of Doom The Autobiography of a 20th Century European
193431: NADEL, BARBARA - Arabesk / Barbara Nadel
207721: NADEL, DAN - Art in time : unknown comic book adventures, 1940-1980 / [text and compilation] Dan Nadel
142311: NADEL, S. F. (SIEGFRIED FREDERICK) (1903-1956) - The Foundations of Social Anthropology
193483: NADEL, BARBARA - A chemical prison / Barbara Nadel
218111: NADEL, M. - ha-Tanakh ve-tarbuyot ha-olam ha-atik [The Bible and Cultures of the Ancient World. Language: Hebrew]
20328: NADER, CLAIRE. ZAHLAN, ANTOINE BENJAMIN (1928-) - Science and Technology in Developing Countries / Edited by Claire Nader and A. B. Zahlan ; with the Assistance of Soraya Antonius Proceedings of a Conference Held At the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 27 November-2 December 1967
73785: NADER, RALPH. TAYLOR, WILLIAM (1959-?) - The Big Boys : Power and Position in American Business
58981: NADICH, JUDAH (ED. ) - Jewish Legends of the Second Commonwealth / [Selected and Edited By] Judah Nadich
231235: NADLER, STEVEN - Rembrandt's Jews / Steven Nadler
214344: NADOR, GEORGE - Everyday Jewish life and manners (a bibliography of ephemera)
183780: NAEGELEN, MARCEL EDMOND - Tito / par Marcel Edmond Naegelen
54962: NAGAHIRO, TOSHIO (1905-) - Great Sculpture of the Far East / Toshio Nagahiro, Eun Hyun Yum, Takeshi Kuno
235048: NAGARAJAN, RADHAKRISHNAN - Standards in building
72873: NAGATANI, PATRICK (1945-? ). PARRY JANIS, EUGENIA - Nuclear Enchantment / Photographs by Patrick Nagatani ; Essay by Eugenia Parry Janis
156581: NAGEL, ANDRES DE (1947-) MEADOWS MUSEUM - Andres Nagel : an Irreverent Approach ; Exhibition Catalogue
43862: NAGEL, PAUL C. - Descent from Glory - Four Generations of the John Adams Family
58591: NAGEL, DAGMAR - Nagel - the Art of Patrick Nagel
152024: NAGEL, STUART S. (1934-). NEEF, MARIAN - Legal Policy Analysis : Finding an Optimum Level or Mix / Stuart S. Nagel, Marian G. Neef
156385: NAGEL, SHERMAN A. - Cyrus the Persian
233357: NAGEL, BERT - Der deutsche Meistersang / herausgegeben von Bert nagel
105472: NAGEL'S PUBLISHERS - Thailand ; Angkor (Cambodia) ... Nagel's Encyclopedia - Guide ... . . , . 384 Pages, 3 Folding Plans in Colour, 9 Plans in Black and White, 4 Drawings
75731: NAGERA, HUMBERTO - Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Theory of Dreams, by Humberto Nagera [And Others]
47133: NAGLER, ARTHUR WILFORD - The Church in History
42043: NAGORSKI, ANDREW - The Birth of Freedom : Shaping Lives and Societies in the New Eastern Europe / Andrew Nagorski
158245: NAGORSKI, ANDREW - The greatest battle : Stalin, Hitler, and the desperate struggle for Moscow that changed the course of World War II
138792: NAGORSKI, ZYGMUNT - Warsaw Fights Alone
95319: NAGY, IMRE (1896-1958) - On Communism : in Defence of the New Course / Foreword by H. Seton-Watson; Epilogue by G. Paloczi-Horvath
163819: NAGY, IMRE, (1896-1958) - Imre Nagy on Communism : in Defense of the New Course
90816: NAGY, IMRE (1896-1958) - Imre Nagy on Communism: in Defence of the New Course
161090: NAGY, LASZLO (1914-2005) - The Socialist Collective Agreement
183960: NAGY, BELA - Journal d'un insurge hongrois
214879: NAGY, IMRE (1896-1958). HUNGARIAN BULLETIN - The activity of the government during the past six months and the tasks for 1954 : and Bela Szalai, The plan of national economy for 1954 : speeches at the session of the National Assembly on January 23 (and 22), 1954.
146639: NAGY, IMRE (1896-1958) - The Activity of the Government During the Past Six Months and the Tasks for 1954 [By] Imre Nagy. the Plan of National Economy for 1954
80501: NAHA, ED - RELATED NAMES: REED, JON-MICHAEL & ZIMMERMAN, HOWARD (JOINT EDITORS) ; WILLIAMS, WADE - Science Fiction Aliens / Compiled and Written by Ed Naha ; Editors, Jon-Michael Reed, Howard Zimmerman ... ; Contributors, Wade Williams ... [Et Al. ]
57990: NAHA, ED (COMP. ) - Science Fiction Aliens - a Starlog Photo Guidebook
58214: NAHA, ED - The Science Fictionary : an A-Z Guide to the World of SF Authors, Films, & TV Shows / Ed Naha
61858: NAHA, ED - Science Fiction Aliens / Compiled and Written by Ed Naha ; Editors, Jon-Michael Reed, Howard Zimmerman ... ; Contributors, Wade Williams ... [Et Al. ]...
89846: NAHAS, DUNIA - The Israeli Communist Party / Dunia Habib Nahas
37309: NAHAS, REBECCA AND TURLEY, MYRA - The New Couple: Women and Gay Men
169131: NAHAS, GABRIEL G. - Marihuana--deceptive weed [by] Gabriel G. Nahas. Foreword by W. D. M. Paton
153791: NAHAS, GABRIEL G. (1920-) - Marihuana-Deceptive Weed, by Gabriel G. Nahas. Foreword by W. D. M. Paton
174100: NAHAVANDI, FIROUZEH - Regards sur l'Iran / textes reunis et presentes par Firouzeh Nahavandi
26651: DE NAHLIK, A. J. - Deer Management - Improved Herds for Greater Profit
162251: NAHMANI, HAYIM SIMHAH - Human Rights in the Old Testament, by Hayim Simha Nahmani
180614: NAHSON, CLAUDIA J. - The art of William Steig / Claudia J. Nahson ; foreword by Maurice Sendak ; with contributions by Robert Cottingham ... [et al.]
126328: ZEPHANIAH AND NAHUM - The Books of the Prophets Zephaniah and Nahum, with Introduction and Notes by G. G. V. Stonehouse. the Book of the Prophet Habakkuk, with Introduction and Notes by G. W. Wade
216073: NAIDA, S. F. [AT AL.] - Sovety za 50 Let [Soviets for 50 Years. Language: Russian]
118753: NAIFEH, STEVEN. GREGORY WHITE SMITH - The Mormon Murders : a True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, and Death / Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith
139763: NAIK, J. A. - Russia in Asia and Africa : Documents, 1946-1971 / Edited by J. A. Naik
183454: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Magic seeds
182278: NAIPAUL, VIDIADHAR SURAJPRASAD (1932- ) - The mimic men
179941: NAIPAUL, V. S. (VIDIADHAR SURAJPRASAD) (1932-?) - The overcrowded barracoon, and other articles / [by] V.S. Naipaul
38506: NAIPAUL, VIDIADHAR SURAJPRASAD (1932-) - Literary Occasions : Essays
205156: NAIPAUL, SHIVA (1945-1985) - An unfinished journey / Shiva Naipaul
213607: NAIPAUL, V. S. (VIDIADHAR SURAJPRASAD) (1932-?) - A house for Mr Biswas
227870: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The flowering plants of Western India
129452: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER - Isaiah, the Prophet and the Book
164925: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The Epistle of Priesthood : Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews
168793: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER - The life eternal: here and now
174049: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The epistle of priesthood : studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews
174550: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The Alexandrine gospel (Sirach, Wisdom, Philo, the Epistle to the Hebrews)
133410: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The Old Testament in the Church
212959: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - Immortality. The Christian view. A lecture to churchmen at Norwich, 11 Feb. 1931.
157771: NAIRNE, ALEXANDER (1863-1936) - The Faith of the New Testament
73325: NAISBITT, JOHN & ABURDENE, PATRICIA - Re-Inventing the Corporation : Transforming Your Job and Your Company for the New Information Society
37319: NAISBITT, JOHN AND ABURDENE, PATRICIA - Re-Inventing the Corporation
6971: NAISH, JOHN (1923-) - The Clean Breast; an Autobiography in Eleven Episodes
216026: NAJDA, S. F. - Revolyutsionnoye dvizheniye v Tsarskom Flote 1825-1917 [The revolutionary movement in the Tsar's Navy, 1825-1917. Language: Russian]
118026: NAKANO, REV. YONOSUKE AND NEGAMI, SHIN (COMP. BY) - The Universe Viewed from the World of Spirit - Volume Five, Told by Re. Yonosuke Nakano ...
42431: NAKANO, TORU (1946-). ZENG, YOUHE (1924-). CAHILL, SUZANNE ELIZABETH. - Bronze Mirrors from Ancient China : Donald H. Graham, Jr. Collection / Preface, Essay and Catalogue by Toru Nakano ; Essays by Tseng Yuho Ecke and Suzanne Cahill
170064: NAKASHIDZE, NIKO - The truth about A.B.N., an answer to the provocations of Moscow's fifth column in the West
40802: NALECZ, ZYGMUNT - The State and the Universe [Two Books Complete in One Volume]
189919: NALIN, Y. - The Soviet Union and European security / Y. Nalin and A. Nikolayev
87556: NALIVIDAD, JOHN - International Self Defense - Volume 1
92456: NALIVKIN, D. V. (DMITRII VASILEVICH) - Geology of the U. S. S. R. [By] D. V. Nalivkin, Translated from the Russian by N. Rast and Edited by N. Rast and T. S. Westoll
83412: NAMATH, JOE WILLIE (1943-) - A Matter of Style [By] Joe Namath, with Bob Oates, Jr.
82998: NAMATH, JOE WILLIE (1943-) - A Matter of Style [By] Joe Namath, with Bob Oates, Jr.
15277: NAMIAS, JUNE - First Generation. In the Words of Twentieth-Century American Immigrants
217170: NAMIER, LEWIS BERNSTEIN, SIR (1888-1960). THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. MACDONALD, MALCOLM, RIGHT HON. - A Zionist reviews Mr. Macdonald's speech : letter to the editor of the Manchester Guardian
130105: NAMMACK, GEORGIANA C. - Fraud, Politics, and the Dispossession of the Indians; the Iroquois Land Frontier in the Colonial Period [By] Georgiana C. Nammack
57383: NAMMACK, GEORGIANA C. - Fraud, Politics, and the Dispossession of the Indians; the Iroquois Land Frontier in the Colonial Period / [by] Georgiana C. Nammack
220480: NAMUTH, HANS - Hans Namuth : portraits / Carolyn Kinder Carr
119648: NANAK, GURU (1469-1538) - The Japji : a Clear Guide, in Simple English, to the Path of Spiritual Ascent Culminating in Realisation of the Divine / Translated by O. P. Ghai ; with a Foreword by J. S. Neki.
138158: NANAVATI, MANILAL B. (MANILAL BALABHAI). C. N. VAKIL (EDS. ) - Group Prejudices in India: a Symposium. Editors: Manilal B. Nanavati [And] C. N. Vakil
90852: NANCE, ELLWOOD C. (ELLWOOD CECIL) - Faith of Our Fighters; Ellwood C. Nance ... Editor-Author
71915: NANCE, JOHN J. - Medusa's Child
91248: NANDA, B. R. (BAL RAM) (1917-?) - The Nehrus, Motilal and Jawaharlal
44043: NANDA, BAL RAM (1917-) - Socialism in India
120253: NANDA, B. R. (BAL RAM) (1917-) - Jawaharlal Nehru : Rebel and Statesman / B. R. Nanda
176308: NANET, JACQUES - Les juifs et les nations
122345: NANI MIRABELLI, DOMENICO (CA. 1455 – AFTER 1528); DOMINICUS. AMANTIUS, BARTHOLOMAEUS. TORTIUS, FRANCISCUS - Polyanthea, Hoc Est, Opus Suavissimis Floribus Sententiarum Tam Graecarum Quam Latinarum Exornatum, Quos ... Collegere D. Nannus Mirabellius, B. Amantius, Et F. Fortius. Quibus Accessere Recenti Hac Editione Ccxxxi. Additiones, Etc.
129619: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF (1861-1930) - Through Siberia, the Land of the Future
190658: NANTET, JACQUES (1910-) - Les Juifs et les nations / Jacques Nantet ; preface de Jacques Mandaule
137226: NAOPLEON III, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH [IMPERIAL FAMILY] - Papiers Secrets Brules Dans L'Incendie Des Tuileries [Texte Imprime] : Complement De Toutes Les Editions Francaises Et Belges Des Papiers Et Correspondance De La Famille Imperiale
167727: NAPHEGYI, GABOR (1824-1884) - Ghardaia
89544: NAPIER, PRISCILLA (HAYTER) (1908-?) - The Sword Dance: Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers
82991: NAPIER, WILLIAM - Pacific Voyages, the Encyclopedia of Discovery and Exploration
179820: NAPIER, JAMES (1810-1884) - Manufacturing arts in ancient times : with special reference to Bible history
146347: NAPIER, RODGER - Murder by Jury : a Layman's Inquiry
148291: NAPIER, RODGER - Murder by Jury : a Layman's Inquiry
83795: NAPLEY, DAVID, SIR - Rasputin in Hollywood / Sir David Napley
48963: NAPLEY, SIR DAVID - Rasputin in Hollywood
95356: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821) & MARIE LOUISE, EMPRESS CONSORT OF NAPOLEON I (1791-1847) - RELATED NAME: LA RONCIèRE, CHARLES GERMAIN MARIE BOUREL DE (1870-?) ED - Napoleon's Letters to Marie Louise with a Foreword and Commentary by Charles De La Ronciere
187024: NAPOLEON III, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1808-1873) - Discours et messages de Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte : depuis son retour en France jusqu'au 2 Decembre 1852
62374: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821) - Napoleon in Council, or the Opinions Delivered by Bonaparte in the Council of State / Trans. , from the French of Baron Pelet by Basil Hall
136302: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821). CHRISTOPHER FRAYLING (ED. ) - Napoleon Wrote Fiction. Edited, Introduced, and Translated by Christopher Frayling
127537: NAPOLEON III, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1808-1873) - Oeuvres De Napoleon III : Melanges
142798: NAPOLEON III, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1808-1873) - Massacres De Varsovie : Lettre a ... L'Empereur Napoleon III
187184: NAPOLEON JOSEPH CHARLES PAUL [BONAPARTE], PRINCE - Napoleon and his detractors
184671: NAPOLEON, JOSEPH CHARLES PAUL BONAPARTE, PRINCE (1822-1891) - Politique interieure : choix de discours et de publications du Prince Napoleon
162672: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821). BROTONNE, LEONCE DE (1854-) - Dernieres Lettres Inedites De Napoleon Ier / Collationnees Sur Les Textes Et Publiees Par Leonee De Brotonne
165106: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821) - The Letters of Napoleon to Marie-Louise / with a Commentary by Charles De La Ronciere, Etc.
140836: NAPOLEON I, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1769-1821). CHARLES DE LA RONCIERE (ED. ) - Napoleon's Letters to Marie Louise
210712: NAPOLEON III, EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH (1808-1873) - Discours et Proclamations de Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte ... depuis son retour en France jusqu'au 1er Janvier 1851
184181: NAPOLEONI, CLAUDIO - Ricardo und Marx : Studien uber soziale Bedeutung u. formale Probleme wirtschaftswiss. Theoriebildung
15172: MUSEO NAZIONALE DI NAPOLI - Collection of the Most Remarkable Monuments of the National Museum Published by Raphael Gargiulo
208098: NAPOLI, DONNA JO - Gracie : the pixie of the puddle
97881: NARAGHI, EHSAN - From Palace to Prison : Inside the Iranian Revolution / Ehsan Naraghi
226954: NARAMORE, EARL - Principles and Practice of Loading Ammunition
175352: NARAYAN, JAYAPRAKASH (1902-1979) - Towards struggle : selected manifestoes, speeches & writings
39533: NARAYAN, JAYAPRAKASH (1902-1979) - Prison Diary / Jayaprakash Narayan ; Edited with an Introduction by A. B. Shah
208993: NARAYAN, R. K. (RASIPURAM KRISHNASWAMI) (1906-2001) - The man-eater of Malgudi / R.K. Narayan
208925: NARAYAN, R. K. (RASIPURAM KRISHNASWAMI) (1906-?) - The dark room / [by] R.K. Narayan
209302: NARAYAN, R. K. (1906-2001). LAXMAN, R.K. - Waiting for the Mahatma / R. K. Narayan
174696: NARAYANAN, EDATATA - Praja socialism : monopoly's pawn
171318: NARBOROUGH, JOHN (1640-1688) - An account of several voyages to the South and North
218680: NARDI, SHULAMITH SCHWARTZ - Bavu'at ha-ayim ha-Yehudiyim be-khitvehem shel sofrim kotve Anglit = Literature as commentary on modern Anglo-American Jewish life. [Language: Hebrew]
157238: NARDI, NOAH (1902-) - Zionism and Education in Palestine / New York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University
223921: NARES, ROBERT (1753-1829) - Elements of orthoepy : containing a distinct view of the whole analogy of the English language; so far as it relates to pronunciation, accent, and quantity
40055: NARES, GORDON - Royal Homes
39179: NARKIEWICZ, OLGA A. - The Green Flag - Polish Populist Politics 1867-1970
170738: NARKIEWICZ, OLGA A. - The end of the Bolshevik dream : Western European Communist parties in late twentieth century / Olga A. Narkiewicz
207351: NARKIEWICZ, OLGA A. - The making of the Soviet state apparatus / Olga A. Narkiewicz
141842: NARKIEWICZ, OLGA A. - The Green Flag : Polish Populist Politics, 1867-1970 / Olga A. Narkiewicz
97545: NARKIEWICZ, OLGA A - Eastern Europe, 1968-1984
83420: NARKISS, BEZALEL (ED. ) - Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem / Edited by Bezalel Narkiss in Collaboration with Michael E. Stone ; Historical Survey by Avedis K. Sanjian ; Managing Editor, Alexander Peli
228521: NARKISS, BEZALEL. ABRAMSKY, SHEMU'EL. BERGH, HARRY J VAN DEN - Spiegel van de joodse beschaving
152506: NARKISS, BELAZEL - Journal of Jewish Art ; Volume Seven 1980 / General Editor: Belazel Narkiss
152505: NARKISS, BELAZEL - Journal of Jewish Art ; Volume Eight 1981 / General Editor: Belazel Narkiss
48680: NARLIKAR, JAYANT - Violent Phenomena in the Universe
76440: NARLIKAR, JAYANT VISHNU (1938-) - Violent Phenomena in the Universe
217763: STRONNICTWO NARODOWE (POLAND) - Pierwszy centralny zjazd delegatow Stronnictwa Narodowego, odbity w Londynie w dniach 27-30 maja 1955 r. Obrady-uchwaly-przemowienia [Language: Polish]
217787: NAKL. KRAKOWSKIEGO ODDZIALU ZJEDNOCZENIA NARODOWEGO - Litwa za rzadow ks. Isenburga [Language: Polish]
123248: NAROLL, RAOUL. VERN L. BULLOUGH. FRADA NAROLL - Military Deterrence in History; a Pilot Cross-Historical Survey [By] Raoul Naroll, Vern L. Bullough [And] Frada Naroll
118457: NAROLL, RAOUL - Military Deterrence in History; a Pilot Cross-Historical Survey / Raoul Naroll, Vern L. Bullough [And] Frada Naroll
56711: NAROT, JOSEPH R. - The Sermons of Joseph R. Narot
18658: NARRACOTT, ARTHUR H. - Air Power in War
62015: KING PHILIP'S WAR NARRATIVES - King Philip's War Narratives - Great Americana, Facsimile Reprint
144186: NARULA, B. S. - The Abolition of the Labor Appellate Tribunal
69413: NASATIR, ABRAHAM PHINEAS (1904-) - Borderland in Retreat : from Spanish Louisiana to the Far Southwest
58532: NASBETH, L. , ED. RAY, G. F. , ED. - The Diffusion of New Industrial Processes : an International Study / Edited by L. Nabseth and G. F. Ray
30208: NASCHIWIN, IWAN - A Certain Jesus: the Gospel According to Thomas : an Historical Novel of the First Century / Iwan Schiwin. Translated by Emile Burns
95231: NASH, THOMAS (1567-1601) - The Unfortunate Traveller : Or, the Life of Jacke Wilton ; Edited by H. F. B. Brett-Smith
91869: NASH, THOMAS (1567-1601) - The Unfortunate Traveler : Or, the Life of Jacke Wilton ; Edited by H. F. B. Brett-Smith
165743: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Marriage Lines : Notes of a Student Husband / Illustrated by Isadore Seltzer
164102: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Many Long Years Ago
164121: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Good Intentions
231358: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - The primrose path
79963: NASH, ALANNA - Dolly
203683: NASH, MICHAEL (COMP) - Catalogue of the Nelson exhibition held by the Nelson Society on the occasion of their first Annual General Meeting in Nelson's school, the Paston School, North Walsingham, Norfolk on ... 23rd October 1982
160981: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Good Intentions
77886: NASH, GERALD D. - The American West Transformed : the Impact of the Second World War
222850: NASH, THOMAS (1567-1601) - The works of Thomas Nashe / edited from the original texts by Ronald B. McKerrow. [complete in 4 volumes]
194743: NASH, HENRY SYLVESTER (1854-1912) - Genesis of the social conscience : the relation between the establishment of Christianity in Europe and the social question
190647: NASH, ERIC FRANCIS (B. 1904) - The agricultural policies of Britain and Denmark : a study in reciprocal trade / E. F. Nash [and] E. A. Attwood
174352: NASH, ERIC FRANCIS (1904-?) - Agricultural policy in Britain : selected papers / Eric Francis Nash ; edited by G. McCrone and E. A. Attwood
75703: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Happy Days; Illustrated by Soglow
172301: NASH, WALTER (1882-1968) - Social progress in New Zealand
23715: NASH, JAY ROBERT - The Dark Fountain - a Novel of Horror
39483: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Almanac of World Crime
11070: NASH, L. R. - The Economics of Public Utilities : A Reference Book for Executives, Investors, Engineers, and Students
56536: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Citizen Hoover; a Critical Study of the Life and Times of J. Edgar Hoover and His FBI
146418: NASH, ERIC FRANCIS. EDWIN ARTHUR ATTWOOD - The Agricultural Policies of Britain and Denmark / Eric Francis Nash and Edwin Arthur Attwood
168702: NASH, JAY ROBERT - The true crime quiz book / Jay Robert Nash
153942: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Good Intentions
153920: NASH, OGDEN (1902-1971) - Versus
25575: NASH, GEORGE C. - The LMS at war
83210: NASH, BRUCE M. - Tubeteasers : the Official Television Nostalgia Quiz and Puzzle Book
9491: NASH, OGDEN - Good Intentions - 128 New Poems
136599: NASH, WALTER (1882-1968) - New Zealand, a Working Democracy, by Walter Nash
143668: NASH, GEOFFREY - Iran's Secret Pogrom : the Conspiracy to Wipe out the Bahais / Geoffrey Nash
152904: NASH, ROBERT - Standing on Holy Ground
46856: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Zanies - the World's Greatest Eccentrics
230385: NASH, JØRGEN. LANGE, STEFFEN (1952-). LUND, FRANK - En sørøver kan ga pa isen : en mosaikbog om digtermaleren Jørgen Nash / redigeret af Steffen Lange og Frank Lund
184070: NASH, BRUCE. NASH, GREG - The Star Trek make a game book / Bruce Nash and Greg Nash
138847: NASH, BARBARA - The Complete Book of Baby Care / Edited by Barbara Nash ; Photography by Sandra Lousada
173426: NASH, ERIC FRANCIS (1904-?) - The agricultural policies of Britain and Denmark : a study in reciprocal trade / E.F. Nash, E.A. Attwood
172067: NASH-WILLIAMS, V. E. - Catalogue of the Roman inscribed and scuptured stones found at Caerleon, Monmouthshire
160086: NASH, MARY (1925- ) - Mrs Coverlet's Magicians / with Drawings by Garrett Price
133871: NASH, DAVID S. - Secularism, Art, and Freedom / David Nash
64724: NASH, JUNE AND KELLY, MARIA PATRICIA FERNANDEZ (EDS. ) - Women, Men, and the International Division of Labor / Edited by June Nash and Maria Patricia Fernandez Kelly
119462: NASH, DENIS FREDERIC ELLISON - The Principles and Practice of Surgery for Nurses and Allied Professions : by D. F. Ellison Nash
231141: NASH, JAMES MEYNDERT WILLIAM - De geologie der Grande-Chartreuseketens
37489: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Look for the Woman
122724: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Jay Robert Nash's Crime Chronology : a Worldwide Record, 1900-1983 / Jay Robert Nash
208578: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club fifty-sixth annual report
208581: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club fifty-third annual report
208582: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club fifty-ninth annual report
208583: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club seventy-first annual report
208586: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club fifty-fourth annual report
208588: NASH, J. M. (ED.) YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB COMMITTEE - Yorkshire County Cricket Club sixty-eight annual report
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163204: NEVIN, EDWARD - The Problem of the National Debt
82544: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-1971) - The War for the Union - 2 Volumes [The Organized War, 1863-1864 -- the Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865]
52291: NEVINS, ALLAN - James Truslow Adams - Historian of the American Dream
65403: NEVINS, WILLIAM (1797-1835) - Select Remains of the Rev. William Nevins with a Memoir
141719: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-1971) - This is England Today, by Allan Nevins
54791: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-1971) - The War for the Union - [--V. 2. War Becomes Revolution, 1862-1863]
185989: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-1971) - The Emergence of Lincoln, volume 2 : Prologue to Civil War, 1859-1861
185990: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-1971) - The War for the Union : Volume 4 : The Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865
24919: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Price of Survival
220885: NEVINS, JOHN BIRKBECK - Picture of Wales during the Tudor period Henry VII to Elizabeth / with some account of the translation of the Bible into Welsh by Bishop Morgan, etc.
220614: NEVINS, ALLAN (1890-197). WILLIAM GREENLEAF (ED. ) - The War for the Union. Volume 4... the organized war to victory, 1864-1865
166464: NEVINS, ALFRED. HORNE, THOMAS H. MUNROE, WM. H. EADIE, JOHN. JACKSON, WM. F. B. RAWSON, A. L. - The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues, with the Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms. to Which Are Appended a Comprehensive Bible Dictionary, in Which Every Important Scriptural Word is Fully Explained
89649: NEVINSON, HENRY WOODD - Peace and War in the Balance, Delivered At South Place Institute on Dr. Conway's Birthday, March 17, 1911, by Henry W. Nevinson. (John A. Hobson, M. A. , in the Chair)
123970: NEVINSON, MARGARET WYNNE (JONES) , MRS - Workhouse Characters, and Other Sketches of the Life of the Poor, by Margaret Wynne Nevinson
153239: NEVINSON, HENRY WOODD (1856-1941) - Sketches on the Old Road through France to Florence
216250: NEVSKY, VL. [ED.] - Antologiya Latyshskoy Poezii [Anthology of Latvian Poetry. Language: Russian]
81335: NEVZOROV, BORIS ALEKSANDROVICH - Corrosion of Structural Materials in Sodium [By] B. A. Nevzorov. Translated from Russian [By C. Nisenbaum. Edited by G. D. Myers] - [Uniform Title: Korroziia Konstruktsionnykh Materialov V Natrii. English]
214328: NEW ZEALAND. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. ROYAL COMMISSION ON MONETARY, BANKING AND CREDIT SYSTEMS - Report of the Royal Commission on Monetary, Banking and Credit systems 1956
126402: NEW FABIAN RESEARCH BUREAU, LONDON. COLE, MARGARET (ED. ) - Twelve Studies in Soviet Russia
207190: NEW YORK CITY, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE INSTITUTE - Vital issues in Christian science. A record of unsettled questions between the directors of the mother church and First church of Christ, scientist, New York city
139826: NEW CAR, PSEUD. - John Roxenburgh : Or, from Socialism to Individualism
166340: NEW DIRECTIONS. LAUGHLIN, JAMES, ED. - New Directions 1944 : Number Eight / Edited by James Laughlin
166349: NEW DIRECTIONS. LAUGHLIN, JAMES, ED. - New Directions 9 / Edited by James Laughlin
105499: NEW YORK GRAPHIC SOCIETY AND RICE, DAVID TALBOT (PREF. BY) - Austria; Mediaeval Wall Paintings. Pref. : David Talbot Rice. Introd. : Walter Frodl
82167: NEWARK, TIM - The American West: Images of Past and Present
117996: NEWARK, PETER - The Crimson Book of Highwaymen / Peter Newark
60309: NEWARK, PETER - The Crimson Book of Highwaymen / Peter Newark
106068: NEWARK, PETER. ROBERT MAY - The Old West. an Illustrated History of Cowboys and Indians
106420: NEWBERRY, JULIA ROSA (1853-1876) - Julia Newberry's Diary, with an Introduction by Margaret Ayer Barnes and Janet Ayer Fairbank
222805: NEWBERY, JOHN (1713-1767) - A little pretty pocket-book : a facsimile / with an introductory essay and bibliography by M. F. Thwaite.
154741: NEWBERY, LINDA - Set in stone
159527: NEWBIGIN, MARION L. - Geographical Aspects of Balkan Problems in Their Relation to the Great European War [With a Coloured Map of South-Eastern Europe and Sketch-Maps]
217216: NEWBIGIN, LESSLIE - A faith for this one world?
213965: NEWBOLD, JOHN TURNER WALTON (1888-) - Capitalism and the war : the economic aims of the Great Powers
53197: NEWBOLD, WALTON (1888-) - Democracy, Debts and Disarmament
21543: NEWBOLD, ERNEST BERNARD (1917-) - Warwickshire History Makers
165466: NEWBOLD, JOHN TURNER WALTON, (B. 1888) - The Railways, 1825-1925
179456: NEWBOLD, HARRY BRYANT (ED.) - Industry and rural life : being a summarized repeat of the Cambridge Conference of the Town and Country Planning Association, Spring 1942 / edited by Harry Bryant Newbold
83810: NEWBOLT, HENRY JOHN, SIR - The Book of Good Hunting, by Henry Newbolt, with a Coloured Frontispiece and 30 Other Illustrations by Stanley L. Wood
196553: NEWBOLT, W. C. E. (WILLIAM CHARLES EDMUND), (1844-1930) - Religion
228295: NEWBOLT, HENRY JOHN SIR (1862-1938). NEWBOLT, MARGARET EDINA DUCKWORTH LADY (1867-) [ED] - The later life and letters of Sir Henry Newbolt
102652: NEWBORN, ISI (RIP) (1908-) - If You're Going to Play the Races; a Practical Guide to Better Handicapping and Wiser Selections
104718: NEWBORN, ISI (RIP) (1908-) - If You're Going to Play the Races; a Practical Guide to Better Handicapping and Wiser Selections
173152: NEWBOULD, H. BRYANT (ED.) - Industry and rural life : being a summarized report of the Cambridge Conference of the Town and Country Planning Association, Spring, 1942
113568: NEWBURY, C. W. (COLIN WALTER) (1929-) (COMP. ) - British Policy Towards West Africa. Select Documents 1875-1914; with Statistical Appendices, 1800-1914 [By] C. W. Newbury
38820: NEWBURY, DAVID - Kings and Clans - Ijwi Island and the Lake Kivu Rift, 1780-1840
8521: NEWBY, P. H. - The Novel. 1945-1950
8498: NEWBY, P. H. - Kith
191109: NEWBY, HOWARD - The deferential worker : a study of farm workers in East Anglia
40219: NEWBY, PERCY HOWARD (1918-) - A Guest and His Going, a Novel
189883: NEWBY, LEROY W. - Target Ploesti : view from a bombsight / Leroy W. Newby
62083: NEWBY, P. H. (PERCY HOWARD) (1918-) - Kith / P. H. Newby
120679: NEWBY, P. H. (PERCY HOWARD) (1918-) - A Guest and His Going, a Novel
111990: NEWBY, ERIC - What the Traveller Saw / Eric Newby
37297: NEWBY, JAMES R. - Sacred Chaos and the Quest for Spiritual Intimacy
224944: NEWBY, P. H. (PERCY HOWARD) - Warrior pharaohs : the rise and fall of the Egyptian empire / P.H. Newby
98196: NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA. COUNCIL - Newcastle, 150 Years (1797 - 1947)
82452: NEWCOMB, DUANE G - The Wonderful World of Houseboating, by Duane Newcomb. Maps by Theodore R. Miller
67302: NEWCOMB, SIMON (1835-1909) - Simon Newcomb's Astronomy for Everybody, Revised by Robert H. Baker
36530: NEWCOMB, HARLEY - The Gloria - a Service and Singing Book for Sunday Schools And Social Worship (Dedicated to the Sunday Schools of America)
66191: NEWCOMB, DUANE G. - The Wonderful World of Houseboating, by Duane Newcomb. Maps by Theodore R. Miller
169169: NEWCOMB, FRANC JOHNSON - Navaho neighbors
123992: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Savo: the Incredible Naval Debacle off Guadalcanal
76710: NEWCOMB, THEODORE MEAD (1903-) ED. - College Peer Groups; Problems and Prospects for Research. Edited by Theodore M. Newcomb and Everett K. Wilson. with Contributions by Leonard Baird [And Others]
59299: NEWCOMB, HARVEY - The Young Lady's Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character
230123: NEWCOMB, RICHARD FAIRCHILD (1913-) - Abandon ship!
155743: NEWCOURT-NOWODWORSKI, STANLEY - Black propaganda in the Second World War
97069: NEWDICK, ROBERT S. (ROBERT SPANGLER) - Newdick's Season of Frost : an Interrupted Biography of Robert Frost / Edited by William A. Sutton
86020: NEWDICK, JANE - Country Flower Style : Creating a Natural Look / Jane Newdick ; Photographs by Peter Williams
117973: NEWDICK, ROBERT S. - Newdick's Season of Frost : an Interrupted Biography of Robert Frost / Edited by William A. Sutton
84808: NEWELL, HOMER EDWARD - Express to the Stars; Rockets in Action. Illustrated by Gustav Schrotter. Foreword by Lyndon B. Johnson
81956: NEWELL, PETER (1862-1924) - The Slant Book
173487: NEWELL, GORDON R. - Pacific steamboats
53234: NEWELL, E. J. (EBENEZER JOSIAH) (B. 1853) - A popular history of the ancient British church : with special reference to the Church in Wales
173478: NEWELL, GORDON - Paddlewheel pirate : the life and adventures of Captain Ned Wakeman
173479: NEWELL, GORDON R. - Ships of the inland sea : the story of the Puget Sound steamboats
191921: NEWELL, JOSEPH EDWARD - Rural Scenes : A charming series for young pianist : no.7, Mountain stream / composed and fingered by J. E. Newell
21609: NEWEY, VINCENT - Cowper's Poetry A Critical Study and Reassessment
185286: NEWFANG, OSCAR (1875-?) - Harmony between labor and capital : an essay on the welfare of nations
231335: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT (1908-1993) - The history of photography from 1839 to the present day
110226: NEWHALL, LOUIS CHAPPELL - The Minor Chateaux and Manor Houses of France of the XV and XVI Century, by Louis C. Newhall
109355: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT (ED. ) - Photography, Essays & Images : Illustrated Readings in the History of Photography / Edited by Beaumont Newhall
73041: NEWHALL, JAMES R. (INTRO. ) - Proceedings in Lynn, Massachusetts, June 17, 1879 : Being the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement / Embracing the Oration, by Cyrus M. Tracy, and the Addresses, Correspondence, Etc. , ..
91921: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - De Gaulle and the Anglo-Saxons
156043: NEWHOUSE, ALANA (ED.) - A living lens : photographs of Jewish Life from the pages of the forward
64718: NEWLAND, KATHLEEN - The Sisterhood of Man / Kathleen Newland
34801: NEWLAND, H. OSMAN - Sierra Leone; its People, Products, and Secret Societies; a Journey by Canoe, Rail, and Hammock, through a Land of Kernels, Coconuts, and Cacao, with Instructions for Planting and Development, by H. Osman Newland. Illustrated by 19 Plates
127995: NEWLAND, KATHLEEN - The Sisterhood of Man / Kathleen Newland
13394: NEWLAND, KATHLEEN - The Sisterhood of Man, the Impact of Women's Changing Roles on Social and Economic Life around the World
227984: NEWLAND, REV. HENRY (1804-1860) - Forest scenes in Norway and Sweden : being extracts from the journal of a fisherman
213992: NEWLANDS, JAMES (1813-1871) - The carpenter and joiner's assistant : being a comprehensive treatise on the selection, preparation, and strength of materials, and the mechanical principles of framing, with their application in carpentry, joinery, and hand-railing; also, a course of instruction in practical geometry, geometrical lines, drawing, projection, and perspective; and an illustrated glossary of terms used in architecture and building
54449: NEWLYN, WALTER TESSIER - Theory of Money
99582: NEWMAN, ERNEST (1868-1959) - Fact and Fiction about Wagner
94319: NEWMAN, SAMUEL PHILLIPS (1797-1842) - Elements of Political Economy
92759: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-?) - News from the East
90120: NEWMAN, EDWARD WILLIAM POLSON (1887-?) - Masaryk ; Preface by Robert Bruce Lockhart
89180: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-) - Turkish Crossroads
84738: NEWMAN, SHIRLEE PETKIN - Mary Martin on Stage
143054: NEWMAN, GEORGE, SIR (1870-1948) - Health and Social Evolution
121198: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Mr. Kennedy's America
80978: NEWMAN, ARNOLD (1941-) - Tropical Rainforest : a World Survey of Our Most Valuable and Endangered Habitat with a Blueprint for its Survival ; Foreword by Mildred E. Mathias
127627: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - Death to the Fifth Column
215662: NEWMAN, ARNOLD - Arnold Newman : the early work
78291: NEWMAN, ARNOLD (1918-2006). WEBER, BRUCE (1951-) - Arnold Newman in Florida / Bruce Weber
77914: NEWMAN, PETER CHARLES - King of the Castle : the Making of a Dynasty : Seagram's and the Bronfman Empire
39987: NEWMAN, ARYEH - Selected Articles on the Teaching of the Theme of Yom Ha'atzmaut, the Festival of Israel's Independence
222443: NEWMAN, GEORGE - Bacteria, especially as they are related to the economy of nature, to industrial processes, and to the public health
222446: NEWMAN, LEONARD HUGH - Butterfly farmer
19587: NEWMAN, HORATIO HACKETT (1875-). FREEMAN, FRANK NUGENT (1880-). HOLZINGER, KARL JOHN (1892-) - Twins A Study of Heredity and Environment
194089: NEWMAN, SAMUEL (1600?-1663) - A concordance to the Holy Scriptures : with the various readings both in text and margine : in a more exact method then [sic] hath hitherto been extant
169043: NEWMAN, CHAIM - Gentile and Jew : a symposium on the future of the Jewish people / compiled and edited by Chaim Newman ; with a foreword by Lord Strabolgi
185285: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - Yours for action
147026: NEWMAN, J. R. - The N. A. O. P. Heritage : a Short Historical Review of the Growth and Development of the National Association of Operative Plasterers 1860-1960
227313: NEWMAN, GEORGE SIR - Interpreters of nature : essays
116292: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Stories of the Great Operas and Their Composers, by Ernest Newman Three Volumes in One
178858: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - The captured archives : the story of the Nazi-Soviet documents
75461: NEWMAN, EDWARD MANUAL (1870-) - Seeing France
75069: NEWMAN, HORATIO HACKETT (1875-?) , ED. - The Nature of the World and of Man
75017: NEWMAN, ERNEST (1868-1959) - More Essays from the World of Music; Essays from the London Sunday Times, Selected by Felix Aprahamian
179166: NEWMAN, H. (ED.) - The real Jew : some aspects of the Jewish contribution to civilization / edited by H. Newman ; with a prefatory note by the Chief Rabbi, and an introduction by Israel Zangwill
169629: NEWMAN, H. (ED.) - The real Jew : some aspects of the Jewish contribution to civilization / edited by H. Newman ; with a prefatory note by the Chief Rabbi ; and an introduction by Israel Zangwill
161021: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-) - Yours for Action
166946: NEWMAN, M. A. , AREYEK (ED.) - Mayanot Jewish Teacher's Companion III - Shavuot
164854: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - Tito's Yugoslavia / Bernard Newman
163009: NEWMAN, LOUIS ISRAEL - Son of His Generation: a Play in One Act
215756: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY; TOLHURST, JAMES ; TRACEY, GERARD - Discussions and arguments on various subjects
161357: NEWMAN, MURRAY LEE - The People of the Covenant : a Study of Israel from Moses to the Monarchy / Murray Lee Newman, Jr.
34173: NEWMAN, EDWARD WILLIAM POLSON (1887-) - Masaryk. Pref. by Robert Bruce Lockhart
43834: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-) - Soviet Atomic Spies
41045: NEWMAN, ERNEST - More Stories of Famous Operas
48332: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-) - Balkan Background
208385: NEWMAN, CHAIM - Life is worth while
174286: NEWMAN, ARYEH - Selected Articles on the Teaching of the Theme of Yom Ha'atzmaut, the Festival of Israel's Independence
32235: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-) - The Captured Archives - the Story of the Nazi-Soviet Documents
171682: NEWMAN, CHAIM, ED. - The real Jew : some aspects of the Jewish contribution to civilization / edited by H. Newman, with a prefatory note by the Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi and an introduction by Israel Zangwill
45918: NEWMAN, EDWARD WILLIAM POLSON (1887-) - Britain and the Baltic
35054: NEWMAN, ELMER SIMON (1919-) - Lewis Mumford: a Bibliography, 1914-1970 [By] Elmer S. Newman. with an Introd. by Lewis Mumford
35452: NEWMAN, RUTH G. - Psychological Consultation in the Schools - a Catalyst for Learning
234976: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Mr. Kennedy's America
59197: NEWMAN, JOHN - Notes on Cylinder Bridge Piers and the Well System of Foundations : Especially Written to Assist Those Engaged in the Construction of Bridges, Quays, Docks, River-Walls, Weirs, Etc
63097: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (1801-1890) - The Dream of Gerontius, by John Henry Newman
177944: NEWMAN, ARYEH (ED.) - Selected articles on the teaching of the theme of Yom Ha'atzmaut the festival of Israel's independence / edited by Aryeh Newman
40386: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Wagner, As Man & Artist
64863: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - Spy
179802: NEWMAN, E. W. POLSON (EDWARD WILLIAM POLSON), (B. 1887) - The Middle East
191205: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-1968) - Yours for action
134641: NEWMAN, ISIDORA. WILLY POGANY (ILL. ) - Wee Miss Violet, and Other Fairy Flowers
134663: NEWMAN, ARYEH (ED. ) - Acknowledge the Miracle
93028: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-?) - Tito's Yugoslavia
97907: NEWMAN, JOSEPH (ED. ) - RELATED NAME: UNITED STATES NEWS & WORLD REPORT - What Everyone Needs to Know about Law
92779: NEWMAN, BERNARD (1897-?) - Tito's Yugoslavia
223564: NEWMAN, GEORGE - English social services / Sir George Newman ; with 8 plates in colour and 21 illustrations in black & white. [Britain in Pictures series]
152027: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY (1801-1890) - The Office and Work of Universities
60019: NEWMAN, E. M. - The Mentor, March 1, 1917, Serial No. 126, Volume 5, No. 2 - Brazil
177175: NEWMAN, FRANCIS WILLIAM - A history of the hebrew monarchy from the administration of samuel to the babylonish captivity
201525: NEWMAN, JAMES ROBERT - The N.A.O.P. heritage : a short historical review of the growth and development of the National Association of Operative Plasterers, 1860-1960

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