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155700: INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM. COLLINS, DENIS - Spying : the secret history of history / written by Denis Collins
212417: CONFERENCE INTERNATIONALE DE SOCIOLOGIE RELIGIEUSE. CONFERENCE INTERNATIONALE - Sociologie religieuse, sciences sociales : actes / preface du Professeur Gabriel Le Bras ; introduction du chanoine Jacques LeClerq
187323: DELEGATION POUR L'ADOPTION D'UNE LANGUE AUXILIAIRE INTERNATIONALE - L'Echec de l'Esperanto devant la delegation : recueil de documents authentiques
184553: BUREAU PERMANENT DE L'ENTENTE INTERNATIONALE CONTRE LA IIIE INTERNATIONALE - La signification et les consequences du mouvement contre les persecutions religieuses en Russie
172650: CONGRES DE L'ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE - Congres de L'association Internationale pour le Progres Social: Berlin 30 September - 2 October
195562: ALLIANCE COOPERATIVE INTERNATIONALE - 15e Congres de l'Alliance Cooperative Internationale. Paris, du 6 au 9 Septembre 1937. Agenda et Rapports.
233185: INTERNATIONALES KRAUS-SYMPOSION (3RD : 1982 : STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN). LARSSON, GUNNAR. ÅSTRAND, HANS - Kraus und das gustavianische Stockholm : Bericht von dem Kraus-Symposion 1982 / herausgegeben von Gunnar Larsson und Hans Åstrand
164685: UNION CATHOLIQUE D'ETUDES INTERNATIONALES - Les Grandes Activites De La Societe Des Nations Devant La Pensee Chretienne. Conferences De La Troisieme Semaine Catholique Internationale De Geneve, 14-20 Septembre 1931
133610: BULLETIN D'ETUDES ET D'INFORMATIONS POLITIQUES INTERNATIONALES - Le Proces Des Camps De Concentration Sovietiques : Supplément Au Bulletin D'etudes Et D'Informations Politiques Internationales (No. Du 16/31 Janvier 1951)
126853: RECHERCHES INTERNATIONALES - Les Origines Du Fascisme 6 Cahiers Par an - No. 1 - Mars - Avril, 1957
147558: KOMMUNISTICHESKII INTERNATSIONAL - Outline History of the Communist International / Translated from the Russian by Bernard Isaacs
183664: CONVEGNO DEL NAZIONALE ED INTERNAZIONALE - Assistenze climatiche e balneari alla fanciullezza
177167: ISTITUTO PER GLI STUDI DI POLITICA INTERNAZIONALE (ITALY) - Annuario di politica internazionale (Europa 1935)
195944: ISTITUTO PER GLI STUDI DI POLITICA INTERNAZIONALI (MILAN, ITALY) - Relazioni internazionali : Settimanale di politica estera
196080: BANCA DEI REGOLAMENTI INTERNAZIONALI - Banca dei Regolamenti Internazionali : Ottava Relazione Annuale 1 Aprile 1937 - 31 Marzo 1938
169452: GREAT CASES OF INTERPOL - Great cases of Interpol / selected by the editors of Reader's Digest condensed books
89882: MAGYAR SZOCIALISTA MUNKASPART. KOZPONTI BIZOTTSAG. PARTTORTENETI INTEZET - History of the Revolutionary Workers' Movement in Hungary, 1944-1962 / [Edited by Dezso Nemes ; Contributors to the Volume, Miklos Lacko ... Et Al. ; Translated by Eva Racz]
194642: INTOURIST, USSR TRAVEL COMPANY - Two maps of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
142874: INTOURIST (FIRM). BLOK, LEON ABRAMOVICH, ED. - A Pocket Guide to the Soviet Union
178630: JOINT COMMITTEE OF INVESTIGATION - The extra year : a report / of the Joint Committee of Investigation representing the Association of Education Committees and the National Union of Teachers ; with a foreword by Earl Stanhope
181721: SPAIN. COMMITTEE OF INVESTIGATION - A preliminary official report on the atrocities committed in southern Spain in July and August, 1936, by the Communist forces of the Madrid government / issued by authority of the Committee of Investigation appointed by the national government at Burgos together with a brief historical note of the course of recent events in Spain
212994: GREAT BRITAIN. AGRICULTURAL TRIBUNAL OF INVESTIGATION - Final report / Agricultural Tribunal of Investigation
195271: GREAT BRITAIN. DEPT. OF HEALTH FOR SCOTLAND. SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL ADMINISTRATION AND INVESTIGATION - Infant mortality in Scotland / the report of a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Committee
234955: INWOOD, WILLIAM. SCHOOLING, SIR WILLIAM . THOMAN, FÉDOR - Inwood's tables of interest and mortality for the purchasing of estates and valuation of properites, including advowsons, assurance policies, copyholds ...
224450: INWOOD, STEPHEN - Historic London : an explorer's companion
216364: IOANNISYAN, A. R. - Kommunisticheskiye idei v gody Velikoy frantsuzskoy revolyutsii [Communist ideas during the French Revolution. Language: Russian]
127827: ION, ANGELA - La Litterature Francaise Dans L'Espace Culturel Roumain
139154: IONESCO, EUGENE. DONALD WATSON (TRANSL. ) - Exit the King. Translated from the French by Donald Watson
120873: IONESCU, TAKE (1858-1922) - Some Personal Impressions, by Take Jonescu; with an Introduction by Viscount Bryce, O. M.
121859: IONESCU, GHITA - Communism in Rumania, 1944-1962
167233: IONESCU-SISESTI, GHEORGHE, AND CORNATZIANU, N - La Reforme agraire en Roumanie et ses consequences
166727: IONESCU, GHITA - The Politics of the European Communist States / Ghita Ionescu
174456: IONESCU, DIMITRIE B. (1883-) - Die Agrarverfassung Rumaniens : ihre Geschichte und ihre Reform / von Dimitrie B. Ionescu
120743: IONESCU, GHITA - Communism in Rumania, 1944-1962
19831: IONESCU, GHITA - The Politics of the European Communist States
26060: IONESCU, GHITA - The Politics of the European Communist States
202120: IONIDES, STEPHEN ARCHIGENES (B. 1880) - One day telleth another
41222: IONS, EDMUND - Political and Social Thought in America 1870-1970
54417: IONS, VERONICA - Indian Mythology
58400: IONS, VERONICA - Indian Mythology
110443: IOOSS, WALTER. DEFORD, FRANK - Sports People / Photographs by Walter Iooss, Jr. ; Text by Frank Deford
159825: IOOSS, WALTER. ANDERSON, DAVE - Classic Baseball : the Photographs of Walter Iooss, Jr. / Text by Dave Anderson
27246: IORDAN, IORGU; ORR, JOHN; POSNER, REBECCA - An Introduction to Romance Linguistics : its Schools and Scholars / Iorgu Iordan, John Orr and Rebecca Posner
75855: IORGA, NICOLAE (1871-1940) - La Roumanie en images / vol. 1
206141: IORGA, NICOLAE (1871-1940) - Histoire des Roumains : et de la romanite orientale. Vol. 4: Les chevaliers / par N. Iorga
147355: IORGA, NICOLAE (1871-1940) - Histoire Des Roumains Et De Leur Civilisation / Par N. Jorga
169616: IOVCHUK, MIKHAIL TRIFONOVICH - Philosophical traditions today
174478: IQBAL, MUHAMMAD, SIR (1877-1938) - The new rose garden of mystery : and The book of slaves / Versified English translation of Iqbal's Gulshan-i-raz-i-jadid, and Bandagi namah, by M. Hadi Hussain. Introd. by S. A. Vahid
222549: IRAMAATA, P. (1851-1930). PARANANDA. HARRISON, R. L. - An eastern exposition of the Gospel of Jesus according to St. John : being an interpretation thereof by Sri Parananda, by the light of Jnana Yoga / edited by R. L. Harrison
181523: UNION OF MOSLEM IRANIAN STUDENTS SOCIETIES OUTSIDE IRAN - Programme of the National Council of Resistance and the Provisional Government of the Democratic Islamic Republic of Iran : including the constitution of the National Council of Resistance and the Provisional Government
83465: IRANEK-OSMECKI, KAZIMIERZ - He Who Saves One Life
184467: IRAZUSTA, JULIO - Influencia economica britanica en el Rio de la Plata
173343: GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND (RELIGIOUS COMMENTARY) - An attempt to shew by what means the United Kingdom and the world may be saved from subjection to France without the abolition in in Great Britain and Ireland of all distinctions on account of religion
219177: IRELAND, BERNARD - Aircraft carriers : an illustrated history of aircraft carriers of the world, from Zeppelin and seaplane carriers to V/STOL and nuclear-powered carriers, featuring over 170 aircraft carriers with 500 identification photographs
234911: IRELAND. RENTS AND LEASEHOLDS COMMISSION. CONROY, JOHN C - Report on rent control / Rents and Leaseholds Commission
233740: GREAT BRITAIN. DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT FOR NORTHERN IRELAND - Antrim Coast and Glens : area of outstanding natural beauty : Design Guide
187360: DAIL EIREANN. IRELAND - Ireland's Declaration of Independence and other documents including letters to the President of the Peace Conference and the General Memorandum submitted in support of Ireland's claim for recognition as a Sovereign Independent State
77099: IRELAND, WILLIAM HENRY (1777-1835) - The Confessions of William Henry Ireland. Containing the Particulars of His Fabrication of the Shakspeare Manuscripts; Together with Anecdotes and Opinions (Hitherto Unpublished) of Many Distinguished Persons in the Literary, Political, and Theatrical....
233471: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF NORTHERN IRELAND - Ireland North, Sheet 1. Ordnance Survey holiday map. What to see and do
233951: NATIONAL TRUST (GREAT BRITAIN). COMMITTEE FOR NORTHERN IRELAND - The properties of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in Northern Ireland / drawings and maps are by James Macintyre
216678: IRELAND, L. L. (LAURIE LOWELL) (1899-1954) - Ireland's year book, 1936
228892: INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND - Lecture on a Century of Chemistry: “From Boyle to Priestley.” Compiled by Richard B. Pilcher. With portraits
127113: CHURCH OF IRELAND - The Church of Ireland A. D. 432-1932 : the Report of the Church of Ireland Conference Held in Dublin, 11th. -14th. October, 1932, to Which is Appended an Account of the Commemoration by the Church of Ireland of the 1500th.
94705: IRELAND, W. H. (WILLIAM HENRY) - The Confessions of William Henry Ireland, Containing the Particulars of His Fabrication of the Shakespeare Manuscripts; Together with Anedotes and Opinions of Many Distinguished Persons in the Literary, Political, and Theatrical World
134395: ROYAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND - Memoirs Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of the County and City of Lincoln / Communicated to the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Held At Lincoln, July, 1848, with a General Report of the Proceedings
192520: IRELAND, JOHN (1879-1962) - London pieces : piano. No.2 Ragamuffin
212427: STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND - Fifty-fourth annual report for the academic year 1947-1948
208695: IRELAND (EIRE) COMMISSIONERS OF PUBLIC WORKS. LEASK, HAROLD GRAHAM - St. Patrick's rock, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
187502: ROYAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND (LONDON) - The Archaeological Journal. Pub. under the direction of the central committee of the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, for the encouragement and prosecution of researches into the arts and monuments of the Early and Middle Ages Volume 25
148172: IRELAND, ALLEYNE (1871-1951) - Joseph Pulitzer; Reminiscences of a Secretary, by Alleyne Ireland
234809: IRELAND. RENTS AND LEASEHOLDS COMMISSION. CONROY, JOHN C - Report on rent control / Rents and Leaseholds Commission
192646: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF IRELAND - Artists and Craftsmen: Irish Art Treasuers
192810: ARCHAEOLOGY IRELAND - Archaeology Ireland: Vol 11 No. 4 Issue No. 42
208832: IRELAND - Bunreacht na hEireann = Constitution of Ireland
234969: IRELAND, BERNARD - The illustrated guide to aircraft carriers of the world : a history and directory of aircraft carriers, from zeppelin and seaplane carriers to V/STOL and nuclear-powered carriers, featuring over 170 aircraft carriers with 500 identification photographs / Bernard Ireland
205070: IRELAND MARSHALL, FRANCES - Come out flying / edited by Frances Ireland Marshall
126210: IREMONGER, LUCILLE - Love and the Princess
28117: IRESON, JOHN CLIFFORD - Currents of Thought in French Literature : Essays in Memory of G. T. Clapton / Edited by J. C. Ireson
158767: IRESON, ALLY. BARLEY, NICK (EDS. ) - City Levels / [Editors, Ally Ireson and Nick Barley]
222622: IRESON, J. C. [ED.] - Currents of thought in French Literature / Essays in Memory of G T Clapton
205137: IRESON, BARBARA - Poet's corner: an anthology of verse for young people / edited by Barbara Ireson, illustrated by Elizabeth Corsellis
235824: IRIMUS?, IOAN AUREL. IULIU VESCAN, IULIU. MAN,TITUS - Tehnici de cartografiere, monitoring s?i analiza? GIS
228333: IRINCHEEV, BAIR - War of the white death : Finland against the Soviet Union, (1939-1940)
232669: IRISH CONFERENCE OF HISTORIANS (9TH : 1969 : DUBLIN). WILLIAMS, T. D - Historical studies : Papers read before the Irish conference of historians, VIII Dublin 27-30 May 1969
220691: IRISH, WILLIAM [PSEUD. I.E. CORNELL WOOLRICH] - Deadline at dawn
234895: IRISH CONFERENCE OF HISTORIANS (1979 : BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND). HARKNESS, DAVID WILLIAM (1937-) [EDITOR]. O'DOWD, MARY [EDITOR]. IRISH CONFERENCE OF HISTORIANS (1979 : BELFAST) - The town in Ireland : papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, Belfast, 30 May-2 June 1979 / edited by David Harkness and Mary O'Dowd
213446: IRISH ANCESTOR. FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY, ED. - The Irish ancestor : Vol. V, No. 2 / edited by Rosemary ffolliott
191029: IRISSON D'HERISSON, MAURICE, COMTE D', (1839-1898) - Autour d'une revolution (1788-1799) / par le comte d'Herisson
128803: IRISSON D'HERISSON, MAURICE D', COUNT. - Les Girouettes Politiques. Un Pair De France Policier [I. E. J. J. Mounier], 1815, 1822
121918: IROKAWA, DAIKICHI - The Age of Hirohito : in Search of Modern Japan / Daikichi Irokawa ; Translated by Mikiso Hane and John K. Urda ; Foreword by Carol Gluck
164742: MERKAZ LE-HEKER HITYASHVUT KAFRIT VE-IRONIT - Regional Cooperation in Israel / [Prepared by Raanan Weitz, Levia Applebaum and Avshalom Rokach ; Translated by Hanna Shmorak ; Edited by S. C. Hyman
120123: IRONSIDE, ROBIN & GERE, JOHN A. - Pre-Raphaelite Painters / with a Descriptive Catalogue by John Gere
190321: IRONSIDE, ROBIN - Pre-Raphaelite painters
144121: IRRISON D'HERISSON, MAURICE, COMTE D' (1839-1898) - Nouveau Journal D'Un Officier D'Ordonnance: La Commune
134426: IRUJO, MANUEL DE (1891-1981) - Instituciones Juridicas Vascas / Manuel De Irujo
85576: IRVINE, CHRISTOPHER (FL. 1638-1685) - Historiae Scoticae Nomenclatura Latino-Vernacula ...
52392: IRVINE, WILLIAM (1906-) - Apes, Angels, and Victorians; the Story of Darwin, Huxley, and Evolution
131953: IRVINE, A. L. - Sixty Years At School
207205: IRVINE, JOHN - A treasury of Irish saints / [by] John Irvine; with drawings by Ruth Brandt
232157: IRVINE, ALEXANDER HYNDMAN - Collins gem dictionary of synonyms & antonyms / compiled by A. H. Irvine
103978: IRVINE, CHIPPY - Second Homes / Text by Chippy Irvine ; Photographs by Billy Cunningham ; Foreword by Mark Hampton ; Introduction by Virginia and Lee McAlester
186385: IRVINE, GILBERT MARSHALL - In the valley of vision
5556: IRVINE, WILLIAM C. - 25 Years' Mission Work Among the Lepers of India in a Manner Believed to be Scriptural, by Wm. C. Irvine ... with a Foreword by Lt. -Col. L. M. Davies ... a Statement of the Treatment of the Disease by Dr. Robert G. Cochrane
71672: IRVINE, WILLIAM (1906-1964) - Apes, Angels, and Victorians : a Joint Biography of Darwin & Huxley
224059: IRVINE, A. L. - College in the nineties
233348: IRVINE, ALEXANDER (1863-1941) - My lady of the chimney corner
70347: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Wolfert's Roost, and Other Papers
92574: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Christmas Day [From the Sketch Book]. [Sketch Book. Selections]
9105: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Wolfert's Roost, and, Other Papers, Now First Collected
9102: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Bracebridge Hall
8921: IRVING, WASINGTON - Knickerbocker Papers: Rip Van Winkle & the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
229539: IRVING, HENRY SIR (1838-1905) - The drama addresses
46958: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent
188851: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - The Old English Christmas
231150: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). PENNELL, JOSEPH (1857-1926) - The Alhambra
206623: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Journals and notebooks : volume 3, 1819-1827 / Washington Irving ; edited by Walter A. Reichart
122314: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). ARTHUR RACKHAM (ILL. ) - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
105668: IRVING, JOHN (1942-) - The Hotel New Hampshire / John Irving
193411: IRVING, RICHARD - Making furniture step by step
76167: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Wolfert's Roost, and Other Papers, Now First Collected
158404: IRVING, HOWARD LEE (1951-) - Ancients and Moderns : William Crotch and the Development of Classical Music / Howard Irving
25211: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). ROBINSON, EDWARD KILBURN (1883-) - The Alhambra
43484: IRVING, RONALD ECKFORD MILL - Christian Democracy in France
222775: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). BOUGHTON, GEORGE HENRY (1834-1905) - Rip Van Winkle : and The legend of Sleepy Hollow
45900: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - The Wild Huntsman, by Washington Irving (Hitherto Unpublished) with an Introduction by George S. Hellman
52725: IRVING, WASHINGTON AND AUSTIN, WILLIAM ET AL. - A Pocket Book of the Early American Humorists
152350: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Biography and Poetical Remains of the Late Margaret Miller Davidson
152622: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). PARRISH, MAXFIELD (ILLUS.) - A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. by Diedrich Knickerbocker [Pseud. ] the Whole Embellish'd by Eight Pictures from the Hand of Maxfield Parrish, Esq.
107194: IRVING, R. L. G. - A History of British Mountaineering
116337: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859). BARRY MOSER (ILL. ) - Two Tales : Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow / Washington Irving ; Illustrated by Barry Moser ; with an Introduction by Alexander Eliot
103869: IRVING, WASHINGTON AND DAUGHERTY, JAMES (ILLUS. ) - Knickerbocker's History of New York, by Washington Irving
171954: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - Christmas Day
132546: IRVING, HENRY BRODRIBB (1870-1919) - Occasional Papers : Dramatic and Historical
183091: IRVING, JOHN (1942- ) - The fourth hand / John Irving
186866: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - A chronicle of the conquest of Granada. From the mss. of Fray Antonio Agapida
223983: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - The Alhambra
215460: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book
117796: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859.) - Two Tales : Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow / Washington Irving ; Illustrated by Barry Moser ; with an Introduction by Alexander Eliot
163518: IRVING, HENRY BRODRIBB (1870-1919) - Last Studies in Criminology
198784: IRVING, JOHN, OF DUMBARTON - Dumbartonshire, county and burgh : from the earliest times to the close of the eighteenth century ; forming part II of a revised History of Dumbartonshire
62835: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - The Sketch Book
143920: IRVING, WASHINGTON (1783-1859) - The Alhambra, by Washington Irving
190166: IRVING, THEODORE (1809-1880) - The conquest of Florida
93486: IRWIN, JOHN (1912-) , ED. - Sweete Themmes, a Chronicle in Prose and Verse
36847: IRWIN, WILL - Herbert Hoover - a Reminiscent Biography
66581: IRWIN, WILL (1873-1948) - The House That Shadows Built, by Will Irwin
25796: IRWIN, DAVID - Alone Across the Top of the World - the Authorized Story of the Arctic Journey of David Irvine
214320: IRWIN, WILMOT - Betrayal in Ireland
156587: IRWIN (ARTIST GROUP) - East Art Map : Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe / Edited by IRWIN
146420: IRWIN, C. H. (CLARKE HUSTON) (1858-1934) - The Bible, the Scholar and the Spade : a Summary of the Results of Modern Excavation and Discovery
100258: IRWIN, MARGARET - Elizabeth, Captive Princess
98295: IRWIN, WILL - The House That Shadows Built, by Will Irwin
201494: IRWIN, C. H. (CLARKE HUSTON) (1858-1934) - The Bible, the scholar and the spade : a summary of the results of modern excavation and discovery
220631: IRWIN, WILL - The Jedburghs : the secret history of the Allied Special Forces, France 1944 / Will Irwin
215039: IRWIN, WALLACE; GEORGE H. DORAN COMPANY. - Suffering husbands
31038: IRWIN, WILL (1873-1948) - How Red is America?
170420: IRWIN, INEZ IRWIN - The Native Son
226648: IRWIN, COLIN - Neil Young : a life in pictures / Colin Irwin
157079: IRWIN, MARGARET - Young Bess
177362: IRWIN, MARGARET (MARGARET EMMA FAITH) - The bride : the story of Louise and Montrose
208285: IRWIN, WILL - Abundance of valor : resistance, survival, and liberation, 1944-1945
107641: IRWIN, WILL (1873-1948) - How Red is America?
31529: IRWIN, WILL - Herbert Hoover - a Reminiscent Biography
156061: ISAAC, JOHN - The vale of Kashmir
219885: ISAAC, PETER - Some Alnwick caricatures : A note and a handlist
202288: ISAAC, PETER C. G. - The First forty years : an account of the formation and development of the British Occupational Hygiene Society 1953-1993 / edited by Peter Isaac
69036: ISAACS, EDITH JULIET RICH, MRS (1878-) (ED. ) - Theatre, Essays on the Arts of the Theatre, Edited by Edith J. R. Isaacs ...
73372: ISAACS, EDITH JULIET RICH, MRS. (1878-? ) - Theatre, Essays on the Arts of the Theatre, Edited by Edith J. R. Isaacs
112489: ISAACS, HAROLD ROBERT (1910-) - The New World of Negro Americans [By] Harold R. Isaacs
86826: ISAACS, ALAN (1925-). MARTIN, ELIZABETH A. - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music
131454: ISAACS, WILFRID H. - The Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians / a Study in Translations and an Interpretation by Wilfrid H. Isaacs
123801: ISAACSON, PHILIP M. - The American Eagle / Philip M. Isaacson
24464: ISAACSON, PHILIP M. - Round Buildings, Square Buildings, & Buildings That Wiggle like a Fish
132468: ISABELL, JOHN & BAKER, J JOHNSON - Chats with the Children on Temperance Topics
97569: ISABELLE, JULANNE - Hemingway's Religious Experience
118084: ISABELLE, JULANNE - Hemingway's Religious Experience
117655: ISABELLE, JULANNE - Hemingway's Religious Experience, by Julanne Isabelle
167491: ISACKER, KAREL VAN - De Internationale te Antwerpen, 1867-1877 / Karel van Isacker
64697: ISAJIW, WSEVOLOD W. - Causation and Functionalism in Sociology, by Wsevolod W. Isajiw
43645: ISAR, YUDHISHTHIR RAJ - Museum, Vol. XXXII, No. 1/2, 1980 : Museums and Interdisciplinarity
225732: ISARLO, GEORGE - La peinture en France au XVIIe siecle
23075: ISAY, RICHARD A. - Being Homosexual : Gay Men and Their Development / Richard A. Isay
37445: ISAY, RICHARD A. - Being Homosexual : Gay Men and Their Development / Richard A. Isay
73748: ISAY, RICHARD A - Being Homosexual : Gay Men and Their Development
40019: ISAY, RICHARD A. - Being Homosexual - Gay Men and Their Development
62116: ISAY, RICHARD A. - Being Homosexual : Gay Men and Their Development / Richard A. Isay
215335: LONDON: WM. ISBISTER - Evening Prayers. Arranged for each Sunday in the month
155661: ISBY, DAVID C. - Leave no man behind : liberation and capture missions
184538: VAN ISEGHEM, ANDRE - L' annexion du Congo / quelques notes par Andre van Iseghem
219236: ISEMONGER, PAUL LEWIS - The fighting man : the soldier at war from the age of Napoleon to the Second World War / Paul Lewis Isemonger & Christopher Scott
158553: ISENBERG, NANCY - Fallen Founder : the Life of Aaron Burr / Nancy Isenberg
197478: ISENBERG, IRWIN [ED.] - Japan : Asian power / edited by Irwin Isenberg
115465: ISENBERG, MICHAEL T. - Shield of the Republic : the United States Navy in an Era of Cold War and Violent Peace. Volume I. 1945-1962 / Michael T. Isenberg
206424: ISH-KISHOR, SULAMITH - Jews to remember
178124: ISH-KISHOR, SULAMITH - Jews to remember
218648: ISH-SHALOM, M. [ED.] - Yerushalayim : review for Eretz-Israel research / edited by M. Ish-Shalom, M. Benayahu, A. Shohet. [Language: Hebrew]
220815: ISHAM, FREDERIC S. - Three live ghosts / Frederic S. Isham. Ilustrated with scenes from the all talking United Artists picture
173394: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER (1904-1986) - The memorial; portrait of a family
173636: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER (1904-1986) - Exhumations : stories, articles, verses
139268: PATANJALI. SWAMI PRABHAVANANDA. CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - How to Know God: the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, Translated with a New Commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood
74741: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER (1904-1986) - Kathleen and Frank
205215: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER (1904-1986) - My guru and his disciple / Christopher Isherwood
113249: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Exhumations / Christopher Isherwood
25833: ISHIMOTO, TATSUO - A Treasury of Japanese Flower Arrangements : the Fineset Arrangements
157373: ISHIMOTO, TATSUO - The Art of Flower Arrangement
157523: ISHIMOTO, TATSUO - The Art of the Japanese Garden
146136: ISHMAEL, ED. - That's Sedition - That Was! : Being a Collection of Notable Sayings by the Prime Minister and Other Persons Above Criticism
31250: ISHWARAN, KARIGOUDAR - Tradition and Economy in Village India
109019: ISICHEI, ELIZABETH ALLO - The Ibo People and the Europeans; the Genesis of a Relationship-To 1906 [By] Elizabeth Isichei
100612: ISKANDAR, I. K. AND SELIM, H. M. (EDS. ) - Engineering Aspects of Metal-Waste Management / Edited by I. K. Iskandar, H. M. Selim
164560: ISKANDER, MARWAN - The Arab Boycott of Israel
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56826: JAMES, HUNTER - They Didn't Put That on the Huntley-Brinkley! : a Vagabond Reporter Encounters the New South / Hunter James
107086: JAMES, GRACE AND GOBLE, WARWICK (ILLUS. ) - Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales
94130: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON (1858-) - In & around the Grand Canyon; the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona
88908: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - The Siege of London, the Pension Beaurepas, and the Point of View
88959: JAMES, JACK & WELLER, EARLE VONARD (1890-?) - Treasure Island, 'The Magic City, ' 1939-1940; the Story of the Golden Gate International Exposition
103760: JAMES, PHILIP BRUTTON AND HOLME, C. GEOFFREY (ED. ) - Children's Books of Yesterday, by Philip James, Edited by C. Geoffrey Holme The Studio Special Autumn Number
70214: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - Notes on Novelists, with Some Other Notes
6042: JAMES, LOUIS - Print and the People 1819-1851 / edited, with an Iintroduction and commentary, by Louis James
8008: JAMES, LOUIS, DR. - Print and the People 1819-1851 / edited, with an introduction and commentary, by Louis James
38707: JAMES, WINIFRED - Letters to My Son
197551: JAMES, EDWIN OLIVER (1888-1972) - Sacrifice and sacrament : a historical and scientific study having special reference to the Eucharist
152040: JAMES, HENRY (1879-1947) - Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard University, 1869-1909, by Henry James ... [Complete in 2 Volumes]
194001: JAMES, ISOBEL N. - Sticklaying
225981: JAMES, M.E. CLIFTON - I was Monty's double
226893: JAMES, P. D. (PHYLLIS DOROTHY) - The murder room / P.D. James
73945: JAMES, MARQUIS (1891-1955) - Biography of a Business, 1792-1942: Insurance Company of North America
35760: JAMES, JOHN (1811-1867) - Continuation & Additions to the History of Bradford and its Parish
35726: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) , MATTHIESSEN, FRANCIS OTTO (1902-1950) & MURDOCK, KENNETH BALLARD (1895-1975) - The Notebooks of Henry James / Edited by F. O. Matthiessen and Kenneth B. Murdock
171485: JAMES, A.GORDON - Personal immortality : an enquiry into the Christian doctrine of a future life.
214091: JAMES, T. G. H. (THOMAS GARNET HENRY) - Egypt revealed : artist-travellers in an antique land / T.G.H. James
214099: JAMES, HENRY (1843 - 1916) ; GLADSTONE, W. E. ; MOORE, GEORGE ; CHURCHILL, LADY RANDOLPH [ET AL.] - The New Review / edited by Archibald Grove. Volume 1: June to December, 1889
183530: JAMES, P. D. - The private patient / P.D. James
220212: JAMES, TONY - The Royal Fleet auxiliary, 1905 - 1985
132626: [BIBLE. O. T. RUTH. ENGLISH]. [ BIBLE. O. T. ESTHER. ENGLISH. ]. GILBERT JAMES (ILL.) - The Books of Ruth and Esther / with Photogravures from Drawings by Gilbert James
156356: JAMES, P. D. - A Taste for Death / P. D. James
188376: JAMES MARCHANT, SIR - Industry and politics
205157: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES (1933- ) - Albert, Prince Consort : a biography
182703: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - The outcry
13899: JAMES, P. D. - Devices and Desires / P. D. James
73616: JAMES, BERTHA TEN EYCK - Nine Dragons; Poems
207885: JAMES, PHILIP (1901-) - English book illustration since 1800
185345: JAMES, M. (ED.) - Complete guide to home gardens / edited by M. James
164613: JAMES, WILLIAM (1842-1910). KNIGHT, MARGARET (1903- ) (ED. ) - William James : a Selection from His Writings on Psychology / Edited with a Commentary by Margaret Knight
174407: JAMES, E. O, (EDWIN OLIVER) (1886-?) - The beginnings of religion : an introductory and scientific study / E. O. James
32819: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Prince Albert - a Biography
214155: JAMES, WILLIAM (1842-1910) - Psychology : briefer course
121409: JAMES, PETER N. (1940-) - The Air Force Mafia / Peter N. James
123901: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - The American Scene
186264: JAMES, A. GORDON (ALFRED GORDON) (1885-?) - The creation stories of Genesis and their relation to modern thought / A. Gordon James
180028: JAMES, WILLIAM - Selected writings
15400: JAMES, JOSHUA - Tarantell and Other Poems [By] Joshua James
106359: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - Master Eustace
12134: JAMES, E. O. - Sacrifice and Sacrament
121284: JAMES, HENRY ROSHER (1862-1931) - Our Hellenic Heritage, by H. R. James ... Vol. 1 - [The Great Epics & the Struggle with Persia]
222521: JAMES, M. R. (MONTAGUE RHODES) 1862-1936. - Abbeys
206038: JAMES, JOSEPH, OF HARROW WEALD, [ED.] - The way of mysticism : an anthology / introduced and arranged by Joseph James
187531: JAMES MARQUIS, FREDERICK 1ST EARL OF WOOLTON - The memoirs of the Rt. Hon. the earl of Woolton
122071: JAMES, H. R. (1862-1931) - Our Hellenic Heritage
201667: JAMES, M. R. (MONTAGUE RHODES), (1862-1936) - The second epistle general of Peter and the general epistle of Jude / edited by Montague Rhodes James with introduction and notes [Bible. N.T. Peter, 2nd. Greek. 1912. ; Bible. N.T. Jude. Greek. 1912.]
210352: JAMES, BILL - Forget it / Bill James
142332: JAMES, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Changing China
205840: JAMES, J. C. (J. COURTENAY) - Hebrew and English : some likenesses psychic and linguistic / J. Courtenay James
193056: JAMES, ARTHUR CHARLES - Taboo amongst the ancient Hebrews : a study of certain phases of early Hebrew legislation
191248: JAMES, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Changing China
106466: JAMES, PETER N. - Soviet Conquest from Space
138745: JAMES, ALICE (1848-1892) - The Death and Letters of Alice James : Selected Correspondence / Edited, with a Biographical Essay
176831: JAMES, JOHN ANGELL - The young man's friend and guide through life to immortality
181779: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - The King's Highway a novel; Russell: a tale of the Reign of Charles II by G. P. R. James Esq
181780: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - The False Heir; Heidelberg. A Romance by G. P. R. James Esq.
181782: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - Arabella Stuart: A Romance from English History; Charles Tyrell; or, The Bitter Blood by G. P. R. James Esq.
181785: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - De l'orme / G.P.R. James ; rev., corrected and illustrated, with a new preface, etc. by the author
181786: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - The Gentleman of the old school. A Tale. ; Beauchamp; or, The Error by G. P. R. James Esq.
181787: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - Castelneau; or, The Ancient Regime. A Tale ; Morley Ernstein or, The Tenants of the Heart by G. P. R. James Esq.
181788: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - Darnley; or, The field of the cloth of gold. by G. P. R. James Esq.
181790: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD - Forest Days; A Romance of Old Times by G. P. R. James Esq.
123730: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916) - Daumier, Caricaturist [By] Henry James
228651: JAMES, HENRY ROSHER (1862-1931) - Mary Wollstonecraft : a sketch
19871: JAMES, REV. J. - A Comment Upon the Collects Appointed to be Used in the Church of England before the Epistle and Gospel and Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year
177589: JAMES, P. D. - The murder room / P.D. James
177594: JAMES, P.D. - Death in holy orders
235797: JAMES, EDWARD D. NICOLE, PIERRE (1625-1695) - Pierre Nicole, Jansenist and humanist : a study of his thought
188165: JAMES, GEORGE PAYNE RAINSFORD (1801?-1860) - The life of Henry the Fourth, King of France and Navarre - [Complete in 3 volumes]
107490: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON (1858-1923) - Practical basket making (... with new illustrations)
44162: JAMES, LOUIS - English Popular Literature 1819-1851
49974: JAMES, MARQUIS - Biography of a Business 1792-1942, Insurance Company of North America
227986: JAMES, REV. RICHARD (1592-1638) - Iter lancastrense : a poem, written A.D. 1636
24460: JAMES, HENRY (1843-1916 ) - Daisy Miller
164836: JAMES, ALFRED GORDON (1885- ) - The Creation Stories of Genesis and Their Relation to Modern Thought / A. Gordon James
143786: JAMES, HOWARD INGLI (1891-) - Communism and Christian Faith
177524: JAMES, P. D. - Devices and desires / P.D. James
205876: JAMES, IAN (ED.) - Photography year book. 1964 edited by Ian James
12722: JAMES, LAWRENCE (1943-) - Mutiny in the British and Commonwealth Forces, 1797-1956
211382: JAMES, W. M. (WILLIAM MILBOURNE) (1881-?) - Old oak : the life of John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent
19738: JAMES, ADMIRAL SIR W. M. - The Influence of Sea Power on the History of the British People The Lees Knowles Lectures for 1947
94310: JAMESON, STORM - Journey from the North : Autobiography of Storm Jameson
82489: JAMESON, MRS. ANNA (1794-1860) - Sacred and Legendary Art - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
82491: JAMESON, MRS. ANNA (1794-1860) - The History of Our Lord As Exemplified in Works of Art: with That of His Types; St. John the Baptist; and Other Persons of the Old and New Testament. Commenced by the Late Mrs. Jameson. Continued and Completed by Lady Eastlake - [2 Volumes Complete]
5634: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The Moment of Truth
186523: JAMESON, ANNA BROWNELL (1794-1860) - Characteristics of women : moral, poetical, and historical
175432: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The journal of Mary Hervey Russell
171861: JAMESON, STORM [ET AL] - Writing in Revolt : theory and examples
130440: JAMESON, STORM - The Decline of Merry England, by Storm Jameson
166720: JAMESON, STORM, (1891-1986) - The Writer's Situation, and Other Essays
188786: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The decline of merry England
98384: JAMESON, STORM - The Black Laurel
161437: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The Early Life of Stephen Hind
194025: JAMESON, (ANNA), MRS. (1794-1860) - Legends of the Madonna as represented in the fine arts : Forming the third series of Sacred and legendary art
113379: JAMESON, MRS. (ANNA) - Legends of the Monastic Orders, by Anna Jameson; Ed. , with Additional Notes by Estelle M. Hurll, and Abundantly Illustrated with Designs from Ancient and Modern Art, by Mrs. Jameson
157927: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The Blind Heart
157952: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - A Cup of Tea for Mr. Thorgill
169110: JAMESON, J. FRANKLIN (1859-1937) - An historian's world; selections from the correspondence of John Franklin Jameson. Edited by Elizabeth Donnan and Leo F. Stock
140384: JAMESON, ANNA, MRS. (1794-1860) - Legends of the Madonna As Represented in the Fine Arts; Formerly the Third Series of Sacred and Legendary Art
149623: JAMESON, STORM (1891-1986) - The Decline of Merry England
190072: JAMESON, W. C. - Buried treasures of the Ozarks and the Appalachians / W. C. Jameson
199392: JAMESON, STORM (1891-) - The road from the monument
147068: JAMIESON, JAMES. L. E. DORMAN. VALERIE MARRIOTT - Growth Hormone: Reversing Human Aging Naturally, the Methuselah Factor
149215: JAMIESON, JAMES - Growth Hormone : the Methuselah Factor : Reversing Human Aging Naturally / James Jamieson, L. E. Dorman
216587: JAMIESON, FRANCES - Popular voyages and travels, throughout the continent & islands of Europe : in which the geography, character, customs, and manners of all nations are described ...
140111: JAMIK, M. - Bilder Aus Dem Judischen Bauernleben in Palastina
212451: JAMIK, M. - Bilder aus dem Judischen Bauernleben in Palastina
184261: JAMISON, E. M.; CLARKE, M. V. - The teaching of Latin and history. The report of an informal conference held at Oxford 28 May 1932, on the preparation of girls for the university
39929: JAMPOLSKY, GERALD G. JAMPOLSKY, LEE L. - Listen to Me - a Book for Women and Men about Father-Son Relationships
11480: JANAN, MICAELA - The Politics of Desire : Propertius IV / Micaela Janan
234419: JANATA, ALFRED. MUSEUM FUR VOLKERKUNDE (AUSTRIA) - Aussereuropaische Musikinstrumente [Katalog und Ausstellung : Alfred Janata
164115: JANCAR-WEBSTER, BARBARA (1935- ) - Environmental Management in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia : Structure and Regulation in Federal Communist States / Barbara Jancar
158026: JANDL, H. WARD - Yesterday's houses of tomorrow : innovative American homes, 1850 to 1950
179342: JANE, LIONEL CECIL (1879-1932) - The coming of Parliament : England from 1350 to 1660
171327: JANE, CECIL (ED.) - A Spanish voyage to Vancouver and the north-west coast of America / edited and translated cecil jane
220063: JANE, FRED T; HADDRICK TAYLOR, MICHAEL JOHN; (ET AL.) - Janes's Encyclopedia of Aviation, 5 Vols. in One
63443: JANE'S YEARBOOKS - Jane's Freight Containers 1971-72
63444: JANE'S YEARBOOKS - Jane's Fighting Ships 1974-75
63445: JANE'S YEARBOOKS - Jane's Weapon Systems 1977
198387: JANEFF, JANKO - Sudosteuropa und der deutsche geist / Janko Janeff
167595: JANELLE, PIERRE - The Catholic Reformation
58690: JANES, DON CARLOS - Our World Tour - [Personal Observations and Experiences on a Trip around the World 1920-1922]
27350: JANES, HURFORD - The Red Barrel - a History of Watney Man
149941: JANET, PAUL (1823-1899) - The Theory of Morals
142102: JANET, PAUL ALEXANDRE R. - Les Causes Finales
53987: JANET, PAUL - La Morale, Par Paul Janet
159662: JANET, PAUL (1823-1899) - Le Materialisme Contemporain En Allemagne
133324: JANETSCHEK, OTTOKAR - The Emperor Franz Joseph
231812: JANETZKY, KURT - Seriose Kuriositaten am Rande der Instrumentenkunde : ein heiteres Bild-Sachbuch
231970: JANETZKY, KURT - Aus der Werkstatt eines Hornisten : gesammelte Aufsatze
235208: JANETZKY, KURT. BRU?CHLE, BERNHARD - Le cor : apercu de son histoire et de son usage
234026: JANETZKY, KURT - über die problematik der harmonie-einrichtungen von haydn's Ritter Roland bis zu weber's der freyschutz
233856: JANETZKY, KURT. BRUCHLE, BERNHARD - Das Horn : eine kleine Chronik seines Werdens und Wirkens
128840: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Man's World, Woman's Place : a Study in Social Mythology
132009: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Man's World, Woman's Place : a Study in Social Mythology
59646: JANEWAY, ELIOT - Musings on Money : How to Make Dollars out of Sense : from the Notebooks of America's Foremost Political Economist, Eliot Janeway
19755: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Cross Sections from a Decade of Change
18298: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Powers of the Weak
14565: JANEWAY, ELIOT - The Economics of Crisis: War, Politics, and the Dollar
19558: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Between Myth and Morning Women Awakening
14669: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH - Between Myth and Morning. Women Awakening
191968: JANICIJEVIC, MILOSLAV [ET AL.] - Jugoslovenski studenti i socijalizam / Milosav Janicijevic [et al.]
65681: JANICKE, MARTIN - State Failure : the Impotence of Politics in Industrial Society / Martin Janicke ; Translated by Alan Braley
191401: JANIN, JULES GABRIEL (1804-1874). BERANGER, PIERRE JEAN DE (1780-1857) - Beranger et son temps / par Jules Janin
176060: JANIN, RAYMOND - Les Eglises orientales et les rites orientaux / Raymond Janin
10050: JANIN, JULES GABRIEL (1804-1874). RELATED NAMES: LAMI, LOUIS EUGENE (1800-1890) ILLUS. - The American in Paris During the Summer. Being a Companion to the 'winter in Paris'

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