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226364: ELLIOTT, CHRISTINE. JABLONKA, DAVID - Custom bicycles : a passionate pursuit
149747: ELLIOTT, EDWARD KING - From Death to Resurrection; Or, Scriptural Teachings Respecting the Departed in Christ
228802: ELLIOTT, ISABELLE MARY ZENA - A short history of surgical dressings
190933: ELLIOTT, W. H. (WALLACE HAROLD), (B. 1884) - Growing old / W.H. Elliott
153537: ELLIOTT-BINNS, LEONARD ELLIOTT (1885-) - The Book of Numbers, with Introduction and Notes
175099: ELLIOTT-BINNS, LEONARD ELLIOTT (1885-1963) - Old Testament Vol. II. From Moses to Elisha : Israel to the end of the ninth century B. C.
205018: ELLIOTT, BLANCHE BEATRICE - A history of English advertising
209046: ELLIOTT, BRENT - Botanical illustration in the Lindley Library : articles by Dr. Brent Elliott from 'The Garden' 1993-1996
16304: ELLIS, JOHN (1945-) - Armies in Revolution
97633: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Erotic Symbolism; the Mechanism of Detumescence; the Psychic State in Pregnancy
97634: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Sexual Selection in Man. I. Touch. II. Smell. III. Hearing. IV. Vision.
97635: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - The Evolution of Modesty, the Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity, Auto-Erotism, by Havelock Ellis Studies in the Psychology of Sex - Volume I.
92954: ELLIS, FREDERICK STARTRIDGE. CRANE, WALTER - The History of Reynard the Fox / Turned Into English Verse by F. S. Ellis. , with Illustrative Devices by W. Crane
92019: ELLIS, JOHN - Armies in Revolution
91798: ELLIS, RAY G. - South by Southeast / Ray Ellis, Walter Cronkite
89778: ELLIS, JUNE, ED. - West African Families in Britain : a Meeting of Two Cultures / Edited by June Ellis ; with Contributions by June Ellis, Pat Stapleton, Vivien Biggs
89253: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Views and Reviews; a Selection of Uncollected Articles, 1884-1932, by Havelock Ellis 1st Series
88551: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON (CUTHBERT HAMILTON) (1909-1987) - The Lore of the Train
8759: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Man and Woman : a Study of Human Secondary Sexual Characters
231601: ELLIS, ESTELLE. SEEBOHM, CAROLINE. SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON. STURM, GISELA - Mit Buchern leben : Buchliebhaber und ihre Bibliotheken
142457: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Studies in the Psychology of Sex - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
135339: ELLIS, DAVIS A. - Davis' Commercial Encyclopedia of the Pacific Southwest - California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona
81763: ELLIS, RICHARD N. (1939-) - General Pope and U. S. Indian Policy
132941: ELLIS, SARAH STICKNEY (1812-1872) - The Women of England, Their Social Duties and Domestic Habits
6763: ELLIS, JAMES JOSPEH - Dan Crawford of Luanza, or : 37 years' missionary work in darkest Africa
181959: ELLIS, SARAH STICKNEY (1812-1872) - The Women of England, Their Social Duties and Domestic Habits
191110: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD (1943- ) - A history of the Irish working class
162711: ELLIS, HOWARD SYLVESTER (1898-) (ED. ) - A Survey of Contemporary Economics. Pub. for the American Economic Assn
40229: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - More Essays of Love and Virtue
47056: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Impressions and Comments, Third (And Final) Series, 1920-1923
104317: ELLIS, IAN C. - Book Finds : How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books / Ian C. Ellis
71488: ELLIS, CHARLES HOWARD (1895-) - The Origin, Structure & Working of the League of Nations, by C. Howard-Ellis
112343: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - The Genius of Europe
158196: ELLIS, SIMONE - Santa Fe art
62653: ELLIS, WILLIAM DONOHUE - Land of the Inland Seas : the Historic and Beautiful Great Lakes Country
51053: ELLIS, JOHN (1945-) - Cavalry : the History of Mounted Warfare
230454: ELLIS, CHARLES HOWARD (1895-1975) - The transcaspian episode. 1918-1919. With plates including portraits, illustrations, endpaper maps and a bibliography
196592: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - The task of social hygiene / Havelock Ellis
5745: ELLIS, HENRY, SIR (1777-1869) - A General Introduction to Domesday Book; Accompanied by Indexes of the Tenants-In-Chief, and Under-Tenants, At the Time of the Survey: As Well As of the Holders of Lands Mentioned in Domesday Anterior to the Formation of That Record. [2 Volumes, Complete] With an Abstract of the Population of England At the Close of the Region of William the Conqueror, so Far As the Same is Actually Entered. Illustrated by Numerous Notes and Comments
172914: ELLIS, HENRY SIR - The obituary of Richard Smyth, secondary of the Poultry Comptor, London: being a catalogue of all such persons as he knew in their life: extending from A.D. 1627 to A.D. 1674 / ed. by Sir Henry Ellis
178863: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Essays in war-time
7625: ELLIS, MRS. HAVELOCK - Three Modern Seers : James Hinton, Nietzsche, Edward Carpenter James Hinton, Nietzsche, Edward Carpenter
74685: ELLIS, CHARLES D. - The Second Crash - How the Sock Market Went the 1929 Route in 1970
174372: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - The philosophy of conflict, and other essays in wartime. Second series
169264: ELLIS, RAY G. - North by northeast / Ray Ellis, Walter Cronkite
220658: ELLIS, RICHARD - Tiger bone & rhino horn : the destruction of wildlife for traditional Chinese medicine / Richard Ellis
103242: ELLIS, AYTOUN - The Essence of Beauty; a History of Perfume & Cosmetics
47080: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Impressions and Comments, Third (And Final) Series, 1920-1923
40026: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Essays in War-Time - Further Studies in the Task of Social Hygiene
119387: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - A Study of British Genius
119434: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - The Task of Social Hygiene, by Havelock Ellis
138534: ELLIS, SARAH (STICKNEY) , MRS. (1812-1872) - The Daughters of England : Their Position in Society, Character and Responsibilities
142043: ELLIS, HAVELOCK, MRS (1861-1916) - Three Modern Seers
48316: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Views and Reviews; a Selection of Uncollected Articles, 1884-1932 - First Series 1884-1919
31273: ELLIS, FRANK (1947-) - Peasant Economics : Farm Households and Agrarian Development / Frank Ellis
32111: ELLIS, EDWARD E. - In the Days of the Pioneers
160345: ELLIS, GRIFFITH OGDEN (1869-) , ED. - American Boy Sea Stories / with an Introduction by Griffith Ogden Ellis
56068: ELLIS, ROBERT Y. - The Complete Book of Floor Coverings / Robert Y. Ellis
132015: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Sex in Relation to Society / Ellis Havelock
225695: ELLIS, AYTOUN - Three hundred years on London River : the Hay's Wharf story, 1651-1951
228873: ELLIS, CLIVE - Fabulous Fanny Cradock : TV's outrageous queen of cuisine / Clive Ellis ; foreword by Antony Worrall Thompson. SIGNED
114741: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Marriage Today and Tomorrow, Written and Signed by Havelock Ellis
45657: ELLIS, WILLIS DAVIS - Gestalt Psychology and Meaning
99058: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Sex in Relation to Society ... Being the First English Edition of Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume VI
92796: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - The Genius of Europe
89759: ELLIS, JUNE (ED. ) - West African Families in Britain : a Meeting of Two Cultures / Edited by June Ellis ; with Contributions by June Ellis, Pat Stapleton, Vivien Biggs
13733: ELLIS, PAT - Women of the Caribbean / Edited by Pat Ellis
129362: ELLIS, WILLIAM T. - Bible Lands To-Day, by William T. Ellis
230400: ELLIS, JOHN - Eye-deep in hell / John Ellis
132458: ELLIS, T. E. (THOMAS EDWARD) - Speeches and Addresses
171289: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - My life : autobiography of Havelock Ellis
226217: ELLIS, HATTIE - Sweetness & light : the mysterious history of the honeybee / Hattie Ellis
52577: ELLIS, HOWARD S. - Exchange Control in Central Europe
177129: ELLIS, THOMAS E. - Speeches and addresses
204811: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON (CUTHBERT HAMILTON), (1909-1987) - Steam railways / C. Hamilton Ellis
189335: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - A study of British genius
187424: ELLIS, SARAH (STICKNEY), MRS. (1812-1872) - The daughters of England : their position in society, character, and responsibilities
171598: ELLIS, SARAH STICKNEY (1812-1872) - The women of England
101363: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Sex in Relation to Society, by Havelock Ellis
126041: ELLIS, RAY G. WALTER CRONKITE - Westwind / Ray Ellis, Walter Cronkite
162009: ELLIS, ROBERT GEOFFREY (1874-1956) - Practical Notes on Parliamentary Elections in the United Kingdom
139964: ELLIS, COLIN DARE BERNARD - History in Leicester, 55 B. C. 1900
139966: ELLIS, COLIN DARE BERNARD - History in Leicester, 55 B. C. - A. D.1900
193255: ELLIS, EDWARD EARLE - Paul and his recent interpreters
156888: ELLIS, GRIFFITH OGDEN. ZUPPKE, ROBERT C. - American Boy Sports Stories; Selected Stories from 'The American Boy'
207385: ELLIS, CHARLES D. - The investor's anthology : original ideas from the industry's greatest minds / Charles D. Ellis with James R. Vertin
115554: ELLIS, STEWART MARSH - George Meredith; His Life and Friends in Relation to His Work
212618: ELLIS, HUMPHRY FRANCIS (1907-?) - So this is science!
227041: ELLIS, JOHN (1945-) - Cassino, the hollow victory : the battle for Rome, January-June 1944
233358: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - The Druids
121849: ELLIS, JAMES JOSEPH - Dan Crawford of Luanza, or 37 Years' Missionary Work in Darkest Africa
206542: ELLIS, JUNE - West African families in Britain : a meeting of two cultures / edited by June Ellis, with contributions by June Ellis, Pat Stapleton, Vivien Biggs
208606: ELLIS, HAVELOCK (1859-1939) - Psychology of sex
26496: ELLIS, CHARLES D. - The Second Crash : How the Stock Market Went the 1929 Route in 1970
61206: ELLIS, EDWARD ROBB - A Diary of the Century : Tales from America's Greatest Diarist / Edward Robb Ellis ; Caricatures by the Author ; Introduction by Pete Hamill
181236: ELLIS, LES - The future for miners
137655: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON (CUTHBERT HAMILTON) - The Lore of the Train, by C. Hamilton Ellis
195186: ELLIS, EDITH MARY OLDHAM (LEES), (1861-1916) - Essays by Mrs. Havelock Ellis / with a preface by George Ives, reminiscences by F. W. Stella Browne, & a note by Havelock Ellis [volume 2 only]
164985: ELLIS, JACK D. - The French Socialists and the Problem of Peace, 1904-1914 / Jack D. Ellis
196173: ELLIS, SARAH (STICKNEY), MRS. (1812-1872) - The women of England, their social duties, and domestic habits. : By Mrs. Ellis
26459: ELLIS, JOHN - The Social History of the Machine Gun
6438: ELLIS, TRISTRAM J. - On a Raft and through the Desert - in Two Volumes; Illustrated by Thirty-Eight Etchings on Copper by the Author. with a Map
51153: ELLIS, AMANDA M. - Rebels and Conservatives - Dorothy and William Wordsworth and Their Circle
166549: ELLIS, GEORGE M. - Brand Book Number Three : the San Diego Corral of the Westerners / Edited by Charles M. Ellis
185814: ELLIS, JUSTIN - Education, repression and liberation : Namibia / Justin Ellis
145197: ELLIS, E. EARLE (EDWARD EARLE) - Paul's Use of the Old Testament
20099: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - The Colour-Sense in Literature
151393: ELLIS, ANTHONY LOUIS - Prisoner At the Bar : Story-Studies of the Criminal Mind
5723: ELLIS, OLIVER COLIGNY DE CHAMPFLEUR (1889-) - A History of Fire and Flame
224131: ELLIS, S. M. (STEWART MARSH) - The solitary horseman, or, The life and adventures of G.P.R. James
94650: ELLISON, JOHN HENRY JOSHUA - Church and Empire : a Series of Essays on the Responsibilities of Empire / Edited by John Ellison and the Rev G. H. S. Walpole, with a Preface by the Archbishop of Canterbury
92843: ELLISON, HARLAN - Partners in Wonder [By] Harlan Ellison in Collaboration with Robert Bloch [And Others]
104552: ELLISON, HARLAN (ED. ) - Again, Dangerous Visions; 46 Original Stories. Illus. by Ed Emshwiller
104551: ELLISON, HARLAN - Again, Dangerous Visions; 46 Original Stories. Illus. by Ed Emshwiller
104203: ELLISON, HARLAN (ED. ) - Again, Dangerous Visions; 46 Original Stories. Illus. by Ed Emshwiller
54586: ELLISON, HARLAN - Harlan Ellison's Watching
102665: ELLISON, HARLAN (EDITOR). ED EMSHWILLER - Again, Dangerous Visions; 46 Original Stories. Illus. by Ed Emshwiller
171381: ELLISON, ALFRED - Oral sex and the law
132625: ELLISON, T. A. N. HILL. - Salesmanship in the Drapery Department
200717: ELLISON, ARTHUR - The paranormal : a scientific exploration of the supernatural / Arthur Ellison
130075: ELLISON, MARY STOPFORD - The Adopted Child
107300: ELLISON, JULIE K. - Emerson's Romantic Style
228678: ELLISON, MARY - The Adopted Child
118502: ELLISON, CHARLES E. - Advertising Mediums and Campaigns. Prepared under Supervision of Charles E. Ellison
105610: ELLISON, RALPH AND MARTIN, JEANNE INNESS - Invisible Man - Notes. [Cliffs Notes on Ellison's Invisble Man]
105057: ELLISON, HARLAN - Shatterday
105058: ELLISON, HARLAN - Shatterday
105059: ELLISON, HARLAN - Shatterday
137341: ELLISTON, HERBERT BERRIDGE - Finland Fights
127307: ELLISTON, HERBERT BERRIDGE - Finland Fights, by H. B. Elliston
232286: ELLMANN, LUCY - Mann oder Mango? : Roman
226106: ELLMANN, RICHARD - Golden codgers : biographical speculations / [by] Richard Ellmann
229515: ELLMANN, LUCY (1956-) - Sweet desserts
225939: ELLMERS, CHRIS - City & river
189200: ELLMS, CHARLES (COMPILED BY) - Shipwrecks and disasters at sea : or historical narratives of the most noted calamites and providential deliverences from fire and famine, on the ocean
96638: ELLO, PAUL (COMP. ) - Dubcek's Blueprint for Freedom: His Original Documents Leading to the Invasion of Czechoslovakia; Profile by Hugh Lunghi, Commentary by Paul Ello
209943: ELLORY, ROGER JON - Candlemoth / Roger Jon Ellory
209964: ELLROY, JAMES (1948- ) - My dark places : an L.A. crime memoir / James Ellroy
160659: ELLROY, JAMES (1948-) - My Dark Places : an L. A. Crime Memoir / James Ellroy
161669: ELLROY, JAMES (1948- ) - White Jazz : a Novel
162098: ELLSBERG, EDWARD (1891-) - Hell on Ice; the Saga of the 'Jeannette', by Commander Edward Ellsberg
70007: ELLSBERG, EDWARD (1891-) - Captain Paul, by Commander Edward Ellsberg
61250: ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM WEBSTER (1855-1936) - A Golden Age of Authors : a Publisher's Recollection
104268: ELLUARD, PAUL - Pablo Picasso / Paul Eluard. Translated by Joseph T. Shipley.
53467: ELLUL, JACQUES - Autopsy of Revolution. Translated from the French by Patricia Wolf
156718: ELLWOOD, ROBERT S. (ED. ) - Eastern Spirituality in America : Selected Writings / Edited by Robert S. Ellwood
25396: ELLWOOD, ELIZABETH HURST - The Life of Captain Stephen Palmer Blake from His Journals
202582: ELLWOOD, ROBERT S. (1933-) - Mysticism and religion / Robert S. Ellwood, Jr.
208779: ELLY, SANDHAM - Potatoes, pigs, and politics, the curse of Ireland, and the cause of England's embarrassments, etc.
81572: ELMAN, ROBERT - The Great American Shooting Prints. Selections and Text by Robert Elman. Introd. by Hermann Warner Williams, Jr
67378: ELMAN, ROBERT - America's Pioneering Naturalists : Their Lives and Times, Exploits and Adventures
66556: ELMAN, ROBERT AND PEPER, GEORGE (EDS. ) - Hunting America's Game Animals & Birds / Edited by Robert Elman & George Peper
116562: ELMAN, ROBERT - The Great American Shooting Prints. Selections and Text by Robert Elman. Introd. by Hermann Warner Williams, Jr.
116564: ELMAN, ROBERT - The Great American Shooting Prints. Selections and Text by Robert Elman. Introd. by Hermann Warner Williams, Jr.
69158: ELMAN, RICHARD M. - The Breadfruit Lotteries : a Novel / Richard Elman
51678: ELMAN, ROBERT - The Complete Book of Hunting / Robert Elman, Supervising Editor ; with Contributions by Erwin Bauer ... [Et Al. ]
227404: ELMER, PETER - The library of Dr John Webster : the making of a seventeenth-century radical
71357: ELMO (ED. ) - Chatterbox. December, 1883
194809: ELMSLIE, W. A. L. (WILLIAM ALEXANDER LESLIE) - How came our faith : a study of the religion of Israel and its significance for the modern world
168546: ELMSLIE, WILLIAM ALEXANDER LESLIE - How came our faith : a study of the religion of Israel and its significance for the modern world
179536: ELMSLIE, W. A. L. (WILLIAM ALEXANDER LESLIE) - How came our faith : a study of the religion of Israel and its significance for the modern world
103148: ELMSLIE, KENWARD - The Champ. Illustrated by Joe Brainard
227351: ELOESSER, ARTHUR - Vom Ghetto nach Europa : das Judentum im geistigen Leben des 19. Jahrhunderts
148410: ELOESSER, ARTHUR - Vom Ghetto Nach Europa : Das Judentum Im Geistigen Leben Des 19. Jahrhunderts
58478: ELON, AMOS - Between Enemies : a Compassionate Dialogue between an Israeli and an Arab, by Amos Elon and Sana Hassan
161789: ELON, AMOS. HASSAN, SANA - Between Enemies : an Arab-Israeli Dialogue
220572: ELON, AMOS / NOWITZ, RICHARD - The Holy Land from the air / text by Amos Elon ; photographs by Richard Nowitz
141798: ELON, AMOS. SANA HASSAN - Between Enemies : an Arab-Israeli Dialogue
216707: ELRAY - Master Methods
185552: ELRICK, GEORGE S. - Major Matt Mason : Moon Mission
182634: ELRICK, GEORGE S. - The Lone Ranger outwits crazy cougar
182506: ELRICK, GEORGE S. - Batman and robin in the cheetah caper
117658: ELS, THEO VAN - The Kassel Manuscript of Bedes 'Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum' and its Old English Material
159192: ELSAS, MORITZ JOHN (1881- ) - Housing before the War and after
234241: ELSMAN, STADTRAT HANS - Joh. Friedr. Reichardt : 25. November 1752-25. November 1952-200. Geburtstag
234318: ELSNER, JURGEN. EISLER, HANNS (1898-1962) - Zur vokalsolistischen Vortragsweise der Kampfmusik Hanns Eislers
190053: ELSNER, ELEANOR - Spanish sunshine
97744: ELSON, ROBERT T. - Prelude to War
232204: ELSON, LOUIS CHARLES (1848-1920) - The realm of music. A series of musical essays, chiefly historical and educational
69758: ELSON, ROBERT T. - Time Inc. ; the Intimate History of a Publishing Enterprise, 1923-1941
80075: ELSON, HOWARD - McCartney, Songwriter
77200: ELSON, HENRY WILLIAM (1857-1935) - The Civil War through the Camera : a Complete Illustrated History of the Civil War
75449: ELSON, JAMES HINSDALE (1904-) - John Hales of Eton
53728: ELSON, LOUIS C[HARLES] (1848-) - The Realm of Music. a Series of Musical Essays, Chiefly Historical and Educational
42195: ELSON, CHARLES (1887-) - Wieland and Shaftesbury
9150: ELSON, DIANE & RUTH PEARSON - Workshop on Women's Employment and Multinationals in Europe (1984 : University of East Anglia)
105367: ELSON, LOUIS CHARLES - Curiosities of Music; a Collection of Facts Not Generally Known, Regarding the Music of Ancient and Savage Nations. by Louis C. Elson
233268: ELSON, ARTHUR (1873-1940) - Orchestral instruments and their use; giving a description of each instrument now employed by civilised nations : a brief account of its history, an idea of the technical and acoustical principles illustrated by its performance, and an explanation of its value and functions in the modern orchestra
32722: VAN DER ELST, BARON JOSEPH - The Last Flowering of the Middle Ages
132730: VAN DER ELST, VIOLET - On the Gallows
9495: VAN DER ELST, BARON JOSEPH - The Last Flowering of the Middle Ages People and Painters of Flanders
22052: ELSTER, DR. LUDWIG - Die Postsparkassen
22543: ELSTER, DR. LUDWIG (1856-) - Die Postsparkassen - Ein Borschlag Zur Einfuhrungderselben in Deutschland
11855: ELSTOB, PETER - The Armed Rehearsal
75506: ELSTON, D. R - No Alternative : Israel Observed
222120: ELSTON, ROY - The traveller's handbook for Egypt and the Sudan
58289: ELSTROTT, KELLY (COMP. ) - The Fifth Revelation / [Compiled By] Kelly Elstrott
176451: ELSWORTH, STEVE - Acid rain
98361: ELTING, JOHN R (ED. ) - Military Uniforms in America the Era of the American Revolution 1755-1795
89452: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON - The Life of James Ramsay MacDonald [By] Lord Elton
82248: ELTON, GEOFFREY RUDOLPH (1921-) , ED. - The New Illustrated History of the World; the Wars of Religion 1515-1660
206835: ELTON, GODFREY, 1ST BARON ELTON (1892-?) - The unarmed invasion : a survey of Afro-Asian immigration
30560: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - General Gordon
187328: ELTON, ARTHUR HALLAM, SIR, 7TH BARON ELTON, POLITICIAN (1818-1883) - The ballot, a conservative measure
164871: ELTON, LORD - The Life of James Ramsay Macdonald (1866-1919) / Lord Elton
209494: ELTON, ARTHUR. - British railways / Arthur Elton ; with 8 plates in colour and 30 illustrations in black & white
142111: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON - 'England, Arise! ' a Study of the Pioneering Days of the Labour Movement, by Godfrey Elton
150919: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - The Two Villages
113294: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - The Revolutionary Idea in France, 1789-1871
89071: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON - General Gordon
168377: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - The life of James Ramsay Macdonald (1866-1919)
206500: ELTON, GODFREY, 1ST BARON ELTON, (B. 1892) - The unarmed invasion : a survey of Afro-Asian immigration
152293: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - The Life of James Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1919)
185455: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (B. 1892) - The life and times of James Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1919) / [by] Lord Elton
185462: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (B. 1892) - The life and times of James Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1919) / [by] Lord Elton
137257: ELTON, THE RT. HON. LORD - The Life of James Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1919)
188229: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON (1892-) - The revolutionary idea in France, 1789-1871
196921: ELTON, OLIVER, 1861-1945 [ED.] - A miscellany presented to John Macdonald Mackay, July, 1914
126538: ELTON, GODFREY ELTON, BARON - The Unarmed Invasion; a Survey of Afro-Asian Immigration, by Lord Elton
21889: ELTON, G. R. - Royal Historical Society - Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History (Publications of 1980)
74278: ELUARD, PAUL (1895-1952) - Pablo Picasso; Translated by Joseph T. Shipley - [Uniform Title: Pablo Picasso. English]
211276: ELVESTAD, SVEN (1884-1934) - Das Orchester der Madame Fournier : Roman / Sven Elvestad
130326: LUFFIELD PRIORY. G. R. ELVEY (ED. ) - Luffield Priory Charters. Part 1 / Edited, with an Introduction, by G. R. Elvey
224297: ELVILLE, E. M. - The collector's dictionary of glass
112477: ELVIN, HAROLD (1909-) - The Incredible Mile: Siberia - Mongolia - Uzbekistan
21383: ELVING, RONALD D. - Conflict and Compromise How Congress Makes the Law
166355: ELVIRA. BRADBURY, RAY. ROWENA - Book Sail 16th Anniversary : Literature, Art and Artefacts That Will Forever Remain Among the Undead / Foreword by Ray Bradbury
229859: ELWES, RICHARD EVERARD AUGUSTINE SIR (1901-1968) - First poems
193694: ELWES, DUDLEY GEORGE CARY - A history of the castles, mansions, and manors of western Sussex
223848: ELWIN, MALCOLM - The playgoer's handbook to Restoration drama
223275: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin
223282: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's family : Annabella, Ada and Augusta, 1816-1824 / (by) Malcolm Elwin ; edited from the author's typescript by Peter Thomson
223506: ELWIN, MALCOLM - The first romantics
68589: ELWIN, VERRIER (1902-1964) - Maria Murder and Suicide. with a Foreword by Sir W. V. Grigson
223273: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin
223274: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin [signed copy]
224068: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin. [uncorrected proof copy]
224069: ELWIN, MALCOLM - The Noels and the Milbankes : their letters for twenty-five years, 1767-1792 / presented as a narrative by Malcolm Elwin. [proof copy]
223332: ELWIN, MALCOLM (1903-1973) - Landor : a replevin / Malcolm Elwin
223474: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Savage Landor
205684: ELWIN, MALCOLM (1902-?) - Lord Byron's family : Annabella, Ada, and Augusta, 1816-1824 / Malcolm Elwin ; edited from the author's typescript by Peter Thomson
223398: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin
223417: ELWIN, MALCOLM - The first romantics
223624: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's family : Annabella, Ada and Augusta, 1816-1824
223625: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Landor : a replevin / Malcolm Elwin. [Proof copy]
223629: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Lord Byron's wife / [by] Malcolm Elwin. [proof copy]
63519: ELWIN, MALCOLM (1902-) - The First Romantics
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88035: WALT DISNEY COMPANY. AMBLIN ENTERTAINMENT - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - [Original Animated Stills Reproduced in 23 Pages Each with Comprehensive Textual Commentary. Intended for Promotional Purposes. Enclosed is a Disney-Headed Letter Outlining the Contents
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179393: EPHESIAN (C. E. BECHHOFER ROBERTS) - Philip Snowden an impartial portrait
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141797: ESTORICK, ERIC - Stafford Cripps, a Biography
22984: ESTREICHER, KAROL. CZAPLINSKI, E. - Collegium Maius Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego : Dzieje, Obyczaje, Zbiory / Zd. Tobolka ; Autorzy Zdjec E. Czaplínski ... et al.
168426: D'ESTRES, JACQUES. LA ROCHE-AYMON, FAMILY OF - Genealogie historique et critique de la maison de la Rocheaymon, pour servir au supplement ou continuation de l'histoire genealogique et chronologique de la maison de France et des grands officiers de la couronne
100223: ESTRIN, MARY LLOYD - To the Manor Born / Mary Lloyd Estrin ; with an Introd. by Robert Coles
106618: ESTY, KATHARINE - The Gypsies; Wanderers in Time
219987: BRITISH WORKER. TIMES. OBSERVER. DAILY MIRROR ETC. - General Strike 1926, Great Britain : small archive of contemporary newspapers including a complete run of the British Worker - Official Strike News Bulletin
225107: ST. ETHELDREDA'S (CHURCH : LONDON, ENGLAND) - St. Etheldreda's and Ely Place : a brief account of the church and its surroundings
230464: ETHELL, JEFFREY. PRICE, ALFRED (1936-) - Target Berlin : Mission 250: 6 March 1944 / Jeffrey L. Ethell and Alfred Price
235884: ETHELL, JEFFREY L. PRICE, ALFRED - Air war South Atlantic / Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price
189363: ETHERINGTON, HAROLD, [ED.] - Nuclear engineering handbook
207868: ETHERINGTON-SMITH, MEREDITH - The most fabulous jewels in the world
188931: BRITISH MUSEUM. DEPT. OF BRITISH AND MEDIAEVAL ANTIQUITIES AND ETHNOGRAPHY - A guide to antiquities of the early Iron Age in the Department of British and Mediaeval antiquities
223099: BRITISH MUSEUM. DEPT. OF BRITISH AND MEDIAEVAL ANTIQUITIES AND ETHNOGRAPHY - A guide to antiquities of the early iron age in the department of British and mediaeval antiquities : with 13 plates and 200 illustrations / Preface by O.M. Dalton, Keeper, department of British and mediaeval antiquities
75396: ETIENNE, GILBERT - India's Changing Rural Scene, 1963-1979
151816: ETIENNE, SERVAIS - Le Genre Romanesque En France : Dequis L'Apparition De La 'Nouvelle Heloise' Jusqu'aux Approches De La Revolution
126764: ETIENNE, SERVAIS - Les Sources De 'Bug-Jargal', Avec En Appendice Quelques Sources De 'Han D'Islande'
97000: ETKIND, E. G. (EFIM GRIGOR'EVICH) (1918-?) - Notes of a Non-Conspirator / Efim Etkind ; Translated by Peter France - [Uniform Title: Zapiski Nezagovorshchika. English]
16979: ETKIND, EFIM - Notes of a Non-Conspirator
137534: ETNASI, FERNANDO - Cronache Col Mitra / Fernando Etnasi
29122: ETO, HAJIME AND MATSUI, KONOMU - R & D Management Systems in Japanese Industry
71881: ETON, PETER - [MAIN AUTHOR] - Conspiracy of Silence
197788: CENTRE D'ETUDES DE POLITIQUE ETRANGERE (PARIS, FRANCE) - Entretiens sur l'evolution des pays de civilisation Arabe. Tome III. Communications, presentees a la reunion tenue a Paris, du 11 au 13 Juillet 1938, sous les auspices de l'Institut des Etudes Islamiques de l'Universite de Paris
35848: FRANCE. MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES. - The Deportation of Women and Girls from Lille. Translated Textually from the Note Addressed by the French Government to the Governments of Neutral Powers on the Conduct of the German Authorities Towards the Population of the French Departments... . the Occupation of the Enemy, with Extracts from Other Documents, Annexed to the Note, Relating to German Breaches of International Law During 1914, 1915, 1916
29307: BELGIUM. MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES - Belgium. the Official Account of What Happened 1939-1940
140976: FRANCE. MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES - The French Yellow Book : Diplomatic Documents (1938-1939) ; Papers Relative to the Events and Negotiations Which Preceded the Opening of Hostilities between Germany on the One Hand, and Poland, Great Britain and France on the Other / Published by Authorit
166322: MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES - Documents Diplomatiques. Affaires Du Montenegro. [Complete in Two Volumes]
140776: BELGIUM. MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES - Discours Prononce Par Le Ministre Des Affaires Etrangeres Dans La Seance De La Chambre Des Representans Du 23 Mars 1833; Suivi Des Pieces Posterieures Au 70me Protocole Du 1er Octobre 1832
63739: ETROG, SOREL (1933-) - Sorel Etrog, Recent Sculpture - January 6 - February 1, 1969, Felix Landau Gallery
232581: GENRE ETSEN - Rembrandt
66497: ETTENBERG, EUGENE M. (1903-) - Type for books and advertising / Eugene M. Ettenberg
219919: ETTENBERG, EUGENE M - Type for books and advertising
47284: ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Rosa Luxemburg : a Life
206849: ETTLINGER, AMREI - Russian literature, theatre and art : a bibliography of works in English, published 1900-1945
223188: ETTLINGER, LEOPOLD D. - Compliments of the season
161854: ETTLINGER, MAX - Philosophische Fragen Der Gegenwart
122600: ETTLINGER, LEOPOLD D. (LEOPOLD DAVID) (1913-). RAPHAEL (1483-1520) - Raphael / Leopold D. and Helen S. Ettlinger
18071: ETZIONI, AMITAI - Capital Corruption The New Attack on American Democracy
213140: CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE. DIVISION OF INTERCOURSE AND EUCATION - La Mediterranee depuis la Conference de la Paix : Bulletin No. 5-6
165551: EUCHNER, WALTER, (1933-) - Egoismus Und Gemeinwohl : Studien Zur Geschichte Der Burgerlichen Philosophie
186060: EUCKEN, RUDOLF (1846-1926) - Collected essays of Rudolph Eucken : Professor of Philosophy in the University of Jena : Nobel Prizeman 1908 / edited and translated by Meyrick Booth
158953: EUCKEN, RUDOLF - The Problem of Human Life As Viewed by the Great Thinkers from Plato to the Present Time
235387: EUCKEN, RUDOLF (1846-1926) - Die Lebensanschauungen der grossen Denker : eine Entwicklungsgeschichte des Lebensproblems der Menschheit von Plato bis zur Gegenwart
203719: EUCKEN, RUDOLF (1846-1926) - The problem of human life as viewed by the great thinkers from Plato to the present time
151880: EUCLIDES. SIMSON, ROBERT (1687-1768) , ED. - The Elements of Euclid, Viz. the First Six Books, Together with the Eleventh and Twelfth. the Errors, by Which Theon, or Others, Have Long Ago Vitiated These Books, Are Corrected, and Some of Euclid's Demonstrations Are Restored....
220976: EUGENE-MELCHIOR VOGUE, VICOMTE DE - Trois drames de l'histoire de Russie: Le fils de Pierre Le Grand - Mazeppa - Un changement de regne
206982: EUGENE, GREGOIRE - Plaidoyer en faveur des partis politiques / Eugene Gregoire
193944: EUGENE-FASNACHT, G. (GEORGE) - Acton's political philosophy : an analysis
57227: EULAU, HEINZ (1915-) - Politics, Self, and Society : a Theme and Variations / Heinz Eulau
234342: PHILHARMONISCHE EULENSPIEGELEIEN - Philharmonische Eulenspiegeleien : 6. Okt. 1979 zu Berlin
109166: EURASIA - The Love of Two Women
224388: EUREN, GUSTAF ERIK - Finsk spraklara / af Gustaf Erik Euren
224571: EURIPIDES - Three plays : Hippolytus - Iphigenia in Tauris - Alcestis / Euripides; translated by Philip Vellacott
166135: EURIPIDES - Euripides' Medea / Griechisch Mit Metrischer Ubersetzung Und Prufenden Und Erklarenden Anmerkungen Von J. A. Hartung [BOUND WITH] Euripides' Trojerinnen, Euripides' Hippolytus, Euripides' Orestes,
225113: EURIPIDES - Euripides : Three plays. Hippolytus - Iphigenia in Tauris - Alcestis / translated by Philip Vellacott
100595: EURIPIDES - RELATED NAMES: BURIAN, PETER (1943-?) & SWANN, BRIAN - The Phoenician Women / Euripides ; Translated by Peter Burian and Brian Swann - [Uniform Title: Phoenician Women. English]
53562: EURIPIDES - The Alcestis of Euripides; Tr. Into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes by Gilbert Murray ...
225249: EURIPIDES - The Alcestis of Euripides / tr. into English rhyming verse, with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray
117316: EURIPIDES - The Phoenician Women / Euripides ; Translated by Peter Burian and Brian Swann
117317: EURIPIDES. - Hippolytos. Translated by Robert Bagg
100685: EURIPIDES - The Phoenician Women / Euripides ; Translated by Peter Burian and Brian Swann
100684: EURIPIDES - Alcestis / [By] Euripides ; Translated by William Arrowsmith
100680: EURIPIDES - Hippolytos. Translated by Robert Bagg
192637: EURIPIDES. MURRAY, GILBERT (1866-1957) TR. - The Trojan women / translated into English rhyming verse with explanatory notes by Gilbert Murray
208131: ANGLO-AMERICAN COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY ON JEWISH PROBLEMS IN PALESTINE AND EUROPE - Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry regarding the problems of European Jewry and Palestine : Lausanne, 20th April 1946
227279: VERSAILLES ET LES TABLES ROYALES EN EUROPE (EXHIBITION) (1993-1994 : VERSAILLES) - Versailles et les tables royales en Europe XVII ième - XIX ième siecles
74711: AMERICAN FEDERATION OF JEWS FROM CENTRAL EUROPE - Jubilee Volume : Dedicated to Curt C. Silberman / edited by Herbert A. Strauss [and] Hanns G. Reissner
165001: COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF RECENT IMMIGRATION FROM EUROPE - Refugees in America, Report of the Committee for the Study of Recent Immigration from Europe, by Maurice R. Davie, with the Collaboration of Sarah W. Cohn, Betty Drury, Samuel Koenig [And Others]
172788: CONFERENCE OF COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' PARTIES OF EUROPE (BERLIN, 1976) - For peace, security, cooperation and social progress in Europe : Document adopted by the conference of 29 Communist & Workers' Parties of Europe ; Berlin, 29/30th June 1976
205451: RADIO FREE EUROPE - Scaling the wall : talking to Eastern Europe. The best of Radio Free Europe / edited and with an introduction by George R. Urban
190536: BUREAU DU KOUOMINTANG EN EUROPE - La presse chinoise en le conflit sino-japonais, 1937, Japanese aggression and Chinese opinion. Par le Bureau du Kouomintang en Europe (Paris)
211534: CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR SAFEGUARDING PEACE AND SECURITY IN EUROPE (1954 : MOSCOW, R.S.F.S.R.) - Moscow conference for European security, November 29-December 2, 1954 : final communique and declaration
191374: CONFERENCE OF EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR SAFEGUARDING PEACE AND SECURITY IN EUROPE (1954 : MOSCOW, R.S.F.S.R.) - Moscow conference for European security, November 29-December 2, 1954 : final communique and declaration
212987: COUNCIL OF EUROPE - The index of crime some further studies
142118: EUROPEAN GROUP FOR THE STUDY OF DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CONTROL. BIANCHI, H. (HERMAN). MARIO SIMONDI. IAN TAYLOR (EDS. ) - Deviance and Control in Europe : Papers from the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control / Edited by Herman Bianchi, Mario Simondi, Ian Taylor
204271: INSTITUT D'ECONOMIE EUROPEENNE - Rapport sur les travaux 1932 - 1937
226024: EUSTACE, MAY - A hundred years of Siamese cats
234696: EUTING, ERNST - Zur Geschichte der Blasinstrumente im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
109763: EUWE, MAX (1901-1981) - Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?
117284: EUWER, ANTHONY HENDERSON - By Scarlet Torch and Blade
190209: ZSINAGOGAI EV - Naptara (egyszeru ev, 355 napos) 1973. Szeptember 27-tol. 1974. Szeptember 16-ig.
217253: EVALENKO, R. - Etude relative a l'evolution des salaires et appointements : extrait de la Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie No. 3/1952
188788: EVAN, E. B. - Modern petroleum technology / [by various authors.]
183623: EVANGELISTI, RICCARDO (1971-) - Riccardo Evangelisti : the reality of the symbol / [text by] Edward Lucie-Smith
84287: EVANOFF, VLAD - How to Fish in Salt Water; a Complete Guide for Both the Beginner and the Expert
138244: EVANOFF, VLAD - 500 Fishing Experts and How They Catch Fish / Vlad Evanoff
108161: EVANOFF, VLAD - How to Fish in Salt Water
108180: EVANOFF, VLAD - Make Your Own Fishing Lures / Vlad Evanoff
157397: EVANOFF, VLAD (ED. ) - Hunting Secrets of the Experts. Drawings by the Editor
107493: EVANOFF, VLAD - Modern Fishing Tackle
105003: EVANOFF, VLAD - Fishing Rigs for Fresh & Salt Water / Vlad Evanoff ; Illustrated by the Author
94430: EVANS, BARBARA, DR. - Caduceus in Saigon: a Medical Mission to South Viet-Nam
92696: EVANS, ARTHUR - Jean Cocteau and His Films of Orphic Identity / Arthur B. Evans
91584: EVANS, CHRISTOPHER RICHE - Cults of Unreason
90969: EVANS, BARBARA, DR. - Freedom to Choose : the Life and Work of Dr. Helena Wright, Pioneer of Contraception / Barbara Evans
90506: EVANS, JOAN (1893-1977) - Chateaubriand; a Biography by Joan Evans
89139: EVANS, MARTIN (1916-?) - Atlantic Era: the British Atlantic Locomotive
89141: EVANS, MARTIN (1916-?) - Pacific Steam : the British Pacific Locomotive
88172: EVANS, HILARY - Ufos: the Greatest Mystery
86172: EVANS, MARK - Soundtrack : the Music of the Movies ; Drawings of Composers by Marc Nadel
85967: EVANS, CLEMENT ANSELM (1833-1911) - Alabama and Mississippi ; Confederate Military History; a Library of Confederate States History, Written by Distinguished Men of the South, and Edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia...
85902: EVANS, KAREN L. B. - You Must Remember This / Karen L. B. Evans and Pat Dade
120295: EVANS, JOAN (1893-1977) - Art in Mediaeval France, 987-1498
134976: EVANS, PETER - Prison Crisis
80615: EVANS, MAX (1924-?) - Sam Peckinpah, Master of Violence; Being the Account of the Making of a Movie and Other Sundry Things
226670: EVANS, GRACE - Titanic style : dress and fashion on the voyage
209958: EVANS, NICHOLAS (1950- ) - The horse whisperer / Nicholas Evans
226383: EVANS, MEDFORD STANTON (1934-) - Stalin's secret agents : the subversion of Roosevelt's government / M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Rommerstein
42020: EVANS, G. RUSSELL (1913-) & HARMAN, PHILLIP (1920-) - The Panama Canal Treaties Swindle : Consent to Disaster
217141: EVANS, STANLEY G. (STANLEY GEORGE) - Soviet Story. The U.S.S.R. through thirty years
221782: EVANS, JOHN (1768-C.1812) - A tour through part of North Wales, in the year 1798, and at other times : principally undertaken with a view to botanical researches in the Alpine Country, interspersed with observations on its scenery, agriculture, manufactures, customs, history...
104154: EVANS, LARRY - Evans on Chess
12944: EVANS, C. ETHEL - The Tree and Other Poems
70740: EVANS, C. S. (CHARLES SEDDON) (1883-1944) - The Sleeping Beauty / Told by C. S. Evans ; and Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
211752: EVANS, GODFREY (1920-?) - Gordon's Gin wicket-keepers of the world / Godfrey Evans ; introduction by Trevor Bailey
224151: EVANS, JOAN (1893-1977) - Style in ornament
221813: EVANS, JOHN (1768-C.1812) - Letters written during a tour through North Wales, in the year 1798, and at other times : containing views of the history, antiquities, and customs of that part of the principality, and interpersed with observations on its scenery, agriculture, botany...
221814: EVANS, JOHN (1768-C.1812) - Letters written during a tour through South Wales in the year 1803 and at other times : containing views of the history, antiquities and customs ... with observations on its scenery, agriculture, botany, minerology, trade and manufactures...
219971: EVANS, MIKE - The art of the Beatles
218970: EVANS, EDMUND; MCLEAN, RUARI - The reminiscences of Edmund Evans
213332: EVANS-WENTZ, WALTER YEELING (1878-1965) - The fairy-faith in Celtic countries
21027: EVANS, HOWARD - Sir Randal Cremer : His Life and Work
197946: EVANS, STANLEY GEORGE - Christians and Foreign Affairs
197482: EVANS, A. A. - On foot in Sussex : a loiterer's notebook
212854: EVANS, HAROLD (1911-1983) - Men in the tropics : a colonial anthology
172952: EVANS, TREVOR, SIR (1903-?) - Bevin
16904: EVANS, GRAHAM. NEWNHAM, JEFFREY - The Dictionary of World Politics A Reference Guide to Concepts, Ideas, and Institutions
64116: EVANS, MELVIN (1911-) - What Are the Odds? [By] Mel Evans and Walter Gibson
75473: EVANS, OWEN (1829-1920) - Bywgraffiadau Y Beibl a Phregethau Eraill / Owen Evans, Llundain. [ Bible. Appendix. Miscellaneous]
166738: EVANS, HILARY. EVANS, MARY - Hero on a Stolen Horse : the Highwayman and His Brothers-In-Arms, the Bandit and the Bushranger / [By] Hilary and Mary Evans ; with Illustrations from the Mary Evans Picture Library
179670: EVANS, HERBERT A. - Highways and Byways in Northamptonshire and Rutland
164496: EVANS, JOAN (1893-1977) - Chateaubriand : a Biography
224923: EVANS, GEOFFREY - Kensington
235957: EVANS, HENRI - Louis Lambert et la philosophie de Balzac
72337: EVANS, HEIDI (1954-) - How to Hide Money from Your Husband : and Other Time- Honored Ways to Build a Nest Egg : the Best-Kept Secret of a Good Marriage
208747: EVANS, STANLEY GEORGE - Religion in the U.S.S.R.

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