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191703: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - L.-A. Blanqui / par Hippolyte Castille
167392: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - Napoleon III et le Clerge / par Hippolyte Castille
167785: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - P.-J. Proudhon : avec portrait et autographe
167786: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - M. Baroche : avec portrait et autobiographe
167787: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - Louis Blanc : avec portrait et autobiographe
167788: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - Ledru-Rollin : avec portrait et autobiographe
167789: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - Ledru-Rollin : avec portrait et autobiographe
167790: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - M. Guizot : avec portrait et autobiographe
167791: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - M. Guizot : avec portrait et autobiographe
167587: CASTILLE, HIPPOLYTE (1820-1886) - M. E. de Girardin
221834: CASTILLO, JOHN (1792-1845) - Awd Isaac, The steeple chase : and other poems ; with a glossary of the Yorkshire dialect
98345: CASTLE, PHILIP - Airflow
94675: AUTHOR OF HARTLEBOURN CASTLE - Henry Somerville, a Tale : by the Author of Haltenbourne [Sic] Castle, & C
72784: CASTLE, WILLIAM E. (WILLIAM ERNEST) (1867-1962) - Genetics and Eugenics; a Text-Book for Students of Biology and a Reference Book for Animal and Plant Breeders, by W. E. Castle
104334: CASTLE, JEFFERY LLOYD - Vanguard to Venus
119575: CASTLE, WILLIAM E. (WILLIAM ERNEST) (1867-1962) - Genetics and Eugenics; a Text-Book for Students of Biology and a Reference Book for Animal and Plant Breeders, by W. E. Castle ...
117043: CASTLE, WILLIAM R. (WILLIAM (1878-1963) - Hawaii Past and Present, by William R. Castle, Jr. ... with Illustrations and a Map
116821: CASTLE, JEFFERY LLOYD (B. 1898) - How Not to Lose At Poker, Jeffery Lloyd Castle
184098: CASTLE, PETER - Collecting and valuing old photographs
170720: CASTLE, AGNES & EGERTON - Our sentimental garden
105574: CASTLE, JEFFERY LLOYD - Satellite E One.
54802: NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE - Konigliches Schloss Neuschwanstein
62615: CASTLE, COURTENAY - Learn to Dance. with a Foreword by D. Gordon Henderson
132271: CASTLE, CORA (SUTTON) , MRS. - A Statistical Study of Eminent Women
163946: CASTLE, CHARLES (1939- ) - The Folies Bergere / Charles Castle
63867: CASTLE, CHARLES (1939-) - The Folies Bergère / Charles Castle
211159: CASTLE, EDGAR BRADSHAW (1897-1973) - Approach to Quakerism
66341: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - American Impressions : Prints Since Pollock / Riva Castleman
66183: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - American Impressions : Prints Since Pollock / Riva Castleman
53898: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - American Impressions : Prints Since Pollock
105395: CASTLEMAN, HARRY. WALTER J. PODRAZIK - All Together Now : the First Complete Beatles Discography, 1961-1975
157640: CASTLEMON, HARRY (1842-1915) - The Sportsman's Club in the Saddle
54740: CASTLEMON, HARRY [PSEUD., I.E. FOSDICK, CHARLES AUSTIN (1842-1915)] - Frank Nelson in the Forecastle; Or, the Sportsman's Club Among the Whalers
64537: CASTLES, WILLIAM THOMAS (1909-) - Firearms and Their Use, by W. T. Castles and V. F. Kimball
196625: CASTLES, STEPHEN. BOOTH, HEATHER (1950-). WALLACE, TINA - Here for good : Western Europe's new ethnic minorities / Stephen Castles, with Heather Booth and Tina Wallace
204137: CASTREN, GUNNAR (1878-) - Gustav Philip Creutz
204071: CASTREN, GUNNAR - Stormaktstidens diktning : studier af Gunnar Castren [Language: Swedish]
10563: DE CASTRES, ELIZABETH - A Collector's Guide to Tea Silver 1670-1900
193005: CASTRO, FIDEL - 26th of July speech : given at Havana celebrations July, 26, 1961 / translated by Rolando Nunez
194356: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Lenin's ideas - our lodestar / speech by Fidel Castro Ruz ... delivered on April 22, 1970 at a meeting in Havana to commemorate the Lenin birth centennial
171817: CASTRO, FIDEL - Seconde Declaration de La Havane
73833: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926- ) - 28th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Garrison : Las Tunas, 26th of July 1981 : Speech
56597: CASTRO, JAN GARDEN - The Art & Life of Georgia O'Keeffe
47286: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Fidel Castro Speaks. Edited by Martin Kenner and James Petras
149450: CASTRO E ALMEIDA, VIRGINIA DE - Vie De Camoens : Le Poète Des 'Lusiades' Et Le Portugal De Son Temps / Par Virginia De Castro E Almeida. Ouvrage Honore D'Une Souscription Du Gouvernement Portugais. Preface De Pierre De Lanux
149265: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - To Pay Tribute to the Empire or to Pay Tribute to the Homeland : Dialogue with the Delegates to the Trade Union Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Workers on the Foreign Debt, Held During the Closing Session of the Meeting, Thursday, July 18, 1985
217208: CASTRO, FIDEL - Fidel Castro's tribute to Che Guevara
162458: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Discours De La Revolution Par Fidel Castro. Textes Choisis Et Presentes Par Christine Glucksmann
184354: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Fidel Castro
113208: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Revolutionary Struggle, 1947-1958. Edited and with an Introd. by Rolando E. Bonachea and Nelson P. Valdes
172004: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926- ) - Lenin's ideas - our lodestar / speech by Fidel Castro Ruz ... delivered on April 22, 1970 at a meeting in Havana to commemorate the Lenin birth centennial
20003: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Revolutionary Struggle 1947-1958 - Volume 1of the Selected Works of Fidel Castro
21734: CASTRO, FIDEL - Revolutionary Struggle 1947-1958 : Volume 1 of the Selected Works of Fidel Castro
32479: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Revolutionary Struggle 1947-1958 - Volume 1of the Selected Works of Fidel Castro
79566: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-?) - Speech, 68th Inter-Parliamentary Conference, Havana, September 15, 1981
211025: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - The revolution is here to stay : translation of address to the people of Cuba at a loyalty rally, October 26, 1959
211221: CASTRO, FIDEL (1926-) - Lenin's ideas - our lodestar : speech
17733: CASTROVIEJO, RAMÓN - Symposium on the Cornea: Transactions on the New Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology
66810: CASTY, ALAN - Development of the Film; an Interpretive History
140326: CASULA, MARIO - Marechal E Kant
127431: CASUSO, TERESA - Cuba and Castro / Translated from the Spanish by Elmer Grossberg
163899: CATALA-ROCA, FRANCESC - Miro : Ninety Years / Francesc Catala-Roca ; Text by Lluis Permanyer
136643: CATALANO, FRANCO - L' Italia Dalla Dittatura Alla Democrazia, 1919-1948 / Franco Catalano
164557: INSTITUT D'ESTUDIS CATALANS - Exposicio De L'Ortografia Catalana : Extrat Del Diccionari Ortografic De L'Institut D'Estudis Catalans
167916: CATALUCCIO, FRANCESCO - La 'nostra' guerra : l'Italia nella guerra mondiale
164667: REAL AUTOMOVIL CLUB DE CATALUNA - Intinerario-Guia Descriptiva Para Una Excursion a La Vall D'Aran. Datos Y Noticias De Interes Para El Turista Que Visite Aquellos Parajes
203409: CATANIA, ENZO - Mafia : fact and photo series
178335: CATCHLOVE, DONALD (1942- ) - Romania's Ceausescu
75670: CATE, CURTIS (1924-2006) - George Sand : a Biography
71687: CATE, CURTIS (1924-2006) - The Ides of August : the Berlin Wall Crisis--1961 / Curtis Cate
56545: CATE, CURTIS (1924-2006) - George Sand : a Biography
154366: CATE, CURTIS (1924-2006) - The Ides of August : the Berlin Wall Crisis, 1961 / Curtis Cate
173582: CATE, CURTIS (1924- ) - Antoine de Saint-Exupery : his life and times
41458: TEN CATE, G. - The Intrinsic Embryonic Development
42029: CATE, CURTIS (1924-2006) - George Sand : a Biography
219703: CATELLO, ELIO; (ET AL.) - Gli argenti in Europa dal Medioevo al 1925
129022: CATEPHORES, GEORGE - An Introduction to Marxist Economics / George Catephores
48374: CATER, D. B. - Basic Pathology and Morbid Histology
186140: CATER, DOUGLASS (ED.) - The Future of public broadcasting / Douglass Cater, editor, Michael J. Nyhan, project editor
50509: CATES, GWENDOLEN - Indian Country
187376: CATHALA, JEAN - They are betraying peace
100640: CATHCART, HELEN - The Queen Mother; the Story of Elizabeth, the Commoner Who Became Queen
181964: CATHCART, WILLIAM (1826-1908) - The Baptist encyclopædia : a dictionary of the doctrines, ordinances, usages, confessions of faith, sufferings, labors, and successes, and of the general history of the Baptist denomination in all lands.... ...with numerous biographical sketches of distinguished American and foreign Baptists, and a supplement / edited by William Cathcart
203437: CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL - Chichester 900
210603: CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL - Chichester 900
104256: CATHER, WILLA - Sapphira and the Slave Girl
36600: CATHER, WILLA (1873-1947) - My Mortal Enemy [By] Willa Cather
124012: CATHER, WILLA (1873-1947) - Obscure Destinies / Willa Cather
215090: CATHERINE, OF CLEVES, DUCHESS, CONSORT OF ARNOLD, VAN EGMOND, DUKE OF GELDERLAND (1417-1476) - The Hours of Catherine of Cleves / introduction and commentaries by John Plummer
152146: CATHERINE II, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA (1729-1796). MAROGER, DOMINIQUE, ED. - The Memoirs of Catherine the Great / Edited by Dominique Maroger, with an Introd. by G. P. Gooch ; Translated from the French by Moura Budberg
221615: CATHERS, DAVID M. - Gustav Stickley / David Cathers
127167: CATHERWOOD, HENRY FREDERICK ROSS - The Christian in Industrial Society / H. F. R. Catherwood
146222: CATHOLICS (GERMANY) - The German War and Catholicism, Etc. [A Reply to “la Guerre Allemande Et Le Catholicisme, Edited by Cardinal Baudrillart. ]
168642: ROMAN CATHOLICS (GERMANY) - The persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich : facts and documents translated from the German [ Der Todfeind des Christentums. English. ]
136114: LA FEDERATION NATIONALE CATHOLIQUE - La Lutte Contre Le Communisme. L'Ordre Corporatif. Compte-Rendu Des Journees D'Etudes De La Federation Nationale Catholique Tenues a Paris Le 26 Et Le 27 Octobre 1936. [Preface Du General De Castelnau. ]
159374: CATHREIN, VICTOR (1845-1931) - Socialism : its Theoretical Basis and Practical Application
195328: CATHREIN, VICTOR (1845-1931) - Socialism : its theoretical basis and practical application
136850: CATHREIN, VICTOR. VICTOR F. GETTLEMANN, S. J. (ED. ) - Socialism: its Theoretical Basis and Practical Application ... Authorized Translation of the 8th German Edition, with Special Reference to the Condition of Socialism in the United States. Rev. and Enlarged by Victor F. Gettlemann, S. J.
171371: CATHREIN, VICTOR (1845-1931) - Socialism: its theoretical basis and practical application ... Authorized translation of the 8th German edition, with special reference to the condition of socialism in the United States. Rev. and enlarged
129077: CATHREIN, VICTOR (1845-1931) - Die Frauenfrage
74048: CATLEDGE, TURNER (1901-1983) - My Life and the Times
87763: CATLEUGH, JON - William De Morgan Tiles ; with Essays by Elizabeth Aslin and Alan Caiger-Smith
90639: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR - In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi
150506: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR (1896-). BRITTAIN, VERA (1893-1970). HODGES, SHEILA - Above all Nations
147165: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR - Preface to Action / George E. G. Catlin
164842: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR, (1896-1979) - In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi
112420: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR (1896-). BRITTAIN, VERA (1893-1970). HODGES, SHEILA - Above all Nations
191289: CATLIN, WARREN B. (1881-?) - The labor problem in the United States and Great Britain
95296: CATLIN, GEORGE EDWARD GORDON, SIR (1896-?) - In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi
212842: CATLING, THOMAS (1838-1920) - The press album : published in aid of the Journalists' orphan fund / edited by Thos. Catling
41377: CATLING, H. W.. ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM - Notes on Brass-Rubbing : with a List of Some Brasses in the Oxford Region and a Summary of the Remaining Figure Brasses in the British Isles
213050: CATLING, THOMAS (1838-1920) - The Press Album. Published in aid of the Journalists' Orphan Fund. Edited by T. Catling
173176: CATO, BOB. VITIELLO, GREG - Joyce Images / Conceived and Designed by Bob Cato ; Edited by Greg Vitiello ; Introduction by Anthony Burgess
158880: CATO, BOB. VITIELLO, GREG - Joyce Images / Conceived and Designed by Bob Cato ; Edited by Greg Vitiello ; Introduction by Anthony Burgess
72124: CATO, JACK (1889-?) - Melbourne; Pictured by Jack Cato
157994: CATREVAS, CHRISTINA - Fairy tales for little people : Put-together book
193688: CATS, JACOB (1577-1660) - J. Cats Gedachten op slapeloose nachten... / mitsgaders het Twee-en-tagtig-jarig leven van den selven heere van zyn geboorte tot zyn doodtoe, door hemzelf in vaerzen beschreven... ; met figuuren
177959: CATTAN, HENRY - Jerusalem
181140: CATTANEO, CARLO - L'insurrezione di Milano nel 1848 e la successiva a guerra / Carlo Cattaneo ; Nuova edizione a cura di Giuseppe Macaggi
180992: CATTANEO, PAOLO - I salariati
73008: CATTAUI, GEORGES - T. S. Eliot. Translated by Claire Pace & Jean Stewart - [Uniform Title: T. S. Eliot. English]
62424: CATTAUI, GEORGES - Marcel Proust, Translated [From the French] by Ruth Hall. with a Foreword 'The Life and After-Life of Marcel Proust' by P. De Boisdeffre
190946: CATTAUI, GEORGES - Marcel Proust / translated [from the French] by Ruth Hall, with a foreword 'The life and after-life of Marcel Proust' by P. de Boisdeffre
30386: CATTELL, RAYMOND BERNARD (1905-). JOHNSON, RONALD CHARLES - Functional Psychological Testing : Principles and Instruments / Edited by Raymond B. Cattell and Ronald C. Johnson
44756: CATTELL, RAYMOND BERNARD (1905-) - Crooked Personalities in Childhood and After; an Introduction to Psychotherapy
114733: CATTERALL, CLAIRE. LIZ FARRELLY (ED. ). BOOTH-CLIBBORN EDITIONS - Specials / [Compiled by Booth-Clibborn Editions, Scarlet Projects and Bump ; Words by Claire Catterall ; Edited by Liz Farrelly]
188623: CATTERMOLE, GEORGE (1800-1868) - The history and antiquities of Haddon Hall / illustrated by lithographs from drawings by G. Cattermole ; with an account of the hall in its present state
158670: CATTERMOLE, PAUL. WESTWELL, IAN - Bizarre buildings
193335: CATTIER, FELICIEN (1869-?) - E´tude sur la situation de l'E´tat independant du Congo / Felicien Cattier
126720: CATTLE, P. C. - Down the Road, in Belgium : a Volley of Verse
164117: CATTON, BRUCE (1899-1978) - Grant Takes Command, with Maps by Samuel H. Bryant
214141: CATTON, BRUCE. JUST, HAL (ILLUS.) - The coming fury
72250: CATTON, BRUCE - A Stillness At Appomattox
35890: CATTON, BRUCE - Grant Takes Command
169245: CATTON, BRUCE (1899-1978) - Grant takes command
54003: CATTON, BRUCE (1899-1978) - This Hallowed Ground; the Story of the Union Side of the Civil War
211787: CATULLUS, GAIUS VALERIUS - Catulli, Tibulli, Properti Carmina quae extant omnia / cura Robinson Ellis, Joannis P. Postgate, Joannis S. Phillimore
137132: CAUDA, ERNESTO - Les Caisses Rurales Et De Prets Sur L'Honneur Au Japon
175842: CAUDERLIER, EMILE (LIQUE PATRIOTIQUE CONTRE L'ALCOOLISME) - L'Alcoolisme en Belgique : 1er rapport sure le remede au mal ; la crise economique
71920: CAUFIELD, CATHERINE - Masters of Illusion : the World Bank and the Poverty of Nations
8298: CAUFIELD, CATHERINE - Masters of Illusion. The World Bank and the Poverty of Nations
74933: CAUFIELD, CATHERINE - The Emperor of the United States of America & Other Magnificent British Eccentrics ; Drawings by Peter Till
86999: CAUGHEY, JOHN WALTON (1902-1995) - The California Gold Rush ; with Vignettes by W. R. Cameron
81896: CAUGHEY, JOHN WALTON - Gold is the Cornerstone; with Vignettes by W. R. Cameron
30171: CAUGHEY, JOHN W. - Their Majesties the Mob
80659: CAUGHIE, JOHN (ED. ) - RELATED NAME: BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE - Theories of Authorship : a Reader
106742: CAUGHIE, JOHN (ED. ) - Theories of Authorship : a Reader
75026: CAUMAN, SAMUEL - Jonah Bondi Wise; a Biography
198893: CAUMERY (1867-1941). PINCHON, JOSEPH-PORPHYRE (1871-1953) - L' enfance de Becassine / texte de Caumery ; illustrations de J. Pinchon
191823: CAUSSE, ANTONIN (1877-1947) - Les disperses d'Israel : les origines de la diaspora et son role dans la formation du Judaisme
12686: CAUTE, DAVID - The Demonstration. A Play
75419: CAUTE, DAVID - The Fellow-Travellers; a Postscript to the Enlightenment
8336: CAUTE, DAVID - The Occupation/the Demonstration/the Illusion - [The Confrontation Trilogy] - Three Volumes Complete. The Confrontation Trilogy; Complete in Three Volumes
92104: CAUTE, DAVID - Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960
166510: CAUTE, DAVID - Joseph Losey : a Revenge on Life / David Caute
40066: CAUTE, DAVID - Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960
164359: CAUTE, DAVID - Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960
6107: CAUTE, DAVID - At Fever Pitch
89884: CAUTE, DAVID - Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960
93183: CAUTE, DAVID - The Espionage of the Saints : Two Essays on Silence and the State
207424: CAUTE, DAVID - The Left in Europe since 1789 / David Caute
209304: CAUTE, DAVID - Comrade Jacob / David Caute
161194: CAUTER, T. DOWNHAM, J. S. - The Communication of Ideas : a Study of Contemporary Influences on Urban Life
79631: CAUTER, T. - The Communication of Ideas; a Study of Contemporary Influences on Urban Life [By] T. Cauter and J. S. Downham
216523: CAUTILLO, FRANCESCO - Dissertazione sulla staurita di S. Pietro a Fusariello, delle sei nobili famiglie Aquarie alle quali appartiene. Dell abate D. Francesco Gautello, rettore dealla medesima
152509: CAVALERIE - Manuel Des Travaux De Campagne
112106: CAVALIER, JULIAN - American Castles
166230: CAVALIER, AUGUSTE (1871-1945) - Les Rouges 'Chretiens' ?
222792: CAVALIERI, GIUSEPPE ANTONIO (1749-1802) - Si applaude al merito singolare, ed alla rara eloquenza del molto illustre, e reuerendo signor d. Francesco Rioda veneziano rettore del ven. seminario vescovile di Murano zelantissimo predicatore nella chiesa cattedrale... dell' Anno 1771...
204378: CAVALLERI, RICARDO. (MILANO: TIP. S. MORO) - [Ravenna mosaics] : offerto dalla Cabot italiana S.p.A. in occasione dell'inaugurazione della Stabilimento di Ravenna
221618: CAVALLINI, EMILIO - Emilio Cavallini / edited by Benedetta Barzini
82658: CAVALLO, DIANA (1931-?) - The Lower East Side; a Portrait in Time. with Photos. by Leo Stashin
65745: CAVALLO, DIANA - A Bridge of Leaves
43665: CAVANAGH, J. ALBERT - Lettering and Alphabets
157009: CAVANAH, FRANCES - They Knew Abe Lincoln, a Boy in Indiana; Illustrated by Harve Stein
104544: CAVANAH, FRANCES - The Secret of Madame Doll; a Story of the American Revolution
124868: CAVANAUGH, CATHERINE - Love and Forgiveness in Yeats's Poetry
186564: CAVE, ALFRED - The Inspiration of the Old Testament inductively considered
220402: CAVE, RODERICK - The private press
16543: CAVE, NIGEL (1954-) - Passchendaele : the Fight for the Village / Nigel Cave
78395: CAVE, GODFREY - Antiques: an Illustrated Guide to Some of the World's Finest Pieces
48940: CAVE, HUGH B. - The Cross on the Drum
129676: CAVE, ALFRED (1847-1900) - The Battle of the Standpoints : the Old Testament and the Higher Criticism
186318: CAVE, SYDNEY (1883-?) - The gospel of St. Paul : a reinterpretation in the light of the religion of his age and modern missionary experience
184347: CAVE, JULES - Etudes sur L'economie Forestiere
223218: CAVE, C. J. P. (CHARLES JOHN PHILIP) B. 1871 - Medieval carvings in Exeter Cathedral
165351: CAVE, HENRY WILLIAM (1854- ) - Golden Tips. A Description of Ceylon and its Great Tea Industry.
133633: CAVE, SYDNEY (1883-) - The Doctrine of the Work of Christ
46166: CAVE, J. OTWAY - The Training of an Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent
98163: CAVE, EMMA - Little Angie / Emma Cave
198051: CAVE, SYDNEY (1883-1953) - The Christian way : a study of New Testament ethics in relation to present problems
114409: CAVELOS, JEANNE - The Science of the X-Files / Jeanne Cavelos
194507: CAVENAGH, FRANCIS ALEXANDER (1884-) - The life and work of Griffith Jones of Llanddowror
179687: CAVENDISH (PSEUD.) - The laws and principles of whist stated and explained and its practice illustrated ...
213030: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (1930-). FRASER, ERIK (ILLUS.) - Legends of the world / edited by Richard Cavendish ; with illustrations by Eric Fraser
179726: CAVENDISH (PSEUD.) (1831-1899) - The laws of ecarte : adopted by the Turf and Portland clubs with a treatise on the game
67946: CAVENDISH, RICHARD - The Powers of Evil in Western Religion, Magic, and Folk Belief
153025: MARSHALL CAVENDISH - Fish Cooking Made Easy
201889: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (1930-?) - The powers of evil in Western religion, magic and folk belief / Richard Cavendish
214057: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (1930- ) - Legends of the world / edited by Richard Cavendish ; with illustrations by Eric Fraser
203020: CAVENDISH, RICHARD - Encyclopedia of the unexplained : magic, occultism and parapsychology / edited by Richard Cavendish ; special consultant on parapsychology J.B. Rhine
175206: CAVENDISH, LUCY CAROLINE LYTTELTON LADY (1841-1925) - The diary of Lady Frederick Cavendish / edited by John Bailey
179899: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (B.1930) - The Tarot / Richard Cavendish
204904: CAVENDISH, RICHARD - The black arts
205021: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (1930- ) - The Tarot / Richard Cavendish
205523: CAVENDISH, RICHARD (1930- ) - The powers of evil in Western religion, magic and folk belief / Richard Cavendish
113141: CAVENEY, GRAHAM - Screaming with Joy : the Life of Allen Ginsberg / Graham Caveney
47578: CAVES, RICHARD E. - Air Transport and its Regulators - an Industry Study
37536: CAVES, RICHARD E. AND ROBERTS, MARC J. - Regulating the Product, Quality and Variety / Edited by Richard E. Caves and Marc J. Roberts
42127: CAVES, RICHARD E. - Britain's Economic Prospects
131287: CAVIGLIA, ENRICO - La Dodicesima Battaglia (Caporetto)
131240: CAVIGLIA, ENRICO - La Battaglia Della Bainsizza : Seguita Da Uno Studio Sulla Direzione Politica E IL Comando Militare Nella Grande Guerra
50175: CAVITCH, DAVID - My Soul and I : the Inner Life of Walt Whitman
150358: CAVOLINA, MARY JANE FRANCES. JEFFREY ALLEN JOSEPH STONE [ET AL]. BOB KILEY (ILL. ) - Growing Up Catholic : an Infinitely Funny Guide for the Faithful, the Fallen, and Everyone In-Between / Mary Jane Frances Cavolina Meara ... [Et Al. ] ; Illustrations by Bob Kiley
71272: CAWKWELL, TIM AND SMITH, JOHN M. (EDS. ) - The World Encyclopedia of Film / Associate Editors Tim Cawkwell and John M. Smith
145156: CAWLEY, FREDERICK - The Transcendence of Jesus Christ ; a Study of the Unique Features of His Person
220359: CAXTON, WILLIAM - William Caxton : Quincentenary celebration 1976 [collection of booklets, pamphlets and related ephemera]
181282: CAXTON, WILLIAM, CA. 1422-1491/2 ; STEELE, ROBERT (1860-1944) ; MASON, FRED (ILLUSTRATOR) - Renaud of Montauban / first done into English by William Caxton and now abridged and retranslated by Robert Steele
220378: CAXTON WILLIAM / GEORGE BRAZILIER, NEW YORK / MAGDALENE COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE - The Caxton Ovid : promotional fold-out booklet, with facsimile leaf
114195: CAXTON CLUB, CHICAGO - Officers, Committees, Constitution and By-Laws, Annual Reports, List of Members
35807: CAXTON, LAURA [COMINS, ELIZABETH B. (ELIZABETH BARKER) ] - Marion Berkley: a Story for Girls
200239: CAY, ROTHA MARY - Julius Caesar Ibbetson 1759-1817
92825: CAYCE, EDGAR (1877-1945) - RELATED NAME: LEARY, DAVID M (ED. ) - Edgar Cayce's Photographic Legacy / Compiled, Correlated, and Captioned by David M. Leary
57142: CAYGILL, MARJORIE L. - Treasures of the British Museum / Marjorie Caygill ; Colour Photography by Lee Boltin
192373: CAYLA, J -M - Les cures maries par le Concile
172049: CAZALET, EDWAR (1827-1883) - Bimetallism and its connection with commerce
173005: CAZAMIAN, LOUIS FRANCOIS (1877-1965) - Le roman social en Angleterre (1830-1850) Dickens--Disraeli--Mrs. Gaskell--Kingsley / par Louis Cazamian
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171320: CHARDIN, SIR JOHN - Travels in Persia. With an Introduction by Sir Percy Sykes
204550: DE CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD - Le milieu divin: An essay on the interior life
187198: CHARDONNET, JEAN (1913- ) - L' economie francaise : etude geographique d'une decadence et des possibilites de redressement / par Jean Chardonnet [complete in 2 volumes]
174745: CHARENSOL, GEORGES - L'affaire Dreyfus et la troisieme republique
197200: CHARENSOL, GEORGES - Panorama du cinema / Georges Charensol
209655: CHARENSOL, GEORGES (1899-1995) - Renaissance du cinema francais / Georges Charensol
130009: CHARGUERAUD, ADOLPHE (1849-1898) & GIRARDIN, EMILE DE (1806-1881) - L'Economie Politique Et L'Impot / Avec Une Introduction Par Émile De Girardin
115648: CHARI, V. K. (1924-) - Sanskrit Criticism / V. K. Chari
176310: CHARI, A. S. R. - The Kashmir problem
171940: GREAT BRITAIN. COMMISSIONERS FOR INQUIRING CONCERNING CHARITIES - Further report of the commissioners for inquiring concerning charities. 32-Part II
129288: GREAT BRITAIN. COMMISSIONERS FOR INQUIRING CONCERNING CHARITIES - The Bristol Charities, Being the Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring Concerning Charities in England and Wales, so Far As Relates to the Charitable Institutions in Bristol ; Volume 28.
129289: GREAT BRITAIN. COMMISSIONERS FOR INQUIRING CONCERNING CHARITIES - Great Britain. Commissioners for Inquiring Concerning Charities ; Volume 24
194903: ILLINOIS. BOARD OF STATE COMMISSIONERS OF PUBLIC CHARITIES - First biennial report of the Board of State Commissioners of Public Charities of the State of Illinois : presented to the governor, December 1870
171939: GREAT BRITAIN. COMMISSIONERS FOR INQUIRING CONCERNING CHARITIES - Further report of the commissioners for inquiring concerning charities. 21
217125: CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY, LONDON - Charity organisation and relief
143715: LA FEDERATION DES METALLURGISTES DE CHARLEROI - La Situation Des Industries Metallurgiques Belges
163714: CHARLES, ROBERT HENRY (1855-1931) & OESTERLEY, W. O. E. - Gambling and Betting : a Short Study Dealing with Their Origin and Their Relation to Morality and Religion
189177: CHARLES, R. H. (ROBERT HENRY) (1855-1931) - The adventure into the unknown and other sermons preached in Westminster Abbey
187303: CHARLES, ENID - The menace of under-population : a biological study of the decline of population growth
193997: CHARLES JAMES JACKSON, SIR - English goldsmiths and their marks
222901: CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES - The garden at Highgrove / H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and Candida Lycett Green ; photography by Andrew Lawson and Christopher Simon Sykes
153102: CHARLES, ELIZABETH - Sketches of the Women of Christendom : Dedicated to the Women of India
222774: CHARLES-JONES, CAROLINE - The Francis Jones historic Cardiganshire homes and their families : from the archives, articles, manuscripts and researches of the late Major Francis Jones / editor Caroline Charles-Jones, compiler Laurie Widgery, additional editorial Hugh Charles-Jones
195159: CHARLES, R. H. (ROBERT HENRY) (1855-1931) - Religious development between the Old and the New Testaments
139766: CHARLES, ENID - The Menace of Under-Population : a Biological Study of the Decline of Population Growth
133664: CHARLES, R. H. (1855-1931) - Lectures on the Apocalypse
107777: CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES (1948-) - HRH the Prince of Wales Watercolours
74122: CHARLES, ELIZABETH RUNDLE (1828-1896) - Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family
73954: CHARLES, GERDA - The Crossing Point
149999: CHARLES, R. H. (ROBERT HENRY) (1855-1931) - The Resurrection of Man and Other Sermons Preached in Westminster Abbey by the Ven. R. H. Charles
132133: CHARLES, ELIZABETH RUNDLE (1828-1896) - Wanderings over Bible Lands and Seas
185202: CHARLES, ELIZABETH RUNDLE (1828-1896) - Sketches of the women of Christendom : dedicated to the woman of India
186850: CHARLES, ENID - The menace of under-population : a biological study of the decline of population
35368: CHARLES, SARA C.. KENNEDY, EUGENE C. - Defendant, a Psychiatrist on Trial for Medical Malpractice : an Episode in America's Hidden Health Care Crisis / Sara C. Charles and Eugene Kennedy
190055: CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES (1948- ) - Watercolours / H.R.H. the Prince of Wales
181833: CHARLES I,KING OF ENGLAND (1600-1649) - Reliquiæ sacræ Carolinæ. Or The vvorks of that great monarch and glorious martyr King Charls the I : Collected together, and digested in order, according to their severall subjects, civil and sacred
126953: CHARLES, ROBERT H. - Religious Development between the Old and New Testaments
127657: CHARLES, DAVID - Progress in Conception Control
44180: CHARLES W----- - Crime My Destiny
82824: CHARLES, RAY (1930-2004) - Brother Ray : Ray Charles' Own Story / Ray Charles and David Ritz
94693: CHARLES, ELIZABETH RUNDLE - Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family
210699: CHARLES, JEAN - Les debuts du mouvement syndical a Besancon : la Federation ouvriere, 1891-1914 / Jean Charles
8215: CHARLESWORTH, MARIA LOUISA - Ministering Children. a Tale Dedicated to Childhood
192138: CHARLEUX, L. - Conversion des rentes Francaises de geurre et d'apres-guerre
26879: CHARLEY, IRENE HANNAH - The Birth of Industrial Nursing, its History and Development in Great Britain. with a Foreword by A. A. Woodman
153873: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE (1885-) ED. - Les Lettres Francaises De Belgique : Esquisse Historique
134876: CHARLIER, LOUIS [ET AL] - La Parole De Dieu En Jesus-Christ / Louis Charlier ... [et al.]
145174: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE - Aspects De Lamartine ...
163053: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE - Les Lettres Francaises De Belgique. Esquisse Historique, Etc.
129282: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE (1885-) - Le Mouvement Romantique En Belgique, 1815-1850 ; Volume One.
126245: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE (1885-) - De Montaigne a Verlaine : Nouveaux Problemes D'Histoire Litteraire, Suivis D'Une Bibliographie Choisie
144117: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE - Stendhal Et Ses Amis Belges / Gustave Charlier
167416: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE (1885-) - Aspects de Lamartine
60985: CHARLOT, JEAN (1898-1979) - Charlot Murals in Georgia. Introduction [By] Lamar Dodd. Photographs [By] Eugene Payor. Commentaries [By] Jean Charlot
152632: CHARLOT, JEAN - The Gaullist Phenomenon : the Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic / Translated by Monica Charlot and Marianne Neighbour
22794: CHARLTON, MICHAEL - The Eagle and the Small Birds. Crisis in the Soviet Empire - from Yalta to Solidarity
122868: CHARLTON, LIONEL EVELYN OSWALD (1879-) - The Royal Air Force and U.S.A.A.F. from October 1944 to September 1945
84145: CHARLTON, JAMES (1939-) - Croquet : the Complete Guide to History, Strategy, Rules, and Records
70657: CHARLTON, H. B. (HENRY BUCKLEY) (1890-) - Browning : the Poet's Aim
178473: CHARLTON, DONALD GEOFFREY - Balzac and the nineteenth century : studies in French literature presented to Herbert J. Hunt by pupils, colleagues and friends / edited by D. G. Charlton, J. Gaudon and Anthony R. Pugh
181496: CHARLTON, JAMES (1939-) - The Executive's quotation book : a corporate companion
41321: THE CHARLTONS - How to Live in Peaceful Harmony with Your PMS
146280: CHARMATZ, RICHARD - Die Probleme Und Die Zukunft Osterreich-Ungarns / Richard Charmatz, in Zeitschrift Fur Politik, II Band, Heft 2
148295: CHARMATZ, RICHARD (1879-) - Deutsche Demokratie
204702: CHARMATZ, RICHARD (1879-1965) - Deutsche Demokratie / von R. Charmatz
200348: DU CHARME, WESLEY M. - Becoming immortal : nanotechnology, you, and the demise of death / Wesley M. Du Charme
131015: CHARMELOT, MADELEINE-ANNA - Saint-Just Ou Le Chevalier Organt
190441: CHARMET, RAYMOND - French paintings in Russian museums / Raymond Charnet ; English translation by Muriel Dubois-Ferriere
172327: CHARNAY, MAURICE. WHITE, ANDREW DICKSON (1832-1918) - Les Allemanistes / par Maurice Charnay
193260: CHARNAY, JEAN PAUL (ED.) - Normes et valeurs dans l'Islam contemporain / par Adonis, Jean Amrouche, Victor Berger-Vachon, Marie Bernand-Baladi ... [et al.] ouvrage edite par Jean-Paul Charnay
176320: CHARNAY, JEAN PAUL (ED.) - Normes et valeurs dans l'Islam contemporain / par Adonis, Jean Amrouche, Victor Berger-Vachon, Marie Bernand-Baladi ... [et al.] ouvrage edite par Jean-Paul Charnay
30253: CHARNEY, MAURICE - Sexual Fiction / Maurice Charney
180862: CHARNWOOD, GODFREY RATHBONE BENSON, BARON (1864-1945) - According to Saint John
9226: CHARNWOOD, LADY - An Autograph Collection and the Making of It
144880: CHARNWOOD, GODFREY RATHBONE BENSON, 1ST BARON (1864-) - According to St. John
153340: CHARPENTIER, JOHN (1880-) - Rousseau : the Child of Nature
222345: CHARPENTIER, A. - Monographie des sangsues : medicinales et officinales / A. Charpentier
68391: CHARPENTIER, JOHN (1880-1949) - Moliere
73561: CHARPIER, JACQUES (ED. ) - The Art of Painting, Edited by Pierre Seghers in Collaboration with Jacques Charpier. Excerpts Translated by Sally T. Abeles
134097: CHARQUES, RICHARD DENIS. ALFRED HARRY EWEN - Profits and Politics in the Post-War World : an Economic Survey of Contemporary History
195699: CHARQUES, RICHARD DENIS. ALFRED HARRY EWEN - Profits and Politics in the Post-War World : an Economic Survey of Contemporary History
196245: CHARQUES, R. D. (RICHARD DENIS) (B. 1899) - Profits and politics in the post-war world : an economic survey of contemporary history
172825: CHARRIER-SAINNEVILLE, M. - Compte rendu des evenements qui se sont passes a Lyon : depuis l'ordonnance royale du 5 Septembre 1816, jusqu'a la fin d'Octobre de l'annee, 1817 / par M. Charrier-Sainneville
150211: CHARRIERE, ISABELLA AGNATA VAN TUYLL DE (1740-1805) - Lettres De Belle De Zuylen (Madame De Charriere) a Constant D'Hermenches, 1760-1775. Publiees Par Philippe Godet
196914: SOCIALIST CHARTER (POLITICAL GROUP) - Labour, take the power ; Volume One ; Number 3
186483: CHARTERIS, A. H. (ARCHIBALD HAMILTON), (1835-1908) - The New Testament scriptures : their claims, history, and authority ; being the Croall lectures for 1882
140370: CHARTERIS, ARCHIBALD HAMILTON (1835-1908) , ED. - Canonicity, a Collection of Early Testimonies to the Canonical Books of the New Testament Based on Kirchhofer's 'quellensammlung', by A. H. Charteris
138000: CHARTERIS, LESLIE (1907-) - The White Rider
195909: CHARTERIS, EVAN, SIR (1864-1940) - William Augustus, duke of Cumberland : his early life and times (1721-1748)
202842: CHARTERS, W. W. (ET AL) - Health Secrets
89979: CHARTERS, ANN - I Love : the Story of Vladimir Mayakovsky and LILI Brik / Ann & Samuel Charters
107559: CHARTERS, ANN - Bibliography of Works by Jack Kerouac (Jean Louis Lebris De Kerouac) 1939-1975
166240: EDINBURGH. CHARTERS - Set of the City of Edinburgh; with the Acts of Parliament and Council Relative Thereto
204767: CHARTERS, JOHN - Second chance : the true story of a man who 'died' and lived to describe the experience
218475: WINCHESTER CHARTS - The Winchester Charts : the Painters of North Italy
215419: CHARUE, ANDRE MARIE (B. 1898) - L'Incredulite des Juifs dans le Nouveau Testament [Thesis statement]
81200: CHARY, FREDERICK B. - The Bulgarian Jews and the Final Solution, 1940-1944 [By] Frederick B. Chary
215609: CHASANOFF, ALLAN. TRAUB, CHARLES (1945-) - Tradition and the unpredictable [graphic] : the Allan Chasanoff photographic collection
173116: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY (1853-1925) - The credibility of the book of the Acts of the apostles : being the Hulsean Lectures for 1900-1901
222453: CHASE, EDNA WOOLMAN - Always in Vogue
214554: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY (1906-?) - Safer dead / James Hadley Chase
10461: CHASE, ASHTON - 133 Days Towards Freedom in Guiana. This is the 'communist Plot'; a Factual and Authoritative Account of the PPP Term of Office
139824: CHASE, STUART (1888-1985) - The Economy of Abundance
86301: CHASE, LINDA - In the Romantic Style : Creating Intimacy, Fantasy, and Charm in the Contemporary Home
78842: CHASE, LINDA - Hyperrealism
74350: CHASE, ALSTON - Group Memory : a Guide to College and Student Survival in the 1980s
73586: CHASE, THOMAS (1827-1892) - The Works of Horace - [Revised by Francis H. Lee]
69993: CHASE, MARY ELLEN (1887-1973) - Mary Peters, by Mary Ellen Chase
65998: CHASE, SALMON P. (SALMON PORTLAND) (1808-1873) - Reclamation of Fugitives from Service. an Argument for the Defendant, Submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, At the December Term, 1846, in the Case of Wharton Jones Vs. John Vanzandt
65445: CHASE, TRUDDI - When Rabbit Howls / the Troops for Truddi Chase ; Introduction and Epilogue by Robert A. Phillips
45843: CHASE, AGNES (1869-1963) & HITCHCOCK, ALBERT SPEAR (1865-1935) , ET ALI. - Old and New Plant Lore; a Symposium, by Agnes Chase, A. S. Hitchcock, Earl S. Johnston, J. H. Kempton, Ellsworth P. Killip, Daniel T. MacDougal, Albert Mann, William R. Maxon ...
85416: CHASE, TRUDDI - RELATED NAME: PHILLIPS, ROBERT A. (ROBERT ARCHER) (1942-?) - When Rabbit Howls / the Troops for Truddi Chase ; Introduction and Epilogue by Robert A. Phillips
221582: CHASE-RIBOUD, BARBARA - Barbara Chase-Riboud : the Malcolm X steles / edited by Carlos Basualdo ; texts by Carlos Basualdo, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, Ellen Handler Spitz ; chronology by John Vick
129463: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY - Confirmation in the Apostolic Age
129402: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY (1853-1925) - Confirmation in the Apostolic Age
107919: CHASE, MARY (1907-1981) - Mrs. McThing, a Play. Illus. by Madeleine Gekiere and Helen Sewell
168826: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY - The credibility of the book of the acts of the apostles
201866: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY (1906-1985) - Well now, my pretty ...
127606: CHASE, FREDERIC HENRY, BISHOP OF ELY - The Gospels, in the Light of Historical Criticism
136370: CHASE, STUART. MARIAN TYLER CHASE - Roads to Agreement : Successful Methods in the Science of Human Relations / [By] Stuart Chase in Collaboration with Marian Tyler Chase
41014: CHASE, JOAN - The Evening Wolves / Joan Chase
42840: CHASE, ALLAN - The Biological Imperatives - Health, Politics, and Human Survival
50431: CHASE, DANIEL (B. 1890) - Backfire
51001: CHASE, ILKA - Past Imperfect
94755: CHASE, STUART (1888-1985) - The Nemesis of American Business, and Other Essays
195551: CHASE, EZRA B. - Teachings of patriots and statesmen, or, The 'founders of the republic' on slavery
205278: CHASE, ILKA - Second spring and two potatoes / photographs by Norton Brown, drawings by Raymond Davidson
115963: CHASINS, ABRAM (1903-1987) - Leopold Stokowski, a Profile / Abram Chasins
155279: CHASINS, ABRAM - Leopold Stokowski, a profile
59529: CHASINS, ABRAM (1903-1987) - Leopold Stokowski, a Profile
58498: CHASLER, CHARLES N. - Atlas of Roentgen Anatomy of the Newborn and Infant Skull; Including Illustrations of Some Pathologic Changes and Congenital Variations with Emphasis on Fetal Radiology, by Charles N. Chasler. with a Foreword by Frederic N. Silverman
75512: CHASSAIGNE, FRANCIS - Le Bouquet De Violettes
63194: CHASSANG, A. - Oeuvres Completes De La Rochefoucauld
128520: CHASSANGNE, H. - Le Japon Contre Le Monde
53851: DE CHASSEY, ERIC (ED. ) - American Art 1908-1947 : from Winslow Homer to Jackson Pollock / Edited by Éric De Chassey
172289: CHASTANET, J. L. (JEAN LOUIS) - La republique des banquiers
55454: CHASTEL, ANDRE (1912-) - A chronicle of Italian Renaissance painting / Andre Chastel ; translated by Linda and Peter Murray
131976: CHASTENET, JACQUES - La France De M. Fallieres, Une Epoque Pathetique
201528: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE, VICOMTE DE, (1768-1848) - Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem [complete: 3 volumes in 1]
51139: CHATEAUBRIAND - Scenes Et Portraits Historiques. Bibliotheque 'Historia' (II Serie : Memoires Et Souvenirs)
98824: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS AUGUSTE RENE, VICOMTE DE (1768-1848) - Itineraire De Paris a Jerusalem
120247: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE, VICOMTE DE (1768-1848) - Deux Livres Des Memoires D'Outre Tombe; Tome Premier. Avec Une Introduction, Des Notes Et Des Appendices Par Edmond Bire [Complete in 2 Volumes]
191543: DE CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE - De la Liberte´ de la presse
221376: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE, VICOMTE DE (1768-1848) - Genie du christianisme / par Chateaubriand
209640: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE, VICOMTE DE (1768-1848) - Essai historique, politique et moral, sur les revolutions anciennes et modernes, considerees dans leurs rapports avec la revolution francaise
139261: CHATELET, ALBERT - Early Dutch Painting : Painting in the Northern Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century / Albert Chatelet ; Translated by Christopher Brown and Anthony Turner
137202: CHATER, A. - Race Relations in Britain
171833: CHATER, A. - Race relations in Britain
169891: CHATER, A. - Race relations in Britain
175808: CHATER, TONY - Public ownership and control : a Communist view / [by] Tony Chater
198276: CHATER, A. - Race relations in Britain
142536: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, HOBART CHATFIELD (1865-1945) - With Edge Tools
74559: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, HOBART CHATFIELD (1865-1945) - Two Women & a Fool
143548: CHATFIELD, HERBERT WALTER (1910-) - Prisons under Sentence

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