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40808: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Femininity
43479: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN - Femininity
94751: BROWNRIGG, DOUGLAS EGREMONT ROBERT, SIR, BART (1867-1939) - Indiscretions of the Naval Censor
227250: BROWNRIGG, WILLIAM (1712-1800) - The medical casebook of William BROWNRIGG, M.D., FRS (1712-1800) of the town of Whitehaven in Cumberland; edited and translated by Jean E.Ward and Joan Yell
17766: BROWNSTEIN, RONALD - Reagan's Ruling Class : Portraits of the President's Top 100 Officials / Ronald Brownstein and Nina Easton ; Introduction by Ralph Nader
176732: BROWNSTEIN, RONALD - Reagan's ruling class : portraits of the president's top one hundred officials / Ronald Brownstein and Nina Easton ; introduction by Ralph Nader
51714: BROWNSTEIN, RONALD AND EASTON, NINA - Reagan's Ruling Class - Portraits of the President's Top One Hundred Officials
39119: BROWNSTONE, DAVID M. AND FRANCK, IRENE M. - The Dictionary of Publishing
180746: BROX, JANE (1956- ) - Brilliant : the evolution of artificial light / Jane Brox
171956: BROXAP, HENRY - The Influence of Christianity in History
75188: BROYDE, STEVEN - Osip Mandelstam and His Age : a Commentary on the Themes of War and Revolution in the Poetry (1913-1923)
105151: BROZEK, JOSEF (ED. ) - Explorations in the History of Psychology in the United States
93956: BROZYNA, ANDREA EBEL (1965-?) - Labour, Love, and Prayer : Female Piety in Ulster Religious Literature, 1850-1914
233884: BRU?CHLE, BERNHARD. LIENHARD, DANIEL - Horn Bibliographie
204367: BRU, HEðIN; HEINESEN, WILLIAM; BIRGITTA HYLIN - Fattigmans heder [Language: Swedish]
229981: BRUANT, ARISTIDE (1851-1925) - Dans la rue: chansons et monologues / Aristide Bruant ; dessins de Steinlen
164382: BRUCATO, JOHN G. - The Farmer Goes to Town; the Story of San Francisco's Farmer's Market
79846: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH (1931-) - John O'Hara: a Checklist. Compiled by Matthew J. Bruccoli. with a Previously Unpublished Speech by John O'Hara
7890: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH (1931-2008) - The Fortunes of Mitchell Kennerley, Bookman
41064: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH (1931-2008) - The Fortunes of Mitchell Kennerley, Bookman
115574: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH - Kenneth Millar/ross MacDonald. a Checklist. Compiled by Matthew J. Bruccoli. Introduction by Kenneth Millar, Etc.
156992: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH (1931-2008) - James Gould Cozzens : a Life Apart / Matthew J. Bruccoli
125137: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH - Reconquest of Mexico : an Amiable Journey in Pursuit of Cortés / Matthew J. Bruccoli
152303: BRUCCULERI, ANGELO - L'Economia Sovietica
191994: BRUCCULERI, ANGELO - L'ordine internationale : Le dottrine sociali del cattolicismo quaderno XII
192026: BRUCCULERI, ANGELO - La giustizia sociale
192028: BRUCCULERI, ANGELO - L'involuzione della civilta
192029: BRUCCULERI, ANGELO - Moralita della guerra
99726: BRUCE, ERROLL - Cape Horn to Port / Erroll Bruce, Assisted by O. H. M. St. J. Steiner and E. D. Norman ; Technical Appendix by J. A. Hans Hamilton, M. A. Jones, R. Q. F. Evans
99388: BRUCE, GEORGE - Sea Battles of the 20th Century / [By] George Bruce
98157: BRUCE, LEO - Death with Blue Ribbon [By] Leo Bruce
95828: BRUCE, GEORGE - Poland's At Lloyd's
187021: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE (1910-1990) - Biblical exegesis in the Qumran texts
231419: BRUCE, JAMES (1730-1794) - Travels, between the years 1765 and 1773, through part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia, into Abyssinia, to discover the source of the Nile : comprehending an interesting narrative of the author's adventures in Abyssinia ...
83889: BRUCE, WILLIAM STRATON (1846-1933) - The Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament : Including the Song of Songs
132145: BRUCE, ALEXANDER BALMAIN (1831-1899) - The Humiliation of Christ in its Physical, Ethical and Official Aspects
67936: BRUCE, VICTORIA - No Apparent Danger : the True Story of Volcanic Disaster At Galeras and Nevado Del Ruiz / Victoria Bruce
80700: BRUCE, CURT & GROSSMAN, JILL (1939-?) - Revelations of New England Architecture : People and Their Buildings / Photos. by Curt Bruce ; Text by Jill Grossman
36127: BRUCE, DONALD JAMES WILLIAMS (1930-) - Radical Doctor Smollett [By] Donald Bruce
212780: BRUCE LOCKHART, ROBERT, SIR (1887-1970) - Memoirs of a British agent : being an account of the author's early life in many lands and of his mission to Moscow in 1918 / R.H. Bruce Lockhart
164699: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE, (1910-1990) - The Teacher of Righteousness in the Qumran Texts
164464: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE, (1910-1990) - Are the New Testament Documents Reliable?
186379: BRUCE, F. F. (FREDERICK FYVIE) (1910-?) - Promise and fulfilment / Essays presented to Prof. members of the society for Old Testament Study and others; ed. by F.F.Bruce
130390: SOCIETY FOR OLD TESTAMENT STUDY. F. F. BRUCE (ED. ) - Promise and Fulfilment : Essays Presented to Professor S. H. Hooke in Celebration of His Ninetieth Birthday, 21st January, 1964
139645: BRUCE, F. F. (FREDERICK FYVIE) - Tradition Old and New
115397: BRUCE, DWIGHT H. (DWIGHT HALL) - The Empire State in Three Centuries; Edited by Gen. Dwight H. Bruce, Volumes I - III ... a Narrative of Events by Daniel Van Pelt
51860: BRUCE, CHRIS. HENRY ART GALLERY - Myth of the West / Introduction [By] Chris Bruce ; Essays [By] Chris Bruce ... [Et Al. ] - [Published in Conjunction with the Exhibition Held At the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Sept. 16-Dec. 2, 1990]
73062: BRUCE, JAMES (1900-) (COMP. ) - Cultural and Scientific Pictorial Studies in Sex Anatomy and the Technique of Coitus in Man, Woman, and in the Third and Fourth Sexes...
111569: BRUCE, CURT (PHOTOG. ). JILL GROSSMAN - Revelations of New England Architecture : People and Their Buildings / Photos. by Curt Bruce ; Text by Jill Grossman
103038: BRUCE, SCOTT. DAN SOPER (PHOTOG. ) - Lunch Box : the Fifties and Sixties / Scott Bruce ; Principal Photography by Dan Soper.
102058: BRUCE, DONALD JAMES WILLIAMS (1930-) - Radical Doctor Smollett
91414: BRUCE-GARDYNE, JOCK - Ministers and Mandarins : Inside the Whitehall Village
161535: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE (1910-1990) - The Acts of the Apostles
120968: BRUCE, HERBERT ALEXANDER. - Politics and the Canadian Army Medical Corps ... with Introduction by Hector Charlesworth
141714: BRUCE, ALEXANDER BALMAIN (1831-1899) - The Parabolic Teaching of Christ : a Systematic and Critical Study of the Parables of Our Lord
224976: BRUCE, ARCHIBALD KEY - St. Paul's churchyard
149742: BRUCE, ROBERT (-1915) - Apostolic Order and Unity / Robert Bruce
156487: BRUCE, JOHN - Gaudy Century, the Story of San Francisco's Hundred Years of Robust Journalism. with an Introd. by Joseph Henry Jackson
175862: BRUCHARD, H. DE (ET AL) - Zo d'axa mousquetaire patricien de l'anarchie [by] Hem Day, [pseud. of Marcel Dieu]...[et al.]
93559: BRUCK, WERNER FRIEDRICH (1880-?) - Social and Economic History of Germany from William II to Hitler, 1888-1938; a Comparative Study, by W. F. Bruck, with a Foreword by J. F. Rees
39203: BRUCK, W. F. - Social and Economic History of Germany from William II to Hitler 1888-1938 - a Comparative Study
165467: BRUCK, WERNER FRIEDRICH, (1880-) - The Road to Planned Economy : Capitalism and Socialism in Germany's Development / Werner Friedrich Bruck
166532: BRUCK, CONNIE - When Hollywood Had a King : the Reign of Lew Wasserman, Who Leveraged Talent Into Power and Influence / Connie Bruck
171037: BRUCK, CONNIE - When Hollywood Had a King : the Reign of Lew Wasserman, Who Leveraged Talent Into Power and Influence
163927: BRUCKBERGER, RAYMOND-LEOPOLD (1907-1998) - The History of Jesus Christ, by R. L. Bruckberger. Pref. by Eugene Cardinal Tisserant. Translated from the French by Denver Lindley
37384: BRUCKBERGER, RAYMOND LEOPOLD (1907-). SPIER, JO (ILLUSTRATOR) - One Sky to Share - the French and American Journals of Raymond Leopold Bruckberger
73916: BRUCKER, HERBERT (B. 1898) - Journalist : Eyewitness to History
198566: BRUCKER, RAYMOND (1800-1875) [ET AL.] - Revue de Paris : Edition augmentee des principaux articles de la Revue des Deux Mondes. Tome 6, Juin 1835
70182: BRUCKER, GENE A. - Giovanni and Lusanna : Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence / Gene Brucker
194855: BRUCKNER, PAUL JOHN (1907-) - How to give sex instruction : a guide for parents, teachers and others responsible for the training of young people
234501: BRUCKNER, ANTON (1824-1896). ALTMANN, WILHELM (1862-1951) - Symphonie No. 7 (in) E dur
19227: BRUDNOY, DAVID - Life is Not a Rehearsal A Memoir
225946: BRUEGEL, PIETER CA. 1525-1569 - Pieter Bruegel, the elder (about 1525-1569) / Text by Wolfgang Stechow
193724: BRUEGEL, PIETER (CA. 1525-1569) - Das Bruegel Buch
163134: BRUEL, ANDREE - Romans Francais Du Moyen Age : Essais
116591: BRUEMMER, FRED - The Life of the Harp Seal / Photography and Text by Fred Bruemmer
197594: BRUGEL, LUDWIG (B. 1866) - Geschichte der osterreichischen Sozialdemokratie / von Ludwig Brugel
211236: BRUGEL, LUDWIG (1866- ) - Geschichte der osterreichischen Sozialdemokratie / von Ludwig Brugel [volumes 2, 3 & 4]
20931: BRUGES, WILLIAM ERNEST - Principles of Liberty
60045: BRUGGEN, COOSJE VAN - John Baldessari - [Published on the Occasion of the Retrospective Exhibition Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art ... Los Angeles, California [And Other Museums] --T. P. Verso]
116080: BRUGGEN, COOSJE VAN - John Baldessari / Coosje Van Bruggen
26821: BRUGGER, WILLIAM - Democracy & Organisation in the Chinese Industrial Enterprise (1948-1953)
115630: BRUGGER, BILL - China : the Impact of the Cultural Revolution / Edited by Bill Brugger
140619: BRUGMANN, ARNOLD - Zucht Und Leben Der Deutschen Studenten, 1648-1848
153039: BRUGMANS, HENDRIK (1906-) - Georges De Porto-Riche : Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre / Hendrik Brugmans
133472: BRUHAT, JEAN. MARC PIOLOT - Esquisse D'Une Histoire De La CGT
131918: BRUHAT, JEAN. MARC PIOLOT - Esquisse D'Une Histoire De La C. G. T.
147828: BRUHAT, JEAN - Destin De L'Histoire : Essai Sur L'Apport Du Marxisme Aux Etudes Historiques
211447: BRUHAT, JEAN. MARC PIOLOT - Histoire du mouvement ouvrier francais / publiee sous le patronage de la Confederation generale du travail. Tome Premier, Des origines a la revolte des canuts
131754: BRUHAT, JEAN & PIOLOT, MARC - Esquisse D'Une Histoire De La C. G. T. / Par Jean Bruhat, Marc Piolot
220477: DE BRUHL, MARSHALL - The river sea : the Amazon in history, myth, and legend : a story of discovery, exploration, and exploitation
7284: BRUHN, WOLFGANG. MAX TILKE - A Pictorial History of Costume : a Survey of all Periods and Peoples from Antiquity to Modern Times Including National Costume in Europe and Non-European Countries
111541: BRUHN, MARTHA EMMA - The Müller-Walle Method of Lip-Reading for the Deaf (Bruhn Lip-Reading System) by Martha E. Bruhn
215836: BRUIGNAC-LA HOUGUE, VERONIQUE DE - Art et artistes du papier peint en France : repertoire alphabetique / par Veronique de Bruignac-La Hougue
230130: BRULEY, ÉDOUARD - Visages de l'Orléanais / par Édouard Bruley, René Crozet [et] C. Sibertin-Blanc
229847: BRULON, DOROTHEE GUILLEME - La porcelaine de Vincennes
67120: BRUMBAUGH, ROBERT S. (ED. ) - Six Trials. Robert S. Brumbaugh, Editor
36495: BRUMBERG, JOAN JACOBS - Mission for Life : the Story of the Family of Adoniram Judson, the Dramatic Events of the First American Foreign Mission, and the Course of Evangelical Religion in the Nineteenth Century / Joan Jacobs Brumberg
147207: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM - In Quest of Justice : Protest and Dissent in the Soviet Union Today / Edited by Abraham Brumberg
206525: BRUMBERG, ABRAHAM (ED.) - Russia under Khrushchev / [by various contributors.] An anthology from 'Problems of Communism'. Edited by Abraham Brumberg
168510: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT (1944-) - Gold in azure : one thousand years of Russian architecture / text and photographs by William Craft Brumfield
60205: BRUMLIK, MICHA - The Situation of the Jews in Today's Germany / Micha Brumlik
41429: BRUMMELKAMP, R. - Brainweight and Bodysize (A Study of the Cephalization Problem)
174395: BRUMWELL, J.R.M. (ED.) - This changing world : a series of contributions by some of our leading thinkers, to cast light upon the pattern of the modern world / edited by J.R.M. Brumwell
229455: BRUN, HANS-JAKOB - Bjørn Carlsen : fabel aktig
158329: BRUN, SAMUEL JACQUES - Tales of Languedoc from the South of France / Samuel Jacques Brun ; with an Introduction by Harriet W. Preston ; Illustrations by Ernest C. Peixotto
148831: BRUNARD, HUBERT - Les Unions Professionnelles Et Le Projet Do Loi De M. Begerem, Ministre De La Justice; Expose Fait a L'Union Syndicale De Bruxelles
167840: BRUNARD, HUBERT - Suppression de l'exception de jeu : en matiere de marches a termes / Conference de M. Hubert Brunard
184930: BRUNEAU, RENE; BAYLE, CLAUDE - Ronsard gentilhomme vendomois
142815: BRUNEL, CAMILLE - La Question Indigene En Algerie. L'Affaire De Margueritte Devant La Cour D'Assises De L'Herault
226275: MICHAEL BRUNELLE - Pastels / [translated by Michael Brunelle and Beatriz Cortabarria]
165648: BRUNET, GEORGES - Le Mysticisme Social De Saint-Simon
219219: BRUNET, JACQUES CHARLES (1780-1867) - Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres .... par Jacques-Charles Brunet. [volumes 1-4]
178855: BRUNET, JACQUES CHARLES - Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres - [Complete in 5 volumes]
135217: BRUNET, GEORGES - Le Mysticisme Social De Saint-Simon
193708: BRUNET, JACQUES-CHARLES (1780-1867) - Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres, contenant 1. Un nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique... 2. Une table en forme de catalogue raisonne - [Complete in 4 volumes]
147930: BRUNET, GILBERT - Essai Sur L'Isaïe De L'Histoire : Étude De Quelques Textes Notamment Dans Isa. VII, VIII & XXII / Gilbert Brunet
235789: BRUNET, GEORGES - Victor Hugo
230000: BRUNET, MARCELLE - Sevres : des origines a nos jours / Marcelle Brunet et Tamara Preaud
162885: BRUNETIERE, FERDINAND (1849-1906) - L' Evolution De La Poesie Lyrique En France Au Dix-Neuvieme Siecle. Tome 1 / Ferdinand Brunetiere
174044: BRUNETIERE, FERDINAND (1849-1906) - L'evolution des genres dans l'histoire de la litterature : lecons professees a l'ecole normale superieure, Tome Premier / par Ferdinand Brunetiere
163215: BRUNETIERE, FERDINAND (1849-1906) - Etudes Critiques Sur L'Histoire De La Litterature Francaise. 3. Ser / Par Ferdinand Brunetiere
157411: BRUNETIERE, FERDINAND (1849-1906) - Honore De Balzac : 1799-1850 / Par Ferdinand Brunetiere
187982: BRUNETIÈRE, FERDINAND (1849-1906) - Victor Hugo : lecons faites à l'École normale supérieure par les élèves de deuxième année (lettres), 1900-1901 / sous la direction de Ferdinand Brunetière - [Complete in 2 volumes]
235481: BRUNHO?LZL, FRANZ.. SPINDLER, MAX - Handbuch der bayerischen Geschichte. Complete in two volumes
164894: BRUNHOFF, LAURENT DE, (1925-) - Babar's Busy Year / Laurent De Brunhoff
144907: BRUNHOFF, JEAN DE (1899-1937) - The Travels of Babar / Jean De Brunhoff ; Translated from the French by Merle S. Haas
109617: BRUNHOFF, LAURENT DE - Babar Dans L'Ile Aux Oiseaux
157988: DE BRUNHOFF, LAURENT - The Rescue of Babar
195941: BRUNIALTI, ATTILIO (1849-1920) - Unioni e combinazioni fra gli stati. Gli stati composti e lo stato federale
185913: BRUNINI, JOHN GILLAND (1899- ) - Whereon to stand
61756: BRUNKER, HOWARD MOLYNEAUX EDWARD (1844-) - Story of the Campaign in Eastern Virginia, April, 1861 to May, 1863
231934: BRUNNER, KARL - Arbeitsbuch Geschichte / (3. - 16. Jh.) / Eberhard Bussem ... (Hrsg.)
83593: BRUNNER, CONSTANTIN (1862-1937) - RELATED NAME: BERNARD, WALTER (ED. ) - Science, Spirit, Superstition: a New Enquiry Into Human Thought; Abridged and Translated by Abraham Suhl, Revised and Edited by Walter Bernard
214855: BRUNNER, EDMUND DE SCHWEINITZ (1889- ) ; LORGE, IRVING (1905- ) - Rural Trends in Depression Years : a Survey of Village-centered Agricultural Communities, 1930-1936
201959: BRUNNER, EMIL (1889-1966) - The scandal of Christianity
109287: BRUNNER, JOHN - The Whole Man
73854: BRUNNER, EDMUND DE SCHWEINITZ (1889- ). LORGE, IRVING (1905- ) - Rural Trends in Depression Years : a Survey of Village-centered Agricultural Communities, 1930-1936
165025: BRUNNER, CONSTANTIN, (1862-1937) - Aus Meinem Tagebuch
135052: BRUNNER, CHRISTOPHER TATHAM - Road Versus Rail : the Case for Motor Transport
158687: BRUNNER, EDY (1943-) - Edy Brunner : Conceptualist, Artist, Photographer, Designer / Edited by Axel Wendelberger ; with Texts by Franz Hohler, Willy Rotzler and Axel Wendelberger
104429: BRUNNER, JOHN - Quicksand
233043: BRUNNER, HEINRICH (1840-1915). NORMANDY (FRANCE) - Das anglonormannische Erbfolgesystem : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Parentelenordnung nebst einem Excurs über die älteren normannischen Coutumes / von Heinrich Brunner
151155: BRUNNER, ROBERT - Gesetz Und Gnade Im Alten Testament Und Im Jüdischen Denken
104460: BRUNNER, JOHN - The Stone That Never Came Down
13055: BRUNO, JOSEPH S. - All the Best for 57 Years
138804: BRUNO, ARVID (1881-) - Alttestamentliche Texträtsel Und Strophische Analyse : Paralipomena Zu Den Büchern Genesis-Exodus, Josua, Richter, Samuel, Könige / Von Arvid Bruno ; Biographische Einleitung Von Kurt Wilhelm
139122: BRUNO, ARVID - Gibeon / Arvid Bruno
83212: BRUNO, MICHAEL - Venus in Hollywood; the Continental Enchantress from Garbo to Loren
98207: BRUNO, FRANK JOHN - The Theory of Social Work, by Frank J. Bruno
151020: BRUNO, ARVID (1881-) - Micha Und Der Herrscher Aus Der Vorzeit
184288: BRUNO, GIORDANO - Discorso all'accademia di religione Cattolica : il 21 Maggio 1885 dal socio Arcanelo Lolli
42894: BRUNO, MICHAEL - Venus in Hollywood - the Continental Enchantress from Garbo to Loren
76302: BRUNS, MAX (1876-?) - Die Arche, Von Den Nachten Der Flut
111561: BRUNS, BILL. RON GARRISON (PHOTOG. ) - A World of Animals : the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park / Text by Bill Bruns ; Foreword by Jane Goodall ; Photographs by Ron Garrison
235768: BRUNSCHVICG, LE?ON (1869-1944). - Descartes et Pascal : lecteurs de Montaigne
235792: BRUNSCHVICG, LÉON (1869-1944) - Pascal / par Léon Brunschvicg
83842: BRUNT, DAVID - Physical & Dynamical Meteorology, by David Brunt
83686: BRUNT, DAVID (1886-?) - Physical & Dynamical Meteorology
35995: BRUNT, A. W. - Pageant of Letchworth 1903-14
220089: BRUNTON, GEORGE (1799-1836) - An historical account of the senators of the College of Justice : from its institution in MDXXXII
99347: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - The Study of American Folklore; an Introduction
169383: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD - Too good to be true : the colossal book of urban legends / Jan Harold Brunvand
34860: BRUS, WLODZIMIERZ - The Economics and Politics of Socialism; Collected Essays. with a Foreword by Maurice Dobb
33571: BRUS, WLODZIMIERZ - The Market in a Socialist Economy; [Translated from the Polish by Angus Walker]
144359: BRUS, WLODZIMIERZ - The Economics and Politics of Socialism; Collected Essays. with a Foreword by Maurice Dobb
206190: BRUSATI, ALOIS - Geschichte der Sozialpolitik mit Dokumenten. Herausgegeben von ... Alois Brusatti, Wilhelm Haas und Walter Pollak
228682: BRUSATI, CELESTE - Artifice and illusion : the art and writing of Samuel van Hoogstraten / Celeste Brusati
101243: BRUSENDORFF, AAGE - The Chaucer Tradition, by Aage Brusendorff
157039: BRUSENDORFF, OVE. HENNINGSEN, POUL - A History of Eroticism [In Six Volumes]
36975: BRUSH, FREDERIC (1871-1961) - Hill Doctor - Tells in Story and Ballads Tales of the Appalachians
207797: BRUSH, DANIEL - Daniel Brush : thirty years' work [complete in 4 volumes]
89797: BRUSKOVSKY, MEYER N - The Supreme Plan; the Way to Perfection
232045: BRUSNIAK, FRIEDHELM - Grundzuge einer Musikgeschichte Waldecks, Augsburger Yearbook of Musicology 2
123825: ARISTOPHANES. JACK BRUSSEL - Lysistrata / Aristophanes ; English Version by J. Brussel ; Illustrated by A. Beardsley and Ancient Athenian Artists
108300: BRUSSEL, ISIDORE ROSENBAUM - Anglo-American First Editions
143735: BRUST, HAROLD - In Plain Clothes : Further Memoirs of a Political Police Officer
172412: BRUTENTS, K. - True ally of national-liberation movement
220325: BRUTON, ERIC - Clocks and Watches
139862: BRUTON, FRANCIS ARCHIBALD (1860-1929) - A Short History of Manchester and Salford
128764: BRUTSCH, CHARLES - Essai Sur La Poesie De Verhaeren : La Campagne, Les Villes, Le Jardin / Charles Brutsch
229451: BRÜTSCH, FRANÇOISE - Serge Poliakoff (1900-1969)
119592: BRUTTINI, PROF. ARTURO - Uses of Waste Material; the Collection of Waste Materials and Their Uses for Human and Animal Food, in Fertilisers, and in Certain Industries, 1914-1922. by Prof. Arturo Bruttini ...
193400: VILLE DE BRUXELLES - Comite de Patronage (institue par loi du 9 aout 1889): L'habitation De Woning des Werkmans
184542: EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE ET INTERNATIONALE DE BRUXELLES - Exposition universelle et internationale, Bruxelles, 1935 : Participation Bulgare
184677: BRUXELLES: VEUVE FERDINAND LARCIER, EDITEUR - L'invasion socialiste nous menace
226509: SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE BIENFAISANCE DE BRUXELLES - L'Art francais au XVIIIe siecle : exposition organisee sous le haut patronage de Sa Majeste Leopold II, Roi des Belges par la Societe francaise de bienfaisance de Bruxelles, janvier, fevrier, mars 1904
193666: LA BRUYERE, JEAN DE (1645-1696) - Les caracteres de La Bruyere / precedes d'une notice par M. Suard.
159734: BRUYN, GERD DE - Contemporary Architecture in Germany, 1970-1996 : 50 Buildings / Gerd De Bruyn; with a Preface by Wilfried Wang and an Essay by Gerd Zimmermann; Edited by Inter Nationes, Bonn, in Cooperation with the German Architecture-Museum, Frankfurt Am Main
203545: BRUYN, BARTHOLOMAUS (1493-1555) - Barthel Bruyn : 1493-1555 : Gesamtverzeichnis seiner Bildnisse und Altarwerke
224935: BRUZEAU, MAURICE - Paris, notre Paris / par Maurice Bruzeau et Charles Feld
93554: BRY, ADELAIDE - Inside Psychotherapy; Nine Clinicians Tell How They Work and What They Are Trying to Accomplish. Edited by Adelaide Bry
92424: BRYAN, J. (JOSEPH) - The Windsor Story / J. Bryan III. and Charles J. V. Murphy
87258: BRYAN, WILLIAM FRANK (1879-) - The Writer's Handbook; a Manual of English Composition, by W. F. Bryan, Arthur H. Nethercot, Bernard De Voto ...
215125: BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS (1860-1925) BRYAN, MARY (BAIRD) (1861-1930) (JOINT AUTHOR) - The memoirs of William Jennings Bryan
152827: BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS (1860-1925) - The First Battle. a Story of the Campaign of 1896, by William J. Bryan, Together with a Collection of His Speeches and a Biographical Sketch by His Wife ...
192426: BRYAN, DEREK - China's Taiwan / Derek Bryan
76383: BRYAN, J. (JOSEPH) (1904-?) & MURPHY, CHARLES JOHN VINCENT (1904-?) JOINT AUTHORS - The Windsor Story
169744: BRYAN, GEORGE J. - Biographies of Attorney-General George P. Barker
115721: BRYAN, MIKE - Baseball Lives : Men and Women of the Game Talk about Their Jobs, Their Lives, and the National Pastime / Mike Bryan
177829: BRYAN, J. (JOSEPH) (1904-?) & MURPHY, CHARLES JOHN VINCENT (1904-?) - The Windsor story
203680: BRYAN, MICHAEL (1757-1821) - Dictionary of painters and engravers : biographical and critical
53863: BRYAN, COURTLANDT DIXON BARNES - The National Geographic Society : 100 Years of Adventure and Discovery
228868: BRYAN, GEORGE SANDS (1879-1943) - Edison: the man and his work. With plates, including portraits, and a bibliography
166587: BRYAN, WILLIAM LOWE (1860-1955) - Wars of Families of Minds, by William Lowe Bryan. Published for Indiana University
188272: BRYAN, GEORGE S. - Edison : the man and his work
155696: BRYAN, JOHN M. - Robert Mills : America's First Architect / John M. Bryan
25822: BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS - Letters to a Chinese Official - Being a Western View of Eastern Civilization
32580: BRYAN, WILLIAM A. - Administrative Psychiatry
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209931: BURGEN, STEPHEN - Walking the lions / Stephen Burgen
232997: BURGER, GOTTFRIED AUGUST (1747-1794) - Burgers samtliche Werke in vier Banden / mit einer Einleitung und Anmerkungen herausgegeben von Wolfgang von Wurzbach.
154872: BURGER, WILLIAM C. - Perfect planet, clever species : how unique are we?
169698: BURGER, CHRISTOPH - Schopfung und Versohnung : Studien zum liturgischen Gut im Kolosser- und Epheserbrief / Christoph Burger
204356: BURGER, HERMANN (1942-1989) - Brenner / Hermann Burger. Erster Band, Brunsleben
111795: BURGERT, HANS-JOACHIM - Samulo and the Giant, by Hans-Joachim Burgert
221066: BURGERT, HANS-JOACHIM - Samulo and the giant
136211: BURGERT, HANS-JOACHIM (ILL. ) - Loblieder Aus Qumran : Ein Psalm Aus Der Judischen Gemeinde Vom Toten Meer 1. Jahr. V. Chr. / Mit Zinkatzungen Versehen Von Hans-Joachim Burgert
83701: BURGESS, THORNTON W. (THORNTON WALDO) (1874-1965) - The Burgess Animal Book for Children, by Thornton W. Burgess, with Illustrations by Louis Agassiz Fuertes
82844: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) CAVALIER OF THE ROSE. 1982 - [ADAPTATION BY BURGESS] - Richard Strauss, Der Rosenkavalier : Comedy for Music in Three Acts / Libretto by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal ; Story Adaptation by Anthony Burgess ; Introduction by George R. Marek ; General Editor, Robert Sussman Stewart
82084: BURGESS, ANTHONY - MF [By] Anthony Burgess
8152: BURGESS, PERCY HERBERT EDWARD - Diamonds Unlimited
226572: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Au sujet de James Joyce / Anthony Burgess ; traduit de l'anglais par Heloise Esquie
79720: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Moses : a Narrative
199754: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - The novel today
127699: BURGESS, JOSEPH (1874-) - Will Lloyd George Supplant Ramsay MacDonald? : Past, Present, and Prospective Controversies over Lib. -Lab. Alliances
30348: BURGESS, W. RANDOLPH - The Reserve Banks and the Money Market
61097: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Enderby's Dark Lady, Or, No End to Enderby
139612: BURGESS, JOSEPH (1874-) - John Burns: the Rise and Progress of a Right Honourable
14002: BURGESS, THORNTON W. (THORNTON WALDO) (1874-1965) - At Paddy the Beaver's Pond; a Book of Nature Stories. Illustrated by Harrison Cady
114543: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Enderby. a Novel
31078: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - This Man and Music / Anthony Burgess
48319: BURGESS, CECIL RITCHIE - Meteorology for Seamen
45790: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993). HASKELL, FRANCIS (1928-) - The Age of the Grand Tour, containing sketches of the manners, society and customs of France, Flanders, the United Provinces, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the letters, journals and writings of the most celebrated voyagers between the years 1720-1820; With Descriptions of the Most Illustrious Antiquities and Curiosities in These Countries, Together with the Story of Such Traffic by Anthony Burgess and an Appreciation of the Art of Europe in the Eighteenth Century by Francis Haskell
66424: BURGESS WISE, DAVID - Classics of the Road / [By] David Burgess Wise
5683: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Novel Now; a Guide to Contemporary Fiction
6933: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Any Old Iron / Anthony Burgess
27172: BURGESS, PERRY - Who Walk Alone
27175: BURGESS, JOSEPH - John Burns: the Rise and Progress of a Right Honourable
53574: JULIAN BURGESS (ET AL. ) - The Great White Hoax : South Africa's International Propaganda Machine : a Report
154457: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Little Wilson and big God
150775: BURGESS, ERNEST WATSON (1886-) ED. - Aging in Western Societies / Edited by Ernest W. Burgess
62571: BURGESS, LORRAINE MARSHALL - Garden Art : the Personal Pursuit of Artistic Refinements, Inventive Concepts, Old Follies, and New Conceits for the Home Gardener / Lorraine Marshall Burgess... . and White Photos. and Penline Sketches by the Author, Color Photos. by Guy Burgess
186134: BURGESS, JOSEPH (1874-?) - John Burns : the rise and progress of a right honourable
5692: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Enderby's Dark Lady; or No End to Enderby
5691: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - The Pianoplayers
156376: BURGESS, ANTHONY, 1917-1993 - The Pianoplayers / Anthony Burgess
156406: BURGESS, ANTHONY, 1917-1993 - The eve of Saint Venus [by] Anthony Burgess. Illustrated by Edward Pagram
6929: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Moses : a Narrative
119679: BURGESS, ERIC - Satellites and Space Flight
222367: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Inside Mr Enderby / Joseph Kell [pseud. i.e. Anthony Burgess.]
156552: BURGESS, ANTHONY (1917-1993) - Any Old Iron / Anthony Burgess
100261: BURGESS, THORNTON W. (THORNTON WALDO) (1874-1965) - The Adventures of Johnny Chuck, with Illustrations by Harrison Cady
170384: BURGESS, ANTHONY - You've had your time / being the second part of the confessions of Anthony Burgess
156987: BURGESS, THORNTON WALDO (1874-1965). HARRISON, CADY (ILLUS. ) - The Adventures of Reddy Fox
5688: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Flame Into Being; the Life and Work of D. H. Lawrence
61571: BURGESS, LINDA - Country Harvest : a Celebration of Autumn / Linda Burgess and Rosamond Richardson
15590: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Little Wilson and Big God Being the First Part of the Autobiography
207025: BURGESS, KEITH - The challenge of labour : shaping British society, 1850-1930 / Keith Burgess
156309: BURGESS, ANTHONY, 1917-1993 - Earthly Powers / Anthony Burgess
106844: BURGESS-WISE, DAVID - Fire Engines and Fire-Fighting / [By] David Burgess-Wise
27749: BURGGRAF, SHIRLEY P. - The Feminine Economy and Economic Man : Reviving the Role of Family in the Post-Industrial Age / Shirley P. Burggraf
140826: BURGHARDT, FRIEDRICH - Die Orientalin
44758: BURGI, RICHARD - A History of the Russian Hexameter
119310: BURGI-KYRIAZI, MARIA - Ramana Maharshi Et L'Experience De L'Etre / Maria Burgi-Kyriazi
127787: BURGIS, EDWIN - Perils to British Trade : How to Avert Them
196444: BURGIS, EDWIN - Perils to British trade : how to avert them
191926: BURGMULLER, FRIEDRICH (1806-1874) - Twelve Brilliant and melodious studies for the pianoforte, op.105
204238: BURGOYNE, JOHN (1722-1792) - Jones's British theatre : Vol. VIII. containing, I. The lord of the manor. II. The heiress. III. The maid of the oaks. IV. Richard Coeur de Lion
9904: BURGOYNE, LIEUT. GENERAL - Richard Coeur De Lion. an Historical Romance, in Three Acts. Altered from the French of Monsr. Sedaine
194888: BURGTHEATER (VIENNA, AUSTRIA) - Hundertfunfzig Jahre Burgtheater, 1776-1926 : eine Festschrift von der Direktion des Burgtheaters
158522: BURGTORF, JOCHEN. NICHOLSON, HELEN (ED. ) - International Mobility in the Military Orders (Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries) : Travelling on Christ's Business / Edited by Jochen Burgtorf and Helen Nicholson
11940: BURHOF, E. H.. JOHN HASTED - The Challenge of Atomic Energy, by E. H. S. Burhop with the Collaboration of John Hasted
22995: BURIAN, K. V. - The Story of World Opera
103945: BURICH, NANCY J. - Alexander the Great: a Bibliography [By] Nancy J. Burich
180609: BURIGANA, ALESSANDRA - Italian designers at home / Alessandra Burigana, Mario Ciampi
128618: BURK, JACOB (EDITOR) - A Treasury of Modern Small Arms
42025: BURK, WAYNE - The Thief - the Autobiography of Wayne Burk, As Told to Ted Thackrey, Jr.
11816: BURKART, A. J. - The Management of Tourism : a Selection of Readings / Compiled and Edited by A. J. Burkart and S. Medlik
81914: BURKE, JOHN - Buffalo Bill: the Noblest Whiteskin, by John Burke
8183: BURKE, JOHN BUTLER - The Emergence of Life. Being a Treatise on Mathematical Philosophy and Symbolic Logic by Which a New Theory of Space and Time is Evolved
60427: BURKE, MARIE LOUISE (1912-2004) - Swami Vivekananda in the West : New Discoveries - the World Teacher [Part 1]
209823: BURKE, THOMAS (1887-1945) - English inns / [by] Thomas Burke
36661: BURKE, RICHARD E. - The Senator : My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy / Richard E. Burke, with William and Marilyn Hoffer
158012: BURKE, MARIE LOUISE (1912-2004) - Swami Vivekananda in the West : New Discoveries / Marie Louise Burke
16553: BURKE, KATHLEEN (1887-) - The White Road to Verdun, by Kathleen Burke
21729: BURKE, THOMAS - The Streets of London through the Centuries
164223: BURKE, KENNETH, (1897-1993) - The Complete White Oxen
123502: BURKE, RICHARD E. WILLIAM HOFFER. MARILYN HOFFER - The Senator : My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy / Richard E. Burke, with William and Marilyn Hoffer
66703: BURKE, MARIE LOUISE (1912-2004) - Swami Vivekananda in the West : New Discoveries - His Prophetic Mission, Part Two / Marie Louise Burke
60861: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) (ED. ) DODSLEY, ROBERT (ANNUAL REGISTER) - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature, for the Year 1799
60862: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) (ED. ) DODSLEY, ROBERT (ANNUAL REGISTER) - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature, for the Year 1766
60863: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) (ED. ) DODSLEY, ROBERT (ANNUAL REGISTER) - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature, of the Year 1762
60859: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) (ED. ) DODSLEY, ROBERT (ANNUAL REGISTER) - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature, for the Year 1764
60860: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) (ED. ) DODSLEY, ROBERT (ANNUAL REGISTER) - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature, for the Year 1763
163999: BURKE, ROBERT EUGENE (1921- ) - Olson's New Deal for California
135890: BURKE, THOMAS (1887-1945) - The English Townsman : As He Was and As He is
116784: BURKE, BILLIE (1885-1970) - With a Feather on My Nose, by Billie Burke, with Cameron Shipp
30915: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797) - Two Letters Addressed to a Member of the Present Parliament, on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France OFFERED WITH.... A Letter from the Rt. Honourable Edmund Burke to His Grace, the Duke of Portland : on the Conduct of the Minority in Parliament : Containing Fifty-Four Articles of Impeachment Against the Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox
28148: BURKE, JOHN (1787-1848) - A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire - Exhibiting under Strict Alphabetical Arrangement, the Present State of Those Exalted Personages, with Their Armorial Bearings, Mottoes & C. And Deducing the Genealogical Line of Each House from the Earliest Period with an Appendix Comprising the Prelates, Surnames of Peers....
59989: BURKE, FIELDING (1869-1968) - Call Home the Heart : a Novel of the Thirties / Fielding Burke ; with an Introduction by Alice Kessler-Harris and Paul Lauter ; and Afterwords by Sylvia J. Cook and Anna W. Shannon
178157: BURKE, RICHARD C. (ED.) - Instructional television : bold new venture / edited by Richard C. Burke
220398: BURKE, JACKSON - Jackson Burke 1908-1975. In Memoriam, 11 June 1975, Japan House, New York
24958: BURKE, ALAN DENNIS - Getting Away with Murder
46668: BURKE, RICHARD E. AND HOFFER, WILLIAM AND HOFFER, MARILYN - The Senator - My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy
151946: BURKE, EDMUND (1729-1797). LAURENCE, FRENCH (1757-1809) - The Epistolary Correspondence of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke and Dr. French Laurence / Published from the Original Manuscripts
132277: BURKE, JAMES (1819-1886) - The Life of Thomas Moore
148465: BURKE, THOMAS (1887-1945) - The Beauty of England
138990: BURKE, JOHN (1915-1975) - Duet in Diamonds; the Flamboyant Saga of Lillian Russell and Diamond Jim Brady in America's Gilded Age, by John Burke
100914: BURKE, JOAN MARTIN - Civil Rights; a Current Guide to the People, Organizations, and Events
102479: BURKE, BERNARD, SIR (1814-1892) - Prominent Families in America with British Ancestry
10848: BURKE, JAMES D. - An American in Europe - The Photography Collection of Baroness Jeane Von Oppenheim from the Norton Museum of Art
212642: BURKE, THOMAS (1887-1945) - English night-life : from Norman curfew to present black-out
16589: BURKE, PETER (COMP. ) - Economy and Society in Early Modern Europe: Essays from Annales. [Translated from the French by Keith Folca]
210785: BURKE, JAMES LEE (1936- ) - Purple cane road / James Lee Burke
174985: BURKE, JANE REVERE - Let us in, by Jane Revere Burke. A record of communications believed to have come from William James; with a foreword by Edward S. Martin
137294: BURKE, ROGER - The Murky Cloak: Local Authority - Press Relations
189271: BURKE, THOMAS (SELECTED AND EDITED) - The book of the inn : being two hundred pictures of the English inn from the earliest times to the coming of the railway hotel / selected and edited by Thomas Burke
155444: BURKE, JANINE - The Sphinx on the table : Sigmund Freud's art collection and the development of psychoanalysis
105548: BURKE, RICHARD E. - The Senator : My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy / Richard E. Burke, with William and Marilyn Hoffer
69260: BURKE, BILLIE (1885-1970) - With a Feather on My Nose, by Billie Burke, with Cameron Shipp
151387: BURKE, ARTHUR MEREDYTH - Key to the Ancient Parish Registers of England & Wales
86174: BURKETT, LARRY - The Illuminati
127463: BURKETT, JACK - Special Libraries and Documentation Centres in the Netherlands
59698: BURKHARD, ARTHUR - The Freiburg Altar of Hans Baldung
145950: BURKHARD, ARTHUR - The St. Florian Altar of Albrecht Altdorfer
221306: BURKHARDT, V.R. (VALENTINE RODOLPHE), (1884-1967) - Chinese creeds & customs
71168: BURKHART, CHARLES - The Pleasure of Miss Pym
207209: BURKILL, T. A. - New light on the earliest gospel : seven Markan studies
195964: BURKILL, T. ALEC - Mysterious revelation : an examination of the philosophy of St. Mark's Gospel [ Bible. Appendix. Mark. Miscellaneous ]
95129: BURKITT, F. CRAWFORD (FRANCIS CRAWFORD) - The Gospel History and its Transmission, by F. Crawford Burkitt
136471: BURKITT, FRANCIS CRAWFORD (1864-1935) - Jewish and Christian Apocalypses
231272: BURKITT, WILLIAM (1650-1703) - Expository notes, with practical observations, on the New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Wherein the sacred text is at large recited, the sense explained, and the instructive example of the Blessed Jesus, and his Holy Apostles, to our imitation recommended. The whole designed to encourage the reading of the scriptures in private families, and to render the daily perusal of them profitable and delightful to which is added the life of the author, written expressly from authentic communications
205408: BURKITT, F. CRAWFORD (FRANCIS CRAWFORD), (1864-1935) - Jesus Christ : an historical outline / F.C. Burkitt
8466: BURKITT, ALAN & ELAINE WILLIAMS - The Silicon Civilisation
132448: BURKITT, F. CRAWFORD (FRANCIS CRAWFORD) - Jewish and Christian Apocalypses
177159: BURKITT, F. CRAWFORD (1864-1935) - The gospel history and its transmission
159585: BURKITT, FRANCIS CRAWFORD (1864-1935) - The Gospel History and its Transmission
145153: BURKITT, FRANCIS CRAWFORD (1864-1935) - Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire
149992: BURKITT, FRANCIS CRAWFORD (1864-1935) - The Gospel History and its Transmission
40011: BURKOM, SELMA R. WILLIAMS, MARGARET - Doris Lessing - a Checklist of Primary and Secondary Sources
163117: BURKS, ARDATH WALTER - The Government of Japan / Ardath W. Burks
148039: BURKS, ARDATH W. - The Government of Japan
168064: BURL, AUBREY - Rings of stone : the prehistoric stone circles of Britain and Ireland / Aubrey Burl ; with photos. by Edward Piper ; editor, Josephine Christian
216820: BURLAK, V. N. - Otrazheniye idey marksizma v russkoy progressivnoy obshchestvennoy mysli 1840-60-kh godov [Reflections of Marxism in the Russian progressive social thought 1840 to 60s. Language: Russian]
201730: BURLAMACCHI, MAURIZION - Le antiche case del bagno alla villa : fotografie degli esterni di Gualtiero di Puccio
95118: BURLAND, C. A. (COTTIE ARTHUR) AND WRIGLEY, DENIS (ILLUS. ) - What Became of the Maori? [By] C. A. Burland; Designed and Illustrated by Denis Wrigley
231302: BURLAND, COTTIE ARTHUR - Gods & Demons in Primitive Art
231431: BURLAND, COTTIE ARTHUR (1905-1983) - Peru under the Incas
113598: BURLAND, COTTIE ARTHUR (1905-) - Art and Life in Ancient Mexico
125708: BURLAND, C. A. (1905-1983) - Man and Art
101145: BURLAND, C. A. (COTTIE ARTHUR) - What Became of the Maori? [By] C. A. Burland; Designed and Illustrated by Denis Wrigley
234726: BURLAT?S?KII?, FEDOR (1927-2014) - Khruschev and the first Russian spring : [the era of Khruschev through the eyes of his advisor] / Fedor Burlatsky ; translated from the Russian by Daphne Skillen
180722: BURLEIGH, NINA - Unholy business : a true tale of faith, greed, and forgery in the Holy Land
42996: BURLEIGH, CYRIL - The Hilltop Boys, on Lost Island
170975: BURLEIGH, MICHAE - Blood and rage : a cultural history of terrorism
158336: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Ethics and Extermination : Reflections on Nazi Genocide / Michael Burleigh
63091: BURLEIGH, LOUISE (1890-) - Punishment; a Play in Four Acts, by Louise Burleigh and Edward Hale Bierstadt; with Introduction by Thomas Mott Osborne
220914: BURLEIGH, BENNET (-1914) - The Natal campaign
6381: BURLEIGH, BENNET (-1914) - Empire of the East : Or, Japan and Russia At War, 1904-5
228243: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Blood and rage : a cultural history of terrorism / Michael Burleigh
39645: BURLEIGH, LOUISE - The Community Theatre in Theory and Practice
109523: BURLEIGH, THOMAS DEARBORN - Birds of Idaho
156070: BURLEIGH, ROBERT - Toulouse-Lautrec : the Moulin Rouge and the City of Light
55649: BURLESON, CLYDE W. (1934-) - Interstate Commerce : Regional Styles of Doing Business / Clyde W. Burleson
37620: BURLEY, W. J. (WILLIAM JOHN) - Death in Willow Pattern, by W. J. Burley
63417: BURLEY, WILLIAM JOHN - Wycliffe in Paul's Court
216715: BURLEY, ROSS A. - Burley's baffling black boards
166451: BURLEY - Small Archive of Four Pieces Relating to 'Baffling Blackboards' and Ephemera Related Page of Advertising
26906: BURLING, ROBBINS - Hill Farms and Padi Fields - Life in Mainland Southeast Asia
79923: BURLINGAME, ROGER (1889-1967) - Endless Frontiers: the Story of McGraw-Hill
39528: BURLINGAME, ROGER (1889-1967) - The American Conscience

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