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155156: VERMA, KUNAL. BHALLA, DIPTI - Ocean to sky : India from the air
37293: VERMEER, JUSTUS. VOORREDEN VAN GERHARDUS VAN SCHUYLENBORGH - Verzameling Van Eenige Oeffeningen Behelfende Uitgelefe Verhandelingen, over Verscheide Plaatfen Des O. En N. Testaments...... . ....gedaan by Verscheide Gelegentheden, Vooramelyk Op Avondmaalstyden En Bededagen...
177340: VERMEER, JOHANNES (1632-1675) - The paintings of Jan Vermeer
225644: VERMEER, JOHANNES (1632-1675) - The Masters 2 : Vermeer. [The world's most complete gallery of painting]
130466: VERMEERSCH, A. (ARTHUR) - La Question Congolaise
187848: VERMEIL, EDMOND (B. 1878) - Germany's three Reichs : their history and culture
145319: VERMEIL, EDMOND (1878-) - Henri Heine : Ses Vues Sur L'Allemagne Et Les Revolutions Europeennes
167807: VERMEIL, EDMOND, (B. 1878) - Henri Heine, ses vues sur l'Allemagne et les revolutions europeennes
139840: VERMEIL, EDMOND (1878-). DICKES, ERNEST WALTER (1876-) - Germany's Three Reichs, Their History and Culture
180141: VERMEIL, EDMOND (B. 1878) - Germany's three reichs : their history and culture
213548: VERMES, GEZA (1924- ) - The Dead Sea scrolls : Qumran in perspective / Geza Vermes ; with the collaboration of Pamela Vermes
143863: VERMES, PAMELA - Buber / Pamela Vermes
144675: VERMES, G. - La Communaute De La Nouvelle Alliance : Les Manuscrits De Desert De Juda / J. Coppens
84530: VERMILYE, JERRY - Bette Davis ; General Editor: Ted Sennett
67390: VERMILYE, JERRY - Cary Grant
78307: VERMILYE, JERRY - The Films of the Thirties / Jerry Vermilye ; Introduction by Judith Crist
111981: VERMILYE, JERRY. MARK RICCI - The Films of Elizabeth Taylor
112091: VERMILYE, JERRY - The Films of Elizabeth Taylor
123361: VERMILYE, JERRY. JUDITH CRIST - The Films of the Thirties / Jerry Vermilye ; Introduction by Judith Crist
60017: VERMILYE, JERRY - The Films of the Twenties
125189: VERMILYE, JERRY - Bette Davis. General Editor: Ted Sennett
145217: VERMONT. ADJUTANT AND INSPECTOR GENERAL'S OFFICE. JOHNSON, HERBET T. (ED. ) - Roster of Vermont Men and Women in the Military and Naval Service of the United States and Allies in the World War, 1917-1919. Prepared and Pub. under the Direction of Herbert T. Johnson, the Adjutant General, by Authority of the General Assembly, 1919
165874: VERNAM, ROGER - Watlala : an Indian of the Northwest
128524: VERNANT, JACQUES - The Refugee in the Post-War World
7603: VERNANT, JACQUES - The Refugee in the Post-War World
15276: VERNANT, JACQUES - The Refugee in the Post-War World
128260: VERNANT, JACQUES - The Refugee in the Post-War World
84520: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905) - A Journey to the Center of the Earth ; Illustrations Bt Edward A. Wilson with an Introduction by Isaac Asimov
214801: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905). SHORE, ROBERT (ILLUS.) - From the Earth to the moon : and Around the moon / Introd. by Jean Jules-Verne. Illus. by Robert Shore
79907: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905) - Around the World in Eighty Days. with Illus. by Edward A. Wilson and an Introd. by Ray Bradbury - [Uniform Title: Le Tour Du Monde En Quatre-Vingts Jours. English]
221819: VERNE, JULES - Michael Strogoff : the courier of the czar
198063: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905) RIOU (ILLUS.) - The desert of ice or, the the adventures of Captain Hatteras translated from the French of Jules Verne
226547: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905) - Around the world in eighty days / Jules Verne ; illustrated by David Hopkins. [Treasury of children's classics.]
65798: VERNE, JULES (1828-1905) - The Wreck of the Chancellor - [Uniform Title: Le Chancellor. English]
143353: VERNES, JACOB (1728-1791) - Confidence Philosophique - [Complete in 2 Volumes]
228779: VERNEUIL, ARISTIDE AUGUSTE STANISLAS (1823-1895) - E?loge de C. Alp. Robert
9955: VERNEY, DOUGLAS V. - Public Enterprise in Sweden
96551: VERNEY, HARRY CALVERT WILLIAMS, SIR, BART (1881-?) - The Verneys of Claydon: a Seventeenth-Century English Family; Edited with Preface and Postscript by Sir Harry Verney, Bt
223713: VERNEY, RICHARD GREVILLE 19TH BARON WILLOUGHBY DE BROKE (1869-1923). ARMOUR, GEORGE DENHOLM (1864-1949) - The Sport of our Ancestors: being a collection of prose and verse setting forth the sport of fox-hunting ... Edited ... by Lord Willoughby de Broke. Illustrated by G. D. Armour
120797: VERNEY, HARRY CALVERT WILLIAMS, SIR, BART (1881-) - The Verneys of Claydon: a Seventeenth-Century English Family; Edited with Preface and Postscript by Sir Harry Verney, Bt
183336: VERNEY, FRANCES PARTHENOPE, LADY (1819-1890) - How the peasant owner lives in parts of France, Germany, Italy, Russia
62627: VERNEY, RALPH (1879-1959) - The Joyous Patriot : the Correspondence of Ralph Verney / Edited by David Verney
137082: VERNEY, DOUGLAS V. - The Analysis of Political Systems
166253: VERNIER, SR. DE - Instructions Militaires Concernant La Petite Guerre / Par Le Sr. De Vernier
235788: VERNIER, RICHARD - Poe?sie ininterrompue et la poe?tique de Paul E?luard
13827: VERNON, RAYMOND - Beyond Globalism : Remaking American Foreign Economic Policy / Raymond Vernon, Debora L. Spar
164863: VERNON, RICHARD (1945- ) - Citizenship and Order : Studies in French Political Thought / Richard Vernon
16216: VERNON, RAYMOND - The Dilemma of Mexico's Development The Roles of the Private and Public Sectors
133835: VERNON, RICHARD - Citizenship and Order : Studies in French Political Thought / Richard Vernon
43351: VERNON, RAYMOND - The Dilemma of Mexico's Development
53033: VERNON, RAYMOND - Big Business and the State - Changing Relations in Western Europe
142593: VERNON, DAI. GANSON, LEWIS - Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig / Written and Photographed by Lewis Ganson
151240: VERNON, HORACE MIDDLETON (1870-) - The Shorter Working Week : with Special Reference to the Two-Shift System
62754: VERNON, RAYMOND (1913-) - Two Hungry Giants : the United States and Japan in the Quest for Oil and Ores / Raymond Vernon
57285: VERNON, RAYMOND (1913-) - Storm over the Multinationals : the Real Issues / Raymond Vernon
103366: VERNON, WALTER N. - Forever Building; the Life and Ministry of Paul E. Martin [By] Walter N. Vernon. Foreword by Joseph D. Quillian, Jr.
168913: VERNON, RAYMOND - The dilemma of Mexico's development : the roles of the private sectors
56645: VERO, RADU - Airbrush : the Complete Studio Handbook / Radu Vero ; Edited by Barbara Wood
119804: VERO, RADU - Airbrush 2 : Concepts for the Advanced Artist / Radu Vero
129752: VERON, LOUIS DESIRE (1798-1867) - Memoires D'Un Bourgeois De Paris / Par Le Docteur L. Veron, Comprenant: La Fin De L'Empire, La Restauration, La Monarchie De Juillet, Et La Republique Jusqu'au Retablissement De L'Empire
90238: VERONA, SERGIU - Military Occupation and Diplomacy : Soviet Troops in Romania, 1944-1958 ; Foreword by J. F. Brown
191617: DE VERONA, ESTEBAN A. - Yucatan
191136: VERONESE, VITTORINO - World crisis and the Catholic : studies published on the occasion of the Second World Congress for the Lay Apostolate, Rome / [edited by Vittorino Veronese]
214292: VERONESE (1528-1588). HANFSTAENGL, FRANZ (1804-1877) - The masterpieces of Veronese : sixty reproductions of photographs from the original paintings, affording examples of the different characteristics of the artist's work
228259: VERONESE, JR., LEONE - Fronte di guerra (1914-1918) : Trieste, il carso, Gorizia, Caporetto] : immagini inedite della Grande guerra
12244: VERPLANCK, WILLIAM EDWARD (1856-) - The Site of the Assay Office on Wall Street; an Illustrated Historical Sketch of the Successive Public Buildings and Men in Public Life Connected with the Site
64111: VERRAL, CHARLES SPAIN - Smokey and His Animal Friends
93033: VERRIER, ANTHONY - Assassination in Algiers : Churchill, Roosevelt, De Gaulle, and the Murder of Admiral Darlan
27627: VERRIER, ANTHONY - The Bomber Offensive
27626: VERRIER, ANTHONY - The Bomber Offensive
27625: VERRIER, ANTHONY - The Bomber Offensive
175495: LE VERRIER, MADELEINE GEX. PAUL, EDEN (1865-1944) TR. - France in torment
20167: VERRIER, ANTHONY - The Bomber Offensive
104033: VERRILL, A. HYATT (ALPHEUS HYATT) - The Bridge of Light, by A. Hyatt Verrill
105752: VERRILL, A. HYATT (ALPHEUS HYATT) (1871-1954) - The Bridge of Light
157469: VERRILL, ALPHEUS HYATT (1871-1954) - Strange Creatures of the Sea. Illustrated by the Author
188318: VERRILL, A. HYATT (ALPHEUS HYATT) (1871-1954) - Porto Rico past and present and San Domingo of today
112213: VERSACE, GIANNI. GERMANO CELANT. JULIAN SCHNABEL [ET AL. ] - The Art of Being You / Gianni Versace ; Texts by Germano Celant ... Et Al
164785: VERSCHOOR, ANDRIES DAVID - Die Altere Deutsche Romantik Und Die Nationalidee ... Door Andries David Verschoor
76463: VERSCHUUR, GERRIT L. (1937-) - Interstellar Matters : Essays on Curiosity and Astronomical Discovery
151453: VERSINS, PIERRE (1923-2001) - Encyclopedie De L'Utopie, Des Voyages Extraordinaires Et De La Science Fiction
87014: KING JAMES VERSION - The Holy Bible : Authorized King James Version ; Dictionary Concordance
131752: VERSPEYEN, GUILLAUME - Le Parti Catholique Belge : Son Avenir Et Ses Moyens D'Action
193253: VERSPEYEN, GUILLAUME - Le Parti catholique belge. Son avenir et ses moyens d'action
186595: VERSTRAELEN, J. - Introduction a l'histoire du Mouvement Ouvrier / traduit du Neerlandais par M. Fievez
164452: VERSTRAETEN, EDMOND (1870-1956) - Six Annees D'Action Sociale Au Maniema, 1948-1953 / Par E. Verstraeten
215593: VIRGIL. VERTES (ILLUS.) - The eclogues / Publius Virgilius Maro ; translated into English verse by C.S. Calverley ; with an introduction by Moses Hadas ; and drawings by Vertes
124699: VIRGIL. C. S. CALVERLEY (TRANSL. ). VERTES (ILL. ) - The Eclogues / Publius Virgilius Maro ; Translated Into English Verse by C. S. Calverley ; with an Introduction by Moses Hadas ; and Drawings by Vertès
165770: VERTMULLER, LUCIEN - Socialisme Collectivisme Lutte Des Classes / Par Lucien Vertongen ; Preface De Jules Bufquin Des Essarts
10419: VERTMULLER, LINA - The Screenplays of Lina Wertmuller, with an Introduction by John Simon; Translated by Steven Wagner
168783: VERTOT, ABBE DE (1655-1735) - Histoire des revolutions de Suede, ou l'on voit les changemens qui sont arrivez dans ce royaume au sujet de la religion & du gouvernement - [Complete in 2 volumes]
220333: VERTOT, ABBE DE (1655-1735) - Revolutions de Portugal / par M. l'Abbe de Vertot
129642: VERTOT, ABBE DE (1655-1735) - The History of the Revolution in Sweden : Occasion'd by the Changes of Religion, and Alteration of the Government, in That Kingdom. Written Originally in French, by the Abbot Vertot: ... Done Into English, by J. Mitchel, M. D
65516: VERTOT, ABBE DE (1655-1735) - The History of the Revolutions of Portugal. by M. L'Abbé De Vertot, ... - [Translated by G. Roussillon]. [[ Histoire Des Révolutions De Portugal. English]
194262: VERTOT, ABBE DE (1655-1735) - Histoire des revolutions arrivees dans le gouvernement de la Republique Romaine / par M. l'Abbe de Vertot [complete: 6 volumes in 3]
174283: VERULAM, FRANK - Production for the people / Frank Verulam ; with a foreword by W. H. Williams
198400: VERULAM, FRANK - Production for the people
171254: VERULAM, FRANK - Production for the People / with a Foreword by W.H. Williams
45253: VERVE (PARIS, FRANCE : ENGLISH ED. ). RELATED NAMES: TERIADE, E. - Verve : an Artistic and Literary Quarterly [Vol. 1, No. 1 (Dec. 1937) -]. Contributors to This Issue Include Miro, Gide, Dos Passos, Malraux, Matisse, & C.
41479: VERVOORT, W. - Plankton Copepods from the Atlantic Sector of the Antarctic
233242: VERWEYEN, ANNEMAIRE - Buchillustrationen : eine Sammlung aus acht Jahrhunderten
119737: VERZAR, F. (FRIGYES) (1886-) - Absorption from the Intestine, by F. Verzar Assisted by E. J. McDougall
63255: VERZAR-BASS, MONIKA - Scavi Ad Aquileia I : L'Area a Est Del Foro / a Cura Di Monika Verzár-Bass One Volume Only
70048: VERZARIU, POMPILIU - Countertrade, Barter, and Offsets : New Strategies for Profit in International Trade / Pompiliu Verzariu
97512: VERZONE, PAOLO - The Art of Europe: the Dark Ages from Theodoric to Charlemagne. Translated by Pamela Waley
234048: VERZONE, PAOLO - Werdendes Abendland
217893: VESELITSKIJ, V. V. [ED.] - Slovari, izdannyye v SSSR. Bibliograficheskiy ukazatel' 1918-1962. [Dictionaries published in the USSR. Bibliographic Index 1918-1962. Language: Russian]
165490: VESELOV, NIKOLAI ALEKSEEVICH - The Communist Party and Mass Organisations in the USSR / N. Veselov
127306: VESELY, JINDRICH - Prague, 1948
103743: VESEY, AMANDA - Duncan and the Bird
63086: VESIN, CHARLES FRANCOIS - La Cryptographie Dévoilee; Ou Art De Traduire Ou De De'chiffrer Toutes Les Ecritures En Quelques Caracteres Et En Quelques Langues Que Ce Soit, Quoique L'On Ne Connaisse Ni Ces Caracteres Ni Ces Langues; Applique Aux Langues Francaise...
128162: VESNIC, MILENKO RADOMIR - La Serbie a Travers La Grande Guerre
184361: VESNIC, M. R. - La Serbie a travers la grande guerre / Milenko R. Vesnitch ; Preface de M. Auguste Gauvain
220602: VESPER, WILL - Martin Luthers Jugendjahre; Bilder und Legendum
186907: VESSELITSKY, V. DE, MISS - Expenditure and waste : a study in war-time
217273: VESSEY, GWEN - Looking at the West Indies
30250: VESTAL, STANLEY (1887-1957) - Fandango; Ballads of the Old West
214670: VESTAL, STANLEY (1887-1957) - The old Santa Fe trail
175491: VESTAL, SAMUEL CURTIS (1873-) - The maintenance of peace
180237: VESTER, HORATIO. GARDNER, ANTHONY HERBERT. - Trade unions and the law / Horatio Vester and Anthony H. Gardner
153356: VESTER, HORATIO. GARDNER, ANTHONY HERBERT - Trade Unions and the Law / Horatio Vester and Anthony H. Gardner
235126: THE?VET, LUCIEN - Musique pour cor : catalogue the?matique = thematic catalogue
120031: VETH, CORNELIS - De Arts in De Caricatuur / Door Cornelis Veth ; Met Een Inleiding Van ... G. Van Rijnberk
166959: VETOKHIN, YURI (1928-) - Inclined to escape
227019: VETTER, WALTHER (1891-1967). GLASENAPP, FRANZ VON. SIEGMUND-SCHULTZE, WALTHER - Festschrift Max Schneider zum achtzigsten Geburtstage / in Verbindung mit Franz von Glasenapp, Ursula Schneider und Walther Siegmund-Schultze
151926: VETTER, DIETER - Seherspruch Und Segensschulderung : Ausdrucksabsichten U. Sprachl. Verwirklichungen in D. Bileam-Spruchen Von Numerie 23 U. 24 / Dieter Vetter
123221: VETTER, RICHARD C. (ED. ) - Oceanography; the Last Frontier. Edited by Richard C. Vetter
205590: VETTER, GEORGE B. - Magic and religion : their psychological nature, origin and function
30812: VETTER, HAROLD J. - Language Behavior and Communication; an Introduction [By] Harold J. Vetter
147791: VEUILLOT, LOUIS FRANCOIS - Le Guepier Italien, Reponse a M. De Persigny
184672: VEUILLOT, FRANCOIS; CLAUDEL, PAUL - Louis Veuillot : sa vie -- son ame -- son oeuvre
176976: VEUILLOT, FRANCOIS - La roque et son parti comme je les ai vus
39784: VEVERS, GWYNNE (1916-) - Animals of the U. S. S. R.
176529: VEVRE, E. DE - La reconnaissance de jure de la regence de Mandchourie : et le Traite des neuf puissances
229636: VEYRET, PAUL (1912-) - Visages du Dauphine / par Paul Veyret [et al.]
100033: VEZZOLI, GARY C. - Superior Horsemanship : Learning and Teaching the English Hunt Seat / Gary C. Vezzoli
49356: VEZZOLI, GARY C. - Superior Horsemanship - Learning and Teaching the English Hunt Seat
207860: VEZZOLI, FRANCESCO; SPECTOR, NANCY & HERBERT MUSCHAMP (ET AL.) - Francesco Vezzoli : Right you are (if you think you are)
163855: VIAGAS, ROBERT (ED. ) - The Alchemy of Theatre : the Divine Science : Essays on Theatre & the Art of Collaboration
180378: VIALLATE, ACHILLE, (B. 1866) - Economic imperialism and international relations during the last fifty years
135385: VIANCE, GEORGES - Preface a Une Reforme De L'Etat
201786: VIANCE, GEORGES - Force et misere du socialisme / Georges Viance
232451: VIANI, ADELIO - Towards Music. Critical essays. With plates, including a portrait
210823: VIANSSON-PONTE, PIERRE (1920-) - Lettre ouverte aux hommes politiques / Pierre Viansson-Ponte
210684: VIANSSON-PONTE, PIERRE (1920-) - Bilan de la Ve Republique : les politiques / par Pierre Viansson-Ponte
174961: VIARDOT, LOUIS (1800-1883) - An illustrated history of painters of all schools
162025: VIAUD, PROSPER - Nazareth Et Ses Deux Eglises De L'Annonciation Et De Saint-Joseph D'Apres Les Fouilles Recentes
169076: VIAZZI, ALFREDO - Alfredo Viazzi's Italian cooking
198021: VICAIRE, MARIE HUMBERT; BLUMENKRANZ, BERNHARD - Juifs et judaisme de Languedoc, XIIIe siecle - debut XIVe siecle / Sous la direction de Marie-Humbert Vicaire et Bernhard Blumenkranz
86052: VICENS, FRANCISCO - Artesania. Craftmanship
57154: VICENS, FRANCESC (1927-) - Catedral De Tarragona = Cathedral of Tarragona = Cathedrale De Tarragone = Kathedrale Von Tarragona
221353: VICENS, FRANCESC (1927-) - Catedral de Tarragona = Cathedral of Tarragona = Cathedrale de Tarragone = Kathedrale von Tarragona
218130: VICENS, FRANCESC (1927-) - Catedral de Tarragona = Cathedral of Tarragona = Cathedrale de Tarragone = Kathedrale von Tarragona
69256: VICENS, FRANCISCO - Catedral De Tarragona; Cathedral of Tarragona; Cathedrale De Tarragone; Kathedrale Von Tarragona
164670: MUSEO EPISCOPAL DE VICH - Mn. Josep Gudiol I Cunill, Prev. Noticia Biografica I Bibliografica
132946: VICHNIAC, MARC - Leon Blum / Marc Vichniac
59571: VICINUS, MARTHA - Independent Women : Work and Community for Single Women, 1850-1920 / Martha Vicinus
10416: VICINUS, MARTHA - Broadsides of the Industrial North / Compiled by Martha Vicinus
91543: VICKER, RAY - Those Swiss Money Men / [By] Ray Vicker
22132: VICKER, RAY - The Kingdom of Oil. The Middle East - its People and its Power
16023: VICKER, RAY - Those Swiss Money Men
43438: VICKER, RAY - The Kingdon of Oil - the Middle East: its People and its Power
155239: VICKERS, GRAHAM - 21st century hotel
135727: VICKERS, H. CECIL. - Week by Week. from March to October, 1938, [Etc. ] [On Political Events and Their Influence on Financial and Economic Affairs. ]
16004: VICKERS, DOUGLAS (1924-) - Studies in the Theory of Money 1690-1776
27973: VICKERS, GEOFFREY (1894-) - Freedom in a Rocking Boat : Changing Values in an Unstable Society
211643: VICKERY, AMANDA - The gentleman's daughter : women's lives in Georgian England / Amanda Vickery
228150: VICKREY, ROBERT - New techniques in egg tempera
95166: VICKY (1913-?) - Meet the Russians
218407: SAGITTARIUS; VICKY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Let cowards flinch
173989: VICTIONARY - Musikgraphics visualizing the rhythm of music
36515: VICTOR, OSMUND - The Salient of South Africa
39759: VICTOR, OSMUND - The Salient of South Africa
171224: VICTOR, OSMUND - The Salient of South Africa
183938: ALTER VICTOR (1890-1942) - Comment realiser le socialisme? / Victor Alter
72370: VICTOR, EDWARD, ED. - Meyer Weisgal At Seventy; an Anthology
186319: VICTOR, WALTHER (1895-1971) - General und die Frauen : vom Erlebnis zur Theorie
67774: VICTORIA, EMPRESS, CONSORT OF FREDERICK III, GERMAN EMPEROR (1840-1901) - Letters of the Empress Frederick, Edited by the Right Honourable Sir Frederick Ponsonby ...
222451: VICTORIA, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN, 1819-1901 - More leaves from the journal of a life in the Highlands, from 1862 to 1882.
72565: SACKVILLE- WEST VICTORIA (1892-1962) - Pepita
222925: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, LONDON - The V & A album : gold edition / edited by Sir Hugh Casson
144167: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Bookbindings / John P. Harthan
228341: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. TOMLIN, MAURICE - Catalogue of Adam period furniture, Victoria and Albert Museum
213800: VICTORIA, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN, (1819-1901) - The letters of Queen Victoria : a selection from Her Majesty's correspondence between the years 1837 and 1861 / edited by Arthur Christopher Benson and Viscount Esher [complete in 3 volumes]
189233: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. DEPT. OF WOODWORK. EDWARDS, RALPH - Catalogue of English furniture and woodwork, Vol. IV - Georgian
189234: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. DEPT. OF WOODWORK. BRACKETT, OLIVER - Catalogue of English furniture and woodwork, Vol. III - Late Stuart to Queen Anne
226304: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. YOUNG, HILARY. LIEFKES, REINO (1959-) - Masterpieces of world ceramics in the Victoria and Albert Museum / edited by Reino Liefkes and Hilary Young ; with contributions by Terry Bloxham ... [et al.] ; photography by Mike Kitcatt
191828: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM.HAMILTON, JEAN - Playing cards in the Victoria and Albert Museum / Jean Hamilton
194090: VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM. NYEMETZ PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, PENNSYLVANIA - Concertina photo album from the c.1870s with 31 portraits inserted into the floral motif, stiff board purpose mounts. Each measures 16cm X 9cm. A further 2 mounted portraits measure 10cm X 6cm. Another 5 are loosely laid-in
201202: BLACK VICTORIANS (EXHIBITION : 2005 : MANCHESTER, ENGLAND) - Black Victorians : black people in British art, 1800-1900 / edited by Jan Marsh
162236: VICTORICA, RICARDO - Errores Y Omisiones Del Diccionario De Anonimos Y Seudonimos Hispanoamericanos De Jose´ Toribio Medina / Ricardo Victorica
104652: VICTORICA, RICARDO - Errores Y Omisiones De La Obra Bibliografia Del General Jose De San Martin Y De La Emancipacion Sud Americana [By Carlos I. Salas]
82403: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Dark Green, Bright Red
219379: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Myron; a Novel
199639: VIDAL, GORE (1925-2012) - Kalki / Gore Vidal
214219: VIDAL, GORE (1925-2012) - Kalki : a novel / Gore Vidal ; illustrated by George H. Jones
28907: VIDAL, EMERIC ESSEX (1791-1861) - Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, Consisting of Twenty-Four Views: Accompanied with Descriptions of the Scenery, and of the Costumes, Manners, & C. of the Inhabitants of Those Cities and Their Environs
114251: VIDAL, GORE - 1876 : a Novel / Gore Vidal
51275: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Matters of Fact and of Fiction : Essays 1973-1976
51276: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Myron; a Novel
71828: VIDAL, GORE (1925-?) - Myron; a Novel
59164: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Washington, D. C. : a Novel
98426: VIDAL, GORE - Kalki : a Novel
107143: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Two Sisters; a Memoir in the Form of a Novel
157157: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Duluth / Gore Vidal
63711: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Two Sisters; a Memoir in the Form of a Novel
102962: VIDAL DE LA BLACHE, PAUL - Atlas Classique Vidal-Lablache - 342 Cartes Et Cartons ... . .. Index Alphabetique 31.750 Noms
109545: VIDAL, GORE - Kalki : a Novel
157569: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Washington, D. C. : a Novel
227685: VIDAL, PIERRE - The Prehistoric Caves of Villars
165249: VIDAL, GEORGES (1852-1911) - Principes Fondamentaux De La Penalite Dans Les Systemes Les Plus Modernes
101924: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - Two Sisters : a Memoir in the Form of a Novel
211023: VIDAL, VIRGINIA - La emancipacion de la mujer / Virginia Vidal
198822: VIDAL, GORE (1925-) - The judgment of Paris
142428: VIDALENC, GEORGES - The French Trade Union Movement, Past and Present
193882: VIDALENC, JEAN - Louis Blanc, 1811-1882 / Jean Vidalenc
172082: VIDAURRE, ALBERTO SAYAN - Por la cooperacion interamericana / por Alberto Sayan Vidaurre
184591: VIDELA, GABRIEL GONZALEZ - Convencion Nacional de La Serena, Partido Radical. Programa, estatutos, mociones. 23, 24, 25 y 26 de Junio de 1939
102256: VIDEO WATCHDOG AND PRICE, VINCENT - Video Watchdog, No. 11, May/jun 1992 - the Perfectionist's Guide to Fantastic Video
102257: VIDEO WATCHDOG AND PRICE, VINCENT - Video Watchdog, No. 11, May/jun 1992 - the Perfectionist's Guide to Fantastic Video
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125428: VILLARREAL, JOSE ANTONIO - The Fifth Horseman
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192741: VINDICATOR [I.E. HENRY THOMAS HOPKINSON] - A strong hand at the helm : being a complete and final vindication of the sincerity, lucidity, penetration and profundity of our prime minister, the Right Hon. J. Ramsey MacDonald
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169550: CAMROSE VISCOUNT - British newspapers and their controllers
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231329: VISHNIAC, ROMAN (1897-) - A Vanished World / Roman Vishniac ; with a Foreword by Elie Wiesel
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149475: VITET, M. L. - Troisieme Lettre Sur Le Siege De Paris...
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165003: VAN VLECK, WILLIAM CABELL, (1885-) - The Administrative Control of Aliens
135863: ALBERT VLEMINCX - Le Travail à Domicile. Étude Du Projet De Loi De M. C. Huysmans / Par Albert Vlemincx, Vice-Président De La Chambre Des Fabricants De Confections, Vice-Président De La Bourse Des Industries Du Vêtement; Rapports De MM Lipper, Et Dewit, Et De M. T'Sersteve
146936: VLEURINCK, T. - 46 Angry Men : the 46 Civilian Doctors of Elisabethville Denounce U. N. Violations in Katanga of its Own Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, [And] the Geneva Conventions / Preface by Mrs. Paul Struye, President of the Belgian Senate Edited by Dr. T. Vleurinck
40793: VLIET, ELIZABETH LEE (1946-) - Screaming to be Heard! : Hormonal Connections Women Suspect-- and Doctors Ignore / Elizabeth Lee Vliet
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98571: VOGELGESANG, SANDY - RELATED NAME: COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS - American Dream, Global Nightmare : the Dilemma of U. S. Human Rights Policy
36697: VOGELGESANG, SANDY - American Dream, Global Nightmare : the Dilemma of U. S. Human Rights Policy / Sandy Vogelgesang
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204948: VOGT, WILLIAM (1902-?) - People! Challenge to survival
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219586: VAN VOGT, A E - The beast
121452: VOGT, HANNAH - The Burden of Guilt, a Short History of Germany, 1914-1945. Translated by Herbert Strauss. with an Introd. by Gordon A. Craig
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219535: VAN VOGT, A E - Destination: universe
219494: VAN VOGT, A E - Mission to the stars
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220899: VOGUE, EUGENE-MELCHIOR, VICOMTE DE, (1848-19100 - The true story of Mazeppa. The son of Peter the Great. A change of reign
79927: VOIGT, CYNTHIA - Orfe
177781: VOIGT, FRITZ AUGUST (1892- ) - Pax Britannica
151230: VOIGT, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS (1892-1957) - The Greek Sedition
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26080: VOIGT, F. A. - Pax Britannica
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37126: VOINOV, NICHOLAS - The Waif
135703: VOÏNOVITCH, COMTE L. DE - La Dalmatie, L'Italie Et L'Unité Yougoslave (1797-1917) : Une Contribution a La Future Paix Européene / Comte L. De Voinovitch
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133763: VOITEKHOV, BORIS IL'ICH (1913-). GENNE, VALENTINA M. , JOINT TR. - The Last Days of Sevastopol, by Boris Voyetekhov, Translated from the Russian
216157: VOL'SKIY, A. - Umstvennyy Rabochiy [Mental Work. Language: Russian]
217701: VOLAROVICH, PROF. M. P. - Vyazkost' smazochnykh masel pri nizkikh temperaturakh [The viscosity of lubricating oil at low temperatures. Language: Russian]
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165034: VOLAVKOVA, HANA - The Synagogue Treasures of Bohemia and Moravia
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234663: VOLBACH, JOHANN FRIEDERICH JOSEPH - Das moderne Orchester / II, Das Zusammenspiel der Instrumente in seiner Entwicklung
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8092: VON VOLBROTH, CARL-ALEXANDER - Heraldry : Customs, Rules and Styles
231670: VOLEK, TOMISLAV - Dejiny ceske hudby v obrazech = Geschichte der tschechischen Musik in Bildern = The history of Czech music in pictures : od nejstarsich pamatek do vybudovani Narodniho divadla / [obr. doklady vybrali a komentovali] Tomislav Volek, Stanislav Jares ; [uv. stat. T. Volek a Jan Kouba ; soubez. text do nem. rrel. Zofie Brozkova, do angl. Dora Slaba]
151417: VOLET, G. - Notice Historique Sur L'Eglise D'Utrecht / Par G. Volet, Pretre
217628: VOLGIN, VYACHESLAV PETROVICH - Razvitiye obshchestvennoy mysli vo Frantsii v XVIII beke. [The development of social thought in France in the 18th century. Language: Russian]
217953: VOLGIN, VYACHESLAV PETROVICH - Frantsuzskiy utopicheskiy kommunizm. [French utopian communism. Language: Russian]
10363: VOLGYES, IVáN - The Hungarian Soviet Republic, 1919 An Evaluation and a Bibliography
29904: VOLGYES, IVAN - The Peasantry of Eastern Europe Volume I / Roosts of Rural Transformation
169250: VOLIN, LAZAR (1896-1966) - A century of Russian agriculture : from Alexander II to Khrushchev
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144306: VROYLANDE, ROBERT DE - Quand Rex Etait Petit ...
164597: VROYLANDE, ROBERT DE - Quand Rex Etait Petit ...
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217207: VYDAVATELSTVI´ MIR A SOCIALISMUS, PRAGUE - Colombia, an embattled land; a story told by its hero, the people
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216233: VYSSHAYA PARTIYNAYA SHKOLA PRI TSK KPSS KAFEDRA ZHURNAL, MOSKVA - Bol'shevistskaya Pechat' (Sbornik Materialov) vypusk 1 (years 1895 - 1903) [The Bolshevik print (Collection of Articles). Language: Russian]
202873: VYVYAN, JOHN - A case against Jones : a study of psychical phenomena / John Vyvyan
161119: WüRTHWEIN, ERNST (1909- ) - The Text of the Old Testament : an Introduction to Kittel-Kahle's Biblia Hebraica / Translated by Peter R. Ackroyd
19941: WAAGE, JOHAN - The Narvik Campaign / Translated from the Norwegian by Ewan Butler An Eye-Witness Account
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84789: WAAL, CARLA RAE - Johanne Dybwad, Norwegian Actress
195381: DE WAAL, RONALD BURT - The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson : a Classified and Annotated List of Materials Relating to Their Lives and Adventures / Ronald Burt De Waal
25203: WAAL, A. M. VAN DE - Amsterdam Toen En Nu. Related Titles: Amsterdam, Then and Now - (114 [Color] Printed and Photo Plates from the 17th to the 19th Centuries Were all Taken from the Publisher's Stock and Reproduced in Offset Lithography)
61338: DE WAAL, RONALD BURT - The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson : a Classified and Annotated List of Materials Relating to Their Lives and Adventures / Ronald Burt De Waal
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147062: VAN WAASDIJK, T. (TOM) - Public Expenditure in South Africa; a Study of the Growth, Co-Ordination and Control of Budgets, by T. Van Waasdijk
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189136: WACE, HENRY (1836-1924) - The Bible and modern investigation : three lectures delivered to clergy at Norwich at the request of the Bishop with an address on the authority of Holy Scripture
189160: WACE, HENRY (1836-1924) - Prophecy Jewish and Christian : considered in a series of Warburton Lectures at Lincoln's Inn
181314: WACHENHUSEN, HANS - Die diamanten des grafen d'artois: Roman von Hans Wachenhusen
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28516: WACHTEL, HOWARD M. - The New Gnomes : Multinational Banks in the Third World
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128361: WACHTER, GERHARD - French Troops on the Rhine-A Danger to the Peace of Europe
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225368: WADDELL, HELEN 1889-1965 - Beasts and saints / translations by Helen Waddell ; woodcuts by Robert Gibbings
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154462: WADE, NICHOLAS - The Faith Instinct : How Religion Evolved and why it Endures
138992: WADE, VIRGINIA (1945- ). MARY LOU MELLACE - Courting Triumph
220011: WADE, JOHN (1788-1875) - The black book; or, corruption unmasked! : Being an account of places, pensions, and sinecures ... a complete exposition of the ... corruption of borough government
33044: WADE-GAYLES, GLORIA - My Soul is a Witness - African-American Women's Spirituality
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193711: WADE, JOHN - British history, chronologically arranged : comprehending a classified analysis of events and occurences in church and state : and the constitutional, political, commercial, intellectual and social progress of the United Kingdom... ...from the first invasion by the Romans to the accession of Queen Victoria
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209861: WADHAM, LUCY (1964-) - Castro's dream / Lucy Wadham
146403: WADHAM, S. M. (SAMUEL MACMAHON) - Reconstruction and the Primary Industries
227917: WADIA, ARDASER SORABJEE N. - The Belle of Bali. Being impressions of a pleasure cruise to the Dutch East Indies via Cochin, Colombo, Penang, and Singapore. Illustrated with twenty photographs by the author
178253: WADIA, PESTONJI ARDESIR (1878-?) - Our economic problem
103003: WADLEIGH, MICHAEL (DIR. ) - Warner Bros. Presents, Woodstock, a Film by Michael Wadleigh (Souvenir Program)
13706: WADLER, JOYCE - My Breast : One Woman's Cancer Story / Joyce Wadler ; Afterword by Susan M. Love
20798: WADLIN, HORACE G. - The Public Library of the City of Boston
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133207: WADSWORTH, MICHAEL - Ways of Reading the Bible / Edited by Michael Wadsworth
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181439: WADSWORTH, JOHN EDWIN - Counter defensive : being the story of a bank in battle
16693: WADSWORTH, J. E. (EDITOR) - The Banks and the Monetary System in the UK, 1959-1971: a Banking View of Developments from the Radcliffe Report to the Monetary Reforms of 1971, Comprising Articles Selected from the Midland Bank Review; Edited with an Introduction by J. E. Wadsworth
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163085: WAELE, J. P. DE - La Methode Des Cas Programmes En Psychologie De La Personnalite Et En Criminologie [Par] J. P. De Waele
235463: WAESBERGHE, JOSEPH SMITS VAN - Musikgeschichte in Bildern. Bd. III Musiks des Mittelalters und der Renaissance. Lfg. 3 Musikerziehung : Lehre und Theorie der Musik im Mittalter / Joseph Smits van Waesberghe
233398: WAETZOLDT, WILHELM (1880-1945). DURER, ALBRECHT (1471-1528). - Durer und seine Zeit
12206: WAGAR, W. WARREN - Science, Faith, and Man. Selected Documents
184841: WAGEMANN, ERNST (B. 1884) - Zwischenbilanz der Krisenpolitik : eine international vergleichende konjunkturpolitische Studie
231149: WAGENAAR, L. - Hanna : Gebeden voor Israelietische vroumen en Meisjes, bij verschillende gelegenheden
56046: VAN WAGENEN, JARED (1871-1960) - The Golden Age of Homespun. Illus. by Erwin H. Austin
233973: WAGENHA?USER, ERHARD - St.-Rita-Gebetbuch Gebete der Frau und Mutter
208678: AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF WAGENINGEN - Methods of agricultural extension
86168: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD (1900-) - The Movies in the Age of Innocence
86167: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD (1900-) - The Movies in the Age of Innocence
63027: WAGER, WALTER H - Blue Moon : a Novel / Walter Wager
140418: WAGG, HENRY JOHN - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind with an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography from the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930
35437: WAGG, HENRY JOHN - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind (With an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography) from the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930, by Henry J. Wagg, Assisted by Mary G. Thomas
118801: WAGG, HENRY JOHN. MARY G. THOMAS - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind (With an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography) from the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930, by Henry J. Wagg, Assisted by Mary G. Thomas
115544: WAGG, HENRY JOHN - A Chronological Survey of Work for the Blind (With an Appendix on the Prevention of Blindness, and a Bibliography) from the Earliest Records Up to the Year 1930, by Henry J. Wagg, Assisted by Mary G. Thomas
27762: WAGGERL, KARL HEINRICH (1897-1973) - Bread
234430: WAGGERL, KARL HEINRICH (1897-1973) - Du und Angela : funf Erzahlungen
151647: WAGGETT, PHILIP NAPIER (1862-1939) - Knowledge & Virtue : the Hulsean Lectures for 1920-1921
70274: WAGLEY, CHARLES (1913-) - Minorities in the New World : Six Case Studies / [By] Charles Wagley and Marvin Harris
164825: WAGLEY, CHARLES, (1913-) - Minorities in the New World; Six Case Studies [By] Charles Wagley and Marvin Harris
78489: WAGMAN, MORTON - Language and Thought in Humans and Computers : Theory and Research in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Science
173168: WAGMAN, JOHN - Civil War front pages : a collection of 157 front pages from the North and South / edited by John Wagman
108668: WAGMAN, NAOMI. SYLVIA SHERMAN. - Sun and Daughter Signs: an Astrological Guide to Child Care. Edited and Introduced by Sylvia Sherman
104672: WAGMAN, NAOMI. SYLVIA SHERMAN (ED. ) - Sun and Daughter Signs: an Astrological Guide to Child Care. Edited and Introduced by Sylvia Sherman
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219704: WAGNER, HERMANN - The instructive picture-book : sketches from nature, or, pictures of animal and vegetable life in all lands
127317: WAGNER, WALTER - Solomon in all His Glory / Walter Wagner
88127: WAGNER, RICHARD - Stories from Wagner [By] J. Walker McSpadden
82843: WAGNER, RICHARD H. (1934-) - Environment and Man [By] Richard H. Wagner
82032: WAGNER, JAMES J. - Jimmy the Wags : Street Stories of a Private Eye / James Wagner, with Patrick Picciarelli
233394: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - Uber das Dirigieren
73255: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883). SINGER, OTTO (1863-1931) - Tannhauser and the Tournament of Song on the Wartburg / Richard Wagner ; Complete Vocal Score by Otto Singer ; English Translation by Ernest Newman ; the German Text Revised by Professor W. Golther
215501: WAGNER, LAURA VIRGINIA; MEANY, EDMOND S; MCCAFFREY, FRANK ; DOGWOOD PRESS - Through historic years with Eliza Ferry Leary
127353: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg / Richard Wagner
195365: WAGNER, WALTER (1927- ) - Beverly Hills : inside the golden ghetto
234107: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) WESENDONCK, OTTO (1815-1896). GOLTHER, WOLFGANG (1863-1945) - Briefe Richard Wagners an Otto Wesendonk : (1852-1870)
77410: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - The Letters of Richard Wagner to Anton Pusinelli. Translated and Edited with Critical Notes by Elbert Lenrow
223196: WAGNER, ANTHONY - Heraldry in England
226988: WAGNER, ANNI - Museumsbesuche : eine Auswahl aus der Zeitschrift Die Kunst und das scho?ne Heim
232087: WAGNER, MARGIT - Irland : ein Reisebegleiter / Margit Wagner
108519: WAGNER, JOHN P. - The Boxer; Complete Information on the History, Development, Characteristics, Breeding, Feeding, Care and Management
234099: WAGNER, PROF. DR. P. FELLERER, PROF. DR. K.G. - Geschichte der katholischen Kirchenmusik. Heft 21
192523: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - Twelve pianoforte pieces
183439: WAGNER, GEOFFREY ATHELING - Five for freedom : a study of feminism in fiction / [by] Geoffrey Wagner
148530: WAGNER, GILLIAN - Barnardo / [By] Gillian Wagner
171340: WAGNER, HENRY RAUP (1862-1957) - Sir Francis Drake's voyages around the world; its aims and achievements, by Henry R. Wagner
221302: WAGNER, WALTER (1927- ) - Beverly Hills : inside the golden ghetto
234157: WAGNER, RICHARD - Beethoven. Uber das Dirigieren
235178: WAGNER, RICHARD. MOSER, HANS JOACHIM - 20 unbekannte Richard-Wagner-Dokumente
58384: WAGNER, RAY - The North American Sabre
168786: WAGNER, MORITZ (1813-1887). PULSZKY, FERENCZ AURELIUS (1814-1897) - The tricolor on the Atlas. or, Algeria and the French conquest / from the German of Dr. Wagner and other sources, by Francis Pulszky
232364: WAGNER, BETTINA (ED.) - Aussen-Ansichten : Bucheinba?nde aus 1000 Jahren aus den Besta?nden der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek Mu?nchen
57274: WAGNER, STEPHEN C. - The Shopping Bag : Portable Art
41552: WAGNER, MARYJO (EDITOR) - NWSA Journal: a Publication of the National Women's Studies Association, Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 1988-89
41553: WAGNER, MARYJO (EDITOR) - NWSA Journal, a Publication of the National Women's Studies Association, Volume 1, Number 3, Spring 1989
55006: WAGNER, CHARLES - The Better Way / Translated from the French by Mary Louise Hendee
168158: WAGNER, LEOPOLD (1858-) - Names: and their meaning : a book for the curious
234522: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - Der fliegende Hollander = The flying Dutchman = Le vaisseau fantome ouverture
58414: WAGNER, STEPHEN C. - The Shopping Bag : Portable Art
232727: WAGNER, RICHARD (1813-1883) - Schriften uber Beethoven
27101: WAGNER, DIETER; TOMKOWITZ, GERHARD - Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer : the Nazi Annexation of Austria 1938
16411: WAGNER, MARGARET E. (EDITOR). WILLS, GARRY - American Treasures in the Library of Congress : Memory, Reason, Imagination / Introduction by Garry Wills
134661: WAGNER, R. -L. (ROBERT-LEON) - Supplement Bibliographique a L'Introduction a La Linguistique Francaise, 1947-1953 / R. L. Wagner
69731: WAGNER, CHARLES L. H. - Painted Rocks, a Book of Poems, by Charles L. H. Wagner
48423: WAGNER, FREDERIC H. - Wildlife of the Deserts
63164: WAGNER, MAX - Volkswagen : Cars People Love / Max Wagner
161177: WAGNER, DIETER (1935-). TOMKOWITZ, GERHARD - Anschluss; the Week Hitler Seized Vienna [By] Dieter Wagner [And] Gerhard Tomkowitz. Translated by Geoffrey Strachan

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