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3325: VIZ DONALD CHRIS: - Viz: the sausage sandwich. Stuffd with the porkiest pages from issues 38 to 42.
14994: VOCKINS M. D.: - Worcestershire County Cricket Club: A Pictorial History
16453: VOGEL RANDY: - Southwest Rock Climbing. SoCal Select.
15944: VÖGELI, DR. ADOLF.: - Ein Bergsteiger-Leben.
10341: VOLKOGONOV DMITRI & SHUKMAN HAROLD EDITOR: - Stalin: triumph and tragedy.
9262: VOLTAIRE: - Candide or Optimism.
6520: VOLTAIRE JEAN: - Candide and other Tales.
15943: VON TSCHARNER, HANS FRITZ: - Auf wolkigen Höhen
10667: VON HUTTEN BARONESS: - Magpie.
14305: VOSE RUTH HURST: - Glass (Collins Archaeology)
7706: VOSS ROGER CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION: - 1988 Which Wine Guide.
14580: VYVYAN C. C.: - Coloured pebbles.
13460: W. N. NELLIE AND WILL NICKLESS: - Reginald and Spindlesticks or Who Killed Cock Robin? Newly Translated from the Original.
14030: WACHER JOHN: - Roman Britain
16377: WADDELL HELEN: - Stories From Holy Writ
20681: WADDINGTON-FEATHER, JOHN: - Yorkshire Dialect. Second edition
18960: WADE H. O.: - Afoot in the Yorkshire Dales (Footpath Guide)
5018: WADE JOHN: - The BFP Book of Freelance Photography: how to make your photos sell. In three sections - the basics of how and where to start, the many markets that are open to the freelance photographer and useful hints and tips from successful freelancers.
18840: WADE CHRISTOPHER: - The Streets Of Hampstead: A New Survey of their Origins and Names, Their Historic Houses and Notable Residents
15091: WAGNER LEOPOLD: - Saunterings in London with a few bars' rest.
15071: WAGNER LEOPOLD: - A new book about London: a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.
12078: WAIN JOHN: - Samuel Johnson.
16348: WAIN BRIAN: - Vets in Kelso
21227: WAINWRIGHT F. T. (EDITOR): - The Problem of the Picts
21063: WAINWRIGHT A: - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells - Vol: One. The Eastern Fells.
20321: WAINWRIGHT A.: - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells. Book Seven The Western Fells
18098: WAINWRIGHT A: - Wainwright in Scotland.
18043: WAINWRIGHT A: - Fellwanderer.
17917: WAINWRIGHT A. & BRABBS, DERRY: - Wainwright in Scotland
21077: WAINWRIGHT A: - A Ribble Sketchbook.
17654: WAITE GARTH AND VICKY: - Island - Diary of a Year on Easdale.
15540: WALCOTT, REV. MACKENZIE E. C.: - Westminster: Memorials of the City, Saint Peter's College, the Parish Churches, Palaces, Streets, and Worthies.
2307: WALDEN HILARY: - The colour book of Mixer and Blending Cooking.
19327: WALDIE GEORGE: - A history of the town and palace of Linlithgow: With notices, historical and antiquarian of places of interest in the neighbourhood
15754: WALDIN MONTY: - Chateau Monty: a corking wine adventure.
15277: WALDMAN MILTON: - The Lady Mary : A Biography of Mary Tudor 1516 - 1558
8073: WALDMAN MILTON: - Elizabeth and Leicester.
11886: WALFORD LUCY BETHIA: - Recollections of a Scottish Novelist
6316: WALIN NORA: - Reaching For the Stars.
19585: WALKER HAROLD: - This Little Town of Otley.
20847: WALKER G.: - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs of Hamilton District
14243: WALKER COLIN: - A Walker on the Pennine Way: a visual experience.
18609: WALKER JOHN CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM R. B.: - The Scottish Sketches of R.B. Cunninghame Graham.
17516: WALKER JIM: - Berwick-Upon-Tweed (Then & Now)
21492: WALKER FREDA M.: - A Little History and Guide to Hawkshead
17296: WALKER JOHN: - The Scottish Sketches of R.B. Cunningham Graham. Selected and Edited with Introduction Notes Glossary and Bibliography By John Walker
6840: WALKER KENNETH: - Patients and Doctors.
11060: WALKER RALPH S (ED): - The Historie of the Reformation of Religioun within the Realm of Scotland by John Knox - A Selection.
3960: WALKER J. & DAWSON LAWRENCE H.: - The Rhyming dictionary of the English Language revised and enlarged by Lawrence H. Dawson.
2490: WALKER KENNETH: - Patients and doctors. Pelican A387
5358: WALKER KENNETH & FLETCHER PETER: - Sex and society: the psychological and social implications of topics related tdo sex.
3539: WALKER MARY WILLIS: - Under the Beetle's cellar.
20517: WALKER GEORGE GRAHAM: - Churches of the Banbury Area.
18301: WALKINSHAW COLIN: - The Scots Tragedy.
11736: WALKLAND S A (ED): - The House of Commons in the Twentieth Century.
4337: WALL, ALAN: - Richard Dadd in Belam and Other Stories.
15108: WALLACE-HADRILL J. M.: - The Barbarian West 400 - 1000. Third edition.
9383: WALLACE DOREEN: - English Lakeland. The Face of Britain.
3897: WALLACE EDGAR: - The Twister.
3896: WALLACE EDGAR: - The Avenger.
5289: WALLACE EDGAR: - Again the ringer.
13517: WALLACE EDGAR: - Standard history of the war Volumes 1 to 4. Comprising the Official Despatches from General French and Staff with Descriptive Narrative
9993: WALLACE IAN: - Reflections on Scotland: documents a great many curious and unusual buildings, monuments and momentos.
11755: WALLACE IAN: - Reflections on Scotland.
2077: WALLACE LEW: - Ben-Hur
3586: WALLACE, EDGAR.: - The Avenger.
19626: WALLACE L: - Ben-Hur.
14582: WALLACE DOREEN: - The Noble Savage
21204: WALLER ANN: - The visitor's guide to the CIty and County of Bristol 3rd edition
2158: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES.: - Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend.
2157: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES.: - Border Music.
2156: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES.: - The Bridges of Madison County.
1630: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES.: - Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend.
11247: WALLINGTON MARK: - Boogie up the River.
14817: WALLS JERRY G.: - Rat snakes.
5034: WALPOLE HUGH: - Fortitude: a romance.
5035: WALPOLE HUGH: - The Cathedral.
998: WALPOLE, HUGH: - Wintersmoon.
1078: WALPOLE, HUGH: - Rogue Herries & Judith Paris.
17693: WALSH MAURICE: - The Key Above the Door
14477: WALSH ROGER N.: - The spirit of Shamanism.
9343: WALSTON (WALDSTEIN) SIR CHARLES: - Alcamenes and the establishment of the classical type in Greek Art.
6106: WALTERS MINETTE: - The Echo
15198: WALTERS JOHN & PARKER MICHAEL: - Keeping chickens. Garden Farming Series
18924: WALTON MARY: - Sheffield. Its Story and Achievements. Fourth edition.
11567: WALTON JOHN: - A brief history and key to the horseshoes in Oakham Castle
19911: WALTON R. D.: - Dumfries and Galloway Highways and Byways. Guide to 200 walks and climbs.
13602: WALZ WERNER: - Die Eisenbahn in Baden-Württemberg. Geschichte der Bahnen in Baden und Württemberg 1840 bis heute.
3501: WAMBAUGH JOSEPH: - Fugitive nights.
2462: WANGERIN WALTER: - The book of the Dun Cow.
19433: WAR OFFICE: - Notes on map reading, 1929
20134: WAR OFFICE, INTELLIGENCE BRANCH STAFF: - Narrative of the Field Operations Connected with Zulu War of 1879: Prepared in the Intelligence Branch of the War Office
19047: WARD E. M.: - Days in Lakeland Past and Present
20976: WARD LOCK: - Red Guide Eastbourne and The East Sussex Coast including Beachy Head, Seaford, Pevensey, Bexhill, Hastings, and St Leonards Bidiam, Winchelsea and Rye.
20977: WARD LOCK: - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Bournemouth, Poole and Disrict. Sixteenth edition Revised.
19510: WARD HOLLY: - Country Walks around Burton-on-Trent Twelve Circular Walks Book 2
21266: WARD HOLLY: - Strolls To Country Pubs Around Ashby-De-La-Zouch . Sixteen Circular Walks Book 3
6167: WARD J. S. M.: - Brasses: a guide to the classes of monumental brasses. The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature.
9694: WARD EDWARD: - Chinese crackers: a journey from Hong Kong to Manchuria. Stories of the author's travels in China just after the end of the Second World War.
18328: WARD COLIN: - Chartres: The Making of a Miracle (Folio Society)
15451: WARD H MARSHALL: - Trees - A Handbook of Forest-Botany for the Woodlands and the Laboratory. Vols. 1 & 2.
21196: WARD HOLLY: - Country walks Around Ashby-De-La-Zouch . Twelve Circular Walks Book 1
19159: WARD HOLLY: - Strolls To Country Pubs Around Ashby-De-La-Zouch . Sixteen Circular Walks Book 3
19436: WARD MICHAEL: - The Mountaineer's Companion
21033: WARNER P F: - Cricket in Many Climes.
15968: WARNER PHILIP: - Sieges of the Middle Ages (Classic Military History)
20317: WARNER PHILIP (EDITOR) GODMAN RICHARD TEMPLE: - Fields of War: Young Cavalryman's Crimea Campaign
6726: WARNER REX: - English Public Schools.
3444: WARNER REX: - Men and Gods.
15779: WARNER OLIVER: - The Navy
10079: WARNOCK MARY: - A Memoir: people and places.
19343: WARRACK ALEXANDER & GRANT WILLIAM: - A Scots Dialect Dictionary; Comprising the Words in Use From the Latter Part of the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day
12961: WARRACK ALEXANDER GRANT WILLIAM: - A Scots Dialect Dictionarycomprising the words in use from the latter part of the seventeenth century to the present day
11971: WARREN SAMUEL: - Miscellanies - Critical, Imaginative, and Juridical contributed to Blackwood's Magazine.
13435: WARRINER F.: - A Cumberland Dialect reciter
11149: WARTNABY J.: - Surveying instruments and methods. A Science mUseum illustrated booklet.
9645: WATERMAN FRANK: - Teach Yourself Swimming. A Teach Yourself Book.
5836: WATERSTONE TIM: - Lilley and Chase.
4438: WATERSTONE TIM: - Lilley and Chase.
19921: WATSON J. L.: - Scotland's Banner and its story
8494: WATSON THOMAS: - Homely Pearls at Random Strung - Poems, Songs and Sketches.
3386: WATSON CLARISSA: - The fourth stage of Gainsborough Brown.
20872: WATSON W. J.: - Place Names of Ross and Cromarty
18827: WATSON, ISOBEL: - Hackney and Stoke Newington past: a visual history of Hackney and Stoke Newington
21001: WATSON ALGY: - OYNE - Past & Present.
19545: WATSON JULIAN & GREGORY KIT: - In The Meantime A Book On Greenwich
14798: WATSON NIGEL: - The Royal Grammar School Guildford: an illustrated history
20361: WATSON MURRAY: - Being English in Scotland
16398: WATT ARCHIBALD: - Highways and Byways Round Kincardine
14434: WATT L MACLEAN & STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS & HOPE ROBERT: - The Hills of Home with the Pentland Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson
15718: WATT HAMISH: - Country Ways and Different Days
16266: WATT LAUCHLAN MACLEAN: - Alloa and Tullibody. Being the Book of the Bazaar.
10537: WATT FRANCIS: - Edinburgh and the Lothians.
16816: WATT SHOLTO: - What the Country Women of the world are doing (Festivals Number) 1933
18685: WATT EILIDH: - A'Bhratach Dhealrach
19547: WATT L MACLEAN & STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS & HOPE ROBERT: - The Hills of Home with the Pentland Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson
7346: WATTS MARY (ED): - Farmhouse Kitchen II.
19674: WAUGH ALEC: - The Balliols
18044: WAUGH ALBERT E: - Sundials - Their Theory and Construction.
19892: WAUGH JOSEPH LAING: - And a Little Child shall lead them. A Dumfriesshire story
19932: WAUGH JOSEPH LAING: - Thornhill and its Worthies. Third edition
6745: WAUGH ALEC: - Wines and Spirits.
7168: WAUGH ALEC: - Fuel for the Flame.
5576: WAUGH EVELYN: - Put out more flags: a satire on the Bright Young Things in the Second World War.
10504: WAUGH JOSEPH LAING: - Betty Grier
17340: WAUGH JOSEPH LAING: - Thornhill and its Worthies.
20387: WAYMARK PETER: - A History of Petts Wood Second edition.
19083: WEALE CYRIL M. (ED): - Van Eyck (Masterpieces in colour series)
3320: WEAVER JOHN D.: - Warren: the Man; The Court; The Era. Biography of Earl Warren of The US Supreme Court.
2875: WEBB CHARLES: - The Graduate.
13481: WEBB SIDNEY: - The Local Government Act, 1929. How to make the best of it. [Fabian Tract No.231].
6236: WEBB W. L. & GUARDIAN: - The Bedside Guardian 18: a selection from The Guardian 1968-69.
19138: WEBB E. A.: - 17 Views of the Ancient Priory Church of St Bartholomew The Great West Smithfield London
14105: WEBSTER GRAHAM: - Rome Against Cartacus - The Roman Campaigns in Britain AD 48 - 58.
17522: WEDDELL BOWMONT: - Life of James Scott. The Selkirk Mason-Astronomer.
18607: WEDGWOOD C. V.: - The Spoils of Time: A Short History of the World Volume One From earliest times to the 16th Century
15994: WEDGWOOD C. V.: - William the Silent. William of Nassau Prince of Orange 1533 - 1584
6727: WEDGWOOD C V: - Battlefields in Britain.
9832: WEDGWOOD JOSIAH: - The economics of inheritance.
16645: WEDGWOOD C V: - Montrose.
9828: WEDWOOD JOSIAH C. & NEVINS ALLAN: - Forever freedom: being an anthology in Prose and Verse from England and America.
14399: WEEKS JOHN: - Assault from the Sky - The History of Airborne Warfare.
15213: WEIGHTMAN GAVIN: - Bright Lights, Big City: London Entertained 1830-1950
19878: WEIGHTMAN J G (TRANS): - French Writing on English Soil.
11394: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN & HUMPHRIES, STEVE: - The Making of Modern London 1815-1914
8026: WEINHOLD RUDOLF: - Vivat Bacchus: a history of the Vine and its Wine.
14842: WEINSTEIN-FARSON LAURIE: - The Wampanoag (Indians of North America)
13609: WEINSTEIN, DAVID AND LILLIAN DEITCH: - The Impact of Legalized Gambling: The Socioeconomic Consequences of Lotteries and Off-Track Betting. (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues.)
6792: WEINSTOCK HERBERT: - Tchaikovsky.
19365: WEIR TOM: - The Mallaig Line. An Illustrated History and guide.
14550: WEIR MOLLY: - Spinning like a Peerie
17961: WEIR THOS. M.: - A History of the Martyrs' Monument, Castle Street, Glasgow, with Some Notes on the District. (Memorial to James Nisbet, James Lawson and Alexander Wood martyred 1684).
16218: WEIR TOM: - The Scottish Lochs 1
6853: WEIR MOLLY: - A Toe on the Ladder.
11499: WEIR MOLLY: - Best foot forward
4931: WEIS MARGARET & HICKMAN TRACY: - Serpent Mage. The Death Gate Cycle Volume 4.
2411: WELLARD JAMES: - The search for lost worlds: an exploration of the lands of myth and legend, including Atlantis, Sheba and Avalon
11017: WELLINGTON LORD LISBOA JOSE DA SILVA: - Memoria Da Vida Publica Do Lord Wellington, Principe De Waterloo, Duque Da Victoria, Duque De Wellington, Duque De Ciudad Rodigo etc. por jose Da Silva Losboa Parte II. and Plus Appendice a Memoria Da Vida Do Lord Wellington
10925: WELLS H G: - Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island.
6049: WELLS H. G.: - The work, wealth and happiness of mankind: a comprehensive survey of human activities and a scientific review of human relationships
4904: WELLS H. G.: - Kipps Illustrated by Ellen Edwards
328: WELLS H.G.: - Joan and Peter The story of an education
6789: WELLS HENRY P.: - City Boys in the Woods or A Trappiing Venture in Maine. Illustrated.
6545: WELLS STANLEY SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM: - Shakespeare's Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint.
3565: WELLS, H.G.: - Apropos of Dolores.
3563: WELLS, H.G.: - Men Like Gods.
7733: WELSH WILLIAM A.: - Studying politics: basic concepts in political science.
17944: WEMYSS H. L. WATSON: - A Record of the Edinburgh Harveian Society.
15936: WENTZEL FRITZ: - Single or Return? The story of a German P.O.W. in British camps and the escape of Lieutenant Franz Von Werra.
5185: WESKER ARNOLD: - The Wesker Trilogy: Chicken Soup with Barley: Roots: I'm talking about Jerusalem.
6255: WESLEY MARY: - Jumping the Queue.
6274: WESLEY MARY: - An imaginative experience.
9878: WEST MORRIS: - The Ambassador.
10572: WEST NIGEL & TSAREV OLEG: - The Crown Jewels - The British Secrets at the Heart of the KGB Archives.
12072: WEST REBECCA: - Family Memories.
7530: WEST D. J.: - Homosexuality
9476: WEST JAY D.: - Sharper. A Black Horse Western.
7072: WEST JESSAMYN: - The Massacre at Fall Creek: a novel.
9232: WEST KEITH: - Ma Wei Slope: a novel of the T'Ang Dynasty
2683: WEST MORRIS: - The Ambassador.
3918: WEST MORRIS: - Harlequin.
2408: WEST MORRIS: - Masterclass.
8012: WEST RANYARD: - Psychology and world order.
908: WEST, REBECCA: - The Meaning of Treason.
14126: WEST CHRISTOPHER: - Journey to the Middle Kingdom
19272: WEST PENNINE BRIDLEWAYS ASSOCIATION: - Walking, cycling and horse riding routes in and around Oldham.
18167: WEST H. MILLS: - Suffolk country schooldays
12551: WESTALL OLIVER M.: - WINDERMERE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. Centre for North-West Regional Studies Occasional paper No.20
4420: WESTALL ROBERT: - The Machine-gunners.
6018: WESTALL ROBERT: - The Kingdom by the Sea
4184: WESTELL W. PERCIVAL & TURNER HENRY E.: - The Stream I know with 13 coloured and many black and white illustrations.
14993: WESTELL W. PERCIVAL: - Historic Hertfordshire
10314: WESTERMAN JOHN F. C.: - The Looted Gold
13974: WESTERMAN PERCY F.: - The Isle of Mystery
15958: WESTHEIMER DAVID: - Von Ryans Wraak
5616: WESTHEIMER RUTH: - All in a lifetime: an autobiography of Dr Ruth
14029: WESTON SIMON: - Walking Tall: an autobiography
16004: WESTON MRS: - Sir John Weston Bart. 1852 - 1926. His Life and Work in Westmorland.
21434: WESTWELL IAN: - A Complete Visual History of the Weapons of World War One.
11901: WEYER, ROBERT VAN DE: - CELTIC PARABLES A Book of Celtic Courage, Hospitality, Humour, and Holiness
8910: WEYMAN STANLEY: - The Abbess of Vlaye: The Wayfarer's Library.
1308: WEYMAN, S.J.: - Shrewsbury.
5738: WEYMOUTH LALLY (ED): - Thomas Jefferson - The Man...His World...His Influence.
16421: WHATLEY CHRISTOPHER A.: - John Galt 1779 - 1979
21060: WHEATER HILARY: - Kenmore and Loch Tay. The Tamdhu Guide.
21009: WHEATER HILARY: - The Tamdhu guide KIllin to Glencoe.
17728: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - Death in the Sunshine Comprising: The Fabulous Valley; The Secret War; The Eunuch of Stamboul
18387: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Prisoner in the Mask
16958: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Sultan's daughter.
5294: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - To the Devil - A Daughter.
8806: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - V for Vengeance.
10366: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Wanton Princess.
6477: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Island where time stands still: a Gregory Sallust story.
9469: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Satanist.
10434: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Satanist.
10383: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - To the Devil - a Daughter.
10386: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The launching of Roger Brook.
10385: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Prisoner in the Mask.
10412: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Island where time stands still: a Gregory Sallust story.
13097: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - The Dark Secret of Josephine
12177: WHEATLEY LORD: - One Man's Judgment. An Autobiography
1414: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - The Sword of Fate.
1398: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - Contraband.
1408: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - The White Witch of the South Seas.
1412: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - Star of Ill-Omen.
151: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - To the Devil- a Daughter.
370: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - To the Devil A Daughter.
18393: WHEATLEY DENNIS: - Come Into My Parlour
321: WHEELER C.B.: - Six plays by Contemporaries of Shakespeare (The World's Classics)
12740: WHEELER KEITH- AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS: - Bombers Over Japan (World War II Series)
285: WHEELER, SIR M.: - Still Digging: Adventures in Archaeology.
21604: WHELAN FREDERICK G.: - Order and Artifice in Hume's Political Philosophy
11084: WHELAN DOM BASIL: - Historic English Convents of To-day (today): the story of English Cloisters in France and Flanders in Penal Times
4018: WHELDALL KEVIN: - Social behaviour: key problems and social relevance. (Essential psychology series)
9552: WHELPTON BARBARA: - Painters' Provence. a guide to artistic associations around Provence.
18510: WHETSTONE ANN E: - Scottish County Government in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
9221: WHIPPLE DOROTHY: - They were sisters
17733: WHISTLER HUGH KINNEAR NORMNA B. (REVISED BY): - Popular Handbook of Indian Birds. Fourth edition
258: WHITAKER: - Whitaker's Almanack 1970
15241: WHITAKER-WILSON C.: - Two Thousand Years of London. Second edition
260: WHITAKER: - Whitaker's Almanack 1977
19618: WHITAKER JACK: - South Shropshire Rambles. From Bishop's Castle And Clun Including The Long Mynd And Offa's Dyke
14980: WHITBREAD: - Your Club
18246: WHITBREAD HAROLD: - The Guildry of Stirling Being the Story of the Gild Brether and Toun Counsellors of Stirline
18281: WHITCOMBE R A: - Golf's no Mystery.
19063: WHITE JOHN TALBOT: - South East Down and Weald: Kent, Surrey and Sussex (Regions of Britain)
15033: WHITE JOHN TALBOT: - Country London
18505: WHITE JOHN TALBOT: - Scottish Border and Northumberland: Berwickshire, Roxburghshire, Northumberland (Regions of Britain)
17790: WHITE STEWART EDWARD: - Blazed Trail Stories
15901: WHITE JAMES DILLON: - Kelso No 4 A wind in the rigging
2604: WHITE R. J.: - The age of George III.
8823: WHITE STEPHEN: - Gorbachev in Power.
13771: WHITE EDMUND: - Rimbaud: The Double Life of a Rebel
2583: WHITE J.M. & GUEST VAL: - The camp on Blood Island.
9459: WHITE TIM: - The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White
1327: WHITE, PATRICK: - The Twyborn Affair.
1328: WHITE, PATRICK: - The Solid Mandala.
1329: WHITE, PATRICK: - Riders in the Chariot.
15902: WHITE JAMES DILLON: - Kelso No 5 A Spread of Sail.
21234: WHITE IAN: - The History of the Air Intercept (AI) Radar and the British Nightfighter 1935-1959
20382: WHITE ROWLAND: - Phoenix Squadron.
11761: WHITEAKER STAFFORD: - English Garden Embroidery: over 80 original needlepoint designs of flowers, fruit and animals
16628: WHITEHEAD JACK: - The growth of Muswell Hill.
9621: WHITEING RICHARD: - No. 5 John Street.
21135: WHITELEY ARCHIE W M (ED): - Bennachie Again.
20229: WHITHORN DAVIID P.: - Bringing Uncle Albert Home: a Soldier's Tale
18118: WHITHORN TRUST: - Whithorn 2 Excavations 1984 - 1987 Interim Report and 1988 Supplement.
9494: WHITING CHARLES: - The Destroyers: Operation Afrika.
4709: WHITING H.T.A.: - Acquiring ball skill: a psychological interpretation.
14492: WHITING CHARLES: - Hunters from the sky: The history of the German Parachute Regiment 1940 - 1945
15172: WHITING CHARLES: - The Last Assault - The Battle of the Bulge Reassessed.
13663: WHITLEY, ELIZABETH: - The Plain Mr Knox
15985: WHITLOCK RALPH: - The shaping of the countryside.
12366: WHITLOCK RALPH: - Royal Farmers.
10408: WHITLOCK RALPH: - Wild life on the farm.
4598: WHITMAN CAPTAIN J.E.A.: - Gallant deeds of the War: Stories of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front and of the R.A.F. in the Battles of France and Britain. Illustrations from drawings by Terence Cuneo.
13888: WHITTAKER BOB: - Rock Climbs in the Peak. Volume 2. Chew Valley.
9600: WHITTOCK TREVOR: - A reading of the Canterbury Tales.
15315: WHONE HERBERT: - Church, monastery, cathedral: A guide to the symbolism of the Christian tradition.
18713: WHYMAN JOHN: - The Early Kentish Seaside (1736-1840): Kentish Sources VIII
18747: WHYNNE-HAMMOND, CHARLES: - Tracing the History of Place Names
15929: WHYTE HAMISH: - The Scottish Cat.
15236: WHYTE FREDERIC: - Bachelor's London;: Memories of the day before yesterday, 1889-1914
3155: WHYTE DON: - On the lonely shore: an autobiography. Foreword by Hugh MacDiarmid.
12541: WHYTE IAN AND KATHLEEN: - Exploring Scotland's Historic Landscapes
5789: WHYTE J. H.: - THE MODERN SCOT Volume 4 No. 4 Winter Number January 1934. A Quarterly Review of Literature, Science and art.
18153: WHYTE DOROTHY: - The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.
11286: WICKENS P C: - Insurance Institutes in Australia 1884 - 1984.
16950: WICKLER WOLFGANG: - Breeding aquarium fish: An introduction to the biology of their reproduction
10199: WICKS BEN: - No Time to Wave Goodbye.
3287: WIGGIN KATE DOUGLAS: - The Old Peabody Pew: a Christmas romance of a country church with illustrations by Alice Barber Stephens.
13596: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS BROCK CHARLES E. (ILLUSTRATOR): - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland, being Extracts from the commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton
12761: WILDE FRED: - The Music in the streets.
3731: WILDE OSCAR: - Salome and other plays.
2798: WILDER THORNTON: - Theophilis North.
4078: WILDING PHILIP: - The book of American Frontier history. Illustrated by the author.
16483: WILKIE JIM: - Metagama: a journey from Lewis to the New World
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19205: YOUNGSON PETER: - The Long Road: a driver's guide to Jura
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1348: YOXALL, H.W.: - The Wines of Burgundy.
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16729: ZYGADLO MARK: - Lying Down With Dogs: A Personal Portrait of a Polish Exile

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