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17953: SMITH ALEXANDER: - A Summer in Skye
14882: SMITH NOEL E: - Sandstone and Mortar - More of Old Wallasey.
14509: SMITH MALCOLM: - Climbers' guide to the Cairngorms area. vol.I: (Northern district) the Cairngorms
18701: SMITH STUART: - Luton: a second selection. (Britain in old photographs)
16316: SMITH ALEXANDER: - Forty Years in Buchan and Banf 1951-1991
17204: SMITH PETER: - The Lammas Drave and the Winter Herrin'. A History of the Herring Fishing from East Fife
18789: SMITH ROGER: - The Winding Trail
18967: SMITH ROLY: - Peak District: Northern and Western Moors (Freedom to Roam Guides)
19896: SMITH DONALD: - And all the trumpets.
15739: SMITH ALAN E.: - Protein Biosynthesis (Outline Studies in Biology)
17703: SMITH DENNIS: - The County of Kincardine (The Third Statistical Account of Scotland)
19355: SMITH WILFRED (ED): - A Scientific Survey of Merseyside.
20545: SMITHIES TOM: - Living in Lakeland
18340: SMOUT T. C. & WOOD SYDNEY: - Scottish voices 1745 - 1960
16969: SMOUT T. C.: - A Century Of The Scottish People 1830-1950
19152: SMOUT T. C.: - A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950
16796: SMOUT T. C.: - Century of the Scottish People: 1830-1950
15101: SMYTH J. C.: - The Houses of the Oireachtas
5814: SMYTH J. PATERSON: - A people's Life of Christ.
15636: SMYTHE F. S.: - Kamet Conquered
19430: SMYTHE FRANK S.: - Over Welsh Hills
15640: SMYTHE F. S.: - Camp Six: an Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition Second edition
17873: SMYTHE F. S.: - Snow on the Hills with forty seven photographs by the author.
19354: SMYTHE F S: - British Mountaineers.
363: SMYTHE, PAT: - Jump for Joy.
16414: SMYTHE FRANK: - The Adventures of a Mountaineer
19019: SMYTHE FRANK S.: - The Mountain Top - An Illustrated Anthology From the Prose and Pictures
3713: SNODGRASS SONIA & BROOM J. E.: - Services Wrendered: Wrens during Second World War. Humorous poems and cartoons.
2347: SNOW C.P.: - The New Men
1326: SNOW, C.P.: - Corridors of Power.
1617: SOAMES, MARY.: - Clementine Churchill.
20864: SOBEL DAVA: - The Planets
4951: SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN: - The case for Socialism
19718: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND: - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - Session MCMXXVII.-MCMXXVIII. 1927 - 1928 - Vol. LXII. - Sixth Series. -Vol. II.
19717: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND: - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - Session MCMXLVII.-MCMXLVIII. 1947 - 1948 - Vol. LXXXII. - Seventh Series. -Vol. X.
5270: SOLMON LEWIS C: - Economics.
7998: SOLOMON A. K.: - Why smash atoms?
18710: SOLOMONS GERALD: - Stories Behind the Plaques of Norwich
12471: SOLOVYOV, VLADIMIR KLEPIKOVA, ELENA: - Boris Yeltsin; A Political Biography
4487: SOLZHENITSYN ALEXANDER: - For the good of the cause.
8226: SOLZHENITSYN ALEXANDER: - Candle in the Wind.
18140: SOMERS ROBERT: - Letters From the Highlands on the Famine of 1846. (After the Great Potato Famine of 1846)
16960: SOMERSET MAUGHAM W: - The Complete Short Stories. 3 Vols.
5721: SOMERSET MAUGHAM W: - Cakes and Ale.
12833: SOMERVILLE BAILLIE MRS: - A child lover. The Late Baillie Mrs Somerville, J. P. Appreciation of her services to the Community
16313: SOMERVILLE ROBERT: - Office-Holders in the Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster from 1603
21219: SOMNER GRAEME: - Ben Line: Fleet List and Short History
2140: SOPER, TONY.: - Birdwatch.
20756: SOPWITH THOMAS: - An Account of the Mining Districts of Alston Moor, Weardale and Teesdale, in Cumberland and Durham.
11675: SORAYA: - Book of Spells.
17360: SORIA MARTIN S.: - The Paintings of Zurbaran. Complete Edition.
4538: SOUTAR WILLIAM: - The expectant silence: a selection of poems.
6015: SOUTHALL IVAN: - Hills End
20141: SOUTHBY-TAILYOUR EWEN: - Helmand, Afghanistan 3 Commando Brigade
7455: SOUTHGATE V LADYBIRD: - The Story of Football.
16789: SOWERBY HAROLD AND BRENDA: - Walking in the Eden Valley (Dalesman Mini Book)
14460: SOWERBY R. R.: - Historical Castle Sowerby and Mid-Cumberland
849: SPACE 1999.: - SPACE 1999. Annual.
19662: SPALDING JOHN: - Memorialls of the Trubles In Scotland and in England. A.D. 1624-A.D. 1645. IN TWO VOLUMES
4796: SPANIER DAVID: - Total Poker: art, bluff, politics, sex, odds.
18876: SPARROW VIOLET: - Yesterday's Stortford.
19524: SPARTINA: - Looking at Northern Lakeland (A "Dalesman" paperback)
18458: SPEAKMAN, COLIN AND ETC. AND MORRISON, JOHN: - Settle and Carlisle Country (RailTrail)
18961: SPEAKMAN LYDIA AND COLIN: - Mills, Moors and Luddites: Walks in Kirklees: Exploring Kirklees by Rail and Foot (RailTrail)
4183: SPEAR S. F.: - The Academy boys in camp.
13701: SPEED P. F.: - Learning and Teaching in Victorian Times An Elementary School in 1888 ( Then and There Series )
5308: SPEIGHT JOHNNY: - The thoughts of Chairman Alf: Alf Garnett's Little Blue Book or Where England Went Wrong.
18150: SPENCE ROSE: - Frampton on Severn - Portrait of a Victorian Village.
16357: SPENCE ALAND: - Discovering the Borders 2.
15704: SPENCE JOAN AND BILL: - Romantic Ryedale.
17675: SPENCE ALAN: - Discovering the Borders: v. 2 (Discovering series)
20752: SPENCE CATHERINE HELEN EDITED BY JUDY KING AND GRAHAM TULLOCH.: - Catherine Helen Spence. Tenacious of the Past: The Recollections of Helen Brodie
371: SPENCER CHAPMAN, F.: - Memoirs of a Mountaineer.
15688: SPENCER K. G.: - The Status and Distribution of Birds in Lancashire
7584: SPENDER BRENDA ELIZABETH: - On'y Tony's Circus.
13092: SPENS WALTER COOK: - Darroll and other poems
15780: SPIEL HILDE: - Flute and Drums
19401: SPILHAUS MARGARET WHITING: - South African Nursery Rhymes.
15063: SPINDLER KNORAD: - The Man in the Ice: The Preserved Body of a Neolithic Man Reveals the Secrets of the Stone Age
3886: SPINDLER KONRAD: - The Man in the ice: the amazing story of the 5000 year old body found trapped in a glacier in the Alps. The preserved body of a Neolithic man reveals the secrets of the Stone Age.
16104: SPIRAX: - Practical Steam Trapping. 16th edition revised
8199: SPRING HOWARD: - There is no armour.
13630: SPRING HOWARD: - Winds of the Day
16575: SPRINGHALL JOHN (COORDINATING ED.) , FRASER BRIAN AND HOARE MICHAEL: - Sure and Stedfast - A History of the Boys' Brigade 1883 to 1983.
6065: SPURRIER STEVEN AND WARD JOSEPH: - How to Buy Fine Wines.
5671: SQUASH RACKETS ASSOCIATION: - Know the Game: Squash Rackets.
10330: SQUIRE CORINNE EDITOR: - Women and AIDS: psychological perspectives. (Gender and Psychology series)
18124: ST JOHN CHARLES: - A Scottish Naturalist - The Sketches and Notes of Charles St John 1809 - 1856.
15575: ST. AUBYN-BRISBANE, F.: - If Stones Could Speak. The old city of London churches: their ancient and romantic traditions, customs and legends from earliest days.
11816: ST JOHN CHARLES: - A Tour in Sutherlandshire with Extracts from the Field-Books of a Sportsman and Naturalist. Vol: 1.
10943: ST MARS F: - Snapshots of the Wild.
12398: ST JOHN CHARLES: - The Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands (Heritage)
13670: ST. CUTHBERT'S CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LTD.: - A Pictorial Record of Ceremonial Occasions.
19408: CHISLEHURST AND ST PAULS GRAY COMMONS CONSERVATORS: - Chislehurst and St. Paul's Cray Commons
20749: ST. JOHN CHARLES: - A Sportsman and Naturalist's Tour in Sutherlandshire.
10171: STACHEY CHARLES (ED): - The Letters of the Earl of Chesterfield to his Son.
14815: STAFFORD PAETER J.: - Pythons and Boas
10478: STAGG FRANK NOEL: - West Norway and its Fjords: a history of Bergen and its provinces
10185: STAHL SIDNEY M. EDITOR: - The legacy of longevity: health and health care in later life.
6092: STAINFORTH DIANA: - Friends and other enemies.
16601: STANCLIFFE JANE: - Bottle tickets.
11041: STANDISH ROBERT: - Blind Tiger.
9022: STANFIELD JOHN H.: - A history of race relations research: first-generation recollections. A sage focus edition.
20441: STANFORD J K: - Tail of an Army.
17730: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN.: - Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey.
20510: STANLEY ARTHUR P: - Historical Memorials of Canterbury.
7730: STANSKY PETER & ABRAHAMS WILLIAM: - The Unknown Orwell: a literary portrait of George Orwell.
990: STANWAY, DR. ANDREW: - The High-Fibre Diet Book.
16255: STAPLETON AUGUSTUS GRANVILLE: - George Canning And His Times.
16613: STARK IAN AND JENNY: - Flying Scott
14455: STARK FREYA: - The Southern Gates of Arabia.
14456: STARK FREYA: - Traveller's Prelude.
520: STARLING, L.IRREL: - The Streets of Now and Selected Poems: Primo.
3691: STARMER-SMITH NIGEL & ROBERTSON IAN: - The Whitbread Rugby World '91 including a preview of the World Cup.
16229: STAVERT MARION L. (EDITOR): - The Perth Guildry Book 1452-1601 (Scottish Record Society New Series 19)
7354: STAWELL MRS RODOLPH: - Motor Tours in the West Country.
9918: STAWELL MRS RODOLPH: - Motor Tours in the West Country.
15643: STEAD CLEVES: - Fantastic Fauna. Decorative Animals in Moslem Ceramics.
5297: STEED WICKHAM: - The Press.
4942: STEEGMANN, JOHN.: - Cambridge.
3645: STEEGMULLER FRANCIS: - La Grande Mademoiselle: an entertaining portrait of Anne-Marie-Louise d'Orleans, the greatest lady of seventeenth-century France.
19454: STEEL TOM: - The Life and Death of St. Kilda
13704: STEEL TOM: - Scotland's Story - a New Perspective.
10754: STEEL DANIELLE: - Journey
2970: STEEL DONALD: - The Guinness Book of Golf Facts and feats.
17440: STEEL DAVID AND JUDY: - Border Country.
10886: STEELE JANIE: - Thoughts: a book of verse.
21051: STEERS J A: - The Coastline of England and Wales.
12401: STEERS J. A.: - An introduction to the study of map projections
21212: STEEVENS G. W.: - With Kitchener to Khartum
19400: STEIN RICK: - Taste of the Sea: over 160 fabulous fish recipes.
16166: STEIN LOUIS: - Beyond Death and Exile: The Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-55
2404: STEINBERG PETER: - Play bridge in four hours.
1187: STEINBERG, ALFRED: - Sam Johnson's Boy. A Close-up of the President from Texas.
13565: STEINBERG, S.H.: - Five hundred years of printing (Pelican books)
8698: STEINER RUDOLF: - The evolution of the world and of humanity. 13 lectures given at Penmaenmawr, August 1923
20802: STELL GEOFFREY: - Exploring Scotland's Heritage. Dumfries and Galloway.
14989: STENBERGER MARTEN: - Sweden (Ancient Peoples and Places Vol 30)
1499: STENDHAL: - Scarlet and Black.
3296: STENHOUSE, LAWRENCE. & BIRO B.: - The Story of Scotland.
12732: STENHOUSE, LAWRENCE. & BIRO B.:: - The Story of Scotland
17924: STEP EDWARD: - Wayside And Woodland Blossoms - A Guide To British Wild Flowers. Second Series. (Wayside and Woodland Series)
16585: STEPHEN R. D.: - Scottish Steam Miscellany
16034: STEPHEN LESLIE: - The Playground of Europe.
11510: STEPHEN DAVID: - Scottish Wild Life.
7736: STEPHEN DAVID: - Six-pointer buck: a story about Bounce the roebuck.
8797: STEPHEN DAVID: - Highland animals: (Highland Life Series)
3515: STEPHEN IAN: - Living at the edge. Short stories with illustrations by Malcolm Maclean.
18346: STEPHEN DAVID: - Highland animals: (Highland Life Series)
3811: STEPHENSON E. M. & STEWART CHARLES: - Animal camouflage.
17647: STERLING, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL ANTHONY: - The Highland Brigade in the Crimea : Founded on Letters Written During the Years 1854, 1855, and 1856
19470: STERNE LAURENCE LELIOR MAURICE (ILLUSTRATOR): - A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy.
11880: STEUART A FRANCIS: - The Exiled Bourbons in Scotland: An Account of their Residence at Holyrood during their two Emigrations, the First commencing in 1796, the Second in 1830
17880: STEVE ROPER AND ALLEN STECK: - Ascent : the Mountaineering Experience in Word and Image Volume IV
15208: STEVEN CAMPBELL R: - The Central Highlands. (Scottish Mountaineering Club district guide)
17713: STEVEN CAMPBELL: - Story of Scotland's Hills
17136: STEVEN CAMPBELL: - Glens and Straths of Scotland
20822: STEVEN KENNETH C.: - Dan
14503: STEVEN CAMPBELL R.: - The Central Highlands Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide Books Third edition
17976: STEVEN CAMPBELL R.: - The Central Highlands (Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide Books) Third edition
20989: STEVENSON N. L.: - "Play!": The Story of the Carlton Cricket Club and a Personal Record of over 50 Years’ Scottish Cricket
20370: STEVENSON D E: - Music in the Hills.
20371: STEVENSON D E: - Winter and Rough Weather.
18626: STEVENSON D. E.: - Spring Magic
12492: STEVENSON J B: - Exploring Scotland's Heritage - The Clyde Estuary and Central Region.
7426: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - Familiar Studies of Men and Books.
12118: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers.
5644: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson.
7391: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - A child's garden of verse illustrated by Charles Robinson.
7684: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - Virginibus Puerisque: essays.
11671: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - Memories and Portraits.
4203: STEVENSON, R.L.: - New Arabian Nights.
593: STEVENSON, R.L.: - Catriona.
4205: STEVENSON, R.L.: - The Merry Men and Other Tales.
21205: STEVENSON ROBERT LOIUS: - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Fourth edition.
17480: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS: - A Child's Garden of Verses.
16711: STEWART ELIZABETH: - Dunkeld - An Ancient City - Local Lore - Persons and Places
18466: STEWART JAMES: - The Settlements of Western Perthshire - Land and Society North of the Highland Line 1450 - 1851.
12238: STEWART REV ALEXANDER: - Nether Lochaber: The Natural History, Legends And Folk-Lore Of The West Highlands
12475: STEWART A C: - Falcon's Crag.
13676: STEWART J I M: - The Man Who Won the Pools.
6981: STEWART MARY: - My Brother Michael.
12701: STEWART AVERIL: - The Links of Clyde.
1820: STEWART JAN: - The making of the Primary School.
5979: STEWART MARY: - The Moon-Spinners.
9401: STEWART MARY: - The Prince and the Pilgrim. A classic Arthurian adventure
7883: STEWART MARY: - My brother Michael.
5662: STEWART MICHAEL: - Keynes and afterwards. The relevance of Keynesian theory to current economics.
3289: STEWART, MARY.: - The Wicked Day.
1042: STEWART, MARY: - The Hollow Hills.
2015: STEWART, MARY.: - Touch not the Cat.
13200: STEWART, MAXWELL S.: - Who pays for war?
19677: STEWART ELIZABETH: - Dunkeld - An Ancient City - Local Lore - Persons and Places
17612: STEWART ELIZABETH: - Dunkeld - An Ancient City - Local Lore - Persons and Places
1763: STINE WHITNEY: - Bette Davis: Mother Goddam.
20992: STIRLING A M W: - MacDonald of the Isles - a romance of the past and present.
11744: STODDART ANNA M. & BLACKIE JOHN STUART: - John Stuart Blackie: a biography
11457: STOKES DORIS WITH LINDA DEARSLEY: - Whispering Voices.
12665: STOKES C. G.: - Wittches and charms and things. Poetry Themes.
11789: STOKES C. G. MCELDERRY HILARY (ILLUS): - Everyone is Somebody (Poetry Themes)
11790: STOKES C. G. MCELDERRY HILARY (ILLUSTRATOR): - Stray or Stop (Poetry Themes)
9932: STOKOE C J L: - A Bibliography of the Works of Neil M. Gunn.
8325: STOOKE ELEANORA H.: - A little town mouse.
3943: STOPPARD MIRIAM DR: - Feeding your family: a guide to Healthy and delicious food for all the family.
16200: STORER J AND H S: - Delineations, Graphical and Descriptive of Fountains' Abbey, in the West Riding of the Count of York.
6237: STOREY DAVID: - Saville.
3132: STOREY DAVID: - Saville.
19287: STORNOWAY TRUST: - Stornoway: a quick tour around the town's past.
12749: STOTT LOUIS: - Robert Louis Stevenson and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
13711: STOURTON, PATRICK CORBALLY: - Songlines and Dreamings Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Painting The First Quarter-Century of Papunya Tula
4611: STOUT REX: - The Golden Spiders: a Nero Wolfe mystery.
12116: STOUT REX: - The Doorbell Rang
5385: STRACHEY LYTTON: - Elizabeth and Essex.
1433: STRACHEY, LYTTON: - Books and Characters.
14533: STRANG TOM: - Northern Highlands (Scottish Mountaineering Club district guide books. New series)
16180: STRANG TOM: - The Northern Highlands. ( Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide Books).
12325: STRANG TOM: - The Northern Highlands - Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide.
5556: STRANG HERBERT: - Young Jack : a story of Road and Moor.
14525: STRANG TOM & SCOTTISH MOUNTAINEERING CLUB: - The Northern Highlands - Scottish Mountaineering Club District Guide.
18026: STRANG TOM: - Northern Highlands (Scottish Mountaineering Club district guide books. new series)
8694: STRANGE WILLIAM LUMISDEN: - Indian Storage Reservoirs with Earthen Dams: being a practical treatise on their design and construction.
3949: STRANGER JOYCE: - A walk in the dark.
2638: STRANGER JOYCE: - Casey.
1823: STRANGER JOYCE: - Never tell a secret.
4609: STRANGER JOYCE: - Flash.
4467: STRANGER JOYCE: - Two's company.
1320: STRANGER, JOYCE: - Chia the Wildcat.
20505: STRANKS C. J.: - This Sumptuous Church: the story of Durham Cathedral
9256: STRATTEN: - Stratten's Glasgow and its Environs: A Literary, Commercial, and Social View Past and Present; with a description of its leading mercantile houses and commercial enterprises.
5892: STRATTON-PORTER GENE: - Laddie: a true blue story.
3981: STRAUB, PETER: - Mystery
18790: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; & CRAFT, ROBERT: - Expositions and Developments
14402: STRAWSON JOHN: - A History of the S.A.S. Regiment.
15970: STRAWSON JOHN: - The Battle for the Ardennes.
16213: STRAWTHORN JOHN & ANDREW KEN: - Discovering Ayrshire.
15290: STREEK S. J.: - Wind in the Hills: Collected poems and verses.
15725: STREET G. S.: - The Ghosts of Piccadilly.
14378: STREET A. G.: - Kittle Cattle
12996: STREET A G: - Feather Bedding.
12024: STREET, A G: - A Crook in the Furrow
15791: STREIT JACKSON: - Fly fishing Colorado: a No Nonsense guide to top waters. New edition.
17178: STRICKLAND AGNES: - Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 Vols.
13838: STRIKER FRAN: - The Lone Ranger
16893: STRONG, ROY & OMAN, JULIA TREVELYAN: - Mary Queen of Scots
9017: STRONG L A G: - The 5th of November.
9690: STRONG L A G: - Fortnight South of Skye.
707: STROOBANT, FRANK: - One Man's War.
706: STROOBANT, FRANK: - One Man's War: a Channel Islander's experiences during the occupation.
7134: STROUD JOHN: - The Shorn Lamb: a novel giving a human account of the work of a Child Care Officer.
7750: STRUM SHIRLEY C: - Almost Human - A Journey into the World of Baboons.
18520: STUART MARIE W.: - Old Edinburgh Taverns
17287: STUART LADY LOUISA: - Memoire of Frances, Lady Douglas
5509: STUART ALICE V. & GRAVES CHARLES MACDIARMID HUGH: - Voice and Verse: a Jubilee Anthology. Poems from a number of Scots poets.
13305: STUART, ALICE V. & GRAVES, CHARLES (EDITORS): - Voice and Verse: A Jubilee Anthology
18889: STUART DENIS: - County Borough, History of Burton Upon Trent Part 2 1914-74
16455: STUCK HUDSON: - The Ascent of Denali: A Narrative of the First Complete Ascent of the Highest Peak in North America
2542: STYRON WILLIAM: - The Long March.
8431: SUN YAT - SEN DOCTOR: - Man of the Ages.
1708: SUNDAY TIMES INSIGHT TEAM: - Insight on the Middle East War
6795: SUPERMAN: - Superman Official Annual 1980.
21093: SURREY COUNTY CRICKET CLUB: - Surrey County Cricket Club Year Book 1975
18979: SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL: - List of antiquities and conservation areas in the administrative county of Surrey Sixth edition
21094: SURREY COUNTY CRICKET CLUB: - Surrey County Cricket Club Year Book 1971
19659: SURTEES" ("AUTHOR OF 'SPONGES SPORTING TOUR' &C. &C.") LEECH JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR): - "Ask Mamma" or, The Richest Commoner in England
12218: SURTEES R S LEECH JOHN & BROWNE, HABLOT K. (ILLUSTRATORS): - Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds.
13442: SURTEES, R. S. & LEECH JOHN (ILLUS): - Handley Cross or Mr. Jorrock's Hunt Volume One only
20688: SURTEES R. S.: - Jorrocks' jaunts and jollities
6102: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY: - The Light Beyond the Forest - The Quest for the Holy Grail.
14263: SUTCLIFFE HALLIWELL & HERING GEORGE (ILLUSTRATOR): - By Moor and Fell. Landscapes and Lang-Settle Lore from West Yorkshire
1344: SUTCLIFFE, S.: - Andre Simon's Wines of the World.
21288: SUTCLIFFE HALLIWELL: - Under the White Cockade
16691: SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH: - Lydia: Wife of Hugh Miller of Cromarty
14255: SUTHERLAND DOUGLAS: - Against the Wind: an Orkney Idyll
21237: SUTHERLAND IAIN: - From Herring to Seine Net Fishing.
14864: SUTHERLAND DOUGLAS: - Born Yesterday: Memories of a Scottish Childhood
13781: SUTHERLAND C H V: - Gold: it's beauty, power and allure.
7557: SUTHERLAND HALLIDAY: - A Time To Keep.
7553: SUTHERLAND HALLIDAY: - Hebridean Journey.
13125: SUTHERLAND HALLIDAY: - Southward Journey.
1821: SUTHERLAND ALLAN & SOAMES PAUL: - Adventure play with handicapped children.
14004: SUTHERLAND EILEEN: - Esslemont School Centenary 1881 1981
4330: SUTHERLAND HALLIDAY: - A time to keep.
16253: SUTHERLAND ROBERTSON: - Loanhead: Development of a Scottish Burgh
17068: SUTTON GRAHAM: - Smoke Across the Fell
2380: SUTTON HENRY: - The Voyeur.
9676: SUTTON O. G.: - Understanding weather: a simple account of the young and exciting science of meteorology.
17670: SWAN ANNIE S.: - The Guinea Stamp.
17688: SWAN ANNIE S.: - The land I love
17715: SWAN ANNIE S.: - Rhona Keith
17719: SWAN ANNIE: - Mistaken
17714: SWAN ANNIE S.: - The Ivory God
17780: SWAN ANNIE S.: - For Lucy's sake and other stories.
17669: SWAN ANNIE S.: - St. Veda's
21235: SWAN REV. WILLIAM: - South Leith Records - Second Series.
11669: SWAN ANNIE S: - A Breaker of Hearts.
11982: SWAN ANNIE S.: - Towards the Dawn. a Book of Encouragement for Dark Days.
17778: SWAN ANNIE S.: - Mary Garth
17662: SWAN ANNIE S.: - A Breaker of Hearts
17666: SWAN ANNIE S.: - Robert Martin's Lesson
17766: SWAN ANNIE S.: - The Fairweathers
17665: SWAN ANNIE S.: - Woven of the wind
3548: SWANTON E. W.: - Sort of a cricket person.
6096: SWANTON E. W.: - Swanton in Australia with MCC 1946-1975
20718: SWANTON E W: - Arabs in Aspic 1935 - 1993.
11113: SWAP WALTER C. AND ASSOCIATES: - Group decision making.
9393: SWEETING W.D.: - The Cathedral Church of Peterborough: a description of its fabric and a brief history of the Episcopal See.
20173: SWEETMAN JOHN: - Raglan. From the Peninsula to the Crimea.
14028: SWETT SOPHIE: - Captain Polly.
8009: SWINNERTON H. H.: - The Earth beneath us.
19903: SWINNERTON FRANK: - Nocturne
15682: SWOFFORD ANTHONY: - Jarhead: A Solder's Story of Modern War
13568: SYAERS DOROTHY L.: - Hangman's Holiday
13814: SYLVESTER JOHN: - The Flying Saucer.
16176: SYMONDS H. H.: - Walking in the Lake District. New edition.
8252: SYMONS JULIAN: - The General Strike - A Historical Portrait.
10466: SYMONS JULIAN: - The Thirties: a dream revolved.
17366: SYMONS JULIAN: - England's pride: The story of the Gordon Relief Expedition
16583: SYNDRAM DIRK: - Gems of The Green Vault in Dresden.
10086: SYNGE M. B.: - A helping hand
223: SYNGE, J.M.: - The Playboy of the Western World.
13310: T. C.: - Widder Bagshaw an' her nevvy Samul's Whissentoide trip fro' Chowbent to New Brighton.
14786: T.W. REID, W.H. GRAHAM, R.D. ADAMS AND FRANK BANFIELD: - [The Book of the Cheese, Being Traits and Stories of "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese" Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London] Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese of London City , The Literateurs Haunt for 300 Years 11th edition
14987: TABOR MARGARET E.: - The City Churches : a Short Guide with Illustrations and Maps
10734: TACK ALFRED: - The spy who wasn't exchanged.
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12961: WARRACK ALEXANDER GRANT WILLIAM: - A Scots Dialect Dictionarycomprising the words in use from the latter part of the seventeenth century to the present day
11971: WARREN SAMUEL: - Miscellanies - Critical, Imaginative, and Juridical contributed to Blackwood's Magazine.
13435: WARRINER F.: - A Cumberland Dialect reciter
11149: WARTNABY J.: - Surveying instruments and methods. A Science mUseum illustrated booklet.
9645: WATERMAN FRANK: - Teach Yourself Swimming. A Teach Yourself Book.
5836: WATERSTONE TIM: - Lilley and Chase.
4438: WATERSTONE TIM: - Lilley and Chase.
16179: WATSON ADAM: - The Cairngorms. The Cairngorms, The Mounth, Lochnagar. (Scottish Mountaineering Club Distict Guide Books).
19921: WATSON J. L.: - Scotland's Banner and its story
8494: WATSON THOMAS: - Homely Pearls at Random Strung - Poems, Songs and Sketches.
3386: WATSON CLARISSA: - The fourth stage of Gainsborough Brown.
20872: WATSON W. J.: - Place Names of Ross and Cromarty
18827: WATSON, ISOBEL: - Hackney and Stoke Newington past: a visual history of Hackney and Stoke Newington
21001: WATSON ALGY: - OYNE - Past & Present.
19545: WATSON JULIAN & GREGORY KIT: - In The Meantime A Book On Greenwich
14798: WATSON NIGEL: - The Royal Grammar School Guildford: an illustrated history
20361: WATSON MURRAY: - Being English in Scotland
16398: WATT ARCHIBALD: - Highways and Byways Round Kincardine
14434: WATT L MACLEAN & STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS & HOPE ROBERT: - The Hills of Home with the Pentland Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson
15718: WATT HAMISH: - Country Ways and Different Days
16266: WATT LAUCHLAN MACLEAN: - Alloa and Tullibody. Being the Book of the Bazaar.
10537: WATT FRANCIS: - Edinburgh and the Lothians.
16816: WATT SHOLTO: - What the Country Women of the world are doing (Festivals Number) 1933
18685: WATT EILIDH: - A'Bhratach Dhealrach
19547: WATT L MACLEAN & STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS & HOPE ROBERT: - The Hills of Home with the Pentland Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson
7346: WATTS MARY (ED): - Farmhouse Kitchen II.
19674: WAUGH ALEC: - The Balliols
18044: WAUGH ALBERT E: - Sundials - Their Theory and Construction.
19892: WAUGH JOSEPH LAING: - And a Little Child shall lead them. A Dumfriesshire story

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