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14868: PLIMMER CHARLOTTE AND DENNIS: - London: A Visitor's Companion
21250: PLOYEN CHRISTIAN SPENCE CATHERINE (TRANSLATOR): - Reminiscences of a Voyage to Shetland, Orkney and Scotland in the Summer of 1839.
4780: PLUMB J. H. & WHELDON HUW: - Royal heritage: the reign of Elizabeth II.
1764: PLUMB J.H.: - The first Four Georges.
15159: PLUMMER RUSSELL: - Paddle steamers in the 1970's
4080: PLUMRIDGE CHRIS: - How to play golf.
15846: POCH-KALOUS MARGARETHE: - PIERRE SUBLEYRAS in der Gemaldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Wien.
7672: POE EDGAR ALLAN: - Selected writings: Penguin English Library.
7197: POE EDGAR ALLAN: - Poe's Tales of Mystery and Terror. Larger Type for easy reading.
15935: POLLARD CAPTAIN A. O.: - The Boy's Romance of Aviation
15742: POLLER WALTER: - Medical Block Buchenwald. An eyewitness account of the horrors of Buchenwald.
17934: POLLITT A. GERALD: - Historic Inverness
20251: POLLOCK JOHN: - Kitchener: The Road to Omdurman
3829: POLLOCK J. C.: - Hudson Taylor and Maria: Pioneers in China.
11178: POMFRET JOAN: - 'Twixt Thee and Me: an anthology of Yorkshire and Lancashire Verse and Prose.
19498: PONTING GERALD & MARGARET: - The Standing Stones of Callanish
15089: POOLE REGINALD: - Chronicles and Annals: a Brief Outline of Their Origin and Growth
15733: POOLMAN KENNETH: - Kelly
2345: POPE DUDLEY: - Decoy.
7979: POPE DUDLEY: - Ramage
6508: POPE-HENNESSY UNA: - Charles Dickens. 1812 - 1870
15895: POPE DUDLEY: - Ramage and the Guillotine
15896: POPE DUDLEY: - Ramage and the Freebooters
15933: POPE DUDLEY: - Governor Ramage R.N.
18569: POPE DUDLEY: - Ramage at Trafalgar
19446: POPHAM A. E. DA VINCI LEONARDO: - The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
4284: POPKIN RICHARD H.: - Philosophy made simple.
20133: PORCH DOUGLAS: - The Conquest of Morocco.
12554: PORTEOUS, ANDREW; ATTENBOROUGH, KEITH & POLLITT, CHRISTOPHER: - Pollution: the Professionals and the Public
16741: PORTER WILLIAM A.: - Tarves Lang Syne : The Story of a Scottish Parish
20524: PORTER LINDSEY & LONDON LAURIE: - The Churnet Valley and Alton Towers.
18149: PORTER LINDSEY: - The Peak District: It's Secrets and Curiosities
16239: PORTER W. A.: - A Brutal Inheritance: the story of a Scottish Crofting family.
21145: PORTER ALAN: - The Sporting Life: Chris Balderstone.
11996: PORTER MISS JANE: - The Scottish Chiefs.
14454: PORTER VALERIE: - Tales of the Old Woodlanders
20419: PORTER ROY: - Roy Porter's Model Buildings Masterclass
3612: POSELL ELSA: - Homecoming.
10143: POSTLE DENIS: - The Mind Gymnasium - A new age guide to personal growth.
20518: POSTLETHWAITE JOHN: - Mines and Mining in the Lake District.
1520: POTTER, STEPHEN: - Lifemanship.
17881: POTTER JONATHAN: - Country Life Book of Antique Maps. Introduction to the History of Maps and How to Appreciate Them
11682: POTTINGER GEORGE: - The Secretaries of State for Scotland 1926-76: Fifty years of the Scottish Office
4552: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. (ED.): - Boswell in Holland 1763 - 1764.
4223: POTTS W. H.: - The Sand and the Snow: a book of travel in the Sahara and North Africa.
18334: POUCHER W. A.: - Scotland
12234: POUCHER W A: - The Peak and the Pennines.
13672: POUCHER W A: - Lakeland Panorama.
18015: POUCHER W. A.: - The Scottish Peaks: A Pictorial Guide to Walking in This Region and the Safe Ascent of Its Most Spectacular Mountains
16696: POUCHER W. A.: - Lakeland Panorama
18040: POUCHER W. A.: - Scotland
15660: POW TOM: - In the Palace of Serpents : An Experience of Peru
20069: POWELL MARK N: - Linlithgow - A Brief Architectural and Historical Guide.
5518: POWELL ANTHONY: - O, How the Wheel Becomes it!
9627: POWELL DAVID: - The Power game: the struggle for coal. A political and ecomonic history of coal in Britain.
650: POWELL, MARY: - Below Stairs.
17503: POWELL RICHARD A.: - Historic Yorkshire.
2180: POWER EILEEN: - Medieval people.
1785: POWERS CHARLES: - In the memory of the forest.
9578: POWICKE SIR MAURICE: - The Reformation in England.
8641: PRABHUPADA A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI: - Teachings of Queen Kunti: celebrated prayers
5370: PRATCHETT TERRY: - Equal Rites: a Discworld novel
7410: PRATCHETT TERRY: - Night Watch.: a discworld novel
19930: PRATT REV. JOHN: - Buchan
18041: PREBBLE JOHN: - Culloden
20899: PREBBLE, JOHN: - Culloden
9569: PREBBLE JOHN: - Spanish stirrup and other stories.
1371: PREBBLE, JOHN: - Culloden.
1368: PREBBLE, JOHN: - The Lion in the North.
1367: PREBBLE, JOHN: - The Lion in the North.
1366: PREBBLE, JOHN: - The Lion in the North.
18: PREBBLE, JOHN: - Culloden.
1370: PREBBLE, JOHN: - Glencoe: the story of the Massacre
17977: PREBBLE JOHN: - The King's Jaunt: George IV in Scotland, 1822
19726: PREBBLEJOHN: - The Lion in the North: One thousand years of Scotland's history.
19607: PRENTISS MRS: - Stepping Heavenward.
17264: PRESCOTT WILLIAM H: - History of the Conquest of Peru, with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas.
20925: PRESTON PAUL: - The Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
19874: PRESTON ANTONY: - Aircraft Carriers.
15836: PRETTEJOHN ELIZABETH: - Characters and Conversations British Art 1900-1930
21262: PRICE J. H.: - A Source Book on Trams
18872: PRICE BERNARD: - Chichester: the Valiant years.
19073: PRICE CLIVE: - Rail Rambles Around Greater Manchester : Douglas Valley to the Pennine Fringes
19670: PRICE ROLAND: - The Robin Hood Walks: Comprehensive Guide to Walks in Nottinghamshire
4497: PRICE OLIVE: - The Valley of the Dragon: a story of the times of Kublai Khan Illustrated by John Moment
6576: PRICE PAMELA VANDYKE: - Eating and drinking in France Today: the definitive Guide.
6796: PRICE PAMELA VANDYKE: - The Penguin Wine Book.
4249: PRICE PAMELA VANDYKE: - Dictionary of Wines and Spirits: 2280 alphabetical entries.
5507: PRICE RAYMOND: - With Nixon: an account of President Richard Nixon's White House years. The author was top speechwriter for and personal friend of Richard Nixon
6107: PRICE WILLARD: - Key to Japan with 110 sketches by the author.
6960: PRICE WILLARD: - Arctic Adventure. Illustrated by Pat Marriott.
7373: PRICE WILLARD: - Underwater adventure.
7517: PRICE WILLARD: - Diving adventure.
7461: PRICE WILLARD: - Elephant adventure.
7462: PRICE WILLARD: - Tiger Adventure.
563: PRICE, WILLARD: - Safari Adventure.
9875: PRICE-WILLIAMS D. R.: - Cross-cultural studies: selected readings. Penguin Modern Psychology Redaings.
19052: PRICE NANCY: - A vagabond's way. Haphazard wanderings on the fells.
18966: PRICE J. H.: - A Source Book of Trams
17327: PRICE ALFRED: - Spitfire at War
14230: PRICHARD MARI & CARPENTER HUMPHREY: - A Thames companion.
6080: PRICHARD MARI: - Guests and Hosts: Small Oxford Books. A humorous look at the rituals of hospitality.
1754: PRIESTLAND GERALD: - Yours faithfully.
19070: PRIESTLEY MIKE: - Walks in Yorkshire: best of the popular Telegraph and Argus Series.
8918: PRIESTLEY J B AND HAWKES JACQUETTA: - Journey Down a Rainbow.
3080: PRIESTLEY J. B.: - Lost empires.
3968: PRIESTLEY J. B.: - It's an old country
11629: PRIESTLEY J. B.: - Britain Under Fire.
4531: PRIESTLEY, J.B.: - Faraway.
4100: PRIESTLEY, J.B.: - Bright Day
15637: PRIESTLEY J. B.: - Delight
14822: PRIESTLEY HAROLD: - London The years of change.
4665: PRIME C. T. & DEACOCK R. J.: - The Shorter British Flora with 252 illustrations.
18032: PRINCE MICHAEL OF ALBANY,: - Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland : The True Story of the Royal House of Stewart and the Hidden Lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scots
19368: PRITTIE TERENCE: - Middlesex County Cricket Club (The County Cricket Series)
18708: PROCTER FRANCES & MILLER PHILIPPA: - Village Signs in Norfolk: Book 3
20928: PROCTOR ALAN: - THE KALKALPEN TRAVERSE. A Walk through the Limestone Alps of the Austrian Tyrol from Lake Constance to the Kaisergebirge
8333: PROOPS MARJORIE: - Dear Marje ...
17403: PRYDE GEORGE S.: - Scotland from 1603 to the Present Day; A New history of Scotland - Volume II
19087: PRYDE GEORGE S.: - Scotland from 1603 to the Present Day. A New history of Scotland - Volume II
17840: PRYDE GEORGE S.: - Scotland from 1603 to the Present Day. A New History of Scotland. Volume 2.
2585: PUDNEY JOHN: - A draught of contentment: the story of the Courage Group.
6544: PUDNEY JOHN: - A Draught of Contentment: the Story of the Courage Group.
16519: PUGH ROY J. M.: - The Deil's Ain: The Story of Witch Persecution in Scotland
679: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, DIANA: - True Horse and Pony Stories.
11136: PULLMAN PHILIP BAILEY PETER (ILLUS): - The Scarecrow and his Servant. Illustrated by Peter Bailey.
13579: PUNCH: - Punch or The London Charivari. Volume LVIII (58). January - June 1870
13590: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXXIV (74) , January - June 1878
13588: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXXI (71) , July - December 1876
13587: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXXII (72) , January - June 1877
13583: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXVIII (68) January - June 1875
13577: PUNCH: - Punch or The London Charivari. Volume XXX (30) January to June, 1856
13035: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari, Vol LXIII (Vol 63) Sept 1872 - Jun 1873
13038: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari, Vol LXV (Vol 65 ) July 1873 - Dec 1873
13037: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari, Vol LXVI (Vol. 66) Jan 1874 - Jun 1874
13036: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari, Vol LXVII (Vol 67) July 1874 - Dec 1874
13637: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXXVIII (78) Jnauary 1880 - June 1880
13636: PUNCH: - Punch Or The London Charivari Vol LXXX (80) January 1881 - June 1881
12738: PUNCH THOMAS DAVID: - Pick of Punch 1990
18177: PURSEHOUSE ERIC: - Waveney Valley Studies Gleanings from local history.
8796: PURTON ROWLAND W.: - Rivers and Canals: Local Search series. A valuable foundation for school projects
10375: PURVES JOHN (ED): - Selections from Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty.
12870: PURVES JOHN SALTIRE SOCIETY: - Selections from Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty
13575: PYATT, EDWARD C.: - Mountains of Britain (Batsford Britain Series)
3481: PYECRAFT W.P.: - The courtship of animals.
10321: PYRAH G. B.: - Imperial policy and South Africa 1902-10
4794: Q: - The Q book of Punk Legends including The Clash; Sex Pistols; The Damned; Iggy Pop; Buzzcocks and The Stranglers
19487: QUAYLE ERIC: - Collector's Book of Children's Books
8439: QUEEN ELLERY: - The Murderer is a Fox.
5730: QUENNELL PETER: - The Colosseum.
7499: QUIGLEY HUGH: - The Highlands of Scotland.
16716: QUIN ROGER: - The Borderland and Other Poems
4524: QUINTERO ALVAREZ & JOAQUIN SERAFIN: - Teatro Completo Tomo 1 Primeros Ensayos
8416: RACH RUTH: - Breakthrough German.
5255: RADCLIFFE SIR CLIFFORD: - Middlesex.
11893: RADCLIFFE C. W.: - Middlesex: the Jubilee of the County Council 1869 - 1938
17928: RADCLIFFE BARNETT T.: - Autumns In Skye Ross and Sutherland
9785: RAE GILBERT: - 'Tween Clyde and Tweed: Scots verse by Gilbert Rae.
16900: RAE GILBERT: - Historic Haunts of Peeblesshire.
18568: RAFTERY A. COMMUNIST PARTY OF IRELAND: - The Exploited Island: (The Economic and Class Background to Ireland's Crisis).
16036: RAFTERY BARRY: - Trackway Excavations in the Mountdillon Bogs, Co. Longford, 1985 - 1991.
8185: RAINBIRD G M: - Inns of Kent.
7287: RAINER MAJOR PETER W: - Pipeline to Battle.
19304: RAISTRICK ARTHUR: - The Steam Engine on Tyneside 1715-1778.
18963: RAISTRICK ARTHUR: - The Lead Industry of Wensleydale and Swaledale. 2 Vols.
19065: RAISTRICK ARTHUR: - Old Yorkshire Dales
18987: RAISTRICK ARTHUR & JENNINGS BERNARD: - A History of Lead Mining in the Pennines
18951: RAISTRICK ARTHUR: - Two Centuries of Industrial Welfare - The London (Quaker) Lead Company 1692-1905. The Social Policy and Work of the Governor and Company for Smelting down Lead with Pit Coal and Sea Coal ; Mainly in Alston Moor and the Pennines
19756: RAMBLER'S ASSOCIATION DICKINSON JOHN E. (ED): - Popular walks around Harrogate
19747: RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION MID-WARWICKSHIRE GROUP: - Warwick District Walks Third edition
19671: RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION: - Stratford Walks: Detailed Guidance for Nine Excursions on Foot from Stratford-upon-Avon into the Surrounding Countryside
15635: RAMKIN HERBERT A.: - Pastel work or colour with crayon. Volume 1
16333: RAMPINI CHARLES: - A History of Moray and Nairn
21022: RAMSAY M. P.: - The Freedom of the Scots: Statements of Our Forefathers.
14329: RAMSAY JOHN ALLARDYCE ALEXANDER (EDITOR): - Scotland and Scotsmen in the Eighteenth Century. Volume II only (of two volumes)
19228: RAMSAY DAVID ("THE LAGG"): - Ruminations of a Rambling Rhymer
11735: RAMSAY ALLAN: - Poems on Several Occasions.
13702: RAMSAY ALLAN: - The Gentle Shepherd.
5330: RAMSAY DEAN: - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
8391: RAMSAY DEAN: - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
8278: RAMSAY DEAN: - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
5411: RAMSAY ALLAN: - Selected Poems: Epistles, Fables, Satires, Ellegies and Lyrics. a Saltire Book.
9837: RAMSAY ALLAN: - The Gentle Shepherd: a Scots Pastoral Comedy adorned with Cuts, the Overtures to the Songs, and a complete Glossary.
12793: RAMSAY ALLAN: - Selected Poems: Epistles, Fables, Satires, Ellegies and Lyrics. a Saltire Book.
2841: RAMSAY E. B.: - Reminiscences of Scottish life and character.
10246: RAMSAY E. B.: - Reminiscences of Scottish life and character. Bith series in one volume.
21088: RAMSAY A A W: - The Arrow of Glenlyon - The life of Alasdair Macgregor of Glenstrae, a highland gentleman of the sixteenth century.
17887: RAMSAY ALLAN: - Selected Poems: Epistles, Fables, Satires, Ellegies and Lyrics. a Saltire Book.
2124: RAMSEY PETER: - Tudor economic problems: Men and ideas series 1
17476: RANDALL RONA: - The Howards of Saxondale: a romance.
13072: RANDALL JOHN: - Wattle Hurdles and Leather Gaiters
20302: RANDLE JOHN: - Battle Tales from Burma
20366: RANKIN IAN: - The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories
18113: RANKIN JAMES: - A Handbook of the Church of Scotland
17598: RANSFORD TESSA: - Lines Review Number 129. June 1994
10579: RANSFORD SANDY: - Animal Lives - The Otter.
18512: RANSFORD TESSA: - Lines Review Number 108 March 1989
1971: RANSOME, ARTHUR.: - Swallows and Amazons.
12752: RATCLIFFE BARNETT T: - Border By-Ways and Lothian Lore.
18373: RATCLIFFE, D. A. AND OSWALD, P. H. (EDITED BY) NATURE CONSERVANCY COUNCIL: - Birds, Bogs and Forestry: The Peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland
16430: RATCLIFFE BARNETT T: - Margaret of Scotland - Queen and Saint.
19944: RAUSZER RHONA: - Consider an Island: Eilean Sgitheanach (Skye)
14227: RAWNSLEY C. F. & WRIGHT ROBERT: - Night Fighter
18922: RAWNSLEY S. J. & SINGLETON F. B.: - A History of Yorkshire (Darwen County History) Third edition.
8194: RAY CYRIL: - The Guide to Wine.
2577: RAY CYRIL: - Cognac.
6529: RAY CYRIL: - The wines of France.
8056: RAY CYRIL: - Cognac.
8090: RAY CYRIL: - The St. Michael Guide to wine.
2164: RAYMOND JOHN: - Dempsey and Makepeace 2. Blind Eye
1636: RAYMOND, ERNEST.: - In the Steps of the Brontes.
16103: RAYMOND FRANK: - Mendip Limestone Quarrying: A Conflict of Interests
17837: REA F G: - A School in South Uist - Reminiscences of a Hebridean Schoolmaster, 1890-1913.
14656: READ SUE: - Only for a Fortnight: My Life in a Locked Ward
6394: READ SUE & HAYNES BRIAN: - The Poser's Guide: posers revealed from birth to death. With illustrations by Brian Haynes
20539: READ SUSAN: - The Thames of Henry Taunt.
861: READE, CHARLES: - The Cloister and the Hearth.
6163: READER'S DIGEST: - Into the Unknown: the mysterious world of UFO's and other paranormal and occult topics.
9375: REARDON PETER: - Cotswold driveabout.
21285: RECKNELL G. H.: - King Street, Cheapside. With a foreword by J.M. Keynes.
7137: RED CROSS: - The Queen's Book of the Red Cross.
18255: REDFERN ROGER: - Peak District Hill Country: An Explorers Guide for Walkers and Travellers
14006: REDFERN ROGER A. PARKIN GORDON J. (ILLUSTRATOR): - A picture of the Peak District.
15229: REDMOND ANGELA Z.: - Viking Burial in the North of England: A Study of Contact, Interaction and Reaction Between Scandinavian Migrants with Resident Groups, and the Effect Immigration on aspects of Cultural Continuity (BAR British Series 429)
7365: REDSTONE LILIAN J: - Ipswich Through The Ages.
17871: REED A. H.: - From North Cape to Bluff; On Foot at Eighty-Five
18388: REED A. H.: - From East Cape to Cape Egmont: on foot at eighty six
6312: REEMAN DOUGLAS: - Torpedo Run.
936: REEMAN, DOUGLAS: - Go in and Sink.
937: REEMAN, DOUGLAS: - The Volunteers.
934: REEMAN, DOUGLAS: - Path of the Storm.
20083: REES SIAN: - The Floating Brothel.
11876: REES WILLIAM LEE AND REES L: - The Life and Times of Sir George Grey, K.C.B.
11371: REES, J. AUBREY: - The English Tradition. The Heritage of the Venturers - A Survey of Six Centuries.
411: REES, NIGEL: - Graffiti 2.
20230: REES LAURENCE: - World War II (Two): Behind Closed Doors - Stalin, the Nazis and the West
14832: REES LAURENCE: - Horror in the East
20560: REES WILLIAM: - Caerphilly Castle and its Place in the Annals of Glamorgan. Revised edition
6016: REEVES JAMES: - Mulbridge Manor. Illustrated by Geraldine Spence.
3723: REEVES JOAN WYNN: - Body and mind in Western Thought: an approach to modern psychology traced through a selection from great writers of the past.
9861: REEVES MARJORIE & HODGSON PAULE: - Elizabethan Citizen. Then and There series.
15022: REGAN GEOFFREY: - Back Fire: The Tragic Story of Friendly Fire in Warfare from Ancient Times to the Gulf War
15486: REID A. G.: - Annals of Auchterarder and Memorials of Strathearn.
21209: REID JOHN T: - Art Rambles in Shetland.
17026: REID R. C. & TRUCKELL A. E.: - Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Third series Volume XXXVI 1957-58
19709: REID R. C. (ED) DUMFRIESSHIRE AND GALLOWAY NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY: - Transactions and Journal of Proceedings Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Third Series, Volume XXIX, 1950-51
19711: REID R. C. (ED) DUMFRIESSHIRE AND GALLOWAY NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY: - Transactions and Journal of Proceedings Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Third Series, Volume XXV, 1946-47
17718: REID J M & SCOTT ALEXANDER (ED): - The Saltire Review of Arts, Letters and Life. Vol. 3 No. 8. Autumn 1956.
19616: REID J. M. & SCOTT ALEXANDER SALTIRE SOCIETY: - Saltire Review of arts, letters and life. Volume 4 Winter 1957 No 13
19712: REID R. C. (ED) DUMFRIESSHIRE AND GALLOWAY NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY: - Transactions and Journal of Proceedings Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Third Series, Volume XXIV, 1945-46
20868: REID STUART: - Campaigns of Montrose: Military History of the Civil War in Scotland 1639 to 1646.
17025: REID R. C. & TRUCKELL A. E.: - Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Third series Volume XXXVII 1959 - 60
19710: REID R. C. (ED) DUMFRIESSHIRE AND GALLOWAY NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY: - Transactions and Journal of Proceedings Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Third Series, Volume XXVI, 1947-48
11972: REID DUNCAN: - Elementary Course of Gaelic.
6852: REID FRANCIS: - Designing for the Theatre.
347: REID BANKS, LESLIE: - The L-Shaped Room.
8474: REID DAVID (EDITOR) ASSOCIATION FOR SCOTTISH LITERARY STUDIES: - The Party-coloured mind: selected prose relating to the conflict between Church and State in Seventeenth Century Scotland. Association for Scottish Literary Studies vol. No 11
13533: REID GEORGE: - The River Clyde
14066: REID J. B.: - A Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
6801: REID JESSIE F.: - Reading: problems and practices. A selection of papers.
731: REID, P.R.: - The Colditz Story.
17056: REID J. M. & SCOTT ALEXANDER: - Saltire Review of arts, letters and life Vol 3 Winter 1956 no. 9
16156: REID DOUGLAS M.: - The Problem of the Highlands. A survey of the position as it affects the North-West
21236: REID TAIT E S: - The Hjaltland Miscellany. Volume 1.
4400: REISSNER, ALEXANDER: - Peace in Rapallo.
5987: RENAULT MARY: - The Praise Singer.
4088: RENAULT MARY: - The Bull from the Sea.
5424: RENAULT MARY: - The Bull from the Sea: Theseus the bull-leaper returns to Attica from Crete.
9616: RENAULT MARY: - The Persian Boy: story of a boy in Alexander the Great's court.
16175: RENDALL ROBERT: - Country Sonnets and Other Poems
18712: RENDELL MOLLIE: - Haselbury Plucknett: Portrait of a Village
6768: RENDELL RUTH: - A demon in my view.
4495: RENDELL RUTH: - Kissing the Gunner's Daughter.
4446: RENDELL RUTH: - The Bridesmaid.
4136: RENDELL RUTH: - Harm done: a Chief Inspector Wexford mystery
11734: RENDELL RUTH: - The Keys to the street.
1652: RENDELL, RUTH.: - Live Flesh.
12498: RENNIE R C AND GORDON T CROUTHER: - The Third Statistical Account of Scotland - The Counties of Stirling and Clackmannan.
17158: RENNIE JAMES ALAN: - Romantic Strathspey.
16769: RENWICK JACK: - Rainbow Bridge: A Collection of Poems in English and Shetlandic
6034: REPS PAUL: - Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.
5429: REVES EMERY: - The anatomy of peace: an analysis of the cause of war and the nature of peace.
8776: REVKIN ANDREW: - The Burning Season: the murder of Chico Mendes and the fight for the Amazon Rain Forest.
14379: REYNOLDS DAVID: - Paras: Illustrated History of Britain's Airborne Forces
18209: REYNOLDS KEV: - Everest: A Trekker's Guide (Cicerone Guide)
17040: REYNOLDS SIAN: - Britannica's Typesetters: Women Compositors in Edwardian Edinburgh (Edinburgh Education & Society Series)
16167: REYNOLDS KEV: - Walking in the Alps (A Cicerone guide)
10806: REYNOLDS E E: - A Book of Grey Owl.
11859: REYNOLDS - BALL E A: - Unknown Italy - Piedmont and the Piedmontese.
10223: REYNOLDS JOHN FREDERICK & MAIR DAVID C. & FISCHER PAMELA C.: - Writing and reading mental health records: issues and analysis.
14082: REYNOLDS MACK: - The Cosmic Eye
6413: RHINE J. B.: - New frontiers of the mind: telepathy and psychic powers.
19819: RIACH, CC & FISHER, A (ILLUSTRATIONS).: - A brief Chronicle of Douglas and the Douglas Family .
18808: RICE H. A. L.: - Curiosities of Lakeland
9597: RICE JUDITH & PRIDEAUX-BRUNE KENNETH: - Out of a Hop Loft: seventy five years of TocH.
2774: RICE TAMARA TALBOT: - Russian art: a survey of the development of Russian architecture, painting, sculpture and peasant arts from the tenth century to the present day. Pelican A 182
13423: RICE, H. A. L.: - Kirkby Lonsdale and Its Neighbourhood
1361: RICE-OXLEY, L.: - Oxford Renowned.
1360: RICE-OXLEY, L.: - Oxford Renowned.
16042: RICHARD ELSE, CAMERON MCNEISH: - The Edge: One Hundred Years of Scottish Mountaineering
19356: RICHARD E. R.: - Round And About Swanage: A Guide To Swanage and Purbeck
19363: RICHARDS MARK: - White Peak Walks: Southern Dales
19754: RICHARDS MARK: - White Peak Walks - The Northern Dales.
20563: RICHARDS THOMAS: - Wales Under the Penal Code (1662-1687)
6748: RICHARDS J M: - An Introduction to Modern Architecture.
7728: RICHARDS PETER G: - Mackintosh's The Government and Politics of Britain .
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20849: SMITH PETER: - The Lammas Drave and the Winter Herrin'. A History of the Herring Fishing from East Fife
20037: SMITH MICHAEL: - Station X The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park
20643: SMITH GUY N.: - The rough shooter's handbook
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19270: SMITH MALCOLM: - Climbers' guide to the Cairngorms area. vol.I: (Northern district) the Cairngorms
20207: SMITH E. D.: - Britain's Brigade of Gurkhas: Famous Regiments Edited By Lt. General Sir Brian Horrocks
21164: SMITH MATTHEW: - JFK : The Second Plot
20556: SMITH STEPHEN: - Underground London: Travels beneath the city streets.
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10972: SMITH A. S. D.: - The story of the Cornish Language: its extinction and revival.
13084: SMITH ALEXANDER & ALEXANDER PATRICK PROCTOR (EDITOR): - Last Leaves, Sketches and Criticisms
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12407: SMITH ANTHONY: - The Weather - the Truth About the Health of Our Planet
12179: SMITH CHARLES J.: - South Edinburgh in pictures.
1901: SMITH E. E. DOC GOLDIN STEPHEN: - Getaway World. Vol 4 in the Family d'Alembert series.
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13389: SMITH ERNEST A.: - Religion and the social order: notes for study circles
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4428: SMITH JOHN MAYNARD: - The theory of evolution: it is one hundre years since Darwin explained how evolution came about. What light has been thrown on his theories by later research?
11216: SMITH LOU: - Psycho in Focus.
9704: SMITH M. G.: - Government in Zazzau 1800-1950: a study of government in th Hausa Chiefdom of Zaria in Northern Nigeria from 1800 to 1950
3113: SMITH MARTIN CRUZ: - Polar star: the sequel to Gorky Park.
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19564: SMITH ALEXANDER: - A Summer in Skye

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