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14284: MACINNES HAMISH: - West Highland Walks: One. Ben Lui to the Falls of Glomach.
20892: MACINNES HAMISH: - West Highland Walks: Two. Skye to Cape Wrath.
2627: MACINNES COLIN: - Weftward to laughter.
3114: MACINNES HELEN: - Pray for a brave heart.
5431: MACINNES HELEN: - The Snare of the Hunter.
6360: MACINNES HELEN: - I and my true love.
748: MACINNES, HELEN: - Above Suspicion.
16588: MACINNES HAMISH: - Look Behind the Ranges: Mountaineer's Selection of Adventures and Expeditions
20891: MACINNES HAMISH: - West Highland Walks: One. Ben Lui to the Falls of Glomach.
21983: MACINNES RANALD, GLENDINNING MILES AND MACKECHNIE AONGHUS: - Building a Nation - The Story of Scotland's Architecture.
20906: MACINNES HAMISH: - West Highland Walks: Three Arran to Ben Lui
16191: MACINNES RANALD, GLENDINNING MILES AND MACKECHNIE AONGHUS: - Building a Nation - The Story of Scotland's Architecture.
11717: MACINTYRE LORN: - Cruel in the shadow. The Chronicles of Invernevis
20156: MACINTYRE BEN: - A Foreign field: A True Story of Love and Betrayal in the Great War
16363: MACINTYRE BEN: - Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story That Changed the Course of World War II
15047: MACIVER CATRIONA: - On Foot in the Western Isles. Oban to the Butt of Lewis
14628: MACK JAMES LOGAN: - The Border Line. From the Solway Firth to the North Sea, along the Marches of Scotland and England.
22605: MACKAIL DENIS: - Greenery Street
7109: MACKAIL DENIS: - The Story of J. M. B.
16793: MACKARSIE WILLIAM: - "A confab with Burns" and other poems
20962: MACKAY SHEILA: - Scottish Interiors Georgian
19174: MACKAY WILLIAM: - Some Notes on Highand Weapons
17336: MACKAY BROWN GEORGE: - The Two Fiddlers: Tales from Orkney
15932: MACKAY BROWN GEORGE: - The Golden Bird - Two Orkney Stories.
22917: MACKAY JAMES: - The St Kilda Steamers: A History of McCallum, Orme & Co
22653: MACKAY JOHN: - Scotland's Capital - A Light-hearted history.
19770: MACKAY SHEILA: - Scottish Interiors Georgian
18424: MACKAY RODERICK: - Breezes from Tir nan Og. Gaelic Songs and Poems by Roderick Mackay Oiteagan A Tir Nan Og Orain Agus Dain Le Ruairidh Mac Aoidh
15535: MACKAY REV ADAM: - Distinguished Sons of Cruden. General Patrick Gordon, Bishop Robert Kilgour, Honourable Thomas Smith, Sir Hugh Gilzean-Reid and Doctor Alexander Bruce.
15273: MACKAY DAVID N: - The Appin Murder: The Historical Basis of "Kidnapped" and "Catriona".
15009: MACKAY IAN W.: - Blackboards Whiteboards Chessboards - The History of Scotby Village School
10195: MACKAY JOHN: - Scotland's Capital - A Light-hearted history.
6043: MACKAY DONALD: - Scotland 1980: the economics of Self Government
3156: MACKAY IAN: - The Real MacKay: being essays by Ian Mackay. Illustrated by Vicky.
12956: MACKAY JAMES A.: - Rural crafts in Scotland.
21653: MACKAY JAMES: - Sounds out of silence: a life of Alexander Graham Bell.
21672: MACKAY GEORGE: - Scottish Surnames.
22126: MACKAY DR JAMES: - Scottish History ( A Parragon Macropedia)
19612: MACKAY JOHN: - Trodden Gold: Merchandise of Silk, Paper and Wood and the Glory of the Arar-Tree
16275: MACKAY JOHN JAMES: - Border Highways: The Story of Roads and Early Transport in the Scottish Borders
15532: MACKAY JOHN: - History of the Barony of Broughton (now the New Town of Edinburgh) Second edition
18439: MACKAY, SHEILA (ED.): - Scottish Interiors Victorian
18156: MACKAY ANTHONY: - Journeys into Bedfordshire.
21674: MACKAY JAMES: - William Wallace: Brave Heart
17247: MACKAY JAMES: - William Wallace: Brave Heart
22159: MACKAY JOHN: - We Scots - a good humoured history.
21399: MACKECHNIE AONGHUS (ED): - David Hamilton, Architect 1768-1843 - Father of the Profession.
20188: MACKECHNIE JOHN INTRO MCGLYNN PATRICK: - The Owl Remembers; Gaelic Poems Selected and Edited with Notes
6629: MACKEN WALTER: - Seek the Fair Land: Ireland 1649 - Cromwell's armies ravage the land in an orgy of death and destruction.
13660: MACKEN WALTER: - Rain on the Wind
17486: MACKENNA R. W.: - Flower O' The heather: a story of the killing times.
17689: MACKENNA ROBERT WILLIAM: - Flower O' the Heather: a story of the Killing Times.
15629: MACKENNA R. W.: - Through Fire and Flood. New edition
17306: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE: - The Rise of the Stewarts
21627: MACKENZIE R. F.: - A search for Scotland
20814: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - The Darkening Green.
22173: MACKENZIE IAN: - Applecross, A' Chomraich, The Sanctuary : a Glimpse of History
22675: MACKENZIE EVAN G: - Guns and Game or Moor, Forest, Field and Covert.
18000: MACKENZIE W. C.: - The Life and Times of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale, 1616-1682
19141: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - Edinburgh of Queen Mary; A Festival Lecture Delivered in Gladstone's Land, Edinburgh. A SAltire Publication.
17684: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - Prince Charlie: (de jure Charles III, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland)
19150: MACKENZIE WILLIAM M.: - Climbers' Guide To The Cuillin Of Skye
15799: MACKENZIE ALEXANDER & SUTHERLAND ELIZABETH: - The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer: Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche
14309: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - Scottish Pageant 55 B.C to A.D. 1513 Second edition.
21641: MACKENZIE JOHN M.: - Empires of Nature and the Nature of Empires: Imperialism, Scotland and the Environment
19318: MACKENZIE, OSGOOD HANBURY: - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
15617: MACKENZIE W. M.: - The Battle of Bannockburn: a study in Mediaeval Warfare.
17558: MACKENZIE, W. MACKAY: - The Mediaeval Castle in Scotland (Rhind Lectures in Archaeology)
17741: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - The passing of the Stewarts.
20541: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - Marathon and Salamis.
17086: MACKENZIE ALEXANDER: - History of the Highland Clearances: Containing a Reprint of Donald MacLeod's "Gloomy Memories of the Highlands"; Isle of Skye in 1882
17964: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - The Kingdom of Scotland a short history
15265: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - Scottish Pageant 1625-1707
15276: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - The passing of the Stewarts.
8376: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE ( ED ): - Scottish Pageant.
9142: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - Prince Charlie (de jure Charles III, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland).
14051: MACKENZIE JOHN: - An English-Gaelic Dictionary - being part second to MacAlpine's pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary.
12899: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - The Passing of the Stewarts.
4577: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - The rival monster.
9841: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - The West Wind of Love. The third in the series where the ruling season is Autumn.
10952: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - Gallipoli Memories.
6412: MACKENZIE KENNETH: - The English Parliament: a study of its nature and historic development.
5781: MACKENZIE LEE: - Early days at Emmerdale Farm (Annie Sugden looks back)
5783: MACKENZIE LEE: - Emmerdale Farm No 7. Nothing stays the same.
3266: MACKENZIE W. MACKAY (EDITOR) DUNBAR WILLIAM: - The poems of William Dunbar.
13617: MACKENZIE, OSGOOD HANBURY: - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
18697: MACKENZIE, JOHN: - English-Gaelic Dictionary
15795: MACKENZIE OSGOOD HANBURY: - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
14522: MACKENZIE WILLIAM M. & SCOTTISH MOUNTAINEERING CLUB: - Climbing Guide to the Cuillin of Skye
14828: MACKENZIE KENNETH: - The Palace of Westminster (Jarrold Brancaster book series)
20946: MACKENZIE W MACKAY: - The Medieval Castle in Scotland. ( Rhind Lectures in Archaeology 1925-26)
21450: MACKENZIE COMPTON: - Life and Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett (Sylvia and Arthur)
21623: MACKENZIE HUGH: - Craigroyston Days: the story of an educational revolution.
20569: MACKENZIE, OSGOOD HANBURY: - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
17113: MACKENZIE W C: - The Book of the Lews - The Story of a Hebridean Isle.
16818: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE: - Scottish Pageant, 1625-1707
17732: MACKENZIE JAMES: - A New Life and Vindication of Robert Burns: Derived from authetic information of those who knew the poet.
22040: MACKENZIE AGNES MURE ( ED ): - Scottish Pageant.
21626: MACKIE ALBERT: - Scottish Pageantry
17370: MACKIE J. D.: - A history of the Scottish Reformation
10066: MACKIE ROBERT L.: - A short history of Scotland.
1372: MACKIE, J.D.: - A History of Scotland.
14538: MACKINLAY LEILA S.: - Green Limelight
15302: MACKINNON JAMES: - Culture in Early Scotland.
10138: MACKINTOSH JOHN: - Scotland: from the earliest times to the present Century. The Nations of the World series.
3518: MACKINTOSH, H.S.: - Ballades and Other Verse.
11429: MACKLIN ALYS EYRE: - Greuze.
17596: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C. W. ; GRANT, C. H. B.: - Birds of West Central and Western Africa: Series I (1) Volume I African Handbook of Birds Second edition
17593: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C. W. ; GRANT, C. H. B.: - Birds of West Central and Western Africa: Series III Volume I: African Handbook of Birds
17594: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C. W. ; GRANT, C. H. B.: - Birds of West Central and Western Africa: Series III (3) Volume II: African Handbook of Birds
13524: MACLACHLAN, ELIZABETH: - Border Dance Book - Scottish Country Dances
9974: MACLAINE ALLAN H. EDITOR ASSOCIATION FOR SCOTTISH LITERARY STUDIES: - The Christis Kirk Tradition: Scots poems of Folk Festivity
2779: MACLAINE SHIRLEY: - You can get there from here.
14169: MACLAREN IAN: - A Doctor of the Old School and Other Stories. Popular Scottish Classics
8155: MACLAREN IAN: - The Days of Auld Langsyne.
7558: MACLAREN IAN: - The Days of Auld Langsyne.
9052: MACLAREN PETER: - Grass Roots - 60 Years of Farming, Fun and Frustration.
9651: MACLAREN IAN: - Afterwards and other stories.
4616: MACLAREN, IAN: - Beside the Bonny Brier-Bush.
20990: MACLAREN CHARLES: - A Sketch of the Geology of Fife and the Lothians including detailed descriptions of Arthur's Seat and Pentland Hills.
18538: MACLEAN CHARLES: - The Fringe of Gold. The Fishing Villages of Scotland's East Coast, Orkney and Shetland
17396: MACLEAN J. P.: - Renaissance of the Clan MacLean Comprising also a History of Dubhaird Caisteal and the Great Gathering on August 24, 1912 Together with an Appendix Containing Letters of Gen'l Allan MacLean Narrative of an American Party A MacLean Bibliography
19179: MACLEAN FITZROY: - Bonnie Prince Charlie.
17222: MACLEAN COLIN EDITOR: - The Crown and the Thistle: the nature of nationhood
16089: MACLEAN FITZROY: - West Highland Tales.
10440: MACLEAN ALISTAIR: - Captain Cook.
10258: MACLEAN COLIN (ED): - The Crown and the Thistle.
13678: MACLEAN COLIN (ED): - The Crown and the Thistle.
5848: MACLEAN ALISTAIR: - Athabasca.
3796: MACLEAN ALISTAIR & DUNNETT ALASTAIR M.: - Alistair MacLean introduces Scotland.
2726: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR.: - Breakheart Pass.
762: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR: - H.M.S. Ulysses.
763: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR: - Breakheart Pass.
1169: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR: - San Andreas.
896: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR: - Athabasca.
21656: MACLEAN RORY: - The Oatmeal ark from the Western Isles to a Promised sea.
22358: MACLEAN RORY: - Falling for Icarus: A Journey Among the Cretans
18009: MACLEAN, MALCOLM & CARRELL, CHRISTOPHER: - As an Fhearann: From the Land.Clearance, Conflict and Crofting. A century of Images of the Scottish Highlands
19638: MACLEAN FITZROY: - Bonnie Prince Charlie
22146: MACLEAN ALISTAIR: - Hebridean Altars some studies of the spirit of an island race.
19891: MACLEAN JAMES NOEL MACKENZIE: - Clan Gillean (The Macleans)
21679: MACLEHOSE ALEXANDER: - The Scotland of our Sons.
9111: MACLEHOSE ALEXANDER: - Historic Haunts of Scotland containing a Poular Account of Over Seventy Places Famous in the History of Scotland.
8625: MACLEHOSE ALEXANDER: - Historic Haunts of Scotland containing a popular account of over seventy places, famous in the history of Scotland.
14189: MACLELLAN ANGUS & CAMPBELL JOHN LORNE (TRANSLATOR): - The Furrow behind me: the autobiography of a Hebridean crofter.
17677: MACLENNAN JEAN M.: - From Shore to Shore; the Life and Times of the Rev. John MacLennan of Belfast
19937: MACLENNAN JEAN M.: - From Shore to Shore: The Life and Times of the Rev John MacLennan of Belfast, Prince Edward Island
17282: MACLENNAN HUGH DAN: - Shinty!: 100 years of the Camanachd Association.
20736: MACLEOD FIONA: - The Sin-Eater and other Tales.
19264: MACLEOD, INNES & MAXWELL, MARGARET: - From Durisdeer and Castleton to Strachur, Robert Anderson: a Farm Diary 1847-1852
18628: MACLEOD INNES: - To the Greenland Whaling: Alexander Trotter's Journal of the Voyage of the Enterprise in 1856 from Fraserburgh & Lerwick
18243: MACLEOD INNES: - Discovering Galloway
21619: MACLEOD ISEABAIL & CAIRNS PAULINE (ED): - The Scots School Dictionary. Scots-English English-Scots.
2316: MACLEOD JOSEPH: - The new Soviet Theatre.
11047: MACLEOD NORMAN: - The Starling: a Scotch story
11014: MACLEOD REV DONALD: - Memoir of Norman Macleod, D. D.
12711: MACLEOD, ISEABAIL (ED): - The Pocket Scots Dictionary
18421: MACLEOD INNES: - Discovering Galloway
20941: MACLEOD DONALD: - Donald M'Leod's Gloomy Memories in the Highlands of Scotland, versus Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe's Sunny Memories in (England) a Foreign Land: or a Faithful Picture of the Extirpation of the Celtic Race from the Highlands of Scotland
18416: MACLEOD DONALD: - Loch Lomond Steamboat Companies.
21661: MACLEOD GEORGE F: - Only One Way Left: Church Prospect
16323: MACLEOD JOHN: - Dynasty The Stuarts 1560-1807.
19899: MACLEOD GEORGE F.: - Only one way left: Church prospect.
19927: MACLEOID FIONNLAGH: - Na Balaich air ronaidh: Dealbhchluich airson réidio ann a sia earrainnean
21609: MACLOED GEORGE R.: - Govan calling: Sermons and Addresses Broadcast and otherwise. Second edition.
4179: MACMAHON A. F. MAGRI: - Fishlore: British Freshwater fishes.
22488: MACMILLAN DUNCAN: - Painting in Scotland. The Golden Age
16553: MACMILLAN DUNCAN: - Elizabeth Blackadder
6466: MACMILLAN HAROLD: - The Blast of War 1939 - 1945.
13952: MACMILLAN SOMERLED: - The Macmillans and their Septs
2771: MACMILLAN W. M.: - Africa emergent: a survey of social, political and economic trends in British Africa. Pelican A191.
18226: MACMILLAN ANDY: - Six Scottish Burghs
22026: MACMILLAN DUNCAN: - Scottish Art, 1460-2000.
22793: MACMULLEN JERRY: - Paddle-Wheel Days in California.
21042: MACNAB P A: - The Isle of Mull.
19938: MACNAB PETER ANGUS: - Tobermory Teuchter: A First Hand Account of Life on Mull in the Early Years of the 20th Century
15008: MACNAGHTEN ANGUS I.: - Family Quest
4636: MACNAIR JAMES L.: - Livingstone the liberator: a study of a dynamic personality. A biography of David Livingstone.
2842: MACNALLY LEA: - Highland Deer Forest.
18236: MACNALLY LEA: - Torridon Life and Wildlife in the Scottish Highlands
16068: MACNEILE DIXON W (ED): - The Edinburgh Book of Scottish Verse 1300 - 1900
2723: MACPHERSON, JOHN (THE CODDY): - Tales from Barra told by the Coddy.
17502: MACPHERSON JOHN ( THE CODDY): - Tales from Barra told by the Coddy.
22061: MACQUEEN JOHN & SCOTT TOM (ED): - The Oxford Book of Scottish Verse.
11093: MACRAE REV DAVID & DUNCAN JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR): - National Humour Scottish - English - Irish - Welsh - Cockney - American.
14332: MACROBERT H. EDITOR: - The Central Highlands. Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide
19809: MACROW BRENDA G: - Torridon Highlands. Fourth edition
20825: MACVICAR ANGUS: - Salt in my Porridge: confessions of a Minister's son.
10997: MACVICAR ANGUS: - Silver in My Sporran - Confessions of a Writing Man.
95: MACVICAR ANGUS: - Heather in my ears: more confessions of a Minster's Son.
10381: MACVICAR ANGUS: - Salt in my porridge: confessions of a Minister's Son.
9717: MADISON BERNICE Q.: - Social welfare in the Soviet Union.
15550: MAETERLINCK MAURICE: - The life of the White Ant
22649: MAGEE SEAN: - Desert Island Discs: 70 Years of Castaways
21598: MAGNALL DEREK: - Bronte round / Pendle and Ribble round.
11406: MAGNUS PHILIP: - Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist.
21675: MAGNUSSON MAMIE: - A length of days: The Scottish Mutual Assurance Society 1883/1983
21534: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS (EDITOR): - New Saltire No. 11 April 1964 Glasgow's Faces
21618: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS: - Rum: Nature's Island.
16392: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS: - The Clacken and the Slate: The Story of The Edinburgh Academy 1824-1974
8637: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS: - I've started, so I'll finish: the story of Mastermind.
11600: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS: - The Clacken and the Slate: The Story of The Edinburgh Academy 1824-1974
13211: MAGNUSSON MAGNUS (EDITOR): - New Saltire No. 7 March 1963 Highlands and Islands issue
2286: MAGNUSSON SALLY: - The Flying Scotsman: Eric Liddell
13708: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS: - Echoes in Stone. 100 Years of Ancient Monuments in Scotland.
18005: MAILER NORMAN: - Cannibals And Christians
18258: MAILER NORMAN: - Ancient evenings
19412: MAILER NORMAN: - Ancient Evenings
19602: MAILER NORMAN: - Miami and the Seige of Chicago : An Informal History of the American political conventions of 1968
19603: MAILER NORMAN: - Some Honorable Men: Political Conventions, 1960-1972
18046: MAILER NORMAN: - The Naked and the Dead.
19195: MAILER NORMAN: - An American Dream
19384: MAILER NORMAN: - Tough Guys Don't Dance
19565: MAILER NORMAN: - Advertisements for Myself
9804: MAINE G. F.: - A book of Scotland: an anthology of Scottish prose and verse.
2675: MAIR LUCY: - Primitive government. Pelican Anthropology Library.
1190: MAIS, S.P.B.: - England's Pleasance.
1189: MAIS, S.P.B.: - The High lands of Britain.
1188: MAIS, S.P.B.: - Round About England.
20273: MAJOR THE EARL HAIG: - My Father's Son - The memoir of the Earl Haig.
20506: MAJOR ALAN: - A New Dictionary of Kent Dialect
20453: MAJOR THE EARL HAIG: - My Father's Son - The memoir of the Earl Haig.
15593: MAKONI SINFREE & MEINHOF ULRIKE H.: - Aila Review: Africa and Applied Linguistics Volume 16 2003
18457: MALCOLM CHARLES A. (EDITOR): - The Minutes of the Justices of the Peace for Lanarkshire, 1707-1723.
12703: MALCOLM, GEORGE LT. COL. OF POLTALOCH: - We Will Remember: Historical Record of the British Legion Scotland
9197: MALDEN RICHARD H.: - The story of Wells Cathedral
16568: MALEY TERESA AND ELLIOT WALTER TRANSCRIBED AND EDITED STAIR SOCIETY: - Selkirk Protocol Books, 1511-1547: The Protocol Books of John Chepman, 1511-36 and 1545-47, Sir John Chepman, 1536-43, John and Ninian Brydin and Other Notaries, 1526-36, and John Brydin, 1530-37
13574: MALIN DAVID: - The Invisible Universe
11991: MALKIN A T: - History of Greece from the Earliest Times to its Final Subjection to Rome.
15741: MALKINSON A. M.: - Hormone Action (Outline Studies in Biology)
2630: MALLALIEU J. P. W.: - "Passed to you, please": Britain's red-tape machine at war.
17358: MALLALIEU J. P. W.: - "Passed To You Please" - Britains Red Tape Machine At War
17266: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Sabre's Edge.
13012: MALLINSON ALLAN: - Man of War.
16118: MALLINSON ALLAN: - An Act of Courage.
20383: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Making of the British Army - from the English Civil War to the war on terror.
16117: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Nizam's Daughter.
12792: MALLOCH, D. MACLEOD.: - The Book of Glasgow Anecdote.
19101: MALSTER ROBERT: - The Broads
21519: MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS: - Wonderful walks around Manchester
2511: MANCROFT LORD: - Bees in some bonnets.
11530: MANKELL HENNING: - One step behind
3810: MANN IDA & PIRIE ANTOINETTE: - The science of seeing.
4060: MANN SUNNIE: - Holding on: a husband's Kidnap and a wife's courage. A hostage in Lebanon.
2418: MANNIN ETHEL: - England my adventure.
3000: MANNIN ETHEL: - Proud heaven.
2264: MANNING OLIVIA: - The Play Room
12660: MANNING PRESS C. A.: - Yorkshire Leaders: Social and Political
2722: MANNING, OLIVIA.: - Friends and Heroes.
3690: MANSO PETER MAILER NORMAN: - Mailer: his life and times.
17037: MANSON CECIL AND CELIA ARMOUR-CHELU IAN (ILLUSTRATOR): - The Adventures of Johnny van Bart
18399: MANSON SINCLAIR A M: - A History of Caithness Birds 1769 to 2001.
18400: MANSON SINCLAIR A M: - Birds of Caithness.
3053: MANTEL HILARY: - Fludd.
22212: MANTELL KEITH: - Dovedale Guide.
14618: MANUEL REV. D G: - Dryburgh Abbey - In the Light of its Historical and Ecclesiastical Setting.
9208: MARCHAND GERALDINE: - The Creative Hostess Bath Cookbook: a culinary momento of an enchanting City.
7128: MARCHENKO ANATOLY: - My testimony: the first detailed report on Soviet prison camps today.
21265: MARCHINGTON JOHN: - Shooting - a complete guide for beginners.
18319: MARCO POLO LATHAM RONALD (TRANSLATOR): - The travels of Marco Polo.
14879: MARGADANT TED W.: - Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution
16802: MARGARET DOUGLAS-HOME: - A Spencer Childhood
18522: MARIE "MISSIE" VASSILTCHIKOV: - The Berlin Diaries, 1940-45
1804: MARK ROBERT: - In the office of Constable.
20195: MARK VII (PLOWMAN MAX): - A Subaltern on the Somme.
9040: MARKIDES KYRIAKOS S. EDITOR: - Aging and health: perspectives on gender, race, ethnicity and class.
21740: MARKS RICHARD: - The Burrell Collection.
1996: MARKS LEONARD & GRAN MAURICE: - Dorien's Diary.
1951: MARKS RICHARD: - The Burrell Collection.
19548: MARKS RICHARD: - Burrell: Portrait of a Collector. Second edition.
2123: MARM INGVALD & SOMMERFELT ALF: - Teach yourself Norwegian: a book of self-instruction in the Norwegian Riksmal
20552: MARR J E: - The Geology of the Lake District and the Scenery as influenced by Geological Structure.
18863: MARRIAGE JOHN: - Changing Chelmsford
11019: MARRIC J. J.: - Gideon's Fog
6828: MARRISON L W: - Wines and Spirits.
6530: MARRISON L. W.: - Wines and spirits.
20311: MARRYAT CAPTAIN: - Jacob Faithful.
10145: MARS F. ST.: - Pinion and Paw.
16205: MARSDEN REX: - A Driving Ambition: the Education of a Cumbria Tourist Guide
20706: MARSH TERRY: - The Dales Way and Accommodation Guide (A Cicerone guide)
5266: MARSH JANET: - Janet Marsh's Nature Diary.
8454: MARSH NGAIO: - Enter a Murderer.
8457: MARSH NGAIO: - Dead Water.
8076: MARSH NGAIO: - Photo-finish.
21137: MARSH JOHN & GARBUTT JOHN: - Cumbrian Railways.
15604: MARSH JOHN: - The Westmorland Lakes in old photographs.
19049: MARSH TERRY: - On foot in Southern Scotland. 40 walks in the Southern Uplands.
22011: MARSH TERRY: - On foot in Southern Scotland. 40 walks in the Southern Uplands.
18614: MARSHALL DOROTHY N.: - History of Bute. Third edition.
17280: MARSHALL ROSALIND K.: - John Knox
20315: MARSHALL S. L.A. BRIGADIER GENERAL USAR (RET.): - Crimsoned Prairie. the Wars Between the United States and the Plains Indians During the Winning of the West
14439: MARSHALL J D & DAVIES-SHIEL M: - Victorian and Edwardian Lake District from Old Photographs.
22459: MARSHALL ROSALID K.: - Queen of Scots.
14608: MARSHALL JAMES S.: - North Leith Parish Church: The First 500 Years
1805: MARSHALL ARTHUR: - Poppy Parade: humerous anecdotes of service life.
12089: MARSHALL BRUCE: - The Red Danube
12069: MARSHALL BRUCE: - Only Fade Away.
13836: MARSHALL F. H.: - Discovery in Greek Lands: A Sketch of the Principal Excavations and Discoveries of the last Fifty Years
4546: MARSHALL HOWARD: - Men against Everest: the story of expeditions to Everest before 1953
9537: MARSHALL JANETTE: - Fast food for vegetarians: for busy, healthy eaters.
4753: MARSHALL ROASLIND K.: - The days of Duchess Anne: Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton 1656-1716.
743: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit.
528: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit: a British agent's adventures in Frnace
22855: MARSHALL L.G.: - Steam on the RENFE: the steam locomotive stock of the Spanish National Railways.
16593: MARSHALL JAMES SCOTT: - The Life and Times of Leith.
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6265: MYERS A. R.: - England in the Late Middle Ages. The Pelican History of England 4.
6409: MYERS A. R.: - England in the Late Middle Ages.
12235: MYKURA W: - British Regional Geology - Orkney and Shetland.
19100: MYNARD DENNIS & HUNT JULIAN: - Milton Keynes and District: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
9491: N. E. THING ENTERPRISES: - Magic Eye: a new way of looking at the world. 3D illusions.
10530: NAGEL'S: - Nagel's Yugoslavia Travel Guide.
21308: NAGLE GARRETT & SPENCER KRIS: - A Geography of the European Union: A Regional and Economic Perspective
6512: NAIPAUL SHIVA: - North of South: an African Journey.
21144: NAISMITH ROBERT J: - The Story of Scotland's Towns.
17269: NANCARROW F G: - Glasgow's Fighter Squadron.
17036: NAPIER PRISCILLA: - A Difficult Country: The Napiers in Scotland
5800: NASH N RICHARD: - Aphrodite's Cave.
7152: NATHANSON E. M.: - The Dirty Dozen.
18051: NATIONAL GALLERY: - National Gallery Catalogues. Dutch School XVII-XIX Centuries, Plates: Vol I A-M
19605: NATIONAL TRUST: - Ightham Mote: Kent
21107: NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND: - Ben Lawers and Its Alpine Flowers
12141: NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND: - The National Bank of Scotland Limited 1939 - 1945 War Record.
13344: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND & ROBERTS, E. F. D.: - Callum Macdonald: Scottish Literary Publisher (Exhibition Catalogue)
13176: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ANTIQUITIES OF SCOTLAND: - A Short Guide to Scottish Antiquities.
12268: NATIONAL TRUST: - Dunham Massey, Cheshire
13486: NATIONAL UNEMPLOYED WORKERS MOVEMENT: - Guide to the U.A.B. Scales and Regulations
18048: NATIONAL GALLERY: - National Gallery Catalogues: German School Plates
18942: NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND: - Ben Lawers and Its Alpine Flowers
8016: NAVILLE PAUL: - Guide de la Vieille Geneve
19359: NAVY LEAGUE: - Greenwich Palace Hospital & College
4354: NAYLOR ROD: - Woodcarving techniques: concise details with easy to follow diagrams and drawings.
16955: NEAL PATRICIA WITH DENEUT RICHARD: - As I Am - an Autobiography.
15882: NEILL ROBERT: - Witch Bane.
7853: NEILL STEPHEN: - Christian faith To-day
16010: NEILL ROBERT: - Black William.
22312: NEILSON GEORGE: - Annals of the Solway, until A.D. 1307
15190: NELLIST G. W.: - The Yorkshire Wolds Of Yesteryear
20730: NELSON MAJOR GENERAL SIR JOHN: - Always a Grenadier
8743: NELSON MARIAH BURTON: - Are We Winning Yet? How women are changing sports and sports are changing women.
5415: NELSON WALTER HENRY: - The Berliners - portrait of a people and a city.
12237: NELSON STEPHEN L.: - Microsoft Outlook 2000 at a glance. The right answers, right now.
16048: NETHERLANDS MILK AND DAIRY JOURNAL: - Dairying in The Netherlands
14238: NETHERSOLE-THOMPSON D.: - Highland birds. (Highland Life Series)
18345: NETHERSOLE-THOMPSON D.: - Highland birds. (Highland Life Series)
6560: NEVEN-DU MONT JURGEN: - After Hitler: Report from a West German City.
22345: NEVILLE PETER: - A traveller's history of Russia and the uSSR.
16627: NEVILLE JAYNE: - The Polytunnel Companion Second edition
11013: NEVILLE KATHERINE: - The Eight
10327: NEVILLE PETER: - Cat behaviour explained: a self help guide.
14496: NEVILLE PETER: - Cat behaviour explained: a self help guide.
7528: NEVINSON HENRY WOOD: - Words and deeds
3628: NEW YORKER: - Stories from the New Yorker 1950-1960

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