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17266: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Sabre's Edge.
17267: MALLINSON ALLAN: - Rumours of War.
13012: MALLINSON ALLAN: - Man of War.
16118: MALLINSON ALLAN: - An Act of Courage.
20383: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Making of the British Army - from the English Civil War to the war on terror.
16117: MALLINSON ALLAN: - The Nizam's Daughter.
12792: MALLOCH, D. MACLEOD.: - The Book of Glasgow Anecdote.
19101: MALSTER ROBERT: - The Broads
21519: MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS: - Wonderful walks around Manchester
2511: MANCROFT LORD: - Bees in some bonnets.
20489: MANGO CYRIL: - Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome
11530: MANKELL HENNING: - One step behind
3810: MANN IDA & PIRIE ANTOINETTE: - The science of seeing.
4060: MANN SUNNIE: - Holding on: a husband's Kidnap and a wife's courage. A hostage in Lebanon.
2418: MANNIN ETHEL: - England my adventure.
3000: MANNIN ETHEL: - Proud heaven.
2264: MANNING OLIVIA: - The Play Room
12660: MANNING PRESS C. A.: - Yorkshire Leaders: Social and Political
2722: MANNING, OLIVIA.: - Friends and Heroes.
3690: MANSO PETER MAILER NORMAN: - Mailer: his life and times.
17037: MANSON CECIL AND CELIA ARMOUR-CHELU IAN (ILLUSTRATOR): - The Adventures of Johnny van Bart
18399: MANSON SINCLAIR A M: - A History of Caithness Birds 1769 to 2001.
18400: MANSON SINCLAIR A M: - Birds of Caithness.
3053: MANTEL HILARY: - Fludd.
14618: MANUEL REV. D G: - Dryburgh Abbey - In the Light of its Historical and Ecclesiastical Setting.
9208: MARCHAND GERALDINE: - The Creative Hostess Bath Cookbook: a culinary momento of an enchanting City.
7128: MARCHENKO ANATOLY: - My testimony: the first detailed report on Soviet prison camps today.
21265: MARCHINGTON JOHN: - Shooting - a complete guide for beginners.
18319: MARCO POLO LATHAM RONALD (TRANSLATOR): - The travels of Marco Polo.
14879: MARGADANT TED W.: - Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution
16802: MARGARET DOUGLAS-HOME: - A Spencer Childhood
18522: MARIE "MISSIE" VASSILTCHIKOV: - The Berlin Diaries, 1940-45
1804: MARK ROBERT: - In the office of Constable.
20195: MARK VII (PLOWMAN MAX): - A Subaltern on the Somme.
9040: MARKIDES KYRIAKOS S. EDITOR: - Aging and health: perspectives on gender, race, ethnicity and class.
1996: MARKS LEONARD & GRAN MAURICE: - Dorien's Diary.
1951: MARKS RICHARD: - The Burrell Collection.
19548: MARKS RICHARD: - Burrell: Portrait of a Collector. Second edition.
20879: MARKUS THOMAS A (ED):,: - Order in space and society. Architectural form and Its Context in the Scottish Enlightenment
2123: MARM INGVALD & SOMMERFELT ALF: - Teach yourself Norwegian: a book of self-instruction in the Norwegian Riksmal
20552: MARR J E: - The Geology of the Lake District and the Scenery as influenced by Geological Structure.
16749: MARREN PETER: - A Natural History of Aberdeen.
18863: MARRIAGE JOHN: - Changing Chelmsford
11019: MARRIC J. J.: - Gideon's Fog
6828: MARRISON L W: - Wines and Spirits.
6530: MARRISON L. W.: - Wines and spirits.
20311: MARRYAT CAPTAIN: - Jacob Faithful.
10145: MARS F. ST.: - Pinion and Paw.
16205: MARSDEN REX: - A Driving Ambition: the Education of a Cumbria Tourist Guide
20706: MARSH TERRY: - The Dales Way and Accommodation Guide (A Cicerone guide)
5266: MARSH JANET: - Janet Marsh's Nature Diary.
8454: MARSH NGAIO: - Enter a Murderer.
8457: MARSH NGAIO: - Dead Water.
8076: MARSH NGAIO: - Photo-finish.
21137: MARSH JOHN & GARBUTT JOHN: - Cumbrian Railways.
15604: MARSH JOHN: - The Westmorland Lakes in old photographs.
19049: MARSH TERRY: - On foot in Southern Scotland. 40 walks in the Southern Uplands.
18614: MARSHALL DOROTHY N.: - History of Bute. Third edition.
17280: MARSHALL ROSALIND K.: - John Knox
20315: MARSHALL S. L.A. BRIGADIER GENERAL USAR (RET.): - Crimsoned Prairie. the Wars Between the United States and the Plains Indians During the Winning of the West
14439: MARSHALL J D & DAVIES-SHIEL M: - Victorian and Edwardian Lake District from Old Photographs.
14608: MARSHALL JAMES S.: - North Leith Parish Church: The First 500 Years
1805: MARSHALL ARTHUR: - Poppy Parade: humerous anecdotes of service life.
12089: MARSHALL BRUCE: - The Red Danube
12069: MARSHALL BRUCE: - Only Fade Away.
13836: MARSHALL F. H.: - Discovery in Greek Lands: A Sketch of the Principal Excavations and Discoveries of the last Fifty Years
4546: MARSHALL HOWARD: - Men against Everest: the story of expeditions to Everest before 1953
9537: MARSHALL JANETTE: - Fast food for vegetarians: for busy, healthy eaters.
4753: MARSHALL ROASLIND K.: - The days of Duchess Anne: Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton 1656-1716.
743: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit.
528: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit: a British agent's adventures in Frnace
16593: MARSHALL JAMES SCOTT: - The Life and Times of Leith.
19474: MARSHALL DR R. K.: - Lennoxlove
18676: MARSHMAN MICHAEL: - Wiltshire: A Photographic Record, 1840-1920
2011: MARTELLI GEORGE: - The man who saved London: adventures of Michel Hollard Resistance leader.
17066: MARTIN JANET D.: - The Finsthwaite Princess: the making of a myth.
20851: MARTIN PAULA: - Cupar - A Short History and Guide
21612: MARTIN ANGUS: - Fishing and Whaling (Scotland's Past in Action)
16169: MARTIN FELICITY & WRIGHT ALLAN: - Perthshire. Photographs by Allan Wright.
11311: MARTIN J E: - Greater London - An Industrial Geography.
11943: MARTIN MONTGOMERY (ED): - The Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence of the Marquess Wellesley, K.G. during his Administration in India.
4083: MARTIN HUGH: - Battle: Life story of Winston S. Churchill.
10847: MARTIN MICHAEL: - A year near Proxima Centauri.
12365: MARTIN RUSSELL AND RON LOCKTON: - A Price Guide to Collectable Cameras
4820: MARTIN, DAVID: - The Vicksburg Campaign - The Great Military Campaigns of the Civil War.
14850: MARTIN FREDERICK: - The Story of Alec Drummond of the 17th Lancers Volume II of three volumes.
19587: MARTIN ELIZABETH: - Collecting and preserving old photographs.
10823: MARTINDALE C. C.: - In God's Nursery
17390: MARTINE JOHN & WILSON E. J. (ED): - Reminiscences and Notices of Ten Parishes of the County of Haddington by the late John Martine
17377: MARTINE J.: - Reminiscences and Notices of Fourteen Parishes of the County of Haddington
15203: MARTINE RODDY: - Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
19666: MARTINEAU HARRIET: - A Complete Guide to the English Lakes with maps, plans of towns and illustrations. Fifth ediiton
21039: MARWICK JAMES D.: - Sketch of the History of the High Constables of Edinburgh, with Notes on the Early Watching, . and Other Police Arrangements of the City.
14108: MARWICK W. H.: - A short history of Labour in Scotland.
19265: MARX KARL: - Critique of the Gotha programme
5399: MARX KARL: - Critique of the Gotha Programme with appendices by F. Engels and V.I. Lenin.
10419: MARZIALS THEO AND CRANE WALTER: - Panpipes - A Book of Old Songs.
20396: MASANI ZAREER: - Indian Tales of the Raj
21582: MASEFIELD JOHN BUCHAN WILLIAM (EDITOR): - John Masefield. Letters to Reyna.
15979: MASEFIELD,JOHN: - Land workers
20827: MASEFIELD JOHN: - Victorious Troy or The Hurrying Angel
6009: MASEFIELD JOHN: - With the Living Voice.
14234: MASON W. H.: - The North Country Quiz Book
15549: MASON A. E. W.: - The house of the arrow.
3271: MASON J. ALDEN: - The Ancient Civilisations of Peru. Pelican A395
4113: MASON J. ALDEN: - The ancient civilizations of Peru with 64 plates. Precolumbian Peru
13216: MASON, ROGER BURFORD: - Albion 26 Volume 9 No 2 Summer 1985 A journal for Private Press Printers
13215: MASON, ROGER BURFORD: - Albion 28 Volume 10 No 1 spring 1986 A journal for Private Press Printers
14131: MASON ROGER: - The Great Skipton Show.
17397: MASON ERIC: - The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in the Twentieth Century.
19901: MASON A. E. W.: - The Philanderers
18464: MASON JOHN: - The History of Trinity House of Leith.
17877: MASON A. E. W.: - Lawrence Clavering
13741: MASPERO, G. (EDITED BY A. H. SAYCE): - The Dawn of Civilization. Egypt and Chaldaea (Chaldea)
21269: MASSIE ALLAN: - Charlemagne and Roland.
18001: MASSIE ALLAN: - The Ragged Lion
16986: MASSIE ALLAN: - Muriel Spark (New Assessments)
8469: MASSINGHAM H J: - London Scene.
6747: MASSINGHAM H J & HUGH: - The Great Victorians - 2.
9456: MASSINGHAM H. J.: - The English Countryman: a study of the English Tradition.
19414: MASSON DAVID: - Edinburgh Sketches and Memories
19165: MASSON ROSALINE: - Scotland the nation
8611: MASSON DAVID: - Edinburgh Sketches and Memories.
13884: MASSON ROSALINE: - Peeps at Many Lands - Edinburgh.
2943: MASSON, ROSALIN.: - Edinburgh.
21498: MASSON ROSALINE: - Edinburgh.
18349: MASSON ROSALINE: - Edinburgh.
15528: MASSON ROSALINE SELECTOR AND EDITOR: - In Praise Of Edinburgh, An Anthology In Prose And Verse
3909: MASTERS JOHN: - Fandango Rock.
2890: MASTERS JOHN: - Fandango Rock.
9387: MASTERS JOHN: - Far, Far the Mountain Peak: twenty years in the life of Peter Savage civil servant and mountaineer.
1336: MASTERS, JOHN: - The Venus of Konpara.
14264: MASUR GERHARD: - Imperial Berlin
10594: MATHEOPOULOS HELENA: - Diva - Great sopranos and Mezzos discuss their art.
7086: MATHERS HELEN: - Comin' Thro' the Rye.
11082: MATHEW DAVID: - Steam Packet
11814: MATHEWS ADRIAN: - The Apothecary's House.
8742: MATHIAS PETER: - The First Industrial Nation - an economic history of Britain 1700-1914.
13740: MATTHEWS S. K.: - Photography in archaeology and art
16903: MATTHEWS L. HARRISON: - Penguin : Adventures Among The Birds, Beasts and Whalers of the Far South
7376: MATTINGLEY GARRETT: - The defeat of the Spanish Armada.
2231: MATTINGLY GARRETT: - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada.
18662: MAUFE SIR EDWARD: - Guildford Cathedral (Pitkin Pride of Britain Series)
7290: MAUGHAM VISCOUNT: - Lies as Allies or Hitler at War.
3616: MAUGHAM ROBIN: - Somerset and all the Maughams
2937: MAUGHAM W. SOMERSET: - Then and now: a novel.
9263: MAUPASSANT GUY DE: - The Mountain Inn and Other Stories.
9178: MAURIAC FRANCOIS: - Therese.
12097: MAURIAC FRANCOIS: - Therese - containing Therese Desqueyroux, Therese Chez Le Docteur & Therese a L'Hotel (from Plongees). La Fin de la Nuit
21573: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT: - A History of Dumfries and Galloway.
13929: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT (TRANS.): - The Chronicle of Lanercost 1272 - 1346.
2261: MAXWELL GAVIN: - The rocks remain.
12795: MAXWELL STEPHEN: - Scotland, Multinationals and the Third World
746: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - The House of Elrig.
1391: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - Ring of Bright Water.
1390: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - Ring of Bright Water.
1305: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - The Rocks Remain.
1393: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - The Rocks Remain.
1392: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - Ring of Bright Water.
16328: MAXWELL WILLIAM: - First Fifty Years of St. Cuthberts Co-Operative Association Limited, 1859-1909 / Edited by William Maxwell
17794: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT: - Rainy Days in a Library
19912: MAY NAOMI: - Troubles: a novel
10983: MAY JOHN HENRY: - Music of the Guns: based on two journals of the Boer War.
9718: MAYER ALBERT AND ASSOCIATES: - Pilot Project, India. The story of rural development at Etawah, Uttar Pradesh.
15596: MAYHEW HENRY QUENNELL PETER: - London's Underworld. Being Selections from 'Those That Will Not Work' the Fourth Volume of 'london Labour and the London Poor'
8037: MAYLE PETER: - A year in Provence.
19450: MAYNE PETER: - The Alleys of Marrakesh.
7283: MAYNE RICHARD: - Jersey Occupied: unique pictures of the Nazi Rule 1940-1945.
7626: MAYNE RICHARD: - Channel Islands Occupied: unique pictures of the Nazi rule 1940-1945
7264: MAYNE WILLAIM: - No more school. Illustrated by Peter Warner
3014: MAYNE WILLIAM: - The Member for the Marsh. Illustrated by Lynton Lamb.
3836: MAYNE WILLIAM: - The Yellow Airplane. Illustrated by Trevor Stubley.
5325: MAYNE WILLIAM: - Earthfasts.
12459: MAYNE WILLIAM: - Kelpie
2238: MAYO JAMES: - Shamelady: the third exploit of Charles Hood
2239: MAYO JAMES: - Hammerhead: introducing Charles Hood
6496: MAYO JAMES: - Shamelady: the Third Exploit of Charles Hood.
20495: MAYOR F. M. & SHEEPSHANKS MARY OLDFIELD, SYBIL: - Spinsters of This Parish: Life and Times of F.M.Mayor and Mary Sheepshanks
15595: MCADAM A. D & TULLOCH W. BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: - Geology of the Haddington District: Memoir for 1:50 000 Sheet 33W and Part of Sheet 41
19764: MCARTHUR MARGARET: - Blackhall Past and Present: Over 200 Photographs, Maps and Drawings Depicting 150 Years in Blackhall
3415: MCAULEY MARY: - Politics and the Soviet Union.
14175: MCBAIN ED: - Killer's Choice: an 87th precinct mystery
12021: MCBAIN ED: - The Big Bad City.
2745: MCBAIN ED: - The Heckler.
2742: MCBAIN ED: - Ten plus one.
7740: MCBAIN ED: - Cop hater.
14090: MCBAIN ED: - The Pusher: an 87th Precinct mystery.
367: MCBAIN, ED.: - Ghosts: an 87th Precinct mystery
880: MCBAIN, ED.: - Cinderella.
881: MCBAIN, ED.: - The McBain Brief.
1184: MCBAIN, ED.: - Killer's Choice.
875: MCBAIN, ED.: - Blood Relatives.
1185: MCBAIN, ED.: - Where There's Smoke.
368: MCBAIN, ED.: - Tricks: an 87th Precinct novel.
14122: MCBAIN ED: - 'Til Death An 87th Precinct story
14121: MCBAIN ED: - Axe. An 87th Precinct story.
17952: MCBRIDE ANGUS: - The Zulu War (Osprey Men at Arms Series)
20364: MCBRIDE JAMES (INTRO): - M.I.L.K. - Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship Family - A Celebration of Humanity.
12630: MCCABE BRIAN: - The Lipstick Circus
17890: MCCALL SMITH ALEXANDER: - Blue shoes and happiness. SIGNED
11034: MCCALL SMITH ALEXANDER: - The full cupboard of life. More from the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.
17930: MCCALL SMITH ALEXANDER: - Miracle at Speedy Motors
16985: MCCALLUM NEIL: - A Small Country Scotland 1700 - 1830
20218: MCCAMLEY N J: - Secret History of Chemical Warfare.
12864: MCCARRA KEVIN: - Scottish Football: Pictorial History from 1867 to the Present Day
18247: MCCARTHY MARY: - A social geography of Paisley
2913: MCCARTHY EUGENE J.: - Dictionary of American Politics.
14046: MCCARTHY TERRY: - Great Dock Strike of 1889: the story of the Labour Movement's first great victory.
10378: MCCARTNEY LINDA: - Linda's Summer Kitchen: over 100 seasonal recipes for meals without meat.
21120: MCCAUGHAN MICHAEL: - Titanic
11739: MCCLEMENT DONNA: - Vancouver is a garden
19130: MCCLURE J DERRICK ET ALIA: - The Scots Language - Planning for modern usage.
12872: MCCLURE J. DERRICK SALTIRE SOCIETY: - Why Scots matters: the Scots language is a priceless national possession.
18598: MCCONNELL DAVID: - Rails to Wick and Thurso: The Origin, Construction and opening of the Sutherland and Caithness Railway and the Duke of Sutherland's Railway.
14161: MCCONNELL TOM: - The Tartan Turf: Scottish Racing - Its Horses and Heroes
19043: MCCORMICK ANDREW & ECKFORD R. J. A.: - Galloway : The Spell of its Hills and Glens
15553: MCCORMICK ANDREW & ECKFORD R. J. A.: - Galloway : The Spell of Its Hills and Glens / to Which is Added the Geology of the Merrick Region By R. J. A. Eckford
9724: MCCORMICK DONALD: - How to buy an Island
3191: MCCORMICK JOHN: - Acid Earth - The Global Threat Of Acid Pollution.
19897: MCCORMICK ANDREW: - Galloway: the spell of its hills and glens. Second edition
16979: MCCORRY HELEN (ED): - The Thistle at War.
19244: MCCORRY HELEN (ED): - The Thistle at War: An Anthology of the Scottish Experience of War, in the Services and at Home
16415: MCCOWAN DAN: - Hill-Top Tales
9464: MCCRONE GUY: - Antimacassar City: a novel based in Glasgow
1878: MCCULLERS CARSON: - Clock without hands
20335: MCCULLOCH JOHN HERRIES: - Romantic Galloway: Guide and holiday brochure for South West Scotland. Seventh edition.
691: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN: - A Creed For the Third Millenium.
690: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN: - An Indecent Obsession.
15938: MCCUTCHAN PHILIP: - Cameron's Convoy. Large Print
17182: MCDERMID LEONARD: - Shoo Fly
16165: MCDERMOTT, BRIDGET: - Death in Ancient Egypt
21596: MCDERMOTT RICHARD & RICHARD: - "Dear Paradise": Stories of Balmoral and Royal Deeside
16221: MCDONALD NAN: - Selected poems
17250: MCDONALD REV. FR. ALLAN (ED. CAMPBELL J L): - Gaelic Words and Expressions from South Uist and Eriskay.
6588: MCDOUALL ROBIN: - Cooking with wine.
11800: MCDOWALL J KEVAN: - Carrick Gallovidian - A Historical Survey of the Ancient Lordship of Galloway...
11446: MCDOWALL WILLIAM: - History of Dumfries with notices of Nithsdale, Annandale and the Western border
12697: MCDOWALL WILLIAM: - Burns in Dumfriesshire: A Sketch of the Last Eight Years of the Poet's Life
17706: MCDOWALL WILLIAM: - History of the Burgh of Dumfries. with notices of Nithsdale, Annandale, and the Western Border 4th edition.
3068: MCELWEE WILLIAM: - The Battle of D Day: Men and Events.
16497: MCEWEN JOHN: - Three Scottish Ballads.
18604: MCFADYEN IAN: - Tom's Boat and other poems. Selected poems.
21233: MCFADZEAN RONALD: - Life and Work of Alexander Thomson
15248: MCGARRY MARY (COMPILER): - Great fairy tales of Ireland
10645: MCGHEE BILL: - Cut and run: a novel of the Glasgow street-gangs in the tradition of No Mean City.
3150: MCGILL JACK: - Scotland's Goals. An account of the Fourth International Forum November 197
14052: MCGONAGALL WILLIAM: - Poetic Gems selected from the Works of William McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian.
14606: MCGREGOR ROBERT: - The Hawke's Bay Earthquake: New Zealand's Greatest Natural Disaster
13864: MCGREGOR ROBERT & JULIA ROBERTA: - The history of a family.
17769: MCHARDY STUART: - The White Cockade and other Jacobite Tales.
11335: MCINTOSH ANGUS: - Introduction to a Survey of Scottish Dialects,
12861: MCINTOSH ANGUS: - Introduction to a Survey of Scottish Dialects.
14089: MCINTOSH J. T.: - Born Leader New worlds - New Peril SLIGHTLY ABRIDGED EDITION.
21611: MCINTYRE IAN: - Dirt and Diety: a life of Robert Burns.
21589: MCKAY BARRY AND VIVIEN: - Appleby-in-Westmorland: An Historic Town Guide . With Illustrations by Fenton MacRae and Jack Marshall, and others.
19517: MCKAY BARRY AND VIVIEN: - Appleby-in-Westmorland: An Historic Town Guide . With Illustrations by Fenton MacRae and Jack Marshall, and others.
14282: MCKECHNIE ALEXANDER: - An introduction to Gaelic Scotland.
18837: MCKENNA JOSEPH: - Birmingham as it Was the City 1857-1914
21202: MCKENZIE MALCOLM: - Rambles in North Nottinghamshire
19345: MCKERROW M. H. BURNS FEDERATION: - Dumfries and Galloway associations with Robert Burns. Notes on places, memorials, buildings and tombstones interesting from their associations with Robert Burns in Dumfries and Galloway
17177: MCKEVER MIKE: - Coast To Coast On An In-Growing Toenail
15763: MCKINNON MICHAEL: - Arabia: Sand, Sea, Sky
17508: MCLAREN MORAY: - Bonnie Prince Charlie
21160: MCLAREN CALUM: - Strange tales of the Borders
11264: MCLAREN E T: - Dr. John Brown and his Sister Isabella.
11969: MCLAREN J WILSON: - Edinburgh Worthies and Some Worthies.
9144: MCLAREN MORAY: - The Wisdom of the Scots - A Choice and A Comment.
9790: MCLAREN E. T.: - Dr John Brown and his sisters Isabella and Jane.
12832: MCLAREN E. T.: - Recollections of the public work and home life of Louisa and Flora Stevenson
6596: MCLAREN MORAY: - The Scots: a survey of their history, culture and beliefs.
18133: MCLAREN MORAY: - The capital of Scotland: a Twentieth-Century contemplation on Edinburgh.
12456: MCLEAN ALLAN CAMPBELL: - Ribbon of fire.
16578: MCLEISH NORRIE & MACKAY FAY (EDITORS): - Lauderdale in the 20th Century.
9818: MCLINTOCK DUNCAN: - Lerwick Harbour.
15572: MCMILLAN HUGH: - Aphrodite's Anorak
7214: MCMILLAN JAMES: - Anatomy of Scotland.
21459: MCMILLAN HUGH: - McMillan's Galloway: A Creative Guide by an Unreliable Local
21141: MCMURTRIE FRANCIS E.: - Jane's Fighting Ships 1943-4 (Corrected to July 1944)
20987: MCNAUGHTON DAVID B.: - Upper Strathearn from Earliest Times to Today: A Study of Its Places and People
3541: MCNEILE H. C.: - Bulldog Drummond returns. (Crime Club Classic)
17646: MCNEILL (M'NEILL) P.: - Prestonpans and Vicinity: Historical, Ecclesiastical and Traditional
17167: MCNEILL F MARIAN: - The Silver Bough - Vol: 4. - The Local Festivals of Scotland.
20653: MCNEILL F. MARIAN: - Iona : A History of the Island with Descriptive Notes
18291: MCNEILL F MARIAN: - The Silver Bough. Volume Two. A Calendar of Scottish National Festivals - Candlemas to Harvest Home.
15250: MCNEISH CAMERON: - The Best Hill Walking in Scotland.
18065: MCNEISH CAMERON: - The Munros - Scotland's Highest Mountains.
7830: MCNEISH CAMERON AND ELSE RICHARD: - The Edge - One hundred years of Scottish mountaineering.
19181: MCNIE ALAN: - Clan Macmillan: your Clan heritage.
16423: MCPHERSON J. M.: - The Kirk's Care of the Poor: with special reference to the North-East of Scotland
16738: MCPHERSON, A. (EDITOR):: - History of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1893-1970)
6705: MCWHIRTER N: - The Guinness Book of Records. 25th. Ed. 1979.
6707: MCWHIRTER N: - The Guinness Book of Records. 31st. Ed. 1985.
6706: MCWHIRTER N: - The Guinness Book of Records. 26th. Ed. 1980.
6703: MCWHIRTER N & R: - The Guinness Book of Records. 19th. Ed. 1972.
5157: MCWHIRTER N. & R.: - The Guinness Book of Records
7520: MEAD MARGARET: - Coming of Age in Samoa.
2230: MEAD MARGARET: - Growing up in New Guinea
2106: MEAD MARGARET: - Growing up in New Guinea: a study of adolescence and sex in primitive societies.
19887: MEADE L. T.: - In the time of Roses.
8096: MECHANICAL WORLD: - Mechanical World Year Book 1918
9893: MEE ARTHUR (ED): - Cornwall - The King's England.
11740: MEE ARTHUR: - Arthur Mee Heroes of the world.
18899: MEERES FRANK: - A History of Norwich
9322: MEIKLE HENRY W.: - Scotland: a description of Scotland and Scottish Life.
10217: MELBOURNE DAVID F. & HEARNE DR KEITH: - The dream oracle: a unique guide to interpreting message-bearing dreams.
15702: MELLOR FRANK: - Yorkshire, Quiet Places
2391: MELLY GEORGE: - Mellymobile 1970 - 1981
19992: MELNYK MICHAEL JAMES: - To Battle. The Formation and History of the 14th Galician Waffen-SS Division
9928: MELVILL JAMES & FYFE J. G.: - The histoire of the lyff of James Melvill Minister of KIlrenny. . A selection. A Saltire Book.
3088: MELVILLE HERMAN: - Moby Dick. (Illustrated).
19731: MEMBERS OF THE RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION: - 6 (six) of the Best Walks in Broxtowe Borough
19031: MENDEZ CHRISTOPHER: - Porttraits of artists Catalogue 10
8110: MENDRAS HENRI & COLE ALISTAIR: - Social change in modern France: towards a cultural anthropology of the Fifth Republic.
8683: MENPES MORTIMER AND DOROTHY: - World Pictures.
21029: MENZIES MRS STUART: - Sportsmen Parsons in Peace and War
11990: MENZIES GORDON (ED): - Who are the Scots? - A Search for the Origins of the Scottish Nation.
3220: MENZIES SIR ROBERT: - Afternoon light: some memories of men and events.
18595: MERCER ROGER: - Hambledon Hill; A Neolithic landscape.
17445: MERCER JOHN: - Hebridean Islands - Colonsay Gigha Jura.
20140: MERCER DERRIK, MUNGHAM GEOFF & WILLIAMS KEVIN: - The Fog of War: The Media on the Battlefield
20981: MERCER JOHN: - Canary Islands - Fuerteventura. ( The Islands Series)
8186: MEREDITH BROWN B: - The Brewer's Art.
5547: MEREDITH GEORGE: - Sandra Belloni originally Emilia in England.
835: MEREDITH, B.: - Vogue Body and Beauty Book.
5873: MERLE IRIS: - Portuguese Panorama.
16055: MERLE D'AUBIGNE J H: - History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century. Vols: 1 & 2
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9615: PACKARD VANCE: - The Naked Society: reveals the systematc bugging and confidential card indexing of the USA.
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11987: PARKER KATHERINE: - "My Ladie Dundie" Being a Very True Account of Her Life, Death and Burial, and of the Finding of Her Body So Perfect One Hundred Years Later
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16730: PASOLOINI PIER PAOLO: - Selected poems.
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3016: PATERSON PETER: - The Selectorate: the case for Primary Elections in Britain.
16013: PATERSON JAMES: - The Obit Book of the Church of St John the Baptist Ayr: With a Translation and an Historical Sketch, Illustrative Notes, Index, Etc
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9540: PATTEN MARGUERITE: - Eat well, Stay well: healthy recipes for a better longer life.
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1278: PATTERSON, (HIGGINS) HARRY: - To Catch A King.
15959: PATTISON ELIOT: - Doden Mantra
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15951: PAUL LUND & HARRY LUDLAM: - Trawlers go to War. The Story of 'Harry Tate's Navy'
1824: PAUL ALBERT: - Hard work and no consideration: 51 years as a carpenter-joiner 1917-1968.
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8168: PEACH L. DU GARDE LADYBIRD: - Stone Age Man in Briatain. An Adventure from History. Illustrated by John Kenney. A Ladybird History Book.
14469: PEACH R E M: - Street Lore of Bath: a record of changes in the highways and byways of the city.
18565: PEAKE LT COLONEL FREDERICK G. (PEAKE PASHA): - Change at St. Boswells: The Story of A Border Village
18566: PEAKE LT COLONEL FREDERICK G. (PEAKE PASHA): - Change at St. Boswells: The Story of A Border Village
3881: PEAKE PAMELA: - Creative Soft Toy Making.
4042: PEALE NORMAN VINCENT: - The amazing results of positive thinking.
15992: PEARCE JOHN: - Flight and other poems
3551: PEARL JACK: - Battleground World War 1: the exciting saga of the A.E.F. in France.
15134: PEARL CHIAM: - A guide to Shavuoth (Guides to the Jewish Festivals Series)
15128: PEARL CHAIM: - Guide to Minor Festivals and Fasts (Guides to the Jewish Festivals Series)
20157: PEARSALL W H: - Mountains and Moorlands.
9580: PEARSALL W. H.: - Mountains and Moorlands; The Fontana New Naturalist series.
20103: PEARSON MICHAEL: - The Burma Air Campaign 1941-1945.
18508: PEARSON MICHAEL: - Iron Road to the Isles: A Travellers and Tourist Guide to the West Highland Lines Second edition
12625: PEARSON KEVIN: - The Character Jug Collectors Handbook. Second Issue
12626: PEARSON KEVIN: - The Doulton Figure Collectors Handbook.
12624: PEARSON, KEVIN: - The Character Jug Collectors Handbook
21597: PEARSON MICHAEL: - Loch Katrine and the Steamship Sir Walter Scott.
21337: PEDDIE J. R.: - The British citizen, a book for young readers
11732: PEEL J. H. B. & MADDOX RONALD (ILLUSTRATOR): - An Englishman's Home.
5751: PEEL H. I. F.: - Radio for examinations.
11150: PEEL J. H. B.: - Along the Green Roads of Britain.
4171: PELAEZ MANUEL & LOPEZ MIGUEL: - Essays in the history of political thought. Studies in honor of Ferran Valls I Taberner.
2971: PELLING HENRY: - A history of British Trade Unionism. Pelican
7645: PELLING HENRY: - A History of British Trade Unionism. Third edition
20191: PELLOW ADA & TAY VALLEY FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY: - Maltmen, Customs and Excisemen of Dundee 1700-1850
20732: PELLOW ADA COMPILER: - Cases from the Perth Court 1840
16614: PELLY PATRICIA & TOD ANDREW (EDITORS): - A Highland Lady in France - Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus
9203: PEMBERTON W. BARING: - Lord Palmerston: a single volume life of the Victorian Statesmen
39: PEN, J.: - Modern Economics
14799: PENGUIN: - The World of Penguin. The Publisher's Complete Cataologue. 1984
9394: PENIAKOFF VLADIMIR POPSKI: - Private army: a story of the war between 1940 and 1945
19630: PENMAN ALASTAIR: - More Stewartry sketches. Second edition
19036: PENTON R. H.: - London Artisically Illustrated in Pencil & Described By a Londoner
8043: PEPPERCORN DAVID & COOPER BRIAN & BLACKER ELWYN: - Drinking wine: a complete guide for the buyer and consumer.
20692: PERCIVAL TONY: - Cambridgeshire Cricketers 1819-2006
7102: PERHAM M AND SIMMONS J: - African Discovery.
9722: PERHAM MARGERY: - Colonial sequence 1930 to 1949: a chronological commentary upon British Colonial policy especially in Africa

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