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2859: JOHNSTON BRIAN: - All about cricket: the 1975 edition containing the 1974 results.
21238: JOHNSTON J LAUGHTON: - A Dream of Silver
15166: JOHNSTON JOSEPH: - The Sickness of the Irish Economy.
18654: JOHNSTONE T. J.: - Ruskin for rector: The Edinburgh rectorial election of 1868 (Carlyle pamphlets)
6793: JOLLIFFE GRAY AND MAYLE PETER: - Dear Willie: your intimate questions answered by an expert.
17077: JONES IAN BAVINGTON: - Portrait of the Tweed: A Celebration of the Borders Landscape
14635: JONES ANN: - Women who kill.
20850: JONES ARTHUR F. & HOPNER GRAHAM N.: - On Leven's Banks: An Illustrated Social History of the Vale of Leven
17695: JONES, A.H.M. & MONROE, ELIZABETH: - A History of Abyssinia
20022: JONES DON: - Oba - The Last Samurai: Saipan 1944-1945.
18707: JONES ELIZABETH: - Poppyland in Pictures (Cromer)
6754: JONES A E: - Juvenile Delinquency and the Law.
6195: JONES A. H. M.: - Constantine and the Conversion of Europe. Teach Yourself History series.
11143: JONES BERNARD E: - The Cyclopaedia of Photography.
14001: JONES TERRY ET ALIA: - Who Murdered Chaucer? - A Medieval Mystery.
10999: JONES THOMAS: - A Theme With Variations.
2288: JONES AUBREY: - The new inflation: the politics of prices and incomes. Penguin Special
3411: JONES ERNEST: - The life and work of Sigmund Freud. Edited and abridged in one volume by Lionel Trilling and Steven Marcus.
4234: JONES GWYN: - A history of the Vikings.
3063: JONES HOWARD: - Crime in a changing society. Pelican Original.
5824: JONES ROY E.: - The functional analysis of politics: an introductory discussion.
553: JONES, KEN: - Seal Doctor.
17901: JONES DAVID KEITH: - Faces of Kenya. The Magic of Kenya Captured in a Superb Pictorial Treasury
20529: JONES ANTHEA: - The Cotswolds
5522: JORDAN HUMFREY: - Tide still flowing.
2343: JORDAN WILLIAM H.: - Windowsill ecology: controlling indoor plant pests with beneficial insects.
8036: JOSEPH ROBERT/ SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: - Good wine guide 1997: a combined buyers' guide and A-to-Z encyclopedia.
20331: JOUBERT CARL: - The Fall of Tsardom.
15762: JOURNAL OF THE ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND: - Architectural Heritage VIII: Caledonia Gothica - Pugin and the Gothic Revival in Scotland
19506: JOY DAVID: - Railways in the North: a pictorial introduction
19507: JOY DAVID: - Main Line over Shap. The Story of the Lancaster-Carlisle Railway
19508: JOY DAVID: - Main Line over Shap. The Story of the Lancaster-Carlisle Railway
18459: JOY DAVID: - Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain: South and West Yorkshire Volume VIII 8 (A regional history of the railways of Great Britain)
2623: JUBELIN ANDRE REAR ADMIRAL: - The flying sailor.
7754: JUNOR JOHN: - Listening for a Midnight Tram - Memoirs.
12214: JUSSERAND J J: - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages (XIVth Century). Illustrated
3759: JUST WARD: - A family trust: a novel.
3371: KAISER ROBERT: - Russia: the people and the power. Abridged edition.
20242: KALM E. J. & MCLEMORE HENRY: - Fighting Divisions. Histories of each U.S. Army Combat Division in World War II
6418: KALMUS H.: - Genetics.
2491: KAMINSKY STUART: - John Huston: maker of magic.
6322: KAMM ANTONY & LEAN ANNE: - A Scottish Childhood: 70 famous Scots remembered.
10529: KANN P: - Leningrad - a short guide.
14830: KAPLAN JONATHAN: - The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Odyssey
7241: KARAKA D F: - With the 14th. Army.
17896: KATCHER PHILIP & DOUGHTY C. L.: - The U.S. Army 1941-45: Osprey Men-at-Arms Series
14397: KATCHER PHILIP: - Great Gambles of the Civil War
3343: KATZ ELIHU & GUREVITCH MICHAEL: - The secularization of leisure: culture and communication in Israel.
3026: KATZ HARRIET: - Ambitions.
15512: KATZ BERNARD: - Nerve, muscle and synapse.
2336: KAUFMAN BEATRICE & HENNESSEY JOSEPH: - The letters of Alexander Woollcott.
3839: KAUFMANN HERBERT: - The King's Crocodile: a novel based in the Niger Delta.
16196: KAY JOHN: - A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings with Biographical Sketches and Illustrative Anecdotes.
9705: KAY GEORGE: - Changing patterns of settlement and land use in the Eastern Province of Northern Rhodesia. Occasional papers in Geography No. 2
13894: KAYE M M: - Death in Cyprus.
5564: KEARTON CHERRY: - The Island of Penguins.
19146: KEATES BRIAN: - Country Walks, Evening Telegraph; Thirty walks within fifteen miles of Coventry
4329: KEATING H. R. F.: - The Underside.
2199: KEATING PETER: - The Victorian Prophets: a Reader from Carlyle to Wells.
12566: KEATING, MICHAEL & BOYLE, ROBIN: - Remaking Urban Scotland: Strategies for Local Economic Development (Scottish Industrial Policy Series, Vol 3)
19558: KEATING H. R. F.: - Inspector Ghote Goes By Train (Penguin Crime)
6433: KEE ROBERT: - !945: the World we fought for. Brings to life the events of this year.
20606: KEEGAN JOHN: - The First World War.
20753: KEEGAN JOHN: - The First World War.
4759: KEEGAN KEVIN: - Kevin Keegan's European Soccer Special.
16495: KEEGAN WILLIAM: - The Spectre of Capitalism - The future of the world economy after the fall of communism.
13758: KEELER HARRY STEPHEN: - The Box from Japan
17802: KEENLYSIDE FRANCIS: - Peaks and Pioneers: the story of mountaineering.
20575: KEESEY WALTER M: - Canterbury - A Sketch Book.
19762: KEIGHLEY JACK: - South Pennine Walks: An Illustrated Guide to 30 Circular Walks of Outstanding Beauty and Interest
10112: KEIGHTLEY J. W.: - The splinter in the water chute.
2248: KEILLOR GARRISON: - Lake Wobegon Days.
2244: KEILLOR GARRISON: - We are still married
16355: KEIR DAVID: - The Third Statistical Account of Scotland the City of Edinburgh
14106: KEIR DAVID E & KENNEDY WALTER P (ED): - Our Tounis College; being a bouquet of poesy sung by devoted cives of our ancient and benign Alma Mater, and culled from divers sources
19059: KEITH-LUCAS B.: - English Local Government in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (General Seies 90)
16911: KEITH CHRISTINA BURNS ROBERT: - The russet coat: a critical study of Burns' poetry and of its background
14494: KEITH CHRISTINA: - The russet coat: A critical study of Burns' poetry and of its background
16855: KEITH CHRISTINA: - The Author of Waverley: A study in the personality of Sir Walter Scott
7430: KELLAS JAMES G: - The Scottish Political System.
8410: KELLAS JAMES G: - Modern Scotland _ The Nation since 1870.
3843: KELLERMAN JONATHAN.: - Devil's Waltz: featuring Alex Delaware.
6880: KELLEY LEO P: - Good-bye to Earth.
21017: KELLY R TALBOT: - Egypt.
14335: KELLY FRANCIS M. & SCHWABE RANDOLPH: - A Short History of Costume and Armour chiefly in England 1066 - 1800 (Volume 1 and 2 in one book).
13834: KELLY EMILY: - Emily Kelly's Commonsense Pilates: simple techniques for a strong, lithe, healthier body.
8263: KELLY F.: - Death be not proud: the moving story of a young Frenchman who died in a concentratioin camp in 1945 .
12369: KELLY LIONEL (ED):: - Tobias Smollett: The Critical Heritage.
20447: KELLY KELSO: - Galloway Men of Mark
6008: KELMAN JAMES: - How Late it Was, How Late.
6652: KELMAN JANET HARVEY: - Trees Shown to the Children.
16940: KELMAN JANET HARVEY & SMITH C E: - Trees Shown to the Children.
12788: KELSALL HELEN AND KEITH: - Scottish Lifestyle 300 Years Ago; New light on Edinburgh and Border Families.
17249: KELSALL HELEN AND KEITH: - Scottish Lifestyle 300 years Ago; New Light on Edinburgh and Border Families with a new chapter on music making.
16780: KELSO RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB: - A Hundred Years In "Black And White": A History of The Kelso Rugby Football Club 1876 - 1976
4909: KEMISH NORMAN: - Lansdowne House, The Marquis and his successors. An unfolding of 180 years in the history of Paris Smith and Randall based in Southampton.
12511: KEMP ROBERT: - Master John Knox.
15774: KEMP ROGER: - Cell Division and Heredity - The Institute of Biology's Studies in Biology No. 21
17951: KEMP ANTHONY & MCBRIDE ANGUS: - Allied Commanders of World War II (Osprey Men-at-Arms Series)
15937: KENDAL BURT, JAMES LEASOR: - The One That Got Away
11737: KENDRICK T D & HAWKES C F C: - Archaeology in England and Wales 1914 - 1931.
12050: KENNAWAY JAMES: - The cost of living like this.
12051: KENNAWAY JAMES: - Household ghosts.
8921: KENNEDY H A: - The Book of the West.
10524: KENNEDY GRACE: - Anna Ross: a story for children. Sixth edition
4051: KENNEDY LENA: - The Inn on the Marsh.
6593: KENNEDY MICHAEL: - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music. Third edition
14991: KENNETT FRANCES: - History of perfume
15903: KENT ALEXANDER: - Passage to Mutiny.
15897: KENT ALEXANDER: - Stand into danger.
4801: KENT ALEXANDER: - Sloop of war: a Richard Bolitho story.
5321: KENT ALEXANDER: - Enemy in sight!: a Richard Bolitho story.
7133: KENT ALEXANDER: - Richard Bolitho - Midshipman.
12338: KENT JOHN: - 2000 years of British Coins and Medals
13813: KENT SIMON: - Fire down below.
15904: KENT ALEXANDER: - In Gallant Company.
17757: KENT ALEXANDER: - The Only Victor
17755: KENT ALEXANDER: - Success to the Brave
17753: KENT ALEXANDER: - Honour this day.
17758: KENT ALEXANDER: - Relentless pursuit.
17759: KENT ALEXANDER: - Cross of St George
17760: KENT ALEXANDER: - Stand into danger.
17761: KENT ALEXANDER: - A tradition of Victory
17762: KENT ALEXANDER: - The Inshore Squadron
17750: KENT ALEXANDER: - Man of War ( a Bolitho novel)
1761: KENWOOD A.G. & LOUGHEED A.L.: - The growth of the International economy 1820-1960
17416: KENYON PAUL: - I am Justice - A Journey out of Africa.
3420: KENYON J. P.: - The Stuarts. (The Fontana Library).
12757: KEPPIE LAWRENCE: - Scotland's Roman Remains: an introduction and handbook
5287: KER DAVID: - The Necklace of shells: a story of West Africa. Illustrated by J. R. Burgess.
6284: KERMACK W R: - The Scottish Bedside Book - An Anthology of Prose and Verse in Scots and English.
13624: KERMACK, W. R.: - 19 Centuries of Scotland
17659: KERNOHAN R. D.: - Scotland's Life and Work': A Scottish View of God's World through Life and Work, 1879-1979
21020: KERR JOHN: - Old Grampian Highways: Comyn's Road, Minigaig Pass
20980: KERR A. J. C.: - Scottish Opinion Survey
16895: KERR DAVID: - A Puckle Poems
20044: KERR PAUL: - The Crimean War
19868: KERRIGAN CATHERINE: - Whaur Extremes Meet : The Poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid
20159: KERSHAW IAN: - Hitler: 1936-1945 Nemesis.
11704: KERSHAW IAN: - Hitler - 2 Vols. Volume 1 Hubris 1889-1936 Volume 2 Nemesis 1936 - 1945
9009: KERSLEY HOLMES W: - In the Open. Verses.
6739: KESSLER LEO: - Hammer of the Gods.
6740: KESSLER LEO: - The Devil's Shield.
4986: KESSLER LEO: - The Sand Panthers.
6948: KESSLER LEO: - SS Panzer Battalion.
4987: KESSLER LEO: - Hammer of the Gods.
6949: KESSLER LEO: - Guns at Cassino.
6946: KESSLER LEO: - Blood Mission and Claws of Steel
6945: KESSLER LEO: - The Devil's Shield.
6943: KESSLER LEO: - Hammer of the Gods
11039: KESSLER LEO: - Kommando: Hitler's Special Forces in the Second World War.
1970: KESSLER, LEO.: - Blood and Ice.
20859: KEY BARRIE WILLIAM: - Sapper William Key No 112790 172 Tunnelling Company Royal Engineers 1914-1918 War.
6423: KEYES FRANCES PARKINSON: - Steamboat Gothic.
20533: KEYS R. & PORTER L.: - The Manifold Valley and Its Light Railway
7438: KHRUSHCHEV NIKITA: - Khrushchev Remembers.
11193: KIBBY GEOFFREY: - An illustrated guide to Mushrooms and other Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe.
10232: KIDD DAVID: - Peking story: the last days of Old China. An account of Kidds years in Peking before, during and after the Revolution.
20216: KIELLAND ALEXANDER L: - Napoleon's Men and Methods
16799: KILBUCHO: - kilbucho's latest
16897: KILBUCHO T T: - From a Shiffeneer Drawer.
16898: KILBUCHO T T: - Kilbucho's Latest.
21133: KILBURN J M: - History of Yorkshire County Cricket 1924-1949.
8834: KILDUFF, PETER: - The Red Baron: beyond the legend.
20247: KINCAID CAPTAIN SIR JOHN: - Adventures in the Rifle Brigade and Random Shots from a Rifleman: (Abridged)
15960: KING STEPHEN: - Achtbaan
16087: KING CHARLES: - Twelve Modern Scottish Poets
16064: KING CHARLES & CRICHTON SMITH IAIN (ED): - Twelve More Modern Scottish Poets.
20824: KING C. W. (TRANS) PLUTARCH: - Plutarch's Morals: Theosophical Essays
20120: KING PETER: - The Viceroy's Fall: How Kitchener Destroyed Curzon
2454: KING BERNARD: - The Destroying Angel: Volume 1 of the Chronicles of the Keeper.
8319: KING RONALD: - Great gardens of the world: a guide to styles of gardens throughout the ages. Originally published as "The Quest for Paradise".
3127: KING STEPHEN: - Pet Sematary.
4465: KING STEPHEN: - Rose Madder
8081: KINGSLEY CHARLES: - The Heroes: or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children.
6390: KINGSLEY CHARLES: - Westward Ho! Herbert Strang's Library.
1312: KINGSLEY, CHARLES: - Two Years Ago.
12963: KINGSTON PATRICK: - Royal Trains.
19795: KINNA JAMES G.: - History of the Parish of Minnigaff
19023: KINROSS JOHN: - Discovering Castles in England and Wales (Discovering series No 152) Second edition.
21113: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Many inventions (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21148: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Life's Handicap: being stories of mine people (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21267: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The New Army In Training.
21218: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Jungle Book. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21217: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Rewards and Fairies. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
15107: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The light that failed
21110: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
20961: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Actions and reactions (Red leather edition)
21115: KIPLING RUDYARD: - From Sea to Sea and other sketches. Letters of Travel. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
14187: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Under the Deodars.
14186: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Story of the Gadsbys.
14188: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories.
7079: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Light That Failed.
8248: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Years Between
12473: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Rewards and Fairies.
6714: KIPLING RUDYARD.: - Animal Stories from Rudyard Kipling.
3864: KIPLING RUDYARD: - So shall ye reap: poems for these days.
6169: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Years Between.
6168: KIPLING RUDYARD: - A Diversity of Creatures.
6837: KIPLING RUDYARD: - A Kipling Treasury: stories and poems.
8078: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Five Nations.
11090: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Collected dog stories. Illustrated by G. L. Stampa.
19682: KIPLING RUDYARD & J. FREDERICK BRIDGE (MUSIC): - The Ballad of the "Clampherdown"
21124: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Songs from books. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21127: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Plain Tales from the Hills (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21128: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Kim (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21129: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Stalky and Co. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
21149: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories. (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
15967: KIPLING RUDYARD: - Departmental ditties and other verses.
20936: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Light that failed. Red Leather edition
21111: KIPLING RUDYARD: - The Second Jungle Book (Macmillan''s Pocket Kipling)
13204: KIRK SESSION: - Notes on the History of St Andrew’s Church, Edinburgh. Prepared by the Kirk Session on the occasion of the Centenary of the opening of the Church. 12th December 1884.
14596: KIRK GORDON (EDITOR): - Moray House and Professional Education, 1835 - 1985 Papers to mark the college's 150th Anniversary.
20898: KIRKCALDY CIVIC SOCIETY,: - Kirkcaldy's Famous Folk Volume 2
13529: KIRKHAM, NELLIE: - Derbyshire (Vision of England)
19374: KIRKHAM PETER: - Exploring Colne Valley Ten varied circular walks to enjoy a special kind of Country Second edition
7737: KIRSCH ROBERT: - Casino: a novel of Las Vegas.
6178: KIRST H H: - Officer Factory.
6220: KIRST H H: - Heroes for Sale.
914: KIRST, H.H.: - The Night of the Generals.
15723: KISCH RICHARD: - They shall not pass: the Spanish People at War 1936-39.
5627: KITSON CLARK G.S.R.: - An expanding society: Britain 1830-1900.
15530: KITSON CLARK G.: - The making of Victorian England.
12994: KLAVAN KATE DOORDAN: - American Period Interiors in Miniature - A Style and Source Book.
4052: KLAVAN ANDREW: - Don't say a word.
18780: KNIGHT, G. WILSON: - The Imperial Theme: Further interpretations of Shakespeare's Tragedies, including the Roman Plays
11155: KNIGHT W STANLEY MACBEAN: - The History of the Great European War - Its Causes and Effects.
6600: KNIGHT MARGARET: - William James: an account of his psychological teaching.
20024: KNIGHT IAN: - Marching To The Drums : Eye Witness Accounts of War from The Kabul Massacre To The Siege of Mafikeng
19614: KNIGHT E.F.: - The Cruise of the "Alerte" in Search of Treasure
20325: KNOTEL HERBERT & SIEG HERBERT: - Uniforms of the World :A Compendium of Army, Navy, and Air Force Uniforms, 1700-1937
21162: KNOWLES ARTHUR & BEECH GRAHAM: - The Bluebird Years: Donald Campbell and the Pursuit of Speed
17060: KNOWLTON DERRICK: - Naturalist in Scotland (Regional Naturalist)
2240: KNOX ALEXANDER: - Raider's Moon
10663: KNOX BILL: - Whitewater.
7760: KNOX JOHN: - History of the Reformation in Scotland.
10729: KNOX BILL: - The Cockatoo Crime
2858: KNOX JOHN & WALKER RALPH S. EDITOR: - The historie of the Reformation of religion within the realm of Scotland by John Knox: a selection. (A Saltire Book).
9648: KNOX JOHN & WALKER RALPH S.: - The Historie of the Reformatioun of Religioun within the Realm of Scotland by John Knox.: a selection. From the Saltire Classics series.
19967: KNOX MALCOLM: - Never a Gentleman's Game
17401: KNOX WILLIAM: - James Maxton (Lives of the Left)
21221: KNOX SUSAN A.: - The Making of the Shetland Landscape
18323: KOCH-OSBORNE PETER D: - The Cairngorm Glens : A Personal Survey of the Cairngorm Glens for Mountainbikers and Walkers (The Scottish Glens Book 1 Cicerone Guide)
2082: KOHL HERBERT: - Reading, how to
15025: KOHLI HARDEEP SINGH: - Indian Takeaway - one man's attempt to cook his way home.
4760: KOJAK: - KOJAK Annual 1977
846: KOJAK.: - Annual 1977.
5941: KONSALIK HEINZ: - Highway to Hell.
6947: KONSALIK HEINZ: - Front-line Theatre.
1753: KOSSOFF DAVID: - The Book of Witnesses.
4912: KRUYS IVAN: - Butterflies of Pembrokeshire. Pembrokshire Coast National Parks Subject Guide.
21119: KUKIEL GENERAL MARIAN: - The Polish-Soviet Campaign of 1920. (Scottish Polish Society Publications No 1. )
1662: KURTZ, IRMA.: - Sob Sister.
8249: KYBETT SUSAN MACLEAN: - Bonnie Prince Charlie - A Biography.
21071: KYD JAMES GRAY: - The Drove Paths and Bridle Paths around Braemar
3054: KYLE DUNCAN: - Flight into fear.
14328: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - Reilly's Luck
8435: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - Heller with a Gun.
3161: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - The man called Noon
9889: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - Catlow.
10639: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - Kilkenny
10640: L'AMOUR LOUIS: - Kid Rodelo
19280: L. R. A. GROVE AND ALFRED JOYCE: - Borough of Maidstone Official Guide 6th edition
3666: LABEDZ LEOPOLD & SOLZHENITSYN ALEXANDER: - Solzhenitsyn: a documentary record including the full text of the Nobel Prize speech.
13488: LABOUR PARTY: - The Reorganisation of the electricity supply industry (Socialism in action)
13489: LABOUR PARTY: - The Reorganisation of the electricity supply industry (Labour Party Policy Report No. 3)
15050: LACEY RICHARD W.: - Hard to Swallow: A Brief History of Food
2056: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY.: - Carnival: a People's Uprising at Romans 1579-1580.
5819: LADYBIRD MCNALLY J. & MURRAY W.: - Understanding numbers. The Ladybird Words for Number Series book 1. Series 661
9415: LADYGINA-KOHTS N. N. & EDITED BY DE WAAL FRANS: - Infant Chimpanzee and Human Child: a classic 1935 Comparative study of Ape Emotions and Intelligence.
19885: LAGARDE ANDRE & MICHARD LAURENT: - XVII Siecle - Les grands auteurs francais du programme.
19879: LAGARDE ANDRE & MICHARD LAURENT: - Moyen Age - Les grands auteurs Francais du programme.
19902: LAGARDE ANDRE & MICHARD LAURENT: - XIX Siecle - Les grands auteurs francais du programme.
19880: LAGARDE ANDRE & MICHARD LAURENT: - XVI Siecle - Les grands auteurs francais du programme.
14387: LAIDLAW WALTER: - Poetry and prose with biographical sketch by Sir George Douglas. Third edition
9968: LAING DAVID: - The Poetical Works of Sir David Lyndsay.
12638: LAING LLOYD: - Ancient Scotland - a guide to the remains.
11926: LAING LLOYD: - Ancient Scotland : A Guide to the Remains
20635: LAING LLOYD R: - Medieval and Other Material in Linlithgow Palace Museum.
16566: LAIRD DOROTHY: - Paddy Henderson - The Story of P. Henderson & Company.
6566: LAIRD RAY D. & BETTY A.: - Soviet Communism and Agrarian Revolution.
21264: LAKE JON (EDITOR): - Grumman F-14 Tomcat.Shipborne superfighter. Warplane Classics/ World Airpower Journal
4045: LAMBERT DEREK: - The Yermakov transfer.
11533: LAMBERT DEREK: - Spanish Lessons: beginning a new life in Spain.
3344: LAMBERT RICHARD S.: - Propaganda. Discussion Books. No.13.
8682: LAMME BENJAMIN G.: - Electrical engineering papers: this volume contains a collection of the author's most important engineering papers presentted beofre various technical societies.
12702: LAMOND HENRY: - Verses Piscatory and Amatory
17668: LAMONT-BROWN RAYMOND: - The Life and Times of Berwick-upon-Tweed
6329: LAMONT ARCHIE & SCOTTISH JOURNAL OF SCIENCE: - Prolegomena to aggressive mimicry and protective resemblance in early fishes, Chelicerates, Trilobites and Brachiopods. An offprint from Scottish Journal of Science Volume 1 Part 2 pages 75-103 October 1969
19963: LAMONT W. D.: - Ancient & mediaeval sculptured stones of Islay
16512: LAMONT PETER: - The rise of the Indian Rope Trick: the biography of a legend.
14308: LANCASTER BILL: - Northern Review Volume 6 Spring 1998 a Journal of Regional and Cultural Affairs.
2176: LANCASTER OSBERT: - Drayneflete Revealed
3838: LANCASTER SHEILA: - Dark sweet wanton.
17478: LANDALE, AGNES KATHERINE: - An Edwardian Lady's Flower Album, 1913
11359: LANDSBOROUGH GORDON: - The Battle of the River Plate.
9566: LANDSBURG ALAN & SALLY: - The Outer Space Connection: containing astonishing new proof that we are not alone in the universe.
10536: LANE MARGARET: - A Calabash of Diamonds - An African Treasure Hunt.
10480: LANE JANE: - The March of the Prince. Illustrated by Douglas Relf
16904: LANE PETER: - Elizabethan England (Visual Sources Series)
20988: LANG THEO (EDITOR): - The Border Counties (The Queen's Scotland)
14274: LANG JEAN & SCOTT, TOM (ILLUSTRATOR): - A Land of Romance, The Borders, It's History and Legend
16185: LANG ANDREW: - XXII and X,: XXXII Ballades in Blue China.
11718: LANG JOHN & JEAN: - Stories of the Border Marches.
13059: LANG JOHN & LANG JEAN: - Stories of the Border Marches
19665: LANG ANDREW: - A History of Scotland from the Roman Occupation ALL THREE VOLUMES Third edition.
17721: LANG THEO: - Edinburgh and the Lothians (The Queen's Scotland)
16000: LANGDON-DAVIES JOHN: - Air Raid. The Technique of Silent Approach High Explosive Panic
16714: LANGLEY ROBERT: - Walking the Scottish Border.
18391: LANGLEY ROBERT: - Walking the Scottish Border
12848: LANGSTAFF, NANCY & JOHN PIENKOWSKI JAN (ILLUSTRATOR): - Jim Along, Josie : A Collection of Folk Songs and Singing Games for Young Children
1198: LAPIERRE, DOMINIQUE: - City of Joy.
16503: LAPIERRE ALEXANDRA: - Fanny Stevenson - Muse, Adventuress and Romantic Enigma.
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7128: MARCHENKO ANATOLY: - My testimony: the first detailed report on Soviet prison camps today.
21265: MARCHINGTON JOHN: - Shooting - a complete guide for beginners.
18319: MARCO POLO LATHAM RONALD (TRANSLATOR): - The travels of Marco Polo.
14879: MARGADANT TED W.: - Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution
16802: MARGARET DOUGLAS-HOME: - A Spencer Childhood
18522: MARIE "MISSIE" VASSILTCHIKOV: - The Berlin Diaries, 1940-45
1804: MARK ROBERT: - In the office of Constable.
20195: MARK VII (PLOWMAN MAX): - A Subaltern on the Somme.
9040: MARKIDES KYRIAKOS S. EDITOR: - Aging and health: perspectives on gender, race, ethnicity and class.
20203: MARKS LEO: - Between Silk and Cyanide : The Story of SOE's Code War
1996: MARKS LEONARD & GRAN MAURICE: - Dorien's Diary.
1951: MARKS RICHARD: - The Burrell Collection.
19548: MARKS RICHARD: - Burrell: Portrait of a Collector. Second edition.
20879: MARKUS THOMAS A (ED):,: - Order in space and society. Architectural form and Its Context in the Scottish Enlightenment
2123: MARM INGVALD & SOMMERFELT ALF: - Teach yourself Norwegian: a book of self-instruction in the Norwegian Riksmal
20552: MARR J E: - The Geology of the Lake District and the Scenery as influenced by Geological Structure.
16749: MARREN PETER: - A Natural History of Aberdeen.
18863: MARRIAGE JOHN: - Changing Chelmsford
11019: MARRIC J. J.: - Gideon's Fog
6828: MARRISON L W: - Wines and Spirits.
6530: MARRISON L. W.: - Wines and spirits.
20311: MARRYAT CAPTAIN: - Jacob Faithful.
10145: MARS F. ST.: - Pinion and Paw.
16205: MARSDEN REX: - A Driving Ambition: the Education of a Cumbria Tourist Guide
20706: MARSH TERRY: - The Dales Way and Accommodation Guide (A Cicerone guide)
5266: MARSH JANET: - Janet Marsh's Nature Diary.
8454: MARSH NGAIO: - Enter a Murderer.
8457: MARSH NGAIO: - Dead Water.
8076: MARSH NGAIO: - Photo-finish.
21137: MARSH JOHN & GARBUTT JOHN: - Cumbrian Railways.
15604: MARSH JOHN: - The Westmorland Lakes in old photographs.
19049: MARSH TERRY: - On foot in Southern Scotland. 40 walks in the Southern Uplands.
18614: MARSHALL DOROTHY N.: - History of Bute. Third edition.
17280: MARSHALL ROSALIND K.: - John Knox
20315: MARSHALL S. L.A. BRIGADIER GENERAL USAR (RET.): - Crimsoned Prairie. the Wars Between the United States and the Plains Indians During the Winning of the West
14439: MARSHALL J D & DAVIES-SHIEL M: - Victorian and Edwardian Lake District from Old Photographs.
14608: MARSHALL JAMES S.: - North Leith Parish Church: The First 500 Years
1805: MARSHALL ARTHUR: - Poppy Parade: humerous anecdotes of service life.
12089: MARSHALL BRUCE: - The Red Danube
12069: MARSHALL BRUCE: - Only Fade Away.
13836: MARSHALL F. H.: - Discovery in Greek Lands: A Sketch of the Principal Excavations and Discoveries of the last Fifty Years
4546: MARSHALL HOWARD: - Men against Everest: the story of expeditions to Everest before 1953
9537: MARSHALL JANETTE: - Fast food for vegetarians: for busy, healthy eaters.
4753: MARSHALL ROASLIND K.: - The days of Duchess Anne: Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton 1656-1716.
743: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit.
528: MARSHALL, BRUCE: - The White Rabbit: a British agent's adventures in Frnace
16593: MARSHALL JAMES SCOTT: - The Life and Times of Leith.
19474: MARSHALL DR R. K.: - Lennoxlove
18676: MARSHMAN MICHAEL: - Wiltshire: A Photographic Record, 1840-1920
2011: MARTELLI GEORGE: - The man who saved London: adventures of Michel Hollard Resistance leader.
17066: MARTIN JANET D.: - The Finsthwaite Princess: the making of a myth.
20851: MARTIN PAULA: - Cupar - A Short History and Guide
16169: MARTIN FELICITY & WRIGHT ALLAN: - Perthshire. Photographs by Allan Wright.
11311: MARTIN J E: - Greater London - An Industrial Geography.
11943: MARTIN MONTGOMERY (ED): - The Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence of the Marquess Wellesley, K.G. during his Administration in India.
4083: MARTIN HUGH: - Battle: Life story of Winston S. Churchill.
10847: MARTIN MICHAEL: - A year near Proxima Centauri.
12365: MARTIN RUSSELL AND RON LOCKTON: - A Price Guide to Collectable Cameras
4820: MARTIN, DAVID: - The Vicksburg Campaign - The Great Military Campaigns of the Civil War.

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