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4074: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Warleggan: the fourth Poldark novel. A novel of Cornwall 1792-1793
5280: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Angry Tide: The Seventh Poldark nove. A novel of Cornwall 1798-9
5215: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Angry Tide: the Seventh Poldark novel. A novel of Cornwall 1798-9
5219: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Black Moon The Fith Poldark novel. A novel of Cornwall 1794-5.
6906: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Walking Stick.
6912: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Stephanie.
5549: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Miller's Dance. : a novel of Cornwall 1812-1813. the Ninth Poldark novel.
4476: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Angell, Pearl and Little God
5217: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Jeremy Poldark: The Third Poldark novel. A novel of Cornwall. 1790-1791
5218: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Warleggan. The Fourth Poldark novel. A novel of Cornwall 1792-1793.
6911: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Cordelia.
6909: GRAHAM WINSTON: - Cameo.
6908: GRAHAM WINSTON: - The Green Flash.
6907: GRAHAM WINSTON: - After the Act.
4342: GRAHAM, WINSTON: - Angel Pearl & Little God.
11874: GRAHAM-CAMPBELL DAVID: - Scotland's Story in Her Monuments
15722: GRAHAM CUTHBERT: - Portrait of Aberdeen and Deeside with Aberdeenshire, Banff and Kincardine (Portrait Books)
18913: GRAHAM FRANK: - Northumberland and Durham: A Social and Political Miscellany
21102: GRAHAM CUTHBERT: - Aberdeen: Historical Walk-About
20355: GRAHAM DOMINICK & BIDWELL SHELFORD: - Tug of war : the battle for Italy, 1943-1945
18262: GRAHAME KENNETH: - The Golden Age.
71: GRAHAME KENNETH: - Dream days
16830: GRAINGER STUART: - An introduction to Pyrography
10400: GRANCSAY STEPHEN V.: - Arms and Armour (The Odyssey Library) Illustrated with photographs and documents.
17637: GRANT I F: - Highland Folk Ways.
18116: GRANT JAMES SHAW: - Discovering Lewis and Harris.
20867: GRANT RODERICK: - Strathalder: A Highland Estate
16030: GRANT JAMES SHAW: - Surprise Island. True stories from the Western Isles.
15601: GRANT ARTHUR: - The Grey Shrines of England
17897: GRANT CHARLES & ROFFE MICHAEL: - Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard. Osprey Men-at-Arms Series.
5541: GRANT JOHN: - The Royal Visit: Lego Pirstes.
16685: GRANT WILL: - Tweeddale.
17410: GRANT I. F.: - The Social and Economic Development of Scotland before 1603
16723: GRANT F. J.: - Climbing With Angels And Ghosts
17510: GRANT JAMES SHAW: - Stornoway and the Lews.
15980: GRANT RODERICK: - Strathalder: a Highland Estate.
21014: GRANT JAMES: - The piggy back and other tales of Strathspey
16941: GRANT MICHAEL: - The Army of the Caesars.
1790: GRANTA: - 44. The last place on earth.
1791: GRANTA: - 48. Africa
13479: GRASMERE PLAY: - THE LEWTHWAITES OF LOWGILL. A drama of Westmorland village life in four acts.
13427: GRASMERE PLAY: - ON SECOND THOUGHTS. A drama of Westmorland village life in four acts.
3965: GRASS GUNTER: - Cat and mouse.
9669: GRAVES ROBERT: - Poems 1953.
7387: GRAVES ROBERT: - Claudius the God. Cover from the TV Series.
8565: GRAVES ROBERT: - Whipperginny.
10525: GRAVES ROBERT & HODGE ALAN: - The long week-end: a social history of Great Britain 1918-1939
16011: GRAVES ROBERT: - The Greek Myths (2 Vols.)
19411: GRAY JAMES S.: - Victorian and Edwardian Sussex From Old Photographs
6736: GRAY THOMAS: - The Works of Thomas Gray in Prose and Verse.
11378: GRAY THOMAS: - Poems by Thomas Gray.
11970: GRAY W FORBES: - An Edinburgh Miscellany - Chapters mainly in the Social and Literary History of the City.
12696: GRAY JOHN M ORGAN: - Lord Selkirk of Red River.
10027: GRAY M. M. EDITOR: - Scottish poetry from Barbour to James VI
6200: GRAY MURIEL: - Furnace.
11464: GRAY PHILIP: - Ghosts of Targets Past: The Lives and Losses of a Lancaster Crew in 1944-45
14442: GRAY HILARY (ED): - Cumbria - Lake District Life. A Celebration of 40 Years.
19123: GREACEN ROBERT: - A Garland for Captain Fox
18674: GREAT BRITAIN: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT: - Ancient Monuments of Orkney
18104: GREAT BRITAIN CROFTERS COMMISSION: - The Crofters Commission. Annual Report for 1975.
6197: GREAT BRITAIN: - Documents concerning German-Polish relations and the outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939 Miscellaneous No. 9 (1939) Command 6106
15738: GREAVES M. F.: - Cellular recognition (Outline Studies in Biology)
18519: GREEN WILLIAM: - Famous Bombers of the Second World War.
18641: GREEN IVAN: - Tonbridge : a pictorial history. (Pictorial history series)
18999: GREEN ALAN: - 24 from 24 a selection of 24 walks in and around The Peak Disrict National Park.
14257: GREEN SAMUEL: - Scotland 100 years ago.
13795: GREEN WILLIAM SPOTSWOOD: - Among the Selkirk Glaciers.
13611: GREEN BENNY: - P.G.Wodehouse: A Literary Biography (Oxford Paperbacks)
5553: GREEN MAUREEN: - Giving a party: how to survive while your guests enjoy themselves. Guidance on drinks parties, dinners, picnics and barbecues, buffets, breakfasts, brunchies and catering for children
19622: GREEN ROGER LANCELYN: - Andrew Lang A Critical Biography with a short Bibliography of the Works of Andrew Lang
17560: GREEN ROGER LANCELYN: - Andrew Lang A Critical Biography with a Short-Title Bibliography of the Works of Andrew Lang
21271: GREEN STEPHEN: - Cricketing bygones (Shire Album)
14655: GREENBERG JOANNE: - Rites of Passage
3143: GREENBERG WILLIAM: - The Flags of the Forgotten. Nationalism on the Celtic Fringe.
6483: GREENE GRAHAM: - The Captain and the Enemy: a novel.
6555: GREENE GRAHAM: - The Honorary Consul
1281: GREENE, GRAHAM: - Travels With My Aunt.
1529: GREENE, GRAHAM: - A Burnt Out Case.
18480: GREENE GRAHAM: - Loser Takes All.
19777: GREENE GRAHAM: - A Sense of Reality
19781: GREENE GRAHAM: - The Captain and the Enemy.
4004: GREENFIELD GEORGE: - Desert episode: fiction based on El Alamein
20438: GREENLAND TONY: - Tony Greenland's Panzer Modelling Masterclass
17460: GREGORY BARRY & BATCHELOR JOHN: - Airborne warfare 1918 - 1945
6304: GREGORY JAMES S.: - Land of the Soviets: explains what Russia was like beofre the Second World War.
7851: GREGORY JAMES S.: - Land of the Soviets: Russian Geography
11656: GREGORY PHILIPPA: - Earthly joys Virgin Earth.
18317: GREGORY DONALD: - History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland from A.D.1493 to A.D.1625; with a brief introductory sketch from A.D.80 to A.D.1493.
7220: GREIG JOHN (EDITED & ARRANGED BY): - Scots Minstelsie: A National Monument of Scottish Song. Vol. V.
9502: GREIG JOHN EDITOR AND ARRANGER: - Scots Minstrelsie Volume 3 of 6 Volume edition. A National Monument of Scottish Song.
20379: GREIG ANDREW: - Romanno Bridge.
17281: GREN ANDRE: - The Bridge is Down!: Dramatic Eye-witness Accounts of the day the Tay Bridge went down Sunday 28 December 1879 (Railway Heritage)
6873: GRENFELL JOYCE: - In Pleasant Places.
2639: GRENFELL JOYCE: - Requests the pleasure.
7775: GRENFELL JOYCE: - Joyce Grenfell requests the pleasure.
7778: GRENFELL JOYCE & ROOSE-EVANS JAMES: - Darling Ma: Letters to her Mother 1932-1944
2294: GRENFELL SIR WILFRED THOMASON: - A labrador doctor: the autobiography of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell.
17034: GRENFELL WILFRED: - Forty years for Labrador
20412: GREY OWL: - The Men of the Last Frontier
13629: GREY-JOHNSON, NANA: - I of Ebony.
17818: GREY OWL & CORY HARPER: - Grey Owl and the beaver. Second edition
14998: GREY-TURNER ELSTON AND SUTHERLAND F M: - History of the British Medical Association. Vol: II 1932 - 1981.
18183: GREY ZANE: - 30,000 on the Hoof
17768: GREY OWL SHEILA ELKIN: - The adventures of Sajo and her beaver people.
2436: GRIBBLE LEONARD: - Notorious crimes.
4724: GRIBBLE LEONARD: - Stand-in for Murder.
2628: GRICE FREDERICK: - Nine days' wonder. Illus by Paul Ritchie.
9431: GRICE FREDERICK: - Dildrum King of the Cats and other English folk stories.
10825: GRIEG CICELY: - Ivy Compton-Burnett: a memoir
16214: GRIERSON ELIZABETH W.: - Tales of Scottish Keeps and Castles for Young People
10505: GRIERSON ELIZABETH W.: - Tales of Scottish Keeps and Castles for young people.
15260: GRIERSON EDWARD: - Dark torrent of Glencoe.
6728: GRIEVE C M (ED): - Northern Numbers - being Representative Selections from Certain Living Scottish Poets.
11086: GRIEVE C. M. (EDITOR) MACDIARMID, HUGH: - Northern Numbers being representative selections from certain living Scottish poets. (First in series) contributions from John Buchan, Violet Jacob, Neil Munro, Will Ogilvie, T.S. Cairncross, C. M. Grieve, Joseph Lee, John Ferguson, A. G. Grieve
12893: GRIEVE C. M. (EDITOR) HUGH MACDIARMID.: - Living Scottish Poets. Augustan Books of Poetry
15459: GRIFFIN GWYN: - An operational necessity
18274: GRIFFIN A. HARRY: - The Coniston Tigers: Seventy Years of Mountain Adventure
7456: GRIFFIN-KING J LADYBIRD: - Indoor Gardening.
19050: GRIFFIN A. H.: - Inside The Real Lakeland. Second edition
15582: GRIFFIS WILLIAM ELLIOT: - Fairy Tales of Old Korea.
13045: GRIFFITHS NEIL: - Gurkha Highlander Walking Mallaig to Stonehaven
13046: GRIFFITHS NEIL: - Gurkha Reiver - Walking the Southern Upland Way
19055: GRIGOR IAIN FRASER: - Mightier Than a Lord: The Highland Crofters' Struggle for the Land
15771: GRIGSBY J. E.: - Annals of Our Royal Yachts 1604-1953
14807: GRIGSON GEOFFREY: - O Rare Mankind! A short collection of great prose chosen by Geoffrey Grigson.
19046: GRIMBLE IAN: - Scottish Clans & Tartans: 150 tartans illustrated in full colour
17431: GRIMBLE IAN: - Scottish Islands
18617: GRIMBLE IAN: - Scottish Islands
17641: GRIMBLE IAN: - Clans and Chiefs
15735: GRIMBLE IAN: - Highland Man (Highland Life Series)
17242: GRIMBLE IAN: - Castles of Scotland
3604: GRIMES MARTHA: - i am the only running footman.
3126: GRISHAM JOHN: - The firm.
1293: GRISHAM, JOHN: - The Chamber.
16990: GROAT WILLIAM: - Sea under my counter.
17164: GRONNEBERG ROY: - Jakobsen and Shetland
18053: GROOME FRANCIS H. (EDITOR): - Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, a Survey of Scottish Topography, Statistical, Biographical and Historical, Vol II COR - EYN Only New edition. .
18375: GEDDES AND GROSSET: - Bonnie Prince Charlie and the '45 (The Scottish Histories)
18288: GROSSMANN F.: - Bruegel the Paintings, Complete Edition
313: GROSSMITH GEORGE AND WEEDON: - The Diary of a Nobody
21008: GROUNDWATER HENRRIETTA: - Memories of an Orkney Family.
20722: GROVE CHRIS & TABRAHAM CHRIS: - Fortress Scotland and the Jacobites (Historic Scotland)
4504: GRUNWALD KURT RONALL JOACHIM O.: - Industrialization in the Middle East: the fundamental facts and problems of the various economies.
4236: GUEDALLA PHILIP: - The Liberators: Cromwell, Penn, Burke, San Martin, Jefferson, Gladstone, Clemenceau, Lenin, Garibaldi , Masaryk and others.
6489: GUEDALLA PHILIP: - Mr Churchill: a portrait.
542: GUEDALLA, PHILIP: - The Duke: Duke of Wellington
3317: GUEDALLA, PHILIP.: - Middle East 1940-1942: A Study in Air Power.
21258: GUILLIATT RICHARD & HOHNEN PATER: - The Wolf: How One German Raider Terrorized The Southern Seas During The First World War
12716: GUINCHARD, J.: - Sweden. Historical and statistical handbook Second edition Two Vols Vol 1 Land and People Vol. 2 Industries.
8739: GUINNESS: - The Guinness Book of Records 1964.
8034: GUINNESS: - Guinness Book of Records 28th edition 1982
14943: GUIZOT, GUILLAUME: - Alfred Le Grand ou l'Angleterre sous les Anglo-Saxons
9898: GUN BUSTER: - Battle Dress.
9501: GUN BUSTER: - Return via Dunkirk.
3482: GUN BUSTER.: - Zero Hours.
3483: GUN BUSTER.: - Battle Dress.
3484: GUN BUSTER.: - Victory Salvo.
17580: GUNN NEIL M.: - Young Art and Old Hector
17942: GUNN J.: - Orkney: The Magnetic North
21260: GUNN J: - Orkney - The Magnetic North.
12303: GUNN NEIL M: - The Shadow.
12319: GUNN NEIL M: - Highland Pack.
8528: GUNN J.: - Orkney: the Magnetic North.
10682: GUNN NEIL M: - The Shadow
11869: GUNN NEIL M.: - The Drinking Well.
9374: GUNN PETER: - My dearest Augusta: a biography of the Honourable Augusta Leigh, Lord Byron's Half-Sister.
17735: GUNN NEIL M.: - Highland River
11110: GUNNYON WILLIAM: - Illustrations of Scottish History life and superstition from song and ballad.
8677: GUNTHER R T (ED): - The Oxford Country - its attractions and associations described by several authors.
2601: GUNTHER JOHN: - D Day.
3369: GUNTHER JOHN: - Inside Russia today.
19862: GUNTON MICHAEL: - Dive! Dive! Dive!
10236: GUREVITCH MICHAEL & BENNETT TONY & CURRAN JAMES & WOOLLACOTT, JANET: - Culture, society and the media.
5515: GURR DAVID: - Troika: a Cold War thriller.
4349: GURR DAVID: - Troika.
21004: GURWOOD LIEUT. COLONEL: - Selections from the Dispatches and General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington.
14997: GUTHRIE A C (ED): - Rugby School Who's Who.
3084: GUTHRIE TYRONE: - A life in the theatre.
17923: GUTHRIE ELLEN JANE: - Tales of the Covenanters
8941: GWYNN STEPHEN: - The Charm of Ireland.
5022: GYATSO PALDEN: - FIRE UNDER THE SNOW Testimony of a Tibetan Prisoner
3692: GYNN ROGER GUINNESS: - The Guinness Book of the Marathon.
8909: HABE HANS: - Kathrine: a novel about Katherine the Great.
16905: HACKNEY FIONA AND ISLA: - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
8481: HADDEN CUTHBERT: - The Master Musicians - Stories of Romantic Lives.
7211: HADDEN J CUTHBERT: - The Master Musicians - Stories of Romantic Lives. A Book for Players, Singers & Listeners.
12678: HADDEN J. CUTHBERT SHAW BYAM (ILLUS.): - Favourite Operas - From Mozart to Mascagni. Their Plots, History and Music
18173: HADDINGTON EARL OF: - I love mountains and other poems.
15777: HADFIELD J. A.: - Dreams and Nightmares
9313: HADFIELD JOHN COMPILER: - A Book of Pleasures: an anthology of words and pictures.
19615: HADFILED MILES: - A History of British Gardening
20698: HADLEE RICHARD, PAYNE, FRANCIS & BRITTENDEN DICK: - New Zealand Cricketers' Who's Who
6457: HADLEY HELEN: - Inspirations for English: activities and lessons for use in the Primary Classroom. (Bright Ideas).
17364: HAGGARD SIR H. RIDER: - The Classic Adventures: Ayesha: The Return Of She; Benita: An African Romance
7159: HAGGARD WILLIAM: - Venetian Blind.
20243: HAGGARD WILLIAM: - The Arena
20931: HAGGARD WILLIAM: - The Telemann Touch
19725: HAGGARD WILLIAM: - Slow Burner.
10431: HAIG LADY: - A Scottish Tour: an account of the Freedoms of Cities and Burghs in Scotland and University Honours conferred on Sir Douglas Haig after the Great War. Proceeds from sale will be devoted to Lady Haig's Poppy Factory.
1829: HAILEY ARTHUR: - Strong Medicine.
2079: HAILEY ARTHUR: - The Evening News.
3994: HAILEY ARTHUR: - Overlord.
19856: HAINES GREGORY: - Destroyers at War.
4786: HAINING PETER: - Laughter before wicket: the Second Innings. A select team of 18 humorous cricketing stories.
9011: HAINING PETER: - The Frankenstein collection: terrifying tales inspired by the cult horror movie.
12360: HAINWORTH HENRY: - A collector's dictionary
21224: HALCROW A.: - The Sail Fishermen of Shetland and Their Norse and Dutch Forerunners
17614: HALDANE A. R. B.: - Three Centuries of Scottish posts: an historical survey to 1836.
8138: HALDANE A. R. B.: - The Drove Roads of Scotland.
7872: HALDANE J. B. S.: - Science and everyday life.
21248: HALDANE BURGESS J J: - Tang - A Shetland Story.
15167: HALDANE ROBERT: - The People's Force: a history of the Victoria Police
20652: HALE J. R.: - Renaissance Fortification, Art or Engineering?
2301: HALE JOHN: - The Whistle blower.
18170: HALES JANE: - Norfolk Patchwork
5359: HALEVY ELIE: - Halevy's History of the English People Epilogue (1895-1905) Book 1 Imperialism
8597: HALEVY ELIE: - A history of the English People Epilogue Vol 1 1895-1905 Book 1 Imperialism.
8598: HALEVY ELIE: - A history of the English people Epilogue Vol 1 1895-1905 Book II The internal policy of the Unionist cabinet.
7526: HALEVY ELIE: - History of the English People. (Epilogue: 1895-1905, Book 3 The decline of the Unionist Party)
7860: HALEVY ELIE: - A History of the English People in 1815 Book 3 (III) Religion and culture.
13643: HALIBURTON HUGH: - Furth In Field: A Volume Of Essays On The Life, Language And Literature Of Old Scotland
19398: HALL KEN: - South Arran - A Postcard Tour
19494: HALL MARSHALL: - The Artists of Cumbria: An Illustrated Dictionary of Cumberland, Westmorland, North Lancashire and North West Yorkshire Painters, Sculptors, Draughtsmen and Engravers Born 1615 and 1900
15064: HALL TOM S.: - Tramping holidays in Scotland: Twelve Walking Tours Described in Detail
16790: HALL DR SPENCER T.: - Pendle Hill and its surroundings
19909: HALL WILFRED: - A time to come alive: a pictorial souvenir of Appleby Horse Fair
13852: HALL CHARLES A: - Plant Life.
11546: HALL F. CO-OPERATIVE UNION LTD: - Sunnyside: a story of industrial history and co-operation.
4972: HALL ADAM: - The Striker Portfolio: the Third Quiller book.
7199: HALL ADAM: - The Sinkiang Executive.
11452: HALL B. R. & FOLLAND C. J. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL: - Soils of the South-west Lancashire Coastal Plain (Sheets 74 and 83) Memoirs of the Soil Survey.
11142: HALL S C: - A Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the Age, from personal aquaintance.
4944: HALL WILLIS TIDY BILL: - My Sporting Life with illustrations by Bill Tidy
13991: HALL, DONALD & WINGATE CHRISTOPHER: - British Orders, Decorations and Medals Second edition
19242: HALL KEN: - North Arran: A Postcard Tour
18897: HALL HENRY: - Frances Frith's Around Belfast. Photographic Memories. (The Frances Frith Collection)
19556: HALLAM ELIZABETH: - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
3306: HALLGARTEN S.F. & F.L.: - The wines and wine gardens of Austria.
11332: HAM CHRIS: - Management and competitiion in the NHS (National Health Service). Second edition
11100: HAMER COLIN: - Ecstasy and Venetta: the making and unmaking of a Catholic Priest
419: HAMER, LESLIE & BELLAMY, REX.: - Teach Yourself Squash Rackets.
16724: HAMILTON DAVID: - The Healers: a history of medicine in Scotland.
16600: HAMILTON RONALD: - The Pluscarden Story.
19848: HAMILTON JOHN: - Sail Training: The Message of the Tall Ships
9979: HAMILTON JACKSON F: - The Shores of the Adriatic - The Italian Side.
2502: HAMILTON ALAN: - Essential Edinburgh.
10242: HAMILTON DAVID: - The Thames and Hudson Manual of Stoneware and Porcelain with 115 illustrations, 12 in colour.
2741: HAMILTON DONALD: - The Ambushers (Matt Helm story)
11016: HAMILTON IAIN: - Scotland the Brave
10941: HAMILTON IAN R. (ED): - The Five-Hundred (500) year book to commemorate the fifth centenary of the University of Glasgow. 1451 - 1951
8200: HAMILTON R. A.: - Venture to the Arctic.
3936: HAMILTON W. H.: - Holyrood: a garland of modern Scots Poems.
4436: HAMILTON W. H.: - Holyrood: a garland of Modern Scots Poems
1181: HAMILTON, RUTH: - With Love From Ma Maguire.
19041: HAMILTON NIGEL: - Nigel Hamilton's Award-Winning Guide to Greenwich. A personal guide to the buildings and walks of one of England's most beautiful and historic areas
17810: HAMILTON OWEN: - Hebridean Holiday.
20249: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS DAVID: - Waterloo New Perspectives: The Great Battle Reappraised.
4523: HAMMETT DASHIELL: - The Maltese Falcon.
6756: HAMMOND J L & BARBARA: - The Bleak Age.
6297: HAMMOND J L & BARBARA: - The Bleak Age.
7445: HAMMOND J W (ED): - Complete Cotswolds and Shakespeare Country. (Ward Lock Red Guide).
10904: HAMMOND J. L. & HAMMOND BARBARA: - The Skilled Labourer 1760-1832.
6406: HAMMOND J. L. AND BARBARA: - Lord Shaftesbury.
5451: HAMMOND LINDA: - Think again: Assembly material. Ideas for school assemblies.
14519: HAMMOND REGINALD J. W.: - Western Scotland: Skye, Fort William, Oban, The Hebrides (Ward Lock's Red Guide)
21089: HAMPSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB: - Hampshire County Cricket Club Illustrated Handbook 1971
12068: HANDASYDE: - The Four Gardens.
9062: HANDWERKER W PENN: - Women's power and social revolution: fertility transition in the West Indies. Frontiers of Anthropology Volume 2.
20125: HANGER GEORGE: - Reflections on the Menaced Invasion, and the Means of Protecting the Capital, by Preventing the Enemy from Landing in Any Part Contiguous to It .
18816: HANKINSON ALAN: - The story of Higham
11303: HANLEY J A: - Progressive Farming - The Maintenance of High Production.
1514: HANLEY, CLIFFORD: - A Skinful of Scotch.
14370: HANLY JOSEPH: - National action: a plan for the National recovery of Ireland. Fourth edition
6112: HANNAM CHARLES MIND: - Parents and mentally handicapped children.
13965: HANNAY, ROBERT KERR: - The College of Justice. Essays on the Institution and Development of the Court of Session.
16338: HANNAY ROBERT KERR (EDITOR): - Rentale Sancti Andree: being the Chamberlain and Granitar accounts of the Archbishopric in the time of Cardinal Betoun 1538-1546 [introduction and notes in English, Latin text followed by abbreviated English text) (Second series Vol IV 4)
20019: HANNING HENRY: - The Grenadiers Three Hundred & Fifty Years of the First Regiment of Foot Guards 1656-2006.
3189: HANSEN ERIC: - Orchid fever: a horticultural tale of love, lust and lunacy.
9680: HANSON A. H. & CRICK, BERNARD: - The Commons in Transition. Fontana Studies in Politics.
10188: HANSON NEIL: - The custom of the sea: A shocking true tale of shipwreck, murder and the last taboo.
10350: HARBIN ROBERT: - Origami: the art of paper folding.
9098: HARBRON JOHN D: - Communist Ships and Shipping.
21086: HARCLERODE PETER: - Para! Fifty Years of the Parachute Regiment.
20304: HARDIE DR ROBERT: - The Burma-Siam Railway, The Secret Diary of Dr Robert Hardie 1942-45,
16808: HARDING ALAN: - A Victorian Church in Edinburgh's Old Town: St. Columba's Episcopal Church in context
20530: HARDING MIKE: - A Little Book of Gargoyles.
9013: HARDING G. LANKESTER: - The Antiquities of Jordan. Revised edition
3903: HARDING MIKE: - When the Martians land in Huddersfield.
17383: HARDING STEPHEN: - U.S. Army Aircraft since 1947.
4514: HARDWICK MOLLIE: - The Duchess of Duke Street: The Way Up.
7922: HARDWICK MOLLIE: - The Duchess of Duke Street: The Way Up.
7926: HARDWICK MOLLIE: - The Duchess of Duke Street. The Golden Years.
7923: HARDWICK MOLLIE: - The Duchess of Duke Street: The World Keeps Turning.
12023: HARDWICK MOLLIE: - Thomas and Sarah
119: HARDWICK, M.: - The Duchess of Duke Street: The World Keeps Turning.
19415: HARDY ROBINA F.: - Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Toun [Town]
21192: HARDY ERNEST W: - The land o' The Simmer Dim.
19580: HARDY CLIVE & ARTHUR NIGEL: - London at War: The Hulton-Deutsch Collection
20528: HARDY CLIVE & ARTHUR NIGEL: - Nottingham at War Revised edition A Pictorial Account 1939-1945
14576: HARDY CLIVE FRITH FRANCIS: - Francis Frith's Northumberland and Tyne and Wear (Photographic Memories)
15148: HARDY CHARLES E.: - John Bowes and the Bowes Museum
21062: HARGREAVES JOHN H.: - Aberdeenshire to Africa: North East Scots and British Overseas Expansion
6399: HARGREAVES F. J.: - The size of the universe.
17246: HARKER ALFRED: - The West Highlands and the Hebrides - A Geologist's Guide for Amateurs.
17293: HARPER MARJORIE: - Adventurers and Exiles: The Great Scottish Exodus
9019: HARPER J WILSON: - The Essentials of Religion.
11810: HARPER MALCOM M'L: - The Bards of Galloway: A Collection of Poems, Songs, Ballads, &c., by Natives of Galloway.
1767: HARRINGTON MICHAEL: - The other America: Poverty in the United States. Penguin Special.
21254: HARRIS PAUL: - Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland at War: A Pictorial Account, 1939-45
15490: HARRIS PAUL: - Scotland's Century 1900 - 2000 One hundred year sof photography.
8691: HARRIS FRANK: - My Life and Loves. 4 vols.
10792: HARRIS JOANNE: - Holy Fools
4118: HARRIS ROBERT: - Fatherland.
11845: HARRIS ROBERT: - Pompeii
470: HARRIS, REX: - Jazz.
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7451: HARWOOD DAVID LADYBIRD: - Cub Scouts - Who they are and what they do.
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2553: HILLSON NORMAN: - Discovering the historical Highlands.
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18670: HINE REGINALD: - Relics of an un-common attorney
3687: HINES BARRY: - A Kestrel for a knave: now filmed as Kes.
9650: HINSLEY F. H.: - Hitler's Strategy.
14057: HINSON RON AND LUCIE: - Wensleydale - picture guide.
14056: HINSON RON AND LUCIE: - Around Ingleton.
14055: HINSON RON AND LUCIE: - Wharfedale - picture guide.
4180: HINTON JOHN: - Dying
8792: HIORNS ARTHUR H: - Mixed Metals or Metallic Alloys.
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16896: HOGG BETTY: - Home Coming - more poems.
16067: HOGG JAMES: - The Tales of James Hogg the Ettrick Shepherd.
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11749: HOLLAND CLIVE: - Things Seen in the Channel Islands.
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19208: HOLTBY WINIFRED BATT (ILLUSTRATOR): - The Astonishing Island: Being a Veracious Record of the Experiences Undergone by Robinson Lippingtree Mackintosh from Tristan Da Cunha During an Accidental Visit to Unknown Territory in the Year of Grace MCMXXX - ?
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16452: HOLZEL TOM & SALKELD AUDREY: - First on Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine
4411: HOM KEN: - The taste of China.
10073: HOM KEN: - The taste of China: looks at China's culinary renaissance and includes more than ninety recipes.
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14873: HOME GORDON: - Stratford-on-Avon a Sketch-Book.
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14962: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS: - I. C. S. Reference Library. Geometrical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Architectural Design.
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19652: IRVING JOHN: - The Fourth Hand
9332: IRWIN MARGARET: - The Stranger Prince: the story of Rupert of the Rhine
543: IRWIN, MARGARET: - The Stranger Prince: the story of Rupert of the Rhine.
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3334: ISHERWOOD CHRISTOPHER: - Down there on a visit.
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9212: ISHIMOTO TATSUO: - The art of flower arrangement.
19173: HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS ENTERPRISE: - Growing businesses, Developing people, Strenthening Communities.
13560: HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS ENTERPRISE EDUCATION PROGRAMME: - Orkney a case study Sustainable Tourism Environmental issues in Europe.
3030: ITOH HIROSHI: - Japanese politics- an inside view: readings from Japan.
4893: IVERSON JEFFREY: - In search of the Dead: a scientific investigation of evidence for life after death. The book of the TV series.
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4209: IVIMEY ALAN: - The Romance of London: a book written for those who have never noticed London before.
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6755: JACKSON W ERIC: - Local Government in England and Wales.
4138: JACKSON BEN WORLD DEVELOPMENT MOVEMENT: - Poverty and the Planet: a question of survival.
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8042: JACKSON MICHAEL & GREENBERG EMANUEL & MADELINE: - The Pocket Guide to Beer, Spirits and Liqueurs: consists of "The pocket guide to beer" and "The pocket guide to spirits and liqueurs" bound together in one volume.
8833: JACKSON ROBERT: - Dunkirk: the British Evacuation, 1940
11098: JACKSON STANLEY: - The Old Bailey
2312: JACKSON, SIR RICHARD.: - Occupied with Crime.
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16901: JACKSON IAN: - Gardiner's Tweed Adventures - The Story of a Tweed Mill 1945/1988.
14383: JACKSON ROBERT: - ARNHEM - The Battle Remembered.
16159: JACOB VIOLET: - More Songs of Angus and others
6993: JACOB NAOMI: - Search for a Background.
4922: JACOB E. F.: - Henry V and the invasion of France.
16160: JACOB VIOLET: - Bonnie Joann and Other Poems
18864: JACOBS NORMAN: - Clacton-On-Sea: a pictorial history.
19331: JACOBS BRENDAN: - Penny pieces: a rag bag
5998: JACOBS W. W.: - Odd Craft with 15 illustrations
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12693: JACOBS, MICHAEL LENT, ADAM WATKINS, KEVIN: - Progressive Globalisation: Towards an International Social Democracy (Fabian Ideas 608)
15131: JACOBS RABBI LOUIS: - A guide to Yom Kippur (Guides to the Jewish Festivals Series)
15132: JACOBS RABBI LOUIS: - A Guide to Rosh Ha-Shanah (Guides to the Jewish Festivals Series)
3093: JACOBSON HOWARD: - Peeping Tom.
15574: JAFFREY MADHUR: - Madhur Jaffrey's Far Eastern Cookery
20860: JAFFREY MADHUR: - Indian Cookery
2480: JAHODA GUSTAV: - The psychology of superstitiion.
9874: JAHODA MARIE & WARREN NEIL: - Attitudes: Selected Readings Penguin Modern Psychology Readings.
2219: JAKE JOHN: - North and South.
2587: JAKES JOHN: - The Rebels. ( The Kent Chronicles Volume Two).
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21208: JAKOBSEN JAKOB: - The Dialect and Place Names of Shetland - Two popular lectures.
15909: JAMES M. R.: - More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
15102: JAMES J. G. NEWCOMEN SOCIETY: - The application of iron to bridges and other structures in Russia to about 1850.
15103: JAMES J. G. NEWCOMEN SOCIETY: - The evolution of iron bridge trusses to 1850.
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19525: JAMES ALAN: - Newspapers and "The Times" in the Nineteenth Century (Then and There Series)
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12107: JAMES ALWYN: - Scottish Roots - A step-by-step guide for ancestor-hunters in Scotland and overseas.
7661: JAMES ALWYN: - Scottish Roots: a step-by-step guide for Ancestor-hunters in Scotland and overseas.
11994: JAMES BETTY: - A kingdom by the Sea: An exploration of Northumberland, Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire
1883: JAMES CLIVE: - Glued to the Box: Television criticism from the Observer 1979-82
6192: JAMES CLIVE: - Unreliable memoirs: the story of his youth in Sydney.
4521: JAMES CLIVE: - Visions before Midnight: television criticism from the Observer 1972 - 1976
9707: JAMES CLIVE: - Unreliable memoirs.
5470: JAMES HENRY: - The Turn of the Screw.
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11403: JAMES P. ROWLAND: - The Charters of the City of Bath together with some other documents preserved in the Guildhall edited for the Corporation by P. Rowland James.
12438: JAMES, ALWYN: - Other Men's Heroes: Scots Honoured on the World's Stamps
17720: JAMES JOHN: - The Paladins : A Social History of the RAF up to the Outbreak of World War II
6190: JAMESON DEREK: - Last of the Hot Metal Men - From Fleet Street to Showbiz.
4037: JAMESON STORM: - The Hidden River.
9192: JAMESON STORM: - The road from the monument.
19648: JAMIESON LYNN AND TOYNBEE CLAIRE: - Country Bairns - Growing Up 1900-1930.
19733: JAMIESON JOHN: - An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language. ABRIDGED EDITION
19734: JAMIESON ANDREW STEWART: - Coats of Arms (Pitkin Guides)
9139: JAMIESON ANDREW: - Elementary Manual of Applied Mechanics.
16388: JAMIESON LYNN AND TOYNBEE CLAIRE: - Country Bairns - Growing Up 1900-1930.
17717: JAMIESON JANE (ED): - Family History: a Guide to Ayrshire Sources.
1713: JANELLE PIERRE: - The Catholic Reformation
9547: JANSON HANK: - Murder.
20038: JAPPY M. J.: - Danger UXB: the remarkable story of the disposal of unexploded bombs during the Second World War
20954: JARDINE D. C. , CLARKE J. & P. M.: - The Birds Of Colonsay And Oransay: their history and distribution.
18750: JARRATT JIM: - Ivory Towers and Dressed Stones: Lancashire v. 1: Exploring the Follies, Prospect Towers and Other Curiosities of Northern England (A Cicerone guide)
7113: JARRELL RANDALL: - Pictures From An Institution.
19529: JARVIS A. C.E.: - A Guide to the Additions to the fabric of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter & St. Paul , Sheffield Consecrated and Dedicated Tuesday 14th February 1939
7734: JAUNCEY JAMES: - The Mapmaker: a Medieval novel
15752: JAY BEE: - And it came to pass
12219: JAY BEE: - Scotland's Shangri-la: Rapture in the Highlands
21099: JEAFFRESON JOHN CORDY: - Annals of Oxford in Two Volumes
5835: JEANS SIR JAMES: - The stars in their courses.
18160: JEE NIGEL: - The Landscape of the Channel Islands
18896: JEE NIGEL: - The Landscape of the Channel Islands
19341: JEFFERSON BARNES H: - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Glasgow School of Art - 3. Iron and Metalwork at Glasgow School of Art.
11922: JEFFERSON D. W.: - Walter Scott: an introductory essay.
5633: JEFFS JULIAN: - Little Dictionary of Drink.
7678: JENKINS ALAN C.: - A Village Year: follows a typical village month by month through the year.
15736: JENKINS GEOFFREY: - Southtrap.
15906: JENKINSON ANDREW: - Caravans: The Story of British Trailer Caravans & their Manufacturers from 1919-1959
17312: JENNERS: - A Hundred Years in Princes Street 1838-1938
14179: JENNETT SEAN: - Deserts of England
6782: JENNINGS SIR IVOR: - The Queen's Government.
9594: JENNINGS CHARLES: - Up North: travels beyond the Watford Gap.
7956: JENNINGS SIR IVOR: - The Queen's Government. Revised edition.
3040: JENYNS SOAME: - A background to Chinese painting
21189: JEROME JEROME K.: - The Idle Thoughts of An Idle Fellow A Book for An Idle Holiday
15986: JERROLD WALTER & HASLEHUST E. W.: - In London's By-Ways
19976: JERVIS-WHITE JERVIS CAPTAIN & CURTIS W.S. (INTRO): - THE RIFLE - MUSKET : a Practical Treatise on the ENFIELD - PRITCHETT RIFLE ( Limited Edition with a new Introduction )
1155: JESSOP, J.C.: - Teach Yourself Golf.
15993: JESSUP FRANK W.: - A history of Kent (The Darwen County History Series0
11261: JESSUP FRANK W.: - A history of Kent. The Darwen County History Series.
14294: JEWELL BRIAN: - Sports and Games: History and Origins (Heritage of the past)
4677: JHABVALA R. PRAWER: - Get Ready for Battle.
4678: JHABVALA R. PRAWER: - An Experience of India.
1535: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER: - Three Continents.
7446: JOAD C E M (ED): - The English Counties.
5786: JOAD C. E.M.: - About education.
9619: JOAD C.E.M.: - Guide to philosophy.
10735: JOBSON HAMILTON: - Therefore I killed him.
1774: JOHANSON DONALD & EDEY MAITLAND: - Lucy: the beginnings of humankind.
15468: JOHN HAY OF HAYFIELD: - Tartan Tapestry: An Anthology of Scotland Past Present Future.
18841: JOHN COULTER, BRIAN OLLEY: - Lewisham (The Archive Photographs Series)
16025: JOHN BENJAMIN FIRTH AND FREDERICK LANDSEER MAUR GRIGGS: - Highways and Byways in Nottinghamshire
19864: JOHNS C A (OWEN J A ED): - British Birds in their Haunts.
20826: JOHNS CAPTAIN W. E. & SINDALL ALFRED: - Biggles & Co.
21183: JOHNS CAPT W. E.: - Biggles flies again
21184: JOHNS CAPT W. E.: - Biggles in The Cruise of the Condor.
20202: JOHNSON PETER: - Gordon of Khartoum
18682: JOHNSON E. PETER: - M62: The Trans-Pennine Motorway (A Dalesman Mini-Book)
9126: JOHNSON W H: - Cocoa - Its Cultivation and Preparation.
8770: JOHNSON ALISON: - The wicked generation: evicted from thier island crofts by their laird, the people of Fladday find their lives crueally disrupted.
6556: JOHNSON HUGH: - Wine.
8029: JOHNSON HUGH: - The World Atlas of Wine: a complete guide to the wines and spirits of the world.
8031: JOHNSON HUGH: - The World Atlas of Wine: a complete guide to the wines and spirits of the world.
9068: JOHNSON ROBERT EUGENE: - Peasant and proletarian: the working class of Moscow in the late Nineteenth Century. The Russian Factory as a social environment
13657: JOHNSON WALTER: - Heritage: Gilbert White
945: JOHNSON, HEWLETT: - The Socialist Sixth of the World.
1342: JOHNSON, HUGH: - The World Atlas of Wine.
20639: JOHNSON ICIE F.: - The Old Drum Story
20890: JOHNSON NORMAN M.: - Gibson's Studies in Geography, Book I: Weather, Work and Wonderlands
20158: JOHNSON STANLEY C: - The Flags of our Fighting Army including standards, guidons and drum banners.
18525: JOHNSON AIR VICE-MARSHAL J.E. & LUCAS WING COMMANDER P.B.: - Winged Victory - The Recollections of Two Royal Air Force Leaders.
19984: JOHNSTON R T , STEWARD D N, & DUNLOP A IAN: - Campaign In Europe : The Story of The 10th Battalion The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) 1944-1945
14191: JOHNSTON T.L. & BUXTON N. K. & MAIR D.: - Structure and growth of the Scottish Economy.
9419: JOHNSTON T L , BUXTON N K AND MAIR D: - Structure and Growth of the Scottish Economy.

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