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14125: DARLING WILL. Y.: - The Bankrupt Bookseller
21464: DARLINGTON FRIENDS' BOOK SOCIETY: - Agenda and List of books for Sale
20042: DARLOW STEPHEN: - Victory Fighters: The Veterans' Story - Winning the Battle for Supremacy in the Skies Over Western Europe, 1941-1945
7525: DARNTON CHRISTIAN: - You and music.
19719: DARWIN BERNARD: - Playing the Like
18793: DAVENPORT MARY: - Bygone Bournemouth (Bygone series)
19273: DAVENPORT, ELSIE G.: - Your Handweaving
15087: DAVEY MARY: - Back to Burma for the Love of John
11516: DAVEY P. J.: - Medieval Pottery from Excavations in the North West - Material from the Chester Conference 1975.
9020: DAVIDSON H R: - The Production and Marketing of Pigs.
7116: DAVIDSON LIONEL: - Making Good Again.
8490: DAVIDSON WILLIAM: - Fifty Years on the Road - Recollections of a Commercial Traveller.
5406: DAVIDSON GLADYS: - Standard stories from the Operas.
2870: DAVIDSON LIONEL: - A long way to Shiloh.
2213: DAVIE RONALD & BUTLER, NEVILLE & GOLDSTEIN HARVEY & NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BUREAU: - From Birth to Seven: the Second Report of the National Child Development Study (1958 Cohort)
19212: DAVIE DONALD: - The Forests of Lithuania: a poem
14639: DAVIES JILL ROSEMARY: - Ginkgo Biloba (In a Nutshell, Healing Herbs Series)
21588: DAVIES JOHN: - The Scottish Forester. Scottish Connection.
14640: DAVIES JILL ROSEMARY: - Ginseng: Eleutherocus Senticosus (In a Nutshell: Healing Herbs)
15061: DAVIES HUNTER: - The Teller of Tales: In Search of Robert Louis Stevenson
14845: DAVIES HUNTER: - A Walk Along The Wall.
17927: DAVIES JENNIFER: - The Victorian Kitchen
4019: DAVIES PAUL: - The Battle of Trafalgar. (Panorama of History Series)
13770: DAVIES PETER HO: - The Welsh Girl
12375: DAVIES, PETE: - The Devil's Music: In the Eye of the Hurricane
21499: DAVIES RANDALL: - Reynolds.
15826: DAVIES MARTIN: - The British School (National Gallery Catalogues.) Second edition
19104: DAVIS LINDSEY: - A Dying Light in Corduba
15218: DAVIS G. R. C.: - Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain - A Short Catalogue
19745: DAVIS LINDSEY: - Ode to a Banker
7419: DAVIS LOYAL: - Surgeon Extraordinary - The Life of J.B. Murphy.
11469: DAVIS A. R.: - In the Saddle for the Saddlers.
10736: DAVIS HOWARD CHARLES: - Death in the Scillies
4097: DAVIS JNR SAMMY: - Hollywood in a suitcase: a personal accolade to a number of movie greats.
4089: DAVIS WILLIAM: - The Punch book of Women.
2940: DAVIS WILLIAM EDITOR PUNCH: - The Punch book of Golf.
3740: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING.: - In the Fog.
14821: DAVIS LINDSEY: - One Virgin Too Many.
19889: DAVIS H. W.: - A history of Balliol College
19746: DAVIS LINDSEY: - A Dying Light in Corduba
20314: DAWS GAVAN: - Prisoners of the Japanese
17542: DAWSON JOHN: - Cumbrian Privies: a nostalgic trip down the garden path.
15533: DAWSON ADAM: - Rambling recollections of past times; embracing a period from the termination of the last, till the close of the twentieth year of the present century.
1358: DAWSON, C.: - The Mirror of Oxford.
18920: DAWSON CHRISTOPHER: - A quest for speed at sea
17029: DAWSON RAYMOND: - The Legacy of China.
7415: DAY THOMAS: - The History of Sandford and Merton.
11428: DAY, SON & HEWITT.: - The Half Crown Key to Farriery; or The Farriery of Common Life.
19577: DAY BRIAN: - Chronicle of Celtic Folk Customs - A Day-to-Day Guide to Folk Traditions.
20655: DAY, C. J.: - Modern Oxford: a history of the city from 1771.
15068: DE CLARI ROBERT & LAUER PHILLIPE: - La Conquête de Constantinople. Editée par Philippe Lauer.
7448: DE BERNIERES LOUIS: - The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts.
12410: DE BURGH W G: - The Legacy of the Ancient World: Vol. 2.
3135: DE BLAYE EDOUARD: - Franco and the politics of Spain.
2975: DE BURGH F. & STONEMAN WALTER COMPILERS: - Rosemary. With 21 Camera portrait. Produced in aid of the Not Forgotten Association.
10094: DE LA MAHOTIERE STUART: - Towards one Europe: looks at the European Economic Community and the concept of a United Europe.
7207: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Variable Winds at Jalna.
7206: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Mary Wakefield.
7205: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - The Whiteoak Brothers.
7209: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Whiteoaks.
7157: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Finch's Fortune.
2849: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Mary Wakefield.
4649: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Mary Wakefield. (Whiteoak series)
7933: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Whiteoak Brothers: part of the Whiteoak series.
7936: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - The Whiteoak brothers
7798: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Renny' daughter Whiteoak Saga
11529: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Mary Wakefield.
11528: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - The Whiteoak Brothers
4359: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO: - The Whiteoak Brothers.
4404: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO: - Mary Wakefield.
4360: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO.: - Variable Winds at Jalna.
9443: DE LA RUE E. AUBERT: - Man and the winds. Translated from L'Homme et le Vent.
6602: DE LEEUW MANYA AND ERIC: - Read better, read faster: a new approach to efficient reading.
5830: DE MANIO JACK: - Life Begins Too Early.
3321: DE POLNAY PETER: - The run of night.
6718: DE ROBECK NESTA: - The Christmas Crib.
15961: DE LOO TESSA: - De Tweeling Roman
16964: DE LA MARE WALRT: - Behold this Dreamer.
21282: DE WATTEVILLE ALASTAIR: - The Isle of Mull: Tranquillity and Spectacular Beauty in the Inner Hebrides
14581: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Whiteoak Harvest
14801: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Wakefield's Course.
14800: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - The Masters of Jalna.
14803: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Finch's Fortune
14802: DE LA ROCHE MAZO: - Return to Jalna
13840: DEAKIN BASIL: - The menace of Mask (Spitfire books)
9854: DEAN RAMSAY: - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
15543: DEAN PETER AND CAROL: - Passage of Time : the Story of the Queensferry Passage & the Village of North Queensferry
1974: DEARDEN R.F.: - The philosophy of Primary Education: an introduction. (The student's Library of Education)
9286: DEARMER REV PERCY: - The Cathedral Church of Wells - A Description of its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcopal See.
10097: DEAVER JEFFREY: - The Bone Collector.
6079: DEAYTON HISLOP MERTON ET ALIA: - Have I Got News For You.
16447: DEBO ANGIE: - Geronimo: the man, his time, his place.
4094: DEEPING WARWICK: - Portrait of a Playboy.
4654: DEGH LINDA: - Folktales of Hungary: translated by Judith Halasz. (Folktales of the World series.)
3917: DEIGHTON LEN: - Mexico Set.
4517: DEIGHTON LEN: - Spy story.
6537: DEIGHTON LEN: - Billion Dollar Brain.
6494: DEIGHTON LEN: - An expensive place to die.
4032: DEIGHTON LEN: - Goodbye Mickey Mouse.
6397: DEIGHTON LEN: - Berlin Game.
3999: DEIGHTON LEN: - Yesterday's spy.
4031: DEIGHTON LEN: - The Ipcress file.
8020: DEIGHTON LEN: - Spy SInker: the third novel in the Hook, Line and Sinker trilogy.
3330: DEIGHTON, LEN.: - Berlin Game.
3329: DEIGHTON, LEN.: - Berlin Game.
1438: DEIGHTON, LEN: - Spy Sinker.
1437: DEIGHTON, LEN: - Mamista.
1436: DEIGHTON, LEN: - Berlin Game.
18054: DEIGHTON LEN: - Battle of Britain
6509: DEIGTON LEN: - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy.
10422: DEKAY JAMES TERTIUS: - Monitor: the story of the Legendary Civil War Ironclad and the man whose invention changed the course of history.
10933: DEKOBRA MAURICE: - The Widow's Might.
7329: DELANEY FRANK: - The Celts.
7808: DELDERFIELD R F: - Long Summer Day Being Book 1 of A Horseman Riding By.
5597: DELDERFIELD ERIC: - Bumper Book of True Animal Stories.
5320: DELDERFIELD R. F.: - To serve them all my days: Book 1 - Late Spring.
4571: DELDERFIELD R. F.: - Give us this day.
8197: DELDERFIELD R. F.: - Diana.
8503: DELDERFIELD R. F.: - Diana: a story of a man and a woman bound by a love both denied.
2806: DELDERFIELD R.F.: - Give us this day. Book 1 Three score and ten.
10322: DELDERFIELD R.F.: - Overture for beginners
3583: DELL ETHEL M.: - Greatheart.
20106: DELMER SEFTON: - The Counterfeit Spy
10111: DELOS GILBERT: - Beers of the World.
9641: DEMAUS REV. ROBERT: - A Class Book of Scripture History.
18830: DENNY BARBARA: - Chelsea Past
3574: DENUZIERE MAURICE: - Plantation Translated by June P. Wilson.
9612: DENVER PAUL: - The Golden bullet. Cannon
21064: DENWOOD JOHN: - Cumbrian Carols and other Poems.
17097: DENYER SUSAN & MARTIN JANET: - A Century in the Lake District
18105: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOR SCOTLAND: - Report of the enquiry into Crofting Conditions. Command Paper 9091
4968: DERRICK FREDA: - Country craftsmen illustrated with her own drawings.
5625: DERWENT LAVINIA: - God bless the Borders: continuing her series about childhood in the Borders of Scotland
19113: DERWENT LAVINIA: - God Bless the Borders!
18378: DERWNET LAVINIA: - A Border bairn
15672: DESEBROCK JEAN: - The book of Bond Street Old and New
4558: DEVER JOE & CHALK GARY: - Lone Wolf Book 3 The Caverns of Kalte : a role playing adventure.
12926: DEVLIN DIANA: - Mask and scene: an introduction to a world view of theatre.
21294: DEVONSHIRE, DEBORAH: - Wait for me! memoirs of the youngest Mitford Sister
16062: DEW-SMITH A M: - Confidences of an Amateur Gardener.
20176: DEWAR MICHAEL: - Brush Fire Wars - Minor Campaigns of the British Army since 1945
14876: DEWES SIMON: - Piccadilly Pageant with 15 illustrations
9209: DEWES SIMON: - Essex schooldays: continues the story of his early years Illustrated by J. S. Goodall
16721: DEY W. G.: - Corstorphine: a pictorial history of a Midlothian Village
9665: DI TURNO SADIO GARAVINI: - Diamond River
4599: DIANA: - Diana for Girls Annual
21246: DIARMUID O'PEICIN, LIAM NOLAN: - Islanders: The True Story of One Man's Fight to Save a Way of Life
9629: DIBBLIN JANE: - Day of Two Suns: US Nuclear testing and the Pacific Islanders.
8781: DIBDIN MICHAEL: - The Dying of the Light.
8642: DIBDIN MICHAEL: - Blood rain: an Aurelio Zen mystery.
20881: DIBNAH FRED & SHEILA & DONOGHUE PAUL: - Fred Dibnah: A Much-loved Steeplejack
16530: DICK REV. C H: - Highways and Byways in Galloway and Carrick.
20998: DICK REV. C H: - Highways and Byways in Galloway and Carrick.
18434: DICK REV. C H: - Highways and Byways in Galloway and Carrick.
21065: DICK LAUDER SIR THOMAS: - Highland Rambles and Long Legends to Shorten the Way. Vol: 1.
20010: DICK ROBERT: - I Was Not Alone
11654: DICKASON CHRISTIE: - The Firemaster's Mistress
8055: DICKENS CEDRIC: - Drinking with Dickens: a lighthearted look at drinking in the mid 19th Century in Charles Dickens time.
3558: DICKENS MONICA: - Dear Doctor Lily.
3800: DICKENS MONICA: - Joy and Josephine.
3434: DICKENS MONICA: - Thursday afternoons.
257: DICKENS MONICA: - The angel in the corner
4414: DICKENS MONICA: - The room upstairs.
15697: DICKENS TONY: - The River Bridges of Northumberland Volume I : The River Till and Its Tributaries
17839: DICKINSON WILLIAM CROFT: - Scotland: From the Earliest Times to 1603. A New History of Scotland Volume I
19086: DICKINSON WILLIAM CROFT: - Scotland: From the Earliest Times to 1603. A New History of Scotland Volume I
16929: DICKINSON, W. CROFT ; DONALDSON, GORDON ; MILNE, ISABEL A.: - A Source Book of Scottish History Volume One from Earleist Times to 1424
8600: DICKINSON G. LOWES: - Plato and his Dialogues.
13415: DICKINSON, J.C.: - The Story of Cartmel Priory: The Story of The Priory Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Cartmel.
19184: DICKINSON W. CROFT: - The Scottish Reformation and Its Influence upon Scottish Life and Character.
5387: DICKS TERENCE.: - The Case of the Missing Masterpiece.
19336: DICKSON ROBERT: - Who was Scotland's First Printer?
14555: DICKSON J. H. HARRIGAN ELSPETH (ILLUSTRATOR): - Wild Plants of Glasgow. Conservation in the City and Countryside.
16643: DICKSON REV. JOHN: - Cranstoun: a Parish History.
21563: DICKSON A S: - The Siege of Dumfries, or Lincluden Abbey: a tragedy in four acts.
5331: DICKSON NICHOLAS: - The Kirk and its Worthies.
402: DICKSON, A.: - The Mirror Within: A New Look at Sexuality.
19933: DICKSON A S: - The Siege of Dumfries or Lincluden Abbey: a Tragedy in Four Acts.
17584: DICKSON A S: - The Siege of Dumfries or Lincluden Abbey: a Tragedy in Four Acts.
16448: DIEMBERGER KURT & MERRICK HUGH (EDITOR): - Summits and Secrets.
15204: DILKE MARGARET S. AND TEMPLETON A.A.: - The Third Statistical Account of Scotland: The County of Dunbarton
15554: DILLON E. J.: - The eclipse of Russia.
21590: DILWORTH ANTHONY: - Mainland Dialects of Scottish Gaelic
11786: DIMBLEBY JOSCELINE: - Favourite Food.
3804: DIMBLEBY RICHARD: - Storm at The Hook.
19332: DINGWALL PATRICIA: - Eden Valley - Discovery Guide Heritage Series.
14657: DINNAGE ROSEMARY: - One to One: the Experience of Psychotherapy
21564: DINWIDDIE REV. JOHN L: - The Ruthwell Cross and the Ruthwell Savings Bank - a handbook for tourists and students.
11758: DITCHFIELD P. H. & JONES SYNDNEY R. (ILLUS): - The Manor Houses of England
9378: DIXON BERNARD: - What is science for?
11782: DOBBIN A. M. ROSS ANTHONY LEE: - This is your city Manchester
4054: DOBBS BRIAN: - Dear Diary: some studies in self-interest.
5423: DOBBS MICHAEL: - Goodfellowe M.P.
16476: DOBIE KIRKPATRICK H: - Dumfries Silversmiths.
16060: DOBIE, KIRKPATRICK: - Selected poems
20897: DOBSON DAVID: - The Mariners of Fife 1700 - 1800.
5672: DOCKERY FR JOHN BERCHMANS: - Christopher Davenport: Friar and Diplomat.
4664: DOCTOR WHO: - Doctor Who Annual 1981
19028: DODDS DOROTHY & ADAMS KATHLEEN: - The George Eliot Country Third edition
10183: DODGSON K: - In Friendship's Name - A Book of Verse.
5409: DODMAN FRANK E OBERVER: - The Observer's book of ships.
2455: DODSON REYNOLDS: - Urban renewal.
9606: DOHERTY FRANCIS M.: - Byron: Literature in perspective.
19943: DOMHNALL RUADH: - Domhnall Ruadh Choruna. Orain is dain le Domhnall Domhnallach a Uibhist a tuath
19294: DOMONEY C. R.: - Holy Trinity Weymouth, The Church by the waterfront
17371: DON ALAN CAMPBELL: - The Scottish Book of Common Prayer 1929. Notes on its origin and growth, with illustrations from original documents
14268: DONALDSON WILLIAM & YOUNG DOUGLAS EDITORS: - Grampian Hairst: an anthology of Northeast prose.
16375: DONALDSON WILLIAM & YOUNG DOUGLAS: - Grampian Hairst: An Anthology of Northeast Prose
7727: DONALDSON PETER: - Worlds Apart: The Development Gap and what it Means.
11238: DONALDSON GORDON: - The Faith of the Scots
6547: DONALDSON PETER: - 10 x Economics (Ten Times economics. : a simple guide to the Economics of the Early Eighties.
4625: DONALDSON PETER: - World's apart: the economic gulf between Nations.
544: DONALDSON, PHILIP: - Guide to the British Economy.
16537: DONALDSON GORDON: - Sir William Fraser: the man and his work.
17708: DONALDSON GORDON: - Scottish Kings
9486: DONEY MALCOLM: - Lennon and McCartney: traces their stories from birth until the 1980's.
4061: DONLAN YOLANDE: - Shake the stars down: hilarious memories of a Hollywood childhood.
6395: DONLEAVY J. P.: - Meet my maker the Mad Molecule.
7654: DONLEAVY J. P.: - De Alfonce Tennis: the superlative game of eccentric champions: its history, accoutrements, rules, conduct and regimen.
2303: DONLEAVY J.P.: - Meet my maker the Mad Molecule.
17361: DONNACHIE, IAN & MACLEOD, INNES: - Victorian and Edwardian Scottish Lowlands from historic Photographs
15838: DONNACHIE IAN: - Industrial Archaeology of Galloway - South-west Scotland including Wigtown, Kirkcudbright and parts of Dumfries.
16727: DONNACHIE IAN: - A History of the Brewing Industry in Scotland
5060: DONNISON D.V.: - The Government of Housing: Pelican original.
4020: DOODS JOHN W.: - The age of Paradox: a biography of England 1841 - 1851
11728: DORMAN B. E.: - The story of Ely and its cathedral.
9896: DOUGALL C S: - The Burns Country.
21591: DOUGLAS SHOLTO: - The Connections and Recollections of Sholto Douglas
17557: DOUGLAS SIR GEORGE: - The 'Blackwood' Group (Famous Scots Series)
20831: DOUGLAS SIMPSON W.: - Portrait of Skye annd the Outer Hebrides. (Portrait series)
16638: DOUGLAS CHARLIE: - Happy memories of Gatehousecote and Rulewater.
14269: DOUGLAS HUGH: - Johnnie Walker's Burns Supper Companion Third edition
16841: DOUGLAS SIR GEORGE: - Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales
8473: DOUGLAS RONALD MACDONALD: - The Scots Book - a miscellany of poems, folklore, prose & letters etc.
7331: DOUGLAS SIR GEORGE: - Diversions of a Country Gentleman.
12088: DOUGLAS GEORGE: - The house with the green shutters.
4782: DOUGLAS KIRK: - Last Tango in Brooklyn.
61: DOUGLAS LLOYD: - The Robe
299: DOUGLAS LLOYD C.: - The Robe
12091: DOUGLAS NORMAN: - They went
20054: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON JAMES: - Motive for a Mission: The Story Behind Rudolf Hess' Flight to Britain
18985: DOUGLAS, ALTON, MOORE, DENNIS & DOUGLAS, JO: - Memories of Shrewsbury
15450: DOUGLAS SYLVESTER: - A Treatise on the Provincial Dialect of Scotland (Ed. Charles Jones).
19106: DOUGLAS ALTON & MOORE DENNIS: - Birmingham Remembered - A Centenary Celebration 1889 - 1989.
17787: DOUGLAS GEORGE: - The House with the Green Shutters.
21276: DOW JOHN YOUNG JAMES: - New Scone The By-Gone Life.
16480: DOW DEREK A.: - The Influence of Scottish Medicine. An Historical Assessment of Its International Impact
20818: DOWN MICHAEL: - Archie: A Biography of A C MacLaren
14280: DOWNIE R. ANGUS: - All about Arran
18089: DOWNIE R. ANGUS: - The Islands of the Clyde
19939: DOWNIE DUNCAN A.: - From the Wilderness to Paradise. Developments in Agriculture on Kemnay Estate from the mid-18th Century to the mid-19th Century.
19151: DOWNIE R. ANGUS: - The Islands of the Clyde
5986: DOWNING GEORGE: - The Massage Book.
13994: DOXAT JOHN: - Shinwell Talking - A Conversational Biography to Celebrate his Hundredth Birthday.
4688: DRABBLE MARGARET: - The Waterfall.
4674: DRABBLE MARGARET: - A Natural Curiosity.
2817: DRABBLE MARGARET: - The Radiant Way.
4117: DRABBLE MARGARET: - The waterfall.
3264: DRABBLE PHIL: - One man and his dog.
2445: DRABBLE PHIL: - One man and his dog.
1500: DRABBLE, MARGARET: - The Waterfall.
19552: DRACKETT PHIL: - International motor racing book
20904: DRAHONY PETER & DORIS: - Angus Castle Trails.
20571: DRAIN JAMES A.: - A Stalking Break in Sutherland. (Formerly "Stories of some Shoots")
13605: DRAKE-CARNELL FRANCIS: - It's an Old Scottish Custom
12654: DREVER HELEN: - Tales of the Scottish Clans.
16496: DREW PHILIP: - The Meaning of Freedom.
13940: DRINKWATER CAROL: - The Olive Season
12336: DRINKWATER H.: - Food in Health and Disease (The Temple Primers)
9904: DRINKWATER JOHN: - Poems 1908-1914.
13103: DROWER GEORGE: - Gardeners, Gurus and Grubs - The Stories of Garden Inventions and Innovations.
10160: DRUCKER HENRY M.: - Breakaway: The Scottish Labour Party. The story of the party set up in 1976.
11145: DRUMMIE A C: - Practical Forestry -From a Workman's Point of View.
18128: DRUMMOND JAMES: - Scottish Market-Crosses.
11409: DRUMMOND WILLIAM EDITED BY ROBERT H. MACDONALD: - William Drummond of Hawthornden: Poems and Prose
16394: DRUMMOND THE REV. ANDREW: - Eadie Church Alva: a century of Christian Fellowship.
19646: DRUMMOND JAMES & UPTON C. B.: - The Life and Letters of James Martineau. IN TWO VOLUMES
8228: DRYDEN JOHN: - Fables Ancient and Modern.
17853: DU MERLE GUY: - Aviation quand tu nous tiens..(Souvenirs Personnels sur l'aviation)
7161: DU MAURIER DAPHNE: - The Glass-Blowers.
2908: DU MAURIER DAPNE: - The King's General.
6542: DU MAURIER GEORGE: - Trilby: a novel with 121 illustrations by the Author.
14805: DUCHE JEAN STEVENS R. H. (TRANSLATOR): - The History of France as told to Juliette
21463: DUCKWORTH FRANCIS: - Beautiful Britain - The Cotswolds
16590: DUCKWORTH C. L. D. & LANGMUIR G. E.: - Clyde River and other Steamers
19667: DUDLEY JOHN: - Flying Scotsman on Tour Australia
7977: DUFF DOUGLAS V.: - Berenger to the rescue. Illus by A Barclay
2761: DUFF GAIL: - Wholefood cookery for everyone: a Sainsbury cookbook.
16327: DUFFY CHRISTOPHER: - Siege Warfare: The Fortress in the Early Modern World 1494-1660
6356: DUFFY MAUREEN: - Housespy.
21095: DUFFY SHEILA F.: - Colonsay and Oronsay
20456: DUGAN SALLY: - Commando - The Elite Fighting Forces of the Second World War.
6234: DUGDALE BLANCHE: - Arthur James Balfour: First Earl of Balfour 1848-1905.
7147: DUGGAN ALFRED: - The cunning of the Dove: the story of Edward the Confessor.
7148: DUGGAN ALFRED: - The King Athelney: the story of King Alfred. The third of his Saxon novels.
7518: DUGGAN ALFRED: - Knight with armour: a novel about a Crusader.
7149: DUGGAN ALFRED: - Leopards and lilies: a story based in the time of King John.
8763: DUGGAN ALFRED: - Winter quarters: a stirring account of two Gallic nobleman living at the time of Julius Caesar.
19164: DUKE WINIFRED: - King of the Highland Hearts
3180: DUMAS ALEXANDRE: - The Journal of Madame Giovanni: Translated from the French by Marguerite Wilbur.
2460: DUMAS ALEXANDRE (ALEXANDER): - The Three Musketeers.
20599: DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY LIBRARIES, INFORMATION AND ARCHIVES WHITHORN PHOTOGRAPHIC GROUP: - Dumfries and Galloway through the Lens 3 - Glimpses of old South Machars
12947: DUMONT-WILDEN L: - The Wandering Prince - Charles Edward the Last of the Stuarts.
21583: DUNBAR JOHN TELFER: - Highland Costume (Scottish Connection)
20878: DUNBAR JOHN G.: - The historic architecture of Scotland
15502: DUNCAN SMITH GROUP CAPTAIN: - Spitfire into battle.
14999: DUNCAN W (ED): - The Stephenson Centenary 1881.
19928: DUNCAN JANE: - My Friend Monica.
3279: DUNKERLEY ROBERIC: - Beyond the Gospels: an investigation into the information on the life of Christ to be found outside the Gospels. Pelican A406
16839: DUNLOP DEANS D.: - Poems
20515: DUNLOP R O: - Ancient Arundel.
19215: DUNLOP JEAN: - The Clan Mackenzie - Independence in the North. (Johnston's clan histories)
12584: DUNLOP EILEEN & KAMM ANTONY (ED): - A Book of Old Edinburgh.
12644: DUNLOP A . IAN: - William Carstares and the Kirk By Law Established - the Chalmers Lectures 1994
16474: DUNLOP EILEEN: - Queen Margaret of Scotland.
14863: DUNLOP ANNIE I. (EDITOR): - Acta Facultatis Artium Universitatis Sanctiandree 1413-1588 Volumes I and II
12675: DUNN DOUGLAS: - Scotland: An Anthology
21543: DUNN DOUGLAS (ED): - The Poetry of Scotland.
21577: DUNN PETER M.: - The First Vietnam War.
12223: DURIE, ALASTAIR J, ILLUSTRATED BY BRIAN KILOH: - Vanishing Edinburgh: In the Steps of George Washington Wilson
2033: DURRELL GERALD: - Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons.
261: DURRELL GERALD: - The overloaded ark
264: DURRELL GERALD: - A zoo in my luggage
2456: DURRELL GERALD: - The whispering land.
3969: DURRELL GERALD: - Two in the Bush: an account of his tour of New Zealand.
537: DURRELL, GERALD: - The Drunken Forest.
736: DURRELL, GERALD: - My Family and Other Animals.
538: DURRELL, GERALD: - Three Singles to Adventure.
10130: DUVAL K. D.: - Scott & his Scotland: a catalogue to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott.
2994: DWORKIN SUSAN: - Stolen Goods.
16420: DWYER JOHN: - Virtuous Discourse : Sensibility and Community in Late Eighteenth-Century Scotland
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20277: GALE IAIN: - Rules of War
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8178: GALLAGHER THOMAS: - The Telemark Raid: Originally published as "Assault on Norway"; the heroic story of the secret mission ot destroy Hitler's plans for an atomic bomb.
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20220: GAYLOR JOHN: - Military Badge Collecting.
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2640: GLAISTER LESLEY: - Partial eclipse.
19326: GLASGOW COURANT: - The Glasgow Courant, Containing the Occurrences Both at Home and Abroad. Facsimile reprint of Numbers 1 - 3. November, 1715.
19393: GLASS DUDLEY: - The Spanish Gold-Fish.
11495: GLASSER RALPH: - Ralph Glasser Omnibus: 'Growing Up in the Gorbals', 'Gorbals Boy at Oxford', 'Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs'
19752: GLASTONBURY ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION: - The Official Guide to Glastonbury England 1970-71
20439: GLAZIER KEN: - London Buses before the War.
15606: GLEESON JANET: - The Arcanum: Extraordinary True Story of the Invention of European Porcelain
5631: GLEN DUNCAN (ED): - Whither Scotland - A prejudiced look at the future of a nation.
6487: GLEN DUNCAN MACDIARMID HUGH: - A Bibiliography of Scottish Poets from Stevenson to 1974 with a preface by Hugh MacDiarmid.
1475: GLEN, DUNCAN: - AKROS. Vol. 6 No.16. April 1971
1479: GLEN, DUNCAN: - AKROS. Vol. 7 No. 21. April 1973
1476: GLEN, DUNCAN: - AKROS. Vol. 6 No.16. April 1971
1483: GLEN, DUNCAN (EDITOR): - AKROS. Vol. 13 No 37. April 1978
2304: GLENDINNING VICTORIA: - ELectricity.
20958: GLENN D. FEREDAY: - The Last Days of Steam in The Scottish Highlands
1863: GLIGORIC SVETOZAR: - Fischer v. Spassky: the Wolrd Chess Championship Match 1972.
17049: GLOUCESTERSHIRE MOUNTAINEERING CLUB: - Rock Climbs in the Wye Valley and the Cotswolds. Third edition.
20026: GLOVER MICHAEL: - The Napoleonic Wars: an illustrated history 1792-1815
20027: GLOVER RICHARD: - Britain at Bay: Defence against Bonaparte, 1803-14. ( Historical problems Studies and Documents.)
20894: GLOVER MICHAEL: - Wellington's Peninsular Victories: Busaco, Salamanca, Vitoria, Nivelle (British Battles Series)
20265: GLOVER RICHARD: - Britain at Bay - Defence against Bonaparte, 1803-14.
20162: GLOVER MICHAEL: - Very Slippery Fellow: Life of Sir Robert Wilson, 1777-1849
20287: GLOVER MICHAEL: - The Fight for the Channel Ports; Calais to Brest 1940: A Study in Confusion
4690: GLOVER T. R.: - The Ancient World
20357: GLOVER MICHAEL (ED): - A Gentleman Volunteer - The letters of George Hennell from the Peninsular War 1812-13.
20210: GLOVER MICHAEL (ED): - A Gentleman Volunteer - The Letters of George Hennell from the Peninsular War, 1812-13.
6557: GLUCK MALCOLM: - Superplonk Gluck's guide to Supermarket Wine. 1992 edition.
4250: GLUCK MALCOLM: - Gluck, Gluck, Gluck: an open mouthed appreciation of wine. Accompanies the TV series.
15669: GODBER JOYCE: - History of Bedfordshire 1066 - 1888
14102: GODDARD JOHN C (ED): - Memories of Accrington.
19315: GODDARD FRANK: - Lakeland Fells (A "Dalesman" Paperback)
10294: GODDEN RUMER: - China Court.
12278: GODDEN GEOFFREY: - Godden's Guide To Mason's China And The Ironstone Wares. Revised eition
8765: GODDEN JON AND RUMER: - Two under the Indian sun: one day in 1914 two little English girls were taken to India to spend five years with their parents.
8771: GODDEN RUMER: - Kingfishers catch fire: a novel based in Kashmir

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