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kw1438: KELLAS, JAMES, G. - Modern Scotland. The Nation Since 1870
005128: KELLETT, E E - The Whirligig of Taste (Hogarth Lectures No. 8)
004059: KEMP, ROBERT - The Malacca Cane
500293: KEMP, TOM - Industrialization in Nineteenth Century Europe
kw1134: KENNEDY, ELLEN - The Bundesbank: Germany's Central Bank in the International Monetary System (Chatham House Papers)
kw6686: KENNEDY, MICHAEL - A Catalogue of the Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams
006663: KENNEDY, DES - The Garden Club and the Kumquat Campaign
kw1033: KENT, DOUGLAS H. - Index to Botanical Monographs
008484: KENWARD, H K; HALL, A R; & JONES, A K G - Environmental Evidence from a Roman Well and Anglian Pits in the Legionary Fortress
006849: KERRIGAN, CATHERINE - The Hugh MacDiarmid - George Ogilvie Letters
008377: KESSLER, LEO - Flight from Berlin
007305: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The River Road
006496: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The Letter from Spain
kw1566: KHAN, TAHER AMIR - Oriental Carpets
009002: KIDNER, DAVID W - Nature and Psyche: Radical Environmentalism and the Politics of Subjectivity
kw6901: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Elements Combined: A History of the Steel Company of Canada
502560: M'KILLOP, JAMES - Thoughts for the People
007865: KINGSTON, W H G - Uncle Boz and Other Tales of the Sea
009328: KINSEY, GORDON - Seaplanes - Felixtowe: The Story of the Air Station 1913-1963
8055: KISS, ALEXANDRE CHARLES (EDITOR) - Selected Multilateral Treaties in the Field of the Environment
007150: VON KLAMPEN, BETTINA - Watch You Don't Fall
008704: KLEIN, PETER - The Temptation and Downfall of the Vicar of Stanton Lacy
007975: KLEPPER, NICOLAE - The Geneva Affair
007707: KLICKMANN, FLORA - The Carillion of Scarpa
007708: KLICKMANN, FLORA - Delicate Fuss
006374: KLIS, ZDZISLAW - Temat Bozego Narodzenia w polskiej sztuce Sredniowiecznej
006560: KLIS, ZDZISLAW - Studia z dziejów Kosciola Sw. Krzyza w Krakowie: praca Zbiorowa
009377: KLOESTER, JENNIFER - Georgette Heyer's Regency World
kw6805: KNAPP, BRIAN - Soil Processes
502820: KNIGHT, REX - Intelligence and Intelligence Tests
501426: KNIGHT, EVERETT - A Theory of the Classical Novel
006393: KNIGHT, ALANNA - The Seal King Murders
009207: KNIGHT, JONATHAN - Disciples of the Beloved One: The Christology, Social Setting and Theological Context of the Ascension of Isaiah
8056: KNOLL, J, ( EDITOR ) - Symposium on Drugs and Heart Metabolism
009336: KNOTT, RICHARD C - The Black Cats
500390: KNOWLES, LILIAN C A - Economic Development of the Overseas Empire
009144: KNUTSON, LINDA - Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibres
007429: KOBER, ARTHUR - Parm' Me!
kw1152: KOBLER, JOHN - Ardent Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
kw1477: KOENIG, JOSEPH - Little Odessa
kw1508: KOEPER, FREDERICK - Illinois Architecture: From Territorial Times to the Present. A Selective Guide
008031: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Salerno 1943: The Allied Invasion of Italy
006531: KOOLER, DONNA - Donna Kooler's Crocheted Afghans
005981: KOVACS, TIBOR (EDITOR) - Corpus of Celtic Finds in Hungary Volume 1: Transdanubia 1
007161: KRAMER, LOTTE - A Lifelong House
008391: KREY, LAURA - And Tell of Time
007004: KRUGER, CHUCK - The Man Who Talks to Himself
009062: KRYSTOF, CAREL - Roads to Varosha
009319: KUDIELKA, ROBERT - Paul Klee: The Nature of Creation, Works 1914-1940
kw5746: KULBERTUS, HENRI E; & WELLENS, H J ( EDITORS ) - Sudden Death : Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine Series Volume 4
004859: KUMMER, FREDERIC ARNOLD - Gentlemen in Hades, the Story Of a Damned Debutante
kw1163: ANDREWS, VICTOR L.; HUNT, PEARSON - Financial Management: Cases and Readings
kw5763: ALPINE, ROBIN W. L. & PICKETT, JAMES - Agriculture Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Ghana and Cote D' Ivoire: 1960-1990
kw1025: LABAN, P. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Workshop on Land Evaluation for Forestry: International workshop of the IUFRO/ISSS, Wageningen, The Netherlands, November 10-14, 1980
006890: LAJOS, DR IVAN - Germany's War Chances
006978: LAMB, DOROTHEA - Lost Carnival and Other Poems
004115: LAMBERT, REITA - Right to the Heart
kw1352: LAMBERT, DEREK - Chase
kw1540: LAMONT, STEWART - The Third Angle
004829: LAMPREY, L - In the Days of the Guild
009122: LANCASTER, OSBERT - With an Eye to the Future
007850: LANDAU, ROM - Letter to Andrew
kw1390: LANE, PETER - Europe Since 1945: An Introduction
007788: LANE, MARGARET STUART - Just Peggy
005434: LANG, G H - An Ordered Life: An Autobiography
007294: LANG, THEO - The Queen's Scotland: The Border Counties
005433: LANG, G H - Anthony Norris Groves, Saint and Pioneer: A Combined Study of a Man of God and of the Original Principles and Practices of the Brethren with Applications to Present Conditions
kw6920: LANGLEY, BOB - Blood River
009248: LANGMAID, CAPTAIN KENNETH - The Approaches are Mined!
kw6810: LANSLEY, STEWART - After the Gold Rush:The Trouble with Affluence, 'Consumer Capitalism' and the Way Forward
004090: LARSEN, OTTO - Nightmare of the Innocents
kw1178: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Democracy: A Commentary and an Introduction
kw6599: FOWLER, LAURENCE ; FOWLER, HELEN ( COMPILERS ) - Cambridge Commemorated
007853: LAVELLE, PATRICIA - Crumbling Castle
009217: LAWRENCE, H P - Tea, Traitor and an MTB
006668: LAWSON, SUZY - Amish Patchwork: Full-Size Patterns for 46 Authentic Designs
003869: LEAR, MELVA - Dangerous Holiday: Five Young Treasure-Seekers in the Abrolhos Islands
002988: LEASK, J - Sonnets of Appreciation
008871: LEATHES, JENNY - GraniteLand
005544: LEBECK, ROBERT - Playgirls of Yesteryear
008899: LEE, JANE - Derain
kw1548: LEE, TAMARA - Queen's Flight
005514: THE LAUGHING LEECH - Say 99! Hints for Health and Happiness
kw1419: LEGGOTT, JANET A - Reasons Why... A Collection of Inspirational Verse Compiled By Janet A Leggott
006973: LEHMANN, JOHN - Collected Poems 1930-1963
kw1466: LEHMANN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Craft of Letters in England: A Symposium
008562: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Ballad and the Source
008361: LENNIE, TOM - Glory in the Glen: a History of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880-1940
009250: LEONARD, ELMORE - The Complete Western Stories
008816: LEROUX, GASTON - Chéri Bibi, Mystery Man
004309: LESLIE, HENRIETTA - Hirelle
007372: LESLIE, DORIS - The Peverills
004403: LESZCZYNSKI, MICHAL - How to Draw Sail and Sea
500838: LEVENTHAL, F M - Respectable Radical: George Howell and Victorian Working Class Politics
kw6012: LEVINE, JUNE PERRY - Creation and Criticism: A Passage to India
007275: LEVINE, ISRAEL - Reason & Morals: An Enquiry Into the First Principles of Ethics
009100: LEWIS, DAVID - Shapes on the Wind
006887: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
008669: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Cass Timberlane: a Novel of Husbands and Wives
006555: LEY, ALICE CHETWYND - Das Landhaus in Devon
502203: LINDBERG, STEN G - Swedish Books 1280-1967 Illuminated manuscripts, Illustrated Printed Books and Fine Book Bindings and a Select guide to Reference Literature on Sweden
008615: LINDOP, AUDREY ERSKINE - The Way to the Lantern
008546: LINDORP, AUDREY ERSKINE - The Singer Not the Song
008260: LINDSAY, MARTIN - Those Greenland Days
kw6550: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Thank You for Having Me: a Personal Memoir
kw1406: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Count All Men Mortal: A History of the Scottish Provident
001277: LINGARD, JOAN - After Colette, a Novel
009177: LINKLATER, J LANE - Shadow for a Lady
500183: LINKS, J G - Travellers in Europe
006307: LINZEY, ANDREW - Animal Rites: Liturgies of Animal Care
008317: LLOYD, JEREMY - Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once: An Autobiography
009043: LO BAO, PHIL; & HUTCHISON, IAIN - BEAline to the Islands
002356: LOCHMAN, JAN MILIC - The Faith We Confess: an Ecumenical Dogmatics
kw5904: LOCKE, WILLIAM J - Septimus
kw1190: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE - Guns Or Butter: War Countries and Peace Countries of Europe Revisited
006268: LODGE, SIR OLIVER - Reason and Belief
502433: LOISY, JEANNE - Don Tiburcio's Secret
007854: LONDON, JACK - The Mutiny of the Elsinore
006064: LONDON, JACK - Children of the Frost
001298: LONG, BOB - Black Cat, a True Crime Story
006911: LONG, DWIGHT - Sailing All Seas in the ''Idle Hour''
007485: LONGRIGG, ROGER - A High-Pitched Buzz
kw6837: LORENZ, KONRAD - Over agressie bij dier en mens
006470: LOUGH, JOHN - Paris Theatre Audiences in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
008408: LOWBURY, EDWARD - Selected Poems
008209: DE LUCA, CHRISTINE - Wast Wi Da Valkyries: Poems in English and Shetland Dialect
002938: LUCADO, MAX - Next Door Saviour, Near Enough to Touch: Strong Enough to Trust
009263: LUCAS, JOHN - The Radical Twenties: Writing, Politics and Culture
008301: LUDEMANN, GERD - Jesus After 2000 Years: What he Really Said and Did
008725: LUDLAM, A J - The Catterick Camp Military Railway and the Richmond Branch
kw6715: LUDWIG, EMIL - Bismarck - Geschichte eines Kämpfers
kw6187: LUKE, MARY M. - A Crown for Elizabeth
008828: LUND, PAUL; & LUDLAM, HARRY - PQ17 Convoy to Hell: The Survivors' Story
004809: LUSTBADER, ERIC - Floating City
008449: LYDON, A F - English Lake Scenery
005263: LYON, MARY - Without Alphonse: The Diary of a Frenchwoman in Scotland
009258: BOWES LYON, LILIAN - The White Hare and Other Poems
kw1550: LYONS, ARTHUR - All God's Children
kw1538: LYONS, ARTHUR - The Dead are Discreet
009202: LYSENKO, VLADIL - A Crime Against the World: Memoirs of a Russian Sea Captain
008632: LYTHE, S G E - The Economy of Scotland 1550-1625 in its European Setting
kw6553: BLACKBURN, R.M. & MANN, MICHAEL - The Working Class in the Labour Market
006770: MACDONALD, GREVILLE - Reminiscences of a Specialist
008944: MACDONALD, BETTY - Onions in the Stew
009368: MACDONALD, BETTY - The Egg and I
009135: MACDONALD, DONALD - Domhnall Ruadh Choruna: Orain is Dan Le Domhnall Domhnallach a Uibhista Tuath
006765: MACDONALD, JAMES RAMSAY - Wanderings and Excursions
008101: MACGILL, MRS PATRICK - Hidden Fires
005239: MACGILL, PATRICK - The Red Horizon
005240: MACGILL, PATRICK - The Great Push
009134: MACGREGOR, RALPH - Ralph's Far North
008069: MACGREGOR, G H C - The Relevance of the Impossible: a Reply to Reinhold Niebuhr
008920: MACGREGOR, ALASDAIR ALPIN - Percyval Tudor-Hart 1873-1954: Portrait of an Artist
007526: MACHARDY, CHARLES - Send Down a Dove
kw6437: MACHIN, HOWARD - National Communism in Western Europe: A Third Way for Socialism
008017: MACINTYRE, DUGALD - Highland Gamekeeper
kw6591: MACKAY, MERCEDES - Loon's Cry
kw6295: MACKAY, DONALD IAIN - Geographical Mobility and the Brain Drain: A Case Study of Aberdeen University Graduates, 1860-1960
009082: MACKAY, SHEILA - Early Scottish Gardens: a Writer's Odyssey
007838: MACKENNA, R W - Bracken and Thistledown
004330: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Our Street
kw1027: MACKENZIE, IAIN (EDITOR) - Hunter Chasers and Point to Pointers 1982
006272: MACKWORTH, CECILY - Francois Villon: a Study
009230: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Ice Station Zebra
005909: MACNAIR, MARGARET H - Rosemary Writes
003670: MACPHERSON, I - Shepherds' Calendar
008588: MACVICAR, ANGUS - Kilpatrick - Special Reporter
006541: MADDEN, ANNE - The Best of Sail Cruising
kw00103: MADSEN, AXEL - Malraux, a Biography
007328: MADSEN, KEN - Tatshenshini Wilderness Quest and Other River Adventures
kw1254: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Double Garden
kw1007: MAFFEI, PAOLO - Beyond the Moon
kw6481: MOORE, MAGGIE ; WADE, BARRIE - Supporting Readers: School and Classroom Strategies
kw1014: MAKINS, F. K. - The Identification of Trees and Shrubs.
kw1252: MAN, KATHY - The Modern Cook's Cookbook
005863: MANKIEWICZ, DON M - Trial
009118: MANN, MENDEL - At the Gates of Moscow
007744: MANNIN, ETHEL - Proud Heaven
008427: MANNIN, ETHEL - The Saga of Sammy-Cat
008644: MANNIN, ETHEL - Lover Under Another Name
kw1497: MANTELL, LAURIE - Murder in Fancy Dress
530087: MARCHANT, BESSIE - The Girls of Wakenside
007570: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Cuckoo of the Log Raft
008172: MARCUS, GARY F - The Algebraic Mind: Integrating Connectionism and Cognitive Science
005303: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Songs of Childhood
009256: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Three Mulla-Mulgars
005123: MARKS, JEANNETTE - English Pastoral Drama from the Restoration to the Date of the Publication of the ''Lyrical Ballads'' (1660 - 1798)
001844: MARLOWE, STEPHEN - Translation
9046: MARON, MARGARET - Shooting at Loons: A Deborah Knott Mystery
006129: MARON, MONIKA - The Defector
003928: MARQUIS, DON - Archy's Life of Mehitabel
kw5725: MARRIOTT, OLIVER - The Property Boom
502744: ST. MARS, F - Off the Beaten Track
kw6204: MARSH, DAVID - The New Politics of British Trade Unions
008986: MARSH, JAN - Christina Rossetti: a Literary Biography
007858: MARSHALL, WILLIAM - War Machine
kw1576: CALDER MARSHALL, A - The Enthusiast: An Enquiry Into the Life Beliefs and Character of The Rev. Joseph Leycester Lyne Alias Fr. Ignatius, O.S.B., Abbot of Elm Hill, Norwich and Llanthony, Wales
kw1298: MARSHALL, ARTHUR - Whimpering in the Rhododendrons:The Splendours and Miseries of the English Prep School
007508: MARSHALL, OWEN - Selected Stories
kw6126: MARTIN, DAVID - The Religious and the Secular: Studies in Secularization
500251: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Switzerland from Roman Times to the Present
004127: MARTIN, LINETTE - The Cats
kw6210: MARTIN, LAURENCE W. ( EDITOR ) - Neutralism and Nonalignment - The New States in World Affairs
009009: MARTIN, BRIAN P - Liverpool Tramways Number 2: The Southern Routes
006886: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Multitude and Solitude
kw1460: MASEFIELD, MURIEL - Peacocks and Primroses: a Survey of Disraeli's Novels
002493: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Gautama the Enlightened and Other Verse
003516: MASON, RICHARD - The Drowning People
004679: MASON, ARTHUR - The Flying Bo'sun
009073: MASON, DAMIEL - The Piano Tuner
009261: MASON, THOMAS H - The Islands of Ireland
009330: MASON, FRANCIS K - Hawker Aircraft Since 1920
004966: MASSIE, ALLAN - King David, a Novel
005535: MASSINGHAM, H J - The Small Farmer: a Survey By Various Hands
008849: MATHER, BERKELY - The Gold of Malabar
008805: MATHER, BERKELY - The Pass Beyond Kashmir
kw1281: MATHESON, JEAN - The Visit
501420: MATHEWS, BASIL - India Reveals Herself
002600: MATHEWS, DAN - Committed: a Rabble-Rouser's Memoirs
005489: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM - Medieval Secular Literature: Four Essays
003713: MATTHEWS, DR W J - Notes on the Epistle to the Hebrews
kw00189: MATTHEWS, T H - Under the Influence: Recollections of Robert Graves, Laura Riding and Friends
008556: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Call No Man Happy
009301: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - The Grand Tours of Katherine Wilmot: France 1801-03 and Russia 1805-07
002948: MAY, IAN J - The Fortunate Weed
009358: MAY, HELEN - The Swan: The Story of Anna Pavlova
008749: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The World Upside Down
006282: MAYNE, WILLIAM - The Battlefield
kw1285: MAYO, BERNARD - Henry Clay: Spokesman of the New West
008783: MCAFEE, PATRICK - Irish Stone Walls: History, Building, Conservation
007672: MCBAIN, ED - He Who Hesitates
005447: MCCAFFERY, LARRY - Across the Wounded Galaxies: Interviews with Contemporary American Science Fiction Writers
004262: MCCANN, REBECCA - The Cheerful Cherub
502826: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL J - The Nonconformist Treason: Or the Sale of the Emerald Isle.
006669: MCCLOSKEY, MARSHA - On to Square Two
006500: MCCONNELL, MALCOLM - Matata
kw1032: LOWE-MCCONNELL, R H ( EDITOR ) - Man- Made Lakes (Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Royal Geographical Society, London on 30 September and 1 October 1965)
kw6933: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - This Drakotny
004892: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Bluebolt One
003182: MCFARLANE, LESLIE - Leslie McFarlane's Hockey Stories
004600: MCFARLANE, BRIAN; & MAYE, GEOFF - New Australian Cinema: Sources and Parallels in American and British Film
004592: MCGINNESS, IAN - Bannock, a Novel
004641: MCGREGOR, BEDE - The Beauty of Christ, an Introduction to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar
500232: MCINTOSH, MALCOLM - Arms Across the Pacific. Security and Trade Issues Across the Pacific
002346: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Tales of Intrigue and Revenge
006116: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Magic Quest
007804: MCKENNA, MARTHE - My Master Spy: a Narrative of the Secret Service
008192: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Soliloquy
003459: MCKENZIE, D F - Stationers' Company Apprentices 1641-1700
004057: MCKEOWN, BRIAN - Enter at A, Laughing
kw1387: MCLACHLAN, GORDON ( EDITOR ) - Medical Education and Medical Care
002162: MCLAREN, MORAY - The Unpossessed
004005: MCLEOD, NANZIE - Girl in a Pink Hat
002825: MCMANUS, J (EDITOR) - The Environment of the Tay Estuary
007563: MCMILLAN, DOROTHY - The Scotswoman at Home and Abroad
009322: MCMILLAN, IAN - Yorkshire Humour
002495: MCNAIR, JOHN - A Place Called Marathon
kw1157: MEAD, RICHARD - International Management: Cross-Cultural Dimensions
500387: MEADE, J E; LIESNER, H H ; & WELLS, S J - Case Studies in European Economic Union: The Mechanics of Integration
500255: MEHMET, OZAY - Development in Malaysia: Poverty, Wealth and Trusteeship
502928: MEHNERT, KLAUS - China Today
kw6236: MEILLASSOUX, CLAUDE - The Development of Indigenous Trade and Markets in West Africa
004756: MENEN, AUBREY - The Backward Bride: a Sicilian Scherzo
kw1415: MENZIES, EMMA L - News from Achachlacher
008898: MERCER, ROGER - Farming Practice in British Prehistory
009365: MERFIELD, FRED G - Gorillas Were My Neighbours
009127: LA MERI - The Gesture Language of the Hindu Dance
003402: MERRICK, LEONARD - A Chair on the Boulevard
004849: MERRICK, LEONARD - The House of Lynch
kw00615: MEYER, GORDON - The River and the People
kw00105: MEYERS, JEFFREY - A Fever at the Core: Six Studies of the Idealist in Politics
kw6144: BALLS, MICHAEL ; RIDDELL, ROSEMARY J. ; WORDEN, ALISTAIR N. ( EDITORS ) - Animals and Alternatives in Toxicity Testing
kw1168: MICZO, ALEXANDER - Digital Logic Testing and Simulation
kw00253: MIDDLETON, COLLIE D - The Chartreuse Squirrels
kw1382: MIGNET, F.A. - The History of Mary Queen of Scots
008922: MILES, PLINY - Nordurfari, or, Rambles in Iceland
008927: MILLAR, LOUISE - City of Strangers
500175: MILLER, JAMES E - A Reader's Guide to Herman Melville
006269: MILLER, WILLIAM - The Least of All Lands: Seven Chapters on the Topography of Palestine in Relation to Its History
007890: MILLER, WILLIE - The Miller's Tale: An Autobiography
006515: MILLER, J R - Come Ye Apart: Bible Readings on the Life of Christ
009332: MILLER, JAY - Lockheed's Skunk Works: The First Fifty Years
007823: MILLINGTON, ROSEMARY - A Nation of Trees: Australian Rites
500423: MILLS, EDWARD D - The Modern Factory
008663: MILLS, SHEILA L - No Match for the Maitlands
007794: MILLS, SHEILA L - Moorland Adventure
009309: MINCOFF, ELIZABETH; & MARRIAGE, MARGARET S - Pillow Lace: a Practical Handbook
kw1348: MINOT, SUSAN - Folly
008473: MIRSKY, JEANETTE - To the Arctic! The Story of Northern Exploration from Earliest Times
kw6511: MITCHELL, J L ( EDITOR ) - Computers in the Humanities: International Conference on Computers in the Humanities
009378: MITCHINSON, ROSALIND - Lordship to Patronage: Scotland 1603-1745
006913: MITCHISON, NAOMI - The Bull Calves
004931: MITCHISON, NAOMI - Cloud Cuckoo Land
500164: MOERS, ELLEN - Two Dreisers. The Man and the Novelist
002048: MOHAMED, BOTHAINA ABD-EL-HAMID - Perambulatory Musings: an Aspect of English Drama and Verse During the Last Two Centuries
kw6510: MOLLIA, FRANCO - Nostro Novecentro
kw6703: MOLLOY, J. FITZGERALD - Court Life Below Stairs: Or London Under the Last Georges, 1760-1830 Vols 3 & 4
005498: MOLNAR, AVA MARIA; & WHITESIDE, DANIEL - The Fire Goddess
009189: SCOTT MONCRIEFF, M C - Yes Ma'am! Glimpses of Domestic Service 1901-51
005685: MONEY, SIR LEO CHIOZZA - The Triumph of Nationalization
006502: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - A Fair Day's Work
006501: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Richer Than All His Tribe
006388: LA MONTE, F R ; & WELCH, M H - Vanishing Wilderness
006315: DE MONTHERLANT, HENRY - Chaos and Night
008767: MOODY, BERT - Merchant Ships of the Solent: Past and Present
004379: MOORE, W 'SPEEDY' - Beyond the Big Brae: a Novel on Rural Ulster of Yesteryear
004147: MOORE, W 'SPEEDY' - Fergus MacKurdy
005983: MOORE, DEBORAH DASH (EDITOR) - East European Jews in Two Worlds: Studies from the YIVO Annual
004349: MOORE, F FRANKFORT - The Lighter Side of English Life
kw1360: MOORE, STEPHEN S - Meet the Orchestra!
008896: MOORE, BRIAN - The Doctor's Wife
004447: MOORMAN, J R H - A History of the Church in England
004114: MORGAN, G CAMPBELL - The Acts of the Apostles
008508: MORGAN, CHARLES - A Breeze of Morning
008933: MORGAN, HILARY - Burne-Jones, the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Century: Volume II, the Plates
005988: MORITZ, ULF; & PREMSELA, BENNO - De Harmonie van het Contrast
003585: MORRIS, HENRY (ARRANGED BY) - Balkan and Israeli Folk Dances (Piano Book)
kw1427: MORRIS, JAMES A - The Brig of Ayr
007285: MORTON, H V - In Search of South Africa
007588: MOUTON, JAMES HOPE - From Egyptian Rubbish-Heaps: Five Popular Lectures on the New Testament
006371: MUHLHAUSER, G H P - The Cruise of the Amaryllis
502092: MUIR, RAMSAY - A Brief History of Our Own Times
009083: MUIR, THOMAS - Death Without Question
009211: MUIR, AUGUSTUS - The Silent Partner
kw1005: MUIRDEN, JAMES - Astronomy for Amateurs
501976: MUKHERJEE, T.P. - A Catalogue of the Bengali Manuscripts of the Vrindaban Research Institute
009198: MULLIGAN, TIMOTHY P - Lone Wolf: The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke
009335: MULVILLE, DAN - Trade Winds and Turtles
005745: MUNRO, ROBERT (LORD ALNESS) - Looking Back: Fugitive Writings and Sayings
006625: MUNTHE, AXEL - The Story of San Michele
009060: MURISON, ALEXANDER FALCONER - The Odes of Pindar Rendered Into English Verse
kw6832: MURPHY, GARDNER - Personality: A Biosocial Approach to Origins and Structure
kw1529: MURRAY, ARTHUR C - Master and Brother: Murrays of Elibank
kw1398: MURRAY, ROBERT - The House of Memories and Other Writings in Prose and Verse
009259: MURRAY, CHARLES - The Last Poems
kw6914: MURRY, J. MIDDLETON - The Problem of Style
002581: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Adam and Eve: an Essay Towards a New and Better Society
007828: MUSTELIN, OLOF - Gustavianska Opinioner: Mikael Anckarsvards Brev Till Nathanael Gerhard Schultén 1790-1808
008607: MUTCH, WILLIAM - Eskdale Shoot
008680: MUZUMDAR, S - Yogic Exercises
kw6595: MYRMAN, BJORN - Bilder från Colombia
kw6879: WILLIAMSON, C. N. & A. M. - The Princess Passes
009302: FERNS, P N; HUMPHREYS, P N; HAMAR, H W; ETC. - The Birds of Gwent
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009311: NYE, ROBERT - Falstaff
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kw1155: ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT - Welfare State in Crisis: An Account of the Conference on Social Policies in the 1980's
004939: OPPENHEIM, E PHILLIPS - Up the Ladder of Gold
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1210: PEACOCKE, T A H - Mountaineering
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008868: POCKNEE, CYRIL E - Cross and Crucifix in Christian Worship and Devotion
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004740: PRIESTLEY, J B - Lost Empires
008835: PRIESTLEY, J B - Saturn Over the Water
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006935: PRINN, DAVID - The Unnatural: a Novel
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008414: PRYDE, ALISON - Have We Had Easter Yet?
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006958: RACHELS, JAMES - The Elements of Moral Philosophy
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kw1428: RAMSAY, DEAN - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
kw1130: RAMSEY, A S - Statics: A Text-Book for the use of the Higher Divisions in Schools and for First Year Students at the Universities
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kw6142: RATCLIFFE, JOHN - Land Policy : An Exploration of the Nature of Land in Society
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007967: RAY, BRIAN - Dangerous Frontiers: Campaigning in Somaliland and Oman
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002979: READ, MISS - The Year at Thrush Green
009032: MISS READ - Changes at Fairacre
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kw1355: REID, ROBERT - My Children, My Children: Life Before and After Birth, An Account of Some Recent Developments.
kw1401: REID, DAVID - The Party-Coloured Mind
kw1121: REID, GAVIN - Theories of Industrial Organization
006619: REITLINGER, GERALD - A Tower of Skulls: a Journey Through Persia and Turkish Armenia
009254: RESTANY, PIERRE - Yves Klein: Fire at the Heart of the Void
009028: REY, KELLY - Motion for Murder: a Jamie Winters Mystery
008746: REYNOLDS, CLIFTON - Glory Hill Farm, Second Year
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006952: VAN RHEENEN, JAN - My Friend Rik
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003810: RICHARDSON, WILLIAM; & CHILDERS, COLONEL SPENCER - A Mariner of England: An Account of the Career of William Richardson from Cabin Boy in the Merchant Service to Warrant Officer in the Royal Navy (1780 to 1819) as Told By Himself
007992: RICHARDSON, PATRICK - Reports from Beyond: a Journey Through Life to Remote Places
007102: RICHMAN, NAOMI - In the Midst of the Whirlwind: a Manual for Helping Refugee Children
kw1115: RIDD, ROSEMARY ; & CALLOWAY, HELEN (EDITORS). - Women and Political Conflict. Portraits of Struggle in Times of Crisis
009077: RIDGE, W PETT - Rare Luck
kw1087: RIDGWAY, CAPTAIN JOHN, AND BLYTH, SERGEANT CHAY - A Fighting Chance: How We Rowed the Atlantic in 92 Days
007160: RIDLEY, JASPER GODWIN - Nicholas Ridley: a Biography
008042: RIDOUT, S - Overcoming in Days of Ruin: Lectures on the Book of Judges
kw6198: RINGEN, STEIN - The Possibility of Politics: Study in the Political Economy of the Welfare State
009025: RITCHIE, REAR ADMIRAL G S - No Day Too Long: An Hydrographer's Tale
8058: SOUHAMI, ROBERT & TOBIAS, JEFFREY - Cancer and Its Management
kw1261: ROBERTON, W CHRYSTAL - O'er Hill and Dale
009275: ROBERTS, FRANCIS - The Philosophy Workbook
003267: ROBERTS, CECIL - Volcano
005414: ROBERTS, ANTHONY - The Five Houses
008344: ROBERTS, ALASDAIR - Creme de la Creme: Girls' Schools of Edinburgh
kw1468: ROBERTS, S C - The Evolution of Cambridge Publishing
008630: ROBERTS, CECIL - The Remarkable Young Man
007743: ROBERTS, CECIL - They Wanted to Live
008817: ROBERTS, CHARLES G D - Haunters of the Silences: a Book of Animal Life
008616: ROBERTS, CECIL - A Terrace in the Sun
kw6497: ROBERTSON, ROSS M. - History of the American Economy
006253: ROBERTSON, JAMES ALEX. - The Hidden Romance of the New Testament
008860: ROBERTSON, FRANK C - Freewater Range
009221: ROBERTSON, FRANK C - Ex-Rustler
009120: ROBINS, DENISE - Dark Corridor
008926: WHEELER-ROBINSON, H - The Cross in the Old Testament
kw1177: ROBINSON, E A G - Problems in Economic Development : Proceedings of a Conference Held By The International Economic Association
004133: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - The Sacred Bullock and Other Stories of Animals
kw1056: ROCHE, T.W. - The Golden Hind
004902: ROCKWELL, CAREY - Stand By for Mars!
006331: RODERICK, COLIN - An Introduction to Australian Fiction
kw1551: RODGER, IAN - The Sun is Dead
kw6111: ROGERS, TIMOTHY ( EDITOR ) - Georgian Poetry 1911 - 1922
001010: ROGERS, STANLEY - Enchanted Isles
007923: ROITER, FULVIO - Venice
007924: ROITER, FULVIO - Burano : Isola del Merletto e del Colore
009003: ROITMAN, ADOLFO - Envisioning the Temple: Scrolls, Stones and Symbols
kw00460: ROLPH, C H - Personal Identity
kw1251: ROLPH, C H - Books in the Dock
003442: ROMAINS, JULES - Verdun
kw1293: ROONEY, ANDREW A. - Not That You Asked
002973: RORIE, DAVID - The Lum Hat Wantin' the Croon and Other Poems
004428: ROSE, DEBORAH BIRD - Country of the Heart: an Indigenous Australian Homeland
kw00789: ROSE, PETER Q - Ivies
kw1149: ROSE, RICHARD; & PETES, GUY - Can Government Go Bankrupt?
003041: ROSS, ALEXANDER - The Red River Settlement: Its Rise, Progress and Present State, with Some Account of the Native Races and Its General History to the Present Day
006627: ROTHWELL, BARBARA YATES - No Time for Pity and Other Tales
006628: ROTHWELL, BARBARA YATES - Coulter Valley
kw6680: DE ROUGMONT, DENIS - Talk of the Devil ( La Part du Diable )
kw6380: ROUKENS, J; & RENUART, J F (EDITORS) - Esprit '84 - Status Report of Ongoing Work
003117: ROWELL, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - The English Religious Tradition and the Genius of Anglicanism
008826: ROWLING, LOUISE - Grief in School Communities: Effective Support Strategies
kw1334: ROWNTREE, B SEEBOHM; & LAVERS, G R - English Life and Leisure: a Social Study
009343: ROY, JULES - Return from Hell
006009: ROYLE, TREVOR - James and Jim: a Biography of James Kennaway
006172: RUSSELL, W CLARK - An Ocean Free Lance: From a Privateersman's Log of 1812
kw6458: HESSARI, RUTH ; HILL, DAVE - Practical Ideas for Multicultural Learning and Teaching in the Primary Classroom
kw1142: ROBERTS, BRYAN, FINNEGAN, RUTH & GALLIE, DUNCAN ( EDITORS ) - New Approaches to Economic Life: Economic Restructuring, Unemployment, and the Social Division of Labour
kw1249: RUTHERFORD, MARK - The Works of Mark Rutherford (six volumes)
kw6401: RUTTER, CAROL ( AUTHOR ) EVANS - Clamorous Voices: Shakespeare's Women Today
008664: RUTTER, OWEN - Regent of Hungary: The Authorised Life of Admiral Nicholas Horthy
009124: RYBOT, DORIS - A Donkey and a Dandelion
kw1476: SOTHEBY'S - The Celebrated Library of Boies Penrose Esq F.S.A. F.R.G.S. 2 Volumes
kw1092: DURRANI, TARIQ S.; SANDHAM, WILLIAM A.; SORAGHAN, JOHN J. - Applications of Transputers 3: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Applications of Transputers : Volumes I & II
kw6749: CHRISTIE'S - Illuminated Manuscripts, Illustrated Books, Autograph Letters and Music : Wednesday 29 June 1994
003175: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Nuptials of Corbal
kw1495: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - A History of Elizabethan Literature
kw6949: SALOMON, WALTER - One Man's View: An Account of an Individualist's Crusade over Twenty Years on Inflation, Taxation, Capitalism and Liberty in the Speeches and Writing of Walter Salomon
007556: SALTEN, FELIX - Good Comrades
009055: SALTEN, FELIX - Fifteen Rabbits
kw6023: SAMPSON, GEOFFREY - Liberty and Language
007399: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - Sir Green Hat and the Wizard
008859: SANDERS, CHARLES W - Corral Riders
kw1506: SANFORD, TRENT ELWOOD - The Story of Architecture in Mexico
008530: SANSOM, WILLIAM - The Face of Innocence
kw6835: SARMA, D. S. - Gandhi's Leer
009295: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - The Flies and In Camera
005959: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Words
009277: SATOMI, MYODO - Passionate Journey
502047: SAVA, GEORGE - Surgeon at Large
002651: SAVA, GEORGE - A Surgeon in Rome, or Passaggiata Romana
009183: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - The Secret of the Gorge
008583: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - Susan, Bill and the Pirates Bold
009185: SAWYER, RUTH - The Way of the Story-Teller
004665: SCAGLIONE, ALDO - The Theory of German Word Order from the Renaissance to the Present
500231: SCHAPERA, I - Government and Politics in Tribal Societies
008866: SCHIPFLINGER, THOMAS - Sophia-Maria: a Holistic Vision of Creation
500309: SCHNEIDER, HERMANN - The History of World Civilisation From Prehistoric Times to the Middle Ages.
kw1344: SCHOLEFIELD, ALAN - Lion in the Evening
003113: SCHONHAUS, CIOMA - The Forger
005608: SCHOYER, PRESTON - The Typhoon's Eye
kw6382: SCHRIMPF, HANS JOACHIM - Der Schriftsteller als öffentliche Person: Von Lessing bis Hochhuth ; Beiträge zur Deutschen Literatur
006267: SCOTT, ERNEST F - The Fourth Gospel
kw1557: SCOTT-GILES, C WILFRED; & SLATER, BERNARD V - The History of Emanuel School 1594-1964
kw1541: SCOTT, HARDIMANN - Deadly Nature
001569: SCOTT, GEORGE RYLEY - Curious Customs of Sex and Marriage: an Inquiry Relating to All Races and Nations from Antiquity to the Present Day
kw6754: SCOTT, J M - A Choice Of Heaven
009339: SCOTT, ARCHIBALD B - The Pictish Nation, Its People and Its Church
008491: SCROGGIE, W GRAHAM - The Love Life: a Study of I Corinthians Xiii
007484: SEAR, FRANK - Roman Architecture
kw6050: SEDGWICK, FRED - Thinking About Literacy: Young Children and Their Language
007446: SEGHERS, ANNA - The Revolt of the Fishermen
009056: SEIFER, MARC J - Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
kw1437: SELAMAN, PAUL H - Countryside Planning in Practice: The Scottish Experience
kw6947: SELBIE, W B - The Psychology of Religion
007006: SELIGMAN, MARTIN E P - The Optimistic Child
009280: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - Firebrand Trevision
009369: SENIOR, CHARLES - Harbingers
005194: SERVICE, ROBERT W - Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
009216: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
007142: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Wild Animal Ways
007217: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Johnny Bear and Other Stories
kw1160: SEYBOLT, PETER, J. - Revolutionary Education in China: Documents and Commentary
001584: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merry Wives of Windsor, a Comedy, By William Shakespeare, Edited, with Notes from the Collections of the Late John Frederick Stanford MA, FRS, By Henry B Wheatley FSA
005415: SHALIMAR - Around the Horn and Home Again, and Other Tales
009371: SHALIMAR - Deep Seas and Shoal Rivers
kw6418: SHANAHAN, E. W. - South America : An Economic and Regional Geography with an Historical Chapter
003682: SHAPERO, RICH - Wild Animus
008545: SHAW, IRWIN - The Young Lions
005031: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Sanity of Art: An Exposure of the Current Nonsense About Artists Being Degenerate
007860: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Saint Joan: a Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
kw1203: SHAW, IRWIN - Paris! Paris!
005032: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Overruled & the Dark Lady of the Sonnets
9042: SHAW, SEBASTIAN - The Christening
007870: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Misalliance, with a Treatise on Parents and Children
006925: SHAW, IRWIN - Two Weeks in Another Town
kw1182: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Between the Thunder and the Sun
004325: SHEPPERSON, GEORGE - David Livingstone and the Rovuma: a notebook, edited with introduction and related documents by George Shepperson
005714: SHER, ANTONY - The Indoor Boy
008428: SHER, ANTONY - Middlepost
008394: SHIELDS, CAROL; & ANDERSON, MARJORIE - Dropped Threads: What We Aren't Told
kw1146: SHIELDS, JON - Making the Economy Work
009084: SHORE, JULIET - Hospital in Paradise
004681: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - The Big Cat
9043: SHREVE, ANITA - Eden Close
007498: CHUNG-SHU, CH'IEN - Fortress Besieged
003274: SHULMAN, MAX - Anyone Got a Match?
502216: SHUTTLESWORTH, DOROTHY E - The Story of Monkeys, Great Apes and Small Apes
001224: SIBLEY, PATRICIA - A Watcher in the Woods
005348: SILÉN, DANIELA - Rolldiktaren och ironikern Anna Maria Lenngren
kw1515: SILKIN, JOHN - Nature with Man
kw7079: DE SILVA, COLIN - Taj
003962: SIMECKA, MILAN - Letters from Prison
kw1220: SIMMONS, JACK - Transport Museums in Britain and Western Europe.
kw6975: SIMPSON, HELEN - The Woman on the Beast: Viewed from Three Angles
006847: SIMPSON, KENNETH - The Protean Scot: The Crisis of Identity in Eighteenth Century Scottish Literature
kw5872: SINCLAIR, STUART W. - The Pacific Basin: An Economic Handbook
009283: SINCLAIR, JOHN - Scenes and Stories of the North of Scotland
kw6965: SINGER, NICKY - To Have and to Hold
001684: LIE, SISSEL; BORN, ANNE (TRANSLATOR) - Lion's Heart
kw1517: SISSON, C H - Metamorphoses
008557: SITWELL, OSBERT - Great Morning
008558: SITWELL, OSBERT - Laughter in the Next Room
007766: SKARMETA, ANTONIO - I Dreamt the Snow Was Burning
502821: SKEAT, REV WALTER W - The Chaucer Canon: With a Discussion of the Works Associated with the Name of Geoffey Chaucer
009212: SKEAT, REV WALTER W - Chaucer: The Minor Poems
kw1496: SKELTON, JOHN; & HENDERSON, PHILIP ( EDITOR ) - The Complete Poems of John Skelton, laureate
007547: SLATER, HUMPHREY - The Malefactor
009125: SMITH, ADRIAN (EDITOR) - Music Making in the West Riding of Yorkshire: The Exploration of a Unique Musical Phenomenon
004508: SMITH, ROLAND - First and Last: The Peak National Park in Words and Pictures
kw6061: SMITH, JOHN F. - A Critical Bibliography of Building Conservation
003409: BARCLAY-SMITH, P (EDITOR) - International Conference on Oil Pollution of the Sea, 7 - 9 October 1968 at Rome, Report of Proceedings
008047: SMITH, HAMILTON - Elisha: The Man of God
500037: SMITH, GERARD W - Painting, Spanish and French
009034: SMITH, COLIN J - In Fair Weather and in Foul: 30 Years of Scottish Passenger Ships and Ferries
kw1536: SMITH, PETER MOORE - Ravelling: An Act of Deadly Entanglement
kw1118: SMITH, GORDON R. - Politics in Western Europe: A Comparative Analysis
002248: SMITH, IAIN CRICHTON - Mr Trill in Hades and Other Stories
007589: ADAM-SMITH, PATSY - Hear the Train Blow
005853: SMITH, LACEY BALDWIN - A Tudor Tragedy: The Life and Times of Catherine Howard
003508: SMITH, PETER C - Action Imminent: Three Studies of the Naval War in the Mediterranean Theatre During 1940
007216: SMYTHE, FRANK S - The Valley of Flowers
kw7125: SOLON, L M - The Art of the Old English Potter
002854: SOLTAU, ROGER H - Pascal: The Man and the Message
005698: SOMERVILLE, H B - The Schemes of Men
009026: SOPHOCLES; & KITTO, H D F (TRANSLATOR) - Three Tragedies: Antigone, Oedipus the King & Electra
006404: SOUTHERN, R W - The Making of the Middle Ages
006779: SPAIN, NANCY - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way
006194: SPARROW, GERALD - The Star Sapphires
009095: SPEAKMAN, FRED J - A Forest By Night
kw1156: SPENCER, ELAINE GLOVKA - Management and Labor in Imperial Germany: Ruhr Industrialists as Employers 1896-1914
kw1378: SPENCER, CORNELIA - The Land of the Chinese People
kw6079: SPRIEGEL, WILLIAM R; & MYERS, CLARK - The Writings of the Gilbreths
001238: STACPOOLE, HENRY DE VERE - Golden Ballast
008227: STACTON, DAVID - Tom Fool
005342: STAHL, EVA-BRITTA - Vilhelm Ekelunds Estetiska Mysticism: En Studie in hans Lyrik 1900-1906
005344: STAM, PER - Krapula: Henry Parland och Romanprojektet Sonder
008512: STANDISH, ROBERT - The Three Bamboos
008990: STANHOPE, DOUGLAS - Sea Urchin's Second Charter
007875: STANHOPE, AUBREY - On the Track of the Great: Recollections of a Special Correspondent
kw00693: STANLEY, ARTHUR - The House of Tranquility: an Anthology for Today
kw00508: STANNARD, MICHAEL - Hugh of Twynham
005044: STARKE, BARBARA - Touch and go: The Story of a Girl's Escape
008651: STEELE, HUNTER - Chasing the Gilded Shadow
008506: STEEN, MARGUERITE - Bulls of Parral
008044: STEEN, J CHARLETON - God's Prophetic Programme: As Revealed in the Book of Daniel
006870: STEEN, MARGUERITE - They That go Down: a Novel
008599: STEIN, MEL - Waddle: The Authorised Biography of Chris Waddle
009128: STEINWEIS, ALAN E - Art, Ideology and Economics in Nazi Germany: The Reich Chambers of Music, Theater and the Visual Arts
006105: STENDAHL - La Chartreuse De Parme
008068: STENDAHL - Memoirs of an Egotist
500199: FEUCHTWANG. STEPHEN AND HUSSAIN ATHAR. EDITS - The Chinese Economic Reforms.
007112: STEPHENS, JAMES - The Crock of Gold
002702: STERLING, ELEANOR JANE; HURLEY, MARTHA MAUD; & MINH, LE DUC - Vietnam a Natural History
008147: STERLING, STEWART - The Body in the Bed
005562: STERN, RICHARD G - Europe: Or, Up and Down with Baggish and Schreiber
006014: STEVEN, MAISIE - Parish Life in Eighteenth Century Scotland
002896: STEVEN, KENNETH - Wild Horses
kw6064: STEVENS, LEONARD A. - Explorers of the Brain
kw6980: STEVENSON, ANNE - Flash of Splendour
008867: STEVICK, DANIEL B - The Altar's Fire: John Wesley's Hymns on the Lord's Supper, Introduction and Comment
kw1462: STEWART, MICHAEL - Compulsion
007724: STEWART, GEORGE R - East of the Giants
008323: STEWART, JOHN - Envoy of the Raj: The Career of Sir Clarmont Skrine
kw6943: STEWART, MARGARET; & HUNTER, LESLIE - The Needle is Threaded: The History of an Industry
kw6124: STOCK, ROBERT D - Samuel Johnson and Neoclassical Dramatic Theory
008120: STOCKER, BARRY - Jacques Derrida: Basic Writings
006512: STORRAR, WILLIAM - Scottish Identity: a Christian Vision
kw1061: ALDEN, CARROL STORRS AND EARLE, RALPH - Makers of Naval Tradition
502062: STOTT, D H - Thirty Three Troublesome Children
004971: STOTT, GORDON - Judge's Diary 1967-1973
kw1011: STOY, R.H. - Everyman's Astronomy
007309: STRACHAN, GORDON - Jesus the Master Builder: Druid Mysteries and the Dawn of Christianity
kw1239: LE STRANGE, RICHARD - A Complete Descriptive Guide to British Monumental Brasses
007545: FOX-STRANGWAYS, V - Wandering Fisherman
007077: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; & CRAFT, ROBERT - Memories and Commentaries
005359: STRINDBERG, AXEL - Arvet från Strinne: Ett Familjeöde
009007: STRONG, L A G - Sixteen Portraits of People Whose Houses Have Been Preserved by the National Trust
kw6172: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES CURRICULUM STUDY - Diversity Among Living Things
001702: STYLES, SHOWELL - Mr Fitton at the Helm
001285: STYLES, SHOWELL - Greenhorn's Cruise
005729: SUCH, PETER; & HODGKINSON, JOHN - The Poem of My Cid (Poema De Mio Cid)
kw6967: SUDDABY, DONALD - Tower of Babel
502444: SURTEES, R S - Jorrock's Jaunts and Jollities: The Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Sailing, Eccentic and Extravagant Exploits of that Renown'd Sporting Citizen Mr John Jorrocks
004598: SUSSEX, JOHN - The Scene is England
006308: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY - The Road to Camlann: The Death of King Arthur
008893: SUTHERLAND, GAVIN (EDITOR) - A Stranger on the Bars: The Memoirs of Christian Watt Marshall of Broadsea
009253: SUTHERLAND, GAVIN (EDITOR) - The Whaling Years: Peterhead 1788-1893
009079: SUYIN, HAN - A Many-Splendoured Thing
006893: SVANHOLM, CHRISTIAN - H C Andersens Ungdoms-Tro (med henblikk på dens teologiske bakgrunn)
009329: SWANBOROUGH, GORDON; & BOWERS, PETER M - United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911
008645: SWIFT, HIDEGARDE HOYT - The Railroad to Freedom
007800: SWINNERTON, FRANK - Harvest Comedy
kw6059: SYLVESTER, ANTHONY - Sudan Under Nimeiri
002855: SYMONS, JULIAN - Horatio Bottomley: a Biography
kw5755: SZEKERES, L; PAPP, J GY; & TAKATS, I (EDITORS) - Pathomechanism and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death due to Coronary Insufficiency
kw6119: OGLESBY, RAY T. ; CARLSON, CLARENCE A. ; MCCANN, JAMES A. ( EDITORS ) - River Ecology and Man
005310: TABOR, MARGARET - The City Churches: a Short Guide with Illustrations and Maps
kw6673: TAFFRAIL - Kerrell
002942: TAFFRAIL - Eurydice
kw00639: TAFFRAIL - Mid-Atlantic
005202: TALBOT, ETHEL - The Girls of the Big House
501836: TANNER, CLARA LEE - Southwest Indian Painting
008475: TAPLIN, OLIVER - Greek Tragedy in Action
008973: TARSIS, VALERIY - Ward 7: An Autobiographical Novel
008888: TAUSHEV, ARCHBISHOP AVEKRY; & ROSE, FATHER SERAPHIM - The Apocalypse in the Teachings of Ancient Christianity
008184: TAVERNER, ERIC; AND SCOTT, JOCK - Salmon Fishing
502195: BUCHANAN-TAYLOR, W - Shake the Bottle
009375: TAYLOR, ROGER D - Voyages of a Simple Sailor
kw6662: TAYLOR, J. A. - Research Papers in Forest Meteorology : An Aberystwyth Symposium ( Based on Symposium XIII, March 1970)
008359: TAYLOR, ARNOLD H - The Dance of Air and Sea: How Oceans, Weather and Life Link Together
009035: TAYLOR, SIMON - Mortimer's Deep
007201: TEILHET, DARWIN L - Retreat from the Dolphin
006254: TELESH, VYACHESLAV - Architectural heritage of Latvia on post-cards : Riga (end of 19th century, beginning of 20th century)
009314: TEMPLETON, EDITH - The Surprise of Cremona
009355: TENNANT, VICTORIA - Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo
009348: TERTIS, LIONEL - My Viola and I: a Complete Autobiography, with 'Beauty of Tone in String Playing' and Other Essays
kw6520: TESTORI, GIOVANNI - The House in Milan
005064: THACKERAY, W M - The New Sketch Book: Being Essays Now First Collected from ''The Foreign Quarterly Review''
002925: THAPAR, ROMESH (EDITOR) - Change and Conflict in India
kw5778: THEOCARIS, P.S. - Moire Fringes in Strain Analysis
008738: THOMAS, P N - British Steam Tugs
009379: THOMAS, AUDREY - Real Mothers
kw1411: THOMAS, ROSS - Twilight at Mac's Place
kw6973: THOMPSON, EDWARD - John Arnison
kw1246: THOMPSON, PETER - Sharing the Success. The story of NFC.
004477: THOMSON, W STEWART - One Hundred Short Essays on Public Examination Topics (Second Series)
005063: THOMSON, CLARA LINKLATER - Samuel Richardson: a Biographical and Critical Study
007819: THOMSON, D P - David Inglis Cowan: Man and Minister 1892-1950
009218: THOMSON, J ARTHUR - The Haunts of Life
009240: THOMSON, GEDDES - The Poetry of Edwin Morgan (Scotnotes 2)
002887: THORNBER, NORMAN - The Three Peaks (Dalesman Pocket Books 7)
008993: THORNE, E P - Red Bamboo : Another ''Brains'' Cunningham Thriller
009251: THORNE, TONY - Countess Dracula: the Life and Times of Elisabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess
008857: THUN, MARIA - Results from the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar
kw1473: THWAITE, M F - From Primer to Pleasure: An Introduction to the History of Children's Books in England from the Invention of Printing to 1900
005034: THWAITE, DANIEL - The Seething African Pot: a Study of Black Nationalism 1882-1935
008938: CARR, TIM AND PAULINE - Antarctic Oasis: Under the Spell of South Georgia
007271: TINDALL, GILLIAN - When We Had Other Names
kw6145: TIVY, JOY - Biogeography: A Study of Plants in the Ecosphere
kw1145: TOBIN, JAMES - Asset Accumulation and Economic Activity: Reflections on Contemporary Macroeconomic Theory
kw6945: TODD, RUTHVEN - Tracks in the Snow: Studies in English Science and Art
003254: TODD, OLIVIER - The Day of Glory Has Arrived
kw1245: TOLSTOY, NIKOLAI - The Tolstoys: Twenty-Four Generations of Russian History 1355-1983
007442: TOLSTOY, LEO - Divine and Human, And Other Stories
009146: TOMKIES, DEBBIE - Complete Knitting Skills
003908: TOMLINSON, H M - The Sea and the Jungle
kw1151: TOMLINSON, JIM - Problems of British Economic Policy 1870-1945
007211: TOMLINSON, H M - Morning Light: The Islanders in the Days of Oak and Hemp
004515: TOMLINSON, H M - Old Junk
007768: TORRES, ANTONIO - The Land
008174: THE COUNT OF TORRIGGIA - A Woman's Evil Inspiration
008955: TOULMIN, DAVID - A Chiel Among Them: a Scots Miscellany
009059: TRAILL, PETER - Mutation Mink
008289: TRANTER, NIGEL - Island Twilight
008438: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Clansman
008399: TRANTER, NIGEL - Margaret the Queen
kw5952: TRAVERS, ANDREW - DNA- Protein Interactions
003191: TRAYLOR, ELLEN GUNDERSON - Song of Abraham
kw1175: THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY - Statistics of the Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the United States
008709: TREECE, HENRY - Castles and Kings
kw1256: TREJO, ARNULFO D - Bibliografia Chicana
006967: TRENT, PAUL - Jane Ventures
kw6190: TREVOR, PAT - Professionally Yours: A Book for the Amateur Producer
009119: TREVOR, ELLESTON - Blue Jay Summer: a Love Story
kw1528: TREVOR, PAT - Professionally Yours: A Book for the Amateur Producer
008801: TREVOR, ELLESTON - The Burning Shore
009105: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Fools of Fortune
001740: TROTTER, JOHN BERNARD - Memoirs of the Latter Years of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox
003715: TROTTER, W - Plain Papers on Prophetic and Other Subjects
kw1429: TUCKETT, ANGELA - The Scottish Carter
502246: TUDOR, VASILE; & STRATI, IOAN - Smallpox : Cholera
004399: TULLETT, J S - Yellow Streak
009350: TULLOCH, BJARNHILD - Terror in the Arctic
007259: TUPPER, CAPTAIN EDWARD - Seamen's Torch: The Life Story of Captain Edward Tupper
003158: TURCHIN, VALENTIN - The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview
kw6823: TURNBULL, PETER - Embracing Skeletons
kw7053: TURNER, STEVE - Nice and Nasty
008447: TURNER, EMMA L, & BAHR, P H - The Home-Life of Some Marsh-Birds
002577: TUTE, WARREN - Leviathan
006211: TWEEDSMUIR, SUSAN - Mice on Horseback
007342: TWYSDEN, A E - Alexandra Danilova
002590: TYLER, DR M L - Pointers to the Common Remedies
008189: TYNAN, KATHARINE - Dick Pentreath
008190: TYNAN, KATHARINE - A King's Woman: Being the Narrative of Miss Penelope Fayle, Now Mistress Frobisher, Concerning the Late Troublous Times in Ireland
004589: TYTLER, M FRASER - The Wonder-Seeker, or the History of Charles Douglas
005345: UGGLA, ANDRZEJ NILS - Strindberg och den Polska Teatern 1890-1970
kw5578: UHLIG, S J; & BHAT, B A - Choice of Technique in Maize Milling
008565: ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY - Windom's Way
003816: UNDERHILL, RUTH M - The Navajos
006580: UNWIN, RAYNER - The Defeat of John Hawkins: a Biography of His Third Slaving Voyage
007220: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Quinney's Adventures
008601: VAILLAND, ROGER - The Law
002761: VALENCIA, HEATHER; & KENT, ROLLY - Queen of Dreams: the Story of a Yaqui Dreaming Woman
002648: VALENTINE - The Blue Pool
008657: VALLELY, PAUL - Pope Francis: Untying the Knots
005443: VARDY, NIGEL - Once Bitten
kw1577: VARIOUS - Sermons on the International Sunday-School Lessons for 1904
004020: VARIOUS - Scottish Student Verse 1937-1947
kw6407: VARIOUS - The Christian Science Journal : April 1923 - March 1924 Volume XLI
kw6406: VARIOUS - The Christian Science Journal : April 1925 - March 1926 Volume XLIII
kw6405: VARIOUS - The Christian Science Journal : April 1924 - March 1925 Volume XLII
kw6404: VARIOUS - The Christian Science Journal : April 1919 - March 1920 Volume XXXVII
kw1333: VARIOUS - Achievement and Opportunity in the Oil Industry
502076: VARIOUS - The City of London. A Times Book
502955: VARIOUS - The Britannica Home University: First Series
003830: VARIOUS - River Valley Development in Southern Ontario
kw1337: VARIOUS - Philadelphia Bar Association 1802-1952
kw1386: VARIOUS - Scotland's Splendour
008699: VARIOUS - MindScience: An East-West Dialogue
001369: VARIOUS - Edinburgh University English Literature Society Paumflet (10th December 1925)
005748: VARIOUS - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Session MDCCCCXIX- MDCCCCXX
005795: VARIOUS - Health and Tuberculosis Conference 1962
kw1501: VARIOUS - University Verses 1910-1927: Being an Anthology from the Glasgow University Magazine
502102: VAN VECHTEN, C. - The Tiger in the House
003467: VEDEBRAND, JILL - Two Sailors
kw5684: VEITCH, JAMES - Silence in the Heart
009085: VENNELL, C W - The Brown Frontier: New Zealand Historical Stories and Studies 1807-1877
007770: VERMA, NIMAL - The World Elsewhere and Other Stories
8054: VERNBERG, F JOHN; & VERNBERG, WINONA B - The Animal and the Environment
008655: VERNEDE, R E - The Port Allington Stories and Others
008900: VERNON, KEN - Ascent and Dissent: The SA Everest Expedition, the Inside Story
008994: VESPA, AMLETO - Secret Agent of Japan: a Handbook to Japanese Imperialism
kw6966: VIDAL, LOIS - Magpie
007507: VIDEGARD, TOMAS - The Success and Failure of Primal Therapy: 32 Patients Treated at the Primal Institute (Janov) Viewed in the Perspective of Object-relations Theory
008972: VIELLE, E E - The Shadow of Kuril
009047: VILLIERS, ALAN - Oceans of the World: Man's Conquest of the Sea
006988: VILLIERS, ALAN - Vanished Fleets: Sea Stories from Old Van Diemen's Land
008971: VINCENT, ADRIAN - Song at Twilight
008813: VIVIAN, E CHARLES - Cigar for Inspector Head
009310: VOYSEY, CYNTHIA - Honiton Lace: a Practical Guide
502034: GROSS, K.G.W. AND DUNLOP, R.T - A Bibliography of Yeats Criticism 1887-1965
kw1164: CHALLEN, D. W. ; HAGGER, A. J. ; HARDWICK, P. - Unemployment and Inflation in the United Kingdom: Introduction to Macroeconomics
005355: DILLISTONE, F W; LAMPE, G W H; MAYCOCK, F H; SYMONDS, H EDWARD; TAYLOR, F J - The Doctrine of Justification By Faith
004288: WADDEN, MARIE - Where the Pavement Ends: Canada's Aboriginal Recovery Movement and the Urgent Need for Reconciliation
007171: WAGNER, SHELLY - The Andrew Poems
007591: WAITE, JOHN E - Peter Tait: a Remarkable Story
008610: WAITES, BRYAN - Monasteries and Landscape in North East England
kw1570: WAKEFIELD, DAVID - Stendhal and the Arts
008618: WALDMAN, MILTON - Elizabeth and Leicester
007717: WALKER, DAVID - Storms of Our Journey: And Other Stories
007718: WALKER, DAVID - Devil's Plunge
007716: WALKER, DAVID - Digby
009087: WALKER, DIANA BARNATO - Spreading My Wings: One of Britain's Top Woman Pilots Tells Her Remarkable Story
008673: WALLACE, JON - Barricade
007152: WALLER, DIANE - Becoming a Profession: The History of Art Therapy in Britain 1940-1982
009139: WALLER, JANE; & CRAWFORD, SUSAN - A Stitch in Time: Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns 1920-1949, Volume 1
kw00672: WALLIS, J P R - The Northern Goldfields Diaries of Thomas Baines, First Journey 1870-71, Volume II
008505: WALMSLEY, LEO - So Many Loves
007756: WALPOLE, HUGH - Rogue Herries
007833: WALSH, MAURICE - The Road to Nowhere
003421: WALSH, MAURICE - Trouble in the Glen
008672: WALSH, MAURICE - The Key Above the Door
008958: WALSH, MAURICE - The Spanish Lady
008358: WALSH, MAURICE - While Rivers Run
kw1434: WALSH, MAURICE - Trouble in the Glen
007834: WALSH, MAURICE - The Hill is Mine
kw1435: WALSH, MAURICE - The Small Dark Man
004694: WALSH, MAURICE - The Road to Nowhere
001612: WALVIN, JAMES - The People's Game: a Social History of British Football
005156: WARD, HERBERT - The Educational System of England and Wales and Its Recent History
kw6508: WARD, PHILIP - Spanish Literary Appreciation
005770: WARNER, SIR PELHAM - Lord's 1787-1945
008984: WARREN, CHARLES - Managing Scotland's Environment
kw1229: WARWICK, JOHN - Beautiful Rock Gardens and Alpine Plants
009318: WASSERMAN, EARL R (EDITOR) - Aspects of the Eighteenth Century
kw00782: WATSON, WILLIAM - Rhododendrons & Azaleas
005277: WATSON, CHARLES N - The Novels of Jack London: a Reappraisal
009065: WATSON, MAJOR W H L - Adventures of a Despatch Rider
kw1470: WATSON, HILARY (EDITOR) - Winter's Crimes 14
009351: WATSON, WINIFRED - Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
009208: WATSON, NIGEL - Time and Tide Wait for No Man: George Hammond PLC 1767-1992
kw00049: BRUCE-WATT, JEREMY - The Captive Summer
009052: WATT, W MONTGOMERY - A Christian Faith for Today
502074: WATTERS, R F - Koro: Economic Development and Social Change in Fiji
009252: WATTERSON, LYNNE - The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting
008762: WATTS, CHARLES A (EDITOR) - The R.P.A. Annual for the Year 1926
008963: WAUGH, ALEC - Fuel For the Flame
502642: WAUGH, JOSEPH LAING - Betty Grier
kw1248: WAUGH, ARTHUR - Alfred Lord Tennyson
008357: WEBB, NIGEL - Heathlands
502822: WEBB, SIDNEY - The London Programme
002139: WEBBER, GORDON - The Far Shore
kw6364: WEBER, DONALD - Rhetoric and History in Revolutionary New England
007801: WEBLEY, JOHN - The Scotts of Thirlestane: The Story of John Scott of Thirlestane, His Buccleuch Ancestry and His Descendants, the Scott Elliots of Larriston and the Napiers
005893: WEBLING, A F - The Last Abbot
004423: WEBSTER, PETER - Rua and the Maori Millennium
007132: WEBSTER, JACK - 'Tis Better to Travel: The Story of A T Mays and the Tourist Revolution
kw1332: WEBSTER, JAN - Saturday City
501431: WEDMORE, FREDERICK - Pastorals of France & Recollections
006942: WEIDENBACH, KRISTIN - Mailman of the Birdsville Track: The Story of Tom Kruse
502377: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Bernard Shaw 1914-1918: Journey to Heartbreak
009372: WEIR, MOLLY - A Toe on the Ladder
005347: WELANDER, MARTIN - Stagnation eller självövervinning? En tematisk analys av R.R. Eklunds Jordaltaret
007382: WELCH, DENTON - A Voice Through a Cloud
009182: WELLS, H G - The Camford Visitation
kw6977: WELLS, MARION - Finale for a Piano Player
008775: WELSBY, DEREK A - The Medieval Kingdoms of Nubia: Pagans, Christians and Muslims Along the Middle Nile
kw1371: WENDORF, PATRICIA - Peacefully: In Berlin
007131: WENTWORTH, WALTER - The Drifting Island: Or, the Slave-Hunters of the Congo
005280: WEST, REBECCA - The Meaning of Treason
008314: WEST, REBECCA - Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: The Record of a Journey Through Yugoslavia in 1937, Volume 2
008998: WEST, ELIZABETH - Hovel in the Hills: An Account of ''The Simple Life''
008313: WEST, REBECCA - Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: The Record of a Journey Through Yugoslavia in 1937, Volume 1
008992: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - The Wireless Officer
008585: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - Held in the Frozen North
004340: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - The Airship Golden Hind
kw1291: WESTON, SIMON - Walking Tall: An Autobiography
008691: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - The Empty Mirror: Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery
kw7074: WEYMAN, STANLEY J - The Wild Geese
004773: WEYMAN, STANLEY J - Ovington's Bank
kw1502: WHALLEY, PETER - Bandits
003226: WHEATLEY, LORD - One Man's Judgement: an Autobiography
007761: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Dark Secret of Josephine
007762: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Sultan's Daughter
007763: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Island Where Time Stands Still
003033: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Vendetta in Spain
009232: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Traitor's Gate
009233: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Dangerous Inheritance
003430: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K JR. - The Public and the Private in the Age of Vermeer
009205: WHETTER, LAURA - Brave Folly
006889: WHISTLER, CHARLES W - A Prince Errant
009116: WHISTLER, LAWRENCE - The Initials in the Heart
000874: WHITE, JAMES DUNDAS - Land Value Policy
008472: WHITE, NEIL - In the Sanctuary of Outcasts: a Memoir
kw6738: WHITE, G. H. - The Maynard Cousins
kw1328: WHITE, JAMES DILLON - Lords of Human Kind
005183: WHITELAW, DAVID - Little Lady of Arrock

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