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001848: A. NAIRNE, SIR ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH, T. R. GLOVER - The Little Children's Bible
006161: NARZARIEFF, S. - Early Erotic Photography. Triple Language Text in English, German and French.
006165: NARZARIEFF, S. - Stereo Akte. Nudes. Nus. 1850-1930. Triple Language Text in English, German and French.
005865: NASSAUER, RUDOLF - The Agents of Love
000255: JOAN NATHAN - The Jewish Holiday Kitchen
007336: TERRY NATION - Rebecca's World: Journey to the Forbidden Planet . By the Creator of the Daleks.
004450: FOREWORD BY ANNA NEAGLE - How to be A Good Hostess
002155: NEGUS, ARTHUR; ROBERTSON, MAX - Going for a Song : English Furniture
001639: MARK NEIL - The Awful Golfer's Book
006073: PETER NELL - Der Fischer Von Sylt (IN GERMAN LANGUAGE)
001706: ROBERT NELSON - The Practice of True Devotion, in Relation to the End, as Well as the Means of Religion
007525: E. NESBIT - The Railway Children (Children's Classics)
007383: E. NESBIT - The Railway Children
001675: E. NESBIT - The Children's Shakespeare
003158: DAVID NEVIN - The Expressmen (The Old West)
001276: NEW, CHRISTOPHER - Goodbye Chairman Mao
000481: PETER NEWARK - The S.A.S. -Their Exploits Told in Words and Pictures
005873: NEWARK, TIM - Women Warlords. An Illustrated history of Female Warriors.
002149: NEWMAN, PETER C. - The Company of Adventurers : The Story of the Hudson's Bay Company: Volume 1
000790: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Cooking for Two
000793: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Slimming
002274: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Cheese Including Cheesecakes and Fondues
005731: L HUGH NEWMAN - Butterfly Farmer
003175: STANLEY NEWMAN - How to Play Snooker
005969: KIM NEWMAN, IAN FREER - The Second Empire Movie Miscellany. 108 Years of Movie Trivia in 108 Pages.
005817: NEWMAN, RHONA - The Colour Book of Cheesecakes
004670: ANDREA NEWMAN - 3 books-The Cage; Another Bouquet; Three Into Two Won't Go. TV Series Tie-in Copy.
006894: ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS - H. R.H. Princess Alexandra Betrothal Souvenir. November 1962
006893: ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS - Royal Wedding Souvenir. H. R.H. the Duke of Kent and Miss Katherine Worsley York Minster June 1961
000353: ANNA KATHERINE NICHOLAS - The Staffordshire Terriers. American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier
006741: JANE NICHOLAS - Stumpwork Dragonflies (Sally Milner Craft Series)
004370: NICHOLAS, ANNA K. - The Book of the Shetland Sheepdog
004644: NICHOLL, CHARLES - Fruit Palace
005739: JOHN NICHOLLS - Ogham. Holy Dry Serpent
007233: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Down the Garden Path
005887: SHIRLEY NICHOLSON - A Victorian Household. Based in the diaries of Marion Sambourne
005226: E. M. NICHOLSON - Birds and Men-The Bird life of British Towns, Villages, Gardens and Farmland. New Naruralist Series No 42
003496: NICHOLSON, JOHN; LUCAS, MARTIN - All in the Mind : Psychology in Action
007393: JIMMY NICHOLSON - I Kept a Troshin
006977: JIMMY NICHOLSON - More Muck Than Money
002221: NICKLAUS, JACK; BOWDEN, KEN - Total Golf Techniques
006744: NICOL, KIT - Painting with Thread.Embroidered Pictures to make and Cherish.
006745: VAN NIEKERK, DI - Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork (Threads & Crafts)
001828: NIKIFORUK, ANDREW - The Fourth Horseman. A Short History of Epidemics, Plagues and Other Scourges
004669: NILSON, BEE - Fondue, Flambé and Side Table Cooking
000296: ERNEST NISTER - LittleTales from Long Ago
002889: O. S. NOCK - British Steam Railways
002894: NOCK, O. S. - The Limited; the Story of the Cornish Riviera Express- Steam Past Series
000181: RUTH S NOEL - The Mythology of Middle Earth
004654: NOOTEBOOM, CEES. TRANS. IN RILKE - Roads to Santiago
001873: NORMAN, PHILIP - Everyone's Gone to the Moon
003979: NORMAN, JOHN - Priest-Kings of Gor- Third Volume of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth
007217: JOHN NORMENT - You've Gotta be Joking
003634: GERALD NORRIS - William Dampier-Buccaneer Explorer
005845: CECIL NORTHCOTT - Forest Doctor. The story of Albert Schweitzer
000172: ANDRE NORTON - Exiles of the Stars
006142: MARY NORTON - The Borrowers Omnibus-The Borrowers: The Borrowers Afield: The Borrowers Afloat: The Borrowers Aloft. TV Tie-in Cover.
003924: MARY NORWAK - Country Cookbook
003308: NÜTT, HANS; HARRIS, LARRY; TAYLOR, BRIAN - Escape to Honour : The Gripping True Story of Hans Nütt ...
006631: DR MIKLOS NYISZLI - Auschwitz. a Doctor's Eye-Witness Account
002883: DAHL K O - Man in the Window
000694: NICOLE OAKLEY - Healthy Vegetarian Cookery
003858: FRANK TAYLOR OBE - The Day a Team Died
005341: THE GOODIES. TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR, BILL ODDIE AND GRAEME GARDEN - The Making of the Goodies Disaster Movie
007537: LENORE GLEN OFFORD - And Turned to Clay
006168: OKUN, SHEILA - A Book of Cut Flowers
007010: C. M. WILSON. J. H. CROTHERS. J. H. OLDHAM - Realized Niche: the Effects of a Small Stream on Sea-Shore Distribution of Patterns. No. 11.
000154: LAURENCE OLIPHANT - Altiora Peto
007004: JUDITH GREENE; M. D'OLIVEIRA - Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology: A Student's Guide
006936: VANESSA ALLEN. RICHARD KAY. JANE FRYER.DOMINIC LAWSON. SARAH OLIVER ET AL. - Diana Princess of Wales. 20th Anniversary of Her Death. TV Interview 24 July 2017 Transcripts of Princes Recollections, and Memories By Old Friends. Daily Mail Cuttings Dated 24 July, Aug 28 2017 and Mail on Sunday 23 July 2017
006935: SARAH OLIVER - Diana Princess of Wales Tribute Supplements. Mail on Sunday. 20 and 27 August 2017,32pp .Week That Shook the World and Diana, Memories of Mummy.
002760: OLIVIA - Olivia
001351: DON OLSEN - Nature's Candles
002222: OLSON, BILL;LINKERT, LO - Beat the Links: A Simplified Instructional Guide for the Weekend Golfer
006557: JOHANNA SPYRI; MARY MAPES DODGE; TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Heidi: Hans Brinker. Companion Library.
006552: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN); ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON.TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Tom Sawyer Detective; Kidnapped. Companion Library.
006556: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN).TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - The Aventures of Tom Sawyer; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.. Companion Library.
006558: DANIEL DEFOE; JOHANN WYSS TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Swiss Family Robinson; Robinson Crusoe. Companion Library.
006551: JACK LONDON; ANNA SEWELL. TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - The Call of the Wild; Black Beauty.Companion Library.
006553: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN); LOUISE DE LA RAMEE (OUIDA).TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Tom Sawyer Abroad; A Dog of Flanders and Other Stories.Companion Library.
002127: IONA & PETER OPIE - The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren
000648: PETER OPIE - Having Held the Nettle
001656: FRANK OPPEL - Old King Cole's Book of Nursery Rhymes
004436: OPPITZ, LESLIE - Tramways Remembered; East Anglia, East Midlands & Lincolnshire
000385: BARONESS ORCZY - Castles in the Air
002904: BARONESS ORCZY - Petticoat Government
006014: BARONESS ORCZY - The Scarlet Pimpernel
002301: ORGILL, DOUGLAS; GRIBBIN, JOHN R. - The Sixth Winter
006078: ORTON, D. A. - The Merlins of the Welsh Marches
000338: GEORGE ORWELL - Nineteen Eighty-Four
006079: ROBER LOUIS STEVENSON. LLOYD OSBOURNE - The Wrong Box. (Including Early Railway journey/crash chapter)
002729: OSTRANDER - The Man Called Bishop - Final Reckoning; Vol 1 No 4 March 1995
004985: STEVEN SPIELBERG PLUS VARIOUS OTHERS. - "Live" Mail on Sunday Weekend Supplement; -4 Page Article on Making of "Tintin" Film
007375: REV P. P. O'SULLIVAN - Dr. Blair ; or Irish Protestants Under Home Rule
001498: OUSTON, SYLVIA - Year at Polverras
006006: T. M. OWEN - Welsh Folk Customs
005261: KREIDBERG; MCDANIEL; OWENS - Batman Confidential ;The Joker goes to Jail . No 22. Dec.08..
000204: ELSIE J OXENHAM - Jen of the Abbey School
006736: ELSIE J OXENHAM - Jen of the Abbey School
007007: UNA PADEL AND PRUE STEVENSON - Insiders: Women's Experience of Prison
002929: HUGH E. PAGE - Rambles in South Devon
003178: PAINE, SHEILA - The Afghan Amulet : Travels from the Hindu Kush to Razgrad
002101: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE - The Golden Treasury
003604: MICHAEL PALIN - The Brand New Monty Python Book
006460: ARNOLD PALMER - More Than Shadows. a Biography of W. Russell Flint with 136 Ilustrations of His Works.
002648: ALEX PANG - Thunderbirds- X-Ray Cross Sections
000161: JOHN PARIS - Banzai! (Hurrah!)
004983: W. D. PARK - Sailing Primer
007431: ROWLAND PARKER - Men of Dunwich. The Story of a Vanished Town (A Paladin book)
006549: J. FRANCIS PARKER AND PAUL ELKIN - Gauge 1 Railway Models in Bristol Industrial Museum. The J. F. Parker Collection
006560: ETHELYN M. PARKINSON - Rupert Piper and Megan, the Valuable Girl
006298: PARNALL, PETER - Marsh Cat
006438: CLARKSON ROSE. FOREWORD BY JOHN BETJEMAN. INTRODUCTION BY VAL PARNELL - Red Plush and Greasepaint.a Memory of the music-Halls from the '90's to the '60's
002191: J. M. PARRISH (ED.) - The Popular Road Map of Great Britain
006708: HIS HONOUR JUDGE EDWARD ABBOTT PARRY - Butterscotia or a Cheap Trip to Fairyland
006615: ERNEST WEEKLEY. PROFESSOR JOHN CLARK.ED ERIC PARTRIDGE AND SIMEON POTTER - The English Language. Includes Chapte on American English.The Language Library.
004883: BLAISE PASCAL - The Provincial Letters, Pensees, Scientific Treatises. Great Books of the Western World Series. No. 33.
002938: PASCALL, JEREMY; EASTLAND, DICK - Pirates and Privateers "Sampson Low Library of the Past"
004822: AILEEN E. PASSMORE - Noah's Ark
004192: BORIS PASTERNAK - Doctor Zhivago
003699: JOHN PATIENCE - Alice Blueberry. Pipkin Goes to the Party. A Pop-up Fairy Story.
006996: JOHN PATIENCE - The Twelve Days of Christmas. A Pop-up Book
007325: WRIGHTSON PATRICIA - An Older Kind of Magic (Young Puffin Books)
005839: MARGUERITE PATTEN - The Farmer's Wife Cook Book. Country Recipes from Farmer's Wives.
004559: MARGUERITE PATTEN - 500 recipes for Fish Dishes
001927: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Marguerite Patten's Post-war Kitchen : Nostalgic Food and Facts from 1945-1954
002247: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Cooking for the Family
002249: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Book of Savoury Cooking
007493: MARGUERITE PATTEN - 500 Recipes Bread and Scones
004643: PATTERSON, JAMES - 2nd Chance
006537: STANLEY S.PAVILLARD - Bamboo Doctor
005718: PAWLEY, MARGARET - In Obedience to Instructions : F.A.N.Y. with the S.O.E. in the Wartime Mediterranean
006621: ED. RON PEABODY AND TOM MOLLARD - Aylsham Remembered
007355: L.DU GARDE PEACH - The Kings and Queens of England Book 1. The Kings and Queens of England Book 2 (2 Separate books) Series 561
007265: L.DU GARDE PEACH - The Story of the Theatre (A Ladybird Book) . Series 662
007294: L.DU GARDE PEACH - Charles Darwin (Ladybird Books).Series 708
005204: L. DU GARDE PEACH - The Story of Henry V. An Adventure from History. Ladybird Book No.14 Series 561.
003859: ED W. PEACOCK - English Prose from Mandeville to Ruskin
004972: ISABEL MAUD PEACOCKE (MRS G. E. CLUETT) - Quick-Silver
006483: MARGARET D. PEACOCKE - A Royal Family Album from the Days of Queen Victoria to HRH Prince Charles of Edinburgh
006385: CHRISTINA HOLE. MERVYN PEAKE. - Witchcraft in Britain (Paladin Books)
007499: CHRISTINA HOLE. MERVYN PEAKE. - Witchcraft in England
001484: PEARCE, MARY E. - The Sorrowing Wind
004327: MICHAEL PEARCE - The Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind
004788: PEARSON, JOHN - Facades : Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell
001466: PEEL, J. H. B. - Portrait of the Severn
006128: PEEL, KENDAL J. - The Twelfth Night of Ramadan
001192: PELECANOS, GEORGE P. - Soul Circus
006530: R. A. PELHAM - Fulling Mill. a Study in the Application of Water Power to the Woollen Industry. The Wind and Watermill Section. S.P.A.B..
001384: PEMA, JETSUN - Tibet : My Story: An Autobiography
007000: SHARON KAY PENMAN - The Sunne in Splendour
006991: SHARON KAY PENMAN - Here Be Dragons
007515: SHARON PENMAN - Cruel As the Grave
005461: OTTO PENZLER (ED) - The Big Book of Pulps - the Best Crime Stories from the Pulps during their Golden Age - The 20's, 30's, & 40's
004698: PERNA, SHARON - Country Cross-Stitch
007271: A.J. MACGREGOR; W. PERRING - Five Little Kittens
006179: PERRY, JIMMY; CROFT, DAVID - Dad's Army
005580: MARK EDWARD PERUGINI - Victorian Days and Ways
005199: FRANCIS PETER - Berkeley Castle an Illustrated Survey. History and Contents.The Home of the Mr and Mrs R. J. G.Berkeley
002326: PETERS, ELLIS - The Confession of Brother Haluin
003984: PETERS, ELLIS - The Knocker on Death's Door
007559: ELLIS PETERS - The Knocker on Death's Door
006089: SANDY PETERSEN AND LYNN WILLIS, ETC. - Call of Cthulhu. Fantasy Role-Playing in the Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft. Editions 5.1.2
006083: SANDY PETERSEN - Call of Cthulhu. Fantasy Role-Playing in the Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft
001690: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - The Buildings of England North Somerset and Bristol
006211: PFEFFER, WENDY - Mallard Duck at Mountain View Pond. Smithsonian's Backyard.
005046: REV. PHELPS (PRESIDENT) - Walks Round Oxford (Short and Long)
001833: BRYAN PHIL - German Bombers over England
006601: ED NEIL PHILIP - Best-Loved Poems
000560: NEIL PHILIPSON - The Jubilee Test Series 1977
004535: NEIL PHILIPSON - The Jubilee Test Series 1977
000097: JOHN T PHILLIFENT - The Man from Uncle No 4.The Stone Cold Dead in the Market Place Affair.
005899: JOHN T PHILLIFENT - The Man from Uncle No 3. The Copenhagen Affair.
006255: C.E.LUCAS-PHILLIPS - Escape of the 'Amethyst'
002837: MARIE PHILLIPS - Gods Behaving Badly
003273: PHILLIPS, ESTELLE M.; PUGH, D. S. - How to Get a Ph D; Managing the Peaks and Troughs of Research
002988: C. E. LUCAS PHILLIPS - The Greatest Raid of All
005090: STANLEY PHILLIPS - The Beginner's Book of Stamp Collecting (plus RUPERT Interest on Last page)
000285: GERVASE PHINN - Over Hill and Dale
006154: SALLY MACEACHERN ED. PETER HINCE PHOTOGRAPHER. - Illustrator's Reference Manual Nudes
007386: DAPHNE DU MAURIER. CHRISTIAN BROWNING PHOTOGRAPHS - Vanishing Cornwall. The Spirit and History of Cornwall.
005493: PICK, DANIEL - Svengali's Web: The Alien Enchanter in Modern Culture
002680: PICKNETT, LYNN - Flights of Fancy? : One Hundred Years of Paranormal Experiences
002248: STUART PIGGOTT - Ancient Europe, from the Beginnings of Agriculture to Classical Antiquity
007170: ROSAMUNDE PILCHER - Sepember Song
001015: ROGER PILKINGTON - Small Boat to Northern Germany
006902: DAILY MIRROR. L.. G. PINE. - Royal Wedding Souvenir. H. R.H. Princess Alexandra and Honourable Angus Ogilvy. Westminster Abbey. April 24th 1963
002596: PINTER, H. - African Grey Parrots As a Hobby; a Save-0ur-Planet Book
004980: EVELYN PIPER - The Nanny
002970: BARRIE PITT - Revenge at Sea
004796: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Road to Compiègne
003887: JEAN PLAIDY - Queen in Waiting
003254: JEAN PLAIDY - St Thomas's Eve
005093: LA PLANTE, RICHARD - Hog Fever
006187: PLAYBOY - Playboy's Nudes. a Tribute to the female Form. Marilyn Monroe on First Page.
001958: GARY PLAYER WITH IAN REID - The Second Book of Gary Player's Golf Class
003174: GARY PLAYER - Positive Golf
003881: GUY LYON PLAYFAIR - The Indefinite Boundary-a Reality Shattering Survey of life after Death
002602: MAURICE PLEDGER - An Adventure with Charlie Chick : An Interactive Pop-Up Book
006070: EDGAR ALLAN POE - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
007327: M. G. EDGAR. WILLY POGANY - A Treasury of Verse for Little Children.
007237: M. G. EDGAR. WILLY POGANY - A Treasury of Verse for Little Children.
002263: POGREBIN, LETTY COTTIN - How to Make It in a Man's World
005273: POKASKI - Secret Invasion; Inhumans. No 3 of 4.
002557: ELIZA F. POLLARD - Florence Nightingale, the Wounded Soldier's Friend
001529: SUE POMEROY - But We Don't Do Opera
005787: HUGH POND - Salerno
005809: IVAN PONTING - Bristol City Greats (Evening Post)
006174: POOLE, SHARON;FRITH, FRANCIS;FRANCIS FRITH COLLECTION - Francis Frith's Weston-Super-Mare. Around Weston-Super-Mare.
002967: KENNETH POOLMAN - Ark Royal
002969: KENNETH POOLMAN - Mountbatten's Fighting Kelly
002466: POPKIN, RICHARD H.; STROLL, AVRUM - Philosophy Made Simple
007262: JOHN PORTCHMOUTH - Creative Crafts for Today
004746: GENE STRATTON-PORTER - Michael O' Halloran
004729: GENE STRATTON-PORTER - The Harvester
001262: JOYCE PORTER - The Package Included Murder
004464: JOYCE PORTER - Dover and The Unkindest Cut of All
002860: JOYCE PORTER - Dover Two
002857: JOYCE PORTER - Dover One
004735: GENE STRATTON-PORTER - The Magic Garden
004878: SANDY POSNER - Giselle
007562: LAURENS VAN DER POST - The Seed and the Sower. Dunscombe Cover.
001740: OLIVER POSTGATE - Ivor the Engine: Ivor's Birthday
007086: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Mr Tod; The Original Peter Rabbit Books. New Reproductions of Original Pictures Using New Technology.
002011: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle; the Original Peter Rabbit Books
002019: BEATRIX POTTER - A Story Library By Beatrix Potter;The Tale of Benjamin Bunny; The Tale of Peter Rabbit; The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin; The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck; The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher; the Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies.-in Pictorial Card Slipcase
002022: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle ;The Original Peter Rabbit Books
002024: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Peter Rabbit; The Original Peter Rabbit Books
002026: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher; The Original Peter Rabbit Books
002010: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies; the Original Peter Rabbit Books
004891: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies; the Original Peter Rabbit Books
001686: STEPHEN POTTER - The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship
001705: POTTER, BEATRIX - Meet Tom Kitten
006984: DENNIS POTTER - Blue Remembered Hills. Programme of Production 29 April-23 May 1992 at Bristol Old Vic .
005203: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse;The Original Peter Rabbit Books
007168: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Pie and the Patty-pan
007090: BEATRIX POTTER - Peter Rabbit's Giant Picture Card Game. 36 Picture Cards in Cardboard Case of Well Loved Potter Characters.
005879: JEAN POTTER - Flying North. The Classic History of Alaskan Bush Pilots. Aviator's Bookshelf
007087: BEATRIX POTTER - The Tale of Little Pig Robinson; the Original Peter Rabbit Books
005520: POUGY, LIANE DE; ATHILL, DIANA - My Blue Notebooks
000925: HILDA POWELL - Vogue's Cookery Book, Ed. By Evelyn Fores
005214: POWELL, RICHARD A. - Historic Yorkshire
001739: TERRY PRATCHETT - The Last Hero (Gollancz)
006082: THEODORE PRATT - The Lovers of Pompeii
006041: PRAZ, MARIO - The Hero in Eclipse in Victorian Fiction
006199: JOHN PREBBLE - The Highland Clearances
007509: JEREMY TAYLOR. ARTHUR BRYANT PREFACE. - The Devons. A History of the Devonshire Regiment 1685-1945
005908: DYLAN THOMAS. ANEIRIN TALFAN DAVIES PREFACE. - Quite Early One Morning. Poems, Stories, Essays
004758: PRENTIS, EVELYN - A Nurse in Action
005167: LOCKWOOD PRESS - FLORISTRY. A complete guide to the establishment and management of the modern flower shop. Especially written and illustrated with numerous exclusive designs by practical florists who are successfully engaged in the florist's Art,etc.
006681: ED BY HUBERT PRESTON - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1946. 83rd Year.
005422: ED PETER CLAYTON:MARTIN PRICE - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
003205: NANCY PRICE - I Had a Comrade "Buddy"
006080: PRIDE, EMRYS - Rhondda My Valley Brave
007427: J. B. PRIESTLEY - The Good Companions
003050: ROSE PRINCE - The New English Table- Over 200 Recipes That Will Not Cost the Earth
006036: PRINGLE, DAVID. FOREWORD BRIAN ALDISS - Modern Fantasy : The Hundred Best Novels: An English-Language Selection, 1946-1987
000719: SUE PROBERT - The Sainsbury Book of Pressure Cooking
004224: PROCTER, JANE - Dress Your Best : The New Way of Analysing Your Figure and Your Wardrobe to Suit You
006955: J.M. PROCTOR - East Anglian Cottages
007243: SIBLY. THE GREAT PROPHET. - Everybody's Fortune Teller
006394: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Accordion Crimes
002227: ALF PROYSEN - Mrs Pepperpot Omnibus (Over 50 Stories in One volume)
005229: JANE PUGH - Welsh Ghosts and Phantoms-a Collection of Ghost Stories from Wales
005466: CHOSEN BY PHILIP PULLMAN - Detective Stories. Red Hot Reads.
004467: PURVES, PAMELA - Decorating Eggs : In the Style of Fabergé
001054: EDWARD C. PYATT - A Climber in the West Country
004121: PYE, MICHAEL; MYLES, LYNDA - The Movie Brats : How the Film Generation Took over Hollywood
006400: ROBERT MICHAEL PYLE - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies (The Audubon Society Field Guide Series)
004457: MONTY PYTHON - The Fairly Incomplete and Rather Badly Illustrated Monty Python Song Book (Lacks CD)
006724: QUARTON, MARJORIE - Breakfast the Night Before: Recollections of an Irish Horse Dealer
002363: ERIC QUAYLE - Old Cook Books- an Illustrated History
006270: ELLERY QUEEN - The Spanish Cape. A Problem in Deduction.
004689: ED. BY ELLERY QUEEN - Sporting Detective Stories
000952: MARJORIE AND C. H. B. QUENNELL - Everyday Life in the New Stone, Bronze, and Early Iron Ages
000953: MARJORIE AND C. H. B. QUENNELL - Everyday Life in Roman Britain
001494: QUEST, ERICA - Cold Coffin
001479: QUILLIN, VIV - When the Chips Are down Who Cooks the Fish?
006426: ANTHONY QUINN - Jack Vettriano
007051: W. W. SAYER AKA PIERRE QUIROULE - The Nemesis Club
003351: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old Glory
001707: ILLUSTRATED BY ARTHUR RACKHAM - Fairy Tales from Many Lands
006840: C. S. EVANS (RETOLD). ARTHUR RACKHAM - Cinderella
000336: MAISIE & EVELYN RADFORD - Musical Adventures in Cornwall
002505: RAE, ALEXANDER - The Bluffer's Guide to the Occult
003509: RAGAN, MARK A.FOREWORD BY CLIVE CUSSLER - Submarine Warfare in the Civil War
005911: WELSH HIGHLAND RAILWAY - Welsh Highland Railway Guide Book and Stock List.
006679: SARAH RAINEY - The Dazzling Queen. 3 Daily Mail Eight Page Pullouts . Pt 1-Tiaras. Pt 2 Necklaces. Pt 3 Earrings and Brooches
000499: ELIZABETH RALPH - The Streets of Bristol, a Survey of Their Repair,cleansing and Lighting from the Middle Ages to 1806
003748: RAMPA, T. LOBSANG - Feeding the Flame
003801: RAMPA, T. LOBSANG - The Hermit
003812: RAMPA, T. LOBSANG - Doctor from Lhasa
003871: MAMA SAN RA-AB RAMPA - Pussywillow
001751: RANDALL, WILL - Indian Summer : A Good Man in Asia
003413: RANFURLY, HERMIONE - To War with Whitaker
000964: IAN RANKIN - The Naming of the Dead
002403: IAN RANKIN - Exit Music
002380: RANKIN, IAN - Rebus : The Early Years. Knots and Crosses/ Hide and Seek/ Tooth and Nail
004700: RANKIN, CHRIS - Gorgeous Cross-Stitch : More Than 60 Enchanting Projects to Decorate Every Room
004331: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - Bookmarks
006658: DONALD R. RAWE - Traditional Cornish Stories and Rhymes
005479: MARY RAY - Living in Earliest Greece
003923: ELIZABETH RAY - The Resourceful Cook or What to Cook When There's Nothing to Cook
005420: RAYOR, DIANE TRANS. - Sappho's Lyre : Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece
001378: READ, MISS - Changes at Fairacre
002473: READ, MISS - Battles at Thrush Green
001091: C H READ - Six Coloured Representations of Ceramic Art; from the Collections in the British Museum with A Brief Description of Each
004607: MISS READ - Village School
007524: BERYL J READ - Holly in Springtime
005390: MISS READ (DORA SAINT) - Miss Clare Remembers
004261: READ, JAN - The Wines of Portugal
004591: READ, MISS (DORA SAINT) - Thrush Green; At Home in Thrush Green. 2 Books
000305: CHARLES READE - The Cloister and the Hearth
004568: CHARLES READE - The Cloister and the Hearth
007118: RALPH READER - Chappell's Community Song Book No. 1
004321: REAGAN, RON - Siamese Cats
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006735: VERA SOUTHGATE - The Enormous Turnip (A Ladybird easy-reading book. Well-loved tales)Series 606D.
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005629: SPINRAD, NORMAN - The Iron Dream
005216: SPURRIER, SIMON - Contract
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007322: JOHANNA SPYRI - Heidi
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004145: THE AUTOCAR TECHNICAL STAFF - The Autocar Handbook for the Motorist
005237: MARVEL COMICS STAFF - Spider-Man 2: The Official Comic Adaptation
005015: MARAN GRAPHICS STAFF - Creating Web Pages Simplified : The 3-D Visual Approach to Learning Web Pages
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006484: JOY STANHOPE - The Royal Tour of Kenya
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002476: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
004379: CHRIS COOK. JOHN STEVENSON - Weapons of War
002426: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Black Arrow
000224: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Treasure Island
002702: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Treasure Island
006210: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Kidnapped
007533: ED. BY J. STEVENSON - A New Eusebius.Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church to A.D. 337.
001671: J. G. STEVENSON - The Challenge and other Talks with Boys and Girls
005292: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
005923: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
005378: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Black Arrow
005117: A. M. STEWART - Common British Moths. Peeps at Nature
004182: DESMOND STEWART AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Life World Library- The Arab World
003459: JOHN STIDWORTHY - Snakes of the World
007009: LYN STILGOE. - Edingthorpe All Saints. Church History and Guide.
006498: LYN STILGOE. - Wighton All Saints Church and Village, North Norfolk .Three pamphlets.
004177: EDMUND STILLMAN AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Life World Library- The Balkans
006982: A. M. STIRLING - The Life of Thomas William Coke, First Earl of Leicester of Holkham, Containing an Account of His Ancestry, Surroundings, Public Services & Private Friendships and Including Many Unpublished Letters from Noted Men of His Day, English and American. Vol. 1.
005846: JOHN F. STIRLING - Philips Atlas of the New Testament
007077: FRANCIS W. GREENACRE; SHEENA STODDARD - William James Muller, 1812-45
004095: STOKER, BRAM; RETOLD BY JONA CAMERON - Dracula-Ladybird Horror Classics
003121: W. J. STOKOE - The Observer's Book of Trees and Shrubs No. 4
003114: W. J. STOKOE - The Observer's Book of Butterflies; No. 3
005569: W. J. STOKOE - The Observer's Book of Trees No. 4
005097: ED EUGEN STONE - The Boys Book of Conjuring
005588: STONE, TODD A. - Novelist's Boot Camp : 101 Ways to Take Your Book from Boring to Bestseller
007328: STONEY, BARBARA - Enid Blyton : A Biography
001058: RALPH STORER - 100 Best Routes on Scottish Mountains
006521: STOREY, NEIL R. - A Century of Norwich.Events, People and Places over the Last 100 Years.
002488: PAMELA STOREY - Pop-up Picture Stories Boxed Set 3 Books; Cinderella: Goldilocks: Snow White
005924: NEIL R. STOREY - Norfolk at Work. Britain in Old Photographs Series.
004211: DR. D. H. STOTT - Unsettled Children and their Families
006889: ED. HERBERT STRANG - The Big Book of Trains
000293: HERBERT STRANG - Carry on! A Story of The Fight for Bagdad
000208: ED. BY MRS HERBERT STRANG - Tail-Wagger's Great Book
000015: ED. HERBERT STRANG - The Big Book of the Zoo
005725: OLIVER STRANGE - Sudden Takes the Trail
005902: OLIVER STRANGE - Sudden Outlawed
000613: JOYCE STRANGER - Flash
002895: STEVENS-STRATTEN, S. W. - British Lorries, 1945-1975
007089: NOEL STREATFEILD - Thursday's Child
007333: NOEL STREATFEILD - Ballet Shoes
004036: TONY STREETER - The Mice of St. Mary's: The Mice of St Mary's Midnight Adventure; The Mice of St Mary's Christmas Adventure; The Mice of St. Mary's Woodland Adventure.
006272: HESBA STRETTON - Through a Needle's Eye
005492: TONY STRINGFELLOW - The Wizard's Gown-Rewoven. Beneath the Glitter of Marc Bolan.Special Edition.
007307: LAURA E. STUART - In Memoriam. Caroline Colman
007446: UNIVERSAL CITY STUDIOS - Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (Battlestar Galactica Annual)
005577: THEODORE STURGEON - More Than Human
005389: MARY STURGEON - Women of the Classics
005262: MATTHEW STURGES - Countdown to Mystery enter the weird Worlds of Eclipso and Doctor Fate. Issue 4 of 8.
004618: KITTY STYLES - Nicholas Thomas and Timothy -N0 4 in Series
001170: KITTY STYLES - Nicholas Thomas and Timothy -N0 4 in Series
001530: KITTY STYLES - Nicholas Thomas and Timothy -N0 4 in Series
004912: R. W. SUDWEEKS - Digital Techniques
000023: BRAIN STEWART; TONY SUMMERFIELD - The Enid Blyton Dossier
003115: R. S. SUMMERHAYS - The Observer's Book of Horses and Ponies; No 9
000350: GERALD SUMMERS - 0wned by an Eagle
005905: MONTAGUE SUMMERS - Witchcraft and Black Magic
002460: JOHN SUMMERSON - The Microcosm of London
006063: SURKIS, ALISA; NOLAN, MONICA - The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories
007519: RICHARD SURMAN - Church Cats
002745: SURRELL, JASON - The Haunted Mansion : From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies
006666: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure 30 Map. Yorkshire Dales Northern and Central Areas. 1:25 000. 2.5" x 1 Mile. 4cm to 1 Km
006538: GERALD SUSTER - Hitler and the Age of Horus
005280: ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF - Dawn Wind
000160: GUNTHER BIRKENFELD TRANS ERIC SUTTON - A Room in Berlin Dritter Hof Links
002593: SWEENEY, ROGER G. - Macaws
004898: SWEETMAN, D. - Toulouse Lautrec Fin de Siecle
007392: GRAHAM SWIFT - Waterland
003980: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Last Orders
000219: ED BY CYRIL SWINSON - Twenty More Animal Stories
002262: JOHN SYKES - Family in Peru
005425: ED. HAVELOCK ELLIS. FOREWORD J.A. SYMONDS - Christopher Marlowe. 5 Plays. Mermaid Series
005716: SZACHNOWSKI, LUCYA. GARY O'CONNELL - Call of Cthulhu.The London Guidebook: 1920's Roleplaying in the Capital of the World
004062: H. C. HOLMAN; W. F. TALBOT - The Secretarial Primer
002030: TALL, DEBORAH - The Island of the White Cow : Memories of an Irish Island
005819: DEREK TANGYE - Lama
007390: DEREK TANGYE - Lama PLUS a Cat in the Window (two Separate books)
004863: JENNIFER TANN - The Industrial Archaeology of the British Isles. Gloucestershire Woollen Mills
006296: L. C. REID; ILL. PERCY TARRANT - Jo Maxwell Schoolgirl.
006331: TASCHEN - The American Pin-up 1997 Taschen Calendar Diary
005626: TASCHEN - Franz Von Stuck 30 Postcards
005616: TASCHEN - Gil Elvgren Pin-ups 1998 Taschen Calendar
004755: TASMA (JESSIE COUVREUR) - Uncle Piper of Pipers Hill Australian Women Writers the Literary Heritage
003997: A J P TAYLOR - How Wars Begin
000174: G P TAYLOR - Shadowmancer
000173: G P TAYLOR - Shadowmancer
005522: A. E. TAYLOR - Socrates. Short Biographies. No. 30
007397: SID TAYLOR - Norfolk Cameo: A Kaleidoscope of Characters and Personalities and their contributions to Norfolk Life
001759: D. J. TAYLOR - Kept- a Victorian Mystery
002840: MICHAEL J. H. TAYLOR, KENNETH MUNSON; ED. BY JOHN W. R. TAYLOR - Jane' s Pocket Book 3; Commercial Transport Aircraft
001633: ALICE TAYLOR - American Geographical Society - Syria - Around the World Program
006641: TAYLOR, SUE - Jellied Eels and Zeppelins: Witness to a Vanished Age
001572: DESMOND SHAWE-TAYLOR - Covent Garden
003348: ROGER G TAYLOR, COMPILED BY - Marilyn on Marilyn
003925: CHARLES PEATTIE; RUSSELL TAYLOR - Alex Calls the Shots
006436: G. W. BELDAM J. H. TAYLOR - Golf Faults Illustrated
006478: EDWIN WAY TEALE - Near Horizons. The Story of an Insect Garden
004631: TEAR, ROBERT - Singer Beware : A Cautionary Tale of the Singing Class
001629: LUDWIG AND EILEEN TECLAFF - American Geographical Society - Germany - Around the World Program
001440: SUSANNA TEE - Good Housekeeping Good Food Fast
003257: TEJPAL, TARUN J. - Alchemy of Desire
005068: ARTHUR W. OSBORN. FOREWORD BY PROFESSOR W. H. MAXWELL TELLING - The Superphysical. A review of the evidence for continued existence, reincarnation, and mystical states of consciousness.
001553: MARGARET TEMPEST - A Thanksgiving for Children
000869: MARIKA HANBURY TENISON - The Fish Recipe book- a Sainsbury Cookbook
003093: HANBURY-TENISON, MARIKA - Deep-Freeze Cookery
005507: MARIKA HANBURY TENISON - Eat Well and be Slim
007500: M. J. TENNICK - Libellus, Selections from Horace, Martial, Ovid and Catullus.(Cambridge Latin Texts)
007565: JOHN TERRAINE - The Right of the Line (Wordsworth Military Library)
005079: EILEEN TERRY - Etiquette for All. Man, Woman or Child
006029: JOSEPHINE TEY - The Franchise Affair
002165: THANE, ELSWYTH - Fighting Quaker: Nathanael Greene
002836: THARUMAGNANAM, THARU T. - The Making of the National Car: Not Just a Dream = Pembuatan Kereta Nasional Bukan Hanya Impian
001000: NORMAN THELWELL - Belt Up-Thelwell's Motoring Manual
000605: PAUL THEROUX - The Black House
004045: DYLAN THOMAS - Under Milk Wood ; Bristol Old Vic Theatre Programme 3-27 November 1993
005662: DONALD THOMAS - The Victorian Underworld
005283: CHARLES THOMAS, PETER POOL - The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District. Field Guide No. 2
005147: SIAN ELLIS-THOMAS - Making Faces
005597: ROY THOMAS - The Savage Sword of Conan. No 1,3-18 for wks/ending March 8 -July 5 1975. 17 Issues.
005598: ROY THOMAS - The Savage Sword of Conan. 14 Issues.No 10-23 for Months February 1976 -October 1977. 14 Issues.
005595: ROY THOMAS - The Savage Sword of Conan. No 1-(with Free Gift Poster Original Free gift) for w/ending March 8 1975
005596: ROY THOMAS - The Savage Sword of Conan. No 2,for w/ending March 15 1975
006706: DEE THOMAS - The Elephant's Dilemma. A Bonnie Book.
000057: JOSEPHINE PULLEIN THOMPSON - RaceHorse Holiday
004433: PULLEIN-THOMPSON, CHRISTINE - Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland
002878: THOMPSON, GENE - Murder Mystery
003228: THOMPSON, T. - Gangland Britain
000253: ED BY PETER E THOMPSON - The Hundred Years War. Contemporary Chronicles of the Hundred Years War: From the works of Jean le Bel,Jean Froissart & Enguerrand de Monstrelet
006683: THOMPSON, PETER DR. - Back from Broadmoor
002094: A. A. THOMSON - Out of Town
001203: DOM MARIO BORRELLI: ANTHONY THORNE - A Street Lamp and the Stars
000947: COLIN THUBRON - Behind the Wall
004635: JAMES THURBER - Thurber Country. A New Collection of Pieces about Males and Females, Mainly of our Own Species.
001267: THURLOW, DAVID - Vinegar in the Spice
007209: GLEN A. LARSON; ROBERT THURSTON - Battlestar Galactica
002886: THURSTON, HAZEL - South and South West Ireland
006983: CLAUD B.TICEHURST - A History of the Birds of Suffolk
007019: ED BRIAN YATES. ROGER TILL. - Will's Magazine 1952-54. Vol XII
006676: ERNEST AND GRACE RHYS. ED. F. C.TILNEY. - English Fairy Tales.Tales for Children of Many Lands
006494: NOTBURGA TILT - After Fred
005746: TINNISWOOD, PETER - The Brigadier in Season
007268: BARBARA EUPHAN TODD - Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy
007101: CLEMENT CLARKE. LIS TOFT - The Night Before Christmas
005866: LOWRIE OVENSTONE; TOLAN - Statistics and Probability : An Introductory Course. Book 2.
002606: TOLHURST, MARILYN; DURBIN, GAIL; WEBB, WILLIAM - The Royal Parks and Palaces Activity Book
005799: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN - The Book of Lost Tales. Part II. The History of Middle-Earth
007541: J.RR. TOLKIEN - The Lord of the Rings Box Set. 7 Volumes.
006224: J.RR. TOLKIEN - The Lord of the Rings.The Three Books in One Volume. Part 1. The Fellowship of the Ring. Part II The Two Towers.Part III The Return of the King
007461: J. R. R. TOLKIEN - The Silmarillion
002864: TOOK, BARRY; FELDMAN, MARTY - The Bona Book of Julian & Sandy- Leaves from Their "Round the Horne" Journal
003987: TOPPING, FRANK - An Impossible God
002534: IVAN TOR - Daktari Annual 1968
002535: IVAN TOR - Daktari Annual 1968
005692: GYONGYI TOROK - Late Gothic Altarpieces in the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
002224: TOULSON, SHIRLEY; - The Moors of the Southwest; 1 Exploring the Ancient Tracks of Sedgemoor and Exmoor
002225: TOULSON, SHIRLEY - The Moors of the Southwest; 1 Exploring the Ancient Tracks of Dartmoor, Bodmin and Penwith
002133: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert and the Wonderful Boots Rupert Little Bear Library No, 12`
001708: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert and the Magician's Umbrella (Little Bear Library No. 6) Woolworth
001709: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert in the Wood of Mystery ( Little Bear Library No. 7) Woolworth
007467: MARY TOURTEL - The Monster Rupert. A Story and Picture Book with 120 Cut-outs in Colour
002690: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert and Edward at the Circus ( Little Bear Library No. 4) Woolworth
001621: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert and Edward at the Circus ( Little Bear Library No. 4) Woolworth
005170: MARY TOURTEL - Rupert and the Wonderful Boots Rupert Little Bear Library No, 12`
006856: MARY TOURTEL - The Monster Rupert. 1949
001038: DOREEN TOVEY - The Coming of Saska
002362: TOVEY, JOHN - Eating Out with Tovey
005934: TOVEY, JOHN - Table Talk with Tovey : A Cook's Tour of His Cullinary [sic] Education. SIGNED
006062: TOVEY, JOHN - Entertaining with Tovey : How to Star in Your Own Kitchen (SIGNED BY AUTHOR)
000615: W TOWNEND - Sabina's Brother
003589: TOWNEND, JOHN - Broad Oceans and Narrow Seas
000295: ERIC TOWNSEND - The Bell of Santadino
004225: SUE TOWNSEND - The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Calendar 1987
005842: TRACY, STEPHEN V. - The Story of the Odyssey
005709: MARY BARNARD TRANS. - Sappho
005530: HOMER; TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY ALBERT COOK - The Odyssey: Critical Edition
006053: JOHN WARRINGTON . NEW TRANSLATION - Aristotle. Politics and the Athenian Constitution.
002877: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Stewart Trilogy: Lords of Misrule; A Folly of Princes; The Captive Crown.
005299: GEOFFREY TREASE - Seven Kings of England
004561: GEORGE EDWARD TREASE - Text-Book of Pharmacogosy
007415: HENRY TREECE - Viking's Dawn (Puffin Books)
001387: DONALD TRELFORD (EDITOR) - Sunday Best from the Observer
002342: TREMLETT, GEORGE - The Rolling Stones Story
003915: LE POER TRENCH, BRINSLEY - Mysterious Visitors : The UFO Story
006216: TOM S. HALL.FOREWORD HON CHARLES TREVELYAN, M. P. - Tramping in Arran. A Fellowship Holiday.
006215: ELLESTON TREVOR - Squadron Airborne. Battle of Britain.
006508: CHARLES TRITTEN - Heidi Grows Up
001489: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Rector's Wife
003370: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Cousin Henry
005922: LADY TROUBRIDGE - The Book of Etiquette
007113: ARTHUR TROWER - Our Homestead and Its Old World Garden
001185: TROYAT, HENRI - Catherine the Great
000050: G B TRUDEAU - Calling Dr Whoopee
004401: TRUEMAN, FRED; MORECAMBE, ERIC; RUMSEY, FRED - The Thoughts of Trueman Now : Every Cricket Maniac's Anthology
001303: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Murder in the CIA
005620: MARK TRYON - The Twisted Loves of Nym O'Sullivan
006622: D. FARMAN G. TAYLOR R.D.TURLEY - Stalham and District in Times Past
007498: MARY SHEPHERD. ED. EILEEN TURNER - Your 100 Best Apple Recipes.
000786: JAMES TURNER - The Stone Peninsula- Scenes from the Cornish Landscape
000716: JOE TURNER - The Sainsbury Book of Cocktails and Party Drinks
006942: WILLIAM TURNER - Accrington Pals
006264: ETHEL TURNER (MRS H. R. CURLEWIS). - Laughing Water
004475: JOHN M. TURNER - Combined Indexes of A. Wainwright'a Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells including a list of Principal Peaks
004202: TURNER, TREVOR - How to Feed Your Dog
007197: W. J. TURNER - English Music. Britain in Pictures Series .
007201: W. J. TURNER - English Music. Britain in Pictures Series .
001727: REGINALD TURNOR - The Spotted Dog-a Book of English Inn Signs
005469: TUTTLE, LISA - Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.(Writing Handbooks)
002671: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
002672: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
003733: T. ARTHUR TWEDDLE - Everyday Science Topics Book II
003807: T. ARTHUR TWEDDLE - Everyday Science Topics Book I; Individual Work for Pupils
007163: DAN POWELL COLIN TWIST - A Guide to the Dragonflies of Great Britain
005594: TYLDESLEY, JOYCE A. - Daughters of Isis : Women of Ancient Egypt
004128: TYLER, MARTIN. ED. - The History of the Olympics
003536: TYNAN, KATHLEEN - Agatha : The Agatha Christie Mystery
000751: POLLY TYRER - Little Books of Delight- Chocolate Cakes
000841: MARLA TYRRELL - Babies of the Ponds and Streams
003683: TZANNES, R: ILLUSTRATED KORKY PAUL - The Great Robbery : A 3-Dimensional Picture Book-Pop-up.
006705: GOSCINNY AND UDERZO - Asterix and the Golden Sickle
004692: A. C. UNDERWOOD - A History of the English Baptists
007068: CORNWALL ARCHAEOLOGICAL UNIT - Archaeology and the Eclipse in Cornwall . A Free Guide for Eclipse Watchers.
003701: UNKNOWN - Scottish Pop-Up Book
005698: UNKNOWN - Leptis Magna. A Face of Human History
005699: UNKNOWN - Assaray Al.Hamra Museums (Tripoli, Libya)
000988: UNKNOWN. - How to be Personally Efficient-87 Plans and Short Cuts Used and Approved at Desks of 43 Managers
000872: UNKNOWN - Homoeopathy for the Family
000888: UNKNOWN - Honey from Hive to Market
006322: UNKNOWN - Best Grade Produce. Berries, Fruit Culture. NB THIS BOOK IS IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.
002121: UNKNOWN - Style Pattern Book
001153: UNKNOWN - Weight Watchers Family Desserts ; Fabulous Food Collection
001206: UNKNOWN - Manual of Heraldry -being a Concise Description of the Several Terms Uses and Containing a Dictionary of Every Designation in the Science
001226: UNKNOWN - 150 of the World's Most Beautiful Roses
001310: UNKNOWN - The Scottish National Dress: a Handbook for Everyone Interested in Highland Dress
001314: UNKNOWN - Walt Disney Finding Out Book
001315: UNKNOWN - Star Trek Picture Book. When Planets Collide
001318: UNKNOWN - Fiendish Friends a Scary Pop Up Book
001353: UNKNOWN - Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy 1938- Volume I
001410: UNKNOWN - Cooking with Colman's
001453: UNKNOWN - Woman's Weekly Family Cooking
001462: UNKNOWN - Mother Goose Rhymes
001480: UNKNOWN - The Complete Letter-Writer for Ladies and Gentlemen
000463: UNKNOWN. - Planet of the Apes-Authorised Edition
000496: UNKNOWN - Battle Picture library-Three-Two-One -Zero
000642: UNKNOWN - The Battle of Britain
000686: UNKNOWN - Three of a Kind
007008: UNKNOWN - Lichens. a Multi-Access Key to Churchyard Lichens
000352: UNKNOWN - I-Spy the Army-No. 17
000422: UNKNOWN - Dog Troupe's Party
006857: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock Guide. A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich, Etc.
002317: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
002318: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
001947: UNKNOWN - The Best of Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine ( Traditional Recipes Using Olive Oil)
007400: UNKNOWN - Worstead Church. a Reprint. By Kind Permission of "The Builder".
001888: UNKNOWN - Butterflies
000865: UNKNOWN - Shop to Slim at Marks and Spencer
001845: UNKNOWN - Woman's Own Book of Cake Decorating and Cake Making
000062: UNKNOWN - Rupert Weekly No 1
007222: UNKNOWN - Doctor Who Weekly. No5. Nov.14 1979
007021: UNKNOWN - Sansom and Company, Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers. New Books 2011-2013 and Backlist
001784: UNKNOWN - The Royal Navy: Its Ships, Aircraft and Missiles
001682: UNKNOWN - Rupert and His Friends- a Guide for the Young Diabetic
001692: UNKNOWN - Warne's Book of Bristol
001694: UNKNOWN - Rupert Has a Picnic
001699: UNKNOWN - Just William Annual 1978
001436: UNKNOWN - Guide to Hereford and the Wye Valley,Llandrindod wells and the Spas of Central Wales
006865: UNKNOWN - Woman's Weekly Cook Book. Over 300 Recipes.
006981: UNKNOWN - Sutton's Amateur's Guide and Spring Catalogue for 1878
001316: UNKNOWN - Yogi Bear Picture Book Special Edition
007285: UNKNOWN - Norwich Civic Week October 23rd-29th 1938 Programme
001619: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock Guide. The Lake District with an Outline Guide for Walkers and a Special Section for motorists.
001680: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock's South Cornwall
000001: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
000003: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
000004: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
000005: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
000006: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
000007: UNKNOWN - Simplicity Pattern Book
007205: UNKNOWN - Valuable Herbal Prescriptions.A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments and Their Treatment By Nature' s Remedies.
007357: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock Guide.A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Cromer, Sheringham, Mundesley Etc, with Excursions to the Broads, Norwich and Sandringham
007358: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock Guide. A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Cromer, Sheringham, Norwich and North Norfolk, with a Special Section for Motorists.
001893: UNKNOWN - Egyptian Museum Cairo
001578: UNKNOWN - Changing Seasons 1993 Apointment Calendar
007389: UNKNOWN - Ward Lock Guide. A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Cromer, Sheringham, The Runtons, Poppyland,Mundesley-on-Sea, etc.
001425: UNKNOWN - Good Housekeeping Christmas Gift Book
004330: UNKNOWN - Cambridge Latin Course; Unit 1. One Volume Edition.
007022: UNKNOWN - Bristol Hippodrome.Allo Allo Theatre Programme with Original Stars. 28 july/ 2nd August 1986
006943: UNKNOWN - Phanty's Story
004649: ED. LOUIS UNTERMEYER - The New Treasury of Verse
003330: UNWIN, PHILIP - Travelling by Train in the Edwardian Age
005964: JOHN UPDIKE - The Poorhouse Affair
002722: URIS, LEON - Exodus
001570: ALISON UTTLEY - Moldy Warp the Mole
002753: ALISON UTTLEY - Wise Owl's Story
002754: ALISON UTTLEY - Little Grey Rabbit's Party
002755: ALISON UTTLEY - The Knot Squirrel Tied
002756: ALISON UTTLEY - How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail
002752: ALISON UTTLEY - Squirrel Goes Skating
002446: ALISON UTTLEY - Grey Rabbit and the Circus
001795: ALISON UTTLEY - Little Grey Rabbit's Birthday
006677: ALISON UTTLEY - Grey Rabbit and the Wandering Hedgehog
004088: HORACE ANNESLEY VACHELL - The Hill; a Romance of Friendship
000064: VAIOUS - Rupert Weekly No3
005724: VALENCY, MAURICE - Tragedy
004161: DOREEN VALIENTE - Where Witchcraft Lives
007563: JONATHAN VALIN - The Music Lovers
001020: MARCO VALSECCHI - Art of the Western World-Venetian Painting
005896: VANBERG, BENT - Of Norwegian Ways
007130: JACK VANCE - Two Separate Volumes :a) The Dirdir PLUS b) City of the Chasch
007041: JACK VANCE - Servants of the Wankh. The Pnume.Planet of Adventure Series. 2 Separate Volumes
001255: JEAN VANES - Apparelled in Red; the History of the Red Maids School Bristol
006329: ALBERTO VARGAS - 1940's Pin-up Girls Calendar Diary.1993.
006462: VARIOUS - Courier Magazine. April 1951. Vol.16. No 4.
006947: ARTHUR GROOM. VARIOUS. - Sunny Stories Annual. All New.
005310: VARIOUS - Daily Mail Colour Supplement Magazine -10 June 2012. Diamond Queen. 1952-2012 . Commemorative Jubilee Magazine. Four Unforgettable Days of Our Queen's Diamond Jubilee
004797: VARIOUS - Style 1900: Szecesszio . A Great Experiment of Modernism in the Applied Arts.Catalogue II. An Exhibition from the collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts.Periods in European Decorative Arts.
001213: VARIOUS - Virtue's Household Physician;A Twentieth Century Medica- Volume IV
006629: VARIOUS - Handicrafts Annual 1934 and Handicrafts Annual 1936. 2 Books.
006627: VARIOUS - The Wizard Book 1949

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