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001129: ARNOLD HASKELL - Prelude to Ballet- a Guide to Appreciation
001133: ARNOLD HASKELL - The Ballet Annual; Second Issue
006727: LESLIE HASKER - Fulham in the Second World War
001197: HASLER, JULIE - Dogs and Puppies in Cross-Stitch
002618: A. W. HASLETT - Radio Round the World
004509: MR AND MRS S. L. HASLUCK - Hasluck's Recitations for Boys and Girls; Vol. 1
004187: HASS, HANS - Conquest of the Underwater World
003439: HASSEL, SVEN; TRANS. JEAN URE - Assignment Gestapo
000635: MACDONAL HASTINGS - Jesuit Child
000487: ROBIN HASTINGS - Without Reserve
003146: HASWELL, JOCK - The British Army : A Concise History
001167: PAUL MCCARTNEY; DAVID HATELEY - Rupert and the Frog Song
001582: PAUL MCCARTNEY; DAVID HATELEY - Rupert and the Frog Song
000732: AUDREY WYNNE HATFIELD - Pleasures of Herbs
006135: I AND J HAVENHAND - The Life-Boat Men. 'People at Work'.Series 606B. No. 16
006138: I AND J HAVENHAND - The Soldier. 'People at Work'.Series 606B. No. 9
006137: I AND J HAVENHAND - The Car Makers. 'People at Work'.Series 606B. No. 13
006136: I AND J HAVENHAND - The Builder. 'People at Work'.Series 606B. No. 6
002313: E. L. HAVERFIELD - Daddy's Lad; the Story of A Little Lass
004352: HAWKER, J. - A Victorian Poacher; James Hawker's Journal
003129: HAWKES, L. R. - A Course in Mapwork
000508: CLIFFORD W HAWKINS - Argosy of Sail-a Photographic History
004334: ELLISON HAWKS - How it Works and How It's Done
004090: ELLISON HAWKS - The Book of Electrical Wonders
006582: GLORIA HAYDEN - Love's Redemption Smart Novels No 3003 21 April 1952
004937: BILLY HAYES WITH WILLIAM HOFFER - Midnight Express (Film tie-in)
003306: HAYES, GRACE P. - World War I : A Compact History
006314: R. CHETWYND-HAYES - The 20th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories: 20th Series
005561: RONALD HAYMAN - Nietzsche. Also Plus 2 others in Series Socrates(Gottlieb) and Wittgenstein (Hacker). 3 Books in the Great Philosophers Series.
004369: HAYNES, J. H. - Ford Escort Mk I 1100 and 1300 : 1968-1974;1097cc;1297cc; Saloon, Estate and Van. Owners Workshop Manual
006566: HAYSOM, JOHN - Portishead Pancake Money: A History of the Chappell Charity
000104: DEBORAH AND ANTHONY HAYWARD - The Peak Practice Companion
000761: TREVOR HAYWOOD - Walking with a Camera in Herries Lakeland
004274: BARBARA SHOOK HAZEN, ADAPTED ROBERT L. MAY - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; a Little Golden Book
000467: ED. BY REX HAZLEWOOD - The Scout Annual 1958
003955: ED. BY ANDREW HEAD - Poetry Now Street Life
004552: ED. BY FREDERICK HEAF AND N. LLOYD RUSBY - Recent Advances in Respiratory Tuberculosis
001599: IRENE HEATH - Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dogs Tails
004264: HECK, J. G.FOREWORD BY PAUL BACON - The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration
004322: G M HEDDLE - Manual on Etching and Engraving Glass; Scopas Handbook Series
003520: OLWEN HEDLEY - The Queen's Silver Jubilee
000284: MOHAMED H HEIKAL - Cutting the Lion's Tail
001224: A. G. L. HELLYER - Roses; Amateur gardening Book No. 2
000180: ED. BY JARED LOBDELL. J. R. R. TOLKIEN. ALSO FREE BOOK BY RANDEL HELMS - A Tolkien Compass Plus Free Book: Myth, Magic and Meaning in Tolkien's World
003898: HELPRIN, MARK - A City in Winter
006005: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - For Whom the Bell Tolls
005175: BERNARD HENDERSON AND STEPHEN JONES - Wonder Tales of Ancient Wales
006374: HENNING, STAFFORD, PROVOST. - Intermezzo Film Sheet Music. Leslie Howard, Ingrid Bergman.
004167: ROBERT HENRIQUES - 100 Hours to Suez
004711: O. HENRY - The Gentle Grafter
003277: HENRY, STUART; MILOVANOVIC, DRAGAN - Constitutive Criminology : Beyond Postmodernism
006447: REV. PROFESSOR G. HENSLOW - The Story of Wild Flowers
006704: HERGE - The Blue Lotus (The Adventures of Tintin)
006703: HERGE - Red Rackham's Treasure (The Adventures of Tintin)
001010: JAMES HERRIOT - All Creatures Great and Small: "If Only They Could talk","It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet" and 1st 3 Chapters of "Let Sleeping Vets Lie, the Completed Courtship of James and Helen.
001037: KARL M. HERRLIGKOFFER - Nanga Parbat
001368: FRED A. SALAZAR; JACK HERSCHLAG - The Innocent Assassins- Primitives of the Amazon Jungle
000423: READ BY ENID BLYTON HERSELF - Noddy's Car 45r.p.m. Disc
005764: JOHN HERSEY - A Bell for Adano
001030: MAURICE HERZOG - Annapurna; the First 8,000 Metre Peak
002526: DR D. G. HESSAYON - Be your Own House Plant Expert
003857: HETHERINGTON, LOIS - All about Goats
004063: REV. KIRKWOOD HEWAT - Half-Hours at the Manse; Being Short Papers on Various Subjects
000053: GEORGETTE HEYER - Devil's Cub
000455: GEORGETTE HEYER - Detection Unlimited
000283: GEORGETTE HEYER - These Old Shades, Sprig Muslin, Sylvester,the Corinthian
003253: GEORGETTE HEYER - The Quiet Gentleman
004583: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Charity Girl
004641: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Personal History of Samuel Johnson
003455: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Benito Mussolini
003064: HICKS, ORIEL - An Introduction to Stained and Decorative Glass
001612: HIGGINS, T. - Plat du Jour
003668: HIGGINS, JACK WRITING AS HARRY PATTERSON - The Eagle Has Landed PLUS Free Paperback "Solo" By Same Author.
005761: HIGGINS, ALEX; FRANCIS, TONY - Alex Through the Looking Glass
005958: CHRISTOPHER SMEATON. FOREWORD JACK HIGGINS. - The First Casualty; The Occupation of Jersey and German Underground Hospital. Guide to Exhibition.
004010: HIGHAM, CHARLES; MOSELEY, ROY - Elizabeth and Philip : The Untold Story
000278: PATRICIA HIGHSMITH - People Who Knock on the Door
002395: F. WARNER HILL - Labradors ; Foyles Handbooks
001789: JOHN G. HILL - Shipshape and Bristol Fashion
003204: HILL, H.W. - Pekingese
004764: HILLABY, JOHN - Journey Through Love
005490: HILLERMAN, TONY; HILLERMAN - Best of the West : An Anthology of Classic Writing from the American West
004946: JAMES HILTON - Random Harvest
006698: J. A. HIND - Ships and Shipbuilding. The "Power and Speed" Series for Boys.
001434: AL HINE - The Beatles in Help!
005278: ED. BY DARLENE CLARK HINE - Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America. Social Activism.Volume 10
006539: HINTON, NIGEL - Run to Beaver Towers (Knight Books)
003941: FRANCES HITCHING - The World Atlas of Mysteries
004301: HOARE, STEPHEN - The Assassination of John F. Kennedy; A Day That Made History
000894: JUNE HOBSON - Dyed and Printed Fabrics
000043: SHEILA HOCKEN - Living with Dogs
004110: HOCKING, DENIS DR. FOREWORD BY COLIN WILSON. - Bodies and Crimes. a Pathologist's Casebook.
004749: MONICA HOCKNEY - Meals in Minutes
005572: SIMON INGLIS.FOREWORD GLEN HODDLE - Sainsbury's:The Official England Squad Medal Collection 1998. (Complete Set of 23 Gilt Coins in Booklet)
005573: SIMON INGLIS.FOREWORD GLEN HODDLE - Sainsbury's:The Official England Squad Medal Collection 1998. (Complete Set of 23 Gilt Coins in Booklet)
005735: HAROUN TAZIEFF.TRANS. ALAN HODGE. - Caves of Adventure
006642: SHEILA HODGETTS - Toby Twirl Adventures.1954 Blue Cover
005885: HODGINS, JACK - A Passion for Narrative : A Guide to Writing Fiction
005982: NAN VAN DEN HOEK - Pan Book of Beauty.
001420: BRIAN HOEY - Buckingham Palace.Plus Newspaper Cuttings and as New Pack of "The State Rooms"-10 Postcards of the Palace and Gardens, in Slipcase
001216: HOGG, GARRY - The English Country Inn
005081: HOLDEN, EDITH; STOTT, ROWENA - The Hedgehog Feast
005583: ANTHONY HOLDEN (TRANS. AND INTRODUCTION) - Greek Pastoral Poetry: Theocritus, Bion, Moschus, the Pattern Poems
003919: HOLDEN, ROBERT - Living Wonderfully
005404: HOLLAND, STEVE - Rick Random : Space Detective, 10 Classic Interplanetary Comic Book Adventure
005080: JOHN HOLLAND, PAT HOOPER, MARTIN HOWARD - A Small Corner of Bristol (Ashton Gate area)
005786: ROBERT O HOLLES - Now Thrive the Armourers
002463: HOLLIN, CLIVE R. - Psychology and Crime : An Introduction to Criminological Psychology
000783: ARTHUR HOLLINS - The Farmer, the Plough and the Devil-the Story of Fordhall Farm, Pioneer of Organic Farming
001305: HOLLY, PAT; NICKELS, SUE - 60 Machine Quilting Patterns
003671: F M HOLMES, W J GORDON, D J LEGG - These Sixty Years 1837 to 1897. A Sketch of British Progress Under Queen Victoria
005843: CANON E. E. HOLMES - The Meaning of the Months. Thou Crownest the Year with thy Goodness.
004502: HONERICH, TED - Punishment : Supposed Justifications
005984: ANTHONY HOPE - Rupert of Hentzau .Biggles New Book Ad in Text.
000807: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat (no. 06)
000808: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins at School (no. 02)
000809: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins (no. 01)
000810: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins Solve a Mystery (no. 12)
000811: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins in the Country (no. 03)
000812: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins in Tulip Land (no. 34)
004127: HOPE, BOB; NETLAND, DWAYNE. FOREWORD PRESIDENT GERALD FORD - Confessions of a Hooker; My Lifelong love Affair with Golf
001176: LAURA LEE HOPE - The Bobbsey Twins at Sugar Maple Hill
005446: HOPE, MURRAY - Practical Greek Magic
006040: HOPE, THOMAS - Costumes of the Greeks and Romans
002890: ALICE HOPE - Great Moments with the Royal Family
005377: JANE HOPE - Don't Do it! A Complete Guide to Teaching.
006312: ANTHONY HOPE - The Prisoner of Zenda Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
006064: HOPKINS, ANDREA - The Book of Courtly Love : The Passionate Code of the Troubadours
001051: T. F. HORNBEIN - Everest the West Ridge
002882: ALISTAIR HORNE - The Fall of Paris; the Siege and the Commune 1870-71
002493: ROSALIE HORNER - Great TV Entertainment
002156: HORNSBY, KEN - Is That the Library Speaking?
006347: REV. F. J. HORSEFIELD - Life in a Cornish Village. (Pendeen). Facsimile of Book Published in 1893.
004603: RICHARD HOUGH - The Potemkin Mutiny
005107: CLAUDE HOUGHTON - I am Jonathan Scrivener
006213: URSULA HOURIHANE - Jeremy Bear's Seaside Adventure
001884: HOUSBY, TREVOR; LINSELL, KEITH - Coarse Fishing Illustrated
002234: HOUSBY, TREVOR; LINSELL, KEITH - Shark Fishing in British Waters
002893: HOUSEHOLD, HUMPHREY - Gloucestershire Railways in the Twenties
006470: A. E. HOUSMAN - The Collected Poems of A. E. Housman
005444: HOUSTON, JEAN - The Hero and the Goddess : "The Odyssey" As Mystery and Initiation
003846: HOVING, THOMAS - Tutankhamun : The Untold Story
002289: NORMAN HOW - Stars ( How and Why)
002295: HOWATCH, SUSAN - Penmarric
000012: GEORGINA HOWELL - Diana Her Life in Fashion
005092: CHARLES SMITH ED; ASST. ED. CHRISTINE HOWELL - Boat World Guide to Dinghies and Catamarans.1972 Edition
003681: HOYLE, RONNIE - Strange Tales of the South West
004197: HOYLE, DON - Don Hoyle's Gardening Year in the South-West
003056: DEH-TA HSIUNG - The Book of Vietnamese Cooking with "Blue Lagoon" Recipe 12 Page recipe Booklet of "The Orient in Your Kitchen"
005578: ALAN WATTS: AL CHUNG-LIANG HUANG - Tao; the Watecourse Way
001123: HUBBELL, SUE - A Book of Bees : And How to Keep Them
004579: LIAM HUDSON - Contrary Imaginations. a Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy
002875: WILLIAM HUGHES - Split on Red
001516: HUGHES, WILLIAM - Aces High
002683: HUGHES, ELEANOR - Silver for Collectors
002604: HUGHES, TED - Shaggy and Spotty
003283: MORLAND-HUGHES, R. W. - My Dear Walter : Observations of a Gurkha Officer 1937-43
004148: HUGHES, TED - Moon Whales
001070: THERLE HUGHES - Introduction to Antiques
006507: SPIKE HUGHES - The Art of Coarse Entertaining
003926: HUGILL, ANTONY - Sugar and All That : A History of Tate & Lyle
002142: CHARLES HULL - Shire Album No 280 : Pewter
000772: ROSEMARY HUME & MURIEL DOWNES - The Cordon Bleu Cookery Book
000832: ROSEMARY HUME - Party Food and Drink
000833: STANLEY HUMPHREY - Press On Regardless-Recollections of Service in the Royal Air Force (1934-1946)
005402: MRS HUMPHREY - Manners for Men; Manners for Women. 2 Books
003263: HUMPHREYS, GLYN W.; BRUCE, VICKI - Visual Cognition : Computational, Experimental, and Neuropsychological Perspectives
003361: FRANK HUMPHRIS - The Story Of the Cowboy Series 707
002099: PETER HUNT - The Shell Gardens Book
004040: JOHN HUNT - Our Everest Adventure
006731: HUNT, EDITH M. DAVID PERMAN. - The History of Ware
006767: CECIL HUNT - Short Stories and How to Write Them
001162: ROBERT HUNT - Cornish Fairies
006276: HUNTLEY, IAN - Painting and Lining Scale Models (MAP technical publication)
003098: C. P. HURON - The Bailiwick of Guernsey; the Indispensable Guide to All Its Treasures and Beauty.
006561: MARIAN ISABEL HURRELL - The Adventures of Pollie Dare. Starling Series
003160: HORN HUSTON - The Pioneers (The Old West)
000724: SHEILA HUTCHINS - Grannie's Kitchen-Recipes from East Anglia
001024: CAROLYN HUTCHINS - The Story of Our Canals
005419: R. W. HUTCHINSON - Prehistoric Crete
006711: DICK AND JEAN JOICE. LESLIE RAWLINGS. PRYNNE HUTTON - Bygones.Anglia TV Series Set. 4 Books in Card Slipcase. More About Bygones..Some Bygone Plants and Herbs.gamekeeper: Memories of a Country Childhood. Antiques and Things.20 Years in My Shop.
005894: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Brave New World. Penguin Modern Classics.
000765: ANTHONY HUXLEY - Standard Encyclopedia of the World's Oceans and Islands
003293: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Gallipot Eyes : A Wiltshire Diary
003951: DOUGLAS HYDE - God's Bandit. The Story of Don Orione, "Father of the Poor".
006286: HYLAND, PAUL - Kicking Sawdust
005878: ION L. IDRIESS - The Silver City. The Saga of Broken Hill Mining
000194: VICTOR APPLETON II - Tom Swift and His Outpost in Space
002190: IMES, RICK - Practical Entomologist
000845: A D IMMS - Insect Natural History-New Naturalist Series No 8
003830: RALPH INGERSOLL - The Battle is the Pay-off
000549: BRIAN INGLIS - West Briton
004237: ED BRIAN INGLIS - John Bull's Schooldays
002563: THOMAS INGOLDSBY (REV. RICHARD BARHAM) - Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels
001492: INNES, MICHAEL - The Mysterious Commission
004227: INNES, DOROTHY H. - Home Is My Garden
000343: HAMMOND INNES - The Lonely Skier
002291: HAMMOND INNES - The Land God Gave to Cain
002442: HAMMOND INNES - The Blue Ice
003965: HAMMOND INNES - Wreckers Must Breathe
003475: HAMMOND INNES - Air Bridge
004263: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE - Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Cake Decorating
005220: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE - Good Housekeeping Slimmers' Cook Book
002353: VOGUE INTEREST - Vogue Silver Millennium Issue December 1999
005048: PATRICK MOORE INTRO. - The Race Into Space. Man's First 50 Steps into the Universe. Brooke Bond Picture Cards in Album
005542: MARTIN SECKER (CHOSEN BY); JOHN BETJEMAN INTRODUCTION - The Eighteen-Nineties: a Period Anthology in Prose and Verse
003141: IRELAND, JOHN; PLUMRIDGE. CHRIS - Golf Characters
003630: IRELAND, BERNARD - Warships : From Sail to the Nuclear Age
002717: IRESON, BARBARA - Rhyme Time : Poems
003207: MARGARET IRONSIDE - Lung Chung; The Diplomacy of a Pekingese
004777: WASHINGTON IRVING - Tales of the Alhambra
002952: DAVID IRVING - The Destruction of Dresden
004024: ANTHONY STUART IRWIN - Infantry Officer A Personal Record
005973: AMY IRWIN - Bedroom a Gogo
005344: ED KEN IRWIN - Top of the Pops Annual 1976
004673: SUSAN ISAACS - The Nursery Years
002261: LUDWIG KOCH-ISENBURG - Through the Jungle Very Softly
005153: LESLEY ANNE IVORY - Christmas Cats
004731: IZMIDLIAN, GEORGES - Oriental Rugs and Carpets Today : How to Choose and Enjoy Them
005259: JOSHUA JABCUGA - The Mummy. Rise and Falll of Xango's Ax. Issue 2
006146: JACCARD, ROLAND. TRANS.INTO ENGLISHBY GIDEON Y. SCHEIN. - Louise Brooks : Portrait of an Anti-Star
006686: PETER T JACKSON - Air Spies of Malta
004867: NAOMI JACOB - Mary of Delight
003939: NAOMI JACOB - Mary of Delight
006279: OSWALD JACOBY - How to Win at Canasta
000965: M. CONRAD; ALVIN FINKEL; CORNELIUS JAENEN - History of the Canadian Peoples;beginnings to 1867; Volume 1
001358: BRENDA JAGGER - The Clouded Hills
005458: JAKUBOWSKI, MAXIM - Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction. (Incl. Hammett, Spillane, Westlake, MacDonald)
006626: REX JAMES - Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual Number 8
001154: SUE JAMES (ED. IN CHIEF) - 150 Simple Recipes from Spring Into Summer
004479: JAMES, MARK - Into the Bear Pit
003642: DR M R JAMES - Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
002414: P. D. JAMES - A Dalgliesh Trilogy; Shroud for A Nightingale- The Black Tower - Death of an Expert Witness
001078: JAMES, P. D.; CRITCHLEY, T. A. - The Maul and the Pear Tree
006613: REX JAMES - Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual Number 1
006578: REX JAMES - Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual Number 7.
005235: JEAN- FRANCOIS DI GIORGIO - Samurai Legend 1. The Heart of the Prophet
005967: JEFFERSON, ALAN - The Complete Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Guide
004326: JEFFRIES, RODERIC - Murder's Long Memory
004718: HERBERT JENKINS - Mrs Bindle; Some Episodes from the Domestic Life of the Bindles
000274: HERBERT JENKINS - The Adventures of Bindle
006511: PTOLEMY DEAN. FOREWORD SIMON JENKINS - Britain's Buildings: places and Spaces. The Unseen in the Everyday.
004125: MARTIN-JENKINS, CHRISTOPHER ED; INTRO BY MIKE BREARLEY - The Cricketer Book of Cricket Disasters and Bizarre Records
006123: JENKYNS, RICHARD - Three Classical Poets : Sappho, Catullus, and Juvenal
002626: TED SCHURMANN; WENDY JENNINGS - Australian Birdwatcher's Diary
004610: JENNINGS, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth Jennings : Selected Poems
001990: JEREMY, CAROLINE - Green and Black's Chocolate Recipes : Unwrapped from the Cacao Pod to Muffins, Mousses and Moles
006221: JEROME K JEROME - Three Men in a Boat. To Say Nothing of the Dog.
000391: WELLS JEROME - Sons of the Eagle
005178: HELEN JEROME - The Fine Art of Cooking
005257: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY. ED. BY WALTER JERROLD - The Prose Works of William Makepece Thackeray Christmas Books,etc.
005124: DOUGLAS JERROLD - Men of Character Volume II. 8 Stories
002838: JESSOP, JOANNA - X Ray Picture Book of Big Buildings of the Ancient World
006725: JEWELL, BRIAN - Antique Sewing Machines
005359: E J KAHN JNR - The Stragglers
001631: RICHARD P. MOMSEN JNR - American Geographical Society - Argentina - Around the World Program
002761: AUGUSTUS JOHN - Chiaroscuro; Fragments of Autobiography
004356: ROBERT ST. JOHN AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Life World Library: Israel
003382: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Dark Intruder
000439: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Air Detective
000441: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles of the Camel Squadron
003554: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Blue Moon
005076: CAPTAIN W E JOHNS - Biggles' Secret Assignments
000443: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Black Peril
000303: CAPT. W E JOHNS - The Bumper Biggles Book
000266: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles of the Special Air Police
003576: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Chinese Puzzle
003575: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Foreign Legionnaire
003574: CAPT. W E JOHNS - No Rest for Biggles
003570: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Black Raider
003569: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Buries a Hatchet
003566: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in the Terai
003565: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in Australia
003549: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Hunts Big Game
003547: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in the Antarctic
003560: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Investigates
003379: CAPTAIN W E JOHNS - Biggles Delivers the Goods
001792: CAPTAIN W E JOHNS - Biggles "Fails to Return"
003386: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Flies South
003385: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles & Co
003548: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles and Plot That Failed
003580: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Defies the Swastika
003578: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in the Jungle
003383: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in the Blue
003381: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles Follows on
003371: CAPT. W E JOHNS - Biggles in the South Seas
006606: VARIOUS.W.E.JOHNS, DOUGLAS V. DUFF, ALLAN K. TAYLOR, ETC. - Every Boy's Annual (included Biggles story)
006067: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Sex or Symbol? : Erotic Images of Greece and Rome
002470: THE REV. JOSEPH JOHNSON - The Lure of Freemasonry
000717: MICHELLE BERRIEDALE JOHNSON - The Sainsbury Book of Quick Meals
002210: JOHNSON, CROCKETT - Harold and the Purple Crayon
002811: JOHNSON, ANNE AKERS - Cat's Cradle; (no String included)
005005: JOHNSON, JUDY; BERRY, SUSAN - English Private Gardens: Open in Aid of the National Garden Scheme
001573: S.C. JOHNSON - British Postage Stamps ("Britain in Pictures "Series)
005549: JOHNSON, WENDELL STACY - Living in Sin: The Victorian Sexual Revolution
004179: WILLIAM WEBER JOHNSON AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - The Sunday Times World Library- Mexico
005156: WILLIAM JOHNSTON - Get Smart Once Again!
001363: RETOLD BY PAT WYNNE JONES - The Story of Benjamin Bee
001438: DAVID BOWIE; DYLAN JONES - "Mail on Sunday" "Live" Supplement,"The Unseen Bowie"22.06.08;Mail on Sunday" +" 2" section -"iSelect Bowie" Dated 29.06.08 With Accompanying 12 Track CD of 12 Bowie Tracks Self Selected
005729: JACK JONES - Bidden to the Feast
000610: W M JONES - Discovering Somerset and Jarge Balsh at Frome Cheese Show
004931: JACK JONES - Me and Mine. Further Chapters in the Autobiography
004910: MORGAN A. JONES - Stories and Biographies. Our National Story Series III
005730: JACK JONES - River Out of Eden.In 2 Separate Volumes I and II
004027: ROGER JONES - Thirty Walks in Gower
003652: ED P JONES, J SCHERR - Avon Past; the Joint Journal of the Avon Archaeological association and Avon Local History Association.No 8 Spring 1983
001754: JONES, ESMOR - British Short Stories of Today
005271: BRUCE JONES - Checkmate. Over the Top. No 31. Dec.08
006499: JOHN A JORDAN - Hunting Big Game. Laurel and Gold Series. Volume 175.
000607: FRANCOISE MALLET-JORIS - House of Lies
001634: RICHARD JOSEPH - American Geographical Society - Haiti - Around the World Program
004109: JOSEPHS, JEREMY - Hungerford : One Man's Massacre
003210: JOSEPHS, JEREMY - Hungerford : One Man's Massacre
003512: JOHN JOSLIN - MORE OLD POSSET Portishead People and Places
003511: JOHN JOSLIN - OLD POSSET Portishead People and Places
003122: EDWARD C. JOSLIN - The Observer's Book of British Awards and Medals; No. 55
004712: W.R MITCHELL; DAVID JOY - Settle to Carlisle PLUS "Moors Line" magazine;Spring 1983, No. 63 Issue.
005915: EDOUARD JULIEN - Lautrec
006156: PHILIPPE JULLIAN - Le Nu 1900. Tresors De La Photographie.(NB.Text in French language)
002393: JUNEAU, JAMES - Judy Garland
002123: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - The Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea
003265: HANK KAHNEY - Problem Solving :Current Issues ;Second Edition
004180: STANLEY KARNOW AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Life World Library- South- East Asia
004359: CHARLES GOREN: INTRO. BY ELY CUTHBERTSON: FOREWORD BY GEORGE S. KAUFMAN - Better Bridge for Better Players; the Standard Book of Play.
001184: KAVANAGH, PATRICK - Gaff Topsails
006777: LIFE MAGAZINE. KAY AND DIGBY DIEHL - Remembering Grace (Life (Life Books))
003823: KAYE, M. M. - Death in Kashmir
000333: CHARLES LISTER-KAYE - The Welsh Corgi
001782: KAYE, G. - Late in the Day
001781: KAYE, G. - Between Us
003849: KAYE, M. M. - Death in Berlin
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000559: C BEDE MAXWELL - The Truth About Sporting Dogs
003935: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Lords of the Atlas : The Rise and Fall of the House of Glaoua, 1893-1956
004459: ROBIN MAY - Princess Tina Ballet Book No. 8
006776: TRACY MAY - The Tabby Fur Family
001623: MAY, GIDEON S. - The Croft and the Ceilidh
004286: MAYHEW, JAYNE NETLEY; WHEELER, NICKI - Animals in Cross Stitch
004136: A. M. MAYNARD - Be Prepared. a Handbook for Guides
000672: WILLIAM MAYNE - A Year and a Day
000157: WILLIAM MAYNE - A Year and a Day
004097: WILLIAM MAYNE - The Twelve Dancers
006481: MAYNE, RICHARD - Channel Islands Occupied
005630: DALLAS MAYO - The Easy Way
003474: FRANCIS MAZIERE - In Search of Tiki
003865: MCALLISTER, RICHARD - From EC to EU : A Historical and Political Survey
000960: ED MCBAIN - Cinderella
004196: MCC - Cricket-How to Play
006425: MCCALL, BERNARD - Coasters of the Avon and Severn
004685: GRAHAM MCCANN - Bounder! The Biography of Terry Thomas plus Free Original Glossy Photograph.
004841: MCCARTHY, MARY - Cannibals and Missionaries
003080: MCCARTHY, MARY - Birds of America
002396: LINDA MCCARTNEY - Linda McCartney's Home Cooking
000209: ED. BY DIANE MCCARTY - Basset Hounds
005900: MCCATTY, RON. DON SUMMERS FOREWORD. - This Could Happen to You. The Ron Jones Story. Presidency of the Elim Church.
000627: DEREK MCCULLOCH - In the Train with Uncle Mac
001960: FOUGASSE & MCCULLOUGH - Many Happy Returns and How to Enjoy Them
005033: SYLVIA MCCURDY - Sylvia: a Victorian Childhood
004193: MCDOWALL, PAMELA - Pressed Flower Pictures : A Victorian Art Revived
004126: MCDOWELL, PAMELA - Pressed Flower Collages
005920: MCEWAN, IAN - Saturday
006129: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - McGonagall: A Library Omnibus
001805: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Last Poetic Gems
005241: MCGOVERN, ANN - Too Much Noise
005801: ED S. H. MCGRADY - Legends of Greece and Rome. The Heritage of Literature Series
000500: PATRICK MCGRATH - Bristol and the Civil War
004869: MCGRATH, PATRICK - The Merchant Venturers of Bristol : A History of the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol from Its Origin to the Present Day
005783: ALEXANDER MCKEE - Caen: Anvil of Victory
002335: MCKUEN, ROD - Come to Me in Silence
004272: MCLACHLAN, IAN - U.S.A.A.F. Fighter Stories : Dramatic Accounts of American Fighter Pilots in Training and Combat Over
000106: EVE MCLAUGHLIN - Costume Doll Making
005518: MCLEISH, KENNETH - Myths and Legends of Ancient Rome
006034: ROGER NICHOLS; KENNETH MCLEISH - Through Greek Eyes : Greek Civilisation in the Words of Greek Writers
004431: DAVIS MCLINTOCK AND R. S. R. FITTER,ASSISTED BY FRANCIS ROSE - Collins Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers
004958: LARRY MCMURTRY - The Last Picture Show
003606: RAND, MCNALLY & CO - Rand McNally and Co's Railroad,County and Township Indexed Map of New York
006482: DAVID MILTON. IVO PETERS. R. S. MCNAUGHT - The Golden Age of Steam. Locomotives of the Great Western and Somerset and Dorset Joint Railways.
003232: MCNAY, LOIS - Foucault and Feminism : Power, Gender and the Self
003229: MCNAY, LOIS - Foucault : A Critical Introduction
005115: REV ALBAN BUTLER. PREFACE REV MCSHANE - Butler's Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Saints. Volume 1. 1 January-14 April.
000475: J WALKER MCSPADDEN AND CHARLES WILSON - Robin Hood and His Merry Outlaws
003600: NORRIS MCWHIRTER (ED.) - Guinness Book of Records 1983
006097: ARTHUR MEE - The King's England. Somerset
001825: MEERES, FRANK - Norfolk in the First World War
000806: ED BY R L MEGROZ - The Lear Omnibus
002787: MEHTA, VED - Up at Oxford- Continents of Exile
000021: JOAN MELLEN - Big Bad Wolves
006427: HERMAN MELVILLE - Typee. Narrative of Four Months Residence Among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands. Penguin Illustrated Classics C8.
006170: MENDGEN, EVA - Von Stuck. 1863-1928. " A Prince of Art".
005222: A. A. MENDILOW AND ALICE SHALVI - The World and Art of Shakespeare
006295: MERCER, JOHN - Sidcup: A Pictorial History
006085: MERKIN, RICHARD; MCCALL, BRUCE - Velvet Eden. The Richard Merkin Collection of Erotic Photography.
000955: MARGARET MERRY - Margaret Merry's Cornish Garden Sketchbook
003119: MESSENGER, CHARLES - The Observer's Book of Tanks : And Other Armoured Vehicles; No 89
003862: MESSERSCHMIDT, JAMES W. - Crime as Structured Action : Gender, Race, Class, and Crime in the Making
003761: G J WHYTE-MEVILLE - The Queen's Maries
004789: MEYER, HENRY CORD ED. - Germany from Empire to Ruin, 1913-1945. The Documentary History of Western Civilization Series
005152: AGNES M. MIALL - Complete Needlecraft
004244: IRENE DAVISON,AGNES M. MIALL AND R.K. & M. I. R. POLKINGHORNE - Needlework and Crafts : Every Womans Book on the Arts of Plain Sewing, Embroidery Dressmaking and Home Crafts
004498: MARJORIE MICHAEL - I Married a Hunter
002439: MICHAELS, ANNE - Fugitive Pieces
005448: ANNA MICHAILIDOU - Knossos. a Complete Guide to the Palace of Minos.
000519: JAMES MICHENER - The Source/The Bridges at Toko-Ri/Caravans/Sayonara
000249: DON MIDDLETON - Roy Rogers and the Gopher Creek Gunman
006218: GEORGE MIKES - How to be an Alien. a Handbook for Beginners and more Advanced Pupils.
002464: HEWSTONE, MILES ET AL - Introduction to Social Psychology : A European Perspective
004141: MILES - The Beatles : In Their Own Words
005275: MARK MILLAR - True Story Fantastic Four. Who are the New Defenders?No 559.September 2008.
002202: MILLARD, ALAN - Treasures from Bible Times
003993: HENRY MILLER - Tropic of Capricorn
005650: MARCUS MILLER - The Broadwalk
005663: HENRY KNIGHT MILLER - Victorious Living
005353: SYDNEY MILLER - A Life of our Choice
006102: MILLER, FRANK. BILL SIENKIEWICZ - Elektra: Assassin
002540: MILLER, JANE C. - Statistics for Advanced - Second Edition
006773: FRANCES PROCTER. PHILIPPA MILLER - 100 More Village Inn Signs in the County of Norfolk
002461: SPIKE MILLIGAN - A Dustbin of Milligan
003497: SPIKE MILLIGAN - The Book of the Goons
004191: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Lost Goon Shows
006288: MILLOT, BERNARD. TRANS. LOWELL BLAIR - Divine Thunder: Life and Death of the Kamikazes
006534: ANNETTE MILLS - My Annette Mills Gift Book. Muffin the Mule and Prudence Kitten.
001760: KYLE MILLS - Fade
002069: A. A. MILNE - Hooray for Winnie the Pooh; a Pop-in-the Slot Adventure
002201: MILNE, A. A. - House at Pooh Corner
004550: A. A. MILNE - Winnie-The-Pooh
006546: MILNE, A. A. - The Magical Pop-up World of Winnie-the-Pooh
006191: A. A. MILNE - Winnie-The-Pooh
002200: A. A. MILNE - Winnie-The-Pooh
002669: A. A. MILNE - Fourteen Songs from "When We Were Very Young"
005213: GEORGE JAKSIC MICHELLE MIRAN - The Little Fijian Cookbook
003872: NEVILL MIROY - The History of Hockey
004938: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
001266: MITCHELL, JAMES - The Winners
004939: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
005897: W. R. MITCHELL - Grasmere and the Wordworths
004200: MITCHELL, DAVID - The New Official Martial Arts Handbook
004340: NANCY MITFORD - Pigeon Pie
004982: WILLIAM MITFORD - Lovely She Goes; a Story of Arctic Trawling
006503: G. E MITTON - The Thames. Beautiful Britain.
005135: UNO MODIN - Det Mystiska Modellplanet (in Swedish language)
005602: DOUG MOENCH - The Rampaging Hulk Comics. Set of 8 Issues.Nos 1-7, 9.
004940: VICTOR MOLLO AND NICO GARDENER - Card Play Technique or the Art of Being Lucky
005966: VICTOR MOLLO - Bridge in the Menagerie
001131: MONAHAN, JAMES - The Nature of Ballet : A Critic's Reflections
005740: MONDEY, DAVID - The Concise Guide to Axis Aircraft of World War Two
003288: MONDEY, DAVID - Rockets and Missiles
003248: A V HARDY; F J MONKHOUSE - The Physical Landscape in Pictures
005772: DEREK MONSEY - The Hero Observed
003957: MOODY, RAYMOND, JR.; PERRY, PAUL - The Light Beyond
005474: PATRICK MOORE - Can You Speak Venusian?
005287: CLEMENT C. MOORE - The Night Before Christmas. Pop-up picture Story.
005355: BRIAN MOORE - An Answer from Limbo
002960: ALEX MOORE - Ballroom Dancing
005807: BOBBY MOORE - England! England!
005304: PATRICK MOORE - Legends of the Stars
006669: ALAN MOOREHEAD - Cooper's Creek
005145: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The End in Africa
005179: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The Blue Nile
005290: CAROLINE MOORHEAD (ED. AND TRANS) - Legends of Britain. Myths and Legends Series.No 18.
004496: MOORMAN, JOHN R. H. - Saint Francis of Assisi
000110: LORD MORAN - Winston Churchill:the Struggle for Survival
002559: ALBERTO MORAVIA - The Woman of Rome. Transl. By Lydia Holland
006056: ALBERTO MORAVIA - Bitter Honeymoon and Other Stories
006055: ALBERTO MORAVIA - The Empty Canvas
004873: F. TENNYSON . NEW FOREWORD BY ELAINE MORGAN - A Pin to See the Peepshow
006077: MORGAN, DEWI - Phoenix of Fleet Street : 2000 Years of St Bride's
006412: MICHELLE MORGAN - Mail on Sunday Event Supplement, -Hell Norma Jeane-Early Marilyn Monroe Story .21 June 2015
006018: MORGAN, ROSEMARIE - Women and Sexuality in the Novels of Thomas Hardy
006007: JAMES MORIER - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan.No 679.Everyman's Classics
000216: MAUD MORIN - Amanda Mouse
002085: SELECTED BY SHERIDAN MORLEY, TIM HEALEY - The Best of the Raconteurs
005529: JESSICA PAGE MORRELL - Bullies, Bastards and Bitches. How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction.
001770: MORRELL, PATRICIA - Street Cries
006032: W.G. MORRIS - Dear Old Somerset. A Collection of Camera Studies.
005604: MARCUS MORRIS (ED) - Eagle Annual Number 10 1961
001915: MARCUS MORRIS (ED) - The Third Girl Annual
001140: MORRIS, F. O.; INTRO. BY TONY SOPER - British Birds
002719: MORRIS, STEPHEN - Using DOS Plus on the Amstrad PC
001035: T.F. GASKELL; MARTIN MORRIS - World Climate, the Weather, the Environment and Man
004665: ED MARCUS MORRIS - Girl Annual Number 2
005677: WILLIAM MORRIS - The Life and Death of Jason (Everyman'sLibrary 75)
004525: JOE MORRISEY - Bronco Layne Annual 1959
005186: GRANT MORRISON - The Invisibles: Say You Want a Revolution.
004833: MORTIMER, JOHN - Character Parts (SIGNED). Also Included Murderers and Other Friends (Hardback 1st, not signed)
003720: MORTIMER, JOHN - Regina v. Rumpole; 2 Novels in One volume-Rumpole for the Defence and Rumpole's Return.
004732: TONY MORTIMER - Lalique
001474: ARTHUR D. MORTIMORE - Childrens Literary Characters Index 1981-the First Supplement to "Index to Characters in Children's Literature"
001475: ARTHUR D. MORTIMORE - Index to Characters in Children's Literature
005122: H. V. MORTON - The Nights of London
003041: H. V. MORTON - In Search of Ireland
001953: MORTON, DESMOND - When Your Number's Up : The Canadian Soldier in the First World War
006208: STANLEY W. MOSS - Ill Met By Moonlight
005779: W. STANLEY MOSS - Ill Met by Moonlight
002144: IRENE MOSSOP - Theresa on Trial
000699: GUY DE MOUBRAY - Dinner at Eighty
001032: A. J. J. MOULAM - Cwm Idwal
005857: J. L. MOULTON - The Norwegian Campign of 1940. A Study of Warfare in Three Dimensions.
003665: R B MOWAT - A New History of Great Britain Part II from the Accession of James 1 to the Congress of Vienna
005521: MUDFORD, PETER - Memory and Desire: Representations of Passion in the Novella
003692: MUIR, JOHN G. - Classroom Clangers
003118: MUNDLE, C. W. K. - Game Fishing : Methods and Memories
001396: R W MUNRO - Highland Clans and Tartans
001519: MUNRO, ALICE - The Moons of Jupiter and Other Stories
005640: VAL MUNROE - After Hours
003305: KENNETH MUNSON - Fighters between the Wars 1919-30 including Attack and Training Aircraft
004228: ED AND INTRO. BY PEGGY MUNSTERBURG - The Penguin Book of Bird Poetry
000961: AXEL MUNTHE - The Story of San Michele
002438: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Good Apprentice
002419: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Book and the Brotherhood
002430: MURDOCH, IRIS - Henry and Cato
002431: MURDOCH, IRIS - Nuns and Soldiers
002432: MURDOCH, IRIS - A Word Child
005963: MURDOCH, IRIS - Something Special : A Story
002271: JANICE MURFITT - Sainsbury's Recipe Library; Novelty Cakes and Other Novelty Food
003092: MURFITT, JANICE - Tempting Treats; Chocolate
003416: MURPHY, DERVLA - Eight Feet in the Andes
004064: MURPHY, D. - On a Shoestring to Coorg; an Experience of Southern India
005774: AUDIE MURPHY - To Hell and Back
003443: MURPHY, DERVLA - Where the Indus Is Young: Walking to Baltistan. Century Travellers
005660: GILBERT MURRAY - The Classical Tradition in Poetry-the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures.
001881: MARGARET A. MURRAY - The Witch-Cult in Western Europe
002216: R MURRY ( DESIGN ADVISER) AND C. E. BEAL ( EDITORIAL ADVISER) - Home Handicrafts Illustrated
006571: CLIFFORD MUSGRAVE - Queen Mary's Dolls' House and Dolls Belonging to H. M. The Queen.
003042: MYATT, FREDERICK - Illustrated Guide to Pistols and Revolvers
001500: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Chip-Chip Gatherers
003054: NAIPAUL, V. S. - The Mimic Men
001848: A. NAIRNE, SIR ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH, T. R. GLOVER - The Little Children's Bible
006161: NARZARIEFF, S. - Early Erotic Photography. Triple Language Text in English, German and French.
006165: NARZARIEFF, S. - Stereo Akte. Nudes. Nus. 1850-1930. Triple Language Text in English, German and French.
005865: NASSAUER, RUDOLF - The Agents of Love
000255: JOAN NATHAN - The Jewish Holiday Kitchen
004450: FOREWORD BY ANNA NEAGLE - How to be A Good Hostess
002155: NEGUS, ARTHUR; ROBERTSON, MAX - Going for a Song : English Furniture
001639: MARK NEIL - The Awful Golfer's Book
006073: PETER NELL - Der Fischer Von Sylt (IN GERMAN LANGUAGE)
001706: ROBERT NELSON - The Practice of True Devotion, in Relation to the End, as Well as the Means of Religion
001675: E. NESBIT - The Children's Shakespeare
003158: DAVID NEVIN - The Expressmen (The Old West)
001276: NEW, CHRISTOPHER - Goodbye Chairman Mao
000481: PETER NEWARK - The S.A.S. -Their Exploits Told in Words and Pictures
005873: NEWARK, TIM - Women Warlords. An Illustrated history of Female Warriors.
002149: NEWMAN, PETER C. - The Company of Adventurers : The Story of the Hudson's Bay Company: Volume 1
000790: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Cooking for Two
000793: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Slimming
002274: RHONA NEWMAN - The Sainsbury's Book of Cheese Including Cheesecakes and Fondues
005731: L HUGH NEWMAN - Butterfly Farmer
003175: STANLEY NEWMAN - How to Play Snooker
005969: KIM NEWMAN, IAN FREER - The Second Empire Movie Miscellany. 108 Years of Movie Trivia in 108 Pages.
005817: NEWMAN, RHONA - The Colour Book of Cheesecakes
004670: ANDREA NEWMAN - 3 books-The Cage; Another Bouquet; Three Into Two Won't Go. TV Series Tie-in Copy.
003186: NIALL, IAN - The Galloway Shepherd : A Story of the Hills
000353: ANNA KATHERINE NICHOLAS - The Staffordshire Terriers. American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier
006741: JANE NICHOLAS - Stumpwork Dragonflies (Sally Milner Craft Series)
004370: NICHOLAS, ANNA K. - The Book of the Shetland Sheepdog
004644: NICHOLL, CHARLES - Fruit Palace
005739: JOHN NICHOLLS - Ogham. Holy Dry Serpent
000260: REGINALD NICHOLS - Pontypool and Usk Japan Ware
005887: SHIRLEY NICHOLSON - A Victorian Household. Based in the diaries of Marion Sambourne
005226: E. M. NICHOLSON - Birds and Men-The Bird life of British Towns, Villages, Gardens and Farmland. New Naruralist Series No 42
003496: NICHOLSON, JOHN; LUCAS, MARTIN - All in the Mind : Psychology in Action
002221: NICKLAUS, JACK; BOWDEN, KEN - Total Golf Techniques
006744: NICOL, KIT - Painting with Thread.Embroidered Pictures to make and Cherish.
006745: VAN NIEKERK, DI - Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork (Threads & Crafts)
001828: NIKIFORUK, ANDREW - The Fourth Horseman. A Short History of Epidemics, Plagues and Other Scourges
004669: NILSON, BEE - Fondue, Flambé and Side Table Cooking
004212: SVEN NILSSON - Orchids of Northern Europe; Penguin Nature Guides
000296: ERNEST NISTER - LittleTales from Long Ago
002889: O. S. NOCK - British Steam Railways
002894: NOCK, O. S. - The Limited; the Story of the Cornish Riviera Express- Steam Past Series
000181: RUTH S NOEL - The Mythology of Middle Earth
004654: NOOTEBOOM, CEES. TRANS. IN RILKE - Roads to Santiago
001873: NORMAN, PHILIP - Everyone's Gone to the Moon
003979: NORMAN, JOHN - Priest-Kings of Gor- Third Volume of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth
003634: GERALD NORRIS - William Dampier-Buccaneer Explorer
005845: CECIL NORTHCOTT - Forest Doctor. The story of Albert Schweitzer
000172: ANDRE NORTON - Exiles of the Stars
006142: MARY NORTON - The Borrowers Omnibus-The Borrowers: The Borrowers Afield: The Borrowers Afloat: The Borrowers Aloft. TV Tie-in Cover.
002086: MARY NORWAK - The Lark Rise Recipe Book
003924: MARY NORWAK - Country Cookbook
002746: MARTIN NOTH - The History of Israel
003308: NÜTT, HANS; HARRIS, LARRY; TAYLOR, BRIAN - Escape to Honour : The Gripping True Story of Hans Nütt ...
006631: DR MIKLOS NYISZLI - Auschwitz. a Doctor's Eye-Witness Account
002883: DAHL K O - Man in the Window
000694: NICOLE OAKLEY - Healthy Vegetarian Cookery
003858: FRANK TAYLOR OBE - The Day a Team Died
005341: THE GOODIES. TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR, BILL ODDIE AND GRAEME GARDEN - The Making of the Goodies Disaster Movie
006168: OKUN, SHEILA - A Book of Cut Flowers
000154: LAURENCE OLIPHANT - Altiora Peto
002760: OLIVIA - Olivia
001351: DON OLSEN - Nature's Candles
002222: OLSON, BILL;LINKERT, LO - Beat the Links: A Simplified Instructional Guide for the Weekend Golfer
006557: JOHANNA SPYRI; MARY MAPES DODGE; TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Heidi: Hans Brinker. Companion Library.
006552: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN); ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON.TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Tom Sawyer Detective; Kidnapped. Companion Library.
006556: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN).TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - The Aventures of Tom Sawyer; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.. Companion Library.
006558: DANIEL DEFOE; JOHANN WYSS TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Swiss Family Robinson; Robinson Crusoe. Companion Library.
006551: JACK LONDON; ANNA SEWELL. TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - The Call of the Wild; Black Beauty.Companion Library.
006553: SAMUEL CLEMENS (MARK TWAIN); LOUISE DE LA RAMEE (OUIDA).TWO BOOKS IN ONE. - Tom Sawyer Abroad; A Dog of Flanders and Other Stories.Companion Library.
004157: RICARDO GUIRALDES; TRANS. HARRIET DE ONIS - Don Segundo Sombra-Shadows on the Pampas
002127: IONA & PETER OPIE - The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren
000648: PETER OPIE - Having Held the Nettle
001656: FRANK OPPEL - Old King Cole's Book of Nursery Rhymes
004436: OPPITZ, LESLIE - Tramways Remembered; East Anglia, East Midlands & Lincolnshire
000385: BARONESS ORCZY - Castles in the Air
000304: BARONESS ORCZY - The Scarlet Pimpernel
002904: BARONESS ORCZY - Petticoat Government
006014: BARONESS ORCZY - The Scarlet Pimpernel
002301: ORGILL, DOUGLAS; GRIBBIN, JOHN R. - The Sixth Winter
004964: ORLEAN, SUSAN - The Orchid Thief : A True Story of Beauty and Obsession
006078: ORTON, D. A. - The Merlins of the Welsh Marches
000338: GEORGE ORWELL - Nineteen Eighty-Four
006079: ROBER LOUIS STEVENSON. LLOYD OSBOURNE - The Wrong Box. (Including Early Railway journey/crash chapter)
002729: OSTRANDER - The Man Called Bishop - Final Reckoning; Vol 1 No 4 March 1995
004985: STEVEN SPIELBERG PLUS VARIOUS OTHERS. - "Live" Mail on Sunday Weekend Supplement; -4 Page Article on Making of "Tintin" Film
001498: OUSTON, SYLVIA - Year at Polverras
006006: T. M. OWEN - Welsh Folk Customs
005261: KREIDBERG; MCDANIEL; OWENS - Batman Confidential ;The Joker goes to Jail . No 22. Dec.08..
006696: ELSIE J OXENHAM - A Dancer from the Abbey
000204: ELSIE J OXENHAM - Jen of the Abbey School
006736: ELSIE J OXENHAM - Jen of the Abbey School
002929: HUGH E. PAGE - Rambles in South Devon
003178: PAINE, SHEILA - The Afghan Amulet : Travels from the Hindu Kush to Razgrad
000578: JOCK GALLAGHER; NORMAN PAINTING - Twenty-five Years of the Archers-Who's Who in Ambridge + FREE "Forever Ambridge"by Norman Painting
002101: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE - The Golden Treasury
003604: MICHAEL PALIN - The Brand New Monty Python Book
006460: ARNOLD PALMER - More Than Shadows. a Biography of W. Russell Flint with 136 Ilustrations of His Works.
002648: ALEX PANG - Thunderbirds- X-Ray Cross Sections
000161: JOHN PARIS - Banzai! (Hurrah!)
004983: W. D. PARK - Sailing Primer
006549: J. FRANCIS PARKER AND PAUL ELKIN - Gauge 1 Railway Models in Bristol Industrial Museum. The J. F. Parker Collection
006560: ETHELYN M. PARKINSON - Rupert Piper and Megan, the Valuable Girl
006298: PARNALL, PETER - Marsh Cat
006438: CLARKSON ROSE. FOREWORD BY JOHN BETJEMAN. INTRODUCTION BY VAL PARNELL - Red Plush and Greasepaint.a Memory of the music-Halls from the '90's to the '60's
002191: J. M. PARRISH (ED.) - The Popular Road Map of Great Britain
006708: HIS HONOUR JUDGE EDWARD ABBOTT PARRY - Butterscotia or a Cheap Trip to Fairyland
006615: ERNEST WEEKLEY. PROFESSOR JOHN CLARK.ED ERIC PARTRIDGE AND SIMEON POTTER - The English Language. Includes Chapte on American English.The Language Library.
004883: BLAISE PASCAL - The Provincial Letters, Pensees, Scientific Treatises. Great Books of the Western World Series. No. 33.
002938: PASCALL, JEREMY; EASTLAND, DICK - Pirates and Privateers "Sampson Low Library of the Past"
004822: AILEEN E. PASSMORE - Noah's Ark
004192: BORIS PASTERNAK - Doctor Zhivago
003699: JOHN PATIENCE - Alice Blueberry. Pipkin Goes to the Party. A Pop-up Fairy Story.
005839: MARGUERITE PATTEN - The Farmer's Wife Cook Book. Country Recipes from Farmer's Wives.

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