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005673: ROBERT STEPHEN HAWKER, C. E. BYLES AND S. BARING-GOULD - Hawker's Cornish Witchcraft
003397: EUGENE BYRNE - Bristol Story: a Graphic and (Mostly) True History of the Greatest City in the World!
006421: EUGENE BYRNE - Bristol Story: a Graphic and (Mostly) True History of the Greatest City in the World!
007376: ALBERT C, WHITE. FOREWORD SIR ALFRED W. COPE - The Irish Free State . It's Evolution and Possibilities
004614: I. N. DUNCAN WALLACE Q.C. - Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts, Including the Duties and Liabilities of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors: Volume 1 and 2
003182: ED MARY CADOGAN - Tesco Cookery Collection; Decorative Cakes
002830: CADWALLADER, SHARON; OHR, JUDI - Whole Earth Cookbook
005674: JENNI CALDER - Women and Marriage in Victorian Fiction
004979: JOHN CALDWELL - Desperate Voyage
006441: HAROLD CALIN - The Young Racers
007127: ROBERT G. CALKINS - Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages
001291: DION CLAYTON CALTHROP - English Costume 1066-1830
007555: ITALO CALVINO - If on a Winter's Night a Traveller
006251: ROBERT CRISP; JACK SCHAEFER; RODERICK WILSON; IAN CAMERON - Man's Book. Brazen ChariotsTthat Mark Horse; The Big Still; Takes a Real Man; The Midnight Sea.
006419: LOU CAMERON - File on a Missing Redhead
006925: F. J. CAMM - Hobbies New Annual of Easy to Make Working Models and How to Build Them (Includes Instruction for Making Model of De Havilland Comet England- Australia 1934 Air Race Winner), and a Television Receiver
006637: F. J. CAMM - Diesel Vehicles: Operation, Maintenance and Repair
002550: JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Nigger of the Narcissus
007517: ARTHUR CAMPBELL - Jungle Green
001301: CAMPBELL, R. WRIGHT - Alice in La-La Land
006805: CAMPBELL, JAMES - Gate Fever: Voices from a Prison
005517: JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Masks of God set of 4 Volumes.Primitive Mythology; Oriental Mythology; Occidental Mythology; Creative Mythology.
005360: W. H. CANAWAY - The Grey Seas of Jutland
000030: CANIS - Everybody's Dogs
003785: VICTOR CANNING - The Python Project PLUS The Limbo Line
003695: CANNING, VICTOR - Firecrest; Large Print Edition
004065: CANNING, VICTOR - Doubled in Diamonds
003689: VICTOR CANNING - Firecrest
003771: CANNING, VICTOR - The Immortal Wound
003826: VICTOR CANNING - Queen's Pawn
003815: VICTOR CANNING - Black Flamingo
003769: CANNING, VICTOR - Fall from Grace
003768: VICTOR CANNING - The Mask of Memory
003767: VICTOR CANNING - The Golden Salamander
003766: VICTOR CANNING - Mr Finchley Discovers His England
003763: VICTOR CANNING - The Whip Hand
003762: VICTOR CANNING - Firecrest
003794: VICTOR CANNING - Castle Minerva: The Hidden Face
004028: VICTOR CANNING - Castle Minerva: The Hidden Face
006319: ED. JOHN CANNING - 50 Great Ghost Stories
006285: VIVIAN CAPEL - How to Build Electronic Kits
002350: W. BENTLEY CAPPER ( GEN. ED.) - Licensed House and Their Management . Vols.1, 2 and 3
005247: ORSON SCOTT CARD - Ultimate Iron Man 2
005514: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy
007036: VARIOUS: CARDUS, E.W. SWANTON, ETC - The Cricketer : 8 Issues:1969 PLUS The Cricketer Winter Annual 1968/69
002413: ROSA N. CAREY - Life's Trivial Round
005472: ED. BY JOHN CAREY - The Faber Book of Reportage
007351: DAVID CAREY - Farm Machinery (How it Works Series 654.)
000531: M C CAREY - Fairy Tales of Long Ago
006061: CAREY, KEITH - The Helicopter- an Illustrated History
007226: ERIC CARLE - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
000329: T E CARLING - Wine Lore
006074: CARLISLE, CAROL JONES - Helen Faucit: Fire and Ice on the Victorian Stage
003193: W Y CARMAN - British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures- Henry VII to Present Day
007622: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Witch of the Low-Tide.Till Death Us Do Part.(1955) 2 Separate Volumes
005409: FRANCIS CARR - European Erotic Art
007616: JOHN DICKSON CARR - Death Watch
007617: JOHN DICKSON CARR - Captain Cut-Throat
004611: CARR, IAN; FAIRWEATHER, DIGBY; PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - Jazz : The Essential Companion
004590: CARRADICE, PHIL; BREVERTON, TERRY - Welsh Sailors of the Second World War
007632: JOHN LE CARRE - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
003233: CARRERA, MICHAEL - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Sexual Terms
007196: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
002828: LEWIS CARROLL - The Complete Stories of Lewis Carroll
002162: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass : And What Alice Found There
006243: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
007195: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass and What Alice found There. People's Edition.
002576: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice in Wonderland
001935: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
001912: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
001899: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
007155: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass : And What Alice Found There
001831: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up Storybook
001849: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice in Wonderland
002575: LEWIS CARROLL - Disney's Alice in Wonderland
002215: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
002739: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
004146: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice in Wonderland and the Hunting of the Snark. Ill Cinzia Ratto. Waterstone's Classics Collection
002169: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
001665: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with Cut-out Pictures and Silhouettes
007084: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventure's Underground. Promotion Book By Sunday Telegraph and Waitrose for The Vaults Stage Production
007172: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
005475: LIN CARTER (BURROUGHS INTEREST) - Under the Green Star
005624: LIN CARTER - Tolkien; A Look Behind the Lord of the Rings
007049: LIN CARTER - Thongor at the End of Time
006572: ERNEST F. CARTER - Trams and Tramways. Foyles Handbooks.
005440: CARTER, HOWARD; MACE, ARTHUR C. - The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
004391: JEAN CASSOU, MICHEL RAGON,ALAIN JOFFROY - Art and Confrontation; France and the Arts in an Age of Change
007521: KATHERINE CASTELLIZ - Life to the Land, Guide Lines to Bio Dynamic Husbandry.
001263: CAVE, PETER - Siege
006786: LUCY CAVENDISH - The Invisible Woman (Original Hardback,Same Book as later Paperback Edition Published under Title"Samantha Smythe's Modern Family Journal)"
005369: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - Secrets of Love. Erotic Arts Through the Ages
007204: LORD DAVID CECIL - The English Poets. Britain in Pictures Series .
007203: ROSE MACAULAY.LORD DAVID CECIL - Life Among the English .PLUS The English Poets. Britain in Pictures Series .
007439: SALLY CEDAR - A Day at the Zoo
006901: WILLIAM AND ROBERT CHAMBERS. - Chambers Edinburgh Journal. 16 Issues;Nos 66, 67,70,71,75,76,77,79,83,91,94,98,401,402,404. Various Dates from January 4 1851 to October 11 1851.
005221: E. K. CHAMBERS - William Shakespeare. A Study of Facts and Problems. Volumes I and 2
005267: KEITH CHAMPAGNE - Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. Voluneme 1, Issue 4.
001518: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON - The Psychic Trap
001615: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON - The Hiller Weapon
000342: RAYMOND CHANDLER - The Lady in the Lake
001704: CHANDLER, JOHN - Wessex Images
005655: A. BERTRAM CHANDLER - Ace Double in 1 Volume.The War of the Mars Worlds ; the Alternate Martians AND Empress of Outer Space.
005003: CHAPMAN, G. - The Worst Cars Ever Sold in Britain
002097: MOLLIE CHAPPELL - A House on the Kopje- a Story of Rhodesia
004282: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint in Europe
005483: CHRIS ENSS; JOANN CHARTIER - Love Untamed: Romances of the Old West plus Free Volume "The Lady Was a Gambler"
003901: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - The Whiff of Money
003869: MARY ELLEN CHASE - Dawn in Lyonesse
003938: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - What's Better Than Money
003746: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - Mission to Venice
003738: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - He Won't Need It Now
003196: JOANNA CHASE - HRH Princess Margaret
006297: BEATRICE CHASE (OLIVE K. PARR) - Pearl. a Cornish Love Story.
001083: E. KEBLE CHATTERTON - Chats on Naval Prints
002905: CHRISTINE CHAUNDLER - A Year Book of the Stars; Legends Retold
002309: CHRISTINE CHAUNDLER - The Brown Book of Saints
004810: G. K. CHESTERTON - The Innocence of Father Brown
006591: CHETWYND, TOM - Dictionary for - Dreamers (Language of the Unconscious, Vol 1)
000668: WILL CHIGNELL - The Best After-Dinner Sports Tales
006492: JOSEPH E CHIPPERFIELD - Ghost Horse. Stallion of the Oregon Trail
007570: CHRISTOPHER CHIPPINDALE - Stonehenge Complete
005554: JOHN FERGUSON; KITTY CHISHOLM - Political and Social Life in the Great age of Athens
003933: CHORAO, KAY - The Good Morning Book
002357: DONALD, CHRIS ET AL - Viz-Sausage Sandwich- Stuffed with The Meat of Issues 38 to 42
007571: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection : Murder is Easy ; Dead Man's Folly ; The Man in the Brown Suit
005893: AGATHA CHRISTIE - A Pocket Full of Rye
003484: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Poirot Investigates PLUS Passenger to Frankfurt
004743: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Cat Among the Pigeons
004737: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Hallowe'en Party PLUS Death on the Nile
006720: AGATHA CHRISTIE - A Caribbean Mystery
005323: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Big Four. (Facsimile of First Edition)
005193: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Third Girl
003409: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Nemesis, Plus 2 Other Christie Titles a)The Secret of Chimneys (Pan) , (b) Murder in the Mews
003534: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The ABC Murders; Postern of Fate FREE
003506: AGATHA CHRISTIE - At Bertram's Hotel
004412: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mysterious Mr Quinn
001400: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mystery of the Blue Train
003411: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mystery of the Blue Train
003418: AGATHA CHRISTIE - While the Light Lasts
001765: AGATHA CHRISTIE - A Pocket Full of Rye- Signature Edition
003577: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Big Four
003544: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Peril at End House
003543: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Christie Collection. Hickory, Dickory, Dock
003429: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Murder on the Links PLUS N or M?. 2 Separate Books
005327: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Cards on the Table. A Poirot Story.(Facsimile of First Edition)
003427: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Towards Zero
006597: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Taken at the Flood. Signature Edition. No. 27
006598: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Clocks. Signature Edition. No. 34
006528: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Murder on theLinks. (Page Cutting fault).
003503: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Dead Man's Folly. a Hercule Poirot Mystery
004843: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Nemesis
003491: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Third Girl
003539: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Hollow
003487: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Elephants Can Remember: The Christie Collection
003525: AGATHA CHRISTIE - N or M?
003526: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
003524: AGATHA CHRISTIE - A Pocket Full of Rye
003407: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Agatha Christie Hour
003408: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Seven Dials Mystery
003530: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Poirot's Early Cases; By the Pricking of My Thumbs FREE
007056: GREG CHRISTIE - And the Band Played on, 100 years of Malton White Star Band
003428: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Secret Adversary
003537: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Cat Among the Pigeons
003486: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Nemesis
003893: AGATHA CHRISTIE - After the Funeral
003447: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mirror Crack'd
003448: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Man in the Brown Suit
003446: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Miss Marple Short Stories; 5 Stories
003441: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Labours of Hercules
003482: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection : 4.50 from Paddington: Lord Edgware Dies; Murder in Mesopotamia
003419: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Sleeping Murder- Miss Marple's Last Case
003417: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Taken at the Flood
003498: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Death on the Nile
005324: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Appointment with Death. Latest Poirot Novel.(Facsimile of First Edition)
003504: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Endless Night
005320: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Three Act Tragedy. Featuring Hercule Poirot.(Facsimile of First Edition)
003637: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Mirror Crack'd
006851: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Sittaford Mystery
003882: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Agatha Christie : An Autobiography
004839: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Secret of Chimneys (Facsimile of First Edition with Rare Loose Wrap-round Band)
006246: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Lord Edgware Dies. (Poirot). Facsimile First Edition.
005316: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Death in the Clouds. Agatha Christie's Greatest Poirot Story.(Facsimile of First Edition)
004753: CHRISTIE, RENDELL, DAHL, SIMENON, JAMES,ETC. - Murder on the Menu. A Complete Guide to Death.
004967: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - 0ne,Two, Buckle My Shoe
007585: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Agatha Christie Crime Collection. A Caribbean Mystery: Taken at the Flood: The Seven Dials Mystery.
007586: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection: By the Pricking of My Thumbs. The Mysterious Mr. Quin. Endless Night.
007587: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Agatha Christie Crime Collection.Nemesis: Parker Pyne Investigates.Poirot Investigates.
007588: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection : Hallowe'en Party; Passenger to Frankfurt; The Thirteen Problems
007589: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection.The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side.they Came from Baghdad. The A B C Murders
007590: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection. Mystery of the Blue Train. The Listerdale Mystery (Short Stories). Murder at the Vicarage.
007575: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection. Sparkling Cyanide. The Secret of Chimneys. Five Little Pigs
007572: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Agatha Christie Crime Collection: The Clocks; Third Girl; Murder in the Mews
007573: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Crime Collection : 4.50 from Paddington: Lord Edgware Dies; Murder in Mesopotamia
007110: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Curtain. Poirot's Last Case
006900: JEANNE LE SURF. FOREWORD BY B. R. CHRISTY. - Rambles in Norfolk. Another 12 Illustrated Walks by "Rambler" of the Eastern Evening News.
004686: R. W. CHURCH - The Oxford Movement; Twelve Yers 1833-1845
006945: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - The Second World War. The Grand Alliance; Volume Three
007074: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - A History of the English Speaking Peoples: 4: The Great Democracies. TV Tie-ins
007230: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - A History of the English Speaking Peoples: Volume 1; The Birth of Britain. TV Tie-ins
004992: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - A History of the English Speaking Peoples: 4: The New World TV Tie-in
006037: CHURCHILL, WINSTON. - Painting as a Pastime.
007075: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - A History of the English Speaking Peoples: Volume 3; The Age of Revolution. TV Tie-ins
005002: STANISLAV CHVAPIL - Oiseaux de Cage and de Voliere NB IN FRENCH LANGUAGE
004375: CIMINO, AL - Great Record Labels. An Illustrated History of the Labels Behind the Stars
006933: SARAH MOWER. CLAIRE CISOTTI - Diana's Dazzling Style Legacy. Daily Mail July 31-August 16 2017. 10 Newspaper Supplements,48 Pp in total.
006934: SARAH MOWER. CLAIRE CISOTTI - Diana's Dazzling Jewels. Daily Mail August 7,8,9,11 2017. 4 Newspaper Supplements,16 pp in total.
003453: LYNN ST CLAIRE - 20th Century News- A Momentous 100 Years in the West and the World-from the Pages of the Western Morning News
003258: CLANCY, TOM - Without Remorse
005642: DORINE CLARK - Gutter Star
000906: LINDA CLARK - Health and Nutrition for Pets
001441: MAXINE CLARK - Good Housekeeping Cookery Club Entertaining
005679: CLARK, KENNETH - The Nude
004444: BRIGADIER S. F. CLARK - The Royal Tour of New Zealand Part Two
003864: CLARK, ANDY - Microcognition : Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing
006531: BRIGADIER S. F. CLARK - The Royal Tour of New Zealand Part Two
007005: DAVID STAFFORD-CLARK - What Freud Really Said (Penguin Psychology)
006972: R. RAINBIRD CLARKE - Grimes Graves Norfolk
003062: CLARKE, NICK - Alistair Cooke : The Biography
004483: CLARKE, P. H. - Chess for Beginners
000526: BRIAN CLEEVE - Cry of Morning
003377: JOHN CLEGG - The Observer's Book of Pond Life; No. 24
006038: SAMUEL L. CLEMENS - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (The World's Popular classics)
004697: ROSEMARY SIMMONS. KATIE CLEMSON - The Complete Manual of Relief Printmaking. A Practical Guide to the Tools and Techniques of Linocutting,Woodcutting and Wood Engraving.
005467: CLENDINNEN, INGA - Aztecs : An Interpretation
004465: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE ED. - Medievalia and Humanistica. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture. New Series Number 26. Civil Strife and National Identity in the Middle Ages
004466: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE ED. - Medievalia and Humanistica. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture. New Series Number 28. Ethnicity and Self- Identity
006892: ENID BLYTON, CHRIS TEMPLE, EUNICE CLOSE ET AL - Little Dots Playways Annual
000468: J STORER CLOUSTON - Vandrad the Viking, or the Feud and the Spell
001386: LEE COAN - Breaking the Banksy-"Live" Supplement
004269: JAMES COCHRANE - Life in the Twenties and Thirties (Journeys Into the Past series)
006581: E. V. COCKAYNE - The Fair Organ - How it Works
002507: COCKELL, JENNY - Past Lives, Future Lives
003354: COCKER, MAURICE - Destroyers of the Royal Navy 1893-1981
003362: CONSULTANT EDITOR DR HAROLD G COGGER - The Little Guides-Reptiles and Amphibians
006375: GEORGE M. COHAN - Yankee Doodle Dandy.Film Sheet Music. James Cagney.
006573: BEN COHEN - Cardograms. a Composite Exeercise in Bridge, Solo and Whist
007641: DAVID I. A. STEEL; BERTRAM L. COLE - The Parish of Corby Glen in Its Historical Context PLUS 12 Page Guide to the church of St John the Baptist, Colsterworth Lincs. (Isaac Newton birthplace).
000658: TERRY COLEMAN - Passage to America
006673: W. S. COLEMAN - Our Woodlands, Heaths and Hedges: a Popular Description of Trees, Shrubs, Wild Fruits,etc with Notices of Their Insect Inhabitants.
004624: K. ADLARD COLES - Heavy Weather Sailing
002300: EOIN COLFER - Artemis Fowl
003047: VANESSA-ANN COLLECTION - The Perfect Book of Doll Clothes
004676: PITMAN'S COLLEGE - Teach Yourself Pitman's Shorthand
004941: PITMAN'S COLLEGE - Teach Yourself Pitman's Shorthand
004875: COLLINS, WILKIE - Fallen Leaves
004482: MURIEL COLLINS - Mr Sundial
004754: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Haunted Hotel
001948: COLLIS, LEN; DAVIS, JON - Rupert and the Nutwood Stage
007639: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, BARTHOLOMEW LAS CASAS - The Log of Christopher Columbus' First Voyage to America in the Year 1492
006124: MARVEL COMICS - Ren and Stimpy : Tastes Like Chicken
005398: MARVEL COMICS - The Ren and Stimpy Show Special. Masters of Time and Space! "A Choose Your Own Adventure " Epic! Vol. 1 No 3.October 1994
005399: MARVEL COMICS - The Ren and Stimpy Show.The Two-Headed Stimpy. Vol. 1 No 39.October 1995
002763: JOHN HADFIELD; COMPILER - A Book of Delights
007225: PATRICIA PIERCE :COMPILER - The Country Life Book of Fairy Tales
001068: WILLIAM H. FOWLER ORIGINAL COMPILER - Fowler's Architects', Builders' & Contractors' Pocket Book
007374: ED. BY KEITH SKIPPER. FOREWRD DICK CONDON. - Dew Yew Keep a' Troshin!: v. 1: Old Barney's Broadcasts
007140: GROFF CONKLIN - 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction
000937: FRANK O'CONNOR - The Genius and Other Stories
001748: O'CONNOR, GARRY - Alec Guinness - The Unknown : A Life
001053: DAVID CONS - Cavecraft; an introduction to caving and Potholing
004944: COOK, B. F. - The Elgin Marbles
003030: M. C. COOKE - One Thousand Objects for the Microscope, with Hints on Their Mounting
004349: COOKE, DAVID J.; BALDWIN, PAMELA J.; HOWISON, JACQUELINE - Psychology in Prisons
002735: FRANCES E. COOKE - The Story of Richard Cobden-the Hero of Free Trade
005726: COOKE, ALISTAIR - Letter from America : 1946-2004
000109: E H COOKRIDGE - Orient Express
000653: CATHERINE COOKSON - Blue Baccy ( Rory's Fortune)
002692: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Joe and the Gladiator
004924: SUSAN COOLIDGE - What Katy did at School
005162: SUSAN COOLIDGE - What Katy Did Next
005944: JILLY COOPER - Jolly Super
000494: BARBARA COOPER - Badminton
006644: W.G. CLARKE.A. HEATON COOPER - Norfolk and Suffolk
007342: A. P. COOPER - The Changing Face of Norwich
007653: COOPER, J.M. - East Suffolk Railway (Locomotion Papers No. 139)
002270: JILL COOTE - The Little Book of Herbs and Spices
002269: JILL COOTE - The Little Book of Desserts
003806: JOHN COPE - I'm Sorry You Were in When I Called: Conservative Anecdotes from the 1992 General Election
007534: F. C. COPLESTON - Aquinas
005995: HARRY CORBETT - Sooty's Fourth Annual
002982: EDMUND V. CORBETT - Waves of Battle
005996: HARRY CORBETT - Sooty's Sixth Annual
004923: MARIE CORELLI - Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten
003045: H. H. THOMAS;ILLUSTRATED BY H. ESSENHIGH-CORKE - Garden Flowers as they Grow
005266: PAUL CORNELL - True Story Fantastic Four.Total Nightmare. Part 3 of 4.November 2008.
004495: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Eagle : Richard Sharpe and the Talavera Campaign, July 1809 Plus Sharpe's Battle (Battle of Fuentes De Onoro May 1811)
003077: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Havoc; 19th Novel in Series
005166: MARGARET BAKER: ROBIN CORRINGHAM - Birds of the Blue Mountains
000118: HARPER CORY - Wild Life Ways-Rover, a Collie Coyote
001193: STEPHEN COSGROVE - Catundra
000681: IAN COSTER - The First Gentleman,HRH the Duke of Edinburgh KG:KT
004071: COTTERELL, MAURICE - The Tutankhamun Prophecies; the Sacred Secret of the Mayas, Egyptians and Freemasons
005707: LEONARD COTTRELL - The Lion Gate
001328: COUCH, ANTHONY - Memoirs of a Twelfth Man : The Recollections of J.A.P. Withers of Stripford Rural Cricket Club
002427: SIR ARTHUR QUILLER -COUCH - The Astonishing History of Troy Town
004174: ROBERT COUGHLAN AND THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Life World Library- Tropical Africa
005077: ANGELA COULTER - Pancho the Playful Donkey
007297: ST.IVES COUNCIL - Borough of St Ives, Cornwall. On The Occasion Of The Conferment Of The Honorary Freedom Of The Borough on Bernard Leach & Barbara Hepworth In Recognition of Their International Contribution To The Arts 23rd September 1968. 2 Booklets,Glassine Cover
006107: A. N. COURT - Cornwall in Colour
001885: E. G. COUSINS - Great Elk
001431: COWAN, EVELYN - Spring Remembered: A Scottish Jewish Childhood
003388: NOEL COWARD, SELECTED BY MICHAEL COX - The Cream of Noel Coward
001916: REV. R. C. COWELL - Bird Minstrels; Their Ways and Wanderings
002630: COWLEY, STEWART - Molly Collie-Waggy Tales
006946: WILLIAM COWPER - The Diverting History of John Gilpin. Shilling Toy Book.
000258: WILLIAM COWPER - Complete Poetical Works
002637: COX, PAUL - The Adventures of Archibald Koala-The Riddle of the Floating Island
002387: G. W. COX - Tales of Gods and Heroes
005527: RICHARD COX - Operation Sea Lion
006870: ELIZABETH COX - Finger and Fork Food. Tempting Tastes for the Buffet Table.
006795: E. H. M. COX AND G. C. TAYLOR - Primulas for Garden and Greenhouse
003331: COXON, R. T. - Roads and Rails of Birmingham 1900-1939
001653: FANNY AND JOHNNIE CRADOCK - Daily Telegraph Cook's Book
004667: CRAIG, KAREN; NOVGORODSEV, SEVA - The Cooking of Russia : A Sainsbury Cookbook
000725: ELIZABETH CRAIG - The Art of Irish Cooking
006237: ELIZABETH CRAIG - Needlecraft. Elizabeth Craig's Household Library.
004776: COMPILED AND INTODUCTION BY PATRICIA CRAIG. - The Penguin Book of British Comic Stories : An Anthology Humorous Stories from Kipling Wodehouse Beryl Bainbridge Julian Barnes
002400: MRS CRAIK - John Halifax, Gentleman
003962: MRS CRAIK - John Halifax, Gentleman
004994: MARION CRAWFORD - Queen Elizabeth II
005513: WALLACE CRAWFORD - Nest of Vipers. A Fiery Saga of Lust and Savagery in Borgia's Italy
002482: F. MARION CRAWFORD - The White Sister
005957: ANNE CRAWFORD. - Historic Bristol
007401: JAMES CRAWLEY - Rhymes and Mottoes on Sunderland Pottery
003959: CREASEY, JOHN - The Black Spiders
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007398: GEORGE EWART EVANS - The Farm and the Village
005486: EVANS, CHERYL; MILLARD, ANNE - Greek and Norse Legends
001830: EVANS, STEWART P.; SKINNER, KEITH - Jack the Ripper : Letters from Hell
007594: GODFREY EVANS - Behind the Stumps
007637: EVANS, HAROLD - Editing and Design Book 5: Newspaper Design (An illustrated guide to layout)
001980: RAQ; PRESENTED BY G. K. EVENS - Romany, Muriel and Doris
006119: EWING, WILLIAM A. - Body : Photoworks of the Human Form
005387: PRIVATE EYE - Private Eye's Cutting Humour. Boobs and Misprints from the Press
003259: FAIRHURST, J. S. - O-Level Mathematics : A Consolidation Course
007313: RON BROWN; DIGBY FAIRWEATHER - Nat Gonella: A Life in Jazz
000297: NICHOLAS FAITH - The Story of Champagne
006398: P. G WODEHOUSE. INTRO. BY CHRISTOPHER FALKUS. - P.G. Wodehouse Short Stories. Slipcase.
006192: FERUCCIO FARINA - Venus Unveiled
002486: ELEANOR FARJEON - Tales from Chaucer- the Canterbury Tales
004637: FARJEON, ELEANOR - A Nursery in the Nineties
005417: ELEANOR FARJEON - Ariadne and the Bull
006729: FARLEY, VIOLA. FOREWORD DICK JOICE - Pictures from a Village (Bygones books)-Castle Acre
005658: RALPH MILNE FARLEY - The Radio Man (Miles Cabot)
001477: NIGEL FARNDALE - Sunday Telegraph "Seven" Magazine-Article "James Who?"-Pierce Brosnan Feature
000387: JEFFERY FARNOL - The Fool Beloved
004051: HARRY FARRAR - Elements of Company Law
000673: P J FARRES, PORTSMOUTH - Catena-an Interdisciplinary Journal of Pedology, Hydrology and Geomorphology-some Observations on the Stability of Soil Aggregates to Raindrop Impact.Vol.7 N02/3- Pp223-231
000788: SEBASTIAN FAULKS - Fools Alphabet
002105: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Charlotte Gray
004367: WILIAM FEAVER - Van Gogh
004794: ED ALAN FENNELL - Thunderbirds to the Rescue! Thunderbirds Comic Album No. 1
003301: FERNEYHOUGH, FRANK - Steam Up! : A Railwayman Remembers
001526: FERRARS, E. X. - I Met Murder
004481: ELIZABETH FERRARS - Thinner Than Water
005567: FERRILL, ARTHER - The Origins of War : From the Stone Age to Alexander the Great
003437: KATE FERRY- SWAINSON. ED BY DENI BROWN - Ginger : The Healing Herbal; the Herb Library
004021: FICK, CARL - The Danziger Transcript : A Novel
002512: FIDO, MARTIN - The Crimes Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper
005928: MARTIN FIDO - Shakespeare
003669: FIDO, MARTIN - The World of Agatha Christie.The facts and fiction behind the world's greatest crime writer.
000733: CHRISTOPHER FIELDEN - The Sainsbury's Book of Wine
005544: MARTIN P. NILSSON. TRANS FROM THE SWEDISH BY F. J. FIELDEN - A History of Greek Religion
006804: STEVE FIELDING - Hangman's Record 1900-1929 Volume 2
000025: JAYNE AND TERRY FINCHER - Debrett's Illustrated Fashion Guide to the Princess of Wales
004801: FINDLATER, EVELYN - Evelyn Findlater's Wholefood Cookery School
002198: FINKELSTEIN, NAT - Andy Warhol : The Factory Years, 1964-1967
005712: FINLEY, MOSES I. - The World of Odysseus
003593: J H SAVAGE: W E ST LAWRENCE FINNY - Kingston-Upon-Thames ; The Official Guide
006690: OLIVER POSTGATE. PETER FIRMIN - Noggin the King
004038: FIRSTBROOK, P. L. - Lost on Everest : The Search for Mallory and Irvine
005243: STANLEY W. FISHER - China Collector's Guide
005913: STANLEY W. FISHER - Collector's Progress
004296: BRIAN VESEY-FITZGERALD - The Ladybird Book of British Wild Flowers- Series 536
000507: LOUIS FITZGIBBIN - Katyn-a Crime Without Parallel
007366: FLEETWAY - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1977
007367: FLEETWAY - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1980
007365: FLEETWAY - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1983
007362: FLEETWAY - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1982
007340: FLEETWAY - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1981
001900: FLEISCHMAN, SID - The Ghost in the Noonday Sun
002684: FLEMING, JOHN; HONOUR, HUGH; PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture
000313: IAN FLEMING - Thunderball
005612: IAN FLEMING - Casino Royale
005672: FLEMING, PETER - Operation Sea Lion : An Account of the German Preparations and the British Counter-Measures
001072: EDWARD FLETCHER - Digging Up Antiques
007568: RONALD FLETCHER - In a Country Churchyard
001256: FLICK, PAULINE - Cat Collectibles
006445: FLETCHER FLORA - The Brass Bed. a Shocking Story of a Summer Affair
006866: KEITH FLOYD - A Feast of Floyd
000780: EDWARD STEP FLS - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms
000781: EDWARD STEP FLS - Wayside and Woodland Trees-a Pocket guide to the British Sylva
004943: ED. CYNTHIA JO FOGLIATTI - A Visual Feast: The Detroit Institute of Arts Cookbook
001773: JOHN FOLEY - Bull and Brass
007522: WINIFRED FOLEY - Child in the Forest
001995: FOOT, DAVID - Famous Bristolians
002205: M R D FOOT AND J M LANGLEY - M19-Escape and Evasion and It's American Counterpart
004567: E. B. FOOTE - Home Encyclopedia Popular Medical, Social and Sexual Science
004942: F. A. FORBES - Margaret Sinclair. In Religion Sister Mary Francis of the Five Wounds, Extern Sister of the Poor Clare Coletines
006106: E.B. FORD - Butterflies. The New Naturalist Series. No 1.
001429: FORD, MARY - Chocolate Cookbook
001712: FORD, MARY - Making Glove Puppets
004270: FORDE, TERRY - Fun to Make Wooden Toys (including "Alice" figures)
001894: FOREST, ANTONIA - End of Term
002956: C. S. FORESTER - Hunting the Bismarck
007011: C. S. FORESTER - A Ship of the Line. Hornblower Novel.Mermaid Edition
001730: C. S. FORESTER - Plain Murder
003472: C. S. FORESTER - The Captain from Connecticut
007308: TOM MCGEE. ALICE FAYE FOREWORD. - Betty Grable: The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs
007315: PHILIP BURTON. ELIZABETH TAYLOR FOREWORD - Richard and Philip: The Burtons - A Book of Memories
006864: DIANA HIGGENS INTRO; QUENTIN BELL FOREWORD - Grace at Charleston: Memories and Recipes. (Grace's Cook Book)
001630: JAY AND MARCIA FORMAN - American Geographical Society - Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean - Around the World Program
005591: FORSTER, E. M.ED. BY OLIVER STALLYBRASS. - Aspects of the Novel
001965: FORT, MATTHEW - Cooking by Numbers
003599: MARTINA FORTI - Sweden: Scandinavian Seduction
007208: ALAN DEAN FOSTER - The Black Hole. Abridged Edition
005742: WALTER FOSTER - How to Draw and Paint Flowers
003150: HUGH FOULIS (NEIL MUNRO) - Para Handy and Other Tales
007128: STEPHEN FOULKES - A Hundred Years in the Saddle: The Avon and Somerset Mounted Police 1899-1999
007649: IRISH HEART FOUNDATION - Heart Attack and Lifestyle
003968: DR LEVI FOX - The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. a Personal Memoir
006158: ELIZABETH NASH; RICHARD FOX. - The Pleasures of Love. An Erotic Guide to the Senses.
003936: FOX, PETER - Kensington Gore
005615: GARDNER F. FOX - Warrior of Llarn
004914: H. MUNRO FOX - The Personality of Animals
005805: IRENE HAYES. GENERAL ED. CHRISTINA FOYLE - The Airedale Terrier. Foyles Handbooks.
005933: FRANCE, LYDIA - Party Bites. Easy Recipes for Fingerfood and Party Snacks
007055: EVELYN FRANCIS - Avebury (Wooden Books Gift Book)
004446: CLARE FRANCIS - 1964. The Royal Babies
006430: FRANCIAS FRANCIS - Newton Dogvane
006387: FRANCIS, DI - Cornish Ghosts
007241: CLARE FRANCIS - Deceit. Betrayal. A Dark Devotion. Box Set.of 3 Separate Books
007082: DICK FRANCIS - Forfeit
004372: JOAN FRANK - The Beauty of Jewellery
006020: FRANKLIN, ANNA; MASON, PAUL - Fairy Lore
004463: FRASER, ANTONIA - Oxford Blood
001282: LINDA FRASER (EDITOR) - Practical Encyclopaedia of Chicken Cooking
000524: CHELSEA CURTIS FRASER - Around the World in Ten Days
004012: JOHN TURNER FRAYN - Invasion '44, the Full Story of D-Day
003719: ALBERT HOUTIN; TRANSLATED BY LADY FRAZER - A Short History of Christianity
001260: FREELING, NICOLAS - A City Solitary
006044: KATHLEEN FREEMAN - The Greek Way; an Anthology; Translations from Verse and Prose
002727: JEAN FREEMAN - Jane Austen in Bath
005236: JEAN FREEMAN - Samurai Legend 1. Marvel Variant Edition.The Heart of the Prophet
006046: HANS LICHT. TRANS. FREESE, ED.DAWSON - Sexual Life in Ancient Greece
001375: ANGELICA FREITAG - My Greek Cookery Book
003717: E. W. CHANCE; P.W. FRENCH - Principles of Mercantile Law Volume 1, + 2 Loose Inserts "Mercantile Law" numbered 100/46/W and 95/47.W
003718: E. W. CHANCE; P.W. FRENCH - Principles of Mercantile Law Volume II
007279: JAY FRENCH - Inner Wheel. A History.
004108: FREUD, SIGMUND - Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis
003095: FRICKE, JOHN - Judy Garland : World's Greatest Entertainer: A Pictorial History of Her Career
004582: KINKY FRIEDMAN - The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic. A "Walk" in Austin
005171: THE EDITORS OF THE FAMILY FRIEND - The Practical Housewife forming a complete Encylopaedia of Domestic Economy
000671: ED BY BILL FRINDALL - Playfair Cricket Annual 1991
004222: FRITH, DAVID. FOREWORD J. P. PRIESTLEY - Golden Age of Cricket, 1890-1914
000763: F GEORGE KAY FRSA - Royal Mail
007062: NIGEL FRYATT - Spotter's Guide to Cars of Europe, Japan and Australia 1975-1979.
001394: ROGER FULFORD - Votes for Women- the Story of a Struggle
003629: FUNCKEN, LILIANE; FUNCKEN, FRED - Arms and Uniforms:The Second World War Part 4. The Development of the Great Powers, Denmark and the Netherlands, the Balkan and Danube States, Technological Developments, Submarines, Shipping and Aircraft.
000768: W S FURNEAUX - The Sea Shore
003710: FYFIELD, FRANCES - Blind Date
006772: ROSE FYLEMAN - Runabout Rhymes
006914: GILLIAN GAAR - Mail on Sunday Event Supplement. The Unseen Elvis 40th Anniverary of His Death Commemoration Supplement of Photos from Private Gracelands Archive.30 July 2017
005815: MARK GABOR - The Pin Up : A Modest History
005627: NEIL GAIMAN AND KIM NEWMAN. INTRODUCTION BY HARRY HARRISON - Ghastly Beyond Belief. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations
006938: RICHARD KAY GEOFFREY LEVY. IAN GALLAGHER. - Transcript of TV Programme re Tapes Made By Diana, Princess of Wales. Cutttings of Articles from Daily Mail 29 2017, Mail on Sunday July 30 2017
006190: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - G. F. Watts. Fame and Beauty in Victorian Society Souvenir Leaflet of Exhibition at Gallery 14 October 2004-9 January 2005.
006225: PAUL GALLICO - Ludmila. A Legend of Liechtenstein
007178: PAUL GALLICO - The Snow Goose
005564: GALLOWAY, DAVID - Lamaar Ransom, Private Eye
003266: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Swan Song-BBC TV Series Tie-in + FREE Galsworthy " In Chancery "
002410: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Swan Song
004206: IDA GANDY - Round About Little Steeple; the Story of a Downland Village and it's Parson in the Sevententh Century
004283: GARDNER, JOHN - Scorpius; James Bond Story.
007309: AVA GARDNER - Ava: My Story
005895: GARDNER, JOHN E. - For Special Services
000314: JOHN GARDNER - Licence Renewed
001771: JOHN GARDNER - No Deals Mr Bond
004539: JOHN GARDNER - Licence Renewed
006748: GARDNER, SUE - A-Z of Stumpwork (A-Z series09). Inspirations Books.
004586: MARTIN GARDNER - More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
002834: JOHN GARDNER - Licence Renewed
007625: JOHN GARDNER - Licence Renewed
000614: LEON GARFIELD - John Diamond
005354: LEON GARFIELD - Smith
007359: ED. ALAN GARNER - A Book of Goblins (Puffin Books)
003937: GARNETT, EVE - In Greenland's Icy Mountains : The Story of Hans Egede,Explorer,Coloniser,Missionary
004281: EVE GARNETT - Further Adventures of the Family from One End Street
002409: GASH, JONATHAN - Pearlhanger
006458: GASH, JONATHAN - The Very Last Gambado
007278: MILLICENT GASKELL - Home and Horizon: An Account of the History and Organsation of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs.
000871: ROSEMARY AND ANDREW GASSON - The Good Dog Food Guide
006281: GASTMAN, ROGER - Morning Wood
004596: GATES, PHYLLIS; BOB THOMAS - My Husband, Rock Hudson
001581: MARGARET GATTY - Parables from Nature
006115: WILLIAM GAUNT - The Pre-Raphaelite Dream
003755: FRANCIS GAY - The Friendship Book 1972
003828: FRANCIS GAY - The Friendship Book 1978
005841: FRANCIS GAY - The Friendship Book of Francis Gay, 1950
002650: ANDREW GEESON - I Love My Cow- Farmyard Pop-ups
004771: GELLHORN, MARTHA - View from the Ground
007417: KEMP GENE - The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler (Puffin Books)
003008: H. A. GERRITS - Pheasants Including Their Care in the Aviary
003163: JACKSON-STOPS, GERVASE ET AL - The National Trust Year Book
006171: GETTY, ADELE - Goddess. Mother of Living Nature
002091: STELLA GIBBONS - Cold Comfort Farm
004780: STELLA GIBBONS - Cold Comfort Farm
003457: PHILIP GIBBS - The Interpreter
003654: MICHAEL D GIBSON - Dangerous Mission- a Boy's Adventure Story
003234: GIDDENS, ANTHONY - Social Theory and Modern Sociology
000332: DAPHNE GIE - Afghan Hounds: a Complete Guide
005274: KEITH GIFFEN - Sightings, Reign in Hell. No 4 of 8.Dec. 08.
003161: BIL GILBERT - The Trailblazers (The Old West)
000581: GILES - Giles Cartoons- Nineteenth Series
001538: GILES - Giles Annual;. 48th series- a Unique Collection Never Before published as an Annual
005427: AUBREY BEARDSLEY; INTRO BY PAUL.J. GILLETTE - The Story of Venus and Tannhauser. Original and Unexpurgated.
002037: JOHN GILLIES - The History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies And Conquests; from the Earliest Accounts Till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East. Including the History of Literature, Philosophy and the Fine Arts.
003953: ED BY ARNOLD GINGRICH - The Bedside Esquire
001850: RED GIRAFFE - Explore Your World Underwater World Pop-up Book
006594: HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. ED. LOUIS GIRAUD. - Hans Andersen's Fairy Stories Bookano Series with Pictures that Spring Up in Model Form
006397: BRENDA GIRVIN - The Tapestry Adventure
000525: BRIAN GLANVILLE - After Rome, Africa
005055: JUSTINE GLASS - Witchcraft, the Sixth Sense - and Us
003601: JUDITH GLASSMAN - The Year in Music 1978
007076: JANET GLEESON - The Arcanum: Extraordinary True Story of the Invention of European Porcelain
005495: GUSTAVE GLOTZ - The Aegean Civilization
006195: JOYCE GLOVER - Mr Jones Comes to Stay.
007346: MURIEL GOAMAN - Through the Ages: Food (Ladybird Series 606F )
000794: WENDY GODFREY - The Sainsbury's Book of Entertaining-Including Dinner Parties,barbecues and Buffets
002278: WENDY GODFREY - The Sainsbury's Book of Entertaining-Including Dinner Parties,barbecues and Buffets
006869: WENDY GODFREY - The Sainsbury's Book of Food Processor Cooking.
004876: GOETHE - Goethes Gedichte (in German language)
007662: GOFFIN, MARY; DAVIES, KEITH - Carlton Colville:: A Village History Based on the Millennium Exitibition
007635: GOGOL, NIKOLAY - The Night Before Christmas (Penguin Christmas Classics)
004844: GOLDBERG, LUCIANNE; ROBINSON, SONDRA TILL - Friends in High Places
006712: ED HARRY GOLDING - The Wonder Book of Children and the People They Live with. Third Edition.
000639: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - Poetical Works
003731: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - The Vicar of Wakefield. Library of Classics
004124: MAURICE GOLESWORTHY - Encyclopaedia of Boxing New Edition
003170: MAURICE GOLESWORTHY - Encyclopaedia of Boxing New Edition
002855: THOMAS GOODHUGH - Bilko : The Fort Baxter Story
004588: KATHLEEN GOODING - The Venetians
007229: JONATHAN GOODMAN - The Moors Murders: The Trial of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady
005844: GOODRICH, NORMA L. - Heroines
000169: R A H GOODYEAR - Fenshaven Finds It's Feet
002235: RICHARD GORDON - Summer of Sir Lancelot
002394: GORDON, WATERHOUSE - Wildlife Walks in the South Hams
004441: JEAN GORDON - The Fourth Golden Gift Book of Prince Charles and Princess Anne
006379: GORDON, WARREN - You'll Never Know.From Alice Faye Film "Hello, Frisco, Hello" Sheet Music
006721: GORDON, JOAN - The Ribbon Embroidery Bible
005144: ERIC GOSDEN - The Flying Fish
001382: GOSLING, JOANNA - WordPerfect Companion
000047: PHILIP GOSSE - An Apple a Day
006105: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Heart of the Family ( Third of "The Eliot Chronicles")
006519: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The White Witch
004560: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Finders, Keepers, Eight Collectors : Treasures and Oddities of Natural History
006636: NAT GOULD - Landed at Last. A Thrilling Racing Story
004052: GRABSKY, PHIL - The Great Commanders. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Horatio Nelson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ulysses Grant and Marshal Zhukov.
005965: FRANK GRADY - Wild Honey
006450: BRUCE GRAEME - Without Malice. Detective Sergeant Marsh Mystery
005998: WINSTON GRAHAM, EDWARD D. HOCH, SEAN O'FAOLAIN - Argosy. The Short Story Magazine. January-February 1971
000031: ALEX GRAHAM - Fred Basset No 41
000429: KENNETH GRAHAME - Golden Days
007162: KENNETH GRAHAME - The Wind in the Willows. Vintage Books Series
006045: JOAN GRANT - Eyes of Horus
003189: GRANT, JOAN; FOREWORD BILL ODDIE - The Cuckoo on the Kettle
003049: GRAVELINE, NOEL - Beaute de L' Aquitaine
005976: GRAVES, ROBERT - Seven Days in New Crete
000495: ROBERT GRAVES - Claudius the God- Volume 1
006051: APULEIUS. NEW TRANS. BY ROBERT GRAVES. - The Transformation of Lucius, otherwise known as The Golden Ass.
006120: GRAVES, ROBERT; GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths : Combined Edition
003063: GRAY, ROSE; ROGERS, RUTH - River Cafe Cookbook Green
002582: JIMMY PALMIOTTI; JUSTIN GRAY WITH JOHN HIGGINS - The Hills Have Eyes- the Beginning
001132: FELICITY GRAY - The Children's Picture Book of Ballet
002991: EDWYN GRAY - Action Atlantic
005947: JOHN SCOTT ; GLADYS GRAY - Out of the Darkness. a Brief History and Description of the Old Quarry, Beer.
004853: GREEN, TOBY - Saddled with Darwin : A Journey Through South America on Horseback
000522: EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN - In the Wars of the Roses
003021: RUTH M GREEN - Costume and Fashion in Colour, 1550-1760
004647: BRIAN WILSON; RICHARD GREEN - The Best Ever Indian
001898: ROGER LANCELYN GREEN - The Luck of Troy
006968: N. E. GREEN - Hints on Sketching from Nature. Part III Colour
003677: HARRY STOKE: VINNY GREEN - Old Bristle Almanac
004915: EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN - Fallen Fortunes
003840: MYRA HOPE GREENALL - The Upside of Downs
005859: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Book of Games
002347: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Book of Games
006139: ALAN J. GREENBANK - This is the Lord's Doing. The Open Air Mission 1853-2003
001047: ANTHONY GREENBANK - Climbing for Young People
006433: GRAHAM GREENE - A Burnt-Out Case
002467: GREENFIELD, SUSAN - The Human Brain : A Guided Tour
006284: GREENWOOD, CHRISTOPHER; GREENWOOD, JOHN - Somersetshire Delineated: A Topographical Description of the Country of Somerset
004234: GREER, GERMAINE - The Change : Women, Ageing and the Menopause
004235: GREER, GERMAINE - The Whole Woman
002042: GREGORY, SUSANNA - Blood on the Strand : Chaloner's Second Exploit in Restoration London
006081: EDWIN GREGORY - Metallurgy
000386: ZANE GREY - To the Last Man
006742: GREY, MAGGIE; CAMPBELL-HARDING, VALERIE - Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery
005139: H. J. C. GRIERSON AND G. BULLOUGH, CHOSEN BY. - Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse
006845: JOHN GRIFFITH - Built for Speed
006971: HELEN GRIFFITHS - Horse in the Clouds
005550: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - The Goddess of Love : The Birth, Triumph, Death and Return of Aphrodite
001997: JACOB AND WILHELM GRIMM - The Penguin Selected Tales of the Brothers Grimm
006131: THE BROTHERS GRIMM - Grimm's Fairy Tales carefully Chosen from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm
007270: BROTHERS GRIMM - Grimms' Fairy Tales
003693: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH; ED BERNARD GROOM - Wordsworth- a Selection
002038: GROSS, MICHAEL - Model
007029: MARY LOUISE GROSSMAND AND JOHN HAMLET - Birds of Prey of the World
000986: AVON ORNITHOLOGICAL GROUP - Avon Bird Report 1996
003392: AVON ORNITHOLOGICAL GROUP - Avon Bird Report 2006
003393: AVON ORNITHOLOGICAL GROUP - Avon Bird Report 2007
005042: AVON ORNITHOLOGICAL GROUP - Avon Bird Report 2009
006491: BARTON HILL HISTORY GROUP - Barton Hill Images of England (Archive Photographs)
004921: GIOVANNI GUARESCHI - The House That Nino Built
005265: GUGGENHEIM - Young X-Men. No 2. Divided we Stand.July 2008
002088: RICHARD GUNN - Classic Cars
002087: RICHARD GUNN - Supercars
002681: BILL GUNSTON - Fighter Aircraft in Colour
005741: GUNSTON, BILL - An Illustrated Guide to Bombers of World War II
007552: ALLAN GURGANUS - Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
007445: BETH GUTCHEON - The Perfect Patchwork Primer
004598: A. B. GUTHRIE - The Way West. Film Tie-in Edition
001307: SPIELMAN, M.H. & G. S. LAYARD - Life and Work of Kate Greenaway
000275: JOHN HABBERTON - Helen's Babies and Other People's Children
002292: HANS HABE - Agent of the Devil
005773: HANS HABE - Walk in Darkness
002118: HADDON, DAYLE - Ageless Beauty : Looking and Feeling Great After 40
002658: HADDON, MARK - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time : A Novel
001061: C. HADFIELD - The Canal Age
001025: CHARLES HADFIELD - Waterways Sights to See
005565: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Ayesha : The Return of She
000379: ED. BY PETER HAINING, FOREWORD BY PETER CUSHING - The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook
007298: IDA FENN. FOREWORD JANE HALES. - Tales of Norfolk
006954: IDA FENN. FOREWORD JANE HALES. - Tales of Norfolk
006960: JANE HALES & WM. BENNETT - Looking at Norfolk
001645: AMANDA HALL - Noah's Ark-Open Out Three Dimensional Ark
000713: ELAINE HALLGARTEN - Cooking with Yoghurt
006235: HALLOWELL, MICHAEL J;RITSON, DARREN W - The Haunting of Willington Mill: The Truth Behind England's Most Enigmatic Ghost Story
001223: JOHN HALSHAM - Every Man's Book of Garden Flowers
002472: JOHN HAMILL AND ROBERT GILBERT - Freemasonry : A Celebration of the Craft
005654: EDMOND HAMILTON - Starwolf 1. The Weapon from Beyond.PLUS Outside the Universe
000122: ED BY COLONEL STEVENSON-HAMILTON - Our South African National Parks
007607: LEWIS CARROLL. RETOLD LIBBY HAMILTON - Alice in Wonderland . Pop-up.
005653: EDMOND HAMILTON - 3 Separate Books. Doomstar. City at the World's End.Battle for the Stars.
002465: HAMMERSLEY, MARTYN - What's Wrong with Ethnography?
004454: RICHARD RODGERS; OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN - It's a Grand Night for Singing, from Film State Fair
003096: LAWRENCE HAMMOND - Thriller Movies-the Movie Treasury
001277: CAROLE HANDSLIP - Quick and Easy Meals
000718: CAROLE HANDSLIP - The Sainsbury Book of Cake Icing and Decorating
002276: CAROLE HANDSLIP - The Sainsbury's Book of Wholefood Cooking
002273: CAROLE HANDSLIP - The Sainsbury's Book of Suppers and Snacks
002044: HANLEY, GERALD - The Journey Homeward
004779: REDMOND O' HANLON - Into the Heart of Darkness. An Account of a Journey made in 1983 to the Mountains of Batu Tiban with James Fenton

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