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035037: - "Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses Ferguson, Lael Combe and Johnson, Terry Combe"
035044: - "Animals of Farthing Wood Dann, Colin"
035056: - "Living & Working in Britain: 2nd edition: How to Study, Work and Settle in the UK (How to books) Hall, Christine"
035060: - "Managing Effective Work Groups (McGraw-Hill management manual) Margerison, Charles J."
035061: - Ring Of Bright Water/Gavin Maxwell Collection (Four Book Box Set) Gavin Maxwell
035063: - Scotland's Moorland Forum: Principles of Moorland Management Scotland's Moorland Forum
035258: - "Celtic Dimensions of the British Civil Wars Young, J and Young, John"
035070: - British Railways Rules for Observance
035071: - "History of the Wars, Books I and II: The Persian War (Dodo Press): 1-2 Procopius, ."
035072: - "Economics of Agriculture Halcrow, Harold G."
035076: - Fathers and Sons Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev and Rosemary Edmonds
035080: - Lettres Persanes Montesquieu
035081: - "Plays: The Importance of Being Earnest; Ideal Husband; Lady Windermere's Fan; Woman of No Substance; Salome Wilde, Oscar"
035084: - "Last Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World Mallet, Gina"
035086: - "Last Act in Palmyra Davis, Lindsey"
035088: - "En Canot Sur Les Chemins D'Eau Du Roi (Le Livre de Poche) Raspail, Jean"
035092: - "Richard III Honigmann, E.A.J. (Ed.)"
035097: - "Love Songs And Sonnets (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets) Washington, Peter"
035100: - "Agricultural Planning and Village Community in Israel Ben-David, Joseph Ed."
035101: - "Metropolitan Library Conant, Ralph W. and Molz, Redmond Kathleen"
035103: - "Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths Around Staffordshire and the Potteries Corder, Nicholas"
035107: - "Title: Popular exotic cacti in color Lamb, Edgar"
035109: - "The Curse Of Madame `C': A Far Side Collection Larson, Gary"
035113: - The Meaning Of Everything: The Story Of The Oxford English Dictionary Simon Winchester
035117: - The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana Mallanaga Vatsyayana
035118: - "De schuldenberg: hoe de wereldwijde schuldenlast ons allemaal gaat raken Van Duijn, Jaap"
035120: - Wales in Vanity fair: A show of cartoons
035121: - "The Seventeenth-Century Background Willey, Basil"
035122: - Montreal Unnamed
035126: - "The Illustrated Winespeak Searle, Ronald"
035127: - "End of Russian America: Captain P.N. Golovin's Last Report, 1862 (North Pacific Studies Series) Crownhart-Vaughan, E. A. P. and Dmytryshyn, Basil"
035129: - "Short Lives: Portraits of Writers, Painters, Poets, Actors, Musicians and Performers in Pursuit of Death (Picador Books) Matson, Katinka"
035131: - "The Eye in the Door Barker, Pat"
035136: - "Puberteit: de smalle weg naar innerlijke vrijheid Meijs, J."
035138: - Crise et avenir de la classe ouvrière (Points. Série politique)
035141: - "Directory of Health Library and Information Services in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 2002-2003 Health Libraries Group, Library Association; Ryder, Julie and Forrester, William H."
035143: - "The Art Therapy Colouring Book Merritt, Richard; Davies, Hannah and Wilde, Cindy"
035145: - "How to Manage Information: A Systems Approach Palmer, Richard Phillips and Varnet, Harvey"
035146: - "Novels of Henry Williamson Murry, John Middleton"
035148: - "Money from Grass: Symposium Proceedings Corrall, A.J."
035153: - "Pig Management and Production Goodwin, Derek H."
035161: - Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien
035163: - Book Lovers' London Lesley Reader
035164: - "Jacobean and Caroline Comedies (Everyman's University Library) Lawrence, Robert G."
035165: - "Arthur Conan Doyle: Beyond Sherlock Holmes Norman, Dr Andrew"
035166: - "Le Feu (Fiction, Poetry & Drama) Barbusse"
035170: - The Last Roman: Vengeance Jack Ludlow
035175: - Kurosawa Sacha Ezratty
035179: - "Warriors at Suez: Eisenhower Takes America into the Middle East Neff, Donald"
035181: - The History of Ideas Jeremy L. Tobey
035185: - "The Man In The Yellow Doublet: The Adventures Of Captain Alatriste Perez-Reverte, Arturo"
035186: - "Universal History of the Destruction of Books, A : From Ancient Sumer to Modern-Day Iraq Fernando Baez"
035192: - Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else James Meek
035193: - "365 Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and a Peaceful World Braybrooke, Marcus"
035194: - "The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia Overy, Richard"
035195: - "The Yawning Heights Zinov'ev, Aleksandr; Zinoviev, Aleksandr and Clough, G."
035567: - "French literature and its background Vol 1. The Sixteenth Century Cruickshank, John"
035202: - "Henry Percy and Henry VIII (Then & There) Davies, Kathleen M."
035203: - "Zij houdt van hem. Hij ook Kroonenberg, Yvonne"
035206: - Exmoor Review No. 12
035207: - The Life of Ezra Pound Noel Stock
035208: - Plant Biotechnology: Volume 18. Plant Biotechnology.
035222: - "Colas Breugnon Rolland, R"
035227: - A Thirteenth Century Villein (People of the past series) Patience Andrewes
035228: - "Framley Parsonage Trollope, Anthony"
035229: - "Julius Caesar (Signet Books) Shakespeare, William"
035230: - "Past Lives: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Ancestors (History/Journey's Into the Past) Wilson, Ian"
035231: - "The Whippet Handbook Giving the Early and Contemporary History of the Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points and Breeding Renwick W Lewis"
035233: - Berlin Diary
035234: - "Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone Galeano, Eduardo and Fried, Mark"
035235: - "Fielding Henry : Tom Jones (Sc) (Signet classics) Fielding, Henry"
035236: - L Ingenu Et Autres Contes (Classiques Francais) Voltaire
035237: - "Land of the Palm Trees (Three Companions) Farrall, Richard W. and Lonsdale, Mary"
035238: - "European Social Law and Policy (European Law Series) Hervey, Tamara"
035240: - "Wsrod Polakow (Among Poles): Polish for Foreign Students, Part 1; Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski"
035241: - "L'espoir Malraux, Andre"
035245: - "HISTOIRE DE LA COMMUNE 1871 Lisagaray, Prosper-Olivier"
035246: - The Portrait of a Lady Henry James
035253: - "Customs in Common Thompson, E. P."
035254: - King John and Magna Carta: A Ladybird Adventure from History book (Ladybird Archive): Written
035256: - "The Story of the Theatre (A Ladybird book) Peach, L.Du Garde and Aitchison, Martin"
035259: - "Threefold Lotus Sutra: Innumerable Meanings, The Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law and Meditation on the Bodisattva Universal Virtue Kato, B. and etc."
035262: - "The Painted Veil Somerset Maugham, W"
035267: - The Bull from the Sea
035273: - "The Parting of Friends: The Wilberforces and Henry Manning Newsome, David"
035274: - Omega Christopher Evans and Tomislav Tikulin
035275: - "The Sutton Companion to Heraldry Friar, Stephen"
035276: - "Agricultural Geography: Social and Economic Analysis Ilbery, Brian W."
035277: - "Economic Analysis of Agriculture (World Bank) Gittinger, Professor J. Price"
035278: - "The Heart of the Antarctic Shackleton, Sir Ernest Henry"
035282: - "1914 : La Guerre et Le Mouvement Ouvrier Francais Kriegel, Annie & jean-Jacques Becker"
035284: - Le Haut-Mal Georges Simenon
035285: - "Cheri (La Collection Francaise de CPI) Colette and Tumminello, Christina"
035291: - "Corona de Sombra (Modern World Literature) Usigli, R."
035292: - La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes Anonimo
035295: - Les 500 millions de la bégum Verne Jules
035297: - Le Fauteuil hanté Gaston LEROUX
035299: - "Holocauste Green, G"
035300: - "Down To The Sea In Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men Clare, Horatio"
035301: - La seconde guerre mondiale - 1941 Raymond Cartier
035302: - La Guinguette à deux sous
035304: - "Pierre Et Jean De Maupassant, Guy"
035308: - "Alienista, El Carr, Caleb"
035310: - "Practical Navigation for the Modern Boat Owner (Wiley Nautical) Manley, Pat"
035313: - Sarah Beeny's 100 DIY Jobs Sarah Beeny
035317: - Historia de la eternidad
035318: - Atala / Rene
035320: - "Los Secretos De Una Salud Perfecta Jackson, Adam"
035321: - "Les gardiens Deweese, G"
035322: - Easy Readers - Italian: Sette Racconti Moravia
035325: - Maigret And Monsieur Charles Georges SIMENON
035333: - "El Senor Presidente: El Senor Presidente Asturias, Miguel Angel"
035337: - Superior Spider-Man: Troubled Mind Dan Slott
035338: - Ultimate Comics: X Jeph Loeb
035348: - Avengers: Avengers World Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena
035351: - Armance Stendhal
035353: - "Maison sur l'Eau Roe, Claire Andree"
035354: - Un Certain sourire. Roman Francoise Sagan
035355: - "Stalingrad, 300 000 hommes encercles"
035356: - La sonate a kreutzer suivi de la mort d'ivan ilitch Tolstoi
035357: - "Identidad perversa Simon, Leonard"
035363: - "Questo Sangue Che Impasta La Terra Francesco, Guccini Loriano Macchiavelli"
035365: - "Dien Bien Phu Keegan, John"
035366: - "Autorretrato de Mozart Balcells Comas, Pere-Albert"
035373: - "It's Welsh Gruffudd, Heini"
035377: - "Causeway: Shadow Lands Bk. 2 Lister, Simon"
035378: - Jersey Occupation Remembered
035381: - Tout Ubu. - Ubu roi. Ubu cocu. Ubu enchaÃAE®nà . Almanachs du pà re Ubu. Ubu sur la butte. Avec leurs prolà gomà nes et paralipomà nes. Edition à tablie par Maurice Saillet. Alfred Jarry
035383: - "Keats: Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets) Keats, John"
035386: - Among Poles: Polish for Foreign Students Part 2 (Wsrod Polakow: Podrecznik jezyka polskiego dla cudzoziemcow Czesc II)
035388: - "The Postage Stamp, Its History and Recognition Williams, L N and M"
035389: - "Confessions of Two Brothers Powys, John Cowper and Powys, Llewelyn"
035391: - "The Ki: How to Make Your Dreams Come True with Feng Shui Astrology Yoshikawa, Takashi"
035397: - "Epicoene: Or, the Silent Woman (Regents Renaissance Drama) Jonson, Ben and Beaurline, Lester A."
035398: - "Nice People Curzon, Clare"
035399: - Dance's Film and Video Guide Dance
035404: - Wyth Esgid Ddu
035405: - "Luis Bunuel (2) / Textes Reunis Et Presentes Par Michel Esteve Esteve, Michel (Ed. )"
035407: - Selected Poems T.S.Eliot
035412: - L'Ecornifleur
035414: - "Biedermann Und Die Brandstifter Frisch, Max"
035417: - "Atlas van de belevingswereld Swaaij, L. van and klare, J."
035421: - "The Athenian Murders Somoza, Jose Carlos"
035424: - "Les Mots Savants Guiraud, Pierre"
035425: - Los Nueve Dragones Justin Scott
035426: - "A Documentary History of the United States, Bicentennial Edition Heffner, Richard C."
035433: - Diver Tony Groom
035435: - "Forgotten Soldiers: What Happened to Jacob Walden: What Happened to Jacob Waden Martin, Warren and Farmer, Ken"
035437: - "Magnificence (Playscripts) Brenton, Howard"
035439: - "Kim Kipling, Rudyard"
035443: - Acqua e vino ommini e bestie libro muto Trilussa
035447: - "National Parks Compromised: Pork Barrel Politics and America's Treasures Ridenour, James"
035450: - A Feast For Advent Delia Smith
035452: - "(EXPLORATORY DATA ANALYSIS) BY Hartwig, Frederick(Author)Paperback Nov-1979 Hartwig, Frederick"
035455: - "Experimental Design and Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) Steven Brown; Lawrence Melamed and Melamed, Lawrence E."
035456: - WELLER: METRIC SCALING: CORRESPONDENCE ANALYSIS (P): Correspondence Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) Susan Weller and A Romney
035459: - "Know your World, book 4 Patrick Larkin"
035465: - Pwy oedd pwy 3: Sef pobl y flwyddyn yng Nghymru 1985
035468: - "THE SPECIALIST Sale, Charles"
035470: - "Environment and Plant Response (Agricultural Science) Treshow, Michael"
035474: - "Fokke en SukkeDe historische canon van Fokke & Sukke Reid, John Stuart; Geleijnse, Bastiaan and Van Tol, Jean-Marc"
035476: - See the Circus H. A. Rey
035477: - "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Series) Carlson, Richard"
035483: - "An Approach to Shakespeare Traversi, D. A."
035490: - Le voleur de maigret
035492: - Le Charretier De La Providence Simenon
035501: - "Spain in decline 1621-1700 Davies, Reginald Trevor"
035511: - Le docteur Ox VERNE JULES
035518: - "Los triunfadores Mérida, María"
035524: - Tristram Shandy SterneLaurence
035530: - "Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Survival in the Waters Off Newfoundland, 1583-1893 (Carleton Library) (Carleton Library Series) Baehre, Rainer K."
035536: - Vol de nuit
035542: - "Systems Analysis in Agricultural Management Dent, J. B. and Anderson, J. R."
035544: - "Jerusalèn, ida y vuelta: un relato personal Bellow, Saul"
035557: - "Laberintos Fernandez Santos, Jesús"
035563: - "Mamie Mason (Folio) Himes, Chester"
035568: - "Hen Longau a Llongwyr Cymru/Old Ships and Sailors of Wales Thomas, D"
035569: - El Rayo Que No Cesa
035571: - Ty Mawr The National Trust
035573: - "The Reporter's Tale Davies, Tom"
035574: - Jaws Peter Bechley
035577: - "Hunger Fighters De Kruif, Paul"
035579: - Le message de patmos Bert Claude-andrée
035580: - "The Family Pack: Brother-in-law and Other Animals, Can I Come Down Now Dad?, These Were Your Father's Hegley, John"
035588: - La France de Fallières Chastenet
035589: - "THE POWER AND THE GLORY. Greene, Graham."
035591: - "Officiers(les) Monteil, Vincent"
035603: - FINAL CURTAIN Ngaio Marsh; Illustrator-Dennis Bailey (cover) (Games)
035604: - "Volgend jaar misschien: Geloven tussen twaalf en zeventien jaar (Amboboeken) Nieuwenhuis, Jan"
035614: - Le Rouge et Le Noir Stendhal
035617: - Publishers in the United Kingdom and Their Addresses 1986
035618: - "Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies Hurd, John C."
035619: - Digest of Welsh Statistics 2001 National Statistics Great Britain and Wales National Assembly
035620: - "Digest of Welsh Historical Statistics Williams, L.J."
035624: - "The Portable Plato Buchanan, Scott"
035626: - "Dario Fo and Franca Rame (Macmillan Modern Dramatists) Hirst, David"
035631: - "Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor Rothschild, Mrs J.De"
035640: - Goed dat je er bent
035645: - "Gynt - Williams, Gwladys"
035650: - "Seven Gothic tales (Penguin modern classics) Dinesen, Isak"
035671: - The Royal Air Force Air Power Review Volume Two Number Three Autumn 1999
035683: - [Almanac 2008: Welsh Writing in English Yearbook] (By: Katie Gramich) Katie Gramich
035688: - Marketing and PR: Getting Customers and Keeping Them.without Breaking the Bank (Business on a Shoestring) Nick Wilde and Philip R. Holden
035693: - "Blooms Bouquet of Imaginary Words Bloom, Jeffrey and Bloom, Carole"
035700: - "Descartes' Secret Notebook: A True Tale of Mathematics, Mysticism, and the Quest to Understand the Universe Aczel, Amir D."
035707: - En avoir ou pas. Hemingway Ernest
035717: - An Experiment with Time J.W.Dunne
035720: - "Desire Me Frank, Leonhard"
035740: - Land of My Fathers: 2000 Years of Welsh History Gwynfor Evans
035741: - "La gravure française. DACIER, Emile"
035746: - Francis Bacon's Essays Francis Bacon and Oliphant Smeaton
035748: - By Author The Nineteenth-Century Novel: A Critical Reader Author
035752: - "The rights of man (Everyman's library series;no.718) Paine, Thomas"
035755: - Cerddi James Nicholas
035756: - "You and Your Job Leigh, Andrew"
035760: - Tragic Ground: Us Penguin Book No. 661 Erskine Caldwell
035762: - 1222
035765: - "The Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile Strouf, Judie L.H. and Fargis, Paul"
035774: - "Nick Nairn's Top 100 Chicken Recipes: Quick and Easy Dishes for Every Occasion Nairn, Nick"
035776: - "Sauce it!: Making Sauces, Purees and Gravies from Fruits and Vegetables Blanchard, Marjorie Page"
035778: - "Rhymney Memories Jones, Thomas"
035783: - Zadig Et Autres Contes (Classiques Francais) Voltaire
035785: - "Chinese Williamson, H.R"
035786: - Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation Dom David Knowles
035794: - The Wars of the Roses: Peace and Conflict in 15th Century England JOHN GILLINGHAM
035795: - "In Darkest England and the Way Out Booth, William"
035799: - "Edwardian Rambles Atty, Henry"
035800: - "100 Things You Should Know About Weather Oliver, Clare"
035801: - Air Pollution and Forestry Innes J L
035802: - The Galpin Society European Musical Instruments Edinburgh International Festival 1968 editor
035803: - "The Meese Commission Exposed: Proceedings of a Ncac Public Information Briefing on the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography Carmen, Arlene"
035805: - Tübingen. Kleiner Führer der Stadt Tübingen
035806: - "Grasses and Legumes in British Agriculture (Pastures Bulletin) Spedding, C.R.W.; Diekmahns, Edward Charles; Diekmahns, E.C. and Dikmahns, E.C."
035809: - "Fourteenth Chronicle: Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos Dos Passos, John and Ludington, Townsend"
035810: - "Government and Politics of France: Institutions and Parties v. 1 Pickles, Dorothy"
035812: - Gwarchdfeydd natur cenedlaethol =: National nature reserves
035813: - Specialist Committees in the British Parliament: The Experience of a Decade (Broadsheets / Political and Economic Planning) Study of Parliament Group
035819: - "Avancons!: Bk. 2 Loveman, Charles Edward"
035825: - "Assignment in Brittany MacInnes, Helen"
035826: - "The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth about Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World John Perkins"
035830: - Anatolian Civilizations and Historical Sites
035834: - Pigeon Pie (Penguin Book. no. 1532.) Nancy Mitford
035838: - "Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing Barrett, E. C."
035840: - "British Stamp Market Values 2008 Thomas, Guy"
035841: - King Henry IV Part 2 (Arden Shakespeare) William Shakespeare and A.R. Humphreys
035844: - "The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People - 3 Act version, Acting Edition Oscar Wilde"
035849: - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 20: No. 20 J E Caerwyn Williams
035852: - International Politics: Conflict and Harmony
035853: - "Natural Law: Introduction to Legal Philosophy (Hutchinson university library. Philosophy) D'Entreves, A.P."
035854: - "Genetics of Fungi Esser, Karl; Kuenen, R. and Steiner, E."
035858: - The Quiet American Graham Greene
035860: - "Soviet Politics - The Dilemma of Power Moore, Barrington"
035862: - "William Wordsworth: The Later Years, 1803-50 v. 2: A Biography (Oxford Paperbacks,no.146) Moorman, Mary"
035863: - "Comparative Politics Today: A World View Almond, Gabriel A.; Powell, G. Bingham and Powell, G.Bingham"
035865: - "David Kossoff at Five To Ten: BBC Light Programme, Second Series"
035053: - "The Snows of Kilimanjaro Hemingway, E"
035052: - Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain
035870: - "An Introduction to Sociology (Commonwealth & international library) Green, Bryan S. R."
035871: - Essays and Aphorisms
035873: - "Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men Fraser, Lady Antonia"
035875: - "Pleasures of the Past Cannadine, Mr David"
035877: - "Great Son Ferber, Edna"
035879: - "Political Performance: A Twelve Nation Study (Comparative Policy) Gurr, Ted Robert and McClelland, Muriel"
035883: - "The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History Fischer, David Hackett."
035885: - "The Far Side Larson, Gary"
035893: - "Penrhyn Castle, Gwynedd National Trust"
035896: - "The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History Porch, Douglas"
035898: - "The Murder of Dr. Chapman: The Legendary Trials of Lucretia Chapman and Her Lover Wolfe, Linda"
035902: - "Look Twice: An Entertainment Fuller, John"
035903: - "Antarctica: An Encyclopedia from Abbott Ice Shelf to Zooplankton Trewby, Mary"
035904: - World guide to scientific associations =: Internationales Verzeichnis wissenschaftlicher Verbände und Gesellschaften (Handbuch der internationalen Dokumentation und Information)
035905: - "The People's Activities and Use of Time, A Reference Book Based on Two Surveys in Great Britain 1974-5 B.B.C."
035907: - Scandaleuse Vérité Danielou
035908: - "Creation Was Open to Me: An Anthology of Friends' Writings on That of God in All Creation Adams, Anne and Gibbs, John"
035911: - Tono-Bungay: With an introduction
035913: - Foxfire 2 EliotWigginton
035914: - A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions (2000-05-03)
035977: - "A Light That is Shining: Introduction to the Quakers Gillman, Harvey"
035982: - "The Eleventh Day Summers, Anthony and Swan, Robbyn"
035985: - Mad World : Evelyn Waugh And The Secrets Of Brideshead : Special Edition : Pauls Byrne
035990: - "Blood and Rage: A Cultural history of Terrorism Burleigh, Michael"
035996: - "Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back Rushkoff, Douglas"
036032: - The History and Development of Typewriters (Science Museum) G. Tilghman Richards
036037: - "Rural Wales: An Economic and Social Perspective Midmore, Peter and Hughes, Garth"
036038: - "Jean Renoir (French Film Directors) O'Shaughnessy, Martin"
036042: - Battle in Iraq: Letters and Diaries of the First World War Josephine Hammond
036043: - "Spirit of enterprise: The 1993 Rolex awards Reed, David W (editor)."
036044: - "Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts (Complete Conditioning for Sports) Cochran, Sean"
036045: - "Science and the National Parks Committee on Improving the Science and Technology Programs of the National Park Service; Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources; Division on Earth and Life Studies and National Research Council"
036046: - "Small World: Uncovering Nature's Hidden Networks Buchanan, Mark"
036050: - "De de gaulle Lacouture, J."
036051: - "Caracteres, Les (Classiques Francais) Bruyere, Jean De La"
036057: - "John Locke (Political Thinkers) Parry, Geraint"
036062: - "Book collecting for fun & profit: Building a book collection : building a book business McBride, Bill"
036063: - "Alger, le putsch (1961 La mémoire du siècle) Va sse, Maurice"
036064: - "Nucleus and Cytoplasm Harris, Henry"
036065: - "Douglas Scott (Modern European designers) Glancey, Jonathan"
036070: - "Environmentally Sound Small-Scale Livestock Projects Jacobs, Linda"
036072: - "Players and the Game Symons, Julian"
036075: - "The Observer's Book of Horses And Ponies Summerhays, R.S"
036076: - "The Janice H.Levin Collection of French Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Shone, Richard"
036077: - "Sands of Speed Williams, Griffith"
036078: - "Applied statistics for the behavioral sciences Hinkle, D E et al"
036082: - "Finno-Ugrian Languages and Peoples (Language Library) Hajdu, Peter and Cushing, G.F."
036083: - Briefwechsel zwischen Schiller und Körner.
036084: - "Y gwareiddiad Celtaidd Bowen, Geraint (golygydd)"
036089: - "GLAMORGAN HISTORIAN VOLUME SIX Williams, Stewart"
036092: - "THE NOVEL AND THE NATION: Studies in the New Irish Fiction (Contemporary Irish Studies) Smyth, Gerry"
036093: - "WELSH FERNS Clubmosses, Quillworts and Horsetails. A Descriptive Handbook. Hyde,H.A. and Wade,A.E.; Harrison,S.G. (revised, expanded and rearranged by)"
036094: - "Murder in the fourth estate: An investigation into the roles of press and police in the McKay case Deeley, Peter"
036096: - "When You Love You Must Depart Reyes, Alina and Watson, David"
036098: - "Industrial Relations and European Integration Teague, Paul and Grahl, John"
036101: - "Madame Bovary Flaubert, Gustave"
036103: - "Introduction to the cytogenetics of polyploids Dawson, George William Percy"
036104: - ??????????
036106: - "Aristotle to Zoos: Philosophical Dictionary of Biology Medawar, P. B. and Medawar, Jean S."
036108: - "Modern French Culinary Art: The Pellaprat of the Twentieth-Century Pellaprat, Henri-Paul"
036114: - Kookschrift van een kookgek 3 BRAAKHEKKE
036115: - "The Growth of American Government: Governance from the Cleveland Era to the Present (Interdisciplinary Studies in History) Campbell, BC"
036116: - "White Tie and Dagger Tully, Andrew"
036117: - Hong Kong 1995: A review of 1994 No author.
036119: - "The Orientalist: In Search of a Man caught between East and West Reiss, Tom"
036121: - "Shadows on the Hudson Singer, Isaac Bashevis; Bobko, Jane; Giroux, Robert and Sherman, Jospeh"
036125: - "Unreliable Sources: How the Twentieth Century was Reported Simpson, John"
036128: - "Finding (Classic Reprint) Dircks, Helen"
036131: - "Later Poems, 1972-82 Thomas, R. S."
036132: - "Experimenting with an Amen Thomas, R.S."
036133: - "North Atlantic Seafood (Penguin Cookery Library) Davidson, Alan"
036307: - "Big Book of Mountaineering Moravetz, Bruno"
036253: - "United States Army Air Force Fighters: Pt. 1 (World War Two Fact Files) Green, William and Swanborough, Gordon"
036260: - Of Houses and Cats De Eunice
036320: - "I've Made a People: Early Childhood Education Roberts, Vera"
036262: - "General Palaeontology Brouwer,A"
036263: - "Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent Haupt, Lyanda Lynn"
036267: - Q Is for Quantum: Particle Physics from A to Z
036270: - "This Wild Company Stacey, John"
036274: - "Call of the Bell Bird: A Quaker Travels the World Kavanagh, Jennifer"
036275: - "Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think (Penguin Science) Hauser, Marc D. and Dewan, Ted"
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033530: - "Trade Unionism, New and Old /"
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033524: - Railroad Shop Practice Methods and Tools Frank A. Stanley
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033492: - "Spare Room Tycoon: Succeeding Independently - the 70 Lessons of Sane Self-Employment Chan, James"
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033459: - Original Sin P. D. James
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033452: - Selected from Graphis Annuals: Photography Auteur onbekend
033455: - The Poellenberg Inheritance Evelyn Anthony and Not Illustrated
033442: - "Gorky Park Smith, Martin Cruz"
033441: - "Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose: w. Glossary Sisam, Kenneth"
033439: - History with a Future Harnessing the Heavy Horse for the 21st Century Non Stated
033438: - "Fire Lance Mace, David"
033436: - "Hansel and Gretel Gaiman, Neil and Mattotti, Lorenzo"
033449: - Legacy
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033432: - "Genetics Experiments with Bacterial Viruses Snustad, D. Peter and Dean, Donald S."
033431: - Uitzicht op zee: de mooiste eilandverhalen (Pandora pockets)
033433: - "Morgannwg : Glamorgan Aithie, Patricia"
033430: - "Schoolin's Log Jones, Llewelyn"
033426: - "Information for Managers: A Practical Approach Wilkinson, Alan"
033425: - "Managing Technological Innovation Twiss, Brian C."
033420: - Writers of Wales Richard Hughes ThomasPeter
033427: - The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine
033414: - "The Word Is Very Near You: A Guide to Praying With Scripture Smith, Martin L."
033412: - "Foetal Autonomy (Ciba Foundation General Symposium) Wolstenholme, Gordon E. W. and O'Connor, Maeve"
033415: - Switching On To The Environment
033407: - "Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-80 (General History of Europe) Hearder, Harry"
033409: - "All on a Summer's Night Edelman, Maurice"
033400: - "Heat: How We Can Stop the Planet Burning Monbiot, George"
033395: - Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon AITCHISON
033394: - "Stability and Strife: England, 1714-60 (The new history of England) Speck, W. A."
033392: - "Concise Marine Almanac Mangone, Gerard J."
033396: - An Object of Beauty
033387: - "Eschatus Pennington, Bruce"
033386: - "Pinon Country (Bison Book) Long, Haniel"
033389: - "Goodbye to Berlin Isherwood, Christopher"
033377: - "The government and politics of contemporary Italy (Harper's comparative government series) Germino, Dante L"
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033368: - "Pastoral (Critical Idiom) Marinelli, Peter V."
033367: - "The Prisoner of Zenda Hope, Anthony"
033369: - "Was von Auschwitz bleibt. Agamben, Giorgio and Monhardt, Stefan"
033363: - The Kama Sutra: Written
033353: - Culpeper's Herbal Remedies
033351: - "The Role of the Bomber Clark, Ronald William"
033365: - Twelth Night (The Scholars Library)
033350: - "Per Ardua ad Astra: Handbook of the Royal Air Force Congdon, Philip"
033347: - "Twenty - one Squadrons - The History of the Royal Auxiliary Airforce 1925 - 1957 Hunt, Leslie"
033346: - "Marine Air: First to Fight (The Illustrated Air Combat Series) Trotti, John and Hall, George"
033344: - "A Flexible Efficient Computerprogramm to answer Human Questions: THE DL * PROGRAMMING Language für Artifical Intelligence (Interdisciplinary systems research; 8) (Interdisziplinäre Forschung) Comfort, John"
033343: - "Introduction to Farm Business Management (Reference book) Agriculture,Fish.& Food,Min.of"
033341: - Sprachfuehrer Englisch
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033316: - Mediterrane Küche.
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033298: - "Las Afueras De Dios Gala, Antonio"
033308: - "Thomas Piketty's kapitaal: samengevat in Nederlands perspectief Broers, Victor"
033294: - Hühnchengerichte.
033290: - "Gramatica Practica De Espanol Para Extranjeros: Grammar Book Sanchez, A; Martin, E. and Matilla, J A"
033288: - "Festivals of the World: The Illustrated Guide to Celebrations, Customs, Events and Holidays Elizabeth Breuilly; Joanne O'Brien; Martin Palmer and Martin E. Marty"
033283: - "The Mini Rough Guide to Mediterranean Festivals Marshall, Oliver"
033282: - Fisch und Meeresfrüchte.
033271: - "Railway reminiscences of three continents Vuillet, Gerard"
033270: - "CHARLEMAGNE a cassell caravel book RICHARD WINSTON, editors of Horizon Magazine"
033281: - "International Horseman's Dictionary Baranowski, Zdzislaw"
033265: - So You've Seen a Homoeopath ; A Patient's guide to how Homoepathy works and what to do Next
033263: - "POLARITY HEALING: The Secret of Energy Balancing and Healing with a Partner Teschler, Wilfrid"
033261: - "Healing Through Colour Gimbel, Theo"
033244: - "Anglo-Saxon Poetry (Everyman's Library) Gordon, R. K."
033243: - Grenada 1983. Men-at-Arms No 159
033260: - "Welsh Castles at War (Revealing History) Norris, John"
033242: - "W.H. Davies (Writers of Wales) Hockey, Lawrence"
033238: - The Oxford companion to English literature. Compiled and edited
033234: - Ottoman Decorative Arts Aysin Yoltar Yildirim
033233: - "John Arden (Contemporary playwrights) Hayman, Ronald"
033227: - I Was One of the Unemployed Max Cohen
033235: - "Gruffudd Hiraethog a'i oes Bowen,D.J."
033222: - "The Valleys Davies, John and Jenkins, Mike"
033218: - "Lynda Snell's Heritage of Ambridge: Official History of Archers Country Boyd, Carole"
033213: - "wild wales its people language and scenery Borrow, George."
033212: - Bordeaux: A Comprehensive Guide to the Wines Produced from 1961-1990 Parker
033211: - "Everyday Life in Roman and Anglo-Saxon Times Quennell, Marjorie and Quennell, C.H.B."
033210: - The Vinland Sagas. The Norse Discovery of America. Graenlending Saga Ans Eirik's Saga
033208: - "The Blessing Milford, Nancy"
033196: - "Les politiques (bilan de la Ve) république) Viansson-Ponte, P"
033216: - Organisation armée secrete
033188: - The Great Histories Series: Bede the Ecclesiastical History of the English People and Other Selections (The Great Histories Series)
033187: - "The Spirit of the Age Hazlitt, W"
033179: - W. Somerset Maugham. Catalina : ECatalinae. Traduit de l'anglais par Hélène Claireau William Somerset Maugham Hélène Claireau
033176: - "The Whitest Flower Graham, Brendan"
033173: - Master Builders of the Middle Ages (Horizon Caravel Books)
033168: - "The History of Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Hickman, Trevor"
033158: - "Scotland B.C.: Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tombs, Ceremonial Monuments and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland (Historic Buildings and Monuments) Great Britain: Scottish Development Deptartment"
033155: - "A Corkscrew Is Most Useful: The Travellers of Empire Murray, Nicholas"
033152: - "Social Control and Education (Contemporary sociology of the school) Davies, Brian"
033143: - "Presentation Aircraft of the Two World Wars: Pictorial Survey Duval, Godfrey Richard"
033169: - "Design NL Betsky, A. and Eeuwens, A."
033141: - [Bourke Street Bakery] (By: Paul Allam) Paul Allam
033174: - "Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany Massaquoi, Hans J."
033136: - "Eyewitness to Discovery: First Person Accounts of More Than Fifty of the World's Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Fagan, Brian M."
033132: - "Ancient animals and other wondrous things: The story of Francis Simmons Holmes, paleontologist and curator of the Charleston Museum (Contributions from the Charleston Museum) Stephens, Lester D"
033098: - The Farm (Learning to Read)
033113: - Robert Frost Day Lewis C
033096: - The Story of Julius Caesar and Roman Britain Vintage Ladybird Book Ladybird
033090: - Thomas ap Catesby Jones: Commodore of Manifest Destiny (Library of Naval Biography) Gene A. Smith
033089: - "The Alps Irving, R L G"
033077: - "Iso Karhu. Arkistokuvia etäisten kielisukulaistemme asuinsijoilta. / The Great Bear. Old photographs of the Volga-Finnic, Permian Finnic and Ob-Ugrian peoples."
033045: - "Ghastly Good Taste (National Trust Classics) Betjeman, John"
033025: - "Words And Rules: The Ingredients of Language (SCIENCE MASTERS) Pinker, Prof Steven"
033033: - "Mystery Reader's Walking Guide: England Dale, Alzina Stone and Hendershott, Barbara Sloan"
033011: - "London's Termini Jackson, Alan A."
033002: - The Giant Book of Fortune Unknown

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