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080974: KENT, ALEXANDER - A Tradition of Victory
080975: ALEXANDER KENT - Signal-Close Action!. A Richard Bolitho Story.
032074: MARGARET KENT - The Children's Nature Series. Flowers
098428: EDITED BY JOHN KENT - Stories From Ancient Greece.
097107: MICHAEL OF KENT, PRINCESS - The Serpent and the Moon: Two Rivals for the Love of a Renassaince King
095193: W. R. L. KENT AND D. C. GUNN IN COLLABORATION WITH G. F. J. MURRAY - Boiler Plant Instrumentation
033956: KENTON, L. - Passage to Power. Natural Menopause Revolution
036182: KENTON, L. - 10-Day De-Stress Plan. Make Stress Work For You.
044631: KENTON, LESLIE - The Biogenic Diet
097686: LESLIE KENTON - Cellulite Revolution. Six Steps to a New Body Ecology
018309: LESLIE KENTON - Ten Steps to a Younger You
045733: LESLIE KENTON - Ludwig. A Spiritual Thriller
012169: LESLIE KENTON - Ageless Ageing. The Natural Way to Stay Young
084656: KENWOOD, A. G.; LOUGHHEED, A. L. - The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1960 an introdutory Text
089641: NEIL KENWORTHY AND PETER NICKLIN - Teaching and Assessing in Nursing Practice. An Experiential Approach
087031: J. P. KENYON - Stuart England
057499: CLAIRE KENYON - Slimmers' Handbook (St. Michael)
066333: J. P. KENYON - The Stuarts. A Study in English Kinship
085694: KENYON, NICHOLAS - The BBC Proms Pocket Guide to Great Symphonies (BBC Proms Pocket Guides)
068078: EDITED BY JOHN KENYON AND JANE OHLMEYER - The Civil Wars : A Military History of England, Scotland and Ireland, 1638-1660
074692: EDITORIAL CONSULTANT. J. P. KENYON - A Dictionary of British History
095637: EDITORIAL CONSULTANT. J. P. KENYON - A Dictionary of British History
095564: KENYON, JOHN R. - Castles, Town Defences and Artillery Fortifications in the United Kingdom and Ireland: A Bibliography, 1945-2006
046837: J P KENYON - The Stuarts
086743: EDITED ANN INTRODUCED BY J. P. KENYON - The Stuart Constitution 1603-1688. Documents and Commentary
080201: EDITORIAL CONSULTANT J. P. KENYON - The Wordsworth Dictionary of British History
087028: KENYON, OLGA - Women Novelists Today : A Survey of English Writing in the Seventies and Eighties
032127: OLGA KENYON - Women Writers Talk Interviews with 10 Women Writers
099616: EDITED BY FREDERIC G. KENYON - The Poems of Bacchylides. From a Papyrus in the British Museum
087901: EDITED BY LELIE J. FANCIS, WILLIAM K. KAY, ALAN KERBY AND OLAF FOGWILL - Fast-Moving Currents in Youth Culture
102117: JOHN KERCHER - Meredith. Our Daughter's Murder, and the Heartbreaking Quest For the Truth
102049: JACK KERLEY - The The Death Collectors
094965: FRANK KERMODE - Pleasing Myself. From Beowulf to Philip Roth
082942: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. EDITED BY FRANK KERMODE - The Winter's Tale. The Signet Classic Shakespeare
093605: FRANK KERMODE AND ANITA KERMODE ( EDITORS) - The Oxford Book of Letters
040190: COULSON KERNAHAN - Begging the Moon's Pardon and Other Nature Fancies and Studies
009324: JACK KEROUAC - Maggie Cassidy
056961: PETER KERR - Snowball Oranges : One Mallorcan Winter
033638: GRAHAM KERR - The New Seasoning
103069: GORDON KERR - Rats and Squealers. Dishing the Dirt to Save Their Skins
014230: KATHERINE KERR & MARK KREIGHMARK KREIGHBAUM - Palace. A Novel of the Pinch
051996: KATHARINE KERR - The Red Wyvern. Book One of The Dragon Magic
095428: KERR, PAUL - The Crimean War (A Channel Four book)
095395: KERR, PAUL - The Crimean War (A Channel Four book)
071839: PHILIP KERR - Esau
076909: EDITED BY PHILIP KERR - The Penguin Book of Fights, Feuds and Heartfelt Hatreds. An Anthology of Antipathy
079157: PHILIP KERR - The One From the Other
000901: MICHAEL KERRIGAN - Who Lies Where a Guide to Famouse Graves
084342: ROBIN KERROD - Stars and Planets
102888: ARNOLD LOWREY; WENDY JELBERT; GEOFF KERSEY - Handbook of Watercolour Tips & Techniques
089739: IAN KERSHAW - Hitler. 1936-1945: Nemesis
105436: IAN KERSHAW - Hitler. 1936-1945: Nemesis
105414: KERSHAW, IAN - Hitler. 1889-1936: Hubris
105413: IAN KERSHAW - Hitler. 1936-1945: Nemesis
106171: IAN KERSHAW - Hitler. 1889-1936: Hubris
105397: KERSHAW, IAN - Hitler. 1889-1936: Hubris
105396: KERSHAW, IAN - Hitler. 1889-1936: Hubris
105448: KERSHAW, IAN - Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions That Changed the World, 1940-1941 (Allen Lane History)
085420: KERSHAW, ROBERT J. - D-Day : Piercing the Atlantic Wall
005445: A. F. KERSTING & JOHN BLEDLOW - The Heritage of England in Colour
009134: JESSIE KESSON - Glitter of Mica (Virago Modern Classics Ser.)
009133: JESSIE KESSON - Glitter of Mica (Virago Modern Classics Ser.)
012212: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Bakers Dozen
012213: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Bakers Dozen
011734: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
016748: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
019407: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
027975: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
051347: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
043706: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Bakers Dozen
011733: FIONA PITT-KETHLEY - Journeys to the Underworld
088202: YEESHAN YANG. EDITED BY STEPHEN MAURICE KETTLE - Whispers and Moans. Interviews With the Men and Women of Hong Kong's Sex Industry
089096: RICHARD KEW AND CYRIL OKOROCHA - Vision Bearers. Dynamic Evangelism in the 21st Century
073345: SARAH KEY - Back in Action. Do You Have Backache? - This Book Will Put It Right
023410: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Heritage
039324: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The River Road. A Story of The Mississipi River.
100812: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - If Ever I Cease to Love
060697: BRENDA KEYES - Cross Stitch. Country Christmas
044583: FRANCIS PARKINSON KEYES - The Gold Slippers
049242: KEYES, GREG - The Briar King Book One of the kingdoms of Thorns and Bone
031995: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The River Road. A Story of The Mississipi River.
093346: EDITED BY GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
005124: EDITED BY GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
104224: EDITED BY GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
006407: PAUL KEZDI - You and Your Heart. How to Take Care of Your Heart for a Long And Healthy Life.
055478: ADA KHAN & LINDA HUGHEY HOLT, MD. - Menopause. The Best Years of Your Life.
085576: SANDRA S. KHAN - The Ex-Wife Syndrome. Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends
005136: ADA KHAN & LINDA HUGHEY HOLT, MD. - Menopause
100282: MAHAVASTU. TRANSLATED BY J. J. JONES. COMMENTARY BY BHIKKHU KHANTIPALO - A Visakha Offering. The Eight Marvellous and Wonderful Truths. The Wheel Publication No. 93
020305: MARIA KHMELIK - Little Vera
071319: GARY KHOR - Reflections on Qi : Turning Your Life to the World's Hidden Energy
082783: RAYMOND KHOURY - The Templar Salvation. The Sequel to The Last Templar
095191: R. S. KHURMI - Strength of Materials. Mechanics of Soilds. SI Units. A Textbook for the Students of B.E./B.Tech, A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C. (Engg. Services) and Other Engineering Examinations
065517: EIGIL KIAER - Garden Shrubs and Trees in Colour
080080: EIGIL KIAER - Indoor Plants in Colour
081564: EIGIL KIAER - Garden Shrubs and Trees in Colour
027643: EIGIL KIAER - Garden Shrub & Trees in Colour
032048: EIGIL KIAER - Garden Shrubs and Trees in Colour
008887: GEOFFREY KICHENSIDE - British Rail In Action
102225: EDITED BY G. M. KICHENSIDE - Steam Portfolio
068183: KIDD, JANE - Young Rider's Guide to Horse and Pony Care
093760: EDITED BY B. J. KIDD - Translations of Christian Literature. Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church. Vol. I. Series VI. Select Passages
045546: JANE KIDD - Practical Dressage
023516: JANE KIDD - A Young Riders Guide to Horse and Pony Care
078181: TONY KIDD - Jesus' Hands and Ours. 6 Bible Studies For Groups or Individuals. A Lent Resource
047735: JANE KIDD - Observers Horses and Ponies
077369: EDITED BY THE REV. B. J. KIDD - Selected Letters of William Bright, D.D.
095659: DAVID A. KIDECKEL - The Solitude of Collectivism. Romanian Villagers to the Revolution and Beyond
078124: BRENDA KIDMAN - A Gentle Way With Cancer. What Every Cancer Patient Should Know About the Therapies Which Can Influence the Fight For Recovery.
046991: RICHARD KIDNER - Blackstone's Statutes on Employment Law. 2001-2002
104609: R. W. KIDNER - The London Motor Bus. 1896-1953. Locomotion Papers Number Five
090781: MICHAEL KIDRON AND RONALD SEGAL - The Book of Business Money and Powerr
071598: WALTER KIEHL - Mann an Der Fahne Kameraden Erzahlen Von Dr.Ley
092149: R. T. KIENDALL - The Lord's Prayer. Insight and Inspiration to Draw You Closer to Him.
043420: THOMAS KIERNAN - The Arabs Their History, Aims and Challeng to the Industrialized World
097020: CYNTHIA A. KIERNER - Traders and Gentlefolk. The Livingstons of New York. 1675-1790
089805: DANIEL KIESSLER - Drawn to Sin. The Erotic Works of Daniel Kiessler
099129: JEFFREY L. KIEVE - The Electric Telegraph. A Social and Economic History
059701: JOHN KILBRACKEN - The Easy Way to Wild Flower Recognition
105881: PETER KILDUFF - Billy Bishop Lone Wolf Hunter: The RAF Ace Re-examined
028633: KILDUFF, PETER - The Red Baron : Beyond the Legend (Cassell Military Classics Ser.)
077324: PAUL KILDUFF - Square Mile (LARGE PRINT)
022033: KILDUFF, PETER - The Red Baron : Beyond the Legend (Cassell Military Classics Ser.)
007610: DONNA LEIGH-KILE - Sex Symbols
100375: KEVIN F. KILEY AND DIGBY SMITH. CONSULTANT JEREMY BLACK - An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms of the 19th Century. An Expert Guide to the Crimean War, American Civil War, Boer War, Wars of German and Italian Unification and Colonial Wars
009623: O. F. G. KILGOUR & MARGUERITE MCGARRY - An Introduction to Science and Hygiene for Hairdressers
023162: CRAWFORD KILIAN - The Empire of Time. A Novel of the Chronoplane Wars
051959: J. F. KILKALDY - General Principles of Geology
084999: EDITED BY HEATHER KILLINGRAY - A River of Words.
094738: VARIOUS. EDITED BY C. A. ANTHONY KILMISTER - When Will Ye be Wise?. The State of the Church of England
098624: R. J. KILN - Luxor and Karnak
075300: PREPARED FOR THE COURSE TEAM BY MARGARET KILOH - DD100 Workbook 5. The Open University
002542: KILPATRICK, NANCY - Near Death Power of Blood Volueme2
070924: G. D. KILPATRICK - The Origins of The Gospel According to St. Matthew
042939: ROGER KILROY - The Compleat Loo: A Lavatorial Miscellany
098716: KILWORTH, GARRY DOUGLAS - The Princely Flower Part II of (The navigator kings)
068487: GARRY KILWORTH - The Taggerung a Tale of Redwall
021637: WILLYCE KIM - Dancer Dawkins and the California Kid
060391: KIM, ELIZABETH - Ten Thousand Sorrows. The Extraordinary Jouney of a Korean War Orphan
060878: ELIZABETH KIM - Ten Thousand Sorrows : The Extraordinary Journey of a Korean War Orphan
097685: KIM, ELIZABETH - Ten Thousand Sorrows. The Extraordinary Jouney of a Korean War Orphan
102299: EDITED BY GEORGE H. T. KIMBLE AND DOROTHY GOOD - Geography of the Northlands. American Geographical Society Special Publication No. 32
081852: EDITED BY TOM SHORTHOUSE, ELISABETH JUPP, ELEANORE MERCER, JAY KINCAID AND ANNE YANDLE - Scrapbook For a Golden Anniversay. The University of British Columbia Library 1915-1965
092727: DENNIS KINCAID - British Social Life in India. 1606-1937
072051: GARY KINDER - Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
104614: R. W. KINDER - The London Tramcar. 1861-1952. Locomotion Papers Number Seven
103960: DORLING KINDERSELY - Art Book: Friedrich German Master of the Romantic Landscape - His Life in Paintings
103334: VARIOUS STAFF DORLING KINDERSLEY - Classic Knits a Handy Step By Step Guide
011486: SALLY KING AND JOYCE LOWRIE - Setting Up Home
015996: BART KING - Cocker Spaniels
019492: STEPHEN KING - Desperation
026376: KING, ROSS - Domino
029526: LORRAINE KING & JULIAN BOGOD - Computers and You. Working in Computing (My Life and My Work - A Career Series)
032986: EILEEN KING - Toys and Dolls for Collectors. (Hamlyn All-Colour Paperbacks)
051648: COMPILED BY ARTHUR KING - The Observer's Book of Garden Flowers
016238: H. KING & D. NIELD - Building Techniques. Volume Two. Services, Finishes and Maintenance
042644: CONSTANCE EILEEN KING - The Price Guide to Dolls, Antique and Modern
015645: RANI KING & CHANDRA KHAN - Tiger Lilly. Flavours of the Orient
010414: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile Part 1 the Two Dead Girls
046301: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile Part 1 the Two Dead Girls
046303: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile, Engl. ed., Pt.5: Night Journey
046304: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile. Part 4 the Bad Death of Edward Delacroix
029780: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile: Part 3.. Coffey's Hands
029781: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile Part 1 the Two Dead Girls
029782: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile Part the Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix4
053149: HAROLD KING - Do Your Own Home Plumbing
106183: SI KING AND DAVE MYERS - The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain. Delivious Regional Recipes From the Nation's Fabourite Cooking Duo and 30 of the UK's Top Chefs
034586: J. E. KING - Readings in Labour Economics: Edited Readings with Commentaries
022214: OLIVER GOLDSMITH. EDITED BY NEIL KING - Poems & Plays. Everymans Library.No 415
094244: KING, STEPHEN - The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
095745: GRAHAM KING - Garden of Zola. Emile Zola and His Novels For English Readers
015732: CONSTANCE E. KING - Antique Toys and Dolls
074256: ANGELA KING - Knit Two
092102: GRAHAM KING - Word Check. Using Words Correctly. The Sunday Times. One Hour Wordpower
097403: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN - The Collector's History of Doll's Houses: Doll House Dolls and Miniatures
010488: FRANCIS KING - The Needle
047118: KING, STEPHEN - Dreamcatcher
046308: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile, 2 The Mouse on the Mile
090019: J. C. H. KING - First Peoples, First Contacts. Native Peoples of North America
029774: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile: Part 3.. Coffey's Hands
050669: STEPHEN KING - The Dark Half
032056: KING, STEPHEN - Dreamcatcher
029783: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile: Part 3.. Coffey's Hands
008402: J. GRIFFIN-KING - Instructions to Young Ornithologists. Bird Biology
100623: TOM KING - Thirty One Patience Games. Single and Double Pack
089507: STEPHEN KING - Desperation
088299: CECIL H. KING - Strictly Personal. Some Memoirs of Cecil H. King
102321: SI KING AND DAVE MYERS - The Hairy Bikers. Blood, Sweat and Tyres The Autobiography
100909: ROSS KING - Leonardo and the Last Supper
084763: GRAHAN KING - Collins Willpower. Foreign Phrases
008574: STEPHEN KING - Misery
094674: OLIVER GOLDSMITH. EDITED BY NEIL KING - Poems & Plays. Everymans Library.No 415
099117: SUSAN E. KING - Hastings Revisited (Images of England)
046307: STEPHEN KING - The Green Mile: Part 3.. Coffey's Hands
072413: KING, RONALD - The Quest for Paradise : A History of the World's Gardens
079641: GRAHAM KING - Collins Wordpower. Good Writing
061489: AILEEN KING AND FIONA DUNNETT - The Home Book of Scottish Cookery
079279: SENDALL-KING, STUART - Hope Has Wings. The Mission Aviation Fellowship Story
078992: KING, LAURIE R. - Locked Rooms
075007: DEAN KING - Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed
105554: NICHOLAS KING - South East Bus Handbook. Capital Transport
100844: ANTHONY KING AND IVOR CREWE - The Blunders of Our Governments
092495: FRANCIS KING - Act of Darkness
088859: RUSSELL KING - Sicily
056605: KING, STEPHEN - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
102455: MARY KING - Mary King. The Autobiography
043548: J. R. KINGHORN - The Snakes of Australia
091824: ALEXANDER KINGLAKE - Eothen. Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East
033609: SUZANNE KINGSBURY - The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me
031542: CHARLES KINGSELY - The Water Babies
049801: CHARLES KINGSELY - Westward Ho! Or The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh
086169: RENDERED INTO MODERN ENGLISH BY CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho! : Or the Voyage and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight of Burrough, in the County of Devon in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majest Queen Elizabeth..
031370: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children
021976: HILARY KINGSLEY - Soap Box. The Papermac Guide to Soap Opera. Over 1,000 Inside Stories
076738: RENDERED INTO MODERN ENGLISH BY CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho! Or The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth
080138: RENDERED INTO MODERN ENGLISH BY CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho! Or The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh Knight, of Burrough, In the County of Devon, In the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majest Queen Elizabeth.
027543: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Yeast. Hypatia. Hereward The Wake in One Volume
092341: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children
071990: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Water Babies
014956: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Water Babies
033917: KINGSTON, JO - The Rovers Return Pub Quiz Book (Coronation St)
098535: W. H. G. KINGSTON - The Three Lieutenants
075332: W. H. G. KINGSTON - Peter the Whaler. His Early Life and Adventure in the Arctic Regions
043757: W. H. G. KINGSTON - In the Rocky Mountains. A Tale of Adventure
038609: KINGSTON, BERYL - A Time to Love
077292: W. H. G. KINGSTON - The Three Midshipmen
076719: W. H. G. KINGSTON - Peter the Whaler. His Early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions
017162: MILES KINGTON - Let's Parler Franglais Again
033384: MILES KINGTON - Moreover, Too....
017163: MILES KINGTON - Moreover....His Wickedly Funny Column From The Times.
073364: MILES KINGTON - Parlez-Vous Franglais?
037613: MILES KINGTON - Moreover, Too....
102766: MILES KINGTON - Parlez-vous Franglais? - Le 3eme volume de Let's Parler Franglais!
085455: KINGTON, MILES - The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman: Plus Over 40 Hilarious New Franglais Masterpieces
020946: MILES KINGTON - Let's Parler Franglais Again
028500: MILES KINGTON - Let's Parler Franglais Again
001509: MILES KINGTON - Moreover, Too....
009821: MILES KINGTON - Let's Parler Franglais Again
091747: KININMONTH, CHRISTOPHER - The Travellers' Guide to Sicily
086495: MARILYN ROSS-KINISTER - Riding. Buying Your First Horse. Allen Rider Guides
027713: T. F. KINLOCH - Six English Economists
009690: BRUCE KINLOCH - Sauce for the Mongoose
086580: DAVID KINNERSLEY - Coming Clean. The Politics of Water and the Environment
059328: JOHN KINROSS - Discovering Castles in England and Wales
094175: LORD KINROSS - Europa Minor. Journeys in Coastal Turkey
012160: LORD KINROSS - The Century of the Common Peer
069324: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - The Undomestic Goddess
105898: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - I've Got Your Number
105899: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel
043765: GERALD KINSLAND - In Quest of Glory
090984: SIR DAVID LINDSAY. EDITED BY JAMES KINSLEY - Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits
101095: JANE AUSTEN. EDITED BY JAMES KINSLEY - Emma. World's Classic
035899: KINTON AND CESERANI - The Theory of Catering
027067: KINTON AND CESERANI - The Theory of Catering
081432: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Years Between
021014: RUDYARD KIPLING - Tales from the Jungle Book (penguin Childrens 60s)
039248: KIPLING, RUDYARD; LEVI, PETER (EDITOR) - Plain Tales from the Hills
016145: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Books (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics Ser.)
018435: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Books
081431: RUDYARD KIPLING - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
039663: RUDYARD KIPLING - Land and Sea Tales For Scouts and Guides
087564: RUDYARD KIPLING - Songs of the Sea. From Rudyard Kipling's Verse
050351: RUDYARD KIPLING - Humorous Tales
018517: KIPLING, RUDYARD; LEVI, PETER (EDITOR) - Baa Baa Black Sheep
029909: RUDYARD KIPLING - Songs From Books
081756: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Book ( the Childrens Golden Library)
099451: BOOTS. EDITED BY RUDYARD KIPLING - Thy Servant a Dog
098957: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Second Jungle Book
080771: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Second Jungle Book
080773: RUDYARD KIPLING - Wee Willie Winkle and Other Stories
080775: RUDYARD KIPLING - Stalky & Co.
101908: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Definitative Edition of Rudyard Kipling Verse
106292: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Rudyard Kipling: The Complete Verse (Poetry)
080074: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Day's Work
074279: RUDYARD KIPLING - Barrack Room Ballads. The Recessional and Other Poems
032142: KIPLING, RUDYARD; LEVI, PETER (EDITOR) - The Jungle Book
019561: KIPLING, RUDYARD; LEVI, PETER (EDITOR) - Just So Stories
076022: RUDYARD KIPLING - Selections From the Works of Rudyard Kipling
097152: RUDYARD KIPLING - East of Suez. Being a Selection of Eastern Verses From the Poetical Works of Rudyard Kipling
099610: RUDYARD KIPLING - Limits and Renewals
000313: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Book
101745: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Book
086326: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Jungle Book
085885: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Second Jungle Book
099431: RUDYARD KIPLING - Kipling's English History. Poems chosen and presented by Marghanita Laski
097148: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyar Kipling. Volume XIV. The Day's Work. Part II
076850: COMPILED BY A. K. R. KIRALFY AND GARETH H. JONES - Selden Society. General Guide to the Society's Publications. A Detailed and Index Summary of the Contents of the Introductions. Volumes 1-79.
027826: ANGELA KIRBY - Blooming Ingenious. The Impoverished Gardener's Guide
093644: GEORGE KIRBY - Advanced Jujitsu. The Science Behind the Gentle Art
036232: ANGELA KIRBY - Blooming Ingenious. The Impoverished Gardener's Guide
080300: COMPILED BY ISABEL M. KIRBY - Records the the Diocese of Bristol. A Catologue of the Records of the Bishop and Archdeacons and of the Dean and Chapter.
070506: GILBERT W. KIRBY - The Elect Lady
101000: BABS KIRBY AND JANEY STUBBS - Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns. A Psychological Approach
102624: JOHN KIRBY - Nevertheless. The Incredible Story of One Man's Mission to Change Thousands of People's Lives
088104: WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT. EDITED BY JOHN FOSTER KIRK - History of the Conquest of Peru. With a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas
070065: PROFESSOR DAVID KIRK - Understanding Prostate Disorders
059379: KIRK, MILDRED - The Everlasting Cat: An Interesting and informative book on the history and lore of the mysterious feline.
084422: PROFESSOR DAVID KIRK - Understanding Prostate Disorders
098084: LT.-COL. J. W. C. KIRK - A British Garden Flora. A Classification and Description of the Genera of Plants, Trees and Shrubs Represented in the Gardens of Great Britain, With Keys For Their Identification
096059: HAMILTON KIRK - Index of Treatment in Small Animal Practice. For Canine and Feline Surgeons.
092717: J. F. KIRKALDY - Minerals and Rocks in Colour (Blandford Colour Series:)
097255: J. F. KIRKALDY - Minerals and Rocks in Colour
021487: KIRKHOPE, JOHN - Financial Planning for Education
105491: KIRKMAN, ROBERT - The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars: Safety Behind Bars v. 3
090134: EDITED BY BETTY KIRKPATRICK - The Authorized Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.
035184: BETTY KIRKPATRICK - English Usage
069042: EDITED BY E. M. KIRKPATRICK - Chambers McGraw-Hill Second Learners' Dictionary
094481: JAMES KIRKUP - Streets of Asia
096576: RICHARD KIRSCH - Bismark. Wayland History Makers
074650: HANS HELLMUT KIRST - Night of the Generals : A Novel
100316: ALIX KIRSTA - The Book of Stress Survival. How to Relax and Live Positively
084307: ALIX KIRSTA - The Book of Stress Survival. How to Relax and Live Positively
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009107: FARA LYNN KRASNOPOLSKY - I Remember a Poignant Memoir of Pre-Revolutionary Russia
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062850: JOSEPH WOOD KRUTCH - Samuel Johnson
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084400: KUITERT, H. M. - Jesus : The Legacy of Christianity
074223: KUITERT, H. M. - Jesus : The Legacy of Christianity
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023125: DUNCAN KYLE - Green River High
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040778: EDITED BY MICHAEL LAFAVORE - Mens Health Today 1999. Exciting New Strategies to Build a Stronger Body, Enjoy Great Sex, Eat Healthier, Look Younger, and Dress With Style
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092747: JOHN LAFFIN - Panorama of the Western Front
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008568: CHRIS LAMBRIANO. WITH ROBIN MCGIBBON - Escape FromThe Kray Madness
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089220: CHRIS LAMBRIANO. WITH ROBIN MCGIBBON - Escape FromThe Kray Madness
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067072: TONY LAMBRIANOU. WITH CAROL CLERK - Inside The Firm. The Untold Story of the Kray's Reign of Terror
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099591: STEPHEN LEACOCK - Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy
051266: NINON A. M. LEADER - Hungarian Classical Ballads and Their Folklore
014132: THE NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE - Science for All an Annoted Reading List for the Non Specialist
082408: NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE - Modern Books and Writers. The Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at Seven Albermarle Street April to September 1951
103099: EDITED BY DICK WHITFUELD FOR THE HOWARD LEAGUE - The State of the Prisons - 200 Years On
023951: RICHARD LEAKEY & ROGER LEWIN - Origins Reconsidered. In Search of What Makes Us Human
099688: LOUIS S. B. LEAKEY - The Wild Realm - Animals of East Africa
096464: REA LEAKEY WITH GEORGE FORTY - Leakey's Luck. A Tank Commander With Nine Lives
093612: W. LEAN AND B. GOODALL - Aspects of Land Economics
099336: MICHAEL LEAPMAN - The U.S. Election. A Basic Guide
103129: MAIN CONTRIBUTOR MICHAEL LEAPMAN - DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. Great Britain. Stately Homes Cathedrals Pubs Walks History Gardens Art Galleries
075575: H. L. SIDNEY LEAR - Fenelon. Archbishop of Cambrai. A Biographical Sketch
099607: EDWARD LEAR - Edward Lear's Nonsense Omnibus. The Golden Heritage Series
076027: EDWARD LEAR - The Jumblies and Other Nonsense Verses
032954: O'LEARY, HELEN - Cocktail Party Nibbles
036022: O'LEARY, HELEN - Cocktail Party Nibbles
086787: DR. JOHN O'LEARY - Golf Sense. A Guide to Better Golf
098476: INTRODUCTION BY LEWIS LEARY - American Literature to 1900. Great Writers Library
096934: AUDREY LEATHARD - Health Care Provision. Past, Present and Into the 21st Century
009552: STEPHEN LEATHER - The Vets
063189: Q. D. LEAVIS - Fiction and the Reading Public
082807: F. R. LEAVIS - D. H. Lawrence. Novelist
038845: F. R. LEAVIS - New Bearings in English Poetry.A Study of the Contemporary Situation.
060918: GEORGE ELIOT. EDITED BY Q. D. LEAVIS - Silas Marner
098382: LEAVIS, F. R. - Nor Shall My Sword: Discourses on Pluralism, Compassion and Social Hope
053891: DAVID LEAVITT - Equal Affections. A Novel
085008: EDITED BY DAVID LEAVITT AND MARK MITCHELL - The Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories
027380: LEBEDEV, N. I. - A New Stage in International Relations
046811: HEIKE LEBHERZ - Riding for Pleasure: An Easy-Going Practical Guide to Learning to Ride for Fun
039409: MICHAEL LEBOEUF - How to Win Customers and Keep Them For Life
100616: DAVID LEBOFF AND TIM DEMUTH - No Need to Ask! Early Maps of London's Underground Railways
088177: NORMAN LEBRECHT - The Maestro Myth. Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power
103978: NORMAN LEBRECHT - The Companion to 20th-century Music
101713: NORMAN LEBRECHT - The Maestro Myth. Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power
028804: LECHTE, JOHN - Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers : From Structuralism to Postmodernity
070375: ROSS LECKIE - Carthage. A Novel
081714: ROSS LECKIE - Hannibal
043610: WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE LECKY - Democracy and Liberty. Volume II
071572: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE - The Map of Life Conduct and Character
061177: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE - The Map of Life Conduct and Character
084590: ELOI LECLERC - The Desert and the Rose. The Spirituality of Jeanne Jugan
081371: DOMINIQUE LECOURT - Proletarische Wissenscaft? der Fall Lyssenkow Und Der Lyssenkismus Einem Vorvort Louis Althuer Positionen1. ( German text)
082833: RUTH LEDDER - Gardening For the Flower Arranger. Collins Aura Garden Handbooks
085821: LEDERER, RICHARD - More Anguished English;An Expose of Embarrassing, Excruciating, and Egregious Errors in English
100886: RHODA LEDERER - Acol-ite's Quiz. Including the Basic Rules of the Acol System, Quiz Exercises and Competition Quizzes
100781: RHODA LEDERER - Bridge Conventions Made Clear
029229: LEDERMANN, E.K. DR. - Your Health in Your Hands: Case for Natural Medicine
038729: LEDERMANN, E.K. DR. - Good Health through Natural Therapy
081303: G. A. LEE - Modern Financial Accounting

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