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7334: [ JOSSET (LAWRENCE) ]. - Mary Queen of Scots at St. Andrews (golfing), .
7724: [ BLAINE (DELABERE P.) ]. - [An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports, or, a Complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and Other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the Present Day],
8899: [ BUNYAN (JOHN) ]. - The Pilgrim's Progress, From This World To That Which Is To Come,
7325: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1822 from heights near Brooklyn, (single large handcoloured engraved print)
7672: [ LOCKHART (JOHN GIBSON) ]. - Peter's Letters to His Kinsfolk [Peter Morris], The Third Edition,
7730: [ BROOK (RICHARD) ]. - The Cyclopaedia of Botany, or a History and Description of all Plants British or Foreign forming a complete Book of Herbs and Family Herbal,
8276: [ SALMON (THOMAS, JUNIOR) ]. - Historical Collections, Relating the Originals, Conversions, and Revolutions of the Inhabitants of Great Britain to the Norman Conquest, In a Continued Discourse, The Collections are chiefly made out of Caesar and Tacitus, Bede, and the Saxon Annals, Mr Camden, and Archbishop Usher, the Two Bishops of Worcester, Stillingfleet and Lloyd, The English Authors are Cited in their own Words, and the rest carefully Translated,
6878: B.A.T.. - [Cobler ! stick to your last, or, The Adventures of Joe Dobson, by B.A.T., exhibited in sixteen elegant copper plate engravings]
7616: [ HOLLAND (JOHN) ]. - The History and Description of Fossil Fuel, The Collieries, and Coal Trade of Great Britain,
7624: [ BROOME (RALPH) ]. - Letters from Simpkin the Second, to his Dear Brother in Wales, containing an humble description of the trial of Warren Hastings Esq. from the commencement to the close of the sessions in 1789, with notes and alterations by the author, to which are added, several letters in answer, from Simon, Aunt Bridget, and Shenkin, and an original poetical dedication to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, by Simpkin, The Second edition,
3159: INTERNATIONAL 84. - International 84, Member of Association of Model Agents, photographic, fashion, television, hands
1008: DIE WIENER BORSE 1959. - Die Wiener Borse 1959, text in German
1032: WHO'S WHO 1992. - Who's Who 1992, an annual biographical dictionary, 144th year of issue
7326: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1850, (a large single handcoloured engraved print)
8556: APOSTOLIC DELEGATE 1939. - The Apostolic Delegate 1939
5117: G. (S.). - Ilka, the Captive Maiden, and other stories.
3437: WRITERS & ARTISTS YEARBOOK 1990. - Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 1990, Eighty-Third Year of Issue, a directory for writers, artists, playwrights, writers for film, radio and television, photographers and composers
7644: [RATTENBURY (JOHN)]. - Memoirs of a Smuggler, compiled from his Diary and Journal, containing the principal events in the life of John Rattenbury, of Beer, Devonshire, commonly called "The Rob Roy of the West",
3562: [ BARROW (ALBERT STEWART) ]. - Stand To Your Horses, Being the whole Art and Mystery of Horse-back Riding and Venery now for the first time most lucidly and reasonably expos'd and demonstrated to all sportsmen and supporters of ye Chase, whether Princes, Nobles, or Esquires, and likewise ye ladies of ye fame, whereby they shall most easily acquire every sort of Equestrian accomplishment by their most respectful servant Sabretache, The Whole embellished with illustrations by Patrick Bellew and ye author
8454: [ GOODE (W. T.) ]. - Graystoke Place L.C.C. Training College 1898 - 1914 A Souvenir
7982: [ THACKERAY (WILLIAM MAKEPEACE) ]. - The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. A Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne, written by himself,
7324: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1819 Broadway and the City Hall (a single large handcoloured engraved print)
7851: [ HUGHES (THOMAS) ]. - The Scouring of the White Horse, or, the Long Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk, by the author of "Tom Brown's School Days", old and new, illustrated by Ricahrd Doyle,
7328: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1822 from Weehawken, (handcoloured engraved print of New York)
7849: [MAYO (ELIZABETH)]. - Lessons on Shells, as given to children between the ages of eight and ten, in a Pestalozzian School, at Cheam, Surrey, by the author of "Lessons on Objects" illustrated by ten plates, drawn from nature, Third Edition,
8885: DELISLE (GUILLAUME): DE L'ISLE (GUILLAUME). - Carte De Tartarie (genuine large antique map of Tartary from Moscow to Peking), Dresse sur les Relations de plusieurs Voyageurs de differentes Nations et sur quelques Observations qui ont ete faites dans ce pais la Par Guillaume Del'Isle, Premier Geog. du Roy, de l'Academie Royale des Sciences,
4117: AA. - Book of British Villages, a guide to 700 of the most interesting and attractive villages in Britain
3745: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
3240: AA. - Book of British Towns.
3121: AA. - Treasures of Britain, and Treasures of Ireland
2924: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
2915: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
3774: AA. - Treasures of Britain, and Treasures of Ireland
3372: AA. - AA Illustrated Guide to County Towns and Villages of Britain.
5955: ABBEY (STATON). - The Boy's Book of Model-Making, with 72 photographs and 150 diagrams and plans
7000: ABBEY (J. R.). - Scenery; Life; Travel, 2 volumes (comprising complete set of 4 volumes), Scenery of Great Britain and Ireland, in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860, from the library of J. R. Abbey, A Bibliographical Catalogue; Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860 architecture, drawing books, art collections, magazines, navy and army, panoramas, etc. from the library of J. R. Abbey, A Bibliographical Catalogue; Travel in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860 from the library of J. R. Abbey, Volume 1 World, Europe, Africa; Volume 11 Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, America, A Bibliographical Catalogue
6008: ABBEY (P.M.), MACDONALD (G. M.). - O' Level Cookery.
4192: ABBOTT (LAWRENCE). - The Listener's Book on Harmony.
3509: ABBOTT (LAWRENCE). - The Listener's Book on Harmony.
4295: ABBS (BARBARA). - French Gardens, a guide, photographs by Deidre Hall, maps by Susan Rowland
6129: ABBS (AKOSUA). - Ashanti Boy, A story for young people of all ages
4423: ACCOCE (PIERRE), QUET (PIERRE). - La Guerre A Ete Gagnee En Suisse L'Affaire Roessler 1939 1945.
9085: ACKROYD (PETER). - Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem, paperback
5114: ADAIR (CECIL). - Gabriel's Garden.
5790: ADAMS (W. H. DAVENPORT). - Master Minds in Art, Science, & Letters, A Book for Boys
5506: ADAMS (VIRGINIA), BOWSER (HAL), WALTER FOX AND OTHERS. - A - Z of the Human Body, An illustrated guide to the world's most amazing machine, a family answer book
3908: ADAMS (COLONEL R. M.). - Through to 1970 Royal Signals Golden Jubilee, devised by theRoyal Signals Institution to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Royal Corps of Signals and the Centenary of the formation of the first Telegraph Units in the British Army, editor Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Day
2692: ADAMS (H. G.). - David Livingstone, The Weaver Boy Who Became A Missionary
8281: ADAMS (GEORGE WENDELL). - Landmarks from Bow to Boston, Revised Edition, foreword by George Wendell Adams,
8031: ADDISON (SIR WILLIAM). - The Old Roads of England,
8824: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - Ancient and Historical Monuments in the City of Salisbury, Volume One, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England),
8848: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume V1 (Volume 6), Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8851: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 1V (Volume 4) Archaeological Sites in South-West Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8825: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - Ancient and Historical Monuments in the County of Gloucester, Volume One, Iron Age and Romano-British Monuments in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England,
8847: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Volume 1V (Volume 4), Outside the City Walls, East of the Ouse, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8849: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 11 (Volume 2) Archaeological Sites in Central Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8845: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - City of York, Volume V (Volume 5), The Central Area, An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8850: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 111 (Volume 3), Archaeological Sites in North-West Northamptonshire,
6149: ADIE (KATE). - The Kindness of Strangers, The Autobiography
8619: ADKINS (LESLEY) AND ROY A. ADKINS. - A Thesaurus of British Archaeology,
5139: ADLAM (ELIZABETH), AINLEY (HARRIET) AND OTHERS. - Reader's Digest Complete A-Z of Medicine & Health, Volume one. Sympton sorter, Abdominal pain to Blood pressure; Volume two. Blue Baby to Diathermy; Volume three. Diet to Hospice; Volume four. Hospital to Nutrition; Volume five. Leukaemia to Parkinson's disease; Volume six Seasickness to Zoonoses, Index; Volume seven. Sleep disorders to Zoonoses, Index
5165: ADLER (BILL). - Cats' Letters to Santa, compiled ad edited by Bill Adler, illustrations by Paul Bacon
2163: ADLER (MORTIMER J.), WOLFF (PETER). - Foundations of Science and Mathematics, Preface by Curtis Wilson, The Great Ideas Program
2066: ADLER (MORTIMER J.), CAIN (SEYMOUR). - Religion and Theology, prefaces by John Cogley, Maurice Friedman and Wilhelm Pauck, The Great Ideas Program series
2790: ADLEY (ROBERT). - In Search of Steam 1962 - 68.
2789: ADLEY (ROBERT). - The Call of Steam.
6512: ADMIRALTY. - Manual of Seamanship Volume 1 B.R. 67(1/51).
3243: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Freaks Cinema of the Bizarre.
3244: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Speed Cinema of Motion.
2637: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Speed Cinema of Motion.
7905: DEMOSTHENES AND AESCHINES. - [Selections printed in Greek with notes printed in Latin], Volume 3 only, Graece et Latine, Tomus Tertius, edidit Joannes (John) Taylor LLD, Col. D. Ioan. Cant. Socius et Cancellarius Lincolniensis,
1803: AESCHYLUS. - The House of Atreus, being the Agamemnon, Libation-Bearers and Furies of Aeschylus, translated into English verse by E.D.A. Morshead
7972: AESCHYLUS. - The Tragedies, translated by R. Potter,
2033: AGATE (JAMES). - Red Letter Nights, A Survey of the Post-Elizabethan Drama in Actual Performance on the London Stage, 1921 - 1943
2032: AGATE (JAMES). - Thus to Revisit.
2166: AGATE (JAMES). - Thus to Revisit ....
2165: AGATE (JAMES). - First Nights.
2161: AGATE (JAMES). - Around Cinemas, with :- Around Cinemas (Second Series)
2160: AGATE (JAMES). - Alarums and Excursions.
2158: AGATE (JAMES). - Immoment Toys, A Survey of Light Entertainment on the London Stage, 1920 - 1943
2157: AGATE (JAMES). - The Contemporary Theatre, 1944 and 1945
2111: AGATE (JAMES). - Express and Admirable, The Breakfast Table Talk
7453: AGATE (JAMES). - The Masque Number Three, Oscar Wilde and the Theatre, edited by Lionel Carter,
3147: AGER (ANNE), WESTLAND (PAMELA). - The Hostess Cook Book, foreword by Prue Leith, a complete guide to perfect entertaining
5419: TRAINS THROUGH THE AGES. - Trains Through The Ages, Through the ages series 1
6609: AGNEW (LEA), HADEN-MILLER (JO ANN). - Atlanta And Its Lawyers, A Century of Vision 1888 - 1988, The Atlanta Bar Association
4144: AHO (C. MICHAEL), LEVINSON (MARC) AND OTHERS. - Foreign Affairs Winter 1988/89 Vol. 67, No. 2, The Economy After Reagan, Inescapable Entanglements, Latin America The Presidents Agenda, Technology and Sovereignty, The U.S. Decline or Renewal, The U.S.S.R. in Decline, Soviet Military Doctrine, Iran The Impossible Revolution, Sharing United Jerusalem
8950: AIKIN (J.). - Letters from a Father to his Son, 2 volumes COMPLETE, on various topics, relative to Literature and the Conduct of Life, Written in the Years 1792 and 1793; and volume 2 1798 - 1799, Third Edition,
7426: AILLAGON (JEAN-JACQUES), WERNER SPIES, FABRICE HERGOTT - XXe/MNAM/Collections, Une Histoire Materielle, Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee National D'Art Moderne,
6186: AIMARD (GUSTAVE). - The Indian Scout, a story of the Aztec city, Everyman's Library series
4289: AINSWORTH (W. HARRISON). - Old St. Paul's, illustrated by J. Finnemore
2389: AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). - Crichton, New Edition
1721: ALAIN (PIERRE). - The Great Places of France, translated by Evelyn Rossiter
3725: ALBION (JOHN), ALLEN (ALBERT) AND OTHERS. - The Dairy Book of Home Management.
4040: ALBRAND (MARTHA). - No Surrender.
8484: ALCOCK (LESLIE). - ' By South Cadbury is that Camelot ... ' The Excavation of Cadbury Castle 1966 - 1970, New Aspects of Antiquity series edited by Sir Mortimer Wheeler,
4271: ALCOHOL. - Alcohol Its Action On The Human Organism, by a Commitee originally appointed by the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) and later reconstituted by the Medical Research Council, Third Edition, Revised

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