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9728: WALKER (CHARLES). - Wonders of the Ancient World,
6970: WALKER (THOMAS). - Suggestions for a Constitutional and Efficient Reform in Parochial Government, by Thomas Walker MA. Barrister at Law, and one of the Police Magistrates of the Metropolis and author
5514: WALKER (DR ANN F.), LAKIN (DR ALAN). - Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal.
5059: WALKER (RICHARD), TAMES (RICHARD) AND OTHERS. - Inventions That Changed the World, The Eventful 20th Century
4712: WALKER (ALICE). - To Hell With Dying, illustrated by Catherine Deeter
3165: WALKER (LEO). - The Big Band Almanac, Revised Edition, introductions by Harry James and Les Brown
2483: WALKER (ALEXANDER). - Garbo, a portrait by Alexander Walker with an afterword, authorised by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
2333: WALKER (JOHN). - Joseph Mallord William Turner, texte de John Walker
8206: WALKER (BRYCE). - The Armada, The Seafarers,
4799: WALKER (GENERAL SIR WALTER). - The Next Domino.
4733: WALKER (JAMES), TUCKER (G. G.) AND OTHERS. - 70 True Stories of the Second World War.
9157: WALLACE (EDGAR). - The People of the River,
1720: WALLACE (ROBERT). - The Grand Canyon, the World's Wild Places, with photographs by Ernst Haas
7833: WALLACE (ALFRED R.). - A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro, with an account of the native tribes and observations on the climate, geology, and natural history of the Amazon Valley, with a map and illustrations,
4846: WALLACE (ANN), TAYLOR (GABRIELLE). - Royal Mothers, from Eleanor of Aquitaine to Princess Diana
7276: WALLACE (LEW). - Ben-Hur, Library of Classics series,
5406: WALLECHINSKY (DAVID), WALLACE (IRVING). - The People's Almanac 3.
6848: WALLER (PETER). - The Heyday of the Tram - 2.
1208: WALLER (LESLIE). - Trocadero.
9066: WALLING (R. A. J.). - A Sea - Dog of Devon, A Life of Sir John Hawkins, with introduction by Lord Brassey and John Leyland,
2847: RANSOME-WALLIS (P.). - Southern Album.
6230: WALPOLE (G. H. S.). - Vital Religion, or the personal knowledge of Christ
4269: WALPOLE (HUGH). - Fortitude, A Romance
4268: WALPOLE (HUGH). - The Captives, a novel in four parts
1404: WALSH (CAROLINE). - The Homes of Irish Writers.
7809: GILMOUR (JOHN) AND MAX WALTERS. - Wild Flowers, Botanising in Britain, with 45 colour photographs, 27 photographs in black and white and 3 line drawings, The New Naturalist, A Survey of British Natural History, No. 5,
7823: GILMOUR (JOHN) AND MAX WALTERS. - Wild Flowers, Botanising in Britain, with 45 colour photographs, 27 photographs in black and white and 3 line drawings, The New Naturalist, A Survey of British Natural History, No. 5,
5554: WALTERS (MINETTE). - The Shape of Snakes.
5375: WALTERS (MINETTE). - Acid Row.
5185: WALTERS (MINETTE). - The Chameleon's Shadow.
5184: WALTERS (MINETTE). - Disordered Minds.
6699: WALTHER (HERBERT). - Hitler, edited by Herbert Walther
5657: WALTON (SALLY), WALTON (STEWART). - newrooms, A practical home makeover guide
1358: WALTON (L. E.). - Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange, their theory and practice
8168: WALTON (JOHN). - An Introduction to the Study of Fossil Plants, with 139 illustrations,
6810: WORLD WAR 11 PRELUDE TO WAR. - World War 11 Prelude to War, including the Rise of Nazism, and the Scheming Dictatorships of Germany, Italy and Japan
8716: WARD, LOCK & CO. LIMITED. - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Llandudno and North Wales (Northern Section), six district maps and plans of Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, Conway, Bangor, Caernarvon and Chester, special section for motorists, sixty illustrations, eleventh edition, revised,
6808: WARD (KARI). - Great Disasters, dramatic true stories of nature's awesome powers
1627: WARD (MRS HUMPHRY). - England's Effort, six letters to an American friend, with a preface by The Earl of Rosebery
4334: WARD (ANDREW). - Cricket's Strangest Matches, extraordinary but true stories from 150 years of cricket
3345: WARD, LOCK AND CO LIMITED. - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Minehead, Exmoor, The Doone Country, Lynton & Lynmouth, Etc. with plans of Minehead and Lynton and Lynmouth, District Maps and a Special Section for Motorists, seventy illustrations
2683: WARD, LOCK & CO. LIMITED. - Our Soldiers and Sailors, The Emprie's Defenders in War and Peace, with twenty-two coloured plates and six hundred illustrations
2592: WARD (KAARI). - Great Disasters, Dramatic True Stories of Nature's Awesome Powers
2443: SINGLETON-WARD (RICHARD). - My Two Hands Talk.
2226: WARD (SIR A. W.), WALLER (A. R.). - The Cambridge History of English Literature, edited by;
1093: WARD (BARBARA). - Policy for the West.
5481: WARD (THOMAS HUMPHRY). - The English Poets, Selections with critical introductions by various writers and a general introduction by Matthew Arnold edited by Thomas Humphry Ward, Volume 2 Ben Jonson to Dryden
3347: WARD, LOCK AND CO.. - Guide to Bournemouth, Poole and District, with descriptions of the principal motor and steamer excursions, eight maps and plans, thirty illustrations
9082: WARD, LOCK & CO. - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Lynton, Lynmouth, Exmoor, Minehead and the Land of "Lorna Doone", with folding coloured plans of Lynton and Lynmouth and Minehead, District maps and a special section for motorists, seventy illustrations, twelfth edition, revised,
9665: WARDLE (PATRICIA). - Victorian Lace, The Victorian Collector Series,
7465: WARE (F. CHRIS). - Jimmy Corrigan, or, The Smartest Kid on Earth, an improvisatory Romance, pictographically configured,
9196: WARNER (PHILIP). - The Medieval Castle, Life in a fortress in peace and war,
6231: WARNER (SUSAN). - Queechy.
1652: ASHTON-WARNER (SYLVIA). - Greenstone.
4734: WARNER (PHILIP). - Stories of Famous Regiments.
1335: WARNER (MARINA). - The Dragon Empress, The Life and Times of Tz'u-hsi 1835-1908 Empress Dowager of China
9554: WARNER (REX). - Men of Athens, The Story of Fifth Century Athens, with photographs by Dimitrios Harissiadis, HARDBACK,
3314: WARNER (OLIVER). - Cunningham of Hyndhope, Admiral of the Fleet, a memoir by Oliver Warner
3274: WARNER (REX). - Encyclopedia of World Mythology, foreword by Rex Warner
3131: WARNER (REX). - Encyclopedia of World Mythology, foreword by Rex Warner
2660: WARNER (LAVINIA), SANDILANDS (JOHN). - Women Beyond the Wire, a story of prisoners of the Japanese 1942 - 45
9058: WARRACK (ALEXANDER). - Chambers Scots Dictionary, serving as a glossary for Ramsay, Fergusson, Burns, Scott, Galt, minor poets, kailyard novelists, and a host of other writers of the Scottish tongue, compiled by Alexander Warrack, with an introduction and dialect map by William Grant,
8602: WARREN (GEOFFREY). - Vanishing Street Architecture,
5716: WARREN (ROY). - How To Understand and Use Company Accounts.
9243: WARREN (MARY ANNE). - Papers in Polite Arts, The Silver Medal was this Session voted to Mrs M. A. Warren of Glasgow, for a Piano Monitor,
8575: WARRY (JOHN). - Warfare in the Classical World, an illustrated encyclopedia of weapons, warriors and warfare in the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome,
8120: WARRY (JOHN). - Warfare in the Classical World, an illustrated encyclopedia of weapons, warriors and warfare in the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome,
3208: WASSERMAN (JACK). - Leonardo, His preeminent place in the art world and 48 of his greatest paintings in colour, fully explained, text by Jack Wasserman
2674: WASSERMANN (JACOB). - Bula Matari, Stanley Conqueror of a Continent
6666: WOODWARDS GRIPE WATER. - Baby's Digestive Comfort First, but Matrons and Nurses find Other Uses Too, Woodwards Gripe Water
2151: WATERHOUSE (ELLIS). - Painting in Britain 1530 - 1790, The Pelican History of Art series
5192: WATERS (SARAH). - The Night Watch.
8539: WATKIN (W. THOMPSON). - Roman Cheshire, A Description of Roman Remains in the County of Chester, with a new introduction by D. F. Petch,
3350: WATKIN (DAVID). - A History of Western Architecture.
6935: WATKIN (DAVID), RATCLIFF (ANTONY), NICHOLAS THOMPSON AND JOHN MILLS. - A House in Town, 22 Arlington Street, its owners and builders
6663: WATKINS (NICHOLAS). - Matisse.
1505: WATSON (WILLIAM). - The Genius of China, an exhibition of archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London by permission of the President and Council from 29 September 1973 to 23 January 1974
5275: WATSON (EDWARD B.). - New York Then and Now, 83 Manhattan Sites Photographed in the Past and in the Present, captions by Edward B. Watson, contemporary photographs by Edmund V. Gillon
4229: WATSON (WILLIAM). - The Genius of China, An exhibition of archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London, by permission of the President and Council from 29 September 1973 to 23 January 1974, Sponsored by the Times and Sunday Times in association with the Royal Academy and the Great Britain / China Committee
3845: WATSON (JONATHAN). - Janet The Restoration of a Victorian Yacht.
3212: WATSON (J. K.). - A Complete Handbook of Midwifery, for midwives and nurses
2640: WATSON (MILTON H.). - US Passenger Liners since 1945.
2377: WATSON (PROFESSOR WILLIAM). - The Great Japan Exhibition, Art of the Edo Period 1600 - 1868, edited by Professor William Watson
1319: WATSON (GEORGE). - The Concise Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature 600 - 1950, edited by
6927: WATSON (E. L. GRANT). - Walking With Fancy, Illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe
2379: WATSON (WILLIAM). - The Genius of China, An exhibition of archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London by permission of the President and Council from 29 September 1973 to 23 January 1974
7224: WATSON (E. L. GRANT). - More Enigmas of Natural History illustrated by Barbara Greg,
8159: WATSON (SIR FRANCIS). - The History of Furniture, introduction by Sir Francis Watson,
2468: WATT (L. MACLEAN). - The Hills of Home, with the Pentland Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson, An Old Scotch Gardener, The Manse, A Pastoral and the Pentland Rising, twelve illustrations in colour by Robert Hope
9761: WATT (DR DAVID, EDITOR). - Journal of Architectural Conservation, SOFTBACK, Patron Sir bernard Feilden, editor Dr David Watt, Volume 1 Number 1, March 1995
4432: WATTON (E. B.). - The A.B.C. of Electronics.
6789: WAY (R. BARNARD). - My First Book of Trains.
3786: WAYMARK (PETER). - 1000 Best Movies On Video, Classics for TV
3325: WAYMARK (PETER). - Best 1000 Movies on Video, Classics for TV
3282: WAYMARK (PETER). - 1000 Best Movies on Video, Classics for TV
3427: WAYRE (PHILIP). - The Private Life of the Otter.
4847: WEAVER (HARRY). - Daily Mail Pictorial History of Our Times 1945, The Way We Were, Sport, People, Rationing, Politics & Entertainment, No 1 Peace, Perfect Peace ?
3811: WEAVER (GABRIELLE). - The Golden Homes Book of Basic Furniture Renovation, edited by Gabrielle Weaver
1793: WEBB (CLEMENT C. J.). - A History of Philosphy, Home University Library
8136: WEBB (JENNY). - Microwave Cooking,
7703: WEBB (NIGEL). - Heathlands, The New Naturalist No. 72, with 20 colour photographs, and over 100 photographs and diagrams in black and white,
1131: WEBBER (RONALD). - Covent Garden, Mud-salad market
9048: WEBSTER (JAN). - Colliers Row,
9303: WEBSTER (GRAHAM). - Archaeologist at Large,
8319: WEBSTER (GRAHAM). - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D. Third Edition,
8528: WEBSTER (GRAHAM). - Fortress Into City, The Consolidation of Roman Britain first century AD,
4156: WEBSTER (GRAHAM). - The Roman Imperial Army, of the first and second centuries A.D. Third Edition
1359: WECHSBERG (JOSEPH). - Hochfinanz International, text in German
1683: WEDGWOOD (C. V.). - The Trial of Charles 1.
4916: WEDGWOOD (C. V.). - The Kings War 1641 - 1647, The Great Rebellion
8515: WEDGWOOD (C. V.). - The Spoils of Time, A Short History of the World From earliest times to the sixteenth century,
3044: WEDGWOOD (DR C. V.). - History and Hope, An Oration Delivered at Birkbeck College London 3rd December 1963 in Celebration of the 140th Anniversary of the Foundation of the College, Chairman W. R. Wooldridge
4901: WEECH (W. N.). - History of the World, planned and edited by W. N. Weech
4137: WEEKLY (ERNEST). - A Primer of Historical French Grammar, with a chapter on metre
4417: WEESE (DR. PHIL. ARTUR). - Skulptur Und Malerei in Frankreich Im XV Und XV1 Jahrhundert, Handbuch Der Kunstwissenschaft series
7739: WEIGALL (ARTHUR). - Wanderings in Roman Britain,
4848: WEIGHTMAN (GAVIN). - London Past, Pictures from the Past
3129: WEIGHTMAN (GAVIN), HUMPHRIES (STEVE). - The Making of Modern London 1914 - 1939.
5207: WEINER (E. S. C.), DELAHUNTY (ANDREW). - The Oxford Guide to English Usage, compiled by E. S. C. Weiner and Andrew Delahunty, the essential guide to correct English
4659: WEINTRAUB (STANLEY). - Victoria, An Intimate Biography
3185: WEINTRAUB (STANLEY). - The London Yankees, Portraits of American Writers and Artists in England 1894 - 1914
5232: WEIR (ALISON). - Lancaster and York, The Wars of the Roses
6719: WELCH (ANN), DENES (GABOR). - Go Gliding.
2936: WELCH (JULIE). - Leading Men, design by Louise Brody, foreword by Jane Russell, photographs from the Kobal Collection
3518: WELFARE (SIMON), FAIRLEY (JOHN). - Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World.
3326: WELFARE (SIMON), FAIRLEY (JOHN). - Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World, based on the Yorkshire Television Series
6558: WELLS, GARDNER, DARTON & CO.. - My Week-Day Story Book.
2038: WELLS (STANLEY). - Shakespeare, A Reading Guide, The English Association
6998: WELLS (H. G.). - Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island.
4461: WELLS (H. G.). - Tono-Bungay.
1209: WELLS (H. G.). - The Research Magnificent.
8037: WENHAM (LESLIE P.). - The Romano-British Cemetery at Trentholme Drive, York, with contributions by E. Birley, J. P. Gillam, D. B. Harden, J. P. C. Kent,, G. Simpson, W. V. Wade, with a report on the skeletal remains by Roger Warwick and a dental report by Colin Cooke and T. Charles Rowbotham, Ministry of Public Building and Works Archaeological Reports No. 5,
3223: WENHAM (EDWARD). - Old Clocks, for modern use with a guide to their mechanism, illustrated by Edgar Holloway
1161: WENHAM (EDWARD). - Old Furniture for Modern Rooms, from the Restoration to the Regency
8179: WENHAM (EDWARD). - Old Clocks for Modern Use, with a guide to their mechanism, illustrated by Edgar Holloway,
3712: WENHAM (EDWARD). - Antiques A to Z, a pocket handbook for collectors and dealers
8372: WERNHAM (R. B.). - The Expedition of Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake to Spain and Portugal, 1589 edited by R. B. Wernham,
4861: WESLEY (R.). - Mathematics For All, A Popular Approach to Mathematics in Everyday Life, contributors G.C.T. Bowen, A.G.G. Richards, I.R. Vesselo, R.W. Webster, R. Wesley
3155: WESLEY (REV. JOHN). - The Journal, Vol. 11, from November 25, 1746, to May 5, 1760
9703: WEST (ANTHONY). - Gloucestershire, A Shell Guide, revised by David Verey, Shell Guide edited by John Betjeman,
9077: WEST (TRUDY). - The Fireplace in the Home, line illustrations by P. C. Young,
5002: WEST (ROBERT SACKVILLE). - Life in Ancient Rome, Journeys Into the Past series
5003: WEST (ROBERT SACKVILLE), DOUGLAS-COOPER (HELEN). - Natural Disasters, The Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets, series
3218: WEST (STANLEY). - The Book of Dogs, foreword by Jerrold Vassall Adams
2281: WEST (REBECCA). - Selected Letters, edited, annotated, and introduced by Bonnie Kime Scott, Henry McBride Series in Modernism and Modernity
4660: WESTALL (ROBERT). - Children of the Blitz, Memories of Wartime Childhood
3820: WESTLAND (PAMELA). - The High-Fibre Cookbook, Recipes for Good Health, introduction by Denis Burkitt, Positive Health Guide
7031: WESTON (RICHARD). - Alvar Aalto.
7050: WESTON (RICHARD). - Town Hall, Saynatsalo, Alvaro Aalto, Architecture in Detail series,
6992: WESTON (DAVID). - For The Love of Steam.
2810: WESTRUP (SIR JACK), HARRISON (F. LL.). - Collins Encyclopedia of Music, revised by Conrad Wilson
4118: WESTWOOD (JENNIFER). - Albion, A Guide to Legendary Britain
2654: WESTWOOD (JOHN), JENNINGS (PATRICK) AND JUDITH STEEH. - Strategy and Tactics of the Great Commanders of World War 11, And Their Battles
5129: WETHERELL (ELIZABETH). - The Wide, Wide World.
1953: WEYMAN (STANLEY). - A Gentleman of France, being the memoirs of Gaston de Bonne Sieur de Marsac, The Bow Street Library series, edited by Hugh Greene, first published in 1893
2030: WEYMAN (STANLEY). - The Red Cockade.
2044: WEYMAN (STANLEY J.). - Chippinge.
2039: WEYMAN (STANLEY). - The Long Night.
2040: WEYMAN (STANLEY). - The House of the Wolf, A Romance
2116: WEYMAN (STANLEY J.). - The Abbess of Vlaye.
6342: WEYMAN (STANLEY). - Starvecrow Farm, with 8 illustrations by Cyrus Cuneo
9671: WHALLEY (JOYCE IRENE). - The Art of Calligraphy, Western Europe & America,
1893: WHARTON (EDITH). - Ethan Frome, with an introduction by Mrs. Wharton, The Scribner Library
1894: WHARTON (EDITH). - The Custom of the Country, a novel of New York society when the age of innocence was coming to an end, The Scribner Library
2204: WHARTON (EDITH). - The Age of Innocence, Wordsworth Classics series, complete and unabridged
2228: WHARTON (EDITH). - The Letters, edited by R. W. B. Lewis and Nancy Lewis
5313: WHEATCROFT (ANDREW). - The World Atlas of Revolutions.
9074: WHEELER (SIR MORTIMER). - Roman Art and Architecture,
4364: WHEELER (HAROLD). - The Wonderful Story of London, general editor Harold Wheeler, revised edition edited by B. Webster Smith
3904: WHEELER (KEITH). - The Railroaders, by the editors of Time-Life Books with text by Keith Wheeler, The Old West Series
3625: WHEELER (KEITH). - The Alaskans, The Old West, by the editors of Time-Life Books
3622: WHEELER (KEITH). - The Railroaders, The Old West, by the editors of Time-Life Books with text by Keith Wheeler
1238: WHEELER (HAROLD). - The Wonderful Story of the Sea.
4142: WHEELER (GEOFFREY), HAYWARD (MAX) AND WILLETTS (HARRY). - Central Asian Review No. 3 1966, Political Rehabilitation in Soviet Central Asia, In the Pamirs, Asian Studies in the Soviet Union, The Tashkent Earthquakes
4598: WHEELER (C. B.). - Six Plays, by Contemporaries of Shakespeare, edited by C. B. Wheeler, The World's Classics series CXC1X
8536: WHEELER (MORTIMER). - Splendours of the East, Temples, Tombs, Palaces and Fortresses of Asia, edited by Mortimer Wheeler, photographs by Ian Graham,
1147: WHEELER (MARGARET). - Walls of Jericho, with a foreword by Dr Kathleen Kenyon, and sketches by the author
9662: WHEELER (MARGARET). - A Second Book of Archaeology,
1251: WHEEN (FRANCIS). - The Chatto Book of Cats, edited, with an intro. by ; illus. by John O'Connor
9577: PLUMB (J. H.) AND HUW WHELDON. - Royal Heritage, The Story of Britain's Royal Builders and Collectors by J. H. Plumb published in association with the television series written by Huw Wheldon and J. H. Plumb
9511: WHELDON (DAVID). - The Viaduct,
1777: WHELPTON (ERIC), WHELPTON (BARBARA). - Greece and the Islands.
6350: WHILLIS (JAMES). - Elementary Anatomy and Physiology, foreword by T. B. Johnston, Third Edition, with 108 illustrations
7034: WHISTLER (LAURENCE). - Pictures on Glass, engraved by Laurence Whistler
7677: WHISTLER (LAURENCE). - Scenes and Signs on Glass,
5918: WHITAKER (THOMAS DUNHAM). - The History and Antiquities of Craven in the County of York, The Second Edition, with many additions, corrections, map, and views of gentleman's seats, antiquities, &c. by Thomas Dunham Whitaker LLD FSA, Vicar of Whalley in Lancashire
5106: WHITAKER (JOSEPH). - An Almanack For the Year of Our Lord 1991, The Year Book, an invaluable guide to British and world affairs of the Past Year, and essential data for the year ahead, The Reference Book, an amazing variety of subjects in one renowned annual volume, all the facts at your fingertips at home or at work, established 1868, 123rd edition
4862: WHITAKER. - Whitaker's Almanack 2005, Today's World in One Volume
2754: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, and The Naturalist's Calendar, a new edition, edited, with notes, by G. Christopher Davies
1547: WHITE (TERENCE DE VERE). - Ireland, New Nations and Peoples Library series
8764: WHITE (GILBERT). - Gilbert White's Journals, edited by Walter Johnson,
5352: WHITE (EDMUND). - The Married Man.
1927: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, in the County of Southampton, The World's Classics series
2751: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, a new edition, edited, with notes, by G. Christopher Davies, Standard British Classics series
2749: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, Observations on Various Parts of Nature, and the Naturalist's Calendar, with notes by Captain Thomas Brown, British Library series No. 1
2429: WHITE (PATRICK). - Voss, a novel
1239: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, edited, with notes, by Sir William Jardine
1287: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne and the Naturalist's Calendar, new edn. edited with notes by G. Christopher Davies
1370: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, and the naturalist's calendar, new edition, with notes, by G. Christopher Davies, the Chandos Classics series
1419: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, with notes by Richard Kearton
2752: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, re-arranged and classified under subjects by Charles Mosley
1148: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, edited and with an introduction by James Fisher, illustrated with wood engravings by Claire Oldham
1077: WHITE (GILBERT). - The Natural History of Selborne, with a preface by Richard Jefferies
7693: WHITE (GILBERT). - Garden Kalendar 1751 - 1771, Reproduced in facsimile from the manuscript in the British Library, Introduction and notes by John Clegg Hon. FLS former Hon. Curator of the Gilbert White Museum, Selborne,
8451: WHITEHAVEN, LLYNCLYS, OSWESTRY. - Vintage unused white postcard with embossed address Whitehaven, Llynclys, Nr Oswestry
9162: WHITEHEAD (THOMAS). - Illustrated Guide to Nidderdale and a History of its Congregational Churches, with a foreword by Rev. Prin. E. J. Price,
3945: WHITEHEAD (DON). - The F. B. I. Story, foreword by J. Edgar Hoover
8783: WHITEHOUSE (RUTH D.). - The Macmillan Dictionary of Archaeology,
6893: WHITEHOUSE (PATRICK). - LMS 150 The London Midland & Scottish Railway, A century and a half of progress
6889: WHITEHOUSE (P. B.), ALLEN (PETER). - Round the World on the Narrow Gauge.
2911: WHITEHOUSE (P. B.). - Branch Line Album, Second Series
2854: WHITEHOUSE (PATRICK), THOMAS (DAVID ST JOHN). - LMS 150, The London Midland & Scottish Railway, A century and half of progress
6720: WHITEHOUSE (P. B.). - On The Narrow Gauge.
2817: WHITEHOUSE (PATRICK B.). - The Splendour of British Steam.
2892: WHITELEY (J. S.), MORRISON (G. W.). - The Big Four Remembered.
5658: WHITESIDE (KATHERINE). - Antique Flowers, classical plants for the contemporary garden, photography by Mick Hales, foreword by Penelope Hobhouse, design by Gael Towey
4385: WHITFIELD (NELLA). - Fun With Food, planned menus for all occasions
2311: WHITFORD (CECILIA). - Japanese Prints, with 41 colour plates
5566: WHITING (CHARLES). - 45 The Final Drive from the Rhine to the Baltic.
4735: WHITING (CHARLES). - Siegfried, The Nazi's Last Stand
4736: WHITING (CHARLES). - Bounce the Rhine !, the greatest airborne operation in history
5567: WHITING (CHARLES). - 44 In Combat on the Western Front from Normandy to the Ardennes.
4764: WHITING (CHARLES). - Hunters of the Sky, The History of The German Parachute Regiment 1940 - 1945
8791: WHITLOCK (RALPH). - Somerset,
1861: WHITMORE (RICHARD). - Victorian and Edwardian Hertfordshire, from old photographs
3602: WHITTIER (JOHN GREENLEAF). - The Poetical Works, Complete Illustrated Edition, with critical biography by William Michael Rossetti
8459: WHITTING (P. D.) - Byzantine Coins, The World of Numismatics series, General Editor Peter A. Clayton,
9017: WHITWELL (J. B.). - Roman Lincolnshire, History of Lincolnshire series Volume 2,
3336: WICKHAM (CYNTHIA). - House Plants Through the Year, colour illustrations by Julia A'Court
4902: WICKS (BEN). - Waiting For The All Clear.
2490: WICKS (BEN). - Welcome Home, true stories of soldiers returning from World War 11
4146: WIDDECOMBE (ANN). - An Act of Treachery.
1078: WIEN. - Spektrum einer Stadt, Ein Buch von Hilde Spiel mit Beitragen von Friedrich Achleitner, Gotthard Bohm and others, printed in German
6232: WIGGIN (KATE DOUGLAS). - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland, being extracts from the commonplace book of Penelope Hamilton, illustrated by Charles E. Brock
7271: WIGGIN (KATE DOUGLAS). - Penelope's English Experiences, being extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton, illustrated by Charles E. Brock,
7270: WIGGIN (KATE DOUGLAS). - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland, being extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton, illustrated by Charles E. Brock,
8702: WIGHTMAN (RALPH). - Portrait of Dorset, illustrated and with map,
4236: WIGHTMAN (RALPH). - Watching the Certain Things, with 7 half-tone illustrations
5766: WIGRAM (GEORGE V.). - The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testament, being an attempt at a verbal connexion between the original and the English translation with indexes, a list of proper names and their occurrences, Volume One
5760: WIGRAM (GEORGE V.). - The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testament, being an attempt at a verbal connection between the original and the English translation with indexes, a list of the proper names and their occurrences, etc. Second Edition, Revised
5850: WILBUR (RICHARD). - A Bestiary, compiled by Richard Wilbur, illustrated by Alexander Calder
3432: WILBUR (ALAN). - Step-By-Step Gardening, Practical Gardening
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5568: YOUNG (BRIGADIER PETER). - Atlas of the Second World War, cartography by Richard Natkiel
4988: YOUNG (PETER). - D-Day.
4987: YOUNG (JOHN ROBERT). - The French Foreign Legion, the inside story of the world-famous fighting force, introduction by Len Deighton, the history of the Legion by Erwan Bergot
1874: YOUNG (G. M.). - Victorian England, portrait of an age
3937: YOUNG (ELIZABETH), YOUNG (WAYLAND). - London's Churches, with the assistance of Louisa Young
3305: YOUNG (JOHN ROBERT). - The French Foreign Legion, the inside story of the world-famous fighting force
3028: YOUNG (BRIGADIER PETER). - World War 11.
1371: YOUNG (JOANNE). - Washington's Mount Vernon, photographs by Taylor Lewis Jr.
6547: YOUNG (ERNEST), GILMOUR (SAMUEL CARTER). - Life Overseas Canada, Philip's "New-Prospect" Readers
5843: YUSUF (NILGIN). - Georgina von Etzdorf, Sensuality, Art and Fabric, Cutting Edge
6600: ZACHWATOWICZ (JAN), BIEGANSKI (PIOTR), STANISLAW LORENTZ AND ALEKSANDER GIEYSZTOR. - The Old Town and the Royal Castle in Warsaw, translated by Jerzy A. Baldyga
2223: ZELDITCH (MORRIS). - A Basic Course in Sociological Statistics, a textbook and workbook combined
6372: ZELL (HANS). - New Reference Tools for Librarians, compiled and edited by Hans Zell, editor Documentation and Supply Centre, Oxford, preface by George Chandler
8673: ZEWEN (LUO), DAI WENBAO, DICK WILSON, JEAN-PIERRE DREGE, HUBERT DELAHAYE. - The Great Wall, foreword by Jacques Gernet, designed by Emil Buhrer,
3465: ZICH (ARTHUR). - The Rising Sun, World War 11
4863: ZIEGLER (PHILIP). - Mountbatten, The Official Biographer
3406: ZIEGLER (PHILIP). - Mountbatten, The Official Biography
8582: ZIEGLER (PHILIP). - The Black Death,
2495: ZMIJEWSKY (BORIS), PFEIFFER (LEE). - The Films of Clint Eastwood.
3064: ZMIJEWSKY (STEVE), ZMIJEWSKY (BORIS) AND MARK RICCI. - The Complete Films of John Wayne.
6240: ZOSHCHENKO (MIKH.). - Izbrannoye, (Selected Writings)
5482: ZWEIG (STEFAN). - Die Heilung durch den Geist, Mesmer, Mary Baker Eddy, Freud

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